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Re: Fanfics Review / General Discussion Thread
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Well, now that I have a stronger feel for Colorful and Angerme (sorry, J=J and Factories and CG), I think it's a good time to re-visit that Pacific Rim discussion.

Also, have we never done a Hogwartz Houses discussion?

Imma start with some obvious Slytherins:
Gocchin, Charmy, Ayaya
Interestingly, based on some of the translations of Riho's autobiography, she was initially that ambitious. But getting pushed as ace in MM changed her whole outlook, and I can definitely put her in Slytherin for the long run. Chisato is similar, in that she became ambitious, but was not initially.
Kudou Haruka, Ikuta Erina
All three Buono, lol
Murotan, Maro

I'm actually quite torn on Ishida. She's clearly gunning for that front spot. But she's also very much a team player, with nurturing/domestic instincts.
Surprisingly, I don't read Fukumura as Slytherin. Gryffindor, maybe? (I also don't read Nacchi as Slytherin) Nakazawa is definitely Gryffindor.
Maachan is Ravenclaw. Takechan thought she would be Slytherin, but is Gryffindor. Rinapuu is Hufflepuff. Dawa is Ravenclaw. Maimi and Nakasaki are Hufflepuff.

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