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Author Topic: Hidden Truth [JuriMayu + YukiRena] - Chapter 2 [Update: 09/10/13]  (Read 7747 times)

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Honestly, this was typed up like December of 2012 due to boredom, LOL. So I saw the prologue and well, it was finished but the idea hasn't started. I'll just put it up here and save it as another future project I'll be working on (aside from Sanity). It'll mainly focus on JuriMayu and YukiRena. :deco: First person goes to Mayu (I was going to have it for Jurina, but the emotional aspect wouldn't fit very well with this sort of plot I have in mind for me at least).


Silence is my best friend. Darkness is my ally. Stealth is my right hand. I am a heartless person with a dark past. Until she came into my life.

Kneeling upon the gargoyle, I am outside of a mansion, right above the patio of a bedroom's. Nightfall came upon me; the moon shining its soft white light on my surroundings. Patience was the key for my targets should be eliminated without much trouble accompanying. As I waited patiently, I pulled out a thin slip of white crumbled paper from my gray coat.

'Kill the Matsui Family,' was what's scribbled on the piece. After a quick relook at the goal of the mission, I heard soft footsteps coming from the room. It approached slowly at the destination I kept my eyes on, prompting me to take out my dagger. Keeping still, the source of the sound finally came to a stop.

"I see that it is another beautiful night honey," a middle-aged woman said, leaning her arms forward on the cemented railings. She has long black hair waving gently to her left due to the warm breeze that visited us. In her white night dress, she exhaled softly under her breath as she relaxed her shoulders.

Adjusting my metal mask that conceals my facial apperance and gray hoodie that connected to the coat above my head, I crawled forward in a slow motion. Not a single noise was to be produced, cautiously keeping my balance on the very edge of the gargoyle.

The woman was still standing there on the same spot, unmoving as she chatted with possibly her husband from inside the dimly litted room. Gripping the handle of my weapon tightly in my grip, I dropped down from above; landing on the woman with the blade plunging deep behind her neck. No noise or sound was made from the person below my body. So I removed the foreign object that severed her life before my eyes behind the lenses of my mask. "Let the heaven take care of you," I whispered quietly. Now turning around, I saw a middle-aged man yawn loudly within the room. He seemed not to have noticed my presence, so I prepared myself for another victim being taken down.

Switching my sword with a pistol within my coat, I aimed the pointer at his head as I made my way inside. But before I could begin pulling the trigger, I saw him flick around with a sword at hand. Before I knew it, he was dashing at my direction with the sword charging straight at my direction. Alarmed, I pulled the trigger, only to have the bullet completely miss and the gun itself fly out of my grasp. My hand was throbbing, having one of my weapons kicked out of my hand. Frowning within my mask, I hastily whipped out a sword before he got the chance to strike me.

Our blade collided against each other with a loud metallic sound. Grunting against the man's powerful strength, I leapt backward, distancing between the two of us. 'What am I going to do? I need some sort of distraction in order to win against this guy.' The grip on my blade tightened when I saw him swing his blade down upon my head once he ran up to me again. Swiftly though, I parried and struck back, leaving him with a small external wound on his left shoulder. The man seems clearly impressed at my actions and kept a calm composure until his eyes trailed over to the decease lady behind my back. His eyes widened, face pale.

"M-My wife..." he stuttered, anger soon forming on his face. Furious, he glared at my pair of eyes through the mask, sending shivers down my spine and the hair on the back of my neck to stand. I barely was able to sidestep and avoid his raging attacks that now flew at my direction, filled with rage. "Guards!" he hollered out and kept on swinging at me. "Come over here! I am in need of dire help!"

'I have to end this quickly or I'll be caught for good.' Parrying another once of his swings, my foot unluckily nearly made me trip over a small metal chest from below, faltering my movement and balance. At the wrong timing that this happened, I wasn't able to gain enough time to even avoid his incoming blow that ran through the thin clothing, across my chest. The metal blade whipped straight across deep and clean, pain exploding from the fresh new wound. Nearly dropping my sword, my other free hand gripped the center of the wound in pain. Blood rapidly formed on my clothes and dripped down on the hard-tiled bedroom floor, leaving me panting. He raised his sword up again only to be interrupted with the door from the room slamming open.

To our surprise when we turned our head toward the door, it wasn't the guards that came. Instead, there were two young girls staring at us in horror. "Father!" the tallest, long black-haired girl cried out once she saw us. From the corner of my eyes, I saw him pause from the assault. Using this to my advantage, I removed my hand from having a death grip on my chest and opened up the bloody hand at him, palm opened. The black star-like crest that engraved on the back of my hand instantly became red when a strong gust of wind coming from my palm blew the man in front of me back into the wall opposite of me. There was a loud crack resonating into the air when his head came into contact with the wall, dropping down onto the floor, motionless.

I lowered my hand and brought it down to my side, bearing the stinging pain that tortured my very chest. From using that magic, my body began to tire out from the dangerously short amount of energy my 15 year old body can contain. Ragged breath was heard loudly to my ears, feeling dizzy from the huge amount of blood I was losing. But I can't afford to pass out now as the two girls that had witnessed the murderer of their parents should also be killed off. Dragging myself over to them, I pointed the tip of my sword to them; blood dripping down from the silver metal blade as though it were rain droplets.

I at the least expected them to be begging for their lives and I was ready to strike out at them, wiping their existence from this very world when something held me back. Especially the other short black-haired girl. Soon I saw the older girl pull the younger one behind her back, shielding her with arms spreading outward in both directions. "G-Get away assassin!" she pathetically threatened me in a quivering tone. She trembled slightly from my presence in both fear and shock. I could just go on ahead and kill these two girls but ironic enough, I lowered my weapon.

Without saying a single word, I backed away slowly from the two standing figures. Sheathing my sword and picking up the pistol that laid on the ground, I kept on backing away till I reached the end of the patio. Then I leaned backward, letting myself fall out and downward. Quickly using my left hand and forming a fist, I soon disappeared completely from the area before I came into contact with the ground.

So what do you think? Though it heavily revolves around JuriMayu, there's also YukiRena accompanying them along with minor pairings like Atsumina, Kojiyuu, SasshiRie, etc.

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Re: Hidden Truth [JuriMayu + YukiRena] - Prologue [Update: 06/07/13]
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Now you don't have any escape for writing the next chapter. So I'll just sit here and waiting :grin:

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Re: Hidden Truth [JuriMayu + YukiRena] - Prologue [Update: 06/07/13]
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Great start

I'll be waiting for chapter 1
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Re: Hidden Truth [JuriMayu + YukiRena] - Prologue [Update: 06/07/13]
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Great start! :fap :thumbsup

The fighting scene was very well written! I imagining every moves! And oh everything were well written.. :twothumbs Another story to wait from you author-san!

Can't wait to unfold the mysteries. :banghead: :thumbsup

Thank you for the awesome prologue :bow: :thumbsup

Hope you update soon :bow: :thumbsup :twothumbs

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Re: Hidden Truth [JuriMayu + YukiRena] - Prologue [Update: 06/07/13]
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LOL So not only you updated your fics, YOU ADDED MORE FICS. LOL

I really like how definitive you wrote it, not too much, not too less. :D
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Re: Hidden Truth [JuriMayu + YukiRena] - Prologue [Update: 06/07/13]
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Well, I agree with Llyloo on this one. You have nowhere to run, you HAVE to update this  XD I'll be waitin'  :glasses: :on drink:
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Re: Hidden Truth [JuriMayu + YukiRena] - Prologue [Update: 06/07/13]
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bring it on :kekeke:

mayuyu as an :glasses:

gahh...make me want to play assassins creed again :on lol:

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Re: Hidden Truth [JuriMayu + YukiRena] - Prologue [Update: 06/07/13]
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waitin on chapter1 know hehe
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Re: Hidden Truth [JuriMayu + YukiRena] - Prologue [Update: 06/07/13]
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Who was the killer that killed Matsui family...? Yuki right? darkness was her ally...

Why did she do it...? Was she an assassin?

Can't wait to see how Rena and Jurina get together with Yuki and Mayu respectively...?

Eh... Atsumina and Kojiyuu also in here... Yeah...

Can't wait

Thank you for the interesting prologue

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: Hidden Truth [JuriMayu + YukiRena] - Prologue [Update: 06/07/13]
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This reminds me of Assasins Creed :P And I play AS 24/7 so I love THIS! :D

Can't wait for your update! :)

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Re: Hidden Truth [JuriMayu + YukiRena] - Prologue [Update: 06/07/13]
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wow... this seems really cool
Mayuyu the killer dun dun dun *dramatic music
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Re: Hidden Truth [JuriMayu + YukiRena] - Prologue [Update: 06/07/13]
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@Llyloo: LOL, I have no escape then... Here's chapter 1! :bingo:

@kurosawa87: Here's chapter 1! :hee:

@kenjoy12: Thank you very much for the praises! Here's the updated chapter finally! :farofflook:

@Yuki88: Just shut your mouth, Yuki, LOLOLOL. I'm always making things harder on myself, haha... :on blackhole:

@sakura_drop_: Ahhhhhh... Indeed I have nowhere to run away now. Here's the updated chapter! :on woohoo:

@bunny_rabbit: Does sorta remind me of Assassin's Creed too~ (And Dishonored) :on crazygran:

@POPCAT: Here's chapter 1! :hee:

@cisda83: It was actually Mayuyu that did the killing. But we'll see Yuki and everyone else in some assassin-action scenario soon~ :glasses:

@WotaOtaku~: It does too, LOL. Here's the updated chapter! :hehehe:

@Shinoki: LOL, cue in the dramatic music! :on lol:

Shhhhhhhhh, you heard nothing about this update. Jk. I actually was in the mood to upload this (despite having four on-going fiction. :bleed eyes:) first chapter of the fiction. I suppose it's considered "on-going" but it'll be uploaded at a much slower rate than the other three. (I want to finish the other three first since they're... nowhere near half-way done, LOLOLOL....) Let's just say I felt it was a little mean to just leave you guys with the prologue only. And I know it's going to be a long while before chapter 1 comes out IF I manage to finish one of my other fictions. So here's chapter 1. :sweatdrop:

Sanity is currently (and slowly) worked on with Chapter 1. Look forward to that along with my other fictions, blah blah blah yada yada...

Thanks for taking the time to read my fictions and enjoy it! Comments and criticisms are always welcome. :deco:

[Chapter 1]

[3 years later]

“Mou, Mayuyu, wake up!”

“Grah… Give me… Five more minutes, Yukirin…”

“I can’t give you ‘five more minutes.’ You’re going to be late with a meeting with the boss Aki-P!”

A groan left my mouth when I felt the soft blanket that covered and protected my body slip off from the other figure’s action. I brought my left arm to reach down for the blanket. Once I felt the edges of it, I quickly pulled it up above my head; hiding my entire body from Yuki’s view. There was a small sigh of relief escaping my lips. Sadly, that relieve feeling of being under the cover didn’t last as I growled in frustration when I felt her hand remove the blanket from my body. Instantly I was met with the cool atmosphere of the room, cringing from my disappearing warmth. My body curled up into a ball with my knees close to my chest. Arms wrapped around my legs, my eyes barely opened.

I didn’t turn my head around, but I could see Yuki from the corner of my blurry vision. She was standing in front of my bed with hands on both sides of her body. There was a frown written all over her face as she stared at my direction.

“You need to get up NOW, Mayu.”

I didn’t want to push her button as much as I wanted to stay in bed. I was known to be a stubborn individual that was difficult to deal with, so it’s a surprise that Yuki manage to keep her temper under control. Better yet keep herself from throwing any sort of sharp objects at my direction to get me into performing a task nor threaten to send me off the island. Last thing I wanted to is get murdered by this very girl with her dagger. I raised my left arm up into the air and waved it left and right lazily.

“I’m up, I’m up, okaa-san.”

There was a satisfied ‘hmph!’ coming from her direction before her presence disappeared from the room. It took me a full minute before I managed to push my tired and exhausted body up into a sitting position. Now seated at the edge of my white comfortable bed, I scanned my room lazily.

Across from me was a patio with the curtains pulled aside and neatly held to the sides. There was the sun’s ray cracking through the clear door accompanied by the blue colored sky with barely any clouds from the distance. From my left was a desk, a small mirror and a few hangers hooked against the bumpy, light brown wooden wall. All of my equipment of being an assassin was located in that one area. I glanced over my shoulder to see my personal bathroom and the only door that leaves this bedroom of mine.

I stretched my hands high up into the air followed by a loud yawn exiting out of my mouth unconsciously. Left and right I moved my upper body before hopping off of my bed. I decided to take in some fresh oxygen from nature outside. Rubbing my eyes with both of my hands like a small child, I dragged my feet one by one forward. In one motion, my left hand slid open the door silently. The sun’s heat ray instantly smacked against my body as I stepped out on to the patio.

The wooden platform beneath my bare feet could be heard creaking with every step I take. Soon I leaned against the wooden railings with my upper body when I stared at the sight before my eyes. High up in the mountain was where my house is. Or technically both mine and Yuki’s. We both share and built this house from scratch since we first came onto this little island three years ago.

The little island that held the most peaceful yet dangerous and secretive assassin group of Japan. If anyone were forced to visit this island due to certain reason, one would think this is a normal village built on an isolated island. Some houses were seen on the mountain. Some on tree tops and others down on the ground. Many of the members lived peacefully and operate under a normal function of a farmer’s or merchant’s life. Or so many would see us like that.

Secret to the outside world from this island is many of those that reside here are considered assassins. Many of us plaster and painted on a fake personality to the outsiders. We were like a family, always working together and living together. We did missions together and cried for those that we have lost from unfortunate circumstances. However, there were different reasons to why we joined this organization. Some joined because they wanted revenge for those that had killed their family. Some didn’t have anyone or anywhere to turn to in their life. Some simply wanted the joy to kill both guilty and innocent lives.

I joined merely because I didn’t have a family. My family was killed off by a group of thugs. We lived in a very poor part of Japan and barely manage to survive the rough condition every single moment of our life. The rich became richer and the poor became poorer in this time period. And at that time, petty thievery and breaking into our house one day became a slaughterhouse for those madmen. I almost died that night. Almost, I say. The person that saved me was none other than Kashiwagi Yuki. She merely saved me and brought me into this isolated island. Told me that she herself is an assassin. Told me to join the organization since it was a way to get revenge back to those that had killed off my family. Sadly, despite being in the organization for about four year right now, I wasn’t able to find the group of men that wiped out of my family and almost killed me on that fateful night.

Aki-P is the boss of this organization. He plots and plan the assassination mission for each and every one of us. Although we were unsure of why he wanted us to kill them, we had no choice but to obey his every command and order. When we didn’t have any other missions, we were forced to reside on this very island.

I rubbed the side of my head. ‘What does Aki-P have for me today?’ Yuki from earlier told me that I have to meet up with him as soon as possible… So it must be urgent. Especially when we consider the fact that it’s a Saturday and on weekends, we don’t usually get in contact with that man.

After I felt warm enough thanks to the sun from high above, I returned back inside of my bedroom. Quickly I went to change my clothing. Taking off my casual white oversized t-shirt and black shorts, I threw on a pair of black jeans followed by black t-shirt. But as I put on those clothing, I stared at myself from the small mirror across from where I stood. When I was about to slip my arms into the holes of the shirt, I halted in my track. My attention was torn away from putting on my clothes into staring at the scar that resided on my chest.

The scar was a huge gash that took at least one whole year to heal. I’ve earned it three years ago when I was sent out to kill the Matsui family. Although I don’t understand the reason to why I had to murder them, especially when we consider how rich the family is, it’s my duty as an assassin to follow my orders without any objections. I had my right hand keep its hold on my shirt while my other hand came to touch the scar. I wince when I felt a slight ache coming from it the moment I touched it with the tip of my fingers. Although it was a long time since I had the scar, it still ached and hurt since the blade had sliced much deeper into my body than many of us had expected.

I closed my eyes as the memories of the moment I disappeared from the scene three years ago…

[Three years ago]

I was panting. Panting and feeling blood enter into my mouth from the inside of my body. I was located a few miles where I had just been not too long ago. Managing to get away from the scene, I regretted every little part of my action that I had let the two girls live tonight. Letting my targets and witnesses survive is never written anywhere in my rule book. And I didn’t like that one bit. As I was beating myself over the situation from tonight, I gasped when I tripped on a stray rock within the woods. And to worsen my fall, the ground was going at a downward angle since I was standing close to the edge.

The next thing I knew was my face landing flat on the grassy ground beneath my body. A wince exited out of my mouth when I felt that my landing wasn’t quite as soft as I wanted it to be. Rolling a few times over and over, I finally came to a full stop. I was panting, using my bloody right hand to protect my injured chest from tearing open the wound even wider. The stench of the metallic blood was strong, heavily hinting that I’m losing much more blood than expected. My body was trembling badly as I struggled to push my body up.

“I have to… get out of here…”

It was getting really difficult to breathe and I knew that I can’t linger around the area any longer. I have to get out of here as soon as possible. At the very least stay at a safe radius distant from the target’s house. I glanced over my shoulder and still saw the mansion I had just sneaked around not too long ago. The corner of my lips twitched as I pushed my weak body up.

I knew I was pushing past my limit. The limit of a 15-year old girl. It was already too much just about anyone at my age. And the pain was too much to bear. Even death itself seems like a much more pleasurable way to be at rather than cope with this unspeakable agony.

Blackness clouded my vision as I had difficulty pushing forth. Biting the bottom of my lip, I moved forth one step at a time.

“M-Mayuyu!?” That voice. A very familiar voice that belonged to none other than Oshima Yuko. Upon hearing her voice, all system in my body just halted in place. My body began to shut down every part of its senses as I saw myself fall forward. But before I slammed upon the grass from below once again, I felt a pair of arms catch my body. “Oh my God, you’re losing a lot of blood!”

I wanted to speak to her. Tell her about the mission and how I had failed it. Failed to have complete it as Aki-P had assigned me to finish. But my mouth wouldn’t operate and obey the commands I mentally screamed at my tired body. My eyelids, which were barely opened at this point, finally closed as I let out a long exhale from my mouth. I began to immediately notice how exhausted I was; the pain being completely numb at this point. Soon I fell into a deep slumber, ignoring the other girl shaking my body to wake me up...

“Are you done changing, Mayuyu? Breakfast is ready!”

Yuki’s voice from the present snapped my consciousness back into reality. All memories of my past instantly hid in the back of my head. Shaking my head rapidly, I glanced over at the only door of my bedroom. It was still closed, but the voice of the older girl was heard through the wooden object. I began to realize that right now in the present, I’m still alive and have a meeting to go to with Aki-P as soon as possible.

“Let me just change into my shirt!” I answered back to her while quickly switching into my shirt’s uniform. Then putting on the signature gray sweater, I left the hoodie hanging from behind for now. I took all of the weapons that laid sprawled out on my desk’s surface. A reasonable long-enough sword was unsheathed for a brief second for inspection before slipping it back into its case. Attaching it to a part of my black belt, I gathered a few small hand-made bombs, daggers and bullets for my handgun. I slipped them all into their respective area as I reached out for the handgun. I checked quickly for full ammunition. Cocking it and pointing it straight at the mirror, I aimed it at the girl from within the mirror. My index finger wrapping its tip on the trigger of the gun.

“Bang,” I whisper as I lifted the tip of the gun up as though I had shot the person at the mirror. My hand quickly clicked it into the opposite side of where my sword was placed. After making adjustments to the equipment within my belt and pockets, I grabbed a nearby black robe that concealed most of my many weapons. There was a momentary pause when my eyes laid upon the metal mask that sat on the center of my desk. The metal mask that only many knew on the exterior side.

My right hand extended out to it and picked it up. Flipping it back and front, I examined the slightly worn out mask.

It was actual metal and weighed surprisingly nothing thanks to the amazing craftsmanship from Kojima Haruna, despite being an airhead. The mask was seen to be connected to a soft fabric that provided comfort around the neck and edges of the mask when worn. The designs weren’t special but rather had the holes for the eyes designed in a fashion that only the owner could see through them. The left eye was seen to have a lens, which magnified as a little binocular. For the other eye, on the outside looks as though there is a tiny hole where one could view through. But when worn, one is able to see clearly as though they weren’t wearing a mask. Wires were sticking the mouth piece together, but still parted so oxygen and whatever breathable atmosphere I was in could enter into the mask. One could describe this mask as a horrific skull-like design; I could describe this mask as art and something that represented who I was.

The grip on the mask tightened just slightly the longer I stared at it. It reminded me of the time when I first received the mask from Haruna. This mask was like my protector. Scratch marks were seen on the surface and side, hinting that it had protected me from any damage coming to my facial area. Then loosening my hold, I decided to keep it within my robe. Keeping it in one of the many hidden pockets found in the soft material, I found myself ready to take my leave from this house. Taking one last look at the mirror, I did not waste any time leaving the room.

I was instantly greeted with the strong smell of some… inhumane object in the room. Scrunching my face with displeasure, I saw the older girl in her pink apron as I made my way down the wooden stairs. Her back was turned as she was at the sink, cleaning some pots and pans.

“Breakfast is ready, Mayuyu,” she proclaimed to me without even sparing a glance at my direction. I nearly wanted to scoff at her words. The food that she had prepared was sitting on the table a good feet away from her. The strange smell and color that any food shouldn’t have was presented proudly on the clean plate with the utensils sitting right next to it. At least it was accompanied by an edible fruit and drink. Wanting to avoid eating her food, I snagged an apple and quickly downed a glass of milk.

“I’ll be skipping breakfast today, Yukirin,” I said to her. Then without even giving her a chance to turn around and reply back to me, I whizzed out of the house through the front door.

One hand trying to adjust and fix my light brown winter boots on my feet, I took a bite into the apple with my other hand. I was bouncing on one feet forward in attempt to remove myself from a situation that involves Yuki and her food. Mixing those two together would not only spur up drama but a terrible trip to the bathroom. There were a few grumbles leaving my lips as I finally got the shoes in a more comfortable position. I then lifted my gray hoodie and placed them above my head where it always was positioned on. Swallowing a bitten piece of apple, I took another bite as I walked on the trail down from the mountain.

Nature was being kind and many wild life creatures were heard frolicking at this time of the day. While I made my way down the mountain, I soon entered into the vast forests at ground level. A single road was extended out before my eyes, leading directly to the main land of the island. When one walks a mile or two, they’ll be able to see the road split into three directions. The left path leads directly towards a nearby lake (which some members reside in), the middle continues on to the main town and the right leads to even more housings. Of course, I decided to stay on track and move quickly forth to where Aki-P resided.

A good thirty minute passed by with my little walk (and finishing my apple). I soon ended up in the main town area of the island. Many shops and stores both suspicious and not were shown all over the place. They were ranging from markets to firearms were seen. If I had time, I would gladly spend my time at a nearby bookstore owned by Yokoyama Yui, but that wouldn’t be wise as of now. It was a small, but busy town. Or more likely the reason because it’s the only town that isn’t abandoned and/or thriving with business. Many members would always stop by here for their shopping needs and work to keep their business alive.

I waved my greetings to a few of the members that passed by me; some on their horse and/or vehicles while others on foot.

“Mayu, don’t forget that Aki-P wants to see you,” one of my friends, Shimazaki Haruka, reminded me as she carried a paper bag full of bread and vegetables. I gave her a nod in comprehension as she walked right on by. “Wakarimasu.”

As I continued to trend forward, I soon saw a shrine-like base a good mile away from where I was at. The base that at first, may look like a huge company name would own. Even if a few outsiders managed to take a peek inside of the building, they’ll only be faced with nothing but the receptionists and a few members in business attire. However, it was actually a base that consist of hired assassins and Aki-P himself deep within.

When I finally made it into the base, I was greeted when the door slid open automatically as though I was entering some fancy company’s building. Upon entering I was instantly greeted with two girls at the front. One was Itano Tomomi and the other was Kasai Tomomi. Dressed in a professional uniform, they bowed the moment I came in.

“Aki-P is expecting you to come,” Kasai told me. “Don’t keep him waiting.”

I gave her my understanding as I rushed around the two girls. There was a double door that lead straight into one huge room. With a few knocks, I pushed the double door opened. From pushing it open, there was utter darkness in the room. Only a few candles being lit on the walls from both sides provided light in the room. In the front of the room was a dark figure sitting down on a chair fit for a king on throne. A long red carpet rolled up from where I stood all the way to where the head man sat. I wasn’t able to see his face until the flames from the nearby candle flickered over to his direction.

The middle-aged man was wearing glasses and dressed in a dark suit. Sitting slightly forward with both hands together, fingers intertwined with each other. His head lowered slightly as I came approaching to him.

“I’ve been waiting for you,” his mature attitude was shown through his voice. I quickly knelt down on one knee with my head lowered. One arm was behind my back as the other formed into a fist, touching the carpeted ground. “I have something to tell you.”

I didn’t say a single word to him. Rather I raised my head and stared at him. Aki-P removed his two hands from each other and pointed his right finger at the top of his left hand. Pointing at a strange, circular black mark on his hand. “Do you remember how you got this?”

There was hesitation before I nodded. A small shudder ran down my spine when I vividly remembered how I had gotten the mark. In a painfully slow manner, I brought my right hand up from behind my back just enough to examine the back of it. The black star-like crest accompanied by a circular outline from the outside was seen; seen to be my mark.

Those marks… It wasn’t any natural mark. Although it may look like a tattoo, it wasn’t as simple as that to how I had gotten it. There was a long ritual that involved bearing agony in order for the mark to finish imprinting the patterns on your hand. That mark was known as a mark that brought great power to many of us. Powers unspeakable and impossible for any normal human. But for those that got these power knew the limit to using them. If one uses them excessively over their limit of their stamina, it could kill them. And a dead assassin is even worse than a dead army.

No one knows how Aki-P has gained the knowledge of possessing such powers and how he was able to bestow it to many of us, but no one dares to ask. The last time someone tried to ask, they nearly had their head severed from their neck. I bit the bottom of my lip as he proceeded to continue the conversation.

“I would like to say we have two new recruits that had successfully gained these marks of the assassins.”

I had quickly gotten up on two of my feet as Aki-P brought his two hands back together. He then was calling out for the two new individuals to come out, I waited patiently for the figures to show themselves. Two young girls emerged from the shadows on both sides of Aki-P. And when I saw them, my eyes widen in horror. Horror from seeing those two girls. An unintentionally shudder ran down my spine as I took one step backward. There was a small smile forming on Aki-P’s face for a split second before the shadows concealed his entire face.

“Meet Matsui Jurina and Matsui Rena. I want them under your care and Kashiwagi Yuki’s from now on as their mentor.”

I tried to regain my calm composure before glaring at the man. I didn’t understand why I had to see those two girls again. They had grown so much in just three years… Three years from the assassination attempt at their parents and them. There was this fear growing inside of my chest when I wondered what their reason was for being in such organization. Gulping with difficulty and feeling the sweat forming from the upper corner of my face, I kept calm while speaking in a heartless tone.

“Why are you two here?”

The younger of the two, Matsui Jurina, took a few steps towards my direction. And her eyes… Her eyes were different from the younger Jurina I’ve seen long ago. The eyes that were once innocent and filled with fear was now replaced with anger and fury. Our eyes connected unintentionally. Standing in her assassin uniform with one of those crafted metal mask in one hand, she answered to me in a firm, tough voice. “My sister and I have no choice but to turn to this organization since we have no reason left to live.”

That was definitely a lie. A lie that I could read very easily in her eyes yet wondering how oblivious Aki-P is to her uttered words. I clenched my jaw tightly as I trailed my eyes over to Rena. The older girl had become much prettier that words itself can’t even describe her beauty. However, she was here with the same reason as Jurina. And I know for sure that reason was not simply because they didn’t have a reason to live. I know for sure… Their reason for being here in this organization was because they wanted to murder and kill the very person that had murdered their parents before their eyes. That they wanted to kill me. But I could tell that they didn't know who exactly that killed their parents since the identity of the murderer was concealed with a mask. And although they could gain quite a big hint if they saw my mask, it was worn out to the point that I could easily lie about it.

My heartbeat quickened, still wondering why Aki-P would take them in. Wouldn’t he had already known that he was the one that wanted to assassinate the Matsui Family? Clearly Jurina and Rena were part of the family, so why now take them in? I wasn’t sure why, but I had a feeling that something wasn’t right when he took them in. Just what does he want from them?

That doesn’t matter though. Shaking my head, I knew that I was in deep trouble if they found out who exactly I am and what I had done to their parents. A single sweat drop slid slowly down the side of my face as I glanced back at Jurina. The younger girl was still standing in front of me with determination and burning passion of avenging behind her eyes. Inhaling deeply and then exhaling silently, I turned my back on them. The black robe I had on had the ends whip into the air loudly.

I remained silent as I walked out of this room. I wanted to take my leave and object back about taking in the two girls. But knowing that if I had disobeyed Aki-P’s command, I might as well burn in hell for eternity better than face his punishment. Pausing at the only door of this room, I didn’t bother to shoot a glance over my shoulder. Rather I ordered the two girls to follow after me.

“I don’t have time to waste,” I harshly told them my biting remarks before moving out of the room. Immediately I heard footsteps coming from behind rapidly. Ignoring them, I was too occupied with my internal battle. Just what am I going to do with these two girls? What was I going to do if the truth came leaking out?

‘No,’ I mentally shook my head with disapproval. ‘I will keep this a secret. I have to protect myself from being murdered by my own kind right now.’

“So what should we call you, Watanabe-senpai?” I heard Jurina’s voice from behind. Startled as to how she had already known my name, I instantly calmed down when I believed Aki-P had already told them who I am. Sighing in annoyance, I glanced over my shoulder the moment we got out of the base. “Just call me Nezumi when we’re on a mission.”

“Then what are we?” Rena asked in a quiet voice.

“You are Gekikara and Jurina, you’re Center.”

“Why should we call each other those names on missions instead of our real ones? Aren’t the enemies going to die either way?”

“It’s for caution. Last thing we want is us being the one assassinated by other assassins.”

“Are you going to teach us?”


“Watanabe-senpai, what are we going to learn?”

“Stop asking me questions. You’ll figure out soon enough.”

The questions were all mostly asked by Jurina. This girl, who was serious not too long ago was now a hyperactive interrogator that is easily getting on my nerve. Trying hard not to burst out in annoyance, I wondered to myself what I was going to do when we return back to the house.

But a better thing to worry about is keeping my identity a secret from the girls; the identity of a murderer standing right in front of them.

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Re: Hidden Truth [JuriMayu + YukiRena] - Chapter 1 [Update: 07/11/13]
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Update~! :fap

WTH Aki-p?! He recruited the WMatsui.. Wooo.. Interesting.. :twisted:
And they get together with MaYuki as mentors..

Oh wonder what the mark means.. :?

Can't wait what will happen next..

Since you'd said that this will take awhile for you to update..
Don't worry.. Be waiting patiently.. I have alot of room for that.. :oops:

Looking forward for more up on your each fic.. Keep it up! :fap
Especially the HFAYPTG and Disappearance S2..
Though i like all your fics.. Hope to see more.. Heehee :oops:

Thank you for the update :bow: :twothumbs
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Re: Hidden Truth [JuriMayu + YukiRena] - Chapter 1 [Update: 07/11/13]
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O__O this update...  :bow: :bow: :bow:

I should be sleeping, I have work tomorrow...but then I noticed your update..

Ah, I wanna see Gekikara in action!!!!  :wub:

I'll be patiently waiting!!!

P.S. More Yuko-sama screen time!!!!
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Re: Hidden Truth [JuriMayu + YukiRena] - Chapter 1 [Update: 07/11/13]
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Well they are connected by Aki-P's involvement in their pasts and to live is join the organization without any word going back to the past. 

Great update!!!
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Re: Hidden Truth [JuriMayu + YukiRena] - Chapter 1 [Update: 07/11/13]
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OMG!! the chapter 1 story is so  :thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup

Too bad that mayu had scar on her body  :frustrated:

will be waiting for all your fic to updated... :luvluv2: :hee:

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Re: Hidden Truth [JuriMayu + YukiRena] - Chapter 1 [Update: 07/11/13]
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HAHAHAHA, ofc I won't shut my mouth 8D *is shot*

Anyway, I have a hunch that AkiP ordered Mayuyu to massacre Matsui family because he wanted Jurina and Rena to join the organization. After all, both of them are capable of getting the mark. :D

BUT OH GOD, haha, Mayu, what will you do now XD
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Re: Hidden Truth [JuriMayu + YukiRena] - Chapter 1 [Update: 07/11/13]
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nezumi~ you're in trouble now :kekeke:

why don't you just kill that old troll akiP :kekeke:

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Re: Hidden Truth [JuriMayu + YukiRena] - Chapter 1 [Update: 07/11/13]
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I love it, I love it. More and more (ok, not more than Disappearance because I'm so in love with that fic xD).

*w* They will want to kill Mayu when they will learn that she's the killer *w*. Nyaah ~~

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Re: Hidden Truth [JuriMayu + YukiRena] - Chapter 1 [Update: 07/11/13]
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@kenjoy12: The mark will be explained a bit more in this chapter! And I'm glad to know that you like my fictions! Hope I can continue to meet your expectation. :cathappy:

@sakura_drop_: I'm sure Yuko will have plenty of screen time after this chapter~ And in regards to your birthday fiction, it's currently worked on! Let's just hope I'll be able to finish it. :doh:

@kuro_808: Indeed. Most of the members would throw away their past in order to live their current life on the edge. :panic:

@qweakb: Same here! :catglare: And I'm glad you like the first chapter of the fiction! Please look forward to this one then. :deco:

@Yuki88: Hmmmmmm~ That is an interesting speculation! I'm sure both of Mayu and Yuki will have some sort of suspicion. :shocked

@bunny_rabbit: LOL, that's one way to get rid of the situation at hand. :rofl:

@Llyloo: Glad you love it! (And I know Disappearance is your favorite series out of all my fictions.) That will most likely occur if the Matsui sisters realize that Mayu is, well, the guilty individual here. :sweatdrop:

Well! Finally after a couple months did I make another stop to this fiction! Sorry about such long delays to this updates, but please understand that I have school, work, and other fictions at hand to juggle around with. :sweatdrop: I'm trying my best to deliver them out without making it sound like crap (I hope).

Some of you already know by my post on Tumblr that I am returning back to writing my fictions via paper. It'll at least help me work on them and probably upload them faster without burning a hole in my frontal lobe of the brain. :nervous Not to mention that school is one of the few places where I actually am bombarded with multiple ideas from nowhere. So... Might as well put it on paper when there's nothing to do in class. :rofl:

Enough of my blabbers, enjoy this update! Thank you to my supporters, followers, stalkers, readers, unicorns, Nyan cats and lurkers for being with me till now. :bow: The next update will be back to Wandering Ship!

[Chapter 2]

Yuki stared at me weirdly. And I wasn't too surprised that she gave me that reaction when I had returned from the meeting with Aki-P. Actually, I was expecting it. To return back with two strangers she had never met. It's a natural response after all.

Her outfit had switched from being a terrible cook to a gardener out here in the front part of the house. The apron replaced with another darker counterpart in regards to the outdoor labor. Patches of dirt were here and there on the clothing. Then in one hand held a handheld black shovel as another with a small packet full of tomato seeds.

"M-Mayu? Who are these two girls?" she asked me as politely as possible. A single eyebrow rose in alarm when I gave her the answers. "They're Matsui Jurina and Matsui Rena."

I could tell she wanted to say more. To express her thoughts about the situation at hand. Alas, she has remained silent though. Mouth clamped shut, the older girl bobbed her head in a slow motion; comprehending. Then turning her focus to the newcomers, she flashed a gentle smile at their direction.

"I'm Kashiwagi Yuki. It's nice to meet you both."

The two girls on my left mumbled their responses to Yuki. She simply got up on her two feet; tools and objects still at hand. "I could give you both a little tour of our land later if you like since you probably are brought here to stay with us." This girl have read my mind of the situation. It's not surprising for her to know what was going on though. Whenever there are newcomers brought into the homes of others, this meant they were to be trained as pupils. And that was exactly how each and every one of us were reminded with. Shooting a glance at my direction, her hand holding the shovel pointed its end at the entrance of the house. "Mayu, you should get some rest. You must be tired from walking such long distance this morning."

I merely brushed right by her without replying back to her statement. Leaving my action to speak for me. However, I paused briefly right by her side. Whispering, she questioned me, "What are the Matsui's doing here with us?"

"I don't exactly know the reason, but Aki-P assigned the two to us."

"This is not going to turn out well if they find out about your past."

A shrug of my shoulders. "Let's just hope we send them off on their own without much trouble." The last thing I would want to experience are their angers on getting revenge about their parents' deaths. And it doesn't look like we have much of a choice other than to focus on getting the two girls ready for whatever they had to. Without anymore to say, I moved onward; leaving the three figures outside.

Immediately I was welcomed with the familiar safe haven that is called both mine and Yuki's home. Sadly the safe atmosphere would soon dissipate thanks to the two new girls. Since they will be residing with us, danger will even exist inside of this house. Now everywhere I am and everything I do must be very cautious. One minor mistake or slip could lead to my downfall.

Gulping, a sense of heightened security nagged my guts. I just don't feel comfortable with them here. I shook my head when I finally reached into my personal bedroom. Clicking the door opened, everything was still in place. The bed... The desk... The patio... Everything. A small sigh escaped past my closed lips. 'This room itself will soon be occupied by another person...'

The inside interior of the house was only designed to hold two bedroom and a single bathroom for the residents. Yuki have built it afterall without thinking twice about unexpected guests staying overnight. It was the first time for the both of us. SO that means one of the Matsui's will be residing in my room as another in Yuki's. I felt the palm of my hands become slightly sweaty; feeling a hint of nervousness grow within my chest. Each beat my heart pounded against the chest plate only made it grow more and more. This entire ordeal was proving to be much harder than I had expected...

Taking off the robe attached to my sweater, I also took off the weapons that's deemed unnecessary at the moment. I placed them all on the top of my desk. Objects heard either gently or roughly coming into contact with the hard surface. When my action was completed, I plopped my entire body on the bed. Back landing first on the soft mattress. And boy when my figure came into contact did I realize how tired I am. All muscles in my body were unable to respond to my brain's commands decently. Eyelids grew heavy. Each passing second only making it even more difficult to stay awake. No matter how much I struggle, I know I won't win this drowsy battle.

After five minutes of agonizing struggle, sleep have overtaken my brain. My mind began to shut down and slow the internal body system. Breaths were beginning to slowly run through my respiratory system; evenly exhaled out of my nose quietly. My eyelids slid closed and welcomed me happily the darkness that would soon embrace me with its arms. Welcome me into the world called my unconscious state.

It wasn't long though when a certain someone snapped me out of it. Annoyed, I didn't even bother to open both of my eyes. My consciousness were being sucked right back out of the dark pit of my mind. Snapping one of the pair open, I dragged it lazily over to the opened door. Seeing a figure standing right on that spot. "I thought I had closed it..."

"It was open when I arrived here," Jurina bluntly replied after my mumbled statement.

More grumbles escaped out of my barely parted lips. "What do you want?"

A shrug from her direction. Her eyes momentarily closed before reopening them. And upon reopening them did those pair of dark, piercing stares fly towards me. The stares that even rivaled my own. "I would like to know more about my mentor."

Well that was rather... blunt and straightforward from the young girl. Tightening my lips together, I wonder why she wanted such information. Then as if she had read m mind, Jurina also added, "I'm going to be stuck here with you so I might as well get to know my senpai."

"Seriously?" I scoffed. "And who assigned you to be with me exactly?"

"Kashiwagi-senpai... I volunteered though, to be honest."

My eyes now were both wide open; all traces of sleepiness erased. The brows scrunched together to show displeasure. 'I'll have to talk to Yukirin about this...' I surely am not enjoying have two new visitors. Not to mention they are the very daughters that have witnessed the murder of their parents before their eyes by me. And to increase the difficulty, one of them will be by my side for the most part. Out of the two girls, I had to be stuck with the hyperactive interrogator... Great.

Sighing loudly, I sat myself up on the bed in one swift motion. My eyes were still trained on the other girl. A long silence hanged in the air between the two of us. And the silent wasn't the quietness that I wanted to experience. Though I am one that prefers peace over noise, this was different. It was so uncomfortable since Jurina was patiently awaiting for my answers. I could even feel her eyes trying to read the small movements and twitches the corner of my lips produced. So I pondered over the statements that I should spill out of my mouth. Carefully I let out the chosen words that leaved my system and into her eardrums.

"You already know that I'm Watanabe Mayu. 18 year old girl who resides here about four years. Stays with your other senpai, Kashiwagi Yuki. Anything else?"

Brief, short and fast. Nothing much to really say about myself without much personal information given out freely. I watched Jurina not hesitate to shoot out another question. And this time it was a bit more... personal as I had feared.

"Why did you join this organization?"

"...I'd rather not talk about it."

There was absolutely nothing wrong with answering her question. Doesn't pertain to her and Rena's incident at all with the answer. However, the past... It's very painful. Remembering it is more than enough to set my mood foul. And so it did. Memories lashed back at my scarred mind, bloodshed and shrieks filling up my imaginary mental image. It simply was just too vivid. Vivid enough that I could relive the entire crisis without the use of time machines. All of my senses could sense the stench of the metallic blood even though there was none at the moment. Goosebumps rising from the surface of my exposed skin. My eyes were beginning to water. I caught it in time though and kept a calm, cool facade. Over at Jurina's direction, she wasn't saying or doing anything. But deep in her eyes, though there is disappointment, understanding resides behind the pair.

"So what about you?"

My sudden and out of the blue question threw the younger girl in a slight surprise. Blinking a few times, her arms crossed in front of her chest; lowering her face till the black bangs hid the eyes. "I... My sisters and I don't have anywhere to go-"

"Liar. Tell me the truth." Blunt. That maybe even sounded harsh if I must say. Quickly I threw in another statement so it would be less inflicting than intended; keeping the cold tone though. "I know... you're hiding something from me."

Jurina simply stared at the ground beneath our body. Her eyes focusing on every detail of the hardwood tiles below. Silence was all I got. Even when a full 60 seconds has passed by, not a single word nor sound exited out of her mouth. This rose a bare... concern for the ordeal. I've then used this chance to bounce up and out of the bed (as much as I didn't want to). A long sigh faintly was heard from myself. 'Maybe I just made the conversation-er, questioning a lot more awkward that previously...' I motioned my left hand; urging the standing girl to follow after me.

She obediently obeyed my silent commands. I could hear her feet softly patting on the ground with every step she takes. Outside of my room and into the main dining room, the two of us spotted both Yuki and Rena sitting at the table. The two older girls were softly chatting to each other; seated across from each other. If one were to take a picture of this scene and view it, they would've mistaken them for high royal statuses. (But considering the place and group they're a part of... it's somewhat hard to see them as assassins.)

"We're going to be out," I notified the two girls. Although they didn't reply back, I could see that Yuki had gotten the message. Replying back with a nod of her head. Seeing the cue, I didn't hesitate to leave the house.

Upon reaching outside did I notice how bright it was. Not surprising since the sun is at its highest peak within the clear blue sky. An exhale unconsciously left my mouth. I glanced over my shoulder with a single twist of my neck. From my view, Jurina had silently followed me without a word. And I'm quite glad she hasn't bombarded me with questions like before. Seeing that she finally clicked the door shut from behind, I moved on ahead; not bothering or worrying about Jurina trying to catch up.

The path in front of our land splits into two paths. To the left leads downward and towards ground level as the right leads upward. Instead of going down the same pathway this morning, my body turned to the opposite direction. Climbing up the mountain wasn't very difficult thanks to the effort of both Yuki and I long ago. Stairs were created by three-dimensional rectangular stones; all handmade. The only concern that most anybody have was the lack of oxygen from the increasing elevation and long stairs. Higher and higher we climbed. Our figures were soon accompanied by slow forming mist. Visions were slightly clouded thanks to it. Pacing slowed down with every five steps. And soon we came to a complete stop.

In front of us, there was a ground with nothing but a few equipment and weapons on a rack. When further observed, it was in old state. Worn marks and dull blades that were once sharp seen. Rust faintly seen here and there on certain spot. "I apologize for the equipment," I mumbled. "Yuki and I haven't used these since four years ago." It's somewhat rare for Yuki to receive any new members that needs to be trained. There has only been two girls: Miyazawa Sae and I four years ago. I on the other hand haven't really taught anyone. The only thing I've gotten was being taught by the girl I live with.

Waling up to the one of the dull blades of the daggers, I reached out for one. My hand had gotten ahold fo the hilt. Fingers securely wrapping around the hold. In one motion of lifting my left arm, I flung the somewhat dangerous weapon backward without a single glance. I'm expecting Jurina to catch it. And... she didn't apparently. A small 'ouch!' was heard in the background of my focus.

A frown almost immediately formed on my face. 'I see that this girl is not ready...' Turning around, I saw the younger figure rubbing her left palm. A blotch of redness hinted that the dull dagger had managed to hit its hilt end on the surface of her skin. The expression of pain crossed on her facial features. Which only made me furrow my brow even deeper. 'Very inexperience girl she is. How did she manage to gain the mark of an assassin?'

It's a question really. As I stared and watched Jurina bend down to pick up the weapon, I couldn't help but ponder over this girl and Rena. Getting the mark was no easy feat. Only a few chosen were to earn it. And for those that won't be able to bear through the constant trials of agony, then they're left to die from such scorching scenario. The mark that grants amazing power to the individual to perform their assassination. Each individual has a unique marking burnt into their skin. And each of them symbolizing some sort of trait or fate that member will be faced with. Many of us have yet to figure it out. Very few managed to discover the shape/symbol definition. And among those that have found out, some were unfortunate to figure it out; better not known by the individual themselves.

A shudder ran down my spine when I vividly revisited the very day I had been imprinted with the mark...

[4 years ago]


"We're almost done Mayu. So can you please hang on for a bit more?"

I was in tears. Vision completely blurry from both eyes becoming watery as though it was a small pool filled with the salty substance created from its glands and the agonizing pain I had just experienced. Eyes barely opened, I peered through the small slit my eyes have allowed me. In the dark room only lighted by nearby torches on the wall. Its flames flickered every once in a while; barely bringing any warmth in this place. My entire body trembled under both anguish and the sudden chills once in a while. Sweat ran down my face as my figure was forced to be tied down; limbs held in a fixated position on the wooden table. Tears mixed in with the sweat; sliding upon my goosebumps skin. Each breath escaping out of my mouth came ragged; chest heaving rapidly up and down from my blurry view.

What bothered and brought agony upon my figure was simply my right hand. Slight whiff of steam have arisen from my skin; heated marks of a light burn seen on the exterior surface. However, the agony to bear it was much more than what the spot had shown. it was as though someone had used a flamethrower and directed it at the one target called 'Mayu's right hand.'

A loud exhale escaped out of my wipe opened mouth. There was the older male with glasses standing on the right side of my body. And by his side was Kashiwagi Yuki. Aki-P, his name, watched my figure struggle and writhed with undeniable anguish as Yuki was the complete opposite. Sadness was written all over her face as though a young child scrawled with permanent marker. Sometimes she would interfere with the head boss to slow down for my weak body.

Of course, I had only just recovered from the slaughter of my entire family by thieves two weeks ago. Now here I am, thrown into a trial that would test my tolerance of getting the branded mark. And I needed that in order to become a part of the assassin organization. In order to avenge my deceased family of their murderers.

Biting the bottom of my lip, I tried to brace myself for another endless round of torment. The man merely hovered his left hand over my right. It didn't even take a second for the familiar, yet torturous, burning sensation I'm forced to bear through. My teeth sank even deeper into my lower lip till it drew blood. The metallic taste sensed with the tip of my tongue. A muffled cry left my barely opened mouth and back arched. Yet my figure was held in place thanks to the rubber binding. As much as I wanted to trash my limbs around, I squeezed my eyes shut; a piercing scream heard echoing throughout the dark room.

"S-Senpai? Are you okay?"

My entire conscious state snapped back into reality when I heard the younger girl's voice. IT took my mental state to adjust the sudden transition from one of the many nightmarish reality I had faced in the past to the present. When it finally came to focus, Jurina stared at me with... concern. Concern... from this girl. Any normal person would feel comforted with the fact someone is worrying over them. However... this didn't feel right. It's just not right at all. How can the victim that wanted to get revenge smile at a murderer unknown to her and Rena before her eyes? My left hand crawled over to my right; gripping ahold tightly of my left hand. Fingers brushing against the black bumps drawing the mark on my bare skin. Trying to shake off the effects of showing emotion, my vision refocused on the lone figure in front of me.

"You're going to train starting today," I spoke in my usual monotone voice.

It seems that Jurina here is a little clueless on her role right now. Eyes trailing over to the dull blade, she snapped them back at my direction. "Am... I going to have to... learn how how to wield this dagger?"

'Yes captain obvious.' Resisting the urge to roll my eyes (as much as I would be glad to show it), I motioned my now free left hand at my figure. Index finger seen to point directly at the center of my chest. "Try to strike me right here."


"Must I spell and spoon feed you? I said to come at me."


For a girl that had the passion to kill me, I'm rather disappointed at how insecure she is tasked to fighting me. Maybe her mind is only set for the killer? Maybe she doesn't have any other intention than to murder the very person that gave her and Rena a traumatizing past? Whatever the reason might be, I merely watched her wield the dagger.

'Clumsy grip and strange offensive stance,' I mentally noted to myself. Jurina positioned herself for the attack. I nearly chuckled softly when I saw her body come down slightly. 'She clearly is telling me like a picture book at a library about her next move.'

Not so surprising, she sprung forward. Though I am a little startled by her fast movement and speed, that still didn't bring her any sort of advantages. Her moves were so readable that even a child could dodge such lousy techniques. Merely taking a single sidestep to my right, I've avoided Jurina completely with ease.

I could see that she was shocked to how I could have avoided her. The wielding hand gripping the blade even tighter, the younger girl swung it at a diagonal direction. Again, I simply avoided it by merely cocking my head to the left. Sound of the dull blade slicing through air with incredible strength she has in that body.

No matter how many attempts she's thrown at me, not a single one of them even came close to my body. Frustration crept up to her; all that cool facade trickling away to reveal an angry, childish girl. Which then leads to messier and sloppier techniques. The style was just all over the place.

'I think it's time to end this foolishness.'

Stepping forward with one foot, I brought up my left arm in the air the moment Jurina tried to slash. It ceased further movements for she had her arm stopped in midair. Attack halted, I used my other hand to ball into a fist. Not hesitating to slam it into her very core.


I didn't there though. Quickly the arm that blocked her attempted strike had its hand roughly grab her wrist. In one smooth transaction did I have Jurina kneeling down on the ground with her wielding arm pinned behind her back. The dagger she had earlier vanished only to reappear in my grasp. My left hand held the same weapon; pressing it against her throat. Even though the blade wasn't able to cut anymore, with enough pressure will it break the skin.

The figure in my grasp stiffened. I could sense that she was trying to solve this crisis she had gotten herself into. Unless she has experience in being a situation like this multiple times as I, it would be near impossible to figure something out. When she struggled, I only pressed the edges of the blade against one of the few vital areas f the anatomical body. After a full minute passed by the both of us, the stiff figure relaxed. "I give up," she stated in a small voice.

Loosening my grip, I stood up. The weapon still in my grasp. "Technique is weak. No... It's simply pathetic." A rather blunt yet truthful approach I made there. Jurina, who had just gotten back on her two feet, stared at me with disbelief. Hurt was one way to describe her emotions from within her eyes. I however didn't heed any attention to her emotions. There was no need for sympathy or being nice either way.

"Try it again. This time, fix your stance and try not to make obvious moves that even little kids could read."

"W-Why won't you tell me exactly how to stand properly?" she asked me while I extended my hand; fingers gripping ahold of the metal blade end. I frowned at her question. "Each person has their own technique of performing their attacks and actions of self-defense."

A small 'oh...' was heard from Jurina's direction as she took the blade back. Mumbles ran across her lips yet unimportant for me to even think about paying any sort of attention. Backing away a couple feet, I placed my hands into my jacket's pockets. Eyes penetrating at the other girl. It's a little silly to continue training an assassin that will soon back stab her mentor named 'Watanabe Mayu.' Does it look like I have a choice though? As much as I despise and want to reject it, Aki-P has ordered both Yuki and I to handle the two girls.

What bothered me the most though is why he would turn a blind eye in recruiting them. HE did order me to murder their family and even them themselves included. What exactly is his motive? Was this... some sort of plan he has? Whatever it was, I wasn't entirely too pleased to know that there's something more behind the scene.


"So... you're Matsui Rena then, am I correct?"

"Yes Kashiwagi-senpai."

The three girls have finally taken a seat after Yuki introduced herself to the two Matsui's. And seeing how Mayu had left her to deal with the two girls, Yuki didn't have much of a choice. Glancing over at Jurina, she also confirmed her name.

"Matsui Jurina, I presume?"

"Hai," the younger girl responded.

Yuki glanced equally at the figures with curiosity. But along with that curiosity, there was also... worries. The older girl was indeed alarmed to know that the two Matsui girls are here. Since she and Yuko were the only member of the island to realize that Mayu had specifically gone on the mission in full detail, Yuki was worried to gain the knowledge that these victims came here. From her eyes, she could see pure hatred in their eyes. However, along those flaring angers were also hints of being naive. Naive and unprepared for the life they had taken the path of.

After a little exchange, it seems rather clear that the two were very interested in Mayu. Interested in terms of her personality.

"Why did Watanabe-senpai leave us alone with you without a single word? Not that you're bad or anything," Jurina asked with curiosity.

"She might be tired... I did tell her to get some rest," Yuki casually replied back. "You know that she has gone a long way to retrieve you both."

"Ah... Does that explain her cold attitude?"

"E-Er... T-That might be it..."

The older girl wanted to excuse herself, climb up the stairs and smack Mayu awake on the head. For the cyborg girl to carelessly express her cold personality... That definitely need some fixing. IF she isn't careful like right now, it could already arouse suspicion within their mind. Mentally facepalming herself, the raven haired girl scratched the back of her head nervously with her right hand. What else is she suppose to say? IF she says too much, seh might end up blowing Mayu's cover. And the last thing she would ever want to see is her best friend being murdered with a high possibility. She, like Mayu, had an impression they weren't merely here because they didn't have anywhere to go. 'It just didn't sound nor fit right in the Matsui's girls predicament.'

Leaning forward, Yuki rested the bottom of her chin to properly face the two girls. "I see that the head boss has sent you both as assassins that needs to be trained." Closing her eyes, Yuki continued her explanation. "You both are already aware that you will be staying with us until your trainings are complete. Since I don't have a big house for I haven't really intended more than two occupants in this shelter, one of you will have to stay with me as another with Mayu."

Reopening her eyes, the tall girl scanned the two girls sitting across from her. "So who's going to stay with Mayu?"

As much as she know this would be dangerous, Yuki can't afford to not only raise the suspicion level any higher but get both hers and Mayu's head severed by the boss Aki-P himself. The last time someone defied his order of taking Yuki in as their pupil, they didn't live to see the next day. It even brings shudder down to her spine whenever she vividly remember the new mentor gravely state that her previous one got brutally killed by him. Sucking in a deep breath, Yuki exhaled as she tried to maintain calm in this ordeal. The ordeal that will possibly become Mayu's nightmare if the worse comes.

Her eyes immediately darted over to the younger Matsui the moment her mouth opens. "I'll... I'll stay with Watanabe-senpai." And before Yuki can even say nor make a sound, Jurina quickly got up from her seat; dashing her way straight towards the stairs. Yuki's heart almost stopped beating when she saw the other girl leaving the dining room. 'What if Mayu is currently changing? Oh God, she's going to get caught if Jurina catches sight of that scar! Or what if she starts questioning about the mask!? Ahhh!'

Worries overwhelmed the older savior of Mayu. Outside she appears as though she merely lifted her eyebrows. Internally though Yuki is flipping out. So many scenarios of possible outcome came rushing into her brain like bullet trains on a rush. 'M-Maybe I should call her down-'

"Ano... I was wondering..."

Right. Yuki for a split moment forgot all about the older Matsui, Rena. Nearly choking on air from such surprise, she twisted her attention back to the other girl. Upon laying her eyes on Rena did she notice how... beautiful she is. Cute is a word to describe Mayu, whom she treats like a little sister. But this girl sitting here before her is another definition of 'cute.' Long, straight black hair almost worn in the same style as her own, Yuki will also admit that he dark eyes showed a strong yet at the same time... a shy personality to the girl. It's a wonder to why such girl like her is placed in such an unfortunate situation. Was she once an innocent girl int he past before the murder of her parents? Oh, such a silly question Yuki had though of there. Of course everyone is innocent and naive when they are young. Reminds Yuki a lot about her former self that only both Sae and Mayu retains information about. Not wanting to dwell upon it, Yuki refocused her attention back to Rena, who had just completed her sentence.

"...when are we going to be training?"

That was an excellent question to ask. Yuki brought her left hand up to her chin; dropping the other hand back flat down on the table's surface. She cupped her chin and pondered deeply about what to do with Rena at least. "I might start your training tomorrow," she finally answered. "Not sure about Jurina I'm sure Mayu would take care of it."

And just at the right timing, from the corner of her eyes she saw Mayu. Mayu wasn't alone as usual though. She was with Jurina. "We're going to be out," Mayu spoke in a monotone manner. Although she was engrossed in taking care of Rena here, Yuki gave her the message that she had paid attention with a nod of her head; still training her eyes at the other girl.

Her message seem to have gotten through for Mayu briskly left the house. Then there was the younger girl following right after her. If anyone were to describe the scenario, they would most likely state that Jurina is the new puppy following after her new master. It's quite a scene to chuckle about. And with that seen, Yuki could at least relax about Mayu getting caught red-handed. 'Then again... Mayu always knows what to do when she's backed into the corner...' Mentally sighed, the older girl decided to thrown in her own question at Rena.

"Since you've asked a decent amount of questions, I think it's my turn with this." A small smile formed on Rena's face, which actually startled the assassin a bit. So far this has been the first since they had gotten here. Yuki sure was glad Rena smiled. That smile... Surely it must be a gift bestowed upon this young lady about the same age as Mayu most likely from the angles up above? Yuki herself couldn't help but flash a small smile of her own. All thoughts about keeping a professional aura was thrown right out of the window. It was just Yuki and Rena alone. No one to bother nor interrupt.

"So... you said you're here because you have nowhere to go... Is that true?"

Uh oh. Did Yuki just blunt out her question wrong? Immediately she realized that she had just worded the entire sentence structure wrong. Quickly Yuki caught herself before Rena herself wondered about it.

"I-I mean, I Just want to make sure that it's the reason why you've joined the organization in the first place."

The next answer she's heard from Rena was... something she actually wasn't expecting at all. Despite being an assassin herself for a decent six years, Yuki never had a more surprising outcome of a conversation than this. Rena fidgeted in her seat fora  bit before answering.

"I... To be honest, that's not really the reason why we're here." Yuki felt her entire mouth dry when she heard the statement that proves her fear true. "We're here merely to find the assassin that murdered our parents."

"H-How do you know who the assassin is? He or she could be somewhere far away... Maybe deceased even?"

"No. Boss Aki-P had specifically told us when we joined in the organization that the person we're looking for is within this place."

Not good. Not good at all. Yuki swore that she had nearly earned herself a fatal heart attack. Face pale, she stared at the other girl with eyes slightly wide. 'Just what was Aki-P thinking!?' Was there some sort of motive into bringing the two girls back? And why would he even tell them about the murderer here with them? He's known to be power hungry and tends to gain negative views with the other assassin clans aside from their current organization... Could it relate to his reputation? Yuki's eyebrows furrowed together till creases formed on her forehead.

"What are you going to do when you find the assassin?"

"We'll both... avenge our parents by murdering off that killer." Her pair of dark eyes darkened even more to the point that it could be purely in the color black. "We'll make sure to give him or her something they'll regret for the rest of their life."


I noticed that the sun had begun to set. Still standing within the training ground, I've kept my eyes close on Jurina. Though she struggles greatly with her techniques of balancing her body weight and the earth's, she has been slightly improving. And that improvement was made by constant attempts at trying to catch and make contact of my body. Yet she has to reach that goal.

The younger girl was now lying on her back; limbs sprawled out as though she was preparing to make an angle on the soft grass below. Weapon was still in her hand as she panted due to exhaustion. I simply sighed. Approaching to the lying figure, I tilted my head at a slight angle to my right.

"That's all for today," I stated. "We'll resume more tomorrow. Rest for tonight."

Just when I was about to take my leave without her, Jurina made a statement. "I never really properly answered your concern earlier." Once it reached into my eardrums, I ceased further movements. Motions came to a stop instead of keeping my body moving forward. A brief pause hanged int eh air. Not glancing over my shoulder, it seems that Jurina presumed she's caught my attention. "I simply joined... in order to find and murder the assassin that killed my parents."

Guilt. Guilt was the only word that slapped me across the face upon hearing them. Although I already knew for a fact the Matsui's weren't here of that 'nowhere to go' excuse. But to actually hear and confirm that they want to kill me is... terrifying. And terror is a rare emotion that ran through my internal emotional world.

Keeping a straight face, I simply ignored her. Made it seem as though I was not interested. Once again, my cold personality was showing off its side again. Not looking over my shoulder to check on her, I resumed making my way down the mountain. I will admit that it's a little cold-hearted to leave Jurina alone without an an offer from her mentor to lead her down the path. But she's no baby. She's an assassin with the branded mark forever engraved into her body. Besides, she's the very person along with Rena that wanted to murder me after all. No point into worrying about someone that will soon end your life.

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