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Author Topic: (Band) BRATS  (Read 2098 times)

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(Band) BRATS
« on: May 13, 2018, 09:29:39 AM »
Kuromiya Rei’s rock band BRATS to release self-titled debut album in July

Girls rock band BRATS — formed by sisters Kuromiya Rei (ex. Ladybaby) and Kuromiya Aya — will release their first full length album on July 25, 2018. The 10-song self-titled CD BRATS, including previously released studio tracks “Ainikoiyo” (To be Hero anime theme song) and “Nounai Shoukyo Game” (Slavemen film theme song) will also come in a limited edition package with a 24-page booklet and DVD with 5 music videos.

Track List
01. Pain
02. Kaihou Seyo
03. Doudatte yokatta
04. Unfair
05. Lost Place
06. Kimarigoto
07. Big Bad World
08. Seitoka Pride Monster
09. Nounai Shoukyo Game
10. Ainikoiyo

01. Ainikoiyo
02. Nounai Shoukyo Game
03. Kimarigoto
04. Doudatte yokatta
05. Kaihou Seyo


My Top 10 babes NOT IN ORDER:
1)Nagi Nemoto 2)Manatsu Akimoto 3)Midori Nagatsuki 4)Yuuka Suzuki 5)Yume Shinjo 6)Fumika Baba 7)Yuuno Ohara 8)Asuka Kawazu 9)Mai Shiraishi 10)Rena Takeda

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Re: (Band) BRATS
« Reply #1 on: May 14, 2018, 01:45:45 AM »
Are Rei and Rie still an item?

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Re: (Band) BRATS
« Reply #2 on: May 20, 2018, 12:50:07 AM »

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Re: (Band) BRATS
« Reply #3 on: June 12, 2018, 04:44:50 PM »
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Re: (Band) BRATS
« Reply #4 on: March 23, 2019, 02:57:42 PM »

New MV "Unfair", shot during live perfs in Korea earlier this year. Good stuff.

...aaand some Rei gifs just because. :oops:

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Re: (Band) BRATS
« Reply #5 on: August 04, 2019, 04:54:29 PM »

Brats Live @ Jeonju Ultimate Music Festival 2019.08.04 in South Korea.

Rei speaking Korean, too cute. :heart:

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Re: (Band) BRATS
« Reply #6 on: September 10, 2019, 01:40:36 AM »
Brats are coming to the US at Anime Los Angeles
【 #BRATS 初アメリカ公演決定!】

2020年1月にLAで開催のイベント『Anime Los Angeles』に日本からの音楽ゲストとして出演

『Anime Los Angeles』
@ オンタリオ・コンベンションセンター

※BRATSは1/10にLIVE 1/11に”Q&A SESSION”に出演

more info >>

Animé LA @ MAGWest
Anime Los Angeles is proud & excited to announce that @brats_official
 will be our Special Musical Guest at #AnimeLA16 for their first US appearance!

You can find more details on BRATS by heading to their dedicated page on our website:

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Re: (Band) BRATS
« Reply #7 on: January 12, 2020, 11:26:51 PM »
Alrighty...went to their concert in LA so it's time for my crappy recap! I was actually contemplating for the longest time whether I should go or not. In the end I really wanted to see Rei!

Concert Day
So I got here pretty early as I wanted to beat traffic and be assured I can grab some merch. SO I arrive at their Merch booth AND NOBODY IS THERE BRUUUH. I was like dafk where it at?! I ask some staff if they got any info and nope, no info. So kind of disappointed I just walked around the convention moping around :( :lol:
Okay anyway started a line with a fellow fan and waited till the concert. While waiting in line got to catch BRATS walk past a few times, I wanted to be like "HEY REI" but iono timing felt weird or something or bothersome. BTW THEY ARE FREAKING SMOL AF especially Hinako. Literally (ok not literally) pocket-sized!. I thought KPOP idols were smol but whoa they took it the next level because they add the shortness to it :lol:
So setlist of BRATS provided by BRATS. I would have not recalled any of it because titles too hard :)
1. Anthem
2. 解放セヨ
3. アンフェア
4. エクスキューザー
5. Lost Place
6. Big Bad World
7. Pain
8. アイニコイヨ
9. Ms. Downer
10. 脳内消去ゲーム
11. どうだってよかった
12. 決まりごと
13. Ms. Downer
SO WE MAKE OUR WAY IN! LET'S GOO. Surprisingly super organized in terms of no one rushing through and pushing each other for the best seats :O . Speaking of seats...kind of disappointed there WERE seats in the first place. I did appreciate it though because my legs were feeling a bit tired but still this a concert we gotta stand! So from what I overheard the venue/hall can seat 800 or so people and when I looked back it looked quite full. Still quite a few seats available but it looked like it was a good turnout!
FEMM was opening act for BRATS and this was also my first time seeing them. It was HELLA dark for their performance. I could hardly see them even being in the front. It was a pretty hype performance though nonetheless. I can't exactly remember how many songs they performed but it was fairly short.
Alright it's finally time! Aya and Hinako come out along with their backup guitarist and drummer to set up their stuff. They doing a couple soundchecks and we getting hype. Finally Rei makes her way out and I can hardly contain myself >_< FKK SHE SO CUTE IRL (I probably could have mentioned that earlier). They started with their backs towards us and began their first song. I REALLY wanted to stand up but I wanted to be considerate to the people behind me because I ain't know if they gonna start standing up too. Aya even mentioned in a vid about how she wanted to feel the energy of an American crowd so I felt like sitting down like most of the time did not really help :( . But I did my best to rock hard while sitting down :| . There was a few times I did get up and rock out but then I went back to sit down :lol:. I even looked back to see if I could stay standing up but the people behind continued to sit down :| . I think it was during Ms. Downer where the front really finally got up to rock out a bit. There was a part where Rei was like everybody jump! And damn you CAN'T NOT jump when Rei says to jump! I just hope the yelling and shouting for them throughout the concert was enough to make them feel welcome. During the Q&A they said they felt the energy but who knows their actual feelings =x. Ah this just came to mind..I think Rei caught on how the crowd tends to be like "wooO!" during breaks in a song, and I saw her mouthing the "wooO!" as well :lol:.
Alright so after a few songs Rei does a bit of chit chat and speaks from her scripted English lines. Just like her attempt at Korean...her English was just as adorable. I missed the first few talk segments, but I manged to catch two talk parts.
So yeah concert comes to an "end" and we begin the "encore" or "one more song" chants. It always baffles me we gotta do this :lol:. They come back out, and Rei talks a bit. She actually ended up talkin quite a lot of Japanese at the end of it lol. I have no idea what she said. Song starts, Ms. Downer, we all went in fk it mode and we all just got up and stood up the whole time. I feel like we should have just done this from the beginning :| BUT HOPEFULLY THIS MADE UP FOR IT because we were rocking out, or at least I think we were :lol:. Concert officially over and it was awesome. Rei was great, her vocals pretty stable. I'm always curious how her vocals, health-wise, are considering how there was a moment in time with Ladybaby that her vocals seemed to be getting strained and possibly getting some damage, but she seemed fine. Aya, Hinako and also their guitarist and drummer were all great as well. Not gon lie, I was 100% focused on Rei so I didn't spend much time checking out every one else XD

Post-Concert Autograph Session Part 1
Immediately after the concert we got to do an autograph session, LET'S GOOO!!! Still wondering about merch we ask staff and FINALLY someone has an answer! They'll be selling it as we go up to get our autographs. Luckily, I was third in line so all the merch still available. I nearly bought everything there because why not XD! I think I skipped out on regular CD and the hat. So I don't have much to say about the autographs because..I zoned out and forgot to say anything to the girls besides hi and thank you RIP! I'm usually bad at these things anyway and never have anything to say especially considering my Japanese is super limited. I almost forgot to even look at Rei because I was so nervous :lol:. Oh hmm I guess when I first approached Hinako I gave a quick smile and she returned it with a cutie smile :3. Aside from that, I do have this short clip tho with nothing much going on in it just before actually starting the session :).

Q&A Session and Autograph Session Part 2
So again front row oh yeh! I'll do my best to recap some questions that were asked as I can't remember them all and kind of missed some questions because I took a few pics. The translator/whatever it's called said we'd do about Q&A from stuff she had already laid out for 15min or so and then 15min for fan questions. They were allotted an hour for the room and so we still had to get the autograph session in too. Before they came out I could actually here em giggling in the back  :wub:

First question I believe was how did you come up with the name BRATS. Well answer is on the internet so not really the best question :lol: but it was a good starter. Answer: fans voted for it.

Question: They ate at some steakhouse and they were asked what temperature they like their steaks cooked to.
Answer: First to go was Aya, Rei was looking at her and it looked like she was kind of telling her what to say. I assume considering it's American, Aya answered with medium but it felt forced as in this is the right answer right? :lol:. Now I don't know how she really likes her steaks done! The rest as well say medium. During this Q&A Rei was telling how Aya and Hinako got filets while she, which the translator emphasized, got a sirloin :lol:

Okay so I don't remember what else the translator asked so RIP! On to fan questions.

Fan Questions
Question: What are some things that you do to get yourself hyped up before getting on stage
Answer: It was mentioned that Aya goes to the bathroom a lot before a performance :lol:. Aside from that they give each other slaps on the back.

Question: What were some of your musical influences
Answer: They alwaaaays get this question apparently and never have an answer :lol:. The translator, she had done her research, mentioned that Rei really liked the band SCANDAL, and Rei was like OH YEAH! They also mentioned that they liked visual kei groups but all the groups they liked had disbanded RIP! Aya also mentioned a bassist that actually got her into playing Bass but I don't recall the name.

Question: What are some hardships that they have gone through to have a breakthrough (ok I worded this incredibly bad but I hope you get it).
Answer: Uhh...they basically said they haven't really hit that breakthrough yet so they can't really answer that kek. They might have added a few other things but I cannot recall.

Question: Were you surprised at the encore chants at the end
Answer: Rei - びっくり (bikkuri) - I was surprised! she said in a sarcastic tone :lol:.

End of Q&A - Some pics I took, some may be a bit blurry. First time I ever taken pics and plastic bottle kept taking up auto-focus

Clip of their introduction of Q&A and the end of it

I KIND OF wanted to ask Rei about Rie because recently Rie was on some niconico strim and talked about how they ran into each other at a theater recently and they just hugged and cried silently. BUT I felt like this is obviously a touchy subject and too personal and didn't wanna bring the mood down. 200IQ amiright heuheu. But I hope they're actually alright with each other because they were cute together XD.

Autograph Session
Alright so this time, I had a few lines in JP prepared mentally, but then the organizer was like "Alright, so we gotta get through this fast actually because we only have this room for a certain amount of time. So we can't really have you talk with them, just sign and keep it moving" RIP! I decided to go to the end of the line because well I didn't really need additional merch anymore. Took a few pics before lining up. My turn, still plenty of time on the clock, FROZE UP NERVOUS AF AGAIN. FKKKK. Remembering Hinako's smile from yesterday, I told her she had a cute smile. She said thanks and Aya was giggling on the side :lol:. I tried to see if I could get a handshake with them, but manager was like nope, no touchee at all, not even a fist bump. I wanted to say things to Rei but I just completely forgot *SIGH*. I said mattane and bye bye and Rei responded with the same words and a cute smile and wave. Although she says she ain't an idol she still got those idol hooking skills :lol:. It don't help that her voice is super cute as well >_<.

Extra Video!

So this was the end of the raffle to get that signed banner. I intended to get the whole thing on video, but..I forgot to hit record. Nothing really much to talk about here. They took turns shaking box of tickets and I forgot who pulled out a ticket XD. I came within 5 numbers! Pretty close. Funny thing is I gave my ticket to someone the previous day because I had no plans on going to the BRATS Q&A but...yep luckily he was a cool guy and he gave me the ticket back! Thanks bro!

And that brings the end of my BRATS adventure. My recaps are always all over the place and more just ramblings...I'm just bad with details and explaining XD, but I guess something is better than nothing right?!

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Re: (Band) BRATS
« Reply #8 on: March 10, 2020, 09:14:32 PM »

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Re: (Band) BRATS
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