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Author Topic: Hiding from Rain [Owada Nana x Kojima Mako]  (Read 3200 times)

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Hiding from Rain [Owada Nana x Kojima Mako]
« on: May 17, 2015, 09:31:32 PM »
[A/N] As a precursor for everyone, I am notorious for unfinished fics. It’s been quite some time now that I have shared any of my work with anyone, but I would like to get comfortable in that old habit again. In case anyone reading this might get confused, it will be a story that takes place in two different eras. When two break lines are indicated, I hope everyone would still be able to follow along with me into this imaginary country where people still commuted by horses and palanquins—a feudal period that will hopefully be convincing enough for this to work. In this first part, however, there won’t be any historical time jump. Please forgive me for extremely short chapters (It’ll be hard for me to update if the chapters are long.), all the grammatical errors and that crazy excessive thing you’ll probably notice where I toss in the dash to emphasize a point.

—— ☂☂☂☂☂☂☂☂☂☂☂☂☂ ——

Hiding from Rain

Owada Nana x Kojima Mako | Prologue

The red morning sky was true to its threat and as the day gradually lost its light, a single drop of rain fell upon the cheek of a girl—the liquid finding its way down to her chin and then into her lap as if she had been crying. She sat alone on the top of a makeshift seat using the firm end of a plastic storage crate. Her arms hung loosely at her sides, her fingers fidgeting, occasionally tapping against the outer surface of her seat as a sign of her discomposure. One of her loafers was missing and with it, revealing her black sock. Her satchel was open beside the other foot with its content sprawled out in a mess before her and it wasn’t hard to guess that she had just been through a struggle. It wasn’t a moment longer that the rain began to pour, making the blouse of her uniform stick to her back, and washing away the remains of blood from the scraped knee she had been staring at for the past thirteen minutes.

Where she remained shivering was a narrow alleyway just a couple of steps beyond one of the city’s main streets, but a totally different world. The place was dimly lit and lined with closed and abandoned shops, the neon signs busted or flickering, and gas meter pipes that decorated the brick walls.

The smell of mold and dampness wafted the air and then before she could comprehend it, someone adorned in a pair of boots stood before her. As she looked up from where she was to face the person, her hair was glistening with the rain and drops clung to her eyelashes. It was evident in her eyes that she had never seen this particular stranger before. The girl who looked like a couple of years her junior had clean and beautiful features, lips slightly parted as if to control her breathing, and eyes that were glistening—a gaze in which made the girl seem like she had just emerged from a haze of smoke. “…Mako?”

Kojima Mako blinked away the rain from her eyes, her fingers suddenly curling into her palms as the wind lifted a thin damp strip of her hair and whipped it against her jaw. It was beyond her how this person could ever come to learn of her name and yet—it felt almost familiar. There was something strange in that impassioned way the girl had spoken and it physically drained her, she felt even more fatigued than ever before. “Who are you?” She asked cautiously.

The stranger didn’t reply and lapsed into silence on her end in a deliberate kind of way, one that was designed to make the other girl think. Without further warning, however, water splashed as the stranger’s umbrella hit the concrete. The seated girl shrank back a bit as arms suddenly reached out and searched for her, pulling her into a tight embrace. The stranger was trembling and the rain had suddenly lessened to a fine drizzle—everything else registered as incomprehensible chaos.   

The flow of time stopped.

The air grew thin and it became increasingly difficult for both parties to breathe.

Mako had her left hand clenched tight on the edge of her makeshift seat and then shifted as if to put some distance between them. The warmth she felt was strange, it stirred feelings from within her that just couldn’t be put into words and then they stared at each other for a second time. Another long silence followed, drowning yet again, everything else that surrounded them.

Mako was not frightened, but some premonition made her heart beat faster. The world with the exception of the two of them certainly felt like it was closed off to a cloud of static, but it wasn’t as though she experienced any loss of awareness. If anything, she even felt some deep part of her heighten in the girl’s presence. She tried again to confirm the girl’s identity, but instead, drew in a breath as the girl lifted a hand to her face—brushing over the bruises that she had received from an earlier event that day but never truly touching them.

The girl parted her lips as if to speak, but it came with difficulty. “I’m sorry it took me so long to find you.” She managed to say. There was a weary fluctuation in her voice as if she was choking back tears. “I was never very good at playing hide and seek even back then, you knew this and yet…” She trailed off and formed short creases near the corners of her mouth that were faintly reminiscent of a smile, but then shook it off as if to wave off the thought before continuing to speak. “You don’t have to be sad anymore, so please…make it stop.”

Mako straightened out her back and drew in her chin to some degree in an attempt to better understand what was being said to her, the wrinkles at the corner of her eyes becoming more prominent. “Make it stop?” She repeated confoundedly.

For a count of a second, the stranger’s delicate eyes welled up with the rain and then she spoke in a voice that was barely above a whisper. “The rain…”

Those last words continue to echo trying to reach for something, some important thing that should be there even though it had become very difficult to reach. Then for a heart thumping moment, it was as though the world had shifted beneath Mako’s feet. A kind of fog rose before her eyes and when it cleared nothing seemed real.  She felt like she had just crossed over to another universe, the one that lies alongside the back of her mind, the one that she visited only in her dreams.

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Re: Hiding from rain [Owada Nana x Kojima Mako]
« Reply #1 on: May 17, 2015, 09:36:15 PM »
I know a certain someone who will like this, and she's online. I like it too, though

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Re: Hiding from Rain [Owada Nana x Kojima Mako]
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ohmygosh, finally! :V

Waiting for the next update~ :on gay:


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Re: Hiding from Rain [Owada Nana x Kojima Mako]
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OMG!!!!!!!! :luvluv1:

This is SO good!!!!! :nya: :nya:

What did Naanya mean by all that? Had she met Mako before in another time? :shock:

Wait... make the rain stop?! :grr: Does Mako have the power to do that?

OOOH I can't wait for more!!! Please update soon!!! :shy2:

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Re: Hiding from Rain [Owada Nana x Kojima Mako]
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My heart went dokidoki when I saw your name. Like, maji? Is my eyes deceiving me? Or is it that I'm just sleepy but alas it is you! :shy2: *I'm happy that your're back*

Ah, I love these kind of fics.  :thumbsup :lol: But don't dare to say yet that it's the pairing.

 :kneelbow: patiently waiting for your next update. / Your old but fateful reader.
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Re: Hiding from Rain [Owada Nana x Kojima Mako]
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I like the start.

Rarely seeing this pairing but can't wait for an update
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Re: Hiding from Rain [Owada Nana x Kojima Mako]
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Continue got my interest, nice start author-san!
just love to read alot of fiction story

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Re: Hiding from Rain [Owada Nana x Kojima Mako]
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interesting :D ... please continue! :D
hallo ... ds is ket

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Re: Hiding from Rain [Owada Nana x Kojima Mako]
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What 'make it stop' and 'the rain' mean?
I'll wait for the next chapter~

Thanks for this fic, author-san^O^
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Re: Hiding from Rain [Owada Nana x Kojima Mako]
« Reply #9 on: May 19, 2015, 06:17:13 AM »
Great Story :thumbsup  :D
Please update author-san!  :bow: :bow:

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