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Author Topic: Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) Chapter 50 (FINAL) 06/01/2019  (Read 27707 times)

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gaaahhhhh why TBC  :frustrated: :tantrum: :err: :fainted:  :temper:
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@arfi: Thank you!  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic.  :D

Here is part 3 of chapter 44. Hope you guys enjoy reading it  :D

Chapter 44: Vacation (Part 3)

At the forest

Minami is running around the forest looking for Atsuko aimlessly. He rushes by the cliff and stops when seeing something shining reflecting from the sunlight. He quickly rushes there and sees that is Atsuko’s necklace.

“Atsuko” Minami thought

“Atsuko” Minami calls loudly

“Could it be?” he said in worried tone while looking down at from the cliff

“Guys, I found Atsuko’s necklace” Minami takes the walkie-talkie out and said

“There is a big chance that she fell on the cliff” he continues

“We will get there, right away” everyone said

Minami quickly finds a way and rushes down to the bottom of the cliff.

At the bottom of the cliff

Minami is running around crazily looking for Atsuko.

“Atsuko, Atsuko” Minami calls loudly

“Atsuko, where are you?” Minami thought while looking around

Suddenly he hears a very loud gunshot.

“Atsuko” Minami thought and rushes to the direction where he hears the sound


Atsuko hugs her hurt leg. She wants to stand up, but she can’t.

“Minami, Rena-neechan, Yuki-neechan” Atsuko calls in tear

Suddenly she hears the sound near the bush. Atsuko turns and is surprised when seeing a masked person walking out of the bush with a gun

“Who are you?” Atsuko asks in scared tone

Suddenly the person pulls the trigger.


The bullet flies pass Atsuko’s face and pierces into the rock. Atsuko is scared and doesn’t know what to do. Then the masked person walks closer and closer to Atsuko

“Don’t come near me” Atsuko wants to move away, but her leg is hurt

The person just keeps walking closer to her silently and raises the gun pointing at Atsuko

“Minami” Atsuko thought while closing her eyes


A loud gunshot echoes through the place. However, it didn’t come from the masked person. It was Minami who pulls the trigger. When he is near Atsuko’s place, he sees a masked person walking closer to Atsuko while pointing the gun at her. Minami quickly shoots the masked person

However, the person notices Minami’s action and jumps back to dodge his bullet. Then it turns around and run away. Doesn’t care about the attacker, Minami quickly rushes to Atsuko.

“Are you ok, Atsuko?” Minami holds her arms and worriedly asks

Hearing the familiar voice, Atsuko opens her eyes. She burst in tear when seeing Minami

“Minami, I’m scared” she said in tear

“I’m scared, Minami” she continues in tear

His heart is in pain when hearing Atsuko’s shaky and crying voice

“I’m sorry, Atsuko.” Minami hugs Atsuko tightly and said

“I’m sorry I’m late. I’m sorry” He continues while tightening his hug

After awhile, Atsuko slowly calms down.

“Are you ok, baby?” Minami wipes her tear gently and asks

“Uh, I’m ok now, Minami” Atsuko said

“Let’s me check on your leg” Minami said

“Uh” Atsuko nods

Minami checks on her legs. At the same time, Rena, Jun, Yuki, and Mayu also get there from different direction.

“Takamina, Acchan”

“Are you ok, Acchan?” Rena and Yuki rush to Atsuko and asks worriedly

“I’m fine, Yuki-neechan, Rena-neechan” Atsuko smiles and said

“Acchan, what’s happened to you? Why did you fall down here?” Rena asks

“I ran away from Nakamura Toka” Atsuko said

Then Atsuko tells the rest what happened before

“Because of too focus on running, I tripped and fell down here” Atsuko said

“That jerk, I will make him pay” Minami said in angry tone

“Calm down, Minami. I’m fine” Atsuko holds Minami’s hand and said

After doing basic treating for her leg, Minami lifts her up, and they go back to their camp. There are nurses waiting for them there.

While they are treating for Atsuko, Minami turns to ask the police

“Did you find Nakamura Toka and Suzuki Akira?”

“Sir, I just got report. They only found Suzuki Akira, and they are taking her back here” The police reports

“I see.” Minami said

After awhile

The police bring Akira back

“Tell me why did you fake that screen?” Minami asks

“What are you talking about?” Akira crosses her arms and asks

“Don’t think we didn’t know. You fade that you were under attack” Mayu said

“And the masked man who tries to attack you is Nakamura Toka” Jun adds

“Jun, even you also think of me like that?” Akira said with broken tone

“Don’t act here. We used to be your body guard for a week. We used to see how frighten you were when you were in danger” Minami said

“Plus, the tattoo on the wrist of Nakamura Toka is the same with the person who attacks you” Rena raises the picture up and asks

“This is the picture taken by your two friends. They also admit that they heard you and him talking about some plan” she adds

“Tsk… those useless” Akira tsks and said

“So you admitted your work?” Jun asks

“Yes, I created that fake scene, so what?” Akira said with scornful voice


In Akira room

Akira is lying on Toka’s chest . Then she looks up at Toka and asks

“So what is your plan?”

“How did you know that I have a plan?” Toka asks

“How many years are we with each other? Looking at your confident face, I definitely know that” Akira smirks and said

Toka laughs loudly at Akira’s words

“Yes, I have one in my mind” Toka said

“What is it?” Akira asks

“Tomorrow, they will come to the beach to watch sunset. There will be a big treasure hunting event. With them, I definitely sure that they will join that event. As I know, that event won’t allow to bring cellphones.” He continues

“So…” Akira said

“I can disguise into a masked person. Waiting for them to come close, you can call for help. Then when they come, just rush to your Jun.” Toka said

“How can that help? You know that they are police” Akira said

“I already prepared a smoke bomb. You can then pull your Jun to wherever you want. If you want more effective, put this pill into water and give it to him.” Toka smirks and said

“I also have one pill for my president. After that, they can’t do anything” He continues

“You’re so bad, Toka” Akira said in seductive tone

Toka laughs confidently

“Thank you for your compliment” he said

“However,...” Akira said

“What’s it?” Toka asks

“What if they don’t know about this event?” Akira asks

“There are a lot of poster around the streets. Even if they don’t know, we can still say that to them. I’m confident that they will join that event” Toka said

“How can you think about all of that?” Akira asks

“Just know that I know” Toka laughs and said

End flashback

“However, I didn’t expect that I was the one got separated when in that smoke. You ignored me and worry about that girl” Akira shouts

“What did she have that I don’t? I’m rich, I have everything” she continues

“You’re disgusting. Don’t compare her to you because you can’t ever compare to Rena. She won’t take what isn’t hers. She won’t try to steal other boyfriend by that lowlife and disgusting method” Jun said

“Where is Nakamura Toka?” Mayu asks

“I don’t know. I guess he ran away when knowing his plan is a complete failure” Akira shrugs and said

“Then how did he know about where we want to go?” Minami asks

“I don’t know. I asked but he just said he knew.”Akira said

“Hey, why did you ask me just as I’m criminal?” She said while frowning

“That’s just a small frank.” She continues

“A small frank? Attempting to hurt someone is a small frank? Wanting to get other’s property, blackmailing is a small frank? Wanting to drug others is small frank? Is that your responsible words” Minami slams the car door and angrily said

Akira is surprised with Minami’s action

“Better feel fortunate that Atsuko is ok. If not, I would make you and him pay a good price with all Takahashi power” Minami said in strong tone

“I...I didn’t do anything to her” Akira stutters in scared

“Get out” Minami said

Then he comes to the ambulance where Atsuko is to check on her hurt leg

In the ambulance

“Are you ok, baby? How about I’ll take you to the hospital and you will stay in there a few days for checkup?” Minami holds Atsuko’s hand and gently asks

“I’m ok, Minami. Doctor said that I’m fine. My ankle just dislocated. Resting a few days then I’ll be fine” Atsuko smiles and said

“We don’t need to go to the hospital” she continues

“But how about your head? You fell from a high cliff. Did your head hurt? How do you feel?” Minami asks worriedly

“I’m fine, Minami. I just rolled down from the cliff, my head didn’t hit anything.” Atsuko smiles and reassures Minami

“Really baby?” Minami asks

“Uh, I’m totally fine” Atsuko said

“Ok, if you say so” Minami smiles and said

“Let’s go back to the hotel, ok” He continues

“Uh” Atsuko nods

Then Minami lifts her up and takes her back to the hotel

At night

At the hotel

In Atsumina’s room

Minami is watching Atsuko. She is resting her head on Minami’s lap sleeping. He strokes her hair to help her feel comfortable. After Atsuko falls in sleep comfortably, Minami takes out his phone

“Come to my room” Minami texts Jun and Mayu

Then he gently places her head back on the pillow and pulls the blanket cover her.

“Sleep well, my love” Minami kisses her head gently

After awhile

Rena, Jun, Mayu, and Yuki come to the room

“Shh… Atsuko is sleeping” Minami said in small tone

They nod and walks slowly into the room. They come to the table and sit down

“Why did you call us here, Takamina?” Jun asks

“I have something I want to talk to you guys” Minami said

“Then why don’t we go to my room or Mayu’s. Let’s she sleep” Rena said

“I don’t want to go because she could be in danger” Minami said

“You mean Nakamura Toka?” Yuki asks

“Uh-uh, it is more than that” Minami shakes his head and said

“What do you mean?” Jun asks

“You remember I told you about the masked man with a gun, right?” Minami said

“Uh, isn’t that masked man Nakamura Toka?” Rena asks

“No, that person isn’t Nakamura Toka” Minami said in serious tone

“That person is not him? How did you know?” Mayu asks in surprised tone

“Even though this person wears clothes with a long sleeve, and I can’t see the wrist, I still know that they are completely two different people. The person who attacked Atsuko at the cliff is very quick. That person’s move is much quicker than that lowlife Nakamura. That person can notice my present and dodge my bullet” Minami said while frowning

“That person dodged your bullet?” Jun asks in surprised tone

“Uh, it dodges my bullet at ease. In addition, that person is very calm” Minami said

“I see” Mayu said

“I’m afraid that we are facing another dangerous party” Minami said in worried tone

“You mean there is someone want to harm Acchan?” Rena asks

“Uh” Minami closes his eyes and nods with a deep sigh

“So what are we going to do now, Takamina?” Jun asks

“For now, I will tell my father about this. Also, I will tell Takahashi agents to investigate more about this” Minami said

“Uh, I think that is good for now” Jun nods and said

“Agree” Mayu nods

After talking for awhile, they go back to their room. The next day, they go back to Tokyo

At dawn

At Maeda’s mansion

In Atsuko’s room

Minami wakes up because of the vibrate on his phone. He looks at his phone and sees a text message on his phone.

“I understand sir. I’m investigating that issue right now. If I have information, I will inform you right away”
That is the message on his phone.

“Good. Thanks” Minami texts back

Then he puts his phone aside and turns to look at Atsuko. She is sleeping very soundly on his arm. He strokes her hair and thought

“I will protect you no matter what, my love”

He leans down and gently kisses her forehead. Suddenly he hears Atsuko’s call


“You’re awake, love” Minami said gently

“Uh” Atsuko smiles and nods

“Why did you wake up so early?” Minami asks

“I have something I want to talk to you” Atsuko said

“What is it, Atsuko?” Minami looks at Atsuko and gently asks

“I tent to talk to you about this long time ago, but I haven’t got a chance. Taking this chance, I want to talk to you about grandpa’s wish” Atsuko said

“Grandfather’s wish?” Minami said in question tone

“Uh, when grandpa is still alive, he has one wish that he really wants to do” Atsuko said

“However no matter how hard he tried, he still can’t accomplish that” she continues sadly

“What is his wish, Atsuko?” Minami asks

“You properly know about my eldest aunt, right?” Atsuko asks

“Uh, I heard about her from my father” Minami nods and said

“26 years ago, my aunt left Maeda mansion to go with a man she loves” Atsuko said

“So there is nothing happened to her?” Minami asks

“Uh, she just left the house with the person she loves.”

“Why did she do that?” Minami asks

“Because grandpa against her love. The man she loves comes from a normal family. Grandpa doesn’t trust him, so he against her with him.” Atsuko said

“On that fateful date…”


“Dad, please accept Suichi. We really love each other” Ayano kneels down in front of her father to ask for his approval.

Next to her is Mori Suichi, her lover. He is a college substitute teacher. They met each other in a school event.

“My answer is no. Maeda can’t accept a person with a normal background into the house. Also, I don’t trust him” Ryuu strongly said

“Dad, he is a good person. We love each other. He loves me a lot”

“Sir, please allow me with Ayano. I love her honestly. I can swear to you that” The man said

“No, I said I won’t allow that. Also, Ayano, I already called your school. From today on, you stay at home. Learn about business to manage Maeda with me” Ryuu said

“Dad, why did you do that? I love my job” Ayano said in tear

“I decided. You two take him out of here.” Ryuu order his guard

“Yes sir”


“Hinata, take Ayano back to her room”

“Yes father” Hinata said

“Neechan, please come with me” Hinata said

“Dad” Ayano calls him angrily

However, Ryuu just stands up and walk away

End flashback

“That night, my aunt left the house and never come back” Atsuko said

“I see. I’m sorry to say this, but grandfather is a little too harsh with that.” Minami said

“I know. Grandpa also regretted about that a lot.” Atsuko said sadly

“Did he look for her after she left?” Minami asks

“No, he didn’t look for her until 5 years later” Atsuko said

“After my aunt left the house, grandpa was very angry. At that time, my father tried to look for her, but grandpa knew about it. He scolded my father and said that she isn’t his daughter since the day she left” She continues

“I see” Minami said

“So he starts looking for her after 5 years?” Minami asks

“Uh, he tried, but even with Maeda power, for 20 years, grandpa still can’t find her. That is his most regrettable thing” Atsuko said in sad tone

“He told me about her when I was 18 years old”


Atsuko is reading her book by the lake. Then she hears her grandpa call her


Atsuko turns and smiles happily when seeing her grandpa

“Grandpa, you’re are back” Atsuko happily rushes to him and said

“Yes, my little Atsu. I’m back” Ryuu pats her head and said

“Are you by yourself today?” He asks

“Uh, Rena is cooking, and Yuki is working with Yuji.” Atsuko said

“I see. Atsu, come with grandpa” Ryuu said

“Ok” Atsuko said

Then she follows him to his office.

“Atsu, sit down first. Grandpa has something to show you” Ryuu said

“Ok grandpa” Atsuko said and sits down on the sofa

She sees her grandpa walk to his bookshelf and take out a folder. Then he comes and sits down on the sofa.

“What is it, grandpa?” Atsuko asks in confused

“This is all the information about your eldest aunt, Ayano” Ryuu said

“Aunt Ayano?” Atsuko repeats in question tone

“Uh, she left the house 23 years ago.” Ryuu said

“She left? Why grandpa?” Atsuko asks in confused tone

“Because of my stubbornness. When she left, because of my stubbornness, I didn’t allow anything to look for her. Now when I want to look for her, I can’t find her.” Ryuu sadly said

Then he tells Atsuko about what happened in the past

“I feel so stupid Atsu. I chased away Ayano. Now I want to find her, but I can’t find her anywhere. I miss her” Ryuu sadly said

“Grandpa” Atsuko thought

“It will be fine, grandpa” Atsuko holds his hand and said while smiling brightly

She wants to cheer him up.

“We will find her. Atsu will find her for you” Atsuko said

Ryuu smiles gently at his granddaughter.

“Thank you, Atsu” he pats her head and said

End flashback

“That is the unfinished thing you talk about, Atsuko?” Minami asks

“Uh, grandpa really want to find auntie. I want to complete his wish. I want him to be happy from the other world” Atsuko nods and said

“Don’t worry, Atsuko. I’ll definitely find her for you” Minami kisses Atsuko’s head gently and said

“It’s late. You should sleep. Tomorrow, let’s look at his finding records ok” He continues

“Uh, thank you, Minami” Atsuko hugs Minami and said in happy tone

“Everything for my princess” Minami hugs Atsuko and gently said

In the evening

Atsuko is preparing dinner for Minami with Rena and Yuki

“Takamina will be very happy today.” Rena teases Atsuko

“Uh, his Atsuko cooked for him. How lucky he is?” Yuki adds

There words cause Atsuko’s blush madly

“Rena-neechan, Yuki-neechan” Atsuko pouts and goes into the kitchen

“She is so cute” Rena said

Suddenly Rena’s phone rings

“Hey J…” Rena smiles and said

However, her smile quickly disappears. This worried Yuki

“What’s happened?” Rena asks seriously

“I understand.” She continues and hangs up

“What is happened, Rena?” Yuki asks worriedly

“Takamina is suspected to murder Maeda Itachi…” hasn’t finished her words, they hear the sound of something drop on the floor

Rena and Yuki turn and see Atsuko’s surprised face.

“Acchan” Rena whispers


That is part 3 of chapter 44. Hope you guys enjoy reading it.  :D
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why whyyyy  :frustrated:  :frustrated: :temper:
i want next part  :scolding: :pleeease: :pleeease: omg :fainted:
thanks for update  nguyen23-san :mon dance:
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Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) Chapter 45 15/07/2018
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@arfi: Thank you!  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic.  :D

Here is chapter 45  :D

Chapter 45: The Coming Storm

The morning before Minami becomes the suspect

At Maeda mansion

Minami wakes up and smiles gently while looking at the girl sleeping soundly in his arms. He kisses her forehead and then slowly steps down from the bed.

He comes to the bookshelf and opens the safe. There is a file in there. That is the file of Atsuko’s aunt Ayano. Minami wants to look over them. He takes the file and comes to the sofa.

“Grandpa did a lot of research to look for her” Minami thought while reading all the search reports

“Most of them returning with unknown status” he mumbles

Then he comes across the latest report

“This is three years ago” Minami looks at the date and thought

He opens and looks through the report

“Hum… last seen in a small village in Kobe huh?” Minami thought

He gathers all the information about the report into his laptop.

At the same time

Minami hears the shuffle sound. He looks up and sees Atsuko sits up from her bed while rubbing her eyes.

“Minami” Atsuko calls him in sleepy tone

Minami smiles at how cute his fiancée is.

“Good morning, my love” He walks toward Atsuko while saying lovingly

He sits on her bed and strokes her hair

“How was your sleep, baby?” He asks gently

“Very good, Minami. Especially after the vacation.” Atsuko said

“I’m glad you enjoyed the vacation” Minami smile gently and said

“You woke up early huh?” Atsuko asks

“Uh.” Minami nods

He leans and pecks on her lips. Then he said

“I got good news for you, Atsuko”

“What’s it, Minami?” Atsuko asks

“I read all the reports about the searching for your aunt from the file. There is a report where your aunt about 3 years ago. I already recorded the location and what I need to do. I’ll go there today” Minami said

“I’ll go with you” Atsuko said immediately

“But I have an important meeting today” She continues in sad tone

“It’s ok baby. I’ll call you when I get there” Minami said

“Ok.” Atsuko nods

“One more thing, Atsuko” Minami said

“What’s it, Minami?” Atsuko asks

“Don’t go anywhere by yourself again” Minami said in serious tone

“Ok” Atsuko nods

“Promise me” Minami said

“Promise” Atsuko said and does the pinky promise

“Good” Minami smiles and pats her head

“Now let’s prepare Atsuko. I’ll take you to Maeda building” he continues

“Ok” Atsuko nods and steps down from her bed

In the afternoon

In Maeda building

After the meeting

Atsuko walks into her office. She is surprised when seeing Minami standing there.

“You finished your meeting, Atsuko?” He asks

“Minami, you are back” Atsuko rushes to hug him happily and said

“Uh, I’m back” Minami pats Atsuko’s head and said

“I thought you said you will come home late today” Atsuko said

“I miss you, so right after I gathered all the info, I quickly return here” Minami pinches Atsuko’s nose and said

“Sweet talker” Atsuko laughs softly and said



The sound of broken glass echoes through the place.

“Atsuko” Minami whispers and drops down

There is a big stain of blood on his back

“Minami” Atsuko shouts in tear


“Minami, Minami, Minami” Atsuko struggles on her chair

“Minami” she shouts loudly and sits up

Atsuko looks around and notices that she is in her office. Sweat is all over her face. Suddenly she hears her phone rings. Atsuko quickly picks up when seeing the caller is Minami

(Hi, baby. How was your meeting?) Minami said

“Minami” Atsuko calls him in broken tone

(What’s wrong, Atsuko?) Minami asks

“Minami, Minami” Atsuko calls him in teary voice

(Baby, tell me what happened? Are you ok) Minami said

“I was so scared. I thought I lost you” Atsuko said and cries

Minami is very worry. He quickly turns video call to call Atsuko. His heart is in pain when seeing Atsuko’s painful face.

(Ssh...shh… don’t cry baby. Calm down. Tell me what’s happened) Minami gently said

(See Atsuko, I’m right here. Safe and sound. I’ll never leave you baby) He continues

(Calm down baby, I’m here. I’m here” Minami gently said

Slowly Atsuko calms down.

“Minami, you won’t leave me alone, right?” Atsuko said while wiping her tear

(Of course, I won’t baby. I’ll always be with you. Nothing can separate us) Minami smiles and said

(Now baby, tell me what’s happened?) he asks

“Just now, in my dream, I saw you came back here, in my office. Then someone shoots you through the glass. Blood, a lot of blood and you drop down” Atsuko said and cries again

Because Atsuko already lost a lot of people who are dear to her, she is scared of losing her most important person. Therefore, just a dream can cause her to panic. Minami knows that, so he is very worry. He wishes that he can be there to tell her that he is fine

(Sshhh… Atsuko, calm down. I’m right here. That is just a bad dream. It won’t happen. That’s just a dream) Minami said

“It is so scary Minami. I’m scared. Minami, please don’t leave me” Atsuko said in tear

Minami’s heart is in pain when seeing Atsuko crying. Suddenly he remembers one thing

(You know what, Atsuko?) he said

Atsuko wipes her tear and looks at Minami

(Mom just called me. She said that her and aunt Hinata finished preparing our wedding. Our wedding will be in two weeks. We will be together forever Atsuko.) Minami said

Atsuko smiles widely when hearing that.

“I’m so happy Minami. I’m so happy” Atsuko said while tear of happiness rolling on her cheeks

(I really want to hug you and kiss you right now baby.) Minami said

“Me too. I miss you Minami” Atsuko said

(I miss you too. I’ll go back early and tomorrow we can go and try our wedding outfits together. I can’t wait to see my fiancée in her wedding dress. You will be the most beautiful bride in the whole world) Minami said

“I can’t wait Minami” Atsuko said in happy tone

Minami smiles in relief when seeing Atsuko relaxed smile.

“By the way, Minami, how is your research?” Atsuko asks

(Oh, I asked people around here and showed them aunt Ayano picture. No one know about her. Then I met an old lady. She recognized her. She said aunt Ayano used to rent her apartment for 1 year. The weird thing is she is by herself) Minami said

“She is by herself. Then where is that person?” Atsuko said in confused

(I still don’t know yet, but I’ll investigate more) Minami said

(Ok baby. I’ll go around to investigate more. I’ll call you if I found anything else) he continues

“Ok, be careful Minami” Atsuko said

(I will. I love you) Minami smiles gently and said

“I love you too” Atsuko said

(Ahh… I want your kiss so bad) Minami said in pouting tone

“I’ll make it up to you when you get here” Atsuko said

Minami smiles widely and happily

(Remember that baby.) Minami said

Then they hang up.

In the evening

Atsuko arrives home.

“Minami, I’m home. Are you at Tokyo yet?” She texts Minami

Then she comes into the house with Rena and Yuki.

“Rena-neechan, Yuki-neechan” Atsuko calls them

“What is it, Acchan?” Yuki asks

“I want to learn cooking Katsudon” Atsuko said while blushing

“Ohhh… our Acchan is learning to be a wife.” Rena teases while wiping her fake tear

Atsuko already told them about her and Minami’s wedding

“Yeah… time sure fly. Little Acchan is about to become Mrs. Takahashi” Yuki said and also does that

“Stop teasing me, Rena-neechan, Yuki-neechan” Atsuko pouts while blushing

“Aww!!! Our Acchan is shy” Yuki keeps teasing her

“She is just so cute. No wonder Takamina is madly in love. If I were a man, Takamina will stand no chance” Rena adds

“True, I will also compete for her. That baka won’t stand a chance to us, right Rena?” Yuki said

“True, he is just a baka with no real romance soul” Rena said

“Minami isn’t baka. He is honest and serious. He is also very caring and know how to make me feel happy” Atsuko blurs out

It makes Rena and Yuki giggle at her.

“We know that your ‘Minami’ is the best.” Rena said

“She is just so cute to tease” Yuki said

Then they both laugh loudly together

“Rena-neechan, Yuki-neechan” Atsuko pouts at her sisters

“I won’t talk to you anymore” Atsuko pouts

She walks away because of embarrassment

“Ok, ok Acchan. We’re sorry. Let’s go to the kitchen after changing ok” Rena smiles and said

“Ok” Atsuko nods happily and quickly rushes back to her room.

Rena and Yuki look at Atsuko and smiles gently

Atsuko finishes changing and quickly rushes down to the kitchen, and they start cooking. After they finish cooking, Rena said

“Good job, Acchan. I believe Takamina will be very happy”

“Uh, I think so too” Yuki said

Atsuko smiles happily when hearing that.

“Ok, let’s prepare table and waiting for them to go back, Atsuko” Rena said


While they are preparing the table, suddenly Rena’s phone rings

“Hey J…” Rena smiles and said

However, her smile quickly disappears. This worried Yuki

“What’s happened?” Rena asks seriously

“I understand.” She continues and hangs up

“What is happened, Rena?” Yuki asks worriedly

“Takamina is suspected to murder Maeda Itachi…” hasn’t finished her words, they hear the sound of something drop on the floor

Rena and Yuki turn and see Atsuko’s surprised face.

“Acchan” Rena whispers

“Rena-neechan, what is happened to Minami? Where is he now?” Atsuko rushes to Rena and asks her while holding her arms

“Rena-neechan, please tell me” she continues in tear

“Please, Rena-neechan” Atsuko said in begging tone

“Calm down Acchan” Yuki said while holding her arms

She helps Atsuko to sit down on the chair.

“Calm down and listen to me Acchan” Rena said

“Ok” she asks

“Uh” Atsuko wipes her tear and nods

“Good” Rena pats her head and said

“Jun didn’t give me a lot of detail, but he said Takamina is suspect to kill Maeda Itachi. Also Nakamura and Suzuki Akira found dead there, and also a man.” She said

Atsuko is very surprised with what she heard

“How is he now, Rena-neechan? I want to meet him” she holds Rena’s arms and said

“He ran away before Takahashi Tenchi capture him. Jun said they are on the way back here. He will tell us more details later” Rena said

“Minami” Atsuko thought in tear while sitting back down on the chair

Suddenly they hear the bell ring

“I guess that is them” Rena said

“I’ll open the door. Yuki, you take Acchan back to her room. She isn’t in the state to meet Takahashi Tenchi” Rena said

“Ok” Yuki nods

“Let’s go, Acchan” she said to Atsuko

Then she takes her back to her room.

At the same time

Rena comes and opens the door. As she expected, that is Takahashi Tenchi. Jun and Mayu are also back.

“You already knew, but I’ll introduce myself again. My name is Takahashi Tenchi, and I’m the chief of police integrity department. I’m investigating about a case relating to the suspect, Takahashi Minami. I have some questions for you two and Ms. Maeda Atsuko.” Tenchi said

“We can answer your questions. However, Ms. Atsuko is resting right now. We can answer your questions in her place” Rena answers

“I need to talk to all the people to get the clues about the suspect. There is no exception” Tenchi said

“We are neither criminals nor suspects. You came here, this hour which is the resting time and demanding us?” Rena frowns and said

“You’re police, but that doesn’t mean you can do anything you want. We are citizens, and we pay taxes for you to protect us not treating us like criminal.” She continues strongly

Tenchi is very angry, but he cannot do anything

“Fine, I’ll come back tomorrow. What’s the good time for you?” Tenchi asks

“Come to Maeda building at noon. We will answer all your questions” Rena answers

“Ok, I’ll” Tenchi said

Then he leaves with the police

At midnight

The shadow climbs into the balcony of Atsuko’s room.

“Luckily, I know the secret passage” The shadow thought

He unlocks the door and comes in. He slowly walks toward Atsuko’s bed. Suddenly he hears Atsuko’s panic voice

“Minami, Minami, Minami” Atsuko calls in her sleep with scared tone

The shadow quickly rushes to Atsuko and holds her hand gently.

“Sshh… Atsuko, calm down baby. I’m here. There’s nothing to worry” Minami gently whispers

He strokes her hair gently to comfort her. Slowly Atsuko calms down and goes back to her sleep. Minami looks at Atsuko. He can see tear is still on her eyes.

“I’m sorry Atsuko. If I wasn’t careless, you wouldn’t worry about me and cry.” Minami whispers while wiping the tear on her eye


In the Tokyo airport

Minami walks out of the terminal while taking out his phone. He wants to call Atsuko. However, before he does that, his phone rings. Minami looks and sees the text from Takahashi agent, the one who he asked to investigate about Nakamura Toka.

He opens his phone and reads the text

“Young master, I found information about Nakamura Toka. Can you come to my house?”

“Sure, I’ll be there around 30 minutes” Minami texts back

Only Minami’s father and grandfather know true identity of Takahashi agents. Minami also knows about their information because he is the heir of Takahashi.

When Minami gets to the agent’s apartment building, he quickly comes to his apartment. He rings the bell and wait. However, no one opens the door. He rings the bell again, but he still gets the same results. He calls and knocks the door


The door suddenly opens a little because of his knock.

“Huh?” Minami thought in surprised

Feeling suspicious, he takes out his gun. Then he kicks the door and quickly points his gun in caution position. However, he doesn’t see any suspicious.

Minami careful checks everywhere, but he can’t find anything suspicious. When he gets to the living room, he sees Shu lying on the ground

“Shu” Minami quickly rushes to him

He sees a lot of blood. Because of too focusing on Shu’s dead, Minami doesn’t notice there is someone stealthily standing behind him.

Feeling something strange behind his back, Minami quickly turns around. However, before he can turn around, someone hits him at the back of his head. Minami falls down and lost conscious.

End flashback


In Rena’s room

Jun, Rena, Mayu, and Yuki are talking to each other about Minami’s case

“What’s really happened, Jun?” Rena asks

“This morning, all of sudden Takahashi Tenchi rushes to our department. He asked for reinforcements from us. He told us that he received the report about Maeda Itachi’s location.” Jun said

“He said he needs assistant from crime investigation department because we also involve in the case. Therefore, we go together with him” Mayu adds


In front of an abandoned junkyard

A lot of police rushes into the place. The light illuminates the whole place. Tenchi is the one who leads all of them. In the police, Jun and Mayu also join with him

“So as your information, Maeda Itachi is hiding here?” Jun asks

“Yes, I got from trusted sources” Tenchi said

“You all, surround this place” he turns to his people and said

“Why do I have suspicious feeling about all of this” Mayu whispers

“Me too.” Jun said

“By the way, can you contact Takamina?” He asks

“No, I can’t. I tried to contact him since we got the information that Itachi ran away.” Mayu said

“Maybe he is still busy, or he could be in the airplane right now” He continues

“Uh” Jun nods

Then they hear Itachi speaks through the speaker

“Maeda Itachi, I know you are hiding in there. Come out and surrender. Police already surrounded the place”

After a few moments of silent, Itachi said

“I repeat again. Come out and surrender now or I will use force”

Then after a few more silent moments, Itachi said

“I will count to three”


End flashback

Back to Asuko’s room

Minami sits there and thought.

“Why those things happened just in the right timing like that? Takahashi Tenchi came there just in time”


Inside the garage

Minami slowly opens his eyes because of the noise. He caresses the back of his head and thought

“What is that noise?”

Then he looks around and notices a strange scenery

“Where am I?” He stands up and thought

Suddenly the door swing opens. Minami sees Tenchi, Jun, Mayu, and a lot of police rush in

“Jun, Mayu?” Minami calls them in confused

“Takamina?” Jun and Mayu calls in surprised

Then they notice Maeda Itachi’s body is covered with blood. Not only that, there are two others dead bodies of Nakamura Toka and Suzuki Akira. What’s more? Minami is holding a gun in his hand

“Put the gun down, Takahashi Minami” Tenchi raises his gun and said

“Gun?” Minami thought

When he looks down, he sees he is holding his gun.

“Takahashi Minami, I suspect you killed Maeda Itachi, and two other victims. Put down your gun and surrender” Tenchi said

“Wait” Jun and Mayu rush between Minami and Tenchi

“Wait, maybe there is misunderstanding” Jun said

“Yes, let’s Takamina say something first” Mayu said

“He can say anything he wants at the testimony. I have to arrest him” Tenchi said

“You two step away if not I will also have to arrest you” He continues

Suddenly Minami throws a smoke bomb out and rushes away

End flashback

“Those things are too suspicious. I have to look into it” Minami mumbles

He leans down and kisses Atsuko’s lips gently

“I have to go know baby. Don’t worry, I’ll always be by your side” he whispers and kisses her forehead

Then Minami leaves the place by the secret passage that he came in

Back to Rena’s room

“After Takamina throws the smoke bomb, he rushed away”


Inside the garage

Right after Minami throws the smoke bomb, Tenchi shouts

“Don’t let the criminal escape”

Then they rush out of the garage. However, by that time, Minami already escaped

“What’s going on, Jun?” Mayu looks at Jun and asks

“I have no idea” Jun shrugs and said

In the police department

Tenchi comes to report to Kai. Jun and Mayu are also in there. Tenchi reports to Kai the situation in the Junkyard

“Also, sir, this morning, I received a report of a man is killed in his house. His name is Tanaka Shu. He is a photographer. As the witness report, they saw a man who as described is also Takahashi Minami. I ordered my men there and they found the victim and Minami’s fingerprint.” Tenchi said

“As my first summary from the situation, the culprit…”

“We still don’t know who the real culprit is.” Mayu cuts his words and said

“However ,with those evidence, he cannot escapes as a suspect. If talk about motive, he holds a big grudge on Maeda Itachi. Police in the department knew that he hit him at the hallway.”

“As for Nakamura, my man reported to me that he was the one who wants to harm Maeda Atsuko. Suzuki Akira also involved in the plan. One can say, he killed all three of them because of Maeda Atsuko”

“Still that doesn’t mean Takamina kill him. Also, you still can’t find out why he killed the man name Tanaka Shu” Mayu said

“Yes, as long as you cannot find a definite evidence and the connection between two cases, you cannot say that he is the culprit” Jun said

“You…” Tenchi said in angry tone

“Enough” Kai said

The three bows down silently

“This is my office, not a public place.” Kai said while frowning

“Sir, I just want to report to you that a potential killer is out there. Please let me handle this case. Also give out a nation wanted to all police departments in Japan to capture Takahashi Minami.” Tenchi said

“This is both for police and also Takahashi’s face. If we didn’t do anything, they will say that…”

“Takahashi Kai uses power to cover for his son’s wrongful work. That is what you mean right?” Cut Tenchi’s words, Kai said calmly

“No sir, that is not what I meant” Tenchi said

“I know you are a righteous person. You won’t ever do that” Tenchi said

“I already ordered my assistant to do the national wanted. And since you are already in this case, I assign you to investigate about this case.” Kai said

“Yes sir” Tenchi said

“Sir, we also want to investigate about this case” Jun said

“We are also in Maeda Itachi’s case” Mayu adds

“About you two, you aren’t allowed to join this case because you two are his friend.” Kai said

“Sir” Jun and Mayu said

“This is an order” Kai seriously said

“Yes sir” Jun and Mayu said

“Is there anything else?” Kai asks

“No sir” They said

“Then dismiss” Kai said

End flashback

“That is all of the things happened today.” Jun said

“However, uncle Kai did called us in to tell us this.” mayu said

“From today, our mission is protecting you three especially Acchan. He said there could be a very powerful party involve in this case” Jun said

“I see. Then we need to tighten the protection. For the future, Acchan will sleep in my room so that I can protect her” Rena said

“That is a good idea” Jun and Mayu said

At the same time

In Takahashi’s secret room

Kai and Minami’s Grandpa are talking to each other

“So Minami is in big trouble this time?” Minami’s grandpa said

“Yes, taking this chance Takahashi Tenchi want to push him to the corner. This child why he acted so reckless this time?” Kai said

“Let’s just stay silent and watch for now. I already other our agents to focus into this matter. During this time, watch Tenchi, he is the snake in this house” Minami’s grandpa said

“I understand” Kai said

Three days later

Mayu is waiting for Atsuko, Rena, and Yuki in front of the Maeda. Jun accompanies them to the car. Seeing them, Mayu smiles and steps out. Suddenly he feels a strong pain on his left chest.

Yuki widens her eyes in surprised. Someone shot him from afar. Mayu falls down with a big blood stain on his chest

“Mayu” Yuki rushes to him

She hugs him and calls in tear

“Mayu, Mayu please open your eyes”

Then Mayu is quickly taken to the hospital.


That is chapter 45. Hope you guys enjoy reading it  :D
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@arfi: Thank you! It's ok. I'm glad you enjoy reading my fic.  :D :)

Thank you everyone for reading my fic.  :D

Here is chapter 46  :D

Chapter 46: The Storm is not Calm

At Maeda hospital

Yuki is sitting outside of the operation room waiting for Mayu, and she is crying very hard. Rena and Atsuko are comforting her

“Calm down, Yuki. Mayu will be fine” Rena said

“Yes, auntie will save Mayu for sure” Atsuko said

After 3 hours

The light of the operation room turns off. Yuki quickly rushes to Hinata. Mayu’s parents also rushes to Hinata

“Auntie how is Mayu?” She asks in hurried tone

“How is our Mayu?” Ayumi asks

“The bullet is very near his heart. I already took it out, and Mayu is now out of the critical state. However, his condition is still very serious. He will be transferred to ICU until he wakes up.” Hinata said

“Mayu” Ayumi calls and cries on Tatsu’s shoulder

“Calm down honey. At least he is out of the critical condition. Our Mayu is a strong kid. He will be fine” Tatsu pats Ayumi’s back and said gently

“Mayu” Yuki looks down and thought in tear

“Mayu” she holds her fists tightly

Rena and Atsuko look at her worriedly. Then Rena comes to hug Yuki and said

“Mayu will be fine, Yuki”

Atsuko also hugs Yuki

“Don’t worry, Yuki-neechan. Mayu will be fine” Atsuko said

In the evening

In ICU room

Yuki is sitting next to Mayu’s bed. She holds his hand tightly while looking at him gently. Mayu’s mother comes in with Rena and Atsuko.

“Yuki, why don’t you go to the cafeteria and eat something? I can take care of Mayu?” Ayumi said

“I’m fine auntie. I have to wait for Mayu to wake up” Yuki said

“Yuki, you need to eat. You haven’t eaten anything since the morning” Rena said

“Yes, Yuki-neechan. Let’s go eat something or you will breakdown” Atsuko adds in worried tone

“I’m not hungry. I’m fine. I want to stay here with Mayu” Yuki said

Ayumi comes to Yuki and turns Yuki to look at her

“Yuki-chan, I know you worry about Mayu and want to take care of him. However, do you think he will be happy if he knows you torture yourself like this. You will breakdown before he wakes up” Ayumi said in serious tone

“I….I…” Yuki looks up at Ayumi

Then she looks down sadly at her hand

“Yuki-chan, listen to me. Mayu is a strong person, and I know you also know that, right?” Ayumi gently said

“Uh, I know he is very strong. However, I’m scared if I leave, Mayu…” Yuki said and cries

“Don’t worry too much, Yuki-chan. He will wake up. I promise he won’t leave you alone. If he dares to do that, I will spank him.” Ayumi said

“However, I know, and I believe you also know how much he loves you. He loves you a lot. I know he will fight for his life and go back with you” she continues

Yuki looks at Ayumi with her teary eyes.

“Trust me, ok Yuki-chan” Ayumi smiles gently at Yuki and said

“You can’t breakdown now, Yuki-chan” she continues

“I understand, auntie” Yuki said

“Good” Ayumi pats Yuki’s head and said

“Now, let go and eat something with Rena-chan and Acchan. After that, take a good nap in the room next door. Then come back here. In the meantime, Tatsu and I will take care of him.” She continues

“I understand auntie” Yuki said

Yuki looks at Mayu and said

“I will be right back, ok” she said to Mayu and kisses his forehead

Then Yuki leaves with Rena and Atsuko to the cafeteria

In front of the police department

Yuki parks her car and steps down of her car. She sees Mayu walks out of the door. Seeing her Mayu smiles and waves at Yuki


“Mayu” Yuki smiles and waves her hand back

Suddenly the whole place turns black. In front of her, she still sees Mayu standing there smiling. However, he is frozen from his spot. Then from behind, Yuki sees a man walking to walk Mayu.

“Mayu” Yuki calls and wants to rush to him

However, she can’t. She tries to move her feet, but she can’t. There are two other men suddenly appear and holds her down.

“Mayu, run” Yuki calls in tear

Then man comes closer to Mayu and raises the gun that he is holding in his hand up aiming at Mayu.


A cold gunshot echo throughout the place. Mayu drops down on the floor, and his blood is bleeding on the ground.

“Mayu, Mayu, Mayu” Yuki shouts in tear

The man turns to Yuki

“That is for not obeying me”


“Mayu” Yuki sits up and calls

She looks around and sees that she is still in the room next to Mayu’s. Quickly Yuki looks up at the monitor which showing Mayu’s room. She sighs in relief when seeing Mayu is still there. Then she turns to her left and sees Atsuko and Rena. Atsuko is sleeping on Rena’s lap while Rena leaning on the back of the sofa and sleep.

“Mayu” Yuki thought and steps down from her bed

She comes to Mayu’s room.

“Hello Ms. Yuki” the police greets her

“Hello” Yuki said

She gently opens the door and walks in. She sees that Ayumi is sleeping on the sofa. She sits down and holds Mayu’s hand

“I’m sorry, Mayu” she whispers while caressing Mayu’s face

In the early morning

In the building acrossing police department

Kai and Jun are standing at the balcony looking at where Mayu got shot.

“So this is where the criminal shot Mayu?” Kai asks

“Yes sir. After doing some testing and measurements, this is the level where that happened” Jun said

“Did you find any witness at that time?” Kai asks

“Not yet at this moment sir. I just send all the people asking around for witnesses” Jun said

“I see. Keep investigating and report to me the update immediately” Kai said

“Yes sir” Jun said

“How is Mayu now?” Kai asks

“He is still in the ICU. Hasn’t awakened. Auntie Hinata said, until he wakes up, his condition is still uncertain” Jun said

“I see. Remember to order more police to protect him, especially Acchan, Yuki, and Rena.” Kai said

“Yes sir” Jun said

“You also have to be careful” Kai said

“I’ll sir” Jun said

“Good. I’ll go back to my office now. See you later, Jun” Kai pats Jun’s shoulder and said


In the hospital

Atsuko slowly opens her eyes and sits up from the sofa. She rubs her eyes and looks around. She only sees Rena sitting on the sofa with her because she is sleeping on Rena’s laps all night

“Good morning Acchan” Rena smiles and said

“Good morning, Rena-neechan” Atsuko said

“Where is Yuki-neechan?” She asks

“When I woke up, I also didn’t see Yuki on the bed. I asked uncle Tatsu and auntie Ayumi. They said that Yuki came to visit Mayu. Then she said she needs to get some fresh air” Rena said

“It is better for her to get some fresh air” she continues

“I see” Atsuko said

“Are you hungry, Acchan?” Rena asks

“Uh” Atsuko nods

“Wait for me here, I will go out and buy something for us at the cafeteria” Rena stands up and said

“Ok” Atsuko said

“Remember don’t go anywhere alone ok.”  Rena turns and said to Atsuko

“Uh, I will wait for you in here” Atsuko said

“Good. I’ll be right back” Rena said

Atsuko stands up and comes to the window. She looks at the sky and thought

“Minami, where are you?”

After awhile

Rena comes back from buying breakfast.

“Acchan, I have your breakfast” Rena said

“Is Yuki back yet?” She asks

“Not yet. I’m worry, Rena. I came to Mayu’s room to ask, but auntie said she hasn’t come back yet. I also tried to call her multiple times, but it didn’t go through” Atsuko said in worried tone

Rena frowns in worry. However, she reassures Atsuko

“Don’t worry, Acchan. I think Yuki will be back soon” Rena said

“But she left even before you wake up. I worry that something could happen to her” Atsuko said with shaky tone

“Don’t worry, Acchan. I’ll call Jun. We will look for Yuki.” Rena said

In the evening

Mayu’s parents, Hinata, Atsuko, and Rena are sitting in the room next to Mayu’s ICU room. They are waiting for the news of Yuki. They still haven’t found her yet. Then Jun comes back to the room

“How was it, Jun?” Rena asks

“I checked all the cameras and can’t find anything. The only thing I found were the times when you guys step in here and when she left in the early morning.” Jun said

“I see.” Rena said

“I reported this back to uncle Kai. He said he will order more police to investigate around the hospital. I also ordered my men to go around the hospital to ask if anyone see anything” Jun said

“Rena-neechan, I’m worry. Is Yuki-neechan ok? Is all of this happened because of me?” Atsuko asks with teary eyes

“Baka, where did you get that idea? Everything will be fine. Yuki and Mayu will be ok. We will also solve Takamina’s case quickly. Nothing to worry. And don’t think like that, ok” Rena said

“Uh” Atsuko nods sadly

“Why don’t you two go home and rest for today? We will take care of Mayu.” Ayumi said

“Yes, you two also still have to manage Maeda” Tatsu adds

“We will. Thank you” Rena said

Then they leave the place with Jun

At night

Atsuko is sitting on her bed while looking at Minami’s picture.

“Minami, where are you? I miss you. There are a lot of things happened. Mayu is still in the hospital. Yuki-neechan is missing. I need you to tell me everything will be fine, Minami” Atsuko whispers in tear while caressing Minami’s picture

Rena looks at Atsuko worriedly. She comes and pats Atsuko’s head

“Everything will be ok again, Acchan. Don’t worry. I believe Takamina is also doing his best to solve the case so that he can come back to meet you.”  She said

“I think he will come back soon” She continues

“Really Rena-neechan?” Atsuko asks

“Of course. Don’t forget he is the best police” Rena said

“Uh” Atsuko nods but still looks down sadly

Rena looks at Atsuko’s sad face.

“Acchan, look at me” Rena said

Atsuko looks up at Rena

“Do you trust your sister?” She asks

“Yes, I trust you” Atsuko said

“Then stop worrying. I said that everything will be fine. Then it will. Takamina will definitely come back soon” Rena gently said

“I understand” Atsuko nods

“Acchan, why don’t you sleep a little? We still have an important meeting tomorrow” Rena said

“Ok” Atsuko nods and lies down

“Rena-neechan, can you hug me like when I was little?” Atsuko asks

“Sure, my little Acchan” Rena said and smiles at her gently

Then she lies down next to Atsuko. Atsuko moves closer while holding her shirt tightly. Rena smiles and pats her head gently to comfort her

The next day

In the evening

Jun takes Rena and Atsuko back to Maeda mansion. In front and behind of their car are two police cars. Kai ordered police to protect Atsuko because of all the things happened.

While they pass by an intersection, a car suddenly rushes from the left side and hits the first police car strongly. Seeing that, Jun quickly pushes the break. The sudden break causes the car to spin around. Rena hugs Atsuko in her arm to reduce the shock for her. It spins and hits a big tree. The big impact causes the airbag to be activated

In the car

Jun sits up and pushes away the airbag

“Are you ok, Rena, Acchan?” Jun asks

“Are you ok, Acchan?” Rena asks Atsuko

“I’m fine” Atsuko nods

Rena said to Jun

“We are fine”

After clearing up everything, Jun pushes the door open and goes out. Then Jun comes and helps Atsuko and Rena to come out.

“Are you ok, sir, ma’am?” A police rush to them and asks

“We are fine. Go and check the car” Jun said

Then he turns to the other two police standing at the car at the back

“You two protect Rena and Acchan” he orders

“Yes, sir”

“Rena, take Acchan and go into the car. This thing happened is so weird.” Jun said

“Wait inside. The reinforcement will come soon” he continues

“Ok, be careful, Jun” Rena said

Then they come and sit down in the car.

After seeing Rena and Atsuko go into the car, Jun takes his phone out and calls for the reinforcements. Then he also comes to check on the car. While looking at the car, suddenly Jun hears the ticking sound. Jun looks around. The he notices the watch on the dead driver. It is counting, and the time left is 10 seconds

“Get away from the car, now” Jun shouts and quickly jumps away before the explosion.

The explosion is not big. It only cause the window to busted together with the dead body

At the same time

The sudden explosion surprised Rena and Atsuko.

“Jun” Rena shouts and rushes out of the car

When Atsuko is about to rush out, Rena turns and stops her

“Acchan, stay inside ok”

“Don’t go Rena-neechan” Atsuko holds her hand and said

“Everything will be ok, Acchan. Don’t worry” Rena pats her head and said

Then Rena leaves the car.

“Protect her carefully” she said

“We understand” one of the two police said

Then Rena rushes to Jun and helps him standing up

“Are you ok, Jun?”

“Uh, I’m fine. Is everyone ok?” Minami asks

“We are fine, sir” the police said

“This matter is getting more serious than I thought” Jun said

“Uh, I also feel that. Before the explosion, did you notice anything inside, Jun?” Rena asks

“Not much, I just saw that the driver is dead. Also, when I looked at the road, I notice the trace of this car tires. There is no indication that it has the intention to break. Now, this explosion. Therefore, I’m afraid this incident could relate to Mayu’s and Yuki’s case.” Jun said while frowning

“Move away from the car. There could be another explosion” Jun orders

“Yes sir”

“Who could have done these kinds of things?” Rena said while looking at the car

“I got the feeling that this is not a simple case, and the person who behind this is also a very dangerous one” Jun said

“Anyway, let’s go back first. I don’t want to leave Acchan alone for so long” Rena said

“Uh” Jun nods

However, when they just turn around, they widen their eyes in surprised. The car doors are wide opened, and they don’t see the two police or Atsuko

“Acchan” Rena thought and rushes to the car

At the same time, Kai and police reach the place.

“What’s happened? Where is Atsuko?” Kai quickly steps down and asks

“Sir, Acchan went missing” Jun said

“What? How can that be?” Kai asks worriedly

Then Jun tells Kai everything.

“I also order police to look around this place” Jun finishes his words

“I see.”

Suddenly, Rena said and rushes into the forest

“I have to look for her”

“Rena, wait” Jun chases after her

Kai frowns while looking around

“Be safe kids” he thought


Atsuko is walking in between the two police


Atsuko is sitting in the car while looking at Rena and Jun worriedly. Suddenly her phone rings. She looks and sees a call from a strange number. She picks up her phone and said


(Hi, president Maeda) a strange voice comes from the other side

Atsuko notices that the voice is manipulated

“Who are you?” Atsuko asks

(You don’t need to know who I am. You just need to know that the explosion just now is just a small one. If you don’t listen to me, your sister and her boyfriend will die”

Atsuko widens her eyes in surprised

“What do you want?” Atsuko asks

(If you want to save their lives, come out of this car quietly and follow the two police) the man said

Atsuko looks at the two police and sees they smirk at her

End flashback

“Where do you want to take me?” Atsuko asks

“Just keep silent and walk” one of the men said

“Don’t be that rough to a girl, especially this beautiful” the other man said and touches Atsuko’s hair

“Don’t touch me” Atsuko slaps his hand away and said

“You dare to do that” the man holds Atsuko’s collar and said angrily

Suddenly blood flashes on Atsuko’s face. She looks up at the man and sees blood is bleeding from his forehead. Atsuko turns around and see a group of 5 people, and they are wearing the mask to hide their face. The person on the left side of the leader shot the man

“That is for don’t listen to the order” the man said

Atsuko is very shock when seeing the screen. It reminds her of her parents’ death. She screams and bends down while holding her head tightly

“What are you doing?” The leader turns to the man who just shot and asks in angry tone

“I just do my work. Now it is your turn to do your work” the man said

“You two, take her to the car” the leader orders


They rush to Atsuko to pull her up, but she struggles

“Don’t touch me. Get away from me”

Atsuko keeps struggling causing it is hard for them to pull her with them. Impatient, one of the men slaps Atsuko’s face causing her to fall on the ground

“Stop struggling will you? Be a good girl or I’ll kill you” he shouts

Suddenly someone holds his collar and punches him hard on the face. That is the leader

“I told you to bring her to the car not to hit her. I’ll kill you if you do that again” The leader coldly said

“I’m sorry” The man bows and said

Then the leader comes to Atsuko. Atsuko moves back in scared

“Don’t come near me” she said in shaky tone

“Come with me president Maeda.” The leader said

Moving back awhile then she hits the tree

“No way run here.” The leader said

Then the person comes and sits down in front of Atsuko. The leader raises the phone in front of Atsuko

“Did you see this?”

Atsuko widens her eyes in surprised. The picture in the phone is Yuki. She is tied in a dark place

“What did you do with Yuki…” Atsuko stops when their eyes meet

“Come with me” The leader said

“I’ll. Don’t hurt Yuki-neechan” Atsuko said

Suddenly a gunshot appears

The leader jumps back to dodge. Then another smokes bomb is thrown out. Then a shadow lifts Atsuko up and rushes away


That is chapter 46. Hope you guys enjoy reading it  :D
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Fateful Encounter (Atsumina, Wmatsui) (Completed)
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Re: Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) Chapter 46 27/07/2018
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ohhhh why why :frustrated: :frustrated: :frustrated:
i need more ASAP  :temper: :on voodoo: :scolding: :scolding:
who is the leader? :dunno: and who is appear after the smoked bomb and lifted atsuko? :grr: and where's yuki? :fainted:
omg too many question in my mind?! :on blackhole: :depressed:
thankyou for new chapter nguyen23-san :mon lovelaff:
anyway i really enjoy reading your fic, that's why my comment is more annoying :mon sweat: :mon mischief: :mon mischief:
waiting more!! :on cigar: :on cigar:

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Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) Chapter 47 19/08/2018
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@arfi: Thank you!  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic.  :D

Here is chapter 47  :D

Chapter 47: Behind the Mask

In the deepest part of the forest

The leader bends down and raises the phone in front of Atsuko

“How do you feel about this?”

Atsuko widens her eyes in surprised. The picture in the phone is Yuki. She is tied in a dark place

“What did you do with Yuki…” Atsuko stops when their eyes meet

The leader quickly stands up and said in serious tone

“No more talking. Come with me now”

“I’ll. Don’t hurt Yuki-neechan” Atsuko said

Suddenly a gunshot appears

The leader jumps back to dodge. Then a smokes bomb is thrown out. In the smoke, a shadow lifts Atsuko up and rushes away. Atsuko is very surprised when being lifted up. However, then she calms down when hearing the gentle whisper

“You are safe now, my love”

She slowly closes her eyes and leans her head on his chest feeling safe

When the smoke completely disappears, the leader can’t see anyone there

“Damn it. They ran away” the masked man standing next to the leader said

However, inside the mask, there is a dangerous smirk.

“Got you”

At the moment

Minami is rushing away from those criminal direction and head to his car. Atsuko is unconscious in his arms.

When Minami reaches his car, he quickly puts Atsuko inside and drives away. Unknowingly to him, there is a car follows him from behind. However, as an experienced police, Minami can notice the suspicious behind him no matter how skilled those following him do. He drives quickly and keeps turning left and right for three time. Then he turn another left to a very isolated place, and then he makes a right turn into a small alley. Not long after it, another car turns into the alley. However, it quickly stops because in front is a high wall.

A man steps down from his car and looks around

“Where is he? It is impossible for him to disappear” He thought

“Sir, he got away” The man said into his Bluetooth

“Idiot, look for him. Useless” Tenchi’s voice through the phone

“Look around that place, again. I want you to look for Takahashi Minami even in the smallest place” He continue in angry tone

Actually, when Minami turns to the alley, he opens a secret portal under the ground. This is another Takahashi secret. No one knows about this place except the head of Takahashi

Minami carries Atsuko into a room and gently puts her down. He leans down and kisses her forehead gently. Minami sees blood on her face and clothes, so he goes out to get some water to wipe that from her face.

While wiping Atsuko’s face, suddenly he sees Atsuko’s expression changes.

“No, don’t … Minami… Minami.” Atsuko shakily calls in her unconscious

“Atsuko, Atsuko, calm down. I’m here” Minami caresses Atsuko’s face and said

“Minami… Minami… Minami” Atsuko sits up and shouts in shaky tone

“Calm down, Atsuko. You’re safe here. I’m here. Everything will be ok” Minami gently said while patting Atsuko’s back

“Minami?” Atsuko calls in surprise

She breaks the hug and looks at Minami. Atsuko shakily raises her hand to touch his face gently

“Is that really you, Minami?” Atsuko asks in shaky tone

“Of course, this is me, my baka Atsuko” Minami holds Atsuko’s hand gently and said

Then he bends down and kisses her lips gently.

“Can you feel my lips on yours?” Minami smiles and asks

“Minami, I’m so glad. I’m so glad” Atsuko hugs Minami tightly and said in tear

She cries loudly while tightening her hug around his neck. Minami smiles gently and hugs Atsuko tightly

“Baka, don’t cry. I’m here with you. Everything will be alright” he pats her back and said in gentle tone

After awhile

Atsuko is calmly lying in Minami’s arms. Minami keeps stroking her back gently to comfort her

“I miss you so much, Minami” Atsuko buries her face on his chest and said

“I know. I miss you too” Minami whispers and kisses her head

“Minami, a lot of things happened.” Atsuko looks up at Minami and said

“I know. I always follow you from behind. I know.” Minami said

“However, don’t worry. Just as I said, I’m here. Everything will be alright” He continues while smiling gently

“Minami” Atsuko hugs him and buries her face on his chest

Minami kisses her head gently while stroking her back

“What’s happened to you, Minami? Why did they say you kill people?” Atsuko asks

“When I just came back from investigating auntie Ayano’s case, I got a text from Takahashi secret agent” Minami starts telling Atsuko what’s happened

“After arriving his house, I saw he was lying on the floor. I came to check on her and noticed that he was dead. Then someone hit me from behind, and I lost conscious. When I woke up, I found their dead bodies just like you heard from Mayu and Jun” he continues

“I see. So one of the victims is Takahashi agent” Atsuko asks

“Uh.” Minami nods

“Do you know who is it, Minami?” Atsuko asks

“I’m still investigating the case” Minami said

“By the way, are you hungry, Atsuko? I’ll cook something for you to eat” Minami said while taking Atsuko’s hand out

“Just lie down and rest a little. I’ll be right back” He continues while patting her head

“I’ll be right back”

Atsuko suddenly remembers Minami’s words the day he went to investigate Ayano’s missing case. She hugs him and said

“Minami please don’t go. Please don’t go anywhere. Please don’t leave me alone. Please”

Minami can hear the shaken in her tone. She is shaking in scared.

“Atsuko, don’t worry. I’ll just step into the kitchen to get something for you to eat. I won’t go anywhere” Minami said

“No, please. I don’t want to eat. I only need you here, right beside me. This way I know I’m not dreaming, and this is the reality. Minami, please don’t go. Don’t leave me. I’m scared” Atsuko said in tear

“Atsuko” Minami breaks the hug to look at Atsuko

He sees tear rolling down on her cheeks and a painful expression. His heart is in pain when seeing Atsuko like this. He knows he has to do something to reassure her that he won’t leave her alone

“How about I’ll take you to the kitchen with me? You need to eat something” Minami said

“Uh” Atsuko nods

Minami lifts her up and walks toward the kitchen. He puts her down on the chair and goes to cook something for them

While cooking, sometimes, Minami will turn around to look at Atsuko. He sees that she doesn’t move her position and always looks at him. Minami will always smile to reassure her

After awhile

Minami finishes cooking. He brings the food to the table and sits down next to Atsuko. Atsuko takes the spoon and eats a little

“How was it baby?” Minami asks

“It is delicious, Minami” Atsuko smiles and said

He finally sees her smile. It makes him feel so relieved. After eating, Minami takes Atsuko back to the room

“Lie down and sleep a little my love” He said

“Don’t leave me, Minami” Atsuko hugs Minami and said

“I won’t. I’ll sit here” Minami said

Then he helps Atsuko to lie down and cover her with the blanket. He smiles at her and kisses her forehead

“Good night Atsuko” he whispers

Atsuko smiles and closes her eyes. Her hand still holds his hand very tight. Minami smiles gently when seeing Atsuko finally fell in sleep. He gently takes her hand out to come to his table. He has to investigate more about the case. However, when he just stands up, Atsuko sits up and shouts

“Minami, Minami, Minami”

Minami quickly hugs her in his arms and pats her back

“I’m here, Atsuko. I’m here. I won’t go anywhere. I’m here” He said and kisses Atsuko head while patting her back

Atsuko slowly calms down

“Are you ok, my love?” Minami asks

“Uh” Atsuko nods

“Then lie down and sleep a little” Minami said

“No, I don’t want to sleep. I don’t want to close my eyes” Atsuko said

“Why baby?” Minami asks

“Because I’m scared. I’m scared that when I close my eyes, you’ll disappear. I’m scared” Atsuko said while tear rolling on her cheeks

“How about I will hug you to sleep, ok?” Minami wipes Atsuko’s tear and gently said

“Uh” Atsuko nods slowly

Then Minami lies down and pulls Atsuko to lie down on his arm. His other arm, he hugs her waist pulling her closer to him

“Atsuko, don’t be scared. Trust me. I’ll always be here for you. I won’t go anywhere. I promise that the first thing you see tomorrow when you wake up will be me.” Minami gently said to Atsuko while stroking her hair

Atsuko snuggles closer to Minami. She can feel the warm of his hug and his heartbeat. It makes her feel safe because she is in Minami’s arms

“Don’t leave me while I’m sleeping, Minami” Atsuko hugs him tighter and said

“I won’t Atsuko. I won’t leave you alone and scare ever again. I promise” Minami looks at Atsuko and whispers lovingly

“Now close your eyes and sleep, baby. You are exhausted” he continues

“Goodnight, my love” Minami kisses Atsuko’s lips and said

“Goodnight, Minami” Atsuko said and buries her face on his chest

She slowly falls in sleep in his warm embrace, and his steady heartbeat is like a lullaby to her. Minami smiles gently when seeing Atsuko slowly falls in sleep again. He kisses her head and whispers

“I love you”

Then he buries his face on her neck and falls in sleep

In the morning

Minami slowly opens his eyes and smiles gently at the girl sleeping in his arm. Finally, Minami is able to hug the girl he loves in his arms again. He misses the feeling of hugging Atsuko in his arms for so long.

“I love you so much, my Atsuko” Minami kisses Atsuko’s forehead and said

“Minami, don’t leave me” Atsuko snuggles closer to Minami and mumbles in her sleep

Minami smiles gently at her action. He hugs her closer and kisses her neck and exhales her scent.

“I won’t ever leave you” Minami whispers gently

Then he hears Atsuko’s voice


Minami breaks the hug and looks down

“Good morning, my love” Minami smiles and gently said

“Good morning, Minami.” Atsuko leans up to peck his lips and said

“How was your sleep baby?” Minami asks sweetly

“Very good Minami. It has been so long since I sleep like this.” Atsuko buries her face on his chest and said

“I’m glad” Minami said while stroking her back

Then he leans down and kisses Atsuko’s lips deeply. Then he breaks the kiss and said

“Atsuko, listen to me”

“What is it, Minami?” Atsuko looks at Minami and asks

“I have something to do, so I have to go out a little bit. Wait for me here, ok.” Minami said

“No, don’t go Minami” Atsuko hugs him tightly and said

“Atsuko, look at me” Minami pulls Atsuko out and said

“No” Atsuko shakes her head and hugs him tighter

“Atsuko, baby, look at me” Minami cups Atsuko’s cheeks and said

Atsuko slowly looks up at Minami

“Atsuko, you want to find Yuki, right?” Minami asks

“Uh” Atsuko nods

“You want to revenge for Mayu, right?” Minami asks

“Uh” Atsuko nods

“You also want me to solve my case quickly, right?” Minami asks

“Uh, I really want you to solve your case quickly, so I can be with you forever” Atsuko said

“Me too. I really, really want to solve this case because I want to revenge for Mayu, look for Yuki, and especially come back to you. Next month is our wedding, and I really, really want to see you in your wedding dress.” Minami smiles and said

“Do you understand, Atsuko?” He asks

“I understand, Minami. But I’m scared” Atsuko said in shaky tone

“I know your scared, Atsuko. I promise you that I will definitely come back to you. Just wait for me. I’ll be back this evening” Minami holds her hands and said gently

“Ok” Atsuko nods

“Promise me you will come back here” she looks at Minami and said with teary eyes

“I’ll” Minami caresses Atsuko’s face and said

Then he leans down and kisses Atsuko’s lips deeply while their hands entwining together

In the evening

Minami rushes into the room while calling Atsuko

“Atsuko, I’m back”

However, he stops when seeing no one in the room.

“Atsuko?” Minami calls while looking around

He goes everywhere to look for Atsuko, but he can’t find her anywhere

“Atsuko, where are you?” Minami thought worriedly

Then he notices a piece of paper on the bed. He quickly rushes to the bed and pick it up

“Minami, I’ll end everything today. I love you, Minami”

“Atsuko” Minami thought and rushes to looks for her


In the forest

Atsuko is walking while taking out her phone

“I’m at the place you told me to come” Atsuko said


While Atsuko is reading her book while waiting for Minami, her phone suddenly rings. She looks and sees that is a text message. Atsuko opens the text and widens her eyes in surprised when seeing Rena and Jun

Suddenly her phone rings. Atsuko quickly picks up her phone

(Do you like the present I just sent you)

“Don’t harm them” Atsuko quickly said

(Come to the place yesterday or you will receive their dead body)

That is the only sentence the strange person said, and then the person hangs up

Atsuko looks at her phone. Then she quickly rushes away after leaving Minami a message

End flashback

“Very good. I like people who keep their words” the person steps out and said while clapping the hands

“Where is Rena and Jun?” Atsuko asks

“Follow me” the person said and turns around

Suddenly, Atsuko calls


The person stops in surprised when hearing Atsuko’s call


That is chapter 47. Hope you guys enjoy reading it  :D
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Re: Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) Chapter 47 19/08/2018
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your fic always make me want to read more and more! :gyaaah: :tantrum:
thankyou you still keep update nguyen23-san! :bow: :bow:  :ptam-shy:
i always waiting next chapters! :nya:

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Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) Chapter 48 25/08/2018
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@arfi: Thank you!  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic  :D

Here is chapter 48  :D

Chapter 48: The Child of the Past

In the forest

Atsuko is standing in the place where she met the masked group who want to kidnap her. Then she hears the leader’s voice

“Good, very cooperative.”

“Where is Rena and Jun?” Atsuko turns and asks the leader

“Follow me” the person said and turns around

Suddenly, Atsuko calls


The person stops in surprised when hearing Atsuko’s call.

“What are you saying?” The person said

“Yuki-neechan, I know it is you” Atsuko said in serious tone

Staying silent for awhile, the person suddenly turns around and chuckles

“How did you know this is me?” the person said while slowly taking off her mask

Behind the mask, slowly appearing a face that is so familiar and dear to Atsuko. Yuki throws the mask away and asks again

“How and since when did you know that is me?”

“Since the time under the cliff. The moment I saw your eyes, I know instantly who you are” Atsuko looks at Yuki and said

“Yesterday, when I saw your eyes once again, I know for sure that is you.” She continues

“But how?” Yuki whispers in surprised tone

“You are my sister. We grew up together. There is no way I can’t recognize you and your gentle eyes that always looking out for me” Atsuko said

“Acchan” Yuki thought in surprised

However, she shakes her head and asks

“Then why didn’t you say anything? You can tell Takahashi Minami to arrest me” Yuki asks

“Because I want to know why did you do that” Atsuko said

“Don’t you hate me because of what I did to you? I pointed the gun at you. You should hate me and turn me to the police, right?” Yuki said

“You are my big sister, and I’ll never hate you. I always love my big sister” Atsuko seriously said

Her words surprised Yuki a lot

“I just want to know why did you do this?” Atsuko asks

Yuki holds her fists tightly. Then she smiles and said

“Because I want Maeda” she said in ease tone

“What do you mean?” Atsuko asks

“You know who is my parents? You know who is my birth mother?” Yuki asks

Atsuko shakes her head in confused

“I just met her 1 month ago. Her name is…” Yuki said and pauses

Atsuko looks at Yuki waiting for her to answer

“Her name is Maeda Ayano” Yuki finishes her words

Atsuko widens her eyes in surprised

“You are aunt Ayano’s daughter?” She said in surprised tone

“Surprised huh? Me too” Yuki said and smirks

Suddenly Yuki hits behind Atsuko back causing her to lost consciousness

In an abandoned factory

Yuki comes back with Atsuko is on her back. She comes to a door where two men are guarding and said

“Open the door”

“Yes ma’am” the man said and opens the door for Yuki

Then Yuki walks into the room. Inside, there are Rena and Jun locked in there. Hearing the sound of the door open, they turn and look at the door direction. Rena shouts in surprised when seeing Atsuko. When she is about to rushes to Atsuko, Yuki points the gun at her

“Don’t move a muscle, or I’ll have to shoot you” Yuki said

“You…” Rena said angrily

“Don’t be reckless, Rena” Jun holds her back

“What did you do to her?” Rena sits back and asks in angry tone

“Don’t worry, she just lost her conscious.” Yuki said

Then Yuki puts Atsuko down on the floor and leaves the room

“Acchan” Rena rushes to hugs Atsuko up in her arm

“Acchan, Acchan” she calls Atsuko gently

Atsuko slowly opens her eyes when hearing someone calls her. She sits up and smiles happily when seeing Rena

“Rena-neechan, you are ok?” Atsuko hug her and asks

“I’m ok, Acchan” Rena pats Atsuko’s head and said

“I’m glad you two are ok” she sits back and said in happy tone

“Are you ok, Acchan? Did that traitor hurt you somewhere?” Rena asks

“I’m fine. But who is traitor?” Atsuko tilts her head and asks

“Who else? I never thought grandpa raised a wolf in the house” Rena said

“Rena-neechan, don’t say something like to Yuki-neechan. She must have a reason” Atsuko said

“Acchan, you are so nice. However she isn’t your sister anymore. She is just a greedy person who wants to take away Maeda. She is the same as those greedy bastard” Rena said

“I don’t believe that. I have to find out the reason behind this” Atsuko said

Then she stands up and shouts

“Yuki-neechan, I want to talk to you, Yuki-neechan.”

Atsuko keeps shouting until the door opens, and Yuki walks in

“Stop shouting” she frowns and said

“You still haven’t answered all my questions, Yuki-neechan” Atsuko said in serious tone

“I told you already I want to take Maeda. I kidnapped you here to force you to write a resign letter and appoint me as the new president and head of Maeda clan” Yuki said

“Don’t make me laugh. No one will validate that letter” Rena said

“They will. After I get rid of you two, and when I get the letter, no one will know. When Takahashi Tenchi comes here, he will just announce that he finds a dead body of President of Maeda together with a blood letter saying that. In addition, he will announce that because the culprits fought back, he had no choice but to kill them. And they are Matsui Rena and Matsui Jun” Yuki said

“Takahashi Tenchi?” Jun asks in surprised tone

“You cooperate with that man?” Rena asks

“Yes, we have a deal. When I get Maeda, he will have Takahashi” Yuki said

Rena rushes to Yuki and slaps her

“You traitor” She angrily said

“Rena-neechan, please don’t” Atsuko stands between Rena and Yuki and said

“Yuki-neechan, tell me why?” Atsuko turns and asks again in tear

“Why are you so stubborn? I told you my ultimate goal is Maeda” Yuki said

“Last month, I met her. The woman who threw away her child because the man she loves abandoned her. To ashamed to come back, she can only leave her daughter in front of her little brother’s house hoping him will raise her” she continues

Atsuko widens her eyes in surprised

“So you are really my cousin, auntie Ayano’s daughter” Atsuko said

“Yes, unbelievable huh?” Yuki smirks

“Since knowing that, there is a feeling inside me. Why? Why? Why? I’m also Maeda, but since I started knowing things, what I got was a cold shoulder from every member in Maeda. They treated me like a complete nothing while in true, I’m the heir of Maeda if that stupid woman didn’t run away from Maeda. What you have right now is rightfully mine” Yuki said

Atsuko steps back in surprise

“Shut up, traitor. Maeda will never be yours. Acchan is the only rightful heir” Rena said

“A selfish person who know nothing but money doesn’t have the right to manage Maeda which is all efforts of grandfather and father Heiji” She continues

“Shut up, there is no place for you to talk” Yuki shouts and shoot a warning shot

Suddenly Atsuko speaks up

“Ok, I’ll write that letter”

“Acchan, what are you saying?” Rena said in surprised tone

“You can’t do that. Maeda is yours not hers” she continues

Atsuko turns around and smiles at Rena

“It’s ok, Rena. I know no matter what, Yuki-neechan will definitely protect Maeda in place of me.” Atsuko said

“However, I want you to promise me one thing” she turns to Yuki and said

“What do you want, Acchan?” Yuki asks

“First I want you to keep this promise even after I die” Atsuko said

“Acchan, stop saying stupid thing. I won’t let you do that” Rena shouts

“Rena-neechan please. Just see this as me begging you. Please, after today, nothing ever happened. I just got kidnapped and killed by a strange criminal. You and Yuki found the place so late. This criminal also killed Maeda Itachi and others. You found my dead body with my letter” Atsuko said

“Acchan” Rena shouts

“Please Rena-neechan.” Atsuko kneels down and said

“Acchan” Rena quickly kneels down together

“If you also die, I will never forgive myself even after I die for dragging you into this. If that time, when you want to leave, I let you go. You can be happy with Jun now” she continues

“Acchan, why did you do this to me?” Rena said in tear

“Everything starts because of me. Just let me end everything. Maeda Atsuko shouldn’t exist in the first place” Atsuko said

“Acchan” Rena calls in tear

“Please Rena-neechan” Atsuko said while bowing down

“Acchan” Rena calls in tear

Yuki holds her fists tightly. She throws a Maeda business cards to Atsuko. Then she turns around and said

“Write your message. I’ll come back later. If she doesn’t agree, I’ll kill all of you”

Then she leaves the room quickly. She rushes to another room and smash everything in there. She kicks the table, chair, and punches the wall. She keeps hitting with her hands and then kneels down

“Acchan, I’m sorry. I don’t deserve your forgiveness” Yuki said in tear

Suddenly she hears a scornful voice

“What do we have here? Why do our president to be cry like this?”

Yuki turns and sees a middle aged walks in. He is the ambassador and son in law of the high respect politician. After him is another familiar face, Takahashi Tenchi. He looks at Yuki and smirks

“Our president to be is feeling guilty” Tenchi said in sarcastic tone

“Shut up. You don’t have any position to say anything” Yuki said

“I still haven’t forgotten that you were the one who shot Mayu” She continues

“That is just a reminder” Okada Eisuke speak up

“You will thank me later” he continues

“Thank you? Hahaha…. don’t make me laugh. Thank you for destroying my life or what?” Yuki said


1 month ago

While Yuki is working in her office, she hears her phone rings. She looks at her phone and sees a strange number.

“Hello, Maeda Yuki is speaking” Yuki picks up and said

(Good morning, Maeda Yuki.) A strange voice appears from the other side

Yuki can hear that is a middle aged man voice.

“Who are you?” Yuki asks

(You probably don’t know about me, but I know about you very well) the man said

Yuki frowns when hearing that

(Come to the address that I’m about to send to you if you want to know who is your real parents)

Yuki is surprised when hearing what the man said

“You know my parents” Yuki asks

Suddenly she hears the man laughs loudly

(Just come to the place I told you. You will know everything)

Then he hangs up. Yuki looks at her phone with confused. Then she sees the message is sent to her.

“I have to know about this” Yuki thought and rushes out of her office

Driving for about 1 hour, Yuki reaches a mansion deep in the middle of the forest. She parks the car and goes out cautiously. She comes to the door. However before she can knock, a man comes out and bows at her

“Hello Ms. Maeda. Please come with me. Master is waiting for you” he said

Then he leads Yuki to a big double door. He opens the door for her and said

“Please come in. Master is waiting for you”

“Ok” Yuki nods

She slowly walks into the room with confused. When she comes inside, she sees a man sitting there on the sofa. On another sofa, there is a woman sitting. She feels her face so familiar, but she can’t remember where she saw her. Suddenly something flashes in her head

“Are you ok ma’am”

“The woman I met under that raining day” Yuki thought

“Welcome my dear. Please sit down” the man stands up and said in happy tone

“Who are you? Do you really know are my parents?” Yuki asks

“Just sit down first.” The man said

“Why can’t you say it first?” Yuki said

The man looks at her and laughs loudly.

“Good, I like your straightforward attitude. Really like me” the man said

Yuki frowns when hearing what the man said. She sees the man comes to the woman and said

“Why don’t you tell her Ayano?”

“Ayano?” Yuki thought in surprised

“By the way, let’s me introduce her. Her name is Maeda Ayano, first daughter of Maeda Ryuu, deceased president of Maeda” the man turns to Yuki and said

“You are Acchan’s aunt” Yuki said in surprised tone

“And your birth mother” the man said

“What are you saying?” Yuki asks in surprised tone

“Tell her” the man said

“Around 26 years ago, I ran away with a man I thought love me very much. I lived with him, and we have a child together. However, he abandoned me even before I gave birth to my child.” Ayano said in tear

“When I gave birth to my daughter, I brought her back to Maeda. However, too ashamed of my foolishness, I cannot face my father or my brothers and sisters. Therefore, I left my daughter in front of my youngest brother’s house because I know him and his wife are the most gentle and kind people in Maeda. I hope he can raise her and give her a better life than staying with her stupid mother” she continues

Yuki steps back in surprise

“That baby is me?” Yuki whispers while tear rolling down on her cheeks

“I’m sorry Yuki. I’m sorry” Ayano said in tear

“Ok, that is enough of the background story” the man said

“Who are you?” Yuki frowns and asks

“I’m? I’m your father” the man said in ease tone

“You are my father?” Yuki said in surprised tone

“Don’t believe me? Look at this” the man said and gives Yuki a stack of paper

Yuki opens the file and looks at it. The title of the file

“Parental DNA test

Result, father and daughter”

“It can’t be” Yuki thought

She  drops the file on the floor because of surprised.

“You believe me now?” The man asks with a smirk

His face shows no feelings. It is just a blank face without any feelings. Yuki looks at his face and asks in calm tone

“Why did you tell me all of this?”

The man is very impressed with Yuki’s action

“Impressive, you are really my daughter. Just like me” the man claps his hands and said

“Let’s me introduce my name first. My name is Okada Eisuke. It is ashamed if you don’t know your father’s name huh?” He continues

“Just go into the topic. Looking at your face, I know you don’t care about me. So why did you go through all the trouble to call me here” Yuki strongly said

“Don’t be like that, Yuki. Of course I want to find my daughter” Eisuke said

He comes to the sofa and sits down

“I called you here because I have a plan and want you to cooperate with me” he said and drinks his wine

“Cooperate?” Yuki frowns while repeating his words

“Yes, cooperate with me and you will have the all the properties and power” Eisuke said

“What do you mean?” Yuki asks

“Kill Maeda Atsuko and take over Maeda clan” Eisuke said

Yuki widens her eyes in surprised

“What are you saying?” Yuki whispers in surprised tone

“I said I want you to kidnap Maeda Atsuko and force her to give everything to you. Then kill her. You will be Maeda President and head of Maeda clan” Eisuke said

“I won’t do that. I won’t betray my family” Yuki said

“Do you think you have a choice here?” Eisuke asks while putting his hand into his suit

Yuki looks at him preparing if he wants to do something.

“Answer me if you want to do it or not” he takes out a gun and points at Yuki

Yuki laughs loudly and said

“Kill me if you want. I’ll never betray Acchan. She is my most important family.”

“Why do you have to be like that? You are the daughter of the first daughter of Maeda Ryuu. All of the things that she has now are supposed to be yours. Listen to me and I can give you that” Eisuke said

“I’ll only be your puppet in this game” Yuki said

“Don’t say that my child. If we get Maeda, we can rule Japan” Eisuke said

“I said no. Kill me” Yuki said

Eisuke smirks and slowly changes the gun to point at Ayano.

“What are you doing?” Yuki asks in surprised tone

“Do you think I will force you by threatening your life? No, I know that old man taught you very well to not betray his little granddaughter. If you don’t do as I say, I’ll kill her, your birth mother” Eisuke said

“You’re monster” Yuki said

“Don’t say that Yuki. Daddy does all of this just for you” Eisuke said

“Shut up. Disgusting. I don’t have a heartless father like you. My only father is Maeda Heiji” Yuki said

“Say many things as you want. Now answer me, do you want her to be alive or not?” Eisuke said in cold tone

“Yuki, don’t worry about me. I don’t care about my life” Ayano said

“Don’t listen to this monster” She continues

“Shut up” Eisuke slaps Ayano

“Don’t hit her” Yuki shouts

Yuki holds her fists tightly in angry

“Answer me, Yuki.” Eisuke said and pulls down and safe lock

Yuki grits her teeth in anger. She closes her eyes and whispers while tear dropping down on the floor

“I’ll do as you say”

“Good, that is my girl” Eisuke laughs loudly and said

End flashback

“Not stopping at that. I already agreed to do what you said. Why did you want to kill Mayu?” Yuki looks at Eisuke angrily said

“Because you were a bad girl. Don’t think I didn’t know that under that cliff, you shot that shot to call that Takahashi police. That is just my warning to you. Next time, not his chest but his head” Eisuke said

“You” Yuki shouts in angry tone

“Now, I want you to wrap thing up tomorrow. I don’t want to wait anymore” Eisuke said

“I will” Yuki said

“Good” Eisuke said and leaves the place

The next day

In the locked room

“Acchan, don’t give that traitor Maeda. She will destroy it” Rena said

“Yes, I believe uncle Kai will find us soon” Jun adds

“It’s ok, Rena-neechan, Jun. I will give this to Yuki-neechan. I believe she will protect it like I want” Atsuko said

“This is after all grandpa’s and daddy’s treasure” she continues

Suddenly the door opens. They look and see Yuki walking in with a gun in her hand

“Did you finish your will with your blood, Acchan?” Yuki asks

“I did. Here” Atsuko said and puts it down outside of the cage

Yuki comes and picks it up

(I’m Maeda Atsuko. I’m being kidnapped and locked in a strange place. I don’t know if I can escape this place. In the worse case, if I die, I want to give my position as Maeda president and head of Maeda clan to my sister, Maeda Yuki.
---Maeda Atsuko---)

“Sister” Yuki thought in pain

“If you don’t do your job, next time will be on his head”

Yuki remembers Eisuke’s warning.

“I’m sorry Acchan” Yuki whispers

“It’s ok, Yuki-neechan” Atsuko said

Yuki looks at Atsuko with surprised look. Atsuko is smiling at her

“What’s next, Yuki-neechan? I’ll die right?” she asks Yuki

Yuki is surprised with Atsuko’s words.

“It’s ok, Yuki-neechan” Atsuko smiles at her

“Yuki-neechan, you really want me to die, right?” Atsuko looks at Yuki and said

Yuki widens her eyes in surprised. She will never want her to die. She sees her as her little sister, and she loves her dearly. However, she does this because she has no choice. She was forced into this situation.

“I really don't want to go back to this place. It is so scary. My relative hate me. A lot of people want me to die. It is like my existence is a very bad thing. However, because this is grandpa’s will, that is why I’m here.” Atsuko said while tear rolling down on her cheeks

“By protecting me, my friend, my family, and the person I love were hurt a lot. I’m a burden to everyone.” she continues

“Acchan, don’t say that. I’ll do everything for you” Rena said

“Thank you, Rena-neechan” Atsuko turns to Rena and said while smiling

Then she turns to Yuki

“I’m ready, Yuki-neechan. You are my family, and I will do everything that you want” Atsuko said

“Acchan” Yuki thought in pain

She shakily raises her gun pointing at Atsuko

“Don’t do that, Yuki” Rena shouts

“Is this really what you want?” She asks

“What I really want?” Yuki mumbles

“What I really want?” Yuki shouts in tear and pulls the trigger


“Acchan” Rena shouts in tear

Atsuko slowly falls down on the floor.


That is chapter 48. Hope you guys enjoy reading it  :D
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Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) Chapter 49 26/12/2018
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Sorry everyone for not updating for so long

@arfi: Thank you!  :D

Here is chapter 49  :D

Chapter 49: Plan Reversal

Inside the locked room

“Don’t do that, Yuki” Rena shouts

“Is this really what you want?” She asks

“What I really want?” Yuki mumbles

“What I really want?” Yuki shouts in tear and pulls the trigger


“Acchan” Rena shouts in tear

Atsuko slowly falls down on the floor.

“Please, keep your promise, Rena-neechan” Atsuko whispers while falling down

“Acchan, Acchan, Acchan” Rena shouts and rushes to hug Atsuko in her arms

“Ok, as promised…”


Hasn’t finished her words, the gunshot cut her words. The bullet flies and hits Jun’s shoulder

“Jun” Rena calls in surprised

Yuki also turns around in surprised. She sees Tenchi stands there with a smirk on his face

“What are you doing?” She shouts in surprised tone

“Doing my job” Tenchi said

“Yes, they can’t leave here alive” Eisuke walks in and adds

“As the plan, they will be the culprits” Tenchi said

“But you promised that you will spare their life. I got the paper and killed my only family for you. Release then” Yuki shouts

“I never said that. I just said do your job, and I know what to do.” Eisuke said

“You…” Yuki shouts angrily while holding her fists tightly

“This is you force me” She continues and points the gun at her head

“I will kill myself right here if you kill them” Yuki said

“Before you do that, let’s me show you this” Eisuke said and claps his hands

A butler comes in with a laptop on his hands. On the screen of the laptop is her mother.

“Kill yourself and she will die.” Eisuke said

“You..” Yuki calls angrily

Rena looks at the situation and said

“So you are the one behind all of this”

“Since you will die right here, I’ll be generous and tell you everything” Eisuke said

“Yes, I’m behind all of this. She worked for me in exchange for Maeda Ayano’s and Watanabe Mayu’s life” He continues

“So you are the one who blames all the murders to Takamina?” Jun asks

“Yes, I planned all of that, and my most trusted person executed it for me, right Tenchi?” Eisuke said and turns to Tenchi

“Yes, I did all of that. That stupid Takahashi Minami, he is just so easy to trick if anything involves Maeda Atsuko.” Tenchi smirks and said

“I, of course know Shu is the secret agent of Takahashi. I also was the one who hired Toka to do that. I also invoked Maeda Itachi as the genius plan of uncle Eisuke” He continues

“You two are disgusting. You are the ambassador, and you are police” Jun said

“As long as I get what I want. Who care?” Eisuke shrugs and said

“That old man, Maeda Ryuu. He looked down on me. I’m so happy and satisfied when knowing he died. Now, look old man, I’m about to take everything from you.” Eisuke shouts loudly

“However, you should thank me. I just sent your lovely granddaughter to you so that you won’t be lonely” he laughs loudly and continues

Suddenly they hear the voice

“Thank you for all your confession Okada Eisuke”

That’s Minami’s voice

“Takahashi Minami? Where are you?” Tenchi shouts

“Thank you for remembering my name” Minami said

The left side of the door slowly moves, and Minami steps out of that with a victorious smile on his face

“” Eisuke and Tenchi said in surprised

“Surprised huh?” Minami said and smirks

“We planned all of this just for you. Thank you, Yuki” Rena said



In the locked room

Atsuko is sleeping on Rena’s laps while she is leaning her head on Jun’s shoulder. Suddenly they hear the door open. Hearing the sound, Rena and Jun quickly look up. They see Yuki walking in with a masked man.

“What are you doing here? What do you want?”

Hearing something, Atsuko opens her eyes. In her half sleep state, she sees Yuki and someone standing next to her. She quickly sits up and calls


The masked man smiles and rushes to her. However, Rena and Jun block the person

“What do you want?” Jun said

“Acchan, he is not Takamina.” Rena said

“He is Minami, I know it” Atsuko rushes to Minami

“Acchan, you are mistaking” Rena said

Suddenly the masked person said

“As expected, my Atsuko always recognizes me no matter what”

Jun and Rena look at the man with surprised look. Then the man slowly takes off his mask. Behind the mask, a familiar face appears

“Minami” Atsuko rushes to Minami and hugs him tightly.

“Atsuko, I’m so happy that you are ok” Minami said while tightening his hug

“We need to be quick Takamina. Mayu only can fool them 15 minutes” Yuki said in hurried tone

“Right” Minami breaks the hug and said

“Mayu? What? How?” Rena looks at Yuki surprised look

“Let me briefly tell you everything” Minami said

“After Atsuko went missing in Takahashi secret passage, I got a strange message from a strange phone number telling me that if I want to find Atsuko, I need to follow the signal on the phone. I have no choice but to follow the message. When I get there, I saw Yuki. She told me everything.” Minami continues

“Okada Eisuke is behind everything. He kidnapped her mother who is also your aunt Ayano to force Yuki to follow his plan. Because she gave signal for me to come to save Atsuko when we were at the hot spring hotel. He also ordered Maeda Juichi to shoot Mayu.” He continues

“Yuki-neechan, I didn’t know that you had been through a lot.” Atsuko hugs Yuki and said

“I’m sorry, Yuki. It’s ashamed that I’m your closest childhood friend and sister. I’m sorry” Rena comes to Yuki and said

“It’s ok. I understand” Yuki smiles and said

“How can you fooled them to lead Takamina here?” Jun asks

“Mayu hacked into those cameras here to fake the video. Also, because those men covered their face, I told Takamina to set up his two most trusted men. I lured these two out and then attacked those men and return here.” Yuki said

“Mayu? He is ok?” Jun asks

“Yes, he woke 2 days ago” Minami said

“I see.” Jun said

“Now let’s plan how to deal with Okada Eisuke” Minami said

End flashback

Suddenly they hear the sound of police sirens. Then a lot of police rush in

“Okada Eisuke, Takahashi Tenchi, you are under arrest for murdering and kidnapping.” Kai said while walking in

“Ozaki household won’t let this happen” Eisuke said

“Too bad.” Kai said while raising the phone up

(I don’t have a criminal as my son in law) a very angry tone appears from the phone

“Father, listen to me. They trapped me” Eisuke said

(Kai, thank you for letting me know this)

Then the other line hangs up. The police come in and take him to the car.


Minami rushes to Atsuko

“Atsuko, hang in there. You will be fine” Minami lifts her up and said

Then he rushes away to the ambulance to get back to the hospital. Jun, Rena, and Yuki also follow him from behind

However, Yuki sudden feels dizzy and faints

“Yuki” Rena calls and rushes to Yuki

Jun quickly helps Rena to take Yuki to one of the police car and go to the hospital together with the ambulance

*Ambulance Siren*

In the hospital

Outside of the operation room

Minami is waiting outside nervously.

“Atsuko, you have to be fine. You promised me” He thought


In the locked room

“Okada Eisuke is a sly man. How can we make him to voluntarily confess” Jun said

“True, he won’t easily say anything or even show his face” Rena said

“So what do we do now?” Yuki said

Minami just stays silent while frowning

“Minami, you have a plan on your mind, right?” Seeing that,  Atsuko looks at him and asks

“How did you know, Atsuko?” Minami asks

Atsuko smiles while caressing his face

“I’m your fiancée, Minami. By looking at you, I know it. I also know this plan somehow is very dangerous to me. That’s why you are hesitated.” Atsuko said

“However, Minami, just say your plan. I believe in you” She continues while smiling at Minami

“Atsuko” Minami hugs Atsuko tightly and said

Then he turns to Yuki and asks

“How much confidence do you have in your shooting skill?”

“My shooting skill? I’m not as good as you, but I can get 10/10 with unmoved target” Yuki said

“What are you planning, Takamina?” Rena asks

“As Jun said, Okada Eisuke is a sly man. However, everyone has weaknesses. Especially when they are happy, they will more likely get carried away. That is when we can make him tell us everything” Minami said

“What do you mean, Takamina?” Jun asks

“My plan is we will go with what he wants” Minami said

“You mean I have to…” Yuki said and pauses while looking at Atsuko

“That is why I asked you about your shooting skill. You know about medical and medical relating, right. You know the safest place to shoot right?” Minami looks at Yuki and asks

“I know where, but…without any practice...I...I...” Yuki pauses

She doesn’t feel confident especially she has to do it without any practice

“That’s why I don’t want to execute this plan. That is too dangerous. Just a small mistake can...” He continues while holding Atsuko’s hands tightly

“I know” Yuki whispers while looking down

Suddenly they hear Atsuko said

“Let’s do it”

Minami, Yuki, Rena, and Jun look at her with surprised look

“That is the only way to save everyone right?” Atsuko smiles and said

“But that’s too risky, Acchan” Rena said

“Yes, I...I can’t do that” Yuki said

“But we don’t have any other ways. I trust Minami, and I also trust you, Yuki-neechan. Everything will be fine” Atsuko smiles and said

“Acchan” Yuki whispers

“Atsuko” Minami calls while caressing her face

“I promise that everything will be fine. You always told me that everything will be alright, and I trust you. This time, Minami. Everything will be alright. So, trust me ok” Atsuko smiles and said

“I have to be your bride next month, right? Let’s be together forever, Minami” she continues

“Uh, let’s be together” Minami said

End flashback

“You promised me, Atsuko. Don’t break your promise” Minami whispers

Then the light of the operation room turns off. Minami quickly rushes to Hinata and asks

“How is Atsuko, auntie?”

“Atsu is out of the critical state. The bullet didn’t cause any severe damage.” Hinata said

“She will be transfer to normal patient room. She will wake up soon” she continues

Minami smiles happily when hearing that.

“Thank you, auntie. Thank you” Minami said while tear rolling on his cheeks

“You’re welcome.” Hinata smiles gently and said

At the same time

In a patient room

Rena is sitting on the chair while watching over Yuki. She fainted right after the police taking Eisuke and Tenchi out

“Acchan” Yuki sits up and shouts in scared

“Yuki, calm down. Are you ok?” Rena stands up and asks

“Acchan, Acchan, is she ok?” Yuki quickly holds Rena’s arms and asks

“Don’t worry Yuki. Acchan is ok. She is in the normal patient room. She will wake up soon. Takamina is taking care of her with his mother, right now” Rena said

“Really? Thank goodness” Yuki said in happy tone while tear rolling on her cheeks

“Do you want to visit her?” Rena asks

Yuki just stays silent and looks down sadly

“Not now” she said

Then they hear the knocking sound.

“Come in” Rena said

The door slowly opens, and a person appears. The person causes Yuki to sit up in surprise.

“Mayu” Yuki calls while tear rolling down on her cheeks

Mayu is sitting on the wheelchair, and his mother is pushing his wheelchair in. He looks at Yuki and smiles happily. His mother pushes him near her bed

“I’ll leave you two alone” Rena said

Then she leaves the room with Mayu’s mother. The room falls in silent.

Mayu looks at Yuki gently. He sees that she keeps looking down sadly. He also notices tear dropping down on her hands. He stands up and sits on Yuki’s bed.

“Yuki” Mayu holds Yuki’s hands and calls her gently

Yuki looks up at Mayu. He can see tear rolling on her cheeks

“You have been through a lot, right. I’m sorry. I can’t be there for you as I promised. I’m sorry” Mayu gently said while wiping her tear

“No, Mayu, no” Yuki shakes her head and said

“Don’t be nice to me. I don’t deserve this. I caused you like this. I don’t deserve your kindness” She continues while taking her hand away from Mayu

However, Mayu holds her hands back. He pulls her closer and kisses her lips gently

“Baka, he threatened you. This is not your fault” Mayu said

“But you were hurt because of me. Acchan also hurt because of me” Yuki said

“Don’t be stupid. This is just a plan. You contacted Takamina. You saved everyone Yuki” Mayu said

“Don’t blame yourself ok” He continues

Staying silent for awhile, then Yuki nods and said

“Ok, I understand”

“Good” Mayu pats her head and said

“Mayu, I’m tired. I want to sleep a little more” Yuki said

“Just lie down and sleep. I’ll be here” Mayu said

“I want to sleep in your arms, Mayu” Yuki said

“Ok, milady” Mayu smiles and said

Then he lies down and hugs her tightly in his arms

Back to Atsuko’s room

While Minami is taking care of Atsuko, he hears the knocking sound. He opens the door and sees his parents with Jun and Rena. He steps aside for them to come in

“How is Atsuko-chan, Minami?” Kai asks

“She hasn’t woken yet, but auntie just checked on her. She said Atsuko is fine” Minami said

“That’s good. By the way, can you tell me more details about yesterday?” Kai said

“After meeting with you to tell you about my suspicions on Takahashi Tenchi, I went back home to check on Atsuko. However, when I went in, she was nowhere to be found”


Minami opens the door and walks in

“Atsuko” he calls but doesn’t hear any response

Suddenly his phone rings. He looks and sees a strange number. Minami opens the text message

“If you want Maeda Atsuko to be alive, follow the instructions”

Including with the message is Atsuko’s picture

“Atsuko” Minami thought

He quickly rushes to the place as the instructions even though he knows that this can be a trap to lure him in. However, he doesn’t care. Atsuko is more important to him than anything else.

After 30 minutes

Minami reaches the place that is deepest in the forest. He looks around to check for any suspicious. Suddenly he hears a voice behind him.

“You finally here huh?”

Minami quickly turns around. He frowns when seeing the masked person, the same person he has met before twice.

“I’m here. Where’s Atsuko?” Minami seriously said

The masked person just stays silent. Slowly, the person takes off the mask. Minami frowns in caution to see what the person wants. The mask is slowly taking off. Minami widens his eyes in surprised when seeing who the person behind the mask is

“Yuki?” Minami calls in confused

“What does this mean?” He asks while frowning

“We don’t have much time. Please listen to me” Yuki said

Then she tells him everything since she meets Okada Eisuke until now.

“So, he forced you to kidnap Atsuko with the life of Atsuko’s auntie who is your mother and Mayu?” Minami concludes

“Uh, I know what I have done is wrong. However, I don’t have a choice. Now he forced me to kill Achan. I don’t want to do that, but I can’t let him kill her or Mayu. Therefore, I risk everything to contact you.” Yuki said

“I see. Those heartless people. I won’t let them lay a hand on my Atsuko no matter what” Minami said

“So, do you have any plan?” He asks

“I thought of one” Yuki looks down

“What’s it?” Minami asks

“Since all of his men wear mask. I thought about replacing those guarding in front by yours. However, …” Yuki pauses

“What’s wrong?” Minami asks

“He places total of 4 cameras in the room where Acchan, Rena, and Jun are locked up. And there are two cameras outside. He will see everything. Only suddenly changing the guard will be risky left alone allowing you to go inside” Yuki said

“I see” Minami frowns and think

“So, if we can manipulate those cameras, your plan will be success, right?” He asks

“I thought about that, but Mayu…” Yuki looks down

“Is there anyone in Takahashi can do this?” She asks

“There is one person who really suites for this role” Minami said

“Really? Who is it? Can you tell that person to do it right away? We don’t have much time” Yuki happily said

“I will contact him right away” Minami said

After the other side picks up, Minami said

“Can you give the phone to him?”

Then Minami gives the phone to Yuki. Yuki looks at Minami in confused while taking the phone. Suddenly she hears the familiar voice. The voice that causes tear to unconsciously rolls on her cheeks

“Yuki, I miss you”

Yuki looks down at the phone and sees Mayu smiling at her.

“Mayu” Yuki calls in tear

“Don’t cry baka. I’m ok don’t you see” Mayu said gently

“Uh” Yuki nods and wipes her tear

“Mayu, let’s me briefly explain our situation right now.” Minami said

After explaining everything, Minami asks

“Can you manipulate those cameras, Mayu?”

“Of course, give me 1 hour” Mayu said

“Yuki, when you come back there, login to the network with your phone just like normal.” He continues

“Uh” Yuki nods her head

“Ok, let’s get started” Minami said

End flashback

“I see” Kai said

“Thank to Yuki, we can finally get the traitors and criminals” he continues

“How is Yuki-chan, Rena?” Minami’s mother asks

“She is fine. She is talking to Mayu, right now” Rena said

“Though she is a little sad because of what’s happened. I tried to convince her that everything is not her fault, but she is still stubborn. I hope Mayu can make her understand” She continues

“I see.”

In the morning

At Maeda mansion

In Yuki’s room

“I’m sorry, Acchan. I can’t keep my promise to always protect you” Yuki thought while looking at her pictures with Atsuko when they were little


That is chapter 49. Hope you guys enjoy reading this.  :D
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Re: Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) Chapter 49 26/12/2018
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Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) Chapter 50 (FINAL) 06/01/2019
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@arfi: Thank you!  :D

@ojuri 0513: Thank you!  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic.  :D

Here is the last chapter  :D

Chapter 50: Mission of Love

In the morning

At Maeda mansion

In Yuki’s room

Yuki is cleaning up and gathering her belongings in the room. She looks at the picture on her nightstand. That is her picture with Atsuko. Little Atsuko is hugging her neck while smiling happily.

“I’m sorry Acchan. I can’t keep my promise to you” Yuki whispers and puts it into her luggage.

Then she slowly comes to the door and opens. Yuki widens her eyes in surprised when seeing Mayu standing there

“Mayu” Yuki whispers in surprised tone

“I know you would do this” Mayu said

Yuki just looks down silently.


“Please don’t stop me, Mayu” Cutting Mayu’s words, Yuki said

“I can’t face Acchan. Even though this is just an act, I shot her, and my father hurts her. I can’t forgive myself.” She continues

“I won’t stop you” Mayu gently said

Yuki looks up in surprised. Mayu just smiles a gentle smile at her

“I won’t stop you because I’ll go with you wherever you go” Mayu holds Yuki’s hand and said


“Sshh… no but. I love you, and I want to be with you.” Cutting Yuki’s words, Mayu said

“Also, do you plan on taking care of our child alone?” He asks

Yuki looks at Mayu with surprised look. She thought that he doesn’t know.

“You knew” She said in surprised tone

“Of course, baka. Rena told me that auntie Hinata found out when she did the checkup for you” Mayu said

“I love you, Yuki. No matter where you are, I want to be there to support, protect, and love you until the end of the world. I will always protect you and our child” Mayu holds Yuki’s hand and said while caressing her stomach

“Mayu” Yuki calls his name in tear

“I love you, Mayu” she hugs him tightly and said

“I love you too, Yuki.” Mayu smiles and said

“Let’s go, Yuki” Mayu said

“Uh” Yuki nods

When they reach the door, Yuki sees Rena rushing in with a worried face

“Rena” Yuki calls in surprised

“Isn’t you at Maeda?” She asks

Atsuko is hospitalized, so Rena has to takes care of Maeda.

“I have been looking for you everywhere. Acchan … Acchan …” Rena said in panic tone

“What’s happened to Acchan” Yuki rushes to Rena and asks while holding her arms tightly

Suddenly Rena notices the luggage

“Luggage? You want to go somewhere, Yuki?” Rena asks

Yuki looks down and said

“I think you understand my feelings, Rena”

“I know, but it was you at that time trying to convince me that I shouldn’t go. It was you who said ‘Acchan will be hurt’.” Rena said

“But your case is different. With mine, I, this hand shot my own family. I can’t bring myself to face her” Yuki said in tear

“That is just a plan. Acchan also understands that.” Rena said

“Please understand me” Yuki bows and said

“Forget about me. What’s happened to Acchan? You seem so panicked when rushing in here” Yuki looks at Rena and worriedly asks

“You want to go? Just go. You don’t need to worry about her” Rena turns around and said

“What are you saying? Of course, I worry about her” Yuki holds Rena’s arm and said

“But you still go, so why bother. Please let go off my arm. I need to get back to the hospital quickly” Rena said

“Tell me what’s happened to her. I’m her sister. I have the right to know” Yuki said in angry tone while turning Rena around

“So, you still think you are her sister huh?” Rena asks

“Of course. I’m her big sister, and I’ll alway be. She is my most important little sister” Yuki said

“Then please don’t leave me, Yuki-neechan”

Yuki turns around when hearing Atsuko’s weak voice. She widens her eyes in surprised when seeing Atsuko. Rena is also very surprised when seeing Minami pushing the wheelchair, and Atsuko is sitting on it. Her face still looking very pale.

“Acchan” Yuki quickly rushes to her

“Are you ok, Acchan?” she holds Atsuko’s hand and asks

“I’m ok, Yuki-neechan. Rena-neechan said like that just to test you” Atsuko smiles and said

Yuki widens her eyes in surprised

“Why are you here, Acchan? You just woke up” Rena said

“I know you can convince Yuki-neechan. However, I can’t just sit and wait. I don’t want to lose my family” Atsuko said

“Yuki-neechan” Atsuko calls her

“What’s Acchan? And why did you come here in this condition? It is very dangerous” Yuki worriedly said

“She insists to come here no matter how many times I try to stop her” Minami said

“She doesn’t care a bit for her health” he continues

“I’m sorry, Minami. I just don’t want Yuki-neechan to leave me. She is my sister, and I don’t want her to leave just because of feeling regret.” Atsuko holds Minami’s hand and said

“I know. I’m not angry. Just worry about you” Minami pats Atsuko’s head and gently said

“Yuki-neechan, I want you to know that none of this matter is your fault. It was that man who forced you to do that. He used auntie Ayano’s and Mayu’s life to force you. I understand that. I don’t hate you, so please don’t hate yourself” Atsuko said

“Also shooting me is just a plan to capture him. I told you to do that, so don’t hurt yourself because of that, Yuki-neechan. You and Rena-neechan are my big sister. I want us to always be together like in the island” she continues

“Acchan” Yuki hugs Atsuko and calls her happily

“Promise don’t leave me ok” Atsuko said

“I promise. We will always be together” Yuki nods and said

“Promise” Atsuko asks again

“Uh, I promise” Yuki smiles at Atsuko and aaid

Atsuko smiles and hugs her sister. However slowly she feels so tired. Her grip loosens, and she faints on Yuki’s shoulder.

“Acchan” Yuki calls in surprised

“Atsuko” Minami lifts Atsuko up and rushes to the car waiting outside

The rest also runs after him

At the hospital

In Atsuko’s room

Minami and the rest are standing around waiting for Hinata to check on Atsuko.

“Atsu is ok. She fainted because of tired. She just woke up after all” Hinata said while pulling the blanket to cover her.

“What’s a relief” Tamako said

Minami quickly sits down and holds Atsuko’s hand.

“Baka, stop doing stupid thing” Minami thought

1 months later

In Takahashi mansion

“Congratulation Takamina, Acchan. Drink with us” Jun said happily

“Yes, congratulations both of you. The best happiness to you two” Mayu said

“Take good care of our little sister and make her happy” Yuki said

“I’ll. I will protect Atsuko with all my life. She will never have to worry about anything” Minami confidently said while holding Atsuko’s hand tightly

“Good” Rena said

“Thank you guys” Minami said

At night

In Atsumina’s room

Minami carries Atsuko into their room and closes the door. He puts her down on their bed and sits down next to her. Atsuko smiles and hugs Minami happily

“We are finally together now, Minami. I’m so happy” Atsuko said

“Uh, I’m also very happy. My heart is jumping in joy right now” Minami strokes Atsuko’s hair and said

Then he leans down and kisses Atsuko’s lips gently. Atsuko hugs him and replies his kiss

Their room is filled with happiness and love.

In contrast

In another place

There is a person standing in a dark room with only one candle. In front is the TV which is showing the news

(Police arrested Okada Eisuke and Takahashi Tenchi. According to the police, they committed kidnapped and attempted to murder new president of Maeda, Ms. Maeda Atsuko…)

“Takahashi Minami” the person angrily stabs the knife on the table

On the table, there is Atsuko’s picture. The knife stabs on Atsuko’s face

3 months later

In front of Maeda’s private hospital

Atsuko is waiting for the driver to pick her up.

“I just left auntie’s office. Remember to go home early, Minami. I have a surprise for you” Atsuko happily texts her husband

Then she takes out something in her purse. That is an ultrasound picture. She is smiling happily while looking at the ultrasound picture. Suddenly she hears someone calls her

“Excuse me, Ms” Atsuko puts the picture back to her pocket and looks up

She sees a car park by the parking line. A person with a cap cover her face calls her

“I’m sorry. Can I ask you about direction? I’m new to this town” the girl said

“Ok, where do you want to go?” Atsuko comes to the car and asks without any suspicious

The woman comes out and gives Atsuko the map.

“I want to go to Tokyo Medical School” the girl said

“Medical school, huh?” Atsuko said and looks at the map

“You can…” Atsuko looks up and said

However, when she just looks up, the woman sprays something at her face. Atsuko slowly lost her consciousness and falls down. The woman catches Atsuko and smirks dangerously

At Tokyo police department

After the meeting, Minami comes back to his office and checks his phone with Jun and Mayu. Minami checks his phone and sees Atsuko’s messages

“I just left auntie’s office. Remember to go home early, Minami. I have a surprise for you”

Minami smiles at Atsuko’s message. Then he calls her. However, Minami only hears the ring tone without anyone picking up

“Huh?” He thought in confused

Then Minami tries to call her multiple times, but she also didn’t answer his phone

“She didn’t pick up your phone huh?” Jun asks

“Uh, weird” Minami said in worried tone

“Maybe she is just busy” Mayu said

“No, she didn’t come to Maeda today. She is not feeling well these days, so I told her to come to auntie for checkup. I should have come with her this morning” Minami said

“I don’t know why I have this anxiety since this morning until now” He continues

“Don’t worry, man. She will be fine. Maybe she just got an important phone call that she has to take” Jun said

“I hope so” Minami said while looking at his phone

“I have to call her again” He continues

When Minami is about to call again, he receives Atsuko’s call. He quickly picks up. However, before he can say anything, the other side said

(Hello Takahashi Minami)

That is a fake voice. Minami frowns when hearing that

“Who are you? Why did you have my wife’s phone?” Minami asks in serious tone

Jun and Mayu look at each other in surprised when hearing Minami’s serious tone. Minami turns on the speaker so that all three of them can hear

(Nothing much. Mrs. Takahashi is the special guest in my house.) the person said

Then Minami hears the sound of a text. Minami quickly opens the text and widens his eyes in surprised. Atsuko locked inside a big empty place.

“Who are you? Why did you kidnap my wife?” Minami asks angrily

“Release her or I’ll make you pay” He continues

(Wrong sir. You have to listen to me or…) the person said and pauses


Minami suddenly hears a very loud gunshot

(I will kill her) the person said in dangerous tone

“What do you want?” Minami asks

(I want Takahashi Tenchi. I need him to be released right now. If not, prepare to receive her death body.)

(By the way, I got something fun to show you) that person continues

Then Minami hears another notification. He opens the text and sees an ultrasound picture

“I have a surprise to tell you”

(Congratulation, Takahashi Minami. A happy family is about to welcome a new member) the person said

“Don’t harm them. I’ll listen to what you say” Minami said

(Then do as I said. I want him to be out of jail right now.) the person said

“Okada Miku, why did you do this?” Minami suddenly said

This causes the person on the other line surprised. After a long pauses, the person speaks up

(What are you saying?)

“You don’t need to hide. When investigating, I found that you and Takahashi Tenchi are dating for 1 year now. You went missing when your father and him were arrested.” Minami said

Suddenly the other line laughs loudly. The voice now is a girl voice without any device

(You’re right. This is me. So what?) Miku said

“Why did you do this? My grandpa and yours has been friend for a long time. Also you are working for police.” Minami said

(Shut up, you don’t understand anything. While you are happy with your family, other has to drown in despair. Therefore, don’t lecture me) Miku said

“Lectures you? I just reason with you. You are a police so tell me, why did you do this? You are working for police so where is your justification? Did Atsuko do anything illegal? Is your father wanting someone’s property is right? Is your fiancée killed innocent people is fair to their family? How about others who fall victims in their hand? Do they deserve that? Tell me where you…” He continues, but he got cut off by a loud gunshot

(Shut up. I don’t need to explain to you. Release Tenchi now. If you keep babbling, prepare to receive your wife’s dead body) Miku shouts

(I won’t tolerate one more time) she continues

“Jun, Mayu, contact the prison and release Takahashi Tenchi immediately” Minami said

“Right away” Jun said

“Satisfy? Now tell me where Atsuko is?” Minami asks

(Good, after I’m sure that he is safe and sound, I’ll tell you where is she) Miku said

“You… I already did what you told me” Minami said angrily

(I’m not stupid. I know you are smart. Listen to me or you will never see her smile at you ever again.) Miku said

Then she hangs up. Minami quickly stands up and rushes to the next room

“Dad, did you locate her location?” Minami asks

”Not yet, I cannot locate her. However, I already order Takahashi secret agents follow Takahashi Tenchi. They will be able to report back.” Kai said


In the abandoned garage

After hanging up the phone, suddenly Miku holds her mouth like she is about to throw up. Atsuko looks at her action and feels suspicious

“You’re pregnant, aren’t you?” Atsuko asks

“So what?” Miku coldly said

“Is that the reason why you want Minami to release Takahashi Tenchi even though you know he has done a lot of wrong things” Atsuko asks

“Shut up, I don’t need your judgment” Miku shouts

“I didn’t try to judge you. I understand your feelings. I also don’t want my child to be born without a father. I think you have the right to be selfish.” Atsuko said

Miku looks at Atsuko with surprised look

“However, …” Atsuko pauses

“I heard Minami said Shu, Takahashi agent, who is killed by Takahashi Tenchi, his wife just gave birth to their first son. His son is only 2 months. Now he passed away, and his wife has to take care of their son alone. Is it fair for her? She also has the right to be selfish, but she has none” She continues

Miku just looks down and stays silent

“Happiness that built on other pain is like a castle is built on the sand. Just one small wave can destroy the whole castle” Atsuko said

“I know you know what your judgment on his actions is, right?” She continues

“Shut up” Miku shoots a warning shot and then leave the place

After 2 hours

In the abandoned house

Miku is sitting there waiting for Tenchi. Suddenly she hears the knocking sound. It is not just normal knocking sound. She can hear the familiar pattern. Miku happily rushes to the door and opens. In front of her is Tenchi

“Tenchi, welcome back” she hugs him tightly and said

“I’m back my love” Tenchi said

“Now let’s go Tenchi before the police come here” Miku said

“How can you force them to release me, baby?” Tenchi asks

“Maeda Atsuko, I kidnaped her and force Talahashi Minami to release you” Miku said

“Let’s go, Tenchi” she pulls him with her

“Wait babe, you still captured Maeda Atsuko, right?” Tenchi said

“Yes, I’ll send them the location now” Miku said

Suddenly Tenchi takes her phone away

“Tenchi, what’s happened?” Miku asks in confused

“They don’t need to know now.” Tenchi said in dangerous tone

“What do you mean?” Miku asks

“Takahashi Minami destroyed my life. I’ll make him pay by the life of the girl he loves.” Tenchi said

“Please don’t do that, Tenchi. Let leave here and create a new life just for us and ou...” Miku touches her stomach and said

However, Tenchi cuts her words

“No, I cannot forgive this. When I’m about to take everything in Takahashi, that Takahashi Minami took away everything. While I have to live the life of a rat, I won’t let him live happily”

“Tenchi” Miku calls him

“Baby tell me where you hide her. After I killed her and revenge, we will leave here.” Tenchi gently said

“You are a police. Do you think your action keep up with your oath? Doesn’t he deserve the punishment for what he has done? Have you ever thought about the family of all the people who he killed? Is it fair for them?”

Atsuko’s words keep echoing in her head

“I kept her in the abandoned garage near the dock.” Miku said

“Good, let’s go”

At the garage

While Atsuko is struggling, she hears the door open. Atsuko looks up and sees Tenchi and Miku walking in

“Long time no see, Maeda Atsuko” Tenchi said in dangerous tone

“Takahashi Tenchi” Atsuko said in surprised tone

“What do you want?” She asks

“What do I want?” Tenchi chuckles and said

He takes out a gun and points at Atsuko.

“I want to see your blood” Tenchi said dangerously

Atsuko moves back because of scared.

“Babe, open your phone. When I said record, record for me. I want Takahashi Minami to see how his wife die. This will haunt him forever” Tenchi said

“Miku-san, please think through.” Atsuko said

“Shut up, don’t try to separate us” Tenchi shouts

Suddenly they hear the police siren.

“Police, how come” Tenchi turns to the window and shouts

“I sent them the location”



Minami and the police reaches the garage.

“Atsuko, wait for me” Minami thought

He rushes toward the abandoned garage with Jun, Rena, Mayu, and Yuki. Kai also leads a group of police rushing in. When he is at the door, Minami suddenly hears the gunshot

“Atsuko” Minami thought and opens the door.

“Atsuko” Minami shouts and rushes to the direction he hear the sound

He stops and stuns with what is happened in front of his eyes. Tenchi turns around to look at Miku with surprised look. There is blood dripping down on his left chest

“W...why?” He said and falls down

“You aren’t the Tenchi I knew anymore. You are just a monster. I thought we can leave and create a big family with our child, but you only think about money.” Miku touches her stomach and said

“You also want to kill innocent person. I’m sorry, Tenchi. I’ll go with you now” Miku points the gun at her head

However before she can shoot, Jun and Mayu rush to stop her.

“Let’s go off me. I want to die” Miku shouts in tear

“Miku-san, how about your child?” Atsuko shouts

“Do you plan on killing your child. Your child is waiting for you. Don’t you want to see your child’s face. Kissing that little cheeks, holding that little hand, seeing the smile on that angel face. I believe that is happiness” Atsuko said

“Yes, the child is the gift of happiness.” Minami hugs Atsuko and said

Miku slowly calms down. Then the police takes her out.

“I’m sorry, Atsuko. I can’t protect you and our child.” Minami sadly said and touch Atsuko’s stomach

“I’m fine, Minami. I believe our child is also fine because mama and papa are very strong people” Atsuko smiles and said

Minami laughs softly at Atsuko’s words

“I thought I can surprise you by this great news this evening.” Atsuko pouts

“I’m very happy when knowing that Atsuko. I’m about to become papa.” Minami said

“By the way, I need to take you to auntie for her to check on you again.” He lifts her up and said

“I can walk Minami.” Atsuko said

“No can’t do. I can’t let’s my beautiful wife tired” Minami said and rushes to the police car

“Those two really.” Jun chuckles

“They treated us like air” Rena said

“That is them for you” Yuki said

“I know right” Mayu said

Then they all laughs loudly while leaving the place

5 years later

In Maeda mansion

There is a big party.

“Thank you everyone for coming to our son birthday. We hope you enjoy the party” Minami said

“Also thank you for all your blessings” Atsuko said

In her hand, she is holding a baby girl. Next to them is a handsome 5 years old boy.

Then they hear Jun’s voice

“Happy birthday, Katsu.”

Minami and Atsuko turn and sees Jun walking in with Rena. Between them are two little girls about Katsu’s age

“Happy birthday little Minami” Mayu and Yuki walking in.

Next to them is a little boy, he is 6 years old.

“Let’s go and play Katsu, Jurina, Juri” Yuma said

“Ok” they said

Then all the kids rush away. The parents look at them and smiles happily

“Time sure fly huh” Rena said

“Yep, Takahashi also welcome a new angel” Yuki hugs the baby girl and said

Mayu comes to Yuki and play with the little baby

“Maybe we should give Yuma a little sister, baby” Mayu said

Yuki blushes by his words

“Baka, don’t say such embarrassing” Yuki said

“Why don’t you two like us? A twin, 1 for 2” Jun said

“Jun” Rena elbows him

Then they all laugh loudly and happily

The End

That is the last chapter. Hope you guys enjoy reading it  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic  :wub: :D

Hope you enjoy the story  :D
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Fateful Encounter (Atsumina, Wmatsui) (Completed)
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Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) (Completed)

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Re: Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) Chapter 50 (FINAL) 06/01/2019
« Reply #95 on: January 07, 2019, 11:25:44 AM »
Happy ending :luvluv1: :luvluv1:
Thank you Nguyen23-san for the whole story, I enjoy reading your fic :hee: :hee: :ptam-wub:
And waiting for your new strory again  :whistle: :whistle:

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Re: Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) Chapter 50 (FINAL) 06/01/2019
« Reply #96 on: January 07, 2019, 01:53:51 PM »
Thank you for giving such a good ending😗😙😚😘☺🤗 I hope you make a new fanfic but with wmatsui as a main couple

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Re: Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) Chapter 50 (FINAL) 06/01/2019
« Reply #97 on: January 08, 2019, 12:42:48 PM »
Happy Ending! :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

Thank you nguyen23. love your fiction :twothumbs

looking forward to your new story :twothumbs

Atsumina Forever :heart: :heart: :heart:

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