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Author Topic: Kiss For Two  (Read 5118 times)

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Kiss For Two
« on: March 18, 2007, 04:54:14 AM »
Well this is my first Fanfic ever XD. So I hope you enjoy it. I just wrote the prolouge and first chapter on a piece of paper, and edited it a little before I typed it up :D . So enjoy the prolouge and the first chapter..

  Yossie and Mako were alone at last from the scary wolves that were chasing them. Mako was leaning on a bumpy tree while Hitomi was covering up the small girl with her long, yet muscular arms. They were hiding from the evilness of Tsunku and Mako was touching the warm chest of Yossie helplessly.

   "Shh!" Yossie whispered.

   "Hitomi, what the heck are you doing?"

   And then, the magical thing happened...

The night

  Mako's bedroom was always junky in Hello! Project. Clothes were on the red and blue carpet, and leftover foods from what God knows. Her bed was the only item that was straighten up, and on her white walls were some W-inds pictures, and of course her great friend, Yossie. Mako was looking all over her room wondering why she has all of these posters of Yossie? I guess she has alot of Yossie huh? Mao went to her bed and just lied down to dream land for a long time.....


  In Mako's dream, she was in a land of candy, and Pumpkins.

  " Aiya, pumpkins and candy!" Mako yelped. With her Baby Phat shoes on, and a cute pink outfit that went with her shoes, she ran all over the land of Pumpkins and Candy. She was munching on every last Pumpkin and Candy without any trouble, until she heard some knocking noises in her dream. She woken up suddenly from dreamland, and put on her Usagi flip flops.

  " Who is it? " Mako screamed. A familiar voice was heard, and Mako made an evil face when she heard this familiar voice.

  " You know who this is." The person said behind Mako's pink door.
  Mako went back to the door, and she saw Yossie wearing her usual clothes again. Mako was getting sick of Yossie wearing them, but they're friends right? So she respects her. Yossie came inside Mako's room, taking off her shoes and just right away went on the short chubby girls bed. Yossie was rolling on the bed making a huge mess.

  Now Mako was furious at her, and like sisters, she played pillow fight with Yossie. It was getting too rough when Yossie attacked Mako with both of her bunny pillows.

  "Ah! That hurt." Mako got hit hard by Yossie on her left eye. Yossie was having fun, and nearly wrestling with her.

  " So. I'm having fun playing around with you :P. " Yossie snickered.
  They both glare at each other with evilness, and continued the pillow fight until it was 12:00 AM. Hitomi fell asleep on Mako's twin sized bed while Mako with bruises on her body had to sleep on the dirty floor. I guess this happens when someone wins a pillow fight XD .

  I have to be abandoned huh Yossie?

  Mako looked at Yossie on her comfortable bed sleeping heavenly. Mako smiled at her and just fell back asleep on her floor once again.

  You always make me happy Yossie... always.


Thats the end of Chapter and that Prolouge. Sorry if it's short, but I was tired XD.
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Kiss For Two
« Reply #1 on: March 18, 2007, 05:32:07 AM »


I've been waiting for someone to write this pair up.  :D

Looking forward to the next chapter! :D!!!!!

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Kiss For Two
« Reply #2 on: March 18, 2007, 11:17:02 AM »
Quote from: Mikitty-saikou;331904


I've been waiting for someone to write this pair up.  :D

*cough*Seeds of love*cough*

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Kiss For Two
« Reply #3 on: March 18, 2007, 09:28:50 PM »
Quote from: iacus;332038
*cough*Seeds of love*cough*

XD  Oops, Guess I missed it?  I've only been coming back into the fic threads to read updates on Traveler, EK vs MoMusu, and Going once etc.

Sorry! o__o

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Kiss For Two
« Reply #4 on: March 18, 2007, 10:06:51 PM »
In Mako's dream, she was in a land of candy, and Pumpkins.
But of course, it had to be. :lol:

JPH!P :heart:'s Fushigidane, ChrNo, Jab & marimari. Always.

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« Reply #5 on: March 19, 2007, 12:09:13 AM »
Thanks for the comments Minna ^^.

@JFC: I couldn't think of anything else, but Candy and Pumpkins (which are her favorite XD)

@Mikitty-saikou: Glad you like it som far :) .


 I think this rating suits well.

PG- 13
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Kiss For Two
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Chapter 2

  The Diary!

  It was 9:00 AM in the Morning just like an ordinary day, birds were up and as usual, Mako was up brigth and early. She rose from the red and blue ground and silently touch the tip of her buddy's nose with her index finger.

  She always looks cute in the Mornings. Why I'm thinking like this? I'm insane am I?

  Mako was rummaging in her black drawer looking for something to wear today.

  " Maybe a dress would be nice to wear today. " Then Mako turned around and saw Yossie moving around in her bed. Yossie was making groaning noises and Mako was giggling at her quietly.
  The dress that Mako was planning to wear was long and white. The dress looked Hawaiian and lacy as well. It had a tie in the back adn you can see the whole back and a little part of the butt ( not to much). As a hairpin, there were two flowers that were pink and white ( which matched her dress ).

  God, I look like a princess. Maybe I should do this for now on. Or just for today.

  Mako walked down a hallway where were other rooms of H!P members stayed. The rooms were temprorary because you don't know who would leave H!P. She went down the south corridor stairs where the kitchen was at, but too many people were downstairs.

  Maybe I should stay in my room for another hour. It won't be crowded and no one will be down here after an hour, or maybe like two people.

  The girl traveled back to her small room when Hitomi was wide awake making a huge mess in her room.

  Oh god. I forgot to close the door. But now I know that Ms. Messy was awake.

  Yossie noticed Mako by the pink door and just stared at her wonderful Pink and white dress. She asked Mako a rhetorial question.

  " You're in a pink and white dress? Hm that's strange ;). " Mako was looking at Hitomi like she was nuts. But like she said before, Yossie just woken up.

  " Yossie, did you bring something to wear? I mean look at you. Those are the same clothes from yesturday. " Well I guess she didn't.

  As the short girl was talking, she walked inside the room and closed the door. For the past 30 minutes, Yossie just kept staring until she asked another rhetorial question but this time, a little different.

  " Mako, do you have anything else to wear besides all of these little girl clothes?"
  Just then, while Yossie was talking, she had found a diary of Makos that wasn't secure enough for others to see. Mako was sitting down on the bed waiting for her buddy to find something to wear and began to panic. She knew that her friend might read a couple of pages of the secretive diary of her secret life, and things that she had never admit in her life.

  Yossie was looking through the pages of her diary until she found a place that had to do with her and Mako in 2001.

  " Day 1
  Mr. Moonlight PV Debut

  Dear Diary,
  Today, I had to practice the Mr. Moonlight dance with the other MM members. I felt like I'm in heaven when I was playing as a dorky middle school Girl that wanted to dance with the cutest guy of the video. Well, she wasn't really a guy but she sure seems to be one.
  When I first met the girl, I was in dreamland & I was expecting her to be sexy. Not just sexy but very romantic. Well gotta go diary :heart: ."

  Yossie turned around & was looking at Mako who was blushing like ever. Then Yossie came right to Mako and sat next to her on the right of her bed. She wrapped her left arm around Makos waist, and put her index finger from Yossie's right arm on Mako's chin. The gir; was sweating and blushing and nearly faint on the bed. Yossie then pulled Mako closer to her warm body and let her upper body touch hers firmly.

  " I'll give you a fantasy that you never had before little girl. But first lets go for a walk after lunch shall we? "

  Mako was in shock at what Yossie just did. Yossie let go of her and stood up to use the washroom & finally found something to wear.

  " Oh and little girl, your diary is really something. Keep writing and you'll be a proffesional. "

  Mako frozed. " I thought you were..... "

  " No I was teasing you just for fun ;). " Yossie said interrupting the comment.

  Yossie threw the book to Mako and just walked to the bathroom where Mako's bed was at.

  " I think the diary just got through in her head. Maybe I should take a nap before lunch. Yeah that's right. "

  Mako's belly growled. " I should go back downstairs to grab something to eat. "

  Mako left the room leaving Yossie alone once more, the door locked. Mako was walking downstairs thinking about what just happened fifteen minutes ago. Then, she saw Takitty and Maki talking and drinking coffee, and eating cereal.

  " Hey you guys. Can I join you. "

  " Sure. " They both said simultaneously.

End of chapter two. This chapter is longer than the last one.

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Kiss For Two
« Reply #7 on: March 20, 2007, 03:25:31 AM »
Sorry that I didn't get a chance to write the third Chapter :( . MAybe tomorrow if I don't have homework ><. I'm not making any promises.

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Kiss For Two
« Reply #8 on: March 20, 2007, 03:08:49 PM »
it's okay as long as you'll keep writing.... haha...
cutey makoto....

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Kiss For Two
« Reply #9 on: March 21, 2007, 04:34:13 AM »
Thanks arina_shinh.

Warning: Cursing is in here. I don't do it in real life thogh XD

Finally chapter 3 ^^ (the suspense)

Chapter 3
Takitty and Tsunku conflict

  Mako ran where Takitty and Maki were at. She grabbed a chair to pull to the round table and folded her hands on that table. Maki giggled at the reaction that Mako made when she sat down, and Takitty just looked at Mako like she had a bad case of being anxious all the time.

  Maki began to talk, " Mako, I'm surprise that you didn't come downstairs for breakfast. You'll usually down here first." She drinks another sip of coffee. "How come? Do you have a boy in your room?"

  Mako was nervous. She didn't wanna tell anyone that Yossie was in her room for the night. All of those rumors about them being gay (which they're not).

  "Uh... I slept late." Mako finally said. Takitty & Maki were unsure about Mako's response.

  Takitty held Mako's arm. "We won't tell anyone. Come on please"?

  "Tell people about what?" The three girls froze like they got caught using drugs or something similar. They didn't wanna be in that state like what Aibon was in. The low deep voice was talking to them like he's the principal of a middle school, and we all know that middle school kids act bad most of the time.

  "Nothing Tsunku-sama." Takitty and Maki said. They both sounded nervous.

  Tsunku (in this story) had a thing with Takitty ever since she joined Morning Musume. He describes her as a sex object to him which is weird because she doesn't even like him.

  "Takitty, come to my office. I just wanna ask you something about you know who."

  When Tsunku said this, it means that he is horny and he wants to tease her, and of course he's a wota. Takitty was always teased by him and the other Hello! Project girls though Tsunku is a pedophilie. Takitty just froze and hugged herself.

 "No! I don't want you touching me or anything." Tears were escaping from her pure soft face. "PLEASE STOP!"

  I can't look anymore. Mako just threw her drink on the ground and ran back to her room. But Tsunku stopped her by the elevators.

  "Wait Mako. I know what are you going to do. You're running away are you again? I'm not gonna let you go little girl."

  Nani? Oh my God! Did he really say that? Those words just came out of his mouth. Wait, I love Yossie now. Did I just said that? Mako had all of these questions in her head nonstop. This is the first time that Tsunku said anything like that to Mako.

 Mako ran to Tsunku and kicked him where the coconuts lied. He fell on the tile ground, and all three girls just left the little kitchen. Maki and Takitty hide behind a closet in the kitchen, and Mako ran as soon a she can.

  Tsunku is plain evil and weird. I wish he was dead. And never teasing Takitty again.....


  Mako finally reached back safely from the wota Tsunku. She vigerously opened the door, but then Yossie opened the door.

  Yossie absolutely looked classy as ever. She wore a white silky ladies suit and her hair looked very sexy. She also had Sakura colouge on, and looked stunning.

  "That was a quick breakfast. Why are your clothes messed up Mako darling?"

  Mako just hugged Yossie and smelled her suit. Yossie though she lost her mind, but knew right away that was body language of lets runaway in Mako language.

  "Come Yossie. You, Takitty and I runaway together. Somewhere far away from this place. I just can't handle Tsunku's evilness anymore. He's trying to tease Takitty and then me."

  Tsunku appeared by Mako's room and was grasping Takitty's right ear. Yossie didn't like this at all. She was furious than before. She doesn't want her friendship with Tsunku to end, but it now seems to be that way. She pushed Mako to the side, ran to Tsunku, and punched Tsunku.

  "Get Takitty Mako!" Yossie looked like a super hero when she said that. She even smiled at Mako in a way when you just wanna like her more. Mako nodded, and went by Takitty and calmed her down.

  "Takitty, are you okay?" She just turned into a tomatoe color and cried like never before. Her hands covering her eyes like a little helpless girl.

  She lifted her head "I'm okay newbie. Lets leave from your window and get out of this joint."

  "Good idea girl friend." They smiled and they looked like the powerpuff girl too. The two jumped out of the window by the bed and fell into a bush.

  "Ow! What a landing right Mako? Mako?"

  Mako was crying because of what just happened. She hopes that her friend was okay. Mako felt something on her face like a raindrop. Takitty wiped the red liquidy stuff from her face. She smelled it and tasted it. She was shocked about her evidence.

  "Mako, you know what this is?" Mako turned to her right where Takitty was at looking confused.

  "Nani?" She said curiously.

  "It's blood." They both looked up to the third floor of the building and there was Tsunku with a bleeding nose. He jumped from the building and landed a few feet away from the girls. Behind him was Yossie beating him up good.

  "Let's get out of here Mako."


  When the two girls left, Yossie was still killing Tsunku up. She punched him and stabbed him with a fork (so weak XD ).

  "Bitch, I'm not gonna let you get Mako and Takitty from me."

  "Why little girl? I though you like me doing these kinds of things."

  Yossie got very teary and let go of the beated up man. She ran and followed the two little girls with their innocent bodies.

  Because I care for them, not you Tsunku.
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Kiss For Two
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The title of the next chapter you'll reading right now was inspired by the very common Christian song Taste and See ^^. I just have to say that. Hope you guys are reading this and giving me feedback. It would really help me ^^.

Chapter 4

Taste And See Part. 1

  Tsunku was still lying on the ground. He looked beat up and blood was everywhere, scattered all over his body.

  "That slut is going to get it when she comes back to Hello! Project."

  Just then, Maki came outof the white building and saw Tsunku 3/4 away of officially dead. She was glad too because she got teased before by Tsunku was grabbing her chest during the Glass No pump dance practice. She came up to Tsunku and kicked him hard with her glass high heel shoe. After that, he just layed there, cold and just beated up.

  "Tsunku, even though you were a good man for a while, you became weird and stupid after the Glass no Pump dance practice. I'm sorry to do that, but you deserve it." Maki wasn't happy and in some way, she was a little happy. She isn't like this, but today she was. Maki went back inside the building, and began to cry.

  I hope Yossie, Takitty, & Mako are okay. She sat by the table she was at an hour ago and finished the rest of her coffee.


  Yossie found Mako and Takitty near a stream a couple of miles from the H!P building. Actually, all three were in a forest preserve; that was why the water was pure and clean.

  "Is the water pretty Takitty? I can see my reflection very clearly." Mako smilied at Takitty, and Takitty smiled back.

  "Yeah. The water is better, cleaner, and healthier to drink than the processed water in my hometown Fukui."

  Mako and Takitty's hands met as they giggled, Takitty noticed the pretty dress that Mako was wearing (thought it was nice ^^), and she never let go of her hand. Besides, they're good friends to talk to one-on-one conversations with. But besides Takitty, there was one person who Mako admires the most. Yossie....

  Yossie ran to the two small girls, and pushed them in the stream like it was nothing.

  "Yossie, you know I can't swim." Takitty yelled at her leader. But then, a stroung current was in the water and Takitty was blown away. Luckily, Mako can swim and held a stiff stick all of this time.

  "Help! I can't get out of here!" Takitty was screaming like she is getting raped. This wasn't a good scene now. Mako got on land finally, ans she was shivering like she came out of the freezer,

  "God Yossie. Why did you ever do that?" Yossie was confused, but very determined about Takitty. Then she had an idea.

  "Mako, take off your dress for me darling." Mako was looking at her like she was nuts.

  "Why yossie? Oh wait, you wanna do me too!?"

  Yossie was even more determined. She said sarcastically,

  "Yes I wanna do you. GIRL, HAVE SOME COMMON SENSE. TAKITTY IS DROWNING AND I NEED A ROPE OR SOMETHING TO GET HER OUT. So I want to use your dress since it seems to be like a rope."

  She was right. Mako finally took off her pretty spring dress and gave the dress to Yossie. Now she was wearing a underwire bra and some underwear.

  "Arigatou Mako. :) " Yossie smiled.

  Mako just made a funny face and blushed at her. She can't believe that she liked her dress and followed Takitty in the rushing current. Takitty's arms were in the air, and thankfully the dress rope was long enough for her to reach.

  Takitty held the dress rope and safely got out the water. She was shivering like Mako was earlier; she hugged Yossie and thanking her like she was a Yossie fan. Yossie was pleased and relaxed of herself for saving a life once again.

  "Takitty, you're always be my favorite of the 5th generation of MM if you know what I mean ;) ." She winked at her and Takitty even felt happier. On the other hand, Mako was pissed and grabbed her dress from Yossie's hand angerly. Yossie looked up and saw that Mako's face was very red, and she even looked meaner.

  "Are you jealous Mako? You still..." Mako slapped her leader and left the two behind. Yossie's face was swollen and red on one side of her face. "CRAP!" She yelled. "She can hit good."

  Yossie and Takitty were alone and they even looked very confused. Yossie rose from the ground and told Takitty to stay where she was at. Takitty nodded her head, and began to play around with her two index fingers.

  Yossie was behind Mako. "Mako, where are you going?" She was out of breath and continue farther.

  "Going far away from here. I'm not even gonna look at you and talk to you for the rest of this time." She began to get teary. "Oh and don't look at me you pervert. I'm getting dress."

  Yossie closed her eyes and just though of nothing but the death of Tsunku. She was happy while thinking this way. Mako demanded her to open her eyes and saw Mako looking pretty once again. They both smiled and gave each other happy looks.

  Out of the blue, Yossie and Mako heard and saw some hungry wolves a few minutes away. Luckily, the wolves weren't near the camp sight where Takitty is at now. The two girls had eye contact with the hungry dogs & Yossie carried Mako on her arms.

  "Uh Yossie. What's going on?"

  "Just wait, on three we're gonna find a good hiding spot from those things. Lets go!" Yossie yelled.

  The wolves were growling at the two girls and Yossie began to run. After fives minutes of constant running for Yossie, she finally found a place to hide. The wolves were behind them but hopefully, the wolves were blind (which the two girls could tell). She hidden her and Mako by a cabin fives miles near campsite.

  Yossie and Mako were alone at last from the scary wolves that were chasing them. Mako was leaning on a bumpy tree next to the cabin while Yossie was covering up the small girl with her long muscular arms, They were hiding from the evilness of Tsunku (who is now the wolves), and Mako was touching the warm chest of Yossie helplessly.

  "Shh!" Yossie whispered.

  "Yossie, what the heck are you doing?"

  And then, the magical thing happened......


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Kiss For Two
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*reads chapter 3 + 4*

What the hell? O_o

JPH!P :heart:'s Fushigidane, ChrNo, Jab & marimari. Always.

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Kiss For Two
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Is this all like a dream cause I'm lost like you wouldn't belive.

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Kiss For Two
« Reply #13 on: March 23, 2007, 03:51:49 AM »
No. If you read chapter 2, Mako woke up. Oh yeah @JFC, I know. I was trying to think something phenomenon and so here was Chapter 3 and 4.

Sorry. No chapter today. It's to late to write nor type. Maybe tomorrow or this weekends :).

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Re: Kiss For Two
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Sorry for the delay, but I was busy. So here are chapters 5 and 6  :).

Chapter 5

Taste and See prt. 2 (the last part anyways)

  Yossie forehead was on Mako's forehead pressing lightly on each other's warm skin. They both heard each other's heart beats and they began to look very dreamy. Yossie's lips were so soft that Mako never had been kissed by such a lady a couple of years older than her. Tongues met and lips met like an ordinary kiss would possibly be between a man and a women, but not like this.

  Their eyes were shut, and tears were running down Mako's face. The kissing was even more heart - warming than Mako had ever expected. Yossie's lips were on the nape of mako's neck, but they seem to stroke the neck with those harmonious lips.

  Mako had notice Tsunku on the ground crowling to Hitomi's feet,

  "Yossie felt something warm on her leg and turned around. It was Tsunku that was gripping onto Yossie's legs so tight that she can't even control them well.

  " Told you I wasn't going easy on you huh?"

  " How did you ever know we were here?" Yossie had just realized that Tsunku didn't look like himself. He looked more like a wolf that they saw a little while ago. Was this the same dog from before? It can't be. Tsunku was probably in a spell and she can't stop this or pointed this out to Mako.

  Yossie turned to Mako once more, and held her so tight that Tsunku can't touch her with Yossie around. Mako was furious. She pushed Yossie to the ground on her right and began to hold onto Tsunku's face. It seemed like Mako was the cause of everything, but it isn't really her fault, until she somehow kiss Tsunku on the lips, stroking the fur of his with both of her soft thumbs.

  " Are you mad Mako?! He wants to kill your.........."

  " Urusai Yossie!" Mako shouted.

  " This isn't what you think  This is a spell that Tsunku was born with even when he was a baby. No one doesn't know why he does this but only me. That's why he wants to kill you so much.

  " I was the chosen one Yossie.... I was. I still love you and I think Tsunku was doing this for the sake of my attention." She turns back to Tsunku.

  " You finally got what you deserve Tsunku boy. In the next 12 hours, you'll be cured from the spell in no time."

  I can't believe the one I love kept this secret from me for the past 5 years. I don't know what to say, but I think I love her even more

  Tsunku smiled at Mako and raised his beated up paw at Mako like he has fallen in love with a women that he never encountered before.

  " Arigatou gozaimasu Mako-chan. You was always the good girl and I could have reward you better."

  The two people smiled at each other, but Yossie was still confused of what just happened. Tsunku was teasing girls just to get attention? That is the craziest thing Tsunku has ever done. Mako went to Yossie and explain in detail for her because she was more confused than Mako was.

  When Tsunku was staring at the girls, he died right in front of the girls and they were very unhappy that this man had die. Mako wanted to do something, but it seems she can't change it back. She knows she ain't God and she knows that.

 Just after the death of Tsunku officially, Mako and Yossie finally found Takitty by the riverbank fishing for some good fish to eat. The girls know that Hitomi knows how to cook at least something made out of fish, but Yossie doesn't know what.

  Takitty broke the silence,

  " Yossie, why Mako ran away? Was it because of us acting very unusual around one another?" Yossie and Mako made faces to one another like sisters and respond simultaniously,

  " It's a YoMako thing." They both giggled. Takitty didn't know what they were talking about, but assumed that these girls were keeping secrets from one another. But remembered that before she left, she had Mako's secret diary with her and read a page about the way the other Morning Musume members felt about Yossie and Mako's relationship during Mr. Moonlight.

  How the world she got my diary? I mean, it didn't magically appear to her right? Mako thought all of this in her head while Takitty began reading the next page of Mako's secret diary to Yossie in public.

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Re: Kiss For Two
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Chapter 6


  One word. Crazy. Mako calls Takitty crazy because she was reading her personal thoughts in a diary. Mako had lots of things in her mind, including the death of Tsunku and how gratful he was when he admits to Yoosie about the cruel things he did in the past with the other H!P members. Takitty then puts her right hand in the books in pink and white paper and ink. Takitty reads:

  "Day Two

  Mr. Moonlight PV Debut

  Dear Diary,

  The three girls that I've met were butterflies to me. They were very caring because they knew how I feel about our first single together. My definition of butterflies are people that are spurring up into the people they've come. That's probably true why God put butterflies.

  What about prince?"

  Takitty pauses,

  "Mako, who's prince?"

  "Keep reading." Mako began to blush. She felt like a push over and didn't care what she thinks about people. She lets them do their thing and it wasn't good. She wishes that she was tougher but she has Yossie on her side before the day she leaves Morning Musume. Yossie sneakered,

  "Yeah Mako! Who's prince? I bet he's you imaginary boyfriend like you have one."

  Takitty resumes reading,

  "Prince hasn't talk to me since the first practice for the PV. Prince was a butterfly but bigger. Prince was my companion for life, and my best friend. Prince was a true hero to me 24/7. She's standing next to me holding me like a bear while I'm writing my diary. Whispering to my ear, telling how much she loves me. And I'm responding with my companion a secret kiss like never before, and she makes me her butterfly but closer. Like love or something.

 "Now I realize that I must go. I can't write now. I'm in a trans of love."

  Takitty closed the book and looked shocked. Now she has something to talk about while Mako doesn't realize for a long time. Mako felt like a faliure. She felt like a caterpilliar that has just died recently.

  Suddenly, Mako found her diary key in her back pocket. She didn't realize that she even had a pocket on her pretty white dress. Plus she even remember the time when she first wore the dress to a slumber party in the third grade (not in real life. This is fiction remember). They have to bring a diary and they have to wear the most pretty dress in the world that they've long for or recently have.

  She crawled up to Takitty and snatched the diary from her lap secretly while she wasn't looking. Takitty held onto the diary like it was special.

  "Give me my diary!! You had it long enough to embarass me in front of Yossie."

  "You said I can read it did you?" Takitty poked Mako hard on the shoulder like she was nothing. No one will never know that Takitty is now a butterfly fighting for her life before the chameleon kills the prey. Mako was the butterfly and Takitty was the chameleon. But it seemed to be the chameleon is winning. Like the scenario saids, Takitty was right. Why did Mako even let her read it.

  They kept argueing until they both heard a tear from the diary. It snap in half and they stopped argueing within one another. Mako was so teary that Takitty began to cry. The butterflies that Mako though was in her life flew away. Everything that she wrote such as memories were all gone from her childlife until her personal experiences with Yossie were all gone. Yossie crawled up to Mako and tap gently and lightly on the crying girls shoulder.

  "Mako. I'm sorry of what happen to your diary. Like I said before, you have an amazing mind of all of theose thoughts and feelings about other people, and makes you special to me." Yossie smiled pleasently. Prince came to the rescue again, and made everything so magical to the keen eye of Mako, which made everything better and pleasent.

Mako stopped crying. The butterflies were home at last in her mind and memories again :).

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Re: Kiss For Two
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Crap I forgot this thread  ::).

Chapter 7
  First night

 Mako and Yossie just stared at each other like it wasn't nothing. They have acted suspiciously in Takitty's point of view, but can girls have girlfriends in H!p or in real life? Well, thats a question that would never be told for Takitty anyways.


  It was 5 o'clock PM, and all three girls were tired, & confused about where was home or how to get back. Takitty was panicking and almost fainted because this was the first time in a while that she was camping outdoors with the two girls with weird personalities, and we all know who she is talking about. She hopes that Maki was on her way here (if she even have the slightest clue).

  Yossie rumbs her belly with boredom and tireness. She brakes the silence,
  " So who's hungry?"

  Takitty raised her hand so high because she was nervous and hungry. Yossie sneakered,

  " Wow, Takitty is hungry. What a surprise. Well, I only have this Kit- Kat bar, and I don't know if I should share this or not." Yossie rolled her eyes and winked at Mako.

  Mako looked so curious because she doesn't know what this girl might do. Yossie threw the candy behind her near a rose bush. Immediately, Takitty ran and search for the candy like a raccoon looking for something important.

  " She'll find the Kit-kat bar. Pretty son, she'll be coming back here running and praising me once more." Yossie lie down on the green grass staring at the clouds and began to hum a familiar tune. Happy Summer Wedding was the name. Mako hummed the tune with her and began to smile and giggle. She crawled slowly up to Yossie and lay beside her, and wrapped her left arm around Yossie. Suddenly, they both fell asleep.


  Takitty wasn't having a good first night at camp. She can't find the candy and now was lost in the huge forest with no end; No Yossie and Mako in sight (which wasn't good at all). Searching for the past hour, there wasn't a single thing to be edible i sight and the forest started to get dark like an anime show with the darkness.

  Wondering around the forest, Takitty paused for a brief moment. She thought she heard some footsteps but couldn't make out who it was. She turned her skinny body around and saw two looking bandits with raggity clothes on. They smelled like mens colon, big guys and dark too (not as dark as a African person, but they looked Mongolian as you may think). They were giving her strange looks, and the two men started to whisper to one another's ear. Takitty just glare at them like they were nuts but understood maybe the point of something might happen between the men and her, but what?

  " Hey babe, come to our house. You'll have a good time." One bandit said with a flirty tone.

  " Yes!" The second one yelled, and spit went accidently on Takitty's face. She wiped off her face and just make weird faces. She then scooted back and leaned against a tree sweating. Before the bandits began to grab her, she kicked them both in the shin and began to run back to the camp, but Takitty has no clue where the camp was since she went in all directions.

  The bandits were close to Takitty running, "Come back Shella!"

  Takitty was running but pause for a moment. She was out of breath and just stopped running. Suddenly out of the trees, a cuter looking bandit (who turns to be the leader) comes and lifts Takitty up with his hands and jumps back into the tree where he came from.

  Takitty screams louder, "HELP!!"

  The guy covers her mouth and begins to quiet her down. She looks up, and sees a dude with short orange hair glaring at her with amber eyes.

  " Women, just shut up and just relax. You'll be fin'."

  Takitty girl. Is this your rescuer in your dreams? A bandit or some creep who's Kawaii? Now I know why Mako loves guys or girls that acts like guys. And the secret diary thing about Yossie and Mako was private but a treasure like never before. Takitty was nervous but felt even more secure with this mysterious man around her, and immediately fell in love but not telling everyone else.

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Re: Kiss For Two
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Chapter 8

  Sacred Love

  As the man and Takitty were walking (well, the dude holding the girl anyways), Takitty was wondering 'How would the girls know that her rescuer was a bandit? Would they react in a way that she's nuts?' Well, that's something that would never be told. It seemed to be 11 o clock at night, and Takitty and the man were getting sleepy of walking (mostly the man).

  The two people had a  little conversation going on about them and who they were.

  "Excuse me mister, what's your name? I would love to know your name since were alone." The man looked into her eyes and suddenly dropped her onto the ground.

 "OUCH!" Takitty screamed.

  "My name is Genrou, but everyone calls me Tasuki because it is better."

  "Takitty just stared at him in dreamy eyes mode. When he asked for hers, she said dreamly with a sigh,

  "I don't know who am I."

  "You don' know?!" Tasuki screamed. Takitty loves his reaction and nodds.

  "You must have a name!"

  "I do, uhh.." Takitty said confusely.

  "Tasuki shella. Tasuki.." Takitty asked another question which she knows.

  "Say, where we are going?" Takitty's eyes were like hearts and Tasuki on the other hand didn't look that dreamy. It was more like 'I don't care about you.' Or 'You're stupid!' look.

  "To da crib." Tasuki nodds. As they were walking, Takitty had smelled beer and sake near by and it wasn't good. It also smelled like fish (Ladies, we all know the term 'Fish' right?). Takitty was confused:

  She was in love, and this is to celebrate her love is to drink or do sex? That's ridiculous!

 Takitty tapped on his shoulder with the tip of her finger.

  "Where are you talking about?"

  "Girl, you don't know about da crib? It's our campout where all of my members AKA bandits go and....."

  "Who are those ladies?" Takitty interrupted. She points at a group of prostitutes that look more like whores than drunk strippers. They reminded her of Maki, but more slut like (sorry for the cruel language, but this what Tasuki does XD).

  "They're our 'objects'. You'll my queen, and you teach these bitches a thing or two, okay?"

 *Bitches?! Don't you dare call a women that. But I still love you Tasuki.

  Takitty was now more scared. She can't be with this man anymore, but if being a sex object is in the case to show his love to a women, well this is the case, and respect your man instead of yourself if this is the case.

  "Yes, Tasuki-sama. I'll accept your will." Takitty was released and kissed the toes of Tasuki.

  "Alright. Now lets get started."


 Well, thankfully Yossie and Mako were following Tasuki and Takitty all of this time. They were behind them and heard everything they said sneakly. They weren't stupid to just let Takitty roam around in the forest. This once again, Yossie and Mako to the rescue.

  "Did the orange hair man just said sex objects Yossie?" Mako said. Yossie was the thinker of the group. She nodds and has a plan.

  "Yes he did. We can't let our friend be tortured by him. Plus she's acting like a push over which isn't good for her age, including you Mako."

  As the two hero's were sneakly walking behind the two hiding from one tree to another like anime characters, some guears were asking a couple of questions.

  "Wassup Genrou-sama. You brought a new girl huh?" The two guards chuggled, and blow their noses. Burgers were hanging on the side.

  HAHA Mako and Yossie giggled quietly.

  Everyone turned around with curiousity. Anyways,

  "Yeah, but now she's my new object to be with the highest rank."

  "Good sir. Bring her in there like the others."

  Yossie and Mako were mad now. They can't believe that Takitty is now a little Maki but worse. What a little brain Yossie thought.

  They went near the two guards with mongolian outfits and began to beat up the guards.

  "GENROU-SAMA, two crazy chicks are on the loose."

  "Shut up." Mako shouted.
  "Yeah!" Yossie boomed.

  As the fight continued Yossie and Mako were in disguises as the two guards. They entered the CRIB of Tasuki and looked around inside.

  It smelled like a bar, and looked like a strip club, but worse. The air was foul in this one room that wasn't good, like sex. They entered the room and guess who they saw? Takitty lying on the big queen size bed with the orange hair dude.

  "Hey guards, did you get rid of those people that were intruding the CRIB?"

  Yossie nodded with a deep voice, "Uh yeah. WE killed them and thre them in the river."

 Mako giggled quietly but seriously she was disgussed. The 'fake' guards looked at Takitty having sex with Tasuki, and both nearly fainted when they stare at innocent Takitty, well Yossie anyways.

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Re: Kiss For Two
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And sorry it has been over a month since I updated this thing, but I was brain dead XD. Here's the last chapter minna:

Chapter 9

The real 'Bandits

Takitty eyes were a little teary but not that much. Mako just stared into the girls eyes like she had loved her since Childhood. Yossie was in shocked and didn't say anything, but just thinking of nothing but birds and vultures. She doesn't know why, but she smells trouble up ahead.

"Guys, just get out of here. We're fine. I'm in love with this guy and I really want to be alone with him...."

Mako interrupted Takitty's words with shouting words and screamed like a crazy person.


Tasuki just looked at the fake guard like 'what the heck just happened. Did his guards just sounded like a girl? Oh I need som f*** sake..' and nearly killed Mako.

"You idiot! You're not a guard, you're that chick again from before. You can't fool me you bitch!"

Mako kicked Tasuki in the nuts and grasping on Yossie trying to wake her up from her little dreamland. Yossie woke up with astonishment and stared at Tasuki just for a brief moment. Then pushed the bandit into a wall inside the house like he was a piece of crap! They two girl walked up to Takitty and confront to her that this 'guy' is a fake and he doesn't love you.


We understand alright. But you're kinda stupid to realize that he hates you. Justwants you for money. Mako fought.

Then Mako had an idea. After  minutes of confronting Takitty, Mako whispered to Yossie in her ear and began to move her into a tree.


Ten minutes went by and Tasuki still looks F up after that push from Yossie. His eyes are like stars and his whole body is like dead... He crawls to takitty and tells her that she can go, and never come back again. She looks at him with dishonesty and never left that spot on the bed for an whole hour.

"Alright, you can live here, but don't annoy me while I got and drink Sake all night after a one night stand with a girl."

Takitty nods, "Hai Tasuki-sama ^_^!"

Just then, Yossie cosplaying as Tasuki came up to her and gave her a flirtish wink.

"Hey babe, following me back to the crib ;)."

 Yossie was swaggering outside with a thumbs up to Mako who was behind a tree near the house and gave her a thumbs up as if it was a special code. Takitty got up the bed and followed Yossie outside with hearts in her eyes. Her arms folded as if she was in love or something, and began to drool. Yossie looked back at Takitty and just looked at her as if she was mentally ill.

This girl is so weird. It is like taking candy from a baby with this kind of crap, but oh well.

 As they continue leaving the room, Yossie took off the costume and ran up to Takitty and carried her running for her life from the camp.


 Mako winked, "Yeah, it wasn't nothing. But hey, that bandit will never get her again."

 Yossie threw the girl on the ground carelessly and began polka dancing with Mako as if she was those bandits celebrating from a robbering.

 Takitty began to cry again like a baby.

 "So you guys go and impression two fake guards, and Tasuki just to rescue me from that place? That.."

 Mako and Yossie stopped Polka dancing and began to listen to Takitty as if she was their sensei.

Takitty continues with a smile ".. was the stupidest and nicest thing you guys ever did. Now to think of it, you guys are the real 'Bandits' to me. You guys were slick from the time tsunku tried to hurt me until now."

Takitty looks at Mako,

 "I'm glad we were both in the 5th generation of MM. You're so clever, sneaky and fun to hang out with. You became a hero to me with your idea, especially that Tasuki cosplay. I'm sorry of what happen earlier."

 Mako blushed, "Well, no problem. I mean Yossie did the kick booty and I did the planning..."

"Lets go home guys. It is kinda late and a little early for celebrating." Yossie pulled on Mako's ear and began to hum Happy Summer Wedding since it is her favorite song from MM (who she's currently in right now). Dragging the two back to camp, their adventures in the forest has just began.

The end....

Note: Pretend that it was still the time when Mako and Yossie were still in Morning Musume. And forgive me about some wrong information about them, but it is just a fanfiction afterall :D.

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Re: Kiss For Two
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^ Huh?   :dunno:

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