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Author Topic: How the worst birthday turns into the best moment.  (Read 5528 times)

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How the worst birthday turns into the best moment.
« on: April 04, 2023, 02:21:44 AM »
Hi guys, it's been a long time since I've written a MaYuki fic. Now I've based it off one of my very first fics that although is filled terrible grammar and spelling, it was my most successful fanfic, I think. When I first wrote that fanfic I wrote it as an outlet, something to vent my feelings into because it's based off a personal experience. Now I'm coming back with another one and it basically has the same concept but is still very different. This fic is also based on personal experience again. I dedicate this fic to Mayu as it was recently her birthday last month and we share the exact same date. (Ha! I have the same birthday as my oshimen! Take that cruel world!) This will probably be the last MaYuki fic I will write unless a bloody miracle happens and if inspiration hits again. (Or if Mayu attends Yuki's graduation concert when she has one. >_>)

I hope you enjoy it and once again I apologise for any grammar or spelling mistakes. 

For as long as she could remember, Mayu was always quiet and somewhat invisible to those around her. It wasn't until she joined AKB48 that she realised she started to open up to the other girls, especially one member in particular.


The morning started like any other, the brightness of the sun shone through the small gap between the curtains. Awakening Mayu before her alarm went off, normally she'd struggled to get up and had to have five alarms set just to ensure she wouldn't wake up too late. However, today was different, special even... Today was Mayu's birthday.

Stretching with a small yawn, she brushed off her duvet cover and pushed herself up. Groggily dragging her feet across the room, she walked towards her silver CD player and pressed play.

She hummed along to Hetalia's latest character album whilst straightening her bangs and after setting them down, Mayu stared at herself in the mirror, becoming lost in thought.

I wonder what Yukirin's up to? She's probably still sleeping. I wish she was here... Why did she have to Kagoshima this week?

Mayu sighed deeply, hoping that she would be able to keep her feelings to herself like she has been doing for the last few days. She wouldn't admit aloud that not having her team B captain by her side bothered her. On second thought, she didn't want to remind herself it bothered her.

Remembering her parents were out of town to help her grandmother living away from the city, Mayu didn't feel like trying to cook anything. So she decided she deserved a little treat today and headed out of her house to buy breakfast on her way to the theatre.

"Good morning."

Mayu bowed politely and greeted the staff as she entered the theatre. She made her way to the dressing room where she found the other team B members doing their hair and make-up.


Spotting her otaku best friend, Mayu beamed and quickly made her way across the room.

"Hey, do you want to go to the danso cafe after rehearsal?"

"Sorry Mayu, I can't today. Besides, I have to save up for a new phone!"

Nacchan didn't remember... Oh, well. I'm sure she'll remember later.

Mayu's lips formed a slight frown but brushed it off and reassured Nacchan it was okay.

She figured Lovetan and Harugon could be free and sent them a message.

A few minutes later...

Sorry Mayu! Me and Harugon are busy. Takamina invited us along with the other team A members out to eat. It's a team A bonding experience. We'll hang out next time!

Finally, she could not bite back the frown that crept its way back for a second time. She didn't want to believe that her two other friends also forgot her birthday and was feeling bad that she was a little angry with them. She knew it wasn't their fault but she couldn't help but feel a little hurt. Huffing in annoyance, Mayu stuffed her cell back into her bag and decided to focus on rehearsals.


As soon as rehearsals finished, Mayu glanced at Nacchan who rushed out of the door and sighed. She took her cell back out and flipped it open.


That was the number of messages she received. All that popped up on her cell was her background of a certain captain with a bright smile hugging her from behind.

Mayu faintly smiled as she studied the screen saver for a few more seconds. She didn't want to give up and tried one last time to secure a companion to spend her birthday with.

Hey, Oshiriko-chan. Just wanted to know if you were free to hang out?

Telling herself she should wait patiently for a reply, she put her cell away again and headed home.


22:26 PM

Reading the time, fresh tears pricked at the corner of Mayu’s eyes.

She felt lonely, abandoned, invisible again...

Deep down she could feel her insecurities building up again. Mayu couldn't hold it in anymore between her own corrupting thoughts and the non existent birthday wishes she couldn't hold back the tears.

Everyone forgot... Nacchan, Lovetan, Harugon, Oshiriko-chan, mum, dad, even Yukirin...

That night, she buried most of her face into her pillow and cried herself to sleep.


When Mayu awoke, her fifth alarm went off and she let out an audible groan. Today was just another day. It wasn't her special day anymore, she honestly didn't want to get up but today she had to go to the Nippon TV studio to record the latest AKBingo! Episode. Mayu grumbled in displeasure but eventually got up and dressed for the day.

Upon arrival, Mayu quietly slipped into the dressing room and set her bag down beside her. She started putting on some lip balm and then onto fixing her bangs before she had to go on camera.

In the studio, the cameras filmed the AKB48 members. Everything went on as normal, the set for the day was 'Shoujiki Shougi'. Mayu was kind of glad she wasn't an active participant during the set and opted to blend into the background.

Her moment of peace was interrupted when one of the presenters called out her name.

“Watanabe, is it true it was your birthday yesterday?”

Mayu tensed up at the sudden question and replied with a fake smile. "Yes, yesterday was my birthday."

"I hear you're 16 years old, my how times flies. I still remember when Watanabe started on AKBingo! You were so quiet, the audience thought you were CGI!" Presenter Masaki Sata laughed when speaking.

Not knowing how to really react, Mayu just smiled awkwardly at the camera.

"The real question here is, what did you do for your birthday? I'm sure everyone wants to know!”

Being put on the spot, Mayu's brain searched quickly for an answer.

Is this really happening?!

“My parents took me out for dinner."

Mayu bit the inside of her cheek out of frustration and lied.

Just then Sata's comedic partner, Omizo Kiyoto spoke up.

"That sounds nice, I’m starting to feel hungry now."

The fake bearded man started walking out of the studio. Immediately Sata ran over and whacked him over the head with the palm of his hand.

"Where do you think you’re going?! We’re still broadcasting!”

Everyone broke into laughter at the scene, except Mayu.

After the show finally ended, Mayu entered the corridor filled with other AKB members making their way back to the dressing room. She looked around to see if there was an opening but as soon as she did, Mayu locked eyes with a familiar face. Panic flashed through her mind as Yuko passed through the others, walking closer towards her direction.

Blocked by the other girls in the narrow corridor, Mayu had no choice but to confront the senior.


"Hey, Oshiriko-chan."

Noticing the icy tone, Yuko clasped her hands together and bowed towards her junior.

"I'm sorry, Shiriko-chan! I was doing a photoshoot with Nyan Nyan and forgot to reply, I was somewhat distracted. So are we good?" Yuko asked with her dimpled smile.

Mayu just nodded nonchalantly and bolted off as soon the team K member stopped talking and headed home. Catching the train back, she looked out the window with a solemn expression.

Arriving home, Mayu spotted a tall figure waiting on the front porch. Abruptly the figure turned around and took Mayu into a tight embrace causing her to freeze completely on the spot and her eyes widened in shock.

"Y-Yukirin?! But h-how? You're meant to be Kagoshima!"

Yukirin smiled cheekily and winked at her ace, making the smaller girl's cheeks flush red in a heartbeat. "Well... Kagoshima was awfully boring without my Mayu, so I decided to catch the earlier train to surprise you and by the look on your face, I'd say mission complete."

The corners of Mayu's mouth tugged upwards into a genuine smile. She loved it when Yukirin called her 'my Mayu', it made her feel loved and wanted.

"You missed me that much, huh?" Mayu cockily smirked as she opened the door, leading Yukirin inside. The older girl, playfully swatted her arm causing them both to erupt into a fit of giggles.

When their laughter died down, Yukirin sat at the small dining table across from Mayu.

"So, tell me. How was your birthday? Did you and Nacchan get to go to the danso cafe?" She asked eagerly.

"Actually... Nacchan said she couldn't so we didn't go in the end."

Yukirin frowned at hearing the disappointment in Mayu's voice but decided to continue questioning. "Okay? So what did you do? Did you meet up with Lovetan?"

Mayu shifted uncomfortably in her seat and looked down, she felt the familiar sensation of tears prickling in the corner of eyes.

"Lovetan and Harugon were busy, they were out with Takamina-san and the rest of team A."

The tears that threatened to escape from the ace's eyes didn't go unnoticed and Yukirin felt her heart ache with sadness at the sight.
"What about Yuko?"

"She was busy too. She was doing a photoshoot, so there wasn't much she could do. It's just..."

Yukirin stared at Mayu, one eyebrow raised. "It's just?"

"It doesn't matter. Anyways did you want something to drin-"


With a hardened tone, Yukirin continued staring at Mayu and moved her eyes back down to the chair. Gesturing to the younger girl to sit back down. Mayu tensed up as she heard the sternness lacing in Yuki's voice and reluctantly sat back down in her seat.

"Everyone forgot... No one wished me a happy birthday..."

Drop dead silence filled the air for a moment before a bang and a high pitched shriek echoed in the room, startling Mayu.

"What do you mean everyone forgot?! I'm going to- Ugh!" The captain had slammed her hands furiously on the table.

Seeing Yukirin angry was a scary sight, you did not want to be at the receiving end of her wrath and although Mayu knew Yuki wasn't mad at her, she didn't want to be the cause of her captain stressing out.

"Yukirin it's okay, it's not a big deal." She tried to reassure her, gently intertwining their fingers together from across the table. She was met with a glare and visibly gulped.

"It does matter Mayu, you matter. For goodness sake at least one of them should've remembered."

Nothing but confusion took over Mayu as she peered carefully at the other girl, Yukirin sat back down and asked.

"What's with that face?"

"You didn't wish me happy birthday too, Yukirin... Don't you think you're being a little hypocritical?"

Yuki's expression softened and she lightly squeezed Mayu's hand. "I was going to, but my phone ran out of battery and I realised I had left the charger back at my apartment. I wanted to call you on my mum's phone but... You know how I am with numbers, I can barely remember mine. I did send a card though, it's a shame it didn't arrive."

Mayu started tearing up and smiled lovingly back at Yuki. "I knew I could always count on you to cheer me up." Yuki placed the most gentle kiss on Mayu’s knuckles and decided she would make the other girl feel even better.

"Go upstairs, get changed and hurry back down. We have a busy schedule ahead of us."

Once again, Mayu looked back at Yuki confused.

"We're celebrating your birthday today as well!"

The younger girl felt her heart swell up with fondness for her captain but then eyebrows creased together. "Yukirin you don't have to do that for me, you're tired from travelling aren't you? We can just relax in my room."

"I'm fine and I want to do this, so get ready. No if's, no buts, no coconuts!" Giving up happily, Mayu stood up from the table and kissed the other girl on the cheek.

Yuki grinned at the action and lightly slapped Mayu's backside, causing her to let out a yelp. "Go on, little one."

Mayu turned away in embarrassment and rushed up the stairs to her room. She didn't want to give Yuki the satisfaction of seeing her crimson cheeks.

Taking advantage of her absence, Yuki searched through Mayu's bag and took out the cell, texting multiple parties.


Nacchan: I didn't mean to!

Lovetan: Neither did I!

Oshiriko-chan: I was working!

I get you guys were busy but you didn't even wish her a happy birthday!!

Nacchan: ...

Lovetan: ...

Oshiriko-chan: I... Damn, okay we messed up.

Yeah, you all did. So here's what's going to happen. Nacchan, you're in charge of the gift, I don't care if it's small or big, just get her something. You know more about anime than I do. Lovetan, you have an easy job. You're in charge of securing balloons. There should be some at the amusement park but they can sell out sometimes, so buy them now and we'll meet up there. Oh, and bring Harugon with you! Yuko, your job is to get the cake and make sure it's strawberry shortcake!

Nacchan: All right, all right. I'm heading to Animate now.

Lovetan: On it!

Oshiriko-chan: I promise to get the oshiri cake. You can count on me!


Oshiriko-chan: ;3

Sighing at the other AKB's member's behaviour. Yuki deleted the recent messages she sent and placed the phone back into Mayu's bag.

Yuki headed up the stairs to Mayu's room to check on the girl. Lightly knocking at first, she casually twisted the handle and opened the door and leaned against the wooden frame with a smug look.

"Y-Yukirin! I'm not fully dressed yet!"

"I can see that and as much as I'm enjoying the view, we should really get going."

"I know but... I can't decide what to wear! I want to look nice for you..." Mayu pouted and puffed her cheeks, this caused Yuki to chuckle with amusement.

"What am I going to do with you? Come on, I'll help you choose."

The younger girl whined with protest as she heard Yuki comment "how cute she was''.


Both girls made it to the entrance of the amusement park, Yuki suggested they try some of the rides first before grabbing a snack. Agreeing with her plan, Mayu held onto Yuki's hand and led the way to the first ride she wanted to go on.

Later, Yuki and Mayu sat on a nearby bench to rest after going on various rides.

"There's an ice cream stand there, would you mind getting us both one? I'm still feeling quite dizzy after that tea cup ride."

"I don't mind. What flavour do you want?"

"Vanilla will do, here." Yuki said as she gave Mayu a banknote.

"You don't have to pay for everything Yukirin."

"I can and I will, now go line up. I'll look after your bag."

"Okay, okay bossy."

Watching Mayu to queue up, Yuki hastily pulled the cell from Mayu's bag, like she did earlier.

Is everything ready? - Yukirin.

Oshiriko-chan: :thumbup

Sighing with relief, Yuki quickly deleted the current conversation and slipped the phone back into the bag just in time, as Mayu came back with two bright coloured small cups of ice cream, “Here we are!"

"Thank you." Yuki gratefully took the cup from Mayu's grasp. She noticed how Mayu had a smudge of the pink substance she was consuming, sitting on the corner of her mouth. Yuki's lips instantly curved into a smirk.


“Y-YUKIRIN!" Mayu yelped noisily, Yuki snickered gleefully at her expression.

"It's not funny! What if someone saw us?!" Mayu whispered angrily and pouted for the second time.

"I was just cleaning up after you, which is what I usually end up doing."

Yuki just shrugged her shoulders in response.

"Black Marimokkori..."

As soon as she spoke those forbidden words, a dark aura emerged from the older girl and Mayu knew she was about to be punished.

"Yukirin, the best captain in the worl-"

"Too late Mayuyu."

Setting her cup down, Yuki growled as she wrapped one arm around the younger girl’s waist and used her free hand to grip Mayu’s chin. Tilting her head up enough to look at her.

Mayu could feel her heart racing as Yuki leaned in closer, and soon the warmth of her hand left as she stroked the side of Mayu's bare neck down.

"Y-Yukirin please, anything but that..."

Shortly Mayu found herself shuddering and letting out a gentle whimper from Yuki's sudden touch.

"No excuses Mayu."

"No! Ahh! I'm s-sorry!"

Yuki began to tickle Mayu viciously, she already knew all the best spots, sending the team B ace into fits of breathless laughter and gasps. Mayu tried hard not to drop her ice cream as the girl tickled her ribs and stomach.

"P-please! I won't say it again!" Mayu squirmed uncontrollably and chortled gleefully.

"As long as you learnt your lesson." Yuki ceased her attack, feeling victorious and instead held onto Mayu's slender waist.

A warm, comfortable silence fell over the two as they simply sat next to each other, recovering from giggle fits and feeling like children.

“Come on, I have one more surprise for you." Yuki stood up, pulling Mayu up and interlocking their hands.



Mayu couldn’t believe her eyes. Standing only a few feet away, Mayu looked around stunned and so shocked she was unable to speak. There was Nacchan with a pink glittery gift bag, Lovetan and Harugon holding onto animal shaped balloons. Lastly, Yuko holding out a box with a logo of a cake on it.

"You did this all for me?"

Mayu's voice was small as she gazed upon the older girl.

"I told you, you matter."

Yuki ​​rubbed the back of Mayu's hand with her thumb comfortingly, soothing her nerves.

All in all, the girls apologised to Mayu, taking turns hugging in hugging her. Yuko even tried to sneak a kiss but stopped as soon she noticed a dark aura coming from Yuki.

Lovetan found an open seating area where they could eat. Yuko took out the plastic spoons she brought along with the cake and everybody used their spoon to scoop out bite size pieces, enjoying the sweet confectionery.

Upon the happy sight, Mayu mouthed two words to Yuki.

"Thank you..."

In return, Yuki delicately kissed Mayu's forehead with tenderness.

When everyone finished eating the cake, they all wished Mayu a "Happy Birthday" and parted their ways.

Yuki tells Mayu she has one last present for her and they should go on one more ride before they head home, Mayu follows and comes across the amusement park's Ferris wheel.

"After you, milady."

Mayu chuckled with merriment and curtsied before entering the carriage. They looked out the window, admiring the view and just as their carriage was about to reach the very top, Mayu found Yuki’s supple lips on hers.

Both of them smiled into the kiss, they savoured each second behind closed doors. The two only parted when they both needed air, leaving each other slightly breathless. Mayu broke into the happiest smile, she knew now, she did matter. She rested her forehead against Yuki's for several minutes before reluctantly pulling away in time as a moment later their carriage door opened.


The next morning, Mayu wakes up feeling refreshed and content. As she made her way down to the bottom of the stairs, she was unexpectedly greeted by her parents who had just walked through the front door.

Mayu's mum swiftly hugged her and gave Mayu a white envelope that was sitting in the mailbox this morning. Mayu thanks her and sits at the dining table as both her parents make their way back up to their room. Carefully ripping it open, inside was a card with a picture of flowers on it.

Dear Mayuyu,

I can't believe how much you have grown. I'm so proud of you! I knew from the moment we met at auditions you would pass and look at you now! The ace of team B! I want you to know, although I am not there with you, I will always love you, my heart won’t ever change.

Happy birthday My Mayu,

Love you lots, your one and only captain.
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Re: How the worst birthday turns into the best moment.
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It's really honest sharing from the perspective of a fan

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Re: How the worst birthday turns into the best moment.
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Thank you for reading and commenting! I tend to be quite personal and honest in my fics but I'm happy you were able to see it my fic. 
My kami-oshi is Mayuyu, and my oshimen is Oku Manami.

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Re: How the worst birthday turns into the best moment.
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Your individuality and liberal independence are clearly evident in your writing five nights at freddy's 4

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Re: How the worst birthday turns into the best moment.
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Amazing liberality

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Re: How the worst birthday turns into the best moment.
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Very sweet story. Thank you I enjoyed reading this a lot.

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