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Author Topic: ALL WE KNOW (Shiraishi Mai x Nishino Nanase)  (Read 1176 times)

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ALL WE KNOW (Shiraishi Mai x Nishino Nanase)
« on: October 31, 2018, 05:34:33 PM »


"It's nice meeting you again, Shiraishi." Nishino formally said as she stretch her lips. She's expecting to see her in their college batch reunion but she didn't expect that the girl will suddenly show in front of her and pulled her hand into the corner. She's calm, it's like she's a different person, Nishino thought.

"I want you back Nanase, I want you to be mine again." Shiraishi directly said, her sentence is strong and there's a hint of determination in her eyes which Nishino didn't expect after all these years.

Sound so sweet, if she was her old self maybe she's blushing real hard right now and jumping from joy hearing it from the 'loved' of her life. But no, Nishino Nanase changed for the past few years since she and Shiraishi Mai split up five years ago. Her heart is steel and sweet words doesn't affect her no more especially if it's from her ex-girlfriend.

They both stare at each other, one smirk and the other one surprise a little. Nishino pulled her hand back and whisper to Shiraishi ear.

"I'm really sorry but I'm not interested anymore."

Then Nishino made her way away from Shiraishi with a triumph smirk that will surely annoy anyone, while the brunette watch her back with pain in her eyes.

She thought she will be alright, she thought after she meet her ex-girlfruend, what happened won't bother her but she's wrong.

Nishino went straight to the nearest washroom, she want a place far away from Shiraishi because the longer she's near to her, mixed emotions keep flooding her. She doesn't know which is which, anger, confusion, nervous, fear and disappointment. All of those flooding her at the same time and it panic her .

"Fix yourself Nishino." She mutter under her breath, hands places to the sink and she stare to the mirror after she wash her face by the warm water. She doesn't want to admit but she's starting to get nervous as soon Shiraishi talked to her.

This is out of her plan. She knew all these years that she's already moved on and successfully out of under Shiraishi spell but why when she just saw her ex-girlfriend, all the years she's working to move on become useless. Just one sentence from her, it did all erase the barrier that Nishino built. Why?

She feel stupid. Stupid for being so weak, so being inlove. She doesn't want to see herself become so pathetic again, she hate it. She doesn't want to see herself being devastated before, it's like a nightmare.


And it happened again, the person that she doesn't want to see the most showed up from her back. She look at the reflection from the mirror and cursed under her breathe. A pair of sharp eyes shot through Shiraishi.

Nishino didn't response instead, wipe herself out and fish her pouch. She doesn't have any plan to entertain her ex-boyfriend because that is what she hates the most, so she's planning to escape from her. But as soon she is about to walk past her, the older girl caught her hand again. Nishino try to pull her arm back but Shiraishi tightly hold it.

"Let go of me!" Nishino growl but it didn't scare the older girl, instead she uses her strength to pinned Nishino in the wall.

"Five years is enough and letting you go this time is the last thing I want to do." Shiraishi said, eyes staring straight to Nishino which eyes clouded by fear and confusion by Shiraishi words. She can't believe that this words is coming out from Shiraishi who left her alone in the midst of problem.

Shiraishi knew she hit a nerve as she saw how Nishino eyes turn sharp and slowly eating her alive. She can't blame her, after all she has a right to despise her after all she done to her.

Nishino scoffed, she want to raise her hand to slap her not only for the pair of strong arms that holding her wrists. "How dare you to say that in front of my face."

Shiraishi apologetically look at her but it's no uses. "Let go of me." Nishino said under her breathe.

Shiraishi realizes that she's wrong to surprise her ex-girlfriend like this. It's so wrong but her feelings get ahead of her. When Namanin, her bestfriend told her that their college batch will be having a reunion, the event didn't caught her attention and what caught is when Nanamin mention that there is a possibility that Nishino will be there. Shiraishi is very nervous, she even practice herself what will she say or what will she do as soon she see Nishino. Of course, she will apologizes and if possible she want another chance because no one knew how still she deeply in love to the raven girl. But she knew, it's never going to be easy. It will never be easy as her bestfriend repeatedly remind her that Nishino despise her because of the fact that she broke the younger girl heart.

Truthfully she doesn't have any face to show to her, but her feelings and want to win her back is too strong. She want Nishino back in her arms again. She's expecting this reaction of her, it's natural to get mad at your ex-girlfriend who hurt you so bad. But she can't stop herself, because as she soon she saw the walking goddess making her way in the middle of the people, her urge grow stronger.

She came back to her senses when Nishino pushes her and follow by a slap that wake her up. Shiraishi caught off guard but she quickly gather herself. She look at Nishino eyes that full of hate.e

Shiraishi took a deep breathe, eyes passionately stare at Nishino. "I know I'm too late for everything and what I've done is definitely unforgivable. But Nanase,"

Shiraishi attempt to touch her shoulder but taken aback when she sees fire in Nishino eyes. She can't help but to lose confidence, those eyes are very different from the eyes that used to look up to her and tell how much Nishino admire her.

"I want to talk everything, I want to explain."

"Like you said, you are five years late. I don't even want to hear anything from you. I don't want to talk with you."

Nishino want to slap herself because she can feel the tears are attempting to fall down from her eyes. She don't want to cry in front of her, she don't want to show how weak she is again in front of her. That would be so pathetic. While she is panicking inside and emotionally shaking, the older girl remain calm, no emotion showing but her eyes remain to Nishino.

"Fine." Shiraishi nodded slowly, stepping backward to give Nishino a space. She maybe become aggressive or desperate which is very wrong. "I'm really sorry."

Shiraishi bowed down her head. Nishino curl her fist into ball, mind contemplating whether she should stay a little bit or walk away. But that's what she told Shiraishi right? To let her go and don't show her face to her, but why it look she's waiting something from the girl?

That's it? Will she easily let me go?

She released a sighed after thinking. What does she expecting from Shiraishi anyway? She hurted her, she broke her into pieces. That is a valid reason to not trust her again.

They are done a long time ago. She promised to herself that Shiraishi Mai will never break her barrier again. There's no second chance.

With a heavy chest and shaking hands, Nishino turn her back but before she completely exit, she heard Shiraishi voice.

"I'm really sorry  but I will let you go this time ONLY. I can't promise the next I will see you.." After years, she saw again the infamous smirk from Shiraishi. "I will definitely make you mine again, Nanase."



=This is my first fanfic of Nogizaka46 and my TOP is NanaMai 💜 Hope you support this! Thank you so much.

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Re: ALL WE KNOW (Shiraishi Mai x Nishino Nanase)
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 :) :) :) Looking forward to more! Great job with this!

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