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Author Topic: Heartsmith - Chapter One [11/3/17]  (Read 523 times)

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Heartsmith - Chapter One [11/3/17]
« on: March 06, 2017, 09:47:56 PM »


There is one important part of our body, you can’t see yet can feel it. It doesn’t need your brain to make it running, mysterious right? Whether you are sleeping or not, it’ll work continuously; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Heart, that’s what it’s called. No, you haven’t heard the interesting part yet. I’d say the most interesting part is heartbeat, why? Because if you can hear it, humans have different heart rhythms. Of course, there are cases that humans have problem with their heart and die eventually. But did you know if you have the abnormal heart rhythms it doesn’t mean that you’re sick? If you happened to took one of them to see the doctor, believe it or not their answer would be the same; They are fine. Actually they aren’t, or at least they used to be fine. The abnormality is often caused by overflowing sadness, Heartbroken.

Heartbreak and Love are two side of the same coin. You just can’t love someone, if you can’t handle the heartbreak later. The one who get through this phase would be stronger, but the one who can’t it would be like living in sorrow. They kept it inside, hoping no one will realize. Too bad, heart shows it all. That’s why they are having the abnormal heart rhythms, slowly made them losing who they are, changed them bit by bit. Some chose to pretend like they don’t have feeling anymore; Easier, that’s what they said. Of course, when you turn-off your feeling, you don’t care anything except you. However, when love is calling you; No one can stop it, not you or the other party. You just fall, that’s it. The bad thing about love is, it didn’t tell you in advance; how to push the brake button. The more you love someone, the more you will get hurt. Love gave you weird sensation, as if the strange wavelength tried to play music into your soul. Some it will last long, the other goes by the time, or it can’t produce any music at all. So, That’s probably what made you can’t love again, nor moving on. One thing for sure, their hearts are still broken.

However, there was rumor of someone that can fix the broken heart. Not sure if it was just urban legend or indeed a legit rumor. If you happened to be heartbroken, you’ll have to cross the bridge in the far east of the town. The problem is the bridge only shown up once a month, full-moon to be exact. When the skies are clear and you can heard the sound of violin from afar vaguely. They said it played the saddest melody you’ve ever heard, probably that’s why you can’t resist the temptation to look after the source of it. All you need is take 13 steps front after step down from the bridge, don’t be afraid though you can’t see anything except mist. Because when you realized, you are already arrived in front of small workshop. Heartsmith, that’s what written on the door.

-To be Continued

Hello, It's been a while :) - Is anyone missing me?
Okay, I know I still have many ongoing fics that I haven't finished yet. But after reading comic strip about heartsmith, i decided to create one based on member in 48G perhaps adding 46G too  8) 8)
My biggest thank goes to emprezz48 She helped me to improve this story, created the poster and proofread it. I love you! XD
I am currently working on all my on-going fics (but i am slow writer with random pace, So....  :nervous :nervous)
Let's meet again soon~  :peace:

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Re: Heartsmith - Prologue + Poster |3/7/2017|
« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2017, 10:17:19 PM »
Oooooh, interesting.

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Re: Heartsmith - Prologue + Poster |3/7/2017|
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Chapter One

It was already near midnight, but you could hear someone kept grumbling and having multiples sigh coming out from her mouth. She managed to empty the box beside her, put the last book to the 3rd rack on the shelf beside the staircases. She clapped her hands in joy, however the smile didn’t last long when she turned her back and found the 1st floor of the house was still…..messy.

“This cleaning thing….is never ending job….”  She found herself leaning on the bookshelf, because she’s been cleaning since afternoon but look the house is still far from clean and tidy.

“Mayu! Don’t you dare take a rest now! We still HAVE a lot boxes unpacked on the 2nd floor you know?” someone’s voice echoed from the upper floor, that person gave stress in particular word.

“Mou….. I am so done with these boxes already. Moreover, this house is really…really....BIG for two of us, bro.” Mayu continued to protest, as her feet brought her to the front of staircase now “Beside, why in the world do we have to move?” she kept glancing to the gap from lower floor, just enough to see her bro’s shadow walking back and forth.

“I thought we had talked about this?” The movement from 2nd floor suddenly stopped,

Yabai…. Here we come…. Another long lecture…” She closed her eyes, cursing inside because she was dumb enough to push wrong button of her bro.

The bro’s step finally coming closer to the staircases, ready to give the younger one little chit-chat “We ne-”


What a luck. The doorbell saved Mayu’s ass from hell lecturing class. She used this as excuses to move from where she stood to the front door. The bro who already in the middle of descending the staircases saw this can’t help but annoyed by the younger who left the scene.
“Oi! Mayu! I haven’t finished yet!”

Mayu didn’t bother about the yelling behind her back, because she knew there was someone coming from front door.

“Haai~~ Welcome!”

Mayu opened the door before the guest could, a yelp came out from the guest’s mouth. Her eyes were widened; moving to right and left. She looked so surprised to this unexpected situation.

“It’s okay, please come in.” Mayu assured her with hand movement, as the other hand was holding the door.

Indeed, the house looked so messy as if someone just moved in. Many boxes on the corner, so does with cleaning tools. You could tell the owner of the house was in the middle of cleaning. However, the house was really like….. Normal house? Did she come in the right place?

“Anoo…. Are you the heartsmith?” The girl finally spoke for the first time.

“No No…Not even in my dream.” Mayu shook her head “Not even in my dream I’ll be the heartsmith. It’s pretty tiring job, you know? Anyway… you’ll meet the heartsmith soon.”
Slowly you could heard someone stomped the feet towards where the guest and Mayu were standing.

“Mayu! How many times do I need to tell you, don’t walk away be-- W-wait? Who is this?”

“Ah Bro! We have customer!” Mayu smiled awkwardly, slightly hiding behind the guest’s back as she pushed the guest toward the bro.

The customer was taken aback when she found a female figure than male one. Okay, she looked a lot like male, the height, the face’s structure, low tone even the way she walks. Without realized, the customer just staring at the heartsmith as she was bewitched by the ikemen-heartsmith. By her reaction, the heartsmith knew immediately the problem.

“Ah, please don’t mind what my sister said. Mayu always called me bro though I’m a girl. Welcome to the heartsmith, I’m the owner and also known as the heartsmith; Sae at your service, Miss.” Sae crossed her right hand on the chest as her head slightly bow to the customer.

“It's because I can’t bring myself to call you as ‘sis’. it’s just…...creepy.” Mayu paused before saying the last word, her face showed the disgusting reaction as if she wanted to puke just thinking about the idea calling Sae as Sis instead Bro.

“Mayu…..” Sae toned her voice down, though she is smiling now Mayu knew Sae didn’t snap her neck merely because of the customer’s presence.

Sae’s words sounded so scary, because it was already late and also none of them were talking. Unconsciously, Mayu clutched her fingers to customer’s shoulder, a yelp came out as a result.  The customer’s turned her neck to spit flame to younger sister of heartsmith.

“S-Sorry! But please please let me stay behind you for the time being.” Mayu showed pitiful look to increase her persuasion. The latter can’t say no, not after saw that kitty look. Mayu is blessed by her adorable face, she can pull it off without trying.

“I am Jurina, Matsui Jurina. Nice to meet you, Sae-san.” Jurina offered her hand, to form simple yet general greeting act.

Sae took Jurina’s hand, her lips tug into smile “Just Sae is fine, so what brings you here?”

“I heard heartsmith can fix a broken heart, is that true?”

“Well….. It’s Yes and No.” Sae calmly answered.

“What do you mean by that?” Jurina can’t hide her impatience.

“Why don't we go to my workshop instead?”

Jurina let Sae lead her way to the second floor of the store. Before they reached the middle part of stairs, Sae turned on her heels to meet the younger one

“Please bring the usual to workshop, Mayu.”

The younger one didn’t reply anything but nod, clearly understood what Sae meant. Soon after she left to somewhere else on the first floor, until Jurina and Sae can't see her again. The heartsmith also continued their movement to the highest floor in this building. Surprisingly, there is only one room in the second floor; the farthest room at the back. They passed the area which is quite spacious, no specific ornaments, simple yet tidy with simple arrangements; black sofas and coffee table. Perhaps the heartsmith always spend her time in this area?

Before she can think about the possible answers, they both already arrived at their destination. The owner opened the door and finally let her in, now Jurina knew why this is called as workshop. You can see Sae has many working tools here, just name anything that you need; Jurina bet Sae have it all you need. Hammer, screwdriver, wrenches in any size were beautifully arranged in the walls. A fear crept into her mind, does that mean Sae will open up her heart with these stuffs?No way….. Right?

“Welcome to my workshop, have a seat please.” Sae took a seat in her working desk, motioned Jurina do the same except on the chair opposite of hers.

“Anoo…. Are you using these stuffs to fix someone’s heart?”

“Yes, is that a problem for you?”

After hearing Sae’s answer, Jurina regretted her decision to come in this store. She prepared the worst before coming here, but dying wasn’t on her list; Not in million years. Sae who saw the familiar behavior (another issue if customer found she is a girl), immediately realized Jurina mistook her sentences in wrong way.

“Relax I’m not gonna kill you in process. These tools are different with normal one. Remember, I am a heartsmith not cold-blooded killer” Sae who saw Jurina’s face getting brighter, clearly showed what's on her mind can't help but chuckled; this customer was really cute.

“So…Hmmmm….  Breakup, huh?” Sae blurted out as her eyes fixed on Jurina’s chest.

“How…..?” The customer's eyes were widened. Instead of answering her question, Sae closed her eyes.

“It’s been 2 years, right?” Another smirk from Sae’s lips, still closing her eyes.

HOW DID YOU KNOW??” The customer’s eyes getting bigger and bigger on each line that heartsmith’s gave to her.

“First love, wasn't it?” Sae tilted her head, finally opening her eyes, threw question look to her customer.

WAIT WAIT! Can you at least answer my QUESTIONS?” Jurina finally standing up, raised her right palm to stop Sae from blabbering another facts about her. To be honest, she was a bit pissed off because of heartsmith’s straightforwardness

“It’s just… I can hear anything…..” Sae crossed her legs, as the index finger of her right hand were pointing at Jurina’s left chest “Especially your heart…the heartbroken one.”

Just 5 minutes ago, Jurina was really scared because she thought she came in wrong place; stuck with a cold-blooded killer who might want to kill her and take the organs in order to sell it in black market. However right now, She felt sorry for doubting Sae’s capability.

“Now, please sit and tell me your story.” Sae beamed her infamous smile.

Jurina took the seat once again, done with freaking out. A bit hesitant at first, because she knew when she said her name, their memories will coming back. But she was already made up her mind, after took a deep breath she finally uttered her story for the first time in a while.

“Her name is Rena, Matsui Rena.”

-To be Continued

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Re: Heartsmith - Chapter One [11/3/17]
« Reply #3 on: March 10, 2017, 08:09:20 PM »
Holy cow, I really like this!!! OwO

So Sae has some special power that allows her to fix broken hearts...

And yeah, I'd be scared like Jurina to see that workshop. XD

This seems so cool~ I wonder just what happened to Jurina, and what will Sae do to fix her broken heart.

Please update soon! I really wanna see what happens next! >w<

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Re: Heartsmith - Chapter One [11/3/17]
« Reply #4 on: March 11, 2017, 12:00:32 AM »
Woah!!! This is so cool. Amazing plot btw, can't wait to read the next update.
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Re: Heartsmith - Chapter One [11/3/17]
« Reply #5 on: March 25, 2017, 05:07:03 PM »
I need to know what's next (ಥ_ಥ)
author-san ( TДT)

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