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Detonator M
« on: October 24, 2006, 03:49:27 PM »
Disclaimer: This is fiction. I am still sane.


Not all stories start with the main character. Some start with minor characters, like this one. And if the story does, you know it something wrong is about to happen....

We see a man running away. Each step he took was not wasted. The ones in pursuit could not keep up with him. He reached a tunnel. He decided to sit down and rest for a while. He held on to where his arm once was. Sparks were flying out and a mixture of blood and oil dripped, which made the only noise in the silent tunnel. After a few minutes he stood up so he could continue running away.

Once he stood up, the dripping sound was drowned the sound of a revving engine. He looked behind him but saw nothing. He was not able to look in front of him because the thing that made the revving sound already made contact with his body. He was thrown a few meters away from the vehicle. He was alive but his knees were shattered. There was no way he could run. He didn't even bother to crawl. He wished he was dead.

The people inside the vehicle went out and approached. Each of them held different things that can serve as weapons; a baseball bat, a bicycle chain, a crowbar, etc. They surrounded the almost lifeless body and made sure that he was alive, so that they can kill him.

"They think they can keep us away from them. They're wrong. They're always wrong." said one of the men.
"You will not succeed." the man lying on the floor said.
"Maybe not, but it's worth a try."
"I will have a replacement"
"Good. So we will have more to dispose of."
"Any last words?" another asked
"Kill me."
"As you wish." one of the men said as he raised the baseball bat over his head.

The first blow with the bat was enough but they didn't stop. Now the silent tunnel was filled with the sound of bones and machinery being smashed. Once it was over, they sprayed the carcass with gasoline and set it on fire, destroying any evidence of its existence.

Another man stood in front of the tunnel's entrance. He smiled as he saw the fire flicker and crack. He laughed as he slowly walked away...

His laughter was soon followed by an explosion inside the tunnel, killing everyone who was inside. The defeaning sound of the explosion was followed by his laughter again.

"So it begins."

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« Reply #1 on: October 24, 2006, 03:55:30 PM »
"He will be useful to us..."

That was the last thing he heard before he closed his eyes. He didn't know how long he was asleep. Hours. Days. Years. Who knows? The white ceiling of the room was the first thing he saw when he opened his eyes once more. He still remembers some of the movies and the TV shows he watched before, the answers to the last exam he took, how many wins he has in his Tekken 5 Data Card, what his high score in Tetris was and other stuff. But he could not remember anything about himself. His name, his age, his birthday, his section in high-school, what he looks like, anything. Except the last thing he heard.

He will be useful.

"You're conscious. Good. Now get up, we have a lot to talk about." Those words came from a man who had dyed hair. He was not sure of the color though but he was sure it was dyed.

Even if he didn't know him, he followed what he said. They entered a room. It was a typical room for someone important to a company. It had posters of different girls. Posters from concerts, single releases, news articles, etc.  He knows they look familiar but he couldn't remember who they were. He cracked the knuckles of his right hand. But he was surprised with the sound it made. He put his hand near his ear and tried to close it. He heard some gears grinding inside his hand. But he checked the rest of his body. He was still covered with flesh.

"What the heck?"
"You are a cyborg." the man said.
"I repeat. You are a cyborg. Part of your body is organic while the other part is mechanical. I don't know the exact percentage so pardon me. You are now a 'Guardian'. Welcome to Hello! Project."
"Guardian? Hello what? Who are you? Who am I?"
"You will know my name sooner or later. According to the boys in the lab, you will be called 'M'."
"’M’? What kind of name is that?"
"That will be your name. No, that is your name. "
"Hello!Project. I remember that. But aren't you supposed to recruit girls to become idols or artists?"
"You are right. But that's only part of what we do."
"Oh no. So you kidnap guys and turn them into girls! Or you turn girls into guys! You were a girl before, weren't you? "
"Haha. You have a great sense of humor. But as I have said, you are a Guardian."

The man walked around the room and looked at the posters.

"All you have to do now is to make sure these girls are safe. It sounds easy but it isn't. You have to protect them from wild fans, paparazzi, muggers and the like. The only thing you can't protect them from is the flu. But we're working on that. The modifications done to your body has given you enhanced strength, speed and stamina. That will help you a lot in your duty. With your fingers, tapping the head of those kinds of people can erase certain memories they have. Your hand will emit a low frequency vibration that can remove anything they know about you, the girl you're assigned to and Hello!Project if necessary. There are almost fifty girls but don't worry, you will only be taking care of one of the girls below twenty years old."
"Wild fans? I can understand paparazzi and muggers but wild fans?"
"They're the most dangerous. You will know once you start."
"Will it be possible to return the deleted memories?"
"That is under development. They're thinking of making the pinky a temporary repository for the memories so you have backup in case you make a mistake."
"So that's why I don't remember a thing..."
"No. Yours is a different case. Speaking of memory, you have a built in music player in you, I just don't know where the port is, but it's usually somewhere in the wrist. Once you hear a song, it is automatically saved in your memory and you can use the player to listen to it again. That's what the other like to do when they're in surveillance."
"That is so hi-tech."
"I can sense sarcasm in your tone. You're different from the rest. Only two of you used sarcasm."
"You mean there's more like me?"
"Don't tell me that we have to wear color coded spandex outfits."
"No, you won't"
"So, will I be covered in armor when I shout 'Henshin!'?"
"That's ridiculous. That only works in TV shows. You don't need to be flashy. You can kick ass without that stuff. You can channel electrical charges and pulses in your hand if you want. There's a lot of stuff you can do with your body, just use your imagination."
"You mean like this?" he said as he pointed his index finger out like a gun and shot a bolt of electricity to the table. It shattered the flower vase and fried the flowers it was holding. "Holy shi..."
"That's quite good for a newbie like you. Good thing I didn't have important papers in that desk, or I would have asked them to reformat you. Just a reminder, as much as possible, do not use it in public or in front of the girls."
"Why do I have to do this again?"
"Because that is your purpose."
"What if I don't?"
"Well, there's always remote shutdown. The mechanical part of your body will be turned off. Once that happens, you will be paralyzed. You will be tracked 24 by 7. You cannot run from us. Also, look at your palm and say 'check'. Those numbers signify the distance between you and the girl you are assigned to. If it reaches 1000, shutdown will commence. No need to worry, you will be warned if it reaches critical numbers."
"Check" M said as he looked at his palm. A small panel opened and a small LCD screen revealed the number 20. "She's close."
"She's probably in one of the other rooms. But you will not meet her today. You have absolute freedom. You can do anything you want, except two things."
"Don't fall in love with her and don't make her fall in love with you."
"How can someone have feelings for someone, no something that's not even fully human."
"They don't know."
"So you're sending robots like me to protect these girls and they don't know we're robots?"
"You're a cyborg. There's a difference betwee.."
"How long do I have to do this?"
"As long as you have to."
"And how long will that be?"
"I honestly don't know."
"What if I refuse?"
"You don't have a choice. There is no turning back." The man said as he took out a briefcase. "All you need will be here. Some clothes, a user manual for your new body, files about Hello!Project and the key to your room."
"I don't have a cell phone."
"You have a music player inside you right?"
"You mean..."
"Say 'phone on'. Then just type the messages using your mind, think of the person or the number you want to send it to, and that's it, message sent."
"Don't tell me I have Bluetooth too."
"Bluetooth, WiFi, infrared, et al. You even have a port for a LAN cable somewhere. What else do you need? You can always go to the lab to have it installed."
"What about X-ray vision?"
"You're such a lecher. X-ray is low-tech. We have better technology. I have a feeling where you will use it so we will only install it in you when you are ready for it."
"I want a motorcycle."
"You have feet, don't you? Why not use them."

M tried out his Bluetooth to look for other people in the vicinity. He wanted to make sure that he wasn't dreaming or to check if he was still sane. Only one name registered in his list.

'K - 102%wonkified'

He sent a message to it nonetheless.
- help! i'm going crazy there's this guy saying that i'm a guardian or something and i can shoot electricity from my fingers.

He received a reply after a few seconds.
- n00b! XD

"What the..."
"Looks like you've met K. K, come in."

Another man with unkempt hair entered the room. He looked like he was in his late teens. He was dressed in clothes they call "Yankee" fashion and wore sunglasses.

"This is K. He will be your roommate. He will walk you through the basics of being a Guardian. He is assigned to Tanaka Reina."

Now only the name of man who had dyed hair isn't known

K looked at M. "Nice to meet you." he said as he bowed
M bowed in response. "Does the word 'wonkified' exist in the dictionary?"
"In my dictionary, yes." K said.

"Don't be fooled by K's appearance. He only wears that to please Reina-chan."
"Please tell me that I don't have to wear that kind of clothes." M said as he pointed at K.
"Haha. I will give you money so you can buy what clothes you want. You have to dress as civilians to avoid suspicion. Plus it can help you mingle with the other fans."

The other man handed M the briefcase and a photo. He looked at the photo closely.

"She's pretty." he said.
"Of course she is." The unnamed man said.
"What is her name?"
"Niigaki Risa. And you are assigned to her."

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Detonator M
« Reply #2 on: October 24, 2006, 04:20:37 PM »
wordsworth!!! How on earth did you do that? By 'that' I mean get me sucked into this from the very first line. I was thinking about doing a ChrNo and quoting+commenting on the parts that I wanted to, but that would mean just about every single line!
The way you write is really interesting. And this M cyborg is awesome. The kinds of questions he asks about spandex outfits, and shouting 'henshin' had me really amused. :P . I like the detail about M's body...I mean, how cool is that inbuilt music player! '102%wonkified' had me laughing in tears, and K's reply of 'noob' just made my day!
I think I could probably rave all day about this, but I won't. XD  I really like the different approach you had on this... the idea of cyborgs being guardians for the girls of H!P is something that has never crossed my mind. Excellent job on this beginning, and I'm hoping to read alot more of this!!

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« Reply #3 on: October 24, 2006, 04:41:18 PM »
"Morning Musume 4th Generation. Members: Ishikawa Rika, Yoshizawa Hitomi, Kago Ai, Nozomi Tsuji . Country Musume. Melon Kenebi. Mini Moni. The heck! Hey K, don't they have a PDF file of this thing so I don't have to read it?" M said as he looked at the handbook that contained all the information he needed to know about Hello!Project.
"That's what I asked them too when I was new. Unfortunately, they still haven't made a soft copy of that. Even the manual to use the different parts of your body doesn't have a soft copy."
"That sucks. Don't we have a scanner installed somewhere in our body?"
"They only installed that in me after I finished reading that. But if I were you, I'd just go to Wikipedia and get the info there. You have WiFi right?"
"Crap! I forgot about that. Hey, how long have you been a Guardian?" M asked as he started saving the info from Wikipedia in his memory.
"For as long as I can remember."
"Do we age? I mean, do we get old."
"I'm not sure. Why?"
"I was looking at some of these H!P kids and..."
"Spare me the details."
"What? I was just wondering what would happen if someone was assigned to them. Would he grow old too like the kids? Or would he stil look the same even after these kids grow up? Wouldn't they get suspicious if they see the one who's been protecting them doesn't get old? What were you thinking of K? I didn't know you were such a perv. But that Yurina and Maimi will be something when they grow up."
"Look who's talking Mr. X-ray vision. Don't let H hear you talking about the kids like that. He will destroy you."
"Who's H?"
"He's the one assigned to the kids, Berryz Koubou specifically. He looks like a kid but he has the most advanced Frame because he has to take care of seven girls."
"What's a Frame?"
"It's the type of system they installed in your body. Say 'frver' and check your palm to see what version of frame is installed inside you."
"FRVER." M looks at his palm. "It says FV000013."
"I never heard of that version before. Maybe that's an old version they installed inside you."
"Do we need batteries to live? Do we have to plug ourselves to the wall socket to recharge?"
"We don't need batteries. Part of us is still organic so as long as we keep that part healthy, we'll be fine. So don't forget to drink your milk and take your vitamins."
"Won't we set alarms off when we walk into metal detectors and similar stuff?"
"No. The mechanical parts we have aren't made of metal."
"I see. We have to fight other people right? What kind of training do we get?"
"We don't need to train. You can just upload the moves you want in to your memory. I have Stephen Chow's moves in Kung-Fu Hustle and some moves from Law from Tekken inside me. But you can train, if you want some exercise."
"Kung-fu huh? Hey the moves can come from anything, even from anime shows?"
"Yes. The only limitation is we can't fly."
"Aww. I wanted to have Vegeta's moves."
"Maybe you'll only be like him."
"What about Vegeta?"
"He's only good at being second best."
"What the? But you do have a point. He'll always be living behind the shadow of Goku. Maybe I'll just get the moves of Jin from Tekken 5 or some moves from the Kamen Rider shows. By the way, do you like your clothes? They don't look good on you."
"They're quite comfortable, actually. But don't say that in front of Tanaka-san. She will kick your ass."
"Let her. I'll just zap her with..."
"We cannot hurt the girls, physically. You'll get a shock in the head if you try to hurt them. But we can hurt them through emotions."
"What do you mean?"
"Remember the two rules. Memories can come and go. They can be deleted. They can be retrieved. But emotions cannot. They can't even be programmed. And the same goes for personality."
"Then why did they have to make us good looking?" M said as he looked at himself at the mirror. "I look like Takuya Kimura, don't you think?"
"This is just a theory, but I think good looking fans of these girls are just myths, male fans, that is."
"You don't have to rub that in. Hahaha!"
"And you look like HG, only HG looks a bit better than you.
"HG?" M turns on his WiFi and searches for HG. "Damn you, K! I look better than him."
"Just keeping you down to earth, buddy."
"Is Niigaki Risa cute in person?"
"Curious? She is cute. But she's also quite naive so better behave yourself when you're around her." Something buzzed in K's pocket. "Looks like you're going to meet her now. Let's go."
"What? Now? Check!" M looks at his palm. 20 it read.

K and M headed to a room that was almost below the one they were staying in. They saw another man, probably their age, if they had one, staring at the wall opposite the door. He was wearing eyeglasses and it looked like he was talking to the wall.

"Don't tell me he's one of us." M asked K.
"He is. He is S and he is assigned to Kamei Eri."
"What is he doing?"
"I have no idea. But he does that a lot. Hey S, this is M. He's the new guy."
"Nice to meet you M." S answered and then continued to talk to the wall.
"Yo!" The heard another voice behind them. "Long time no see, K, S!"
They turned around to see who it was. It was another man their age. He could be mistaken as a she, probably because of his pretty face.
"Who's this guy, K? I think I saw him in a boy group before. Is he from KAT-something."
"Ah. You must be the new dude. The guys at the lab were telling me about you. They were telling me that you have bad manners. But I'll let you go this time. I am D. You don't have to remember my name actually because you can always think of me as the best looking one." D said as he puts his hands, both in a peace sign, at the side of his head.
"What the heck did he just do?" M asked K.
"It's something called Usa-chan peace." K answered.
"That looked real stupid."
"Yes. But others think it's cute." K added. "Anyway let's do this." K knocked on the door.
"Are you really a guy?" M asked D.
"Of course." D answered.

The door was opened by Takahashi Ai.

"Oh! Kyo-kun! It's been a while since I last saw you."
"Kyo-kun? Who the heck is Kyo-Kun." M said to himself. "This girl is not Niigaki Risa but she is hot!" M turns on his WiFi to check what the girl's name is. "Takahashi Ai. 20. Damn! I can't be assigned to her."
"You brought along Domo-kun and Shingo-kun. Oh and there's a new one. Come in, come in."
M flicked on K's ear as they entered and whispered "Who is she talking about?"
"I forgot to tell you that you have to come up with a name." K said.
"Thanks for telling me now, Kyo-kun." M said.
"Come on now. There are a lot of names that start with M."

Inside the room were Tanaka Reina, Michishige Sayumi, Kamei Eri and Niigaki Risa. They were playing a card game when Ai announced that they had guests.

"Oh! It's Domo-kun!" Sayumi stood up and did the Usa-chan peace. D did the same.
"When D does it, it looks stupid. But when she does it, it's cute." M said to himself. Michishige Sayumi, 17.
"Hello Shingo! Your new glasses look nice." Eri said to her Guardian.
"She doesn't look weird." Kamei Eri, 17.
"What's up, Kyo?" Reina said as she gave K a wink.
"So she's Tanaka-san. Yankee fashion does suit her well." Tanaka Reina, 16.

M looked at the last girl in the room. The girl looked at him and smiled. M blushed and looked away, embarrassed because he was caught looking at her.
"K was right. She is cute! Her smile is too much."

"As a tradition, we're here to introduce a new member. Why don't you introduce yourself to them?” K said as he looked at M.
"I don't have a name yet." M sent a message to K via Bluetooth as he walked to the middle.
"Just think of one, fast." K replied.
"Let's see. Ma, mi, mu, me,mo...Hello everyone. I am Mitsui." M said as he bowed to the girls.
"That's the best name you can think of?" K asked him through a message.
"Shut up. It's your fault."

"Nice to meet you, Mitsui." Risa said as he bowed to him." M bowed a couple of more times to her.

"Hey. Looks like Risa has a bodyguard now." Ai said.
"He's cute. They always are." Sayumi said.
"He looks wimpy." Reina said.
"I'm going to zap her! I'm going to zap her!" M told K.
"Don't. She's always like that so get used to it." K answered.
"I have a shirt like that at home." Eri said as she pointed to M's shirt. It was a light blue shirt with a -6% printed in white.
"All of us do, Eririn." Ai said.
"Damn you, K! You didn't tell me that this shirt is for girls."
"I thought you knew. Didn't you see them wearing those shirts in the handbook? But guys can wear it too. And you look good in it."
"Shut up."

The other girls bowed to him. They didn't ask M a lot of questions. Maybe they knew that he wouldn't answer them anyway. Perhaps that's what they did to the other Guardians before him too. M couldn't understand it, but every time Risa would look at him, he would look away. Where did all his cockiness go?

The Guardians left after Ai gave them the list of the things they were going to do for the week.

"So all we have to do is follow them around right?" M asked.
"That's not all that we do." D said.
"According to this, Niigaki-san and Kamei-san will go shopping tomorrow. That means you'll be with S tomorrow, M." K said.

M looked at S.

"Are you sure the girls are the only one who will need to be watched? Looks like I have to babysit you too." M said.
"Don't get too cocky, you newbie." S said as he smirked.
"Better get ready for your first mission, M." D said.
"Yeah. Better sleep early and continue downloading your porn next time." K said. The other two laughed.
"Shut up Kyo-kun!"
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Detonator M
« Reply #4 on: October 24, 2006, 04:59:31 PM »
EHHH?!?! this is HILARIOUS!! XDXD omg...i don't know where to begin...and i'm not even going to try haha XDXD though one thing is for sure...M is a lucky bastard XD fully-equipped cyborg AND gets to follow Risa everywhere..damn him lol XD at first, when i read the 102% wonkified, i thought you were modelling the guardians around users in the forum (ie. Drifoy for K XDXD) i guess they're modelled after the girls they have to protect then..

this is going to be really interesting ain't it?? :P expecting a great next chapter :D
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Detonator M
« Reply #5 on: October 24, 2006, 05:02:05 PM »
Wow, you sure got the next part up fast. Interesting chapter again!
I'm starting to see the similarities between the girls and their assigned guardians :P .
Once again, I love the kind of questions M is always asking XD .
And Reina saying that M looks wimpy made me laugh!
*eagerly waits for the next chapter*

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Detonator M
« Reply #6 on: October 24, 2006, 06:57:02 PM »
Wow, that was crazy! Awesomely crazy, as always from you. There's so much going on, and it's a little confusing with all the "...said M" "...said D" and so forth, but with the quick pace, I don't really find it to be a problem. :lol:  I wasn't sure what to make of it after the prologue and the beginning of the first chapter, but once it got rolling it was hilarious and quite interesting!

I see you're getting back to your Risa roots, eh? Good for you. :grin: She's fun. I love writing her, even though she's not necessarily one of my favorite girls.

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Detonator M
« Reply #7 on: October 24, 2006, 08:48:33 PM »
I love it.  Fell asleep watching the Ghost in the Shell anime last night, and this is great to wake up to.  It's been a while since we've had some good Sci-Fi in here.  Their relationships with the girls almost remind me of a reverse Gunslinger Girl-type thing.
The sarcastic heroes are always the most entertaining, so I love that you've made your main character one.  Even though they're not allowed to fall in love, it seems they're all at least a little enamored of whom they're assigned.  Love how they all mirror the girls to some extent, too.
So there's a different bodyguard after they turn 20, or how does the U-20 thing work?  What about graduated members like Konno and Makoto?
Oh, and:
"Hello Shingo! Your new glasses look nice." Eri said to his Guardian.
"She doesn't look weird." Kamei Eri, 17.

what's that supposed to mean?
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Detonator M
« Reply #8 on: October 25, 2006, 01:38:46 AM »
I wish I could download porn in my head....

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Detonator M
« Reply #9 on: October 25, 2006, 02:16:57 AM »
Quote from: Slack

Oh, and:
"Hello Shingo! Your new glasses look nice." Eri said to his Guardian.
"She doesn't look weird." Kamei Eri, 17.

what's that supposed to mean?

Sorry that was a typo.  I changed it BTW. Thanks for pointing it out. The 2nd line is said by M. The name and the age is what M sees when he uses his WiFi to find out who the girl is. Sorry if that confused you. :D

I'm don't have a concrete plan yet for the 20 and up. But Konkon and Mako-chan's Guardians should have been assigned to someone else since their graduation. If not, they are in the reserve list :P

Thanks for reading guys. :)

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Detonator M
« Reply #10 on: October 25, 2006, 02:54:32 AM »
I understood that those were M's mental notes to himself, but "She doesn't look weird" makes no sense to me, unless he read or heard somewhere that she did.
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Detonator M
« Reply #11 on: October 25, 2006, 03:54:45 AM »
Quote from: Slack
I understood that those were M's mental notes to himself, but "She doesn't look weird" makes no sense to me, unless he read or heard somewhere that she did.

After M saw D and Sayu doing the usa-chan peace, he concluded that the Guardian's personality is something similar to his assignment. M assumed that since the guardian (S) is weird, the assignment(Eri) is suppossed to be weird also. He doesn't know about Eri's real weirdness yet. :)

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Detonator M
« Reply #12 on: October 25, 2006, 04:38:21 AM »
wow, a new generation of fics!! lovely and interesting.

But why do the girls need bodyguards? Did they ask themselves why. And Mitsui and Risa will fall in love eh? hehe.

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Child's Play
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"Check." 75 it read. "Are you sure it's safe to watch them with this distance, S?" M asked.
"Of course. You can always use you zoom vision M." S replied.
"Oh yeah. I forgot about that." M acted as if he knew how about it all along.

M focused his vision on the store where Risa and Eri were in. He saw a smiling Risa looking his way and he turned away again.
"Why does that always happen?" he said to himself.

"Won't it be dangerous if we're this far from them?" he asked S.
"See those men in black suits?  They're the first line of defense. Anything or anyone that gets through them, we will have to take care of."

M noticed that S had his eyes closed and it seems like he was communicating with someone or something.

"What are you doing?"
"I'm checking the Internet if there are any gossip about Kamei-san in the email, in forums, in websites, etc."
"What if you find any?"
"I intercept it and delete it."
"You can do that? Isn't that illegal?"
"That's why I have to use different names and update my security settings from time to time. I have to bypass different firewalls and crack some passwords."
"That takes a lot of processing power, doesn't it?"
"I was already Quad-core even before Dual-core was invented."
"Quad-core, dual-core, whatever. You look like hardcore to me."

S opened his eyes and looked at M. M was wearing a jacket and some biker gloves, the same outfit toku heroes wear in their normal mode.

"Words from a tokusatsu wannabe. What's with the helmet? You don't even have a motorcycle." S asked.
"It's cool. Wearing it makes me feel like a hero. Plus chicks dig it." M said as he waved to two schoolgirls sitting in another table.
The two girls laughed and gave him the finger. "I'm gonna fry your skirts off." he thought.
"Looks like we have a catch." S interrupted. "See that man wearing that coat? He has a camera and a voice recorder inside. He must be a fan or a paparazzi or both."
"How do you know?"
"My glasses aren't normal glasses. They can see through..." M didn't even let him finish.
"Let me see." M said as he tried to grab S's glasses. "I have to see it too."
"No."  S slapped M's hand away. "You're only gonna use it on those schoolgirls."
"I'm not like you S. I'm was gonna use it on that hot waitress that passed a while ago."
"I'm not a perv like you."
"Really? How come your nose is bleeding?"

S checked his nose if what M said was true.

"You're a sick man, M. Come on, let's get going."
"Can't I borrow it even for five minutes?"
"Two minutes?"
"I'll let you borrow it when we get home."
"But K and D are the only ones there."
"That's the point."

Just before they left, M, zapped the skirt of the schoolgirls just enough to it on fire.

It was already dark when they were able to confront the man in a playground.
"You have something that you don't need so we're gonna take it away from you." S said.
"Oh yeah? Get it if you can." the man said as he removed his jacket and took out a capsule with a blue liquid. He pressed it on his neck and it made a sound like the sound when a Marine uses stimpacks in Starcraft. The skinny man changed appearance. His skin turned gray, like he was made of stone and his muscles grew larger.
"He's a Graft user." S told M.
"Graft? Isn't that the company that makes cheese?"
"No. That’s Kraft. Graft is a new drug. It gives the user enhanced strength, speed and stamina. It almost makes them like us."
"Who makes this drug?"
"We don't know yet. But most of the recent wild fans we encountered use them."
"How do we stop them?"
"A good dosage of electric shocks will remove its effect. I'll let you handle this one. I'll just be in the swing."
"Sure." M felt confident as he cracked his knuckles. S was already at the swing when M remembered something. "S, I don't have fighting moves yet."
"What the? I thought you already got some yesterday."
"I had other stuff to download first."
"Like what?"
"Like.....never mind. I'll finish this."

M moved his hands like the way a Kamen Rider does when he transforms but the wild fan suddenly rushed and gave him a punch in the stomach. M fell on his knees. The enemy winded up for a kick but M was able to evade it.

"Hey that's not fair. M said."
"Fool! That's why we don't have to transform. Enemies in real life won't just watch and let you have the chance to change into something that can beat them." S shouted.
"I see. Hey my first move finished downloading."

The enemy lunged at M once again but M shouted something to stop it in his tracks.

"Activate magic card, Swords of Revealing Light!!!"

The enemy looked stunned.

"How's that? Now you won't be able to attack me for three turns." M grinned.

His opponent grinned too and rushed at him. He nailed M with a backhand and was thrown a few meters away.

"That didn't work." M said.
"You fool! Of all the shows where you can get moves, why did you have to choose Yugi-oh?!" S shouted at him again.
"I was just trying it out. Good thing I didn't choose Cooking Master Boy or Yakitate Japan. Now my next move is finished. It's from Yusuke from YuYu Hakusho."

M channeled electricity on both of his hands and ran towards the enemy. The enemy rushed at him too. The enemy was the first to throw a punch but M dodged it and gave him an uppercut. It stunned the opponent then M performed a Reikodan, landing multiple electrically charged punches to the body and the head. The wild fan was already out but M put out his index finger like when Yusuke does a Rei gun and shot the enemy with another large amount of electricity.

"Toasty!" M said as he looked at his enemy returned to normal.
"Not bad for a rookie." S said as he approached M.
"Is he dead?"
"No. He's still alive. We don't kill. "
"Teach me how to erase memory, S."
"Alright. Tapping his head with your index finger will erase five minutes of his memory. Tapping with your index and middle will erase thirty minutes." S said as he performed the procedure on the man lying on the ground. S tapped the man's head with his index and middle fingers twelve times. "6 hours of memory should be enough.Get the camera and the recorder. "
The man slowly opened his eyes. "Where am I?"
"You lost consciousness sir. We found you lying in the sidewalk." S said.
"Thank you for helping me."
"No problem."
"I should get going. My wife and kids are waiting for me." the man said.

The Guardians watched the man grab his jacket and call for a cab and head home.

"If we killed him what would have happened to his family?" M said.
"That's why we don't kill. Not all of them are evil. They even have more normal lives than us. Come on let's go home."
"Yeah. I'm hungry."
"You can borrow the glasses when we get there."
"Never mind."

As the two Guardians walked away. A figure that was observing them from a nearby rooftop stood up and turned over his bag of chips. Only crumbs fell out.
"That was entertaining." he said.

M looked at his face in front of the mirror. He had a couple of cuts and bruises. "We still bleed." he said.
"Of course we do." K answered
"That's why I never get hit in the face." D said boastfully.
"You probably always get hit in the nuts." M replied.
"That was pretty good M. Catch!" S said as he threw a USB thumb drive to M.
"What's inside, pictures of the school girls earlier?"
"But I've seen Garo before."
"But have you seen the special they're going to show in December?"
"Holy fu...."

Their conversation was interrupted by a knock.

"Check." 25. "It's not mine." K said.
"Check." 29. "It's not mine too." D said.
"Check." 21. "It's yours, M." S said.
"Check." 7. "It's mine alright.

M opened the door and there stood Risa.

"Hello! I brought some food. Ehh? What happened to your face, Michii-kun?" she said as she touched M's right cheek.
"OUCH!!!" M reacted and was forced to sit on the floor.
"I'm sorry, Michii-kun." Risa apologized and sat on the floor with him.

M received a message but he didn't bother to see whom it was from.
"You're so wimpy, Michii-kun. XD"
M just replied with two words: "Shut up!"

"Looks like you had a rough day." Risa said.
"Yep. And it's just my first day." M replied.
"Anyway, I brought you guys some food. And this is for you." Risa took out something from a shopping bag. "Hope you can use it someday."
"What's this for?" M asked.
"Just a token of appreciation." Risa said as she stood up." Good night guys."

After Risa closed the door, M stood up and took the food and Risa's gift to him to the table.

"What is it?" A curious D asked.
"It's a scarf. A red scarf. " M said as he tried it on.
"Wow. Now you look a bit like Kamen Rider." K said. "But I think it's out of fashion."
"Oh yeah? I'd rather wear this than wear your clothes. The only thing I really need now is a motorcycle."
"You don't need a motorcycle, Michii-kun." D said.
"Don’t they really know that we’re cyborgs?"
"They don’t so be careful Michii-kun." K said.
"Stop calling me that. Now there's only one thing I regret not doing." M added.
"What is that?" S asked him.
M grinned and said "I regret not borrowing your glasses when we got home. I didn't expect her to drop by. Now I'd just have to use my imaginat..."

Then he got hit in head.

"Who did that?" he asked as he looked at the three standing behind him.
"Guess who Michii-kun!" the three said in unison.
"You guys are dead!" M said as he charged his fists and went after the three Guardians.

"They're noisy tonight." Ai said.
"Mitsui sure changed the other guys, huh. He looks fun to hang out with." Eri added.
"Do you miss your Guardian, Ai-chan?" Reina asked.
"A little." Ai replied.
"Where is he anyway? I haven't seen him around." Sayu said.
"Me too." Ai said. "I wonder where he is."
"What happened Ai-chan? I haven't seen him since you turned 20." Risa asked her.
"Umm. We had a fight. Not really a fight. I said mean things to him." Ai answered.
"Like what?" the girls asked together.
"I told him that I didn't need him anymore..."

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Heee hee this is a funny fic, and there's :heart: involved too. I only skimmed through since I was supposed to be out the door like 10 min ago :P BUT I'll be back tonight and reading this through 3 times at least!
Awww poor Ai, she misses him...

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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ! you made my day !!!! wait !! not only my day, but my week !!! my month !!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAh !

but if i start commenting now i would probably miss all my classes today so i'll do it when i come back i'm really sorry :cry:

i read all the chapters but not Child's Play , your chapter is pretty long, so as much as i want to read it i just can't :cry:

all i can say is : you really are the GOD ! i realy love everything you write here. especially the dialogues part, they are just awesome.

"Oh no. So you kidnap guys and turn them into girls! "

M is really cool, i really like the character. and he is so damn lucky ! XD

ok i should go now, sorry again, i'll be back !

edit : i'll say it again : YOU ARE AWESOME !
and i'm late
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sweeet!! new chapter up!! :thumbsup

and i'm gonna say it again....M's a lucky bastard XDXD even though i'm liking his personality haha and wow, the invention of Graft! XD insta-superhero!! i can see the advertisement now: "Ever wonder what it would be like to be a superhero? Well, now you can be one with Graft!! [trumpet fanfare]" XD

LMAO @ YU-GI-OH attack XDXD oh wow..that was priceless :ROTFLMAO:

aww...Takahashi got in a fight with her Guardian...:cry: wait...they actually refer to them as Guardians?!? o.O

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OMG! I was reading through and then suddenly I saw...

"Activate Magic Card: Sword of Revealing Light!"
"Now you won't be able to move for three turns!"

I'm with jafeijai on that one: :ROTFLMAO: :ROTFLMAO: :ROTFLMAO:

Then a couple sentences later I couldn't help myself saying "WTF?!?! LOL." (well, I didn't actually say "LOL", but the expression was there. :P)


Then... hahaha... Michii-kun... HAHAHA XD XD M... :lol: is so much fun... Seriously, what do you do, sir? You sure write well...

Man... those Japanese girls I just hung out with must have rotted my mind. DAMN YOU JAPANESE GIRLS!!! err... I mean... Tsunku... *cough* >.>

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Hmm i think theres something between AI and her bot... maybe they had an affair and he was destroyed by tsunku because of that. :D

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Lol Michii-kun, Lol...

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