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I thank Alexander for making my request and giving me an idea. I asked for permission to use his/her title and ta-dah! He/she let me! Thanks much!  XD So here's my short first shot!  :)


What is love?

People often ask that kind of question right? Like they themselves want to hear other people’s opinion on the matter. It’s sort of…like an affirmation for them. That they themselves don’t know the answer and they sort of like to hear the answers of other people so that they can have an idea of what it is.

But…do they find the answer to that question by doing that?

I wonder…can I find the answer just by hearing it from others?

“What about you Takahashi-san? What is love for you?” All eyes turned to me, waiting for my answer. The sudden attention is somehow making me feel uneasy. But…there’s this calmness that I feel when I saw someone’s eyes on me. It’s making me feel that weird feeling in my stomach again.

It’s weird but…it’s giving me the courage to answer.

“Love is…a four letter word?” I smiled, shrugging. Okay so maybe my answer wasn’t THAT good. But hey, at least I answered it!

“That’s lame!” Miichan groaned.

“You could’ve answered it without a question mark in the end.” Mariko-sama sighed as she shook her head.

“That’s what she often say when I ask her that question too.” Atsuko smiled, shaking her head. Haruna just gave her trademark smile at the host.

Again, at least I answered it right? So why are they complaining?

“It looks like Takahashi-san still doesn’t have a concept on what love is.” The host chuckled while the four just nodded their head completely agreeing to what the host said. What are friends for right?

“Hey! That’s not true! I was just joking!” I defended but the four doesn’t seem to believe as they looked at me skeptically.

“Then tell us Takahashi-san, what is love for you?” The host asked again. I could see the teasing glint in his eyes, like he too doesn’t believe that I can answer the question besides what I had given them earlier.

Is this what you get for always joking around?


My eyes slowly strayed at the five who is looking at me anxiously as they wait for my answer. It made my heart jump when I saw her eyes holding that teasing glint as well as she looks at me, expectantly. I didn’t show it, but I was confused at what I was feeling. Instead of pondering about it, I just took a deep breath and just gave them an answer.

“Love is…” I started and well…maybe it was just my imagination but it looked like they leaned a little bit closer towards me. Are they anticipating my answer THAT much?

“L-love is…evol backwards.” I gave them a forced smile and they just stared at me for awhile. It was only when Miichan laughed and Haruna giggled did the staring stopped.

“Th-that’s still lame!” Miichan laughed. So she says…but she’s laughing!

“At least this time you sounded sure. Though your answer makes me want to facepalm myself.” Mariko-sama grinned slightly. I think she likes my answer too. She’s just too…Mariko-sama to admit it.

“Takamina…” Atsuko said as she gave me her ‘what-am-I-going-to-do-with-you’ face. I smiled sheepishly at her as I shrugged. Hey, I can’t help it.

“I take it back. It seems Takahashi-san does have a concept of her own.” The host chuckled. I smiled smugly at him feeling a bit proud. Damn right I have.

I glanced at her and she’s smiling at me now, her eyes glistening. Seeing that, I couldn’t help but look away. I can feel my face hot. Oh God. Don’t tell me I’m blushing!

I shook my head slightly and took a deep breath trying to somehow calm myself. From the corner of my eye, I saw her frown slightly, probably wondering what’s happening to me or something.

Can’t blame her. I for one am wondering what’s happening to me as well.

“It’s always fun interviewing Akb48 like this…but unfortunately, we don’t have a lot of time. So tell us, what Akb48’s plans are.” The host said as he looked at us. The four turned to me knowing quite well that it’s my job to inform the many of our activities.

“Well, you see…”


“Good work. Hope you guys aren’t tired yet because we have…3 more TV guesting today.” Our manager said as we board the van. Great. Another sleepless night for all of us again. No way am I going to grow taller now! And yes, I'm still hoping.

“Now, where are Kojima-san and Maeda-san so we could go now?” The manager asked as he frowned while looking at his watch.

“Restroom.” Miichan answered while her head is resting at the back of her seat, her eyes closed. I glanced at Mariko-sama and noticed her blogging to her hearts content.

Hmmm. Maybe I should update my blog as well.

With that thought, I pulled out my phone and took a picture of Miichan who was trying to sleep. Smiling, I started composing on what I’m going to say on my blog. I was concentrating on it so much that I was surprised when someone took a seat beside me. My eyes went wide as I turned to look at…her.

“Sorry. Did I surprise you?” She asked a smile on her face. I quickly shook my head and she noticed that I’m holding my phone. I felt that familiar feeling again. God I hope I’m not blushing.

“What are you doing?” She peered at my phone and got a glimpse of a picture of Miichan sleeping. I showed it to her fully.

“Updating blog.” God I sounded like a caveman or something. Just what is happening to me?

“Oh. Hmm. Maybe I should update mine as well.” She smiled and pulled out her phone as well. With her being busy…maybe these weird feelings would disappear.

I glanced at her and found her smiling at her phone. I looked away quickly feeling my face hot again.

Maybe not then.

“Okay, now that we’re all here. Let’s head towards our next destination. It’s a pretty long drive so you guys can rest for awhile.” Our manager informed us as he closed the van. I looked at the other three and found them doing their own thing. One was sleeping, the other is looking at their phone while the last one is listening to music.

Maybe I should send out an SOS message to them just so I won’t end up talking to the person beside me.

“I’m done. I think I’m going to get some sleep now since I’m a bit tired as well.” She explained as she moved slightly trying to get comfortable.

Thank you God!

“Yeah.” I replied. Really now? Definitely in a caveman mode right now.

“Wake me up?” She said as she took hold of my arm. I glanced at it then turned my eyes back at hers. I nod my head in reply and she smiled.

“Thanks.” With that, she removed her hand on my arm and closed her eyes. I stared at her for awhile then at my arm. It’s weird but…I can still feel her warm hand on my arm. Her hand…is soft. So…soft and warm.

Argh! What the hell am I thinking!

I groaned slightly and turned my attention to the window, watching everything that we pass by. Updating my blog was soon forgotten. Somehow all thoughts about the person sitting next to me and the question thrown at me earlier plagues me.

What is love?

I know it’s one of the toughest question asked. And that no one can give a proper definition of it. Sure they have an idea of what it is but…are they 100% sure about it? Do the people who define it…truly know what love is?

Maybe…I really don’t know what love is. Or how to find the answer to it. But what I do know is—

Feeling a heavy weight on my shoulder, I glanced at the person beside me. I couldn’t help but smile as I noticed how cute she looks with her mouth slightly open. My heart beats loudly now as I stare at her.

—is comes when you least expect it.

I closed my eyes, enjoying the warm feeling that the person beside me is giving. A minute later, I fell asleep as well. My head resting slightly on Haruna’s head.

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Re: My one shot(s) post dump! (First Shot: What is love?)
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It's cute ^^ and you kept the suspens until the end and I tought it was Acchan lol

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Re: My one shot(s) post dump! (First Shot: What is love?)
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Honestly i also thought it was acchan. But somehow my gut feeling were telling me the person is haruna :)
TakaHaru , new couple ~
Thanks for the update ^^!

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Re: My one shot(s) post dump! (First Shot: What is love?)
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Squee!  :inlove:

That was wonderful FOF-san!

I'm in TakaHaru high right now. Its going to be hours before I'm able to wipe this grin off my face. That was so cute/adorable!  :wub:

So here's my short first shot!  :)

I really hope you'll revisit this pairing in your other one shots.  :cow:
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Re: My one shot(s) post dump! (First Shot: What is love?)
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Aww, Takaharu is too cute. I started liking them after that event where they chose eachother.

This oneshot reminds me of Takamina's real-life account of how she and Haruna didn't talk to eachother for the first two years that they were in AKB. It then changed when Haruna fell asleep on Takamina's shoulder.  :heart: :heart: Actually, is this one shot based off of that? :lol:
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"Under the beautiful blue sky"

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Re: My one shot(s) post dump! (First Shot: What is love?)
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^ oh yeah I rmb that
And when takamina brings it up on shows harunas like "I don't even remember" or like "takamina, you're so creepy" haha :)

Nice one shot! (:
Hope you update mendol fic soon haha

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Re: My one shot(s) post dump! (First Shot: What is love?)
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whaha...nice fanfic.... i also thought it was acchan... wahha...

TakaHaru is nice pair.. but still TakaAcchan is the best...^_^

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Re: My one shot(s) post dump! (First Shot: What is love?)
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TakaHaru is so cute! :wub:
is TakaHaru for real????
that's what i think! :D

hajime wa PIN to konakatta
chotto mendou na ki ga shiteta
kikareru koto dake damatte unazuita
ii hito da to wa wakatta kedo
marude TAIPU janakatta kara yo
nakayoku naranai tsumori datta no ni...

doko de dou shichattan darou?
watashi shiranu ma ni
koi ni ochiteta no
nani ga kikkake datta no ka
iriguchi wo omoidasenai no yo

yararete shimatta mitai
donna chuusha mo kikanai wa
anata no koto bakari
kangaete shimau no
nanimo te ni tsukanai kurai

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Re: My one shot(s) post dump! (First Shot: What is love?)
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I was whacking my brains out trying to finish writing POFs epilogue that I decided to take a breather and viola! The second part of What is love of TakaHaru pairing is born. Thanks for liking the first one.  :bow: :bow:
This one sucks so...sorry about that.  :nervous
I'll update the other one next week.  :)
Here's my second shot!  XD


What is love?

It’s an intense feeling of affection you feel for someone. A deep attachment you feel for someone…


At least that’s what I often say when being asked that. I guess it’s sort of my script whenever that question comes up. I bet you’re wondering how I came up with that right? Well, I got that from a website in the internet. Hehe. Smart huh? I bet now you’re wondering why I’m being dubbed as an airhead most of the time.

Really, I’m pretty smart when I want to be.

“Haruna? Why is your phone on the fridge?” Mariko asked as she turned to me with her eyebrow raised, looking pretty much weirded out.

“Oh, so that’s where I left it.” I smiled sheepishly at Mariko who shook her head, smiling.

Like I said, I’m pretty smart WHEN I WANT TO BE.

She grabbed my phone from the fridge and tossed it for me to catch. I couldn’t help but squeal slightly when my cold phone touched my arm.

“It’s cold.” I let out a pout as I looked at my slightly frozen phone. Good thing it’s still working though.

“Of course it’ll be cold. You left it on the fridge you know.” Mariko smirked as she pulled out a drink from the fridge. She turned to me, looking at me with those teasingly eyes of hers as she closed the fridge with her feet.

“I wasn’t aware that I left it there.” I reasoned.

“I think that’s a better way of saying, ‘I wasn’t thinking.’” Another smirk from her making me roll my eyes in annoyance.

“OH HAHAHA. Very funny. It’s not my fault my mind is wandering around most of the time.”

“Actually, it is. It is YOUR mind after all.” Mariko grinned. She’s obviously enjoying teasing me today huh.

“It makes me wonder though about what you said.” The grin disappeared as she tilted her head slightly as if wondering. I couldn’t help but narrow my eyes thinking that she’s probably going to bring up the question as to why I’m an airhead most of the time.

Yup, that’s probably it since it is Mariko and all.

“You said that it isn’t YOUR fault that your mind is wandering around. So tell me…whose fault is it then?” Mariko raised her eyebrow at me, making my eyes widen at what she’s implying.

“Are you blaming someone for making your head wander around? Hmm?” She added as she took a step towards me, her eyes looking suspicious. I couldn’t help but step back as I shook my head and held out my hand, waving them as if to say no.

“Wh-what are you talking about? O-of c-course not! Don’t be silly!” I stammered making her look even more suspicious than earlier. I know I said that I can be smart when I want to be but…

…why isn’t it working now, now that I obviously WANT to be smart?!

“Liar.” She pointed out as she gave me an evil grin that’s making me nervous. Miichan invented the evil grin look, but it seems that Miichan’s evil grin is nothing compared to Mariko’s.

“C’mon, let’s hear it.” Mariko took a step forward making me take a step back, swallowing nervously.

“Who’s making our dear Kojiharu’s mind wander like crazy?” Another step forward and another step back.

“Spill it to your dear older sister. C’mon, don’t be shy now.”

Wait. Did she just say…?

“OLDER sister?” I raised my eyebrow, grinning slightly making her freeze.

“Kami-sama, I can’t believe that came out of my mouth. Ugh.” Mariko grimaced as if saying the word old is the grossest thing in the world. Well, for her it is. One thing that gets into Mariko is being called old. And for her to say it directly…well…just looking at her expression says how much she detests that word.

See? I’m not an airhead since I know big words such as ‘detest!’

“I’m blaming you for that one.” Mariko glared at me. I just rolled my eyes in response. I’m thinking of keeping my mouth shut for now since there is a possibility that if I open my mouth, she’d remember why she even said that word.

I’m thanking her age on this one.

“God, I need a drink.” Miichan’s voice could be heard as she climbs up on the bus. She stopped by the entrance as she saw us.

“Oh, you guys are here. Watcha doin?” She asks as she made her way towards us wearing her Shaku costume.

“Just finished shooting for our scene so we decided to just hang for awhile.” Mariko shrugged.

“Aww. Wish I could hang as well.” Miichan pouted.

“Not finished with your part yet?”

“Nope. I’ve got a few more takes. Man, it’s really tiring to be wanted and loved you know?” Miichan sighed as she shook her head.

“Hello ego.” Mariko mumbled as she looked at the side making me chuckle. Miichan grinned at Mariko, her eyes holding that familiar mischievous glint in them.

“Aww you’re just jealous that I’m focused on doing other things instead of focusing on you.” She wiggled her eyes.

“And hello delusional.” Mariko groaned as she rolled her eyes. I let out another chuckle as Miichan pouts. I glanced at Miichan and noticed the corner of her lips twitching as if she’s trying not to smile. I guess it brings her certain pleasure teasing our great Mariko-sama. I mean, you can see it on the way her eyes would brighten whenever they’re bantering. It’s practically their greeting now. Though it makes me wonder if there’s a certain truth in Miichan’s teasing.

I mean, they do say that jokes can be half meant you know.

Miichan was about to say something when we heard footsteps and a groan as someone steps inside the bus. Our eyes turned to the person on the other side seemingly frozen in the spot. She stared at us, her mouth agape. Her eyes hold that…familiar sparkle in them. A sparkle that…I can’t seem to figure out what it means.

Her eyes…is she directly looking at me…?

“Wow Takamina. You look…intellectual.” Miichan said as she looked at Takamina from head to toe as she is wearing her detective outfit. I too stare at her as well and I have to agree that…

…she does look good.

I frowned when Takamina suddenly blushes and averted her eyes from us as she looks at the floor, seemingly embarassed.

What’s that all about?

“Although Miichan didn’t say that, Haruna…I have to agree with you. Takamina does look good.” Mariko said as she nodded.

Oh, did I just say that out loud?

“Yes. So, please stop thinking with your mouth or you might say something you’d regret.” Mariko sighed as she smiles. Like Takamina, I couldn’t help but blush as well, embarrassed that I actually said that out loud. I glanced at Takamina whose eyes were still on the floor. Seeing her like that brought a small smile on my face.

She really does look good though.


Ep. Sorry.

“Anyway Takamina, what are you doing here? Did you come here to hang as well?” Miichan asks at the embarrassed looking detective.

“O-oh. Uh. N-No. I was just hoping I’d find some place to practice my lines…is all.” Takamina quickly said as she smiled painfully. I frowned noticing how she can’t seem to look at us, her eyes keeps darting away. She looks embarrassed and completely un-Takamina-like.

Is there…something wrong?

“Are you okay Takamina?” I voiced out my concern as I took a step forward. My sudden movement seemed to make her panic as she steps back, shaking her head. My frown deepens as she says,

“I’m fine! I just remember that I have to go. So…I’ll see you guys later! Bye!” She quickly said and made a run out of the bus, leaving us to stare confused at where she stood earlier.

“What was that all about?” Mariko asks as she raised her eyebrow.

“This confirms it then.” Miichan nodded. Our eyes instantly fell on Miichan, silently telling her to explain it to us. She slowly turned to us, her face was serious than ever. It was as if what she’s going to say is going to solve every problem in the world.

She looks THAT serious.

I couldn’t help but swallow the nervousness that I was feeling. My heart was beating like mad as I anticipated whatever it is that Miichan realized about Takamina.

It’s the moment of truth.

“Takamina…has fallen so deeply in love with me!”

Or not.

With our narrowed eyes, we gaped at Miichan who is shaking her head.

“I never expected for her to fall for me. I mean, I know I’m good looking and all but…I just…”

Surely she’s not serious.

“Kami-sama, how much ego do you have anyway?” Mariko rolled her eyes again. I nodded as I agreed at Mariko this time.

“You guys don’t believe me? Didn’t you see how she can’t seem to look me in the eyes anymore? How she’d easily blush whenever I’m near? Why she seems like she’s avoiding me nowadays? What her eyes is constantly saying when she’s looking at me??” Miichan replied as if challenging Mariko to say otherwise.

“It’s a sign! She’s in love!” Miichan added as she leaned closer to Mariko who actually looked taken aback by Miichan’s exclamation.

Takamina…is in love…?

I glanced at Mariko who looked like she was somewhat agreeing to what Miichan said. I guess she too notices those things about Takamina. I for one notices it too...but…

…Takamina can’t be in love with Miichan…right?

My eyes slowly made it’s way to the floor as I suddenly felt heavy. The thought of Takamina having feelings for Miichan...somehow brings me…an unknown feeling inside me. It’s like…I don’t want to believe it. Like I don’t want it to be true.

Am I…feeling…jealous…?

“Baka! We’re always together whenever she’s like that!” Mariko reasoned as she leaned forward making Miichan lean back.

“So are you saying that it could be you?” Miichan grinned at Mariko who seemed to be taken aback by what Miichan said. A slight blush suddenly appeared at her cheeks.

“Y-yes!” Miichan raised her eyebrow at Mariko’s stammering response. Does Mariko…want it to be her?

“I’m also saying that it could be Haruna as well.” Mariko pointed out making my eyes widen as I looked at her.


“Remember how they chose each other as wives?” Mariko reminded Miichan as she grinned at her. This time Miichan looked taken aback at what Mariko said.


Both turned to look at me. One was grinning while the other was staring at me in amazement. I couldn’t help but blush at their gazes.

Me? Takamina…might be…in love with me…?

“You’ve got a point. There is a probability that Takamina may be in love with Haruna here.” Miichan nodded as she rubs her chin, her eyes looking straight at me.

“I say it’s about 99% true.” Mariko nodded.

“Don’t be ridiculous! T-Takamina can’t be in love with me! She’s…she’s Takamina! Stop saying such nonsense things!” I reasoned feeling my face heating up as they still kept their gazes at me. Shaking my head, I turned away from them.

“That doesn’t sound convincing you know.” Miichan said as she sighed.

“Whatever.” I grumbled and began to walk away towards the exit.

“Where are you going?” Mariko asked.

I didn’t bother to stop and turn to them as I say, “Out!” quickly exiting the bus. The moment I stepped out, I let out the breath that I didn’t realize I was holding. I kept walking with no particular destination in mind, avoiding people and the possible shooting spots of the grounds of the Majisuka Gakuen. Finally, I decided to stop, leaning my back at a wall. My hand made its way to my chest, feeling my heart beating loud. It makes me wonder…

…is the loud beating of my heart caused by walking or…?

“Uuuwwwaaahhhhh!” A groan came out of nowhere, making me look at where it came from. There I saw Takamina quite far from me, sitting on the grass under a tree, beating herself up as she holds a bunch of paper. The sight of her beating herself up brought a smile to my face.

“…Takamina may be in love with Haruna here.”

My smile slowly fades as I remember Miichan’s words. I frowned slightly as I stared at the struggling Takamina. I could feel my heart starts to beat loudly beneath my hand. Looking at Takamina from afar, it makes me wonder…

…what is love for Takamina?

Because I want to know so I can figure it out as well.

I want to know…if this warm feeling I feel…is love.

Removing my hand from my chest, I slowly made my way towards her, my heart pounding with every step I take. A small smile graced my lips as I neared her.


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so cheesy :pleeease:

soo good  :on drink:

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Oh a sequel! Many thanks FOF-sama!  :twothumbs

That was hilarious and so adorable.  :inlove:

Mariko-sama and Micchan being their usual awesome selves. And is that a hint of MariMii?  :lol:

TakaHaru is just too cute; from Takamina's adorkable stammering to Haruna's sloooow realization of her feelings.  :inlove:  :deco:

But how could it end their, I'm dying to find out what happens next, such a cliffhanger. It would be so cute to see them blushing and stuttering trying to confess their feelings to each other.  :wub:

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FoF is back!

I really like MarikoxMiichan in this fic too. Haha its subtle like the other fic but awesome.

I know I've told you this before but you are an amazing writer :) looking forward to the POF epilogue

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I like de Miichan and Mariko duo ^^

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  • Takamina~~~~~ >.<
Re: My one shot(s) post dump! (Second Shot: What is love? pt2 [Haruna POV])
« Reply #13 on: November 09, 2011, 12:15:16 PM »
 :w00t: Takaharu~ It's my first time reading about this pair~~~  8)
They're cute  XD and I like Takamina's response about love  :lol:

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This is in response to Otochan's request in the Fanfic Discussion Thread.
Felt like doing it since this pairing is pretty rare. I like rare pairings.  :lol:
Did a few research on these two and well...I came up with this.
Hope you guys like it!

This fic is full of exaggerations. So bear with it.  :lol:
Exaggeration galore!  XD


My Perfect Ikemen

"In 8th place..." Togasaki trailed as he took hold of the envelope containing the name of the member in 8th place. You could almost feel the tension the members of AKB48 were feeling as he opens the envelope. Some were holding their breath, others were clutching their skirt, most of them praying in their head in anticipation for the announcement to be made. An announcement that would determine a members' ranking in the group. A nerve wracking experience for every member of AKB48.

The AKB48 senbatsu election.

It was a method that the AKB48 management came up with to determine who's popular and who's getting popular within AKB48. It was also a way for the management to see if the group is also doing well in the country. This is the first time that they held such an election. And somehow it didn't feel like it will also be the last. Something tells each member that this is just the start of a  new tradition in AKB48.

A tradition that holds both negative and positive in each member.

"AKB48...Team A..." Drum rolls could be heard, a spot light goes to every member especially Team A members. Their hearts thumping hard, some praying it be them, some praying for it not to be them, the rest thinking nothing of it.

"Sato Amina!"

Some members felt relieved. Other members felt sad. One member was surprised as her name was called. She stood up, the spotlight on her, cheers could be heard. Her tears began to fall as she heard,


Walking towards the stage with the spotlight on felt surreal.
She knew right there and then that she would never ever forget this day.
The day she shinned at last.
The day she was 8th.

"Amina...amina are you alright?" Kasai Tomomi said as she placed her hand on the dazed girls shoulder. Somehow that brought Amina back.

"Uh...s-sorry. I was just...thinking about stuff." Amina smiled slightly at Tomomi who smirked.

"Yeah. Finding out that we're going to have another Danso episode would definitely make your head wonder."

"Yeah..." Amina replied as she looked at her lap. Sure she was excited for another Danso episode but like any other day in AKB48, her head would just go back to those painful days. Back then it was a blessing to remember it. After AKB48's single, Iiwake Maybe, it felt like a curse.

A curse that seems to have no cure.

"Any idea who's going to participate today?" Tomomi asked as she turned to the other members sitting in their seats waiting for the staff to finish preparing for the Danso episode. Most of them shrugged and shook their head to answer.

"I wonder if Sashihara is going to participate." Rabutan asked beside Amina, her head tilted slightly.


"Yeah, she was here earlier yet I don't see her now." Rabutan looked at the other members chatting trying to see if Sashihara was among them. She frowned slightly when she didn't see Sashihara. Looks like Sashihara is among the participants then.

"If Sashihara is going to Danso...then that'll be interesting to see." Tomomi said, frowning slightly. Rabutan couldn't help but nod her head in agreement. Definitely going to be interesting.

"Well I heard Kojima-san is going to participate today." Harugon said making a few members squeal out in delight upon hearing her news. It can't be helped since Kojima Haruna is known to be quite handsome when she's disguising herself as a man. Proof of that is No3b's dorama Mendol Ikemen Idol wherein Haruna played Persona's handsome leader, Riku. Just thinking about the Persona leader brought excitement to the members.

Another great day is upon them.

"I hope they dress Kojima-san properly today. That last Danso she did as Captain Jack Kojiharu was such a failure. It's such a waste for Kojima-san's handsome features." Tomomi sighed, wearing a dreamy face as she remembers Riku. Most of the members nodded their head in approval. Amina couldn't help but be amused at the dreamy face most members have.

Looks like Haruna would get a perfect score if she ever go with Riku in the Danso episode.

"Why are you wearing your lovesick face?" Riku's image suddenly bursts from Tomomi's bubble as they heard someone's voice. Turning, they found Itano Tomomi heading towards them wearing a school uniform.

"The Danso episode hasn't even started yet." Tomochin pointed out as she sat down the edge of the stage facing the members.

"We heard that Kojima-san is going to participate so I'm imagining her wearing something handsome." Tomomi explained, smiling. That smile was immediately wiped out when she heard a scoff from Tomochin.

"Don't get your hopes up." Tomochin looked at the side, smiling.

"Don't tell me she's going for something weird again?"

"Not telling."

"Not fair!" Tomomi pouted as she looked at her friend who shrugged. So much for having a great day then.

"So Kojima-san isn't your partner Itano-san?" Harugon asked hoping that the fashionista would somehow give them a hint on today's Danso episode. Maybe it would also bright light on Haruna's look if ever the latter is paired up to Tomochin. If she is paired up with the fashionista, maybe...just maybe she'd be wearing something related to the school uniform that Tomochin is wearing.

Unless it's like Moeno's Danso episode that is.

"No, she's not." Tomochin answered.

"Oh." Was Harugon's deflated response. So much for a hint then.

"I'm paired with Takamina today." Amina was stunned at what the fashionista said. Takamina is going to...?

Her eyes widen at Tomochin who looked a bit bored, unaware of the dazed Amina staring at her.

"Oh?!" Harugon and most of the members exclaimed excitedly. Takamina, who played Kai, the aggressive Persona member in the dorama Mendol Ikemen Idol was also going to participate in the Danso episode. That's another handsome Persona member in the Danso episode. Surely there's no fail in that.

Let's say hello again to another great day then.

Tomochin sighed at the energized members. Typical that they'd get excited for this episode again. This is clearly because of the whole no boyfriend rule that the management has on them. Even though she too is under that rule, she's thankful that she feels somewhat indifferent when it comes to these kind of activities.

Apathy truly is a bliss sometimes...especially in cases such as these.

But then again, maybe she's not the only one who feels indifferent about these Danso episodes. Compared to the other members, it seems that Amina doesn't look like she's excited about the whole thing too as she's not fussing over the news about Takamina's participation. She's just staring at her lap, a slight frown on her face.

'What's up with that?' Tomochin frowned in thought. Amina, like Tomomi, loved every cross dressing event AKB48 has. She's a sucker for these. So why does she look like she's...disturbed about the whole thing? Is she disturbed that Takamina is going to Danso?

'No way.' Tomochin shook her head. She decided to discreetly observe the girl as Tomochin placed a hand on Amina's shoulder, smiling.

"Isn't this great Amina? We'd get to see two Persona members in the Danso!" Tomomi squealed while Amina gave her a forced smile. Tomochin resisted the urge to raise her eyebrow upon seeing it.

"Y-yeah. I'm so excited!" Amina's feigned excitement reply to Tomomi who nodded her head, beaming. Tomochin narrowed her eyes at her friend. Tomomi couldn't be this dense could she? It's so obvious that Amina is just putting up a front yet Tomomi is just gushing over what would happen later on.

Maybe Tomomi IS dense.

That nagging feeling that something is bothering Amina intensifies as she stood up and excused herself saying that she needs to go to the restroom. Tomomi's eyes followed her for a few second as she walked towards the exit of the studio. She then turned to Tomomi, her eyebrow raised.

"Is something wrong with Amina?"

"She's just excited about the whole Danso thing. I think she just stepped out just so she could do some major squealing and fangirling out of the studio. The girl looked like she's about to burst you know!" Tomomi waved off making Tomochin narrow her eyes at the girl.

"For real?"

"Yeah. Didn't you see her all shook up when you mentioned Takamina being in the Danso? Clearly Amina has it hard for Takamina Danso you know." Tomomi nodded wearing a smug smile. Tomochin frowned slightly at what Tomomi said. Is Tomomi...right?

"Remember back then in the AX concert wherein she said she fell hard for Kai while they were performing?" Tomomi added. Remembering that, Tomochin's frown disappeared as she thinks her friend has a good point. Amina couldn't take her eyes off of the Persona member that time. And she said so herself that she fell for Kai back then.

"Maybe you're right." The nagging feeling she felt earlier lessened at Tomomi's explanation making her to smile slightly at her friend. Maybe she's just imagining things then. The only thing Amina is bothered with is probably the torture she's feeling waiting for the Danso to start.

Tomochin nodded at that thought.

"I am right because that's how I felt when I heard Sae-chan is going to participate in the Danso episode earlier." Tomomi sighed dreamily as she remembers a few hours ago when Sae acted out her awesome bad ass self in the Danso. She is so going to pester the editing crew to make her a copy of today's Danso episode. It's a must for her awesome collection.

"I really don't get what's the fuss about, really." The fashionista sighed and shook her head as she looked at her friend who is obviously in dreamland. Tomomi looked at her shocked for awhile then decided to educate her friend on how wonderful the Danso episodes are. Soon enough, every member inside followed suit and shared their own opinions about the whole thing. Some squeals and fangirling could be heard making Tomochin sigh again.

Maybe she should just take back what she said and go with it.

'If you can't beat them...then just shut up.' Tomochin thought, her eyes narrowed as she forced herself to listen.


Amina walked mindlessly at an empty hallway with no apparent destination in mind. Her eyes downcast and she looked like she's deep in thought. Tomochin's words about being paired up with Takamina in the Danso plagues her mind. She feels...heavy for some reason. Just the thought of Takamina dressing up as a man makes her feel...heavy.

Sighing, she stopped walking and realized that she was far off from where she said she was heading. Looks like she passed the restroom awhile back. Now that she thinks about it, where she is right now is so unfamiliar to her.

Where the heck is she??

Something caught her eye though as she looked up ahead towards what appeared to be an exit wherein she could see what appears to be a garden up ahead. But the garden isn't the thing that caught her eye. Rather it was a guy wearing a gakuran with a white bandana on his head and shoulder doing what appears to be some arms stretching exercise outside that caught her attention. The guy had her back to her oblivious of Amina's confused stare. She could also make up the muffled voice of the guy, due to the closed glass door and windows, who was somewhat saying something as he continues with his exercise.

'What is he doing?' Frowning, Amina decided to check it out. She quietly stepped out of the studio and just stood by the door just watching the guy. The guy was...cheering for someone...?

"Fure~ Fure~..." The guys' voice bellowed. Amina's eyes widen slightly as she recognize the voice.

Is that...?

"Takamina...?" Amina softly said, her eyes glued at the other girl. Takamina immediately turned towards the voice and found Amina staring at her. The latter girls' lips parted slightly as she stared at the little captain.

"A-Amina?!" Takamina exclaimed, her eyes widen in shock. The two stared at each other for awhile, blush creeps on their faces. One was blushing at the mere fact that someone found her practicing her Ouendan for the Danso while the other was blushing at the sight in front of her.

Takamina looked so...

"Embarassing..." Takamina groaned as she placed a hand on her face covering her blushing face. That seemed to bring back Amina from her trance, her eyes finally leaving the little captain as she stared at the ground.

"S-sorry. I didn't mean to..."

Takamina glanced at her in between her fingers noticing how shy Amina looked. She couldn't help but chuckle thinking that the girl looked cute looking all shy like that. It really isn't Amina's fault that she found her in an embarrassing moment.

Smiling, Takamina removed her hand from her face and shook her head.

"It's okay. I guess I should've just looked for a much secluded place to practice." She scratched her cheek thinking that the place they were in was pretty secluded enough. Makes her wonder what made Amina to come into this place. Was she looking for her?

'Nah.' Takamina shook her head, dismissing the thought.

"No. I guess...I just wasn't aware that I've been wandering around." Amina smiled as she looked at the side.

"Why were you? Wandering around I mean." Takamina asked making the other girl to look at her. They way Takamina looks at her, concern across her handsome face, made Amina's heart ache once again. She decided to smile though rather than show how much her heart aches. She didn't want to burden the little captain...again.


"No reason. I just wanted to walk around a bit." She gave Takamina a genuine smile. The little captain stared at her for awhile, her face was unreadable for Amina. It was as if Takamina was...reading her. Trying to see if she was lying or not. That gaze of makes Amina... nervous. She wonders though if Takamina could read her. What she feels...what she's feeling.

Could Takamina possibly...see it...? The reason why her heart aches...?

Thankfully, Takamina tore off her gaze to the other girl as she sighs, shaking her head. Takamina then pulled out a bunch of papers and held it out for Amina to take. The latter girl looked at it for awhile then turned to the handsome ikemen, raising her eyebrow in confusion.

"Help me practice my lines?" Takamina smiled handsomely. Amina stared at her for awhile, a slight blush across her face, until finally took the papers handed to her nodding her head and smiling back.



"...are you trying to skip class again?" Ikemen Takamina asked as she stared at Amina, a slight frown on her face. Amina gripped the papers tight, frowning at Takamina.

"Shut up. Stop lecturing me. Just because we're childhood friends..." Amina trailed as she looked at the side. Takamina surprised her when she grabbed both her arm, squeezing it slightly. Her eyes turned at Takamina whose eyes looked a bit...sad.

"What's wrong with you? You weren't like that before. You were so serious and you always worked so hard. So why--" She pushed Takamina away from her, releasing herself from the little captain's grasp.

"Stop it! Nothing good ever comes to working hard. Nothing! Being like's much easier..." Amina said, her voice cracking a bit.

It felt real for Takamina to hear Amina say those words. So real that she took a step towards her, uttering her name softly. Only when she saw Amina look at the script did she stop herself from going to the girl and comforting her.

Was that...just an act...?

"Stop worrying about me and go cheer on some other girl." There it is again. Amina's voice sounded so...broken. She's probably imagining it again...but...

Sighing, Takamina let out her Ouendan cheer again.

"Fure~ Fure~...A-MI-NA. Fure~" She stopped when she felt Amina grab her arm and squeezed it.

"Stop it. It's embarrassing when you shout like that." Amina let out a giggle as she looked at Takamina. The latter girl glanced at her, a slight smile on her ikemen face.

"I'm not embarrassed about it..." Takamina turned to her, a soft genuine smile graced her handsome features as she looked at Amina who felt her heart begin to beat hard and fast. This is exactly the part wherein the sound effects for the beating heart would be heard in a Danso episode. Amina somehow found it funny that it was exactly happening to her. But she didn't laugh, nor did she smile. She just stared at Takamina blankly, her lips slightly open as she waits for Takamina's finishing blow.

That final blow that would definitely make a woman's heart beat like hers.

"That's because...I will always be your number one supporter...Amina." Amina's eyes widen as she stares at Takamina upon hearing her gentle voice. That voice that calmed her back then. She suddenly remembered her curse, the first time she watched the Iiwake Maybe PV and how Takamina followed her and dragged her towards the restroom, locking themselves inside just so Amina would let it all out. Let out all her feelings of anguish and frustration because as Takamina said at that time...

...if she doesn't let it all out it'll just continue to eat her up, making her feel miserable forever.

"Amina...?" Takamina placed her hand on Amina's shoulder. She frowned slightly as she noticed the tears forming in the dazed girl eyes. Takamina's finishing brought tears to Amina's eyes. Amina didn't fight the tears that escaped her eyes, letting them fall.

"I...I'm s-sorry...I..." She tries to explain but was cut off as Takamina quickly pulled her, engulfing her in a hug. Amina turned her face slightly, her lips grazed the ikemen's cheek. She wonders if Takamina was bothered by it. If she is...she didn't seem to be showing it.


"It's okay." Takamina softly said, trying not to shiver as she felt Amina's warm breath against her skin. She tries to calm herself feeling a bit uncomfortable with the situation she's in. Hopefully Amina doesn't notice it as she tightened her hold on the girl.

"I know it still hurts...and it's okay. It'll just disappear someday. I'm sure of it." Takamina whispered, caressing the girls' back. She felt Amina nod her head making her smile slightly.

"Till then...just continue to do your best, alright?" Amina let out a whimper at what Takamina said. She placed her forehead on the other girls' shoulder, crying softly. The ikemen continues to caress her back, comforting her. She felt the other girl let out a sigh then whispered,

"I meant what I said. I will be your number one supporter, so please don't give up."

Amina slowly pushed herself slightly away from Takamina's embrace to look at her. Takamina smiled at Amina, one hand remained on Amina's waist while the other made its way to her cheek, wiping a her tears away.

Takamina looked so ikemen.

"And if you feel the need to just...let it all can count on me. I'd gladly be your shoulder to cry on." A grin crept onto Takamina as she saw the dazed look Amina has. It looked cute. It was like she's contemplating on something....something that's oddly making her lean closer and closer to the ikemen's face...until finally...reaching for its destination.

The ikemen's lips.

Amina is...kissing her!

Takamina's eyes widen as she felt Amina's lips on hers. The latter girl's lips began to move against her making the ikemen freeze, her mind in a jumble as she panics. Should she reciprocate?? Or maybe just stay still?? Or maybe she should push the girl away and run! But...but that'll definitely hurt Amina and well...she doesn't want to hurt her. But...she's kissing her right now! What the hell should she do?! H-how did it...come to this?!!

Luckily, Amina somehow sensed the inner turmoil of the ikemen and pulled away quickly as if realizing what she's doing. Their kiss only took a few seconds.

A few seconds that somehow felt longer for the two.

The two stared at each other. Their eyes wide, their faces beet red at what just happened. Panic seems to surge through them as they continue to stare at each other, unsure of what to do or what to say. It seemed that luck is on their side again as Takamina's phone began to ring, making them jump as it breaks their silence. With her hand shaking a bit, Takamina fished for her phone and answered it.

"H-h-he-hello...?" She stuttered, looking at the ground trying to avoid Amina's eyes. The latter seems to be doing the same thing as she looked at the side, fidgeting at her skirt. She couldn't believe it. She kissed...Takamina! She...she finally did what Takamina said.

She finally let it out.

Her hand slowly made its way to her lips as she remembers the feeling of Takamina's lips. Back then, when Takamina was comforting her in the restroom after she cried her eyes out, Amina had the urge to kiss Takamina when she pulled away from the little captain's embrace. The only thing that made her hold back that urge?

It's the thought of kissing Takamina with a different meaning to it.

She didn't want to kiss Takamina because she wants to thank her, nor did she want to kiss her for fun. No...for was different.

And it scares her that it was different.

Her eyes slowly made its way to Takamina who just finished her phone call. The ikemen froze the moment Amina's eyes met hers.

"We...kissed." Amina whispered as if in awe making Takamina blush harder.

"S-so we have..." Takamina replied, as she looked away from Amina, scratching the back of her neck.

"I...I'm sorry!!" Amina suddenly exclaimed as she bowed, surprising Takamina who looked at her with her eyebrow raised.

"I'm sorry I kissed you! I'm sorry!"

" don't need to apologize! Really!" Takamina said as she stepped towards the girl pushing her to stand normally. Amina truly looked sorry at what happened. She could somehow understand the girl felt somehow wrong for Amina to apologize. It didn't feel right for Takamina.

"I just don't know why..."

"It's okay. I think you caught up in the moment." Takamina smiled, her nervousness slowly disappearing as Amina finally looked at her.

"Plus it's not like other members don't kiss me." The ikemen chuckled remembering countless of kisses done to her by other members.

"But I gotta say...your kiss was a lot different from the others. A good different that is." Takamina added softly. Somehow, hearing that made Amina to smile slightly. The two smiled at each other for awhile, happy that despite what happened earlier, they could still smile at each other.

Takamina took a deep breath and placed both her hands to her waist.

"Right. So...Tomochin just called me and said that I should go back to the dressing room so we could rehearse."


"You don't mind me going first...right?" Takamina asked grinning slightly. Seeing that usual grin she has, somehow brought a full a smile on Amina's face.

"I don't mind. Go practice on being the perfect ikemen."

Takamina scoffed.

"I think I have to cross a mountain to be a perfect ikemen. See you later then!" She gave Amina a salute then jogged towards the exit. The ikemen stopped though when Amina called out to her. She turned towards the other girl, confused.

"Thank you, Takamina. For everything." Amina smiled sweetly at Takamina who smiled back.

"Anytime!" With that, the ikemen gave her another salute and ran to where the fasionista is, leaving Amina to stare at her retreating form.

"For already are the perfect ikemen."


"So...what do you think Amina?" Sata asked. The camera and other members turned to her, waiting for her opinion.

"Well, this is just my opinion but honestly, I've never really seen Takamina as a woman.
She's actually my number one on my 'I want her to be my boyfriend' list. So right now, I'm really looking forward to it." Amina smiled, remembering her perfect ikemen.

Her perfect ikemen heard her on the other side, her eyes narrowed at what Amina said about her.

"But I am a woman." She sighs.

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Wow wow! Takamina and Amina XD
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i love atsumina

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I...I'm alive?!  :shocked
Yeah, I'm shocked as well.  :lol:
I think some bug bit me earlier that made me go all, 'OMG I want to write. Efff the effing projects that I have to finish.'  :lol:
I'll try to update the other 2 when another bug bites me.

This is a 2/3 shot fic. Enjoy!  :)


The Airhead Effect

A girl let out a soft cry of displeasure as she walked briskly into the halls of Akihabara High. She gritted her teeth, a drop of sweat streamed down the side of her face as the noise around her continues. Ignoring the curious stares thrown at her, she made way towards the principal's office.

"Oh? Our first customer? Isn't it a bit early for you to break the rules?" Was what the middle aged woman said as the girl entered the office. The girl was tempted to raise her eyebrow at the woman as she stares at her for a few seconds, thinking how judgmental the woman is. She decided against it though and instead she gave the woman a meek reply, "I'm the new student, Takahashi Minami."

"Oh. The special one, Akimoto-san's niece right?" This time Minami's eyebrows furrowed, feeling a bit conflicted as she didn't know which bothered her more. Being called special and being dubbed as Akimoto-san's niece or treating her good just because she's Akimoto-san's niece which is obviously what the middle aged woman is doing. She knew this was going to happen. Nonetheless, she nodded her head and replied "Yes" as her eyes made its way to the floor. Hearing the confirmation from the girl, the middle aged woman smiled at Minami and ushered her towards her uncle's office.

"Akimoto-san, your niece is here." The woman said after she knocked on the door. Opening it, the two stepped inside to be greeted by a warm smile by Minami's uncle, Akimoto Yasushi, Akihabara High's principal.

"Thank you Imamura-san." Yasushi said as he stood up from his desk. Minami glanced at the woman who nodded her head at Yasushi still with a smile plastered on her face. She then turned to Minami giving her that same smile before walking out of the room to leave the two relatives alone. Yasushi motioned towards the chair for Minami who hesitantly took a sit, her eyes still drawn at the closed door. Noticing this as he himself sat down, Yasushi eyed the closed door.

'Is Imamura-san listening in through the door?' Yasushi asked through his mind knowing perfectly well that his niece would hear him. A sigh escaped his lips as the young girl nodded her head in reply. 'Ignore her.'


"You don't have to worry about anything Minami." Yasushi gave the small girl a smile as she finally turned to him.

"I assure you, you're safe here..." 'So is your secret.'  Hearing those comforting words and thoughts still made Minami feel a bit uneasy. But despite the lingering doubt and fear inside her, she gave her uncle a small smile knowing that it would overshadow her own thoughts. It should...

...since her uncle is not a mind reader like herself.


To anyone else, the walk towards her class looked normal as she walked side by side with her uncle or rather the Principal of Akihabara High. But nothing's ever normal when Minami is around.

At least that's what Minami believes.

Those loud thoughts coming from the students inside their classrooms as they passed by became mere whispers inside her as she focused on her uncle's thoughts. A sigh escaped her lips, eyes trained on the floor as they walk while she listens to the deep and out of tune voice of her uncle who is currently singing an old song inside his mind. Hearing her uncle singing inside his mind, it's no different from what her family does whenever she's near them. They have been doing this method for years and well...

...she's getting tired of it.

The singing stopped as they reached her room. She unenthusiastically greeted her sensei with a half smile as thoughts of her looking like a troublemaker entered her sensei's mind. Her eyebrow twitched at that but she still kept the small smile on her face while her sensei sized her up from head to toe. Maybe she should get used to this treatment. Clearly people around here are judgmental when it comes to appearance.

The moment her sensei opened the door to her class and stepped inside, Minami froze as she saw the students inside, looking her way. Only when she felt a hand on her shoulder did the cold feeling slowly vanished. She turned and looked at her uncle who was smiling at her, comforting her through his mind.

'It's okay. You'll be fine.'

Looking at her calm uncle...will she...really be...alright?

Thinking that she really doesn't have any choice but to believe, she nodded her head in reply and turned towards the opened door. There she saw a few students looking her way just like her sensei is as she beckoned her to enter. She gripped her hands into a fist and clenched her teeth as soon as she stepped inside the room. She began to sweat as she made her way to the center. She began to tremble slightly as she stopped beside her sensei, eyes trained on the floor as she tries to push back the overwhelming thoughts around her. It was getting too much for her. There are just too many people. Could this?

But...she wanted this.

Yes...she wanted this.

She closed her eyes and tried to concentrate.

She could do this.

She can.

She just need to...

Her eyes snapped open when she felt a hand on her shoulder. Turning to look, she found her uncle standing beside her, smiling. It was then she heard it. Her uncle's out of tune voice, singing.

This...this is what she needed.

Smiling slightly at her uncle, she focused on his thoughts, the voices around her turned to a mere whisper.

Yes...this'll do...for now.

"Takahashi-san...Takahashi-san...are you alright?" Her sensei asked, placing her hand on her other shoulder. She turned to her sensei and noticed the worried look on her face.

"I'm fine. Just feeling a bit...nervous." Minami nodded, smiling slightly as her sensei and her classmate's thoughts were toned down by the singing of her uncle. Her sensei nodded and told her to introduce herself to the class. She turned to look at her classmates and caught their curious stares at her. Though what she said to her sensei was just a cover up, this time, looking at the stares locked on her, she couldn't help but feel nervous again. She gulped down the nervousness that she's feeling and took a step forward. With determination on her face, she finally introduced herself.

"My name is Takahashi Minami, age 16. It's nice to meet all of you." She said and bowed politely.

'Now that wasn't hard, was it?' Her uncle asked through his mind, keeping his eyes locked at the students. Minami glanced at him and smiled slightly as he began to sing again the moment Minami stopped bowing.

"I'm hoping Takahashi-san won't have any trouble adjusting here. I'm sure everyone here would make her feel welcome, right?" Akimoto Yasushi asked as he squeezed Minami's shoulder.

"Hai." Was the class response to his silent request.

"Takahashi-san, you can take that seat over there." Her sensei said. She looked at the empty seat near the window and made way towards it.

'Minami, I have to go now. Will you be alright?' Her uncle asked as she walked towards her seat. Once she reached it, she looked at her uncle who was now talking to her sensei and the moment Yasushi glanced at her she gave him a slight nod. Seeing that nod, Yasushi eyed her for a second, obviously worried then turned to talk to her sensei as she walked him out of the room.

'Come to my office if you need me.' Was her uncle's last thoughts as the door closes. She once again began to hear her uncle's out of tune singing after that but it was getting fainter and fainter as their distance began to get larger. Taking a seat, she scanned around and looked at her sensei. She had to act fast and--

"Hi." A soft voice beside her suddenly distracted her from doing what she needs to do. Looking at the person beside her, she found a girl smiling.

"I'm Kojima Haruna." The smiling girl said then offered her hand for Minami to shake.

"Nice to meet you." She added. Minami looked at her for awhile then at the hand being offered to her. She hesitantly took it and shook her seatmate's hand, smiling slightly.

"T-Takahashi Minami. Nice to meet you as well." Minami frowned slightly as the other girl let out a giggle as they let go of each others hands.

"You didn't have to say your name again. I was listening to your introduction you know."

"Oh. Right. Sorry." She scratched her cheek and looked away, blushing slightly.

"No need to be sorry." Haruna again giggled. Minami glanced at her and found her smiling at her. This girl beside very pretty...but odd. Why is she smiling so much?

"Okay class, pull out your textbook and let's continue. Kojima-san, please share your textbook with Takahashi-san for the time being." Their sensei said.

"Hai." Haruna replied happily as she pulled out her textbook. She looked at Minami and motioned Minami to move her seat closer to her. Blushing slightly, she moved her seat closer to Haruna without much noise. Haruna placed the textbook between them still keeping that smile of hers which Minami found a bit odd. Seriously, why is this girl smiling so much?

As the lecture began to continue, Minami couldn't help but glance at her seatmate every now and then. She just found her...intriguing and well...Minami didn't know why. There was just something about her that seemed...different. Haruna noticed her glances and turned to her.

"What?" She asked the other girl, smiling slightly. Minami seemed taken aback by the question that she didn't know that she would be caught. Scratching her head, she began to blush seemingly embarrassed.

"Uh...I just...uhm...w-wanted to say know...for uh...sharing your book." She explained not looking at the other girl who again giggled.

"It's okay. I'm just making you feel welcome, you know." She smiled for the nth time. Despite the embarrassment, Minami looked at her for awhile then smiled back and nodded her head as thanks. Those thoughts of her seatmate being odd or different began to fly away from her mind.

Kojima Haruna isn't odd or different. She's just...friendly.

Smiling, both of them turned back to the textbook and began to listen to the lecture.

Maybe this whole school thing wouldn't be so bad after all. With a person like Kojima Haruna, Minami couldn't help but wonder what made her feel so nervous in

Minami's eyes suddenly went wide in realization. She glanced at the person beside her and found her smiling at her textbook. Now it dawned to her why she felt Kojima Haruna was different.

It wasn't because she smiles so much.

Nor is it because she's friendly towards her unlike the judgmental people she met earlier.

No...Kojima Haruna is different to Minami...

...because she can't read her mind.


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