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Author Topic: .FORGET. (Mayuki & others) - COMPLETED  (Read 15484 times)

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Re: Forget (mayuki + other fanfics) chapter 5 updated!
« Reply #20 on: January 20, 2015, 11:42:12 AM »
KojiYuu and SayaMilky appear! haha
umm, update more soon hehe
but yeah, you have to go to school and do all of that shit  :yawn:
ganbatte blackcold-san! keep writing :D
Yo, i'm sastio! i like to read fanfics! :)
a silent reader :grin:

Oshi: Shinoda Mariko,
Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Yagami Kumi, Okada Nana, Shinobu Mogi, Thalia, etc.
overall, i like all members hehe

every pairing is fine, as long as i enjoy :)

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Re: Forget (mayuki + other fanfics) chapter 5 updated!
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Kojiyuu and sayamilky!!

I hoped that there is a way not to let Black and Yuki seperate

Update soon

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Re: Forget (mayuki + other fanfics) chapter 5 updated!
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I need more its so good

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Re: Forget (mayuki + other fanfics) chapter 6 updated!
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Here chapter 6

The Time still stopping but someone break the spell by himself and he can move , he go to the Watanabe leader place

"Your underlings is really strong huhh watanabe ?"

"You can break the spell but you didn't do it , I wonder why"he continued

"Because I have done it" watanabe suddenly go behind him and ready to kill him with his knife

"You did a wrong move watanabe" he dissappear from watanabe

"Where are you ?" Looking around

"Give black to me"

"Why should I give you black ? What are you planning to do with her?"

"Something good of course , a big project."

"I'm not going to give you Black , don't ever try to get her , or else-"

"Else what ? You want to kill me ? , come on , you don't even dare to kill black , "

"But I can kill you"

"Really ? Try it then" he run around so fast that watanabe can't see him

"Don't run like that , if you dare go here fight me face to face" watanabe ready to catch him but he still can't

"Catch me first"

Watanabe seem really angry and his power increasing , instantly a really hard punch heard


Watanabe catch him just in one punch

"H-how can you --" he feel pain all over his stomach

"Don't understimate me , you're just a little boy" prepare his hand to punch him again

"Y-you , I will go back , just you wait" he dissappeared

"Why didn't you realized how scary is black power" he whisper

"Why did ooshima stop the time anyway ? I must search for her" go from his place and try to see where's yuko

When Watanabe search for Yuko , he didn't realize someone is following him right from the start

"Seem like they go to somewhere hard to find , I think I know where is it " then he go to the forest , the one who following him just keep following .

"I think it's around here , why I still can't found it ?"

Just when he want to walk away , he saw something weird

"The statue is kinda like Mayu and Miyuki" he keep looking and checking

"Maybe just my imagination" he continued
He walk away and stop again then look behind curiously , the guy who following him shocked , he think the watanabe already found out but ,

"Eh , it's really mayu and miyuki right ?? , what are they doing here ?"Shocked and panicking

"What should I do ? , should I break the spell ? , I think it's a no need , but what if something bad happened? Ah , nothing bad will happen just leave it"


He break the spell at the end

"--g happen"

"Yeah"miyuki replied , then they feel there's something wrong

"Mayu , there's something weird right ?"

"Yeah , feel like someone is looking at us "

Then they saw who is the one look at them

"Otou-san ?"
"Uncle ?"
They Both said in unison and shocked

"Yo , what are both of you doing here ?" He got no reply

"Otou-san , gomen" mayu look sad

"For what ?"

"Hate you for no reason"

Her father didn't said anything , then mayu look at him and her face change ,,

"O-otou-san ??"

"Mayu-chan , otou-san miss you so much" crying like a child and try to hug mayu

"Otou-san , stop acting like a child please" try to get off from her father

"Okay okay , but what is both of you doing here ?" Already back to normal

"Searching for Yamamoto Sayaka" coldly answer

"Yamamoto ? For what ?"

"You don't have to know"

"Miyuki , you have to tell me later" mayu father whispering to milky

"H-haik" , mayu didn't know what they're talking about

"But , dad ,  how can you go here ?"

"Walking of course ,To search ooshima"

"Yuko-san ?"

"You don't know ? She stop the time , and I'm the one who break the spell on both of you"

"She stop the whole world time ? Amazing" miyuki amazed

"But You know where is yuko right?" Mayu curious

"Of course , she's at yamamoto place right now"

"Yamamoto ? Then hurry lead us to her place" mayu suddenly said

"I will try to searching her place again"



"Nee black , is her place deep inside the forest ?" Rena ask curiously

"Deeper than you thought" coldly answering

"I see"

"But , we already here , help me found a stone , the red coloured one"

"Red ? , this one ?"Jurina Pointing to the stone

"Right ! Pull it"

"Pull ? Okey" jurina did what black told her to

"Nothing happ--"

All the tree dissappear and a house appear in front of them

"What the .." Jurina is speechless

"Let's go , she's inside this house" black said

The press the bell and someone already open the door in 1 second

"Ohayou gozaimasu , a girl with pyjamas standing in front of them with a half open eyes"

"A-ano , may I meet with Yamamoto Sayaka ?" Rena ask politely

"Rena , She's yamamoto" black said straightly

"Eeehhhhhh??" All of them Shocked cause the photos and the real one is not alike at all

"Honto ni ?" Yuko really depressed

"Why are you being that depressed anyway?"Nyan-nyan ask curiously

"I think she's a beautiful tidy ojou-sama , but it's not"

"And what's the problem ?"Looks mad

"Eto , nothing" nervous

"Enough the chatting , why is all of you come here ?" Yamamoto ask

"To asking for your help"black said

"help what?"

"Make her become a witch" black pointing to Jurina

"Are you crazy black ? You want me to do that ?"

"Yup , please help us stop this war before it become worst , please.."

"Its rare to see you pleasing like that , guess I will help you , come inside"


"Ano , black , I wonder why Is her time didn't stop ?"

"You don't know ? She can break a spell by herself , her power is as strong as your boss"

"Wow , she's really amazing and her house is amazing big too" shock to know sayaka power is as strong as her boss

----inside the house----

"Please tell me the reason she had to become a witch ? And introduce yourself " sayaka serve them a drink

"I will explain all" black said with a straight face

"If Jurina become a witch , she may help Haruna to make the people smaller , so we can kidnap all of them and you already know me and Yuki . She is Matsui rena , Matsui jurina , ooshima yuko , kojima haruna" pointing to each one of them to introduce them

"Okay then , I will help and nice to meet you all , but let me take a shower first"

"No sayaka , we should hurry"

"Don't worry black , only 30 second" then she hurry go to bathroom

"Majika ? 30 second is impossible" jurina and yuko shock in unison

"But in the fact she only needs 15 second , she is ready." Pointing to sayaka who just go out from the bathroom

When all of them look to where black pointing to , their mouth opened so wide that a cat can go in to their mouth (just kidding XD)

"What ? Close your mouth , it's weird" sayaka comment them and prepare a thing

"How can ?" Rena really curious

"Its a Secret girl " sayaka wink to rena like a boy and making rena blushed

All of them can sense a black aura from Jurina

"Sayaka , I think you can't do that to rena , her girlfriend is mad now" black trying not to laugh

"E-eh ? I didn't do anything wrong right ?"

"You're not wrong , don't worry sayaka-san" yuko said with grin to bully jurina

"Okay , just stop the bullying , back to the topic" black said coldly

"Right , wait a minute , I have to search the spell , I kinda forget already" she search the spell from a big book and asking black something

"But , Black , how can you and Yuki get together ? It's dangerous right ?"

"Don't worry , I'm wearing the ring watanabe gave to me , my power can't go out now"

"Watanabe ? I feel something wrong will happen to one of watanabe family you know ?" Whispering to black

"Really ? Let's hope that's only what your feel , nothing more" black said a little sad looking to yuki

"Is something wrong with black ? She seem sad , maybe just my imagination" Yuki thought to herself

"Eto , Jurina please come here and drink this" sayaka give her a green coloured drink

"What is it ? Its kinda gross" she not really want to drink that

"Nothing bad , just a tea mixed with horse & pig nails and mouse urine" seem really relaxbut showing a grin

"What ?" Jurina really didn't want to drink it now

"Just Kidding Jurina" sayaka laugh like crazy

"Just drink it and say this spell out loud" showing jurina a book and pointing the spell


Jurina drink all and read the spell out loud , all them looking to Jurina , then jurina fall asleep immediately

"What happen to jurina ??" Rena looks really worried

"Don't worry , she's just sleeping , she will get up soon"

"I see .."

"Black , how can you know jurina can help us with her power ?" Yuki look curious

"I know what power she will get later"

"How ?"

"I don't really know how to , seem like something from myself told me"

"That's weird"

"You know black , I feel like there something bad gonna happen , but that's not the war" yuki look worried

"Don't worry Yuki , everything's gonna be fine"

"Hey , jurina already get up" sayaka tell all of them

Rena hurried go to see jurina and checking her girlfriend

"Jurina , you remember me right ?" Rena really worried

"Unn" jurina nodded but didn't said anything

"Jurina , what did he said ?" Sayaka ask

Jurina try to remember

"He said ,.." She still not sure

"He said a good thing or bad thing ?" Black asked

"I think it's the bad one"

"Okay, that mean we should hurry now , you know how to use your power right ?"

"Haik , the old man told me how to"

"Then let's go to the war . yuko , break your spell" black said

"Right , but seem like there a lot who have break the spell" yuko starting to break her spell

"They must be the family leader" black murmur

"Let's hurry go to the war area" yuki said

"Let's teleport to there" sayaka searching for something

"Good idea , you still have the stone right ?"Black know what is sayaka searching for

"I'm searching for it now , ah , I found it , come here all" sayaka told them to make a circle

"Yosh , holding each other hand please , we're gonna teleporting now"

Their teleporting is a success but , someone is left behind

"E-ehh? What happen ? Why am I left behind ?" She look really confused


The person that following Watanabe still following them after the long walk

"Dad , we have go here for a hundred time , where is her place anyway ?"

"It's here , but I wonder why there's not have anything other than stone and tree"

"Dad , there's have  a red , don't you think it's really unique ?" Looking at the red stone

"Where ? , wah , it's really red , should we get it mayu ?"

"Wait , mayu , try to pull that stone" , her father seem to know something

"Okay -------------- , nothing happen"

"No , something happened , " he smiled after seeing what happen to the forest

"M-maji ??" Miyuki and mayu shocked , the person who following is shocked too

"E-eh ? There's a house , it must me yamamoto house right ?" Mayu seem happy now

"Yup , let's go" her father make a sign to go inside

"Is it okay to just go in ?" Miyuki ask her uncle

"Not a problem , just follow me" , the one who followed them waiting outside

Inside the house

"HEY , ANYBODY'S HERE ?" Her father try to make someone come out

"I think there's someone here , but not yamamoto" her father seem curious

"Let's search" miyuki give an idea

"Okay, I will go to the second floor" mayu go to the second floor

"Then I will go to the third floor uncle"

"Okay, I will look around here"

---------------second floor------------------

"Woah , sugoi , her house is really big and there's too much room , I will search from here then" she seem a little lazy

Mayu already search for 10 room , and there's still 10 remaining

"I'm tired now , why is her house so big anyway ? She live alone right ?"

As she open the twelve room , she seem really shocked

"Eh ? Why is she sleeping here ?"Whispering to herself


"E-eh ? What happen ? Why am I left behind ?"She seem confused

"Seem like I have to wait for them" she go to the second floor room

"I hope they're okay" soon she fall asleep at the room


"Hey , why is yuki not here ?" Black realize yuki not with them

"Seem like there's something wrong happen while we're transporting , she must be at my house right now , don't worry , she's safe , no one will come there . Let's hurry kidnap them and go back to my house."

*End of flashback*

Mayu walk closer to the sleeping girl

"Yukirin , you're beautiful even when you sleep" she hold yuki cheek softly

"Yukirin , do you Love me ? Do you remember what you said when we're still a child ?"

"I'm so stupid to asking a sleeping person"she continued


"Mayuyu , I want to tell you something"

"What is it ?"

"I love you , so please don't leave me , ne ?"

Mayu smiled widely and say

"Yukirin , I really love you too" hug yuki

*End of flashback*

Suddenly , mayu feel something warm and soft on her lips , she's really shocked to know that yuki kiss her

"Y-Yukirin ?"

"Mayuyu , sorry I have forget about you back then , don't worry , I have remember all" she hug Mayu , and mayu start crying

"Yukirin , I r-really miss you , it's really hurt when you forget about me" she said beetwen her sob

"Don't worry Mayuyu , I will not forget about you again" look to mayu deeply

"Don't cry mayu , I want to see your angelic smile" she continued and show mayu a warm smile

Mayu stop crying and smiling to yuki

"That's my Mayuyu" yuki kiss mayu again and mayu reply her kiss


"Mayu ...." miyuki seem really sad , she's in front of Yuki room now and seeing what happen

"Ah , yukirin , do you know where's yamamoto?" She break their kiss

"Yamamoto ? Why ? What happen ?"

"Well , I have something to ask her , and my father is searching for yuko-san"

"Soka , she's at the war right now with the other and for some reason I'm left behind"

"I see , let's go yukirin , let's meet with my father first"

When they get out from the room , miyuki is not there anymore , she already go after knowing mayu and yuki are going to meet mayu father

"Otou-san , yamamoto is at the war right now and yuki is left behind"

"At the war ? For what ?"

"To kidnap Kashiwagi Family so the war will stop" mayu explain

"How ?"

"It's a long story , let's just go to the war dad"

"Okay let--" Watanabe just realize something

"Dad ?"

"It's bad , someone is following us" whispering to mayu

"Eh ? Who ?"

"Maybe the kashiwagi , just maybe"

"That's My Father" yuki suddenly said

"How can you know that ?" Miyuki ask curiously

"Don't know , just know it"

"Dad , what should we do ?"

"No choice , I have to fight him"


"Kashiwagi , go out and fight me one on one , if you win I will give you black back" Watanabe shout to make sure kashiwagi heard that

Then the kashiwagi really go out

"O-otou-san" yuki seem afraid

"I told you to get away from them , they are a devil"

"No dad , you're wrong"

"They kidn--"

"Kashiwagi Yuki , don't talk too much please" watanabe try to tell yuki not to tell her father anything

"Haik" just remember she shouldn't tell anything

"What ? You said I'm wrong ? You must have meet with black right ? And your memories are back right ? Why you still said they're not a devil" her father seem mad

"But --"

"Kashiwagi , just stop with the talking and fight me" make a fighting position

"You will know who's the strongest watanabe"

He punch watanabe right on his face , but kashiwagi didn't feel a thing and didn't even try to dodge I it , when kashiwagi start to punch him once again , he dodge it and punch back on his stomach but not really hard

"What now , I just punch you once and your energy already gone ? Your punch is not hard at all" preparing to punch watanabe again

"Don't get to high by yourself , I'm just getting started" also preparing to punch kashiwagi

Both of them have the same power , so they fight without using their witch power , they will get tied if they use their power to fight . In fact , watanabe is holding back , he didn't really want to fight his ex-bestfriend.

They keep punching , kicking , dodging till they're feeling exhausted , Mayu , Yuki , n Miyuki worried watching both of them fighting . Yuki want to do something but she can't , she want to tell the truth to her father but she can't too.

"Watanabe , I will ask you once , why did you kidnap my daughter?"

"Why did I have to answer your question anyway ?"

"Cause I really miss my daughter , you have a daughter too right ? You must now how does it feel"

"I will ask you once again as your ex-bestfriend , why did you kidnap my daughter ? You know what? Our fight will end up tied anyway"

"What if I can't answer it ?"

"I will use the worst way" he suddenly took Mayu as hostages

"Now , answer me properly" he continued , Watanabe seem really confuse now , he don't what to do

Yuki got really surprised to know what his dad doing to Mayu

"No, dad , what are you doing ?"

Mayu still calm and giving a cold face but actually she's worried too and her father is thinking what to do

"Uncle , what you do is really wrong , you musn't do anything to her , or else you will lost your daughter again" miyuki start to talk as she really shock too

"What's the relation with yuki ?"

"Y-You won't kill the person your daughter love the most right ?" Miyuki seem sad

The Mayuki shocked to what they just heard , they didn't know that miyuki know about them and their father is really shock too . As kashiwagi releasing Mayu , she hurry run from kashiwagi side to Yuki

Suddenly the Kashiwagi Power starting to increase little by little till all of them can sense a bad power from Kashiwagi , yuki never know her father has something like that

"I , I will kill you watanabe" he punch miyuki first , causing miyuki lost her consciousness

"Miyuki !!" Both mayu and yuko shout in unison

Kashiwagi releasing a really powerful power he have and shoot right to Watanabe place

"No , Otou-san" mayu tried to shielding her father and yuki tried to stop her father


A really big sound heard from the power explode

"We make it in time" black said

"Yup , it's a relief"

"Sayaka , you really did a good job"

"Black , sayaka .." Yuki said with a relief too

Mayu didn't realize anything , she think she already died

"Where am I ? Did I died ?"

"Mayuyu" yuki hurry go and check mayu

"Yukirin ? That's mean I haven't died yet"

"Baka" chopping mayu head

"How can you died that easy ? Don't dare you leave me" hugging mayu

"Haik... But it hurts" holding her head

"Haha , you're really funny couple , check your father first" reminding mayu and yuki

They hurry check their father. Their father already collapse after their fight and their stamina already dried

"Seem like they're okay" sayaka continued

"And who's that ? " Sayaka pointing to miyuki who's laying down on the ground , she can't see clearly from her place then she walk closer

She shocked after saw who is the girl

"Milky !!" She run to milky spot and trying to wake miyuki

They realize what Yamamoto just said and making them hurry go to miyuki spot too

"Mayu , what happen to miyuki ? Why is she here ?" She ask mayu and look really worried

"She is here to help me find you , but this thing happen , let's hurry take care of her first"mayu seem sad too

They took the fathers and miyuki inside the house , the Wmatsui and Kojiyuu still haven't come back from the war

"Black , where is the rest ?" Mayu ask

Sayaka is taking care of miyuki now , she seem really worried , so mayu let sayaka do it , but she wonder why sayaka being that worried . Yuki doing the same thing to her father , her father let out too much power that make him took a long time to recover.
Mayu father is really fine , so she doesn't need to do anything.

"Still at the battlefield , they will come back soon"

"I see , but what did both you and sayaka did to make yuki father powers dissapear ?"

"I do nothing , sayaka teleport the power to the sea"



"Nee , we are ready right ? Let's go back" yuko said

"Wait--, "

"What happen Rena ?" Jurina curious

"Ah , don't mind me , let's go"

"I wonder where is he" rena thought

Gomen~ , this one is kinda short
And sorry for the bad english
Please just said if there's anything weird
Thank you :D

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Re: Forget (mayuki + other fanfics) chapter 6 updated!
« Reply #24 on: January 23, 2015, 05:44:29 PM »
I like it ≧∇≦
Can't wait for next update

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Re: Forget (mayuki + other , fanfics) chapter 7 updated!!
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Chapter 7

They have go back to yamamoto house

"Ah , minna , welcome back" sayaka greet them happily

Miyuki already wake up but the two father still sleeping

"We're back , I'm really tired , I want to sleepp..." Yuko pouting like a child

"We're all tired you know"

"Jurina , you're younger , your stamina is bigger than mine , at least that's what I think."

"That's mean you're old right?" Jurina chuckled

"Eh ? I didn't say I'm old , just said you're younger , that's different you know ?"

"Whatever , but how about the person we kidnap ? What are we going to do with them ?"

A silent come to the room . . .

"How about just wait till the leader wake up ?" Yuki pointing to the fathers

"I wonder what will happen when they wake up" jurina said which make all of them depressed even more

"I don't really want to think about that now , let rest , they won't wake up till morning " as she just remembered something , "but , the room is only five that usable"

"Let's see , we only can use 5 room , the rest is already broken , its an old house thought"

"Hey sayaka , aren't that's mean I have to sleep alone ?" Black seem didn't want to sleep alone

"Let's see , Mayuki , Kojiyuu , Wmatsui , and three of us"

(Note: of course they've know about mayu and Yuki , but they just didn't said anything)

"You want to sleep with Miyuki right ? You're an old pervert thought -_-" black saying a fact

"A-ano.. , I don't mind sleeping alone" miyuki try to end the discussion faster

"No you can't" sayaka said again

"Sayanee , I really don't mind it"

"But I mind it"

"Okay , I will sleep alone  " black said as she didn't want to sleep with sayaka too

In the end , the three of them sleep together

"I think its better if I sleep alone from the start" black murmur


"Nee Yukirin , I can't sleep"

"Why ?  are you scared of something ?"

"No , "

"Then ?"

Mayu seem red and yuki already know what mayu want . Yuki start to bully her girlfriend

"Or you want this ?" Yuki holding her lips and making mayu become more red

"A-are you bullying me now ?" Looking other direction

"Maybe ?" Yuki give Mayu a kiss , a deep and warm ones


"Rena-chan , are you okay ? " Jurina really look worried

"I'm okay, don't worry"

"But you don't seem so , tell me , is something wrong ?"

Rena silent for awhile then speak up

"There's someone came to this island with my parents , we have kidnap my parents but we don't kidnap him"

"Who's that ?"

"He is my father friend child , he is older than me , his parents already gone cause an accident , so my father raise him"

"Then why are you that worried ?"

"He is dangerous , he has a motive to come here"

"Motive ? Don't said there's something related with black ?"

"Yes , his name is Shinoda Mariko he is a witch and the worst is his power almost have the same level with Kashiwagi and Watanabe family leader"

"Did your father know about this ?"

"No , and I really wish he is not going to attack when we go back from this island"

"But , why should he wait till we go back ?"

"He is trying to become more powerfull and that need a long time , I'm really scared with what will happen" her face really showed what she feel

"Rena ... , like what I always said I will always protect you with my life  , don't worry , ne ?" Rena hug Jurina tightly after hearing what jurina said , and jurina give rena a little kiss

"Let's go sleep first , you are tired right ?" Jurina holding rena cheek , give a comforting voice and warm smile

Rena smiled , "unn.."


"Yuko , you're okay right ?" Haruna look worried

"I'm okay nyan-nyan , just a little tired" her face didn't look okay at all

"Do you need anything ?"

"I need a kiss and hug from nyan-nyan" grin and try to calm haruna

"I think you're okay now , let's go sleep"

"E-eh , you're not going to give me a kiss ?"

She got no replied

"Then I will just sleep" pouting

When yuko already asleep haruna got up and looking at yuko

"Of course I will give you" give a peck on yuko lips and go sleep

"Oyasumi , little squirrel"

All of them sleep really well

--------the morning--------------

"Ohayou..." Miyuki go down to the kitchen

"Ohayou gozaimasu" rena,yuki,and haruna greet back

"Wow, you are really early" miyuki said and go checking Watanabe and Kashiwagi that still sleeping in peace

"Is that so ?" Rena said and asking miyuki " coffee or tea ?"

"Tea is okay , should I help ?"

"We're okay , the breakfast almost done , just need to wait for all wake up"

Then yuki sit in front of miyuki and asking about her

"Miyuki , you're Mayu cousin right ?"

"Yup" drinking her tea

"Both of you are close too ,I wonder why she never talking about you " miyuki just give a fake smile

"Maybe she's just don't really like to talking about others" haruna said and sit too

"Well-- "yuki haven't finish her word

"OHAYOUU!!!!" Yuko shout happily and make all the sleeping one to wake up

"Yuko , you're too loud" haruna said

"WHAT HAPPENED??" Jurina , Black , Sayaka , and mayu go out from their room in hurry on the same time

"Eh ?" Yuko look to the four and laughing

"Gomen~ , nothing happen"

"Ooshima Yuko !!!" Four of them chop yuko's head instantly

"Itai-- , what the hell ? I didn't do anything wrong"

"You did , you make us shocked and wake from our sleep" Mayu said sleepy

"But I think we forget something" black pointing to the fathers

"Where am I .." Kashiwagi and Watanabe in unison and still feel dizzy

All of them got silent ~~~

"Welcome to my house , want a breakfast ?" Sayaka suddenly speak up

"Right , I'm hungry"kashiwagi said

 both of them haven't realized anything , they still feel so dizzy

"Okay, let's all go and have this special breakfast made by the wife first" yuko tried to change the mood with her joke but no one response

"I think I failed" her mood change to the gloomy one

They eat their breakfast with silently knowing the fathers haven't realized anything , they got really scared right now. And the breakfast end with a big silent

"Dad ?" Mayu shake her father and  try to him from dizziness and Yuki did the same , black try to think about what will happen

"Oh.. , Mayu you are okay right ?" Watanabe finally wake

"I'm okay dad , but .." Mayu look to Kashiwagi

"Ah , soka , seems like I will settled all here , let's tell him the truth. is that okay black,Yuki ?"

Both of them don't really want too , but there's no choice , and they should dispelled their spell for the kidnapping soon

"Haik" unison

"Yuki , Black " Kashiwagi have waken too

"Otou-san" black hug her father

"Black , finally I can see you , dad will always keep you safe from now on"

When his eyes look around , everyone can sense his power go out

"Dad , there's something  Watanabe-san want to tell you" yuki said as she try to calm her father too

"I didn't want to hear anything , I want to take black back and end the wars , that's all I want to do"

"But you can't take her with you" miyuki try to stop kashiwagi

"why ? She's my daughter ! "

"Kashiwagi , please hear to everything I have to said , just 10 minutes is enough"

"Okay" has calm down

"But promise me you won't get depressed or anything"

"Why should I promise you anyway ?"

"Just think that I'm still your bestfriend"

"hurry , what you want to say"

Both of them  go to sit , and the girls go upstairs to let the fathers have a talk

"I hope they will be okay" yuki said

Then mayu remember about something she should do for her girlfriend

"Sayaka-san , can we have a talk ?" Mayu go to sayaka place

"Sure, just said it"

"Private please ?"

"O-okay ?"

They go to the next room

"What is it ?"

"You know how to make yuki and black to not get seperated right ?"

"N-no , w-who told you something like that ?" Nervous

"Miyuki told me , she won't lie , so tell me the way"

"I can't"


"Sayanee , please just told her" miyuki suddenly go inside the room

"But , why ? It's dangerous"

"Can't you see ? She really love yuki"

"Still it's a no , that's a bad idea "

"Please tell me sayaka-san " mayu kneel to sayaka

"Please get up mayu"

"No , till you told me"

"But-- ,, okay, I will tell you ,now get up" she didn't have a choice and told mayu

"The only way is to make a deal with the witch god"

"Make a deal  ?"

"Yup , but there you must pay him with something from you"

"Eh ?" Miyuki got really shocked

"No , mayu , you musn't do this" miyuki didn't know mayu have to make a deal

"I will do it , how can I meet with the witch god ?"

" I will help you , you just have to close your eyes and I will said the spell. But only in evening"

"I will wait till the night"

"Let's meet at the room that haven't been used , there's still one right ?"


They go back to the room they go before

"What did you talk about ?" Yuki seem curious

"It's nothing" mayu replied with a smile


"Girls , seem like they have done talking" yuko said

"Then let's go and see the result from their discussion" haruna said

"I hope that's a good one" yuko desperately want a good news

"Otou-san ?"

"I'm really sorry black,yuki , I'm your dad but I can't do anything"

"It's okay dad , we still can contact each others"

"Watanabe , please take care of black" bowing to mayu and her father

"Okay , all of us have to go back tomorrow"Kashiwagi change the topic

"Eh? So fast ?" Yuko didn't want to go back yet

"Ooshima , it has been a week , you didn't want to work ? They must go to school too " refering to Mayu and Jurina

"Already a week ? My holiday~~" lost energy

"How about the one we kidnap ?" Jurina said

"Just dispelled it"

They hurry do what watanabe told to do , watanabe and kashiwagi explained everything and the matsui have some meeting , after all done , they hurry go to pack their things

"Mayu , you said you will find a way for yuki and black right ? Have you found it ?" Jurina Whispering to mayu

"I have found it" coldly replied

"How ?"

"You don't need to know"

"Ha-ik~~" pouting and go to rena

"I really wish things will go smoothly" mayu murmurs to herself

-------------the night--------------------

"Mayu , are you ready ?"


"Remember , you musn't made the witch god mad , once he mad , you die"

"Okay" coldly say

"Close your eyes , concentrate your power to your right hand"

Sayaka said some spell , and mayu lost her conciousness

"Sayanee , she will be okay right ?" Miyuki really worried

"She will be okay. Milky , do you still like mayu ?"Sayaka looks really sad

"I don't know too"

"Then that's mean you still love her"

"Are you hungry ? I can make you a food" try to chAnge the topic

"Don't try to change the topic please"

"I'm sorry , I know she and Yuki are a lover , but it still hard to forget her" holding her tear

"Milky , I'm still here , talk to me whenever you want , okay?"

"Unn" looking to mayu

-----the other world-----

"Where am I ?"

"Welcome to my world Watanabe Mayu" a voice come from somewhere

"Who are you ?" Curiously

"I'm your god , tell me why you come here"

"You're the witch god ?"


"Good , I came here to ask for help"

"What is it ?"

"Of course you know the kashiwagi twins Black and Yuki right ?"

"Of course I know them , what's wrong ?"

"I want them to not get seperated cause their power , that's all"

"It's a hard things to do you know"

"But --,, ano, how should I  call you ? Kami-sama?"

"Just call me Kai , its weird to call me god , my age is just around 20 you know ?"

"Alright , eh ? Around 20 ? You have to be really old to be a god , but 20 ? You're lying right ?"

"I'm his child , my father already too old to do these thing , I'm his succesor , let's go back to the topic "


"You have to pay me"

"I know it , so , how should I paid you ?"

"I give you a choice , your memory or the memory about you ?"

"Memory about me ?"

"Yup , I will make all of them forget about you , if you don't want it , you will forget about everything important to you"

"kami-sama , you  really will make them not being seperated right ?


"Then , the memory about me"

"Tell me the reason why you choose that"

"Cause , I will never forget about Yukirin" seem sad

"Okay , that's enough . when you are back , you're already at your home , and you never have a friend , you are a CG , you live alone"

"Thank you , so that's mean I didn't have a parents ?"


"Alright , please don't break your promise" she is really sad

"Good bye Watanabe Mayu" the voice become smaller and then dissappear


An alarm clock ringing

"Ouch... , where am I ?" Feels pain on her head

"Ah , it's my House , oh no , the school" hurry preparing herself and don't eat any breakfast

-------- at school ---------

"I make it in time" go to her seat and waiting for the teacher to come

Lunch time

"Wonder why I didn't feel hungry at all" talking to herself

"Seem like I'm still okay even without a friend or family" trying to hide her sadness


At P.E class mayu skip the class and lied that she's sick , she really don't like P.E

"Good , now I'm really hungry , let's see how much money do I have" opening her pocket

"I think I will go on a diet "looking out to the windows

"That must be Jurina " seeing a girl running around

"How silly am I , I'm the one who chose these" her eyes show her sad self

"Stop thinking about that Watanabe Mayu , at least you still remember them"

Then she sleep


"Rena , can you done these ?" Giving rena a paper


5 minutes later

"Yuki , it's done" giving back the paper

"Oh, you're fast"

"Yup , and our job done too early today"

"Right. Then , let's go eat , don't forget your girlfriend

"Good idea , what time is it now ?"

"5.00 o'clock"

"Then we can go pick her now"


"Hey , don't you think there's something missing after we go back from the island"

"You're right , there's something missing from our mind"

"Forget that , why don't you invite black to eat with us too ??"

"She has a job to do right now , and we have arrive to jurina school"

"Still too early , yuki , let's go inside the school and look around" yuki go parking her car first


"I think they're on a P.E class right now , that's jurina" rena waving to jurina and jurina wave back

"Oh , your girlfriend is good at running huh ?"

"Of course"

"But where is May--"

"Hmm? Where's who?"

"Don't know , it come out from nowhere" wondering what she want to say earlier

"That's weird . Hey , their class is over" jurina come to rena

"Then let's go"


When Yuki walk to the parking ,she saw someone sleep from the window and stop for a while

"she's somehow really familiar , who is she ?" She feel a little pain on her chest , but she just let it be

"Yuki , what happen ?" Rena ask curiously



"Ah , I should go home now"

When she just want to get out from the school gate , she saw a familiar car

"That's yuki car right ? Seem like she is okay" sad and then go home

"Right , what did I have here to cooked ?" She's really hungry now , she haven't eat from morning

"There's nothing , I should go out and eat" get her money

She go to the closest udon restaurant from her house . When she just want to go in , she saw yuki and other eating at the udon restaurant from the windows , she decide to not go in. But when she go , yuki saw her

"Eh? Aren't that ...."

"What's wrong yuki ?" Rena curious


"That girl is the one sleeping on class right ? I wonder who is she.." Try to remember something but she failed

"Can't remember anything , but it's weird. See ? My chest feel a pain again , maybe I should go to doctor" though to herself


"Yukirin really forget about me again huh?"

She murmur,  but she can't hold back her tears anymore and cry alone on the street . Then someone walking on the street saw mayu are crying and go to see mayu,,

"Girls , are you okay ?" Someone giving her a tissue

Then mayu hurry wipe her tears

"Yeah , I'm okay , thank you"

"Really ?"

"Yes" nodding

"What's your name ?"

"Watanabe Mayu"

"Ah , I'm Maeda atsuko , nice to meet you"

"Nice to meet you too , sorry , but I have to go now"

"Okey , bye , let's meet again sometime" waving to mayu , but she saw mayu really sad even though mayu show her cyborg face

"Okay" waving back and go home

"Seem like it's kai doing" maeda said to herself


Black and Her Parents is together in the living room after dinner

"Mom, Dad , I'm wondering something about the island" black said curious

"What is it about ?" Her dad Reading a newspaper

"How can we suddenly go home just in a blink of eye ?"

"What are you talking about black ? How can we go back just with a blink of eye ? We use a transportation , not our power" her Mom said

"Then how about my power and yuki ? How can us get together without worrying about the consequence ?" Confused with what her father said

"Really , what are you talking about now ? I don't get anything you are talking about , are you dreaming ?"


"Black , you must be dreaming about what you're talking about , forget about it" her father cut her word

"Haik" then she go to her room

Just like what 'Kai' promise Mayu , now they really can live together but The witch god also really made all of them forget about everything related to mayu , and for some reason black seem to remember something. However , for her school , everyone still know her , but only know she school there.

"What happen know ? But I think there's something missing , no !, there's someone missing , who's that ??" Try to remember the person

"Come'on black , you have to remember the person , she must be someone important." Thinking hard

"Good , maybe I have to discuss this with yuki later" she give up

Sorry for the bad english :nervous
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Re: FORGET (mayuki + other , fanfics) chapter 7 updated!!
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I hope acchan can help mayu  :pleeease: :kneelbow:
I wonder what yuki black would do  :kekeke:
Please continue  :on cny1:  :onioncheer:

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Re: FORGET (mayuki + other , fanfics) chapter 7 updated!!
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Ehhh what will going to happen with them lol.
Waiting for next part

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Re: .FORGET. (Mayuki + other , fanfics) chapter 8 part 1 UPDATED!!
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Chapter 8 part 1

Mayu has lost her appetite , she didn't feel anything , she only feel a pain , really hurt cause a heartbreak and she cried all the night alone on her room , didn't have anyone can support herself , she just can try her best to buried her feeling . She's thinking about to die , but she can't , she have to protect and watch over yuki , that's what she think.

To seeing Mayu live like that , Maeda can't stand still , she know who did that to the innocent little girl and try to help her.


"Eh , Acchan ? Why did you come here ? You're supposed to be at the human world right now right ?" Confused

"Yup , and I came here cause what you done !" She seem going to mad

"Acchan Calm down , what did I do wrong ?"

"What did you do to this little girl ?" Pointing to a screen

At the kami-sama world , there's have a screen that let him saw everything human done and kai watch the screen everyday to know what happen to the human world. For Acchan , she go to the human world to helping the human , only the good one.

"She ? I didn't done anything to her" not take it serious

"KAII!!!" Really mad now

"Okey okey , she come to make a deal with me , and what happen now is what I get from herself"

"And why do you take something that important from someone "

"Why ? Should I even answer your question ?"

"Erghh , do what you want !! I will help her by myself"

"Whatever , everything I do is absolute , you can't help them without my permission anyway"

"Just see what I will do !" Then go from kai world

"Wow, this is going to be really fun , but I hope she didn't hate me , and wait for your kami-sama just for a little longer" he go to prepare everything for his work

Maeda pov

"Let's see , what can I do to help this little girl" checking everything about mayu

"Good , I know what should I do now"


Kashiwagi's home

"I'm home" , black hear yuki voice and hurry go out from her room

"Welcome back yuki" her father said

"Yuki , I have something to discuss with you " black whispering to yuki not letting their parents hear

"What is it ?"

"Let's go to our room first"

"Okay , what is it about?"

"It may seem weird but , I feel someone is missing from us"

"Missing ? Who ? It it a kidnapping ?" Panicked to heard what black told her

"Calm down Yuki , I mean someone missing from our mind , don't you feel like that ?"

"Our Mind ? Well , I did feel something missing from our mind but it's kinda nonsense , so I decide to forget about that"

"No! You can't , I feel like the person is someone important to us , especially to you"

"So what do you want to do ?"

"That's what I want to discuss with you , and you ask me back" straight face

"Ahh... I see , let's try to search for that person"

"How? There's so many human in this world"

"Why don't you try to remember about the person"

"I have tried , but it failed"

"Then , how about Sayaka ?"

"Sayaka ?" Confused

"Yes , let's ask for her help once aga--"

"Did you mean Once again ? But I think it's the first time right ?"

"Don't know , I keep saying about something I don't know since we go back from the island. Anyway , let's ask for her help tomorrow"

"Right , I will go to sleep first , night yuki"

"Night" , yuki want to take a bath and thinking

"What is it ? It keep bother my feeling" holding her chest that feel a little pain everytime she thnk about the girl she saw (refering to mayu)


"Yup , the god is crazy , but he can't done anything to me , I'm immortal now , it's faster then what I thought " grinned widely

"Till when should I wait , let's see , how about when the god bring back the memory about watanabe mayu ? It's the right time , till that time come I will keep an eye on them "

"Let's go to meet our god first" talking to himself

The god world

"Shinoda Mariko , what are you doing here ?"

"Hello Kai kami-sama , just want to see my god"

"Don't talk bullshit with me even if you're immortal , you will never pass my level , remember that I'm your god"

"Then what if I become the god ?" Grinning

"You want to fight with your god ?"

"Oops , not now Takahashi Kai kami-sama , see you my god" he dissapear

"Good , this is what I hate the most , why did he come here before I done my work ? It's annoying" continuing his work

"Wonder what acchan will do to help watanabe mayu ..."

--Tomorrow , it's sunday--

"Black , do you remember where's sayaka house ?"

"Yes , I do"

"Then let's hurry now"


Yamamoto place--


The door opened revealed a girl with pyjamas 'like always'

"Ohayou sayaka" both greet her

"Ohayou~~ , go inside" still sleepy

"You should go to take a bath first sayaka" someone said to her

"Miyuki ? Why are you here ?" Yuki said with a little shock

"Me ? For something maybe ?"

"She come to ask something , and what did you two come here for ?"

"To ask for your help " said at the same time

"Wow , what happen now , all of you come here just to ask for my help ? So cruel~" pouting

All of them just reply with weird smile and looking each other . Sayaka go to take a bath , when she done , all of them sit to discuss everything together

"Let's start , what did all of you want to said ?"

"Something lose from our mind" three of them said at the same time

"Good , it's the same topic"

"Did you know something about this ?" Yuki ask

"Yup ! I think that all of you didn't felt anything since we go back from the island"

"So , what is it ?"

"It's just my thought , but I think someone erase our memory , milky know something like this right ?"

All of them looking to miyuki

"Well , I don't know who done this , but I know that person is strong"

"Then let's think who/what is missing first" yuki give a serious face

"Right ! Let's see , I think someone missing" black said

"And that person is important to us" miyuki continued

"And I have a feeling that person somehow similar to the girl I saw yesterday" yuki said

"Who's that girl ??"

"I don't know , she's still in high school , the same school as Jurina"

"Should we check her ?"

"Good , we're going to spy a highschool girl , is she cute ?" sayaka said and grin

"And you heard like an old man now" black continue

"But , yuki , how can you feel they are similar ?" Miyuki ask

"Well , when I try to think the person that miSsing and when a saw the girl , I have the same feeling , I hurt feeling."

"Hurt ?" They're confused

"Yes , she must be a really important person to us"

"So , should we start now ?"

"Even if we want to , we can't do that . We don't know where her place" yuki said

"So , what should we do now ?"

"We forgot something , Rena can saw the past right ??" Yuki said again

"Ahh!! , why didn't I think that" black said

"Let's go to her place now !" Sayaka hurry prepare herself


Rena place

"Why did all of you come so sudden ?"

"To ask your help"

"Help ? What is it about ?"

"Can you see the past for us?"

"Sure , why not ?" Start to saw their past

Kami world

"It's bad , I forgot about matsui rena , I have to do something or they're going to find out . Why can't they wait a little longer ? It's annoying to done this much job"


While she's sawing the past , she saw a girl but she can't saw her face at all , it's like someone blocking her vision , when she tried to look further , someone stop her.

"Matsui Rena , I can't let you go further"

"Why ? Who are you ?" Confused

"You don't know who am I , it's a command , I can't let you go further"

"Why ?"

"Just like what I said earlier , it's a command"

"From who ?"

"Someone . I will send you back" flick his hand

Rena go back to her own world and seem really confused

"How is it rena ?" Yuki ask

Rena shook her head , giving a sign she didn't find anything

"Someone blocking my way"

"Is that even possible to block ?"

"Yup , that person even make me can't see all the girl face"

"Too bad , that's mean we have to spy her tomorrow , are you all free ?"

"I can take a day off tomorrow" yuki and rena said at the same time

"I didn't have anything to do"miyuki said

"Good , I don't have either , we're going to her school tomorrow then"

I didn't have any idea right now :banghead: :cry:
But I will do my best :lol:
Thank you for reading and comment :love:

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Re: .FORGET. (Mayuki + other , fanfics) UPDATED!! WMATSUI SPECIAL'S
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"Rena , please don't leave me , I beg you"

"I'm sorry jurina , I didn't love you anymore"

"No, please , I will become better for you"

"I'm sorry jurina" , jurina vision become blur then ,

"Where am I ? A cafe ?, and isn't that rena ?" Trying to call her girlfriend , but...

"Who's that boy ?" Jurina stalk them and saw them kissing

"Rena-chan ... " Rena hear someone call her , but she found no one , jurina already hide

"Rena-chan , what's this mean ? What happen right now ?"

 She Holding back her tear and didn't know where to go , but she decide to go home .her vision went blur once again . When she arrive , she didn't find her house , there's only one house but not here house , when she go , she only came back to that house.

"What is this ? Now I can't even go home by myself ?" Can't hold back her tear anymore she start to cry and someone go out from the house

"Jurina , what are you doing there ?" Jurina hear a really familiar voice and look to the voice

"R-Ren-a ?" Stop her crying and really confused

"Why are you crying there ?" Really look worried

"But I just saw you d-dating with a guy ?"

"What are you talking about jurina ? I'm here all day and you're my only girlfriend the one I love"
Give a caring look


"Let's go inside first"

"Wait Rena"

"What is it ?"

"Ah , nothing"

"Do you want to eat something ?"


"Anyway , you must saw the wrong person jurina"

"Yeah , maybe , gomen rena-chan"

"It's okay , how about we go on a date today ?" Smiling

"Really ??" Already forgot what happen

"Where should we go ?"

"Amusement park !" Really happy

"Let's go then"

-----------------------------------amusement park

"Rena-chan , it has been a long time since we go on a date , you always busy with your work"


"Nah , it's okay now , let's see what should we ride ?" Happily go around together and playing

"Jurina , do you want an ice cream ?"


"I will go to buy the ice cream , wait here , okey?"

"Haikk...." , when rena go , her face look sadden , she still remember what she saw and sure that is Rena with other boy.

"Here " giving a chocolate ice cream

"Eh ? I want yours .. " Pouting like a child

"Didn't you like chocolate ?"

"Now I like vanilla " smiling like a child

"Alright , here" give her ice cream and then jurina eat both

"Ehh? Then where's mine ?"

"I will give you " she suddenly kiss rena passionately , rena broke the kiss to take a breath

"J-jurina , the ice cream" ponting to the melting ice cream

"Aah.. , I should eat it now , here" giving rena the chocolate ice cream

"Yosh , let's see who finished this ice cream first"

"You are not going to win" jurina eat it in 5 seconds

"What the -- ... , how can you eat it that fast ?"

"Hehe, I'm jurina you know ?

"Okay I never can win from you"

"It's already this late , let's go home now"

"This fast ? Can I go to your home instead ? O want to sleep with you"

"Sure" smile to jurina

When jurina reply rena smile , her vision become blur again and woke up

"Where am I now ?" Look around

"It's my house , is all of that a dream ?"

"Oh jurina , you're already wake up ?"

"R-rena ? Why are you here ?"

"What are you talking about ? I'm your wife , of course I'm here"

"M-mmy W-wife ? But we can't get married in japan right ?"

"What are you talking about ?"

"I mean , we are both gir--" jurina realize something change from herself

"Wh-what ? I am a boy ??" Really shocked

"What are you talking about ? Of course you're a boy."

"What is happen now ?"Try to run from reality

"you mustn't sleep again jurina , it's already morning"

"Is this a dream or reality ? I can't tell anymore" didn't have any energy , wake up from her(his) bed and go to take a bath

"Maybe I have to go along with this things" finished her bath and go to eat her breakfast

"Jurina , we are going out today right ?"

"Hmm?? Y-yeah" she didn't know anything

"Where did you want to go rena ?"

"Didn't yesterday we already talk about it ? We are going to the new cafe"

"Ahh... You're right , let's go then"

"Your breakfast ?"

"Let's just eat at the cafe"

"Okay then"

---the cafe-------

"It's so big"jurina amazed with the cafe

"Right ?" Steal a kiss from jurina

"Eh ? You want to play with me ?" Start to tickle rena , rena laugh so hard that everyone can hear it

"Jurina , I give up " tired cause laughing

"Then .." Jurina kiss rena deeply

"For the payback" jurina grinning

"Okay , jurina , did you hear someone calling me ??"

"Hm? I didn't hear anything"

"Really ? Just my imagination then"

"What should we order ?"

"Steak maybe ?"

"Okay" they eat their breakfast happily

"are you full ?" Jurina drink her coffee


"Should we go home now ?"

"Probably yes"

"Let's go then" they walk to the car parking then something come from nowhere

"Rena !!" Pull rena to the other side


"I-itai... , where's jurina ?" She saw someone on the other side and hurry run to the person

"Rena , you're okay right ?" She can't stay awake anymore


"AHhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!" Shouting like crazy

"Jurina , jurina , are you okay ? Why are you shouting like that ?"

"Rena ? Where am I ? Is it a dream ? Or reality ? I am a girl or boy ?"

"Eh? You are a girl , and it's a reality , what happen with you anyway ?"

"Ah, nothing , just a weird dream"

"What dream is that , they are so messy , should I assort the dream ?"

When she tried to do that , she connect all the dream she has and she know something from the dream and smiling with relieve

"So there's nothing to worry about"

Sorry For the bad english
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Re: .FORGET. (Mayuki + other , fanfics) UPDATED!! WMATSUI EXTRA
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What is this * confused *
Well it's was good.

I hope they found there memories back.

Waiting for next chapter.

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Re: .FORGET. (Mayuki + other , fanfics) UPDATED!! WMATSUI EXTRA
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Ahaa can't wait to see how they would spy on mayu  :kekeke: :ding:
That would be interesting :hehehe:
Please continue  :mon innocent:

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Re: .FORGET. (Mayuki + other , fanfics) UPDATED!! WMATSUI EXTRA
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I finally caught up *phew*

Omg why is so sad Mayu don't cry...Maeda please help Mayu

Cant wait for the next ch

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Re: .FORGET. (Mayuki + other , fanfics) UPDATED!! WMATSUI EXTRA
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Thank you for all the comment :kneelbow:
really sorry i still can't update yet,
all because i have to much test at school :badluck:
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Re: .FORGET. (Mayuki + other , fanfics) UPDATED!! Chapter 8 part 2
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Part 2

The next day

Mayu has woke up but she didn't feel like she want to go to school

"Should I go to school ? , maybe I have to , I have exam today" prepare herself and eat breakfast then go to school

She sit at her seat , alone everyday , didn't have any friend , reading her manga and hearing her music is what she do everyday. She really want to talk to jurina and other , but she can't , she just can sit silently waiting for teacher to come but when the teacher come , she is confused why the one who come is the principal not the homeroom teacher

"Good morning student"the principal greet with his straight usuall face

"Ohayou gozaimasu" the students greet back , but mayu didn't pay any attention to the principal and just look out to the window

"So , we're going to have a new homeroom teacher . Please go in Maeda sensei"

Maeda go in to the class and the student seem to like her , with her beauty face and kind look and she look young too.

"Alright , her name is Maeda Atsuko , she's a sensei not a students , treat her like a sensei , understand ?"

"Haik" students said in the same time

When Mayu hear the sensei name , she got shocked , she never thought the one she meet yesterday would become her new homeroom teacher

"She's a teacher ? I really think she is around my age that time." Look back to the window.
The class end and mayu just sit there not moving an inch.

"Watanabe Mayu"maeda call her

"Haik sensei?"

"Just call me acchan , it's not school time anymore"


"May I ask you something ?"

"What is it ?"

"Do you have any friend ? I didn't saw you to talk to anyone in class"

Mayu look sad , "I have one, in the past"

"Past ? What happen to her ?"

"No , she's okay , it just that .." Mayu didn't continue what she said

"Just what ?"

"She didn't remember me" her eyes seem teary

"I'm sorry Mayu .." Seem sad too

"You didn't do anything wrong , you don't have to apologize , I'm the one who decide this anyway"

"Why is she forget about you ?"

"I made some deal"

"A deal ? With who ?"Pretend to don't know anything

"You don't have to know it" her voice become lower

"Did you do it for someone you love ?"

Mayu silent for awhile , "yes"

"I see ...., you have to go home now , the school gate will be closed soon"

"Really ? Then see you acchan -- sensei"

"Nah , you don't have to put the sensei"

"It heard a little weird if I didn't call you sensei at school"

"Then acchan at outside , key?"

"Alright , see you then" waving to maeda and go

"Don't worry mayu , I will help you from that useless midget god doing"

"Aa-Choooo , someone must be talking bad about me" rub his nose then continue his work


"Yuki , is that the girl ?" Jurina point to mayu who just go out from the school building


"I think she's in the same class with me, what's her name again..?" Try to remember

"What now ? You even forget you classmate name ?" Sayaka said

"I don't know , it's weird that I don't know her name , I always know everyone name I have met" confused

"Let's follow her first" rena focus on following mayu

Mayu walk to her home (apartment) , sometime she stop and look behind , she felt someone following her but she found no one.

"Just my imagination"

"Till when should we follow her like this?" Jurina get tired

"Till we know her place maybe" yuki replied

"Hey , she's entering that place , maybe she live at that apartment" rena said

"Really ?"

"Yeah , and what should we do know ?"

"Rena , I'm thinking about something we can do"

"What is it ?"

"How about we rent an apartment next to her ? If there's have one"

"Good idea , should we go ask now ?"

"But we don't know which one is her apartment"

"Sayaka , can you handle these things ?" Miyuki ask

"I don't know too , maybe I can , let me try it"
Do something

"Hey , we're lucky enough !"

"Why ?" Jurina confuse

"There's someone want to rent her apartment , but I don't know it's next to her or not"

"Good , I will handle the rest , and maybe tomorrow we can use the apartment already" black said

"Let's go back first , we have to work tomorrow and I'm hungry" yuki continue


"What should I cook for my dinner now ?"

Mayu go to take the ingrediants for her dinner but she found nothing at her freezer then decide to go to market around there . She forgot the take her purchase so she go back , when she back , she saw someone familiar.

"Isn't that yuki ? No , she's black , what Is she doing there ? some business maybe , I wonder how yuki has been doing now" continue what she want to do

The market

Mayu take everything she want to bought and go home with her hand full of plastic bag

"This is so heavy" slowly walking

"Mayu !" Someone calling her

"Ohhh , acchan sen-- , what are you doing here ?" Almost forget shouldn't call her sensei outside

"I'm on my way to my apartment"

"Really ?"

"Yes , and you ?"

"Same with you , I just go to market to buy something"

"That seem heavy , let me help you" get some of the plastic bag

"Thank you acchan , you save me" feel relief

"Welcome , anyway where's your apartment ?"

"Not far from here , do you want to come ?"

"Can I ?"

"Of course , we're here , my room is number 13"

"13 ? That one ?" Pointing to a door

"No , not that one , but that" mayu pointing the other

"Eh? There's two 13 ? How come ?" Confused

"Well , I don't really know , there's already have two since I came here , let's go"

"I see"

"Here, come in"

When maeda go in , she is surprised with what she saw

"This is ..?"

"Ah , it's all mine , don't mind it"

"But , you're too amazing , your room is full of computer" still shocked

"Well , I use it to spy on someone , but I haven't been use it lately"

"Who did you spy ?"

"Someone I love you can say ?"

"Really ? I wonder who's the lucky person"

"I think she's not that lucky if I love her"

"No , she's really lucky"

"Okay , let's leave that topic , have you eaten yet ?"


"Do you want a ramen ? Or spaghetti ? , I will make it with mine too"

"Really ?I prefer ramen and thank you"

"Okay, welcome"

"So , acchan , where is your apartment exactly ?"

"I think around her only have this apartment" she continue

"Actually .., I live at this apartment too"

"E-eh ?" Surprised

"I think I will tell you later thought"

"You live here ? Since when ? Why did I never saw you here ?"

"Don't worry , I just come here"

"Really ? Where's your room ?"

"I'm Number 11, I want to rent the 12 but someone already rent it first"

"It's really close with mine"

"Yup , so if you need anything just call me"

"Thank you acchan"

"No problem , anyway , I really curious with the other no.13 room"

"That room ? I really curious too , but seem like there's someone who rent that room , but .."


"But I never saw someone from that room , I just sometime hear a laughing and crying sound"

"that give me a chill , a girl or boy ?"

"A girl"

"Just don't tell me that's a ghost"

"Who knows ? I'm the only one who can hear it"

"Ehhhh ???? , mayu , please don't scare me like that"

"Really ? Sorry then , but it's true , I'm the only one who can hear it here"

"Why is it like that ?"

"Well , when I make a deal and come back , I started to can hear and saw something like 'ghost' "

"Uso--" surprised

"But I'm not really sure , ah , the ramen is ready"

"Wahh , it's been a long time since I eat this"

"Ramen is no good too if you eat it everyday"

"Hehe, once is enough then"



"But that's mean no one live there right ?"

"No . Thanks for the food"

"Ehh ?"

"Yeah , I think there's someone live there , it's just that I never saw one"

"I see , thanks for the food"

"So what did you mean ?"

"I mean there's someone live there with the ghost"

"Mayu , right now I'm really scared"

"Don't worry , I just live here , but there's nothing happen , so it's okay"

"That's a relief , anyway what time is it?"


"Wah , it's late , I have to go now ,bye  mayu" take her thing

"Okay, bye"

"It's a good thing I have someone to talk to" mayu go to take a bath


"Okay , now , where's that midget useless god ?"

"I'm here acchan"

"What are you doing there ?"

"You can't see ? I have a work to done , and please don't call me midget"

"It's not like you have something good to do , and you're a midget"

"Who said ? You want me to help watanabe mayu right ? Right now I'm doing that project"

"Eh ? Really ?"

"Yeah ,I want to grant your wish , but it's really hard to do , so I need a support from my wife"

"I know you're the best god " give a peck

"Okay , I have my power back" continue his work

"But , there's a consequence right ?"

"Yeah , I hope all of you can bear with it"

"Don't worry kai , everything you do is the best way"

"Thank you"

"I will leave first , see you"

"Wait , why did you live at the apartment and become a teacher ?"

"Well , I want to help her"


"To be herfriend"

"I see..."

"Un , jaa-ne"

"I wonder what will happen if this thing disappear" murmur to himself

"Mom,Dad, I'm home"

"Welcome back yuki , where's black ?"

"Ah , she has something to do , she will come back soon"

"I'm home"

"Oh , black , welcome home"

"Have you done ?" Yuki whisper , black nodding

"Have both of you eaten yet ?"

Yuki and black looking each other , "nope"

"What do you want to eat ? I will cook it for you"

"Anything" , both said in the same time


Their mom make them something delicious for them and of course they really enjoy it too remembering they're really hungry . The family have a little talk at first , then black put the topic about what they're doing right now . Yuki didn't expect black would said that to their parents and of course their parents didn't give any reaction.

"Listen black , yuki , I think that's something you don't have to do"

"Why ?"

"I just think it's no good"

"What is the good then ?"

"Don't mind whatever you felt , I'm scared it will hurt the other"

"I can't dad , I have decided to do this together with yuki and the other , so don't mind our business then." Both the girl go upstairs

"Why can't both of you listen to your dad once ?"

"So what should we do next ?"

"I have rent the  apartment and I think that really next to that girl , should we live at that apartment for sometimes ?"

"Why not ? But , what should we do after that ?"

"Be friend with her ?"

"Soka.. , black , she might be someone really important to us right ?"


"What about the thing father said earlier ?"

"Which one ?"

"It will hurt the other , dad mean is that girl right ?"

"Who know , let's not think about that ,we have to think how can we move to that apartment , I think dad won't allow us "

"Actually I have a good idea"

Whispering to black her idea

"You're really my sister !"

The next day

"Finally !!" Kai shout really happy

"I haven't sleep for 2 days , or maybe 3 ? Don't know , what I know is the project finally done !" Holding a red and blue ball

"Okay , so what's the next should I do ? Giving back their memory ? Let's see what are they doing right now" go to the monitor room

"What is this ? They have done this far ? I just left them for awhile , what should you do now kai ?"

"You don't have to give them their memory back I think ?"

"Shinoda , finally you come too , what are you planning ?"

"Me ? I didn't plan anything"

"Please just leave them alone"

"Why should I leave them ?I didn't do anyrhing"

"If you dare do something bad to them , I will not forgive you , remember that !"

"Oops , the god mustn't mad" grinning then disappear

"Come on , why is this so many work I have to done ? And should I give them their memory back now ?" Confused

"Okay , first , what did shinoda planning to do ?"

"Checking his monitor and didn't find shinoda mariko"

"What did he done ?? , come on , you're the witch god , think harder !!" Hitting his own head

"KAI!" Kai look to the sound

"F-father ? What are you doing here ?" Startled

"Can't I watch my ex-work place ?"

"No , but I believe you have something to say"

"You're really my son"

"Of course"

"So , I think you have to give them back their memories and ,"

"And what ?"

"And borrow their power to fight that little brat , you can't fight him alone"

"how strong is he that I can't fight him ?"

"He's stronger than your father ! , that's enough to explain how strong is he Now kai" kai a little shocked

"O-okay , I will give them back their memory but not today, I have something to do first"

"The rest is yours" , his father go back

"It's gonna be a long day"


"Yuki , that's the girl right ?"


"I think she want to go to school now" , yuki didn't said anything

"look , she's going with a girl , but I think she is not a student" yuki still didn't said anything

"Yuki ?"


"Are you okay ?"

"Y-yeah" a little sad

"Let's go , there's still a long day"


They follow mayu till her school and they go in to the school without someone knowing with some trick of course

"Black , should we really use this all day ?"

"Why ? It's cute on you"

"But we're not even a student , and where did you got this uniform from ?"

"You didn't want to know it , so just use it"

"O-okay ? Hey , that's jurina right ?"

"Yeah , she sure is popular"

All the girl standing around jurina holding a gift , cake , drink and other thing all for jurina . Then jurina saw yuki and black hiding and she hurry go to meet them . Yuki and black explain why they're here and jurina decide to take part but thing doesn't go well.

"Jurina , I think you made us not comfortable with all your fans surrounding us"

"Sorry , what should I do then ?"

"Anything ? Search for her name maybe ?"

"Right ! I will ask them" go to asking to her fans

"I have know it , she is Watanabe mayu"

"Mayu-yu ?" Feel familiar name

"Hm? Only mayu"

"But I think I always call 'mayuyu' name back then"

"Mayuyu?I think I have never call someone mayuyu" black said

"Me too" jurina continue

"Is that so ? But I'm sure I have call that name before"

"Let's see at her class" they go to mayu class and saw what mayu done , but they didn't find mayu

"Where is she ?" Black asking to jurina

"How can I knew it ??"

"Your fans ?"

"They don't know either , seem like she never talk to anyone"

"Is that even possible ?"


"Then , she must be at the rooftop" black said

"How can you know it ?"

"Just believe me , I have met someone like this before , and she will be at rooftop if she's not at class"

When they just want to go to the rooftop something happened , and suddenly they're not in the school anymore but ,,,

"Hello , I'm sure you haven't meet me before"

"So , who are you ?"

"Matsui Jurina , Kashiwagi Yuki and Black , welcome to my world , I'm your god"

"God ? Wait , you're the witch god ?"

"That's true matsui jurina , and just call me Kai"

"Okay , kai , why is us at here ?" Black said

"I come to show and ask you something"

"What is it ?"

"You know her right ?" Showing a monitor

"She's Watanabe Mayu ?"

"That's right , do you know who is she ?"

"We don't know anything  about her"

"I will tell you , actually you know her , especially kashiwagi yuki , she's really close with you"

"E-eh ? But I don't remember"

"All of you will not remember her except I give back all your memory about her"

"What the hell ? What the thing you have been doing ?"

"Calm down matsui-san , this is all watanabe choice to help the kashiwagi"

Kai told them what mayu have done for her and how is mayu do in her life and also told them his project

"Why don't you just give us back our memories ?"

"I can't do it now , but , will all of you help me ?"

"What will happen when your project is being done ?"

"Something will disappear from this world"

"What is that ?"

"Our power."

"W-what ? Then what will happen with you"

"I don't know too , please don't tell this girl" showing maeda picture

"Aren't she is the one with mayu ?"

"Yup she is. She come to the world to help watanabe mayu"

"Who is she ?"

"My Wife"

"Okay, now I will show you how watanabe mayu live without all of you"

Kai show them a monitor that let them saw what mayu have been doing on her life lately , her life without anyone until maeda come. They saw Mayu that always alone and sad thinking about something they don't know.
when yuki saw mayu crying , she feels like her heart is slice into a piece , she can bear it when she saw mayu crying and she don't know why she feel pain every time she saw mayu sad alone.

"Yuki , are you okay ?"

Yuki didn't reply black and start to crying silently , she didn't know why she cried for someone she don't really know who

"Kai-sama , what have you done to yuki ?"

"What ? I didn't do anything matsui-san , I only show you WATANABE MAYU daily life" calmly said

"Mayu.. , who is she to us ?" Jurina seem sad too
"Mayu-yu..." Yuki suddenly pass out

Sorry for the bad english
I hope the story is not getting more boring
Thank you and leave comment :D

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Re: .FORGET. (Mayuki + other , fanfics) UPDATED!! Chapter 8 part 2
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 :cry: :cry: :cry:

I'm so happy when kai-sama want to give their memories back...  :)

But.... their power will be gone?!!!! :O

I hope yuki okay...

Please update soon author-san!  :bow:
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Re: .FORGET. (Mayuki + other , fanfics) UPDATED!! Chapter 8 part 2
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Kai why dont u just give them their memories back!!!

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Re: .FORGET. (Mayuki + other , fanfics) UPDATED!! Chapter 8 part 2
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 :panic: :panic: there anyrhing to not make their power gone  :panic: :panic:
 :( :( Mayu-yu :cry: :cry:

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Re: .FORGET. (Mayuki + other , fanfics) UPDATED!! Chapter 8 part 3
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Part 3

It's all pitch black , nothing but black

"W-where am I ?" Looking around


Trying to figure who is calling her , "Mayu-yu ? Where am I ?"

"This is your dream"

"M-My dream ? But why you're here ? And I don't remember you at all"

"But your heart remember it" half of her is going to disappear

"Wait ! Who are you to me ?"

"Believe your feelings , you'll know it then" completely dissappear

"Wait!! Mayuuu!!!" , wake up from her dreams

"Yuki ,  are you okay ?"

"Eh ? Where am I ?"

"You are still at my place kashiwagi yuki-san"

"I see ..."

"You seem like you have a dream , What are you dreaming about yuki?" Jurina ask


"What is it about ?"

"She said , my heart remember"

"What does that mean ?" Looking to kai

"That's what she mean , your heart"

"What's the connection ?"

"I have said right ? She's someone important to you especially Yuki"

"Don't you feel how important is she to you yuki-san ?"

"Why don't you just give our memories back"

"I can't , I have something to do , I will give it back when the times come , I will send you back"

"I hope she can remember her now "


Kai send them back to the rooftop

"We're back right ?"


"Hey , that's mayu" jurina saw mayu sitting and hearing her music

"What is she doing ?"

"Just hearing music and... looking to the sky"

"Yuki , what should we do now ?" Black didn't get any reply

"Yuki" looking to yuki but find no one

"Where is yuki ?"

"There" pointing to yuki who is standing right in front of mayu

"W-What is she doing there ?" Starled

"Let's not interupt them , let them talking , remember she's someone really important to yuki"

"Let's just watch them then." Smiling


She didn't look to yuki "Y-you know me ?" With a sad tone

"I'm really sorry"

"For what ?" Still not looking to yuki

"Please look at me , Mayuyu..." Her tears seem falling down

"It's not like I know y--" she realise  yuki is crying

"Yukirin ? What happen ? Why are you crying ?"Holding yuki face

"I'm really sorry Mayuyu , I'm really mean to you , sorry , really sorry , sorry .. " hug Mayu and keep saying the same word while she's crying

"Yukirin ... Don't tell me  .."

"I'm really sorry , even thought I said that I won't forget you anymore"

"I don't mind Yukirin , at least you have remember right ?"

"Black , you know what this mean ?"

"This mean yuki have remember her" smiling relief

"That's good , then how about us ?"

"I think just you , I have remember from the start"

"W-what ??" Confused

"I don't know how , but I have remember and keep pretending to not" calmly

"Then how about the other ?"

"Actually , all of you can remember her now"

"Now ?"

"I will ask , who is mayu to you ?"

"She's my best-friend , Eh ?"

"Right ? You have remember"

"But how ?"

"Yuki is the key for all of this"

"Really ? " Run to mayu

"Mayu!!!!" Jump to mayu and both fall

"Itai.... , jurina ?"

"I really miss you and really sorry" hugging her bestfriend

"It's alright"

"So, should we go meet the other ? , they keep calling me" showing her phone call history

"Black , how can you remember her that fast ?"

"I don't really know yuki , let's just go meet the other , right mayu?"

"Haik" nodding with smile

"Wait! I and mayu didn't have to go to class ? We still at school time now "

"Don't mind that jurina , let's go to mayu house first"

"My house ? You mean my apartment ?"

"I mean your parents , all will go to your house"

"My parents ? That's mean your parents will come too ?" Looking to yuki and black

"Nah, Mayuyu , don't worry about my parents"

"That's right mayu , let's go"


"Sayanee , do you know what this mean ?"

"Well,  Miyuki ,  let's go to her house first"

While they're on their way , the other like kojima and yuko have arrived first cause they're working under watanabe family company , so they can come anytime. Rena is on her way too. They arrive faster than yuki group.

"Everyone have come ?"

"Kashiwagi parents haven't come yet"


"That must be them" go to open the door

"Hello Kashiwagi-san , please go inside"

"So , what should we do now ?"

"Wait for them"

"I'm feeling that something bad gonna happen"

"Everyone feels that too , right ? But , let's celebrate for Mayu today"

The yuki group has come , when they go in , no one speak , there is just silent then almost everyone start to crying just the kashiwagi that didn't crying.

"Mayu-channnn , it's Father fault , gomen -ne " cry and trying to hug her daughter but being rejected then her mom hug her instead

"Mayu-chan , we are really sorry , we didn't remember our own daughter"

"It's alright , it's not your fault afterall"

All of them said sorry to mayu and celebrate for her happily , but something keep bothering them , however they still let it and keep going.


"Mayu , can you sleep ?" Looking to mayu

"I can't" looking back

"You know ? I really miss you"

"Yup, I know"

"Then ..." Yuki give a peck to mayu , mayu didn't wait and immediately give yuki a kiss

"I really love you" mayu said between their kiss , and they spend their night with kissing after a long time. They didn't realise yuki parents is hearing their conversation

"Otou-san , you can't disallow their relationship"


"Otou-san , they really loving each other , and to think mayu would do something like this just for yuki , don't you think she is really a good girl ?"

"But mayu is a girl , you want yuki to marry a girl ? "

"So what if she's a girl ? It's not like yuki will be happy with a boy. Let's go home!" , the father can't say anything anymore

All of them have a sleepover at watanabe house , their room is more than  enough for everyone to sleep , but they didn't sleep alone , the couple sleep together.

"Again ? Why did this always happen"

"That's why you should fine your couple faster"

"You are one to said"

"Sleeping together is fun right ?"

"Miyuki , it's fun but not with sayaka"

"What that's mean ?"

"Hurry confess to her"

"Ehh ?? W-what are talking about"

"Hurry confess your love to her , then I have a reason to sleep alone"

"Woah , sayanee , you have someone you like , who is that?"

"Miyuki , you didn't have to ask that"

"Eh, why ?"

"Beacuse That girl is y-"

"BLACK!!!" Covering black mouth with her hand

"Y-- ? Who is that ? Her name start with 'Y' ?"

"W-well , yes" looks down

"Shut your mouth next time" whispering to black

"Why don't you just tell her.."

"It's Impossible , she love someone"



"Guess you are not going to tell me , then I will find out by myself"

"Do whatever you want ?"

----The next day----


The door opened , "what is it ? Everyone wake this early ?"

"Hurry go in kashiwagi-san , Matsui-san , let's discuss what keep bothering us"

"Ah , that thing ..."

All sit in their seat silently..

"So , anyone know what is it that keep bothering us ?"

"I know it " rena father said , rena is a little surprised to know her parents would come at first , but she know why they come

"What is it ?"

"Someone gonna attack us soon" all got surprised except rena and her parents

"Who? And why?!"

"He is someone I know , he come to take black and Yuki"

"What ?!" Black father shocked the most

"He want to use her power to destroy us , no, this world"

"We have to hurry stop him !"

"He's somewhere we can't find , his power already surpassing us , he's really strong"

When they keep silent and thinking , suddenly kai come together with acchan , but they didn't notice her

"Ohayou gozaimasu"

"Who are you ?"

"Let me introduce myself once again , I'm Kai , your god"

"You are the witch god ?"

"Yup , your child already know it anyway"

"Kai-sama ? Why did you come here"

"Oh , hello Mayu , long time no see , how have you been doing ?"

"I'm really fine"

"Good , okay , now I will tell you why I came here"

"Wait , who's she ?" Rena noticed

"Ahh , she ? She's my wife , Maeda Atsuko"


"Eh ? Acchan ?"

"Hello Mayu"

"You're the god wife ? Why you didn't tell me ?"

"Save the explanation for later , let's hear what this midget want to say first"

"Okay , wait! Don't call me midget"

"Just hurry say it"

"Right , I want all of you to help me"

"Help you ?" Yuko didn't understand

"Yes , help me to beat that guy , I think you know who's that guy , right ?"

"Do you mean shinoda mariko ?" Rena father said calmly

"That's him"

"He's really strong now you know that right ? I just know it thought"

"I know where is he , but I can't fight him alone , he's much stronger than me"

"And what if we can't fight him too ?"

"Don't worry , you just have to fight him for awhile , so that I can do what should I do"

"I don't really mind , but please don't kill him"

"I understand Matsui-san and for all , I'm really sorry for what will happen to us"

"What did you mean ?"

"Nothing . right now he's right there" kai told them the place and told them how to fight him so that they are not going to being hurt to much

"And matsui jurina-san , can you come with me ? "

"Eh ? But I'm going to fight right ?"

"No , you're going to help me with your power"

"My power ? How ?"

"You can make someone power increase right ?"

"Maybe ?"

"Then help me with your power , let's go , and the other hurry go to his place"

"Wait!" All looking to jurina

"Rena-chan , make sure you're okay and  mayu, please protect her"

"Don't worry Jurina, she's gonna be okay" smile

"Okay , now  hurry move"

With that last word from jurina , all of them go to where they supposed to go , and ready to
Face what they supposed to face


"This is really interesting , right ?"

"Mariko , they want to fight you , you know ?"

"So ? They are going to lose anyway"

"Kai is planning something we don't know"

"Whatever he do won't change anything"

"Let's just see what will kai do"

Sorry for the bad english
Thank you so much for the comment :)

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Re: .FORGET. (Mayuki + other , fanfics) UPDATED!! Chapter 8 part 3
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Yes they get their memories back..and Yuki parents seem to agree Yuki with Mayu relationship

Ohhh...i cant wait to see the batle

Update soon!!

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