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Author Topic: [Majisuka Gakuen] Your mask, my life NEW POLL!!  (Read 8407 times)

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[Majisuka Gakuen] Your mask, my life NEW POLL!!
« on: April 26, 2013, 08:52:16 PM »
Hi~!  :hand:  I'm back with new long fanfic!   XD
I hope you enjoy it!
Sorry for my poor English    :nervous :nervous :nervous

Your mask, my life 


Someone's POV

I do not know why today I was drawn back from school it this way. She was three times longer than the one I usually go back, and took my way not clean and crowded streets, and through the many lanes. And the weather is not conducive to a long walk - was about to start the rain ...

But I'm thankful that I went that way. Otherwise one person on Earth can be die ...


The sounds of fighting could be heard from a distance, but none of the bystanders did not pay attention to it. In this area, where there were two well-known girls' schools for the Yankees, everyone got used to the constant hassle and noise.

I would have passed by, so once again do not get in trouble until I saw who fought with anyone.

Almost twenty hefty guys in unfamiliar school uniform fought with each other. But only at first glance. Among these guys I glimpsed figure of the girl in a dark purple school uniform. Pupil of "Majisuka Gakuen" ...

Caution came closer, I saw her hair, fight style ...

Yes, it was her ...

The attacks continued, and despite the fact that more than half of guys already lying on the ground, unable to rise, they are obviously not going to take the position and run.

Her own face was all blood, a form of partially torn, she was limping on her left leg. It has been seen that a little more - and she will fall unconscious.

- What the hell are you doing here? - words came out without my consent.

Yes, I did too the yankee. We first act, then we think.

The other guys turned on me and one of them tried to approach me, but immediately got punched in the nose.

- Twenty guys on one girl ... Guys, do not you think that's a little unfair? - he almost fell at my feet.

- How dare you? Go where you went, it's our showdown! - another tried to resent, but she immediately knocked his by aim blow to his head.

- You ... - I heard a faint, tired voice. - Go home - a first year student do not need the extra problems ... I finished with them by myself... This is my problem ...

- Do not take on too much, - I walked up to her. - I also want to have some fun.

Guys remained six ...

- Well ... Six against the two - is more realistic, - I threw my school bag on the asphalt.

We heard the cries of men, and we had rushed into battle.


Blow. Blow. Block. Another blow.

I'm tired count the number of beats. Just acted without thinking about the consequences.

But suddenly it was over.

I realized that I was standing in a pool of blood, shot down my knuckles and the skin flayed. These guys are not here - when they had time to escape, I did not notice.

- Win ... - I heard her very weak voice and turned ...

Turned around to see how she falls on the wet and sticky with blood asphalt ... and lay without movement ....

I ran to her and tried to find a pulse, but ... There was no pulse ...

My heart knocked twice and seems to stop.

- No ... no ... no ... - I shook her by the shoulders, beat down her cheeks. - No, do not die! Phone ... Need to call the an ambulance ... Where's the phone? ...

I tried to find a phone in my pockets, but it was empty. Quite inappropriately today I forgot phone at home.

- Damn! - I know that she always has her phone in the right pocket of the skirt, so pulled it out. With trembling hands, I tried to click on the buttons, constantly repeating to himself: "Do not die, do not die, do not die ..." It was as if I was praying ...

Ambulance arrived almost immediately - at least, so it seemed to me.

And twenty minutes later I was sitting on a bench in front of the door to the operating room and waited, praying that she was still alive.


She is alive. But now she's in intensive care, unconscious. Doctors say that all they can do now - wait for it.

Damn doctors ...

Sou, it's prologue! How do you? I hope you like it!

And more...

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I have a feeling it's told from Jurina's pov XD
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god, it can be anyone!!!  :panic: :panic:


Is it Center and Nezumi? but weren't they both first years? Ah, I don't remember...!!!

It really can Yuko-sama and someone younger...

dunno,. but good start!  :twothumbs
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I think it is Atsumina and the one in the hospital room is minami and the other that called the hospital is atsuko

anyway please continue
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will this be mayuki? haha...(not possible since nezumi is think before she act  XD)

please update soon   :bow:
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wearing purple uniform... seems to be Sayaka... is it?

Then the one that help her would be Sae...

Sayaka is older than Sae by a year... in MG

So am I right?

Although I hope it would be Atsumina but that would not be it... coz' Minami and Atsuko was from another school when they knew each other....

Can't wait for the story to start...

Thank you for the prologue

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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I think can I do this history in the two worlds?
The girl, on whose behalf the story is going to be one and the same. But the girl, who came to the hospital, there will be two different girls.
What do you think, should it be done?

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Re: [Majisuka Gakuen] Your mask, my life NEW POLL!!
« Reply #7 on: April 29, 2013, 04:15:34 PM »
It cant be NezCen, even the girl who came to the hospital

BlackGeki... NO

Will it be BlackNezu or YukoAcchan i guess

but a first year student right?

2 different girls ? Oshima Yuka, Oshima Yuki lol but they were dead

GEKICEN  :twothumbs

I dont know, but please continue



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