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Author Topic: [MariHaru] Bitten - (Under Construction)  (Read 8480 times)

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[MariHaru] Bitten - (Under Construction)
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Much thanks to aidodaisuki (of tumblr), yanouchi and anonymousdowner for the poster. MUCH MUCH THANKS!!  XD XD


Title: Bitten
Pairing: MariHaru
Rating: R – NC17
Summary: Read below because that’s pretty much the summary right there.
AN: Another AU?! Sadly, yes.  :nervous This came to me yesterday while I was bored and browsing at deviantart for some inspirations on what to draw and then I came across a picture of an animal. Disaster strikes and I ended up thinking of something like this. I know this is pretty usual nowadays, but please bear with it. And yes, the rating stays; R – NC17. I’m trying something a bit different here. Though this fic will probably be moved to because of its rating, but until then, I’m posting it here also.  :)

About the pairing, I could only think of what I’m shipping nowadays, which is MariHaru. So other pairings are still unclear. Plus, honestly, this is the only chapter I’ve thought of even if it will be a TBC in the end. So I guess the progress of this fic will be pretty slow compared to BC. Still, please bear with it.  :nervous Hopefully this will turn into a short fic and not a series since… :bleed eyes: Title's subject to change. I don't know if I like the title or not.  :nervous

Oh yeah, please read this and support by pressing out thanks.
Honestly, I think it’s a good idea since like me, I have to learn a few things about writing as well.  :)

For readers of BC: I will try to update that by next week. Keyword: TRY  :lol:

Grammar problems ahead! lol. I'm not really used to writing in 3rd person nowadays. Will try to edit this in awhile.  :nervous
Okay, with that said and done, ENJOY!  XD
Or at least, try to enjoy.  :nervous



“I told you Takamina, I’ll be fine here.” A tall, pretty young woman with long, dark brown hair said to the receiver while she balances her phone in between her shoulder and her ear. She then looked expectantly at the old man behind the counter as she holds out her wallet. Nodding her head and mindlessly mumbling out her agreement to her friend on the other line, she began pulling out cash and held it out for the old man to take. She mumbled out her thanks to the old man, unknowing that it went unheard as the latter was busy pulling out her change. Without waiting for a response, she began to take her brown paper bags of groceries out of the small store, the chime of the door signaling her departure. A shiver run down her body the instant she stepped out of the store as the gust of cold wind suddenly blew against her. She gritted her teeth and began carefully and slowly walking down the wooden stairs while she continues to agree mindlessly to her friend on the phone. A sigh escaped her full yet seemingly frozen lips as she stopped at the bottom of the stairs, her breath forming a fog because of the cold atmosphere.

“Look, I get how you’re worried about me being in the middle of nowhere right now. But, I really need this. I want to be alone for just…a couple of months. I need a quiet break.” She reasoned to her friend, still keeping her uncomfortable position.

“I would’ve understood that instead of lying and telling us you’re going to Cabo!” Her friend named Takamina growled, seemingly unpleased by the turn of events. “We were this close in buying tickets just to surprise you.”

She giggled then began walking towards her car. “That’s why I sent a message earlier telling you guys where I really am.”

“And just in time. Just a few seconds late and I would’ve pressed the confirm button for our plane tickets.”

“And that’s a bad thing?” She asked as she stopped by her car. She struggled to maintain balancing her phone and carrying her two grocery bags in one arm while she fished for her keys inside her pocket. “Cabo is…a nice place you know. At least that’s what I saw in Google. You guys should go there. Take some time off as well.” She couldn’t help but grin as she finally opened the door of her car and placed her groceries on the passenger seat.

“You know we only wanted to take a time off because of you, right? Doing our usual—”

“—pigging out on a gallon of ice cream while relieving the painful memories of a break up routine? Thanks but no thanks.” She let out as she took her phone, climbed inside her car and closed the door, finally out of the cold. Looking at her appearance in her rear view mirror, with her free hand, she began to brush away the little snow that rests in her auburn hair. “I prefer to be fat free these days. And relieving the painful memories and crying my eyes out because of it? I already did that.” She muttered the last part disdainfully causing the person on the other line to squeal at her admission.

“Aha! So you WERE hurt when you two broke up! I knew it!” Her friend pointed out, seemingly happy to hear her friend feeling hurt and in pain because of her current break up. She wasn’t happy because her friend was hurting, mind you. Rather, she was happy to hear that her friend was honestly feeling something; unlike the indifference she showed when she told them about the break up. 

“Of course I was. My heart isn’t made of steel. Plus, we had been going out for a year and--” She sighed, feeling the familiar pang of hurt in her chest as she recalled that certain memory. Shaking her head to discontinue her train of thought, she softly added, “I’d rather not talk about it, Takamina.”

“I know, I know. It’s just…the way you told us made us think otherwise.”

“That was the plan.” She muttered as she rests her forehead against the cold steering wheel. “I just…I really didn’t want to talk about it.”

“Yeah, we get it.” Her friend sighed on the other end. “Just…you’re not alone, Haruna. You can talk to us about anything. Of course, whenever you feel like it.”

Hearing the soft and comforting words from her friend, the girl named Haruna smiled genuinely, feeling blessed to have such wonderful friends. “I know. That’s why I love you guys.” She said softly making the other girl in the line chuckle.

“Does that mean you’ll still love us if we come and visit?”

She couldn’t help but roll her eyes and leaned her head back in her seat at the hopeful tone of her friend. Somehow she knew this question would come out any minute since her friend called her. Thinking that it was inevitable, she let out a sigh and conceded. “Fine, you guys can come visit.” She said emphatically.

She wasn’t surprised when Takamina let out a, “Yosha!” probably pumping her fist in the air, grinning happily for letting them visit.

“But only after a few days or weeks.” She added. A small smile graced Haruna’s lips upon hearing Takamin letting out a groan of disappointment, her excitement quickly deflating on her request. “No offense to you guys, but I want some alone time, okay?” She tells her, knowing quite well that her friend would understand.

“Right, right. Alone time for the heartbroken girl. Gotcha.” Was Takamina’s monotonous reply to Haruna. “So what? We’re going to wait for your go signal until we go there?”

“Yeah, you guys have to wait for my go signal.” Haruna let out a chuckle then beamed a smile as she looked at the darkening sky, watching the light snow falling slowly against her windshield.

“Whenever that is.”


“Honey, I’m home!” Haruna cried out while opening the door wide with a kick, cradling the two grocery bags in her arms. She stepped inside, closed the door using her heel to kick it from behind and opened the lights, revealing the large empty room of the cabin she rented from her mother’s friend.

A cabin which she will be residing for a couple of months to heal the hurt she feels.

“Oh, right. I don’t have a honey anymore. Stupid me.” She mumbled scornfully to herself as she made her way towards the kitchen counter, ignoring how her wet boots from the snow would leave a wet trail behind. She couldn’t care less about cleanliness right now. Thinking about it, she never really cared about cleanliness before anyway. So why care now?

Placing the grocery bags on the kitchen counter, she let out a sigh as she removed her jacket and gloves. With her hands pressed on the cold marble, she looked at the room that was illuminated with a warm light. Much like what she felt earlier upon arriving at the cabin, the room felt empty and too large for her liking. It was a modern cabin, lavishly furnished with luxury making her own apartment in the city look like a cheapskate, despite the fact that she had been living in a somewhat large apartment. Though, when she thinks about it, she really can’t continue living there anymore since, like now, she’d feel empty and alone whenever she comes home because of her single status. Just thinking of looking for another place to live somehow makes her not want to go back.

Dealing with everything, just thinking about it, makes her want to stay here forever.

She let out a sad sigh, pulling out a tetra pack of vegetable juice from one of the grocery bags. After stabbing it with a straw, she began drinking it as she headed towards the fireplace, wanting to light it for the sake of just lighting it up. Thankfully for her, it was a gas fireplace and that she only have to turn the gas then the valve on.

“And then, there was fire.” She smiled as she turned the dial, turning the fireplace on. She felt the heat against her skin as the fire continuously burn the fake wood around it, making her to take a few step back. Looking at it for a moment, she began jumping for joy, pointing at it. “Yey! I created fire! Look! Look! Isn’t it awesome?!” She ecstatically said to no one, as she looked behind over her shoulder to where the grocery bags were. The sound of the fire burning behind her and the ticking of the clock were the only ones that replied back to her.

“Only a couple of hours of being alone and I’m already losing my mind.” She sighed as her shoulder slumped in disappointment. She then held out the juice in her hand, looking at it as she says, “Maybe I should just invite the others here. Miichan would be ecstatic if she sees this place. What do you think?”

She shook the packet a little then placed the tip of the straw against her lips, drinking it a little before mumbling, “I’m just going to drink you up now since you’re not much of a talker.”

Thinking of nothing better to do, she made way towards the master’s bedroom and began to unpack her things. She turned the music from her phone in speaker mode as she placed her clothes inside the wooden drawer, dancing and singing every now and then to the music. Just as she was about place the last clothing inside the drawer, a howling from an animal from afar made her freeze in place. Thinking that she was hearing things, Haruna turned her music off and listened again. Soon enough, another howling came. This time, it seemed…louder.

She whipped her head towards the window and stared at it for a moment, clenching the shirt in her hand tight as nervousness creeps inside her.

“That can’t possibly be…wolves?” She whispered as she frowned slightly at the window. Gulping down her nervousness, she slowly made her way to the window and looked outside. She blinked a couple of times as she only saw the snow falling and the dark forest that was illuminated by the full moon. Other than that, she saw nothing. So wha—

A movement in the dark forest caught her attention. Blinking a couple of times, she held her gaze as a silhouette of what appears to be of a person began moving towards the cabin. Haruna wasn’t certain if it was indeed a person, but then, it was a bit taller to be an animal. So maybe it was human. But what is it doing inside the forest and why is it heading towards her cabin?

She swallowed again, feeling the anticipation building inside her as the silhouette continuously walked towards her direction. She noticed that it was walking slowly and it was staggering as well. The thought of it being a drunkard with a mask of Jason suddenly flashed inside her mind causing her to wring the clothes tightly in her trembling hand. If it was indeed Jason, what the hell is she going to—

Before the shadow were to be lightened by the cabin lights, it suddenly stopped and looked to have fallen heavily down into the snow. Haruna leaned closer to the window, her hand pressed against it as she tries to see clearly if it was indeed Jason. But with the falling snow, the distance and the lack of light, she couldn’t determine anything. The only way to truly see what it was is to—

“No, Haruna. It’s better not knowing than dying.” She said to herself as she shook her head, moving away from the window.

“I mean, it could be killer with an axe or something sharp. Killers prefer to kill people in cabins. There are tons of movies about that. It’s like, their favorite hobby or something.” She reasoned as she began walking in circles, still keeping her tight hold on her now wrinkled clothing. After pacing for awhile internalizing the Jason situation, she suddenly stopped and bit her nail as she glanced at the window.

‘But…what if it isn’t Jason? What if it’s someone hurt? What should I…?’ She thought as she stared at where she assumed the fallen person is. Somehow the thought of it being someone hurt outweighs the thought of her being killed. It’s stupid, but that’s what she feels as she stares out the window. Just the thought of someone dying in the cold and finding it out the next day is sickening to her…

…especially when she could’ve done something about it.

“Ah fuck it. I’m dying today by saving Jason.” She growled lightly as she grabbed her phone on the bed. Moving to where her suitcase was, she took out the flashlight she brought and made her way towards the kitchen counter to pick up her jacket. She puts her jacket on and placed the flashlight inside its pocket while she headed towards the back door. Thinking that it was better to inform someone of what is happening, she fished for her phone and dialed a familiar number. A relieved sigh escaped her lips as she heard her friend’s voice in the other line after a few rings.

“Hey, Haruna. Ready for that go signal now?” Her friend Takamina greeted her cheerfully, probably grinning at the thought that it only took her a few hours to cave. It would’ve been nice for Haruna to give Takamina a call about giving in and inviting them to the cabin, but sadly, her call right now wasn’t about that.

“No, but I am in a pinch right now and I need you to stay on the line.” She said as she took hold of the doorknob, looking at the dark forest beyond the back porch.

“Asking for help on cooking something again? Really Haruna. When will you ever learn?”
Her friend asked exasperatingly with a sigh.

“No! This isn’t about a recipe this time.” She retorted defensively, making a mental note to call Miichan instead about asking how to cook later on. She shook her head and tried to focus on the situation at hand. “I saw someone collapse near the cabin and I want you to stay on the line…just in case something happens.” She tells her friend.

“WHAT?!” Her friend suddenly cried out making her to flinch at the loudness. She held out her phone away from her ear as Takamina began screaming, obviously enraged about what she said. “Are you insane?! Going out there alone?! Go ask for help! Call the ranger or something!”

“I don’t have the number of the ranger!” She cried out against the receiver, as she stares at the picture of her friend on the screen.

“Go drive to the town and ask for help then!”

“It’ll take an hour if I go there and come back here.” She reasoned with a sigh as she placed her phone back against her ear. “That person out there might die if it waits any longer. I don’t want to take that risk.”

“But you’re risking your life here.” Takamina pointed out, growling. “That could be a killer, a rapist! If something happens to you—“

“You’ll be the first to know.” Haruna tried to smile with trembling lips caused by fear. Her heart was pounding a mile a minute at the realization that she might die once she opened the door. But despite that realization, she can’t seem to let go of the doorknob. No, instead…

…she held it tightly than before, readying herself to turn it.

“That’s not funny.” Her friend whispered softly, afraid for her friend.

Keeping the faint smile on her face, she leaned her forehead on the glass door, feeling its coldness. “I have to do this Takamina. You of all people should know that. You’re a doctor, you save lives. So you know what’s it like, right?” She said softly, trying to make her friend understand.  Her friend let out a resigned sigh, causing her smile to widen. Somehow she knew Takamina would understand her situation. Given that she was a—

“Repeating this for the thousandth time; I’m a nurse, not a doctor.” Her friend scornfully said. “You really like to rub it in, don’t you?”

Haruna chuckled. “What can I say? I like hearing you say it over and over again.”

“Yeah, after the 10th time, I figured it out.” Takamina deadpanned, making Haruna to chuckle once again. Somehow this bantering was somehow making her feel better as the nervousness she feels slowly deflates inside her. Despite not seeing her friend, Takamina noticed this and asked, “Feeling better?”

“Much.” Haruna said as she leaned away from the door and nodded her head.

“Okay, since I can’t stop you and could only blame you for not knowing the number of the ranger and taking a trip in the middle of nowhere ALONE, helping a potential killer that would most certainly kill you—”

“Takamina…” Haruna chided, narrowing her eyes.

“...despite all that…let’s do this.”
Her friend let out with a defeated sigh.

Grinning, Haruna proudly exclaimed, “That’s my nurse!” causing the other person on the other end to let out another sigh.

“Just go outside and check already.” Takamina let out in annoyance. “And be careful.”

Nodding her head as she locked her gaze at the dark forest, Haruna took a deep breath before slowly turning the cold doorknob. She swallowed down her nervousness as she slowly pulled the door open, its hinges creaking as she opened it. A shiver escaped her body and she couldn't help but close her eyes as the sudden gust of cold wind greeted her.

“By that creak sound, I take it you opened the door?”

“Y-yeah.” She stammered and she stepped outside, keeping the door open.

“You have to talk to me while you do things, Haruna. It’ll be much easier for you.” Takamina said softly, trying to ease the nervousness that she knew Haruna was feeling. But honestly, it wasn’t only Haruna she was trying to comfort here, because she too could feel the nervousness that her friend was feeling. Only, ten times worse. She just…have a bad feeling about this.

A very bad feeling.

“Okay.” Haruna said with conviction as she holds the phone against her ear while her free hand fished for the flashlight inside her jacket pocket. She held out her flashlight without turning it on as she took a couple of step down the porch. With each careful step towards the forest, she continues to tell Takamina what she sees and what she’s doing in exact detail. She ignored the slight comment made by her friend who told her that she was like an audiobook as she continues to trek the snowy forest. But then, if she thinks about it, she does sound like she’s narrating a story right now.

‘I’m narrating a horror story.’ She thought as her mind replayed an image of Jason, waving a bat. Or was it a chainsaw? Somehow, she can’t remember. Regardless of whatever it was that Jason was waving, she knows it was deadly enough to kill.

“Heck even if he waves a flag, I’m sure it’ll be a killer.” She mumbled out her thought, chuckling softly.


“Nothing.” Was her chirpy reply as she continues her horror adventure. Upon noticing that the lights from the cabin weren’t reaching enough to where she was now, she opened her flashlight and began lighting her way. The nervousness inside her continuously grows with each careful step as she nears where she thinks the unknown person is. Despite how her friend was trying to sound calm and comforting it seems to fail in Haruna's ears as she thought of the danger that awaits her. All she could hear right now was the deafening pounding of her heart; the sound of Takamina and even her own voice as she continues to narrate her movement were slowly drowning down because of it. She can’t even feel the cold anymore as heat suddenly travels inside her body. It was getting all…too much for her.

Maybe…maybe she can’t do this after all.

“Well? Do you see anything?”

She opened her mouth to say something back when her eyes caught something. A movement from afar. Frowning slightly, she stopped walking and pointed the light of her flashlight to where she thought she saw movement. Her heart skipped a beat and her eyes widened as she pointed her light near a tree.

There by its huge trunk lays an animal covered in blood. Its one opened eye that wasn’t covered in blood narrowed slightly, boring into her confused ones.

“Haruna? You there? Hey, speak to me!” Takamina cried out on the other end, her voice laced with fear. Somehow that awakened Haruna from her musings.

“Uh y-yeah. I’m here, just…” She cocked her head to the side as she continues to look at the beaten up animal, keeping her eyes locked on it. “It wasn’t a human being after all.” She informed her friend staring confusedly at the animal, noticing that its opened eye was twitching every now and then, probably because it finds her light blinding. With that thought, she moved her light away from it and trained it upward on the trunk of the tree, lighting the wounded animal slightly. Its opened eye began blinking a couple of times then locked in hers once again, its golden brown eyes shining against the dark. Haruna continues to stare at it confusedly. She was certain it was a human being what with it being tall, so why…?

“Not a human being? What was it then?”

She shrugged nonchalantly, saying, “A dog.”

There was a moment of silence before Takamina repeated what her friend just told her. “A dog??”

“Yup, a dog.” Or at least…it looks like a dog to her.

“Like those mini dogs wherein you buy cute little clothes for it?”
Her friend asked curiously.

Haruna shook her head, despite her friend not seeing her. “No. This is more like…those mush dogs with the sleigh.” She said as she continuously stares at the wounded animal from afar.

“A wild husky.” Takamina stated in a matter of fact voice. “That’s it, get out of there. Now!”

“Aww., but it’s hurt.” She reasoned with a pout as she crouched down, feeling a bit sorry for the wounded animal.

“Haruna, it’s a wild animal. It has teeth that can bite. It has rabies that could kill you. Again, it’s wild. And then we’ll go back to its teeth and rabies. Do you get what I’m saying here?”

Ignoring her friend, she stood up and said, “I’m going to help it,” as she carefully made her way towards the animal.

“Now’s not the time for the great airheadness to appear. Seriously. You’ve seen the Life of Pi, right? Animals don’t have souls, remember?” Her friend groaned out. “Hey. Are you even listening to me?”

Her friend kept on rambling and she just kept walking carefully. She kept her eyes locked on the animal whose eyes looked a bit…empty, sad even. It looked like it had given up on living and was waiting for death to take it. Somehow, thinking that it was feeling the latter made her feel sympathetic towards it. She wanted to help it, comfort it a little. Even hold it while it waits for death to come, because somehow, in her own way, she knew what that feels like. To wait alone in the cold, feeling empty and helpless. For the young woman, it was the worst feeling ever.

Animal or not, soulless or not, no one should ever feel that way.

With only a couple of feet away from the wounded animal, she stopped and clenched her jaw tight, biting back the urge to gasp at its wounds. It was a gruesome sight to the young woman as most of its fur were covered in its own blood. A large opened gash on its side, making the white pure snow around it red from the blood that came out. Some of its skin has peeled off as well, its flesh open from what appears to be caused by sharp claws and bites. Looking at its wounds all around its body, Haruna was certain this wasn’t done by a human. At least the bites and claws weren’t done by a human. The deep and large, gash wound on its side on the other hand—

A sudden low growl brought her back from her internal musings. She averted her gaze from the animal’s wounds and turned to look at its eyes. Its golden brown eyes that were earlier empty were now glaring viciously at her.

“That doesn’t sound like a happy dog.” Takamina said on the other line.

“W-well…if you’re looking at it up close, it doesn’t look happy as well.” Haruna swallowed as her eyes widen in fear. The animal was slowly trying to stand, supporting its weight by leaning heavily against the trunk as its legs were wounded as well. It staggered for a while, until it found its footing, letting out another vicious growl before baring its sharp bloody fangs at the frozen Haruna. It looked like it was ready to lunge at her.

It looked ready to kill her.

“U-uh….a w-word of…advice n-now, Takamina?” She asked while she trembles, her hand gripping on the phone against her ear and the flashlight on her other hand.

“I’d suggest running, but let’s go with…backing away slowly.”
Her friend said, trying to sound calm for her friend.

Without another word, Haruna decided to go with Takamina’s suggestion. Bitting her lower lip, she cautiously moved her right feet backward, trying to test the water. When the animal didn’t move, she moved her other feet, backing another step away from the rabid dog.

“Slowly and carefully, Haruna. Don’t make it angry enough to bite you.”

‘Too late for that since it looks like it wants to take me to dinner, with me as its main course.’ Haruna thought as she kept her eyes trained on the snarling animal. Surprisingly enough for the young woman, the wounded animal seemed to be letting her back away. Haruna found it odd for a moment, but then she remembered her predicament and thought she should just think about that later on.

When she's safe and sound that is.

After walking a couple of steps, the distance between her and the cabin seems to shorten as she noticed her surrounding brightening considerably. Though, it would appear that she wasn’t careful enough as her heel got caught on the root of an old tree from behind her.

As if in slow motion, she began falling backwards, her hands loosing grip on her phone and her flashlight. Her eyes widen in fear as she saw the animal letting out a loud vicious growl and began moving towards her in an amazing speed despite its injuries. She let out a piercing scream as she closed her eyes tight and shielded her arm in defense as she sat on the snow, waiting for the inevitable. With her eyes closed, everything went black…

…and then comes pain.

“Haruna! HARUNA!!” Were Takamina’s screams through the phone as it lays a couple of feet away from the young woman. “HARUNA!!!!” She kept screaming relentlessly, not caring if she was making a scene at the hospital as a couple of people looked at her alarmingly. She gripped her phone tight and held it hard against her ear, trying to hear something, anything that could indicate whatever happened to her friend. The feeling of dread came back in full force as she could only hear snarls from the other end making her tremble in fear that the animal might’ve—

Hope suddenly rushes inside Takamina as she hears a yelp of pain together with its snarls. It was faint, but it was what Takamina needed to hear. “HARUNA! GET OUT OF THERE! NOW!” She screamed again.

Haruna gritted her teeth through the pain, keeping her eyes tightly closed as she lays on the snow with the animal above her. Its fangs digging deep into her arm while its heavy paws and claws dig slightly on her shoulder. Upon hearing her friends scream a few feet away from her, she slowly opens her eyes and found herself staring up close at those cold, killer eyes of the animal, completely different from those empty eyes she stared earlier. Haruna couldn’t help but wonder what provoked this animal to unleash its beast within, since she knew deep inside her, that this animal was far from being savage. She didn’t know why she would feel that way when it’s biting her arm right at this moment. A gut feeling, perhaps?

Or maybe she was just being her airheaded self.

She blinked a couple of times and flinched as a warm wet liquid suddenly dripped into her cheek. Looking at the source, she saw the deep gash on the animal’s upper right eye that was closed as its dripping blood covers it. She simply watched, her mouth slightly agape as the blood from the deep gash slowly forms to drip down on her cheek again. Looking at it, it was only then she realized that the excruciating pain she felt earlier had lessened.

She moved her gaze back to its opened eye, surprised to see that the animal’s good eye was narrowing every now and then as if it was trying to keep itself awake. It was obviously weakening in front of her, making its bite on her arm loosening up. The loud and vicious snarls it had earlier that brought Haruna fear were softening down also.

Was it…dying?

“HARUNA! CAN YOU HEAR ME?! HARUNA!” Her friend screamed yet again.

Hearing her friend somehow brought her back from her reverie. Knowing of its weakened state, Haruna grabbed its right forearm with her free hand and with all her strength, pushed the weakened animal away from her, letting out a grunt as she does so as its teeth tear her sleeves and skin slightly. She heard a weakened yelp from the animal as it rolled a few feet away from her into the snow. She sat up, breathing heavily as she looked at the weakened animal who seemed to be wheezing its breath through the snow. Its golden brown eyes that were bereft of energy were boring at hers.

‘…hurts…’ Was what she heard before the animal slowly closes its good eye, perhaps giving in to the call of death. She frowned, keeping her eyes locked at the unconscious animal. Who...was that…?


“I’m fine!” Haruna yelled out as she slowly stood up from where she was sitting. He gaze fell on the sleeve of her jacket that had holes and was slightly teared down with a lot of blood around it. Carefully rolling the sleeves, she examined the bite mark that the animal left on her. Deep teeth marks and a slight tear of skin with blood pouring out of it could be seen. To others, it might’ve looked painful, but to her, it wasn’t. That was probably the oddest thing ever for her.

Why wasn’t she in pain right now?


Sighing, she walks towards the phone and picked it up. She shivered as she placed it against her ear, its cold surface touching the side of her face. “I’m here and okay. Stop yelling.” She said to her friend with a slight frown.

Saying to her panicked friend to stop yelling seemed to backfire as the other girl yelled out loudly, “STOP YELLING?! STOP YELLING?!”

Haruna flinched and held out her phone away from her ears as her friend continues her loud tirade.


“Uh…yes?” Was Haruna’s unsure reply as she looked at the screen.


“Fine.” Haruna let out with a defeated sigh. Her friend continues to reprimand her for her stupidity making her to roll her eyes as she listened to her half-heartedly. Wile her friend babbles endlessly, she glanced at the unconscious animal and noticed that the snow was beginning to cover up its body. Without thinking, she walked towards the animal and kneeled beside it without fear. Her eyes moved towards its large gash on the side and noticed that it was breathing faintly. Wanting to check if it was indeed still breathing, she placed her hand near its snout and felt its warm breath against the palm of her hand. It was weak, but it was still there. It was...still alive. Maybe if she could just do something about its wounds, it’ll live.

Question is, after it attacked her, does she still want it to live?

“—told you so? Animals are—“

Cutting off her friend’s speech about her being an airhead, she quickly cuts her off as she says, “I need another favor, Takamina,” as she began to softly brush the snow away from the animal’s fur. She couldn’t help but marvel at how soft and smooth its fur is despite the blood that covers it. Like a stuffed toy.

‘A wild stuffed toy.’ She thought.

Her friend let out a sigh, her voice indifferent to Haruna’s ears. “Let me guess, this favor of yours is going to make me scream again, isn’t it? And I wouldn't be able to say no to it, huh?”

Looking at the unconscious animal while stroking it with her free hand, Haruna smiled slightly and nodded her head. “I’m afraid so.”

“Today is a scream fest special then.”


A tall, unknown, naked woman with short chestnut brown hair slowly and painfully stood up, gnashing her teeth from the pain that she feels all throughout her bruised and battered body. She scanned herself with her good eye, her lips parts in astonishment and confusion as she looks at the bandages around her wounds and cuts. Her bandaged hand slowly made its way to her bandaged eye, caressing the feel of the binding that goes around her chin, head then turns to cover her eye that was hurting slightly from the deep gash just below her eyebrow. Slowly, her hand began to travel downwards, past her naked breasts until it reaches her stomach that was wrapped in a binding as well. She placed her hand to her side, remembering the enormous wound she had earlier and how she got it. A frown adorned her features as she tries to remember what happened after that. All she remembers was running away from her pursuers, passing out in the forest and almost bleeding to death. So…what happened after that?

“Shut up…” Was someone’s mumbled reply from behind her making her frown deepened in confusion. Slowly turning to look behind, she found a woman sleeping in a couch, a blanket draped around her covering her lower body. The bruised naked woman cocked her head to the side as she continues to look at the peaceful looking girl. Just who…is this woman?

Her good eye blinked a couple of times as the woman began mumbling and moving on the couch, trying to get comfortable. She watches in confusion as the other woman turned and slept on her stomach, her right arm drifted off the couch. It was then the bruised woman saw what was on the sleeping woman’s arm.

Dried wound that looked like…teeth marks.

“Argh.” She groaned softly, placing her hand on her face as a sudden memory flashes over her making her head hurt. Flashes of the sleeping woman crouching from afar; her moving swiftly, tackling the sleeping woman and biting her; the woman’s look of confusion beneath her; these flashes were too much as her legs suddenly gave way causing her to sit on the wooden carpeted floor. She placed her hand on the carpeted floor, trying to support her weight as she began breathing heavily, shocked at what her head revealed to her. With eyes wide, she slowly turned her gaze back at the sleeping girl.

“I…I bit her?” She whispered in astonishment.

“Noisy…” She heard another mumbled reply from the sleeping girl making her shoulder slumped slightly as she knew the consequences of biting a human would be.

“Great. I just got hitched.”



Next Up: Haruna's POV about...something...I dunno.  :lol: All I know is that it's Haruna's POV  :lol:

EndNote: I know vampires are usually associated with stories like these, but I’m laying off of the vampire fics. Sorry.  :nervous
Oh yeah, I seriously don’t know if a fic like this had already been created in the akb fandom so…if it is…  :nervous  :nervous
Anyway, thanks for reading!  :bow:

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Re: [MariHaru] Bitten - (Prologue)
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I'm curious who's Haruna's lover. And Mariko is a... were-dog? werewolf?  :shocked

It's freakingly interesting and yet you'll surely make me (and other readers) wait VEEERY long for the continuation.  :cry:
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Re: [MariHaru] Bitten - (Prologue)
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Totally hooked :)
Love where this could go
I'm soooooo looking forward to the next chapter...
but I can see the very long wait ahead  :lol:

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Re: [MariHaru] Bitten - (Prologue)
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wow awesome start!! Love the friendship b/w Haruna and Takamina :D
& seems like this'll be a great Mariharu! Looking forward to the next chapter!

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Re: [MariHaru] Bitten - (Prologue)
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Just Gonna Say...You already got me with the prologue...Sign me in...Wolfs + MariHaru + Amazing writing skills = Totally Awesome...(^.^)/

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Re: [MariHaru] Bitten - (Prologue)
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 :mon cute: thanks~ for this~ fanfic~ and for everything~ you and alexiel-sempai~ and ma fwiendship wmatsui22-san~
anyway without you guys I think~ I'm going to break down

so that's all~ thanks for this~ XD

your awesome as ever  :mon blood:

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Re: [MariHaru] Bitten - (Prologue)
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wh..whh..what?? another mariharu??? Mariko a werewolf? love it!!!!

thanks so much FoF-san....
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Re: [MariHaru] Bitten - (Prologue)
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Yippeeee.. Hip Hip Huraaaaaaaa..
Another Basket Case reader is here~! :D :D

Wow.. I'm really waiting for your updates, FoF-san.. Don't care whether it's this or that..
Anything will do..

Honestly, I'm currently in bad mood, and reading your fanfics really healed my mood!
Thanks for this MariHaru~ :D :D

Though I should be apologizing to MariHaru because of SNH babies >.<

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Re: [MariHaru] Bitten - (Prologue)
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Great! Another MariHaru fanfic! XD

Just reading the prologue, I already love it. This is like a werewolf story, the first... I think; usually it's always a vampire story(not that I don't like vampires, I find vampires very intriguing) :P :lol: XD
Hmm... Mariko; which is which :?. After getting bitten by Mariko, it looks like Haruna is going to turn or maybe tranform into a werewolf...uh I mean dog...uh whatever. :smhid :)

Well, as usual very interesting plot and as usual, you never fail to surprise me again. XD
Please take your time and update soon(no pressure) hehe :)
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Re: [MariHaru] Bitten - (Prologue)
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As a BC reader, yeah I will wait FOF-san  :lol:

and now as a Bitten reader..yaaay another FOF's Mariharu
Sure I'll digging it  :)

Cool idea to put Mariko as werewolf or shifter, or.. or.. or..anything like that..
And glad you're including Takamina here  :D

This prologue has catch my eyes.. amazing as expected
go for it. FOF-san  :thumbup

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Re: [MariHaru] Bitten - (Prologue)
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WEEEEEHEEEEEEEEEEEE  :cow: :cow: :cow: :cow: :cow: :cow: :cow:

After jumping up and down of joy since I finally have another fic to look forward to,  :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: I'm gonna open a lifetime threat to you:


Wait, this threat sounds familiar.. oh well nevermind. I use this for all my fav authors  :lol: :lol: :lol:

thanks so much!! for this new fic and your usual style of writing, I definitely in love with it  :deco: :deco: :deco: :deco: And Mariko is a Werewolf..somehow... that image's fit her. And yeah, air head Haruna is the best Haruna, eh?  :nervous :nervous

P/S: if it makes you feel better, while having you tied to a chair, I'll make sure to serve you katsudon (I'm a Takamina wota) or Curry (Mariko loves curry) whenever you hungry.  :deco: :deco: :deco:

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Re: [MariHaru] Bitten - (Chapter 1: Haruna: The girl who didn't cry wolf.)
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My replies to commenters:

@Yuki88: Like you, I'd like to have MOAR MARIHARU as well. Less FoF though. :lol: Ah, Haruna's lover...I'm keeping his/her identity a secret for now. Not because it's a surprise or anything, but I have no idea what I'm doing right now. :lol: So I'm sort of avoiding Haruna's lover for now. :nervous Mariko's more like a werewolf here. I'm glad you find it freakingly interesting. I hope I can make the future chapters freakingly interesting for you though. :nervous Oh, and yes, to the VEEERY long wait. :nervous I'll try not to though. :) Anyway, thanks for reading and commenting! XD

@KojiYuu44: Again with the long wait. :lol: People seems to know me now, huh. :lol: Much like what I said to Yuki88, I'll try not to make you guys wait. Though, I doubt it really. :nervous Honestly, this fic could go anywhere with how I am. :lol: I guess here's hoping I can make this interesting and a bit different. :) Thanks for reading and commenting! XD

@arrow27: Thanks for thinking it was awesome. Means a lot. :) In this story, those two, along with Miichan are best friends. I just miss me some No3b love. :lol: And I do hope that this will be a great MariHaru with an NC17 rating. If not, at least I tried, right? :nervous Thanks for reading and commenting! XD

@Nyx: Here's hoping I'd be able to pull it out like you expect then. :nervous Honestly, I'm not really confident where this whole thing is going, given that I have no idea where this is going. :lol: I don't think that even made sense. :lol: Anyway, thanks for reading and commenting! XD

Aww. Don't thank me. Listening isn't really that hard to do. Sorry I can't give out proper advice since...I'm not really good at that topic. :nervous All I can do for you is to listen. :) Don't worry, I'm pretty sure you can get through it. ;) Many kinds of fishes, you know. :lol: Thanks for reading and commenting! XD

@yanouchi: I thanked you for the poster, right? XD Thanks again! XD Don't be surprised that I did another MariHaru. I honestly would've like to do a whole lot more fics. If I could, I, life and life gets in the way. :nervous I think everyone knows how it is. :lol: Thanks for reading and commenting! XD

@lovemariharu: Yippeee! I updated! :lol: Awww, thanks for waiting for my updates then. :) Sorry about the delay though. Blame life, it's easier to blame that. :lol: I'm glad I could somehow cheer you up then, just by updating. :) And lol, don't blame the SNH babies. By what you showed me, I can't blame you for focusing on them, you know. :lol: Thanks for reading and commenting! XD

@RJay: I'm glad you liked the idea of having another Mariharu fanfic. XD I'd be ecstatic as well, but it's me writing so...:nervous Yeah, it's a werewolf story. :) And like you, I do find vampires story intriguing as well, but I thought about giving them werewolves to shine on their own story. :lol: Plus, I love them furry ones. :lol: Lmao at the dog whatever. :lol: But yeah, Mariko's a werewolf...or at least I think so. :nervous I'll try my best to make this story interesting then. :) The no pressure just added pressure. Kidding. :lol: Thanks for reading and commenting! XD

@masokun: You know, I actually had to search what shape shifter is. I have no idea what that is. :lol: When I read it, I thought it was a pretty cool idea. Sadly, I thought of Mariko as a werewolf than a shape shifter. :nervous Though, maybe I could play with that in the future chapter. :lol: Yeah, I actually miss the No3b bond, so I guess there will more No3b love here. I'm glad you liked the prologue. :) Here's hoping I'll make it interesting then. :lol: Thanks for reading and commenting! XD

@dee1711: Ahh, dee1711-san. The only person who can make me hungry just by saying a delicious, heated, capitalized lettered threat to me. :lol: Seriously, when I read your comment, I got hungry and invited a friend of mine out to eat Japanese food that day. :lol: Had me some Katsudon. :D Then after a few days, some Curry. XD Thank you for liking this fic then. :) And yeah, despite Mariko-sama being a troll, at some point, the werewolf thing somehow fits her image. I don't know why I think that too, really. :nervous Your P/S actually make it sound like heaven to me. :lol: Thanks for reading and commenting! XD

To the silent readers and thank you pressers, I thank you as well.
  :bow: :bow: :bow:

With that done, I apologize for the delay and for this crappy chapter.  :nervous
This chapter feels...flat to me. Haruna's character feels flat here. I dunno, maybe I'm over thinking about this or something. But yeah, flatness everywhere. :nervous
I guess the transition from BC to Bitten is just...overwhelming for me.  :lol:
That and I wasn't feeling like myself a couple of days back while I was writing...which is really odd.
I guess it's one of those days. I dunno. I'm ranting nonsense I know. Don't mind me here. :nervous :nervous
Anyway, yeah, try to enjoy the flatness of this chapter.  :lol:
I'll try to edit this when I get back my mood in a hundred percent. Right now, it's like 50-65 or something. :lol:
Thanks again, and try to ENJOY!  :nervous

NOTE: italicized words << as such, can be flashbacks or a phone conversation. I've placed some -- before the scene of some flashbacks. The others? You have to read to understand.  :nervous Hopefully, it won't be confusing. Tell me if it is. Thanks!  :)


Chapter 1: The girl who didn’t cry wolf.

“And you say this was caused by a wild…Husky?” The doctor asked as he cocked his head to the side, blinking a few times in confusion while he binds my wounded arm. I’m currently in a small clinic downtown being treated since I did promise Takamina last night to go to a hospital first thing in the morning. Sad part is, this town doesn’t have a hospital. So I went with the second best, a small clinic. Truthfully, I didn’t want to go since, despite the enormous, ugly wound that the wild Husky left me, the wound doesn’t…hurt. I still have no idea why that is.

Why wasn’t I hurting?

“Well, yeah. It just suddenly attacked me yesterday.” I informed him with a nod. I watch him as he carefully tied the two ends of the gauze together in a bow tie. Once done, he leaned back and pushed his glasses on the bridge of his nose.

“Well, that should do it.” He says as he gave me a gentle smile making me blush a little bit. I have to say, this doctor in front of me, with his gentle features, semi long brown hair tied in a small ponytail, hazel brown eyes is an epitome of a good looking man. He doesn’t look Japanese now that I blatantly stare at him. He’s probably half Japanese and half…something that would make him that good looking. Maybe I should tell him about the small wounds that the Husky left on my shoulder as well. If I did, he will probably ask me to remove my top for him to see and—

“Are you alright, Miss?” He suddenly asked with a slight frown. “You seemed a bit…flushed.”

“You’re fine!” I suddenly blurted out, jumping slightly from my seat. Mortified, I quickly covered my mouth, my eyes wide at what I had cried out. He looked mildly surprised, his eyes widened underneath his glasses. After blinking a few times, he nodded his head.

“Right. Good to know.” He said as he gave me an awkward smile. Slowly, I lowered my hand, offering him an apologetic yet embarrassed smile. The embarrassment I felt quickly doubled when he didn’t acknowledge my smile as he just wordlessly stood up from his chair and walked towards his table. He grabbed his clipboard and began jotting down something on it. Probably writing down how weird I am to him. Well I can just blame it on the anesthetics he injected on me just in case he asks though.

“A wild Husky.” He mumbled as a frown graced his handsome features, tapping the pen against his lips in thought. “I’ve never heard of a wild Husky attacking before. Are you sure it wasn’t a wolf that attacked you…uh…Kojima-san?” He asks as he looks at me after reading my name through his clipboard that I filled up earlier.

I tilted my head to the side, blinking a few times as I looked at him confusedly. “A…Wolf?

“Yes, a Wolf. You are currently living in the cabin near the mountains, right?”

“How did you…?” I didn’t write any address on the form that they made me fill up earlier. So how did this doctor know where I was staying? Is he…stalking me? That’s…actually not bad if he is indeed stalking me. I am a free woman now anyway. Stalkers as good looking as him can stalk away any day, anytime of the week.

He let out a chuckle and I suddenly felt worried for a moment that he can read my mind. That thought flew away as he shook his head and smiled at me. “The population of this small town is only about 500 people. We hardly have tourist come here so it wouldn’t be surprising if you are the talk of the town right now.”

“So…people are…stalking me.” I stated giving him a strange look. If he’s stalking me, it’s okay, but the other 499 people? That’s…that’s just weird, even for someone like me.

He let out another chuckle. “I wouldn’t call it stalking. It’s more like…observing.”

“Is there a difference?”

“Well, stalkers would follow you everywhere and are often dressed up in black trench coats, hiding through the bushes just to spy on you.” He pointed out as he leaned at his table, amusement on his features. “I don’t think any of the townspeople would resort to that.”

Hearing that actually doesn’t make me feel at ease. He seems to notice as he shook his head, keeping his smile on me. “You don’t have to worry about the townspeople. They really are nice people. Though, some of them tend to be wary of newcomers especially city folks such as yourself.”

“And that’s supposed to be comforting me?”

“The first one, yes. The last one? A small warning, just in case.” He pushed himself off of the table and gave me a wink that definitely wiped out the weird look I was giving him. Okay, so I can honestly tell that in just a few hours of meeting him, I already have a tiniest crush on him. How can I not when he’s good looking and nice and…good looking. Honestly, these are the times wherein I’m thankful for being single again. Now that I think about it, this is the only time wherein I’m thankful that I am single.

After just spending a day, am I cured or what?

“So? Can you remember what this…Husky looks like?” He asks as he stood in front of me, his head tilted to the side as he looks at me curiously.

“Husky-san?” I blinked a couple of times.

“You call him, Husky-san?”

“It’s actually a ‘her,’ but yeah, I call her Husky-san.” I nodded as I beamed him a smile which earned me a chuckle from him. Yay, me. I like him laughing.

“Right, Husky-san. Could you describe her to me, then?” He says as he placed both his hands inside his white lab coat pockets. Blinking a few times, I cocked my head to the side as I remember the wounded Husky that I spent the whole night treating, miraculously patching up her wounds just so she wouldn’t die. With the help of my trusted, angry nurse that is.

“Well, she is sort of like a Husky, with grayish white, black, a touch of brown in her thick fur.” I replied with a slight frown, recalling the color of her fur after I cleaned most of her blood from her body.

“And her eyes?”

Her eyes…

“Amber that glows in the dark.” I tell him instantly, softly as if I was in a trance while I remember her eyes angrily looking down on me, viciously growling as she pins me beneath her. My hand slowly and unconsciously made its way to my bandaged forearm, gripping it tightly as the memory of being bitten suddenly enters my mind.

“Now that I think about it, what you described does sound like a normal Husky. But then again, it’s hard to determine whether or not it was a Husky or a wolf, given that they do share some similarities genetically.” He said, bringing me back from my reverie. “But since I haven’t heard of any Huskies attacking and going around these areas especially near Gray Mountains where you’re currently residing, I have to say that it must have been a wolf that attacked you.”

“Husky-san could be…a Wolf…?” I asked softly, bewildered at what he was telling me. “And what does Gray Mountains have anything to do with Wolves anyway?” I asked hesitantly, somewhat dreading the answer.

He stares at me for a moment, blinking a few times as if what I asked was sort of weirding him out. I blushed under his gaze, until finally he answers in all seriousness, “Gray Mountains is actually named after the Gray Wolf, that is said to be the largest species of a wolf. The Gray Mountains is inhabited by these Wolves for years now.”

“Oh.” I am seriously not liking this town the more I get to know about it. My mom’s friend should’ve had a warning about how this place is infested with wolves before I rented her place. I came here to relax and do some heart searching and recovering. Not to worry about Wolves suddenly knocking on my door dressed up in Red Riding Hood’s clothing. Though that thought is actually pretty funny now that I think about it.

“I wonder though, how large is Husky-san?” He asks as he cocked his head to the side.

“Why do you want to know?”

“Because Wolves are a lot larger than Huskies.” He says in a matter of fact voice. I thought back on the wounded Husky-san.

“Now that I think about it, she is a lot bigger and larger…not to mention heavier.” A pained smile suddenly crossed my lips upon remembering her. I suddenly remember my struggles in dragging her inside the cabin. She was so heavy that it was like I was pulling a human being. Only when I dragged her like a sack of potatoes near the fireplace did I notice how huge she was. Honestly, if she were awake at that time and standing in her four legs, she’d be about as tall as my hips, which of course I didn’t notice when she was trying to kill me last night. Now that I think about it, if she’s that tall in all fours, I wonder how tall she’d be if I were to hold her up?

Right, like she’ll let me hold her up. Especially now that she’s—

“Heavier?” The handsome doctor asks, cutting off my train of thought.

I shook my head, giving him an awkward smile. “Uh…it’s nothing.”

“Right.” He nodded looking unconvinced. He doesn’t need to know about how I actually dragged the poor animal inside the cabin and helped her with her wounds. If I did, he would probably look at me weirdly again, thinking that I’m insane. I mean, who helps an animal that just attacked and tried to kill you, right?

“Only you, the great airheadness would do something like this.”
Was what Takamina told me yesterday with a defeated sigh.

Insulting, but true.

“Now that I think about it, your wounds are similar to those who were attacked by Wolves as well.” He informed me. Again, that really doesn’t make me feel at ease.

“Just…how many are these people who were attacked anyway?” I asked, feeling a bit dreadful at the idea that this town is infested with wolves.

“Well, a lot.” He offered me a sympathetic smile as he shrugged. I let out a sigh, my eyes downcast to my lap, frowning. “But they don’t attack people, if that’s what you’re thinking.” He added causing me to look back at him, keeping the slight frown on my forehead.

“What do you mean?”

“Wolves don’t attack people intentionally. It’s the other way around.” He says before letting out a soft sigh. With a sad smile crossing his lips, he added, “It’s the people who are intentionally attacking them causing them to retaliate.”




“Okay, I-I’ve wrapped most of her wounds.” I shakily tell Takamina, wiping the sweat from my forehead with my hand that was slightly covered with blood. “Although, I seriously don’t know if I did it right.” I tell her honestly, looking at the now-bandaged, still unconscious Husky.

Even though she’s unconscious, she was still letting out soft whimpers while she sleeps as I clean her wounds causing me to somehow feel bad about it. I clenched my jaw tight, remembering the times I apologized to her whenever she lets out a whimper earlier. Despite how I’m helping her, no matter how gentle I was, it still hurts her. At some point, I’m still causing her to hurt and…I can’t help but feel sorry. I can’t help but feel bad. Add the fact that I have no idea what I was supposed to do to help her, yet I was the only one who can, makes me feel ten times worse. Thankfully, Takamina was there to order me how to do it correctly. At least, I think I did it correctly.

I let out a sigh as I stared at the bandaged dog that I laid down the carpet. Carefully, I reached out and caressed her forehead, staring at her bandaged eye. I couldn’t help but mutter out an apology again as I saw her muzzle twitch as I continue to caress her. Now that I think about it, I guess it’s a bit hard for me as well since this is the first time treating someone with such wounds. And it’s an animal that attacked me just a little while ago, how ironic. Maybe, I really am not right in the mind right now like what Takamina keeps telling me. But the thought of her dying just…makes me feel uneasy at some point.

I wonder, why do I care so much for this animal that attacked me?

“Well like what you said earlier; ‘it’s better than doing nothing.’” I hear Takamina gruffly say after she cleared her throat, breaking my reverie.

“Are you mad at me?” I asked with my eyebrow raised as I turned to look behind me where my phone is placed on the coffee table.

She let out an exasperated sigh, before letting out, “I just don’t get why you have to help it. I mean, it almost killed you. Who’s to say it won’t try to kill you again tomorrow?”

I let out a sigh, knowing quite well how right she is, but…

I turned back to look at the unconscious Husky, my eyes slowly travels to her bandaged body until it rests on the deep gash she has that I have yet to bandaged. It was covered with a now bloody cloth as I pressed it against the gash, putting pressure trying to somehow keep it from bleeding as per Takamina’s order. I clenched my jaw tight, feeling the tears building up from my eyes as I remember how upsetting it was for me to see it up close. She has a lot of ugly, horrendous wounds, but that deep gash she has was what struck me the most. Not because it’s big, but because deep inside, I knew the one who did that to her…was a human. 

An inhumane human.


My phone started ringing, causing me to push myself off of the steering wheel that I was leaning at. Glancing at my ringing bag on the passenger seat, I couldn’t help but let out a sigh. Somehow, I’m not surprised that I have a caller after only a few minutes of turning my phone on. It doesn’t take a genius to know who it is calling. She’s probably calling to check up on me and to see if I really went to the hospital. Well, I have the bandage and the shot as proof that I did went like she told me to. If that doesn’t do, I could also tell her about the calling card that I embarrassingly asked for received from the handsome doctor. Well, to me it is embarrassing even though I just told him that I do need to call someone just in case I have an emergency. Though, It may sound innocent enough for him that he nodded his head in understanding and gave it to me without hesitating, but deep inside me, there’s a little part that went ecstatic that I actually have his number and that I could text or call him whenever I want. With or without emergency, that is. Though, I honestly doubt about the without emergency bit. I mean, much as I like him, I don’t have the guts to call him and ask him out. But if it is the opposite, well, that’s a different story.

Oh, right. Phone. Sorry Takamina.

Shaking my head to push out the unnecessary thoughts, I grabbed my bag and fished for my phone that was ringing relentlessly. A frown made its way to my face as I stared at the screen. It wasn’t Takamina who was calling me.

It was another…Minami.

“Finally! Geez! I’ve been like, calling for hours you know!” Was what she immediately said as I pushed the call button and held the phone against my ear.


“No, this is actually your phone company asking you why the hell is your phone off for hours when you’ve given us your advance payment—yes this is Miichan! Geez!” She tells me loudly, making me to cringe. Okay, the loudness was definitely unnecessary there.

I decided to play the dense card trying to lighten things up by saying, “My phone company sure is nice enough to care and ask me that. Their service is really improving this year, huh,” as the corner of my lips curled up to form a smile.

“You know, if I wasn’t worried to death about your ass, I would’ve found that funny.” She deadpanned. The smile on my face quickly left me as I let out a sigh and I shook my head. This is actually the other Minami that I dreaded calling me for the reason that she will most likely tell me the same things Takamina told me yesterday. I’m in Heavy Rotation then.

Not knowing what to say to prevent her from scolding me, I tell her, “I’m sorry...?” my tone unsure. Despite the fact that that is probably where this discussion would be going—me apologizing to her I mean—it didn’t work. Letting out that question mark in the end was definitely a mistake.

“Well you better be sorry.” She grumbled softly, as if she was gritting her teeth in anger. I wouldn’t be surprised if she has her eyes narrowed as well. That grinding of teeth of hers is always accompanied by her narrowing her eyes. It was sort of…her angry look. In meal terms, it’s set number 1. “I heard what happened from Takamina a couple of hours ago about you being a pain in her…tushy.” She added, her voice sounded unsure at the last word she stated.


“Takamina said the word…tushy?” I snorted with laughter, and then started giggling at the word Takamina used.

“Well no, she said ass.” She let out dryly. “Or…at least that’s what I think I heard from her.” 

“You think?” I asked as a slight frown made its way to my face as I heard confusion on her voice. She’s not sure whether Takamina said ass or tushy?

“Well her voice sounded…hoarse, so it was a bit hard to understand what she was saying earlier on the phone.”

“Oh.” Well, that explains it then. I guess all that screaming she did yesterday caused her to somehow lose her voice. She was pretty loud yesterday all screamy happy. Though, I really can’t blame her from the scream fest she did yesterday. If I was in her position, I’d probably be hysterical too.

“Yeah, but I did understand bits of it. She was all, ‘Haruna. Airhead. Dog. Bite. Airhead. Helping Dog. Airhead forever.’ So I pretty much summed up what she was trying to say.”
She sneeringly said causing me to swallow the knot on my throat as I know what’s about to come next. Here comes another scream fest special then, courtesy of Miichan of course.

“Miichan…” I sighed, pleadingly but it went unheard to her ears.

“Let me tell you, when you texted me yesterday about you not really going to Cabo I was soooo—“

Hoo boy. Here we go again.

“—not disappointed, you know.”

Wait what?

“I mean, why should I? It was your decision to go wherever you want, you know. I don’t really care where you go as long as you inform us where you go. With that said, I am disappointed that you lied to us about your whereabouts, you know.” She tells me, her voice sounded annoyed at the end.

“Well, I did say I’m sorry earlier.” I reminded her as I smiled awkwardly to no one. Again, it seemingly went unheard as she continues her tirade.

“I was even against the idea of joining you, unlike Takamina who wanted to surprise you, insisting me on taking a leave and hop on the nearest plane as soon as she got the tickets with a bag of ice cream in tow.” She informed me. Well, if I remember correctly, Takamina did say something about surprising me. The ice cream? Well she did somehow suggest it since it was our usual ritual whenever we’re heart broken.

She let out a sigh. “You know, sometimes I think that girl has a crush on you. I mean, insisting on following you when you’re on the road to recovery? C’mon now. I know you. You need space.”

Well that, Takamina didn’t say. And…huh? What is Miichan…?

“What?” I let out feeling a bit weirded out at what Miichan is insinuating. It’s so like Miichan to insinuate something as preposterous as that. Takamina having a crush on me? Can’t it be that she’s just being a nice, good best friend like she always is? Though, now that I think about it, Miichan was the one who told me that—

I quickly shook my head, knowing where that was heading. I really don’t need to relieve those memories if I am in the path of recovery. Think hot doctors in a cute ponytail. Hot, handsome doctor that gave you their calling card.

“Anyway, so yeah, there I was in my apartment after just getting myself off—from work mind you.”

“I wasn’t…thinking that. The other THAT I mean.” I made a pained look as I glanced at the phone in that I’m holding against my ear. “THAT was definitely an overshare, Miichan.”

“Uh, hello? Rude much? I’m doing the ranting here. Can you not disturb me?” She says in a spiteful tone. My eyebrow arched up at that.

“Why are you using a bitchy, cheerleader tone on me?”

“Because I’m in bitch mode, bitch.” She scoffed in a less spiteful tone before letting out a snort like sound as if she’s muffling her laughter a moment later. Somehow, with the thought that she was finding this whole thing amusing, a soft chuckle escaped my lips.

“Glad we cleared that up then.” I tell her with a grin, remembering that this Minami can never hold her anger for too long, especially towards me and Takamina. She’s that type of a person.

“Goddamn it, stop.” She tells me with a groan. “I can tell you’re smiling right now. Don’t, because I was serious about being mad at you for the trouble that you caused and I promised Takamina to give you a scolding.” She let out an exasperated sigh.

The grin on my face widened as I nod my head. “Was. Gotcha.”

“Haruna…” She whiningly chided, triggering a soft chuckle out of me. She whined again after that, probably pouting on the other end. I decided to play nice, telling her to continue her rant as I continue to smile while I play with the kimmidoll keychain the three of us bought together a few years ago. I caressed the red permanent marker Takamina used to sloppily draw over its lips, trying to thicken it and make it similar to mine, only failing as she completely exaggerated on it that it looked like the doll has swollen lips. I took revenger on her own doll, drawing long and deep smile lines on her doll. Smirking at the memory of her looking annoyed by it, I then turned the doll over, caressing my name that Miichan sculpted horribly without my permission. The memory of me doing the same to her doll as revenge suddenly came to my mind.

Looking at the once cute doll brought the feeling of nostalgia inside me.

“Okay, let’s just pretend I gave you a kick ass scolding for Takamina’s sake since I’m sure she scolded you enough yesterday, what with her voice being like that and all.”

“Yeah. She did.” I let out a sigh, staring at the doll I was holding the doll in my hand knowing quite well that Takamina is angry at me right now despite her telling me otherwise. I really can’t blame her for being mad since if I was in her position, I’d be mad at me as well. It was pretty stupid of me to help Husky-san…but…

“I should be mad as well since you almost killed yourself, Haruna. What were you thinking?” She tells me softly, exasperatedly. The hold I have on the doll tightened as the guilt I was starting to feel somehow doubled upon hearing that.

“I…I’m sorry.” I tell her wholeheartedly, my voice cracking slightly. I really didn’t mean to worry them that much, but I just had to help because…

She was quiet for a while making me feel miserable. Finally she let out a breathy sigh before saying, “Well, for whatever reason it is that you did that, I’m just glad that you’re okay.”

“I really am sorry, to both of you.” I tell her softly.

“I know. And despite how angry Takamina is or was, she knows too.  Just…don’t do that again, okay? Promise me you won’t to do that again. Not when we’re not around to be there for you, alright?”

Despite the guilt I felt, I couldn’t help but smile at that. “Yeah, I promise.” I tell her softly as I opened my hand to look at the swollen-lipped doll resting in the palm of my hand. They really have been there for me always, and I owe them a lot. Just remembering the things that we’ve been through, all the laughter, the sadness, the heart aches and then some, I have to say…

…I really am lucky to have such wonderful friends beside me.

“Good. You better keep your promise then Kojima, not until we get there which…I’m thinking pretty soon since you’ve angered and worried General Takamina so much that I think she’s going to submit her vacation leave tomorrow.” She informed me lightly before letting out a chuckle. Somehow, upon hearing that, my shoulder slumped forward feeling defeated.

“I thought she was kidding.” I groaned out.

“Takamina never kids when she’s angry, remember?”

Now that I think about it, she’s right. But…

“I know that, but I thought she was kidding about being angry and since I thought that, I also thought she was also kidding on the coming here part.”

“That’s just so many thoughts out of you, huh. And we call you an airhead! Tch.” She said sarcastically before letting out a snicker of amusement.

“That’s not funny.” I said as I pout.

“Yeah it is.” She responded while she chuckles causing me to groan again and softly pound my forehead against the steering wheel of my car. I let out a sigh and closed my eyes, thinking of an image of a miffed looking Takamina and a grinning Miichan with their luggage in front of the cabin.

So much for my alone time then.


“Home sweet, silent home.” I mumbled as I walked inside the empty cabin. “Well, I could say goodbye to the silent home, since I’m going to have visitors soon.” I animatedly added with annoyance in my voice as I began wiping the snow off from my shoulder and head. As much as I love those two to death, I really was hoping for some alone time. I told Miichan that and she just scoffed at me, saying,

“Yeah well, blame yourself on this one for being the good, airheaded Samaritan.”

I let out a defeated sigh and shook my head internally blaming myself much like what Miichan told me to. With my shoulders a bit slumped, I closed the front door, removed my winter outwear and began hanging them in the closet near the door that I only noticed last night while I was looking for the first aid kit that my mom’s friend told me about a few days before I came here. Remembering how I was frantically looking for it, I turned to look at living room where it was on the coffee table, opened with its items messily on the coffee table. I walked mindlessly towards the living room, stopping only when I was behind the couch that I slept on. Placing my hand on it, I frowned slightly as my eyes slowly made its way to the blood stained carpet where I remember leaving the wounded animal after tending to its wounds.

The wounded animal that was gone the moment I groggily woke up and opened my eyes.

I let out a disappointed sigh, lightly squeezing the cushion of the couch. I guess, I really shouldn’t feel disappointed that she just suddenly left without a...uh bark or even a growl. I should feel lucky that she just up and left without killing or even eating me. Though, honestly, there’s a part of me that expected differently from her, even if she’s an animal. But then with that thought, I began to wonder…

…what is it about her that makes me think that she’s...different?

I shook my head, trying to clear my head from thinking too much. I let out a snort of amusement as I found it funny that I am an airhead that thinks too much. Or maybe it’s just because it’s too quiet here that makes me think too much. If that is the case, then maybe Miichan and Takamina being here wouldn’t be so bad then.

“It’ll be a bore without us and you know it.”
Was Miichan’s words earlier. A smile crosses my lips as I remembering her confident tone. Despite the fact that it somehow irritates me that they’ll be coming here and crashing on my much needed alone time, there’s a part of me that was also looking forward to it as well.

Just a small part of me though. Apparently I’m THAT bored.

Further proving that I am indeed bored, uncharacteristically, I made my way towards the coffee table and began cleaning up, packing the items back inside the first aid kit. I let out a sigh as I picked up the empty box of the gauze bandages, remembering how I used it all up on Husky-san telling Takamina differently. The thing is, I used up all the gauze on Husky-san’s wound that I didn’t get to bind mine. It didn’t matter to me though since…I barely feel anything from it.

No pain. Nothing.

Placing back the empty box on the table, I rolled the sleeves of my cashmere sweater to look at my bandaged forearm. My hand made its way to it, gripping it tightly. With how tight I was holding it, it was like I was the one trying to make it hurt, just so I could feel something. Anything from it. Still, no matter how much I grip it, I still can’t feel anything.

Why…is that?

Thoughts of unable to feel pain in my forearm suddenly flew out of my mind as I hear soft whimpers coming from the outside. It sounded like…

Biting my lower lip, I made my way towards the window and looked outside, my eyes darting around until finally, I saw what I was looking for.

“Husky-san…” I softly mumbled under my breath as I placed my hand on the cold glass of the window. She came back. A small smile slowly made its way on my lips as I watch her rolling, jumping, and burying herself in the snow while letting out happy whimpers as she plays. She looks like she’s having the time of her life, despite the bandages wrapped around that almost covers her whole body. I have a feeling that if Takamina sees my handy work, she’d laugh like crazy thinking that I over did it making the wounded Husky look like a mummy. But, even if I over did it, at least she’s fine now.

That’s…the important thing...right…?

Finally, after much playing, the Husky seems to have calmed down, panting as she lays on the snow, her fur that was peeking out of her bandages covered in snow. The small smile on my lips slowly fades and my brow slowly creases as I continue to watch her. She turns her head to look at her bandages on her body for a moment, then began biting the bindings, seemingly trying to remove it. Afraid that she might pull the stitches that I miraculously applied last night—of course, with the help of my trusted nurse, Takamina—without thinking, I quickly ran towards the back door and opened it yelling, “No! Don’t!” causing the Husky to halt her attempt to remove it.

She looked frozen in surprise much like I am. I couldn’t help but swallow down the knot in my throat and cringe as she whipped her head to look at me, her ears in erect, mouth closed, posture in alert and her one opened eye that wasn’t covered in a bandage quickly hardened as she gazes at me. Gone was the happy looking wounded dog that she was earlier. And it’s all because of me.

“Uh…h-hi…?” I stammered offering her a hesitant wave and an awkward smile. She didn’t move. But I did, taking a hesitant step out onto the snowy back porch.

…What am I doing?

“I’m…Haruna. Ko-Kojima Haruna.” I tell her as I took another step. “I’m the one…that patched you up last night. I know you don’t remember because you passed out, but…I…I just wanted you to know.” Another step. Nothing. My heart beating loudly against my chest, still I took another step.

…Why am I talking and walking towards a dangerous animal?

“And…I’m not a bad person.” I tell her while taking another step. Still nothing.

…I am crazy to be doing this though.

“Surely you can sense that. I mean, like I said…I helped you with your wounds…who does that, right?”

…Apparently, only me. An airhead.

I stepped down the back porch. “Even when you bit me last night I still—”

Her muzzle twitched causing me to stop my hesitant steps towards her. I kept my eyes on her, clenching my jaw tight, feeling a bit nervous that she go into berserk mode again. But seeing her eye slowly moving towards my wounded arm made me think otherwise as I saw what appears to be a flicker of something behind her amber eye. I’m not sure what it was because her eye didn’t linger long on my arm as her eye quickly made its way to mine.

Was that perhaps…recognition?

Wanting to know if she can indeed recognize or even understand me, I held up my arm up, showing her my bandaged forearm. “Yeah, you bit me last night, remember?” I asked before taking a step forward, my feet covered in slippers buried slightly into the snow. 

She moved again, this time it wasn’t brief as she slowly rose up on all fours without problem. Somehow that was the only time I remember clearly how she had deep wounds on her legs as well, despite watching her a little while ago playing on the snow. It makes me wonder how fast her healing rate is.

I mean, does an animal’s healing rate differ from that of a human?

Shaking that unnecessary thought away, I noticed that the distance between us were becoming short. It was like, she was letting me come closer to her, that perhaps, at some point, she trusts me. Weird thought I know, but somehow that realization encourages me to take another step forward, which, surprisingly, made her a bit…angry as she began to snarl softly, warning me. Her tail in a high position and her head slightly lowered as she stares at me.

I guess I was wrong about the trusting bit.

‘Stay away.’ That faint, unfamiliar voice suddenly said, surprising me. With a frown, I whipped my head, trying to see if there was someone was there.

No one. So who…?

Blinking a few times, I slowly turned to look back at the Husky, noticing that her hardened gaze was still focused on me.

Could it be…?

A silly thought suddenly entered my mind causing me to let out an awkward chuckle. No way. Now I really am being stupid.

“I think I’m hearing things now.” I mumbled, scratching the back of my ear. “Probably because I haven’t eaten lunch yet.”

Noticeably, her ear twitched at the word ‘lunch,’ her tail that was in a high position lowers slightly and began to wag slowly, slightly. It was obvious that she too hadn’t had lunch yet. Despite the fact that she’s still glaring at me, somehow seeing her hard exterior cracking to some extent, made me smile.

It made me smile because now I was certain she can understand me at some point.

“Hold that thought.” I tell her with a smile before turning and running back inside the cabin. Remembering the packed pork meat that I brought with me in this trip of recovery, I pulled it out of the fridge and quickly made my way back to where the Husky was waiting. I let out a hard sigh, my breath forming a fog as I stood exactly where I was while smiling. I crouched down and began to unpack it. I glanced at her and saw that her hardened gaze was now aimed at what I was unwrapping. My smile widened upon seeing that.

Once done, I pulled up the cold meat and held it up for her to see. “You’re hungry right?” I asked despite knowing the answer. Her tail wagging sped up and she licked her lips briefly while her uncovered eye locked hungrily on the meat I’m holding, seemingly waiting for me to throw it to her. Keeping the smile, I indulge her wish and threw it in front of her.

I watch her as she looked at it for a while, curiously while she cocked her head slightly to the side. She sniffed it for a moment then slowly raised her head slightly to look at me, just staring blankly as if...asking for permission…?

“Go ahead.” I tell her, motioning towards the meat in front of her. I clenched my jaw tight and tried to keep the smile on my face as she stares intensely at me. Her stare was…making me feel nervous. It was like, she was…reading me?

“I won’t hurt you.” I promised softly, hugging my knees against my chest. “I am really not a bad person.” I assured her as I smiled sadly at her.

She stares at me for a moment until finally, her eye slowly made its way to the meat in front of her. I watch her intently as she clawed the meat, tearing it for a moment then finally bit it with her sharp teeth. I honestly thought it would take less than a minute for her to finish it off, but oddly enough, it looked like she was playing on her food as scrapes on it, bite it a little then goes back to tearing it again. The word sadist somehow comes to my mind as I watch her.

“You are one sadistic Husky huh.” I tell her after she finally swallows the meat. Her eye made its way back to me, her posture once again tense as she snarled at me. I smiled nervously at her. “I was just…joking Husky-san.”

That actually angered her more, letting out a vicious growl, her lowered down and tail once again in a higher position. She looked like she’s getting ready to attack me, causing me to stand up and take a step back. I frowned at the angry looking Husky, wondering what it is that I did or say that seems to make her angry. I mean, she seemed fine before so…?

“Now that I think about it, what you described does sound like a normal Husky. But then again, it’s hard to determine whether or not it was a Husky or a wolf, given that they do share some similarities genetically.” He said, bringing me back from my reverie. “But since I haven’t heard of any Huskies attacking and going around these areas especially near Gray Mountains where you’re currently residing, I have to say that it must have been a wolf that attacked you.”

“Husky-san could be…a Wolf…?” I asked softly, bewildered at what he was telling me.

The memory suddenly flashed in my mind. Could it be that she is angry because I keep calling her…?

“Husky-san.” I mumbled, keeping my eyes on her. She suddenly let out an angry bark accompanied by a vicious growl as she looks at me. Seeing that, I couldn’t help but cringe and step back. Okay, obviously she doesn’t like that, so let’s try…

“W-wolf-san…?” I hesitantly said. Somehow, her growling stopped but she still kept her position alert. Huh. I decided to try again for the sake of being sure.


She immediately let out a vicious growl, completely cutting me off. I swallowed down my nervousness as I waved my free hand at her as if in surrender. I think it’s clear what it is that she’s trying to tell me here.

“Okay, I get it.” I tell her as I wave my free hand. “S-sorry Wolf-san. I won’t call you the ‘H’ animal then.” I tell her with a nervous smile. Surprisingly enough that seems to calm her down as her facial features eases up, looking much like what she did earlier. Normal, yet a little bit in the alert and cautious mode as her eye locked on mine. Seeing her like that somehow eases up the nervousness inside me.

“Here.” I threw two slab of meat her way with a smile. “That’s an extra right there as a token of my apologies, Wolf-san.”

She glanced at it for a moment then turned back at me, giving me a blank stare.

“C’mon, eat it.” I tell her, my eyebrow moving upward suggestively. She stares at me for a while then turned her attention to the meat in front of her. I crouched down and watched her as she once again did her own sadistic ritual of eating. I seriously don’t know if other wolves eat that way. I always thought they’d just eat like they haven’t eaten for days much like other the other savage beasts in the animal world would. At least, that’s what I saw in National Geographic channel.

I think I’ll search more about her kind later on.

She let out a whimper and began scratching the side of her face that was covered with bandages. I couldn’t help but let out a soft chuckle.

“You know, with you bandaged up and with the way you eat, you look like you’re into sadomasochism.”

Nothing. Not even a glance as she has once again began playing with her food, gnawing the piece of meat while she wags her tail happily.

“Hmmm. Maybe I should call you Sado.” I mumbled as I hugged my knees. “Is that okay, Wolf-san?”

She once again didn’t acknowledge me, which I took as a good sign.

“Sado it is then.” I nodded. Noticing that she was about to finish the last meat on the snowy ground, I threw another slab her way. I continue to watch her in silence as, resting my chin on top of my knees. My eyes began to wander on her bandages, biting my lower lip as I suddenly remember how I was shakily stitched the huge gash she had on her side. I remember pressing my fingers on my eyes, trying to tell myself not to cry as I pierced the needle onto her body.

“Stop it, Haruna.” I mumbled to myself as I rest my forehead against my knees. I closed my eyes and willed myself to think of something else. It was then I remember Takamina’s question.

“I just don’t get why you have to help it. I mean, it almost killed you. Who’s to say it won’t try to kill you again tomorrow?”

Slowly, I raised my head up to look at the eating animal, my lips pressed on my thigh. Surprisingly, she stopped clawing the meat and raised her head to look back at me. I stared at that blank, beautiful amber eye of hers and with a small smile that was hidden because of my thigh; I remember my vague answer to Takamina.

“Honestly, I don’t know why I want to help her.” I tell Takamina, still keeping my eyes on the sleeping Husky, my hand caressing the side of her face. “All I know is…I NEED to help her.”



Next Up: Mariko's POV...or should I call her Sado for now.  :lol: Let's get inside her furry head.  :lol: I'm trying the shifting POVs style here.  :)

End Note: So I was thinking about this fic after I updated BC and started searching about werewolves just so I could have an idea of what to write next. I saw this awesome video of David Guetta that surprisingly was similar to what I was thinking. I don't really know David Guetta that much. So it was a first for me.  :nervous It's like the prologue of the prologue.  :lol: I know it's prequel but I wanted to say prologue of prologue.  :lol: Anyway link here >> << Watch it. it's pretty cool.  :twothumbs Thanks for reading. See you guys in BC. When? I have no idea.  :nervous No I'm not being mean. I just...really have no idea when. Soon I hope.  :lol:

EDIT! No name for the handsome doctor yet. I don't what to name him yet.  :lol: Same goes with the other pairings. Still no idea.  :nervous I cut the conversation between Haruna's and the doctor. It'll be continued in flashbacks inside Haruna's head as she goes around the nameless town. Seriously, it feels like I'm getting lazy or something.  :nervous

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Re: [MariHaru] Bitten - (Chapter 1: Haruna: The girl who didn't cry wolf.)
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Nice chapter FoF-san, cute conversation Haruna with Sado-san...

hope that it doesn't take long time for Mariko appear in human form to Haruna and fall for her...:D

can't wait for next update Mariko's POV...will wait patiently... :cool2:

p.s: you're welcome FoF-san, i'm glad you like the poster...
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Finally FoF-san remembered she has another fanfic other than Basket Case :v

ROFL.. booked as well! <3

Nah.. Time to edit  XD :lol: :lol:

Honestly, I like Haruna's character here..
So so so her  :lol: don't get any hard time imagining those :D :D
waiting.. waiting for the next update..
But I think it's supposed to be Basket Case update first right?  :drool: :drool:

And.. Um.. What else..
Oh.. SNH babies.. @.@ Hm.. Actually not everyone in it drives me crazy..
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YAY! An update!! XD

Gee... I really don't know what to say. Haruna meets a handsome looking doctor and she has a crush on him, though I really wonder who is he.
People hurting those wolves! No wonder wolf-Mariko attacked with impulse, for defense. Why would these people attack these wolves, there must have a reason to it(maybe I already know the answer :P :lol:)
Haruna talking to Mariko/Sado when she's a wolf, I find it funny and Mariko only answers with a growl and such. :lol:

Please update soon!! XD
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I was hesitant in reading this to start with :lol:

Anyways Haruna has developed such a warm conversation with the wolf even if it bit her.

And yes tushy XD XD XD

I will enjoy this with the immense details of your writing
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Thanks for the update, ahhh finally XD

You're right about Haruna's character being a bit flat here, like it's still unclear how she is actually, haha. But really, her interaction with Mariko (or should I call her sado XD) was really cute! I wonder why Mariko didn't visit her in her human form, though? :3

Anyway, I shall wait for the update and a bit of development on Haruna's character! And ofc, more of Mariko's side of thought :D
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yay finally an update!!
i liked this chapter in general
i'm not worried that Haruna's character is a little flat...
im sure u will be able to make that change as the story progresses
Haruna and Mariko/Sado's interactions were funny to read
I love how their relationship has developed so far... I wonder when Mariko will appear in her human form
the handsome doctor... the things he said... I wonder if he is trying to get to something...

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Re: [MariHaru] Bitten - (Chapter 1: Haruna: The girl who didn't cry wolf.)
« Reply #18 on: March 03, 2013, 06:41:19 AM »
wow this story is amazing!  :shocked almost didn't give it a chance to tell ya the truth after the whole twilight crazed and me making the mistake of reading the first twilight book I was scar for life  :cry: but after reading this all I want is to read more so please update this too  :roll:
Spanish original name es mary es mi amor por leo dan:
Mari(mariko)es mi amor, solo con ella
vivo la felicidad yo se que nunca a nadie
mas podria amar, por que la quiero de
verdad por eso mary por favor dame tu
mano continuemos siempre asi
despues de todo que mas te puedo
pedir si soy feliz...muy feliz.
Si un dia me faltas tu que
Dios me ayude a morir ya que
no volvera a hacer en esta vida feliz
sin ti mari...sin ti estoy
viviendo por ti... 
English ver dow originally name mary is my love by leo dan :
My love is Mari, just with her
I live in happiness
I know I will never again
fall in love with nobody, because I
feel a true love Because of that,
Mari, give me your hand we'll
forever continue this way After all,
what can I ask you more if I am happy...
very happy If one day I will miss you,
God help me to die ,
without you Mari...
If i live my life for you...  -----------<@

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Re: [MariHaru] Bitten - (Chapter 1: Haruna: The girl who didn't cry wolf.)
« Reply #19 on: March 05, 2013, 12:12:18 PM »
Hello FoF-san ;)

Sorry for late comment (>,< + Scratching head)

Anyway, chapter 1 is very funny for me! :)

Especially where Husky-san and Haruna are talking? Hehe

Please Update Soon!

It's very interesting!

Your the best FoF-san!:)

I am a fan of AkB48.

I really love their songs.

I really like their fan fiction.

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