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Author Topic: Sanity (Kojiyuu + Mayuki) - Chapter 2 [01/02/14]  (Read 16790 times)

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Re: Sanity (Kojiyuu + Mayuki) - Chapter 1 [07/22/13]
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OMG it felt like I'm watching Final destination!!! surreal  :scared:

remind me to get my popcorn on the update!  :on gay: :on gay:

no more talking I'll just swooosh aside and wait for you again  :on speedy: :on cloudeye: :on hobo:
Yeaah... I felt like I'm watching Final Destination too  :on freeze:

Just please update soon author-san  :pleeease:

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Re: Sanity (Kojiyuu + Mayuki) - Chapter 1 [07/22/13]
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Oh hot damn .... another good fic from my favorite author!! :DD

Wow ... reading this felt like watching movie! 8D

This'll be my 2nd fave fic XD ... looking forward fr teh next chapter!

Fuuudge! ... I wonder what's gonna happen next! > ~ <
hallo ... ds is ket

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Re: Sanity (Kojiyuu + Mayuki) - Chapter 1 [07/22/13]
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Damn, that was intense!! haha

Great start!!   :thumbup

I really hope everyone survives!!

Looking foward to the next update  :)

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Re: Sanity (Kojiyuu + Mayuki) - Chapter 1 [07/22/13]
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@kenjoy12: Definitely a bumpy ride they had to experience! Poor Yuko, Nyan Nyan, Yukirin and Mayuyu! Let's just hope they don't develop a fear of being in airplanes after this. :sweatdrop:

@Yuki88: I'll let you speculate on that prologue then. But I will say that it does involve the four main characters. :thumbsup

@kuro_808: I think all of the light would grab our attention, LOL. :panic:

@Llyloo: And here is the next chapter! :cow:

@Shinoki: Shock factor much? Well, hope this next chapter will somewhat ease the tension!... I think! :nervous

@kurumi: Let's hope you're right about this not becoming too sad or depressing, LOL. :panic:

@atsukojiyuu_C: I wonder if they all died? And let's hope our dear squirrel Yuko here knows how to deal with this ordeal. :bow:

@imteedee: Popcorn, huh? Well get some then since the update is now here! :cathappy:

@Archer1992: And... the update is finally here! :grin:

@Tupi: Update is here! :cathappy:

@mitsuhara_itsuko: Glad you like this fiction also! Hope this next chapter meets with your expectation. :yep:

@Yuseichaaan48: Intense it definitely is, haha. And I wonder about the surviving part there, LOL. :panic:

I am so... so... so... SO SORRY for the extremely late update on this series. I haven't forgotten about it! I just don't seem to have the time to write them. (Okay, honestly, I'm procrastinating and catching up on my sleep lately during this holiday break.) :sweatdrop: I am going to admit that this series most likely won't last too long like the other on-going series I have in store. Estimated to be at the most ten chapters. But if there is more, then I guess it doesn't hurt, right? :doh:

Now I do have to mention that it is a little shocking to end the year of 2013 with Oshima Yuko announcing her graduation. But let's all keep supporting her! A true fan shall always stand to support the squirrel. :thumbup

Well, hope you enjoy this update and many thanks to you readers! Please be on the look out for an update on Wandering Ship next. :deco:

[Chapter 2]

“Oi! Yuko! You sure you got everything?”

My great midget friend, Takahashi Minami, asked me as she stood right by the side of the car I was driving in. With her girlfriend, Maeda Atsuko, standing near her, the two of them were seeing me, Haruna, Mayu and Yuki off to our vacation. Right now it was early in the morning and our flight is on schedule to leave in about five hours. Considering that we’re just outside of my house, this was a decent amount of time to drive towards the airport and double-check on our baggage with the staffs.

Our vacation towards the great island from the United States of America: HAWAII! So excited to the point that I am willing to just drive away and leaving the two girls we’re saying farewell behind the dust.

Honestly I thought the two of them would be flying with us towards the island state belonging to the United States. Personally I had asked Minami if she wanted to come to the trip with us. She could even bring Atsuko if she wanted to. But sadly she explained to me that she was overloaded with her work and would rather finish up her studies at the time-being. Giving me a ‘next time’ excuse. Geez. When is that ‘next time’ going to be anyway?

I flashed my infamous dimpled smile at her direction and bobbed my head. “Hai hai~ We got everything, miss.”

“You sure? I mean, you got your spare clothes, clean pair of-“

“Takamina, we got everything,” Haruna’s voice interfered into our conversation. I couldn’t help but turn my attention over to my girlfriend for a bit to my right. The lovely girl that had the sunglasses and cute dress showing that she was ready to head out into the tropical beach of Hawaii… She looks astounding this morning. Using one hand to lower her sunglasses, the brown haired girl flashed a smile at Minami. “You worry too much, you know that?”

“Nyan Nyan, you know that it’s natural for this girl here to be worried to death over everyone,” Atsuko explained, pulling on one of the two cheeks of the shorter girl.

Poor Minami. Her cheek was being stretched by her own girlfriend, arms flailing around in hopes of releasing the girl’s grip. After a couple seconds of embarrassing squealing and constantly calling Atsuko to stop, Minami coughed into her hand and had another rub the affected area. Grumbling a bit under her breath with a few words like ‘itai’ and ‘I have a reason to worry’, she then told us to stay safe.

“Mayu and Yuki, I trust that you keep both of the girls’ sober, yes?” she added.

There were giggles heard from behind us as both Haruna and I dropped our jaws. “M-MINAMI!” we exclaimed in unison.

More laughter erupted out from the two figures in the backseat. Sending a quick death glare of mine over to the two girls, I puffed my cheeks and rolled my eyes. Good grief, the things the two laugh about… I’m going to have to do something about them one day.

Whipping my attention back over to the other midget, I flashed a forced grin with both of my eyes closed.

“We’ll be going now, Bakamina,” I spoke in a calm tone despite my facial expression showing a contrast to it. Reopening my eyes, I saw the other girl wave her left hand in the air. “Hai hai~ You have a safe travel, okay?”

“Mou… There you go again, worry about us.”

I was instantly met with an ‘oi!’ from Minami. No surprise though. Flashing her this time a dimpled grin that showed a bit of my mischievous personality, I waved my hand in farewell to her and Atsuko. “We’ll be back soon, so feel free to make as much noise as you want during the night~!”


I laughed out loud from the response the two of them this time exclaimed out loud with alarm. Eyes widening and cheeks burning, they stared at me in shock. And of course, to earn such reaction from them also meant I had to face the consequence of it.

The familiar karate chop smacked squarely on top of my head, instantly causing pain to burst into my head. Yelping, I immediately throw both of my hands. It covered the very area that I got hit, grumbling and complaining under my breath how much it hurts. A little teary eyed over the incident, there were even more giggles from behind the car.

Despite the pain that I went through from Haruna’s infamous strike, a wide smile ran across my face. If it’s Nyan Nyan hitting me, then it’s a-okay to bear through it.

“Yuko, I believe it is time for us to go, yes?” Haruna reminded me as the same hand that had hit my head touched my right shoulder gently; softly patting it a few times to grasp my attention.

Glancing over at her, I blinked a few times and took away both of my hands from the top of my head. Although it had a slight aching effect, I ignored it and focused on my girlfriend. I bobbed my head in reply to her statement.

It’s time to go anyway. It’ll be a while till we return back, but we’ll be sure to make our time on this trip worth it. And hey, I’ll even make Minami regret not coming with us, hehe~


I groaned when I felt my consciousness leaking back into my brain.

All of the aches and pains that I never would’ve imagined happening occurred at this very moment in time. It felt as though I had ran a marathon way past the limit I was supposed to. Except… The thing was… Did I really run a marathon? I swear with my life I do not recall any sort of incident nor event of me being in such setting. So… most likely that’s crossed off on my list of comparing the aches to another related scenario.

It took a while, but I managed to raise my eyelids. Raising it just enough for me to squint through the small vision my body decided to give me at the moment. My sight was blurry, which wasn’t helpful, but the smell of the beach wafted into my nose; which deciphered what that yellow and blue blob of blurry mess stood before me. Brightness and heat from up above came down on this land, causing me to groan the second time. I closed my eyes briefly for a couple seconds before reopening them.

From what I could tell so far, I have my body resting on top of something grainy and soft. And when I checked to see if my limbs were in place, sure enough, they were still attached to me. The only difference was that my legs was sunk and underwater; unsure of what exactly it was sunken in. I lifted my head just a bit and flickered a glance to my right. My eyes widen a bit to see that half of my body was in the sea as the other half was resting on top of the sand.

Fingers on both of my hands were twitching on its own. Feeling that it was on both of my sides, I used the strength that was seeping into my muscular system to push myself up. Both of my hands were scrambling to allow the palms to press against the surface. And to my alarm, it was boiling hot. Quickly my hands retracted from touching such soft yet burning ground. But I didn’t have a choice if I were going to get myself up from laying.

Over the course of a couple minutes, I finally got myself out of the predicament of being stuck laying on the sand. Eyes opened back to normal aside from a few instances of squinting, I stood on both of my two feet. I stumbled forward a bit as I grasped more and more control over my body. When I had the lower portion of my body out of the water, I could feel my jeans sticking close to my skin due to the substance. (I wouldn’t be surprised once it dries for salt to appear littered on my body.) Mentally I groaned at that fact as I took out both of my wet sneakers. My drenched white socks was not only wet but littered with sand. Yuck. Time to get them cleaned well or even thrown away by the time I get back home.

Using the back of my hand to wipe away the sweats that were profusely forming and rolling down the side of my face, I bit the bottom of my lip. Standing before me was a great lush forest. Tall trees that I’ve never even imagined that could grow to such extent stretched deep into the area. Not a single animal nor insect sound was recreated though. Then over my shoulder, there’s just the deep, endless blue sea that sparkled due to the sun’s rays hitting the surface. Gentle waves crashed onto the edge of the shore, ridding of the markings of where I had laid not too long ago. Left and right from where I stood showed endless fragments of shells and rocks that now make up the substance that is so-called the sand that created this land. It kept stretching till it rounded the corner at the very end; almost like a dot from what I could see.

Squinting my eyes, I knew that it was not all what I had saw. I saw much worse. Parts of the plane that I had rode on earlier was all over the place; specifically in the forest. Metal parts both completely destroyed and not were flung all over the place. Some stabbed the barks of the trees as others were hanging loosely on the branches. Luggage and even more plane parts were floating or sunken in the big water from behind.

However, what alarmed me the most was… a person.

I saw a lone male that was not too far from where I had found myself laying earlier. His clothing was disheveled and face lying on the side; opposite direction from my position. Arms were bent slightly as they laid motionless just in front of his head. The rest of his body was in the water. A position just like I was in earlier.

Gulping, I tightened my grip on the sneakers I held at hand. At the sight from what I was seeing, it was scary. I wasn’t sure if he was knocked unconscious just like me or if he’s dead. Let’s just hope that he’s just alive and dozing off into la-la land. And of course, knowing that I am one curious squirrel, decided to walk up to the figure.

It’s nerve-wrecking and tension was raised in the atmosphere. Almost like in a horror film was the heroine or hero is soon to find a dead body in the bathtub or in their bedroom upon discovery, it felt surreal. I licked my lips a few times, feeling nervous like hell. Every step that I took to get closer to the man felt like I was watching my body operate on its own. A third-person perspective at seeing Oshima Yuko, a university student that was merely here for a vacation to Hawaii, be faced with the dreaded truth of the situation at hand.

When I got close enough, I dropped down to my knees. Automatically I felt my pants, which were starting to dry up and become sticky thanks to the sun, soak up the saltwater from the ocean once again. Placing my shoes to the side, I had my hands reach out to touch the man’s shoulders. I was hesitant, but managed to gently grab ahold of his body.

“S-Sir?” the voice the exited out of my voicebox was like a frog croaking for the first time in ages. Startled, I cleared my throat only to figure out that I was dehydrated and needed fresh water to soothe the parched throat. I spoke again despite the crackling, unusual voice coming out of my mouth. “Sir… Sir, are you okay?”

I was met with silence.

“Sir… S-Sir! Please wake up…”

No answer also.

A dreadful feeling crawled into my sanity when I noticed he wasn’t waking up from my voice alone. Silently I prayed to the kami-sama as I checked his pulse upon his neck. Both index and middle fingers resting on the carotid artery, I bit the bottom of my lip again that day. I widen my eyes at the discovery that his pulse wasn’t throbbing at all. Removing my fingers, I pressed down a bit more at the same spot in hopes that I was just checking his pulse at the wrong area or was doing it wrong.

Again, I was given the same result. The result that this man had no pulse. I clenched my jaw and exhaled forcefully. I was beginning to fear what exactly was going to happen… And I’m terrified of this man’s fate. Very terrified of it.

Slowly I used both of my hands to grab the far side of his body from where I am. Hesitation came to me when I decided that I wanted to flip him over. I swallowed nervously and mentally cursed at how dry my throat was. My heart was racing insanely inside of my chest at what I was soon to face. Despite bracing myself for what was to be expected, I still did not have the heart of seeing this poor man. Let’s all just hope that this is either a bad nightmare that’s a little too vivid and hard to wake up from…

Taking in a single, long breath, I held it as I flipped the man towards my direction.

I gasped and nearly screamed my head off at the sight. The man that I had flipped over had his eyes wide open yet not a single form of life nor movement seen. The pair of eyes that stared straight into my soul… Showing how hollow it was. Mouth opened slightly with a drool running down from the corner of it; saliva trailing down to the back of his head due to the position he was laying a split second ago. Shakily when I took away my hands, I accidentally brushed against his face, feeling the deadly cold skin despite the weather out here.

I was in a pure state of shock. I just couldn’t believe… He truly is dead. My eyes glanced downward upon his body, unsure of what caused his death. And it surprised me to see that I couldn’t find it. But either way, I rapidly crawled backward and as far away from the man as possible. Nausea trickled into my system as the need to barf was great. But bitterly gulping the disgusting sensation down, I squeezed my eyes shut and reassured to myself that it was all just a dream. Or if this was reality, then at least I was in another place. A much better place than seeing the dead body of a fellow passenger. I just hope my friends and Haruna isn’t in such-…

The moment I thought about my friends and girlfriend, I instantly snapped my eyelids open. Worries and concerns instantly filled my entire mental state as I scrambled up on my two feet. The nauseating feeling wiped out only to be replaced with fear, I frantically swooped in to grab my sneakers and run straight ahead; away from where I had resided earlier.

“H-Haruna! Mayu! Yuki!” I called out to them. “Where are you guys!?”

Arms swinging back and forth and legs flying in front of me in respective order of left and right, I continuously called and hollered out their names as I ran. Despite the aches I had to endure earlier, now was not the time to complain. Over and over as I said their names, I noticed that there were other decease individuals that scattered on this land. Though there were just a few luckily, it was sad to see that there were more deaths aside from the male figure I’ve seen earlier. The bodies that I saw weren’t my friends and girl, but I seriously am hoping that they aren’t one of those ‘few’ dead civilians. How these poor unfortunate souls died was something I didn’t want to find out anytime soon.

It felt like a half an hour of constant screaming their names and running on this hot, sandy surface. The strength that I had earlier was not at its fullest, thus making me drop on all four instinctively to catch my breath. I coughed violently and felt like I was going to spit out my lungs from how hard I was hacking. Having a parched throat while calling out for them was not helpful at all. Not to mention the sun beating down on my lone figure did not help at all. Sweat drops ran down my face like it was on a race with each other; the pants of mine completely dried and icky from the saltwater’s residue.

After I had gotten decent control of my coughing fit, I lifted my head to look at the land before me. I was just half way on this land and still see no sight of Haruna, Yuki or Mayu. Their presence were nowhere to be found from the distance that I had traveled. Panting, I used the back of my arm to wipe the sweats that was entering into my eyes, stinging them.

I can’t stop now… Well, okay. Maybe after catching my breath for a few minutes and putting on my shoes, I’ll resume back to trying to find them…

I was breathless, but adjusting my position so I was sitting on my bottom, I gulped in a few chunks of oxygen to relieve my lungs from producing more carbon dioxide instead; making it in-debt with O2. I lazily had both of my hands grab ahold of one of the two shoes. My grip on it wasn’t stable as it trembled while trying to fit it into one of my feet. I can tell you for a fact that it wasn’t pleasant to put on a shoe that felt not only icky but uncomfortable. As if my dirty socks and ‘salty’ pants weren’t enough…

Putting on the other shoe, I had trouble tying them into knots. Fingers were not cooperating with my mind as more worries filled into my mental state. Where are they? Where are the rest of the people? Why am I the only one out here? Are they dead too? If they’re not dead, are they even here? Is there another piece of land that they are stuck in? Did they fall into the water and not reach land?

So many questions that would overwhelm just about anybody. And sadly, they will not be answered until I find them. Until I do so, these questions will continue to torment me. Clenching my hands into fists, I forcefully pushed my entire aching body up into standing up straight. I was still tired, but I cannot give up now. I must find them. I must find Haruna. I must find Mayu. I must find Yuki. I must find them.

One more time that day, I ran with all of my strength. Whatever that was left in my muscular system I burnt them up for energy. For the sake of hurrying to achieve my short-term goal… Hopefully.


‘U-Ugh… I don’t think… I can find them…’

To my dismay, having countless hours wasted in hopes of trying to find them was fruitless. It all came to a waste for the moment nightfall descended on this side of the world, I still wasn’t able to find the others. Just… where exactly could they be? Are they… gone after all?

Assuming the worst, fell down and into the now-cool sand on my side, not bothering to move anymore. Not a single muscle willing to move no matter how much I screamed at them mentally, they’ve already done their deed for the day. Exhausting themselves after awakening from falling unconscious earlier today, I guess my body still has yet to recover whatever minor injuries I’ve sustained from the crash. As I rested on this small part of the land, there was a soft gust of wind that blew at my direction. The cool wind that finally brought ease from the heat a while ago… If only they had come a bit earlier.

Mentally I was sobbing over the fact that I couldn’t find the three girls nor any other form of survivors, raising multiple questions in addition to the ones I had previously. I also was complaining about how parched my throat is. It got even worse not too long ago since I was still screaming out for their attention. And if drinking saltwater is an option, I wouldn’t consider it. That was at the very bottom of my list to do if I was in desperation. Last thing I would want is to die from being dehydrated from the ridiculous sodium level that my body can’t bear through.

Sighing loudly, I felt my consciousness floating away from my sight. Blackness that was even darker than the sky from up above layered over the view. A soft scoff left my barely parted lips as I felt my eyelids become like lead. Heavier they became, it was hard to resist against them… I tried to stay awake, but it… didn’t work. And here I now am, wandering into the depths of pure darkness and the thoughts that poked and probed at me.




I don’t know how long I was out, but I could hear the familiar voices in the background of my consciousness. Frowning, I realized that they were actually occurring right by me considering the fact it was easy to hear and understand. My senses were returning and before I knew it, I slowly raised my eyelids up.

I found myself staring up at the familiar night sky; stars that twinkled along with the moon that gently shone its white light down to the world. I blinked a few times at such sight. It’s a little weird that I’m lying on my back with a blanket covering me… And a blanket underneath to provide comfort. Then from the corner of my vision, I see a bonfire made. Flames flickering out and creating warmth from merely a few sticks of wood. It’s almost as if someone had saved me earlier… But wait. Who did this for me?

Both of my arms that were resting inside of the blanket and residing on my sides made its move. The two got out from underneath the warm cover, instantly met with the cold atmosphere. They scrambled around to prompt myself up into a sitting position. I felt the sand enter into my nails the moment my fingers left the surface of the blanket from below. Upon securely having both of my palms resting on the earth’s surface, I pushed myself up. It took some effort and I nearly collapsed backward… If it weren’t for a certain someone saving me.

“Bakayarou,” I heard that cold, female voice spring out at me. “You shouldn’t get up so fast, Yuko.”

“S-Shiriri-chan…” my voice cracked out as I saw the girl staring right at me. Hearing my voice, Mayu couldn’t help but have a smile form on her face. Thanks to the light from the flames nearby, I saw her disheveled appearance. The poor girl had a few minor scratches on her face that wasn’t treated. Black hair in a tangled mess. But seeing as how her bangs are still perfect as ever and nothing much harmed her, then I wasn’t too worried. I felt Mayu shoot a glance over to her right and rapidly asked, “Hey Yukirin, can you get Yuko-chan some water?”

So Yukirin is here too? I’m somewhat not surprised as I saw Mayu staring after the other girl that was getting water for me. It merely took a couple seconds for the older girl to appear before me. Standing in between the fire and me, she opened up a new bottled water. The plastic cap created the sound of tearing in order to open it. Getting down on her knees, Yuki urged me to take ahold of the precious water bottle. It didn’t even take a second for me to snatch it out of her hand and down it.

“H-Hey! You’re going to choke if you drink that fast!” Yuki’s voice raised up in alarm as I took in as much water as I can in a single gulp.

Right by her side, I saw Mayu nudge the raven haired girl. “It’s okay, Yukirin. Natural for Yuko to be like this since she’s thirsty.”

“I know that, but still!”

As the two girls were having a small argument over my drinking style, I couldn’t help but see that Yuki had a bad bruise right smacked dab on the upper corner of her head. It was purplish blue, making me surprised and a little startled to how Yuki can still be awake and talking at this very moment. But who knows. Maybe she actually has a hard head in reality? And in a literal sense too? Whatever it was, I’m just glad to see that the two girls are still alive and being well aside from looking like a rag. The plane crash must’ve really caused them great worry.

When I finished the water bottle in less than a minute, I wiped away the trails of water that accidentally spilled from the corner of my mouth. Putting the empty plastic object down, I swallowed and felt my throat finally quenched for once today. I was about to give my thanks to the two girls when I felt another presence by my side. And I’m not surprised to see who it was that was kneeling down to my level to give me a big, firm hug.

“Haruna…” I whispered out her name the moment we separated. The older girl was in the same state as Mayu and Yuki; just a few minor injuries that wasn’t going to kill her. A faint burn was marked on the left cheek, but nothing serious upon closer observation. Haruna puffed her cheeks and pinched my cheeks playfully and gently. “I was so sick and worried of you…” she softly uttered to the point that it nearly reached my eardrums.

I saw that there were tears welling up and it did not take long for it to roll down on her face. Slanting my eyebrows to express sadness, I chuckled and reached one of my hands up towards her face. I brushed away the stray tears with the back of my hand, hoping to make sure the sand and dirt aren’t left behind in replacement instead.

“I was worried about you and the other two also.”

Taking away my hand, I was instantly met with the notebook that I had scrawled during the plane ride. Shoved at my direction, I stared at it for a brief moment, staring at it like it was an inhumane and foreign object that I’ve never seen before in my life. When I realized that it really was the journal that I had started on, I carefully took it from my girlfriend. Looking at it, my left hand smoothed and felt the cover. It was a bit wet and I could see a few burnt parts. And to even shock me more, there was the pen that I've been writing with still in place. Otherwise it was in good condition under the circumstances. I looked back up at Haruna with my mouth opened in surprise.

“H-How did you…”

“Oh, I found it while I was retrieving your luggage from the sea. It kinda was... floating out there.”

“You… found it in the sea?”

“Well, after we searched tirelessly for you,” Mayu’s voice shoved itself into our conversation. Both my girl and I turned our heads to the younger girl. She and Yuki were giving a quick smile as they explained the situation at hand. “We searched for a couple hours only to no avail. So I decided to keep looking.” The girl pointed her thumb at Yuki by her side. “My girlfriend here took the time to build a bonfire as Kojima…” she then pointed over to my girlfriend. “…she helped retrieved the items lost out in the sea.”

“So… you then saved me, Mayuyu?”

“You were so far away from where I had expected, but yes, I did find you.”

"And... you brought me all the way... here?"


“Ohhhh~ Shiriri-chan~ I’m so happy to have you as my sister~”

I wanted to give her a hug, but the girl shook her head and pushed me away roughly. Such a tsundere girl she is… Not wanting a hug from her older oshiri sister!

When I was about to convince her to just take the hug from me, there were some yelling not too far from where we were located. A little startled, I peeked over the shoulders of the Mayuki couple. There from what I’ve seen… There was another bonfire built from afar. And to my surprise, there were about a dozen or two in a circle. Two men looked like they were arguing since they were wildly motioning their hands in the air, hoping to persuade the other of their plan or whatever shenanigans it was.

Raising an eyebrow, I then asked, “Are they the other survivors?”

Yuki nodded her head. “Apparently so. But… Mayu told us before finding us that we should stay far away from them.”

“I don’t quite understand though,” Haruna added in. “Wouldn’t it be better if we stayed in one large group together?”

“It’s far too dangerous,” the cyborg girl answered to their doubts. When we all trained our attention on her, she crossed her arms and leaned against Yuki’s body for support. Biting the bottom of her lip, she intensely gazed at us. “You see… Being in a big group may seem safe, but soon enough… There will be conflict… And those conflict are due to the community themselves.”

“Er… Kinda like… Lord of the Flies?” I threw in.

Looks like I had gotten that theme right of the situation at hand. Mayu gave a single grave nod.

“I honestly don’t want us to be in the extreme predicament of killing each other…” she faintly said.


Monday, July 1st, 2013

I can’t believe that trip to Hawaii came to a sudden halt.

Well speak of the devil… At least this journal is safe! Aside from a few burnt edges and soggy pages, the pen and journal is intact.

Along with the supplies in my bags too.

Ah~ Too bad I can only find two of them. I had a total of four…

Our plane had crashed on this land that we have absolutely no idea what exactly it is and where it’s located.

No one was really hurt except a few minor burns, bruises and scratches.

Well, okay then. I meant that statement in regard to the survivors.

There were… deaths from what we could tell from the crash. And it was a bad crash alright. But thankfully both my girlfriend and both of my friends managed to avoid that fate.

I honestly don’t want to think about what exactly would happen if it did occur… I had to frantically search after them like a mouse in a desperate search for cheese!

But anyway! So far from what we know, we’re on our own. Just the four of us.

However, there are other survivors. They’ve all formed one giant group. As much as it sounds strange, Mayu had told me and the other two that it was too dangerous to be with them; that it was much better to stick together.

And I agree with her. 

I will admit… I’m scared. I sense something off from some of these survivors. Something’s just not right.

I don’t know what’s going to happen and how we’re going to get help. But for now… We can’t trust them. It’s too dangerous.

"You'll come to treasure these scars."

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Re: Sanity (Kojiyuu + Mayuki) - Chapter 2 [01/02/14]
« Reply #24 on: January 03, 2014, 03:59:01 AM »
Oh no they in danger hope nothing bad happen or they alive

Please updatesoon

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Re: Sanity (Kojiyuu + Mayuki) - Chapter 2 [01/02/14]
« Reply #25 on: January 03, 2014, 05:04:51 PM »
After a long wait, a new chapter arrives! And it's a great one too~ ;)

I like how this is going, especially with the conflict between the other group of survivors. I don't know if they're good or bad, but I'll just have to wait and find out in the next chapter!

Great chapter! Can't wait for the next one~ :)
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Re: Sanity (Kojiyuu + Mayuki) - Chapter 2 [01/02/14]
« Reply #26 on: January 03, 2014, 06:09:54 PM »
HELLO THERE LY~  :wigglypanda: (Since you're a panda?)

EVERYONE SURVIVED!!!!!  :on woohoo:

KNOWING YOU THAT IS A SHOCK~~~! or I mean at least maybe more that MINOR injuries? 

Update soon... or we shall have a talk Ly... xD (or you can write My OS first if you would like? :D)

SEE YA!  :byebye:

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Re: Sanity (Kojiyuu + Mayuki) - Chapter 2 [01/02/14]
« Reply #27 on: January 04, 2014, 12:30:23 AM »
Aaaah. I love it more and more. I love the situation. And Wow, Yuko is so cute *-* and Mayu too, searching for each others.

I can't wait to see the next *-* i'm sure it will be very interesting *-*

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Re: Sanity (Kojiyuu + Mayuki) - Chapter 2 [01/02/14]
« Reply #28 on: January 05, 2014, 04:10:58 AM »
haha mayu is tsundere

but  oshiri sisters is the best!!!!!!!!

haha they have a strong bond
mayuyu and rena is <3

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Re: Sanity (Kojiyuu + Mayuki) - Chapter 2 [01/02/14]
« Reply #29 on: January 05, 2014, 04:22:48 AM »
Woot~! Update! :fap

They'd survived the bumpy ride.. Phew~! :nervous

Uwaaa~ and thank you Yuko was found by Mayu~! :fap

Oshiri sisters~!  :hip smile:

Now, can't wait what will happen next! :D

Thanks for your update and hardwork.. :kneelbow:

More update to come, yeah? :twothumbs
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