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Author Topic: Peace in War [Atsumina]{WMatsui, Kojiyuu, future pairs TBA} Chapter 3  (Read 1295 times)

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This is my very first post in this site! I actually just made an account recently though I've been snooping around for quite some time.
This story is somewhat a challenge of some sort given to me by some friends. I was given a pairing and a setting and I was told to get creative.
Anyways, the pairing I was given was Atsumina but it would be boring if that's all there is to it so this story is going to have some complicated
relationships though the focus will remain Atsumina.

I have absolutely no confidence in writing stories about AKB but I'm going to try.

Other main pairings will be added in the topic title once they surface in the story.

The main pairing(s):


Side pairing(s):

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Re: Peace in War [Atsumina]
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The AKB Continent is composed of 48 different countries.

For the longest time, the countries were split evenly among two different rulers: The Takahashi and The Maeda. The Takahashi had the countries on the north of the continent while The Maeda had the countries on the south.

In the continent, there was peace. But that peace wasn't going to last forever.

The rulers had realized that living in peace made it certain that nothing would change. Without any form of fire, the continent didn't prosper. The two rulers of the two kingdoms decided that things had to change. They both agreed on it but they couldn't agree on one thing: They didn't want to do it together.
Takahashi wanted to be the one to change their way of life. He wanted to rule the continent into success.

Maeda had wanted the same thing. They couldn't accept having two rulers. Not anymore. And this mindset that they had started a fire. It was a small fire in between them that soon grew larger among their people.
It fueled the war.

Millions of people suffered because of the desire of the two rulers to become the greatest. To be the one to make the continent greater. They both had ambitions, they both had dreams. They had an idea of how they wanted the continent to be... But the clash of these ideas caused the clashes of weapons, the clashes of magic... the death of many.
Years have passed but even to the present, the war continues.

Though the scale remained unstable as the years went by, the scale had picked a favor. The Takahashi were leading.

In the present war, no one could count how many they've had, the countries under the Maeda's rule would say that simply hearing the name "Takahashi" would make them feel all sorts of emotions: anger, fear, disgust, despair... They would never mention anything good about it. They couldn't.

On the other hand, the people of the Takahashi couldn't be happier.

While the Takahashi is treated as a curse by most, the people under them would call them a blessing. It was due to the Takahashi's rule that they prospered.

The countries continued to evolve, new possibilities and opportunities being given to them as more countries are taken by the Takahashi.

The Maeda was beggining to be cornered. Their people had grown far too fearful, fearful in that they no longer trust their rulers. They no longer feel safe among their soldiers. They could only spend their lives watching it tick away, slowly, ever so slowly, as the Takahashi approached.

Today was no different.

It was the same as any day.

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Re: Peace in War [Atsumina]
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new story :on woohoo: :on woohoo:
looking forward for the first chapter :on cigar:
please continue! :on gay: :on gay:

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Re: Peace in War [Atsumina] Chapter 1
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Welp, here's the first chapter! First time writing a story about AKB but I think I did okay. Chapters are going to be short because I don't exactly have a lot of time in my hands. Maybe. Also, please pardon my creativity(?) in naming the countries of this story.

Chapter 1

In the country of Iiwake...

"What the hell is happening?!" a voice called out in fear.

"The Takahashi…! Their army is here!" another fearful voice sounded, "We’re all done for..!!"

Loud voices and screams of terror sounded all over the city. Iiwake is a country under the Maeda’s rule or at least it used to be. At that moment, the last remaining city of Iiwake that was still under the Maeda was finally reached by the Takahashi Army. Being led by the well-known Knight, Ooshima Yuko, the Takahashi Army had successfully taken over most of Iiwake. This city was the last one; the final piece that they needed to completely take over Iiwake.

"Leave no one!" Yuko gave her order and the soldiers followed. Describing the scene proved to be difficult. There was blood all over, bodies scattered as piercing screams sounded all over the city. Men, women, children and even animals… None was spared. Some of them tried to run but no one could escape. Being the target of the Takahashi meant that it was the end of the line. No one has ever escaped the Takahashi and the army wanted to keep it that way.

"We won’t let you..!" one of the guards charged for Yuko. Flames came out of his hand as he lashed out, swearing to protect the city. He sent balls of flames towards Yuko but she didn’t move an inch. The flames had died out before they could reach Yuko. She smirked.

"You really need to know who you’re up against," Yuko laughed, pointing at the guard with her finger. Once she did, the soldier turned into ashes, being blown by the wind, "Magic as weak as this won’t faze me. It’s because you chose weak people like him to protect you that this city ends today."

"Don’t be rude, Yuu-chan," a girl walked up to the Knight. Kojima Haruna, best friend of Yuko, shook her head, "I’d say he was pretty brave trying to go against one of our strongest knights."

"Eh~ Nyannyan~ I guess I’ll give him that," Yuko smiled innocently. If she wasn’t attacking and killing innocent people, you’d believe in that kind smile of hers, "But you know, it’s always so boring going out to war."

"What makes you say that?" Haruna tilted her head.

"Takamina never joins in," Yuko pouted, "She’s wasting away in the castle! She doesn’t even show interest in the war even though she should be the most concerned about it!"

"We can’t really force her to join the war, Yuu-chan," Haruna patted the Knight’s shoulder. Though she agreed with the girl, she knew that it wasn't the smartest idea to force the other person into war if she really didn't want to.

"But she’s our princess!" Yuko acted like a kid having tantrums. The person in question was Takahashi Minami or as they called her, Takamina. She's the only princess of the royal family and soon to be ruler of the kingdom... but she doesn't want to. "She’s supposed to be leading us in war!"

"Stop ignoring us….!" Another guard attempted to attack them but Haruna was quick to form a barrier around them, "Don’t underestimate us..!"

"We're not underestimating you," Yuko grabbed the soldier by the neck once the barrier was gone, lifting him up with ease despite her small body, "You really are weak. Men! Hurry up and get rid of these annoying people so we can get it over with."

Once they got the order, the Takahashi army wiped out the citizens of Iiwake without hesitation. As soon as they were killed by the soldiers, the bodies were immediately turned into ashes by one of the many dark stones that Yuko had released all over the city. When Yuko said no one would be left, she meant every word of it. Every single person in the city would be blown away by the wind, their entire existence being erased.

It was over in the blink of an eye. Soon enough, the Takahashi army were the only living things left in Iiwake. Their job was finished.

Yuko took out a small pocket mirror from her pocket. Once she opened it, instead of her own reflection, another person appeared on the mirror.

"I assume you finished the job?" the girl on the other side of the mirror, Shinoda Mariko, asked.

"Absolutely," Yuko smiled, "The city is completely cleaned. It's ready for renovation."

"Great," Mariko nodded, "I'll send some workers and soldiers as soon as possible so we can immediately have our citizens move in."

Yuko nodded back, "We'll be back real quick."

Yuko closed the pocket mirror, returning it to her pocket. She took a look around, seeing that all the soldiers had returned and gathered at the city plaza. Taking a deep breath, she casted a spell, a dome of light surrounding the plaza.

"WAIT..!" an angered voice caught Yuko's attention. Yuko smirked, knowing full well who that voice belonged to.

"I was looking forward to fighting you again but it seems you're late again," Yuko mocked the girl, "Is being late to the battle one of your hobbies, Maeda Atsuko-sama? As the princess of the Maeda, I expected you to be more responsible than that."

"I don't want to hear that from an army who's princess doesn't even show up..!" Atsuko's personal knight and best friend, Itano Tomomi, barked back in her princess' defense, "You won't get away with this!"

"I'm pretty sure I will, Itano," Yuko gave them one last smile before snapping her fingers, warping everyone inside the dome back to the kingdom.

"Ooshima..! Damn it..!" Tomomi screamed at the empty plaza as she ran towards it.

"We were too late again..!" Atsuko cursed, "We couldn't protect anyone again..!"

"Atsuko..." Tomomi turned back to Atsuko, worried over her friend's state of mind, "Look, we can't do anything about it anymore. We need to retreat before they send more people here."

Atsuko was hesitant to just let it go but she knew that they didn't stand a chance once the Takahashi sent more people into the city. Even if the stronger ones like Yuko wasn't present, the Takahashi army was still a huge threat to them. She nodded at Tomomi, retreating back to their kingdom with the army.

In the Maeda's Castle...

Atsuko and Tomomi walked into the meeting room with heavy footsteps. In the meeting room were the strongest members of the Maeda Army: Matsui Jurina, Matsui Rena, Kashiwagi Yuki, and Akimoto Sayaka. Of course, Atsuko and Tomomi were among them.

While the others were already in their seats, Atsuko and Tomomi slowly made their way to their respective seats, their saddened expressions letting the others know how their mission had gone.

"You didn't make it?" Jurina was the first to ask. The other three didn't have the heart to do so.

"We were late again," Atsuko looked down, tears forming in her eyes, "We couldn't protect Iiwake. Even in the end, we couldn't save a single person.."

"You tried," Rena looked up at her, "You really-"

"I couldn't do anything, Rena!" Atsuko stood up, slamming her hands on the table, "I was useless. Because I couldn't do anything, an entire country died, Rena! I... I couldn't protect a single person..."

The pain and regret that resounded from Atsuko's voice made the atmosphere heavy. No one could say anything to comfort the princess. They couldn't say anything because she wasn't wrong. Atsuko did fail the mission. She did fail to save all those people. None of them could deny that.

"Look," Rena looked for something, anything to say but could only come up with one thing, "You failed this mission. We can't deny that fact but Atsuko-sama, crying here and blaming yourself won't bring those people back nor will it help the people that we haven't lost yet."

"I agree with Rena," Yuki looked at Atsuko, "We shouldn't focus on what we lost but focus on what we still have. The path of Takahashi has been linear so far and we have an idea of their next target."

Atsuko stayed silent for a moment before wiping off her tears and sitting back down. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath... and then she opened them, "Alright, care to explain?"

Yuki smiled once Atsuko gathered her composure and begun to explain, "The Takahashi don't pick the countries they attack randomly. They attack the countries in the south in order from the closest to the furthest. If this theory is right, they will attack the next country closest to Iiwake which is Hearota."

"I see," Atsuko nodded, looking at the map that was in the middle of the table.

"We've actually had some soldiers posted there," Sayaka added, "We actually thought of another plan instead of focusing on the defense of Hearota."

Atsuko raised an eyebrow, sitting up straight when she heard the statement, "What could be more important than our people?"

"That's not what I meant," Sayaka laughed softly, "We've talked about it and decided that it's about time we go from defense to offense."

"I'm listening," Atsuko decided to hear them out.

"Alright," Sayaka nodded, "Jurina."

"Right," Jurina waited for Atsuko to give her attention before she started to speak, "We're thinking about kidnapping their princess."

"What?!" Atsuko exclaimed, "Are you insane?! We'd have to walk right into our enemy's castle to do that! That's like asking to get caught!"

"What? Not confident that we can get in there?" Jurina looked annoyed.

"That's not what I'm saying and you know it," Atsuko glared, "That's dangerous and risky even for us! We don't even know what kind of person their princess is!"

"It can't be that bad," Sayaka shrugged, "She doesn't even fight. We've never seen her in any of our battles. There would always be one of us assigned to join the battles but we've never seen her, not even once. Besides, you can surely warp out of there fast, can't you?"

"I mean... I can but..." Atsuko was confident in her abilities. She was born with her magical abilities which made her magic stronger and more efficient. There was also the fact that the royal blood within her made her magic stronger than that of normal users.

"We can't win this war if we're always waiting for them to make a move," Tomomi finally broke her silence, "I think making a move ourselves is a good idea."

"Tomomi!" Jurina cheered at Tomomi's support.

"Should a Paladin really be agreeing to an underhanded plan such as kidnapping?" Sayaka looked at Tomomi carefully. She knew that Tomomi's beliefs were strong and that this wasn't something she would normally agree with.

Tomomi sighed and replied, "It would be a much greater sin for me to allow any more of our people to die."

Atsuko looked at Tomomi. Once Tomomi agreed, she couldn't reject the plan. They were all on board and she knew that even as a princess, she couldn't break their resolve.

"Fine," Atsuko sighed as she gave in, gaining smiles from the others, "We just need to get in and get her, right?"

"Yeah," Jurina nodded, "As much as possible, we don't want any trouble so we'll do it the quickest way by warping you directly to her."

"And how are we supposed to know where she is?" Atsuko crossed her arms.

Jurina smirked, showing her usual cat-like smile, "Who do you think you're talking to, Princess? Sure, my trade is killing silently but killing isn't all I'm good at. I'm pretty good at finding my way around places."

"Hm," Atsuko smiled, "So I assume you're coming with us?"

"I am but I won't be going with you to the princess," Jurina nodded, "I'm going to sneak around outside to watch for anyone who might get in the way."

"Ah, then I'm counting on you," Atsuko looked at Jurina and then the others, "So who's coming?"

"We decided that it would only be you, Jurina and Tomomi," Sayaka pointed at them as she said their name, "Jurina will be going for support. Atsuko-sama, you will be the one to go for the princess. This mission is far too important for us to be conducting so we'll be trusting you with that. Tomomi will of course serve as your defense for when anything goes wrong. I would go but my strenght isn't exactly fit for being sneaky."

"When do we do it?" Tomomi had fire in her eyes. Atsuko could feel it, she had them too. They've seen far too much in Iiwake. And it wasn't just Iiwake. The forty-eight countries of the continent that used to be evenly split between the two rulers was now on a ratio of 32:16. Eight of the Maeda's countries were taken by the Takahashi. Millions of people from those Eight countries were erased from the face of the world and they couldn't do anything about it. The previous generation couldn't stop it from happening. As children, they could only watch it happen but now
that they are part of this army it's about time they did something about it.

"We'll start as soon as you're ready," Jurina kept the smirk on her face, looking forward to what they'll be seeing in their enemy's castle.

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Re: Peace in War [Atsumina]
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ooohhh update  :wigglypanda: :wigglypanda:
 and many pairings there :shy1: :shy2:
i wonder why takamina  never join the wars?  :dunno:
ahh atsuko want to kidnap takamina :wriggly:
gaahhhh waiting more!!  :frustrated: :frustrated:
thanks for update :mon inluv:

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Re: Peace in War [Atsumina] Chapter 1.5
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@arfi: Things will be explained soon enough. There's going to be a lot of ships happening here. Just because this is an Atsumina story doesn't mean I can't ship everyone x everyone.

Anyways, here is a little something after chapter one.

Note: .5 chapters aren't exactly important to the story and can be treated as canon or completely disregarded. They're just here for fun because the main story gets serious.

Chapter 1.5

After some time, only Jurina and Atsuko were left in the meeting room. Tomomi had just left after they had discussed deeper about their plan to kidnap the princess. Atsuko and Jurina decided to stay a bit longer, discussing about the mission in greater length. The discussion was going well until Jurina's mind started going elsewhere.

"So.. We're going to take the princess back here, right?" Jurina looked at Atsuko with a serious look.

"Um.. Yeah? That's what kidnapping means?" Atsuko didn't seem to understand what she was getting at.

"And then what?" Jurina kept pressing.

"We put her in prison?" Atsuko raised an eyebrow before getting an idea, "Or maybe we could interrogate her! Even if she doesn't participate, she must at least know something about the war!"

"Okay," Jurina took a deep breath, "After that?"

"Huh?" Atsuko was getting confused, "Keep her in prison until the Takahashi yield?"

"No, no," Jurina shook her head, "I mean! Once we get her, are we really just going to leave her alone?"

"What do you mean?" Atsuko tilted her head slightly, eyebrows furrowed, "What else is there to do?"

"We're holding her captive, right?" Jurina decided to take it slow.

"Yeah, and?"

"She's going to be at our mercy, right?"

"Uh huh?"

"To stop her from struggling, we have to tie her, yeah?"

"Of course. We can't let her escape. She might try something."

"Okay, enough about the serious stuff, Atsuko-sama. What I'm trying to say is.."


"You know," Jurina started wiggling her eyebrows, "Maybe.. you could.. have some.. princess time together?"

Only at that moment did Atsuko get what Jurina has been trying to tell her. She shook her head, a slight pink tint appearing on her cheeks, "No, no, no! What are you saying?!"

"I was just saying," Jurina laughed, "Wouldn't it be boring just taking her and leaving her somewhere?"

"We don't need to do anything else!" Atsuko stood up, "This conversation is over."

"But Atsuko-sama-"


Atsuko stood up from her seat, leaving the room while it was filled with Jurina's laughter.

"At least consider~" Jurina kept laughing.

"The conversation is over!" Atsuko closed the door, hurriedly returning to her room.

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Re: Peace in War [Atsumina]
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that's good, besides atsumina I also like other pairing  :hee: :hee:
and I love this part :wahaha: :wahaha:
conversation between jurina and atsuko hilarious :on lol:
nice update there, thanks :on GJ:  :hee:
keep going!  :on gay: :on gay:

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Re: Peace in War [Atsumina] Chapter 2
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@arfi: Heads up, Takamina is going to have a lot of pairs, both friendly and romantic.

Anyways, here's chapter 2. We're finally meeting Takamina~

Chapter 2

"Are you ready?" Yuki asked. Atsuko, Jurina and Tomomi were about to begin their mission to kidnap the Takahashi's only princess. Jurina had went to scout the castle beforehand and managed to leave unscratched. She left a charm in the princess room as well as outside it, the charm being connected to Yuki, allowing her to monitor the princess room.

Yuki isn't skilled enough to see the room clearly but she can at least see blurry shapes, enough for her to know that the princess is inside, "The princess is alone in her room right now. When you're ready, I'll transport you guys to the location of the charm when she isn't looking. Don't make a sound. Jurina, I'll transport you the one outside. There doesn't seem to be any guards around the princess' room."

"That's strange," Atsuko had her doubts on the success rate of the mission, "She's the princess, the most important person in the castle yet.. She has no guards? There's really no other person in the area other than the princess herself?" Atsuko wanted to believe that it would be alright but that was proving to be very difficult. The entire situation was too convenient. The person they needed to catch just happens to left alone, completely unguarded. It was too easy.

"We don't have time to worry about that," Rena shook her heard, "Look, we never know when anyone would arrive. We should finish this as quickly as possible. You need to focus. Once Yuki teleports you to the charm, the charm will break. This means once you're there, we can't assist you anymore. We're counting on the three of you to do this right."

Atsuko was still worried but she decided to follow Rena's words, "We're ready. We can go anytime."

Yuki nodded, closing her eyes, looking through the charms. She continued to wait until the princess attention was somewhere else, "Alright, now," Yuki started saying the spell. She had spent a lot of time studying and memorizing different spells and charms for the sake of this mission. She remembered it all like the back of her hand, "Good Luck."

As soon as Yuki opened her eyes, the three were transported to the specific charms.

In the Takahashi's Castle…

Moving quickly, as soon as the princess entered her field of vision, Atsuko warped herself behind the princess and pointed a knife at her neck. She was in no mood to be wasting time. The longer they stayed there, the more dangerous it got for them.

Tomomi ran over and drew her sword, ready to attack in case the princess tries anything on Atsuko.

"No one has to get hurt," Atsuko spoke coldly, tightening her hold of the other girl, bringing the knife closer.

"Oh?" the princess turned her head to look at Atsuko, gently placing her hand on Atsuko's, "Maybe we should put this down then?"

"You're in no situation to be demanding anything," Atsuko glared, "Just do as I say."

"But you said no one has to get hurt, didn't you?" the princess raised an eyebrow, slowly lowering Atsuko's hand, bringing the knife away from herself. She then turned her body to face Atsuko, still being held by her, "Isn't it a bit rude to suddenly show up and grab someone?"

Taken back, Atsuko let go of the girl and backed away, going to Tomomi's side. The other princess made her uneasy. She was being too calm for someone who was being threatened. Tomomi understood very well what Atsuko had felt. They considered that the princess may be planning something or worse, she had expected them.

"There's no need to look at me like that," the princess giggled, "It's not like I grabbed you from behind, pointed a knife at your neck and threatened you or anything like that."

Atsuko's glare intensified at the short princess' reference.

"First of all, let me introduce myself," the princess bowed slightly, "I'm Takahashi Minami, the princess… though I'm sure you already knew. Anyways, take a seat."

"What?" Atsuko looked at Tomomi. Tomomi simply shrugged.

"Hm?" Minami tilted her head, "Over there, by the table."

"Come again?" Atsuko felt that she wasn't quite hearing it right.

"I said," Minami giggled, "Sit over there, by the table."

Reluctantly, the two girls followed and took a seat where the other girl pointed. They had no clue what Minami was thinking of. 

"I'll be right back," Minami smiled at them, walking to leave the room.

"Hey, wait..!" Atsuko stood up, "Are you trying to escape?"

"Don't worry about that," Minami shook her head, "I don't need to escape. You're in my castle after all."
Atsuko wasn't sure how to take it but Tomomi pulled on her shirt, asking her to sit back down.

"Don't tell me you actually trust her?" Atsuko whispered.

"Look, if she tries to escape, Jurina won't let her," Tomomi whispered back, causing Atsuko to sink back on her chair, finding it unbelievable that she listened to the enemy and even allowed the girl to leave.

. . .

Minami left the room, seeing a girl standing next to her door as she closed it.

Jurina looked to her side and froze when she saw someone leaving the room. It wasn't Atsuko or Tomomi so it must be the princess. What in the world happened in there that the princess was freely leaving the room? She had all sorts of panicked thoughts in her head when the princess and her had eye contact. She couldn't break their eye contact. The princess kept blinking and so did she. Her heart started pounding when the princess turned to face her.

"Are you one of their friends?" the princess smiled, "I'm Takahashi Minami. I'm the princess."

"O-Oh.. Yeah.." Jurina spoke silently as if she had bowed down to the girl's royal status.

"No need to be so stiff," Minami laughed, "You are?"

"M-Matsui Jurina," Jurina involuntarily replied, finding herself following whatever the other girl had said. Minami was acting too calm and friendly for her comfort. She had thought of a million possibilities of what happened in there and all of them included the princess somehow having beaten their two strongest members.

"Jurina?" Minami repeated, "Nice name." Minami walked over to her, eyeing her from head to toe. The smile on her face didn't leave for a second. She put her hand on Jurina's necklace. It was a necklace that had the Maeda's emblem. Minami gently took it in her hand and put it inside Jurina's shirt as to hide it, "Now that that's done, come with me. Make sure you put that hood of yours to use."

"Eh?" Jurina blinked a couple of times, putting on her hood. Was Minami actually trying to hide her or was this some sort of trick? She couldn't read her at all. She didn't have time to react when Minami took her hand, pulling her.

"Off we go," Minami cheered.

"Wait- Where to-" Jurina tried to ask but it seemed like the princess wasn't listening.
As they walked around the castle, Jurina was scared to walk around in the open at first but she realized that because she was walking with the princess, no one questioned who she was. She was considered as the princess' friend as the guards and maids hadn't pried into her identity and even greeted her nicely when they ran into people.

"You know," Minami looked at Jurina, "You remind me of someone."

"Huh?" Jurina raised an eyebrow, "What? Do we look alike?"

"No, no," Minami shook her head, "It's the aura."

"Excuse me?" Jurina didn't really get it.

"Don't mind, don't mind," Minami brushed it off, gaining a somewhat annoyed look for the curious Jurina.

"Where exactly are we going?" Jurina asked again, her hand still being held by Minami. The castle was huge so Jurina didn't really question why it was taking them so long to arrive.

"The kitchen," Minami answered.

"Why?" Jurina gave a confused look.

"To get some tea and dessert."

"What for?"

"For you and your friends, silly."

"W-Wait… What?!" Jurina raised her voice, gaining some looks.

"Hahaha~" Minami just laughed along, causing the others to ignore them and continue their tasks, "I can't carry it all myself."

"This is new," Jurina smirked, "A princess getting her own tea and dessert instead of having a maid do it?"

"I mean," Minami gave Jurina an innocent look, "I can't really ask them to bring some treats while your friends are in the room now, can I?"

"Ah," Jurina just nodded. She almost forgot that she was with the enemy's princess with how considerate she was being.

They eventually got to the kitchen. Jurina only nodded at the people's greeting and was simply amazed by what she was seeing. Instead of being polite or even scared of the princess, those who were in the kitchen were casual and friendly with her. She had noticed it earlier but didn't pay much mind to it but when she saw that princess being showered with kindness and affection right in front of her by so many people, she couldn't help but see the princess shine. Those who lived in the castle didn't call her with any honorifics like they did with Atsuko. They all called her by her nickname. They all called her Takamina.

When Minami asked them for some tea and dessert because she had friends over, she didn't have to ask them twice. They were more than happy to do as she asks, to give what she needed. They were quick to prepare everything that Minami had asked for.

We were assisted by one to carry all the sweets up to the princess room and he simply nodded and smiled when Minami had told him that he didn't need to bring it inside.

Minami asked Jurina to open the door which she obediently followed. When she opened it, two pairs of eyes immediately looked to the door. Jurina saw that her two friends were okay, which she had honestly already known since she could feel the sincerity from Minami's words. Once the door opened, Minami walked in with a big tray with all the sweets and tea. She placed it down on the table and invited Jurina to join them.

Jurina closed the door before she went over to sit on one of the empty seats by the table. She took off her hood and brought her necklace back out. Tomomi and Atsuko were giving her weird looks but she only shrugged.

Minami poured some tea for them before sitting down, "Go on, help yourself."

"What game are you playing here?" Atsuko glared, "What is this?"

"What game?" Minami asked silently, picking up her cup and sipping a bit of tea.

"What are you doing?" Atsuko asked again, "Do you really think I'd believe that you'd simply invite your enemies to have tea?"

"And you're my enemy because?" Minami looked her right in the eye, "Because my last name is Takahashi and yours is Maeda?" Minami looked at Atsuko's necklace. She knew that Atsuko was the princess because Atsuko's necklace had a similar design as hers albeit being different emblems.

Atsuko flinched slightly at Minami's question, unable to look away from the girl's eyes. That question was immediately stamped into her mind. Even though Minami had asked with a gentle and kind voice,
Atsuko still felt attacked by the question. She felt pressured and cornered.

Tomomi turned to Atsuko, seeing that the girl was struggling to answer. Tomomi was also thinking about that question. Why exactly was Minami their enemy? Minami hadn't participated in any of their wars.

Tomomi couldn't find it in herself to dislike Minami. In fact, she couldn't take her eyes off the girl. There was something about her aura that was pulling her in.

"Am I immediately your enemy just because I'm a Takahashi?" Minami repeated, her eyes looking right through Atsuko, "I don't participate in the war. I don't remember ever doing anything to offend you nor do I remember ever having killed anyone. Are you calling me your enemy based on this role that I didn't ask to be born into?"

"I..." Atsuko tried to say something in return but she couldn't find the right words to. Every word that Minami spoke was like a needle piercing through her.

"Let me get this straight," Minami put her cup down, breaking their eye contact, "I don't care about this war. I don't care about getting power... I don't want to be a part of it. If you're going to kidnap me just to drag me into this war, don't even. I don't want to be part of this war in any way. I don't want to be part of any of it. Heck, if I could choose to be out of the royal family, I would do it."

Jurina felt a pain in her chest when Minami was talking. Somehow, having heard Minami's cheerful voice guiding her earlier made it weird for her to hear sadness and emptiness in the princess' voice.

"We..." Tomomi looked away from them, "We're not going to take you."

"What are you saying...?" Atsuko looked at Tomomi, "We're just going to leave her? I thought it was time we make a move?! I don't care what you say! We need to take you for our people!"

"Atsuko..!" Tomomi looked at Atsuko, "We're leaving."

"Are you all messed up in the head?!" Atsuko glared, "You want me to walk out of here and fail another mission?!"

"Would you really choose to involve someone who's innocent, Atsuko?!" Tomomi stood up, glaring back, "If we're going to use an innocent person just to get what we want, we're no different from those soldiers who killed those people!"

Atsuko found herself out of words. She looked into her best friend's eyes. She has never seen Tomomi look so adamant about something before. As a princess, she couldn't let this kind of behavior go but... As Tomomi's best friend, she bit her lower lip, forgetting about everything else she wanted to say and simply nodded. She saw Tomomi loosen up when she nodded, Tomomi's eyes softening at Atsuko when she gave in.

"Thank you," Tomomi had an apologetic look, "I'll do all the explaining when we get back."

"I'll help you," Jurina looked at Minami, winking playfully, "I can't really see her as an enemy even if I tried."

"I appreciate it," Minami gave them the brightest smile, "Oh, but don't leave before you at least finished your tea. Take a few of the sweets with you as well."

"Well, I can't reject that offer," Jurina laughed while a small smile made its way to Tomomi's face.

Atsuko didn't trust Minami nor was she comfortable around the girl like Jurina and Tomomi were but she did have to admit that Minami wasn't showing any form of hostility so she decided to at least drink the tea.

Things were about to get complicated.

Atsuko just knew it.

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Re: Peace in War [Atsumina] Chapter 2.5
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Here's 2.5~

Note: .5 chapters aren't exactly important to the story and can be treated as canon or completely disregarded. They're just here for fun because the main story gets serious.

Chapter 2.5

"You know," Minami started a conversation, "I've always wanted to do something strange."

"Strange?" Tomomi tilted her head.

"Yeah," Minami nodded, "Something like inviting your kidnappers for some tea."

"Could you.." Atsuko was close to banging her head on the table.

"Could I?" Minami smirked.

"Could you stop making references to the kidnapping?" Atsuko glared.

"Shouldn't you be glad that I'm just joking around instead of… you know.. Calling guards, maybe?" Minami laughed.

"I think it's amusing," Jurina laughed along.

"Oh, you siding with her now?" Atsuko looked away. She was basically being teamed up on.

This entire time, Atsuko was just silently sipping tea while the three seemed to be hitting it off. Tomomi and Jurina got along way too well with Minami and she honestly didn't like it. She was like air… not that she minded. She didn't want to be having any casual conversations with the enemy princess.

"Maeda-san?" Minami called out softly.

Atsuko turned to her, "What?"

"I got a really good look when were up close and personal with the knife and all but," Minami smiled, "You have really pretty eyes."

"E-Excuse me?!" a small tint of pink appeared on Atsuko's cheeks.

"Cute," Minami laughed.

"We're leaving," Atsuko stood up, "We're done here."

"Whaaaaat?" Jurina pouted, "Already?"

"Would you like to travel the long way back to Furageto?" Atsuko glared. It seemed that glaring was her favorite expression today.

Jurina immediately got up when she heard the threat, saying, "I was ready to go ages ago!"

"It was nice meeting you," Tomomi looked at Minami with adoring eyes. She wasn't sure what was wrong with her but she really didn't want to leave. Jurina didn't want to either but she was sure they had totally different reasons.

"Same here," Minami winked, inviting a blush right up Tomomi's cheeks.

"We're. Leaving." Atsuko's impatient voice was enough to snap Tomomi out of trance, "R-right."

As soon as Jurina and Tomomi walked over to her, Atsuko warped them back to the castle, not looking at Minami even once.

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Re: Peace in War [Atsumina]
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yaayy new chapters update :wigglypanda: :wigglypanda:
wahhh minami is too kind  :nya: :nya:
surely atsuko will fall in love with minami because she is too kind :shy1: :shy2: :shy1:
in .5 chapter atsumina is cute  :luvluv2: :luvluv2:
waiting for the other pairings to show up :on cigar: :on cigar:
thanks for updates  :ptam-kiss:
still wait for next chapters  :on gay: :on gay: :on gay:

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@arfi: Minami is really nice in this fic! It's not just Atsuko who'll be falling for that~

Here's chapter 3~ This chapter will include short moments between two other main pairs~ Also, Minami's reason for not participating will have a simple explanation here. An in-depth explanation will be made by Minami herself in a future chapter.

Chapter 3

".....I'm waiting for an explanation," Rena looked at her three friends who just got back from their mission. Atsuko, Jurina and Tomomi were supposed to kidnap the princess in order to get the Takahashi to back down but they instead went back with... cake?

"You're not going to tell us that these cakes are actually the princess, are you?" Yuki was tapping her foot on the floor impatiently.

"We're not going to make up some stupid lie like that," Jurina replied with an annoyed tone. She knew that their other comrades had every right to be disappointed that they failed the mission but that didn't mean Jurina would simply accept the way they were talking to them.

"We're waiting," Sayaka sighed. She didn't want a fight to break out so she just decided to remain calm and hear them out.

"We couldn't bring ourselves to take her," Tomomi looked away when the other three looked at her weirdly as she said that.

"Wait," Yuki was just confused at that point, "It's not that you failed to bring her but it's that you couldn't bring yourself to? So you could have taken her but you didn't?"

"Let me talk first. I was the one who was with her the entire time," Jurina smiled at Tomomi before turning to the other three, "I first met Takamina when she left her room-"

"Takamina?" Atsuko repeated.

"It's her nickname, don't ask," Jurina shrugged Atsuko off before she continued, "She didn't show any form of hostility at all. I was cautious of her at first but then she treated me so kindly so I really couldn't see her as my enemy at all. She invited me to walk around the castle with her. She even went ahead and hid my necklace in my shirt and advised me to wear my hood while we walked! I managed to walk around the castle in the open with no sort of trouble happening. We got some tea and sweets and went back to her room. I know you're all disappointed that we couldn't do what we were supposed to do but could you really kidnap someone who treated you with such hospitality? We weren't treated anything close to kidnappers. We were like guests there!"

"I agree with Jurina," Tomomi stepped in, "Even when Atsuko threatened her with a knife, she remained calm and didn't fight back. She peacefully backed down and asked us to take a seat. She was doing everything to avoid a conflict. When she and Jurina came back, I felt guilt all over just thinking that I tried to kidnap her yet she was there pouring us some tea. I just.. I couldn't betray that smile. She didn't even consider us as enemies! Heck, you guys said it yourself! She never participated in any of our wars. She didn't do anything wrong."

Sayaka, Rena and Yuki looked at each other, seeing that everything their comrades told them were true. Tomomi and Jurina were difficult to fool so if that Takamina wasn't being genuine, they wouldn't defend her like that. But of course, there was the risk that they were brainwashed so they turned to Atsuko.

"What?" Atsuko wasn't in the mood to talk about it but she knew they wanted to hear from her as well.

"What do you think about all this?" Sayaka knew that Atsuko's magic would have alerted her if any sort of manipulation was casted on the two.

"It's nothing like what you're thinking of," Atsuko answered in low spirits, "I... I honestly doubted her. I thought she was playing around with us but I can't deny what these two are saying. She was being gentle with us. She didn't show any form of disdain for us... She was just completely amiable... I didn't sense anything coming from her so I doubt she used any form of magic on them.. I... Ugh.."

"Are you alright?" Yuki voiced out her concern for their princess, "You looked down ever since you returned."

"I... I can't get her question out of my mind," Atsuko shook her head, "She.. She asked me if we were enemies just because she was a Takahashi and I'm a Maeda. She asked me if she was my enemy for the sole reason of our families being in conflict.. She.. She didn't do anything... I've always felt nothing but hatred for that name but... I'm not a monster to hate someone who didn't do anything wrong. I've always been angered by the mention of Takahashi ever since they took down both of my parents but.. I don't know anymore."

"I see," Rena smiled softly, "Okay. I understand everything you three said. If she really is as you described then she must be a wonderful person. Thank you for telling us everything."

"Rena-chwaaaaan~" Jurina went over and hugged Rena who was trying her best to get the other girl off,
"I knew you'd understand~"

"I get it, I get it!" Rena struggled to get her off but gave up at one point and let Jurina hug her, "Gee.."

"So now what do we do?" Yuki asked but no one could answer. Kidnapping Minami was the only plan they had thought of. They never expected it to go the way it did.

"For now, we should anticipate the attack on Hearota," Atsuko got up, "Back then, the war would usually have a long grace period but the Takahashi have been pretty active, taking over 3 countries for the past six months. There wasn't even enough time to recover after each attack. They aren't wasting time so we need to be ready at all times."

"I agree," Tomomi took Atsuko's hand and squeezed it, "But before that, you should get some rest. You've been stressed out lately and a good sleep would help."

"....Right..." Atsuko pulled her hand away from Tomomi, leaving the meeting earlier than everyone else.

When she closed the door behind her, she leaned on the door for a moment, Minami's words echoing in her mind, "What.. What exactly are we having these wars for..?"

She shook her head, trying to snap herself out of it, pulling herself back together. She wasn't in the condition to be thinking too deeply. She sighed, heading to her room.

"It's been a while since I saw Atsuko like that," Rena sighed as she sunk back into her chair, "Seeing her dejected about our losses is one thing but… I've never seen her act that way in regards to the Takahashi."

"That's because we aren't talking about the Takahashi," Jurina shook her head, "We're talking about Takamina and those are two very different things. All they have in common is the last name!"

"Wow, you sure speak highly of her," Rena spoke, not noticing the annoyed tone she let out.

"Aww," Jurina stood behind Rena's chair, hugging the girl from behind, "Are you jealous of Takamina, Rena-chwan? You know you're the only one for me~"

"W-What?!" Rena blushed slightly, "I'm not! What are you even saying?!"

"Get a room," Yuki stared at them with a blank expression, "I don't need you two being all lovey-dovey here."

"Isn't it fine?" Sayaka laughed. She always found it cute how Jurina would cling to Rena and how Rena always reacts harshly out of embarrassment, "Speaking of love…"

"Hm?" Yuki turned to Sayaka, curious. Sayaka only pointed at Tomomi, not saying anything else. Rena and Jurina also found themselves looking at the girl.

Tomomi seemed to be distracted. She was just staring at the opposite wall, not speaking, not moving. She appeared to be in deep thought. Honestly, she was. She couldn't stop thinking about the small princess. There was just something about her that Tomomi couldn't quite understand. She had only talked to the girl in a while but she already felt drawn to the girl.

"Look at those eyes," Sayaka whispered, "I'm sure we all know that look."

"Oh my," Jurina smirked, "That's the eyes of someone who's in love~"

"Wait," Yuki had a shocked expression but she kept her voice down, "That's the exact same look she had when she was talking about that Takamina person…"

"Well, duh," Sayaka rolled her eyes, "That's because she's totally into her."

"But they just met!" Yuki had less problems with Minami being a Takahashi and more about the fact that Tomomi had fallen head over the heels for some girl she just met, "That's way too fast!"

"Huh?" Tomomi finally came to, looking over at them, "What were you guys saying?"

"I don't think that's an issue, Yuki," Jurina slightly tightened her hold on Rena, "I'm pretty sure it was love at first sight when I saw Rena-chan~"

"Shut it..!" Rena hid her face in her hands. Jurina's affection just isn’t good for the heart.

"Oh you know," Sayaka walked over to Tomomi, patting her shoulder, "We were just talking about how this Takamina seems to have gotten a whole lot of your attention."

"O-Oh," Tomomi couldn't stop her face from reddening, "Is that so.."

"Mhm~ I've never seen you space out like that before. Even though you're usually so focused."

"Y-You're imagining things, Sayaka…"

"Oh, believe me. I don't think so."

Tomomi got up, "I'm probably just tired."

"Ah," Jurina grinned, "She's trying to get away."

"I'm just really tired okay!" Tomomi rushed out of the room before any of them could stop her. She ran to her room, hoping that the fast beating of her heart was just because she was running.

In the country of River…

Minami was spacing out on her bed as usual. She prefers to stay inside her room but she does go out from time to time. She got along well with everyone that lived in the castle. All the maids, the guards, the soldiers and all that worked and lived in there loved her. Being the complete opposite of the war's nature,

Minami was kind. She was caring and passive. The people admired how she could remain so calm and refused to participate in any battles. Her hand has never done harm to anything.
She rarely left her room, but it was even rarer for her to leave the castle. Even so, on the few times that she did leave the castle, she already caught the hearts of the citizens of River. Her aura made people feel safe. It made them feel all warm.

On simple terms?

River loved Minami. She was considered as the gift amidst the war. She was someone who did not use what she had to hurt other people but instead gave care to them. But as gentle and kind as she is, she knew when to be stern. She knew exactly when she should tolerate something and when she shouldn't.

She was the exact type of ruler that the people of River wished to have.

They always thought that it was a shame that Minami was only known in River. They honestly think that if the world were to know about Minami and what type of person she is, they would be begging for her to be the new ruler.. But sadly, Minami herself wasn't interested.

The kind and gentle girl, when in came to the war, was filled with hatred.

She didn't want the power. She didn't want to be a princess. If she could just be a normal person who could walk normally in the streets while she lived a normal life, she would take it. She was born with the burden of this endless war. As a child, she was told that she had to rule over everything. They told her the same thing everyday that she wondered why she wasn't brainwashed yet.

She never liked the idea of leading everyone into war. She didn't like what was happening at all. Among all things, she hated her parents.

The king of the Maeda was ruthlessly killed by her father and from what she heard, the queen was currently in a comatose. Right now, the Takahashi army is leading in the war because her father had taken advantage of the fact that the Maeda were lost. Without their leaders, they couldn't properly defend themselves.

Seeing how desperate Atsuko, Jurina and Tomomi were when they attacked her made her hate her father much more. Her father was showing no mercy even when his enemies are so young. They were operating, trying their hardest to save themselves with no guidance.

She was angry. She had never felt so bad for being born. She didn't want to be a part of this war. Not the war that her father had created... because unlike her grandfather who had dreams for the continent, Minami knew her dad more than anyone. His eyes didn't look for the greater good. He just wanted power.

He just wanted to be above all else.

Snapping her out of trance, Minami sat up when she heard a knock on the door, "Come in."

The door opened and a girl peeked in, "Can I really?"

"Of course," Minami laughed. Though she was often thought of as incredibly friendly, Minami is somehow known for having those moments where she really wants to be alone. She found it cute that the other girl was trying to make sure it was okay.

"If you say so," the girl entered the room. The girl's name was Sato Amina. She was one of Minami's closest friends and one of the most powerful members of the Takahashi Army. "I know you've told me a hundred times that you don't want to but can you at least attend our meeting once?"

"No," Minami fell back on the bed, "I don't want any of this war thing, Amina. You know that better than everyone."

"Can you at least see us?" Amina pouted, "We don't get to see you anymore."

There it was. Minami was weak to this pout. Ever since they were kids, Amina would use it on her and she could never resist it. Not even once, "Oh come on."

"You don't have to do anything," Amina pleaded, "You don't have to join the conversation! Just being in the room is good enough! Please...?"

Minami sighed, "Alright, fine. I'll just sit down, though."

Amina nodded with a smile, "That's okay!"

. . .

Minami entered the meeting room with Amina, the others looking at her in awe. Much like the Maeda, the Takahashi also have a group of their strongest individuals who lead in the frontlines: Ooshima Yuko, Kojima Haruna, Shinoda Mariko, Watanabe Mayu, and Minegishi Minami. If you know how this goes,  Sato Amina is also a part of this group... and so is Takahashi Minami.

"Woah," Yuko ran and gave Minami a tight hug, "Is it a blue moon tonight?! Takamina?! In the meeting room~?!"

"Yuu-chan," Haruna walked to them and softly hit Yuko on the head, "If you keep acting like that, she might never come back."

"Aww~" Yuko let go of Minami, hugging Haruna instead, "I'll just hug you then~"

"Yuu-chan! What are you touching?!" Haruna tried to break free from Yuko but she small girl was just too strong, "Yuu-chan! Be careful where your hands are going!"

"But Nyannyan~" Yuko laughed, "I can't help it! My hands just move on their own!"

"Your blatant flirting aside, I can't really blame Yuko," the other Minami, who they called Miichan, giggled, "I was starting to think that Takamina and meeting room were two things that would never work out. WMinami lives."

"Don't forget about the Chibis~" Yuko laughed, finally setting Haruna free.

Minami sighed, "I only came here to see you guys. Amina told me I can just watch."

"That is more than enough," Mariko chimed, "It hard enough for us to just get you in here. Simply having you in the room makes a big difference."
Mayu nodded, "Somehow, it feels so much better when Takamina is in the room. It makes us feel more secure in a way."

"Agreed," Yuko signaled for everyone to go to their seats, "Everything just feels like it will be just fine when you're here."

"Enough with the flattery," Minami moved her chair closer to Amina's, leaning her head on the other girl's shoulder.

Amina was a bit surprised but she didn't complain. It was just as everyone said. Even if she didn't want to be, everyone in their group relied on Minami.

"Anyways, we've got a problem in our hands," Mariko started, "The king is being hasty. I know we don't have the right to ignore his orders but his last order was out of hand."

"Why?" Yuko tilted her head.

Mariko paused for a moment, looking at them one by one.

"The king wants us to attack all the cities and towns of Hearota all at once."


So the other main pairs to be introduced is WMatsui and Kojiyuu! Kojiyuu was already shown in chapter 1 but they didn't really have much of a romantic moment~ This chapter only included a little preview of their flirting but I'm going to be putting more of them in future chapters~ Also, with this, I've introduced all of the main characters. Of course, I'm still thinking of adding other members from other sisters groups like HKT and NMB!

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Re: Peace in War [Atsumina]{WMatsui, Kojiyuu, future pairs TBA} Chapter 3
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july 10th あっちゃんお誕生おめぢとう :gmon sing: :on BDay:
aahhh there must be love Triangle between tomochin Minami atsuko  :wahaha:
".....I'm waiting for an explanation," Rena looked at her three friends who just got back from their mission. Atsuko, Jurina and Tomomi were supposed to kidnap the princess in order to get the Takahashi to back down but they instead went back with... cake?

"You're not going to tell us that these cakes are actually the princess, are you?" Yuki was tapping her foot on the floor impatiently.

"We're not going to make up some stupid lie like that," Jurina replied with an annoyed tone. She knew that their other comrades had every right to be disappointed that they failed the mission but that didn't mean Jurina would simply accept the way they were talking to them.
this scenes are hilarious  :hiakhiakhiak: :hiakhiakhiak:
what will happen next? I am curious  :bigdeal: :hee:
thanks for update  :mon inluv:

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