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Author Topic: Princess’ Prisoner (YuiParu) Chapter 9- 10/14/18 EXPLICIT  (Read 1737 times)

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WARNING: It’ll be quite graphic and honestly a bit testy but hope it’ll work towards a short chaptered story :twothumbs

Chapter 1

Yui glanced down at the tattered paper and grabbed the brush to the side of her. With one stroke, she placed a thin line of black upon it. She counted and exhaled out into the room. Wiping the brow, she remembered the ten cycles of the peach-colored leaves falling from the tree. The other memory was being dragged from her family with cufflinks around her wrists as she wailed out into the open ground. The long ride inside the litter showed the outside world filled with fields. Yui sat quietly although in the silence she had heard the plan and felt her heart drop to her stomach.
Ten occasions had consumed her mind although it was the first thought that had given her hope as she was given a light coat and lavender sash for herself when she was confronted by a pale-faced person as she knelt down and bowed to her. The sliding door closed upon the brief sunlight as she stared upon the new person. Her eyes burned upon every part of the skin before a smile was drawn.
“I’m Yui.” She spoke softly with another bow of her head.
“I’m Haruka…” She replied “I’m usually called Paru.”
“Yui? That’s a cute name. My family have lived in Edo for centuries.” She gleamed.
“Your family took me away so I wouldn’t feel proud in front of me.” Yui snarled.
“Hmm… I guess that’s why you’re here. Maybe a concubine for my father… I’m not sure. I have seen my father consummate many of them. Their nubile bodies filled by such lust. He hates me though. I’m just learning my way through the system. Whoever the next heir is supposed to be…” Paru exhaled with a smirk. “If it is the case… I can’t stop it. I’m supposedly just trying to make a dowry.”
“It still doesn’t make it any better.” Yui moaned. “So why are you here?”
Paru shifted her weight over and grinned towards the sun, “I want to hear your story.”
Yui scanned around and fell back onto the floor, “One day.”
Paru bowed her head and stood above the girl. Pulling the sash from her waist, the sides flayed out upon her body. Her eyes drew the snow-white skin and the pink accents on her chest. Yui felt her chest pause before closing it back up. Paru walked out swiftly to the attendant as the door closed. She had pondered over the efforts as that cost here to be sent to Edo. Her brothers were killed and her father was spared based on alliances. Her father was neutral although disowning the sons had seemed to be a good move to save him from the blade.
Yui was the same only to protect herself with the wooden sword she had practiced upon for defense. The day she had seen the white eyes of a person was right before she had been captured. Her father had seen the intrusion and sacrificed Yui as a peace offering. She let the few tears come out before her mother came out and hugged her one last time before being marched up north. The darkness grew swiftly with the day passing by when the sliding door attracted her attention.
“Here’s your meal.” The attendant greeted as she slid a lantern into the room.
The smell of the gas tickled her nose as she saw the bowl of gruel and pickled vegetables on a small pate to the side. Yui gripped the chopsticks and shoveled the first few bites into her mouth. The journey was limited to water and dried fish with their schedules of delivering the female to the castle. Yui knew her limitations to fighting without her weapon, a short sword, based on her training with her father. There was also hand to hand fighting that she was easily over powered but gained a sense of evading the enemies into their own doom.
Yui settled upon the floor when she heard a loud cry. Paru’s warning came to mind however she’d never accepted such things even with her knowledge of her family being a mid-tier clan. The revolt was easily quelled however not holding any responsibility didn’t mean to attack and tried to loot the home as a way of victory. Yui dwelled over the situation as the sounds of cries and repeated rejections had irked her.
She had counted the time from start to finish and smirked upon it. Yui placed the bowl and plate down onto the tray and slid it over to the door. She moved to the far corner as she witnessed the moon over her window with the cool breeze blowing inside as she closed her eyes again. The image of the person intruding came to mind as the wooden sword jabbed through his chest before falling onto the floor with the blood soaking into her palms. Her father stared down upon the male with the commander glaring at the two.
The large man walked up and grabbed the weapon from her hands. He lifted it above his head and struck it over the lifeless man, driving it into his body. He pulled the female from the ground by her hair. Letting out a grunt, he yanked the sword from the man and dragged him out from the house. Her father stood with his hands into the sleeves. Yui pursed her lips when the same commander showed up later and escorted the duo to the large tent where the ashes of the community hall stood and presented to the leader.
Her father spoke on behalf, stating the incident which the commander swayed his eyes and nodded to the account of the events. Although the crime would give Yui death, the sacrifice of the lone child to the lord was a sentence to being the female to the castle under the protection of the lord. Yui awoke to the sound of another cry, the rooster crow, and rolled from the corner with the darkness consuming the room. She crawled, using her hand along the wall to guide her to the door.
“Morning.” The voice greeted with the slamming of the sliding door catching Yui towards the other corner.
“Paru? Why are you here again?” Yui hummed.
“We have to go to school.” Paru smirked.
She never assumed school was going to be in the cards with the noise from the walls. Yui stood in the partly lit hallway as she peeked upon the rooms. All were locked by a stick with a little bell at the end. She exhaled softly, following Paru to the next area with the lanterns lining the way before being pulled to the side and felt something soft upon her lips.
“What was that?” Yui asked audibly.
“I’ll answer later.” She snickered to the fully lit room with two books laid out on the table. “I heard you killed a soldier.”
She nodded. The image came back as she sat by the girl. The texts were unusual based on the appearance however she began to read the first passage about life. The dreams that linger is your fate was lingering in her mind as she continued about the goddess of the moon shining upon them as the presenter of dreams. The sun to trick others into them however giving warmth to continue such dreams. Paru’s words were like hymn to her ears before the outbreak of cries echoed into the room when it went silent again.
“They brought her in. She barely had any hair upon her body. He likes them young. They can’t fight him.” Paru sighed.
“So what exactly am I?” Yui pondered.
“Honestly… I don’t know. You might be fodder for others or just be like me.” Paru exhaled before going back to her hymn.
She read the lines and chanted as the words matched with the girl. Every page was littered with the lines. Yui understood most from her basic education however it was also quotes from some person. She had been away from prayer for a while and never responded well to such items. Yui felt the passion grow upon the woman with the chants echoing in the room, cancelling out the pleas from the other room when the bell rung and both pursed their lips.
“Ladies, morning. We have some things to do today.” The voice called out. “We will go to the baths first.”
Paru led the way out to the hallway with the kiss of the sun lighting up the path to the touch of steam upon their faces. Yui watched as the first person disrobed, followed by Paru, and peeling back her robe, she smelled the sulfur lingering in the area. They grabbed the ladle to wash the bodies before stepping into the pool below and dropping to the depths with the steam blocking their faces.
“It’s actually a pleasure to have another devotee.” The voice smiled as Yui saw the silhouette of a female.
“She isn’t one yet… I’m working at it.” Paru breathed. “She was the girl who killed the soldier.”
“I see… men are quite horny and just go for whatever meat. Good for you.” The female snickered. “Your mother is quite frail.”
“I know… father doesn’t want to feed her anymore but only likes males so will continue to satisfy himself until she perishes.” Paru splashed her body of the water. “This is priestess Yuko. The niece of my father so we are cousins.”
“Nice to meet you.” Yui replied when she felt the pain around her chest.
“Small… cute… Barely a budding flower.” Yuko murmured. “I’m hoping it isn’t a problem.”
“You’ve been blessed by the gods so not everyone can have a large set.” Paru scoffed.
“Oh well… I have to leave soon. You two have to endure the pain of the water.” Yuko stood and walked out of the pool.
“Pain of water?” Yui asked.
“The efforts of our hymns should protect us.” Paru noted as she sat quietly with her hand upon Yui.
Her stomach growled however in saving the land she once knew, it was to go through the process upon Yuko and Paru’s presence to seek the next level of the confinement in her new found home. Her mind wandered back to the day and felt the steam press up to her head. She glared out into the field of smoke before the darkness overtook her.
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Re: Princess’ Prisoner (YuiParu) Chapter 2- 07/21/18
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Chapter 2

The cold sensation arose throughout her body as she shot up with her eyes drawn upon the orange glow from the outside. She turned to her right and then snapping back to the left to the feline grin of Paru with the eyes peered upon her. Her hand moved to the forehead before nodding. Paru stood when someone in a peach-colored robe scooted up and lowered her head to her.

“What happened?” Yui pondered.

“The water drained out your energy.” Paru stated quietly. “Yuko had watched you to see if the energy would return. However, I came to her aid and drew interested in your body.”

“Why? We are both female.” Yui growled back.

“Well I never see others. I’m usually locked here while I train and never see too many people. The interest grows when people come around and even Yuko is adult like. Her chest is like a tropical flower while I see yours as a rose bud wanting to bloom.” Paru exhaled as she allowed the person to walk up with the clothing.


Yui stood and placed the robe around her body, warming her body instantly as she saw the glare from Paru returned when the peach-colored robed person escorted them out of the room back into the next area where the books were laid out again. The loud scream haunted the girl as the begging was at a peak when she took a seat next to her partner and glared upon the text.

The process continued until the room had grown dark to the point where the words mixed with the darkness and a light knock on the wall had indicated the end when both had exited to return to the room where she had been kept as Paru knelt and turned back.

“May Yui stay with me?” Paru asked.

“Not now. Paru… when you’re ready… return to your room.” The person stated lowering the eyes.


“Isn’t your room luxurious?” Yui laughed.

“What is that?” Paru perked her eyebrows up. “I get gifts often however they are usually pots. My father is quite limited in getting me anything since I will be given away. He had always said that without power I can only take punishment. I’d never understood it. Could it mean something?”

Yui tilted her head to the side. The words were never said to her about such things. She was trained into defending herself. She had a dagger as a weapon which was hidden upon the implementation of the punishment. A wooden sword was such to be a practice tool that before she could have a sword, she had to sacrifice the rest of her livelihood to obtain an item under the veil of the truth.

“I mean… I have such bodies however most of the time it is like watching them past by when their bellies are filled like a balloon before never seeing them again.” Paru added as Yui rolled out the thin piece of material onto the floor to lie down upon.

“I see. Surprising he kept you around.” Yui thought. “If he had such thoughts… wouldn’t he do the same to you?”

Paru swayed her eyes. “I’m protected… someway. It could be my mother or just some other thing.”

“Truthfully… you aren’t protected. Although being a daughter, I wouldn’t care so much to be under such a veil.” Yui summarized with a smile growing up her face. “Is it possible to have a lantern?”

“I need a lantern!” Paru roared as the door opened and in slid a lit lantern. “Yui… you’re speaking something else.”

“I know. I don’t want to fill your head about your father although your interest in my body brings something else. You have a nice body as well.” Yui hid her smile.

“I knew you were looking at me as well. The thing is that I’d never had a friend…” Paru smirked.

“I can’t be one but we can stay together for the time being.” Yui nodded when Paru bowed out and exited the room.

Yui recalled her words. She was basically an enemy to her although she had to make do with her demeanor. Yui couldn’t rely solely upon her except to follow her ways. The day of seeing female bodies had drawn back something that intrigued her when she had delivered goods to the outer turrets as the men were disrobing. Seeing a male body part was surprising to her but they had accepted the girl’s goal in delivering items to them.

She laid back with the flickering light giving her a view of the ceiling above. She had thought about her family more than once throughout that night as maybe they would complied to a request for a letter to be sent home. Yui knew more that anything to comfort them was suffice for the time being but without any bearing of leverage, she had to rely on Paru more than once to seek a way to communicate to them as a prisoner to the family.

Yui closed her eyes to the soft melodies of the crickets before the moans escaping from a distance. She had left herself open to an attack however she wasn’t in the position to defend when she blew out the lantern and shifted her body to rest for the night.

“Yui… wake up.” The voice whispered.

She turned with the lantern on again with a figure sitting by her body. Yui narrowed her vision to find Paru stroking her arm softly before turning over and rummaging to her knees. The routine from yesterday started quickly as they went to the room to chant before bathing and sat in the tepid water with her mind flowing of the concerns from yesterday as she turned to the ripples of water.

“So?” Yui asked.

“You didn’t faint.” Paru snickered.

“I think I could get used to with it. I’m just clearing my mind now.” Yui explained as she felt the hand ran along her shoulder. “What are you doing?”

“I’m… I’m just feeling you. Don’t you feel afraid?” Paru stuttered.

“A little however more like concerned.” Yui stated tilting her head back.

“About?” Paru pondered.

“Can I write a letter? Just to tell my family.” Yui inquired when she shook her head. “It’s okay.”

“I think my father does that. I can read and write but only the texts that were given to me. I can’t expect to have others with little to no knowledge to write to others.” Paru explained as Yui brushed off the hand from her shoulder. “Sorry…”

“It’s fine. I can’t expect everything to go my way. Just to confirm my feelings.” Yui spat as she felt her hand being placed upon Paru’s body. “What are you doing?”

“Yui should feel the same way all the time. Just happy father hasn’t attacked you.” Paru exhaled, pulling the hand away. “I’m hoping he doesn’t.”

Yui pursed her lips that the situation wouldn’t happen. However, it could be worse if her father would try to free her. The moment haunted her when she had the reflexes to defend herself. Yui stood from the water and stepped out to the changing room where Yuko had revealed her body and bowed her head to the girl.

“Is Paru causing you trouble?” Yuko laughed.

“No. Just touchy.” Yui murmured.

“Her mother doesn’t treat her nicely. Don’t say it to anyone else. Paru is just one of many from the factory. I know her mother well and is quite used up from the continuous breeding cycles. Her father wants to keep it up until enough males can succeed although it will cause troubles in the future.” Yuko stated loudly. “I’m just protecting her as one of the few to learn the way of the arts. She would do well in that regard.”

“What exactly does her mother do?” Yui asked.

“She is his favorite concubine. The first child was male however passed on with Paru being the second. The next one will be in line for the title. He has learned his father’s ways as well however without seeing him. The next wave will be set up for him to continue the cycle.” Yuko elaborated when she walked by her. “Truth is… he will poison the queen to allow her mother to set up to be the next monarch.”

“Why are you telling me this in the first place?” Yui pondered.

“I want you to help me protect Paru from her brother.” Yuko flashed a grin. “I will help you as well.”

“Like?” Yui tilt her head.

“To sway his mind to give you more say to your clan that you’re not a breeding machine but a person to follow the rules of the court.” Yuko informed her as she lowered her head.

As Yuko walked, Paru came running up to the curtain and greeted Yui as they dried off with the small cloth before placing the robes back on. Paru showed her to the next room where two rods were hanging on the wall. Yui glared upon it as the reminder what brought her when Yui felt her weight being yanked back with something thick on her throat.

“Let’s start. Teach me your ways.” Paru whispered before releasing her from the grasp.

Yui wasn’t certain however it was enough to convey her to reveal her tactics that almost cost her life in the freedom outside of the castle.
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Re: Princess’ Prisoner (YuiParu) Chapter 3- 07/28/18
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Chapter 3

Yui found the routine had been different from before. She was the first to comply to it. Hearing the voices, she felt indifferent about it however it was her freedom against her family. Paru was quite welcoming after the initial awkward stage of trying to adjust to her. She opened up about the life she had lived and also the potential of something happening down the line when Yuko walked inside and showed a rope to them.

“The king wants you to escort the prisoner around town. You’ll be with guards in case anything does happen however I am aware of your background Yui so no clowning.” Yuko issued her warning as she tightened the rope around her wrists. “Paru you have to get into the formal clothing.”

“Really? To just escort Yui around?” Paru snarled when Yuko nodded. “Fine~”

“Yuko… where’s the guards?” The person asked behind Yuko.

“They should be reporting.” She answered. “Rie… please inform Sayaka to get them.”


Yuko glanced back. “Sayaka is probably working on her swordsmanship… naked. Rie isn’t surprised by that.”

“It’s quite tight.” Yui groaned.

“Even though I got to talk to you, I can’t be easy on you. You’re still an enemy and all the other families are here.” Yuko lectured with a smirk. “Let’s go.”

Paru rushed in the other direction while she followed Yuko to the next room where they placed a harness over her shoulders and locked it by her neck. The sudden weight threw off her balance as Yuko glanced outside before turning back to her.

“Paru is such an innocent creature. I feel for her. I can’t be touched since I was trained in the temples years before to become her guardian. The fact that I can’t have those feelings hurt me more than anything else and even Paru’s friends were forced into marriages. Yui… I’m not letting you get to this point either so just be weary it may happen.” Yuko stated as she tugged the rope.

“Oi Yuko!” The voice rang.

“Sayaka… still naked.” Yuko said in a low voice.

“I’d just saw Rie running by. You want me to lead them out to the streets?” Sayaka pondered.

“Yes. We need to assert our power over the people although many have seen their prides vanish during that time. Saddening.” Yuko nodded as the eyes turned to Yui.

“Female? What’s she’s in for?” Sayaka inquired.

“Stabbing a soldier.” Yuko spat.

“Oh? Incredible. I can never get around to use an actual weapon.” Sayaka smiled.

“Wooden.” Yui groaned. “He… he attacked.”

“I see. Wasn’t trained by me. Where?” Sayaka asked.

“Kyoto.” She smirked back.

Sayaka slanted her eyes back, grabbing the rope from Yuko’s hand, and pulling her down the hall. Yui heard the silence longer than previously. It must have been a different location than the screaming of girls when Sayaka stopped and turned back swiftly.

“That was the last mission I guided. It was supposed to be easy but the soldiers were prepared for us. The struggle kept me up for the longest time. I couldn’t bear to watch them die however those few that went into the castle… I didn’t order that. The men are always horny. They never can get a woman and just hang out in the rooms where the geisha usually are housed. I heard and knowing it was you makes me angry yet… a little relieved.” Sayaka explained before tugging the rope again.

Leading Yui down a set of stairs, they stopped again as Sayaka turned to the next room when a multi-colored robe of red and black was placed over her body. The workers swiftly worked the obi around her waist before placing the helmet upon the head and strapped the black mask upon her face. Sayaka turned back and pointed to the next area when the blinding light caught her by surprise with the woman tugging on the rope to push her out into the open.

The people’s eyes caught her instantly. Even of modest beauty, people had seen her quite different than others. Yui accepted the stairs as Sayaka kept yanking her across the town upon the soft ground below. Her eyes peered down upon the shifting surface. Her feet that was pristine out from the bath was now covered in a tan soot when she had thought of Paru and scanned around as she was being pulled into the building when the door closed behind her.

“Okay… I know you have been with Paru for a few days. She doesn’t live there originally but with her status… we can’t look like we are keeping her to just be bred. She is of royalty and she has accepted you to be her servant.” Sayaka announced. “Yuko had to agree that you won’t touch her in any way to harm however we always have leverage.” She chuckled when Yui nodded to the statement.

“Does everyone have one?” Yui asked when Sayaka shook her head.

“I decided against it. It was worth a civil duty to do things by myself however beneath the gown I am lacking a part to show my power. It doesn’t pull me down but it limits me to not kill by the sword.” Sayaka elaborated, lowering her mask. “Let’s untie you.”

In the corner of the room was the figure in a dark gown. Her head lowered with a hairpiece to her right side. Yui felt the release of her wrists and lowering them to her side when Sayaka turned her eyes away. The figure stepped up and held out the hand when Yui saw the eyes and gripped the hand to be brought into the hallway as a slight bow gave way to her remembrance.

“I didn’t know I was going to be brought here again. It is actually my castle… I didn’t want you to feel that I was trying to mislead you however… we have to study.” Paru bowed.

“It’s fine. Where’s the texts?” Yui asked.

“Texts? I was talking about defending.” Paru forced a smile.

“I see. We have to get you out of the gown before we start doing it.” Yui informed her as Paru moved her head slightly and pulled her down the hall to the room where Yui stood when Paru exit.

The room was filled with dolls. Yui scanned them as if it were hers as she felt the material. The soft felt made feel expensive when she turned back to the futon on the floor. She stared down before seeing Paru return with the white coat and bringing her further into the long path to a vast room with only the one window showing the smoky clouds in the distance.

“Okay. First I need to clean my feet.” Yui pointed as a small well was to the side with a platform.

Paru pushed down as the cascade of water splashed upon the feet with the liquid flowing past her to the slits behind. In awe, she had never imagined the machine to do so and wiped it upon a small patch of fur to the side when Yui bent forward to the room before stepping inside. Paru imitate it at a slightly wider angle when Yui stopped her.

“Deeper. The window is like your father.” Yui yelped when a smile came upon her face. “What’s funny?”

“I don’t bow to him. I just move my head forward. Others I bow deeply in matter of respect.” Paru educated the prisoner when she lower her head beyond her hips and stepped inside the room.

Yui pulled the hand towards the lapel and let her grab it. She grabbed Paru’s wrist with two hands and yanked it away. “Let’s do that first.”

Paru jerked at first, acknowledging the grip at first before adjusting and stepped back when the coat flew open. Yui kept her grasp upon it until she pulled Yui forward as she tumbled onto the ground and flipped up to her feet.

“Cool!” She murmured when Yui gripped the lapel again. “One more time?”

Yui nodded as Paru used all her strength to pull it away before Yui explained to her what exactly to do and followed it step by step in her mind. The slight movement left her in awe of Yui when she continued to pull her hand off as she couldn’t do upon her as she felt the sweat run down to her body and stepped back briefly.

“I need a bath. You can wash me, right?” Paru smiled.

“I have to wash you?” Yui tilted her head.

“Well… it is like you lather me and clean me at the same time. I don’t have the bath so I just use the water from the well below to wash up. It would be good to wash often right?”

Yui jerked her head forward as she continued the practice until Paru confirmed the mastery of the move and was pulled into the large area where the water poured from the bamboo outside as she yanked the coat off the body before turning to Yui as she followed through to the idea of lathering when the slight knock broke the idea with the shallow stare.

“Is your prisoner taking care of you?” The person asked.

“Yes… please go ahead Mayu.” Paru snapped.


“The high attendant in these parts.” Paru snarled as she grabbed the bucket from the floor. “She makes me feel uncomfortable to be here since I was not born a purebred.”

She dipped the bucket into the well and waited for the directions as she got her on the shoulder first. The slight shiver brought out a smile before hearing the next instruction prior to soaping when she stopped and turned. Yui stood frozen upon the meeting of the fleshy pair in the same instant when she dropped the bucket and squatted. The thought caught her by surprise upon what had happened before picking it up and continued the bath for her master.
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Re: Princess’ Prisoner (YuiParu) Chapter 4- 8/9/18 (Explicit)
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A/N: I know many have been reading it, probably not really sensing too much as it seems although working from a request (I'm not taking any  :hip smile:) Anyways... Chapter 4 is in the Perv section, if you don't have access, that's too bad however PM me and you'll be directed to a site where it'll be and where the chapters are being posted anyway.

Although, if you are nice, I'll maybe consider the upgrade if you have enough qualifications :nervous Also I'll only accept PM's for redirection...

Perv Chapters
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Re: Princess’ Prisoner (YuiParu) Chapter 5- 8/21/18 (Explicit)
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Chapter 5

Since the night, Mayu never passed the halls as usual although the secret had been out about a person meeting her upon the darkest of nights with the moon behind the structure. Yui walked down upon an imposing figure in the corner. She placed her body upon the wall with the audible sounds escaping from the room nearby before seeing the reflection walking off.

Yui stood with her feet planted upon the floor. She slowly walked to the light and saw the body of a slender person below Mayu with her hands planted onto the chest. She pulled away when she felt something piercing her back. Yui stood still before ducking under and tackling him to the floor. The loud crash gave her confidence into the fight as she felt a warmth under her hands before mounting and held her fist over with the other hand upon a soft object.

“Get off!” The voice moaned.

“Why are you here?” Yui growled when she saw a light upon them. “This person…”

“You caught her.” The male growled.

“He has the curse!” The person below Yui moaned. “He can’t be trusted.”

“Curse?’ Mayu questioned.

“Disease. He gave me a disease where I have gone mad.”

Yui rolled off and saw the figure of a female pointing towards the male. She stepped back with the person showing a dagger aiming towards the male as Mayu stepped in front of him. She had wondered over the claim with Yui aiming her attention over the unknown woman. Seeing the sharp reflection of the blade in her eyes, the woman lunged forward.

Yui turned into her, snapping the arm back as the loud clang echoed in the room and tackled her down to the floor. Placing her weight upon her, Yuki stared down upon the face and nodded.

“Disease? She is just mad because she came from the inn. I had comforted her often upon my trip and left without notice upon the emergency. She must have followed me.” He stated softly.

“Did you go to the inn? Comfort? You mean?” Mayu stuttered.

“No! Lovetan… she likes my friends.” Yuki replied, pulling the coat over the body.

“You were the one who I had sex with. It was wonderful yet I grew sick.” Lovetan replied when Mayu had snapped back her attention.

“Not me though… the thing was I had gone back to do some business prior. It was the reason why I came back when I found you on the floor with your kimono open. The owner saw it as well however I had complied to turn in my friends prior leaving town. It would be hard to know if I was the one in the first place.” Yuki pleaded as Lovetan had shook her head towards him.

“I can tell.” She demanded. “You can stick it in me.”

“She is just a slut. Shameful!” Mayu moaned.

Yui stepped back upon the group and picked up the blade upon the floor. She hadn’t imagine such things happening although with the three entering into the room, she grew curious with the experiment as she laid flat upon the wall when she heard a loud cry. Yui drew out the picture of such weapon pushing through a small hole with Mayu as the memory for the previous incident before a plea to exit with the woman running out and pulling the coat over her body.

“See!” Mayu roared.

“It’s large… I was pleased yet I was in the wrong.” Lovetan bowed.

“However she is now a fugitive.” Yuki pointed out with the attendant nodding towards her.

“We have a cell for her. Until then Lovetan you are under arrest for desertion.” Mayu claimed, pulling the woman to the stairs leading down to a dark path.

Yui stood in awe of the situation as she saw a shadow in the distance and she ran up to the two with a blank expression upon their faces. Paru bowed her head towards Yuki before turning back towards the stairway when Yui felt something grip her shoulder.

“You did kill a soldier… however I’m not angry. Although you have to protect Mayu and Paru for the time being.” Yuki stated softly.

“Why are you telling a prisoner?” She asked.

“It’s simple. Just do so.” Yuki bowed before blowing out the candle.

In the darkness, Yui felt out the staircase leading out to the room above. Yuki’s words weighed upon her as something of a sign into her mind as they got back to the room. The loud sound of a horn awoke the whole room as she stared outside with the procession by the room. She squatted down, keeping her eyes above the horizon of the window to view people walking by as she noted the lineup of two people in each row about ten deep paraded through the street.

“I guess father used up all his eligible girls.” Paru noted rubbing her eyes. “He does it often although I find it hard for him to keep up.”

“What about your brother?” Yui pondered.

“I’m not sure of him. He’s a bit slow. Yet I’m not certain he knows what’s going on…” She exhaled. “I’m hoping he doesn’t bother me as much.”

Yui nodded when it died down to the merchants running around as usual upon the morning rush of good being handed out to the people. The cycle of training and chanting continued as usual to the evening with their bath when in the steam was another person walking towards them and sitting upon the stool when she glanced towards them.

“I still have to bathe as well.” Mayu spat. “I’m only watching out if you guys revolt.”

“Why haven’t you from before?” Yui tilted her head.

“Well… I’d never bathe when Yuki isn’t around but since he’s back… I have to stay fresh. Still, he makes a mess sometimes and adds lotion to my midsection. It’s warm and yet I cherish it.” Mayu smiled.

“I see.” Yui nodded. “Paru?”

“Since we did a number on her… she’s probably less moody.” Paru snickered as Mayu poured the water upon her body.

“Don’t get too cocky princess… just because you haven’t been married, it doesn’t mean you can’t be pierced.” Mayu warned. “Yet… I should teach you.”

“Teach?” Yui yelped.

“The dark art… when Yuki leaves for his post. It might be soon since he is reporting and will have to return back out onto the field. Lovetan will be spared from the wrath and have to be checked out prior to departure.” Mayu explained.

“Didn’t she mentioned she has a disease?” Yui leaned back with Mayu joining them in the cramped tub.

“True, she may be examined by the physician. I can never be certain however Yuki will have to give her up.” Mayu pulled her hair up. “He is quite strong.”

“Doesn’t it hurt?” Yui asked softly, seeing Mayu’s face lit up.

“The first time it did. We know each other well from our families. He couldn’t marry me right away but our parents never said when. They disagreed many times because I was going to stay a housewife and he was going to be a soldier. My father insisted that when I became of age, I can make the decision however mother was thinking more towards a merchant’s son.” Mayu leaned back.

“So why the rush into consummating?” Yui pondered.

“It’s the reason why I am here. My parents were part of a caravan and got hijacked. I was responsible for Paru’s well-being since we are close in age. I grew curious of her yet Yuki was still working towards the military route. One day I had confessed that we should be together and he agreed. Since my parents had passed, it would be up to the king…” Mayu lowered her head.

“He wouldn’t allow a soldier and an attendant to have kids.” Paru nodded. “It would add unnecessary pressure for Yuki.”

“Right… still we can be together without having any problems.” Mayu smiled.

“Ah… yet what made you into the dark arts?” Yui asked.

“I read a book by a male. The wording was slightly different than other books. It understood me after that first time and made toys from what I had gotten from my merchant friends. It made me whole and sane when he wasn’t around although fingers worked the same way and Paru had read it as well.” Mayu elaborated with Paru rolling her eyes towards her.

“It was also a way to not feel forgotten as well. I haven’t seen a man’s thing before so I had no experience but Mayu told me to read it and had gotten a few more through the roaming merchant to read while I know my reasoning in life.” Paru exhaled. “Let’s get out.”

After the recommendation, both stood outside when Paru reached out and touched the chest of Yui. The instant shock caught her by surprise when Paru ran out upon a loud explosion and following them was the black smoke in the distance. Mayu pulled the two down from the window as another bang rocked the building.

“Get clothed and meet me down in the dungeon.”
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Re: Princess’ Prisoner (YuiParu) Chapter 6- 8/25/18
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Chapter 6

The two inhaled the moldy scent of the dungeon below. Mayu led the way out to the tunnel where it continued with the glimmer of the light to only guide them through. The rancid smell grew going further into the path as she opened the door to a hut as someone turned to see the group come from the ground below as they saw the women lay nude on the floor.

“Yuko… Haruna… you were hiding in the escape house?” Mayu pondered.

“Not really… we were in the town when we heard an explosion. We ran out to head to the hut where we just were in the midst of heading out to the lands where the shogun was located. I didn’t know it was the escape from the partition.” Yuko explained, covering her chest. “I needed a pit stop.”

“I wouldn’t say too much about it however I needed some rest from running away from the castle town. We’d just wanted to see each other and… just came to be that you found us naked.” Haruna explained, pulling her hair to cover her orange-sized bosom.

“So… what happened?” Mayu asked.

“I’m not sure. Sayaka is probably trying to assist in the matter. It could be anything. The thing is we need to head to the shogun city to seek help. Although, in the darkness we may have to wait.” Yuko stared out as she grabbed her robe from the floor.

Yui watched Mayu look towards the town as Yuki would have been dispatched with Lovetan to head back although whoever had caused the ruckus in the town was most likely to cross his path. Yuko wrapped her arms around the attendant as she walked to the opposite end with Paru looking towards the small fire. A small cauldron steaming from the inside caught her attention as she sat by her.

“I was looking forward to the lesson.” Paru muttered. “It was to pay you back for helping me with protection. It isn’t something I would do with a prisoner but it is better than to deal with the slaves.”

“True.” Yui nodded. “Have you…?”

“I’ve felt something nice while I touched the area when I’m in the bath alone. The warm water soothes my soul and a sense of the loneliness always seems to satisfy me.” Paru smirked.

“I’ve always believed that I would be married to a male soon enough. Hard to imagine to see another female’s body in an enclosed space.” Yui laughed. “I think I got self-conscious.”

The light breeze brought a whiff of wet earth into their noses as the clap from above signaled the change in the calmness with the rain to follow. Yuko and Haruna stepped back to the stove as they handed over a bowl to the new inhabitants to take in a meal with the drops blowing in firmly into the hut as the dull sound of the pounding from a distance brought the group to the outside as a shadow approached.

“Let me go check.” Yuko announced as she narrowed her eyes upon the figure.

Waiting a few moments, the shadow seemed to grow larger until it pulled up to the figure on a horse and tied to the post outside upon the muddy terrain as it stood with the lightning struck across the sky. Walking into the hut, the figure lowered her head upon the group and sat to remove the footing.

“Sayaka! What happened?” Yuko roared.

“It was a trap. The people are fine however I had to escape to tell the shogun about the surprise attack.” Sayaka explained. “I have little time to go any further. Paru… you must come with me.”

“Sure…” Paru murmured. “Did something happen?”

“Your father had been slain. I’m not sure of your brother though as I checked the partition to find it completely empty. Mayu had taken you here through the tunnel underground but it won’t last long if they find out. Yuko… you have to charge ahead as well. Priestess Haruna… how’s the shogun?”

Sayaka’s wording had brought a sense of uneasiness throughout the area as Paru stepped forward to take the advice of Sayaka when Haruna bowed to Sayaka swiftly.

“He’s fine. Still have a bit of issue with an heir however… we may have to commit to other things.” She exhaled. “We all have to go.”

“I only have one horse and I’m not sure what we can do about that. The storm is not going to help us along the way so… since Haruna has to go back, I will escort her and you guys have to leave as soon as it clears to the shogun.” Sayaka elaborated on the plan with the group.

Yui nodded as the rain brushed inside the hut. She consumed the bowl and placed it onto the ground, turning to the shelf as she pulled on a sheet to a container as they approached it. Paru pulled the lid up to a few dull-colored items inside when a light was shined above them.

“Haruna… please come with me. I’m sorry to have to leave you guys however these will carry you forward for the time being. Good luck.” Sayaka bowed, taking the priestess with her.

Yuko closed the lid of the container and held it under her arm. Her eyes had gone gray for the moment as the thunder roared across the sky. She glared towards the cauldron before grabbing the bowl and filling it up for herself with a small portion and pointed towards the fire.

“Eat now. We have to leave before they catch up.” Yuko commanded. “Once you’re done. Pour the contents to the exit and some of the charcoal. There is an item to move them. Do it quickly.”

As the three rushed through the process, Yuko held the box and instructed the positioning. The wet spot filled the hatch with the burning charcoal melding to the ground made the hut in the dark with the four sitting with the rain slowly easing up. The muddy floor made it hard to maneuver through as they felt the weight taking them down to the knees as the proceeded along the path with the moon in full sight.

“Haruna… the high priestess for the shogun. Do you have a deep relationship with her?” Paru asked.

“No! It is something we agreed upon to help the shogun with his child bearing ability. His wife is supposedly barren although he had taken an eye upon another person however she is of a lower status and don’t want to create problems so we’ve had to pray that the wife can bear a boy. Using another person of a lower class will bring further shame although we’ve talked about sacrificing ourselves for the continuation of the lineage.” Yuko explained as they got to firmer ground.

“Wouldn’t it cause further scandal?” Yui asked softly.

“You can’t ask such questions.” Mayu scolded as they continued down the grassy path.

The silence was furthering the issue that Yui had acknowledged to not continue the rocky path. It was difficult to delve into the problems with the shogun as they managed to escape the town. The unknown seemed to grow with the priestess walking through the mucky terrain when they saw a light in the distance. Yuko jogged over in the direction to the loud talking in the distance as the trio froze upon the vicinity with Yuko approaching the makeshift area.

“Come!” Yuko waved towards them with the two sitting around a fire with the weapons laid on the floor.

“Welcome! We are here to visit the shogun about a request. I am RIno and this is my colleague Rie.” She greeted.

“It’s kind of odd to have so many people in a hut however we are here to escort you over while we waited out the storm. It must have been a few hours already.” Rie spat with a cup in hand. “Cheap homemade alcohol.”

The group declined as they sat in the corner while the two continued their discussion about life and the use of their weapons upon a growing discourse within the country as they explored and waiting to report on their conclusions. Yui closed her eye briefly with the rain tapping the thin walls to carry them over for the night.
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Re: Princess’ Prisoner (YuiParu) Chapter 7- 9/8/18
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Chapter 7

Yui rolled up the sound of a whimper in the night. The ground was littered with the group as she peeked through the hole in the wall. The glimmer of the moon above gave way to the embers in the distance. The smell of the wet earth lingered in her nose as she moved into her spot as she felt a brushing on her thigh before a breath had caught her cheek.

“You awake?” The voice asked.

“Paru? I am.” Yui said softly.

“I didn’t expect the rain to stop. We may get a chance to start moving.” Paru squeaked.

“Not now.” The next voice wavered between the two. “I’m not sure what the intention is but the chance is not until sunrise.”

“Why do you say that?” Yui asked.

“I’m not sure what the true intention is of the people who attacked us. They could be going for the bigger fish as we speak. We have to be vigilant.” The voice echoed as both saw the shadow stood near the hole. “The responsibility is to make sure it isn’t a trap.”

“I see.”

Yui twisted her body to comfort the situation at hand when she heard a dull sound before a whistle. Her feet touched someone as they rolled over with the group slowly adjusting their bodies as the lone animal let out a wail before the drowning out of its voice when she shifted her body forward. The first shadow moved slowly before a yelp escaped into the air.

The chaos was swift around them as Yui had pushed Paru back to the wall when they each saw the light and quickly took out the source upon the entry into the hut. The bodies laid at the feet of the group when Yui slipped out to the front with the rest following them out into the open as they noted the overgrown brush nearby as each squatted with the eyes turned to the hut.

“What was that?”

“I’m not sure.” The other voice shouted out.

“Whoever it was… it will now know who they could be looking for.” Yui thought.

“We must escape swiftly. The shogun could be in real trouble if they manage to get there.” Another echo came out as they crawled through and surfaced into the darkness.

The group settled into the area until the first crack of daylight came with Sayaka glaring out into the open field and turning back to the group when the noted the depth of the brush had given them a cover for the time being. The next castle town was within view with Sayaka directing traffic with the no one else in the distant when they saw a horse with a rider to seek their path.

“Who owns over there?” Sayaka asked.

“Itano.” The person greeted. “Has the outer branch fell?”

Sayaka nodded with the rider guiding them to a smaller group of people to protect the women through the flat path to the next area where the castle stood and walked through the gate. The riders took them through into the middle tower and the group moved through the corridor with a large door ahead, opening slowly to another room with the darkness filling the space.

“Welcome!” The deep voice greeted.

“Itano… we are here to request protection to the shogun.” Sayaka bowed.

“Shimazaki fell… I have heard. The princess is here as well.” Itano smirked. “I’m interested in her.”

“Father! Are you trying to gauge your new wife?” The female scowled as she scooted into the light.

“Tomomi… I’m here for you.” He smirked.

“Shimazaki Haruka. Please come with me.” Tomomi lowered her eyes.

“Itano. What about our protection?” Sayaka bowed deeper.

“It will be given after my daughter gets her wish.” The male grunted. “You! What are you doing?”

“I’m Paru’s prisoner. If she goes, I go.” Yui moaned when Tomomi tilted her head.

“Prisoner? Why did you bring a prisoner along?” She smiled.

“If I didn’t, she would be free to go and will break the promise upon her return.” Paru sighed.

“I see. We will go to the chambers and talk.” Tomomi bowed.

As the three ventured off into the shadows, the rest of the group exited the main tower to the town where the people had strode by previously with the guards pointing them to an inn. Sayaka had noted the group and split them into their rooms with the issue of Paru with Tomomi had lingered in the mind as she closed her eyes.

“She’ll be fine.” The voice wiggled into her ear.

“I know. The thing is Itano’s daughter is not a whole. A spell was cast upon her when she had been young and rumor was no prince would take her if they had seen her possession.” Sayaka grunted.

“Are you worried of Paru or Yui?” Yuko interrupted.

“Paru, of course. The prisoner is of Paru not of mine.” She grunted. “How’s Mayu doing?”

“She is in good spirits. Killing a person wasn’t exactly her job and taking care the other wasn’t exactly pretty.” Yuko explained. “I had wondered where you were.”

“Distracting them to go into the hut.” Sayaka said softly. “I knew they would go for the princess and stood in the pasture when they approached me. Something told me that you guys would be ready for anything especially with the castle falling to shambles.”

“I see. Who could have done that?” Yuko asked.

“I know. The battle seems closer than we are expecting it to be but we have to call an alliance over to quell it before it goes into an all out war.” Sayaka sighed. “I have to go ahead and report to the shogun. I’ll take Haruna with me to the palace however the plan will be to distract whoever comes in our way.”

“Understood. Have a safe trip.”

Sayaka drew the priestess to the room and took her to the guard in the lobby of the inn. In such emergencies, she needed a pawn to get a host to come her way. The priestess was close to the top as the guard had sternly looked at the two.

“Takahashi house stat. The hopes lie with getting them to return the head priestess.” Sayaka stated with the guard running out to the street and back to the castle.

“Who’s after the shogun?” Haruna asked.

“The bitter people in center. I know they have everything to deal with this mess and we have to protect whoever is here and hope for the best in battle.” Sayaka breathed as the palanquin came to get Haruna inside with the march out of the town starting to draw a crowd.

“Haruna… sorry.” Sayaka bowed with sword in hand, striking the box before turning the bloody sword upon herself.

“Why? What’s happening?” Rie moaned with the people now circling around them with Yuko staring down.

“That was the best thing for now.” Yuko smirked before turning back to the room. ”I’ll do my report.”
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Re: Princess’ Prisoner (YuiParu) Chapter 8- 9/25/18 EXPLICIT
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Re: Princess’ Prisoner (YuiParu) Chapter 9- 10/14/18 EXPLICIT
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