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Author Topic: Heartbeat (20/20) + Partners (23/23) + Destiny (41/41 END) [WMatsui] - REPLIES  (Read 341981 times)

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Re: Heartbeat (20/20) + Partners Chapter 2 [WMatsui] (24/01/15)
« Reply #240 on: January 31, 2015, 02:45:54 PM »
Now, I feel so ashamed because I'm a silent reader and too lazy to write a comment, even thought I like this fic so much.

Honestly, at first I not really like the slow pace of the story, but I didn't notice that I'm already read the whole story and waited for the continuation.  :)
I like the most the MaYuki relationship, they're like a perfect couple, the best role model for Jurina and Rena.

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Re: Heartbeat (20/20) + Partners Chapter 2 [WMatsui] (24/01/15)
« Reply #241 on: January 31, 2015, 06:08:16 PM »
Wahhhhhh I want more.

Rena need to 'attack' Jurina more you konw... xD
Mayuki = Cutest couple

Married?!-Mayuki fanfic (maybe it will have another pair)

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Re: Heartbeat (20/20) + Partners Chapter 2 [WMatsui] (24/01/15)
« Reply #242 on: February 07, 2015, 07:35:06 AM »
@TeenyTae: Thanks for commenting. I'm glad at least one person liked this chapter enough to feel the need to comment ^^

Jurina's apprehension is part of her character development, but it's not going to last, don't worry.

Mayu and Yuki have been together for a while now, so you can't really compare their relationship with wmatsui's budding one. What I was trying to say at the end, is that Jurina wishes her relationship could someday reach their level, because she really admires it.

More than only liking this chapter, I love your entire story!  :wub:
I'm sure that all the silent readers out there love it as well, but have trouble finding something to say. Or at least, I was like that originally, but I try to start from saying my appreciation for others' time and writing and it just develops into a full-blown post from there.

Thank you for the clarification of the end of the last chapter. I'm glad to hear that Jurina will be overcoming her apprehension soon, especially since it means awesome moments between WMatsui. You've got my heart beating in excitement.  :)

Once again, I'm looking forward to the next chapter and thank you so much for writing this!

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Re: Heartbeat (20/20) + Partners Chapter 3 [WMatsui] (14/02/15)
« Reply #243 on: February 14, 2015, 04:07:46 PM »

Mayu quickly hides behind the wall and puts one knee on the floor, her hand gripping tightly her pistol. She can hear footsteps approaching and she gazes at the door, expecting her enemy to barge into the room at any moment. She knows she's sweating profusely - especially after playing cat and mouse for so long - but she knows she can't retreat. Her rival has discovered her hideout, and there's nowhere to escape anymore.

Despite being an assassin for many years, she still can't help feeling slightly apprehensive. She has found herself a worthy opponent, and she can imagine how tense the final confrontation will be. She only has two bullets left in her gun, and she knows the other girl is also running out of ammo. If she doesn't manage to put a bullet in her head, she'll have to engage in a hand-to-hand combat.

"I'm ready, Jurina," Mayu murmurs, gritting her teeth in annoyance, "come and get me."


Mayu releases a sigh of relief when the director announces the end of the take and she lowers her gun, getting up from her crouching position. She can hear quick footsteps approaching and she tilts her head to her left, a cheerful Jurina soon popping out her head through the door.

"Found you!" Jurina exclaims, a mischievous smile on her lips as she points her gun at her.

"I can't believe you're turning eighteen in two weeks," Mayu mumbles as she absently takes the towel a staff member is giving her to wipe the sweat off her forehead, "you still look like a ten year old to me."

"This is so cool," Jurina quips, ignoring her friend's declaration and examining the fake weapon in her hand carefully.

Mayu rolls her eyes at her friend's childish behavior, watching the crew that's preparing the set for the next scene. It's the final confrontation between the two rivals and also the last scene of the day. As much fun the whole rivalry between two assassins' idea was at first, it ended up being a very tiring shooting.

Judging by the costumes, props, special effects and numerous sets, you can tell it's a pretty high budget shooting. Obviously, the director wanted things to look good on camera for the first duet between the SKE and AKB stars. Jurina - after complaining so much about the song's lyrics - hadn't stopped acting like a little kid all day, having so much fun playing with guns and chasing after Mayu for the purpose of the videoclip. The AKB star had almost forgotten how energetic her young friend could be.

"Let's rehearse the last fight," Mayu announces once she's finished sipping on her water, appreciating the cool sensation against her throat. She really needed the refreshment after such a long chase. And Jurina didn't even break a sweat. Curse the girl and her athletic body. Why did the director decide to make a ten minutes music video again?

"Okay," Jurina answers, letting a staff member take her useless weapon away, before raising her fists in determination.

Mayu's features contort in surprise, amazed that her friend can so easily change moods. One second ago Jurina was playing with her weapon like a kid with its favorite plushy, and now she's glaring at her as if she wanted to murder her. One thing is for sure: she embodies her role perfectly.

"You should play bad guys more often," Mayu declares, getting into her fighting position and taking a step towards her opponent, "it suits you well."

"Wait for it," Jurina replies, her mouth curving up in amusement, "I'll definitely act more once I'm eighteen."

Mayu smiles when Jurina winks at her playfully, before focusing on their next fighting scene. As stressful and tiring this shooting day had been, at least she had the opportunity to spend it with someone she cared about deeply. It was a very rare occurrence, and she had treasured every single minute of it.


Jurina's mouth tugs into a broad smile as she listens to the audience shouting her name again and again. She's still trying to catch her breath after dancing the last song of the concert and despite the tiring Oki Doki performance, she still manages to find the energy to scream back at the audience of the SKE theater.

"Thank you!"

The screaming intensifies when she bows to the audience, before waving at them a last time and making her way backstage. As she steps in the dressing room she halts as she notices the pile of presents waiting for her. Her fingers wander on a few of them - smiling now and then as she recognizes some handwriting - before slumping in her chair. Her heart is still beating very fast, and she knows it's not only because of the concert. Today is the best day ever. Jurina Matsui, SKE's ace, just turned eighteen.

When her manager had asked her a few weeks ago what she wanted to do for her birthday, her answer had been swift and clear: she wanted to be on stage. Just by the loud cheers and clapping she had heard just now, she could guess a lot of her fans were present in the room to celebrate her birthday with her. She was the happiest when she was performing, and she wanted to spend that special day with the people that made it possible for her to do what she loved the most. Despite all the joy she was feeling, there was a shadow on the horizon. Rena wasn't here.

In fact, they didn't see each other all day. Even if it was Sunday, Rena had been very busy with work. When Jurina had sent her a text asking her if she could make it in time for the theater performance she had replied she would try but couldn't make any promises. Jurina had hoped to see her make an appearance at some point during the concert. Unfortunately Rena didn't, and despite being surrounded on stage by members she really cared about - Churi included - she still had unconsciously looked for her a few times. Of course, she felt a bit disappointed Rena wasn't able to make it, but she didn't blame her for it. She was well aware how busy the older Matsui was with her extra activities, and she would never want to get in the way of her work.

Half an hour later, after taking a good shower to get rid of the sweat, Jurina makes her way back to the dressing room and starts to get prepared to go home. The process takes a bit longer than usual as she replies to congratulations messages every five minutes on her phone, and she can't help but widen her eyes when she notices the time. All the other members have already left, and she's the last one in the dressing room. That's definitely a first. Just as she's about to leave the door opens and she looks up, staring at the girl at the doorstep in confusion.

"Rena!" Jurina exclaims, not believing the sight in front of her.

"You really believed I would miss your birthday?" Rena asks, carefully closing the door behind her, before gazing at her anew.

"But you didn't...," Jurina's voice trails off, taking a quick peek at her phone to check if she missed a message, before looking up again.

Rena smiles in amusement at Jurina's surprise, momentarily diverting her attention to scan the room, before inching closer when she discovers that they are indeed alone.

"Happy birthday," Rena whispers, locking eyes with the younger girl before capturing her lips.


Jurina lets out a frustrated sigh when the blindfold is placed on her eyes, the dressing room soon plunging into darkness. Jurina hears a soft giggle next to her and she pouts, knowing her discomfort is amusing the other girl a lot.

"Why can't you tell me what it is?" Jurina complains, lifting her hand to touch the soft black fabric blocking her eyesight.

"Leave it alone," Rena chides, slapping her hand away gently, before catching it and intertwining their fingers together, "now, be nice and follow me."

Apparently, a few SKE members have prepared a surprise for her eighteenth birthday, but Rena had stubbornly kept quiet when Jurina had peppered her with questions a few minutes ago. Now the older Matsui has blindfolded her and is bringing her to an unknown location, and Jurina has reached her limits. She never was a patient person, and the curiosity is getting the best of her. Not to mention she hates being kept in the dark, both literally and figuratively speaking.

Jurina finally nods, defeated, understanding her protests are having no effect whatsoever on Rena, before silently following her as she leads her out of the room. A few seconds later Jurina subtly tries to lift the blindfold to take a peek, but knows her plan has failed when she hears a soft groan by her side.

"Jurina," Rena warns, and the young Matsui - even if she cannot see a thing - can almost imagine Rena shaking her head in disagreement.

"Rena," Jurina protests, lowering down her hand at the girl's disapproving tone, "you really can't tell me where we're going?"

"No," Rena answers, suppressing a laugh at the girl's impatience, "it's called a surprise for a reason."

At one point Jurina catches a voice in the corridor and she tilts her head to the sound, immediately recognizing it.

"Ryoha!" Jurina exclaims, a tinge of hope filling her chest, "tell me what's going on!"

"I'm sorry, Jurina," the young girl stammers in a small, shy voice, "I can't."

Jurina grumbles at the young member's reply, understanding she's not going to get any help from her either.

"What did you do? Did you go all Gekikara on them?" Jurina mutters.

"What do you mean?" Rena asks, halting her steps to gaze at her curiously.

"Ryoha cannot refuse me anything," Jurina explains, waving her free hand in the air, "so you had to scare her off for her to keep quiet like that."

Jurina frowns when her declaration is met with silence. She kind of expected Rena to laugh or come back at her with a clever retort, but she didn't consider that option one second. She can feel Rena pulling her hand and they resume their walk - the silent treatment she's receiving really starting to unsettle her - before the older Matsui speaks up again.

"Am I that frightening?" Rena murmurs.

Jurina doesn't miss the slight apprehension in the girl's voice and she mentally curses herself. She only meant the whole 'Gekikara' thing as a joke, but the older Matsui has taken her words a bit too seriously. For a minute, she forgot how sensitive the girl can be on this particular subject. Rena's recent shy attempts to get closer to some young members haven't gone unnoticed but unfortunately, it seemed most of them were still unable to utter a single word in her presence.

"Of course not," Jurina answers, carefully choosing her words as she knows Rena is going to ponder each one of them, "but you know how easily impressed the young members can be."

"Right," Rena murmurs.

"Can I take the blindfold off?" Jurina pleads, willing to take a look at the girl as she can feel the doubt still present in her voice.

"Absolutely not," Rena scolds her.

Jurina releases a small sigh at the girl's stubbornness and she pulls her hand, the gesture instantly making Rena stop.

"Don't think about it anymore," Jurina murmurs, lifting her free hand to search the girl in front of her, before moving forward and resting her forehead against Rena's, "I was just messing with you."

Rena can feel a few looks on them but she ignores the attention, relishing the affectionate moment instead.

"I'm sorry for being so impatient," Jurina declares, taking a step back, before slightly squeezing Rena's hand, "please lead the way."

Jurina raises her head in curiosity at Rena's silence - wondering if she has successfully managed to ease her mind - before feeling a soft kiss on her forehead.

"It's okay," Rena answers, a small smile forming on her lips, before tugging on her hand and moving forward anew.

The theater's front door suddenly opens and Rena halts as she recognizes the two members. For a moment she wonders if the whole plan is going to fail and she freezes - apprehensively tilting her head to Jurina - before mentally rolling her eyes at her own stupidity. Jurina is currently blindfolded and probably wondering why she stopped in the middle of the corridor again. She definitely can't see the two members in front of her. A small sigh of relief leaves Rena's lips and she responds to Yuki's waving hand with a smile, before resuming her walk.

The stage finally comes into view and she releases Jurina's hand when she's standing in the middle - removing her blindfold - the young girl jumping when the silence gets suddenly broken by a group of people shouting cheerfully 'Happy birthday'. Jurina blinks a few times as she gets accustomed to the light, before widening her eyes when she sees all the girls standing in front of her, her features contorting in surprise as she notices a cake on a table, and a few unexpected faces.

"You said you were stuck in Tokyo!" Jurina stammers, pointing an accusing finger at Mariko, before turning to Mayu, "And you," Jurina's voice trails off, glaring at her AKB friend, "I have no words for your outrageous lies."

"Happy birthday," Mariko exclaims, taking a step forward and ruffling Jurina's hair affectionately, "I can't believe my baby is now an adult."

"Well, technically, she's not," Mayu retorts, shaking her head in disagreement, "not before twenty."

"Mayu," Jurina grumbles, rolling her eyes at her friend's 'technicality'.

"A young adult then," Rena offers, brushing gently Jurina's shoulder and sending her a smile when Jurina tilts her head to look at her.

"Come on, blow the candles out," Churi suggests, motioning the cake in front of her.

Jurina doesn't wait any longer and moves forward eagerly, taking a deep breath and leaning over to blow out the two blue candles - representing the letters one and eight - standing right in the middle of the chocolate cake.

"Did the stage performance exhaust you that much?" Mayu teases, shaking her head in amusement when the flames are still fiercely standing at the end of the sticks after Jurina's failed attempt.

"Of course not," Jurina retorts, frowning at the strange occurrence, before taking another deep breath to try and blow the candles out again. The flames wave a few times at the action and Jurina's features contort in victory as she believes she has succeeded, but she quickly decomposes when the flames stubbornly refuse to bend to her will.

"What's going on?" Jurina groans, not believing the sight in front of her and glaring at the offending lights intensively.

Jurina hears a soft chuckle next to her and turns in curiosity, witnessing a very amused Yuki who's covering her mouth with her palm, her laughing intensifying when her reaction owes her a soft elbow from Mayu.

"I'm sorry," Yuki exclaims, ignoring her girlfriend's protest on her right, "I just couldn't hold it anymore."

Jurina frowns at her reaction - failing to understand what's so funny - before noticing the way Mayu is grinning widely.

"What did you do," Jurina mutters, taking a peek at the candles to try and assess what's the problem with them, before looking back at Mayu when she fails to understand.

The room falls in a deep silence as Jurina's question stays unanswered - her eyes falling on each member in desperate need of an explanation - only to find amused smiles in return. Rena tries hard to stifle her laugh the best she can, before deciding Jurina's torment has lasted long enough.

"They are trick candles, you can't blow them out," Rena explains finally.

You can almost see the gears turning in Jurina's head as she stares at the candles dumbfounded, before shaking her head in amusement when she understands she has been fooled by her clever best friend.

"Well done Mayu," Jurina chuckles, admitting her defeat, "I surely didn't see that coming."

The theater gets filled with laughter as the other members soon join her, before Jurina takes a bite of the chocolate cake when Mariko gives her a fork. A satisfied sound leaves her lips at the pleasant sensation on her tongue and she takes another bite, enjoying the slight hazelnut taste. When she's had enough she takes a step back and goes to sit in a chair at the front row of the theater to unwrap a few presents, while taking a peek now and then at the members that are enjoying themselves - and her cake - on the stage.

"Do you like your surprise?" Rena asks, taking a seat by her side and glancing in interest at the unwrapped book in Jurina's hand.

"I don't like it," Jurina replies, laying Ryoha's present on her lap before tilting her head to Rena and sliding her hand inside hers, "I love it."

Rena's mouth tugs into a smile and she gently rubs Jurina's knuckles, before leaning over to give her cheek a soft kiss, "I'm glad."


Rena checks the time on her watch for the fourth time, a groan inadvertently leaving her lips as the painful reality hits her. She had left the television studio in a hurry - cursing her interview unexpected delay - and was now late for the former AKB member's birthday party. She almost wanted to urge the taxi driver to go faster but the request never left her mouth. It would be very useless with so much traffic and, most of all, awfully improper. Much as she wished for some sort of divinity to save her from this nightmare, she knew her prayers were not going to be answered. She was going to be late, and there was nothing she could do about that.

Thirty minutes later the car finally stops in front of the restaurant and she steps out, swiftly thanking the driver with a polite smile, before turning apprehensively towards the building. Holding on tightly onto the plastic bag that contains the birthday present she moves forward, her fingers immediately grasping the door handle.

For a second, Rena really wonders if she's not at the wrong place. The restaurant is awfully quiet and as she carefully looks around, she fails to spot any familiar faces. That's why she's a bit relieved when a waiter approaches, as she knows she'll definitely need the help.

"I'm looking for Miss Shinoda's party," Rena declares.

The young short, dark-haired man frowns at her request and Rena almost believes she's truly at the wrong address, before the waiter's features lighten up in recognition.

"It's over here," he replies with a slight bow, showing a door on the far left corner of the restaurant.

After thanking him Rena walks towards it - pausing momentarily in front of the 'private' sign - before pushing the door in determination.

The atmosphere of the room contrasts immediately with the first room she just went through. Indeed, Rena is immediately surrounded with laughter and loud chatting and she lets her gaze wander around the room, her eyes falling on each guest. Yuko Oshima, Haruna Kojima, Minami Minegishi, Atsuko Maeda, Minami Takahashi, Itano Tomomi, Mariko Shinoda... That's definitely a rare sight, something you don't have the chance to witness anymore now that half of them have graduated.

Rena suddenly feels a bit out of place in the presence of so many first generation members. Even if she's well acquainted with all of them, she can't help but feel a bit shy surrounded by all these famous AKB members. She has felt this way from the moment she joined the group and somehow, it still hasn't completely left her. She's still very impressed each time she has to speak with one of those stars.

She's not naive: she knows she only owes her invitation to Jurina. If her relationship with the younger girl had not progressed so much these latest months, she would never have been invited to Mariko's birthday. In fact, she almost wanted to decline when Jurina had offered her to come - predicting the uneasiness she was currently feeling - before relenting when she had seen how much her presence would please the young Matsui.

Speaking of which, the SKE ace is clinging to the birthday girl and chatting with her eagerly. Rena is too far away to hear anything but she can imagine she probably said something funny as Mariko's mouth suddenly tugs into an amused smile, ruffling the girl's hair affectionately. Rena knows she should make her presence known, but she can't help but take advantage of the fact the young girl still hasn't noticed her to watch her. She really wouldn't mind spending the next few minutes simply looking at her silently. Recently, she's been doing it much more than she would like to admit, whether it is when the young girl is sleeping by her side, or when she's chatting with other members. In fact, it was now really hard to look away each time her eyes fell on her.


Mariko unwraps the present, her features contorting in surprise when she discovers the book.

"Jurina told me you were into cooking," Rena explains, watching as the older girl flips through the first pages curiously, "this is a very good book. I use it a lot."

"Thank you Rena," Mariko says, closing it and smiling at her, "I'll make good use of it."

"You're welcome," Rena replies, before absently taking a peek at the younger Matsui who's engrossed in a conversation with Yuko and Haruna at the table.

"I like seeing her so happy," Mariko declares, following the older Matsui's gaze, before locking eyes with Rena, "you know she's like a little sister to me."

"I do," Rena replies.

After this affirmation Mariko starts to speak about the younger girl and Rena listens carefully, not missing the fondness in her voice as words leave her lips. She can feel her own heart progressively warming up and she nods each time the older girl turns to gaze at her, knowing how lucky Jurina is to have such a person in her life who loves her unconditionally.

"Anyway," Mariko finishes, laughing a bit when she realizes she has been hogging the conversation for so long, "Jurina may act tough on the outside, she has a very sensitive heart. Please take good care of her."

Rena is momentarily taken aback and she ponders over her words. It's not the fact Jurina has confided in Mariko that surprises her. In fact, she didn't expect any less from her as she knows how close they are. No, what startles her is the way the former AKB member is looking at her with a seriousness you don't often witness, as the older girl is known to love goofing around. A few seconds later Mariko hasn't looked away and Rena guesses she's expecting some sort of reply.

"I promise I'll do my best."

"Thank you," Mariko smiles, holding her gaze a little longer, before noticing a figure approaching out of the corner of her eye and tilting her head in curiosity.

"Mariko, what are you doing? It's time for dessert," Jurina interrupts.

"Oh right," the former AKB member exclaims, making swiftly her way back to the other guests.

"What were you two talking about?" Jurina asks, watching curiously the older Matsui who's following Mariko's retreating form.

"What do you think?" Rena smiles in amusement, "our precious Jurina."

Jurina can't help but slightly blush, a groan leaving her lips when she hears the older Matsui giggling at her reaction, "stop it."

"They are bringing the cake," Yuko announces suddenly, moving swiftly towards the wall and switching the light off.

Jurina freezes at the unexpected occurrence and a small gasp escapes her lips, her heart soon starting to pounder in her chest.

"Look at me," Rena demands, catching Jurina's hand. She's well aware that the girl is afraid of the dark, and the slight tremble she feels as their palms meet doesn't surprise her.

"I can't see anything," Jurina stutters, her voice now shaking as she looks around the dark room in desperate need of light.

"Of course you can," Rena affirms, squeezing her hand reassuringly.

Jurina focuses on the older girl in front of her anew and squints her eyes, before indeed catching a faint glimpse of Rena's silhouette. It's impossible to discern more than that, but the sight still manages to soothe her.

"See," Rena murmurs, slowly moving forward as she herself manages to discern a bit more Jurina's features, "everything's fine."

Jurina releases a small sigh of relief and she can feel her body progressively relaxing, her racing heart mimicking its action and also slowing down. Out of the corner of her eye she notices a sudden small light in the darkness and she turns around, watching as Atsuko steps inside the room and brings a birthday cake to the table. All the members are now gathering around it, the waving flames slightly dancing on the ceiling as Atsuko sets the cake on the table carefully.

"We should go and join them," Rena suggests.

Jurina nods and follows the older Matsui as she moves forward, before catching her hand. "Rena," Jurina murmurs, inching closer when she has the girl's attention, "I'm not afraid anymore."

"What do you...?" Rena begins to ask, but she fails to complete her question when Jurina suddenly claims her lips. Even though her features contort in surprise at the unexpected occurrence she immediately responds to the kiss, not missing Jurina's touch on her skin as she cups her cheek.

"I'm not afraid anymore," Jurina repeats.

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Re: Heartbeat (20/20) + Partners Chapter 3 [WMatsui] (14/02/15)
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Dude, you just made my Valentine's Day!! ^^ I was like all sad and moping around but when I read through this it definitely warmed my insides  XD  Absolutely beautiful!!!  :cry: ^^ Jurina is finally not afraid when it comes to their relationship and it just seems so fulfilling <3 WMatstui <3 I love it!!! :twothumbs     Thanks for the update ;)

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Re: Heartbeat (20/20) + Partners Chapter 3 [WMatsui] (14/02/15)
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"I'm not afraid anymore," Jurina repeats.
This line is perfect!  :inlove:
Rena is definitely more troubled than she admits by the Gekikara comment. Since Jurina is overcoming her apprehension of their relationship, will she help Rena next?

Reading this chapter has made this Valentine's Day sweeter than any chocolates I've eaten. I hope you've had a lovely day as well, and thank you for the update!  :)

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Re: Heartbeat (20/20) + Partners Chapter 3 [WMatsui] (14/02/15)
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oh my god!!
this chapter is soooooo sweet!!

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Re: Heartbeat (20/20) + Partners Chapter 4 [WMatsui] (27/02/15)
« Reply #247 on: February 27, 2015, 10:36:48 PM »

Jurina can hear the ruffling of clothes through the door and she arches an eyebrow, wondering why her friend is taking so long. Mayu has been in the bathroom for ten whole minutes now, despite only having so few pieces of clothes to put on. Jurina definitely didn't believe her present would keep the AKB star so occupied. As minutes go by she tentatively leans a bit on the bed where's she sitting, trying to catch a glimpse of the girl through the half-opened door. Mayu has forbidden Yuki and her to take a look at her until she was done but as usual, curiosity was getting the best of her. However, as subtle as she was trying to be, it seemed nothing could go past the clever otaku.

"Don't peek, Jurina!" Mayu shouts, closing the bathroom door immediately, Jurina only briefly having the time to catch a glimpse of a hand, which is not exactly what she was aiming for.

"I wasn't!" Jurina retorts, quickly regaining a sitting position on the bed by Yuki's side, surprised her action didn't go unnoticed.

"Liar, I saw you!" Mayu's voice sounds firm and loud through the door, and Jurina doesn't miss the faint click as Mayu decides to lock it, definitely putting an end to any potential future attempt the young girl may have to take another peek.

"How did she...?" Jurina trails off - her voice barely a whisper as she stares defeated at the closed door - before looking back at Yuki in puzzlement.

"I believe she saw you through the mirror," Yuki chuckles, patting lightly Jurina's shoulder in a comforting gesture.

A sigh leaves Jurina's lips as she retrieves her phone from her pocket - checking her messages absently - while not missing the few frustrated groans occasionally leaving Mayu's mouth.

"You're sure you don't want any help?" Jurina suggests tentatively, only to hear her friend stubbornly refuse her offer a few seconds later.

"Don't bother, she won't come out until everything's perfect," Yuki says, raising a disapproving eyebrow at Jurina, "and what were you expecting anyway? You bought her a cosplay of Mikasa Ackerman!"

"Why do I sense you don't like her?" Jurina inquires, leaving her phone aside to gaze at the older girl curiously.

"She's a great anime character, but that's not the point," Yuki retorts. "Have you seen the apartment? She's everywhere: on the walls, on the shelves. If I didn't establish boundaries, she would even be in our bedroom!"

Jurina raises an amused eyebrow at the older girl's sudden outburst, her eyes then wandering around the bedroom. It seems Yuki has indeed done a very good job: no sign of Mikasa Ackerman anywhere. It's nothing short of a miracle.

"Don't get me wrong," Yuki continues, her voice now more steady and calm, "I love Mayu and I knew what I got myself into when I asked her to move in with me but sometimes, she tends to go a bit overboard."

"A bit?" Jurina scoffs, staring back at her in disbelief, "are we talking about the same person?"

"Fine," Yuki admits, a soft chuckle escaping her lips, "a lot."

The sound of boots on the floor suddenly distracts them and they divert their attention to the door in expectation, only to hear the creaking sound of a stool being moved and Mayu taking a seat on it to remove her boots. According to the few - unfortunately incoherent - mumbles they can catch, she's still not satisfied.

"I hear you," Jurina continues, her attention back on Yuki when it becomes clear Mayu is still not ready to come out, "Mayu has always lived her passions to their fullest. She doesn't care what people think, and she's not afraid of speaking her mind. I think that's what I like the most about her."

"What a passionate speech. Are you hiding something from me? Should I be worried?" Yuki teases.

"I guess I can't help it when it comes to Mayu," Jurina smiles. "She has always been here for me, even during the rough times."

"I know," Yuki replies, brushing Jurina's shoulder gently, "and I'm glad she has such a dear friend. Even when you're not here, she talks a lot about you."

This time both girls are taken off guard as the door opens abruptly, a visibly upset Mayu at the doorstep.

"Why did you tell her that?" Mayu protests, placing her hands on each side of her waist, "now she's going to act all cocky around me."

"You talk a lot about me?" Jurina inquires, grinning from ear to ear.

"See, what did I say!" Mayu exclaims, pointing an accusing finger at Jurina before composing herself and motioning to her outfit, "anyway, what do you think?"

"Something seems wrong," Yuki declares, cupping her chin thoughtfully and studying the small girl's face, "Does Mikasa have such long hair?"

"She did at first, but then she cut them short," Jurina replies with a nod, mimicking Yuki's actions and watching Mayu's features carefully. "And the bangs..."

"The outfit!" Mayu exclaims, waving her hands in the air in frustration, "I'm talking about the outfit!"

"I'm sorry, I was convinced you were talking about your hair," Yuki replies on a light tone, before turning to Jurina in fake surprise, "did you believe she was talking about the outfit?"

"Definitely not," Jurina shakes her head, mimicking Yuki's baffled expression, "it had to be the hair."

"Stop it you two," Mayu mutters, trying hard not to let her anger explode, "and tell me how the costume looks on me."

"It's perfect," Yuki laughs, catching her now fuming girlfriend's hand, and squeezing it briefly, "don't change a thing."

"Yes," Jurina chimes in, winking at the AKB's star playfully, "I could almost believe I'm in the presence of the great Mikasa herself."

"There's no need to exaggerate," Mayu rolls her eyes, before taking another look at herself, a pleased smile moving to her lips, "thank you Jurina, it's a great birthday gift."

"You're welcome," Jurina replies, smiling back at her when Mayu moves to kiss her cheek, "now, what do we do?"

"What about a karaoke?" Mayu suggests, her smile soon dropping at the lack of enthusiasm she's facing.

"I don't mind," Jurina replies finally when Yuki chooses to stay quiet, "but don't forget I'm going back to Nagoya tonight. I have to be at the train station at 5 PM."

"Don't worry," Mayu waves a reassuring hand at her, the joy immediately back in her eyes, "you'll catch it on time."

Jurina doesn't have time to add another word that Mayu has already exited the room and is - according to all the noise she's making - preparing hastily the game console in the living room. Jurina chuckles as she witnesses Yuki's defeated expression by her side and she moves a comforting hand to her shoulder, patting it lightly. It was karaoke time and apparently, the AKB member had every intention of making good use of the three hours left.


Rena was starting to wonder if the odds weren't against her. Delayed TV shows and photoshoots seemed to be the new trend lately. What was going on with this business? Was punctuality now an updated notion?

It's already dark outside when Rena makes her way to the stage door of the SKE theater. The concert ended 45 minutes ago and unfortunately, she was late for her date with Jurina. Again. Thankfully, the young girl did not seem to mind too much these recurrent occurrences. Jurina had replied to her text saying she would make good use of the time anyway, as she wanted to rehearse Rivalry's choreography.

Rena couldn't help but worry a bit when she read her words. She knew the young girl wanted to be fully prepared before the first performance of the song, but she had just been through a two-hour concert. Where could she find the energy? Jurina still didn't know the limits of her body and had a tendency to work too hard. It seemed she didn't learn much from her few trips to the hospital. Rena sometimes tried to reason with her, but it was like talking to a brick wall. It was common knowledge both girls were really different - from their personality to their way of thinking - but if they had one thing in common, it definitely was their stubbornness.

Rena catches the upbeat music as soon as she steps in and she unconsciously speeds up, making her way to the dancing room. The place is now empty as all the members have left, and Rena figures Jurina is probably the last living soul present in the theater. Rena recognizes the last verse of the song as Mayu's voice reaches her and she turns the handle, her eyes falling instantly on the dancing girl. The music comes to an end and Jurina is about to start it again, when she suddenly spots the older Matsui at the doorstep.

"Rena!" Jurina exclaims, a pleased smile moving to her lips, soon transforming into an amused one, "I was starting to believe you had forgotten me."

Despite Jurina's teasing tone Rena can't help but feel slightly guilty and surprised. She is awfully late - actually way more than she announced - and the sight of the young girl welcoming her without uttering a single complaint is definitely unexpected. After all, Jurina is quite famous for her impatience, but it seems she has improved a bit on that aspect of her personality.

"I'm sorry," Rena says, watching as Jurina uses a towel to wipe the sweat off her forehead, "I really did my best."

"No need to apologize," Jurina replies, bending over to catch her bottle of water on the floor and taking a sip of it.

"How is your rehearsal going?" Rena inquires as she approaches, her features slightly contorting in worry as she notices Jurina's soaked white shirt. The young girl definitely didn't go easy on herself in her absence.

"Not exactly as I expected," Jurina admits after setting aside the more than welcomed refreshment. There was a particular step that was causing her some problems during the second verse, and her inability to get it right was starting to frustrate her. "Can I ask you to wait a bit? I'm still not entirely satisfied, and I'm afraid I won't be able to get it off my mind if I don't try again."

"Of course," Rena replies, although a bit hesitantly as she roams Jurina's body in concern, "but do you think it's reasonable? You seem pretty exhausted."

"I'm fine," Jurina assures, placing a quick peck on Rena's lips, before trotting back to the music player, "I promise it won't take long."


Jurina's mind screams in joy when she finally manages to execute the choreography flawlessly. It had taken her a bit longer than she had expected, but it was definitely worth it. Now, she was well prepared, and more than eager to perform the song on stage with her AKB friend.

"Rena, I nailed it," Jurina exclaims, before looking over her shoulder when her words are met with silence.

Twenty minutes ago, the older Matsui had taken a seat in a corner of the room and occupied herself with a book while waiting for the young girl to finish. According to the item now laying on her lap and her closed eyelids, it seemed Rena had midway decided to take a nap.

"Rena," Jurina murmurs once she's in front of the sleeping form, shaking her arm softly. The action doesn't fail to provoke a reaction and Rena progressively stirs, gazing at the girl hovering over her, "You should have told me you were tired, we would have postponed our dinner."

"No, I'm fine," Rena replies and she accepts the extended hand, before covering her mouth to suppress a yawn. "Are you finished?"

"Yes, I'm just going to take a shower and we can leave," Jurina announces, already turning on her heels to retrieve her bag full of very needed fresh clothes. Just as she's about to grab it and leave the room a pair of arms encircles her waist from behind, preventing her from making another move.

"You know you're beautiful when you dance?" Rena whispers, resting her chin on her shoulder.

"I didn't notice you were looking," Jurina replies, her hands moving to join Rena's and meeting her eyes in the mirror in surprise. She definitely did seem pretty engrossed in her book the whole time.

"Jurina," Rena smiles, her slight amusement noticeable in her voice as she replies, "I always am."

Jurina doesn't miss the soft touch on her skin as Rena's right hand moves from her waist to her neck - brushing away strands of hair that managed to escape Jurina's loose ponytail - before leaving a trail of lingering kisses against the nape of her neck.

"I'm all sweaty," Jurina protests softly and she tries to extract herself from Rena's embrace, in vain, as the older girl chooses to tighten her hold on her waist and continues her ministration.

"Alright," Rena relents at the second attempt and she lets Jurina retrieve her bag, not before stealing another kiss, this time on the lips. "Don't take too long, we have a date to go on."


"Really?" Jurina exclaims in disbelief when both girls take a seat in the restaurant and Rena voices her desire to eat something spicy-free, "are you sick?"

"Stop it," Rena protests, brushing away the offending hand now placed on her forehead in fake concern, "I don't always eat spicy food."

"Since when?"

"I agree that I like it a lot, but it's not healthy to eat spicy food all the time," Rena declares, before going through the menu with great interest. "Plus, I like to try new things, and this restaurant has a good reputation," she explains, before looking up as she catches the sound of a chuckle, meeting Jurina's amused eyes instantly. "I can't believe it, you were making fun of me!" Rena scolds, slapping the menu against the table in disapproval.

"And you were answering so seriously," Jurina laughs.

"Anyway," Rena trails off, now quite eager to change the subject, "what does your mother think about you staying at my place so often?"

"Not much," Jurina admits as she grabs the menu to choose what she's going to eat, "she's pretty used to it by now and don't forget I slept a lot at Churi's apartment these last few months."

"That's right," Rena nods. Jurina had always been a very affectionate person, and it seemed Akane shared the same pattern. "And what does Akane think about that? Doesn't she miss you?" she teases.

"I don't believe so," Jurina smiles. "I know Airi and her are spending a lot of time together recently."

"Yes, they are doing a lot of catching up," Rena affirms. "Honestly, I was a bit afraid. Not only about their relationship, but about mine with Airi as well," Rena suddenly pauses as she realizes what she just said, and she raises her eyes in apprehension from the menu.

Rena didn't hide Airi's confession to Jurina, but she still felt ill-at-ease mentioning it. As a result, she really wished it had not slipped her tongue. Jurina had not said much when she had admitted Airi's feelings for her, but her displeased expression had been enough information.

"It's okay, you can talk about it," Jurina assures when she notices the older girl's hesitation, "I don't mind."

Albeit the fact Jurina knew Rena rejected Airi, it did bother her to know the girl had harbored such feelings for the older Matsui. After all, she had been jealous of Airi at the time. She always believed they were more than just friends, and the kiss she had witnessed that day had only reinforced this feeling. She didn't even believe Churi at first when she assured her nothing was going on between them. That's why it took her quite some time to accept the fact that Airi had loved Rena in a romantic way, and even more to realize it wasn't the case anymore. Jurina still didn't fully comprehend it, but it seemed Airi had managed to do something she herself had never been able to do. Move past her feelings for Rena.

"It's terrible to witness someone's heartbreak, especially when you're the cause of it," Rena says when Jurina prompts her to continue, "I was so afraid of losing her. I honestly don't know what I would have done if she had distanced herself from me."

"Rena," Jurina murmurs, placing a comforting hand on hers as she notices budding tears in the very emotive girl's eyes, "it's over now. Airi and you are good friends again."

"Yes, we are," Rena replies, a small smile grazing her lips. "You know, if this awful situation taught me something, it's that how bad you heart breaks, it can still be mended."

"Yes it can," Jurina whispers. She knows Rena is not realizing it as her thoughts are currently on her best friend, but her words are really hitting close to home. For a while, she believed she would never be able to forget those words that caused her so much pain at the hospital but unexpectedly, time had been a great ally.


"Tell me, I've been wondering something for a while now," Jurina declares when both girls leave the restaurant and make their way to Rena's apartment, "Why do you never call Akane by her nickname? All her friends do, but I've never heard you call her Churi."

"Maybe because I don't consider her as such?" Rena replies, not missing Jurina's sudden surprise as she tilts her head to look at her. "Don't get me wrong: Akane is a nice girl, but we're not friends."

Jurina is momentarily at a loss for words and she averts her eyes to the dark street in front of her, pondering over her affirmation. She truly believed the two girls had gotten closer lately - witnessing them speaking to each other more often than before - but it seemed she had misinterpreted the nature of their relationship.

"Do you think you'll ever be?" Jurina asks tentatively, halting when they arrive at a crosswalk and the red light prevents them from moving ahead.

"I know you want us to get along, but that's not how it works," Rena replies gently, not missing the hopefulness in the young girl's eyes. "Maybe we will become friends, maybe we won't. You can't predict nor force these things."

Jurina merely nods, failing to find any good retort. She had almost immediately clicked with Churi and she really enjoyed her company, but she had to admit the possibility that not everyone might be feeling the same way about her older friend. After all, she wasn't herself really close to Airi either.

Plus, she was well aware that Rena and her were two very different people, and her recent words only served to reinforce this feeling. Jurina was a very affectionate person - not afraid to cling to the members she liked - and she had no difficulty forming bonds and chatting with people. Obviously, not the same could be said about the older Matsui. She was a private person, definitely more distant and cautious.

Both girls finally arrive at Rena's apartment a while later and Jurina watches as Rena retrieves her key from her bag, before voicing out loud what has been on her mind for a few minutes.

"You don't open your heart easily."

Jurina's statement takes Rena by surprise and she pauses momentarily as she's turning the key in the lock - pondering over Jurina's words - before resuming the action and pushing the door. It's true that - much as she appreciates the company of many members - they are very rare those she considers true friends. In fact, much as she searches her brain for names - going through all the relationships she has forged in six years - only one manages to emerge: Airi.

If truth be told, she had at one point wondered if her shyness - and image - were not truly preventing her from forming new bonds. She was well aware that the younger members were still not keen on approaching her - even less talking to her - and it still bothered her. It seemed they pictured her as an unreachable person, and although she tried to get rid of this image, it annoyingly refused to leave her.

Regarding the older ones, she never managed to form a connection like she had with Airi. There was just something about her that made them click almost immediately. Only a few words had been enough, and Rena knew this person would be important in her life. Not only did Airi share her passions, she understood her like no one did. She never judged or pried vainly and somehow always seemed to know what she had on her mind. Of course, she still had her inner sanctum, but she didn't keep much from Airi. She didn't need to. She trusted her completely.

That's why she had been so scared when the girl had confessed and she had rejected her. She refused to imagine a life without her friend by her side, but the eventuality had crossed her mind more than a few times during that period. Thankfully, her worst nightmare never came true, and she didn't have to experience the dreadful void.

"I like to choose carefully the people I want a relationship with," Rena explains, raising her eyes to watch Jurina who's taking off her black leather jacket, "because once they find a place in my heart, they never leave."

It was evident Airi was currently occupying a large place in her heart, but as she watches Jurina and responds to her warm smile, she realizes suddenly that she's not the only one anymore.

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It was evident Airi was currently occupying a large place in her heart, but as she watches Jurina and responds to her warming smile, she suddenly realizes that she's not the only one anymore.
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