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Author Topic: Dance : Rewrite by Jyurination48 (Jurisaku) and Sayamilky FanFicVid(?)  (Read 21426 times)

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Re: dance : Neo Kami 7 (Matsui Jurina x Miyawaki sakura ft. AKB group)
« Reply #40 on: March 07, 2016, 09:57:33 PM »
Can you make a chapter revolving around Sakura getting the flu?

Cuz she actually has it right now m8

wow You got me there
sounds good.. ill see what i can do
but guess i had to make Jurina's birthday first
thank you

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Re: dance : Neo Kami 7 (Matsui Jurina x Miyawaki sakura ft. AKB group)
« Reply #41 on: March 07, 2016, 10:09:10 PM »
Jurina bday chapter! Yaaaaay!!!!! >w<

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Re: dance : Neo Kami 7 (Matsui Jurina x Miyawaki sakura ft. AKB group)
« Reply #42 on: March 08, 2016, 01:43:10 AM »
Yeayy!!! Birthday chapter!!! Birthday chapter!!!🎉🎉🎊🎊 :on gay: Ju's birthday chapter is going to be epic!! :wriggly:
I still want Rena as cameo to make Sakura jaelous  :hee:

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What is it about birthday that is so preeminent anyway?

Why is it so urgent to celebrate the day someone born into this world... they would still be around thou without a reminding how long have they survive living.

And why is it so important to say happy birthday to other people?

Especially people you care...

Foremost people that you love

Nope...Sakura dont understand any of those confusingly-phyloshopically thingy herself, just like everyone else does not neither

But still, her eyes cannot averted from the calendar beside her bed; to one specific date that she marked with a bold red pen there, and an orange tiny box with white ribbons that lies next to it

Sakura new position as a center for Kimi wa melody really pushed her not-so-durable body these past few weeks, she don't have enough rest, and she failed to eat properly, while the winter breeze still in the air

So there she is, lying in her bed, catching a cold. it just inevitable

There is something about birthday that is so special... sakura don't know what it is

But here she is...with that slightly feverish body of hers, standing in front of SKE48 theater in Nagoya

Sakura look at the grand gate. orange flag spreading mightily every where. Marking the place as the sanctuary of the sunshine group; SKE48, the oldest sister group in 48 family

The place packed with people more than usual. well, it can't be helped. Today is the special day of the very group absolute ace

Today is Jurina matsui 19th birth day

Sakura pulling her hat lower to covering her face, totally nervous and uneasy. she take a glance at a small peach colored box on her hand. After a total rest and the amount of cold medicine her manager gave her, sakura felt a bit better now, and she able to walk freely, her head felt a bit lightly... but still she is.

Sakura fidgeting in her spot, not really sure what to do next, she wasn't really planning anything when she decide to jump on that bullet train, she kind of run from her manager; who not even allowed her to hold her own spoon while eating due to her cold, and now she is all alone

Just when Sakura thinking to just buy a ticket and pretend to be a visitor, a hand pulled her and drag her to the corner, Sakura prepared to scream, but stop immediately as she recognize the face behind a mask


"Marikaaa channn!"

Sakura throw her self into the other girl, never cross her mind she would ever be that glad to meet Tani Marika, her former HKT48 'gui gui' team mate that transferred to SKE in 2014.

"saachan! its really you?! what are you doing here? where is your manager?"


"Ah..just explain it later..what would happen if the fans found out the Miyawaki Sakura ...standing alone in here..come with me! " Tani then dragging sakura inside the theater with her

They arrived in the SKE senbatsu changing room, luckily its empty..

"so saachan..what are you doing here ?"

But sakura do not answering Tani question, her eyes glued on the mountain of flowers and gifts on the table in the middle of the room

Tani followed sakura eyes "ah..its Jurina san birthday present from members"

"eh?? these are not from the fans?"

"No..presents from the fans are too much to be stored in here.. its stored on another room"

Sakura eyeing the mountain of present more closely, Tani is right, she recognize the names there.

Sakura tightening her grip on the small orange box on her hand as she read from who is those presents are...SKE, AKB, NMB, NGT,Nogizaka, keyazaki, her fellow Hakatanian, former members, huh? SNH??? JKT??! what the---

"Are those presents bothering you sakura?"

A soft but firm voice Sakura knows very well find it way into sakura ear. Sakura turn around, and find her reason to all the ruckus she went trough that day,  standing there. Her sharp yet kind eyes are nowhere but on sakura


Tani look at her two senpai, know her place, and silently left the two of them in the room. Close the door behind her

"I saw Tani dragging you...I wasn't sure its you.. but I'm glad i check it here" Jurina walk closer to sakura, shortened the distance between them until it's possible for sakura to feel Jurina body heath

Jurina then gently put both of her hand on Sakura face "how is your fever? why are you here?" Jurina hands are warm and nice

"Sakura... " That Nagoya ace beautiful eyes filled with a clear worry, its almost like she herself is in pain

"Happy birthday Jurina"

The Nagoya ace look at sakura, and lean closer. Sakura tried to stop her, afraid Jurina would catch her annoying fever herself. But Jurina firmly locked sakura face with her hands, then gently peck the lips of the girl in front of her

"you'll catch my cold "

"I dont care"

Jurina repositioned her hand to surrounding sakura waist, sakura surrendered., and throw her arm around Jurina neck, share a kiss that feels like eternity

Without broken the kiss, Sakura slowly release the object from a small box she's been holding on her hand all this time, and carefully set it on the Nagoya ace long white neck

Jurina hand find her way to the object on her neck, and touch it. She pulled her lips from sakura to look at the tiny golden necklace that hanging on her neck . Jurina raise her eye brows to sakura

"Y-you don't like it?" sakura take a glance at the mountain of presents on the table

"Of course I like it" the nagoya ace grinning to the hakata girl "it just that..I think I heard it somewhere before..."


"something about.. if you gave someone a necklace, it means that you want to mark her as your personal possession"

Sakura face that already a bit red from her fever became more red in that second "w-whaat!? No ! its -- "

but the Nagoya ace stopping Sakura lips with her own lips, calming the Hakata girl with another kiss. Sakura could easily feel Jurina smiling while kiss her

"I am yours ..and yours only...thank you for the present" Jurina said softly from between their kisses

this girl... how could its so easy to fall for could her lips so addicting.. how could her voice so hypnotizing.. her eyes so daring...and how could she erased every common sense from ones mind.. every time they kiss

after a long while, Jurina finally release her lips from Sakura's "*sigh* ...this is not good really shouldn't come need to rest for good sake"


"wait here ..ill ask my manager to take you home okay..don't even try to said no..ill be dying worried if you decline it"

Sakura look at Jurina eyes, her forceful but kind eyes...before slowly nod.

Jurina take off her own Orange sport jacket, put it on sakura before quickly stole one last kiss from sakura lips, and dashing outside to find her manager


Sakura expected her own manager to be angry at her.

So when she reach her apartment,and find her manager stood furiously in the front door. She know that she could only take the blame.

Her manager then give her more and more medicine,and order her to take a rest immediately. Sakura obediently following her manager command, spend the rest of the day resting in her bed

--- -----

Its midnight, and everything is dark when sakura slowly awaken from her slumber. Find a warm arms wrapping her body from behind.

Sakura don't have to guess long to know whose arms are those. Only one person have absurd habit of sneaking in her apartment like this, and careless enough to share a bed with her sickness.

"..I told'll end up catching my cold Jurina"'

"..sorry..did I wake you?"

Sakura turn her body around, so she can face the SKE Ace who always act as she likes

"have I told you before how absurd you can be?"

"have I told you before that I love you?"

Sakura tried to be angry for the impulsive action, and she really worried what if she'll end up make the Nagoya ace catch her cold? she would be dammed by the whole AKB group

But there Jurina lies beside her, with her usual bright smile on her face. Her arms wrapping sakura with pleasant warmness, and really .. sakura has no option but to surrender

"..stupid Jurina"

"I am stupid...just back to sleep okay...Ill be here"

Jurina gently brushing sakura hair, and its eyes quickly became more and more heavier. Just before its completely closed, Sakura capture a tiny shiny object on Jurina's neck...

her necklace, dangling beautifully on the Sakae ace neck

A different kind of warmness than the one Jurina's body provide her right now suddenly bursting inside of sakura chest

"Happy birthday Jurina" sakura whisper weakly before completely shut her eyes,  fall asleep with a smile on her face

Sakura still don't know what it is that so important about birthday

But as real as all the butterfly that flying in her stomach.. and the warmness that linger in her heart right now, Sakura thankful that there is a day where she could say thank you for being born to this world, to the person that's so special, it makes the world a little brighter when she was born

happy 19th birthday Matsui Jurina

--- - ----- -----
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Re: dance : Neo Kami 7 (Matsui Jurina x Miyawaki sakura ft. AKB group)
« Reply #44 on: March 08, 2016, 05:34:14 AM »
Yeayy!!! Birthday chapter!!! Birthday chapter!!!🎉🎉🎊🎊 :on gay: Ju's birthday chapter is going to be epic!! :wriggly:
I still want Rena as cameo to make Sakura jaelous  :hee:

i hope i don't ruin this chapter

actually i do tried to write as your suggestion .. since i do like the idea... but its..somehow... turn out angst every single time  :sweat drop:

i the end it will flowed to where it want to be   

thank you very much for read this fic

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Why Sakura have to get sick on Ju's birthday?? :ptam-cry: If she's not sick Ju will not get worried and they will have more teasings in the changing room :ding:
But I still love this story and prince charming Jurina :on GJ:

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*slaps Sakura*

Sakura! Why did you do something so stupid! Now everyone in AKB got the Flu!

(Cant wait for Sakura's B-day drabble)


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thank you very much for read
and yes.. i still had no idea thou.. but I'm thinking to update this next on Sakuratan birthday 19 march.. really still don't had any idea thou (why the repeat ?)

but sakura just getting cuter these days *gosh*

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Is how Jurina would describe this whole week for her

The new single for SKE48 just released, and after Miyazawa Sae graduate,less and less people the young ace could depends on

She barely have enough sleep, she even almost don't have time to eat. And today also not an exception for the Sakae Ace that just turn 19.

"Jurina san.. how about we do this move on this part?"

"yeah sure"

"Matsui san, i forgot about this part"

"you do it like this.. and then like this. you got it?"

"Jurina we need you over here!"

"yes! I'm coming right away!"

Today not less busier for Jurina, but she is fired up more than ever, smiling while moving fast place to place finishing her job as soon as she could

today is Sakura birthday

Jurina reviewing her plan again, she's been revising it again and again in her head this whole week.

Her original plan includes 1000 roses, fireworks filled the night sky forming sakura trees and a helicopter date,ending with her declaring her love while doing a skydiving.

But Jurina keep reminding her self to not overdoing it or make a national news all by herself 'keep it cool and simple Ju..keep it cool and simple' Jurina chanting in her head


"Thank you for your hard work" Jurina bow at the staff-san, its her last job for today. she look at her watch.. perfect! now time to heading to fukuoka.. Jurina take her coat and get ready to left, but her manager came and stop her


"What is it manager san?"

"Well...can you.. one last interview?"

"EH? NOW? but..but I already ask you to clear all my schedule?? "

"I sorry.. the national magazine suddenly want to do the interview.. we can't refuse it...its for the new single promotion "

Jurina look at her manager, she totally understand . She's been in the business for 8 years anyway. But why, From all the time in the world... why now? she check her watch once again...



"Jurina san?"

"GOSH! where is the interview?! "


Sakura slam her body on her bed, her room filled with flowers and gifts she got that day, three different birthday cakes laying on her dining table

But Sakura mood totally opposing those party-like scenery surrounding her. she check her phone... its still not there

Sakura know that 'she' is ultra busy with the new single and all these days. She is not asking much.. but at least least..couldn't she AT LEAST send her GIRL FRIEND a happy birthday message !

Sakura keep looking at her phone the whole day, replying all of the text, phone and email for her birthday, but one mail that she waited, one special mail she wanted the most ...never come, while the day almost over.

Even before move and live alone in raised only by her grand mother...

Her parents always busy already get used to loneliness..

But at least...for today...she don't want to feel like being left alone

Jurina face flashing in her head..

"Stupid JU !!!" she throw her pillow to the wall, try to converse a piece of her feeling somewhere else

Just then, sakura phone ring.. sakura look at the name in the screen, its Jurina ... sakura look at the clock..its..late

A frown still a main feature in Sakura face when she pick the phone


"Sakura chan"


"ehm..hmmm...well...I ..had a job I can't come there..but happy birthday"

"..I know you busy, thank you" her voice went out cold unintentionally, but sakura don't feel like changing her tone too

"hem...I ..ask your team mate to help deliver my gift..its already night but I think she already close to your the door for her ok"

"ok" sakura replied flatly

" birthday sakura.." and the phone called ended

Sakura look at her phone in disbelief, somehow only getting angrier with the half assed called, she throw her phone on her bed

'JURINA!!! Bakaaa!'

Her door bell ring, is it the 'busy' Jurina 'courier'? sakura drag her foot, lazily open her door, and find murashige stood there holding a single rose

"Happy birthday saachan!" Murashige give the rose to sakura

"this is..from Jurina?" sakura examining the rose, a small note attached on it

'for all your sweet smiles' written on it

"yes it's from Jurina san!" murashige said with a big grin, then suddenly, out of nowhere she start singing. Sakura know the song..its..akb48 oogoe diamond

"annya? what---" but before sakura finished her sentence, another team mates of her come from the corner, holding another rose

"happy birthday sakura" the ikemen beauty Matsuoka Natsumi give the rose to sakura, and joining Murashige, harmonizing the song

"eh? eh??" sakura look at the second rose, another note attached on it

'for how dazzling you are when you dance'

and after another... HKT48 member come from the corner, give her a single rose each time.. and gradually join singing oogoe diamond, forming an acapella

A note attached on every single rose

'for the way you find it hard to look me in the eyes when we speak'

'for how messy your hair when you wake up'

'for how tasty the food you cook'

'for your cute way of running <3'

'for the way you sing a song out pitched whole heartedly'

'for being smart but reckless at the same time'

'For your slightly shivering voice when you feel nervous'

'for that you are so sexy but never slutty'

'for all the effort you gave everyday to chase your dream'

'for your brilliant acting skill'

'for how poor you are at making excuses'

'for that you never asked much, despite i know that you wanted more'

'for the way you glare when you are jealous'

'for the way you make me feel'

Sakura unconsciously counting the roses as it come..1.2..3...15..16..17..and on her 18th count... a voice sakura know so well start joining the oogoe diamond choir, the voice of a person that steer a controversies when she chosen to centered the song

A puppy like person then appear slowly from the corner, with her usual blazing smile,bring a cute cherry flower-shape birthday cake on her hands, complete with candles

"Happy birthday sakura" Jurina said, smiling to sakura who just stand there with her mouth half opened,

Jurina almost couldn't make it, and she run like crazy after the interview... but *Gosh* she made it

"Stupid ju..what with the phone before??"

"Hehe just want to surprised you" Jurina then smiling to the HKT kids "thank you everyone!!"

"No problem Jurina san! we love sakura so its nothing ! just remember your promise to threat us Yakiniku!" said HKT tentomuchu-chu-chu Tashima Meru, who loves eat more than anything

"And strawberry cakes!" NakoMiko combo said together, jumping around

"And mentai--hmmphh" 15 years old HKT boss, Natsumikan, sealed murashige mouth with her hand, while calmly smiling to Jurina

Sakura look at her team mates, when did they prepared this?

"Thank you everyone" Sakura said to her friends "but..why sing oogoe diamond?"

"because I like it obviously!" Jurina said brightly

"Why you had to be so narcissist even on my birthday ju (-_-) "

Sakura then blow the candles, everyone clapping, and congrats sakura once again.

They then come inside, eat the cake together, and having another fun party for sakura birthday.

Just another party, but when sakura take a glance at Jurina, who sat beside her, laughing, and smiling there with the end..its not just another birthday party

Its the only party she ever needs.

The night getting late.. and one by one the hakata kids (that mostly underage and had a night curfew) went home

"bye cappu!"

"bye saachan, heve a good night!"

Sakura wave her hands to anai chihiro as the team H captain go away, she is the last of her hakata mates that went home.

As sakura closed the door, she can feel someone staring at her, Sakura turn her body around, and find Jurina standing there,smiling wider than the rest of the night

"Um..are you going back now too ju?"

"You know I'm not" Jurina then take out a pink slim box from inside her jersey "I haven't give you your 18th rose yet am I" and she give the box to sakura

sakura open the box. inside, lay a single rose with a silver necklace swirling beautifully around it , one last note attached on it

'for all of you..I want you to be mine'

Sakura only look at Jurina when she leaning closer, smiling and take the necklace, then put it on sakura neck

"just so you know, I'm marking you as my personal belonging with this necklace" Jurina said while putting the necklace on sakura, and Sakura just can't stop her hands from pinching the teasing monster arm, but jurina only laugh "now we are even sakura!"

sakura look at the necklace on her neck, its beautiful...and despite the necklace already set perfectly, Jurina arms still linger around sakura neck.

 Sakura slowly raise her head and look at the Nagoya ace face who only a few centimeters from her own, Sakura quickly shifting her eyes. The Nagoya ace smile just grow wider with sakura reaction

" are 18 now?"

"I am"

" are not under age anymore right?" *evil grin*

"w-what with that suspicious smile!?" sakura look to everywhere except Jurina face, try to cover her reddened face

"nothing" *grin grin* Sakura could feel Jurina intense gaze on her lips "happy 18th years" Jurina said before landed her sweat soft lips on sakura

Sakura tighten her grip on the rose in her hand. she get a massive amount of more exquisite gifts nor flowers for her birthday

but in the end..its really not about how expensive the gifts .. but from who is it.


Happy 18th birthday Cakulaaa chaan

oh.. and check the blog version if you want i put the team k acapella version of oogoe diamond  there too
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  • Jurina is my boyfriend , stay away .v.

I'll tell you , there are few fanfics I like to read, but this!? It's so adorably perfect that before going to school , I go every day in jphip to see if a new update.

Author-san, love you  :bigdeal: :bigdeal:

see u in the next ~~
the cause of my death...

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Now pure (or not :onioncheer:)  Sakura is legal for pervert Jurina  :ding:

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@genki kid
yes she is *poker face* :roll:
I'm keeping this fic appropriate for jphip thou huhuhu

@kalol 38
wow thank you very much!
I'm trying my best to updating weekly :grin:  :grin:

and uh..hemm..i probably shouldn't but..errr..its mayuyu birthday next week.. idk why all my oshi have a birthday on March
and I'm so weak against my oshi..
so... jurisaku would still be there but the next would be mayuki SP (I'm sorry! my finger! its typing by itself! :sweatdrop:)
and  it would be updated at mayu birthday on march 26
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I can't wait for the march 26 update. Since I'm going to have a try out for midterm test at march 26 too please refresh my mind with the update nee :hee:

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@genki kid
thank you for always read  :)2
I'm working on it now, but ein pressure  :peace:

and wish you the best for your mid term btw!   :thumbsup  :thumbsup

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dance_mayuki SP : the cyborg that grown up
« Reply #54 on: March 25, 2016, 04:45:15 PM »

-- The cyborg that grown up ----

AKB48 44th Senbatsu line up has announced, and after all those joyous cried from the fans for the 43th single wondrous all star senbatsu; half of the newest single senbatsu are fresh generation member

As expected, after a certain chibi soukantoku graduate, the new era of the giant idol group would finally began. Agree or disagree, it has to be,as the sky that once shielding the group-the so called kami 7- that has long has really fallen

Speaking of which, one of those kami, the youngest of the 7 (no..obviously not nyannyan Kamen..cmon *duh*), whose has grown magnificently to the queen of the herd, standing quietly in front of the AKB practice room mirror, staring at her reflection, pulling her short hair that start to grow long again

"Happy birthday Mayu"

kashiwagi yuki appear and gently hug Mayu little figure from behind, wrap the so called "ultimate grace" with her warmness

"Thank you Yukirin" mayu replied, and gently catch the soft lips of the gravure queen

The afternoon sun light bathing the quiet practice room with its warm ray. its peaceful, and magical. Mayuki sipping their moment together slowly, unhurriedly melted with each other

Its only...

Mayuki are not the only one who shared those magnificent afternoon in the practice room

In the back, inside the locker. Two front line member of the mentioned new era, watch awkwardly to their two senpai

"J-jurina..maybe we should get out from here" Sakura whisper to the other girl who shared that tiny space inside the dark locker

"err..I don't think its a right moment now " Jurina replied

Jurisaku were practice as usual in that practice room, and just as usual, Jurina and her addiction to kiss could not left sakura lips alone.

 But just when she started her move on sakura, they hear a foot step gotten closer, and the panic plus embarrassed sakura without  thinking pulled the SKE ace inside the locker nearby

Bad idea

Now they are stuck inside the tiny locker, trapped to witness the happening moment in the room




"...where do you think you put your hands on?"

*mischief smirk*

Sakura smile cutely to Jurina

 "why don't you just do this kind of things with that 'Fujita Nana' you love so much, that her twitter is full of you" sakura said sweetly, the word fujita Nana stressed with extra sweetness

"..." she is mad again ain't she

'but..but sakura thats 'her'  twitter...*puppy cry*'

After something that feels like forever (for both Mayuki and Jurisaku in the locker), Yukirin finally parted her lips from Mayu. still close her eyes, try to savor the taste of Mayu lips a little bit longer in her head

"I love you Mayu"

"and I love you too Yukirin, since the first time i saw you in the audition 9 years ago.. "

Yukirin only smile, cling on the shorter girl as she listen to her speak softly

"I still remember it clearly, you in a magenta pink sweater...a pearl necklace hanging in your neck. you were looking on the floor, clearly nervous... but your eyes..its shining with passion...*sigh* yukirin..I was thinking to my self, that I've never seen something that beautiful ever before "

" really know how to flirt" yukirin said, shifting her eyes away

"I'm not jurina...I just said whats in my mind" (Sakura unconsciously nod while stare at Jurina- who suddenly very interested with a stain on the locker roof)

"And then we get into a same team. You don't like to talk, so do I..but you'll listen to me anyway, and i feel like talking when I'm with you..."

"hmm" yukirin just murmuring, indulging in the comfort of mayu's warmness

"even when I just chattered about anime that I like and you don't, you still listen to me. smiling to my non sense. you always lent me manga, even that you know ill never return it..."

" certainly never return them" yukirin pout cutely, try to look angry...but failed

"..and I find that you are kind..and caring...and I just cant help but falling for you"

Mayu take a glance to Yukirin face "..even now, 9 years later. still smiling listen to my rattles" and she peek the older girl lips once again..and again..and again..raining the taller girl with lots of cute little kisses

"...its not a rattles to me...its you.. talking to me.."

Mayu smile to her Yukirin "to think of it...we've through a lot this 9 years"

"it sure is..You have became more humanly... cyborg idol"

"ahaha..I haven't been called cyborg for a while...but you still as black as ever"

"Hey! I was praising You!"

"hehe..sorry..sorry " the used to be cyborg idol smile sweetly. a sweetness that even the black queen couldn't resist.

Yukirin look at their reflection in the big mirror, its just seems like yesterday, when she hug her like this in the back of team b stage

she was the captain, and mayu is the center. her hair was straight and black back then, and Mayu haven't graduate from her trade mark twin tails. Just stay like this, let the time passed by being in each other embrace...

a lot of memory flashing in their heart. Happy memories, sad memories. But even the sad one is precious to be remember.

" were transferred to team A.."

"hmm..and its the first time i saw you crying like that yukirin"

"its not my fault..I lost you for the first time there"


"but I think you saw me cry before that mayu"


"you remember? the first team b performance after I appointed as the captain, its not went so well...I felt like.. its my fault as the new I cry alone in the back of the stage "

Mayu tighten her grip on the older girl arms that surrounding her... yes.. she remember

"...I saw you slip to the back stages alone yukirin, and I know something is I follow you. and there I saw you, cry on your own. I...Im sorry I don't know what to say back then.."

" just sit there...beside me...I was thinking what would you gonna say Mayu, just stay there...patting my head...until I calm down"

"...please dont cry again yukirin"

"hmm...even if I do...could you please just stay beside me again...said nothing...but there.. beside me"

"... I would"

Yukirin look into mayu eyes...found nothing but honesty... and she smile...

Mayu hair is short now, her words are more mature now

she doesn't act like a little cute mice who jiggles every time she moves now

but once yukirin look into mayu face, she is still there, the same little girl with angel face and dorky-ness that always cling to her.

with her perfect bangs, and her twin tails swing around. she is sill a cyborg after all; a frankly cyborg that suck at lying. And another memory flies into Yukirin

"you remember when we have that shoujiki soghi battle on akbingo?"

"hehe...I like that one"

"you do? even until now, people still ask me did we fight after that? you were so harsh on me! saying that I never replied your email and even accused my room to be gloomy!"

"haha..I don't care with what people said,  all I care is that after, you start replying my email...and you finally invite me to your room, try to convince me that it's not that plain"

"Wait !?? was that your true intention!!?" Yuki glare to the girl in her arm, who just smile mischievously

"I have to work hard to make you closer to me" *grin grin*

*sigh* "you are hopeless"

"hopelessly in love with you"

"and you just said you don't flirt"

Mayu turn around, and look into yukirin

 how can its possible? how can your heart still skip a beat every single time...even after all this years, still never had enough of that smile. That ...perfect lips

mayu lean forward ...and another kiss went by..... inevitable

--- ------- --

"We better go now, they've prepared the cake and everything for you queen bee" Yukirin finally said after a long wet sloppy kiss, dragging Mayu with her

"ehh.. what about my present? what do you get for me this year Yukirin?" Mayu drag her feet lazily, still wanted to spend times alone with her Yukirin

"hmm..why don't you check it by your self? my room" Yuki throw her sexy wink, and Mayu Watanabe grin so wide, almost floating when she following the black queen out side

Literally a second after the door closed behind mayuki, two figure fall out from the locker

"uwaaahhh!! its hard to breath in there!" Jurina said while catching the air as much as she can with her mouth

"I kinda feel bad that we actually eavesdrop to them like this" sakura said, a bit blushing

"Sakura.. I also fall in love with you since the first time I saw you in audition"

sakura rolled her eyes "we are not in a same generation 'senpai'.. .more over... we are not even auditioned for same group remember?"

"and that one time we fight in shoujiki shogi..."

"hello? earth to Jurina? are you okay? what shoujiki shogi"

But Jurina only smile to the hakata girl protest..and skillfully stole a quick kiss from her lips


" right...lets make our own story okay?" Jurina put her hands on sakura face

"lets start one now" she said before go for the other girl lips again..slowly..but sure.

lets make our own epic story together, start from now on


in tribute to Mayu Watanabe 22th birthday

thank you for lighten up my my darkest time

happy birthday

oh yeah btw
in this mayuki sp
this is a fic but...all those memories between mayu and yuki..well..its a real event that really happen .. and its well documented in their interviews and back stages footage.
but well..who am i kidding..this is JPHIP..the nest of shipper..of course you knew it ;)

my fic storage :
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  • Jurina is my boyfriend , stay away .v.
The time for JuriSaku is short in this chapter but i also love ! They are really cute together *u*!

Know, i usually just like jurimayu fanfics but i think i really like jurisaku now <3<3! Keep good work, author-san!!

Okay, now ill read all the chapters again! 
the cause of my death...

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Good job Sakura for bringing Ju into the locker. Now we can have a sweet Mayuki moment...
Happy birthday to a more mature Mayuyu. Hope she can be more mature yet still cute at the same time

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@kalol38 thank you
jurina cute...i like shipping cute girls  :heart: :heart:

@genkikid haha well..thats interesting point of view  :lol:
ahh..personally i think there should be a picture of mayuyu in every dictionary under the word "cute"
i hope you doing well on your midterm btw

thank you for read
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oh yeah btw
in this mayuki sp
this is a fic but...all those memories between mayu and yuki..well..its a real event that really happen .. and its well documented in their interviews and back stages footage.
but well..who am i kidding..this is JPHIP..the nest of shipper..of course you knew it ;)

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Well if Sakura didn't bring Ju into the locker and they end up meeting Mayuki then there won't be that sweet Mayuki moment...
Thanks for your encouragement :on woohoo:.  Every encouragement from others give me hope I can pass every subjects since I'm the procrastinator kind of person and I keep procrastinating my studying (hence here I am in this forum instead of studying) when the midterms start at thursday. Hehe :mon sweat: :mon sweat:

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