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Author Topic: [MaYuki] I LOVE You But I Have To KILL You Chap 09 20/6 Finally Updated!  (Read 32260 times)

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Re: [MaYuki] I LOVE You But I Have To KILL You Chap 07 8/20 Finally Updated!
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I wonder what kind of organisation is it.

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Re: [MaYuki] I LOVE You But I Have To KILL You Chap 08 1/30 Finally Updated!
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Hi, yeah it's been long time  :doh: . I know I haven't updated this fic for so long and to be honest I'm more feel comfortable writing Os but some readers pm'd me and there's some people in facebook that are still asking for an update. To those readers who are waiting for an update. This is for you guys ^_^

BTW sorry for the grammatical errors.

NOTE: This Chapter Is quite a long one. or not really? hahaha.


Chapter 08

Silence filled the air as I and Jurina are walking back to the Headquarters to give a report and also to plan and find the one who killed my father. I never thought hatred and anger will make me the kind of person earlier when I fought to that man. I should never lose my composure not until I can find and beat into pulp the person behind this case.

“neh Mayu?” Jurina suddenly breaks the silence making me snap out of my thoughts. I turned around to face her. She wants something, an answer, and I think I already know the unspoken question.

“if you’re going to ask me how I am then I’ll be lying if I say I’m fine” I said turning around and continued walking. I don’t want to discuss about that topic coz it will just tear my heart into pieces though it’s already been already into pieces.

“you know what, it’s fine to cry sometimes, to ease the pain. It will make you a wee bit better you know” With concerned voice she suggested.

I know crying will make a person feel a little better coz I’ve done it already, a lot of times to be exact, but right now crying and sulking is not an option anymore. All I have to do is stand up, grow up and fight.

“we’re here” not responding to her suggestion I said as we stand in front of the headquarters, the headquarters that is full of memories of my parents.
Giving a deep sigh, I step forward but before I could enter the premises, a hand tap my shoulder and whispered.

“everything will be fine, just trust us, your members” Jurina gives me a reassurance smile then entered the building but stop halfway.

“Stop standing there and get inside, your members are waiting” She shouted and I just nodded. I still feel lucky coz I’ve got them, my memb—No, My friends.

“Thank you” the only words that I was able to mutter.

Passing through a lot of doors and people who bowed and greeted us feels so nostalgic. I’ve been out from here for just few days but it made me miss this place. After few minutes of walking and riding the elevator, we arrived in the place that I’ve missed the most. The cool familiar door , these corridors that we make as a running lane when tried to compete who is fastest and those people who are behind that door, I’ve missed it, I really do. An upward curve can be seen in my face as memories go back and can’t help it to still feeling lucky to have them.

“we’re here” Jurina said giving me a smile then puts her hand in the box located in the right side of the door. The box then scanned her hand and approved her identity. The door then slide wide open and a sudden pop from party poppers pop out making me a bit surprised.

There standing with big smiles, my friends, my valuable friends that I don’t want to lose. Friends that I want to protect even if I’ll risk my life.

A familiar person walk towards my direction and smiled.

“Okaeri, Nezumi”

“Tadaima, Sadist-san”

“Okaeri Nezumi!!!!!”

“Tadaima, Jl, Rabutan”

“Now, now, Your group is complete well not really since the other one is still in an going mission which will help you from solving this case” Sadist-san claps her hands to gain our attention since these two, Jl and Rabutan keeps hugging me.

“well about that, can we now start the meeting and” I said then give a stare to Sadist-san who is still standing in our room.

“alright, I’ll leave, you still didn’t change Nezumi. Why you don’t want me to interfere and listen to your plan?” Sadist give small sighed then gave me an envelope.

“Here, that consists of some reports and documents from your Dad, I bet the other and most confidential and most important documents are in your hands” She then bid her goodbye and walk out from the room.

Now my friends are already gathered and sat down in their respective chairs. I, in the other hand read the documents that Sadist-san gave and think of an effective plan.

“As you all now, we will be handling this case, the case that Asahi Mamoru left. No matter what, we must solve this case. To be honest I still don’t know where the other parts of the document that will give us light of who really is the man behind the case 4 years ago and the case of Asahi Mamo--- No, the case of my family.  I only have the key to the safe locker where the documents is being kept other than that I don’t have the idea on where to find that particular locker” I said directly without even wasting a second.

“About that, we’ve got a clue but we couldn’t find the answer as the clue is not really our field of expertise since it’s your field” Rabutan gets up and get something in the evidence locker.

“here, take a look carefully” Jl who is wearing gloves put the item below the microscope for me to see.

“There’s something written on that bullet that our missing member gave to us”

 “L E S U O R H Y C I I A K N B” I said the letters that is engraved in the bullet.

“Behind those letters will be an answer to one of our questions, so we’ll leave the deciphering the text part to you” Jurina said since she knows I love deciphering texts.

“alright” I smirked then continued the meeting.

“Man X is the one who is behind the case 4 years ago and there’s no doubt that he’s still the one behind the case that we have right now. Base to what my mum said, finding the documents that my dad hidden is our top priority right now. I’ll decipher the text as soon as I can and give you the answer. For now, Can I ask you some questions?” I want to ask some important questions that’s been bothering me for long now.

“What?” Jl said giving me a vibes that she already knows what the first question I want to ask.

“Who killed my father?” without hesitation I asked them. I know it’s painful to ask this question but if I won’t do it then I can’t move on.

“About that, we can’t still give you a 100% sure answer. We are still currently trying to find your dad’s body and then run an autopsy just to be sure about the cause” Rabutan whose expertise is in forensic science and also working in autopsy department stated.

It’s a rule that the cause must be confirmed 100% before revealing the killer’s name. It’s just a way not to complicate things and also to avoid involving unrelated parties. 

“yeah, base to the data we have gathered. There are two possibilities about the cause of your father’s case” Jl who is part of the technology team and hacking team stated.

“I’ve also been in contact to our missing member and her conclusion even falls to what Jl and Rabutan said” Jurina who is the same team as me, who gathers information and data outside the field said.

“why?” I asked as I’m still quite confused as why it takes too long to confirm the cause.

“well as you know that the last member of this group, Ren--- no Gekikara is still doing her undercover in the police department. She was in the crime scene when all of those things happened. Right through her eyes, your father falls down. There are two possibilities that killed your father” Jurina explained further to lessen my confusion.

“first possibility is the policewoman who shot your father and the second possibility is poison” Rabutan added while reading a paper, maybe from her department.

“poison? Don’t tell me?” I was quite shock that our opponent are quite strong and well, smart.

“yup. Your father was having his undercover investigation in one of the main organization of that man that we are currently trying to find right? And as what we’ve heard from Sadist-san, the investigation your father was in is difficult that one fatal mistake can end his life. In that main organization, they are working in the department of illegal drugs and chemicals so there are no ways they can’t think about an idea how to control their members” Jl stated. Base on what she said, it makes me think of how really big the organization we are trying to destroy is.

“Gekikara saw a man standing behind the cargo before your father shot her right through her arm to give us a clue that was encrypt in the bullet. She can’t see him clearly as it’s dark but she’s sure that the man is holding something like a remote control, like one click can end someone’s life” Jurina added making the whole theory a lot more sense about having two possibilities.

“so there’s a possibility that they let my dad drink a well designed poisonous capsule and when his true identity was exposed that man behind the cargo triggered the control making the poison released from the capsule” Putting the pieces together, I said my own theory while everyone just nod.

“so at that time was a battle with time. Either who’s the first one who triggered their own weapon” I added trying not to think how much torture my dad went through.

“From the technology and hacking department, we already confirmed that there’s a man behind those cargos. Lucky for us that there’s a cctv camera near there but since it’s dark we can’t really see his face. All we have to do is to wait for the autopsy department to release their results when they already ran an autopsy to Asahi Mamoru-san body” Jl added some information to the data that her department had gathered.

“looks how lucky we are” Rabutan in the other hand stood up with a smile and walks towards me.

“why?” I asked.

“Asahi Mamoru-san body is now in our hands, it will arrive here tomorrow and we can already run an autopsy. We can now find the right answer” She said while reading the text on her phone maybe was sent by one of the members in her department.

“that’s cool. We can now have an exact answer and can add to our evidence and data to this case” Jl said while opening her laptop.

“By the way, are you coming tomorrow? Well to see him?” Jurina suddenly asked which made me surprise. I wasn’t thinking about that, in fact I’m not ready to see him especially in that kind of state. It’s just too much to bear.

“No, I don’t have the right to see him right now not until I can solve this case that he left for me” I said coldly. Of course I really do want to see him but I know I can’t handle the pain. I’ve already step forward and I already promised that no matter what, I’ll give them the justice that they need until then I’m not allowed to visit them.

“Bu—“ before hearing their loud protests, I interrupted.

“meeting is now adjourned, we can’t meet tomorrow as Rabutan will be doing her job and Jl and Jurina, I’ve got job for you guys to work. Jl you need to gather data about the man called Kawashima Jun, he’s the leader of the gang who killed my mum and Jurina will do the outfield work. I’ll try to decipher the text. The day after tomorrow will be the next meeting, I hope we can get a lot of data and evidence that can solve these mysteries. That’s all” Being their leader, I gave them the assignments where they can use their expertise to the highest level.


“Ja ne~ and it’s nice seeing you guys again” I said with a smile and bowed then leave the room. Not long after another figure leave the room and I know who it is.

“What do you want Jurina?” I turned around seeing Jurina smiling sheepishly.

“ehto, I think you need to go to clinic to clean your wounds” She pointed at my hands and she’s right, it’s quite bleeding but it’s weird that I didn’t feel much pain.

“I’ll come with you if that’s fine?” She added. As I remember that I haven’t ask a certain question that I was supposed to ask in the meeting. I nodded and let her accompany me to the clinic.

“neh Jurina?” I said softly

“what?” she tilted her head waiting for me to continue.

“how did you guys find me?” I’m curious on how; especially it’s not just a coincidence that they found me in the amusement park.

“Rena went to the bait that Sadist-san had planned. We know that the gang who attack you will try to find you and execute you since you were there in the crime scene. You are the only one who had those important documents too that makes your life more in danger so Sadist-san come up with that plan to protect you and to track those people who are behind those things” she explains while we both walking to where the clinic is.

“then what is Rena doing in the place where the bait is located?” I asked trying to get more information about it.

“you are living with a girl named Kashiwagi Yuki-san right?” She asked and I just nodded.

“well Kashiwagi Yuki-san is Rena’s partner in the police department. Kashiwagi-san asked favour to Rena to find and gather some data to a girl named Watanabe Mayu. Yes, that’s you Nezumi. After reading the document that Kashiwagi-san gave, Rena quickly informed us that there’s a possibility that this girl named Watanabe Mayu that’s written in the document is you so she gave us the number plate of the car that Kashiwagi-san owned. Jl on the other hand tried to track the car and that’s why we manage to track you in the restaurant in amusement park. Rena who is trying also to confirm that it was you gather her own data, went to where the bait is. Hearing the head of the orphanage words, she confirmed her theory a 100% true. Knowing that the orphanage is on our side she gave her name just to let Sadist-san know that she already found you” Jurina explained further.

Hearing the explanation made me let a giggle and earned a confused look from the taller girl
“what’s funny?” She pouted

“nothing, it’s just that I never thought this Idiot group which I’m holding do have some impressive skills” I teasingly said earning a protest from Jurina.

“tsk, we are not idiots Nezumi, don’t underestimate your group!” She pouted even more while crossing her arms.
Looking at each other for a while an upward curve then plastered in our faces and not long after, a bursting laugh can be heard throughout the corridors making some of the people turning their head to our direction.

“but it’s really nice you’re already here, the brain of our group” She smiled

“thanks for finding me and bringing back my memories” I bowed then went inside the door known to be the clinic department. After cleaning my wound I bid my goodbye and went home.

I looked around and Yuki is not yet home. I decided to do some chores and cook food since it’s the only thing I can do to pay for her kindness towards me.
Few hours had passed and the door opened revealing the familiar figure that adopted me and took care of me.

“I’m home” She said while taking off her shoes and put it nicely in the shoe rack.

After hearing her voice I welcomed her then told her that dinner is ready. Looking at her she must be tired from the mess I caused earlier, I mean to the man I beat up. I saw her eyes locked in my hands with bandage and I know just a mere second her priceless reaction will be seen once again.

“hey what happened to your hands?”

There you go again, those reaction never cease to amuse me.

“nah it’s nothing. I was washing the clothes earlier using my hands since the washing machine isn’t functioning” I wasn’t lying and I’m lucky enough that the washing machine broke down right after I finished the last pile of laundry.

“are you alright? Did you put medicines to your wounds?” she asked me. I mentally facepalmed as I never thought Yuki would be so stupid sometimes. Of course I put medicines already right since I already put some bandages.

“I’m fine, I’m fine don’t worry and yeah I already applied some medicines to the wound” I smiled trying my hardest not to laugh.

Thanking me for doing the chores, she smiled and I thought the subject had already dropped about the bandages but a new question once again is being asked making me shock a little bit.

“by the way Mayu what are you doing in Starbucks?” She questions curiously trying to examine me.

I need to do my best to act cool. I need to apply what I’ve learned in our acting lesson in the headquarters.

“gomene Yuki if I’ll lie to you” a small voice can be heard in my head before saying something that not even true.

“ahhh you saw me? I was trying to apply for a job but then they said I need experience in being a barista. I’m kinda pissed off you know I mean like how can I get experience if they won’t accept me” I stood up trying to act like complaining. I can’t really give lots of expression so I made the dishes as my props and put them in the sink so that Yuki won’t see my face.

Hoping she didn’t get suspicious to me, I closed my eyes and pray to Kami-sama. It’s the first time I apply this kind of act in real life situation since before, we really don’t work in a big outer field not like now.

“you don’t have to look for a job” She said. I almost sighed in a relief but lucky that I didn’t or else she’ll be suspicious.

I tried to persuade her until she sighed into defeat and agreed for me to find a job. She then said good night as she’s tired from work and quickly went to her room to take a rest.

I then turned off the lights from kitchen and living room then went straight to my room to do the things I have to do.

“now let’s do this” I stretched my arms before writing the words that was engraved and encrypted.

“L E S U O R H Y C I I A K N B”

I tried a lot of hard Cryptography methods but still couldn’t find the answer. I’ve been solving this code for an hour already but the answer is still nowhere to be found until.

“AHH! My dad always thought I’m still a kid so he will give code that’s not really hard to decipher” I was thinking with some method that are easy until one method came into mind and tried it.

“I know the answer” I said with a smile of victory. I then texted Jurina and the rest what’s the answer and planning to go there tomorrow.

“I’ll make you proud of me” I whispered while holding tightly the key necklace that I am wearing.

The next day I prepared food again for Yuki and then went out to go to where the documents are being kept. Jurina, who was so annoying last night saying she wants to go with me, accompanied me today.

“here we are” I said gaining an “eh” face from the said girl.

“this is so old locker building for an important document to hide” Jurina blurted out as she can’t believe how an important document being kept in a run-down locker room building.

“simple as people might think that an important document will be hidden in such a high security place so there’s a high possibility that our opponent is trying to find this document in such a place where a lot of security personnel are on the look” I stated as some kind of people with such kind of mentality will really think about that.

“well you are quite right, I would never think such an important document will be hidden here, as expected from Asahi Mamoru-san and Nezumi. You guys are really father and daughter” Jurina grinned and went inside to the run-down building.

I then followed her inside and tried to find the number.

“Neh, how come you know that this is the right place even though the text doesn’t really give you the exact location, you even know the locker number” Jurina once again asked trying also to find the number.

“It’s part of my memories. I used to play as my father’s right hand and he always leave important documents here as part of my training. He always says that sometimes you have to put such important things to such a common place without even a high security. In that kind of thinking people will not be that suspicious that you hide that in this kind of place” I stated while flashback of my past are running through my mind.

“you were really trained to be a good leader and to be the brain of the group and because of that I feel relieved that you are our leader of the group” Jurina sincerely said.

“no, I still have lots of things to learned and have to experience before you can say that I’m worth enough to be your leader” I replied. I know my capabilities and to be honest I still have a long way to go before I can lead this group better than now.

“Found it!” A joyful exclaimed can be heard from Jurina who is signalling me to come to her side.

I took a deep breath before opening the locker; Jurina saw it and just whispered,


Encourage then gathered in my soul and quickly took off my key necklace and open the locker.

There inside a brown envelope, an envelope that will give light to the darkness we are all inside.

Reading the contents of the documents while sitting on floor, I closed my eyes as a long battle is waiting for us that might risk my friends’ life.

“Nezumi” I heard Jurina’s voice as I’m still deciding if I’ll continue this or not.

“I can’t risk everyone’s life with this, I can’t risk your lives Jurina” I said trying to come to the decision that I might do this case alone.

“and do you think we can just stand in the corner watching you doing those risky things alone? Trying to sacrifice yourself with a small chance of winning? We are your friends and we won’t abandon you. We know you’ll make a plan that will make everyone safe, we know that and we can trust you right?” Jurina who’s trying to hold back her tears from my stupid decision shouted.

“bu—“ Before I can speak she interfere.

“your parents have done a lot of things to us, doing this is the only thing we can to pay them back. I know you just want to protect us but we also want to protect you. As a team we should solve this case” Jurina stood up while reaching her hands towards me.

She’s right, we are team and I should be the one who will believe in their strengths more than anyone else.

“Alright, tell Jl and Rabutan we have an abrupt meeting” I hold her hands and let her pull me up.

“I promise I won’t put you guys in danger” I said with a smile.

“I expected you to say that” she smiled back then pulls out her cell phone and sends message to the other members.

Few hours later, the members are now gathered to the meeting area.

Jurina distributed a photocopy of the documents that we’ve got in the locker and waited for everyone to finish reading it. For the first time I allowed Sadist-san to attend our meeting.

“as you can see our opponent is a big fish in Japan which is so powerful. 5 main organizations with 10 sub-organizations, that’s a pretty big numbers of unknown opponents. I summoned you guys for this abrupt meeting to give you a choice whether you’ll continue being a member of this team or you prefer to be assigned to other case that is safer than this one. There’s a 100% chance that you have to risk your life doing this case so I’ll understand if you’ll back out now since I don’t want you guys to risk your life” I stated the most important topic about this meeting.

“I’m in”

“me too”

“Rena and I are in too”

“I’ll give more back up if you need”

Everyone agree to be still part on the team even Rena who is phone agreed.

“You guys will be all under my care, I’ll give my best to protect you” I said and bowed gaining a chuckle from them.

“Never thought that you are so formal when holding a meeting like this one” Sadist-san blurted out making the others laugh even more.

“I'm just concern about your safety” I said glaring them intensely.

“Hai, hai, since we are already here, I’ll report the data that I’ve gathered” Jl said and opened her laptop and connect it to a projector for us to see in the widescreen.

“Kawashima Jun , 36 years old, leader of one of the sub-unit organization” She said while flashing a picture of the said man.

I formed my hand into fist trying to lessen my anger.

“He has a total of 150 members and they are basically the one who hold the illegal gambling and do some of cleaning part. The day after tomorrow he will meet his boss, I think it’s nice to ambush him after his meeting and try to him to spill out their motive and next plan” Jl suggested gathered with a nod from everyone.

“in my part, I can’t still give a full report since the results hasn’t come out yet, will do inform you guys when we are already 100% sure” Rabutan reported.

“prepare yourself the day after tomorrow as it will be the first official battle we will have versus our big fish opponent. Rabutan, you’ll be the look out and information teller outside the said premises. Jl you have to hack so cctv inside and outside the premises. Jurina and I will go inside trying to follow his movement. When the target is already out of the building, we will try to corner him and let him reveal their plan. And Sadist-san I just need some of your men to be there just in case things will be out of my control. Don’t let them interfere with my plan not until I’ll say so. You guys get it?” I said raising my voice in the last part of my speech.

“I’ll prepare a well establish and more accurate plan tomorrow for our meeting. That’s it, you can now leave” I added

“Yokai!” Everyone said then left the meeting room leaving me all alone.

I went near the window to watch the blue sky and whispered

“the battle has begun”


So that's it. I hope I still meet your expectation about the story.

1st: yeah you all read it right, Rena Is the Missing Member of Mayu's Team.
2nd: I didnt reveal the man's identity 'yet' since it's quite still early to do it.
3rd: You have to decipher the text if you want to know the answer about the location ^_^ .
                                         "  L E S U O R H Y C I I A K N B  "

Hope you find it not boring ^_^.

Ja ne~  :on blackhole:

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Re: [MaYuki] I LOVE You But I Have To KILL You Chap 07 8/20 Finally Updated!
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Wow! Nice turn of events!  O0 So, Rena is part of the team too.  :bleed eyes: Poor Yuki she doesn't know anything!  :cry:

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Re: [MaYuki] I LOVE You But I Have To KILL You Chap 08 1/30 Finally Updated!
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Saving the spot!  :cow:


Me too!saving the spot! XD

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Re: [MaYuki] I LOVE You But I Have To KILL You Chap 08 1/30 Finally Updated!
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Thank you for this update I love it!!

I can't find it...
Mayuki = Cutest couple

Married?!-Mayuki fanfic (maybe it will have another pair)

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Re: [MaYuki] I LOVE You But I Have To KILL You Chap 08 1/30 Finally Updated!
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creamie~!!!! You finally updated!!!! My spicy crackerz worked on you!!! Or my constant 'killing'?  XD

God, I can't crack the code.... I'll wait for you to spoil the location..

Gekikara, hell yeah! I want action!!!

You updated... I'm trying to believe this, so I'm gonna read the story again!

 :thumbsup :bow:
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Re: [MaYuki] I LOVE You But I Have To KILL You Chap 08 1/30 Finally Updated!
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this is sad but i want more of mayuki
Love AKB

Love this Pairing
                                And more ^^

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Re: [MaYuki] I LOVE You But I Have To KILL You Chap 08 1/30 Finally Updated!
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   "  L E S U O R H Y C I I A K N B  "

 This code is.........

Hmm... I have to reread this all over again. :))
Thanks for the update!!
Update soon!!! XD

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Re: [MaYuki] I LOVE You But I Have To KILL You Chap 08 1/30 Finally Updated!
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Ehhhhh ∑(゚Д゚) this is so sad T.T
Update soon pls it's killing me here....

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Re: [MaYuki] I LOVE You But I Have To KILL You Chap 08 1/30 Finally Updated!
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Just discovered this fic now and read it in one go.
It's amazing. Please don't leave us hanging too long  :bow:

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Re: [MaYuki] I LOVE You But I Have To KILL You Chap 08 1/30 Finally Updated!
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Creamcracker-san! I can't stop thinking about this fic. I wonder when will you update it?  :nervous  :panic:

Take care! Hope to see your update soon.  XD

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Re: [MaYuki] I LOVE You But I Have To KILL You Chap 08 1/30 Finally Updated!
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"I love you but I have to kill the author"

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Please do excuse any errors you'll encounter while reading this chapter. hahaha I've got nothing much to say, I'm in hurry!!!!!! ^_^ .


I Love You But I Have To Kill You
Chapter 09

Never noticing that I’m already standing for, who knows how long, in Yuki’s apartment, I slap my face to wake up from a deep thought. On my way here, I was trying to think for a good plan for the first battle. Sighing deeply, I step forward and open the door revealing a dark, empty room.

“She’s not yet home” I whispered while looking at my wristwatch.

It’s already half past 6. Maybe she’s too busy with the cases she’s holding which I’m the one who causes it in the first place. I directly went to kitchen and prepared a good dinner for her. I usually cook food for her, say it breakfast or dinner or preparing her bento, all of them, I always do it for her. After doing all the household chores that need to be done, I glance again in my wristwatch revealing a time that indicates that it’s already late at night. Thinking that I still haven’t made any plans for tomorrow’s meeting, I get a sticky note and write something on it.

“Don’t forget to reheat and eat it.”

Then I placed it in the table near the untouched cold food. Before leaving the kitchen, I take a quick look if everything is fine and clean then immediately went to my room upstairs.

"Let’s get this shit started.” I smile then plop myself into the comfortable couch in my room then open my laptop but before I could type a few words, my phone suddenly rung.

“Hello?” I said with a wee bit irritated voice

“Sorry for calling you at this hour Mayu.” the person who’s on the other line said with a quite rush voice.

“What is it Jurina?” I questioningly asked.

“About Kawashima Jun, plans will be change. He’ll be going to United Kingdom tomorrow and will be back 2 days after tomorrow, probably to have a trade of illegal drugs there.” Jurina said the information she and the team had gathered.

“What a pain, alright, tomorrow 8am in the meeting room. Let’s come up with a new plan.” I said then ended the call. I let out a deep sigh then stared in the ceiling while rising up my right hand in the air.

“Can I really protect them? Her? Are we really good enough to survive this battle? With all of their trust towards me. Can I really come up with a plan that will give us a big chance to win?” random questions started to pop up inside my head.

I clenched my right hand and placed it carefully in my eyes to wipe my tears away.

“Can I make you both proud?” I whispered still in my previous position.

“I hope I won’t get lost in this path and fall into the darkness, please lead me the right way” I said while flashbacks of happy memories with my family keep coming back in my mind.

The birds are chirping merrily outside the window. The Sun’s rays are touching my skin. Hearing and feeling these things makes me realize that there’s always a new day that brings a new hope and light.

“I didn’t notice that I fell asleep. I forgot to come up with a plan, well that doesn’t even matter. I’ll just think a good one while I’m on my way to the headquarters and just revise it when I finish reading and listening to what they’re going to say” I said while yawning and stretching my sleepy muscles.

I quickly prepare breakfast for Yuki and bento too for her break later at her work. Then took a shower and went outside. After an hour or so, I arrived in the headquarters 30 minutes early than what time we’ve agreed on. Making that time I’ve got in hands useful, I opened the documents then read it once again.
This document, if I combine this with the document that Sadist-san got will still remain incomplete. A piece is missing and probably that was burnt down alongside with him with that car accident. That’s why my father decided to take a dangerous path, to be an undercover agent and try to capture the mastermind of this case just to get concrete evidence that will put him down and probably so that it will be hard to cover up the said evidence. Hmmm but reading this document already gives us the person’s identity even profiling will suit him to the characteristics written down in here. Did he give the key to me coz he knows that I can easily understand the situation? By any chance he believes in my strength and skills and doesn’t treat me as a kid anymore? By leaving this kind of incomplete evidence, will give me a chance to prove to other people here in this headquarters that I can be like with my parents?Thinking these kinds of things gives me fighting spirit and for a moment I let out a smile.

“I won’t lose to this battle, definitely. Even if I have to cut his throat, I’ll do it haha just kidding” I giggled about the joke I made in the last sentence.
It’s not that I can’t do it but we are not allowed to and I don’t want to. Simple as I know that I, no we can catch him, alive. Few minutes passed by and one by one the members arrived in the meeting room. Sitting to their desired seat while wearing a serious face, I giggled garnering a weird look from them.

“What?” I said while trying to hold my laughter.

“Why are you laughing at this serious time?” Rabutan asked while opening her laptop.

“Well you guys are so serious which makes me laugh hahahaha” I couldn’t hold it anymore and bursted into laughter until the door open revealing the last person we were waiting for.

“Sadist-san you’re late” Jurina said and stood up then smack me in the head using the book she had on her hand.

“Itai!” I scratch the place where the book landed and went back to serious mode.

The atmosphere suddenly changed into seriousness. Silence filled the air for a moment to give each of them a chance to think and breathe coz once we start this meeting, there’s no turning back anymore.

“Meeting will start now.” I said then looked at to Jl indicating to start and tell us about the full information she got about Kawashima Jun.

“As you all already heard last night, plans related to Kawashima will be changed and be canceled for 2 days as he’s already on his way to UK to have an illegal deal with some people there. A high possibility that it will be drug dealing” she stated and waited for a question to be asked.

“So do we need to follow him to UK and gather some evidence about the said deal? Or should we just wait for him to come back?” Rabutan who raised her hand first asked the question.

“I talked about that matter to Sadist-san last night coz as far as I remember there’s an elite group that was formed for just a particular case.” Jl answered Rabutan’s question.

I on the other hand am trying to analyze the information and put them in the right order.

“I get it.” I said in a low voice but still can be heard enough to them.

Everyone looked at me, waiting patiently for me to continue what I said and let them know what I had on mind well except for one person though which is Sadist-san.

“Correct me if I’m wrong Sadist-san but is there any chance that this newly formed elite group is checkmate? Takahashi Minami-san’s group whom you sent to UK to investigate a drug dealing that’s happening there led by an unknown Japanese and British people?” I asked looking at her directly.

“As expected from you. Yeah it’s Takamina’s group along side with Acchan, Yuko, Kojima and Miichan. So there’s no need for you guys to go to UK to follow Kawashima coz it will be Takamina’s group job to find evidence then arrest the gang that will take part of the said dealing” She said while typing something on her laptop.

(Takahashi Minami a.k.a Checkmate – Leader of the elite group who usually corners her prey a swift move, then without noticing the case is solved for an instant, like checkmate in the game chess.
Maeda Atsuko a.k.a Silentium – a silent type girl but with a refined skills, she silently captures her enemy without even making a single sound.
Oshima Yuko a.k.a Manipulator – the one who usually manipulates and gives false information to the enemy. She’s professional in making and putting some traps.
Kojima Haruna a.k.a Seducer – well because of her body she usually the one who seduces the target, it’s not that she’s trying hard to do that, it’s just natural that they easily fooled by the airhead girl.
Minegishi Minami a.k.a Magnet –she gathers information quickly with so much sources in her hands. She also have an absolutely above level regarding to computers and gadgets.)

“But if they arrest them will they include Kawashima and some of his men?” Jurina asked. Well it will be hard for us if Kawashima will be arrested now coz we still need him.

“About that we won’t do that, but we need a plan and we need your help with that as my members here are pre occupied and couldn’t have a chance to have a proper plan for that matter.” a voice suddenly spoke.

Sadist’s san then turned around her laptop revealing Takamina who’s in video call with Sadist-san through Skype.

It’s been a long time Takamina-san.” I said then all of us bowed.

“Yeah it’s been awhile so I’ll leave the plan up to you Nezumi, I’ll be listening to this meeting by the way.” Takamina said with a big grin plastered on her face.

“What time do you think he’ll be in UK JL?” I asked trying to come up with a plan that will be good enough for both of our group and Takamina’s group.

“Probably later this afternoon. When they get in there, there’s a chance they’re going to prepare for tomorrow’s deal.” JL said while reading the information she got.

“What are your plans Takamina-san on capturing the gang there?” Gathering enough information will make a solid plan.

“We’ll be out few hours from now to prepare what we need. We’ll also go to the meeting place to put some devices and also maybe to put some trap if things gets worse. We’ll also be on the lookout in the said premises tomorrow evening where the meeting will be held then wait for the dealing to be done to gather a concrete proof to capture them. If the plan is not involving the other party in the dealing then we don’t have a choice but to wait for them to get back to their dugout and then corner them there then arrest them, of course with the help of police.” Takamina said looking at the paper maybe where their plan is written down.

“Is there any chance to delay the arrest plan for 12 hours maximum?” Hearing Takamina’s plan, an idea popped out.

“Let’s hear your thoughts Nezumi” Sadist-san said while Takamina just nodded.

“If you’re going to arrest them possibly 2 hours after the meeting then it will be no good for our side. When the other party hears what happened there then they will be more cautious than before and we can’t properly stakeout Kawashima right when he gets back in here. If it’s fine for you we’ll both the gang and Kawashima at exactly the same time” I said what I think the most accurate plan right now.

“Jl, what time does Kawashima’s meeting with that person your source had gathered?” Takamina asked as what matter the most right now is time.

“Around 11am, 5am there in your side” Jl replied

“Cool, 5am then. We’ll arrest them while they’re sleeping soundly. Rabutan, you’ll be the one who will give us signal when you guys already start your move. Now I have to go” Takamina said then ended up the call.

“Yokai” Rabutan just answer though Takamina can’t hear her anymore.

“Now the plan will be like this. Jl, hack all the camera system where Kawashima will pass by and try following him using that, hack his gps too just to be sure. Rabutan you’ll be with Jl since you are the informative to Takamina’s group. Jurina and I will be staking out Kawashima right when he steps his feet in the airport. We’ll try to follow him to where he is going coz the chance is high that he will go directly to meet his boss. Maybe it will be the mastermind of this case or other boss that still connected to the mastermind. Sadist-san, we need a car and well a driver too for this mission. Could you lend us a hand? and also could you give an order for some of your men that have free time on their hands to infiltrate and arrest the other members of Kawashima’s gang. Their hideout is quite far from Rena’s headquarters so other jurisdiction will take a hold with that case” I said the plan clearly for them to understand.

“I already commanded 5 groups to be on standby and wait for further notice to take out Kawashima’s gang. I’ll give them the details later and the time. There’s also 1 group that will assist you guys tomorrow just in case both side will bring a lot of their members. I’ll be your driver too so that I can guide you when thing gets worse” Sadist-san stated seriously.

“Alright, we have to destroy Kawashima’s gang for the other enemies to come out. Now meeting is adjourned!” I shouted but before I could leave Rabutan said something to us.

“The autopsy result are out.” Rabutan said looking at her laptop.

Someone in her department might have sent a mail to her regarding to that matter.

“Let’s hear it out.” Jurina said then went back to her seat, same with JL but Sadist-san just continued her way to the door.

“It’s part of your case, I don’t have the authority to mind your business. See you later, kids.” Sadist-san waved goodbye then walk out to the room leaving only the four of us.

"Should I call Rena?” Jurina asked as Rena is part of our group.

"Just send her an e-mail later regarding to the plan the day after tomorrow and regarding to the autopsy result. I don’t want to bother her at this time it will be dangerous at her part. Also tell her to prepare for a hard work in police department” I said.

I don’t want to bother her. Being undercover and a spy in a big organization and not to mention in the police department are really dangerous.

“Ehm! About the results, it’s been proven that the cause of Mamoru-san’s death is not the gun shot. Certainly he got hit with it but it’s just in his left arm. As we already predicted what was the cause, we are now concluded that it’s really about a certain drug that Mamoru-san drank.” Rabutan stated with a clear voice.

“You mean that well designed poisonous capsule?” Jurina confirm her thoughts.

“Yes, inside that capsule it potassium cyanide” Rabutan replied.

“But without a certain level of acidity in your stomach, that kind of thing won’t turn out successful.” JL said.

Yes we know more or less about drugs. We have to know almost all of important things related to this kind of job.

“They are drug dealers so they know a lot of things in terms of medicines. They must let their people drink Betaine Hydrochloride just to make sure that when they release the potassium cyanide into the stomach of the betrayer, it will become hydrogen cyanide. After that, you will be killed from a sudden heart attack. Am I right, Rabutan?” I turned to Rabutan who just stared at me and gave me a nod.

“Now we already know the cause, be prepared and be careful, we are dealing with illegal drug and chemical maniacs, so there’s no way they don’t have anything in their sleeves that might kill you in an instant. Let’s meet here the day after tomorrow, 5 am sharp. That’s all, dismiss!” I shouted then stood up and walked out to the room.

I felt that someone is following me so I just walk slowly and trying to corner that certain person. I then turned in my left which has quite a dark path and waited for that person. When I felt its presence I immediately grabbed its hands then pinned that person down while forcing him/her to face the cement.

“What do you need?” I asked but then release her when I notice that I know who exactly this person is.

“As always, your defense is strong, Nezumi-chan” the girl got up while dusting her dirty clothes then smiled at me.

“What do you want, Gekikara?” I asked while putting up my hood for people who might pass by won’t see my face.

“You’re not pleased to see me?” she suddenly asked while picking up her cap then place it on her head to hide the upper part of her face.

"Of course I am, but it’s dangerous if someone might see us” thinking about this situation, Gekikara might have something important to tell.

“I received Center’s email about the plan and also Rabutan’s email about the autopsy but the thing I want to talk to you isn’t related to those emails” she said then leans on the wall while crossing her arms.

"Then what is it?” I curiously asked.

“It’s about Yuki”

By just looking at my reaction, I know she’ll think 'I got her interest‘ then give me a smirk.

“What about with Yuki-chan?” I asked, hoping it won’t be that thing.

“Don’t worry, it’s not about that thing” noticing that I sighed with relief, she then continued the topic.

"She’s planning to have a surprise party for you tomorrow, more likely a belated birthday and a recovering party” she stated while walking closer to me. I just stood there with a questioning look.

“So? Why did you tell me if that will be a surprise party for me?” I said.

“Well it’s obvious, Yuki likes you Mayu not just a sister like but more than that and I know you feel the same way too. Things are complicated right now and the decision will always be up to you. No matter what your plan is, we’ll back you up” Giving a reassuring smile she then patted my shoulder then left the place.

I was left stunned in there. My brain takes longer time to analyze the situation I’m currently in.

“Why me? You shouldn’t fall in love with me, not now.” I whispered then look at the sky where the sun is quietly setting down. Closing my eyes, a tears fall down.

“I’m not worth it” I quickly wiped my tears away then continue to walk.

Thinking all the possibilities and also an answer to what Rena said, I ended up staying awake all night.

“Tonight a decision will be made which I might regret or not. It will be the best for everyone I guess.” I stood up and went a warm bath to refresh my mind.
Later this afternoon, Yuki asked me to go shopping with her and I just agreed. It will be the last that we’ll go shopping together. While walking around the mall, she often steals a quick glance to her phone. Then we decided to grab a snack because it’s still early for the surprise party and perhaps Rena and some people are still preparing some things in there. Watching her smiling face, a sharp thing pierces right through my heart. It’s painful to see the clumsy yet caring, black yet kind and with annoying reactions yet cute Yuki cry just because of me, because of the hurtful words I might say later on. I have to do this, I know I’m the person that is most aware of my feelings, yes I do love you but I have to let you go to protect you.

“Mayu! You’ve been staring at me for awhile, is there something on my face?” You suddenly wake me up in my deep thoughts.

“Nothing, it’s just that you’re big eater that’s why you’re getting fatter” I laughed not because of the thing I said but her reaction to my statement.

“You’re cruel Mayu! I’m not fat!” You pouted cutely, maybe that’ll be the last time I’ll see that and maybe I’ll be the reason that sooner or later you’re going to wear a sad smile.

“Let’s go.” I said and grab her warm hands. At least I did hold your hands. We went inside to an anime shop. I stared to one of my favorite anime figure so that I won’t think too much for tonight but just staring at it won’t help that much. I excused myself.

“I need to go to the CR” I said then swiftly went out the store and go inside the CR. I wash my face then stared at the mirror.
“Tonight will be the night. I’m sorry Yuki” I thought then grab a tissue then wipe my face.

After couple of minutes we decided to go home, it might be already the time for the party. Few minutes of driving we arrive then open the door. It’s too dark like in horror movie which I really do hate watching.


A sudden shout was heard saying SURPRISE! Which make me startled.

“ I really hate surprises!” I murmured to myself.

Then asking them what’s all of this and the answer is the same as what Rena told me yesterday but I never though Jurina will be here too. She didn’t tell me anything about it. These two! Gathering to the dining area, we make our self comfortable then started to introduce ourselves well not that I don’t know them at all but it’s just an act not to raise a suspicious vibes.The party started nicely, they are all having fun except for me.

“Ah there’s no more beer anymore.” Sae who is now slightly drunk said.

“I’ll get some, there’s still more in the fridge.” I said and gets up from the couch.

“I’ll help her and bring some food here too.” Jurina added and just followed me.

“So have you decided already?” Jurina suddenly asked when we got here in the kitchen.

“Yeah.” Rena might have told her about it already

“Are you sure with it?” concerned can be felt from her voice.

“I have to do this not just to protect her but because I also have the responsibility to make you guys out of this battle alive.” I grab the beers but before I can step forward, Jurina held my arm. I know she’s just trying to confirm that this decision won’t hurt me.

“Just give me shoulder to lean on when things gets tough.” I said then continued my way to the lounge.

“I will."

“That person goes by the name of Asahi Mamoru.”

Just at the time I reached the lounge I suddenly heard my father’s code name which caught me off guard and loosen my grip to the beers and made them fall unto the floor and not to mention it came out from Yuki’s lips.

“What was that?” Sae said while turning hear head towards me.

“Sorry it slipped in my hands” I said and picked up the beer cans on the floor. Yuki in the other hand said it’s fine and just helped me.


The night got deeper and most likely Sae is drunk while I know Rena and Jurina are just putting an act trying to deceive Yuki that they are already sleeping.

“Ahh we have to clean this mess.” I said while yawning. I’m not yet sleepy but I need time to gather courage and strength.

“But you are sleepy already, we can do it tomorrow, the garbage will not run anyway.” She tried to pull off a joke, to make me laugh? Maybe.

“I never thought that Yuki is a joker.” I smiled just going with the flow.

“Alright I’ll just head to the room and get some sleep then.” Inside of me already sighing deeply while telling myself it’s now or never.

“Alright good night Mayu.”

“Ah by the way Yuki” This is it. I have to do this right now. Rena I’ll leave all the things to you regarding with Yuki.


“Can I ask you a favor?”

“Sure you can.”

“I know this is weird or odd or strange or whatever but...”

“But?” She said. There you go, one of the facial expression she has the I don’t like the most specially when I’m the cause behind it.

“But please don’t fall in love with me.”

“w-what?” She stuttered, I might have caught her off guard.

“PLEASE DON’T FALL IN LOVE WITH ME” I said while bowing down.

“O-of course I will not fall in love with you. You’re a girl and so am I and I’m just treating you like as my little sister, that’s all.” I know your lying, your facial expression shows it all.

“That’s good to hear. Sorry for that favor and thanks for the party, Good night.” I give her my brightest smile as when the right time she’ll see me as a different kind of person.

I then quickly run towards my room. I just can’t look into her face for a long time, it's just so painful to look at. Clenching my chest I swiftly closed the door and lean on the wall. After few hours, a feint knocked can be heard then opened my door revealing two familiar figures. I quickly stood up and fix myself.

“Is this really ok? She’s been crying at her room you know.” Jurina said while closing the door carefully.

“I can’t risk her life being with me.” I seriously said to them.

“Then are you 100% sure that she’ll be safe not being with you? Are you sure after this battle she’ll forgive you? Are you sur---“

“Jurina” Rena stopped Jurina’s continuous questions.

“Do you think being with me will give 100% chance that she’ll be safe? If you look at it, our enemy is a big man and we don’t even know some of the gangs he’s connected to. Basically there are thousands of people out there that we don’t know if they are our enemy or not and this group is only compose with 5 members, other groups are busy enough with their own cases so not being with me is safer than being with me. And when these things will come to an end and still she won’t forgive me, then it’s fine but one thing i’m sure. I’ll save her when she’s in danger, no matter what.” I just simply said. I don’t want to argue with this thing right now.

“She’s right Jurina” Rena said calming Jurina.

Then my alarm suddenly beeps indicating it’s already time to go to the headquarters.

“Center, let’s go” I said receiving a nod to the said girl. I then grab my coat and wear it.

“Nezumi” Rena said with a concerned voice.

“Gekikara, I’ll leave Yuki to your care” I said to her while reaching something towards her.

“What is this?” she asked.

“I made that necklace long time ago, there’s something inside on it that will help me protect and save Yuki when things will not run smoothly according to my plan. Please let her wear it but not now, but when we already reveal to ourselves who we are. Just come up with a good excuse why she must wear that one.” I said then grab her wrist and put the box in her hands.

“Be ready for the mess later, Rena-chan” I said then exited in the window alongside with Jurina.

“Please be careful, all of you.” Rena said while clenching the box.


Landing smoothly on the surface along side with Jurina, I steal one glance again to Yuki's apartment.

"This is not a kid's game anymore Yuki, Hate me if you want but just stay alive" I whispered then walk away.



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Creamcracker!!! Thanks for the update!  :bow: muah muah tsup tsup. I'll edit this once im done reading.  XD

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Creamcracker!!! Thanks for the update!  :bow: muah muah tsup tsup. I'll edit this once im done reading.  XD

Yey yey yey creamy ur back! XD
Muah muah tsup tsup too
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Woaaaah Want to know more of this!!!!! :w00t:
Mayuki = Cutest couple

Married?!-Mayuki fanfic (maybe it will have another pair)

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I'd thought this would never get updated. I'm so happy :cow: :inlove:

I'd thought Mayu left Yuki cos Yuki killed her dad but it's actually more complicated than that. I'm curious as to how this is going to unfold. Seems like it will be an epic fight with Takamina, Acchan, Yuko, Kojihary and Miichan involved too. Will Yuki's uncle be involved in this?

Hope the next chapter won't be far too long. You're fic is really awesome :bow:
Thank you so much :heart:

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Re: [MaYuki] I LOVE You But I Have To KILL You Chap 09 20/6 Finally Updated!
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Creamcracker-san? Are you still alive?
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Re: [MaYuki] I LOVE You But I Have To KILL You Chap 09 20/6 Finally Updated!
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Hi creamcracker,

I've thought about cleaning this thread...too much spider webs and dust *COUGH*

Thought I'd have to let you know in case you wanna update any sooner~

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Re: [MaYuki] I LOVE You But I Have To KILL You Chap 09 20/6 Finally Updated!
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*carefully picks all the spiders and takes them to the forest, releasing them into freedom*

*gets back* it looks much cleaner than before but... *helps TD to clean the place* phew~

I'll be waiting~

like Reiyah said, Even if we love you, we have to kill you, unless you update of course :D
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