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Author Topic: [MariHaru] Get Wasted With Me - ( Five: Haze )  (Read 17423 times)

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[MariHaru] Get Wasted With Me - ( Five: Haze )
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Chapter List

1. Beginning (Scroll Down) 2. Accusations 3. Restless  4. Snowflake
5. Haze 6. Flame ( Coming Soon) 7. Formal ( After Coming Soon) ...


Title: Get Wasted With Me
Pairing: MariHaru
Rating: R (?)
Words: 5,738

AN: Yellow! I'm taking the 30 Days of Writing: A Drabble a Day Challenge mainly so that I could get a hang of shortening my chapters. Also I'm hoping to cure my writer's block and practice writing again, so I think this is a good thing. Hopefully it is a good thing. I can't seem to write for my other OTPs in my other fandoms for now, so I going back to Mariharu of akb48. I don't think I can write anything yet besides MariHaru. It feels like I'm still not there yet. Especially after reading those epic fics. Tsk still no.  :nervous

Title was supposed to be 2.F.Us / Two Eff Yous ... buuuuttttt I dunno if that is allowed here. So, playing it safe *shrugs* There are minors here so... *shrugs*

And I know this isn't a drabble :/ 15 pages in word isn't a drabble, but hopefully I'd shorten it as I write the rest.  :nervous

Oh yeah, I know this theme is overused...dunno if it is overused here in akb fandom though  :nervous...but it seem fitting with the prompt titles so...*shrugs yet again*

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read this!  :)


1. Beginning
(n.) the first part or earliest stage of something

Example: Beginnings are sometimes disguised as poisonous, alcoholic beverages that
eventually--and surprisingly--leads you to question what the hell happened last night.

Looking around the bar that was decorated in a somewhat old fashioned way—dim lighting, red banquettes stool chairs by the U-shaped bar, almost all varnished tables and chair around, retro lamp fixtures on the wall—Sashihara Rino couldn’t help but notice the glances being thrown at them. It wasn’t really surprising considering what they’re wearing and their situation right now. Still, she couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable about the whole thing especially since she noticed some of the intoxicated men giving them impish looks, grins and even winks.

“You know,” Sasshi flinched slightly as a rough looking man who had suddenly caught her eyes, winked at her.  Looking completely grossed out, she turns back towards her companion who was taking a shot of her alcoholic drink. “I haven’t heard or seen a runaway bride dragging her maid of honor away from a wedding before. Unless of course the bride is secretly in love with the maid of honor which in this case, I’m hoping this isn’t THAT.” She motioned towards the two of them.

“Don’t be gross.” Kojima Haruna says with a scowl on her face as she slammed the shot glass down. She signaled the waitress near them to bring her another shot before wiping her lips with the back of her hand, disregarding the fact that she was still wearing her laced white gloves. A small pout and a frown formed across her face as she looks at the stain on her gloves. She shouldn’t care since she’s not going to get married now, but…

“I only took you with me because I didn’t want to be alone.” She added as she began rubbing the stain on her gloves with her thumb, unaware that she should be wiping the slight smudge of her pink lipstick on the corner of her lips instead.

“I’m pretty sure that is the main reason why you ran away from your wedding.” Sasshi pointed out with sigh. “That you want to be alone for the rest of your life.”

Haruna rolled her eyes in annoyance before she turned to look at her bestfriend. “Ha-ha. Very funny. You know quite well why I had to run away.”

“Right. The whole cold feet before the wedding.”  Sasshi nodded. “But you could’ve just waited for it to subside, postpone it for a few minutes or for a few days if you want rather than being all gung-ho and running away. I mean, the way you just suddenly grabbed me after walking down the aisle then mumbling out sorry to your shocked soon-to-be-but-not-anymore-future-husband as you dragged me away is just so…wrong. And cruel. Definitely cruel.”

Haruna let out a groan as she covers her face with both her hands, remembering what she had done earlier. Sasshi was right. What she did was wrong and cruel. Definitely cruel. Maybe even beyond cruel.

She remembers the look of her parents faces as she darts towards Sasshi. She remembers the confused and hurt look of her fiancé’s face as he stood by the altar, looking at him for a moment, shook her head as she mumbled out her apology before grabbing her confused maid of honor and dragged her towards the exit. She remembers walking the aisle again, hearing the gasps and the whispers of their guests as she passed by them. She remembers how heavy it felt that she was walking out of the church. She remembers her name echoing as her fiancé called out for her. She remembers stopping for a moment and she heard her name again along with him telling her to wait. She remembers hearing heavy footsteps coming towards her, how she suddenly felt cold and dreadful at each step he took.

This wasn’t how imagined it would be. This isn’t how she imagined her fairytale wedding would be. The drowning feeling she has shouldn’t be present on this supposedly joyous occasion. It wasn’t supposed to be like this…at all… but—

She remembers hearing her name coming out of Sasshi’s lips, causing her to snap back.

She has to get out of there.

Coming to a decision, she gripped her bestfriend’s wrist and without looking back, she ran and stepped out of the church. She ignored everything. The sound of his voice yelling out to her, the voice of Sasshi telling her to slow down, the confused looks being thrown at them, everything. She just focused on running as fast as she could.

And it felt…right.

It felt so right that she couldn’t help but smile as she ran. The suffocating feeling she had earlier was gone.

It was the right thing to do. She had made the right decision.

…Or did she? Right now, it doesn’t seem to feel like that for Haruna. It’s mixed feelings now. Confused, relieved, sad, guilt, happy…she can’t seem to pinpoint which one is stronger. So maybe ignoring it and just try to get wasted for the rest of the night should be her primary concern for now. She can go back to reality and deal with it tomorrow.

“I’m a fuck up.” She mumbled to herself, letting out a groan when she hears Sashii agreeing with her.

“I’m sorry, but I couldn’t help but eavesdrop..” A voice suddenly intervened Haruna’s thoughts causing her to frown. She lowered her hand the same time Sasshi turned to look behind her, finding a woman with long brown hair playfully grinning at them. The unknown woman was turned towards them, leaning over, her elbow resting on the top rail of her chair. “You ran away from your wedding with your maid of honor? Are you in love with her or something?” She asked incredulously, still wearing a wide grin on her face. Obviously the unknown woman found that hilarious as the corner of her lips began twitching as she waits for Haruna’s answer. 

“See?! This is how it’s going to reflect on me!” Sasshi quickly says as she turns back to Haruna. She shoots Haruna a glare. “Like I’m the reason you bailed on your wedding. Like you choose me over him! I’d be the lesbian maid of honor now!” She exclaimed, throwing her hand in the air. The unknown woman behind her couldn’t help but laugh at Sasshi’s response.

“It isn’t like that!” Haruna exasperatedly says as she placed her hands on the table. She leaned on the side, looking at the grinning woman from behind Sasshi. She shook her head before she gave the stranger a pointed look. “I’m not in love with her. If you were eavesdropping much earlier, you would have known that I just took her to accompany me in my triumphant escape from an imminent disaster of a marriage.”

The woman nodded her head, looking a bit impressed. “Harsh..”

Haruna let out a sigh as she slouched in her seat, internally cursing how uncomfortable it is to sit wearing a wedding gown. She really should’ve changed first rather than looking for a place to drown her guilt into leaving her fiancé at the altar. Oh well, it’s only for today.

“You did good girl!” The unknown woman’s companion suddenly exclaimed from across her, holding up what looked to be a glass of orange juice upwards as if offering a toast in her honor. “Or is it girls?” The orange juice girl looked to be wasted as she squints her eyes, trying to focus her eyes on Haruna. “Why are there like three of yous and…all white and shiny. Are you God? Three God mice…” She slurred before giggling and hugging her orange juice as her head plopped down the table. They hadn’t noticed that the eavesdropper had a companion. Two for that matter as another one, with short brown hair, was seated from across the woman seemed to be sleeping on the table.

Haruna couldn’t help but frown at the two drunkards. There’s just something about women who can’t handle their booze. It’s disconcerting for Haruna really.

“Remind me again not to spike your drink you fucking lightweight.” The woman mumbled before rolling her eyes and turning back towards Haruna and Sasshi. She let out a deep sigh, her shoulders sagging a little. “So apparently I don’t have anyone to talk to since these assholes seem to be making love to the table. So can I just join you? You seem more interesting than these two.”

“No Nonti. Down girl. Don’t go changing the Microsoft…” The orange juice girl groaned as she held out her hand towards her sober friend who got up, took hold of her chair and her drink, turned her chair and joined Haruna and Sasshi’s table. She sat on the other side of the table, in between the two, ignoring her weird friends’ slurs about…Microsoft.

“I’m Nonti by the way. And you don’t need to know who those two are.” Nonti says as she motioned towards her two friends. After the brief introduction between the three, Nonti turned to look at Haruna curiously. “So this imminent disaster that you were talking about, does it involve a third party?”

Sasshi looked to be taken aback by the question before she turned towards Haruna. “Does it?” She asked with genuine curiousity, her eyebrow raised.

“No!” Haruna answered. “There are no third parties on my side or his. At least I think he doesn’t have anyone besides me…” She trailed in thought for a second before she shook her head, frowning at the two. “Do I look like a cheater to you?”

Surprisingly for Haruna, Sasshi and Nonti glanced at each other, sharing a look that mostly close friends do, before they turned to her. Nonti shrugged before taking a sip of her drink. Sasshi let out a sigh. “Well it is either that or you just got bored of him. You have been together for 8 years so…maybe that’s why.”

Nonti nodded. “Some say that passion and romantic love have an expiration date. Maybe yours is just 8 years. Beyond that, you’d probably just run away again.”

Haruna felt a bit offended by that especially since it came from a stranger who just uninvitingly decided to join them. Who is this Nonti who looks to be so sure to tell her that she can’t last in a relationship after 8 years? Right. Nobody.

Haruna crosses her arms over her chest, feeling a slight tickle on her arm as she pressed it on the decorative beads of her wedding dress. “Like you’re one to talk. What’s the longest relationship you had? A year? Months?” She tilted her head slightly, looking defiantly at Nonti. “…A day?”

Sasshi looked to be surprised at how bitchy Haruna sounded. She nervously glanced at Nonti noticing the grin that slowly formed across her lips. She didn’t look offended at all at Haruna’s jab. In fact, for Sasshi, she looked a bit…impressed?

“Defo the latter.” Nonti answered off-handedly over the glass lingering by her lips. “I don’t do relationship. They scream drama. Maybe in the future, sure.” She added before draining the contents of her drink.

Haruna was somewhat disappointed with her answer. She was actually hoping for Nonti to fight back, so hearing the honest answer from the other girl momentarily stuns the runaway bride. Haruna shook her head a little. “You three do seem like the type to do that…” She mumbled as she glanced at Nonti’s friends who were completely out of it.

“Oh?” Nonti heard her and looked to be surprised at Haruna’s comment. “I can understand how you can judge me as that—which isn’t a big deal for me, first impression and all—but the dead beats?” Nonti motioned at her two friends. “That’s your first impression of them? Really?”

“Ever heard the quote; ‘Tell me who your friends are, and I’ll tell you who you are?’” Haruna replied flatly as she turned to Nonti.

Being a silent spectator on what Sasshi could predict the beginning of a fight between the two, Sasshi cast a glance on Nonti again, noting her incredulous look towards Haruna.

“Ah, so you based your assumption on me.”

Sasshi looked back at Haruna before taking a sip of her drink. Haruna answered with a nonchalant shrug. The maid of honor gently placed down her drink on the table before turning her head to look at Nonti who surprisingly let out a chuckle.

“Let me guess, you’re beginning to think that we’re here for that purpose. To add another notch on our bedposts.”

Haruna held out her hands. “Your words, not mine.”

Nonti let out a genuine laugh, slamming her hand on the table as she does so. Haruna and Sasshi shared a look, both wondering what it is that was funny. Nonti doesn’t seem to be offering them answers as she wiped the tear from her eyes and said, “Yeah, sorry, that was just fucking funny.”

Haruna tilted her head slightly, frowning. “Didn’t really get which part is the funny one.”

“Your reaction in a few minutes.” The other girl simply answered with a smirk. Haruna’s frown deepened, still not getting it. Was it an inside joke perhaps? If it is, then she REALLY wouldn’t get it then. Before she can voice out her confusion though, Nonti waved her hand dismissively as if to tell her to shove it. “Okay, let’s make this a little bit interesting. A wager.”

“A wager?” Haruna repeated before glancing confusedly at Sasshi who offered her a shrug. Again, she’s trying to be the quiet spectator here.

“Yup, a wager. A bet.” Nonti grinned, ignoring the rolling of the eyes response of the runaway bride. She propped her elbow on the table and rested her chin on the back of her hand. She mischievously looked at Haruna. “You seem like the judgy, trying to be a know it all type of girl…”

Feeling offended once again, Haruna was about to retaliate when Nonti quickly beat her to it saying, “You were right about me, I’ll give you that. But the purpose of why we’re here is completely wrong. At least not this time, so…” She leaned back on her chair and crossed her arm, looking smugly at Haruna. “Try again girl, try to guess why the three of us are here and if you got it right, you can have all the drinks you want. Have an alcoholic buffet on me.”

Sasshi immediately know that the alcoholic buffet offer isn’t really enticing for her friend. Haruna wasn’t much into drinking. In fact she hates to drink. The only reason that Haruna is drinking right now is because she wants to forget what she did earlier. Other than that, no, the offer was bland for Haruna. BUT, overconfident people who continues to dictate who she is—despite the fact that she unconsciously do it as well to others—is a completely different story. Haruna abhors cockiness.

Sasshi couldn’t help but roll her eyes as Haruna glares at Nonti, her nostrils flaring a bit.

Hoo boy.

“And if I lose?”

Nonti shrugged nonchalantly before pointing at her orange juice drunk friend who was now softly reciting the ABCs whilst she continuously nurse her beloved drink. “You’d get the Nonti special that she had. Easy breezy.”

Keeping her frown, Haruna bit her lower lip then glanced at Nonti’s friend who seemed to be aware that they were talking about her. She gave Haruna a lopsided smile and a wave as she rest her chin on the table. “You pretty. All white and sparkly. Can I call you sparkly?”

Looking unimpressed, she warily looked back at Nonti. “Just what did you give her?”

“A secret recipe handed down to me by the alcoholic gods of the booze world.” She answered simply. “I think you can handle it, unless of course you’re also a lightweight like juice girl over there. She only had one and now she looks like she’s been drinking since yesterday.” She added as she rolled her eyes.

“Why’d you spike her drink anyway?” Sasshi asked curiously, remembering Nonti mumbling that earlier.

Nonti turned to Sasshi, giving her an incredulous look. “She wanted to drink only juice in a bar. IN A BAR. JUICE IN A BAR. Who the fuck orders juice in a bar!?”

“She’s very lucky to have a friend like you then.” Sasshi deadpanned with her eyes narrowed.

Despite hearing sarcasm from the other girl, Nonti nodded, placing a hand on Sasshi’s shoulder as she says, “I know.” She let out a dramatic sigh, shaking her head. “She’s so lucky to have me…”

The two shared a laugh while Haruna quietly ponders if she was going to take the challenge or not. She bit her lip as she looked at the wasted two on the other table. Sure juice girl is wasted because Nonti spiked her drink, but looking at her, she really doesn’t look like the type for that goes for a one night stand. No, she was more like the clown type of friend. The joker, unlike Nonti who seemed like the promiscuous one. She was only guessing earlier just to spite her, but hey, she was right.

The sleeping one though, what’s her story?

“It’s about her, really.” Nonti suddenly says causing Haruna to look back at her.

Haruna looked at her confusedly. “About who?”

“Her.” Nonti said as she pointed at the sleeping girl. “The reason why we’re here. It’s because of her. That’s a clue for you.”

Haruna frowned. She looked at sleepy girl for a moment before turning back to look at Nonti. “She’s just sleeping there. Is she homeless or something?”

“Is that your answer then?” Nonti raised her eyebrow.

“No!” Haruna quickly replies. “It’s just…it’s hard to simply tell the reason when the reason is dead to the world, you know.” She reasoned which Sasshi agrees with a nod. “She’s barely moving and I can’t assess her if I can’t see her or talk to her for a bit.”

“True.” Nonti mumbled lowly before turning to look at her friend. Without a second thought, she offhandedly called out to sleepy. “Hey Mariko.”

The two watched, eyes widened in surprise as Nonti’s sleeping friend slowly awakened from her not so deep slumber since Nonti just casually called out to her without yelling or anything. The newly awakened woman sat up, propped her elbow and placed her cheek on her palm. She let out a sigh before giving her friend a lazy look.

Nonti grinned at her.  “Did you have a good nap?” She crooned in a motherly tone, causing the other girl to roll her eyes.

“I wasn’t napping.”

“I know.” Nonti replied before letting out a chuckle. She then turned to Haruna who seemed to be observing Mariko. “So? Assess her then. She’s…alive now. Her name’s Mariko.” She turned back to the short haired one looking to introduce the runaway bride to her friend but the latter beat her through it. Waving her free hand dismissively.

“Haruna, the runaway bride and her maid of honor, Sasshi, whom she just dragged with her. I know...” She said casually before turning to look at Haruna. “..I heard everything.” She added as if hearing Haruna’s thoughts. A small smile made its way to Mariko’s lips as she looked at the stunned bride. In her defense, Mariko wasn’t really eavesdropping on their conversation. But then again she wasn’t tuning them out as well. She was just…floating. Not really caring what they were discussing. She wasn’t in the mood. She wonders when she’ll ever be in the mood. It only has been 5 days so…

Haruna noted the soft sigh that escaped the short haired woman’s lips. Noted how after that, she looked away, looking at nothing in particular. Doesn’t seem like she cares about the wager that was happening between her friend and Haruna. She seemed…detached. Somewhat apathetic. But then Haruna saw a bit of her personality earlier. When she rolled her eyes at Nonti and when she gave Haruna a somewhat playful smile. Which means, something must be bothering this woman named Mariko.

But what?

Once again, a clue presented itself as the orange juice girl suddenly latched on Mariko, wrapping her arms loosely around her neck. “Mariko~!” She slurred then placed her head on the other girl’s shoulder. “Are you okay now? Don’t be a mopey broken puppy anymore. Microsoft will be sad.”

“Geez Yukarin…Snap out of it.” Mariko gave her an annoyed look as she began pushing the drunkard away. “Let go.” She groaned.

“The hell did Microsoft ever do to you? You keep mumbling about them.” Nonti raised her eyebrow at her drunk friend named Yukarin who still had her arms wrapped on the annoyed Mariko. Yukarin gave Nonti a lopsided smile before turning back to her scowling friend who was still pushing her half-heartedly. That changed completely when Yukarin began pulling the other girl to her.

“Lemme kiss your sadness away. Healing kisses! Healing makeout kisses!” She exclaimed with a giggle whilst the other tries to dislodge herself from her.

Sasshi who was amused, glanced at her friend finding her intently watching the two, especially the woman named Mariko. If Sasshi didn’t know about that wager Nonti and Haruna made, she’d be weirded out at how her friend is looking at the short haired one. It was like she was appreciatively sizing her up. But then maybe Sasshi has had too much cosmopolitan drinks to be noticing that. Maybe Haruna just wants to seriously win on this little wager they have with how she seemed to be concentrating hard on Mariko at the moment.

A little bit too hard, Nonti thinks with a knowing smile across her lips.

Haruna, who was completely unaware of the two observing her, began reviewing what she observed on Mariko. She looks to be a bit boyish compared to the two, wearing a green army jacket with a loose white shirt underneath. Nonti and Yukarin were wearing dresses, she was wearing fitted jeans. Short, slightly wavy hair with bangs, light to no makeup, skinny model-like physique, somewhat deep voice...quite attractive…

Haruna couldn’t help but shake her head before frowning a little at what she’s doing. Mariko’s physicality doesn’t seem to offer much of a clue, now that Haruna thinks about it. The real clue would be the key words being thrown by Yukarin earlier.

Broken. Sadness. Healing kisses.

Those words screams brokenhearted. Dumped? Maybe she was dumped by her boyfriend. She has a ring but it was on her middle finger, so yeah, boyfriend. No husband. Not engaged either. Or she was pregnant and she lost it. Could be, but then shouldn’t her boyfriend be with her then during these time? Probably wanted space from him then if that really happened. Like she was suffocating and felt really bad for losing their love child that she can’t stand looking at him for now. That they needed space to heal. Still screams dumped though.

Haruna let out a sigh. She can write a fucking book with different stories about why this mysterious woman wanted to spend the night in a bar. The possibilities are endless, really. But then that one word kept telling her the short haired woman’s problem has something to do with the heart.


So was that it? Spending the night in a bar because she was brokenhearted and her friends wanted to cheer her up? How very cliché if that is the case.

Nonti wanted to grin but tried to restrain it by biting the insides of her cheek. She continues to observe the runaway bride, finding the disappointment that was apparent on her face to be hilarious. Based on how she looks, Nonti could only assume that Haruna has an idea now on the reason why they were in a bar. Defo wrong idea though, Nonti was sure of it.

“So?” Nonti tilted her head a little before giving Haruna a knowing smile. “Do you have an answer now?”

Haruna’s eyebrow twitched, obviously irritated at how smug Nonti looks. But then Haruna feels that she has every right to be arrogant since she has a feeling she wouldn’t fail to guess the reason that they were here.

Haruna let out a sigh. “Yes, but I have a feeling I will get it wrong since the possibilities are endless.”

“Then lose.” Nonti said nonchalantly. Haruna looked a little bit taken aback by Nonti’s tone and that she looked like she was beyond caring as to who wins. Nonti shrugged as she continues, “It’s just one drink. Not like I’m asking you to cough up a million yen or striptease for us. You’re just going to lose a little bit of your pride, which I’m pretty sure would be easy for you considering what day you had.”

“She’s right~” Yukarin suddenly sang as she rests her head on Mariko’s shoulder, smiling. Haruna then notices Mariko looking somewhat amused. It sort of made Haruna feel better. She’s rather see this reaction on the mysterious woman than the far away, indifferent stare she had a little while ago. It just…it suits her and somehow she had a feeling that Nonti and even the drunk Yukarin knows this. Which makes Haruna wonder if Nonti did this whole thing on purpose. Eavesdropping on them, uninvitingly joining them, then making a wager to make things interesting.

It seems like all this is for Mariko’s amusement. To make her feel better because she is…broken.

 Haruna closed her eyes for a moment before she let out a sigh. “Fine.” She deadpanned before looking back at Nonti with a small frown. “My guess is she’s brokenhearted.”

Nonti smirked. “Close, but that’s too broad.”

“Like I said, endless possibilities.” Haruna sneered.

“Limit it then. Don’t make it endless. Have a period and end it short.”

Sasshi looked to be enjoying the exchange which Haruna notices. She gave her a look which the other just responded by a shrug, grinning as she does so. Obviously her bestfriend doesn’t want to help her, but, oddly enough…

Haruna annoyance eases up as she notices Mariko mouthing something to her.

…Mariko was trying to help her?

Haruna tilted her head a little, her eyes focused on Mariko’s lips as she mouthed words for Haruna. She can’t seem to get it which Mariko quickly notices. The mysterious girl began mouthing slowly, giving spaces to each word.



“Well?” Nonti drawled causing Haruna too look at her. She had her eyebrow raised, looking at her with mild interest. “Do you have an answer? Or should I just order your special drink?”

Haruna bit her lower lip then nervously glanced at Mariko who was also looking at her expectantly. An eyebrow quirked up from the other girl, as if asking Haruna if she got what she was trying to say. Her silent question was soon answered as Haruna looked back at Nonti and gave her her final answer.

“She uh…wanted to take her real friend for a ride, but got rejected and she’s sad about the rejection s-so you two were trying to cheer her up and decided to go out for drinks…?”

Her nervous look was met with silence and surprised stares. Well Mariko and Nonti looked to be surprised. Sasshi on the other hand looked like she was restraining herself from laughing, biting her lip as she does so. Yukarin was…well…too drunk as she seemingly sleep on Mariko’s shoulder. The rest of the people in the bar was beyond caring…so…

She turned to Mariko as the latter let out a chuckle, finally breaking the silence. “Close, but no.” She says with a crooked smile. “My girlfriend just died.”

“What?!” Exclaimed both Haruna and Sasshi simultaneously, obviously surprised at Mariko’s admission. Both stared, eyes wide at Mariko who looked to be a bit uncomfortable at the attention she was getting from the two. Feeling unease with the stares being thrown at her, she gave a nonchalant shrug then looked away. She really doesn’t want to further divulge on her situation.

“Well that was even better than what I imagined...” Nonti mumbled with a grin. She then turned in the direction of the bar, motioning towards the bartender. ”Yo BT! The one I taught you. Another one of that!”

“With the orange juice?” The male bartender asked with a frown. Haruna momentarily glanced at the bartender noting how he looked a bit…alarmed, nervous even.

“Nah, keep it raw this time! She can handle it!” Nonti answered before looking back at Haruna, giving her a wide grin which somewhat makes Haruna fearful for her life. But, no, she shouldn’t focus on that now…

“You’re gay?” She blurted out as she turned to Mariko who looked to be surprised at her question. In fact, Sasshi and Nonti seems to be taken aback also as they turned towards her. It suddenly dawned to her how rude her question is as the short haired woman turned to her with her eyebrow raised.

“Hoo boy…” She hears Nonti mumble before taking a drink, her eyes darting in between the two. Sasshi looks at both of them as well with a nervous face. She actually restrained herself from face palming herself when she heard Haruna’s question. Seriously though, how fucked up is that?

Mariko looked at her incredulously then let out a small scoff. “So I just told you that my girlfriend just died and the first thing that comes out of your mouth is my sexuality?”

“I…w-well…” Haruna stammered, trying desperately to find the words to say. Sasshi doesn’t seem to offer her much help as she glanced at her. Her supposedly bestfriend just shook her head and gave her a look of disappointment. Some bestfriend Sasshi is.

“Maybe you did your fiancé a big ass favor of not marrying you.” Mariko says in spite as she glared at Haruna. “Guess he dodged the bullet from the imminent disaster, which is ultimately, just you.” She added before standing up and walking away, causing Yukarin to suddenly wake up and stagger a bit.

“Damn, that’s harsh..” Yukarin mumbled as she placed he chin on her hand, looking sleepily at the guilt ridden face of Haruna.

Sasshi let out a sigh. “You really need a filter sometimes Haruna…”

A heavy hand suddenly descended on her shoulder. She looked at Nonti who was shaking her head, giving her a sympathetic look. “That, my blushing bride, is one major fuck up.”

Haruna let out a groan, slamming her head a little on the table. Just what is wrong with her today? First her fiancé, now an unknown stranger whose girlfriend just died! Who the living hell asks someone if they are gay when that someone’s significant other just died! Who?! Right! HER! That’s who!

Haruna slammed her head on the table again.

“You know what’s funny though?” Yukarin suddenly asks with a giggle causing Haruna to look at her, her chin resting on the table. The drunk girl continues to giggle as she pointed at Haruna. “You two could just, date each other because you two are fucked up! I mean, you ran away from your wedding, and her girlfriend just died and you two are like here in the exact moment that you two are fucked up and it’s like fate you know! Two fuck ups! Fate! HA!” Yukarin let out a full throttle laugh, slamming her hand on the table as she does so.

Haruna looked at her for a moment before once again took refuge of resting her forehead on the table, groaning a little.

“Deep stuff…” Nonti mumbled with a nod before taking a drink while Sasshi just looks at Yukarin weirdly.

A moment later, the bartender walks towards them and placed the drink on their table. “Here you go. Your special.” He says with a nervous smile. “Please just drink this mode—”

Before he could finish the word, Haruna—looking determined—sat up, took the clear drink and downed it until it was empty. Three pair of widened as they watch the runaway bride looking a bit frustrated as she slammed the empty glass on the table. She once again wiped her wet lips with the back of her gloved hand adding a much visible smudge of lipstick on the corner of her lips.

“Another!” She barked as she glared at the shocked bartender.

Nonti amused at the sudden spunk of the girl, turned towards the bartender. “Well you heard the lady, BT, keep em coming.”


“Just put it on my tab and make the special for the lady.” Nonti said as she waved her hand dismissively. “Today is supposed to be her special day so…”

The bartender was reluctant for a while until he let out a sigh and headed back towards the bar.

Sasshi, who was concern for her friend asked, “Haruna? What are you doing?” she softly hissed before placing a hand on her friends’ arm.

“I’ll be fine.” Haruna casually answered with a small smile. “I just need a little bit of courage to apologize for being rude to Nonti’s friend.”

Hearing that doesn’t seem to ease Sasshi. It made her even more nervous since the example of what might happen if Haruna drinks that ‘special’ drink is mumbling out nonsense things on the other table. Also, the inventor of the drink seem to find what Haruna said funny but trying to hide her amusement by taking a swing of her drink.

Maybe Nonti’s specialty isn’t the right drink for a little bit of courage…


Haruna woke up with a groan, turning to her back as she felt a massive pounding migraine. She rested her arm on her forehead as she tries to open her eyes blinking a few times, trying to adjust to the blinding light coming out of the window. Once her eyes adjusted to the light, she began to notice something different.

It feels like someone’s leg is over hers under the sheet…



Moving a little...

…Wait. Moving…?

Her eyes quickly widened at the realization. In horror, she turned her head and was met with the sleeping face of the short haired woman she met yesterday. That same woman whose girlfriend just died. That same woman she was supposed to apologize for being rude. The other fuck up. Nonti’s friend...that seemed naked under the sheet…same as her…

Haruna quickly placed both her hands on her lips, trying to stop herself for screaming.



Next Up: Accusations.
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Re: [MariHaru] Get Wasted With Me - (One: Beginning)
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What have I done to receive such a luxury that is having FoF-sama putting out two stories within such a short span of less than a week???? *cries in joy*

Gotta love MariHaru more lol. And the bar setting, though, isn't it weird that my idea with both of them also involved a meeting at the BAR? XD

Can't wait for more. :3
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Re: [MariHaru] Get Wasted With Me - (One: Beginning)
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Interesting ! Hope you will update soon ! I really want to know what will happen in the next chapter : ) how they fall in love with each other and become a lovely real couple ! Please update ASAP , FoF-san !!!
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Re: [MariHaru] Get Wasted With Me - (One: Beginning)
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oh my.......

you're back.

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Re: [MariHaru] Get Wasted With Me - (One: Beginning)
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Re: [MariHaru] Get Wasted With Me - (One: Beginning)
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Finally! I found MariHaru fic. I just so in love with this couple><
This fic is sooooooo interesting>0<
I can imagine what happened in the bar and now I really want to know how MariHaru sleep in the same bed with that kind of condition?
I'll surely wait for the next one~
So please, update soon><

Thanks for the fic, author-san^^
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Re: [MariHaru] Get Wasted With Me - (One: Beginning)
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Thanking all the Gods for this new MariHaru fic that is rarely seen now and more thankful because it's an FoF fic 😢

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Re: [MariHaru] Get Wasted With Me - (One: Beginning)
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Words: 3,804 (improving its shortness  XD )

AN: Much thanks for the support! It feels sort of nice to be...sort of be back.  :nervous


@Yuki88: I'm no -sama! And like I said I'm feeling a bit restless nowadays. Better put it into good use, eh? Hehe. You also thought of MariHaru in a bar setting?!  :w00t: C'mon, be a wonderful dear and join me in this madness. Let us spread the MariHaru pairing once again and rule the world! *cue ebil laugh*  :lol: Thank you for reading and commenting! :)

@giotuyet: How they will fall for each other huh. Maybe it'll happen soon. Hehe. I'll try to update as soon as I can. I'm kinda taking baby steps into the water before I plunge in and dive. Thanks for reading and commenting through  :)

@hakase309: Oh yes....
                          ...I maybe back.  :nervous Thanks for reading and commenting  :)

@screechingsoul: Yey Back!  XD Cool BJD btw. Thanks for reading and commenting :)

@junchan48: Yeah, MariHaru fics are pretty rare nowadays I think. Though it didn't really change much since back then it was still rare.  :lol: There's a list though in tumblr on every mariharu fics written. Dunno if it's updated though, but you can check that out in case you want more MariHaru fics.  :) Oh and I think how they ended up in bed together will be explained here a little. In the next chap also. Anyway, thanks for reading and commenting! :)

@jigsoo: Yup...rare  :cry: and d'awwwww.  XD But for reals though, FoF fics are cursed though.  :lol: Thank you for reading and commenting!  :)

Thank you pressers, much thanks as well.  :bow: :bow:

Wow, I'm hit by nostalgia when I did that.  :lol: Again, much thanks guys! And I hope you enjoy this drabble. It's a drabble, I made a drabble! I'm so happy.  :cow:
BTW,  I know this is a drabble a day challenge, but no. I won't be updating this daily.  :nervous I will try to write daily though. So far, I am. So wish me luck.  :)


2. Accusation(s)
(n.) an assertion that someone is guilty of a fault or offence

Example: Your accusations are invalid because you bit me and I kinda hate you for that.

“So…” Sasshi drawled with a small frown, slowly tilting her head to the side as she confusedly looked at her troubled friend who had both her hand covering her face. Unconsciously, Sasshi’s right eye began to twitch. “…y-you…slept with a---“

“Don’t say it!” Haruna suddenly cried out frantically as she removed her hands from her face and slammed them on the table, rising out of her chair slightly as she does so. “Don’t you DARE say it!” She added as she grits her teeth, glaring at her surprised bestfriend who immediately held up her hands as if in surrender.

“Okay, I won’t.” Sasshi replied, blinking a few times. She watch, waiting patiently for Haruna to calm down. When the other girl let out a sigh and sat back down to her seat, Sasshi couldn’t help but quip, “But that doesn’t really change the fact that you’re sort of a rug muncher now, does it?” She giggled for a moment before an empty paper cup was thrown at her. “Hey!”

Haruna glared at her. “This is all your fault!” She growled as she began throwing pieces of shredded crumpled napkin on Sasshi who held up her arm with a frown, shielding some of the pieces being thrown at her face.

After the mini onslaught caused by Haruna, Sasshi rolled her eyes as she brushed off some of the pieces off her top. “Oh I’m sorry…” She started in faux surprise, her hand on her chest. “…did I possessed your body again last night and began shoving my tongue on someone’s throat? Because I’m pretty sure I restrained myself from doing that.”

Haruna looked stunned for a moment before she once again began throwing bits of napkin on Sasshi who began protesting again. Haruna glared at the other girl, her face a little bit flushed. “You know what I mean!” Haruna growled as she slammed her hand on the table, causing the table to wobble a little. “You were supposed to be the sober one! The responsible one who has to keep an eye on their drunkie friend!”

“I was sober and responsible!” Sasshi fired back with a scowl, her voice a little higher than usual, not anymore caring about how loud they were being. Well Haruna doesn’t seem to care at first since the moment she saw Sasshi sitting and waiting for her outside of the cafe, she immediately plopped down the seat across from her—looking worse to wear than Sasshi had ever seen her—and began spewing accusations about how everything is her fault and how crappy she is as a bestfriend. That she should take up bestfriend duties 101 or whatever that is. Sasshi would’ve retorted back earlier and defended herself, but then she was sidetracked at Haruna telling her how she almost screamed in horror upon finding herself naked with the other fuck up with the dead girlfriend. Now though…

“I told you not to drink the third one! But noooo….you said you still need a little bit courage.” Sasshi says scornfully whilst she rolled her eyes. “And when you started shoving your tongue on her, I tried to stop you—we both did—but then you bit me and told me to shut the fuck up and go away!”

Haruna was once again taken aback. There it was again. Her shoving her tongue on the somewhat unknown woman. Did she…? Was she the one who…?

“I was the one who came on to her…?” She asks softly, her shoulder sagged, looking mortified at the sudden realization that everything happened because of her.

Sasshi confusedly looked at her dazed bestfriend before it suddenly dawned to her. “Y-you…don’t remember what happened last night?” She asked as she tilted her head slightly, her eyebrow raised a little.

“N-No…I don’t…” She admitted softly still in a daze, her eyes trained on the table. She imagined it differently, to be honest. She actually prayed that it would be different than that. Like maybe the woman named Mariko accepted her apology then went back to their table and drank some of Nonti’s special drink. She got drunk, suddenly found Haruna insanely attractive—since well, she was wearing a wedding dress and her makeup seemed flawless, but that’s just her egotistical side talking—began pursuing her, and taking advantage of how drunk Haruna is, took her home and had her way towards her.

Finding out that SHE was the one who had unconsciously taken advantage of the other girl…no…she definitely didn’t imagine THAT.

“Not even when you climbed on the bar and began dancing while you serve beer? Like you’re imitating some scene in Coyote Ugly?”

Haruna visibly blanched.

Nor did she imagined doing THAT!

“I…I WHAT?!” Haruna cried out very loudly, causing Sasshi and even the old couple sitting a few tables from them to cringe, surprised at the much added decibels that came from the other girl. Sasshi couldn’t be more thankful for choosing to sit outside. They would definitely be thrown out of the café if they were inside with how loud Haruna is being. She can’t blame her though, so she should blame herself from this sudden outburst from the other girl, considering…

“Guess making jokes this time isn’t really a good idea…” She sheepishly admitted which, after a moment, brought back color to Haruna’s cheeks. Red, mainly because she was seething in anger. Her eyes seem to scream murder as she glares vehemently at the nervous looking Sasshi. Luckily, after being friends with the temperamental girl for years, Sasshi had come up with a possible solution to appease Haruna.

“B-But, let’s not forget the truth th-that after taking that third drink, y-you stalked her in the bathroom and when I checked on you, y-you two were making out by the sink…" 

Haruna once again froze causing Sasshi to let out a relieved sigh.

Yes, distract Haruna with the truth…or lie. Or even run. Whatever works. Just as long as Sasshi would be safe from the explosive wrath of the other girl. In this case though, what Sasshi said was the truth. Haruna did staggered towards the bathroom wherein Mariko was and when she checked on her, the two were in a heated lip lock. Or rather Haruna was since the taller girl seemed shocked at the sudden turn of events. It makes Sasshi wonder just how that transpired though. How did apologizing to Mariko turn into suddenly kissing her and even sleeping with her…?

“I…I…” Haruna stammered once again, seemingly at a loss for words. It wasn’t long before her face contorts in perplexity as she cradled her head with both hands. “Why…why did I do that…?” She mumbled to herself before letting out a groan as thinking about it just makes Haruna’s head hurt more.

She wasn’t supposed to be thinking about this today! Rather, she was supposed to be thinking about what to say to her fiancé about what happened yesterday. Sure she had avoided him today by stalking their apartment from across the street and waiting for him to leave—which thankfully he did after an hour of waiting or else she’d be paying her sister, Milky, a visit which she doesn’t want to for she knows her little sister will bombard her with questions— whilst she pretended to read a newspaper. Sure she did that, but still, today is supposedly the day she returns to reality. Her reality wherein she is confused about whether or not she should stay with her fiancé or just break up with him. Not the reality wherein she’s confused about whether or not she’s gay, straight or all of the above!

Hearing another groan from her bestfriend as she rests her forehead on the table, Sasshi decided to do what she thinks might be in the first page of the so called ‘bestfriend duties 101.’

Comforting her whenever she seems to be on the verge of questioning her sexuality.

“You know, sleeping with a woman doesn’t seem so bad.” She says nonchalantly with a shrug, causing Haruna to lazily look up at her from the table with her eyebrow slightly arched up. “I think in some way, there are girls who had experienced what you did and still think of themselves as straight. Like, it’s just a phase or something.” She continues with a nod.

Haruna sat up a little, placing her chin on the palm of her hand. She looked at Sasshi oddly. “Is this your way of saying that you’ve thought about it? Sleeping with a woman, I mean.”

“Well…” Sashi drawled as she tilted her head slightly, eyes upward as if thinking. “Not really. But now that I think about it, I don’t think I would mind if in case, a woman such as Mariko came on to me. Because let’s face it, she’s hot.” She added with a nod whilst she grins, obviously liking the image of her and Mariko getting sweaty underneath the sheets. One word for Sasshi; HOT.

“And what if it was me?” Haruna asks. She noticed Sasshi cringe at her question that she couldn’t help but narrow her eyes at her. Sure, Sasshi thinks her friend is also in the level of being hot, still, the sudden image of Haruna coming on to her is just so wrong. And gross. And icky. One word for Sasshi; NOT! Along with NO NO NO EW EW EWW!

Sasshi’s face contorts as if in pain. “That is just so wrong in so many levels that I can’t even…ugh. No!” She fervently shook her head as she turned to look at her bestfriend who rolled her eyes in annoyance before resting her head on the table, hiding her face as she does so.

“And we go back to the fact that I AM the one who came on to her.”

“I wouldn’t say that you came on to her. I mean, you said so yourself, you don’t remember anything.” Sasshi nonchalantly said before she took a sip of her coffee. She placed it back on the table as she continues. “Plus I only walked in on you two 10 minutes after I followed you, so the things that happened before that, who knows.” She shrugged.

The troubled looking girl seem to perk up upon hearing her bestfriend. She quickly sat up a little and leaned closer to Sasshi, asking the one question that was on the back of her head since she silently walked out of Mariko’s apartment earlier. “D-do you think she…you know…?” She softly asked, looking at Sasshi expectantly.

Drawing blank at what the other is saying, Sasshi looked at Haruna confusedly. “No, I don’t know.”

“You know… the R word…” The other replied before her eyes darts from side to side, as if looking if there are people listening in on their conversation. Finding none, she leaned even closer, placing her arms on the table. “…Do you think she R-ed me…?” The whispery asked again, feeling a bit anxious at the possibility.

She watch as Sasshi stares at her for a moment, before a lone eyebrow arched up at Haruna’s choice of words. “Still not getting it.” She shook her head. “I’m thinking pirates right now, which I’m guessing isn’t related to being R-ed by her…”

Haruna let out a frustrated sigh before she rubbed her face with her hand for a moment, obviously infuriated at how slow her friend can be. “I meant the R word that is illegal and beyond evil wherein a person forces themselves to have sex with a helpless being that doesn’t want to.” She explained through narrowed eyes and gritted teeth.

Sasshi blankly stared at her for a moment before she narrowed her eyes, unimpressed. “Okay, now I know why I didn’t realize what you were trying to say, because that’s just stupid. You’re being stupid.” She flatly said.

Haruna sat up looking a bit miffed at Sasshi’s belittling her intelligence. She glared at her as she crosses her arms over her chest. “How is that being stupid? You said so yourself that I don’t remember anything and that anything could’ve happened before you entered the bathroom. So it’s possible!”

“Yes, because YOU pressing HER against the sink just screams helplessness on your side. Seems like you have a solid case against her now.” Sasshi sarcastically replied before she rolled her eyes.

“And I didn’t know that!” Haruna cried out exasperatedly.

Sasshi could only sigh as she watch her bestfriend groan as she plopped down once again on the table, resting her forehead in her arms, her face down. She began saying things, groaning out her frustrations, that Sasshi could barely understand as she continues to seemingly talk to the table. Taking pity, she began caressing the other’s head as she wears a sympathetic smile.

“Like I said earlier, it’s really not that bad. So you slept with a girl, big deal. You’re entitled to let loose last night anyway, so you really shouldn’t worry about it.”

“I hate not knowing what happened…” Was Haruna’s muffled reply as she retained her position. Sasshi heard her though.

“Well you are all sorts of crazy when you were drunk, even that Mariko thought so.” She nodded as she recalls what happened last night, unaware that the other girl flinched upon hearing her one night stand lover. Sasshi continues to caress Haruna’s hair, her eyes trained on her hand’s movement.

“She looked all kinds of uncomfortable when I walked in on you two at the bathroom. She tried to dislodge your hold on her, but when she couldn’t—since you were pretty persistent—she asked me for help and I did. And then you bit me and curse me for being a party pooper.” Sasshi shook her head at the memory. “Anyway, we got you out of the bathroom and back into the table. Mariko looked to be genuinely worried, honestly, despite you being an ass to her at the beginning. She made you drink lots of water, even coffee just to sober you up..”

Haruna’s ears seemingly perked up at that information. She tilted her head a little, revealing her teary eyes to Sasshi. “She did…?” She asked in a timid-childlike manner before letting out a soft sniffle.

It made Sasshi smile. “Yeah, she did. She was…all sorts of awesome, really. Very attentive and kind.” She nodded as she retracts her hand that was caressing Haruna head and placed them on the table. “But then I wasn’t kidding about you being all sorts of crazy when you were drunk.” She added, giving the other girl a sheepish smile.

Hearing that, Haruna sat up again. With a frown, she warily asks her bestfriend. “What do you mean?”

Sasshi bit her lower lip as if pondering whether or not to tell in detail what Haruna did to the other girl. Knowing Haruna, she’d probably go back to her confused, semi-deflated state much like she did earlier. Not wanting the other girl to go to that mood again, taking pity, she decided to offer her a brief summary. “Let’s just say that you were persistent and that you sort of can’t keep your hands off of her.”

“Oh god, I was the one who R-ed her didn’t I?” Haruna frantically said as she cradled her head in her hands. She couldn’t bear to imagine how she just suddenly forced herself and R-ed the other girl. Now she feels 10 times awful if that were true. How can she be such an animal? How and why?! And Why again?!

“I don’t th—“ Sasshi stopped herself, frowning as she began to think about it. Though she did thought how she didn’t want to see Haruna being all miserable, like she is now, still Sasshi couldn’t help but be truthful about the R-ed issue.  “Well…maybe you did.” She said as she tilted her head slightly, eyes upwards as if thinking.

“Not helping!” Haruna groaned out as she covered her face with both her hands.

“In the bar, sure you were handsy when it comes to her, but when she took you home, I wouldn’t know. Maybe you did R-ed her…or not.” Sasshi added with a shrug. Now that Sasshi mentions it…

Haruna lowered her hand a little to look back at her. She tries to momentarily divert her thoughts of possibly forcing herself to the other girl and focus on the looming question brought about by what Sasshi just said. “Why did she took me to her place anyway?” She asked as she raised her eyebrow. That is actually the first thing that came to her mind earlier upon finding herself naked with the other girl, who is also naked beside her. No wait. Maybe that was her second question that came to her. The first one was definitely WHAT THE FUCK?!

Sasshi scowled at her. “You weren’t exactly a fan of mine last night. And I wasn’t kidding when I said you bit me.” She tells her as she held up her arm, pointing at the place where Haruna bit her. A small portion of her arm does seem pinkish…

“Anyway, she offered and I didn’t want to get bitten again.” Sasshi grumbled, placing her arm back to rest on the table. She looked to be annoyed at that certain memory. It makes Haruna wonder as to why, but she’d rather focus on the glaring obvious on Sasshi’s statement.

“You let a complete stranger take me to her home?!” She looked incredulously at Sasshi, as if she had grown two heads. “What the fuck Sasshi?! Are you insane?!”

“Oh I’m sorry…” Sasshi started slowly in faux concern, her eyebrows furrowed a little. “Was I talking wordlessly again all these time? Because I was so sure that I was talking sense earlier. Like maybe I wasn’t the one who took that stupid bet in the first place?” Haruna couldn’t help but narrow her eyes at Sasshi’s eerie sweet tone and smile. She continues her innocent act though as she added, “Or even that I wasn’t the one who drank 3 shots of unknown poison down my throat just to give myself courageous, mystical powers in order to apologize for being an asshole to someone? Or let’s not forget the fact that—“

“Okay, okay!” Haruna exclaimed as she cuts her off, waving a hand as she does so. “I get it, okay? It’s all MY fault!” She says as she leaned back on her chair, slouching a little. “Maybe I should just…go to the nearest police station and report to them how I R-ed the woman I just met last night.” She let out a sigh, shoulders dropping slightly, eyes trained at the table. It wasn’t long before a pout forms on her lips. Her wounded puppy look. This was Haruna’s signature look that she perfected since she was a little kid. That same look that made everyone cave.  Excluding Sasshi, of course, since she knows that it’s just a way for Haruna to get what she wants. But this time though, it seems different.

Haruna looked genuinely depressed.

Sasshi rolled her eyes. “Don’t be such a drama queen.”

“How am I being a drama queen when I just realized that I might’ve R-ed someone?” Haruna retorts back, giving Sasshi a look of disbelief.

“That’s the thing.” Sasshi replies as she slams her hand on the table. She gives Haruna a pointed look as she leans a little. “You MIGHT HAVE. You’re not completely sure about it. Maybe you did. Maybe you didn’t. It’s just a possibility. And the only way to know exactly what happened is to simply just ask her.”

“Y-you mean to…talk to her? And meet her? Again…?” Haruna cautiously asks with a frown.

“Well that would be ideal. Unless of course you just want to write to her about how you think you R-ed her.” The other girl chuckled. She actually expected Haruna to retort back, angrily telling her that it isn’t really the time for jokes, but then, oddly enough, Haruna looked to be…nervous. Guilty even as she was biting her nail with her eyes trained at the café door to her right.

“Why does it suddenly feel like you did something awful to make you look like that?” Sasshi asked with narrowed eyes as she pointed at the other girl who nervously looked back at her.

“Maybe because….I kinda did…?” Haruna admitted sheepishly as she removed her hand from her mouth and placed them in her lap.

“What did you do..?”

Haruna couldn’t help but flinch at Sasshi’s slow, accusatory tone. She hesitated in telling her for a moment before she decided to come clean with a sigh. “I…I did something bad when I left her house…which I think, if I asked her to meet me…she wouldn’t…”

Sasshi raised her eyebrow. “And that is…?”

She bit her lower lip for a moment as she lowered her gaze towards her hands that were playing with the hem of her shirt. She hesitated for a moment, remembering that awful thing she did to Mariko. Only when she heard Sasshi call out to her irritably did she confessed to her major fuck up of the day.

“I t-took her clothes in her drawer without waking her up then…I made a note to tell her that and well…I left some m-money along with the n-note…like paying for the clothes I took…” She rambled with a grimace. She wasn’t surprised when Sasshi suddenly yelled, ‘WHAT?!’ at her. But she did flinch at how loud it is though.

“Are you insane or something?! Do you know how that will look to her?!”

“B-but I explained on my note that it was for the clothes I’m taking!” Haruna reasoned as she turned to look at dumbfounded Sasshi. “ And…I only realized when I was out of her apartment that it sort of make it look like I was paying her for—“

“—R-ing her?”

Haruna let out a groan before she slammed her forehead at the table. “I’m a fuck up…” She groaned as she pound her head a little on the table again.

“You sure are.” Sasshi sighed as she looked disappointedly at her troubled bestfriend. She shook her head. “Guess that’s another reason for you meet her. To ask for forgiveness for being a fuck up.”

Haruna was about to retort when she suddenly felt her phone vibrate. Grumbling with a frown, she sat up and fished for her phone in her pocket. She looked at the screen to see who was calling her and let out another groan, carelessly throwing her ringing phone on the table.

“One problem at a time please!” She grumbled as she rests her forehead on the table.

Sasshi curiously took her phone and let out a chuckle.

Haruna’s fiancé was calling her.



Next Up: Restless.

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Re: [MariHaru] Get Wasted With Me - (Two: Accusations)
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So the case now is someone R-ed someone? XD
Haruna just so fuck up XD
And poor Sasshi, puppy Haruna bit her~
Can't imagine with Mariko reaction about the note, maybe she gonna laugh or rage-,-

I'll wait for the next chapter, author-san!
Thanks for the update^^
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Re: [MariHaru] Get Wasted With Me - (Two: Accusations)
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LOL as much as I wanna help MariHaru ship conquers the world, I don't even know what I want to do with that idea *slams forehead to the wall*

Haruna R-ed Mariko when she was drunk LOL. Well, we have no idea what happened in Mariko's apartment (aside from you ofc lol) so.... Don't worry Haruna maybe Mariko enjoyed it when you two did it LOL.

And, oh, don't worry I'll constantly bug you to update this LOL what a terrible person I am.
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Re: [MariHaru] Get Wasted With Me - ( Three: Restless )
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Words: 4,445 ( aaaannnnndddd it got longer again  :bleed eyes: )

AN: This was harder than I thought.  :nervous And now I'm reminded of why I was in a hiatus for almost a year.  :nervous

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3. Restless
(adj.) offering no physical or emotional rest; involving constant activity or motion

Example: I am extremely restless, so I bought three different flavors of ice cream just thinking of you.

“This is a bad idea.” Haruna hissed through the phone she was holding against her ear as she began pacing on the empty hallway, swaying the brown paper bag that she was holding on her other hand as she does so. She momentarily stopped pacing and glanced at the wooden door with a metallic number 20 plastered on it. She suddenly felt cold, a wave of fear and dread washes over her as she thinks of the person beyond that door. Yup, this was truly a bad idea.

“No it isn’t!” Sasshi exasperatedly replied through the phone as if reading her thoughts. “Remember what we discussed the other day? Or even yesterday? Or even earlier when you decided to disrupt my sleep and call me in a godforsaken hour?”

Haruna rolled her eyes, somewhat regretting calling the other girl so early in the morning to confide her unnecessary thoughts of what will happen if she met the other girl again. She doesn’t have a choice though. Sasshi is the only one who knows what happened between her and the woman named Mariko. It was either talk to someone or go crazy. She would happily choose the latter though if it means wiping her entire memory of what happened on her wedding night. But alas, that is definitely not going to happen any time soon.

She began pacing again. “I just don’t get why I should even see her again. I mean, can we not just pretend that nothing happened and just…move on with our lives and never see each other again? It’ll be that easy.” She reasoned, causing Sasshi to let out a frustrated groan.

“Again for the nth time, it’ll be easy for you to forget considering you don’t remember anything from that night. But for Mariko…well she was sober at that time.”

“So?” Haruna’s eyebrow furrowed slightly as she shrugged, obviously not caring about how the other girl would feel anymore. Right now, she’s on survival mode and when you’re in this mode, it’s every man or woman for themselves. So right now, she couldn’t care less about whether or not Mariko is sober. Right now she just wants to get out of here and forget everything that happened. Maybe then she can focus on her supposedly main problem she have—which is talking to her agitated fiancé who’s been calling her nonstop, mainly because she had successfully avoided him by moving out of their apartment and going back to her parent’s house. She really need to talk to him—yes she knows that—but oddly enough, her situation with this Mariko seems to eat her up more than with her fiancé. She just…really wants to know why. The reason why she was the one who came on to her. Why she willingly took Haruna to her apartment. Why she didn’t push her away, if Haruna indeed forced herself to her..

And it really goes back to that, doesn’t it?

“So what if you R-ed her?” Sasshi asked pointedly, causing Haruna to roll her eyes as she leaned back on the wall facing Mariko’s door. She let out a defeated sigh.

So much for not caring.

Shaking her head, she slides down the wall, crouching on the floor. She placed the brown paper bag that she was holding in front of her. Using her now free hand, she combs her long brown hair, closing her eyes for a moment before she let out a sigh of frustrations. She stared at the closed door the moment she opened eyes, her eyebrows furrowed once again as she tries to at least remember little bits of what happened. All she remember, so far, is waking up in panic when she found out she was naked in bed with the other girl and what she did after almost screaming her tonsils out in horror.

She remembers how she carefully got out of bed and began looking around for her clothes. She scratched her head in frustration at that time, gritting her teeth and mumbling out curses softly when she found hers and Mariko’s clothes scattered on the floor. She began picking them up and gathering them to the floor while she glances around the unfamiliar room looking for something to wear. She doesn’t want to wear her wedding dress again while she heads home, mainly to avoid the stares that will be definitely thrown at her, so she definitely need to find something else to wear. Maybe she could borrow clothes from the sleeping woman, she thought. Not the ones on the floor though, because…ew.

Thinking she had no choice, she decided to raid the sleeping girl’s drawer of her bedside table. When she opened it, she remembers how she wanted to scream again, her face quickly flushed as she stared wide eyed at something she wouldn’t dare say what to Sasshi.


Knowing Sasshi, she’d probably laugh out loud then ask loads of questions about it while she grins mischievously. So no. Never ever. The thought of why the hell is this ‘something’ not placed in a more secretive compartment or something wherein no one can see it besides its owner did come into her mind at that time though. But she didn’t dwell on it further because…gross and totally unimportant at that time when she really needed to get all her shit together and get the hell out of there quick, before sleeping beauty wakes up.

She remembers dismissing those thoughts and momentarily placed a hand on her forehead as she felt a bit lightheaded from the sudden rush of blood in her head. She avoided that ‘something’ inside the other girl’s drawer and pulled out a shirt and some jean shorts. She hurriedly puts them on, wrote a quick note about it, placed it along with all the money she has on top of the drawer—stupid, she knows that now—and carried her pile of clothes that she gathered on the floor. She remembers turning and walking carefully towards the door, arms cradling most of her things. She turned the doorknob and opened the door quietly and oddly enough, for some unknown reason, she cast a final glance at Mariko..

Mariko, she remembers her, didn’t move or budge from when she got up. She was sleeping on her stomach, her head turned to Haruna’s side and her arms tucked near her head pillow hiding the side of her naked breast. The bed sheet that they were sharing was covering her lower back and legs, exposing her naked back to Haruna. She looked…peaceful as she sleeps with her lips parted slightly and her hair messy probably from her tossing and turning. She looked peaceful and young while she sleeps, Haruna remembers thinking again at that time.

Mariko looked peaceful and young…

…peaceful and young…



“But what if I didn’t?” Haruna quickly asked as if snapping out of a trance, her eyes widen at the sudden memory. Surely someone being R-ed wouldn’t look THAT peaceful as she was sleeping, right? So maybe…maybe Haruna is on to something…?

Sasshi let out a defeated sigh.  “Haruna…”

“No, just listen.” Haruna waved her free hand, despite Sasshi not seeing her.  “What if…what if nothing happened between us, you know. Like we just made out and I just passed out and slept through the night.” She added with a shrug.

“And that explains fully why the two of you were naked in bed together.” Was Sasshi’s monotonous and sarcastic reply. Haruna could only imagine Sasshi narrowing her eyes as she said that. It was a little disheartening, still she doesn’t want to give up.

“M-maybe it was hot in her apartment…a-and we just decided to take off our clothes…?” She offered with a look of disbelief for a moment, thinking that scenario seemed unlikely. But then she thought, “AND THEN I passed out!” with a grin on her face. Okay, so now that seem likely to happen. Though, it seems kinda lame on her part if it indeed happen. If she was making out with someone and that someone passed out, then she’d be pretty frustrated. Left her high and dry. But then Mariko wouldn’t have any problem with that since she has that ‘something’ to keep her preoccupied while Haruna sleeps.

Haruna quickly shook her head, trying to shoo away the unnecessary and gross thoughts from her head. She really needs to stop remembering that she saw THAT.

She hears Sasshi sigh before saying in the same flat tone, “Is this ‘hot’ of yours synonymous to being incredibly turned on or horny? Because thats more believable.”


“Look…” Sasshi says in a breathy sigh. “You can just put different scenarios in your ridiculous story all you want, but you still wouldn’t come close to the exact truth without asking her about it. It’ll continue to eat you up, Haruna. Believe me. It’ll fuck up your mind so bad, you’d end up stalking her in her social media for the rest of your life.” The other growled through the phone, obviously irritated with how their conversation seems to be rotating all over again.

“I will not!” Haruna quickly cried out with a frown as she glanced at the phone that was against her ear.

“Yeah right, I know you.” Sasshi huffed while she probably rolls her eyes.

“Okay I probably will, but it’ll probably just be for a month or two.” Haruna conceded with a sigh.  “3 months! 3 months tops!” She quickly added as she held up 3 of her fingers.


“I know that’s not the point!” Haruna retorts while she grits her teeth. She opened her mouth as if to further defend herself or even come up with a lame excuse for her to get out of seeing the other girl when the door in front of her suddenly opened wide, causing her to jump a little. Her eyes widened as she stared at the person in front of her.

There stood Mariko, with light makeup, her short and wavy hair seemed to be tied in a ponytail. She was wearing a simple yet elegant black dress that ends just above her knees; styled with boat neck and gorgeous cap sleeves. Moving her eyes down, Haruna noticed the other girl wasn’t wearing shoes. She stood by the door barefoot. Though that doesn’t seem to change the fact that she looked great. Haruna wonders if she was going on a date.

Mariko stared at the equally stunned Haruna for a while before her shock was masked by a cold expression. “Oh, it’s you.” She flatly said as she crosses her arms over her chest. Haruna couldn’t help but flinch at how unfriendly the other girl sounded, like she was disappointed upon seeing her by her doorstep. Plan ‘look for a way out of this awkward meeting’ quickly turns to ‘surviving this awkward meeting and running away, quick.’

After mumbling ‘I’ll call you back later’ to Sasshi, she placed her phone back inside her pocket, took the paper bag in front of her and stood up. Mariko’s cold eyes seem to follow her every move, making her extremely nervous.

Hoo boy.

“Uh…h-hi…” She stuttered, offering the stoic girl an unsure smile. Mariko stood, unmoving, causing Haruna’s nervousness to intensify. She tries not to show it though as she hesitantly stepped forward. Her hand tightened on the paper bag she’s holding. “I ju-just…um came to apologize for what happened the other night…s-so—”

“So you decided to loiter around in the hallway in front of my door?” Mariko finished for her as her eyebrow quirked up.

“N-NO!” She replied, vigorously shaking her head before she realizes that she was indeed loitering in the hallway. She backtracked her answer. “Well yes, I was probably loitering, but not on purpose…I ju-just…uh…” She trailed, trying to find the words to say that would not make her seem lame. She seems to be failing though as Mariko seem to notice her inner turmoil.

“Do you usually not end your sentences? Like, is this a normal occurrence when it comes to talking to you?” She asks as she leaned on the doorframe. “Because I seem to remember differently when you spent the night here.”

Haruna narrowed her eyes, irritated at the conceited tone Mariko has. She kept her cool as she let out a sigh. “I can form complete sentences just fine.” She muttered with a small frown across her face. “I’m just…a bit nervous since I don’t really know what to say.” She tells her truthfully as she looked away from the other girl’s icy stare.

“Well you did say you came here to apologize for what happened the other day.”

“I did. I did come here to apologize, but…”  Haruna trailed before biting her lower lip in hesitation. A moment later, she decided to just go with it and tell her the truth. She again let out a sigh then turned to look back at Mariko who was quietly observing her, still looking at her with an unreadable expression. “I don’t…exactly remember much of what happened the other night, so I don’t know exactly what I should apologize for.” She explained before giving the other girl a small shrug.

Oddly enough, Mariko doesn’t seem to be shocked by this admission of hers as she just stood there; unmoving, uncaring. This discourages Haruna as she again feel like this is one big mistake. But then maybe, the other girl is just putting on an act. Haruna does remember Sasshi saying that Mariko is kind to her when she was drunk. So why the cold act right now? Maybe she did R-ed her and Mariko is debating if she’s going to call the police or not.

She swallowed down the knot forming in her throat at the thought.

Mariko studies her quietly for a second before she stepped back, held the doorknob of her door and motioned her head towards her apartment saying, “Come in, before the landlady calls again and complain to me how you’re still loitering in the hallway.”

Haruna looked alarmed at that as she blinked a couple of times. “Sorry, did I get you into trouble? I was just gathering my courage before I knock earlier so…a-and you looked to be going somewhere so I don’t want to bother you. I can just…” She trailed as she motioned towards the direction of the elevators.

“Just come in.” Mariko sighed as she rolled her eyes. She turned and walked inside her apartment towards the kitchen, not really caring anymore if the other followed her or not. She hears the door close though and then soft footsteps from behind.

“I uh brought you something by the way.” Haruna informs her timidly. Glancing back, Mariko wasn’t surprised to see Haruna standing awkwardly by the door. She shook her head then turned to look back at Haruna fully.


“Yeah.” Haruna nodded before moving towards her. She stood by the other girl, a few feet away from her, and held out the brown paper bag for her. “Here.”

Mariko’s eyes shifted from the offered item then back at Haruna who was looking at her anxiously, nervously even. Mumbling out her thanks, she took the paper bag and opened it. Indifference quickly turns into confusion as stared at what was inside.

“It’s actually your clothes that I took a-and the one in the other bag is ice cream.” Haruna explained as she smiled sheepishly.

Mariko looked back at her and quirked her eyebrow in response.

“I-I didn’t know what flavor you want, so I got chocolate fudge brownie, cookie dough, and strawberry cheesecake.” She brings her hands together, lacing and unlacing them as she feels her face heat up a little.

Mariko just stares at her with the same expression.

“It’s comfort food.” She quickly stated feeling her nervousness rising up again with how the other girl is staring and being all quiet on her now. She let out a sigh as after a few seconds of stares, Mariko breaks her somewhat demeaning stare and silence.

“And we need comfort food because…?” She trails off as she tilted her head a little, a small frown across her face.

Haruna blinked a couple of times before she awkwardly answered, “W-well, I thought that maybe we can…discuss what happened…and as we go along the way—i-if in case there was something we both did that the other didn’t like—we can maybe…be comforted by eating comfort food…?” as she moved her hands animatedly, her eyes downcast to the floor, her face flushed. There was a pregnant pause once again that Mariko seems to torture her with. It was a lot longer than the pause Mariko gave her earlier that she felt herself sweating a little, incredibly uncomfortable under the maybe scrutinizing gaze of the other girl that she opened her mouth to say something back, but quickly closed it as Mariko thankfully breaks the silence once again.

“Why do I have a feeling this comfort food of yours is only for your benefit?”

Haruna frowned then quickly looked back at Mariko as she replied, “No! It’s not like—“ but then cut herself off as she noticed the almost playful look the other girl has. She blinked back her surprise upon finding the other girl looking at her, amused, a half smile across her lips. Mariko is giving her an opening? It looked to be an opening for Haruna, like this was Mariko’s major bat signal to Haruna to lighten up the mood further so she won’t feel awkward anymore. Mariko seems to be giving her that. So she should carefully think of an answer that could hopefully ease the tension around them, right?

“Well, yes.” Haruna quickly blurted out without thinking causing her to blatantly face palm herself a moment later. Maybe Sasshi was right. Maybe she really needs a filter for her mouth. Though, when she thinks about it, Mariko is sort of right. The comfort food was really for her benefit, if in case she did find out that she did R-ed the other girl. She thinks that after finding that out, she would find solace in eating ice cream, since that usually makes her feel better. Not to say that Mariko doesn’t need comforting because she might, which is kinda why she bought 3 different ice cream. They could like, take comfort in eating it on the couch whilst being surrounded by an intense awkward silence. Two big white elephant between them, watching them patiently while they eat, to be precise.

Not really something she’s looking forward to doing, but if it means getting this possible guilt off of her, then she could do the awkwardness of retelling what had happened.

But then, maybe it won’t be TOO awkward, Haruna thinks and hopes as she hears a chuckle coming out Mariko. Blinking a few times, she lowers her hand a little and sees the other girl’s lips curl into a smirk.

“I figured as much.” Mariko nodded before she pulled out the paper bag of ice cream and placed it on the dining table behind her. “Not remembering anything on the time you got wasted can be pretty scary.” She added before turning back to Haruna who agreed wholeheartedly, nodding her head vigorously as she removed her hand from her face.

“Yes exactly!”

“Yeah…” Mariko mumbled with a nod as the playful smile she had was slowly replaced with a blank stare that made Haruna uncomfortable once again. She was getting whiplashed here, she thought as she bit her lower lip nervously. Haruna couldn’t help but wonder if Mariko enjoys the power she has on the other girl.

It certainly seem so to Haruna as the other girl she held up the paper bag that has her clothes in it. “So does that mean I have to return the money you gave me?” She asked Haruna as she quirked her eyebrow.

Haruna looked to be taken aback by that question.

Again, whiplashed.

“Uh, about that…” Haruna started as she awkwardly play with her clasped hands again, eyes downcast, face flushed. She had prepared an apologetic speech for this incident alone a little while ago with the help of Sasshi. It has the phrases ‘I’m sorry,’ ‘I’m exceptionally stupid,’ and the sentence, ‘I’m so so SO sorry for being exceptionally stupid’ in that order, or she can interchange the words if she gets flustered. Either way, Haruna thinks Mariko would understand her clearly if it comes to that. But remarkably enough, as she was preparing to give out her speech, Mariko’s phone suddenly rings. Haruna took it as a sign to momentarily pause her supposedly wondrous speech to the other girl.

Haruna bit her lip and hesitantly looked up at her through her eyelashes. She wasn’t surprised to find Mariko glancing past her to where her phone must be at, her eyebrows furrowed. But she looked to be hesitating on answering it..

“You can answer your phone, you know. I won’t go away or steal something if you’re worried about that.” Haruna quipped with a teasing smile as Mariko’s phone continues to ring.

She quickly regretted saying it and opted to stay quiet as the other girl rolled her eyes then retorted, “Oh, I’m not worried since I’m pretty sure you’d leave money for whatever you want to take inside my apartment,” before she crossed her arms over her chest, still holding the paper bag with her clothes in it. Haruna narrowed her eyes despite the faint blush across her cheeks, giving Mariko an unimpressed look which the other responded with a crooked smile. Okay so no jokes for now, Haruna thought. Probably not until they get everything out of the table.

Mariko glanced back at the still ringing phone as she waits for her answering machine to pick up. After a couple of more rings, it finally did.

“I’m away or busy or I just don’t want to talk to anyone. Either way, speak up or hang up. Choose whatever.” Was Mariko’s message that was followed by a beep. Haruna just gave her a questionable look which Mariko ignored as she kept her eyes locked at the phone that was on a small table near her couch.

“Hey Mariko, are you still there? Pick up! Pick up! Pick up! Pick up! PICK UP!~ Exclaimed Nonti causing Mariko to let out a groan and slap her forehead, obviously irritated upon finding out who was calling her. The girl in front of her—who was now quietly studying her—looked to be amused by Mariko’s sudden transition. From indifference to being grouchy. It’s sort of interesting for Haruna considering how the other girl was earlier. She continues to observe Mariko whilst listening to Nonti’s message.

“Or don’t pick up because you’re not there and already left. Or you are still there but you’re just being an ass and just standing there, rolling your eye sockets out and ignoring me you jackass! You’re not even answering your cellphone! Are you dead?! Because you have to tell us if you are!”

Haruna lets out a half suppressed laugh which she quickly covers with her hand. Mariko shoots her a glare which she responded with a nonchalant shrug.

“Okay, I’m just going to assume you already left…even though you haven’t. Again, jackass!”

Mariko rolled her eyes before finally walking towards where the phone is, grumbling as she passed Haruna who turned to watch her. Haruna slightly cocked her head to the side, confused as Mariko still hadn’t picked up the phone. Rather, she looked down on it, still listening to her friend rant.

“Anyway, just want to let you know that you can call us if you want us to come with you. We can get off work easy, no problem.” Nonti says casually before she let out a frustrated sigh. “And I know you said you prefer to go alone, but…maybe you shouldn’t…you know.”

Haruna frowned at that. Go where…?

“Okay? Just…give me a call or Yukarin or whoever you want. Just…don’t go alone. Please…” Nonti pleaded softly before she hanged up. Haruna quietly observed Mariko’s back that was facing her. She notices the other girls’ shoulder rise up and down, probably releasing a sigh before she turns towards Haruna, surprising her.

Mariko blankly stared at Haruna for a moment before her eyes began travelling; from Haruna’s eyes then downwards, seemingly studying the girl’s appearance. Haruna’s cheeks suddenly heats up at the sudden interest the other girl is giving her. Mariko’s gaze was unsettling for the other girl.

Why is Mariko suddenly looking at her like THAT?

“You want to make it up to me?” Mariko asked the moment her gaze returns to Haruna’s eyes. Haruna just looked at her confusedly causing Mariko to shake her head. She walked towards the closet door near her front door, opened it and took out what looked to be a black trench coat. She held it up for Haruna to see. “I need you to come with me and wear this since your outfit won’t do.”

Before Haruna could reply, Mariko threw the trench coat to her which thankfully she caught. She stared at the clothing in her arms before looking back towards the other girl who pulled out a pair of black, ankle strapped stilettoes out of the closet.

“Okay…” Haruna drawled with a frown. She confusedly looked down at her dress for a while, wondering what Mariko means. “What do you mean my outfit won’t do? To what? And where are we going exactly?” She asks as she began putting the trench coat on over her navy blue dress that has pink frills on the hem of her dress.

“Funeral.” Mariko simply answered as she puts the stilettoes on.

Haruna’s eyes widened the looked up at the other girl. “Wh-whose funeral…?” She hesitantly asked, her eye twitching as she dreaded the answer albeit feeling like she knows the answer.

“My girlfriends’ funeral.” Was Mariko’s nonchalant reply which caused Haruna to flinch a little. Haruna knew it. It was pretty obvious. Still, her girlfriends’ funeral? She wants Haruna to come with her? What?

Once she had her stilettoes on, Mariko turned back to Haruna who was frowning at her, obviously not liking the idea of accompanying her to her girlfriends’ funeral. She couldn’t blame her really. And she really couldn’t blame Haruna’s reaction as she casually added, “Oh and I need you to pretend to be my girlfriend for an hour or two,” as she pointed at her.

And cue widening eyes that coveys Haruna’s shock, along with a screeching, “WHAT?!



Next Up: Snowflake. I feel like this is going to be a hard one.  :nervous

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Haruna is such a worry-ward with unfiltered mouth lol. Can't read the situation, eh?  :rofl:

Though I wonder why Mariko asked Haruna to pretend being her girlfriend to her girlfriend's funeral?  :shocked

Wait a minute lol I'm not saying I won't update Virgin Love lol I just........ need a splash of inspirations   :panic:
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Haruna, stop make any lame excuses-,-
Poor Sasshi XD She have to take care such an airhead XD
Mariko is the truly poker face! She even can trolling Haruna in that kind of situation XD
Now I'm curious why she want Haruna to be her 'girlfriend' in the funeral? And who is Mariko's girlfriend?><

Thanks for updating, FoF-san~
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Words: 5,794 ( loooonnnggggeeeerrrr :bleed eyes:  )

AN: Knew this chap is going to be harder to write. Not complaining much though since I had fun. :lol: Too many love songs to listen to though  :nervous


@Yuki88: I think I'm liking Haruna's unfiltered mouth. And the fact that she tries to filter her mouth yet fails most of the time. You need inspirations? What kind of inspirations do you need? You need me to offer you sites? *wiggles eyebrows* I'm kidding lol. Finding inspirations can be a tough one. I found a new inspiration before I started this fic so I'm hoping you'd find one as well :) So you can continue Virgin Love :) And I can read it :) And then we'll be all happy :) No pressure though :) Just think that our happiness is in your hands :) lol. Thanks for reading and commenting!  XD

@junchan48: Sasshi seem to be the voice of reason now. I don't know if that's how she is really in akb nowadays so I think I made her a bit OOC. Actually same for every character here. I can't seem to recall how they were. Oh well.  :nervous Thanks for reading and commenting!

To the silent reader and thank you pressers, much thanks as well.  :bow: :bow:

Dunno what to name the dead girlfriend, so let's stick to that for now.  :nervous
Oh and please don't take the 'Example' of sentences of each chapter seriously. I'm no grammar police or a grammar god or something akin to those, but I'm pretty sure the usage of each words are incorrect. That goes for its grammar. I'm just having fun with it, obviously.  :lol:

Anyway, enjoy! Or try to at least enjoy!  :)


4. Snowflake
(n.) a flake of snow, especially a feathery ice crystal, typically displaying delicate sixfold symmetry

Example: You and me, we can be a snowflake together.

Haruna is enjoying herself.

“Yes, I just…” Haruna trailed off as she solemnly shook her head. Placing her free hand on her chest, she offered the group of people surrounding her a soft, caring smile. “I couldn’t bear to think of my girlfriend being alone during these hard and painful times. I just have to be with her so I told my boss during the meeting; ‘Screw this. The woman I love needs me. I don’t care if you fire me or not, but I NEED to be with her.’” She tells her temporary adoring fans who looked to be moved by her tale, earning her a soft drawls of ‘aw’ and ‘oohs’ from some of the people surrounding her.

“And your boss was impressed enough to give you a ride in his helicopter?” A middle aged man questioned as he remembers hearing Haruna’s tale a little while ago. He looked to be impressed much like the others as Haruna nodded, turning to him.

“Yes, he was so supportive that he placed both of his hands on my shoulder and just told me to go up the roof and take his helicopter.” Haruna told them as she held up her cup of tea over her lips. “He told me to follow my heart and be with the woman I love.” She added nonchalantly with a shrug before she took a drink, hiding the grin that was threatening to form across her lips as she heard another round of drawled ‘aw’ from some.

Haruna couldn’t believe it either, but yes, she’s having fun lying to a bunch of stranger about her supposedly epic romance between her and the mysterious woman, Mariko—whom she might’ve r-ed the other day, but that’s obviously far from Haruna’s mind right now.

It is pretty obvious that Haruna is having fun if you stare long enough and notice her quivering lips as she tries to restrain herself from grinning whilst she removed the cup against her lips. Or even if you notice the playful glint in her eyes as she looks at one person to another, finding it hilarious as they continue to praise her for her romantic feats in order to be with Mariko—which is actually her main reason why she’s wearing a navy blue dress with pink frills on its edge; totally unfit to wear in a funeral. But it seems like her ‘fans’ was more focused on the words coming out of her mouth rather than notice these subtle hints Haruna was giving them. Or maybe she just doesn’t look like the trickster type for them. Haruna does remember a few people telling her that she looks like she wouldn’t hurt a fly or that she looks like an angel. Well her mom was the one who told her the latter—probably her fiancé and someone of her ex in the past also commented something like that—so maybe there’s some truth behind it now that she thinks about it, you know.

“Shinoda-san is so lucky to have someone like you then.” A middle aged woman who was standing with her husband stated as she smiled tenderly at Haruna who in turn gave her a shy smile.

“Riding a helicopter from Nagoya to Tokyo to be with the one you love, now that’s romantic.” A woman, probably around her age sighs longingly before she glared at her boyfriend who was standing beside her. “Why can’t you be like that?!” She says before pinching her boyfriend in the arm who groaned out in pain before mumbling out an apology for not riding a helicopter in her girlfriend’s honor. The couple earned giggles and chuckles from the group, except for the girl who had their attention a little while ago.

Just where the hell is Mariko that she’s missing the whole tale of how she skipped an important meeting and rode a helicopter just to be by her side?

Haruna, with a small frown, began scanning the room, looking for her fictitious girlfriend whilst she pretends to listen to the stories about the most romantic thing their significant others had done for them that instantly became the next topic of their little group. People who were in the funeral earlier were scattered around the cozy living room of Mariko’s deceased girlfriend’s suburban home, discussing various topics as they drink their tea or coffee. None of them were Mariko and that somehow worries Haruna a little bit.

Just a tiny bit though, Haruna thought. She is entitled to worry about her supposed lover for now since she is in pretend girlfriend mode, you know.

Haruna politely excused herself and began looking for the other girl, thinking that Mariko shouldn’t be alone in these circumstances,. She walked out of the living room and into the small hallway leading to the kitchen, praying that Mariko would be there, probably looking for something to eat. She made her way and pushed the swinging door of the kitchen only to find one of the two people that she told herself to avoid for now whilst her pretend girlfriend is not beside her. She gritted her teeth, internally cursed her luck as she came across that one person that she immediately didn’t like that Mariko introduced her to earlier despite how kind and nice he seemed to be.

Mariko’s deceased girlfriend’s boyfriend slash fiancé.

“Ah, Kojima-san.” Hagiwara Mitsuo greeted wearing his usual charming smile as he turned towards Haruna. He held up the sandwiches that he was preparing. “Hungry?”

“Uh, no thanks.” Haruna shook her head, offering him a forced smile as she stood by the counter across from him. “I’m just looking for Mariko, have you seen her?” She immediately asked as she placed her almost empty cup of tea on the counter, not wanting to have small talk with him.

“In the back.” He answered as he cocked his head, motioning towards the back porch entrance. She was about to make a beeline towards that direction when he informed her, “I was just talking to her a little while ago,” as he went back to preparing sandwiches.

Hearing that somehow worries Haruna a tad bit more that she froze for a moment then turned back to him, biting her lower lip.

Sure she doesn’t know how the other girl really feels towards this seemingly kind and handsome man—since reading Mariko most of the time is like reading a brooding zombie for Haruna—still she can only assume that Mariko has a bit of rage towards Mitsuo, given their situation. Or maybe she feels remorseful as she did saw her stiffen the moment Mitsuo greeted her in the funeral home and looked to be awkward as she talked to him for a bit.

Luckily for Mariko, Haruna decided to intervene that time, casually taking her hand and playing pretend girlfriend for the other girl who looked to be surprised at the action. Haruna had a feeling that Mariko needed saving at that time and she was right as the moment Mariko introduced her to Mitsuo, she finally put two and two together.

She finally understood why she had to pretend to be Mariko’s girlfriend.

It was at that moment that she finally calmed down, letting out a sigh from thinking Mariko wants to put her inside a coffin and make her pretend to be dead for a few hours because—like she said the first time they met—her girlfriend is dead. Yes, the thought that she had to pretend to be a dead person crossed her mind. Crazy, but it was the only thing she can think of the moment Mariko told her to pretend to be her girlfriend.

“You talked to her a-about what?” Haruna hesitantly asked before she went back to biting her lower lip in anticipation.

He shrugged, keeping his eyes locked at what he’s doing. “Oh you know. The usual.” He answers as he kept the small smile on his face. “I told her that if she wants to talk to someone, she can come to me anytime she wants.”

“Yeah I doubt that.” Haruna accidentally mumbled out causing her to quickly cover her mouth in horror. The image of Sasshi saying the word ‘filter’ whilst she narrows her eyes suddenly enters Haruna’s mind. Seriously now.

Mitsuo, not knowing what Haruna meant, let out a chuckle. “Yeah I get the impression that Mariko isn’t keen on sharing her emotions and would rather keep it to herself, but I figured I could still offer her comfort since the two of us just lost someone…important in our lives.” He tells her, his voice cracking up a little. Haruna watched sadly as Mitsuo momentarily stopped what he was doing and closed his eyes. “Sorry, I just…” 

Removing the hand that was covering her mouth, Haruna vigorously shook her head along with her hands. “N-no. Please don’t be sorry. You just lost someone you love and…a-and it’s okay to be broken about it.” She awkwardly tells him before realization seeps in, causing a small frown to appear across her face. Her pretend girlfriend must be feeling the same thing as Mitsuo is. She must be broken too and is probably sitting alone in the back porch, brooding her ass off.

Thoughts of Mariko suddenly enters Haruna’s mind that she couldn’t help but turn and look at the back porch entrance as she bit her lower lip. Only when she heard the sound of glass hitting the marble counter did she only turn her gaze back to Mitsuo. Her frown deepened as she looked at two opened bottles of beer that Mitsuo is currently holding.

“Take this to her, maybe it’ll help loosen up those lips a bit.” He tells Haruna with a nod before a playful grin slowly appears across his thin lips. “But then again, I really shouldn’t offer you any advice on loosening her lips since I bet you know how to do that better than me.”

Haruna momentarily looked perplexed, her face scrunching up in confusion before realization dawned to her. “Oh, right. I should know since I’m her girlfriend and I’ve slept with her a couple of times...” Her brows furrowed at the realization of what she just said. “…A-and I think that was kind of an overshare. The ‘I slept with her a couple of times’ bit because of course I slept with her a couple of times since I’m her girlfriend, you know.” Another realization came to her, causing her to cringe and widen her eyes in horror. “B-but It’s not like I’m saying it like I won some trophy or anything because I respect my girlfriend so much to not think of her as a thing, that even though I want to scream to the world how much sex we’re having, I just don’t scream it to the world because that’s sort of bragging—which of course I should do also since Mariko is so wonderful a-and—“

“I get it, Kojima-san. I get it.” Mitsuo cuts her off with a chuckle as he held up his hand, amused at the now blushing girl’s sudden rambling. He smiled genuinely at her for a few seconds before he told her, “I knew you weren’t a bitch much like Mariko said you were. I mean, sure you were having a tough time adjusting to living in Nagoya and being promoted and all, but I just knew you wouldn’t abandon her.”

Haruna’s eyebrows furrowed as she confusedly stared at Mitsuo. “She…she told you that?”

“Yeah. I often ask about you whenever we meet up.” He nodded. “She was often…elusive whenever the topic about you comes up. She never even mentioned your name. You’re like Voldemort; ‘she who must not be named.’” He let out another chuckle as he recalls before his features softened, giving Haruna a small smile. “I know you two have had your ups and downs for the couple of years you’ve been together, but this moment that you’re with her during a tough time tells a lot. And I know she’s not a showy person when it comes to emotions, but I do think she still loves you, very much. As do you, I assume since you’re here with her.”

Haruna swallowed hard before she nodded. “Y-yes, of course. I still love her very much. I don’t think that would change any time soon.” She tells him with a soft voice, trying to delude him that she’s serious about what she’s saying as she locked eyes with him. They stared for a while, unmoving, just looking for something behind each other’s eyes. At least, Mitsuo looked to be looking for affirmation that Haruna is sincere.

Affirmation and something else...?

Haruna on the other hand, was just blankly looking at him. She began to wonder what was going on Mitsuo’s mind as he continues to look at her. She began to wonder if he saw what it was that he was looking for as Mitsuo once again gave her a soft, genuine smile.

“Yeah, I think so too.” He nodded, seemingly finding what it is that he is looking for. “I can see that you and Mariko are still so much in love with each other.”

Haruna thought he was blind—like seriously blind—still for her pretend, probably brooding girlfriend’s sake, she offered Mitsuo a smile and a nod. “We are. We so are.” Yes, they are so in love with each other that they have to PRETEND to be so in love with each other.

That’s how fucked up in love Mariko and Haruna are.


“Wow. This is nice.” Someone says from behind causing the absorbed looking Mariko to glance behind her. She sees Haruna walking down the patio steps, holding two bottles of beer with an impressed smile as she continues to look at the spacious backyard of Mariko’s deceased girlfriend.

“Very cozy…and is that a fire pit in front of you?” She asked cheerfully as she walks towards Mariko who was sitting on the cap stoned seat wall designed in a half circle. Cozy chairs and a sofa with red cushions on the other side, surrounding what looked to be a fire pit. She took a seat beside Mariko. “No fire though.” She added softly with a small pout, disappointed that the fire pit isn’t lit.

Surprisingly for Haruna though, saying that prompted the other girl to wordlessly stand up from where she is sitting. She casually walked towards the small storage shed by the far end of the backyard, got a few things out of it and walked back towards her direction, carrying what looked to be a bunch of things needed to light the fire pit. Haruna continues to watch Mariko in guilt as the other girl silently works to light up the pit for her benefit. Again Haruna imagined Sasshi with her hands on her hips, shaking her head disappointingly as she mouths off the word ‘filter’ for Haruna.

Haruna pursed her lips as the other girl finishes her task after a few minutes and sat back down next to Haruna with a sigh. “Y-you didn’t have to—“

“Yeah well, I did.” Mariko coolly cuts her off, keeping her eyes locked on the small fire she built that was slowly growing. After a beat, she turned towards a grumbling Haruna, pointing at the beer beside her. “I assume that’s mine? Unless of course that’s all yours in which I will change my earlier assumption and think that you have a drinking problem.”

“I don’t have a drinking problem.” Haruna replied dryly as she narrowed her eyes. She took the bottles of beer beside her and held it out for the other girl. “Here, drink them all yourself and have yourself your own drinking problem.” She scoffed still looking a bit irritated.

Seeing the look the other girl has, Mariko couldn’t help but chuckle. She took one bottle from Haruna’s hold and clanked it to the other. “Nah, one is enough. Plus I think you earned yourself a drink for what you did today.” Mariko says as she gave her a small smile that caused Haruna’s irritation to fade.

Haruna let out a sigh. “Damn right I do.” She muttered as she turned to look at the fire pit, lips against the rim of the bottle as she holds it up, readying to take a drink….

…but not before a lovely smile made its way to her lips.

Truthfully, Haruna finds it odd that she’s delighted at what the other girl said. It was sort of a thank you in a way, sure, now that Haruna thinks about it. Maybe that’s why she’s suddenly feel a bit giddy about it. Like Mitsuo says earlier, Mariko isn’t the communicative type of person when it comes to her emotions. So the simple thank you coming from the other girl—albeit she didn’t say that exactly, but it’s close enough—would make anyone feel happy, including Haruna. She wonders though if that’s the closest she could get to a thank you from the other girl. But then the thought of why that should even matter crosses Haruna’s mind causing her to frown a little.

Having such thoughts, Haruna unconsciously tilted the bottle to her lips and took a drink. Her face immediately scrunched up a moment later. “Gaaahhhd awful beer.” Haruna suddenly mumbled out to herself, obviously disrupting her train of thought about the person beside her who was watching her amusedly through the corner of her eye. She looked at the beer in her hand, her face still scrunched up in disgust. “For the life of me, I can’t figure out how some people like this. Or even why they drink something with alcohol in it.”

“Says the girl who got wasted the other day for drinking.”

Haruna rolled her eyes and groaned out in irritation. “FYI, I didn’t drink that because I wanted to. I lost a bet, you were there.” She tells Mariko before she looked away and pursed her lips tight, her brows furrowed slightly. Well that was one reason why she drank that poison so carelessly. The second reason? Yeah, the second reason is sitting next to her, looking mightily bored whilst she glanced at her through the corner of her eye. She doesn’t need to know that though.

“Right.” Mariko whispered under her breath, before she took a chug of her beer, eyes once again fixed on the fire pit. Mariko looked to be putting up an invisible wall around her again as she let out a soft sigh.

A wall that clearly says to leave her alone, Haruna mused as she glanced at the other girl.

Despite the many questions plaguing Haruna, she decided to keep quiet, trying to respect Mariko’s need for silence. A small smile made its way to her lips as her eyes look over the backyard again, admiring the simple beauty of it. She momentarily closed her eyes, keeping the small smile across her lips as she felt the cool autumn breeze against her skin, seemingly kissing her skin. It was relaxing for Haruna. That despite sitting next to the person she might’ve R-ed the other day, despite the pretend and the lies she did earlier, despite the silence that she’s sharing with a very troubled girl who just lost her girlfriend, Haruna felt relaxed.

Until of course she mindlessly took another sip of her drink triggering another groan to come out of her lips. “Ugh, gross.” Haruna scowled whilst she looked at the bottle once again, reading its label as if trying to see if there was a warning of sort of how it tastes. Her frown deepened upon finding that there were no warnings about its taste.

As if reading her thoughts, Mariko chuckled. “You don’t have to drink it if you don’t want to.” She tells the now pouting Haruna as she turns to look at her for a moment. With a small frown, Haruna turned back to stare at her beer, completely missing how the other girl bit her lower lip trying to restrain herself from grinning.

She found Haruna’s pout…cute.

Finding that thought to be somewhat disturbing, with a frown, Mariko took a large mouthful of her beer, unaware that Haruna was once again turned towards her, silently watching her. She took notice a few seconds after she placed the beer on her lap. Her eyebrow arched up as she turned to look at Haruna. “What?”

Haruna hesitated for a moment before she blurted out, “I rode a helicopter for you,” causing Mariko to recoil, startled and immensely confused at that.

Mariko blinked a couple of times. “What?” She asked again, incredulously. The hell? Helicopter? Didn’t they rode her car earlier?

“I…kinda told everyone that I rode my boss’s helicopter to be with you today.” Haruna shrugged before she avoided Mariko’s gaze, opting to look at the far end of the backyard as embarrassment creeps in. “You know, to make it more dramatic and…romantic.” She added timidly, a faint blush across her cheeks.

“And we need to be more dramatic and romantic because…?”

“Because apparently, I’m a bitch of a girlfriend to you.” Was Haruna’s exasperated reply as she gave Mariko a deadpanned look. “And I’d rather not talk to a whole lot of strangers while they give me the evil eye. I’m pretty sure I’m going to get that soon when I apologize to my fiancé’s family. So for now, I’d rather not.”

“Point taken.” Mariko simply said with a nod.

Despite Mariko accepting Haruna’s explanation, the latter was still annoyed. “A little warning would’ve been nice.” She mumbled with a frown, turning to look away whilst she crossed her arms. “Why’d you even make up a bitch girlfriend anyway?”

“Because she is.” Was Mariko’s breathy reply, eyes downcast to the beer she’s holding. “She was.” She corrected herself softly.

Now hearing the dejected tone of the other girl, combined with how she looks like a wounded puppy definitely cause the annoyance Haruna felt to fade…only to be replaced by guilt. She bit her lower lip as she glanced at the miserable looking girl, wondering if she should apologize for bringing up the topic. She wasn’t going to, even though she really wanted to ask. She figures that she can ask Mariko about it some other day. Or when Mariko decides to tell her herself, which looks to be what is going to happened now as she let out a sigh.

“It’s not like she treats me bad…just…I don’t know…” She trailed off with a sigh before she continues, “Maybe I expected better from her since she was my bestfriend. She made me believe that I was the only one for her, when in fact she has another man behind my back.” She tells Haruna in a soft voice as her thumb caresses the cold bottle she is holding.

Haruna pursed her lips tight, opting to stay quiet and listen. And if she’s honest, she really doesn’t know what to say or do to comfort Mariko.

Should she comfort her by saying that it’ll be okay?

Should she hold her hand?

Maybe both?

Haruna glanced at Mariko’s hand that was holding the bottle. She pondered how she’ll reach for the other girl’s hand whilst she lace and unlaced her hands nervously. Luckily for her though, a moment later, Mariko continues.

“Mitsuo…” Thankfully Mariko whispered, causing Haruna to let out a sigh of relief. She watch silently as Mariko swallowed the lump of emotion she feels as she remembers Mitsuo. “He’s…he’s a nice guy. I like him. And I know I should be angry, but I’m not because it’s not his fault. It’s hers. She played both of us and…and do you know the worst part is…?” She asks Haruna, her voice cracking.

Despite Mariko not looking at her, Haruna replied solemnly as she shook her head.

“Worst part is, lie after lie, even when I knew the truth about Mitsuo, even when I knew she was still seeing him behind my back, even when I know she was secretly engaged with him, I still let her play me.” She sighed out painfully as she momentarily closed her eyes. “I stayed with her. I comforted her. I listened to her. I held her. I took care of her. I…I did everything for her…and yet she played me…I let her play me…stupid, right…?”

“No it’s not." Haruna simply said. "You loved her.” Saying that oddly caused Mariko to quickly open her eyes and look at her. Haruna restrained herself from frowning as Mariko stares at her like she’s surprised that she said that. Why would that be surprising, Haruna wonders. Surely Mariko loves her, right..?

Mariko continues to stare at her blankly, making her uncomfortable.


Despite how uncomfortable it feels for Haruna as the other girl continues to deeply stare at her for some unknown reason, she gave her a small smile waiting patiently for Mariko’s confirmation about loving her deceased, cheating girlfriend. But as the silence and the stare continues, Haruna finds herself praying to whoever that Mariko say something or do something because it feels like she’s going to be sweating soon despite the light breeze and cool weather autumn brings them. Maybe she should go unfilter herself for a minute or two and lighten up the mood?

But then such thoughts completely washes away from Haruna and she instantly felt like it was summer—scorching hot— as the other girl surprised her by leaning forward, suddenly wrapping her arms to her waist, hugging her through her opened trench coat that she is wearing.

Haruna’s body stiffened as Mariko pulled her closer to her, holding her tight. Her face agonizingly nuzzling against her neck for a moment before soft caresses of Mariko’s lips and nose could be felt against Haruna’s heated skin as the other girl made her way towards Haruna’s ear. Haruna bit her lip hard, fighting back the gasp that was threatening to come out of her the moment she hears Mariko say in a low, almost sultry voice, “I’m sorry, but someone’s watching us by the door…and I don’t want to talk to anyone right now…beside you,” whilst her lips softly grazed against her ear. She really couldn’t care less about who was watching them or whatever as she felt her body on fire from Mariko's actions.

The word ‘fuck’ comes to Haruna’s mind.

Mariko pulled back a little, a grin appears across her lips as she noticed Haruna’s flushed appearance. She looked like she’s being tortured—deliciously mind you—with her eyes closed tight and her face unbelievably red from embarrassment. Mariko then glanced at her lips, taking note of how hard Haruna seem to be biting her lower lip, causing Mariko to worry a little. Mariko likes Haruna’s plump lips. She remembers how soft they felt against hers, so maybe she need tell her to ease up or she might bite it off with how hard she seemed to be biting it.

Her grin widened as she remembers saying the exact same thing to Haruna the other night when she got wasted. Haruna seemed to like biting Mariko in various places.

Along with marking her in various places, Mariko mused.

Mariko felt flushed remembering that night, but despite that, she backed off a little bit more to look at Haruna. She placed her fingers gently against her jaw, softly caressing Haruna’s heated skin affectionately, wordlessly telling the other girl to look at her. Once those confused and nervous brown eyes were on her, with their faces just inches from each other, Mariko flashed Haruna a small, comforting smile, trying to ease the tension that seems to be building inside Haruna.

“Hey, just…just trust me okay?” Mariko tells her softly, completely unaware of the words that came out of her lips. All she wants is to assure and comfort the girl, but Haruna's reaction seem to be quite different to what she had hoped.

Haruna's seem to freeze at her words, her body jerking a little as she looked to be a bit taken aback by Mariko's request. Or rather, she was taken aback by how familiar those words seem to be for her. Like…she heard it before from Mariko…?

That…that can’t be right…

A moment later, a sense of familiarity washes over her, causing Haruna to whisper back, “I…I barely know you…” her brows creasing upon saying those words.  Like it was the right thing to say. She kept her confused gaze locked on Mariko who stares back at her for a moment as different emotions flicker inside her. She hesitated for a few seconds before she replied to Haruna, just as softly.

“Maybe that’s okay…” Mariko breathes out. “…that way I’d surprise you along the way...”

Haruna’s eyes momentarily widened, curiously gazing at the other girl who has an unreadable expression across her face. Haruna felt it again; nostalgia. It felt like they said the exact words to each other in the past. It was like they were reliving a certain memory they have with each other. A memory that Haruna perhaps forgotten?

That night she got…wasted…?

Feeling a little uncomfortable with how Haruna was looking at her and realizing just where this conversation might go, Mariko leaned forward once again whilst she pulls the other girl against her. She let out a soft sigh as she leaned completely against Haruna’s chest, causing the latter to flinch again, seemingly surprised at her action.

“Relax...” Mariko tells her as she rests the side of her face against Haruna’s chest, noting the other girl’s pounding heart. She ignored the loud, quickening heartbeat of the other girl as she glanced at the glass doors of the backyard’s entrance, noticing Mitsuo and her girlfriend’s mom talking whilst they look at them, smiling fondly. Mariko rolled her eyes before she let out a sigh. “Just a few more minutes and it’ll be over. So again, relax. And put your arms around me will you. This isn’t a one woman show..”

“Easy for you to say since you’re not in my situation.” Haruna mumbled through gritted teeth as irritation seeps in. She let out a deep sigh, trying to calm herself while she hesitantly wraps her arms around the other girl back. She notes how nice it feels to be cuddled up with someone like this. In a ‘it’s kinda cold so let’s share our body heat’ kinda way since it is beginning to get chilly as winter comes near. Though, now that she thinks about it, that body heat sharing thing sounds kinda perverse though.. 

“I’d offer a trade, but I remember telling them that I broke up with you a month ago.”

“What?” Haruna blinked back her surprise as she lowered her gaze, looking at the top of Mariko’s head. She felt her head move, probably nodding her head.

“Yup, you and I were dunzo a month ago.” Mariko confirmed as she closes her eyes, oddly feeling relaxed at the awkward embrace they’re sharing. It feels awkward yet it doesn’t. It feels nice, Mariko thought as a small smile appears on her lips. “So the helicopter crap you said earlier probably works since it’ll look like you’re trying to win me back or something.”

“I wouldn’t call riding a helicopter to be with the woman you love crap.” Haruna rolled her eyes as she wraps the trench coat around Mariko, pulling the other girl much closer to her after feeling her shiver against her body. “I’ve been told that it was a VERY romantic gesture, mind you.” She informed the other girl, wearing a smug smile.

Despite not seeing the smile as she kept her eyes closed and retained her relaxed postion, Mariko could tell by the sound of Haruna’s voice that she’s pretty proud of herself for coming up with that. Mariko seemed indifferent about it though as she flatly says, “Really now,” that seemingly irks Haruna.

“You sound like you can top that.” Haruna growled.

Mariko let out a sigh before she says, “I told them a while back that I took you out for coffee as a first date. But instead of just sitting in a coffee shop, I suggested we take our coffee and go out for a walk,” as she remembers her story. “So we’re walking, talking, having fun, you looked so happy and beautiful—“ Mariko grinned as she noticed Haruna’s heartbeat speeding up again. “—then we found ourselves by the beach. We sat there and continue to talk, trying to get to know each other, enjoying each other’s company when all of a sudden, a snowflake falls right in front of you and you caught it with your gloved hand. You admired it for a few seconds, saying how beautiful it was and that it amazes you how each snowflake are different from the other. You looked a bit sad as you watch it melt in your hand and…” Mariko paused as she opened her eyes. She locked her eyes at the potted flower by the patio stairs as she began to imagine it.

“A-and…?” Haruna croaked in anticipation.

“And I told you that snowflakes are one of nature’s most fragile things. They’re beautiful, but fragile and it feels like that is us. Like that’s how our relationship would be.” Mariko shrugged under Haruna’s embrace. “We’re like snowflakes; fragile, yet beautiful. So I promised you I’d keep us safe. That I’d treat you like you’re the most delicate, fragile and precious person to me, because you are.” She breathed out softly, smiling as she imagines it. Cheesy, Mariko knows, but it felt romantic anyway. Mitsuo and her dead girlfriend seemed to think so anyway when she told that story to them. It’s not like the helicopter story that seemed over the top and unrealistic, but it works for her, really.

Haruna seemed to think so as well as she blushed at the image of it. She would deny liking it though, thinking that Mariko would probably gloat if she found out she liked it. But she does. She likes it. It was simple, yet sweet. She liked her metaphor.

A snowflake, fragile yet beautiful...

She cleared her throat a moment later and unconvincingly muttered out, “Th-that’s lame,” as she looked away, her eyes trained at the fire pit.

“I can tell you’re lying from the beat of your heart.” Mariko replies almost poetically as she once again closed her eyes.

She let out a defeated sigh. “Betrayed by my own kokoro…”

Mariko let out a chuckle before her body shook from the cold autumn breeze against her skin. She tightened her hold on Haruna again. “So tell me more about the romantic lies you’ve been spreading about us for the past couple of hours.” A lovely smile made its way to Mariko’s lips as she felt Haruna do the same, seemingly trying to close the trench coat that they’re sharing to keep them both warm.

Haruna grinned, looking a bit excited at the opportunity to stun the other girl with her awesome romantic ideas. “You won’t believe the reaction I got when I told them the first time we met. About how I almost risked my life saving you from a burning building!”

“Oh god..”



Next Up: Haze.

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Holy cow, ladies?!?!!??! Shit, that got me kyun-ed  :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:

Especially that part where Mariko leaned toward Haruna and then their secret conversation  :heart:

And of course Haruna's blabbermouth is unstoppable  :rofl:

And, umm, you just gave me a huge pressure umm.  :shocked
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Oh my, I didnt expect that little talk they were having. I just got butterflies! I was laughing at Haruna's make-up stories but all of a sudden I was on the edge feeling all giddy about that little convo in her trench coat. This is just awesome. Thank you so much! ^^

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I wonder if i will buy haruna's lie @@ she have a angle face and airhead aura so of course i won't think she lies :) but she almost risked her life saving sama from a burning building @@ with how unsport she is @@ i wonder anyone will buy it @@ and you play ninja game again :/ please come back ASAP ! Waiting for you <3
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Words: 4,164 (Disappointment  :smhid )

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5. Haze
(n.) a state of mental obscurity or confusion

Example: You know what? I haze you too.

“What did I get myself into…?” Haruna mumbled with a sigh, her hands resting on her hips as she stares into the open refrigerator of her supposed girlfriend. Biting her plump, lower lip, she pulled open the freezer compartment and found the three ice cream she bought a few days ago. She pulled out the small tub of ice cream one by one, opening it to inspect if the other girl ate some of them and when she found that the chocolate fudge brownie was almost empty, she couldn’t help but grin in delight in finding out that she was right in guessing that Mariko would go for that flavor. Means she was right in bringing the other girl another tub of chocolate fudge brownie.

“So what’s with you and ice cream?” Nonti questioned as she opened the paper bag that was on the dining table. She made a face upon finding a large tub of ice cream inside. “Is it like your way of saying you like Mariko or something? Because…that’s a new one…”

Haruna let out another sigh, momentarily closing her eyes as she does so. She had completely forgotten about Mariko’s second unwanted guest, Nonti, who was sitting on the dining area. Haruna being the first one, according to the enraged Mariko earlier, mind you.

“No, it’s comfort food.” She tells Nonti as she turned to face her. She held up the almost empty tub for Nonti to see as she gloats, “And it’s not like your friend doesn’t like it since, exhibit A; she does.” She wiggles the tub before she gave the other girl an arrogant smile.

“Thank god you’re not a lawyer then because if you look at the reports for fingerprints, you’d mostly find mine on it.” Nonti pointed out in narrowed eyes. She continues to look unconcerned despite finding it interesting that Haruna’s arrogance quickly turns into disappointment. That sudden mood change is quite telling to Nonti, really.

“Oh.” Was Haruna’s short reply as she momentarily looks at the tub before she closed and placed it back in the freezer. A frown made its way to her face as she wonders whether or not Mariko likes ice cream. If she doesn’t, then why? Is she even human for not liking ice cream?

“Not to say she doesn’t like it. She wanted some and took a couple of bite while I was holding it. But I was hogging it and kept it out of her reach.” Nonti informed her as she shrugged nonchalantly, taking pity of the sudden gloomy mood of Haruna. “Plus I’m a fast eater just so you know.”

“So it’s her favorite flavor then?” Haruna asked enthusiastically as she quickly turned back to Nonti who looked to be a bit surprised at how quickly Haruna seemed to bounce back. Again, the sudden mood change is quite telling for her.

Nonti blinked back her surprise before she answered, “I…I guess…?” She frowned as she pondered whether or not it was Mariko’s favorite. Now that she thinks about it, Mariko rarely eats ice cream and when she does…Nonti can’t seem to remember what flavor she eats. Maybe she was focusing more on what she eats? Yeah, Nonti is going to go with that.

“I’m right then!” Haruna cheerfully said with a grin as she jumped a little and clapped her hands. Seeing that brought about a look of curiosity at the other girl who was intently watching her. Haruna rolled her eyes upon noticing the look directed at her then added, “And It’s not because I like her or anything. I just don’t want what I bought go to waste. Plus, hello, still engaged here,” as she held up her right hand and showed the engagement ring she was still wearing.

Well, ‘maybe-still-engaged’ would probably be the correct term for her relationship status right now, given what happened.

She likes the diamond ring and thought to wear it until she talks to her still-maybe-fiance, who thankfully promise to give her some space after she stupidly answered the unattended phone on her parent’s house. They talked awkwardly for a few minutes, telling each other how they’ve been and all these past few days before Haruna, without waiting for him to question what prompted her to run away, told him sincerely how sorry she is for abandoning him in the altar and that she miss him.  She does, and it was somewhat comforting to know that her fiancé does too. It pained her to hear him say those words, especially when his voice cracked on the phone. She restrained talking further about her feelings as she doesn’t really know what to say besides telling him sorry. Everything just seem jumbled up inside her that she tells him she needs more time before they can talk about what they need to do next. Besides, she still needs to know the truth about what happened between her and Mariko that night.

The night wherein she probably cheated on him.

That thought makes Haruna feel heavy as she still haven’t figure out what happened on the night of her wedding. She didn’t ask Mariko during and after the funeral as she thought it would be inappropriate and all what with her somewhat grieving for her ex. She thought to come back after a few days which is now, actually. But given the circumstances, much like what Mariko said to her after her initial shock of finding her again in her doorstep had wear off, she glared at Haruna and told her that her timing is incredibly fucked up. Which Haruna thinks is true, really, now that she thinks about it.

Nonti smirked and held up her hands. “Didn’t say anything.”

Haruna rolled her eyes again and turned back towards the opened fridge. Dismissing the disturbing thought that the person behind her probably thinks she likes her friend, she began scanning on the contents of her supposed girlfriend’s fridge whilst she thinks of what food to prepare. Why is she stuck on cooking duty again? Oh right, because cooking is a romantic gesture for the person you love, Haruna mused as she rolled her eyes.

“So tell me again why you’re here?” Nonti asked as she placed her chin on her propped hand, curiously watching the other girl rummaging her friend’s fridge.

Truthfully, Nonti finds it extremely odd to see the runaway bride again. She hadn’t really thought she’d be seeing her again, especially after Mariko nonchalantly told her what happened to them and how Haruna just left her place without a word after the night she got wasted.

Like it was no big deal.

Like it happens all the time, which really doesn’t.

Mariko made it look like it was really all nothing when Nonti asked her a bunch of questions. So she just dismissed the idea of ever meeting Haruna again, much like what Mariko seemingly wanted. But then, lo and behold her surprise when Haruna just casually opened the door for Nonti like she’s been staying there for years. And let’s not forget the weird vibe Nonti got upon greeting Mariko’s dead ex-girlfriend’s mother, Ishikawa-san—who was there for the day to visit Mariko and clean up her dead daughter’s room—and glancing to see Mariko wrapping her arms around Haruna’s waist and pulling the latter closer towards her, closing the gap between them. Nonti’s eyebrow arched up instantly in question and got an answer from the taller girl as she glares at her. That is actually Mariko’s code for her to shut the fuck up, ask questions later and go along with it. Whatever ‘it’ is.

Shrugging, Nonti decided to play along and bit back her tongue from questioning what is happening as Mariko told her to help Haruna cook lunch for all of them while she and Ishikawa-san continue to work put away a bunch of things. She wanted Mariko to explain what is happening herself, and she can wait for the explanation, really. But then when she saw the taller girl leaned towards the blushing Haruna to whisper something with a disturbing, playful grin across her lips, she quickly threw that thought away in the waste bin of stupid ideas. She NEEDS to know what is happening, because seriously, what the fuck is happening?!

Keeping her back towards her, Haruna answered, “Your friend didn’t tell you?”

“My friend doesn’t tell me everything.” Nonti said with a sigh, irritation apparent in her tone even though she tries to hide it with a nonchalant shrug. “She keeps it to herself most of the time.”

“I see.” Haruna mumbled, not really surprised by that information. Mariko does have that closed off vibe to her when she first met her. But then, when she remembers that time they talked after the funeral in the backyard, it made her think otherwise.

“Well then, maybe she has a reason for not telling you.”

“Like what? Like I’ll blab or something? Yeah right.” Nonti snorts before she rolled her eyes.  “That’s Yukarin, not me. I didn’t even tell anyone about how I found her and her supposed to be bff boinking inside a bathroom stall in a club that one time I accidentally found them.” She grumbled as she opened the tub of ice cream. “I even kept guard on the fucking door just so they can finish swapping liquids off of each other in peace….”

Haruna’s face wrinkled in disgust. Swapping liquids? Do lesbians do that?

“…And did I get a thank you from it? Hell no…” Nonti pauses for a few seconds before she continues with a mumble, “…well mainly because I quickly ran away and acted like nothing happened, but that’s not the point here.”

Haruna bit her lower lip, hesitating for a moment. She wanted to ask Nonti about Mariko’s dead bff slash girlfriend the moment she saw her questioning gaze whilst she awkwardly hugged Ishikawa-san back upon greeting her. It just seems like this was the right time to do that whilst Nonti mouths off Mariko’s departed lover. She’s just got a lot of question and didn’t really want to ask Mariko fearing she might dig up a whole lot of heartaches that the other girl might end up bawling her eyes out. Seems farfetched and grouchiness and a brush off might be more suitable for the likes of Mariko, but she really didn’t want to test that theory out. Angry, sad or apathy, whatever way, she might end up awkwardly calming the other girl, you know. And Haruna doesn’t think they’re ready for that yet. Though she did some comforting during and after the funeral, but remembering those forced moments, Haruna couldn’t help but cringe at the memory.

“Uh, b-by your tone, it’s like you don’t like her dead bff.” Haruna nonchalantly stated despite her heightening curiosity.

“Manipulative, cheater, bitch…what’s not to like?” Nonti flatly responded. “This might be beyond evil to say, but I’m glad she got into an accident and is now 6 feet under. Maybe now Mariko can move on like she always says she would.”

“That is pretty evilly to say.” Haruna’s face scrunches as she placed a bunch of vegetables on the counter. She watches Nonti shrug before continuing with a sigh, “But I don’t know. Maybe there’s some good in her since Mariko and Hagiwara-san are in love with her.” Her lips pursed tightly as the she looked away from the one devouring the ice cream she bought. The word ‘cheater’ continues to echo inside her. But, it’s not yet proven yet, so…

Nonti’s eyebrow momentarily arched up upon hearing Haruna say ‘Mariko.’ First name basis? Already? Nonti snorted softly, hiding the grin that was forming across her lips as she turned to look back at the tub of ice cream. “Probably just good in bed.”

The corner of Haruna’s lips arched up a little as she began inspecting the vegetables she took out. “And that’s a bad thing?”

“With you being here, probably not.”

“What?” She asked with a frown as she looked back at Nonti who, upon noticing Haruna’s confused stare, turned towards her and raised her eyebrow whilst she lazily pointed her spoon at her.

“You’re here.” Nonti said in a matter of fact tone.


“So doesn’t that answer your little question whether or not it’s a bad thing?”

“I don’t…” She trailed as her frown deepened, obviously still drawing blank on what Nonti is saying. But then the latter seem oblivious to Haruna’s confusion as she looked back at the ice cream in front of her and spooned the ice cream carefully into her mouth.

“Now that I think about it though, you and Princess Cheater McBitch seems to have a lot in common, huh since, like you said earlier, you’re still engaged.” Nonti muttered with the spoon still inside her mouth. She glanced at Haruna, completely unaware of other girl’s inner turmoil as latter stared wide eyed at her. She pulled out the spoon out of her mouth and began to grin. “Maybe you should rethink your life choices, you know. I mean, cheater is so not your color girl.”  She says teasingly before giving her a wink.

And then numbness. Mentally, physically and emotionally. Haruna just completely blanked out on Nonti as she stared at her with her eyes wide and mouth agape. It was confirmed then.

She IS a cheater….

No…no way…she…it can’t be…

“Uh, are you okay?” Nonti asked a moment later, finally noticing that something was wrong. Haruna looked…pale. Extremely pale. Like she’s going to be sick pale. Probably heading towards vomit pale. And her breathing pattern becomes irregular. Deep and rapid. She’s…hyperventilating? A panic attack?

“Okay, so that is not a face of ‘oh my god she knows everything, she must be a genius.’” Nonti says as she quickly stood up, panicking a little. “S-seriously, y-you’re scaring me here….” She added as a series of gasps echoes throughout the room.

Haruna merely responded by clutching her chest with her other hand while the other kept her upright as she continues to hyperventilate by the kitchen counter.

She’s sweating.

She feels sick.

She’s feeling faint.

She can’t breathe.

There’s pain in her chest.

“Oh my god, you’re going to die and I’m just going to stand here and watch!”

And yes, she’s might die while the other girl continuously panics in place not doing anything but scrunching her face as she watches her crumble.

Haruna can feel it as her vision began to black out and her knees began to wobble. She’s going to die any seconds now. And on a kitchen floor. What a fitting end to a cheater. Though the thought of how is dying on a kitchen floor fitted for a cheater quickly crosses her mind before she succumbs to the calling of death, closing her eyes as she does so as she let herself fall. She waited to feel the impact, but it didn’t came. Death probably whisked her away immediately to send her to the Judgment Chamber of secrets or wherever room it is wherein they choose whoever is in Team Heaven and Team Hell. She can even hear death calling her name whilst he hugged her in her boney arms. Pretty nice of Death to do that. Though there are a couple of things Haruna notices different from what she imagined Death would be. Death is kinda warm despite being boney, which is extremely odd since she thought it would be the opposite. Something soft seems to be pressed up against her arm as well. Soft and warm, a bit silky smooth also. Does Death moisturize? Also, she smells amazing, like lilacs which is a bit feminine for the likes of Death. Also, Death sounded a bit feminine in Haruna’s ears.

Is Death a girl or something? Or…gay?

“—snap out of it and breathe through the damn bag!”

Death is pretty demanding as well. If she could, she would frown, especially when death began shaking her. It wasn’t a gentle shake like when someone you love gently wakes you up, no, this was a 6.2 scale shaking. Though now that she thinks about it, why would Death be gentle to her anyway?!

She’s a goddamn cheater!

Haruna quickly opened her eyes at that thought, completely surprising the two who was looking down worriedly at her.

“Are you—“ Before Mariko could finish her question, the moment Haruna saw who was holding her, she quickly sat up and retreated away from the other girl until her back hit a wall.

“Don’t you touch me!” She yelled frantically, trembling a little. Her breath still a bit rapid and deep as she pushed herself against the wall looking like a fearful animal about to get eaten by monsters. One particular monster, with short, brown chestnut hair slowly stood up and took a step towards her.

“Whoa. I was…I was just trying to help and—”

“Then don’t touch me!” Haruna cuts her off, wrapping her arms around herself as she closes her eyes tightly. She tries to normalize the beating of her heart, tries to normalize the pain she feels in her chest. She tries to make everything normal as it should be. But it’s not. Everything is far from being normal now. She’s a goddamn cheater because of...

“What’s going on? Why are you acting like this?” Mariko asks with a frown, confused at this sudden turn of events. She could have sworn she felt the other girl relax a little when she held her a little while ago. Felt her nuzzling a little on her breasts even. But then, all of a sudden she just stiffened on her arms and quickly moved away like she’s afraid Mariko’s touch would burn her. Now, as she took another tentative step towards the cowering girl, her body once again visibly stiffened at the sound of her footstep. She halts any movement she wants to take as Haruna opened her eyes and gave her a murderous glare, eyes tearing up a little at the evident frustration, anger, confusion and fear she feels towards her.

“You made me what I am!” Haruna answered through gritted teeth as a tear escapes from her eye. She didn’t wipe it, rather she ignored it and kept her eyes locked at the confused looking Mariko.

Mariko’s frown deepened, still not knowing what the hell the other girl is saying. She asks, “What the hell are you talking about?”

“W-well….” Nonti trails nervously from behind Mariko who turned a little to glance at her. Nonti nervously continues under Mariko’s confused gaze, “…I sort of implied that she’s a cheater now wh-what with the two of you sleeping together the other night…which I’m thinking she didn’t really know about until I opened my big fat mouth…” Nonti says the usual insult being thrown at her by the taller girl as she tries to somehow appease her. Unsurprisingly though, Mariko gave her a vicious glare which in turn she answered back with a sheepish smile. Yes, Death will probably visit her after all of this is solved out. Maybe she could wish for her casket to be pink before she lets Mariko pummels her to death?

“So it is true...” Haruna trailed off softly, causing the two to look back at her. With a small frown, she lowered her gaze to the floor as she mumbled out in finality what she had been praying hadn’t happened. “We…we slept together that night…”

Mariko purses her lips tight, looking at the distraught looking girl sitting on her kitchen floor. With a heavy sigh, she admitted, “Yes. Yes we did.”

Haruna gasped and quickly turned her widened eyes at Mariko, who looked to be panicking a little as she saw a flash of hurt from Haruna’s eyes.

Mariko shook her head before adding, “But it was a mistake,” thinking it might calm the girl down. But of course, a part of her thinks it wouldn’t work, which is obvious by the heated glare that slowly forms across Haruna’s face.

“Like that makes it all better.” Haruna scoffed as she stood up, using the wall to help her as her knees still feels a bit weak.

Mariko would’ve helped her, but of course she knows Haruna wouldn’t want her to and would probably just push her away. So instead, she just kept a safe distance from the other girl. “It doesn’t, but surely it helps, right?”

It should…right?

“I don’t…I…” Haruna averted her gaze from Mariko, feeling confused. It should help to know that it was a mistake, but Haruna didn’t feel like it helped at all. She still feels very angry. Angry towards her for sleeping with a woman while she was still engaged—somewhat. Angry towards Mariko for not telling her, making her think that maybe they just had a naked slumber party or something—which is kinda stupid to think, but she was drunk so anything could happen, really. Angry that she made a fool out of herself for continuously coming here looking like a needy person when Mariko—with the knowledge that they slept together—probably is laughing at her for being pathetic. And with that thought, angry that Mariko is somewhat using her, what with her knowing she had the power to make Haruna come back to her apartment and be nice to her continuously because duh, she’s keeping it to herself that they slept together! But then, the weirdest part is, she’s also feels angry when the word ‘mistake’ came out from the taller girl.


She just…she just doesn’t know why…

Haruna placed a hand on her face, feeling her head hurting from all the sudden thoughts entering her mind. “I…I need to get out of here.” She says before pushing herself away and heading towards the living room, passing by the two women who were looking at her confusedly.

Mariko began following her, still keeping a safe distance as she watch Haruna frantically look for her bag and coat. “Haruna, look, I just—“

“No, I don’t want to hear anything from you!” She snarled as she puts on her coat and grab her hand bag from the couch. “I don’t even want to look at you!” Which is true as she kept her eyes away from the girl as she quickly walked towards the front door with Mariko still following her.

Mariko frowned, looking a bit offended at what Haruna said, despite feeling mightily confused as to why the other girl is making this a big deal when it shouldn’t be. “Oh so this is my fault?! I told you it was a mistake! You were drunk and—“

Haruna quickly turned to her after opening the door.  “And you weren’t! So what’s YOUR excuse?!” She yelled as she looked at Mariko incredulously, not caring how her voice echoed throughout the hallway.

Mariko looked take aback for a moment before she glared at the other girl, stepping on her personal space, not anymore caring about respecting the other girl’s need for space.

“Don’t you dare turn this around on me!” She gritted her teeth in anger with their faces inches from each other.  “Don’t you dare make it look like I took advantage of you! You were the one who came on to me! You were the one begging and fucking crying for me to fuck you! What was I supposed to do?!”

With her anger flaring, Haruna just did what is normally what you’re supposed to do in times like these.  With lightning speed, Haruna slapped Mariko hard across her left cheek, leaving a very angry red mark on her face.

Mariko shocked, blinked back a few times before her hand covered her heated cheek. “Okay so…I did not think about doing that at the time…” She muttered as she turned back to look at the seething Haruna.

“W-well screw you!!” Haruna yelled before she turned and walked away, leaving the other girl to stare at her retreating form for a few seconds before her confusion and anger resided again inside her.

She took a few steps outside and shouted back just as loud as she saw Haruna walked inside an elevator. “In case you aren’t aware, YOU ALREADY DID!!” She watch as the elevator door closes hoping to god the other girl heard her, because if she didn’t she is so going to the landlady and ask for a copy of her yelling it so she could send it to Haruna. Because that would definitely piss the other girl off again, knowing that she reciprocated and screwed her as well. Yes she was THAT angry…

…and confused.

“Well…that was…that was interesting…” Mariko hears Nonti say from behind her. Turning, Mariko glared at her friend who unsurprisingly flinched at her gaze. Nonti held up her hands, smiling nervously. “Can we just…shop for caskets first before you kill me? Pink caskets my dying wish.”

Mariko rolled her eyes.



Next Up: Flame. Since Haruna keeps on going to Mariko's apartment, let's send Mariko to Haruna's house now and do the opposite. Okay next chap, I'm going to bake in an oven and make it hot, since chapter is Flame and all. Let's heat it up a bit. Can't wait!  XD

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With me this chapter is kind of " everything is so normal and then BOOM "  . It haze me @@ Hope everything will come back normal soon T.T FoF-san, i know it is hard to write a chapter because i try to write something and nothing is wrote after all @@ aja aja fighting !!!!! please come back AAAAAAASSSSSAAAAAPPPP !!!! See you again !!! Waiting for hot chapter btw ;) P/s : "multiple new otps on different fandoms" huh ? Interested !!! Where is it ???? I want to read it so please give me link if you can :)
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That aside, "standbi" is amusing term, isn't it. :p

And, wow, Haruna surely has a forgiving fiance, doesn't she. Although she has conflicting emotion with Mariko's existence hmm... Thank you Nonti for the chaotic development XD
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