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Author Topic: Our Challenge CHAPTER 2 (WMatsui) 22/08/2018  (Read 1292 times)

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Our Challenge CHAPTER 2 (WMatsui) 22/08/2018
« on: July 21, 2018, 02:15:19 AM »

   Since my childhood, it has always been my dream to became a princess. Putting on girly clothes and got praised for my looks. Watching and listened to fairytale romance story really influenced me making me admire of how wonderful love story goes. I can't slept if my mother didn't read me bedtime story, and I can't live comfortably if I didn't got my romance dose, it was how I was. So, that was why, I always dream that one day, a charming prince riding a white horse will swept me away off my feets. I demands for happily ever after just like in the book.

   Or so I thought. Growing up was not an easy thing for me, instead being interested in feminine things, I grow up to be quite boyish myself.

   I also accidently got myself a girlfriend who I didn't even love in the first place.

   Lonely doe eyes, staring back at me, shiver running down my body, making it was hard to move, everytime I seen it, it always managed taking my energy away and makes me weak under her cold gazes.

   She like a living robot. Do what she always told to do. Didn't have purpose in life, except pleasuring the people above her. She said it was her duty, her responsibility, a fate she can't run from. It was her destiny.

   It pissed me off. I don't understand, and never will I. Of how can someone can takes somebody freedom away from them. Everyone has right to be free, to be happy, to make their own decisions,so how could they?!

   Yes, I was not in love with her. All of our relationship started because of some stupid challenge and my foul mouth. But it doesn't mean I don't care about her, I do. So much that it worries me.

Slowly, I doesn't realize myself, since when my heart change. Instead wanting a prince come for me reach out his hand, I desire to become a prince myself. To save my princess from her prison, and open her locked frozen heart.

   So that's why...

   That's why..

   I will never let you go, no matter what...

   After all, you are mine...

   You hear me...

   "MATSUI RENA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Coming Soon..

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Re: Love Challenge Prologue (WMatsui) 21/07/2018
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WAH!!! Update soon Author-san!
Matsui Rena + Matsui Jurina =

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Re: Love Challenge Prologue (WMatsui) 21/07/2018
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wow~~ Nice prologue
Can't wait to read the first chapter
update soon~~~

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Re: Our Challenge Prologue (WMatsui) 21/07/2018
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   "I am sorry. I am in love with someone else".

   Staring at the clear sky outside, Jurina's mind occupied by the thought of yesterday event. No matter how many times she tried to brush it off like nothing, it keeps bothering her in the end.

   "Yo! ". She heard a heavy excited hands slamming the desk of hers. Just from the enthusiastic voice, Jurina already knew who was it. Giving the girl an empty eyes, Mayu jolted seeing Jurina's expressionless face.

   "Woah! Such a nice face you got there. What happened to you? ", Mayu asked. Jurina sunk herself to her table. Avoiding the eyes of curious Mayu. "Judging from that face of yours, let me guess... You got rejected? ", Mayu continued bluntly.

   A sighs coming from the still-escaping-reality girl.

   "Uso! I was right?! I was only joking". Mayu's eyes widened like she had seen a ghost. "Why I don't know about this? Friends supposed to tell each other everything. How can you kept this secret from me?! ". Mayu shifted closer, whispers, "So who was it? Don't tell me it was the guy from class 2-C".

   Jurina looked up to her friend before nodded. "Are you serious?! I mean,you and him looked so perfect for each other. Almost everyone here thought the friendship you and him got will evolve into something more, but to think he didn't felt the same way....totally a mind blowing".

   "That's what I thought too until he said he loves someone else and he never looked at me that way. He only sees me as a girlfriend he enjoyed talking too". Jurina looked at the window, staring at her own reflection on it. "As I thought, maybe he just sees me as a guy friend. I totally did my best in changing my appearance to feminine ones. I grew out my hair, I tried to look fashionable and learned how to put a make up. Even went further to quit sport that I like so much just to get myself feminine so I can get a boyfriend in my high school life. But even in my second year here, my relationship experience is a total zero. Haaaaaaaah.. ", looking at her friend with teary-eyed. "Ne Mayuyu, do I look so mannish that no boys will ever dated me? ".

   Mayu grimaced. "There there. Don't be so discouraged. Your act may a little boyish sometimes, but you still pretty. I am sure there many boys out there is totally high over heels for you. The only problem you got was you fall in love with a wrong person. Just that. If you confess to a right person, I am sure he will accept you eventually ". She looked at her dejected friend with a concern expressions she could ever muster. Jurina blinked several times before gave Mayu a gentle smile. She was happy that Mayu worried about her, and thanking her for that. "Now go throw that sad face of yours far away from here, and put on a bright smile you ever got, because after school, we will go enjoying ourselves in arcade. My friend told me there a new shooting game came in yesterday. We should totally try it. It also can help to relief that stress of yours".

   "Un. We should do that. Thanks Mayuyu". Jurina replied energeticly. "Now, that's my girl".

   "Ne, did you hear our Yamada from next class has been a challenger since three days ago? ".

   "Wait, are you serious?! I thought she going out with that senpai uh.... I forgot his name".

   "No no. He already got dumped like week ago".

   "Uwaahhhh. That's the girl for you. Yamada was so brave to asked her out".

   "Hahaha..But I bet, he will not last even a week. I mean, no one ever success One Month Challenge".

   "Yeah. You are totally right. Hahahahahaha".

   Mayu who eavesdropping her classmates conversation, shook her head. "Now I feel sorry for Yamada".

   ".....One Month Challenge? What's that? ".

   "HUH?!". Mayu grabbed Jurina's collar and jerked her forward. "HUH?!! ". She shouted near the dumbfounded girl's ear. "You don't know that?! ".

   Jurina stupefied with her friend sudden outburst. She shaking nervously on her seat. Mayu calmed down then let her go. "This what happens when all you got inside that head of yours is how to get a boyfriend. One Month Challenge has been a hot topic
in this school right now, and you a student here didn't know that, I ashamed to be your friend ". Mayu slapped her forehead while giving her friend a pitiful eyes.

   "Uuuhhh... I-I am s-sorry?".

   Mayu released quite a deep breaths before finally explained the challenge to the clueless girl. "One Month Challenge, or known as Matsui Challenge, is a challenge where you'll confess your undying love to one and only Matsui Rena. They said, she'll accept every confession, no matter who is it. But, from all the people who had been going out with her before, no one ever successed dated her more than a month. That was where the name of that challenge came from".

   "I see". Now, it was Jurina's turn to shout. "I-isn't t-that.. "

   "Our student council president. You got that right".

   Matsui Rena

   If a question asked to male population in this school, who the most beautiful girl within this academy, almost all of them definitely answered Matsui Rena, with or without girlfriend. She also a top student in their batch, awarded as the most responsible student, added her athletic skills, her wealth and many other's factors, she no doubt a dream girl of every men in this world.

   " Wait! If this a same person we're talking about. How can anyone not even last a month with her? ".

   "Yeah. I am honestly surprised too. I will be in disbelief if I didn't saw it myself how that senpai from class 3-A cying his eyes out because he got dumped by the Prez without mercy even after begging on his knees for her to took his back".

   Jurina tightly curled her fingers. "That's awful ". Her head looking down.

   "I know right. Now everyone starts taking this challenge as a game to amuse them". Mayu was too preoccupied in talking that she didn't noticed how the girl beside her acting odd.

   A dark shadow looming Jurina's face. Her eyes reflecting an anger she felt inside. Feelings, was not something you can play. Since little, Jurina always dreamed to has a fairytale romance when she grew up. So listened how someone toying with people's love, really brought the dark out of her.

   "Hnn? OI Jurina, you there". Mayu waved.

   "It feels so wrong".

One Week Later

   "Ugh". Jurina grumbled while walking down the stairs. Today was Monday, a perfect day for shopping with a new sale coming up, but instead enjoying herself with Mayu inside a mall, she stuck in school with a cleaning duty. Not too mention, her partner absent from school today leaving the duty for her to did alone. "Curse my luck. Damn that mouse, instead helping her bestfriend here, she rather went with the girls to karaoke while her bestfriend suffering here".

   Stretching both her sore arms, Jurina made her way towards her locker with home in mind when she caught two figures there standing. She unable to tell whose was it, but her instinct told her to hide quick.

   "Please, we can still fix this". A man's voice echoed all throughout the empty hallway. Everyone has gone home already, except for the students who inside club. But right now only three human beings standing in this hallways. A lover's quarrel? Jurina asummed still hiding behind the wall.
"Please..", begging the man desperately. The voice of that man touched Jurina's soft heart. Jurina sure the girlfriend will accept the man back until–


   Jurina almost fall forward by the single word if only she didn't regained balance faster. Whaaaaaatttttt?!!!!!


   "I am sorry. There's nothing we can fix. It's not you, it's me. No matter how much I tries, I just can't fall for you".

   A sobs can be heard later. That man must devastated right now getting rejected by the person he loved the most. Jurina felt sorry for the poor guy at the same time wishes she find a guy like that.

   A loud footsteps of someone running towards her hiding place  made her panicked. She didn't want to be discovered!!!

  That crying man later ran passed by without noticing Jurina sitting there covering her face, shakingly.

   Seeing how her cover didn't blow up, she exhale out of relief. But the relief didn't stays long, when a cold voice piercing through Jurina's ears.

   "I am sorry to interrupt your eavesdropping moment, but mind coming out now?".

   "Geh". Slowly, Jurina peeked at the person,immediately thrown back later when she saw who greeted her there. "Pre-President ". Cold sweat damp her pale face. She stunned. The president eyes was like glaring at her,asking her to explain herself properly. Jurina's mind went blank. All of sudden, she stood up.
"I promise! ". She suddenly blurted out,saying everything with closed eyes,  "I promise to not tell anyone about this. Even to my mother, or my bestfriend. So please, I beg you President, don't suspend me!!".

   Rena looked at the scene unfold as emotionless as ever. There no amusement at all showing on her pale face. Tucking her hair behind her right ear, she said, " Doesn't matter. I don't care regardless".

   "H-Huh?! ".

   "I never tried hide this thing from people. So, it doesn't matter if this news spreads...But–". Walking closer to the taller girl. "You have my gratitude if you keep silent about this". She walked past Jurina. Jurina let out a deep breath.
All of sudden, a One Month Challenge entered her mind in that moment. It was not her business, she should stayed out of it. But, she shouldn't left it alone. If she doesn't spoke out now, she knew she will regret it later. For her belief of love. For her pride. She need to confronted her.
After a little distance separating them,

   "Wait". Jurina turned around, facing the back of Rena.

   Rena halted, but did not bother to turned around. Wow, Jurina thought. Who would have thought that the goddess of this academy was a cold-blooded jerk? Even with the ill treatment, she not going to back out until she felt satisfied.

   "How long are you going to keep doing this nonsense challenge of yours? ".

   Rena's head slightly turned. There no respond given.  Jurina angrily clenched her fists.

   "I am an outsider. I should stay out of this. But I can't hold it any longer. It keeps bugging me for the last few days. Doesn't matter, how many conclusions I came up with, I still can't across the answer why you behaving this way...For someone like you, you can get any men you wants, but it doesn't mean you can hurt them. My friend was one of those people you toying with, so..., c-can you, do me a favor and stop, because people are hurting because of you".

   This time, Rena fully turned facing Jurina. Her eyes as cold as before, it was like there no life inside her. Only staring blankly at Jurina with an empty eyes.

   "They chose it", uttered Rena. Jurina looked up, confusion writing on her face. "I warned them to not be hopeful just because I accept, that I'll break up with them anytime, but with a smile on their faces, they confidently told me the day will never come. They are persistent, I can't do nothing ".

   "Nothing? Don't make me laugh", said her in small voice. Seeing the girl calm expression, Jurina gritted her teeth. "So why?! If you're so sure you're not going to fall in love with any of them!! Why you still accept every damn confessions, dammit??!!!. Better you stay alone than giving them hope they can be together with you in the first place! ". Jurina marched toward the trigger of her anger. She furiously faced her eye to eye.

   Rena sighed. Avoiding those eyes. Swaying her hair almost perfectly, Rena replied with a tired voice, " Because they told me they love me ".

   "...Only that?! ", Jurina gritted her teeth.

  Maybe, she was tired or too furious to process everything at that moment, that she muttered those line. The line that will change their fates from now on. The line that will brought them to many bittersweet experience in the near future, where challenges awaiting them. The line that will be the start of everything.

   "So, if I say I love you, right here, right now, will you go out with me? ".

   Since the start of their conversation, this was the first time Rena's face changed. Deciphering the muttered words from the angry girl, her eyes widen and widen, staring at the girl in disbelief. Not noticing the change, Jurina resumed. Now her voice sounds more challenging than before. "You won't right? See? You can't love everyone who loves you! Stop planting hope in people that you able to love every kinds of people. You can't. Accept it! The only thing you did by continue doing this, is hurting their heart. So.. please s...stop.  It's too cruel".

   Silence engulfed the two souls. Jurina felt refreshed after letting out everything. In hope, this will gives Rena a piece of mind. Smiling a bit, Jurina spun around, intend to leave the place as soon as possible, until the terrifying answer came.

   "I can"

   "Wha-? ". Now Jurina back to facing the now determined girl.

   "I accept your challenge ".

   "H-Huh? "

   "Starting today, I'll go out with you. And you'll be my lover".

   Jurina laugh nervously. "W-wait a second, I think you misunderstood something here. I said–".

   Rena interrupted her by whispering while passing by, "I'll be in your care now,..Matsui Jurina".

   Jurina stoned.



To Be Continued

I may going hiatus soon for my studies. I can't update often, but I still determined to finish both stories I am currently working on now, so please bear with me  :bow:


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Re: Our Challenge CHAPTER 1 (WMatsui) 18/08/2018
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   "Jurina-san! Is it true you have been going out with the president? ".

   "H-Huh? "

   The whole class surrounded Jurina, putting her on the corner of  the classroom. The guys glaring at her with envious, while the girls whispering to each other sometimes giving Jurina a glance from time to time. Questions been thrown, and Jurina tried hardest to explained but to no avail. Every words she tried to uttered always got cut off.

   "I never knew you swing that way"

   "Now I understand why you never got yourself a boyfriend before, because you prefer girl more".

   "Jurina-san ". The girls looked at her with fear in their eyes. The distance they put between her clearly shown how scared they was.

   "L..listen..ther..there's exp..lanati..ion f..for th...  Ah! ". From the corner of her eye, she witnessed Mayu among the crowd. "Mayu! Help me! ", called her out. But strangely, Mayu did not made any attempts to move. That was when Jurina noticed how Mayu also had the same expression as the others.

   "Jurina. I never knew you were so desperate to get into relationship so much, that you went out far with dating a girl. Not too mention our own President at that. Isn't that...too much.. ".

   "Ma.. Mayu.. "

   "Jurina"  "Jurina "   "Jurina "   "Jurina "   "Jurina "  "Jurina "   

   "Plea.. Please.. St-stop it.. "

   "JURINA! "

   Jurina jolted awake from her sleep. Gasping, she saw her mother stood near her bed, furious plus worried.

   "What's gotten into you, Jurina? You were squirming and screaming ' stop stop stop' nonstop in your sleep. What kind of nightmare did you dream this time? ", Mariko asked to her only daughter. Judging from her daughter face, it must be one scary dream. "Nevermind. Get up, or you'll be late for your school ", instructed Mariko.

   Still in daze, Jurina stared at her mother walked out from her room to resumed her unfinished business outside. 'Dream?... Nightmare?... So that was it? It was only a dream.. Yokatta~'. A relief spreading through Jurina's chest. She must worried about her dating life so much until she dream that thing.

   Outside, Mariko outside halted her hands that were making breakfast when a loud thumping sounds came from her daughter bedroom.


   "Good morning! "

   "M-morning? "

   "Morning! "

   "A.. Ah.. M-morning ".

   "Did something happened to Jurina-san? "

   "I wonder. She must hit her head or something "

   Everyone whose passed by Jurina looked at the girl weirdly because of how odd she acted this early morning. Jurina known as cheerful girl who friendly with everyone, so it was not weird if she greeted people, but she also known as someone who hated morning more than everything, so looking at her acting so energetic in the morning gives a goosebumps almost to everybody.

   I believe I can fly~
   I believe I can touch the sky~

   "Ne Mama, what's that neechan doing?", pointing at the dancing Jurina on the street with a goofy grin painting on her face.

   "Don't look, Koichi-kun! ". The mother quickly covered her son's eyes.

   From a far, Matsui Academy came into view, stood proudly welcoming its promising students. In front of the gate, as usual, lined up all student council members, greeting and checking the arriving students. Jurina passed the gate without worries and continue humming some random song, still in her cheerful mood. Until, a cold voice managed to stopped her.

   "You there, stop".

   'E-eh? Did I do something wrong? I didn't break any rules, right? '

   Already with sweat streaming down her face, Jurina turned her back nervously. She almost bit her lips when she saw Rena walked toward her. The dream from this morning came back. Gulping, she replied, "Y..yes? ".

   Finally face to face, Jurina tried her best to not looked the other girl in the eyes. This rare scene gained stares from students around. With Rena, she ignored Jurina's anxiety and looked downward. Her hands reached for something.

   "Your necktie is crooked".

   Jurina stared at the fingers who remake her necktie. A relief sighs escaped her parted lips. 'I should stop over thinking about that dream. It'll makes me crazy soon'. Seeing her perfectly shaped necktie, Jurina just wanted thanked the other girl when Rena leaned forward leaning her ear right on her chest where her lied. 'Eh?'.

   "...Doesn't your heart..beating too much? ". Rena retreated slowly. Giving Jurina last glance, she made her way back to her previous post.


   'So it was not a dream after all. Yeah right, why did I had that dream in the first place if there not a cause for me to dream something like that'.

   "So the rumor about you losing your mind is true after all. Not enough with singing dancing on the street in front of everybody, now you bang yourself  on your locker. Magnificent ".

   "Ah Mayuyu. Good morning", greet Jurina with head still inside her locker.

   "What possessed you Juju? ".

   Jurina just about to told Mayu her anxiety when Mayu's image from her dream appeared. It scared her. If she told Mayu about it, will she lose her bestfriend? But Mayu is Mayu, if she explained the situation, she will understand her, right?

   "Juju? "

   Got out from the locker, with a bright smile, Jurina said, " Nothing! ", confidently. She trusted Mayu with whole heart, but, her mouth refused to told, for now.

   Mayu replied the smile back, decided to follow the flow and dropped the topic until here, but her eyes furrowed without Jurina's notice, asking herself, 'Why she lying? '.

   Jurina sighed for nth times today. She was glad no one knew about her relationship with Rena,but she can't be calm forever, after all, every secret will came to light at the end, sooner or later, someone will find out about this, then spread it around the school, Rena's reputation she may didn't care about it, but Jurina care, Jurina's reputation at stake here, so, before anyone find out about this, she must clear this misunderstanding between her and Rena,after that, she can enjoy her peaceful life back.

   But Jurina's plan may not go smoothly as she heard quite a ruckus outside, in the hallway. Her classmates all diverted their attention outside, staring at something. Whispers went around caused a noise inside the class. The teacher tried to shut them up but only ignorance he got as a response. It was over Jurina's view that Jurina can't saw what so interesting outside that managed to catches her classmates attentions.

   The class representive, Yamamoto Sayaka who sat in front her finally cleared her confusion replacing it with a nightmare. Abandoning her desk and teacher's instruction, she went near a bit then sweatdropped.

   Matsui Rena.

   What is she doing here?!!

   "Woah. Looks like someone from our class is the next challenger ", said Mayu, whistling in the process. "Sweet! ".

   Just in time, the bell signalling for lunch time rings. The whole class went through the door to observe at the president clearly.

   "MAYUYU! Aren't you hungry? Let's go to canteen".

   "S..Sure–Woah!". The sudden pull on her right arm suprised her. Jurina dragged her bestfriend outside hoping to go far away from that place quick. "Hey, wait. Jurina! ".

   "....Jurina? "

   Jurina facepalmed.

   Slowly turning around, she breath heavily when how she saw Rena made her way toward her. Now all eyes not only on the long haired president but also on the blondie ponytail girl who shared the same surname as the other.

   "Yo, Matsui..."

   "Where are you going? ", Rena said with her usual cold voice. The ruckus she caused didn't bothered her even a bit.

   "C..canteen. I forgot my lunch at home. So, I'll go buy my lunch ".

   "You don't need to".

   Jurina posed an obvious confused expression.

   Rena raised her hand showing a purple packed lunch making everyone eyes widened upon seeing the sight. Followed by a five horror words that will paralyzed the taller Matsui and everyone around the area.

   "I've packed you a lunch".


   Then everyone, including Jurina, went..

   "Whaaaaaatttttt???!! ". The hall filled with gasps and gossips. Up until now, Rena the one known to be courted not courting, so for her making a lunch box for someone was beyond everyone's dream.

   "Wait!! ". She grabbed Rena's hand. This little misunderstanding getting dangerous every seconds times passed. She needs to clear this at soon as possible, or she'll never graduated from this school safely.

   "Why?.. Why are you doing this? ", Jurina asked in verge of tears. If only she knew, it was the wrong choice of words to said that moment.

   "Why,you ask? ".

   Rena titled her head in confusion. Wondered. Aren't Jurina supposed to be the one who knew the best of why she doing this?

   "Why? Aren't you my gir-...."


   Good thing she realized on time. Good thing her body moves in time. Good thing she covered the President's mouth in time before she finish the sentence that will destroyed her whole life as high school student.

   "Let's continue this talk somewhere. Shall we? ". Jurina hurriedly pulled Rena out from the gathering crowd then ascending the stairs lead to rooftop.

   As both of them entered the deserted rooftop, Jurina dashed closed the door to preventing students from overheard their conversation. She then grumpily marched to Rena aggressively tapped the girl's chest several times in annoyance.

   "You!.. Argh! What am I gonna do with you? You makes my head a mess and my normal high school life in danger because of your action earlier. What if they know about us?! HUH?! ". Jurina raised her voice, almost shouted. Jurina scratched her head million times, too stressed with all this. But, seeing how Rena was still clueless, she calmed herself down. It was pointless if she only the one wasting energy here talking but the other still didn't grasps the point she tried to get delivered. "If the school know about this, it's nothing but trouble. Can't you please think throughly about your reputation here before acted? ".

   Rena tucked her hair behind her ear. Looking soulless at Jurina. "I told you, I don't care about reputation ".

   "But I do care! ", Jurina unconsciously raised her voice again. "Stop making that I-don't-care face because I care. We're not live in a same status. You and I are far different. Unlike you, if my school life destroy because of this, so am my future. I can't risk that from happening! So please instead being selfish and only care about yourself, please think about me here! ".

   Rena's brow raised along with her widening eyes as she listened to the other girl's rant.

   Jurina massaged her throbbing forehead, before continued, "I think it's about time for us to make things clear". Standing straight with right hand placed on her hips. "What is us, exactly?".

   Rena raised her brow briefly answered the ponytail girl, " I already clarified myself yesterday, that you're my girlfriend ". The gazes coming from her shown how sincere she was about this. "And I am serious with that, I am serious about you".

   Jurina battled the girl's gazes before closed her eyes and nodded understanding.

   A quick heavy sigh came from her. "Guess we're not in the same page, as I thought". Reopened her eyes, a guilt showing on her emerald orbs. "You being my lover, this relationship we had right now, was never my intention. The words I uttered yesterday was not based on my personal feelings towards you. I never love you in the first place. So I apologize if I made you misunderstood somehow".

   ".....". Rena's gazes unfaltering, giving Jurina a hard glare.

   Jurina avoided it. Scratching the back of her head awkwardly. She witnessed how dark clouds started to forming around the other Matsui. She knew she was the guilty one here. Things getting out of hand. So she must end this thing right here right now.

   "If you want, we can end this relationship... "

   "No", a simple rejection came without hesitation. Immediately, Rena marched towards Jurina. "I won't break up, just because of that petty explanation. It's your fault I misunderstood ".

   The pressure of Rena's infiltrating her personal space, made Jurina stepping backward until her back touched the wall.

   "Take responsibility ", whispered the raven haired girl as one her hand placed beside Jurina's head, trapping the blondie.

   "W-wait.. Matsui-san.. "

   "I'll prove to you that I can love".

   Sweat forming on Jurina's forehead of how closed the raven getting, her eyes darted somewhere and with all her might, she pushed the girl away.

   "I.. I g-got it. First, let's eat, okay? ". Showing the purple packed lunch that she got chance to stole earlier from Rena.

   Rena complied without anymore sounds.

   As expected, having lunch together with the President really a stressful situation for Jurina. There was no words coming from both of them, only a thick atmosphere that chocking Jurina every seconds. Inside, Jurina cried of her misfortune life.

To Be Continued

FYI, Rena's hair is long and black. While Jurina here in this story has long dyed blondie hair that she always put in ponytail whenever she got out from her home. And I changed Jurina's eyes color become emerald, because I already tired with brown. I still don't make up my mind what color Rena's eyes would be..



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Re: Our Challenge CHAPTER 2 (WMatsui) 22/08/2018
« Reply #5 on: August 22, 2018, 02:03:20 PM »
I-i had this heart of mine beating so hard at the kabedon  :wub:
Um since you made a new fanfic, it mean the your other fanfic will end soon? Or you plan to post it both?

Such a good story btw  :deco:

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Re: Our Challenge CHAPTER 2 (WMatsui) 22/08/2018
« Reply #6 on: August 22, 2018, 04:24:37 PM »
I really really like this fic but I prefer a lot jurina with her brown eyes because her stare is more intense I don't care about being blonde because WIP drama. I just don't know how this story gonna evolve because J accepted her mistake but Rena made a move that nobody expect aka made her lunch... So I don't know What's in Rena's mind.. and I like it..
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Re: Our Challenge CHAPTER 2 (WMatsui) 22/08/2018
« Reply #7 on: November 04, 2018, 08:18:04 PM »
me gusta este fic.

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Re: Our Challenge CHAPTER 2 (WMatsui) 22/08/2018
« Reply #8 on: December 09, 2018, 09:32:20 AM »
update pleasssseee :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

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Re: Our Challenge CHAPTER 2 (WMatsui) 22/08/2018
« Reply #9 on: December 22, 2018, 12:41:12 AM »
Slowly, I doesn't realize myself, since when my heart change. Instead wanting a prince come for me reach out his hand, I desire to become a prince myself. To save my princess from her prison, and open her locked frozen heart.

   I will never let you go, no matter what...

   After all, you are mine...

These two quotes from the prologue are so intriguing (+ sexy for the latter parts) and serve as very good hooks for the story.
The first two chapters are really good as well. Rena fixing Jurina's necktie, bringing her lunch, and the kabedon were all doki-doki-inducing. I'm curious as to why Rena acts this way, why she's so determined to prove that she can date.

A few grammar errors here and there but, as you can see, people were still able to comprehend the story. Improvement comes with practice.

I'd be very sad if this story was left without a conclusion. Thank you for the Prologue, Chapter 1, and Chapter 2. They are all such good pieces of work and I look forward to more.
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