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Author Topic: SkylarkDragonstar's Drabbles & OS Collection {New OS/Drabble!! - 5/23/15}  (Read 34783 times)

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Re: SkylarkDragonstar's Drabbles & OS Collection {New AKB Drabble! 11/1/2014}
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Looky here! It's my first drabble finally ready to be shown! :on woohoo:

This work here is the combined work of myself, Ruka Kikuchi, and MaYukiIsLife. Thanks guys!

For this first drabble, know that this is a parody based on a certain popular anime/manga series which I bet everyone will know of once you read it (or you'll actually figure it out in an instant after you read the title XD). :D

With that, here's drabble #1!


Welcome to the AKB Host Club

A quiet place to study. That's all she is looking for.

Maeda Atsuko, an ordinary girl in high school with short shoulder length hair, wears a pair of glasses and wears a cheap looking school uniform, wandered the hallways of her school alone. The reason why is because she needs a place to study. Unfortunately for her, most of the study rooms and library were all taken and filled with students.

Eventually after walking for a while, she came in front of a pair of doors where a sign labeled 'Music Room #2' is seen hanging next the door. Come to think of it, Atsuko realized that this was a part of the school building she had never ventured before since she came to this school.

"I've never been to this room before. Maybe I can use this," she thought.

With that, she reached out and turned the doorknob and slowly opened the door.

"Welcome," a group of voices are heard from inside.

Instead of finding the perfect place to study, she ended up finding the host club.


Allow me to explain properly. The school Atsuko currently attends, Akihabara Academy, AKB Academy for short, is a high elite school for those who are greatly high in society or for those that come from extremely wealthy families.

And at this great school, there’s the host club, a group full of highly distinguished and attractive girls that have too much time on their hands.

Their job is to please and entertain boys or other students at their school who have too much time on their hands as well.

That’s where our story starts....

After she had unwillingly stepped into this room and saw this group of sparkling, beautiful girls in front of her, Atsuko was speechless and stunned that she almost lost the feeling in her legs.

“This...this is a host club?” she stuttered.

Never did she expect a high school to have such a club.

"Hm? Hey it's a girl," said one of the girls who has long brown hair.

Now the tallest and oldest member of the group with short spoke to one of their members, “Miichan, I believe she’s in the same class as you right?”

The one who was called nodded. “Yeah, but she doesn’t really talk much,” the girl named Miichan said with the shrug of her shoulders, “So I don’t know much about her.”

From this response, the oldest member gave a rather sly grin while giving a chuckle. “I see…”

Why she’s grinning we do not know. But in her mind, a light bulb blinked on. Perhaps there’s something she figured out by herself that she finds interesting...

But for now, the short haired oldest member went on. “Well that’s no way to welcome a guest,” she said to her fellow club members. Then to the bespectacled girl that is about to leave, she spoke, “Welcome to the Akihabara host club...Ms. Transfer Student.”

At the word transfer student, the shortest of the group that has a ribbon on top of her head gave a gasp of surprise. “Wait! Could it’re the new transfer student Maeda Atsuko?” she asked anxiously, “You’re the honor student we’ve heard about!”

Atsuko paused in her place when she heard what the short girl said. “...How do you know my name?” she dare ask.

She certainly did not recall telling anyone in this school her name except to her teachers.

“Who doesn’t?” the tallest spoke again, “You’re famous for getting in our school despite being born from the commoner class. That takes some audacious guts.”

The short girl with the ribbon in her hair then approached the transfer student to give her a warm welcome. “Of course!” she spoke in a bold voice and wrapped an arm around the glasses wearing girl’s shoulder, “The bravery you showed to prove to the world that even commoners can rise up to our school’s standards is admirable! The way I see it, you are like a hero to the commoners Maeda Atsuko!”

Atsuko was not really comfortable with the attention she’s getting, being labeled a big talk around the school and called a hero to the commoner class. “Okay...I’m just going to leave now…” she announced as she made her way to the door.

But before she could, someone grabbed her arm and a different voice spoke, “Hey don’t leave yet Acchan!”

She was dragged back by a girl with the facial features of a squirrel and is shorter than her. “Stay a bit why don’t you?” she insisted, “We can have tea and sweets together!”

Acchan took one look at this girl and thought she is talking to a middle schooler. “ thanks.”

But then she realized something’s off.

“Wait a minute, who are you calling Acchan?" she questioned a little harshly at the squirrel.

She had mistook the girl to be younger than her and needed to scold her on how to address seniors.

A little startled, the squirrel ran off and clinged onto the second tallest and masculine girl in the group. "Gyah! She’s scary…!” she whimpered as the tall chiseled faced girl and another tall boyish looking girl tried to calm the short girl.

The short girl with the ribbon on her head scratched her chin as she analyzed Atsuko’s appearance and behavior thus far. "Kinda tense aren’t you Maeda-san?” she commented, “Normally it’s rare for a girl to walk into our club requesting our services. But nevertheless, even though you're a girl, our job is to please our guests in any way.”

“Huh? Guests?”

The club’s president then began to introduce Atsuko to their club’s selection of members.

“So then, what type of girls suit you?”

“Huh? I’m not here to--” Atsuko began. But her sentence was cut off by the short president.

“We have a large assortment of girls here: the cutesy type, the sexy type, the lolita type, the mischievous type, the princess type, the sadistic type, the smart otaku type, the cool type. And if you’d like, we even have some ikemen here if you prefer the handsome girls. Would you prefer strong or energetic?” she inquired.

All Atsuko wanted was to say that she isn't here to be entertained by hosts. But again her chance to respond was delayed by the club president.

"Or perhaps…you prefer my type?”

Freaked out, Atsuko pulled away from the short president, she couldn't sworn she felt her heart beating faster just a second ago.

"No way! Listen all I wanted was a place to study!" she yelled.

Unfortunately as she backed up, she didn't look behind her in time to avoid a very expensive vase sitting on a stand. Her back hit right into the vase, knocking it off of it’s post and breaking it.

Her jaw dropped as the others looked at it, their faces all saying “Oh, NOW she’s done it.” She knew she's in BIG trouble at that moment.

"Uh oh…that's quite a mess," one of them quietly said.

A 1st year girl with twin tail ponytails went and crouched next to the mess of broken pieces and examined them. “If memory serves me correctly, I think we were planning to provide this for the school’s auction,” she mentioned, “The price we’ve decided on was about 8,000,000 yen I believe.”

The price made Atsuko’s mouth drop in shock. “8...8 million yen…?”

Obviously for her, who comes from the commoner class, that’s not an easy price that she can just pay with a few weeks of allowances and savings. If she can't for this vase with her money...then she's afraid of what's going to happen to her next.

“Well Takamina, what’s your decision on this?” the tall model looking 3rd year inquired their club president, “I guess it’s clear that we won’t be expecting a check from Maeda-san.”

The short girl chuckled as she sat down in her throne. “You know as they say...’When in Rome, do as the Romans do’,” she said, then pointing to the short haired girl in front of them. “Maeda Atsuko, as of today, until you can pay off your debt, you are now the Host Club’s pet!”


It happened so suddenly for her. Actually a lot of big things has happened to her recently. She attends this incredibly rich school for the rich kids, meets these girls who are a host club, and now, she is told that she will have to be their pet.

Having all of these thoughts swirling in her head, Atsuko fainted…

The other girls came and gathered around the girl that just fainted, concerned and worried.

“Is she gonna be okay?” said a girl who looked like she could be a princess and has a long neck.

A girl who acted as if she could be a puppy and was holding onto a cute stuffed animal toy, crouched down next to Atsuko and poked her a few times in the shoulder out of curiosity.

“Hello~?” a girl who looked so much like a boy called out to the girl who’s out cold and waving a hand over her face. Then to the person next to her she said, “Sayaka-chan, you may have to give her CPR~~~”

“Huh?!” came from the tall girl the ikemen girl was talking to.

“No, that won’t be necessary, you two,” Takamina told the club’s famed Twin Towers.

“How long til she wakes up?”

“Give or take an hour.”

The president smiled. “That’ll give us time to prepare. Prepare for today’s party.”

To Be Continued...?


Well? What does everyone think? :mon cute: Did you figure out what this is based off of? :hehehe:

If you do, good for you! If not, don't worry. You'll find out!

I guess you can probably guess by the descriptions which girls appear in this fic.

Good news!

I've decided to create a multichapter story of this plot in a new thread! Let me know if you like this idea!

The thread for this story will be posted eventually in the week or so! Keep an eye out! :mon thumb:
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Once I saw/read the word "Host club", I immediately thought of Ouran High School Host Club. :mon lol:
I have an idea to who the characters are. :hehehe:
I really like this, please continue :mon thumb:

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Lol~ if Acchan mistook Yuko for middle schooler... what about Takamina? a kindergarten?  :on lol:

*me enter the host club "c-can I ha-have the princess type?"*

This is interesting.... waiting for the party :hee:

I've decided to create a multichapter story of this plot in a new thread! Let me know if you like this idea!

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  • Atsumina & KaiAcchan
"Or prefer my type?"
  :twothumbs yes, Acchan your prefer type is Minami  :fap

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  • meep

I love it!  :mon beam:

I want the next chapter already ahhh! Can't wait for your next update~  :mon lovelaff:

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Ouran High School Host Club!!!!!! the story is develop from that manga right? XDD but seems much more ppl in your story~!!!!! let me guess, I still cannot see nyan nyan and yukirin, but couples should be saeyaka (as that twins?) atsumina (the president and the transfer student) mayuki (honey senpei and mori senpei maybe?) marimii kojiyuu? I think who will be the black heart vice-president? I wonder haha~ pls continue~!!!

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woa~ please do continue~  :heart: :heart: :heart:

i'll always be waiting for the next chapter  :cathappy:

i'm glad to read another sayaka fics  :inlove:


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Yea u update the AKB host club!!!

Look forward for the next ch

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Chapter 2

“So, what brings you here, my genki little inugami?” the miko asked the inugami.

“Sayaka is my new Master!”

“Is that so?”

Sayaka had her head rested on the table. This was too overwhelming for her. The little puppy she adopted as a pet is an inugami, and the counselor at her school is a miko. Could things get any weirder?

“So, Sayaka, since it seems Sae has become your loyal Guardian, I take it that you would like an explanation.”

“Yes, please...” Sayaka said in a tired voice.

“Sae-chan, would you like to explain?”

“Un. Well, to start...” She started a bit soft, gulping down her saliva before starting. “When I first came here, I’ve never been with a human being, so I was very scared. Then, I met my first master, he was very loving and took care of me, but then a lot of things happened that caused him pain. He started drinking and stopped talking to me, and then one day, he started beating me and left me out on the street.”

“Oh God...” Yuko said, covering her mouth. Jurina also had tears coming down her eyes.

“When Takamina found me, I was starving and thought I was gonna die there, then Sayaka found me and helped me. Because she saved my life, she chose to take care of me, her heart accepted the contract between us. Due to that, I was able to take human form for the first time. Now that Sayaka saved my life, I have to make it up to her by doing something of equal importance.”

“In other words, now that Sae is your little pet, she’s going to follow and obey you until she finds a way to make up for what you did for her. Got that, Sayaka?”

Sayaka just nodded, still staring at the puppy girl.

“I’d treat her well if I were you,” Yuko said.

“Well, duh!”

“Ah, that’s right...” Mariko suddenly spoke.


“Sae, did you mark her yet?”



Sayaka’s jaw dropped, Jurina had her eyes wide with her hand covering her own mouth, and Yuko snickered a bit.

“Mark? You mean, like, she imprinted on Sayaka?! Hahahahaha!”

“Shut UP, Yuko!!!” Sayaka blushed heavily. “Where did you MARK me?!”

“Look on your chest.”

Sayaka unbuttoned her shirt a bit and looked down at her chest.

“Flat,” Yuko blurted out.

“Shut up!”

“Chopping board Akimoto.”

“Shut UP!!!”

“It’s true. You just can’t help it.”

“I said SHUT UP ALREADY!!!!”

“Leave my Master alone, boobie lady,” Sae barked as she got up towards the shorter girl.

“Oh, you wanna go there? You’re pretty flat, too, boy chest!”

“Hey, I’m not as small as Sayaka’s. Mine are still growing.”

“Change the subject!” Mariko yelled out, calming down the girls. Sae pouted and sat back down in her chair. “Now, Sayaka...”

“I know, I know...”

She pulled back her tanktop and looked down to see a red mark at the center of her collarbone. It seemed to resemble a pawprint.

“This is… our mark?”

“Yup. That’s proof of the contract between you both. Now you’re connected.”

“I see...” Sayaka re-buttoned her shirt again and sighed. “This is already giving me a headache...”

“Want me to get you some medicine, Master?”

“No thank you.”

“I’ll let you two sort this all out together,” Mariko said as she gathered her papers. Before they left, she took Sayaka’s wrist and pulled her close. “I want you to take good care of her. Sae’s first experience with a human was a bad one, so it’s still traumatic for her. Okay?”



“So...” Sayaka and Sae were walking in downtown Tokyo, when the older girl suddenly started up a conversation in their silence. “What do we do?”

“I dunno...”

Sayaka looked on her phone and saw a note with grocery items listed, as a reminder for herself. She and Sae headed into the local grocery store, but when Sae saw how many people there were, she suddenly had her guard up and stopped walking.

“C’mon, Sae.”

“People… Lots of people...”

Sayaka took the girl’s hand and pulled her in, seeing as she calmed down when she grasped it.

“Just hold my hand and you’ll be fine.”


As Sayaka went through the store, shopping for the items she needed, Sae stayed close to her, staring at everyone who passed by them, hearing everyone’s voices as they scattered through the store. She could feel her heart pounding, she’s never been around so many people.

“Crap, I forgot...” Sayaka mumbled before handing Sae her cart. “Will you stay here and watch this for me? I forgot something on the other side of the store.”

Sae remained silent, blinking a bit before nodding.

“You sure you’ll be fine by yourself?”


“Alright. Make sure no one comes and tries to steal anything.” With that said, Sayaka walked away from Sae until she had disappeared from her sight.

Now, with no Master, no one who comforted her into safety, Sae felt even more panicked. Her eyes frantically moved as she heard her own heart pounding under her ears, her breathing becoming sharp. She suddenly jumped as someone ran into her cart.

“Hey, watch where you put your cart!” the woman said.

“S-s-s… sorry….” she spoke softly.

She moved her cart as the woman passed by her. Then she heard…

“Stupid, filthy dog.”

Sae’s instincts finally gave in and her eyes widened, a deep anger forming. She hunched over and bit onto the woman’s purse, pulling it. The two were at a tug of war, causing a long of unwanted attention. When the woman finally released her purse, Sae kept barking at her angrily. Sayaka finally made it back and saw Sae on all fours, barking at an angered woman. She quickly pulled Sae back, trying to calm her, and apologizing to the woman, who jut scoffed and left.

“Stuck-up, pampered, house cat!!!” Sae barked angrily as she walked away.

“Sae, STOP!” Sayaka screamed out, holding both of Sae’s shoulders and looking in her eyes.

Sae realized what was going on. She felt all eyes on her. Her feelings become overwhelmed as she saw Sayaka was upset. Tears flowed down her eyes as she slowly dropped to her knees, sobbing into her chest. Sayaka looked and saw people was staring at her and the puppy girl. She helped her back up to her feet and took her outside where she could wait alone. After buying all of her groceries, she came out and saw Sae had gone silent, her eyes still red from her tears.

The rest of the way home, while Sayaka did more errands and talked to people she passed by on the street, Sae remained silent, not saying or doing anything, even though on the inside, she was breaking. When they finally made it home, Sayaka started making dinner for her and Sae, which was basically just beef-flavored cup ramen. She often turned her head back and saw Sae sitting on the couch, staring at the ground. She went into the living room and they both sat down. Sayaka delightfully ate her dinner, but was worried when her puppy had barely even touched it. The plastic cover stuck up from the heat, letting out the steam. Sayaka calmly sat her cup ramen and chopsticks down and cleared her throat.


No answer.

“Sae, I’m sorry I yelled at you. But what you did was wrong.”

Just a simple nod, but no words escaped her mouth.

“Please, say something...” Sayaka said in a calm, worried tone. “I don’t want you to be sad. It’ my fault, anyways… I shouldn’t have left you alone.”

Sae looked away from her, trying to fight her tears.

“You’re not… going to abandon me, are you?” she said in a soft, weakly voice.

Sayaka’s eyes widened. She slid over to Sae’s side and hugged her, patting her back.

“No, I would never. I’m still not used to the whole inugami contract thing, but what I know is that I can’t just leave you.”


“Yes. I don’t want to see you sad like this. I want to make you happy. So… I’m sorry.”

Sae broke down, crying again. She hugged the older girl as they both sat on the floor, feeling her large palms caress her back. After a while, Sayaka heard her cries calm down, only soft sniffles remaining. She then looked and saw the pup had fallen asleep in her embrace, her cheeks still wet with her salty tears. Seeing how tired she was, she grabbed her blanket and wrapped it around both of them, cuddled up against the puppy girl. She petted her head, kissing her forehead a bit and whispering another apology.

“Sayaka...” Sae mumbled in her sleep, feeling her warmth. Sayaka pressed her forehead against hers and shut her eyes.

“Good night, my pup...”


Sayaka and Sae both woke up that morning with a feeling of peace in their formerly heavy hearts. Sae regained her bright smile that had left a light warmth in the elder girl’s heart. She saw there was a school uniform at the door and quickly changed Sae so she could go to school. Then, she got dressed and they both headed out together, Sae holding onto her Master’s hand, smiling. As they arrived at school, they ran into someone, very familiar…

“I knew it,” the young woman said. “You stupid inugami...”


“I found you, Miyazawa.”

Sayaka recognized the girl as one of her upperclassmen, Kojima Haruna. But why did she know Sae was an inugami?

“Sae, you know her?”

Sae growled again as a pair of brown cat ears popped out of Haruna’s head.

“Seriously?” Sayaka said to herself, wanting to facepalm.

“You heartless nekogami!”

To Be Continued


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Hahahahah it getting more fun now

Cat and dog= never get along XD

Update soon

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puppy sae is hondoni kawaii!!! who is kojima's master? I wonder hehe

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A new oneshot by me based on a Fall Out Boy song. :3



They say we are what we are, but we don’t have to be
I'm glad to hate you but I do it in the best way

“Sayaka?” I turned my head from the scenery of downtown Tokyo. She was still staring up at the sky, filled with stars.


“Why were we born like this?” she asked me, laying her head against mine.

“I don’t know...”

We are not human. Sae and I were born different. We didn’t know what we were, but we knew two things.

One, we had inhuman powers.

Two, we could still be killed.

There were others like us. We all live in this facility in a hidden part of Tokyo called “Area K”. We have special marks that define us, tattoos that show who and what we are.

We were meant to protect this world. Yet, everyone sees us as monsters…

“Sayaka, did you want to be human?”

My ears twitched a bit. “Eh?”

“Would you have rather wanted to be human? Instead of… this?”

“I...” I remained silent a bit, pondering the question. “Would you?”

She was silent a minute, looking at me.

“No.” she then said, simply.

Sae was always different. She was probably tortured in this life, having to go through so much pain. But she was strong, and smart, more than what I expected.

She always surprised me.

“So, what’s your answer?”

I sighed, getting up from the ledge.

“Let me think about it...”

I'll be the watcher of the eternal flame
I'll be the guard dog of all your fever dreams


“Another perfect shot, Akimoto!”

I took off the headphones that muffled the gunshots and saw Sae still practicing. She never had as much physical strength as I did.

Sweat covered her body, head to toe. She collapsed to her knees as she caught her breath.

I simply smiled and handed her a towel and water bottle.

“Nice work.”

“Haa… Thank you.. Sayaka...”

She drunk nearly every drop of water wholeheartedly, wiping off her sweat.

“What’s our next mission?”

“Mariko-san wants us in Tokyo.”

“Another rogue?”


That’s what we were brought to this Earth for, I believe. Rogues. Our counterparts, who only used their powers for destruction.

It reminded me of when I first awakened. I nearly destroyed everything, if they hadn’t had come to save me in time.

That was when we first met.

“I know it’s hard, but we all have to accept it. You’ll be okay, I promise. I’m here...”


“Hm?” I broke away from my memories and saw her giggle at me. “What?”

“Were you even listening? I must’ve been talking for an hour and you didn’t listen.”

“It’s been an hour?!”

“Hahaha! No, I’m just kidding.”



That was one of her many sides she’s shown me. So many emotions, faces.

Strong, brave, intelligent, kind, gentle, vulnerable, weak…

And now, innocence.

What sides have you not shown me, Sae?

I am the sand in the bottom half of the hourglass
I'll try to picture me without you but I can't

“So, once we arrive at the area, we need to make sure no one is trapped, and then--”

Sae suddenly stood up from the table, cutting off my ranting.


“Sayaka...” She looked at me with serious eyes, silencing me. “There’s something I wanna say...”


“I love you.”

My heart skipped a beat at her sudden confession. “H-huh?”

“I really love you. So, I don’t care what happens to me...” She was speaking so seriously. What is she..? “I care about you. I care more about what happens to you than my own life itself. So, no matter what...”

“Hold on! What are you saying?!”

“If it was for your sake, Sayaka… I will gladly die.”

“HUH?!” I stood up, looking at her and seeing the light in her eyes hadn’t fazed.


I stopped her with a hard slap, surprising her.

“What the hell are you talking about?! What are you saying?! That you would die, just like that, and for me! Don’t mess with me. Do you have any idea what you’re thinking?!”

“I just…”

“Don’t you get it?! Don’t you understand what you’re saying?!”

“I do!”

“Well I think you don’t. I think you don’t care about what you're saying!”

“I do! I mean it, Sayaka!” Tears were at the rims of her eyes, struggling to fall down. “I don’t even care what happens as long as you’re okay.”


“Shut up! You don’t care about me, Sayaka!”

“That’s not true!”

“Sayaka, you idiot!!! I hate you!!!!”

She stormed into her room, crying. Her words still echoed in my head, as I fell crying, too.

Sometimes the only payoff for having any faith
Is when it's tested again and again everyday

I couldn’t face Sae after that day. We hadn’t spoken to each other in three days. We continued our training and missions as normal, but she never showed me her smile again.

“I hate seeing you cry, Sayaka. Smile, smile!”

What have I done? I took away her smile…

I wish I could simply apologize, find some way to make her feel better. But I was afraid. She was so much better at these kinds of things…

“I’m sorry, Sayaka… I wasn’t thinking, and I...”

I know. It must hurt you inside, too, that we fought like that. We’ve had arguments before, but it never gotten so serious to the point where we wouldn’t even look in each other’s eyes.

“Sayaka, you idiot! Why can’t you think about how I feel for once?!”

Is that what she meant?

I want to see it again. That precious smile…

I'm still comparing your past to my future
It might be over, but they're not sutures

“Akimoto, Miyazawa, there’s rogue activity in a shelter down at Area K. You’ll both go down there and investigate.”


I walked behind her, her back coldly facing me. I gained the courage to grab her shoulder and gain her attention.

“Sae...” She turned her head to look at me. “About the other day--”

“It’s fine.”

“Wha..?” I looked at her. That smile… it wasn’t true. She was forcing it.

“I was just… being stupid again, haha...”

Forced laugh.

“Sae, I know you only said those things because you care… And I do, too. I just...”

Her smile disappeared and I pulled her closer, hugging her.

“I just don’t want to lose you!”

She was silent for a long time, but she pulled me away and I saw it again. Her smile, soft and gentle. Sad, but pure. The smile I loved most.


If we meet forever now
Pull the blackout curtains down

“Sayaka, it’s a bomb!”

Sae and I ran as fast as we could. The alarms were going off and our exit was closing.

“We need to get out of here!” I held her hand as we both bolted. “If we try, we can just barely make it!”

“No...” She stopped, letting go of my hand. “Only one of us can make it.”


She came closer and suddenly captured my lips in a sweet kiss. Short, but full of love. She pulled away and looked at me.


She pushed me out of the door, just as it was about to close.

“Sae!” I banged on the thick metal, screaming her name. “Sae, no! Please!”

“Sayaka, you have to get away!” Our leader screamed through my earpiece.

“But... Mariko-san, Sae..”

I looked up and saw a familiar short figure riding a helicopter.



She grabbed onto my hand and pulled me up.

“Sae, we have to save Sae! She’s still trapped! She--”

Takamina only shook her head. I sat down and felt something in my jacket pocket, pulling it out.

“I will always love you. -Your eternal partner, Sae”

Then, the shelter burst into flames…


It’s been a year since that day, when Sae sacrificed her life, to save me. I still sit up here, on this rooftop, and look up at the sky we use to gaze at.

More than anything I had ever went through, the memory of that night tormented me, traumatized me. I remembered having nightmares, never sleeping or eating… I was practically dead inside.

I wanted it all to stop, to just die…

But then….

“I want you to promise me, Sayaka. That no matter what, we will both stay alive and survive in this world. Someone has to change it. For the better.”

I thought that she was gone forever, but no. She’s been here, all this time.

I don’t need her by me physically anymore. I have her kind words in her heart to comfort me, her memory to live on in my mind, and our promise, that shall be kept, as long as I shall live.

“I finally have my answer, Sae...” I said to the sky. “I'd rather not be human.”

We could be immortals
Just not for long


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 :cry: :cry:

So sad....

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Sae died T_T and stubborn sayaka lost her sae...

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I'm sorry it was so sad. :bow:

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New OS. ;)

“Music is art. It is an art that can only be expressed in a certain way. A way that simple words or vibrant colors cannot.”

A handsome young boy was sitting in the bustling streets of Tokyo, watching everyone walk through the streets and go about their days. He simply sat, paying no mind to the loud noises.

He was drawing, a simple yet beautiful sketch in his notebook. The sakura trees were in full bloom and created a lovely pink. He smiled as he saw his piece coming together, then, a gust of wind blew and a petal flew on his cheek.

As he removed it, he looked up and saw a beautiful young woman, sitting at the side of the inter-section, with a guitar in her hands. He was captivated by her beauty, then he heard her voice rise in the wind…

I stand here alone
In the pouring rain
I wanted to be soaked
So I may wash this dirty body
And ugly soul of mine

A little butterfly flew down on her shoulder, which she simply smiled at and continued singing while she played.

Vision had struck.

Turning a new page in his notebook, he quickly started sketching her out, trying to get every detail of her beauty. All the while, he was entranced by her voice.

In this time
What is there to believe in
Even if I ask
No answer will come

Another gust of wind blew. He saw a single tear running down her cheek. She wiped it off and continued singing.

He heard every emotion she poured into this song, and he was in love. Not just the song itself, but with the girl. He got up, closing his notebook, and walked towards the girl.

I’m not afraid of getting hurt
No matter how hard this path is
This small, small me
Before my very eyes
Shall become a single bug

“Hey.” He called her out, making her raise her head to look at him.


He gave a simple smile, reaching his hand out.

“Your art is beautiful.”

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Thank you ruka ^_^ ur OS is good ^^

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New series.



Miyazawa Sae, 16 years old. Currently a 1st year in high school. 5’4” tall. Often called boyish, handsome, and ikemen girl. Sometimes mistaken for a boy.

I also have… a strange gift.

Ever since I was younger, I could see spirits. I can hear voices of ghosts, and I seem to have a connection with the spirit world.

At first, I thought it was just my child imagination. Then, the dreams began. I keep seeing myself, but I feel like I’m someone else. A different time, different place. Maybe it was my past life.

Well, ever since I discovered my “gift”, I’ve had to live with it. It’s blessing, and a curse. Not all spirits are friendly. Some of them even tried to take over my body.

Luckily, my family owns a local shrine and my grandmother knows a few things about taking care of spirits, so I’ve learned how to defend myself.

Speaking of my family, besides my grandmother, I also live with my two older brothers, Ryou-kun and Shii-chan. They’re seven and five years older than me, Shii-chan is in college, and Ryou-kun is the current heir to run the shrine after Dad.

My Mom is a miko. She always used to tell me fairy tales about onmyouji, oni, and the spirit world. She said that they used to exist in the time when samurais fought dragons.

I wonder if that was ever true. They don’t really exist now. They only live in fairy tales…

And of course, in my dreams.


What do you think?

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Story of JK sae and ghost sayaka? ^++++^
pls continue ruka~~~~

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Story of JK sae and ghost sayaka? ^++++^

No. But, we are working on a fanfic based on Kasuka no Kanojo. ;)

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