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Author Topic: A Tale of Airashi Saviours [Jurina, Sakura, etc.] - Chapter 2 (7/10/2018)  (Read 831 times)

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Nihon was a hidden paradise for hundreds of years.  Isolated in Pacific Ocean, this country was remote from foreigners. It was divided into 47 districts, each was ruled by a chief. Nihon people had been living in peace and harmony in their own district. Until one day, The Chief of Kurowashi District decided to unite all districts under his rule. The chaos was inevitable ever since.

Kurowashi’s Faceless Soldiers were the unbeatable beasts. In every battle, they always wore a black full-face combat assault helmet – that was how they got the infamous name. Contrary to their all black military uniforms, their deadly swords was lighted up in pink. Only very few people could see its true colour because once they attacked their enemies, the colour soon covered with blood red.

After defeating 45 districts, Kurowashi was more than eager to conquer one last district. One last battle and Nihon was finally ours, they thought. But there was one problem: the last district was literally unreachable for mere human. The name of this district is Airashi.

Most Nihon people believed that Airashi people were demi-god; descendants of The Sun. Nihon was isolated to foreigners but Airashi was isolated even among other Nihon people. Only chosen people could ever go there, mostly young men with wisdom and strength. Those chosen people returned to their district with many stories. Some said Airashi were the land of women warriors with beauty and brain no one could ever imagine; and they incredibly stayed young. It was like their age of time was different from ordinary people. There was a giant clock in Airashi centre which was believed to affect such bizarre. Some other swore Airashi girls casually wore white uniform with two little wings on their back with shiny pearls as their jewellery.

The unknown power of Airashi girls frightened Kurowashi’s Faceless Soldiers. They needed to find out the girls’ weaknesses, thus the soldiers started investigating all men who had ever been there. Painful torture was a quick method to get the answer. The Faceless Soldiers soon learned that once a man was invited to Airashi, the door was open to them. Ready for their final battle, The Faceless Soldiers went to the last district along with those wounded men who were once thought they were fortune to ever visit Airashi. It could be a long and winding road, but they have already one clear ambition in mind: to defeat those demi-gods.

There were three clans in Airashi District: Yumeina, Odayakana, and Sainensho. Yumeina clan was the majority in the district. The Chief of Airashi District always came from Yumeina clan. Once in two years they would elect a new chief. Matsui Jurina was expected to be the next chief replacing the former chief, Watanabe Mayu. After all, she was the one with prominent experience. Her martial arts was ahead of other four other candidates: Shimazaki “Paruru” Haruka, Miyawaki Sakura, Kizaki Yuria, and Kato “Renachi” Rena.

“I wonder what The Elders would do to assess our ability this time,” Jurina sighed. Her burden was heavier approaching The Election Day tomorrow; it was the day when the candidates would be elected to be the next chief.

“Please don’t worry too much. I always believe our destiny was written in our stars,” her long-time girlfriend Matsui Rena said while gently hugging anxious Jurina.

“What if I mess up this time? What if it’s my only chance?” Jurina felt a bit relaxed, relishing the proximity between them; yet her brain couldn’t stop tugging those questions.

“I will still love you nevertheless,” Rena said it before sealing Jurina’s lips with a kiss, didn’t give a chance for another doubting questions coming from her stubborn girlfriend.

The Election Day was taken place in Edo Dome. The sacred place were full of people from each clan. The five selected candidates standing in front of The Elders, including the former chiefs among others. This big day only lasted for one day. The Elders would choose one candidate by assessing them with one particular test which always differed from time to time – from fighting the dragons in Maeda Atsuko era to guessing the content of a special box in Sashihara “Sasshi” Rino era.

Takahashi “Takamina” Minami – once a chief before Mayu – grabbed the audience attention with her loud voice.

“Good evening, Ladies. This year is very crucial for us. We heard about what happened in 45 districts. We condemned what Kurowashi did that shattered our peaceful country. The Faceless Soldiers were halfway to be here. It takes about three weeks from now,” Takamina said with a restrained emotion. 

She then continued, “This election would choose a new chief. Someone who’s not only brave but also gifted.”

Jurina listened with anticipation about what Takamina said next. She couldn’t wait any longer to find out what test they needed to do this year.

“All five candidates were previously selected for their strength, wisdom, and kind heart. Whoever becomes a chief would be a good leader for us. But, The Elders here agreed that this new chief also need to have a blessing from gods. Hence, the test this year would be revolving around…” Takamina paused, expecting some reaction, “…a dream,” she said as five futon were pulled out.

Jurina couldn’t hide her surprise. She had the feeling that the other candidates also felt the same. Do they expect us to sleep and have a dream? Jurina wondered. Well, it is way easier that she thought. Or maybe not. How can I sleep in such a bright day? She sighed.

Just like what Jurina had in mind, five candidates were expected to sleep and have a dream. Once Jurina put herself on futon, she suddenly felt sleepy. Really sleepy.

Jurina opened her eyes and out of the blue she found herself running. She saw Maeda Atsuko and shorten the distance between them. The first chief in Airashi District gave her a black box while still running. Confused, Jurina held the box tight. Maeda suddenly slowed her pace and Jurina saw a dozen of men in black were chasing herself instead. She kept running. Mayu and Sakura were ahead of her and she kept running. Her feet hurt yet she kept running.

Jurina was trembled when she woke up. Her body was sweating and her breathing was short. It felt like a couple of hours yet she later knew that she slept for only fifteen minutes. She saw other candidates, they didn’t look that terrible.

The Elders then asked the candidates about what they saw in their dream. Jurina was the first to tell her dream. Sakura said she went to a beach with her friends to see a green flash in the sky. Yuria’s dream was about moving to a new place where she befriended Yakuza, while Renachi said she gathered 16 young girls for a certain project in her dream. Paruru was the last candidate to tell her dream.

“In my dream, I saw myself in a white dove-like outfit,” Paruru whispered. Her face was slightly blushing.

“What? You dressed in a dove-like outfit?” Takamina said it a bit louder. Paruru nodded. People were chattering hearing the revelation.

“At least it’s better than befriending Yakuza. It seems like my future is on a dark side,” Yuria murmured.

“Please continue,” asked Kashiwagi Yuki. She was one of The Elders.

“I was trapped in a big egg in a prison,” Paruru could practically feel the hot sensation in her face. Her dream didn’t make any sense.

“Man, I guess befriending Yakuza is better than being trapped in an egg,” Yuria mumbled though no one listening.

“And then,” Paruru paused, “I crawled between the white sands, trying to free myself from the egg. And I…finally made it. I’m finally free to fly!”

“A dove is a symbol of peace! Paruru would make us win the war!” someone at the back shouted. People gasped.

“But Jurina got a blessing from our first chief Maeda Atsuko!” another person yelled.

“Sakura is the one who saw Green Flash!”

The Elders asked for a moment to decide. One hour later, they announced that The Sun showed them to choose peace over desire, beauty, serendipity, and power.

That was how Paruru became the next chief.

I always believe our destiny was written in our stars.
Jurina remembered what Rena said. But this time, the stars were not on her side.

(to be continued)
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Woaaaaaaaaa~ Bukiyou Taiyou-san is back with another fic!!!
I had some questions when I read the title like, "What's this about?","What's Airashi?","Is it going to be a fluffy one?" Something like that.
But when I read the whole chapter, I started to understand.
From this passage
“I was trapped in a big egg in a prison,” Paruru could practically feel the hot sensation in her face. Her dream didn’t make any sense.

“And then,” Paruru paused, “I crawled between the white sands, trying to free myself from the egg. And I…finally made it. I’m finally free to fly!”
I know that it must be from Bokutachiwa Tatakawanai MV. That scene was iconic! Of course Paruru become the leader because she is the center! XD
I hope Paruru and the other girls could protect Airashi :panic:
Pleaaaase finish this fic! I'm so curious what will happen next. I like the WMatsui part and I hope there will be more WMatsui in the future  :P :P :P :P :P

Ganbatte Taiyou-san!

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Okay okay bukiyou taiyou San start another fic!! (But I hope you didn't drop any of your fic... Pls don't drop a journey to her memory)
Okay, so Jurina dream is kibouteki refrain? Sakura one is green flash, paruru one is bokutachi wa tatakawanai, yuria hm.. majisuka gakuen? Or tofu pro wrestler? Renacchi must be her renacchi senbatsu project.

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Woaaaaaaaaa~ Bukiyou Taiyou-san is back with another fic!!!
I had some questions when I read the title like, "What's this about?","What's Airashi?","Is it going to be a fluffy one?" Something like that.

Ganbatte Taiyou-san!

Thank you! But I'm afraid this won't be fluffy. ^^"

Okay okay bukiyou taiyou San start another fic!! (But I hope you didn't drop any of your fic... Pls don't drop a journey to her memory)
Okay, so Jurina dream is kibouteki refrain? Sakura one is green flash, paruru one is bokutachi wa tatakawanai, yuria hm.. majisuka gakuen? Or tofu pro wrestler? Renacchi must be her renacchi senbatsu project.

You're 100% correct! :onioncheer:

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Paruru never believed she would be a chief one day, not even in her wildest dream. When she had been elected to be The Big Five, she had wondered, “Why me?”

The same question arose on her mind when Takamina called her name as the next chief.

“Why me? Why now?”

But then she knew she didn’t have much time. The first thing she did as a chief was forming a Special Force. That was an elite army who would protect Airashi at all cost. There were sixteen of them: Paruru, Jurina, Sakura, Yuria, Renachi, Rena, Kawaei Rina, Mukaichi Mion, Yokoyama Yui, Ikoma Rina together with the formers chiefs: Takamina, Mayu, Yuki, Sasshi, Kojima Haruna, Yamamoto Sayaka. All warriors were from Yumeina clan, except for Ikoma Rina. She was from Odayakana clan who was chosen basically for her excellent aura.

Paruru also commanded commoners from each clan to unite and prepare themselves. Their new routine was filled with combat training. It was common sight in Airashi recently. Their white uniform was long forgotten. Now they wore black uniform with black feathers beautifully tucked on their hair. They also had a black cape as a change for their little wings.

The Faceless Soldiers arrived to the gate of Airashi three weeks later, as Takamina had predicted. They brutally opened the gate with their guns and cannons. The war officially started.

Despite the demi-god power they had, Airashi girls had never been in war. Their super power was on their wisdom and their ability to stay young and pretty. They were never taught to fight until three weeks ago. To make it worse, they didn’t even have guns or swords. They mostly fight with their bare hands.

With the pink swords and guns, The Faceless Soldiers easily assassinated the unexperienced Airashi soldiers who were once commoners. Half-human, the girls could not avoid death. They might be stay young, but they were not immortal. In just a short moment, The Faceless Soldiers conquered Airashi centre.

This was way quicker than what Paruru had in mind.

Burning with anger, Paruru lead Airashi Special Force to the battle field. She closed her eyes before running toward The Faceless Soldiers, screaming. Her both hands holding swords. She didn’t let her fear overshadow her mind. She already accepted her fate.

That evening in The Election Day, she had seen her destiny; something she had hid from The Elders. She had to protect the real chief: an elected candidate other than herself.

Airashi was on fire. The Faceless Soldiers burned the district down. Jurina punched enemies as many as she could. Her hand hurt, but she herself already burned with rage she didn’t feel the pain.

“Noooo!” Jurina heard a painful cry. A voice she was familiar with. It was Mayu’s. She saw Mayu kneeling next to Yuki’s dead body; weeping. Yuki was Mayu’s longtime girlfriend; they both were a couple Jurina adored and respected very much. In fact, they were the ones who introduced Rena to her. Jurina ran to Mayu, desperately trying to save her as she saw Mayu didn’t move an inch over the dead body. But it was too late. A Faceless Soldier stabbed Mayu right in her heart with his already covered with blood sword.

Jurina felt like everything was in a blurry slow motion despite the fact that what happened was in flash seconds. A sudden realisation hit her, she needed to find Rena. She couldn’t afford to lose her. No, never. She looked everywhere but her girlfriend was nowhere to be found.

A hand suddenly held Jurina’s hand tightly.

“Come follow me.”

“Sakura, what are you doing?” Jurina bewildered.

Four Faceless Soldiers came to attack them. Both girls continued their immediate conversation in between their fighting.

“Chief Paruru asked us to leave the battle field. She specifically asked me to bring you out of this place,” Sakura said in indigenous Airashi language, “Now. We don’t have much time.”

“What? No, I will never leave this place. Not when many people died here to uphold the pride of Airashi.”

“Jurina, this is an order. If you really want to save Airashi, you need to listen to me,” Sakura said firmly, kicking an enemy and punching another.

“I can’t leave Rena…,” Jurina stuttered.

“Jurina, everyone here’s sacrificing something, someone. You know that.”

“At least let me check if she’s still alive.”

“No, we don’t have time for that.”

Four Faceless Soldiers were lying on the ground, defeated by two girls.

Jurina reluctantly left with Sakura. She knew she couldn’t argue with her. Airashi was more important than personal matters.

“Are you sure what we’re doing now is right?”

“Yes, sure. Chief herself asked me. She has a plan.”

Jurina and Sakura were already at the border when The Giant Clock rang four times, followed by the release of hundreds of magical white doves. Jurina and Sakura looked at each other, out of words. They learned about this at school, though never experienced it themselves, until now. They knew very well what this meant.

“Paruru!” Jurina rushed back, but immediately held by Sakura.

“You’re not going back Jurina,” Sakura tried to hide her tears, but terribly failed, “She’s gone now. Paruru asked me to bring you out of this place. I only have one job, Jurina. Please make it easy.”

“The Faceless Soldiers will destroy everything! We can’t just run away.”

“We are not running away. We build a strategy, we still have a hope. Do you know what Chief Paruru said to me? She said I must protect the Chief of Airashi.”

“Well, you did a very good job then,” Jurina scoffed.

“Remember her dream on The Election Day? She told me that in her dream, she actually saw you as the chosen one. But she couldn’t say that. She scarified herself to protect you,” said Sakura.

“I…I don’t understand,” Jurina suddenly felt overwhelmed.

“I’ll explain later. Now, Chief Jurina, let me take you to our underground soldiers.”

“We…we have what?”

“They’ll be happy to see you after two years under ground, literally.”

“Wait, what?”

“Let’s go, Chief!”

From afar, Jurina could hear the sound of ruins. Kurowashi’s Faceless Soldiers apparently claimed winning the war. They destroyed The Giant Clock to affirm their victory.

(to be continued)

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