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Author Topic: Just Choose! - YuuNaaMako - Chapter 1 | Mako’s diary: Knowing her (15-OCT-2020)  (Read 394 times)

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¡Hello everyone! It's time for you to travel in this story in which you need to choose a side. Our protagonist will be Murayama Yuiri, Okada Nana and Kojima Mako.

Enjoy it! and let your comments.

- - -

It was a morning in the city of Tokyo, the last leaves were falling from the trees indicating that autumn was ending and the imminent winter was approaching. The cold was beginning to feel it but you could still dare to bring short sleeves from time to time. People used to walk in the afternoons in a hurry thinking about what they had to do and not worrying about the wonderful spectacle that nature was offering them. Just in this environment this story happens, a love story but not just an ordinary love tale but one in which in the end someone will lose but it's all for the happiness of the well-loved.

- Someone POV -
Sitting in a train car I was thinking looking out the window, if someone right now was looking at me I probably wouldn't notice. I sigh, it's all I can do at the moment, I relax ... my heartbeat is normal, do not shake uncontrollably, this feeling of peace is nice although I know that this will only be momentary and that's why I give myself the freedom to enjoy it every second.

You may be wondering why I appreciate just having my heartbeat calm, this actually has a first and last name or should I rather say "first names" and "last names". I am at a crossroads in my life where I know that hopelessly someone I love very much will be hurt, unfortunately my actions have caused two wonderful people to have their hearts in my hands, offer them to me but to my misfortune one will have to take it and another I'm gonna throw it away.

For anyone it's very easy to say "ONLY FOLLOW YOUR HEART" the problem is that this is treacherous since it beats in the same way for both girls, yeah I mean two females. Although Japan is not a country where homosexuality is so well seen, let's say it is a little more tolerant and more open being in Tokyo, for me that was never a problem because since I was a teenager I knew that I would never feel attracted for boys.

My first love I still remember it, she was my best friend from childhood, I still remember when I met her she was a very shy little girl but with hints of courage when someone messed with me. It was not difficult  to make friends with her tenderness, simplicity and honesty were some of her attributes that caused something to be born within me. Little by little I realized that I loved her a lot, for a long time I attributed it to being my best friend but then adolescence came. I realized that I liked girls but among all of them one of them I liked more than all so I just let myself go with this feeling to discover why I felt this way and ended up discovering not only that I was a lesbian but that I was also in love with my best friend.

Part of my first teenage days I had this strong feeling that I would calculate that until I entered the university it could be said that I was hopelessly in love with her, we distanced ourselves a little because she took a different career from mine. After I decided to have dates with other girls but that relationship evaporated with the wind, others took a dangerous path but in the end I gave up my feelings for her and according to me We became best friends again as we were from the beginning.

That is why when she confessed her love to me, I suddenly went into complete shock, I did not believe it, I did not know how it had happened but now I had what was my first love confessing her feelings towards me, at that moment I did not know what to answer because according to me these feelings had disappeared, in the end she showed me her true feelings and asked me to accept her in my life but not as a friend but as someone to live with the rest of my days. She has asked my permission to make me happy. My confusion is that now I am not alone because there is another person, that person in just a few months came to revolutionize my world to such an extent that I thought that my feelings for my best friend no longer existed but now with her confession I just feel uneasy.

While I have told you on one side that it is my love for my best friend on the other side is this new person who entered my life like a hurricane, moving my life 180° from what it was. It was not a coincidence that we met, but it was destiny. It all started the first day of university, while I was daydreaming a voice asked me "Is this place busy?". I could not help but stare at her, she was someone very attractive, she had that black hair in a ponytail that made her face stand out, that lively voice asked me again "Do you hear me?" which I just shook my head at. "Don't you hear me?" she says to me now with a mischievous smile on her lips that makes her show me her pretty dimples. "No, sorry, I meant it's available" I say blushing like an idiot, "what a good way to hide that you are a lesbian on your first day, moron" I thought. Contrary to all prognosis, she did not say anything and just sat next to me, from the first moment I could feel the connection between us, it was not necessary to be a genius to say that we are attracted but over time that attraction became something more deep.

Our beginning was simple but many doubts arose, jealousy, misunderstanding but in the end we managed to overcome them, we were just about to have everything and have the most romantic love in this university when a new test came, time after I ask her to be my girlfriend my first love confessed her love to me and my new love was only there waiting and believing in our love until the last moment. I can definitely say that I fell in love with her deeply too.

A sound brings me out of my thoughts, listening carefully I realize that I have reached my destination, my heart beats quickly for the decision I have made. It took some time for me to take it but now I know I have done the right thing. I see you in the distance while you play distracted with your cell phone, I know that you are nervous because I am.

From the moment I was asked to choose between the two of you, I couldn't sleep well, I didn't know which person I love the most, I didn't know what to think or feel.

- I'm here- I say in a low voice almost like a whisper
- You came ...- you tell me like letting out a sigh while you show me the most sincere smile and your gaze shows me infinite love. From the moment I saw that sincere expression of love I knew that I had made the right decision.

* End POV *

And this is how this story begins, where our protagonist will have to go through endless emotions to know who she really loves and in this process someone will definitely be inevitably hurt.



What do you think?
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Re: Just Choose! - YuuNaaMako - Prologue (06-OCT-2020)
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I just realized Yuiri and Mako both have dimples and black hair.

Nana makes her preferences clear.

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¡Hello everyone again! Are you ready? This story it's a little different because we going to know both sides of this triangle love. Enjoy it. Don´t forget put your comments below!

@StrongStyle9Q: Yeah! We can't blame her. Thank you for let your comment

- - -
JUST CHOOSE! - Chapter 1 | Mako’s diary: Knowing her

Mako’s diary

Hello my new diary, today I will talk to you about the first day at my new university. I am a student in the music career, and to be honest, today was a crazy day, because I have known love at first sight. How was our first approach?
Well ... I had to do my first theoretical projects, so I had to look for the book "Music's history 1", I proceeded to go to the library, when I got there I noticed that the book was on a fairly high shelf and as I am very short I had to request a ladder.

When I went up and stood on tiptoe I noticed that I could barely touch it with the tips of my fingers. As I jumped a little, I slid off the ladder, when I fell I felt like two arms took me by the back prevent my fall, but those arms did not support my weight and we both fell to the ground. Opening my eyes I saw the face of an angel.

-Wow ... I think I have died because I am seeing an angel -After saying these words I saw how this girl's face turned red like a tomato as she walked away from me to later hear the words. - are you good? are you hurt?-.
- Yes, I'm sorry, although my head hurts a little-
- I'll take you to the infirmary.
 -No, I'm fine thanks ... by the way I'm Kojima Mako but it's ok if you tell me Mako -.
- Glad to know, my name is Nana-. She answered followed by a smile that made me blush, and then she got up and extended her hand to get up. I took her hand and immediately realized how soft it was, without a doubt a sensation that I will never forget.- Oh you are the girl who sits next to me, I had not noticed.-
- You are very concentrated in the class or very distracted. I have to go. I tried to move forward to be stopped by that warm hand.
-Hey you can't say that and leave me here like nothing else - I blushed and tried to say something but the words just didn't come out of my mouth.

I just turned around and ran to hide, I still remember the speed with which my heart beat, I thought it would come out of my chest, I started to sweat a little so I looked for my handkerchief that I always carry with me but I couldn't find it. Just thinking that I have to go back to the classroom for a couple more hours makes me nervous, but even so, I don't know why I want to see that angelic face in which I lost myself for a few seconds that seemed like hours to me.

Upon returning to the classroom, the first thing she noticed was that she was there reading a book while several girls sobbed when they saw her since her ikemen appearance made her popular from the first day. I didn't know what to do so I just ignored her and sat at my desk hoping she didn't notice that I was there. No seconds passed when I heard her voice
-And you tell me I was the distracted one when you forgot this in the library-.
-Oh, the book ... thank you- I answered to take the book, when doing it her hand delicately brushed mine, I immediately blushed and turned my gaze towards the window.
The rest of the day I avoided Nana, I was really very sorry, it was the first time in my life that I felt this way, just seeing or thinking about her makes my heartbeat accelerate.

The departure time has come and I can finally relax for a while so I thought about going to the roof of the school to eat something, since I love the mountainous landscape that can be seen from there. As I sat down and started eating my onigiri, there was that voice again
- So you like heights-.
- And you like to harass people-.
-Hey, don't be so aggressive, I just came to give you this back.
-My scarf !!! -.
-Let's be friends what do you think? -
-I don't Know, I have to think about it-
-So how bad do you think am I? -
-Hahaha just kidding but hey ... it's okay I accept -. I said smiling to later be reciprocated by that angelic girl again while looking her smile which when I seeing it my heart speeds up. -well I have to go see you tomorrow-.
"Bye bye," I replied to see how her figure disappeared behind the door.

After that, I immersed myself in my thoughts full of doubts and mixed feelings. God will you like it? Perhaps I will have a chance with her? ... Mako stops rambling on and time will tell us. I was eating my onigiri when I leaned on the railing to better appreciate the view before leaving for my house. In that moment I saw the figure of Nana running towards the entrance of the school, in it I saw how she approached waving to another girl a little more short a, takes her hand and goes outside the campus.
* End of flashback *

That's right ... dear diary I was an idiot, an ikemen like her obviously had a girlfriend. Now I don't know what to do, since I've never been in this place, I don't know how to react or what to do, what I really know is that I've fallen in love with an angel AND that I don't want to lose her. The most horrible thing of all is that I don't have the power to do anything, sometimes I hate how shy I am and everything scares me. Apart from what I saw her girlfriend is beautiful and I can't compete with her I'm not cutie enough... oh, my God what should I do.
Something will occur to me at the moment, the only thing I can do is observe in the distance.
And well dear diary is everything for today

Crazy day right?

We will see what fate has in store for us. But for now, bye.



What do you think?
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