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Author Topic: Forgotten Memories  (Read 1413 times)

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Forgotten Memories
« on: March 12, 2007, 03:37:56 AM »
Okay so I never finish fanfics I write XD But I WILL finish this one. If it kill me XD Mainly because I have a semi-outline of that this fic is gonna be like XD It's sort of like Love Is Timeless v 2.0 XD Kinda an upgrade. Full of angst, romance, comedy, etc. Oh and I want feedback XD Good or bad. I don't care if you think it sucks more than Koharu or Sayumi's singing, so long as you give me tips on how to improve :) And I'll make the chapters long[er] this time :P

Chapter One: Dou ni ka Shite Doyoubi

There was a flash of wings. I tried to look up, but couldn't - something was blinding me. I couldn't see what was going on around me. Someone stood in front of me. Whoever they were, they bent down so my face was level with theirs.
"Mama..?" I croaked as the woman embraced me. She felt like my mother -- except that I had never known my mother.
There was a slash and she woman let out a scream. Even though I couldn't see, I knew she was in pain. To my horror, she stopped moving. I felt her body fall limp against mine...

* * *

I woke up in a cold sweat, panting as though I had just run a marathon. It was the same nightmare.. I'd had it only once before.. but it felt so real.. who was that woman, anyway? Was it really Mama..? It took me a while to realise I was crying. It had to be a dream though, as I am not blind..
I looked over at the clock. It was eight thrity on Saturday morning. I remembered that I had a recording session later for my group's new mini album. I am an idol, you see. Only one of the unusual things about me.
I got dressed and went to make myself some breakfast. I could have gone back to bed, but then again I probably wouldn't have woken up again. I looked in the fridge. There was some leftover sushi I had made a few nights before with a friend, but almost nothing else. I made a mental note to myself to go to the store later.
After breakfast, I turned on the TV. There's nothing interesting, really. I have appeared on TV a lot, for live performances and such. We probably won't be promoting our mini album though. Albums never get promoted, unless you're from one of the really, really uber-famous groups under our management. In other words, if you're Morning Musume.
Bored, I decided to walk to the studio, since it's a fair way away. I don't have a car, of course - who's ever heard of an eleven year old that can drive? I'd ask my parents to take me -- except I have none. I don't know what happened. One day they were there, the next they weren't. I've been looking after myself for as long as I can remember. The house I live in is a big, old-fashioned house. It looks like something out of Italy.
I arrived before anyone else did, fourty-five minutes early. There were people there, though. My senpai. Well, three of them anyway.
"So, Nacchi, now that you've finished recording your mini album what d'you want to do?" I knew that voice. It belonged to Nakazawa Yuko-san, who is twenty-two years older than I am.
"I dunno.. Harajuku?" Abe Natsumi-san is always bright and cheerful. She's releasing a mini album soon, two months before ours. Abe-san has a very beautiful voice.
"Somebody's here.." Iida Kaori-san was friends with Abe-san and Nakazawa-san. I walked towards my senpai nervously.
"Hmm?" said Abe-san curiously. "What brings you here?"
"I have a recording session later today.. I got here early, I guess.." I mumbled. They needn't know I was an orphan who was living alone and had nothing better to do.
"But why not ask your mother or father to drop you off later?" asked Iida-san. I opened my mouth to say something, but Nakazawa-san was quicker.
"Does it matter?" she said sternly. "Better than being late."
Abe-san and Iida-san exchanged looks. I didn't know what to think. This seemed odd.
"We better get going, then," continued Nakazawa-san casually. "See you around, kohai!" she waved at me and they left.
For some reason, hearing Nakazawa-san address me as "kohai" made me feel rather depressed. I have no idea why, it just did..
I waited for what felt like forever for the others to show up. The only person who came was Murata Megumi-san from Melon Kinenbi, who had left her handbag there the night before when they were recording their new single.
Finally, however, Suzuki Airi and Nakajima Saki arrived. Airi is one of the lead singers in our group, which, by the way, is called ÂșC-ute. I think it's English for kawaii or something. How did we become idols? Well, through auditions. Not just any auditions though - fifteen of us won an audition for a group of kids, appropriately titled 'Hello! Project Kids'. (Hello! Project is the name of all the idols and groups under the management, by the way.) I was only seven at the time. How did I win? I dunno. Something happened. I've improved a lot since then, though. Now I'm more confident. I suppose that's what happens when you're an idol.
I'm also best friends with Okai Chisato; who, incidently, has just arrived, along with the others; Yajima Maimi, Arihara Kanna and Umeda Erika. Maimi's the leader, though Erika's older than her. Kanna was part of the Hello! Project Eggs thing, whatever that is, but Tsunku-san, the manager, put her in our group. Tsunku-san is really amazing, though sometimes a bit weird. Kind of like Albert Einstien or whatever his name was. Except Tsunku-san isn't as famous as Einstien and I don't think Tsunku-san knows how gravity works. Then again neither do I.
"Maimai? How come you're here so early?" I snapped out of my trance. I must've spaced out.. I tend to do that a lot.
"Oh, I-- I haven't been here very long.." I didn't want to trouble my friends and fellow members. Teamwork matters in the idol business. If one of us is below par, we all crumble. During songs, TV shows, concerts, live performances.. everything. The only time teamwork doesn't matter is when you're a solo artist, but nobody in our group is, so therefore it doesn't matter.
"Really?" said Erika. "That's alright then. It's just you're usually not the first one here, you know."
I smiled weakly, and saw Chisato looking at me suspiciously, but thankfully she didn't say anything.
"Let's get strarted then!" Maimi clapped her hands together and looked around cheerfully. "Right, Airi, you're up first. Then it's me and Erika. Then Kanna and Saki. And finally, Mai and Chisato! When you're finished, you may go home. Got it?"
"Yeeees~" we replied in usion. I didn't feel like recording, but had to.. I didn't want to let everybody down.
After Airi, everybody went into the studio in pairs. Before long it was only me and Chisato left standing outside, waiting for Kanna and Saki.
"Hey, Maimai, want to do something afterwards?" asked Chisato suddenly.
I hesitated. I wanted to be left alone for some reason.. "Sorry, Chisa, I have plans already!" I apologized. "Some other time?"
"Ah, it's okay!" grinned Chisato, as Kanna and Saki walked back out, chatting merrily to one another. "We better go in, then."
I followed her into the room, which is small and box-shaped. We put on the headphones and stared to sing. Our new song is a more mature yet at the same time childish one, with a bit of harmonizing. I think we sound pretty good, though some people say that Morning Musume used to be really good at harmonizing.

After we finished recording, I bade good bye to Chisato. I didn't want to go home, so I decided to go to one of the local CD stores. Not suprisingly, when I got there, there were a lot of CDs by people under our management; Morning Musume.. Melon Kinenbi.. Goto Maki-san.. Matsuura Aya-san.. Fujimoto Miki-san.. Abe-san.. Berryz Koubou..
There was one CD on the stand that stood out to me. It had a stunningly beautiful cover, even though it was just a close-up of the artist.. I picked it up and saw that it was Nakazawa-san's Urara. It was a reasonable price. Since I was there, I figured I'd also buy a Morning Musume album, since the only music of theirs I've heard are the songs I've performed in during concerts. There was only one album that didn't seem to have been purchased at all.. First Time..
I walked up to the counter and placed the two CDs on it.
"Ah! You like Momusu?" asked the girl who was working at the casheir.
"I've heard of them, yes.." I wasn't about to tell her I worked with them.
She smiled at me and I handed over the money. When I get home, I'm going to listen to the CDs. Thankfully I have a CD player.
However, when I got home I realised I'd forgotten to go to the store. I guess I'm not going to have dinner tonight. Stupid mental notes. They never work.
I didn't feel like listening to music suddenly, so I put my new CDs aside and got into bed. Hopefully I won't have that nightmare again.

Yes, this will get better XD I'm sorry if you got bored out of your mind :P
Having a hard day? Send me a PM and I'll create a parody of something! It's my policy to make you laugh. If you don't, I will do it again. Until you crack a smile :)

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Forgotten Memories
« Reply #1 on: March 12, 2007, 04:50:17 AM »
Maimai the orphan? Wow, that's a new one.

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