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Author Topic: Adventures in Art School: Minis (YuuNa,MogiOn,+) (1/12/21)  (Read 11230 times)

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Re: Adventures in Art School: Holiday Minis (YuiParu,AnRena,+) (12/24/20)
« Reply #60 on: January 04, 2021, 01:48:11 AM »
I'm back from my self-imposed holidays-from-posting (update on the Jurina thread aside)!
*looks at your thanks*
I'm sorry, please accept my belated Thanks. I've been holding them back because the 48 Thanks was so satisfying to look at. (Might feel the same way when you reach 69)
Please don't feel the need to reply to my comments everytime. I'll still come back typing away after every chapter regardless (unless explicitly told to stop).
Well then!

Slow Days
She was going through a multitude of emotions… actually that was a lie. She was pissed off plain and simple. A burning pile of salt.
My favorite line because it sounds so true.
Yuihan being so conscious of the food (and I quote) "she didn't pay for" is hilarious and cute.
Akiyama-san is generous, isn't he? That's nice of him. And the fact that he notices that Yuihan makes Paruru happy. So "Awww"-inducing

Served Cold
Man, between Hollywood Jurina and Kato Rena's rock, civilians sure need to be careful around these parts lol (well technically Ricchan and Juri attacked Rena first but yknow.)
Rena smiled nervously, "...Wow! Annin! Your hair looks amazing today!
DEFLECT, GIRL. DEFLEC- It didn't work. It was nice knowing you, Renacchi!

Angel on the Tree
I hella agree with putting Nako as the angel - she certainly looks like one. And it's so sweet of her to offer support to Miku's idea even after getting thrown because of it.
Mayu certainly looks like an angel too but I think it wouldn't have been a smart move to throw HER into the tree lol. I hope Nako is okay.

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Re: Adventures in Art School: Holiday Minis (YuiParu,AnRena,+) (12/24/20)
« Reply #61 on: January 09, 2021, 10:38:28 AM »
Oh it feels good to comeback and see so many updates! my favorite pairing as always present but the other stories were also very good also I always enjoy reading the dialogues most of them are really entertaining and they also fit very well with her personality, thanks for the holiday stuff there were many funny situations and also there was also time for a little love, romantic relationships can never be missing  XD

Thanks for the effort and I hope you will post again soon, as always we will be waiting.
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Re: Adventures in Art School: OS Box.
« Reply #62 on: January 13, 2021, 07:51:26 AM »
Thank you everyone for your comments! We return to our regular non holiday programming. First fics of 2021! 4 Intallments!

I know no one was asking, but one of my biggest inspirations for this story is One Piece (Maybe you could tell because theres a million installments). The sheer love and care put into the world and the characters is truly a sight to behold. So naturally I wanted to make a world with a similar amount of care and effort. So what better way to do that than to make backstories for individual characters?

Here are a few previews of upcoming backstories.

Fukuoka Sunset (Oya Shizuka): Shizuka teaches her lifelong bullies what it means to fuck with a Yakuza.

White (Kashiwagi Yuki): Isn't it weird that the color black is synonymous with death when hospice walls are bright white?

Manic (Matsui Rena): When Queen Gekikara shows herself in the mirror, Rena can't help but laugh. But when she hears her own laughter come out of her mouth, she hears her mother's laughter in her head.

So for those looking for more angst outta me... oh boy. It's coming.

Backstories are reserved for the more standout characters. Most of these students lived normal lives before enrolling after all.

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

41. The Laughing Edge (YuuNa)

"Yuuchan? Are you home?" Nana set her portfolio bag down by the door as she shut it. She turned the corner to enter their bedroom only to be stopped at the end of a blade.

"One step closer, and I send you straight to the afterlife."

Yuiri walked forward with the business end of a katana aimed right at Nana's throat. She was completely decked out in samurai's armor already soaked in tides of crimson. Her hair flowed behind her like a billow of smoke.

Nana put her hands up and backed herself into a wall, "Whoa! Yuuchan! The hell has gotten into you?!"

"Silence, intruder!" She screamed, as she lowered her sword. Yuiri took a few steps forward and stood face to face with a scared Naachan, staring her down for a moment. The samurai planted a kiss upon her girlfriend's lips before cracking up in laughter, "Man! You should've seen the look on your face! You're cute when you're scared Naachan!"

Nana slid down the wall and let the breath she was holding finally escape, "Yuuchan, you can't be making jokes like that!"

"I'm sorry Naachan, I got a lead role in the next theater play and I wanted to see if I was convincing." Yuiri rubbed the back of her neck before sheathing the prop sword.

It was interesting to see Yuiri break character, watching a raging demon transition into her sweet significant other.

"Well, you were super convincing…" Nana smiled as she could never stay mad at her Yuuchan for long.

The theater girl helped her girlfriend up before giving an apology kiss, "Now that you're here, can you help me change out of this costume?"

Of course Nana agreed and the two headed off into their bedroom.

"If you kept the act up for another minute, I'd need a change of clothes too…"

42. Pointless Challenge (MogiOn)

"Mion! NO! Put that down!"

"Look Mogi, I got the technique down I promise! I got it this time!"

Mion self imposed the challenge of being able to drink an entire gallon of milk in under 5 minutes. For what reason? Who knows. What would she even accomplish with this ability? Mogi was begging her not to attempt this stunt twice.

"After what happened last time?" Mogi snatched the Milk gallon and stuffed it into the fridge, "the time you vomited freaking everywhere?"

"Give me some credit here, I totally made it to the bathroom."

"You made it to the bathroom and MISSED THE TOILET!" The taller girl cried out, "I AM NOT CLEANING UP MION PUKE TWICE!"

43. Lapse (SakuRuppi)

Sakura hadn't seen nor heard from her girlfriend in days. Usually any other relationship would indicate this as a sign of unhealthiness, but they were different. Haruka dedicated herself to her assignments. She never procrastinated. If there was something that needed to be done, she'd get to work in an instant. Of course Sakura would get fair warning beforehand.

It was always how she worked. Sakura couldn't help but laugh to herself.

Hehehe, Haruppi is such a nerd. Always burying her face in her books… Ugh, who am I kidding. I skip class to play videogames. I'm just a different breed of nerd.

Sakura continued to focus on her games as she had been for the past few days. Either that or destroying her roommate Annin at said games.

In the middle of her gaming session, she heard the chime of a text notification from her phone.

It was from Haruppi. Sakura immediately knew that she was done with her assignments. In a blink, she promptly freshened up and bolted towards her girlfriend's dorm.


The sound of a violin was playing from Haruppi's dorm. Sakura was curious what that was all about. She didn't have any music classes.

Sakura opened the door, and stepped inside. Haruka was proudly looking at all her finished work. Neatly stacked paperwork for her art history class, a self portrait illustration for her drawing class, and a detailed painting of the view outside her window. Curiously, there was a girl seated in the center of the room playing violin.

Haruka rushed in for a hug as soon as Sakura made her few steps inside.

"Finally done with everything!" Haruka squeezed tightly, "we can finally spend time together!"

"Yeah! Of course!" Sakura stepped to the side after Haruka released the embrace, "who's the girl playing violin?"

"Oh, that's Tani Marika. I paid her to play violin for me as I did my work." The girl weakly waved before continuing to play, "let's grab something to eat. I haven't eaten in days!"

Sakura chuckled at Haruka's joking disclosure, until she noticed the bags under her eyes. Not to mention her stare that blankly gazed one thousand yards past her.

"Oh shit, you're not lying are you?"

No response from Haruka. She only shook her head.

"Don't move. I'll just get something delivered here! Pizza or ramen? Ah fuck it, I'll just get both!"

"Uh… can you make an order for me too? I haven't eaten in days either." Marika softly spoke. Shyly raising her hand with her violin bow.



Sakura dialed two restaurants and made two orders for three. Haruka frantically grabbed her wallet and doubled Marika's pay. Sakura even ran into the kitchen and cooked a basic curry for them. Not that she was an amazing cook or anything, but who can afford to be picky at a time like this?

44. Nezumi Radio Broadcast 1 (Watanabe Mayu)

Well! It's Monday morning and we all know what that means!

It's time for your very own Cyborg Idol to start your day off right! Welcome to Nezumi Radio!!! Yaaaaaay!

We're gonna kick this off with a little paid advertisement.



Is there a test coming up that you aren't prepared for? Is there a project that's due tomorrow that you need one more day to work on?

These are now problems of the past! The Oya Family is your solution!

By employing their services, they can cancel one of your classes in a blink of an eye!

Their methods include, but are not limited to;

- Supergluing the classroom door shut
- Setting the Teacher's desk on fire
- Filling Professor Oshima's room with balloons
- Stealing important theater props
- Stealing the exam copies
- Pulling the fire alarm

It comes at the price of ¥10,000 per cancel. If you can't pay up front, no problem! Oya Family accepts payment at later dates. They are eager to extend their services to you!

Just remember to always pay your debts… or else. 


Wow! Look at that! Come to think of it, one of my classes got canceled last week. I wonder if one of my classmates met up with them. Hmm…

Professor Takahashi has a project due this week and I need a little more time to finish it up! So… if anyone has her Tuesday & Thursday class, feel free to help a girl out… please?

Anyway, onto our fan letters!...
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Re: Adventures in Art School: Minis (YuuNa,MogiOn,+) (1/12/21)
« Reply #63 on: January 14, 2021, 01:30:43 AM »
I laught a lot with Yuunaa chapter, poor Naachan.

About MogiOn, I could imagine that this happen a lot.

Love it too, thank you for this drabbles, I could figure it

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Re: Adventures in Art School: Minis (YuuNa,MogiOn,+) (1/12/21)
« Reply #64 on: January 16, 2021, 06:47:37 AM »
Welcome back!

I haven't had the chance to start reading One Piece yet. I certainly plan on doing that eventually, though. People's love for it is very heartwarming.

I've come to truly respect and appreciate plot-planning, careful worldbuilding, and compelling backstories-ing when I read A Song of Ice and Fire. So now that I know your inspirations and outlook in writing, I look forward to more from this world of yours that keeps on growing.

That preview for White :O That's deep (and a good question).
Oh no, bullying for Shiichan and child abuse(?) for Rena. I already feel bad.

The Laughing Edge
Woah, Yuiri got Naachan good!
"If you kept the act up for another minute, I'd need a change of clothes too…"
Naachan's clothes are lucky that Yuiri stopped pretty quickly then :P

Pointless Challenge
Props to Mogi for cleaning up Mion puke even once. I wonder if Mion succeeded.

Poor Tani! She deserves the doubled pay and the feast that's coming to her.
I guess that's a fun aspect of art school, you can get commissioned for your work even by your classmates.
It's cute how Sakura rushed to Haruppi's room as soon as she got the signal. Her suddenly going wild in taking care of the two was so sweet.

Nezumi Radio Broadcast 1
Must be nice to have this sort of last resort.
feel free to help a girl out… please?
Girl, you're the one who's getting sponsorships  :lol:
Poor Professor Oshima! They have a special method of attack just for her.

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