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Author Topic: LoyalFlutist's Majisuka Gakuen OS [Update: 08/22/2015]  (Read 5938 times)

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LoyalFlutist's Majisuka Gakuen OS [Update: 08/22/2015]
« on: March 24, 2015, 02:34:27 AM »
Just to let everyone know, I'm not dead. I've just been burdened under the heavy weight of school and my daily banters RPing of what I wish to do in life. Commence the sobbing. Frankly, it's been so long since I last came to this forum, I've literally forgotten my password and email for this forum in the span of ten minutes. Talk about embarrassment much.

Anyway, I'm back, folks, in a rather clean slate compared to before. As for why I'm here, instead of pasting another long announcement that I made on my Tumblr page (feel free to check it out to clear any doubts in mind), let's just say that you'll be able to see this writer come every now and then into this forum. I will actively be hiding out in this thread amongst a potential new one in the near future should time be kind.

Just to be clear though, I am still sticking with my words from the earlier post. I will NOT be continuing nor wrapping up the stories unless some fortunate event(s) befall upon my existence, causing me to change my mind.

Other than that note, please enjoy the stories that I have laid out, and thank you for yet another new adventure of my progressive growth with writing. Requests may be made via Tumblr.

Table of Content
Progression [CenNezu]
You Know I Do

Progression [CenNezu]

*A/N: I haven't exactly been up to date with the series lately... My mind is in the middle of dusting the debris that have gathered within my skull of this series. Be forewarned that there will potentially be incorrect information. As for this specific one shot, it is based on the mere speculations from the screenshots preview of S4, EP09.

A nurse was standing in front of the filing cabinet from within the doctor’s office. She proceeded to sit down on the stool, allowing both of her hands to stretch out, and pull one of them out. All of the files were neatly aligned and sorted in its appropriate order, making it easy for one to pick out folders that were required.

She needed to get one for the sake of checking on her patients. Despite the fact that many hospitals are updating with paper-free technology lately, the facility she was employed in remained true to its old fashion ways.

As her fingers were brushing through the tabs of the file folders, she had her other hand tuck a stray black strand behind her own ear.

“So you finally became a nurse, huh, Center.”

Never did she expect to hear that name again. Although she had gone by a more formal name fit for society, to have it uttered caused the medical nurse to stiffen her posture. For a single name to bring so much memory was, at times, not welcomed. Yet the frigid status only lasted for a few seconds when she realized who spoke in this rather quiet atmosphere.

Her tensed shoulders immediately relaxed when she realized who it was that has spoken to her. The corner of her lips curling upward, the young female shook her head as her eyes remained focused on the files.

“It takes a lot of work,” she began to explain, fingers now stopping at a specific spot. In a swift motion, the file folder was in her grasp. Head finally lifted from focusing on her objective, Center turned to look at the other female. The hooded figure chewed her gum, both hands within the pockets of her sky blue sweater. Still in her seat, the smile widen at the sight of the familiar figure. “Ever since graduating from Majisuka Jyogakuen, finding a school, let alone a job, isn’t easy thanks to the reputation of the school.”

A chuckle was heard from her friend. The sharp gaze from Nezumi remained on Center as she blew her gum for a second. Once it had popped, she resumed chewing it while giving out a reply of her own.

“I cannot blame you. The school is notoriously known for Yankees and troublemakers.” There was a brief pause before the long haired woman scoffed. “Then again, the area always had a terrible reputation.”

“You have to admit, they taught us very well about friendships and bonds compared to the other places,” Center waved her free hand in the air, eyelids closed for the time-being. “After all, Majisuka Jyogakuen is the very place where we proclaimed our love, yes?”

It was not much of a surprise to see Nezumi shoot her a murderous glare from speaking of such words. However, a slight tinge of pink managed to color her cheeks. Her expression may remain rigid and uptight, but the body does not lie.

The reaction that she has gotten was amusing to the younger girl. Dark eyes softly gazing at her girlfriend, Center tilted her head slightly to the side.

“It’s been a while since we’ve last seen each other though,” she blurted out. “Could we say this is… a reunion between two lovers?”

“Tch, being the flirt you are. That part of you surely didn’t change after all of these years,” Nezumi grumbled, leaning against the entranceway’s wall. Hands still in her pockets, the female rolled her eyes at the sight of Center scratching the back of her head with an exaggerated laugh. “But… You are not wrong about this potentially being the first time we’ve seen each other since Majisuka Jyogakuen.”

After graduation, it wasn’t much of a surprise to see the two separate for a short period of time. (If one considers a couple years being ‘short’.) One decided to head off to an institution dedicated to training those into the occupation of being a nurse, another decided to head off to work in an independent business. The two remained in touch, but alas, physically they were unable to; text messages and phone calls were their only way to contact each other. It would be a lie to say the two of them didn’t miss each other’s company; it was rather quiet when one wasn’t with another.

Center brought her arm down, letting out a soft exhale. Now rising up from the stool, the medical nurse stood with a straight posture. Eyes flickering over to the nearby wall clock, the once-yankee female bit the bottom of her lip.

“As much as I want to chat with you more, I don’t think now is the right timing.”

The hooded female blinked for a bit before lowering her head slightly.

“Forgive me, Center—Er, Nurse Center, should I say. I had completely forgotten that your shift hasn’t ended just yet.”

To hear Nezumi apologize almost shocked the short haired female. It was understandable that time after adolescence and into adulthood can bring forth change, but it was rather odd and abnormal with the new shift of attitude from the mouse. She was much used to the constant reciting of quotes and sly remarks of a new plan Nezumi had boiled up in her head. This, however, was different.

Frankly, this alarmed Center. Her overprotective personality trait that was once buried due to her work and studies were now brought up from deep within. Eyebrows furrowed together, she couldn’t help but be curious.

Walking forward with the file folder held close to her chest with both hands, she paused briefly near the older female from the doorway. 

“You’ve changed, Nezumi,” she mumbled. “Did something happen while we were away from each other?”

The response she was greeted with was merely a shrug of her shoulders.

“Perhaps one could say that. I believe toying and being cruel to others is a waste of energy.” The shorter female gave a soft scoff, turning to look at the taller girl. “And to answer a potential question that might show up, no, I did not get into any fights other than a heated debate with the managers and associates of mine.”

Blowing another bubble gum, she then raised an eyebrow.

“The same goes for you, Center,” she spoke the instant it popped. “You don’t possess that much energy in comparison to your high school years. More like… you’ve calmed down.”

Center stared into Nezumi’s eyes. The same occurred for the other girl; the two looking at each other deeply in search of any falseness to their words. It was a little difficult for both sides to accept the fact that the person they’re conversing to is the same individual that they’ve fought and stuck with in Majijo. The once hyperactive fighter now hardly lifts a finger to pick a fight with a fly, and the once sly and cunning mouse relying on using her pawns for greed became somewhat polite and calm to an extent.

Almost a minute passed by before their gaze broke off, accompanied by the two chuckling in amusement.

“Maturity must’ve befallen upon us then,” Nezumi smirked.  “Doesn’t it just make you miss being teenagers?”

“I don’t know if I should say that,” the nurse waved it off. “But I know there’s two things that remain the same since the day we’ve gotten to know each other.”

Interesting choice of words her lover has spoken. This perked the curiosity of the mouse as she remained quiet, awaiting for the answer from the speaker.

Center did not hesitate to close the distance between the two figures, barely taking a step to decrease the length; now having their face at a close approximation from each other. Breaths felt on one another’s skins, a smile crossed on the younger’s face.

“I love you so much, Nezumi, and that feeling will remain strong for you,” she muttered in a voice barely audible to the other.

She then leaned forward in a slow motion, letting their lips press against the other softly. Compared to their younger version of a kiss, this was much gentler than their wild ones. Nezumi was taken aback by the girl’s action, but she didn’t object to it. Instead, she reciprocated her feelings into the kiss; the two having closed their eyes.

Despite the sensation of time ceasing to move, only half a minute flowed right by them the moment they’ve separated. A blush crept on their cheeks as they tried to keep their erratic hearts from possibly landing them on a bed within this very hospital facility.

With a loud cough to clear her throat, Center began to walk past Nezumi. Nezumi didn’t bother to turn to look at her girlfriend, still trying to recollect her thought from the sudden turn of event. A hand reached up to touch her lips as she began to realize just how much the two are in love.

Right when Center was about to turn in the hallway, she briefly halted her movement. Not glancing over her shoulders or even peeking, she let out a small exhale.

“Another fact that remains the same is my desire to be loyal to you. I will keep you from further harm, and I will be your shining knight… Nezumi.”

By the time Nezumi regained her composure and turned to look at her girlfriend, the nurse had already disappeared from the quiet hallway. Using this moment to soak in the unfolding event, the mouse let out a small huff.

“That baka…”

She couldn’t help but admit that Center truly was cool and admirable. She’s definitely thankful that they’ve reunited today after so long. Starting this very day, it would be the time where they would catch up with each other’s lives.

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Re: LoyalFlutist's Majisuka Gakuen OS [Update: 03/23/2015]
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Re: LoyalFlutist's Majisuka Gakuen OS [Update: 03/23/2015]
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Yay Deukie. *throws confetti* Welcome back, although not completely. XD
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Re: LoyalFlutist's Majisuka Gakuen OS [Update: 03/23/2015]
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Wow, that was a nice one shot, I feel that what you wrote was exactly what happened behind the scenes  :wub: :wub: :wub:

Going to wait for more OSs from you, shachou!!!  :bow:
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Re: LoyalFlutist's Majisuka Gakuen OS [Update: 03/23/2015]
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it's good to see you back here again~ ;u;
hallo ... ds is ket

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Re: LoyalFlutist's Majisuka Gakuen OS [Update: 03/23/2015]
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i-is this for real?! :shock:

L-Ly is back... :OMG: :farofflook:

yay~ :onioncheer:

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Re: LoyalFlutist's Majisuka Gakuen OS [Update: 03/23/2015]
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Wow it's been a long time since my last post on that forum but i'm si happy to be able to enjoy another of your os *-* and  CenNezu  <3

That Os is so cute*-* did i ever say that about one of your story ? XD
Thanks you so much Deukie-chan <3

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Re: LoyalFlutist's Majisuka Gakuen OS [Update: 03/23/2015]
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CenNezu\^0^/ that was too cheesy>///<
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Re: LoyalFlutist's Majisuka Gakuen OS [Update: 03/23/2015]
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Re: LoyalFlutist's Majisuka Gakuen OS [Update: 03/23/2015]
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A/N: It appears that I have shocked many with my return, especially if it's one with a fluff piece. As a thank you gift for enjoying the cheesy pizza that will eventually become better, enjoy this short OS work influenced by a writing prompt on Tumblr. It's an exercise that I've attempted in hopes that my writing styles has either improved or remained the same. (I can only hope it's gotten slightly better.)


Center has never broken down before in her entire life. She was a strong yankee. Fear was hardly a terminology that made it into her book. Any types of horror that has befallen upon the girl has been dealt with in a swift and smoother manner. A true yankee that would stare into the cave full of demons unflinchingly.

Yet something was amiss. Ever since she has met this strange individual, her life has taken a turn for the worse. Every decision she has made afterward only resulted in an early grave dug. Bad choices sputtered out of every actions, regret and despair brimming within her heart.

The beaten yankee struggled to keep her stance in the classroom. Disheveled black strands clinging against the wet forehead, a shaky exhale escaped the student. Every respiration cycle completed only surged forth a throbbing ache from her chest and stomach. All she was able to do was tighten her bruised fists. Dark brown lenses refocused at its target, who stood merely at opposite ends of the room.

Warmth that should've been greeted due to the sunset never arrived at the female's presence. A predator with pupils dilated from its dark brown background, chills were earned as a reward for landing one's sight on the young lady. Crimson liquid dyeing the leather jacket and porcelain skins, the wild hairdo created during the conflict marked her as a ravage beast. The beauty that she has once possessed was now long gone. What was left is a destructive yankee that never knew what 'stop' meant.

A shudder ran down the young girl's spine when the other fixated her eyes. She bit the bottom of her lip, nerves beginning to rattle as their silent exchange ensues.

Center couldn't take it anymore. The stares from the yankee, the silence, and the tense atmosphere was going to drive her insane. Left foot pressed into the blood-splattered floor, she pounced forward at the standing figure. As the right leg extended out to lengthen the travel distance, the girl's left arm reeled backward, gathering strength. In a flash, her left fist flew towards the older female's face.

Contact was immediately made. The sensation of bony knuckles colliding with the cheekbones harshly sent pain signals to both parties. It didn't stop there, however. Center pressed harder, clenching her jaw more so than ever as the pair of eyes widen.

Power. Terror. Agony. If only she hasn't met Gekikara, none of this would've happened.

"You? You're a monster!" she screamed, tears now running down her cheeks.

The crazed student stumbled backward from the strike. However, having not fallen due to the immense stamina and tolerance, she brought her bruised right hand up to the blood that spilt from the mouth. A slow swipe across, red streaks were smeared behind from a single action. Then, there was a curl from the corner of her lips.

With that, Gekikara began to laugh; a slow, dry, gravelly chuckle. But almost as soon as it had started, it stopped, and her eyes fixed dead on her, an intensity in them she'd never seen before.

"You think me a monster? Is that the lie you tell yourself every night so you can sleep at night? But you know, don't you? You know that I'm human too, just as human you or anyone else, but if you accept that, then you're acknowledging that you're capable of the same things I am; and that terrifies you."

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Re: LoyalFlutist's Majisuka Gakuen OS [Update: 07/25/2015]
« Reply #10 on: August 23, 2015, 03:08:41 AM »
A/N: I wrote this out of the whim upon hearing the song, "Pieces of You" by Epik High. It has been a while since I've last heard of a musical piece that touched my very soul. I kid you not, my eyes became watery. (And that's saying something!)  In today's piece, it briefly explores the lingering emotional connection we have with a special somone. Please enjoy this short OS, and, as always, I welcome criticisms. Thank you for taking the time to read my work!

You Know I Do

It has been long since she last visited the premise. A morbid weather hovering above the hooded female’s head, Nezumi rested her eyes upon a rock.

The tombstone’s surface has been etched with the name of a special person within her life. In the graveyard of many deceased, this particular one evoked a strong emotional response. Standing in complete isolation, the female let out a soft, shaky exhale from her mouth.

“So,” she began. “It’s been a while since I last stopped by.”

She then narrowed her eyes within the brief pause.

“You know… I still hate you.”

Oh how much the mouse loathed this specific individual.

Love and tender care is given, but soon the concept of pain and loneliness replaced the crucial role of this special person. Almost as if their relationship were a trend, it came to an abrupt end for the two. Nezumi believed so deeply of how inseparable they were. If anything threatened to tear them apart, they would instead return the favor towards the source.

Ironic enough, it was themselves that shattered everything.

Days were spent cursing at the individual. The once-loving person ran off to accomplish their own business, ignoring the young girl entirely. It was as if acknowledging Nezumi’s existence wasn’t an option; the two parties now facing opposite directions.  All forms of communication and contact were severed. The last time they saw each other was the day they parted in complete silence.

The hands that rested within her pockets were taken out. Corner of her lips curled downward, she felt her heart beat painfully against her chest.

“Yet… I still love you.”

How could someone still have feelings after a certain someone is long gone? It's the very question that Nezumi frantically tries to find an answer to. No matter how much she searches, in the end, she ends up with empty hands. Blood, sweat, tears, and energy were exhausted to find a suitable explanation that never came near her reach. The amount of struggles is not sufficient enough no matter how much she poured her heart into it.

A single teardrop began to form from the corner of her right eye. She blinked a couple times, yet found herself unable to stop it from rolling out of its lacrimal gland and down her cheek. Nezumi despised feeling like this. She hated feeling so weak and vulnerable. The more she attempted to block the emotion, the more it built up. There was nothing she could do other than allow herself to drown in sorrow.

Head lowered, the hooded female tightened her gloved hands into fists by her side. Unknown to her, another individual came into the picture. Her shoulders tensed the instant a female’s hand rested on top of the two. Warmth felt from the hold, Nezumi clenched her jaw as Center desperately comforted the other.

“Daddy, I really love you,” she sobbed. “Why did you have to go?” 

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Re: LoyalFlutist's Majisuka Gakuen OS [Update: 08/22/2015]
« Reply #11 on: August 23, 2015, 03:20:05 AM »
 :farofflook: :kneelbow:

I told you in our Skype session that you are someone I look up to as a writer and this is just a proof of what I said. The way you write makes me feel the emotions that these characters are feeling. UGH, you are the god of angst, even though you don't like that title....

The CenGeki one... Oh my... Gekikara... She spoke some truth there, didn't she?  :shock:

and then this latest piece... oh my, I mean, we all know Mayu is a tsundere and a cyborg. So as much as she said she despised her father... We can see it was all lies and that in the end she really loved him. Duh. And well, glad to know Center is still by her side.  :fainted:

So well written, as always, I take off my imaginary hat to you. ObviousLY I loved it  :hee:
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