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Author Topic: Yes, we do love our strong girl (atsumina, kojiyuu,wmatsui,mayuki)Wmatsui OS  (Read 701 times)

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Hi all,  to who ever read my story.
Yes, I am still alive and actually still an active silent reader.
I know I still owe a lot of unfinished (cough) fanfic.  :sweatdrop:
I admit I been slacking a lot. :banghead:
But,  I guess I can't stop writing can't I ?
I won't promised anything, since I don't like to give any false hope anymore. I will update when I want to.

Hopefully you all enjoyed this short story, I promised to end the story for each chapter. Here is prologue.

Someone pov

My name is Takahashi minami, second year of high school. Right now, I am with my friends, we have been friends since we were baby I guess. Our parents are good friends with each other, and so do we.

Let me introduce to you, sitting right next to me and have the same height as me is oshima yuu, he has good personality, friendly, but don't be trick by his handsome look, girls must beware of the most pervert boy you will ever see in this school.

Sitting in front of me, matsui Jun, the most athletic guy amongst us, he has win a lot of sports competition, he is a happy go lucky guy you ever know. His nickname is puppy.

Sitting beside Jun is, Watanabe Youma, he is the most intelligent in this school, why you asked? Because he is the top student, and his grade never below 98 in his history. He also a great hacker, sometime police will come and discuss something to him. Known as his motionless expression, never know what he is thinking about, because of that many people called him cyborg. His trademark is hood, he always wear one.

Well, me myself is the president council, together with Yuu as vice, we run the council from first year. They said I have a lot of leadership, and people listen to me very well. People call me Takahashi San, but with my friends they always call me takamina. But... Lately I been really stressed, because bunch of troublesome girls that have transferred to our school. That why I invited three of them, since they are the only guys I can depend on.

End of pov

Yuu : so takamina, spill the bean already will ya? Why you calling us ?

Jun : yes, I even skipped my basketball club for you. Sayaka san will kill me if I know I am lying.

Yuuma : what did you said?

Jun : I said that I need to go to my grandpa house no matter what, he told me it is important.

Yuu : yes, yes. Indeed takamina is the one that act like old man amongst us. So it is understandable to lie like that.

Takamina : say what?! I am not.

Yuu : yeah right, who favourite snack is karinto?

Note : karinto is old fashioned snack that very rare in modern times but can be found in old fashioned cafe or ryokan.

Takamina : that have nothing to do, it is different matter.

Jun : yeah, you two. Better stop already, yuuma even have a nap already. So takamina, what do you want to talk about? You said it is very important.

Yuu : yes, yuuma wake up! (Tapping yuuma head to wake up)

Yuuma : it better be important (grumble). Knock yuu's head back to counter what he has done.

Takamina : well, as president council I need your help. You all aware of new student in all of your class right?

Everybody nod in response, and takamina continue his word.

Takamina : well, let me explain to you all the mention girl :

Maeda Atsuko

From Majijo high school. She always late to come to school, and have an don't come near me aura. she had beaten three men and send them straight to the hospital. As for now, she is under suspension from school. She is the same class as me.

Kojima Haruna

From Majijo highschool, until now she never come to the class. In middle of being kick out from school. Same class with Yuu.

Matsui Rena

From majijo highschool, she should have graduated two years ago, but due to some accident, she can't graduated, and right now she is same class with Jun, rumors said that she is being bullied at class by certain girls gang.

Kashiwagi Yuki

From majijo highschool, she is known as black, rumors said that she is doing some dirty job at some shady place, and almost caught by police. But due to lack of evidence, police can't caught her. She is the same class as you Yuuma.

That's all.

Yuu : well? What do you want us to do takamina? Why you said as council? Even I aren't informed.

Takamina : don't said like that, it is direct order from headmaster himself.

Jun : why bother? If they are troublesome from the first time, why headmaster agree to let them transferred?

Yuuma : Majijo highschool headmaster is woman, and she is our headmaster wife. You know Majijo are famous of troublesome girls school, no one ever wanted the girls from there. Since it will ruin other school reputation. I bet our headmaster want us to take care the problem from him.

Yuu : that old geezer!!! I am not doing it Takamina.

Takamina : I know you will reject it from the first time, but before you are out from this room, I want you to see the girls pictures first.


Yuu : alright!! Let's go guys, we need to help our Angels, I am coming for you Nyan nyan!!

Takamina : here we go again, stop making nickname for others will ya? (Face palm)

Jun : well, takamina, I don't know if I could help or not... I think I am too busy with the clubs....

Takamina : think about this Jun, don't you feel sorry because this girl is being bullied? She have been through hard way, and now the only one can help her is you, our famous Jun. Please Jun, I know you also worried about this girl. (Holding Jun shoulder and look straight at his eyes)

Jun : sigh.. fine. But I will try (pout) and by the way, your puppy's eyes are suck takamina.

Yuuma : I am not as stupid as they are takamina. So no, I am not wasting my time for whatever her name.

Takamina : yuuma, this is the letter from the headmaster.

Yuuma take the letter and after that his face frown, he crumble the letter and throw it to takamina back.

Yuuma : fine, some day for sure that old geezer will paid since he try to treathed me. (Dark aura)

Takamina : thanks guys, I depend on you all because I also trust you all. Let us help the girls.

End of pov

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Re: Yes, we do love our strong girl (atsumina, kojiyuu,wmatsui,mayuki)
« Reply #1 on: April 16, 2018, 11:46:52 AM »
Welcome back Sadrilim-san! This fic is very interesting. Waiting for the next update  :cow:

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Re: Yes, we do love our strong girl (atsumina, kojiyuu,wmatsui,mayuki)
« Reply #2 on: April 16, 2018, 05:01:40 PM »
Continue please...

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Re: Yes, we do love our strong girl (atsumina, kojiyuu,wmatsui,mayuki)
« Reply #3 on: April 24, 2018, 01:10:23 PM »
finally you're comingback with new fic :inlove:
already inlove with this fic, because all the pairing :heart:  :nervous
keep update author-san!  :bow:
and also update yours unfinished fic  :smhid :nervous
keep going!!  :cow: :cow: :heart:

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@Arfi : upss.. time to run away. Just kidding. I try to write again, but sometimes it is so hard to put the feeling into it.
I will try my best to update my story as soon as possible.  :nervous :sweatdrop:

@Matsui Lee : Hi there, it been long time  :cow:

@Fazmin13 : I will try to update as soon as possible  :sweatdrop: Hope you like my fanfic.

Anyhow, before reading my fanfic, please read my little bit of concern and apology  :nervous :bow:
First story is WMatsui  :cow:
I hope I am not too rusty to write some fanfic.  :banghead:
since I want to end it on one chapter each couple and this also to prevent me for give you half story of my fanfic.

Just as I thought WMatsui is a history.... I never know that I will be able to write Wmatsui this long [cough]
I realise that I never really forget how close and special they are, when Rena still in the group.
Seeing old video of how Jurina see Rena, and how they always mention each other with smile on their face really make my day [except for Rena graduation, I could see sad puppy more often than happy puppy].

And everytime I have some new story to tell, I would like to try to make Wmatsui, but just as the reality hit me again, after Rena graduate I never see WMatsui again, not like Atsumina couple or KojiYuu couple.

That's why there so much unfinish story or draft left hanging, and not to forget about my mood swings [I know, all the readers must be dissapointed. I am sorry] I even ever planning on stop writing :bow:  :bow: :bow:

So, to all WMatsui Shippers, to all readers hope you enjoy my story.

Wmatsui : Our Moment Together That Day

These three days, Rena feel uncomfortable, not only did she feel like there is somebody watching her, but also that person seems like following wherever she went to. At first, she didn’t realize that she is being followed until she feel the same gaze from a certain guy. That guy is Matsui Jun, a handsome, playful, smart guy who is one of the school stars. She think it was a mistake at first. How come the most popular guy in the school take attention to her. But, since it been three days, she dared to look back at Jun.

Rena : Ano…

Jun a bit startled when Rena look at him and try to speak to him, he then quickly grab some book and read it. The reason why Rena have some courage to speak to him is also because they are now at the library, and currently there just two of them.

Rena : Ano… (chuckled)

Jun : huh?! Did you call me?

Rena : well… Did I do something that upset you? Matsui san?

Jun : huh? Why you say so? I .. I just reading my book.

Rena then smile at him and point at his book, while Jun look at the book he has been holding from just now. It was upside down, he cough a bit and put down the book. There is an awkward silent around them.


Rena : ah.. you first.

Jun : um… it is okay, you first.

Both of them look at each other before smile sheepishly. Rena hide her face on the book, leaving just her eyes looking at Jun. She want to hide her flushed face.

Jun : so cute…

Rena : eh?!

Starled by sudden statement from Jun, make her face become flushed even more. This is the first time, there is somebody that called her cute, more over she hear it from Jun, this make her heartbeat beating so hard. As for Jun, he really want to run away and hide right now. He feel shy after saying it unconsciously, this is also new feeling for Jun. He never feel this nervous around girl before, avoiding having another awkward moment, Jun brave himself to start the conversation.

Jun : I am sorry, just forget what I said. Do you have something you want to ask me?
Jun thought : way to go Jun, just dug your grave faster, what are you thinking about?! Hopefully she doesn’t realize that I have been following her around this three day, or the worst she will call me stalker, gosh…

Rena : um… yes, actually I ….


Jun : so if you want to subtract fractions, both fractions need to have the same denominator. You may need to multiply the numerator and denominator of one or both fractions to achieve this.

Rena : um…???

Rena tilt her head to the side, and pouting a bit which made Jun heart beating very fast, and now Rena is move closer to Jun as she want to see closer to what Jun has explain to her, it make Jun heart become more restless, he can smell her sweet fragrance, and their shoulders are now connect to each other. Rena didn’t realize their position, she is so serious listening to Jun explanation, and try hard to understand what the meaning.

Rena : ah! I got it!

When Rena went to look at Jun, she quickly realize the closeness they have. Making her face flushed. She quickly move back close her face with her book.

Rena : I am so sorry!

Jun : ha ha.. I don’t mind at all.  Shall we continue with next subject.

Rena : un, thank you Matsui san.

Jun : you know… It been bothering me from just now. Stop calling me Matsui, we are both Matsui you know. It seem weird to call my own surname. Can I call you Rena?

Rena : un… can… can I also call you Jun kun?

Jun smile at when Rena call his name, he feel very delighted, he like the feeling when she calling his name, and without further ado, he quickly reply.

Jun : of course, then let’s us continue Rena chan.


This afternoon, Jun come to student council room. Yesterday, Takamina emailed everybody to gather to the student council after their club activity is over, and after bid good bye with Rena. He went to there.

Takamina : so late!! what taking you so long Jun?

Jun : sorry, I just losing track of time, I never know that teaching somebody will be this much fun.

Yuuma : so rare to see you this eager.

Yuu : hoo… I sense love in the air!!! Tell me! Tell me who is that girl!

Takamina : oi Yuu! (hit Yuu head) Don’t jump into the conclusion like that, may be it just another student who need help, might be boy as well.

Jun : wel… actually I am now teaching Matsui Rena.

Takamina & Yuu : Maji?! (mouth open wide)

Yuu : see! Bakamina, don’t underestimated my sixth sense. (hit Takamina head) and close that open mouth of you, I don’t want this room smell like katsudon.

Takamina : What do you mean?! My breath is not that stink, anyway Katsudon is the best don’t you dare to mock my favorite food!  Any way, Jun, you are fast. It just one week since I told you guys to help. Sasuga, the most popular student in the school. I even can’t have proper conversation with Maeda san, she always ignore me (sigh)..

Yuu : tell me Jun, how you manage to win her attention?

Jun : well.. it quiet embarrassing..

Flash back

(Just say, that Jun also have tell them the story of how they started to talk, I just skipped the story.)

Rena : um… yes, actually I …. I hope you can help me with Math…

Jun : huh?! Just that?

Rena : yes, actually I am older than you, Matsui san, I have repeat two years, and I really wish I could graduate this year, also I want to change… I hope I could have more friends… I am sorry, forget what I have said… I

Jun : ha ha… don’t worry about it. Well, I could help you with the part that you don’t understand, and nice to meet you Rena chan, I could introduce some of my friends.

Rena : really?! Thank you so much Matsui san.

End of flashback

Takamina : well, that’s good, if most of the time you are with her, then I think there won’t be anybody dare to bully her.

Jun : about that, actually there is something weird, since if the headmaster know the cases why doesn’t he himself take care or let the student council do their job?

Takamina : well, that the main problem here, We are not so sure about this matter. But, headmaster warn me to make the bully stop, or it will cause a lot more trouble, that what he said.

Yuu : well, you are lucky Jun, at least she still come to school. My angle is a bit difficult. She even doesn’t come to school, I can’t manage to contact her at all, and when I knock her house, there no respond. Sigh… when will I be able to see my Angle.

Yuuma : well.. have you try to go at midnight?

Yuu : huh? Why should I?

Yuuma : just try it, you will be able to see her.

Yuu : Really?! Yatta!! Thanks Yuuma, you are the best.

Takamina : wait!! Wait the minute!! Why you can see her in the midnight?! We are missing the point here! and Yuuma how did you know? Oi Yuuma!!

Yuuma just ignore Takamina and ready to go out. Before go out, he turn to Jun and look at him with his cyborg face.

Yuuma : Jun, when the Sun that people adore so much being own by the moon only, that when the moon will disappear. They should be a part by nature.

Jun : what do you mean?

Yuuma : Jun you are popular especially with girls, so who knows.

Jun just shrug at what Yuuma said. Doesn’t really know what he mean for. After that, Yuuma give him a smirk, knocking his head gently, and leave the room.


Jun then started to hang out more with Rena, and gradually he started to know better about her, Rena grades also went up pretty fast. That make Jun really proud as her tutor, since he started to teach her not only math but also others subjects. He learn that not only that the girl is kind, understanding, her smile also very contagious for him, every time their gaze meet Rena will smile at him warmly, those brown eyes that looking at him somehow can make him become really calm.

How many time that he has lost count, that he want to come closer at her, hug her, snuggle at her, and feel her sweet scent doesn’t help at all. Jun know that he has fall in love at certain shy girl, who know being with her most of his time can bring so much joy to his life.

But that joy didn’t last long, it been three month and Jun can swear that Rena is avoiding him. At first, he didn’t aware of it, but since Rena always missing each time he looking for her, and say that she feel that she can manage her own study, he knew the girl started avoiding him.

Today, Jun admit in defeat after he can’t find Rena, he go to the student council. He hasn’t visited long enough that make Takamina bugging on him. He feel like he doesn’t want to give them any report about the girl anymore, he feel like this is not a duty anymore, but with Rena avoiding him, make him feel pathetic, never did anybody avoiding Jun. After all many people say that Jun is like a sun to everybody. But, for him Rena is the Sun, yes his Sun.

Before he enter the room, he meet Yuuma who just go out form the room, with his usual cyborg face, he look at Jun, before shaking his head.

Yuuma : you look miserable.

Jun : … I know, I not good at hiding my feeling. Right now I feel pathetic, and stupid.

Yuuma : hoo… you the one who always come second on study said that, but maybe you are right. You are a fool and dense.

Jun : yeah! Yeah! So mister who know it all, what did you know?

Yuuma : didn’t I ever warned you? (giving smirk)

Jun : what? I don’t understand…

Yuuma : well, if you looking at Rena, today I saw her together with Takayanagi Akane. They are heading school rooftop. I hope that everybody saved.

Jun : huh? What do you mean?

Yuuma : what will you do if you know the defect of the moon. When you look closer at the moon, you will know that the appearance is not as beautiful as what you see for a far. Why don’t you take a look by yourself?

Jun then run, and heading the rooftop. When he want to go upstairs, he bumped into Akane. She look frightened, as Jun holding her from run away.

Jun : what do you do to Rena chan?! Where is she?!

Akane : Jun kun… let’s run away. She… she is a monster.

Jun : watch your mouth, you don’t know anything about her. what did you do to her?!

Akane : go.. go upstairs and you will learn the truth about her. we are just joking (cry)

Suddenly they hear man groan in pain, and Jun let go Akane’s hand and quickly go upstairs. He see Rena is standing in middle while three mens are knock down unconscious, with one guy trembling. Her uniform is torn apart, and he could sense it was forcefully ripped apart, but there is something weird, he could see Rena biting her nails. Rena is now take the nearest bat and drag it to the conscious guy.

“Nee… okkoteru?”

“ Please.. forgive us!! We are told to do this! Spare my life! Help me!!”

Rena smash the bat again and again, until Jun manage to stop her by hugging her from behind. It take much of Jun strength to stop Rena from struggling.

Jun : Rena.. Rena chan stop!  It’s alright.. I am sorry… I am sorry..

Rena : Jun…kun..? Nee… Okkoteru?

Jun turn Rena around and their gaze meet, tears are flowing from her eyes, As Jun want to wipe her tears, Rena refuse to let Jun touch her. She close her eyes and move backward avoiding Jun gaze at her, Jun can see clearly how much pain Rena is.

Rena : Why…why… did I upset people? Jun kun tell me, why can’t they just let me go! Why is it so hard to change? I just want to have friends.

Can’t stand on seeing Rena in pain, Jun move closer, but again Rena push him gently. It give Jun so much pain seeing her rejecting.

Rena : Jun kun, we better doesn’t meet each other again… Black is right… there is nobody will accept us, and I shouldn’t give up being Gekikara, I shouldn’t dream of different life.

Jun : what?! You .. you are that famous Gekikara?!

Everything make sense for Jun, why he need to stop the bullying. Matsui Rena or so called Gekikara, she is famous of being out of control, once are sent to the correctional facility for almost killing a neighborhood thugs. Even Jun who have different school with her before have heard about her brutality. But Jun couldn’t believe it, she is so much different than what he ever heard about Gekikara.

That famous Gekikara have become this shy and timid girl, many may said that she is an easy target as she look fragile, but rather than the bullier the fragile looking girl is actually the real danger. He understand that why the headmaster asked him to keep an eyes on her, it is not only to protect the girl, but also other people.

Rena : now you know about me… the ugly me! Jun kun you should go away. Being with me just bring misfortune to others. I should have know this from the first time, yet I… I am sorry for forcing you to be my friend..

Jun then hugging her quick, keeping her into his embrace. He doesn’t want to hear her apology, he the one who bring trouble to her.

Jun : don’t say sorry to me. don’t say that you regret our moment together. I… I the one who need to say sorry. I never know that they would try to hurt you. I am the one that blind enough not to see the truth. Rena.. I

Without waiting for Jun to finish what he want to say, Rena break through Jun embrace, and push him, and to Jun horror, the guy behind Rena stab her with small blade.


“RENA!! NO!!!”


At Hospital

Rena is on hospital right now, it been six months since the incident, with Jun witness, and student council help, Rena been excuse from her punishment, Akane has admit that she try to make fun of Rena by ordering the guys to make fun of her, she feel jealous because of Rena close relationship with Jun, but turn out the guys try to rape her also. They were dropped out from the school, and were sent to the facility.

Right now Rena is on coma, doctor said it may be because she has lost much blood and have hard time to breath since the wound are near the brain stem, but the doctor assured that nothing need to worry anymore, she has passed her critical condition.

Jun visit the hospital every day, try to talk many things with Rena, telling some jokes, read her some books, and telling her about his daily life at school.

Jun : you know Rena, I have good news for you, Black ah… I mean Kashiwagi san, she is now dating Yuuma. I must admit, how brave that cyborg to date her (chuckle), if I remember how she try to kill me after she learn the whole story. I really think I will die already, if Yuuma didn’t help me out. But, I do hope get some punches since I can’t even protect you…. I deserve it.


Jun then touch her hand, and connect his hand with hers.

Jun : nee… Rena chan, I hope you wake up soon. I want to see your beautiful brown eyes again, don’t you know how much I love to see your eyes, and how much my heart beat faster and faster every time I saw your smile? Don’t you think I become a sweet talker? But I really mean what I said. I miss talking with you too Rena.


Jun : if only I realize my feeling faster, things would be different. So… please don’t say sorry again, our moment together is the best thing I ever have in my whole life, and I will not regret anything. I want you to know Gekikara or not, you are my happiness Rena. I… I..

Jun can’t help it anymore, his tears started to fall down, as he want to continue his word, but it make him remember the incident, but he has made up his mind today, even though it will take his whole life to wait for Rena to wake up, he will stay with her, and he will said those three words to Rena, even though right now she is on coma.

Jun : Rena, I will be in your side. Until you willing to open your eyes again, and forgive me. I love you and I always will.

“… I love you too... Jun kun”

The End

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don't worry, we'll keep waiting your updates, because we love you n your stories :wub:
I'm sorry, sounds cheesy right!?  :mon sweat:
hope rena will wakeup soon!
then yumma dating Black-san yukii ?早い?!  :grr:
thanks for update!
waiting more!! :twothumbs

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I can't wait for other pairings. all the pairings that you are writing about are my favorites
for sure I am in love with your story already
update soon, author-san
I can't wait to know how others get together with their pair^^

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Thankyou... I like it.. Hope you update soon

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OMG sadrilim i need new upppppp.
In real im here just for atsumina but welpppp...I read everything i seeee
Im a very big crazy monsterrr!!Groawrrr!!

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