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Author Topic: Yankees become AKB: (pairings undefined for now)  (Read 3144 times)

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Yankees become AKB: (pairings undefined for now)
« on: February 11, 2017, 05:33:13 AM »
Chapter 1. Accident in AKB48?

This is a setting in 20xx which the girls are fighting to get to the top in the school, even the best yankee school Majisuka Gakuen is also the same. At this time where the graduation ceremony has ended where Maeda, Sado and the heavenly four queens are in the clubroom ever since Yuko has passed on.

"Yuko-san has passed on already....what are we going to do?"

"I'm going to do be in school!" Gekikara had become excited which Black had ruffled her head and she became quiet in an instant. "I'm going to learn to become a nurse then." Sado continued which SHibuya and Torigayo kept quiet not knowing what to say. "Black what about you?" As Black was about to say something everyone felt the room was shaking and all of them stood up and ran outside and saw even the corridors were shaking. "Is it an earthquake?"

"I don't think so." Maeda had show them an app which it did not detect any earthquake in this surrounding. "Then what is it!" Shibuya had lost her mind that she's going to die so pathetic. "Black...?" Gekikara felt a surge of force compressing her hands and she saw Black was sweating and eyes showing fear for the first time. "I'm going to protect Black!" Gekikara had held Black close so to make sure she isn't afraid of anything. "Why don't we go and search what is the thing making the school shake?"

"That's right Torigayo."

"Eh/ I was saying some rubbish so am I right?"

"Yes let's go." Everyone was on their guard which they walked to the school gate and there was this black hole thing with a sign 'please enter' makes them thing that it must be some nonsense and they decided to walk away from it. "Help me!!!!" Torigayo had being dragged into the black hole like a vacuum cleaner sucking in the dirt which everyone was pulling her away from it and they were slowly being suck away even when Gekikara being strong enough to suck away had also being suck away. "What the hell!!!!!"

At the same time (2010) AKB48 idols finishing the film of Majisuka Gakuen

"Rena are you returning to Nagoya now?"

"Jurina is waiting for me so I'm going to look for her first." Acchan nodded her head at the understanding. "Mayuyu told me she's with Jurina in the theatre waiting room so maybe you can return with us?" Yukirin had proposed an idea so both of them wouldn't have to wait long. "That's right Rena! Just go back with us." Rena had nodded way before Haruna decided to make her say yes which everyone was laughing Haruna for acting like a kid. "Manager! Look out!" The car had skidded to the side which the car had went onto the sideway and crash onto the lamp post. "Isn't that AKB48? Did you see the driver running away from crashing their car? Let's call the police." The on-lookers recognized the members and decided to make a call which the members was already unconscious and the manager is already dead already. Which seven ambulances arrived sending all the members to Akihabara Private Hospital, making sure they get treatment right away.

But the news travel faster then they knew it which it travels to the management of AKB48 which they had tried to make sure the news ceased off real soon. "We have to know whether are they safe or not so what are we going to do?" That this time Akimoto had walked in which they were shocked to see them. "Sensei...why are you here?"

"I heard about the news about the accident, so I am thinking that taking care of the girls would leave it to the members and you will find out who is the one that did it so we can find out sooner the truth." Everyone nodded in agreement with his plan and quickly went to the police to find out more and Akimoto had to tell the girls this heartbreaking news. "Akimoto-san!"

"So you all knew about the news? Then it saves time...Takahashi-san you will find a few members to go with you....I received the message that they are in critical condition so you better hurry up." Takamina understand the situation and quickly settle with the other members. "Jurina are you sure you want to follow?" Jurina nodded since she wanted to ensure Rena's condition. "Mayuyu and Miichan both of you also follow me now." They nodded which they hurried up and rushed to the hospital.

"So how is their condition?"

"I'm afraid they might not live past today if they do they will survive." the doctor explained to them. "Especially Matsui-san head is severely damaged so she is the most crucial one now, if you have anything to say to them please do so now." They rushed into the ICU room specially for them and Jurina had break down seeing Rena's peaceful face. "Rena-chan! How can you fall asleep! You cannot forget we are to surpass AKB isn't it without you how am I going to do it? R-Rena-c-chan d-daisuki....please don't leave..." Mayuyu have comfort Jurina for enduring so much pain now. "Mayuyu what am I going to do? Rena-chan....isn't going to die right?"

"No...they can't die that's why we have to wait for them to wake up."

"Yukirin you better wake up...we are partners right? Team B need you just like me." Mayuyu had swallowed her tears as she believed Yukirin won't abandoned her. "Mariko! Yuko! Nyannyan! Tomochin! Stay alive you're AKB top members stay alive!" Miichan also like Jurina cannot control her tears but Takamina had not spoken a word ever since she enter the room. "Acchan...we aren't filming the drama now so make the drama become real life making you and I separate from reality I want you to stay alive for yourself and for the group."

"Takamina let's wash up first and come back later...." After saying those words there were beeping sound coming from all the monitors which they call the nurse and doctors in. "This is an emergency all the seven patients are in danger and their heart rate is dropping!" When they hear the news they had fell to the ground and they were all praying for their safety to come back.

At the same time


"Eh? Isn't this heaven?"

"All of us are broken hahaha! Everyone die!"

"Gekikara come here." Gekikara had went to Yuko's side which she gave her a pat asking her to not talk nonsense and ask Black to take care of her. "So I presume the seven of the guest are all here?" A voice could be heard which they turned around to see an old man standing there. "It must be you had done this right?" Shibuya had cracked her finger ready to punch him. "Shibuya we need him to talk so don't beat him up." Shibuya nodded since Yuko had spoke up. "Before I say anything there's something I want to show you." There a hospital room with girls on the ground crying and seven girls lying down trying to be revive. "Is that the future?"

"Future? This is the now. I think I have to explained to you more things then. They are you and you are they."

"Huh? What the hell are you saying?"

"To them you are just a bunch of character from a drama and you are not real but you are in fact right?"

"Yes so what are you trying to say?"

"In this world there is something called parallel world that means there is a possible of two different people having the same face appearing at the same time, which I called for you to appear is because in another world you are going to die very soon. Oshima Yuko you are going to die very soon since you are dead already but because of this parallel world if you die, another of you will die too so this is the situation you are facing."

"What you want us to do?"

"I will send you that world and you will learn different things and you can't become Yankees anymore just to add on to become the top you need fans to do it."

"Interesting...tell me more about it."

"Glad that caught your interest. Oshima Yuko a member of AKB48 team k member and is very good at dancing no.1 at the recent election, Maeda Atsuko a member of AKB48 team A an absolute ace in the group no.2 in the election, Shinoda Mariko a member of AKB48 team A, the oldest member and the tallest no.3 in the election, Kojima Haruna a member of AKB48  team A, airheaded girl and no.7 in the election, Itano Tomomi a member of AKB48 team k, no.4 in election, Kashiwagi Yuki a member of AKB48 team b, no.8 in election and lastly Matsui Rena a member of SKE48 team s, an ace in the team with Matsui Jurina and both of you are called WMatsui. This is the relevant details you might you might want to know, you can read about it but after you leave this place you cannot bring this with you."

"Black...then are you going to abandon me? Since we are going to be separate?"

"Gekikara ...I will never abandon you ok? That's why Gekikara we are going to keep a lookout for you since you are one of us ok?" Yuko had cut into the conversation which makes Gekikara happy that she would be abandon. "Matsui Rena there's something I have to tell you, you had an accident with your head so unlike them you have to sleep longer than them ok?"


"All you abilities remained so not to worry but I'm afraid that you would not be able to make scary faces to others but I will do a modification for you so rest assured it will be better than before so off you go." After sending them to the respective places he was finally able to rest. "What a troublesome thing if they were important I would not care sending them go. Right Rena-chan?" He was holding into Rena's poster with a signature on it. As they enter the room they had enter their own bodies which they had successfully fell asleep in their new bodies.

"I'm afraid that we have to pull out their breathing tubes ladies."

"No! You can't you haven't tried your best!"

"Doctor! The seven patients' heart rate is beating normally!"

"What! This is absurd!"

"They are not in danger anymore....send them to normal bedroom now."

"Yes! They are going to be ok!" The rest of them were dancing with joy but as they saw tomomi they stopped dancing. "Everyone is so bad no one tell me Tomochin is hurt!" They tried to pacific her by telling her they are going to wake up soon which they all rushed to the room they were send to and saw the six of them except Rena was awake doing stretching. "Yuko-san Ge-Rena!" They all rushed to Rena's side which Yuki was holding onto her hands praying to the god to ensure she wakes up faster.


"Acchan what's wrong? You suddenly call me Minamai and not Takamina." Then they all recalled the information they received from the respective brains that how should they behaved. "I just recalled about the lines in the drama plus I was just awake so I am not sure why I am acting this way." Acchan gave Takamina a small smile which assured her that she's fine. "But why are all of you suddenly so caring for Rena-chan? Especially Yukirin."

"We just wanted to check on how she is only."

"Eeeemm....where am I?"


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Re: Yankees become AKB: (pairings undefined for now)
« Reply #1 on: February 11, 2017, 06:26:32 AM »
Interesting! Please update soon Author-san! :thumbsup
Matsui Rena + Matsui Jurina =

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Re: Yankees become AKB: (pairings undefined for now)
« Reply #2 on: February 11, 2017, 08:36:58 PM »
Parallel world!  XD

rena woke up faster than i expected. i can sense there's gonna be a problem with the love pairings, keke

anyway, update soon!  :thumbsup

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Re: Yankees become AKB: (pairings undefined for now)
« Reply #3 on: February 11, 2017, 09:02:56 PM »
Oh boy oh boy oh boy. XD

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Re: Yankees become AKB: (pairings undefined for now)
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Chapter 2. Try not to get caught

"Rena chan! Yokatta you're awake!" Rena or Gekikara who was just awake was scared by the face she saw for the first time. "Bl-"

"Rena I'm here ok, Yukirin is here for you so go back to sleep I'll wait for you." Rena saw Yuki was around and she listened to her and went back to sleep. "Yukirin....why did Rena chan listen to you so much? Why is everybody so much different now?" Jurina had wondered why are the members so much different from before. "Really? But I don't feel different."

"Yuko you're always so energetic even before the accident, nobody would think you are different."

"Whatever the case is, let's find the doctor first so we understand the situation better." Takamina had brought the rest of the members who came to find the doctor in charge first which Yuki had locked the room. "What should we do now? They are going to get suspicious of us very soon." Yuko didn't want them to get into more trouble they are already in. "For now, Rena there's something you need to do for us now."


"Black no I need to get used to call you Yuki tell her about it."

"Rena listen to me first, I can't take care of you now so-I don't want to listen!"

"Rena! Listen to me ok? I won't abandoned you not now or even the future but you are Matsui Rena you belong to another group and you have to Nagoya since the group's theatre is there but when we have a new single you can always find me." Yuki had explained the things that she read it from the information that they were given to read for the first time. "So Yuki don't abandoned me? Yuko san also?"

"That's right Rena so for now your best friend is not Yuki but the girl just Jurina, so be friendly with her ok?"


"And one more thing no more fighting from anyone of you especially Rena, you have to stop that creepy smile of yours too."


"Let's buy you lots of when we are out of hospital ok?"


"Good then now we have to think carefully how we act around those girls ok?"


"Yuko! The door is lock!"

"Gomen! Yuki had accidentally lock the door right?"

"M-Me? Ah! I think so...I did it." Yuki tried her best to gave a shocked face and surprisingly she could do it easily makes Yuki thinks that this person's face could do multiple expressions. "You shouldn't do that Yukirin.....what if you got stuck and none of you can get out?" Takamina had lectured all of them and they were wondering why should they be lectured by a short person like her which Acchan had kept in mind that the Minami in front of her is not the same Minami she knows.

"For now the doctor wants to see all of you right now to determine whether you can leave the hospital, so hurry up and go so we can help you pack up to use the little time we have for now." From the tone of Takamina they knew even they do not know how is Takamina like but they know there must be some reason that they need to be in a hurry.

"Then let's go so we will see you later."

"Jurina you have to let Rena go if not we will really be in deep trouble."


"Jurina...I promise you that I'll be back as soon as I can but you have to promise me to buy melon pan for me, I'm very hungry right now."

"Ok!" Jurina was smiling so happily which makes Yuki so jealous that Rena had started to be so close to Jurina although it seems to be normal but she hates them being so close.

"Black stop being so jealous, can feel your aura already." Yuko had to whispered to Yuki which she had put all her hatred towards Yuko which shut up when she saw that Yuki was glaring at her. "Yuki! Let's go!" Rena had held onto Yuki's hands and it does so much help that Yuki wasn't feeling any jealously right now and follow Rena's footstep.

"Rena chan....."

"Stop being so's like both Yukirin and you are fighting for Rena's affection."

"Shut up...Mayuyu"

"Do you think our doctor is like the school doctor we have in the school?"

"We just have to go in and see then."

"Come in." They enter after they knock the doctor.

"'s being some time we never see each other rigjt?"


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Re: Yankees become AKB: (pairings undefined for now)
« Reply #5 on: March 01, 2017, 02:58:12 PM »
Chapter 3. Try to adjust to the new life


"Who are you?" Yuko for the first time seems to be afraid of someone who stands in front her because the person she sees is.......Oshima Yuko. "Who am I? I'm you of course! The one and only Oshima Yuko!" Yuko was blinking as much as she lost count by herself. "Yuu-chan you can't shout in the hospital." The dead Yuko immediately lower her tone. "I have a question for you, what relation do both of you have?"

"Ah! Nyannyan is my girlfriend everybody knows that in AKB48."


"Oh! That means Yuko-san you have to be very clingy towards Torigayo Yuko-san." Yuko who think of it tried to shrug off since she never had love anyone only her grandmother. "What's the reason you want to see us?" They almost forget why they call them in. "Although I have say that we won't be seeing each other but as a matter of fact, they wanted to see how is the parallel of them looks like which, they had an idea which I think it's feasible. There is seven pills in front of you with your name and eat it the memories of them will go to you so you will adjust fine. Which you can talk to anyone in your head among the eight of us, do you have any words for them when I send all of you to where you belong?"

"Just one thing....don't hurt Jurina even if you don't like her I don't like to see her cry, to me she's more than just a friend. One day I hope you understand that words I tell you and you have friends to help you so don't keep everything to yourself." Gekikara had no idea what she's saying even though her head had already being cured of her injuries. "Come eat it, I don't have all day."

All of them ate the pills at their own timing which they could felt a pang in their heads.



"Why do our heads hurt so much....." The seven of them had fell to grounds already before anyone can answer. "I think our job here is done hope that they can really do the job right." All of them culd only trust them and they had vanished in thin air which no one would what they did in the room. "Why did they get carried back unconsciously after seeing the doctor and what exactly happen in the room?"

"Ow! Takamina you sure have a lot of curiosity in you hah?" Yuko woke up and surprisingly she remember a lot of things that she don't remember doing it before and even calling someone else their nicknames, slowly everyone woke up which they found out they had new memories in their heads which help them to be able to identify each member right now and not being suspicious. "So can we go right now?"

"Where do you want to go?"

"Home of course I feel like I had never slept in my own bed for so long." Which everyone had break into own smiles seeing all the members who entered the hospital can safely get out of the hospital and not hospitalized for a long period. "W will send you off then we will report to Akimoto sensei about your condition which Rena do you want to stay in Tokyo for a while before going back to Nagoya?"

"But....what about Jurina?"

"Yes! Rena chan can go back with me so you have to worry about it!"

"We actually do cause Rena have a schedule that she has to be in Tokyo so I'm afraid that you have to go back to Nagoya by yourself and you have school don't you?" Takamina had inform Rena about her schedule. "Then Rena can stay with me for the night wouldn't it be fine?" Takamina nodded her head and think it would be a good idea too. "Then let's go now."

"Jurina you bought the melon pan right? I know that going back by yourself is going to be scary so call me when you reach your home so I don't have to worry about you. When I return to Nagoya, let's do one thing you wanted to do ok?" Jurina nodded her head in consensus agreeing to whatever Rena had said. "Rena let's go." Yuki had pulled Rena away which Jurina found it weird why was Yuki so protective to Rena. "Mayuyu do you think Yuki likes Rena chan?"

"I don't think so but I think after the accident it just pull them close together only."


"What is it?"

"I have to tell you something....this original Rena likes Jurina same goes to Jurina likes Rena."

"You're saying....they are in love?"

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Re: Yankees become AKB: (pairings undefined for now)
« Reply #6 on: March 22, 2017, 11:45:35 AM »
what's going on next?

will the other members notice that they are different from the normal members?

can't wait

thank you

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: Yankees become AKB: (pairings undefined for now)
« Reply #7 on: March 23, 2017, 11:30:12 AM »
Chapter 4. Our first time on a job

"What are you saying Rena!"

"Like I say Jurina and I are mutually liking each other, that's what I understand from the original Rena so I want to tell you to keep a distance from me."


"Yuki....I know I shouldn't have said all these words to you but you're the only one I can say to, I need you too but this body of mine needs Jurina also when I think of her I feel that without her I'm going to die!" Rena had broke down from saying words that can break Yuki's heart. "I get it...I get it Rena....If it's like that I have to fight for your love unlike in school where I took it for granted. I would not lose to Jurina I definitely would make you come back to my side." Rena nodded which Yuki led her to the bathroom to clean herself first before she went to bed.


"Yukirin! Rena-chan! Ohayo!"

"Why are you here? No how did you know my place?"

"Easy! Mayuyu told me about where you leave, I thought of something and I want to tell you Rena-chan.......let's go back to Nagoya together!" Both Rena and Yuki nearly fell down because of the suspension Jurina gave them. "Really? We are leaving to go for our filming of our drama though but I guess you just have to follow me throughout the day, if you have your own schedule you can leave first."

"Rena I bought you your favorite breakfast though...melon pan!"

"Yay! Melon pan!"

"I was afraid Rena-chan you're going to hate melon pan after the accident and actually consider twice when buying it but now it's actually good that I bought it for you."

"Jurina we need to go to the filming site already so I hope you don't keep stand at my doorstep or others would find it weird why are you here."

"Ok! Let's go today what are you guys filming about?"

"Not too sure but hopefully is not fighting scenes again." Rena munching on her bread not caring whether Yuki and Jurina glaring at each other.

"Rena! Yuki!"


"Yuki bought you melon pan?"

"That kid bought her not me." Yuko could sense how black is Yuki is being now and decided to shut up. "Minna! So late?" Mariko and Acchan was slowly walking up to them. "Hard to get up so early so how is everyone doing?"

"I wanted to know how are you doing more Yuko-san with Haruna."

"You will never believe this, Haruna and I actually slept on one bed although is one dream of mine but sbcbdcodcod"

"Yuu-chan don't say a thing already or I will make you more painful later." Yuko shut up when she remember Haruna has her powers in her still, slowly everyone start to flow in which Rena was smiling at them even Tomochin was late. "Rena you got to stop smiling to everyone, they think you're acting weird after your accident."

"Let's act scene 25 where Shinoda and Maeda fight!" All of them were shock that they had to renact the fight. "Remember no real punches given to each other and remember is just an act don't get serious about it." They nodded and went in to the scene first, which it took them half a day to film parts of it and all of them had to rush to their own schedule and the filming had to stop which after they film finished Rena and Acchan fight scene which Rena was no longer needed to be at there already.

"Jurina ready to go?"


"Rena take care when taking the train and her."

"Yuki I would be ok just remember what you say and don't regret about it."

"Rena-chan what are you saying?"

"It's nothing really why?"

"Cause all of you are acting very weird to me."



"Yes I feel like you're not the Rena-chan I know."

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Re: Yankees become AKB: (pairings undefined for now)
« Reply #8 on: March 25, 2017, 02:23:40 PM »
Gekiblack  :heart: please come back ASAP,  author-san  :inlove:
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