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Author Topic: Pioneer Guardians Chapter 4 20.08.2015 Atsumina,Kojiyuu, Mayuki  (Read 14078 times)

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Hello Minna!

This is a project I've been working on for awhile now. Bouncing ideas off my sister and friends. I've finally wrote some stuff down.

Here is the Prologue.



Mariko stands in front of her school horrified at the scene before her. Her precious school is engulfed in flames. Students crawling on the ground trying to catch their breath. Running away from the burning building.

She sees a small figure shouting instructions. That figure and height she'd recognize anywhere. The authority of her stance so distinct. It was none other than Takahashi Minami.

Looking calm and collected despite the disastrous event happening, Takamina is shouting instructions.

"#+%-! Help move these walls, there are people stuck under it" Shouts Takamina over the chaos.

"Got it!" Was the reply before the fallen walls begin to lift themselves off the ground exposing injured students under. The face Mariko couldn't make up.

"$+@(#$%&! We need extra help to get them out if there." Takamina looks at the other girl.

"Alright!" The voice says as the person sends what looks like a small army help pull the injured from under the collapsed wall

Mariko squints her eyes to see who the president was talking to but no success. The only face clearly visible was the small girl.

"$%@&-#$&(! There are people stuck in the rooms. See if you can get them out of there" Takamina points at a taller girl

"Hai!" She replies before disappearing before Mariko could see who it was

"@(#@&& and %#%-!*# you need to put out the fire." Instructs Takamina spotting another two girls

"We're on it!" They reply in unison as water make its way into the fire dowsing it. In that same instant, thunder came as a warning for the rain thats about to fall.

"Takamina-san! They're coming!" Shouts a girl. Mariko still baffled at the fact that no one elses face is visible other than Minami.

Takamina stays still for a bit as if to lock in a location.

Horror struck her face as seven silhouettes emerge from the falling Pioneer Gakuen.

Losing her breath as if a fish out of the water Mariko clenches her chest. Closing her eyes in pain. Opening them, she finds herself back in her office. Her office, located in Pioneer Gakuen which is still intact and whole

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Re: This is our home. We will protect it.
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Interesting. Premonitions are usually a good sign for an intriguing story. Never know which way a story might go.  I'm curious to know what happens next.  :thumbup

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Re: This is our home. We will protect it.
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Nice story! :) and it's rare to see fics with Mariko now. I'm looking forward to this one. Slighlty hoping for mariharu here :) but nonetheless this seems promising! :)

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So Mariko has premonitions then interesting 

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The prologue looks really good!!!!
Very interested to see what happens next!!!!
Can you update it tomorrow pls lol >_<

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Re: Pioneer Guardians. Atsumina, Kojiyuu Mayuki and lots of others
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Interesting prologue.. Marichan has powers to look into the future eh?
The pairings are  :nya:
Kojiyuu, atsumina and mayuki.. *nosebleeds
Hope to see you update aoon! :glasses:
Mainly Kojiyuu shipper! But I also enjoy Atsumina, Wmatsui, Mayuki, Marimii, Tomotomo, Yuiparu, Sayamilky.
Well basically the mainstream pairings. :33

Humans and Robots (Kojiyuu + Others) [COMPLETED]

Love Within The Club (Kojiyuu)

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Re: Pioneer Guardians. Atsumina, Kojiyuu Mayuki and lots of others
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It is definitely an interesting one.
I am already very into it just by reading the prologue
The description of the scene is very lively.
And I am now wondering if people in this fiction will have supernatural power or what,
coz Mariko sama seems amused by how Takamina instructing the girls around her.
and by how Mariko sama herself cannot see clearly about the others except Takamina.

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I hope you enjoyed the Prologue.

I am posting Chapter 1 today.

I hope you like it.

Please leave me your comments.

Chapter 1

"I hope my speech is good enough for this morning’s orientation" a short girl says with a worried look. Releasing a heavy sigh only to find out that she's been talking to herself. Turning around, she sees that her friend still hasn't crossed the street and is chatting up some of their classmates. "Flirting as always" she mutters to herself. Yelling, "Oi! Yuko! Hurry up. We can't be late!" Making sure she's heard.

"Yea Yea. I'm coming." Yuko shouts back her friend before bowing to her other female classmates "Sorry ladies. Ms. Student council president is calling" flashing a smile before running to catch up with her friend.

"You as the student council vice president should know better than anyone that we can't afford to be late. Especially on the first day of school" the shorter girl says slightly shaking her head

"I know I know. By the way how's your speech going?" Yuko changes the subject to avoid further scolding

"Its okay I guess. I mean I've memorized it. Just worried if it'll be good enough" she replies frowning

Punching the other girl, "Relax Takamina.!"

"Itai!" Takamina rubs her shoulder "What was that for!?"

"Well it's not like you'll bruise." Yuko replies laughing.

"Shut up. It still hurts" Takamina says pouting

"All I'm saying is you'll be fine.  Once people get over how short you are, you're actually a really good public speaker." Yuko laughs

Rolling her eyes "You're not that much taller that I am. And Thanks." Takamina defends her height. Slightly grateful for the nonchalant way her friend eases her nervousness

"I can't believe it's raining on our first day back to school though." Yuko looks up watching the water hit her umbrella

Getting her hand wet, Takamina replies "I kind of like the rain. I find it very soothing"

"On the other hand, I see it as the tears of all the kouhais joining our high school for the first time today." Yuko says with a smirk "All these nervous tears" she adds evilly with a giggle

Takamina and Yuko was far from being late. Since Takamina loves to be punctual, she's managed to convince Yuko that they should be at school at least an hour before the assembly so she could practice her speech.

"I hope there's a lot of cute girls this year" Yuko giggles imagining her new kouhais

"You're such a pervert." Takamina can only laugh at her friends pervertness. She personally haven't been a victim but she's grateful for that.

"I-i mean. I hope we have a lot of kouhais that we can teach and guide this year" Yuko quickly retracts her comment seeing the school headmaster walk by. Hoping she wasn't heard.

"Ohayo Gozaimasu Mariko - Sama" the two bows to their headmaster who is elegantly holding her umbrella

Surprised, she sees her student council president and vice president bowing. "Ohayo! You two are early today"

"Takamina here." Yuko points at her friend. "Being the overachiever that she is. Wanted to practice her speech first before the new students arrive"

"Hai" Takamina nods her head. Though shooting a glare at her friend for being called a overachiever.

"Ah I see. Well, I have still have other things to prepare so I will see you at the assembly" Mariko waves as she walks away

"She's scary sometimes you know." Takamina says

"Mariko-sama? Scary?" Yuko stifles in her laughter

Watching the headmaster disappear into the distance "Yea. It's like she knows everything. Like she just KNOWS!"

"Oh Bakamina. You're a great leader and speaker but you have no clue on how to explain yourself." Yuko continues to laugh

Takamina looks at her surrounding looking serious.

"Eh? What's wrong with y-" Takamina puts a finger to her lips signaling Yuko to stop talking

"Can you hear that?" Takamina says trying to listen

"Hear what?" Yuko tilts her head. She then hears a faint barking in a distance. "Oh that. It’s a dog. It sounds like its hurt"

"It does. I think it needs help. I can hear it crying. But the sound is so low I can't figure out where it’s coming from." Takamina says as she hears the faint sound of the dog whining

"You should use it." Yuko looks at her friend not with a smile this time. But with seriousness in her eyes

"I don't know Yuko. I'm not comfortable using it in public" says the uncertain Takamina

The dog lets out a loud cry making them both cringe

"It really sounds like it needs help Takamina. Plus what public. It’s just the two of us here" Yuko points at their surrounding

Unable to stop the urge to help the poor dog Takamina finally agrees "Fine. Let me concentrate for a second"

Takamina stands still concentrating, and after a couple of seconds she finally speaks up. "It’s behind the school auditorium"

"What are you waiting for? Hurry let's go!" Dropping her umbrella, Yuko bursts into a sprint heading towards the animal. "Still freaks me out every time you do that." she says looking back at the shorter girl.

"Shut up. Do you want to find the dog or not.” Takamina follows suit running after her friend

Stopping on their tracks seeing the sight before them behind the auditorium.

"I didn't know the school was replacing all the desks." Takamina looks at the mountain of desks

The dog let's out another cry

"I think it’s buried in there" Yuko points at the desks

"What are we going to do? There's too much desks to move and they're not light." Takamina now realizing that she and Yuko are drenched from the rain

"Don't worry I'll take care of it" Yuko says with a different look in her eyes

"Don't someone might see you" Knowing all too well what the other girl meant

"Relax Bakamina. If you still haven't noticed, it’s still just the two of us here. If it makes you feel better keep an eye out for me." Yuko waving off the latter's worry

"Fine. Just hurry up" Takamina concentrates another time as her friend works on the desks

Within a minute, the president looks at the mountain of desks one more time just to find them organized in neat rows.

She finds Yuko holding a small brown dog in her arms. "Is it okay?" She asks

"No. I don't think so. It’s got a broken leg" the squirrel looks down at the shivering dog in her arms

"I'll help her. Give her to me." Yuko hands the pup to her friend

Yuko being the animal lover that she is could not handle the sight of the hurt dog anymore. She then focuses her attention to Takamina who is now rubbing its leg. Muttering "You'll be okay sweetie. We've got you." To the scared animal.

After a few seconds, Takamina looks at Yuko catching her eyes and smiles. Kneeling on the ground, she gently lets the dog go.

To Yuko's surprise, the dog is no longer in pain and is now running happily around the two of them.

Takamina stands up only to feel herself stumble and lose balance. Yuko quickly catches her friend from falling. "I forget how much toll it does to you when you do that."

"I'll be fine. But look at her. She looks so happy. I wonder who she belongs to." Takamina looks at the dog who is excitedly wagging its tail.

“Mei-chan!” a distance voice calls out

“EH!?” Yuko says looking surprised “I thought it was just the two of us here”

“It was. I was keeping an eye remember?” Looking at her friend. “I hope whoever it is didn’t see what we were doing” Takamina adds worriedly

“Mei-chan!” the figure become clearer as it runs towards them

The animal runs towards its owner barking happily.

“Oh! It’s Nyan Nyan!” Yuko says bouncing up and down seeing who it was

The girl heads towards them with Mei-chan in her arms. “Nya~! You found Mei-chan.! Arigatou!” she bows gratefully

Yuko runs towards the girl with her arms out for a hug. “Anything for my Nyan Nyan!”

The taller girls puts her hand on Yuko’s forehead putting her into arm’s length before the pervert could wrap her arms around her.

Takamina laughs at the scene before her. “Ohayo Nyan Nyan! How was your summer?”

Still keeping Yuko at bay “It was great thanks Takamina. I got Mei-chan during summer vacation” Nyan Nyan smiles as the pup licks her cheek

“Mou~ Nyan Nyan!" Yuko protests while the taller girl keeps her at an arms length

Takamina looks at her friend soaking wet only then to realize that she's still in her pajamas "Eh. Nyan Nyan. You're not thinking of attending the first day of school on your pajamas are you?"

Nyan Nyan looks down at herself "Yabbai!! I forgot!"

"I guess you'll won't make it to the assembly. It starts in ten minutes. You still have to go home and get ready for school." Yuko eyes Nyan Nyan pervertedly

"Yabbai! I have to go now. See you you later" the taller girl runs towards the school

Turning into the building, Yuko runs after the girl "You're going the wrong way!"

Takamina watches the scene in front of her and sees Yuko heading back to her looking confused. "What's wrong?"

"I don't know. She's not there anymore" Yuko scratches her head

"She know some shortcut through the school to get home. Lucky it stopped raining" Takamina replies looking at the clearing sky

"Hmm. Maybe. But what are we going to do. Our uniforms are soaked and the assembly starts in less than 10 minutes" worried tone escapes Yuko

"Don't worry. I have spare clothes in my bag just in case I ruin my uniform during the day." Takamina says a matter-of-factly

"Sugoi! Eh! But what about me!?" Frowns the squirrel

"I packed two. I know what whenever a mess happens you're somehow always with me. Let's go" Takamina walks towards the school

Squeezing Takamina into a tight hug "You're the bestest President Ever!"


Mayuyu taps her foot on the ground as she checks her watch waiting for her friend to arrive.

Watching the rain fall around her, she fixes her fringe. The rain never bothered her. Her bangs are what worried her more than anything. Constantly fixing it, hoping that all the effort she spent on it this morning doesn't go to waste.

"She should be here any second." Mayu murmurs to herself as she looks up and in that instant, sees her friend turn the corner

With a black aura surrounding her, the taller girl makes her way towards Mayu.

"Uh oh. Here we go again" Mayu whispers as if bracing herself. "Ohayo. Yukirin!!" Beginning to walk with her friend

"Un." Was all the reply she got

"It's our first day of high school. You should cheer up." Sighing Mayu

"I know its our first day of school" Yukirin rolls her eyes

"And I know you're just nervous. But at least try not to dampen up everyone else's day" Mayu replies sticking her hand out of the umbrella playing with the raindrops

Yukirin looks up at the sky. "Ugh. I know. I can't help it. And I'm no good when it comes to meeting new people"

Mayu pats Yukirin on the back "You'll be fine. Plus lucky we have each other. Shame our middle school friends didn't pass the entrance exam to get into Pioneer Gakuen though."

"Nah uh" Yukirin shakes her head "You got in because you're a genius. I on the other hand, had your help to get in" says Yukirin cringing at the rigorous "training" Mayu had her go through

"Sure I helped you study. But you shouldn't sell yourself short. You took that exam on your own. I didn't do it for you. You did well enough to remember everything I taught you. You passed Yukirin. Not me." Mayu reassures her friend

"Yea Yea" Yukirin's mood is not changing at all

"Here" Mayu hands the taller girl a small plastic container

Yukirin tilts her head "Eh? Nani?"

"I know how you get nervous around new people. So I figured I should have a contingency plan. Open it." The shorter girl nods her head towards the container

Yukirin's eyes opens up and her black aura suddenly disappears "Watermelon!" She says looking at the neatly sliced fruit

Mayu smiles at herself with satisfaction

"Thank you!!" Yukirin manages to let out with her mouthful enjoying her treat

"You're welcome" Mayu says with self satisfaction knowing full well that watermelons are her best friends' favorite food.

"Ah. I feel so much better" Yukirin says devouring the last slice of the fruit

Mayu looks at the clearing sky. "I'm glad" Happy that her bangs are no longer in danger from the rain

"You really know how to cheer me up. Thank you so much" Yukirin looks sincerely at her friend

"I've known you since we were in grade school. I'd be a terrible friend if I didn't know the things you like." Mayu replies taking something out of her pocket "Look what I made" shows a miniature robotic giraffe on her palm.

"Oh Sugoi! I always find it amazing when you build things" Yukirin mesmerized at the figure watching it pace back and forth on Mayu hand.

"Here" Mayu places the robot on Yukirin's palm

"Ah! Kawaii!!!!" Yukirin watches the giraffe glide around her hand with life like movements.

"She's yours now. You can call her Kirin" Mayu says proudly

"Really?! Thank you Mayu!!" Yukirin let's out a childish smile.  Petting the toy on it's head.

"It'll keep you occupied if you can't make friends right away." Giggles Mayu.

"Mhmm" was all Mayu could hear from her friend who is now occupied with her new toy


A car pulls up in front of Pioneer Gakuen, window wipers removing the remnants of the rain minutes ago.

"We've arrived Itano-san" says the driver looking through his rear view mirror to see his passenger.

The smaller girl looks back at the driver showing a smile. "Thank you Togizaki-san. And please stop calling me Itano-san. You've been my manager since my debut as a singer and I think its time to drop the honorifics don't you think?"

Togizaki let's out a small laugh. "Okay. I'll pick you up after school Tomochin. You have an interview to attend"

"Hai. Thank you" she replies getting ready to get out the car

"Ano, Tomochin. If you need to lighten up your schedule let me know. It's not easy being a fulltime student and a celebrity at the same time" Togazaki informs the singer with a worried tone in his voice

"Ah. Togazaki-san. Thanks I'll keep that in mind. I love both work and school so I'm okay. Don't worry." Grateful for her thoughtful manager

"You're not superwoman, you know. There's only one you and you shouldn't excerpt yourself." Togazaki has grown to care for the girl as if she was his own daughter. Always looking out for her best interest and her well being.

Tomochin looks out the window as if to hide a smirk from her driver. "Oh Tomomi is here. I'll see you later!" Tomochin promptly exits the car and excitedly walks towards the school gate to her friend

Sighing "Kids these days" Togazaki drives off

"Ohayo Tomomi!" The popstar joins her friend

"Chiyuu?" Tomomi looks up from her phone and smiles as she sees her friend

"I guess chiyuu is a greeting now too?" Laughs Tomochin

Giggling, "How was your summer? chiyuu" Tomomi inquiries

"Busy as always. But fun!" Tomochin recalls her hectic schedule

"I don't know how you do it. Being a full time student with fantastic grades and a successful popstar. You're amazing chiyuu" Tomomi says in admiration

"Ah! We're the assembly is starting soon! Let's hurry" Tomochin says looking at her watch pulling the girl along with her to walk faster. Along with her career, Tomochin is an active member of the school body and never misses an event. She would like to be a good example to her kouhais.


Her eyes scanning the auditorium, Mariko takes in the sight before her. Looking the faces of her new and current students.

"Welcome everyone to Pioneer Gakuen. At first I thought that the rain would dampen our spirits today. But luckily Kami-sama decided to have the sun shine upon us today." Mariko pauses and smiles and the students "I'm sure you are all aware of our school's reputation. We are simply the best of the best. Each and everyone of you have managed to enter this amazing school because we believe ("mostly me" she whispers inaudible under her breath) that you will help this school maintain its name. Whether it be your intellect, athleticism or your artistry this school will help you hone your skills for your future careers. Also, if you do not meet the school standards, we have a dungeon for reflection to help you remember just what being in this wonderful school really means." Mariko-sama flashes a mischievous smile at her last statement "And now we will have your student council president Takamidg-et. Ah I mean Takahashi Minami" earning a giggle from Yuko who is standing by on the side. Having Takamina let out an audible sigh "Give you her welcome"

Mariko steps off the podium and walks towards Yuko. Giving Takamina an unbelievably strong pat on the back causing the small girl to stumble a couple of steps forward. "Ganbatte!" Mariko whispers to the president.

Takamina stands on the podium. "Thank you Mariko-sama" looking at the waving headmaster standing beside her best friend

"Good morning everyone! To our new students welcome! And our returning students who are now senpais welcome back! I hope that you all enjoyed your summer vacation. I hold Pioneer Gakuen very near to my heart. This place is home to me. And I'm sure most our returning students agree." Takamina pauses looking at the audience as the familiar faces nod at her comment. "This school is a place where we can grow and help us realize our dreams. We are a family here and always willing to lend a hand to anyone that needs help. So to our koukais, please do not be shy. Your seniors are here to help you. With everyone in this school. We can surpass any expectations that is already expected of our wonderful school. Together we can achieve our collective and individual dreams. The sky's the limit. Let's enjoy this new school year together." Minami finishes taking a couple of steps away from the podium. Only to return briefly "Oh, and by the way. Mariko-sama was kidding about the dungeon. We don't have one" Takamina smiles as she sees the relieved expressions of her juniors. And hears a collective laugh from the previous students.

Just as Takamina finishes, the PA goes off and a song plays. It's Sakura no shiori.

Sakura no hana wa wakare no shiori
Hirahira to te wo futta
Tomo no kao ga ukabu
Sakura no hana wa namida no shiori
Taisetsu na kono toki wo
Itsumademo wasurenu you ni...

Laughing a bit Takamina speaks on the mic. "Sorry MInna. Mariko-sama is a huge AKB48 fan. She thinks it'll be funny to have such a great make you fall asleep song be our morning bell. So now please head to your classes. And again Welcome to Pioneer Gakuen!"


"I can't believe our headmaster is an AKB48 fan." Yukirin's hand covering her mouth to hide her laughter. "That's great isn't it Mayu? You both have something in common" She beams at her friend. Who is now looking alert barely hearing what Yukirin had been saying.

Yukirin punches Mayu to get her attention. "Hey! What's wrong with you? I thought you'd be excited about the AKB thing." She tilts her head still observing her friend

Mayu turns her head to Yukirin looking serious. "We're not alone.. There are others like us"









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 lol maritroll   as always XD
i like this ^^ did mayu and yuki have any powers or something ?? its gonna be interesting
update soon

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  • atsumina forever (=^.^=)
I LIKE IT!!!!!!  :luvluv1: :luvluv1: :wriggly: :nya:
i wonder how mayu found out?  :dunno:
where is atsuko?  :pleeease: i need my atsumina  :fainted:
i really like ur idea  :hehehe:
but im still kind of confused about their powers  :dunno: i can't tell what powers they actually have
well, im sure u will go in to details late so imma wait for it  :bigdeal: :kekeke:
 thx for the update  and looking forward to the next chapter :kneelbow: :on drink:

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Great first chapter!

 So far i've liked how the characters are introduced with the core personalities of each character in mind. Takamina as the great leader we know her as and Yuko being the usual pervert Yuko we love and the Maritroll the others as well.

 I also like the friendships/relationships that have been predetermined so far. (Takayuu and MaYuki) HUGE MAYUKI SHIPPER BTW  :lol: :lol: :yep: :twothumbs
I wonder who else you'll be introducing as the story progresses. I for one am a sucker for the main OTPs so im definitely hoping for AtsuMina KojiYuu MaYuki and maybe even WMatsui  :cow: :cow: :cow:

Now for the story itself. So far I've found it very interesting and I have ESPECIALLY liked the very subtle hints/clues about each character thus far. I wonder if other readers will catch them as well.  :? :shocked :P

Looking forward to the next chapter. Update soon

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Hahahhaha..yukirin too nervous~it's hilarious~
So mayu yukirin..takamina and yuko are special..what bout the other??
takamidget and yuko so cool while saving the puppy~

Thanks for the update~
Live in the land of mist..nahh just kidding..
Live in the land of Wmatsui and Mayuki...
World of fantasy..World of Lalaland~

            (っ´▽`)っWmatsui~Mayuki ♡ (。’∀’。)

Tend to forget things but not mah fav author and fics

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  • 松井玲奈 looooooooooooooove~
It sound promissing

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First chapter is really good. Seems interesting.  :thumbsup
My favorite chibi twins are as awesome as always  :wub:
And the usual pervert yuuko  :lol:
So, the five of them have some sort of special power huh  8)
I wonder what they really are  :?
Please update soon  :bow:

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This fan fiction is great! Seems really well thought out. I hope you keep it up.

Looking forward to the next chapter!!!

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Hmm, Mariko's surely one of a kind principle  :bingo:
nonetheless this seems promising!  :ding:
since they seems to have some kinds of interesting powers, more over Takayuu in actions  :mon beam:
whew~ :mon XD:
can't wait to know each of their powers  :mon fyeah:

Oerall, Looking forward for your next update~! :shakeit: :mon bye:
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Re: Pioneer Guardians Chap.2 21.04.2015 Atsumina,Kojiyuu, Mayuki
« Reply #16 on: April 21, 2015, 11:02:28 AM »
Hi Minna!

Sorry its taking awhile to update. I've been busy with work but I'm trying my best.

I hope you like it!

Pioneer Guardians Chapter 2

While on her free period, Takamina takes a stroll along the school grounds enjoying whatever free time she has despite her busy schedule.

It being the first week of a school year, the place lively. She watches students walking by the school's big windows as they make their way to class. A smile forms on her face as she recalls her first time navigating through the world of Pioneer Gakuen.Who would have thought that she'd grow to love the place that once felt so vast and filled with the unknown.

Leaning against the fence, Takamina engrossed with her thoughts did not see the object flying straight at her head.

"Itai!" She yelps rubbing her head seeing a soccer ball bounce on the ground

"Oi. Bakamina! What are you day dreaming about?" A giggling Yuko walks towards the irate girl still rubbing her head

Takamina picks up the ball and with an unbelievable throw, hits Yuko straight on face

The president holds her stomach trying to catch her breath from laughing. "You deserved that one"

"Mouuu. It hurts" the other replies rubbing her nose dropping the bag of soccer balls she was holding

"Serves you right" Takamina crosses her arms. "What did you want anyways?"

"Nothing really, I was headed for soccer practice and I saw you so my instinct kicked in and I immediately wanted to bug you" Yuko bounces up and down on her heel full of energy as always.

Takamina rolls her eyes "You're annoying you know that?"

"And yet you still love me. My bff" Yuko flashes a smug look trying to grab her friend into a hug.

Takamina dodges the smaller girl and says "Oh look! Is that Nyan-Nyan?" Pointing near the school entrance at the taller girl walking while reading a magazine

Like a squirrel on alert, Yuko runs towards the girl calling her name "Nyan-Nyan!"

Takamina watches her friend Yuko make her way to the other girl. Nyan-nyan sees Yuko heading to towards her and began walking faster turning into a corner. Yuko follows suit only to emerge again scratching her head.

Confusion clearly visible on her face. "I lost her again"she flashes a frown

"She probably knows all the cracks and nooks of this place just to hide from your perverseness." Says Takamina in a matter of factly tone

"It's called skin ship Takamina. I can't help it if I want to hug her marshmallow body all the time." Yuko hugging herself imaging her Nyan-Nyan.

"Ugh." Was all Takamina could say rolling her eyes.

"Oh well, I have to go now. I have a soccer practice to go to. See you later Takamidget!!" Yuko waves running off.

"Oi!" Height was a sensitive topic for Takamina. "You're not that much taller than I am!" She yells after the other girl.

Yuko turns around sticking a tongue out. "Still TALLER than you!"

Just then Takamina notices that an extra soccer ball was left on the ground. Laughing to herself, she picks it up and throws it at her friend trying to hit her another time.

Watching the ball speed towards Yuko, it took a sudden halt just before it connects with her face and falls directly on Yuko's hands.

"Hey! That's not fair!" Takamina exclaims

Yuko doesn't reply, but simply walks away laughing loudly


On her way to back to the building, Takamina bumps into a student falling on the ground.

"Itai" she says rubbing her behind as she gets up

Looking down at the other person, it was one of the new students.

"Gomen, are you okay?" She extends her hand to the other girl

Looking up, she says "Ah! Gomenasai Takahashi-senpai"

Flashing a smile. "Don't worry about it." Just then, Takamina spots a bird on the girls hand. "Oh? What do you have there?"

Frowning, "I found the bird on the ground while I was heading to class. I think it hurt it's wing" replies the younger girl

Takamina's lips turned upside down. The ever so familiar sad look on her face is new to the girl. "That's so sad. I hate seeing animals get hurt"

"Un. Me too" the other replies nodding her head still looking at the animal.

"Here let me take a look at it." Takamina takes the injured bird into her hands and began stroking its wing. "There there little guy. You'll be okay now."

The student watches the bird intently as Takamina rubs its wings. Then to her surprise, it stretches out its injured wing as if it was never in pain. Her eyes widen in shock then looks at her senpai. "Sugoi! How did you do that?"

Smiling at the fluttering bird then to her junior. "Oh. I a lot of medical books." Avoiding eye contact as she replies

"You're amazing!" Smiles the junior as Takamina hands the bird back in her hand.

"Eh. I'm not. But thanks. I'm just glad the little guy is okay." Takamina rubs the back of her head with a tinge of red on her face due to embarrassment for being called amazing.

"Yukirin! There you are!" A voice calls out in the distant.

Yukirin waves her hand. "Mayu!"

"I finally found you!" Mayu stands beside her friend.

"Mayu look. Takahashi-senpai helped me with this bird. It was hurt awhile ago but now its fine. Takahashi-senpai is amazing" Yukirin looks at Takamina admiringly.

"Hello." Takamina smiles at Mayu.

"Eh! I almost forgot! My name is Kashiwagi Yuki. You can call me Yukirin." She bows at Takamina "And this is my genius friend Watanabe Mayu." Yukirin points at her best friend.

"Hi" Mayu bows not her usual friendly self.

"Nice to meet you two. How are you liking our school so far?" Takamina inquires

"Its great. Its a beautiful school. Right Mayu?" Yukirin looks at her friend.

"Yea." Mayu gives a quick nod. "We probably should go. We'll be late for class. Please excuse us Takahashi-senpai" Mayu drags Yukirin with her.

"See you around" Takamina waves bye slightly confused at the other girl.


"You can go now little guy." Yukirin let's the bird in her hand fly away. Before turning to her friend and slapping her arm. "What is wrong with you!?"

"What are you talking about?" Asks Mayu

"You were so rude to Takahashi-san. Did you forget that she's the student council president! And didn't you say I should be more friendly " Yukirin looks at her friend angrily

"Remember the other day? When I told you we weren't alone?" Mayu asks Yukirin.

"Eh. Not really" Yukirin tilts her head to the side.

Mayu sighs. "She's different. Like us."


Before the end of class, the P.A. system goes off.

"Ahem. Attention students. This is Mariko From Above speaking." The familiar voice echo's throughout the school with a faint giggle in the background.

Takamina rolls eyes as she listens at the headmaster.

"I would please like to see Takamidget. Ah! I mean Takahashi Minami in my office after school."

Sniffled giggles surround the classroom causing Takamina to let out an audible sigh.

"As for the rest of you my students.. Enjoy your weekend. And Flying Get out of here!" Mariko-sama let's out a cackle

Just then, Akb48's Fly Get plays in the background.

boku wa hitoashi saki ni
kimi no kimochi
ima sugu te ni ireyou ka
nani ka iwareru mae ni
kokoro no uchi BIBITTO
kanjiru mama ni

The laughing Yuko approaches Takamina. "Oooohh did you get in trouble??"

Not hearing her friend, Takamina says with another sigh "Why can't we have a normal bell like every normal school in Japan.?!?!"

"There there Takamina. Mariko-sama just likes to have fun. I'll wait for you outside at the entrance." Yuko pats Takamina in the back

"Okay thanks" Takamina still sighing.

In that moment the familiar tall figure walks out of their classroom. "Mouuuu. Wait for me Nyan-Nyan!!!" Yuko yet again runs after her Nyan-Nyan.


Takamina releases a huge sigh before knocking at the headmaster's office. The only time she was ever called in was when her and Yuko get themselves in trouble (before they became student council members if course) and whenever there were any school activities that she needs to coordinate with the head. And she's certain that this time there are no events happening so it must be the latter. "What trouble did I get into now?" Minami whispers to herself knocking at the door.

"Come in" says a faint voice from the other side.

Takamina enters seeing Mariko-sama engrossed with some paperwork. Finally looking up, she smiles and says "Takamina!, sit down sit down"

Takamina takes a seat vaguely trying to remember when Mariko-sama stopped calling her and Yuko by their last names and switched to Takamina and Yuko. And most of the time Takamidget and Squirrel. Pets names she's came up with for the two. "What can I do for you Mariko-sama?" Minami asks looking confused

"We'll not for me Takamina. But for Pioneer Gakuen" was the reply

Takamina's confusion grows. "Eh? What do you mean?"

"How much does Pioneer Gakuen mean to you Takamina?" The older woman looks at the student in the eyes.

This is an easy question for Minami. "It is means the world to me of course. You know that. It's my home. Everyone here is like a family to me." Replies the president still don't know where this conversation is going.

"That's good to hear." Mariko smiles

"Why?" Minami still puzzled

"I know what you are Takamina. And what you can do. And I think you know what I'm talking about" Takamina feels her pulse quicken at the statement. (Is she talking about my secret) she asks herself

Takamina flashes Mariko-sama a blank stare hoping she'd buy the act

"I'm like you Takamina. I'm what do you call it.."special too" though not exactly like you." Mariko says

"I have no idea what you are taking about Mariko-sama" Minami continues to wear a blank face

"I understand. You probably don't trust me and think I'm talking nonsense. But as your headmaster, I'm going to talk and you listen." Mariko says

"Alright." Takamina fidgets in her seat

"I have powers Takamina. I know you have one too. I know that you can see around you. I'd call it clairvoyance but I think you can do so much more than that. However, I don't know the specifics of your power. I other other hand can see the future. I don't like to use it. Whats the point of living life if you already know what's going to happen. It's like a movie you know, wouldn't want to spoil it. I can use it anytime I want but I can only see a day into the future. But last week, on the first day of school, I had a vision. It wasn't something I triggered. It just came to me. So knowing my power, I figured it would happen the day after. But it didn't." Mariko pauses looking at Takamina

Takamina stays seated listening to the headmaster out of respect. Trying to calculate what she should do next.

The headmaster continues. "Our school was being attacked Takamina. I don't know by who or why or when. I couldn't do anything but to watch what was happening. The whole building was on fire. Students were still in the building..some running out of it. Fire has consumed most of our beloved school."

Takamina's mouth hangs open at the image in her head.

"I called you here because you were in that vision. There were other students there but I couldn't see their faces. Somehow only you. You were directing six other students. Six other " special " students like you. Again, I couldn't see who they were. It took me awhile to figure it out but I knew. I knew you were different. I wondered how you knew where everyone was. Every single student in our school. You knew exactly how many people were buried in rubble. How many students were still stuck in the burning building. Then it dawned on me. You could see everything. Like an eagle eye of some sort." Mariko breathes letting Takamina absorb her story

"Then they came. The people responsible for all the chaos. There were seven of them. Again similar to my students other than you, I couldn't see their faces. And I woke up." Mariko finishes

"Omg! That's a great idea for a play Mariko-sama! We should have our drama club organize it!" Takamina let's out an awkward laugh clapping her hands together

Mariko-sama simply watches the girl who is still laughing

"Me? Clairvoyance? You? Future? You're brilliant Mariko-sama! This will make a great stage play!" Takamina holds her side from laughing trying to hide her worry

"I knew you wouldn't believe me." Mariko unfazed by the laughing Takamina. "So I had tomorrow looked into."

"Eh?!" Takamina's hands are now sweating. She can't expose her secret. She knows about Yuko's too. What if Mariko-sama is just trying to trick her.

"You'll be late for school tomorrow. And it's a rare occurrence, you're always early. You'll be late regardless if what time you leave home. Then, you will run into Yuko who is hurt from falling off a tree. An-d" Takamina speaks up before Mariko could finish.

"Ah! Gomen Mariko-sama!! I-it's getting late. I have to head home and Yuko is waiting for me." Takamina abruptly gets off her chair heading for the door. She turns  around before closing the door behind her. "Gomen! But it'll be an amazing play!!"

Takamina power walks away from the office just to break into a run once turning into a corner.

"She's crazy" she's says to herself. Takamina messing her hair as she runs. "What do I do?!?!"


How was it???

Do you have questions???

Help me come up with ideas.. I've been getting writers block. Lol

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Re: Pioneer Guardians Chapter 2. 21.04.2015 Atsumina,Kojiyuu, Mayuki
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It's funny ...
Yuko is a pervert as always ...
I wonder how haruna could disappear at any moment ..  :mon huh:
Thanks for your update ...
Please update sooooooonnnnn .....  :mon lovelaff:

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Re: Pioneer Guardians Chapter 2. 21.04.2015 Atsumina,Kojiyuu, Mayuki
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this is a really good story author-san!!'s so interesting and very well-written..  :farofflook:

wChibi bantering and Mari-troll teasing Takamina over the
so Takamina has clairvoyance and healing..
hmmm..well, based from the previous chapters, I guess Yuko has telekinesis and Nyan-Nyan can teleport..  :glasses:
I'm excited to know about the others powers though..
is Mayuyu the one with the small army?..or is it Tomochin?..
are Acchan and Chi-yuu the ones who are dousing the fire with rain?..or maybe Yukirin?..  :err:
speaking of Acchan, I hope she makes her appearance next chapter.. :3

goodluck with work and I hope you overcome your writer's block..ganbatte~..  :onioncheer:
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Re: Pioneer Guardians Chapter 2. 21.04.2015 Atsumina,Kojiyuu, Mayuki
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Ah... who the people responsible for the attack?

Who would help Minami to save the other students?

Will what Mariko said that happened to Minami would happen?

Can't wait to see what's going to happen next?

Thank you for the update

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