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H!P Lovers
« Reply #160 on: October 29, 2006, 12:34:08 AM »
Good story! kinda enjoyed the fight, never knew aya was that kind :D haha Yumiko cheating on Maki with Reina XD that i want to see!! haha

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My feelings for Yumiko were growing after our conflict yesterday.
When I woke up this morning I saw she wasn’t in bed.
Ah right…she wanted to sleep on the couch…
I rubbed my eyes and pulled myself up. I entered the living room and looked if she was still sleeping or awake. No she was sleeping. The blanket was on the floor. I covered her up with the blanket and looked in her face. She was sleeping so peace full.
She is drooling a bit…haha…cute…
“Gocchin…” she whispered while she was sleeping.
Than she raised her arm and…
“Ouch…” I whispered. She hit me in the face, but not so hard, like a little claps.
I watched her again. She was smiling. Suddenly her left arm grabbed my right arm and pulled me against her.

“Watching me?...” She asked with a big smile.
“You are not sleeping?”
“I woke up when I realised that I hit something…”
I pinched her cheek and smiled “That was me”
She suddenly jumped up but still sitting on the sofa “Ups! Sorry!”
I smiled “It’s ok~”
She stroked my cheek like to heal the pain.
“It’s~ I said Daijoobou desu~”
“So, how long are you awake?”
“Hm…about…quarter to seven…”
“Hontou ni? And did you sleep well?”
“Hm…not so good…” I seated myself on her lap and crossed my arms around her neck “Was lonely without you…”
She smiled and put her finger under my chin to move my head near to her “You don’t have to be anymore…” She said and gave me a little soft kiss on my lips. It was feeling really great.
She really knows how to make somebody happy.
Something was still going on in my mind that had to be asked.
“Yumiko…only one thing…”
“Did you had something with reina?...”
She looked directly in my eyes, really seriously.
“Maki…I could never lie to you…but all I can say… I’m not with reina.
She is a kid and why do I have to be with someone else when I am with you? The only person who I love and who is the most important human in the world for me is YOU. I would never ever cheat on you trust me!”
Her words sounded like a nice melody in my heart. Now I really know that I CAN trust her.
“You are great…thank you Yumiko…” I said and hugged her.
“I really can’t describe how important you are for me…only my heart can describe it…”
She is always so kind to me. But what would be…no don’t think about that…I’m sure something like that wouldn’t happen.
In the morning all Hello! Project member were doing their work.
But something was going on there. A few member were in a very bad mood.
“What’s wrong with them?” shibata asked.
“Didn’t you get an invitation for later?” Miki asked back.
“Invitation? For what?” ayumi was irritated.
“Tsunku wants to talk to all of us later. Don’t know what he is on about again…” Miki said and scratched her head.
“I see…where did you get it from?”
“Look around…all these people who are wearing black staff shirts are giving them to everyone”
“Hmm…ok…well see you later mikitty”
“Yeah…” Miki went outside to get some fresh air. She can’t handle with so many people on one place.
“Morning~ Mikitty” a voice said.
Miki turned around “Oh Gocchin and Yumiko. Morning.”
“Woo~ many people are here today” Maki screamed.
“Yeah special work day…”
“Are you alright?” Yumiko asked.
“Not really…yossie wanted to watch a movie with me but than her neighbour knocked on the door because he can’t find his cat…and of course our kind yossie had to help him to find the cat…3 hours searching only for a cat that was sleeping peace full on top of the cupboard…” Miki sighed and closed her eyes.

“Whuiiiiiiiii~” Yumiko suddenly screamed out.
Miki and Maki looked at her.
“Gomen…here an invitation from tsunku…” a deep voice said behind Yumiko.
“shock…thanks…” yumiko sighed and looked very angry at the man.
“Now you have your one too…bye see you two later…” Miki said and went into the building again.
“Could you pinch me please? Is that a dream or why do they have such a bad mood?”
“Ouch…not a dream…”
Maki laughed “I wonder what he wants…”
“Maybe only something about the concert in…5 months?”
“would be a bit too early ne?”
“Whatever…come lets go inside.”

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“Haaaaa~…” Yossie sighed while she entered the dressing room “Oh! Mikitty. Good Morning!”
Miki was reading papers “Morning Yocchan~”
Yossie seated herself next to miki on the couch and smiled.
Finally Miki put the newspaper on the table next to her and looked at yossie.
“You are looking beautiful with glasses~” yossie said.
“Do you think so?...” Miki sighed.
 “Hmm? What’s up? Something isn’t right I can feel that. Did I said something wrong?” Yossie asked carefully.
“Ah~ Yocchan~ Nothing about you~ Your sweet~” Miki screamed with a high tone in her voice.
“So what’s up than?” Yossie asked again and put some hair strains out of Miki’s face to look in her beautiful eyes.
“I don’t feel well today…but don’t worry I only have a bad mood…”
“Ohm…do you want to come over my place today? I could also come to yours if you don’t mind…”
“Sounds good…I think to be with you would make me happier” Miki smiled.
“I will come to your place than ok? My apartment is very messy…”Yossie scratched her head.
Miki giggled “Ok than~ We could go together later?”
“Yeah sure~ I will meet you here again later ok?”
“Ok” Miki smiled.
Yossie was on the way to the door but then she turned around “I forgot something!~” she said and gave Miki a kiss on the cheek.
Miki blushed a bit “You’re cute~”
“Not so cute like you~” She smiled and left.
“Itaaiiiiii~!” Yumiko shouted.
“Huh?!” Maki looked totally irritated at Yumiko.
“I banged my head against the light over there…ouch…” Yumiko rubbed her head.
“Well you are tall~ taller than kaori hihi~” Maki giggled.
“Yeah I know that…but this light is hanging down from the ceiling…ah~ never mind…itai…”
“hm yeah? Maki? Youre ok?”
“I feel a bit dizzy…”
“Let’s take a seat here…”
Maki and Yumiko sat down on a sofa.
“Maki you don’t look good, are you ok?”
“I don’t…feel well…”
“I call a taxi and than we drive to a doctor, ok?”
Maki nodded. She was sweating a bit.
“Maki the taxi is there…can you stand up?”
Maki tried but she couldn’t.
“Ok…I will carry you” Yumiko said and carried Maki piggyback.
Yumiko felt that Maki was breathing fast.
They drove with the taxi to see a doctor.
Yumiko was sitting on a chair in one of the corridors of the hospital.
Her head leaned against her palms and her eyes closed.
“Eh? Yumiko-chan?” a voice asked.
Yumiko looked up “Ayaya?”
“What’s up?”
“Maki is here…”
“Maki?! Is she ill?!”
“appendicitis…” Yumiko replied.
“Oh! So she…”
“Yeah she is in the operation room…”
Aya sat down on the free chair next to yumiko.
“Don’t worry…I think everything is ok…”
“The doctor said it was close…damn…the last time she often said that she felt a pain in her stomach…I’m such an idiot…”
 “It’s not your fault and either hers…”
Than the door opened and the doctor came out.
Yumiko stood up.
“Mrs. Kasaki?” He asked.
“Everything is alright with her” the doctor said and smiled.
Yumiko was in tense and her heart was beating faster.
Aya poked yumiko “Ne~ see! Everything is alright!”
A tear of happiness felt down her cheek. Suddenly she hugged aya very tight “Yeah!~ My girl is ok!~” Yumiko shouted. Aya couldn’t feel the ground underneath her “Yumiko let me down!~”
“Oh ups~ sorry hehe~”
“Wow you really love her huh?”
“Oh yes I do I really do! Maki is very important for me!~ Thank you aya…again…”
“No problem. That’s what friends are there for? Ne?” Aya smiled.
“Yeah~ I will go and check if she is feeling ok now…bye aya” Yumiko said and left.
Carefully Yumiko opened the door.
“yes…are you ok?”
“Hm…it still hurts…”
“But it will be ok soon…”
“I need some day’s to recover myself the doctor said”
“Ok…how long do you need to stay here?”
“2 day’s the doctor said…”
“Oh…I will miss you than…”
“I will miss you too”
“I will tell Tsunku what happened and ask him for schedule”
“Thank you…I’m tired…”
“Ok…I will go than ok?”
“Maki…I love you…get well soon yeah?”
“Thanks…I will…Love you too”
Yumiko kissed Maki’s forehead and left the hospital.
“I will take care of you maki…don’t worry…” Maki whispered and looked back to the hospital.

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« Reply #163 on: December 04, 2006, 07:50:23 PM »
Well... I still got no idea what to write...:ONdozing:
I wonder how I should continue the story...:ONdunno:
Somehow I messed my story up :ONerr:
I think I have something soon! I can't give up! Not yet!:ONfarofflook:
Well I have 2 other stories but they are in german ^^''
But I will try my best to post some new stuff here again!:ONwahaha:
I will think positivuuu :ONbingo:
I will be back soon...:ONglasses:
I hope You guy's still like the story :ONsad:
See ya :ONcool1: :ONbyebye:

I love the smiles :tfr9a7wg:

Ah! Forgot something!!!
I made a comic to my story^^
*click here*
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H!P Lovers
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I truely luv it ^.^

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:ONhee: :ONglasses:
Ok!!!!!! Here is a new chapter!!!^^ Please enjoy it!
I truely luv it ^.^


After I went out of the hospital I went back to TV Tokyo. There were still many people walking inside and outside.  
“Oh wait…” I said and looked on the paper that everyone got “Oh! That thing that Tsunku want’s to do starts in 3 minutes! Have to be quick now!” I ran into the building and then to the conversation room. All H!P Members were sitting on chairs. Everyone was there. Well not everyone.
I sat down on a chair as well and watched what happened.
When the light’s turned off everyone was quiet. Tsunku appeared and stood in front of us.
He took a little note out of his jacket and looked up to us.

“Minna san… I’m glad that you are all here today. You might ask yourself why I want to talk with all of you, right? Well the point is…” He took a little brake before he continued.
“I want no dating anymore”
I raised my eyebrow.
“I know what is going on between some girls here…and I don’t except it anymore. Many of you aren’t concentrated on the things they have to do and need to do”
I bite on my lip

“Liar you! First you said that everyone over 20 can date others and now? You are  really an…”

I thought but listened.
I was able to see that yossie took Miki’s hand with her own. Now we are all in the same situation… . Not all but the most of us…
Rika was looking really happy when she looked at me. Sure she is happy. Happy to see that I will lose Maki.

“If somebody will not follow the rules here in hello! Project than the person has to leave! I don’t want more rumors about H!P! “
Without saying goodbye Tsunku left the stage. I was angry, sceared I felt a mix of emotions.
Someone poked my shoulder.
I turned “And? What are you going to do?”
“We don’t know yet. What about you?” yossie returned.
“Well…first I have to explain this shit to maki…”
“Damn, damn, damn…I really don’t like this…” Miki sighed

“Yocchan! Mikitty! Come on we’ve got dance rehearsal!” Kamei shouted
“Coming!” Miki and Yocchan shouted and went to the group.

I sighed and stood up. Rika was standing at the door still smiling badly.
“Why are you smiling so weirdly? Can’t control your face anymore?”
“I’m just in a good mood” she answered.
“I am glad that you don’t have the chance to be with maki, rika.”
Suddenly she looked at me with wide opened eyes.
“Oh you can change your face mood? Great~!”
I know that I sounded really strange. I normaly don’t say things like that.
Aya was still in the room but we two didn’t noticed that.
“I really don’t like you yumiko you know that?” she said.
“Really rika? I don’t like you either”
Rika was getting angry and smashed her hand hard against my face.
“You will see yumiko!” she said and left.
My nose was bleeding.
“Damn…” I sighed.

“Nani?! What was that about?!” Aya said when she saw that rika slapped me.
“It’s ok Aya nothing to worry about” I said and tried to stand up.
“Shit you are bleeding and there you have red and blue marks!” she shouted and searched for an issue.
“It’s ok…” I said. I don’t want that Aya get into this. I really don’t want it.
“Come on shut up…” she said and cleaned my face but it didn’t help, I was still bleeding.


“Huh? I have a message?” I checked my cellphone. It was from Maki.

:: I only wanted to say that I am at my mums house. The doctor changed his mind that I can go home. Would be nice if you can come.   MAKI ::

I sighed and punched against a chair that was in front of me.
“Aya I have to go…I will call you or something like that ok?”
“Sure…please take care…”
I nodded and left.

I really had no idea what I should do. I went to Maki’s mum.
“Oh Yumiko” Maki’s mum said and let me in.
“Maki is here too”
“Yeah come into the living room”
When I entered the room Maki was sitting on the floor and was smiling.
“Nice that you are feeling better…” I said and kissed her forehead.
“Yeah…What’s wrong? What happened?! Your are bleeding!” She said and gave me her hand.
“Well…there is something…”
“Ok that sounds not great.”
“Let me tell you… “ I said and started to tell her what tsunku said.
Her mum was listening too.
Maki was quiet for a moment.
“I don’t want that you lose your job only because of me…” I said. First tears were building their self in my eyes.
Maki looked at me.
“I know you love your job…but everyone knows…and now the paparazzo’s  can do what they want…”
I took Maki’s hand.
“Maybe we take a break and think about everything? I have my tour coming so I wont be able to be here…it might be better if we…” Maki stopped her sentence.
“…be good friends?”
“Yes…that’s really hard to say isn’t it?” she had a little smile on her face.
“It is…but maybe it’s the best. And you know…I only want the best for you…”
Maki hugged me. Feeling her warm body, her soft skin, ahh I will miss that…
“Yumiko” she said
“Only this time ok?” she said and put her arms around my neck.
“Yes…the last time…”
We kissed us for maybe the last time. We both will treat this kiss for our whole life.

„Oh damn…this is really pissing me off right now…“ Maki’s mum muttered.
We looked at her.
“You two are so happy…and now this stupid thing again…” she continued.
Maki and I were staring on the floor.
“But hey!!” Maki’s mum shouted suddenly.
We looked up again. She was smiling? Had she got an idea?
“You two can take a little brake that is a good idea yeah…But! Maki’s tour will take about one month right?”
Maki nodded.
“Well see there would be enough time after that to start again!”
We were still irritated.
“So you mean…after the next month…to start again?”
“Yes. But you two still have to make it as YOUR secret!”
“Well mum that sounds good but…one month is to short isn’t it?” Maki sighed.
“Maki is right…Ok…I’ve got an idea…” I said and stood up.
“3 Months are long and hard but they would do it for the first time…Maki continues her work and I quit my working in Gatas and the “No Name” group Tsunku planned and continue my normal work as a photographer…”
Maki thought a bit “Ok and after this 3 months we start again…carefully, better and more secretive”
I nodded and smiled.
“Fuuuu~ Now I’m happy again…” Maki sighed.
“Me too!” Maki’s mum shouted.

“But Maki! Be careful! Rika is planning something again…”
“What? Wait a sec!! Now the puzzle is complete! She did that to you right??”
I nodded.
“I will be careful trust me! But you have to be more carefully!”
“I know…well! Let’s start a new Game than!”
“RIGHT!!” Maki and her mom shouted.
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part 64
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„What do you want?!“ Rika asked angry.
“I saw what you did to Yumiko!! What’s wrong with you??” Aya asked.
“It’s NONE of your business!!” Rika replied.
“Oh yes it is!! I’m in this shit too!” Aya shouted.
“I’m not in the mood for talking to you!”
“Ishikawa Rika!!! You are so…so…”
“So what?” Rika was coming nearer to Aya.
“So…so…” stuttered Aya.

“It’s enough Rika!!!” a voice shouted and smacked Rika’s face.
Rika sighed and fell onto the ground.
“What the?!” Rika looked at her hand “I’m bleeding!!”
“Now we ARE quit!”
When the person got nearer, Rika was able to see the person in the moonlight.

“Yumiko!” Aya jumped behind Yumiko.
Rika stood up. Her eyes were burning.
“You will see you will see…” Rika laughed.
“You tried often enough to get rid of me! And this time like the other times you can’t make it!”
Rika smiled and started to walk away “You will see…” she whispered.

“She is driving me crazy!” Yumiko shouted and hit against a tree.
“What’s wrong with her?...” Aya asked.
“That is to long to describe it…and trust me…you won’t like to hear the story…”
“I see…but somehow it’s sad…she was normal…but some months ago she is…angry, dirty, violent…and more…”
“It’s my fault…”
“When I came to this project everything was ok…but since…Maki and I were a couple …”
“Wait! Were??? I thought you two…”
“No. We aren’t together…I respect her job and I don’t want that she get’s trouble…”
“Oh…I understand…but only one question…”
“Are you two still living together?”
“Maki wanted to go back to her mothers house and I should keep our apartment”
“I see. But you aren’t looking sad so there must be something that you two have planned?” Aya smiled.
“Exactly!” Yumiko laughed “Do you want to come over for a drink?”
“Yeah sure!”

They went to Yumiko’s apartment. It wouldn’t be so good if there are people who catch up the secret that Maki and Yumiko are hiding.

“Cocktail for Ayaya~” Yumiko smiled-
“Ah thanks!”
“I thought about it…I will tell you the whole story. Only if you like.”
“Of course. And you can trust me! I will not tell it anyone”
Yumiko smiled “Ok…It was the beginning of the last  year….”

She explained every detail. Aya was really shocked. She didn’t even know that Miki and Yossie were in the same situation.

“You tried to win Miki didn’t you?”
Aya nodded and looked at her cocktail “Yes…but I was stupid…I didn’t realised that she was and is Happy…I was to blind to see it…When I stood near Tsunkus office and heard  that Miki was sharing to much time with other members, of course yossie, I somehow felt different…I couldn’t control myself…”
“Somehow it’s funny and weird…we all like girls…maybe it’s because we are together the most time of our business and even in our free time…”
“yeah…Somehow it’s really funny…but that it took this complicated side…is terrible…”
“Hm yeah…” Yumiko looked at the clock “Whooo! Damn it’s already 3:00 a.m!!”
“What???? Really?? I’m sorry but I’ve got an interview at 8:00am!! I have to go I’m sorry!”
“Doesn’t matter! I have to go to bed now too…Futsual in 2 hours haha…”
“Ohhooo! That’s early!”
“Yeah, but I’m not playing in Gatas anymore haha”
“No I’m taking Photos”
“Yeah I somehow am not good for this haha”
“Stupid! Don’t say something like that” Aya hit against Yumiko’s shoulder and smiled.
“Hahaha But it’s true isn’t it? Ahh well doesn’t matter”
“Well I don’t know, don’t tell anyone but I’m not watching the Gatas games. Only the important ones”
“Errr ok…”
“Well Bye bye see you tomorrow. Eh wait I meant later!”
“Time is irritating right?”
“Yeaaah! Bye bye”
“Bye Ayaya”


Morning  5:00 a.m.

“Mo- Morning!”
“Ahhh are you taking pictures of us today?”
“Er yeah Yocchan”
“Than make good ones”
“Yes. It’s my Job” I smiled. Yossie smiled back and went to the others.

“Morning Yumiko chan”
“Oh Morning Ai-chan”
“I have a little question…do you have time?”
Yumiko looked at her watch “30 minutes yeah. What’s up?”
“Well…when I went to bed yesterday I had a look into the member list of Hello! Project…and..:”
“Well did you live in Fukui?”
“Err…yeah. I went there to school and after I finished school I went to Europe and than I got a Job here in japan again”
“Wich school?”
“Hm? Ehm…wich was it again…?“
“Toriyama school?”     (I just took a name)
“Yeah! How do you know?”
“Well I went to the same school…”
“Huh?? Really??”
Ai nodded “it’s just funny because I knew a Yumiko Kasaki….”
“Oh I see. Well Fukui is big haha”
“Yeah you are right.”
“Hmmm but somehow…I can’t remember clearly but there was a girl…ah never mind! Have to take pictures now. Bye”
Ai nodded “No…it’s stupid Ai…She’s right, there are many yumiko’s…” She said to herself and left.

“Niiice shooooot! Oh Oh Oh!!! Watch out Yumiko!!!” Miki screamed.

“Wha-what?!” I looked at Miki.


“Ouch…” I sighed when the ball hit me.
“Whoos! Gomen! You’re ok?” Ayumi asked me.
“I- I think so…”
“How many fingers am I showing?”
“Ayu! I can’t see how many because your hand is shaking!” I shouted.
“Ups…sorry again sorry sorry sorry!”
“Shut up!” I screamed and slapped her soft on the cheek and smiled.
She smiled back and helped me up again.
“Somehow my life is a trouble life haha” I laughed.
“Looks like it. Is your camera ok?”
“Camera are you ok?” I looked down “ Camera looks fine!” I giggled.
“Good” Ayumi said and went to the field.

“Under 500 pictures…might be ok” I whispered.
I took my cellphone out and called Tsunku.
“Tsunku it’s Yumiko”
“Ah I just wanted to call you!”
“Eh really? I just wanted to say I’ve got under 500 pictures of the Gatas training.”
“That’s good! And the reason why I wanted to call you is, that you have to go to Koharu and  take pictures for the booklet of her new single.”
“Yeah sure. Where?”
“She’s standing by the Tokyo Tower.”
“Ok I will go there now. When can I bring the pictures?”
“About 8:00 p.m.?”
“Ok see you later than”
“Yes and thank you very much!”
“Your welcome” I replied and hung up the phone.

The Tokyo Tower wasn’t far away so I walked.


would be nice to hear some comments again. doesn't matter if good or bad ones

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H!P Lovers
« Reply #167 on: December 12, 2006, 04:13:01 PM »
Whoo! Good comment! Sorry for not reading, this story just slipped past me for a few updates.

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part 65
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“Hey Koharu!”
“Oh! Yumiko!”
“Ready for the Photo shooting?”
“Of course!”

“Ok stand there…a bit right…back, back, back…ok stop there”
“Yes…and now pose…”

After one hour we were finished.

“I think 200 pictures are ok aren’t they?”
“Yeah I think so…”

I wasn’t quite sure if we should talk or not.

“Hey you two”
“Ah Yossie!” Koharu said and greeted yossie.
“Ah hi” I said
“Koharu there is a surprise at home”
“A surprise?”
“A special Person has come to your place”
“Hm? Really?”
“Yeah go and have a look. I’m sure you will be happy”
“Ok! Ah and thanks for the photo shooting “ Koharu excused herself and left.

“A surprise?”
“Yeah. Her mum came over to see her”
“That’s a great surprise!”
“Of course it is. She is still young and need her parents right?”
“Right. And is everything ok?”
“Yeah I think so. What are you and Maki going to do now?”
“Well we decided to take a break of 3 months and start carefully again”
“That sounds good”
“And you and Miki?”
“Well we thought about that too but we are to weak for a break…”
“Hard to decide isn’t it?...”
“Only because of the rule…” Yossie sighed.
“Yeah…He lied…only because of the fact that I would enter H!P than…”
“Right that was when you were in the hospital right?”
“Yeah…and now the rule is back…” I sighed.
“I hate rules…but do you know anything about rika? She changed!”
“I know…look here” I pointed at my cheek “This here is only because of her…”
“Really? So she hit you?!”
I nodded. “It’s only because she still love maki and wants her back”
“Maki told me the story a few years ago…she was totally sad because she didn’t wanted to destroy the friendship with Rika” Yossie began.
“Yeah she was in the 1st or 2nd year of her solo career…” I sighed.
“Exactly…she often was upset and you could really see that she was crying…”
“Has she cried often?”
“Well I didn’t see her but when you looked at her eyes you were able to see that she cried”
“Damn…this whole thing is complicated”
“That’s right. Err only one question”
“Did you realised that other girls are watching you?”
“Ehh??” Now I was irritated “What girls??”
“Many of H!P. You are popular haha” Yossie laughed
“No…I didn’t realised that yet…haha…”
“Well doesn’t matter. I have to go now. Someone is waiting for me if you know what I mean “ Yossie grinned
“Ahh~ I see! Yeah ok. Have to go to Tsunku and give him the pictures”
“Ok see you”

‘Many Girls of H!P… Are…watching…ME????’

I gulped.

“Oh oh oh…I hope this doesn’t end in a trouble too…” I sighed and went to Tsunku.

I entered the TV Tokyo building.
“Hi Yu-Mi-Ko~”
“Eh h-hi Mai…” I stuttered.
„Hi Yumi-chan~“
“Na-Natsumi hi…”
“Hey Kasaki!~”
“Hi Yu- Yuko…”
Yuko walked behind me and slapped my butt.
“Wha-“ I stuttered and couldn’t finish my sentence.
“Nice butt~ Bye bye~” Yuko laughed.

‘What the??? OMG! I don’t hope that what yossie said…’

I tried to pass everyone who was coming nearer until I reached Tsunkus Office.
“You are sweating everything ok?”
“Y-Yeah yeah s-sure” I stuttered and gave him the Memory card of my camera.
“Thanks good job!”
“No problem well I will go now”
“Eh…yes ok”
Quickly I left the room and ran down the streets until I reached my apartment.
I closed the door behind me and sighed “Oh gosh…”
“You’re ok?”
“Ehh??? M-maki?”
She smiled “ Yes I just wanted to give you the second key back”
“Oh…I see thank you”
There was a pause “Well I will go now…have to pack my things for tomorrow…Tour starts in 2 day’s…”
“Yeah…good luck eh…I mean eh…” Why couldn’t I speak properly?
“Hey…I know what you  mean…”
“And when I am back we start again ok?” Maki smiled.
I nodded.
“And maybe…” she came closer “We can start a bit earlier?”
“Of course!” I smiled back and gave her a little kiss on her cheek.
“I will miss that…”
“Don’t worry…you always can have it…”
Her smile grew “Well…I will go now…”
“Yeah and have fun yeah?”
“Of course I will…”
“Bye than”
“Bye” She said, hugged me and left the apartment.

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There's always a few bumps in the roads in relationships, I'm actually glad to see them there, makes everything more realistic.

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part 66
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Maki’s point of fiew-

When I entered the house my little dog Taka came to greet me. He is always so cute.

“Maki where have you been?” My mum asked.
“I was in Yumiko’s apartment to give the second key back”
“Oh I see…Maki do you want to talk?”
“Eh? Talk about what?” I knew exactly about what but I didn’t know if I should talk with my mum…
“About what happened the last times…”she said and seated herself on the couch.
“There is nothing to talk about mum…”
“I know something is bothering you”

Now I felt really weak…she was right…I tried to hold my tears back but…

“Okasan!!” I cried out and hugged her.
“Maki don’t worry everything will be fine…It just takes some time…but you are strong-“
“I’m not!” I cut in.
“Yes you are!”
“I’m not…It’s to hard to be not with her…”
“I know that…but look at me Maki…your father is dead since years ago…I’m still sad about that but Life continues…”
“You’ve got a strong personality…but I don’t have enough power…”
“You have it too you just don’t feel it…come pack your bag and then relax until your tour starts ok?”
“Ok…” I got up and entered my.
It was late and I wasn’t in the mood to pack my bag. I will leave Tokyo tomorrow and on the next day the tour will start. There is enough time tomorrow to pack it.
I dropped myself on the bed and looked around. I never thought it would be so hard for me.
3 months? For me…it’s too long…
Maybe I should quit my job? Last tour ever? Wouldn’t be bad…but Yumiko is doing it all for me…and when I would quit she would be more upset than me…and I don’t want to feel her bad…
I looked at a picture.
“I forgot it already?...”
It was a picture of Yumiko and me on Hawaii…2 day’s before we kissed us… I remember it clearly again…


It was 10 o clock  when I woke up.
I rubbed my eyes with my palm.
“Moo~…” I sighed and slowly I got up.

“Oh my!!!!” I screamed when I looked into the mirror.
Taka was so surprised of my scream that he jumped out of his basket and ran into the living room.
I went into the bathroom and washed my face. I hoped that the cold water would wake me up completely.

“Morning…” I sighed.
“Good Morning did you sleep well?”
“Was quite ok…”
“Well I will go now. There is an open cheese package in the fridge, only if you want some”
“Yeah…ok” I sighed and went to the fridge.  
2 minutes later my mum left the house for work.
I ate my breakfast and gave Taka and the other cats and dogs their food.
My tour starts in Okinawa. I have to pack winter clothes because it`s still winter.

“come on! You have to be strong now! You can`t show such a mood in front of the fan’s…” I said and slapped my hands against my cheeks.
 Yumiko is right! I have to be strong! She is strong too so I can be it too!
My mood changed into a good one.

I grabbed my cellphone and phoned Shibata
”Maki? Oh hi!”
“Ready for the tour? Are you and the Melon’s fine?”
“Yes we are ready and we will give 100%!!”
“That’s nice to hear!”
“Maki? Why are shouting?”
“Am I?!”
“Whoops sorry” I whispered
“Haha! Ah wait before I forget it! Masae is ill. So she won’t be there and she is really really sorry”
“Oh? Really? So we are only 4?”
“No 5. Tsunku told me about a person who will come to Okinawa too”
“Huh? Which person?”
“I don’t know…he didn’t want to tell me… I tried everything to squeeze out the name…”
“But the person doesn’t know the choreography!”
“No! Tsunku said she studied them really hard! And you know what?? He said she did that today! Only on one day!”
“On one day???! That can’t be true…but to be honest…If Tsunku makes a mistake again he has to get the trouble alone this time!”
“Don’t worry I think it’s ok! If not we are still 4 people right?”
“Yeah you are right! Well see you tonight at the airport!”
“Right! Bye!”

A Person? Hmm….I was really irritated…and why did Tsunku toldl Ayumi and not me? Mysterious…   I thought to myself and started to pack my other bag.

The day was coming to an end and I had to go to the airport.
I said goodbye to my mum and my pets and drove with the taxi.
Ayumi and the rest of the melons, not masae, were there.
“The person is not here?” I asked irritated.
“Tsunku said she will come with an other plane later”
“Ohh great…”

I hoped that everything would be fine during the tour.
For the rest of our flight I wrote into my blog.
The time past by very quickly. Our landing was safe and a taxi drove us to our hotel.
Hitomi asked me if I would like to go to have a drink with the others but I said no. I was to nervous about my concert tomorrow.
Everything was so quick. I wanted to have a look at my hotel room. The hotel had 24th  floors and my room was on the 23rd floor.
My room was quite nice. Big bed, big bathroom, a fireplace, big Tv screen, massage chair and more things.
I dropped my bag down and checked my cellphone. There was one from aya. She wished me good luck for my tour.
I quickly wrote her back and then I left my room and looked around. I always check out everything. I wondered if I could reach the roof so I went to the elevator.
The elevator brought me on the 25th floor and I looked for stairs.
I walked up the stairs and opened the door.
“That was exactly what I was looking for” I had a big smile on my face.
“Wow you can see the stars so clearly” I whispered and seated myself on the floor.

“You are right really beautiful…”
I looked right und jumped back
“Surprised to see me?”
“Eh…eh…I thought you…”
“have a tour with biyuden? No. Cancelled”
“I see…why are you here?”
“Got a few day’s off and thought I will come over to see your tour”
“That’s kind…but Rika, you are not the mysterious dancer who will take place for masae?”
“Mysterious dancer? I? No”
I took a deep breath and sighed “Ok”
“Do you want to walk on the beach a bit?”
“Not a good mood hm? Maybe some fresh air could help?”
“Ok…let’s go…”
We got up and went down to the main entrance.

I looked at something that was behind me so I didn’t looked forward.

Then someone crushed into me.

“Oh! I’m sorry really sorry!”,  a man? I didn’t know if it was  a man, said and helped me to get up again.
“It’s ok” He was wearing sunglasses. In February?

“Hey watch were you are walking!” Rika shouted.
The man looked at her and didn’t say anything.
Then he passed us and got into the elevator.

“You didn’t have to be so angry…I said it was ok…”
Rika didn’t answer. She got a phone call. “Wait here please”
“No. I’m going into my room now…”
“But Maki”
“Maybe on an other day…” I sighed and went to the elevator .

“Excuse me!”
“Hm? Yeah?”
“Please don’t take it real what my…friend…said”
The man smiled “That’s what I have to expect from a bitch like rika…” The man said.
“You know her?”
“Yes…” the man said and slowly removed his sunglasses “Of course…”
I froze .
“That’s why I am here…”
I was still frozen.
“Err? Are you ok?”


“I thought you were a man…”
“Really??” Yumiko laughed.
I had a smile on my face “So you are here to take care of me?”
“Yes…and because of that…I am the mysterious dancer…”
“You are so…”
“So? Stupid?”
“Cute!!!!” I hugged my Yumiko.
“Ehehe…you know…I feel really weak when you are not by my side…”
“Me too…”
“Well but I’m here with you know. Let’s have fun ok? We will give our best to make your Tour become really really GREAT!”
“You arrrre right!” I smile “Do you have a room here?”
Yumiko blushed.
“Not directly…”
”I hadn’t enough time for booking one haha…And Tsunku  said I should do it on my own but I forgot it…I’m stupid right?”
“Yes you are…but it’s no problem with me if you stay in my room…Got a big bed”
“T-Thanks…darling” Yumiko smiled.
I smiled too. When I heard that someone got up the elevator I pushed Yumiko into my room and closed it behind me.
“Wow…somehow it is like…a movie”
I punched Yumiko softly
”Ohh how I missed that” she cried out.

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Well Christmas is nears so I made this little picture of Maki and Yumiko.


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Evil Rika is Evil, but that's such a cute pic.

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I wanted to say that I have a few "early christmas presents at my blog^^
If you have time have a look^^


Story update will come later:pen_shocked:


“Yumiko? One question. What is that on you cheek?” Maki asked.
Maki nodded.
“Ehm well…”
Maki touched yumiko’s face with her palms “Yumiko please…”
Yumiko took Maki’s hand and sighed “Ok…It was Rika after Tsunkus conversation…but it’s okay…”
“She is pissing me off…” Maki sighed.
“ I know…but don’t worry…” Yumiko seated herself on a chair.

“What’s that cracking noise?”
“What cracking-“


Maki laughed.
“Stop laughing it hurt…” Yumiko began to laugh too.
“But you are laughing too!” Maki cried out.
“Only because you are laughing sooo cute!” Yumiko cried back and stood up “Tsk…noble chair? I’m not heavy…moo…” Yumiko looked at the destroyed chair and crossed her arms.

Suddenly Maki pushed Yumiko on the bed and got on top.

“Want to give you a massage...” Maki grinned.
“Ohh…from the front?” Yumiko grinned evil.
“No! turn around!” Maki laughed.
Maki’s hands were travelling over Yumiko’s back and neck.

“Is it good?”
Maki slowed down and looked at Yumiko.

‘She’s sleeping?’

Maki got off of Yumiko’s body and laid herself next to her.
Yumiko’s mouth was opened a bit.  

“I love you…” Maki whispered and stroked Yumiko’s neck.
The elder opened her eyes a bit and took Maki’s body closer.
“Did I wake you up?” Maki asked.
Yumiko shook her head.
“You are looking really tired…” Maki whispered and covered their bodies with the blanket.
Yumiko nodded slowly.
“Then sleep…you really need it…”
“You too…I will give my best…tomorrow…I will…be happy to see…your smiling face after…the concert…I love that smile…” With each word she was getting quieter until she was sleeping.

“Baka…I love you…” Maki whispered really quietly and snuggled into yumiko.


“Still watching photos?” Yossie asked and seated with two glasses of Champaign in her hands next to Miki on the couch.
Miki took one glass “Thanks. Yeah I’m still wondering if I should cut my hair off again…like the old day’s…What would you think? Short or long hair?”
Yossie took a sip of Champaign  and closed her eyes “For me it doesn’t matter…you are beautiful, doesn’t matter to me if your hair is short or long”
“Ok ok! But don’t hit me now…!” Yossie moaned.
“Huh?! So you want to say something bad now?”
“But it sounded like that!”
“Mikitty…you always said we say the truth to eachother right?”
Miki thought a bit than she nodded.
“You ARE beautiful…and it doesn’t matter for me which haircut you have ok? I think your long hair suits you the best”
“Really really?”
“Really really really  reaaaallly??”

Yossie kissed Miki to make her shut up.

“I overdid it?”
“Really really?”
“Mikitty!” Yossie cried out.
Miki began to laugh.
Yossie grinned while looking at some pictures

“Hmm…both suits you…maybe you should cut of the right side and leave the other side” Yossie laughed.
“Yocchan you don’ take it serious!”
“It was only a joke honey calm down”
“You are looking better with short hair…it’s sexy…” Miki took a picture and showed it to yossie.

“Moo! Miki you still have it?”
“Sure! I love this picture! You dressed up like a reindeer”
“Well…” yossie began and took a picture out of her pocket “Than I can have this here too”
“Yocchan!!!” Miki screamed trying to get the picture.
“Ah ah ah…no. I like this picture toooo much” Yossie grinned.
“Where did you made it?? And when??”
“After you finished your shower”
“I’m naked there!!! What happens if you loose it?!”
“I won’t loose it Mikitty”
“I know you! You will!”
“No! I won’t”

The battle was coming to an end when Miki gave up.

“Dare you to loose it!” Miki sighed.
“I won’t! Ah wait here I only have a quick walk to the nearest shop to get some things”
“Yeah ok be careful”

Yossie left Miki’s apartment.

“Short hair? Long hair? Argh!...” Miki sighed.
Miki stared at the pictures and about 10 minutes later yossie came back.

“Eh…” Yossie began.
“Hm? What’s up?”
“Well I… I…”
“You? Yeah?”

“I somehow…lost…the picture…”
Miki’s head turned red “NANI????!!!!”
Yossie played with her fingers “I must have dropped it on my way back…”

“YOU!!” Miki shouted and ran towards yossie.
“Mikitty look here!” Yossie shouted with the picture in her hands.
Miki stopped and was irritated “Huh? I…I thought you? Lost it? You said you lost it right?”
Yossie began to laugh “Miki trusting someone is important”
Miki took one glass Champaign and throw the liquid against yossie.
“Miki! Now have to take a shower again…”
Miki grinned “Not alone…” Miki took the other glass and splashed the liquid against her own body “…with me”
Yossie smiled.


“Ai? What are you doing?” Risa asked.
“Ehm..just looking for something…”
“Well I will go back now. See you tomorrow” Risa said and patted against Ai’s shoulder.
“Yeah ok…bye~”

‘It must be somewhere!’

Ai found a book.

“Ah…it might be it?
The book was covered with dust.
She looked thru it, she searched every page.
“I was right…I knew it…there is no mistake…it’s her…”

Ai closed the book and put it on the table.

“I was so blind? Why did I just found it now? She changed…Years past since we saw us the last time…No! She’s here…I was working with her…she changed so much that I didn’t realised it?” Ai rubbed her head with her palm.

“It’s still a puzzle…but I can think about everything a bit clearer now…when was it? Oh yeah…”

….to be continued

Muharrr xD
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H!P Lovers
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To be continued? What is Ai thinking about?

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Grr muharr xD   :ONhiakhiakhiak:


I was walking down the corridor after the school bell rang.

“Oh! What’s up Nobiko?”
My best friend stopped by side me “Aika, Kumi and I will go to walk around town with 4 higher school students. Would you like to come with us? Would be fun right?”
 “Higher students?”
“Yeah only one class above us, you know these two really cute guys from Miss Mori’s class?”
“Oh! Kenshi san and Takayama san?!”
“Exactly!” Nobiko giggled.
“You can count with me!”
“Great! See you later ehhhm about 5:00 p.m.?”
“Yeah ok, bye the way the other two--?”
“Sorry have to go now!” Nobikio ran down the corridor to her boyfriend.
“Eh!!! Moo~…who are the other too…?” I sighed and left the building.

“Oi!! Asuka!” someone shouted.
The people in front of me were turning around.
“Oi! Hello?!”

I turned around too. The other people were continuing their business again.

”Oh! I’m sorry! You aren’t Asuka!” the girl said and walked towards me.
She had brown long hair and was tall. And she didn’t looked Asian. But she wore our school uniform.
“Eh it’s ok” I stuttered.
“Oh ok…” she was getting shy.
“Are you from here?” I somehow asked.
“Err yes. Well I was born in Europe, Germany exactly…but my parents moved to Japan when I was 2 years old.”
“Oh I see…”
“Yeah well sorry again…ehm I have to go now” The girl excused herself and left.

“Eh!...What is her name?”
“Yumiko, Kasaki Yumiko.”
I turned around “Eh? K-kenshi san” I stuttered. One of the two populates boy’s of my school was standing behind me.
“She is in my class. I can’t stand her…I tried to be with her because she is cute but noooo!” Kenshi sighed “See you later ehhmm…Takahashi san right?”
I blushed and nodded.
He smiled and left.


[05:00 p.m.]

“Ai hiiii!!!” Nobiko shouted.

I looked around everyone was there. I couldn’t see one of the girls. She had her back towards us. But it didn’t took long until she turned around.
“Gosh… can we go now—“ she stopped and looked at me.

“YOU?!” We both asked.

“Know eachother already?” Takayama asked.
We nodded.

“Ha! Well ok. We decided to make teams and walk around. And to have a bit fun we want to make a little battle.” Takayama said.
“Ts… we are no kids anymore…” Yumiko muttered.
“Yeah and because of this fact we decided something special.”
“And what?”
“Weee have to date eachother”
“Waaait wait wait! We have 6 girls and two boys here”
The two boys were grinning evilly.  
 I just waited and was looking what would happen next.
 “Ok the younger ones will pick up little letters with the names of the older ones and than we can go ahead for the ‘blind dates’”
I looked around. Well ok these aren’t exactly really dates but maybe it’s fun.

After we picked the little papers we were surprised. And I was really surprised.
I picked Yumiko.

“Awww…It’s sad that I wasn’t able to pick Yumiko…” kenshi sighed and leaned one arm around Yumiko’s neck.
She closed her eyes and punched into his stomach.
You really could see that kenshi was angry.
The other one left one by another.

“Well ehm…Hi” I stuttered.
“Don’t think I take this serious…and hi…” Yumiko stuttered back.
“I don’t take it serious too!” I answered quickly.
“Hm…where do you want to go?”
“I have no idea…”

Wow we just stood there. It was totally cold…

“So your name is Ai?”
“Cute. EH no I mean no! Eh I mean nice”
I laughed a little when I saw she was blushing.
She sighed.
“What’s wrong?”
“My classmates are all idiots… believe me…”
“But everyone says that kenshi and Takayama are the cutest boys of the school”
“They think they are but it’s not true”
“Hmm…kenshin said that he tried to be together with you. What happened?”
“Huh? Idiot…He is lying. I hate him. He never asked me”
Now I was really angry “Ok! He is an idiot!” I pouted my cheeks and crossed my arms.
Yumiko turned around.
“What’s wrong?”
“Ehhh nothing!! Ehhh go ahead I will fetch you”
“Eh?” I turned her around.
“G-gomen” she stuttered.
“Nose bleeding?”
She nodded.
I gave her an issue and smiled.
“Thanks…your acting was cute…couldn’t control it…”
“Oh thought you hit your nose or something”

Now she was quiet.

“Oh…so you erm…”
“Other subject please” She begged.

I was still irritated. Somehow she was really…kind.
We didn’t know what to do so we stayed where we were.
We waited for the others but they tricked us.

“I said they were idiots”
I nodded “It’s late…I will go now”
“Wait! Ehm…I would like to bring you back home. If it’s ok”
She smiled and we walked.

“Say how old are you?”
“14. But I’m getting 15 on the 14th of September.”
“I’m 15 already”
I giggled

I sneezed.

“A bit”
“Don’t catch a cold” she said with a smile and gave me her scarf.
“Thanks but you-“
“No. You can keep it”
I smiled.

“Oh we’re here.”
“Chotto matte!” she shouted.
“Don’t tell me you live in this apartment block there!”
“Er yes I do”
“How is that possible I never saw you!”
“What do you mean? Wait you live there too?”
She nodded. Now I was really surprised.
“Wow. That’s a-“
“Surprise” she cut in.
I nodded and we began to laugh.
We went into the building and soon we arrived in front of my apartment.
“Well it was nice”
“Yeah it was. Maybe we should do something together more often?”
“Would be nice yeah”
“Bye than”
“Bye” she went to the stairs and got up.
I opened the door and went inside. My parents were a bit angry because I was 30 minutes to too late.


Yumiko and I were getting really close to eachother. And I didn’t knew that something more could happen.


The months past and it was in the middle of spring.
It was getting warmer with each month.

“Ai-chan what are you doing?” Yumiko asked me and poked on my shoulder.
“Hugging my teddy bears like when I was young.”
“Eh? Why are you hugging them?”
“Because I love them”
“Oh come on! You are always acting so cool”
“Ok I will shut up… “ Yumiko seated herself near to me and took one teddy bear.
“We never talked about this topic yet. But did you ever had a boyfriend?”
“No. Don’t need one”
“Me either. Normal friends are more important for me. Like you” I giggled and placed my head on her lap.
“Silly you…”
I seated up again and pouted my cheeks.
“Stop doing that”
“Why?” I got nearer and pouted my cheeks even more.

And before I could react, because I felt really weak when she hugged me, she kissed me.
But when she stopped I kissed her back.
Somehow it felt really good.


But I had a dream…Morning Musume. She said I should try it because I want it.
And I tried…and now I’m a happy member of Morning Musume.
When I went back to Fukui she wasn’t there. I heard she moved back to Europe.


I sat down and crossed my arms over a pillow.

“Did I really loved her? Or was it just a stupid Teenager feeling at the time? I still don’t know…” I whispered to myself.
I can’t remember my feelings… They are blurred.
But I am stupid that I didn’t noticed that it was her… One year in hello! Project now…And I’m so stupid to realise it now?

I cried into my pillow until I fell asleep.

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