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Author Topic: Different Chapter 16 - LAST CHAPTER UPDATE  (Read 33596 times)

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Re: Different chapter 8 Update~
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starting over??? get her really soon Yuki-kun!!!!!! :thumbsup

thanks for the update, it's been so long  :fap

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Re: Different chapter 8 Update~
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Eheh, just a replies..  :cool2: *somehow i think the 'ehe' just make me sound like sasshi :v

Kirozoro : We find it later~~
RenshuChan : yeah, i'm kinda stuck and i was working to an OS, but the next chapter already on progress now, please wait! :bow:

please wait for the next chapter~~
well, i'll dissapear again now~~~  :imdead:

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Different chapter 9 Update!
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sorry for late update!!

i'm kinda stuck so it take a long time to update,

well, douzo!

“Tadaima.” I said as I walked to the living room and finding Kaoru still playing with his GUNDAM model kit. Well, that one is my birthday gift for him from a few months ago. Ah, Kaoru is my cousin, his parents often go overseas and then he will be here.
“Eh, okaeri, Mayu Nee-chan.” He said then smiled, “you’re already eat your lunch, right?” , “Of course!”

“Okay then, I’ll be on my room if you need something.”

I locked the door and throw myself to the bed. Yuki just seem really familiar for me. His face, his smile, even his cold personality, seems really familiar.

I rolled my body to the left side. I found something tucked with the desk, so I stood up and moving towards the desk. Then I looked at it, ‘it looks like a doll, or a pillow?’ I thought. I took it and found that it was a teddy bear.

“This doll belongs to whom?” I thought. Since the one who ever going to my house and my room is only Jurina. But I never seen she’s bring a teddy bear. Well, even if she had it, she wouldn’t bring it here, I know her well. Nah, just keep it here, someone will notice if their stuff missing.


“Mayu, well, you know, tomorrow is Sunday and, yeah...”
“You want to cancel our promise to go to the anime shop, right?”

Jurina’s sweat running down to her face as I moved the other page of the book I’ve read.

“Eto, I forgot that I had a date with Ren-kun tomorrow.” Jurina said while laughing,
“Gzz, you two really need to be married as soon as possible. Just forget about our promise, you can go with him.” I said while closed that book then facing Jurina. Seriously, she’s always like this, forgetting things, I wonder how Ren-senpai can be with her for these 3 years?
“Eh, really?” Jurina said,
“Just do anything you like with Senpai, I don't care, I can go there alone.” I said to her.
“Ne, Mayu, how about a double date?”

“A double date. I can find a boy for you if you want. Maybe Yuki could work.” Jurina said while put her hand to her chin; make a pose that she was thinking. Well, actualy Yuki is fine, eh, what I’m saying...
“Nope, I prefer to just watch K-ON! At home, I miss Mio-chan~” I said. Since the first day of school I became really busy and it made me can’t watch K-ON! It’s bored.
“Come on~~ I always want to have a double date with you, Yuki is a good guy you know. Or you want with Kao-chan?”

“If you want to destroy your private time with Ren-senpai again, then it’s okay.” I said. Well, we’ve once bring Kaoru to the amusement park. And all he’s doing is just pulled Ren-senpai to every vehicle he wanted, and left me and Jurina. God, he really doesn’t know what thing he does.
“Ahh, you’re right. So that’s why I told you to be with Yuki instead!” Jurina said.
“I told you, I prefer to be at home than going on a stupid date thing.” I said.

“Come on, forget about that stupid boyfriend on your mind. Time to move on!” Jurina said while pouted,
“I don't have any stupid boyfriend that you’re talking about! It just I think that I’ve forgotten something.” I said to her. Her pout changed into a smile after seeing someone entering the class.

Suddenly, Yuki appear from outside the class then walked to his seat, but Jurina hold him and pulled him near us.
“Ne, Yuki-kun, would you mind if you have a date with Mayu?” Jurina asked him, he just scratch his head. Hmm, are they already close each other? Jurina called him ‘Yuki-kun’ just now. Wait, I sound like I’m jealous, okay, just act like usual.
“Ehh, s-sure?” he said while titled his head. He’s hesitated! I know it!
“Jurina, you’re forced him.” I said.

“No I didn’t! I asked him, and he doesn’t matter about it, come on~”
“Okay-okay, just this once.”


So in the end I must go to that double date, with Yuki as my couple. I’m wearing a white one piece, and let my hair unraveled down. I don't know why but Jurina seems really like Yuki as my couple, even when she can’t go home together with me after school, she will tell him to walk me home instead. It looks like Yuki already there, with Ren-senpai and Jurina. They sure fast.

“Oi Mayu over here!” Jurina shouted from afar. I approach them,
“Did I late? Sorry I must take Kaoru to my aunt place first because there’s just me and him at home; he told me that he’s bored being alone every day.” I said
“Nope, you’re on time! Anyway, let’s going now~” Jurina said then pulled Ren-senpai with her. Leaving me and Yuki back behind. It’s awkward, we just walked without saying anything, and even we took a few centimeters for the gap. Yuki looks really handsome today, actually. He wears a t-shirt and a long jeans. His hair, it just, too cool.

“Mayu?” I snapped from my imagination, we stopped,
“E-Eh, yeah, sorry.” I said to him, then he laughed,
“Shall we move now?” Yuki gave me his hand while smiled. He offered his hand? Well, in the end I took his hand and start walking again. We really look like a couple. My heart beats faster than I ever felt, it’s like ‘badump, badump, badump’ and its reaaallllyyy fast. My flushed face looks like a red tomato. Ahh, it’s embarrassing!!

We stopped at the amusement park, ahh~ I’ve heard that Jurina really like this amusement park since Ren-senpai brought her here. I never go to this place before but there’s something nostalgic about this place. I’m not imaging thing, but I really felt that I was here before, with someone. Ugh, just forget it.

“Ren-kun let’s go there~~” Jurina pulled Ren-senpai to the carousel while Ren-senpai just followed anything she said while smiled then saying to us to meet again 2 hours later. They really look like a married couple, and they’re looks good together.
“Well, since they already going now. We must going somewhere too, ne?” Yuki said to me then I nodded,

So we played almost all of the games there, from the carousel until the haunted house. I really liked his expression when we ride the roller coaster. He looks weird! I can’t
stop laughing to him when the ride stopped. And he just like ‘stop it already, it’s not funny.’

And about the haunted house, I don't know what to say anymore. I’m not good with supernatural things and well, that’s really scared me. I don't care that I was hugging and hold onto him, well, he seems doesn’t really care about it. Even he’s helped me to keep moving on until the end of the path.

“Do you feel tired?” Yuki said while I was rubbed my eyes. Actually, I feel a little sleepy now.
“Actually, yeah, a little.” I said while laughing a little, then I heard that he’s chuckled,
“Okay then, let’s find a bench. If you’re really tired you can hop on me. I’ll carry you.”
“No, thanks. I’m... Eh?!” Suddenly he lifts me up, carrying me with his back.

“Kya! You shocked me!” I said to him. He just laughed to me,
“You’re really stubborn, I know you tired, just sleep if you want.” He said. I do what he said. Ahh, he’s warm, it’s comforting me. He’s warmed me with his body, and somehow I felt really sleepy and then I fall asleep.


Yuki keep walked to find the bench; he doesn’t realize that the girl she carried was fall asleep until he heard she’s snoring.

“Ahh, she’s fall asleep.”

He chuckled while strengthen he’s hold to Mayu’s body.

Yuki found a bench then dropped Mayu down. He put her hair that covered her face behind her ear, so he can see her face clearly. He looked at the sleeping girl face, ‘cute, still same like the old days, Mayu.’

Meanwhile on Wmatsui side~~

“Ren-kun let’s ride the ferris wheel!” Jurina jumped around while Ren just chuckled looking at his childish girlfriend. It’s been 3 years since they’re become a couple. Jurina sure is a childish girl, but that’s one of Ren reason to propose on Jurina 1 year ago. Jurina is the childish, and Ren the mature one. Although Ren sometimes will spoil her, there’s the time that Ren will stop spoiled Jurina. Like Mayu said, they looks perfect, a perfect couple.
“Haii, you can go first, I’ll buy the ticket.” Ren bought the ticket then entered the vehicle with Jurina. The girl seems really excited because it’s been a long time since her last time being in here.

“Kireii~” Jurina said while looking at the scenery outside, same like Ren. They stay silent until they almost reach the top, Jurina decided to break the silent

“Ne, Ren-kun, do yo ever heard about ‘the ferris wheel kisses’?” Jurina asked while looked to Ren. Ren himself was blushed madly because of his girlfriend sudden question.
“E-Eh? M-Maybe?”

“Can you kiss me?”

Ren never see her girlfriend being like this before, but he’s doing what she said tought. He changed his seat next to her while his hand holds her chin. Jurina herself was stood still, waiting for the kiss. Their lips just inchies away, then Ren stroke her hair gently, leaning forward then kissed his girlfriend gently. He put his hand to her neck while Jurina hold to his waist. They deepen their kiss for other minutes and pulled off the kiss.

They lean to each other forehead, stared each other eyes with their blushed face. Jurina ‘maybe’ unconciously licked her lips that just made Ren drove insane. His face becomes redder because of it, and nervous feeling just surrounded them right now.

“Is it alright?” Ren asked her,
“Un, it’s perfect.” Jurina said while giving him her sweet smile,

Without realize, they’re finished the ride and then exited the vehicle. They going to the ice cream shop to buy some ice cream for them.

“Ren-kun I want the vanilla one!” Jurina said,
“Haii, one chocolate and one vanilla, please.” Ren said to the sellerman. So then they got their ice cream and searching for a bench, soon after that they find it.

“Jurina-chan, are you tired?” Ren asked to Jurina, who really enjoying her vanilla ice cream on her hand,
“Nope! I had a lot of fun! Do you feel it too, Ren-kun?” she replied Ren while smiled.
“Y-Yeah, I had a lot of fun too, with you.” Ren said. His hand fixing his eyeglasses while actually he just wants to hide his blushed face while doing that.

“Ne, Ren-kun, do you know where’s Yuki and Mayu? I think we’ve play for 2 hours now. It’s too fun that made me forget about times.” Jurina said smiling and scratch her head while Ren just chuckled,
“Okay then, let’s move. Maybe they’re already waited for us.” Ren said then stood up, followed by Jurina and then he took her hand then walked to find Yuki and Mayu.



I opened my eyes. Why am I here? ahh, I fall asleep. It seems like I used Yuki’s shoulders as my pillow, and he seems doesn’t matter about it. He just sat beside me, playing with his phone, and blushed? I don't know, maybe I’m just imaging that. Yuki realized that I’m awake then said,

“You’re awake?”
“Huh? Yeah, kind of.” I said,

“Ahh, I see. If you still feel sleepy then you can go back to sleep.” Yuki said to me while his hand trying to put his phone to his pocket.
“I’m fine. Jurina will come here and saying that I’m a sleepy head or worst she will say that she’s right about you dating me right now.” I said mumbling the last sentence I said to him.

He chuckled, “Okay, let’s just wait them here. Maybe they’re not yet with their...”
“Yuki-kun! Mayu! Over here!!” Jurina shouted while running to me. Ugh, she’s coming.

“How’s your date? It’s great right? I had a lot of fun in here!!” Jurina said,
“Maybe you can say it like that.” I said to her,

“Ah, guys, it’s getting dark now. Maybe we should go.” Ren said while looking to his watch. Ah, I’m forgetting about Kaoru. He will angry to me right after I took him.
“Yeahh, I think I must go to my aunt house now. Kaoru is waiting for me.” I said.

We decided to go home since it’s almost late. Well, I had fun day today, with Yuki and others. And hey, Yuki is not as cold as I thought. Sometimes, he can be kind, and actually his cold personality is really cool. And then,

“The date, its success, right? ~”

Jurina put her hand to my shoulder while we still walked to the station. I removed her hand. Jurina seems doesn’t care about my response to her words. She keep tell me that I like him and her ‘double date’ thing for me was success. Even I think it’s not a double date either. But, just call it that since we go there together.

“We will parted here then, see you next time, guys! Eh, Jurina-chan, stop clinging to Mayu, we will go home now, the train will come soon.” Ren said. Jurina let go of her hand off me then running to Ren-senpai.

“See you tomorrow~”

There’s remained me and Yuki now. Hmm, is he want to take a train too?

“Yuki-kun, you will go with a train too?” I said to him. He immediately look in to me and smiled,
“Ah, yeah. I’ll go with you.” He said.
“But I’ll go to my aunt first to take Kao-chan.” I said. But he soon grabbed my hand then pulled me to the ticket booth,
“No problem, let’s go.” He said,

In the end, we both took Kao-chan at my aunt home. Actually it’s really fun being with Yuki. Sometimes we will walk in silent but then suddenly he will talked and make me laughed by his joke. When we finally arrived at my aunt home, she’s warmly greet us, just like usual her. And she’s kinda teasing us with boyfriend and girlfriend thing. Then Kaoru coming and we take leave with her. We continued to walk to my home since my home not really far from there, and as usual, Kaoru will do stupid things. He stopped in the middle of our way, saying that he’s tired. So Yuki carried him on the back,

“Thank you Onii-chan!” Kaoru said,
“Yeah, no problem at all. You’re not heavy so it’s fine.” Yuki said,
“Ano, Onii-chan, my name is Kaoru, are you Yuki Nii-chan that Jurina Nee-chan told about?” Kaoru said. Eh, what? Jurina told him about Yuki? Gzz, Jurina...
“Jurina? Yeah, you can call me that.” Yuki said.
“So you’re really Mayu Nee-chan boyfriend!” Kaoru said. Jurina told him that he’s my boyfriend? Seriously, tomorrow, I need many explanations from her.

“We’re just friend, okay? Nothing more.” I said to him,
“Yeah, she’s right, ahh, we’re here.”

We stood right in front of my home. Yuki dropped Kaoru down,

“Thanks for today, I... Had a lot of fun.”  He said,
“Un, me too. See you tomorrow then,”


“I-I brought you this, w-well... I heard about you and Jurina wanted to go to anime shop, and that’s canceled because of this date, and... I don't know the one I brought is the one that you want, you can have it.” Yuki said while his hand holding a figure, a hetalia figure!
“Wow! Thank you, this one is the best! Thank you.” I said
“Ah, no problem.” He said,

“So, see you tomorrow.”
“Yeah, see you tomorrow.”

I reach the door and then opened it, entered my home. But then suddenly Kaoru exited the room again and calling Yuki, shouting something to him.

“Yuki Nii-chan, next time you’re going here, you must be her boyfriend, okay!?” Kaoru shouted, Yuki immediately stop after hearing that. My face blushed, ahh, he’s never thinking about telling something!

Then Yuki turned to him and smiled, “I’ll try.”

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Re: Different chapter 9 Update!
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Hello everyone~

same like the one I post on 'Unknown',,
maybe i can't update this fic for 1-2 weeks.

sorry for this :bow:

i'll try to update as fast as i can,,

once again i'm sorry :bow:

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Re: Different chapter 9 Update! || Announcement
« Reply #44 on: July 28, 2014, 01:39:26 PM »
Omg Mayuki and Wmatsui dated kyaaa~

Even they erase Mayu memories but nothing can stop her true love for Yuki

Update soon

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Different chapter 10 Update! || Short Update,,
« Reply #45 on: September 29, 2014, 03:40:08 AM »
Kirozoro : We'll see soon~

Well, hello everyone~
it's been a long time since my last update in this fic, i'm sorry for it!!  :bow:
many things to do and i just had a little time to continued my fic, even i just had a few hours to sleep  :imdead:

it's just a short update, thought i've took a long time to update this, i'm sorry!!

sorry for wrong grammars and spelling!


 Since a few days ago, Mayu always been the target of Killer Demon. It just, that’s rare for them to just concentrate to one person. They’re not like this before.

Ah, you all not knowing about Killer Demon right? Well, they’re same like their name. They killed humans to take over the world. Our goverment already gutted them, but some of them escaped to the earth. Usually they’re living in the suburban, hiding from our goverment. And in the night they will out from their place and hunting for human. Sometimes they collect humans blood to drink it when they’re need more stamina. We’re almost same like a vampires, but the different is we’re mortal and they’re not, and then we’re not really need blood like they do.

And another weird thing from them is, they’re hunting for humans in the day, not in the night. Then, I’ve just heard that they’re started to hunting Demons too. Weird.

I was walking alone after the school ended a couple minutes ago. Mayu was already parted with Jurina at T-junction before. W-Well, actually I’m stalking to her now. It’s for her sake, okay? Since that Killer Demon always targeting for her, I don’t want her to be the one that they kill.


Wh... What is going on there? Eh, where is her? How can I lost her?! Uh, I must find her immediately!

I start running to a dark ally that I think maybe the sounds come from there. And I’m true! Mayu was with the killer demon that I saw a couple days ago. He drop Mayu down and then laughing evily.

“She’s really, delicious. I wonder if you’ve already tasted her.”

“How dare you..!!” I changed to my demon form. That guy just smirked when seeing my form.
“Ara... it’s looks like our prince really treasuring this little girl, huh? Like father like son. Our lord really affected this prince, ne? I wonder if you tasted like this girl, my prince.” He said, lauging evily to me. Uh, I hate that laughing voice, and the dark red orbs he had.

I start running to Mayu first. Fortunately she’s just lost a few of her bloods and her heart beats was normal. Yokatta, it means she doesn’t need to go to the hospital immediately. After that, I put my fist up,

“Bring it on.”

I started punch him on his face, unfortunately he dodged my punch but then I raised my hand to punch him to his stomatch. He choked blood.

But maybe the fortune god was not on my side, he start to used his ‘power’. Argh, I lost my power in wrong time. Suddenly he was behind me and then kick me. It made me tossed to the wall about 3 meters from my spot just now.


Finally, I got back my power. My eyes and my hair was turned red. He smirked. We start fight again. But now, I could say that maybe his power disappear little by little. I was dominate the fight.
“Huh... Huh... Huh...”
“Your fighting skills, urgh... kinda great too, my prince.”
“Go or I’ll kill you right now.”

He smirked then pulled me so his mouth was near my ear right now.

“Listen to it. She’ll get her memories back, you must thank to me after this, my prince.” Eh? He know about these whole thing? Where he get that information?
“Shut up!”

I punch him,

“Urgh! But remember, she’ll never be like she used to be. The more she remember about you, the more painful she felt.”

I give him my last punch. He fell down with his body covered with blood. Urgh! He stabbed me with a knife! Immediately I signing emergency to Kora-san with my watch. I looked again to Mayu, huh, I’m happy that her wound not as much as mine.

Uh, why I feel so dizzy?


“A-Ah, my neck is hurt.”
“Don’t make to much move, the potion still working.”

An old man said, he was on the left side of the bed. Eh? Yuki? He’s bleeding? And hy am I hre? It’s confusing! I was in the dark alley that tme and now, why an I here?

“Anything wrong, Mayu-san?” the old man said while curing Yuki’s wound. Iwas beside Yuki all these time? How long I’ve been here? And then, why is he injured? His head, hands, and even his stomatch is injured badly. What happen? I think that time with all of sudden I feel that I really want to go to that dead alley, and I forgot the rest. Is something happen in there?

“A-Ano, I just confused.” I said to him
“I see. This morning someone attack you and fortunately Yuki-sama found you. He just got a few cuts and one stab to his stomatch. Tihs cuts will not take a long time to be healed. He’ll be fine. And yours was just that one on your neck. The scars will gone soon.” Huh? Yuki got stabbed on his stomatch is it really fine?

“I-Is he really okay with that?”
“Yes. But maybe he will absen in school for a while. But he’s okay.”


Huh, it’s been 1 week since that accident. That night Yuki’s butler, Kora-san immediately drive me home. And then, I never saw Yuki again, even I never heard about him again. Did he just transfer to another school? Or maybe he doesn’t want to meet me again? I feel like I’m unresponsible about his condition now. He saved me from the guy that attack me and I’m not saying thank you to him. I feel sorry for him right now.

“Hey Yuki! Where have you been this few days?”

Eh, Yuki already come to school?

He walked to my seat, “Ohayou, Mayu! Your scars already healed?”
“I-I'm fine. How about yours?”
“Ahh, this one? I’m fine. It just a little bit hurt when I walked.”
“Yokatta. I’m sorry because of me you got that scars,,”
“No, no problem at all. Since you’re a girl, I must save you, right?”

He took a sit beside me. W-Well, his seat actually ‘really’ beside me.

“A-Ano, Yuki.”
“T-Thank you for saving me.”
“No problem at all.”

His friends immediately approaching him,

“Oi, Yuki! Don’t you know that our school will had a festival in about 1 month from now? Argh, I don’t have any idea for this festival.” Our class representative said while sighing,
“Well, the girls said that they want to make a duet for one girl and one boy on the school festival. We’ve already took Mayu as the girl, but we don’t have any handsome boys that has a beautiful voice... Wait,”
“Ahh! How can I didn’t think about it before!”

Ahh, so they’re talking about that ‘duet’ thing,, Well, our school always had a school festival once a year. And unfortunately, our class decided to make a duet, and one of the one that on the duet is me. Huh, I never want it but they keep force me to do it. So now my class just need one more guy to be my partner.

“Hey, Yuki, can you play a piano?”
“Yeah, why?”
“Aha! I decided it! You’ll be Mayu’s partner on the festival!”

Ahh, so he will be my partner. Eh, he’s the one?

“Ehh, cotto,, what do you mean?”
“Come on, Yuki... don't pretend like you don’t like it. I know that you’re pretty close to her and well, even I’ve once thinking that you both maybe already in ‘that’ relationship. It’s always okay being with her, ne? Come on, don't be so shy~”
“I-I never do ‘that’ relationship with her! Stop spreading a stupid rumor.”
“You like her, don’t you?”

The heat starts to running up to my face. How can he said that easily while I was beside him?!

“S-Stop it. Okay-okay I’ll take that duet thing.”

The class representative start hi-fived with his other friends.

“Thank you so much, Yuki!! The festival is actually in about one month from now. So prepare yourself, ne? If anything happen between you two, don't forget to thanks me, okay?”

He go back to his seat. How can he easily said that! I never said that I want to be with him. W-Well, it’s not like I don't want to be with him, but he must ask that to me first. I’m the one who will be his partner, so he must asked that to me. Hump.

“A-Ano, Mayu, w-well, you’ve heard his words, right?” Yuki suddenly talking to me,
“A-Ah! Y-Yeah,, kind of. Y-Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!” I bowed at him,
“Y-Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.”


it's short, ne?

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Re: Different chapter 10 Update! || Short Update,,
« Reply #46 on: September 29, 2014, 01:03:24 PM »
After such a really long time.... You're back!!!
It's okay to be short ;) Who's the friend that made MaYuki as a duo? Ah, I must thank him for that! XD
Thanks for the update ;)

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Re: Different chapter 10 Update! || Short Update,,
« Reply #47 on: September 30, 2014, 02:53:45 AM »
After such a really long time.... You're back!!!
It's okay to be short ;) Who's the friend that made MaYuki as a duo? Ah, I must thank him for that! XD
Thanks for the update ;)

well, hello~~
yeahh, it's been a long time since my last update  :err:
i'm sorry~~
i'll try to update faster~

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Different Chapter 11 Update~
« Reply #48 on: November 19, 2014, 06:09:27 AM »
hello~ ._.

another chapter of Different right now! it's not really long and not too short either so, well...

sorry for any grammar and typing mistakes, i feel too lazy to checking the spelling  :wigglypanda:



Today I will have a practice in Mayu’s house. Since I never like it when somebody coming in to my house, how if she found that picture of us and her picture in my room? Fortunately that time when she collapsed at that dark alley, Kora-san brought her to the guest room. I don't know how to explain that to her. She will think that I’m her stalker, and she will stop befriend with me. Uwah! It will be the end of the world for me!

Finally, Mayu’s house! Actually her house is not that far from my apartement. Just a few blocks away, no need to bring my motorcycle, a bike will be fine.

I knocked the door,

“Please wait for a second!”

The door opened,

“Ah, Yuki! Please come in.”

Nothing changed. It just look like the last time I was here. As always, it’s clean and tidy. Since her mom a clean person, I believe she doesn’t want her sweet home being dirty and messy.

“So, what kind of instruments do you play?” Mayu asked me while walking, I follow her behind,
“I can play guitar, piano, and also drum. My favorite is drum, but since it’s a duet, maybe we can use piano or guitar.”
“Ahh, I got it. Just choose what you want. But in my opinion, how about piano?”

She guided me to the piano.

“Here it is. Well, It’s kinda old and dusty since I’ve not play it since 1 year ago, but I think it’s still as good as the new one.”

I touch the piano keys while reach the seat and sit down in front of the piano. Ahh~ it’s been a long time since my last time touching a piano. Maybe... when I’m at 13? That was before I know about drum. I really love to play piano that time while hearing my mom voices. Sometimes Sakura-chan will singing too, but Rino always interupted us with his voice calling Sakura-chan.

“So... How is it?”
“It’s still good as the new one like what you said.”
“Great then!”

After that we played many song, I played the piano while Mayu singing along the melody of the piano. Sometimes I’ll go singing to since Mayu insisted me to do that. W-Well, it’s really embarassing actually. My voice isn’t that good, but she told me it’s really good though. And her voice is really beautiful. Such a melody in my ears.

If just she’s remember everything. I really want to hug her thightly and kiss her deeply. I miss the time when we can do everything together. Even when that time I’m such a badboy, she always be there for me. Even when my love for her look like a joke, she believe it and keep going on with me. Even when my father tried to kill her that time, she keep insisted to always be with me.

All of these feeling. Love, hurt, everything mixed right now. If just I can save her.

“Yuki-kun?” I’m not realizing that Mayu calling me for a few times just now, and somehow right now her face just a few inches away from my face.
“Ah-Eh? Y-Yeah?”
“Is there anything wrong? You’re spacing out just now.”
“N-No, E-Everything is okay.”

“Hmm, okay then.” She back to her seat,

“Ano, Yuki-kun, we’re not yet deciding the song that will be our song at the school festival.” Ahh, yeah, we’re not yet decide that.
“I think every song is okay.” I said
“Eto, actually these few weeks I really love this song. I just, love it.”
“Go on.”
“How about we sing that song?”


“Ne, Mayu, I wonder why you really close to Yuki-kun these few days. Are you already become a couple with him?” Jurina said while we walking to go to school.
“W-What? No!” I immediately answered her words,
“Ne, how far are you both already?”
“Jurina, I’ve said to you I’m not her girlfriend!”
“Well, maybe not yet~”

I speeding up my step so I was a few meters away from Jurina. She immediately running to me when realized that I’ve left her.

“Oi, I was joking you know.”
“Whatever you said, Jurina.”

“But, you both looks like a couple, you know? After Kai-kun choose you both for that school festival duet, you never being so far to Yuki-kun. At class, break time, and even after school ended you will be with him.”
“We’re trained ourself for school festival.”
“But why you always blushed when you’re around him?”


“Hey! I’m just trying to ask you about that. I-Wait, so it means you like him, don’t you?”
“Just shut up or I’ll punch you so you can’t go meet Ren-senpai this Saturday.”
“Mayu-chan is in love~~”
“Shut. Up.”
“My child is grown up right now~~”
“I told you to shut up.”

Actually, I don't know what is this feelings that I’ve felt everytime I’m with Yuki. And that feeling that I’ve know him for many years, I don't know but, I’m sure I’ve met him before. 

“But, hey, he’s a good boy. He’s smart, kind, and handsome. Even if he’s not as great as Ren-kun, he’s capable for you.” Jurina saidwhile we keep walking,
“you just want to say that no one is better than Ren-senpai.” I said with monotone voice

“Hey, hey, I’m just joking you know. And look at him, anyone who saw you with him will believe that you both is a couple, his way looking at you, there’s love when he look at you. There’s someting I can’t described.” Jurina said while holding her chin, I keep walking.
“Since when you become this poetic?”
“I’m being serious right now, Mayu. And hey, do you remember that you said there’s something missing in your life? I just realized that I feel that too. And when I saw Yuki, I’m feeling that I’ve know him. And you feel that too, right? You know my instict never false.” Jurina stop me from walking ahead from her with her hand holding my arm.

“Maybe, you two are reincarnation of someone in the past that being together?”


“Don't be so stupid, you know that I never believe about something like that.”
“We never know if it’s true or not. Hey! Stop walking ahead like that!”

But maybe, Jurina is right. Yuki is somehow...his exstence felt really familiar for me. I mean, he’s the first guy that I feel comfortable with, even I already close with him since our first meeting.

There’s... Something about him that I forgot. And maybe he himself forgot it too. Something that really important. But, why can’t I even get a clue? I’m not remember everything about him except when our first meeting until now.

It just, who is him actually?


“Huwahh, we’re done!”

Yuki was lied down under a big tree in the park. He put his hand under his head and he closed his eyes. Yeah, we’re in the park right now. Since the school festival will be in 1 week from now, so we must practice harder. Sometimes we will practice here in the park like this and sometimes in my house since Yuki always reject me if I tell that we must go to his house sometimes, I don't know why. If in the park like this, we usually practice with a guitar while if in my house we will use piano. Because we will perform with a piano, we just practice in the park 2 or 3 times.

“Ne, Mayu, isn’t it already dark? You should go home right now, right?” Yuki said while raised his body to sit.
“Eh, really? I must go home right now!” I quickly stood up and took my bag,

“Wanna have a ride?”

Yuki kinda scratch his head,

“Well, you can go home with me since I bring my motorcycle right now. I-It just if you want to.”
“Eh, is it really fine?”
“Yeah, furthermore I’m the one who make you always go home this dark.”

So, in the end, I’m going home with Yuki. Actually I’m not really want to bother him with drive me to my home. But he insisted me to go with him, so I just follow what he want though. In the way, we just keep silent. My hand circling his waist. Since he told me to do that and, hey, his way bringing this motorcycle is ‘almost’ crazy! It’s really fast! But maybe he realized that he’s too fast, so he slowing his motorcycle.

And now, we’re right in front of my house.

“Thank you for ride me home.”
“No problem at all, my apartement is near your house, and I’m insisted you to go with me though. So it’s really okay.”
“Well, even it’s like that, thank you again.”
“Okay then, I’m going now, see you tomorrow.”

After he start his motorcycle and going home, I entered my house. It’s looks like Kaoru already at house. As what I said sometimes ago, Kaoru’s parents always going on a overseas trip because of bussiness. And now, because he almost spend his time in Tokyo, my parents suggest to just let him live with us in Tokyo. And well, his parents agree so he can have friends at house.

“Mayu Nee-chan, okaeri!!” Kaoru suddenly coming from nowhere then hugging me,
“Hmm, hmm, now what do you want?” I said while patting his head,
“Nothing, Minami-sensei said to me that if today I meet someone I love, I must hug them!” he said excitedly while jumping.
“Okay then, I’m going to my room now, I’m really tired~~”

“You’re going with Yuki Nii-chan, right? Hehe~ I want to hear your song with him, it’s reeeaaalllyyy good!”
“Sometimes when he’s here again, okay?”

I pat his head again and start walking to the stairs. But again, he stop me.

“Ne, Mayu Nee-chan, is Yuki Nii-chan already confess to you?”

I turned back and saw Kaoru just put his wide smile while facing me,

“He said that he will be your boyfriend when he come here again, so is he already confess to you?”
“Gzz, you’re the one who make him said that.”
“But it just maybe he will do that. And it looks like you like him to, ne?”
“For the god sake, Kaoru, you just a little kid. Who told you about it?”
“Minami-sensei had a boyfriend and he always drive Minami-sensei to my kindergarten and fetch her. Sometimes he will help Minami-sensei when teaching us and telling someting about her, and he said ‘your Minami-sensei became my girlfriend because she love me, and so do i.’ And maybe Yuki Nii-chan love you and he’ll become your boyfriend!”

What the heck is he tell about?! Is he don't know that’s a kindergarten, not a highschool.

“Forget it, I’m going to my room.”

I start climbing the stairs and go to my room. I throw my self to the bed immediately after I go inside my room. Huwahh~ I’m so tired~ But actually being with him always fun! He’s funny.

Thinking about him made me remember something that Jurina tell me in the morning.

Yuki surely had a familiar face for me. All about him is familiar to me. Really familiar. And then, he almost call me Mayu in our first meeting. Well, he’s true about I’m at the first place at the final test. But, I think that’s not an important thing for a new student, right? Or it just my thought?

Even when I feel... I don't know, when I feel like there’s butterflies in my stomatch, it’s seem familiar too. Jurina once said to me that if you feel butterfiles in your stomatch, that means you’re in love. But hey, that means I already familiar with these feeling, I already familiar with loving him.

Hey, so I’m in love with Yuki right now?

Ahh, I don't know! All of these thing is just confused me!


so, how? feel free to coment~~

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Re: Different Chapter 11 Update~
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What is this suspicious words that from the demon

It seem like Mayu start to feel Yuki is similar

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Re: Different Chapter 11 Update~
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Thank for update. :-)

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Re: Different Chapter 11 Update~
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Just replies~
What is this suspicious words that from the demon

It seem like Mayu start to feel Yuki is similar

we'll find soon!  :shy2:

Thank for update. :-)

thank you again for liking my fic :3

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Different Chapter 12 Update! ~
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hello again, everyone~   :nervous
another late update here  :pen_whirl:  :pen_whirl:

sorry i took a long time to made it, and it's not really long too though :mon exhaust:
and since it's aready school holiday, i'll try to write faster than usual  :mon determined:

sorry if there's any wrong grammars, typing, or anything else   :mon sweat:



The day of the school festival already came. Uwahh! I’m really nervous, and Yuki not yet came to school. How if he suddenly got something in his way to school and can’t came here? What should I do?! Who will playing the piano? And, how if I just can do it with Yuki?

“M-Mayu, I’m sorry. That stupid thing suddenly can’t turned on. The perform, it’s not yet get started, right?” suddenly Yuki appeared in front of me. I just hug him thightly.
“Baka! I’m worried as hell, you know?! How if the perform is canceled due to your late?!” I said to him then break the hug and pouted.
“But it’s not yet  started, right? You don't need to be that worried. I will come, even if my motorcycle can’t turned on, I’ll running from that place to here just to made sure we will perform.” He said while approaching me,
“Come on, I’m sorry, okay?” he patted my head softly.

That way of him treating me, I always love it. His smile, I love it more than anything else in this world. And, I just realized that he’s really good with that black suit. And, his hair cut today is really great. He should do it early.

Gzz, what did just I said? Mayu, you said it just like you really love him!

“Okay, I’ll forgive you for this time just because we need to hurry to the hall.” I said

Through of our way to the hall. We just keep silent. Well, I don't really know what to say to Yuki. He’s really handsome today. And, well, yeah, I don't have any courage to tell him that. And, if I told him that, he may think that I like him. Eh, do I like him?

“A-Ano, Mayu, that red gown really look good on you.” Yuki said while we keep walking. I relieved that I’m ahead from him. I believe my face is really red right now. I can feel the heat that maybe made my cheeks look red now.
“T-Thank you.” I replied him while keep fastened my step. Come on, Mayu, be your usual self!

So now we’re already arrived at the hall. The Festival Committee scold us because we’re really late since the music performance already started and it almost our time to perform. We said sorry to him and then he led us to the back stage.

“Your performance will start in 10 minutes, you can prepare yourself  first before performing the duet. Good luck!” the boy from the Festival Committee said then he leaved us both to prepare ourself.

I’m so nervous! I’m so afraid that maybe I’ll do a wrong thing on the stage and ruined everything that we’ve prepared. I’m not really good at singing too though. Compared to Yuki, my voice are far from good.

“Everything is going to be fine. We can do it!” Yuki suddenly hold my hand tightly and looking in to my eyes.
“But, Yuki, I’m not sure if my voiceis good enough. What if – “

“Stop saying it. You can do it. And your voice is reaallyy beautiful, I believe your fans will screaming your name loudly when we perform.” He said while showed me his smile.

“What an awesome performance from them! So, how about the next one? The Duet from 2-A! We sure know that...”

“Now, I think they already called us, let’s go.” He stood up then gave me his hand, I happily took it and stood up as well.

“Douzo!” that was the last word from the MC. We already at our place. Yuki looked at me and then I nooded.

nee mou sukoshi dake
mou sukoshi dake kiiteite hoshii
nee mou sukoshi dake
mou sukoshi dake wagamama ii desu ka?

Hey, just for a little more
just for a little more, please listen to me
Hey, just for a little more
is it alright to be just a little more wilful?

te ni ireta totan ni kieteshimai sou
kotoba o kuremasen ka?

Right after receiving, it seems to disappear again
Could you say something to me?

aishiteiru aishiteiru
sekai ga owaru made
bakageteru to warai nagara
kuchi ni dashitemite
sonna koto ga kantan ni wa dekinakute
umaku aiseru you ni to
ano sora ni inotteiru

I love you, I love you
Until the end of the world
While smiling foolishly,
try saying it -
"I love you"
even though its such a simple, thing, i can't do it
I wished to the sky to be able to love properly.

When Yuki looked at me when I said ‘Aishiteiru’ , I feel my stomatch filled with butterflies. That smile of him, it’s calm me down. Saying that word, when looking at Yuki, I don't know, something heavy already released from my heart. I feel... Relieved.

nee shiritakute mo
shiritsukusenai koto bakari de
dakara hitotsu ni naranai futatsu no karada o
sei ippai dakishimeta

Hey, there are so many thing that
i want to know, and that i don't know well of.
Thus, with these two bodies that can't become one, 
we hugged with all our might.

anata ga iru sore dake de
mou sekai ga kawaratteshimau
monotoon no keshiki ga
hora azayaka ni utsuru
itsu no ma ni ka hanareteita
te o tsunaide aruiteku
umaku aiseteiru ka naa
ano sora ni kiitemiru no

Just by being here with me,
the world has already begun changing.
this monotonic scenery
look, it now reflects such vividness
before i knew it, we were so separated
lets walk on holding hands
Lets ask they sky
if we are able to continue loving properly.

itsuka hanarebanare ni naru hi ga kite mo
anata o omotta hibi ga areba sore de ii
itsuka hanareta imi o shiru hi ga kuru yo
yakusoku suru kara ashita e

Even if the day that we must part comes
If there are days that I can think of you, I guess thats alright.
Someday the meaning behind our separation will arrive
Because we made a promise, lets move on to tomorrow.

aishiteiru aishiteiru
sekai ga owaru made
bakageteru to warai nagara
kuchi ni dashitemite
sonna koto ga kantan ni wa dekinakute
umaku aiseru you ni to
ano sora ni inotteiru

I love you, I love you
Until the end of the world
While smiling foolishly,
try saying it -
"I love you"
even though its such a simple, thing, i can't do it
I wished to the sky to be able to love properly.

ano sora ni inotteiru.

I wished to the sky...

There’s a long silent between me and Yuki after we finished the song. And it seems like the audience is too silent for a Music Festival like this.

“That was speechless!”
“It’s the best!”

The audience starts to clapping their hands. I looked at Yuki, it seems like he’s looking at me too. He showed me a smile and make a small voice “I told you so” so then I replied him “Arigatou”

But, why suddenly I feel dizzy? And, why Yuki become 2?


Suddenly, I fell down, and everything become black.



Yuki rushed to catch Mayu before she fall to the ground. Fortunately, he can catch her before she fall.  He start to check Mayu’s pulse before he brought her to the infirmary. Looking at her face or her body heat, he knows that Mayu is not have a cold. He just keep waiting for Mayu to awake. He hold Mayu’s hand tightly, not wanting to released it from his grip. From what Yuki know, Mayu is a girl that easily got sick. She’s rarely join the physical exercise in the sportfield. Usually she’s just sit at somewhere and reading her book while others playing sports. Knowing that fact, it just made Yuki more worried about Mayu’s condition right now.

After a few minutes waiting, Mayu finally awake.

“Mayu? Are you okay?”
“I’m here, is there any problem? Are you having ill now? Should I drive you home?”
“No, wait, there’s something I want to ask to you.”

Mayu tried to sit so she can talk to Yuki better. Yuki tried to help her, but Mayu just refused it softly. After that, everything become silent since Mayu said that there’s something she want to ask to Yuki, but she still in her silence. Yuki keep waiting for her to said what she want to said patiently.

“A-Ano, Yuki, can I... hug you right now?”

Without blabbering anymore, Yuki just circling his arms to Mayu’s waist and Mayu do the same too. After doing that, Yuki suddenly heard a sniff that come from Mayu. He want to looked at Mayu face, but Mayu hold on to his black suit.

“N-No! J-Just, don't do it. I don't want you to see my face right now. I-It’s emmbarassing.”

Yuki chuckled softly after hearing that from Mayu. Well, it’s really her. She’s still the same Mayu that he know before. The only thing that different from her is, she’s not remembering Yuki and everything that involved him. And that’s Yuki’s job to bring her memories back.

“You should – “
“D-Don't go!” Mayu suddenly cut Yuki’s words.

“D-Don't, don’t go anywhere. T-That’s what I want to say.” Mayu clutched Yuki’s suit tightly,
“Don’t go away from me again. T-There’s something inside me told me to say that. I-I don’t know what is it. But, please, don’t go.” Mayu keep clutching on Yuki’s suit. Tears start to forming on her eyes.

Yuki just keep his ears hearing every words that Mayu said to him, every single words is really meaningful for him.

“C-Can you promise me?”
“Of course, I promise.”


thank you for reading it, please coment!  :mon bye:

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Re: Different Chapter 12 Update! ~
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KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Mayu's starting to remember~~~ :cathappy: :deco:

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Re: Different Chapter 12 Update! ~
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My MaYuki feels are real right now...

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Re: Different Chapter 12 Update! ~
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KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Mayu's starting to remember~~~ :cathappy: :deco:

Well, we must end it with happy ending!  :mon beam: :mon beam:

My MaYuki feels are real right now...

thank you for reading it  :mon inluv:

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Re: Different Chapter 12 Update! ~
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I'm sure you can make Mayuyu recall, ganbate Yuki :lol:
more pleas :D

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Different Chapter 13 Update! :3 ~
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I'm sure you can make Mayuyu recall, ganbate Yuki :lol:
more pleas :D

well here's the update~


hello ~~
another update here~  :onioncheer: :onioncheer:

well, it just if there's someone who wants to know the song from chapter 12,  XD
it's Aishiteiru from Kourin, this song is the ED of Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou
the song is reaalllyyy great! i recommended you all to listen to this song at least once  :nervous

so here we go~


Yuki was walked down the street. After he drove Mayu to her house, he took a way to his house then put back his motorcycle to his garage. He felt bored if just being at his house, and maybe it will make him thought about Mayu more. So he decided to just walk to somewhere, everywhere his foot brought him.

Without realized it, he arrived at a park. It’s the park that he, Mayu, and Kaoru went a year ago; the park where he told Mayu about his engagement with Haruna. Remembering that, he smiled softly. Time goes fast for him.

He found a great place to calm himself in the middle of the park. That part of the park is filled with many kinds of plants and flowers. Many of them are his mom’s favorite. Yuki’s mother is always love flowers. She always took care of her flowers at the backyard of the palace. Yeah, even there’s a flowers in hell. And, although Yuki is a man, he seems to have the same habit of her mother. They both usually gardening together when Yuki is still a little boy.

“Oi Yuki! There you are! I’m searching you all over the city!” Suddenly, a man in black suit around Yuki’s age yelling and running to Yuki. He is Yuki’s best friend, Rino.
“Ah, I know it was you. What?” Yuki replied him then looked to the flowers again.
“Hey, I found something that will help you bring back Mayu’s memory now! You should listen to me carefully, gzz.” Rino said while crossed his arms.

“What? How can...”

Yuki frowned,

“Wait, you said what?”
“Hey, you’re not in to guys, right?”
“No! Man, that’s the spell!”

Yuki was startled for a while. Rino continued his words,

“If the one who lost their memory saying Aishiteiru to the person he/she love with all of their heart before the spell was pronounced, then he/she will get back their memory slowly.”

Yuki keep on his thought, thinking did Mayu ever say that word to him.

‘aishiteiru, aishiteiru’

“Aishiteiru! I just realized that! The song that we played together, it has aishiteiru on the lyric! But, she said that while looking at me accidentally.”
“Well that’s a coincidence! It just said that at least she said that word to you with all of her heart. Maybe she wasn’t said that to you, but she sang that song with all of her heart while looking at you, right?”

Yuki start to remember that Mayu suddenly collapse and saying weird things to him after she’s awake this morning. Is it because of the spell? He doesn’t know. From now on, he just need to wait to the time when Mayu remember everything about him again. He just need to watch over her a little bit longer until that time comes.

“But what?”
“But you never told her about her past with you, right? If you told her about it, then she can’t remember every memories about you and us. So be careful with your words.”


Today; after school ended, the class representative; Kai treat the whole class for a party in his house. He decided to make a party because Mayu and Yuki’s success on the School Festival. Well, since it was him whom forced them to do that, he thought that maybe it’s okay to make something for them.

“Oi, it’s your party, have fun a little bit more.” Kai walked to Yuki then put his hand to Yuki’s shoulder.
“I’m not a party guy. So, I’m sorry.” Yuki kindly reject Kai’s offer.

“Hey, do you like someone right now?” Kai suddenly asked Yuki. Yuki’s face immediately flushed after hearing what Kai just said to him.
“The girl over there is cute, right? How about you approach her. Well, you’re handsome, and cool, I believe she want you to be her boyfriend. Come on~” He continued his words.
“No way! I already like someone!” Yuki shouted to Kai, I was audible enough to be heard by the people inside Kai’s house.

‘gotcha’ Kai thought.

Everyone become silent after heard what Yuki said. The boys start to whistle to Yuki and stood circling him while Kai can’t stop laughing on his chair. The girls followed what the boys doing while whispering to each other, guessing who’s the lucky girl.

“I-I mean...”
“Whoa, Yuki, no need to hide it, just spill it out~~”
“Is she right here?”
“Come on, just tell us about her already~ !”
“Yeah, who is she?”

Yuki’s face start to flushed badly. His eyes looking at everywhere and then stoped at Kai. He gave him a signal to Kai to help him. But Kai is too curious about the girl, so he kinda refused it by looking at somewhere else.

“It’s Mayu, right?” Kai suddenly said. Mayu who was standing beside Jurina; played her handphone stop to play after heard what Kai just said. Jurina took Mayu’s handphone from her grip then pushed her to the crowd, where Yuki was being pulled by the boys to stand from his chair. Now they both is looking to each other. Yuki just looking at everywhere while his hand stratch her head, and Mayu just keep looking the ground.

“W-Well, t-the boys was just, you know...” Yuki said to the girl in front of him. Everyone start to shut their mouth, so they can hear what Yuki said to Mayu and conversely. But suddenly, he took Mayu’s hand and hold it tightly.
“B-But, if it’s really you, is it okay?” his hold on Mayu’s hand tightened, he was waiting for a rejection from Mayu. He believed that Mayu will reject him immediately. That she will say no to him just after he told his feelings to her. However...
“If it’s you, it’s okay.” Mayu lift up her face to see Yuki’s face clearly.
“Then, if you don’t mind, would you be my girl, Mayu?” He asked Mayu again, and she just answered it with a single nod. 

“Is it a yes?” Yuki can’t hold that big smile on his face. He couldn’t believe that Mayu will accept him for once again, even after the time when his mother erased Mayu’s memory one year ago.
“Of course it’s a yes, you baka.” Mayu start to face the ground again. She can’t show her flushed face to Yuki and all of her friends. All of these thing is just to embarassing for her.

“Oi, is it a time for a kiss?~~” one of their friends shouted, it made both of blushed badly.
“N-Not in front of you all!” Yuki shouted. But then, he felt something brushed on his cheek. It was Mayu’s lips.

“N-Now stop teasing us!” Mayu shouted to all of her friends, but that just made them teasing Mayu and Yuki more.

“When we meet again someday, I’ll definitely fall in love with you again.”

That word, now I know you always in there, Mayu. Yuki thought while keep smiling to Mayu, and then, Mayu saw him, and she replied Yuki’s smile with a big smile too.


It’s been a month since Mayu and Yuki become a couple. And, their relationship go well. There’s no any big problem, and no small problem either. Yuki will fetch Mayu to go to school together, and then after school they will go somewhere; cafe or park. But actually, there’s something that Mayu tried to hide from Yuki.

About her memory about him.

She start to remember some part of her memory about Yuki. From when he tell his feelings one year ago; when Yuki was still a yankee in their school. Until the part of when Yuki helped her to beat the bad guys.

Mayu still can’t understand if it just her dream or the reality. Yuki from her dream is far different than Yuki on reality. From her dream, Yuki looks like a bad guy who always going somewhere to beat people,even maybe he can kill someone just with his death glare. But on reality, Yuki is a smart guy, one of popular guy in the school, and kind to everyone.

Is it the same person? Or maybe –

“Mayu? Are you alright?” Yuki stopped Mayu’s fantasy and bring her back to reality.
“Eh? Y-Yeah, I’m fine.”
“We’re already in front of your house right now.”
“Ah – Okay then, see you tomorrow.”

Mayu was on her way to her house gate, but then Yuki’s words make her blushed and stopped,

“No ‘see you tomorrow’ kisses?” Yuki said while grinning. Mayu smiled then walked again to Yuki, she stand on her tiptoes so she can reach Yuki’s lips and then peck him softly.
“Now, satisfied already?”

Yuki smiled  then he pat her head softly,

“If there’s something bothering you, just tell me about it, okay?”

Mayu stunned, she doesn’t know that Yuki actually realized it. She even not telling about this problem to Jurina, so it means it’s not Jurina who tell him about it, he find it by himself. All this time, Yuki just keep smiling to her and then he continued to walk,

“I must go now, see you tomorrow~”

As Yuki walked through the sidewalk, Mayu looked to his back, that somehow felt so familiar, in a different way. That firm back of him.


It's short  XD

but, how is it?
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"Aishiteru"!!!! "AISHITERU"!!!!!! It's been the power of love, all along!!!!!!!!!!!!

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 :cry: Mayu WHY do you have to hide it.... Yuki's goddamn worried about you sometimes....


I'mma hide and cry...

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