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Author Topic: [Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi Christmas Special] Under the Mistletoe (29 Dec)  (Read 208838 times)

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INDEX \(^o^)/

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"私の天使" - A Poem Dedicated to Mayuyu

A/N: Hi all, seigus here! This is my first time posting a story here although it's not my first time writing. Aside from some anime fanfictions, I have a small stash of incomplete AKB48 fics which will probably never see the light of day. OTL

Anyway, as we know, today's is Team B's beloved captain Kashiwagi Yuki's 21st birthday! And to celebrate this wonderful occasion, I present to you a MaYuki one-shot! This fic was inspired by French Kiss' "Rainy Day" PV. Hope you like this and if you do, do look out for Yukirin's Birthday Fic No.2 (starring Dr. Watanabe and Nurse Kashiwagi) which I will be posting in this thread later today.

Without further ado, let's get this party started! :cheers

My Cyborg Can’t Be in Kagoshima!

Kashiwagi Yuki sat alone in the dim apartment, anxiously flipping through news channels on the television for updates on when the typhoon would let up. All throughout Tokyo, the small streets were flooded and people had been stuck indoors since afternoon. No one dared to head out in such terrible weather. Yuki silently cursed the weathergirl who cheerily reported in the morning that the weather would be fine and sunny and perfect for a picnic in the park.

Fine and sunny, my foot!

Powerful winds and heavy rain slammed nosily against the closed windows. Yuki glanced out the living room window and could barely make out the outline of the next apartment block. Her fingers pressed the familiar buttons on her cellphone to check for new mail.

Last message received at 16:52 from Mayuyu.

Eeks! It’s really pouring!
But don’t worry, I’m heading home now.
See you soon! \(^o^)/

It was already 11.40pm now. Growling in frustration, Yuki chucked the black device aside.

“Mayuyu… where are you?”

Meanwhile, a small, shivering figure was standing at the entrance of a convenience store a few streets away. Watanabe Mayu was drenched. Her white raincoat did nothing to keep her safe from the merciless rain. The flimsy hood had long been blown off her head the moment she left the bakery near her workplace. Water dripped down her face and her usually perfect bangs clung to her forehead in clumps. In her hands, she cradled a box wrapped protectively in a pastel pink plastic bag. A gust of strong wind swept past her and she held onto the box for dear life despite stumbling back a few steps. She checked her watch.


Oh no, fifteen minutes left. Earlier, Mayu had taken shelter in the 24-hour convenience store where she managed to get some warmth but with precious time ticking away, she had no choice but to face the relentless storm. Surveying her surroundings, Mayu thanked the heavens that at least traffic was non-existent at the moment, allowing her to cross the roads freely. The pigtailed girl took a deep breath and took off into the heavy downpour, making splashes in the ankle-deep water.


Yuki slammed the remote on the coffee table and gripped her head. Worry was etched all over her face. Silly girl… why the hurry to get back? You should’ve stayed at your workplace!

Suddenly, Yuki stood up. She had enough of sitting around and doing nothing. Grabbing the house keys and the black raincoat hanging by the door, she slipped on the waterproof gear and stepped out of the apartment. I must be the only crazy person to go out in this crazy weather. Aside from Mayu, that is. Yuki tapped her feet impatiently as the elevator took her to the ground floor. Once the lift doors opened, piercing winds whipped about her face, forcing her to shut her eyes momentarily. The ache in her heart multiplied ten times as she thought about her small and frail beloved being blown around like a rag doll by Mother Nature. Standing at the front porch, she suddenly felt lost and stupid as she stared into the bleak distance. Where do I start?!


Mayu smiled in relief when she spotted the apartment block that she and Yuki lived in. A quick glance at her watch told her it was 11.54pm. Her legs felt like lead and her face hurt from the biting rain hitting her face as she raced through the streets.  With her last ounce of energy, she made a dash across the road. Wait for me, Yukirin!

Yuki cursed herself for not thinking of a better plan to locate Mayu. However, desperate times called for desperate measures. Her heart took control over her head and she sprinted recklessly into the arms of a raging Mother Nature. Please… let me find you.


Amidst the loud crashing of rain against hard gravel, she heard it. The cute high-pitched voice calling her name. The sweet voice that could belong to only one person in the entire world. Her little cyborg.


Yuki rushed forward to meet the younger girl in a bone-crushing embrace. Hot tears escaped her eyes as she held the girl in her arms. The sudden open display of affection startled a baffled Mayu.

“Erm… Yukirin?” Mayu began softly.

“Hmm?” Yuki was too caught up in her emotions to pay full attention.

“You are crushing the cake.”

Yuki sniffed and quickly rubbed her reddened eyes before pulling back with a frown. “What cake?”

“Your birthday cake, silly. Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten your own birthday?” Mayu asked incredulously as she slid the cake box out from the space between their bodies. Realisation hit Yuki like a ton of bricks as she finally understood why Mayu practically risked her life to return home.

“Maybe I did but still, that’s no reason for you to be out in this storm,” Yuki retorted in what seemed like a last-ditch attempt to save her pride.

“The same goes for you. What were you doing out here?”

“I was worried about you, of course! I thought the typhoon had carried you all the way to Kagoshima!”

“Then I can say hi to Mama-rin,” Mayu noted with a playful smile. Discreetly, she checked her watch.

“Hey! I’m serious here- Mmph!” A pair of soft lips pressed against Yuki’s, effectively silencing her.

Mayu whispered three words as she withdrew from the kiss, her warm breath mixing with Yuki’s. Yuki stared wide-eyed at the blushing girl before her. When her mind finally registered the situation, she broke into a wide smile and brought her hand up to cup Mayu’s delicate cheek. Running her fingers along a dripping jawline, she let her thumb rest on supple pink lips.

“Thank you.”

Yuki dropped her arms to wrap around Mayu’s slim waist and dipped her head low to capture those sweet lips again.
At 11.59pm on 15 July 2012, Watanabe Mayu succeeded in wishing Kashiwagi Yuki a very happy birthday.

The End.


- Yuki's hometown is Kagoshima.
- Mayu calls Yuki's mother 'Mama-rin'.

Thank you for reading! Reviews are greatly appreciated :deco:
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Ahh welcome to the forum!!  :welcome

This story was really cute and I loved it! I can't to read more from you!  :hee:

Keep it up!  :on GJ:

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So cute~ right in the time ^^

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Hey~! Never knew you write too. :w00t:

And knowing that it's you, I think we can expect so much more MaYuki in the future? :grin:

Eagerly waiting for the doctor and nurse's story. Don't make us wait too long~ XD
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This story is really cute, very well written too. Thank you for sharing it, will anticipate your future works.  :)

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i want

Yukirin's Birthday Fic No.2 (starring Dr. Watanabe and Nurse Kashiwagi)!!!

thank !


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[MaYuki] Yukirin's Birthday Fic No.2 - Flowers Don't Last Forever
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A/N: Thank you all for your lovely comments and 'thank yous'! They are very encouraging and I've just thought of an idea for a new MaYuki one-shot. Not sure if it will become a reality but I'll try my best! Anyway, as promised, here is Yukirin's Birthday Fic No.2 starring Dr. Watanabe and Nurse Kashiwagi! Once again, happy birthday dear Yukirin!

Note: This is a genderbend story.


Flowers Don’t Last Forever

“Flowers for Kashiwagi-san!”

A bouquet of a dozen red roses landed on the smooth white surface of the Nurses’ Counter at Akiba Hospital.

“Again?” Kitahara Rie asked incredulously.

“That’s the fourth one today,” remarked Kuramochi Asuna who was tidying up some files.

“Let’s guess who it’s from this time!” Takajo Aki suggested.

“Something as romantic as a dozen red roses must be from Dr. Miyazawa!” Rie said excitedly.

“Oh, you may be right! Just compare it to the other bouquets,” Mocchi pointed to the neglected flowers sitting forlornly at a corner. “This one clearly stands out.”

“Those are from Yuki-chan’s former patients, right?” A smooth voice cut in. The trio instantly looked up and gasped when they saw a tall and lean man in a navy blue suit leaning against the counter.

“Dr. Shinoda!”

“Hi, ladies,” Shinoda Mario flashed a charming smile that sent the three nurses’ knees into a wobbly state. Rie who was the first to recover, replied, “Yes, those flowers are from Yukirin’s ex-patients. That one is from Ishihara-san.”

“That balding old man who suffered a heart attack while watching AV?” Mario wrinkled his nose in disgust at the poorly arranged bunch of pink orchids and lavender lilacs. “No wonder those flowers look cheap.”

Mario grabbed the latest bouquet of roses and checked the card which came with it. With a knowing smile, he muttered, “I see Sae has made his move.”

“So it’s really from Dr. Miyazawa!” Mocchi exclaimed, jumping up from her seat. “Yukirin’s so lucky!”

“Oh, she’s back!” Akicha spotted their colleague turning round the corner and walking towards them. Mario swiftly put down the bouquet and bade the nurses farewell, disappearing into his office down the corridor.

Kashiwagi Yuki plopped herself on her seat at the workstation and let out a weary sigh. She had just escaped from a male patient in his twenties who loudly proclaimed his undying love for her in his ward. The worse thing was the other patients in the ward supported him by throwing toilet paper confetti all over the place and goaded her to accept his love. In the end, both she and the patients were chided by the head nurse for creating a ruckus.

“Hey Yukirin, cheer up. Look at this!” Rie shoved Dr. Miyazawa’s flowers in Yuki’s face.

“It’s from the tall, dark, handsome and suave Dr. Miyazawa!” Akicha added, her head popping up next to Rie’s.

“You sure are popular around here. I wish I could get flowers from the doctors too,” Mocchi appeared on the other side of Rie, wearing a dreamy look on her face.

Yuki shot the roses an uninterested glance and went back to filling out a form for a patient. “If you like it so much, you can have it,” she offered in a bored tone.

“Really?” Mocchi’s eyes widened at the idea. Just then, Dr. Miyazawa Sae appeared before them.

“Hey, ladies!” he greeted cheerily with a wink. The gossiping trio found their legs turning into jelly the second time in less than fifteen minutes.

“Hi, Dr. Miyazawa!” they chorused with bright smiles. Sae craned his neck a little to peek at Yuki who seemed busy at the back.

“Erm… Yuki-san.”

Yuki closed her eyes and gave an inward sigh before forcing a smile on her face and standing up. “Yes, Dr. Miyazawa? How can I help you?”

Sae winced a little at the formal tone but kept up his confident smile. “Just want to wish you happy birthday in person”

“Why, thank you.”

The gossiping trio traded looks and decided to make themselves scarce as the atmosphere was starting to turn awkward.

“Have you received my flowers?” Sae asked.

“Yes, they are very lovely. Thank you,” answered Yuki. She was not lying. They did look gorgeous but she just could not be bothered with them. They were just flowers which would wither in a matter of days. Sae mistakenly took that as a positive sign and leant forward, posing the next question.

“You’re welcome. Would you like to have dinner with me after work tonight? My treat, of course.”

At that moment, Yuki’s face lit up as she noticed a short, bespectacled young man walking past behind Sae. The man was wearing a blue surgeon’s outfit and had black hair that went a little past his ears. He seemed to be in a hurry as he quickly disappeared in the direction of the Operating Theater.
Sae waved his hand before Yuki’s face. “Hey, you there?”

Snapping out of her daze, Yuki bowed slightly, “I’m sorry but I have to work overtime today.”

“It’s okay. I can wait.”

“No, no. It’ll be very late.”

“We can do supper.”

“Kashiwagi-san, I need you in the OT now,” a gentle voice called out, startling both Sae and Yuki. Yuki gasped when she noticed the same young man from before standing a distance away, beside the drinks vending machine.

“Yes, Dr. Watanabe!” Yuki hastily tidied up the documents on her desk. Before she left, she turned to Sae and said, “I’m sorry I’ve got work to do. Thanks for your invitation anyway.”

Without waiting for Sae’s reply, she half-ran after Dr. Watanabe who was already walking away. Sae dropped his head on the counter after the straight rejection while the gossiping trio looked on in pity.

“That stupid Yukirin! Why did she reject his offer?” Mocchi whispered in exasperation. “I would so die to go on a romantic dinner date with Dr. Miyazawa.”

“Actually girls, have you noticed? Yukirin only seems to respond to Dr. Watanabe,” Akicha commented.

“Isn’t it only because he saved her life a few years back?” Mocchi asked.

“But he’s the only one who doesn’t give her special treatment. Most of the doctors here seem to be trying to score a date with her,” with a finger on her chin, Rie noted thoughtfully.

“Maybe she likes younger men. They ignite her motherly instincts!”

Nodding in agreement, Mocchi remarked, “Dr. Watanabe does have a very cute face. If only he was taller, I’d totally go after him!”

The other two poked her forehead simultaneously, “Stop being so man-crazy!”


Yuki caught up with Dr. Watanabe and was now walking slightly behind him.

“Iwasaki Kanata, nine years old. She was knocked down by a motorcycle while crossing the road and sustained multiple fractures to her right arm and ribs. We suspect one of the broken ribs have punctured her lung,” Dr. Watanabe briefed her on the patient they would be working on as he took long strides down the corridor. “Expect the operation to last more than five hours.”

“Punctured her lung? Isn’t that what happened-”

“Yes, her condition is similar to yours three years ago,” Dr. Watanabe confirmed her suspicions.

Yuki unconsciously moved her hand to her chest and felt the protruding scar beneath her uniform. Memories of the accident she was involved in flooded her mind. She remembered being in extreme pain and had difficulty breathing after being knocked down by a speeding car. The terrified driver did not stop to help and left her dying in the middle of the road. It was a secluded part of town and no one else was around when the accident happened. Just as she was about to lose consciousness, she heard footsteps running towards her and the worried face of a young man appeared before her.

“Hello, Kasai-san. I need an ambulance now! I am at…”

That was the last thing she heard before her world faded black. Two days after the surgery, Yuki regained consciousness. That was when she met Dr. Oshima Yuko, the doctor who headed her operation. Dr. Oshima was a jovial lady in her late twenties who frequently checked on her progress and would sometimes crack crude jokes. Yuki swore that Dr. Oshima was lucky that she was not a male doctor, if not she would have been put behind bars for sexual harassment long ago. On the last day of her hospitalization, Dr. Oshima brought a reluctant-looking man who looked not a day over twenty to her ward.

“Come on, Yuki-chan deserves to know the person who saved her!” Dr. Oshima was heard saying as she dragged a short young man to her bed. Yuki gathered that he was about the same height as herself.

“She doesn’t need to know,” the man protested, trying to pry Yuko’s hands off his arm.

Yuki’s ears perked up at the familiar voice. She had only heard it once but she remembered it vividly as she constantly replayed that gentle voice in her mind.

“Anyway, we are already here. Don’t be so wishy-washy,” Yuko chided the man who seemed to be hiding his face by looking down. “Hey Yuki-chan, I’ve brought someone to meet you. This is Watanabe Mayu. He was the one who discovered you at the accident site.”

Yuko nudged Mayu’s side, causing him to look up. In the split second when their eyes met, Yuki recognized him as the face she saw before she blacked out.

“It’s… It’s you…” Yuki was at a loss for words. She felt warmth stinging the back of her eyes as she fought the urge to cry. All along, she thought the angel she saw was a hallucination.

Mayu bowed. “Nice to meet you. My name is Watanabe Mayu, a resident at Akiba Hospital.”

By this time, Yuki’s tears had already broken free and were streaming down her face.

“Whoa, what did you do to Yuki? She’s crying!” Yuko prodded the equally shocked doctor.

“I didn’t do anything!”

“Did you grope her when she was lying there defenseless?”

“No! That’s something you would do!”

A soft giggle interrupted their little banter, causing them to turn to Yuki.

“I-I’m sorry,” Yuki wiped her tears. “I’m just too happy to see you. To know that my savior is real and not a hallucination.”

Yuko cleared her throat. “I told you you should come to meet her. See how happy you’ve made her!”

“I was just doing what any other person would do in that situation,” Mayu stated flatly although his cheeks were reddening. Yuko rolled her eyes and ignored him. She looked at Yuki and said, “Mayu started emergency treatment on you during the ride to the hospital and also participated in your operation. He’s very skilled despite having just graduated from med school so he really helped a lot in saving you.”

“Thank you, Dr. Watanabe. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be here now,” Yuki gazed into his clear brown eyes as she spoke. At that moment, she felt a tingle down her spine and she knew it had nothing to do with the air-conditioning.

Three months after the accident, Yuki applied for the position of Staff Nurse at Akiba Hospital. It was a miraculous coincidence that Yuki had just obtained her Nursing Degree earlier that year. She wanted to meet that young doctor again and work side-by-side with him, assisting him in any way possible. Behind that cool façade lay a kind and delicate soul; she was sure of it.


Yuki sank into the plush black couch in the Staff Lounge and stretched her arms above her head. It was almost eleven at night. Iwasaki’s operation took longer than expected. Nevertheless, it was a success and the girl’s parents thanked Dr. Watanabe profusely outside the Operating Theater. As usual, the aloof surgeon brushed it off, stating it was his job.

A hand holding a can of iced coffee appeared before her eyes. “Here,” Mayu said.

“Ah, thanks,” Yuki accepted the beverage with a smile. Mayu walked over to the wall and leant against it. He opened his own can and took a sip.

“Good job inside the OT.”

Yuki felt an unexplainable warmth spreading through her chest as her smile grew. “Same to you.”

“Aren’t you going home?” he asked. “You shift was over four hours ago.”

“I just want to rest a bit first,” Yuki replied, feeling her stiff shoulder. “What about you?”

“Same reason,” he answered simply and took another sip.

At that moment, the door to the room swung open and a bundle of energy in the form of Dr. Miyazawa bounded in.

“Ah, I guess you’d be here, Yuki-san!” Sae beamed hopefully at Yuki. Yuki almost choked on her drink.

“W-What are you doing here? Didn’t you leave long ago?” she eyed the grinning man suspiciously.

“I was waiting for you. Now that I’m here and you are done with work, let’s go for supper!”

Yuki groaned inwardly. She was in no mood for this but she could not come up with an excuse to reject Sae.

“I’m sorry Sae but I have already asked Yuki and she agreed,” Mayu suddenly voiced. Yuki’s jaw dropped and if it were possible, her eyes would have popped out of their sockets.

“What? Is that true?” Sae looked at the only woman in the room questioningly. Yuki glanced at Mayu and found him drinking his coffee nonchalantly. However, if she looked closer, she would have noticed dents forming on his can where his fingers were gripping.

“Er… Ah… That’s true, Dr. Miyazawa.”

Sae’s shoulders drooped for a moment but they promptly bounced back up when he thought of an idea. “The three of us can have supper together!”

“My car only fits two.”

Mayu chucked his empty can and walked towards the door, brushing past Sae. He paused at the entrance and turned around, “Let’s go, Yuki.”

“O-Oh okay!” Yuki stumbled up from the couch and towards Mayu. After the two of them left, Sae sank to his knees and punched the floor.

“Damn it.”


True to his word, Mayu brought Yuki to a 24-hour café a few streets away for a simple meal of hot sandwiches to fill their hungry stomachs. Following that, Mayu drove Yuki home.

“We are here,” Mayu announced softly as he stopped his white Toyota convertible at the porch of Yuki’s apartment block. It was already a little past midnight. The car ride had been so soothing that the exhausted Yuki dozed off. She blinked her bleary eyes and scanned her surroundings. Stifling a yawn, she unbuckled her seatbelt.

“Thanks for the lift. I’ll see you at work,” she reached for the door handle and was about to pull it when Mayu grabbed her arm.

“It’s a little late but,” he held out a tiny royal blue velvet pouch, “happy birthday.”

Yuki could not believe her ears. In the three years they had been working together, this was the first time he wished her happy birthday. She thought he did not care at all.

“Take it,” Mayu hurried, beginning to feel shy. Yuki received the pouch and gently poured its contents onto her palm. A gleaming white rose necklace slipped out. The workmanship on the painted ceramic pendant was very fine and detailed.

“This is so… beautiful,” Yuki gaped at the necklace in awe. “I love it! Really.”

Mayu exhaled a breath that he did not realize he had been holding. “I’m glad. It took me a long time to get the design right.”

“You designed it?” Yuki suppressed the urge to squeal in delight.

Scratching his cheek, the young doctor nodded. “White reminds me of your name.”

The birthday girl felt her cheeks heating up. “Can you… help me put it on?”

The request seemed to have taken Mayu by surprise and he blinked. Taking the necklace, he clasped it around her neck. She shuddered as his fingertips brushed against her nape.

“Thank you, Mayu,” Yuki whispered before leaning in to plant a quick peck on his flawless cheek. The normally emotionless doctor froze and stared wide-eyed at his blushing companion. She giggled at his stunned expression and quickly exited his car. As she walked towards the lift lobby, she could not resist feeling the pendant between her fingers.

Flowers don’t last forever…
But this one does.


The End.

I hope you've enjoyed this story! Thank you for reading and as always, reviews are greatly appreciated :deco:

I've also made a birthday poster for our dearest Yukirin. You can check it out at the Kashiwagi Yuki Thread.
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Re: [MaYuki] Yukirin's Birthday Fic No.2 - Flowers Don't Last Forever
« Reply #7 on: July 15, 2012, 07:36:37 AM »
Wah even cuter than the last!  :luvluv1:

Haha Mariko be trollin like boss.  :bigdeal:

Poor Sae, she got rejected but Yukirin belongs to Mayuyu so paws off!  :on redcard:

Please update soon! I can't wait to hear more from you!  :hee:

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  • Sad but nostalgic..gr8 memories! :D
Re: [MaYuki] Yukirin's Birthday Fic No.2 - Flowers Don't Last Forever
« Reply #8 on: July 15, 2012, 09:31:38 AM »
Niceeeeee!  :heart:

thanks for writting about my precious otp!  :cow:

i haven't read your second story but i wil!  :grin:

please update soon!  :w00t:

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[MaYuki] Innocent Jelly Beans (21 July)
« Reply #9 on: July 21, 2012, 10:30:22 AM »
A/N: Hi all! I'm back with another MaYuki one-shot! This time, it's a fic to celebrate the release of Mayuyu's second solo single "Otona Jelly Beans". Remember to get your copies and support our dearest cyborg! :grin: I would post this on the actual release date (25 Jul) if not for the fact that I'll be overseas and without my laptop then. Enjoy and as always, reviews are greatly appreciated!

Innocent Jelly Beans

“Yukirin, look at what I’ve got!”

“Hmm?” Kashiwagi Yuki’s nose was buried in a few sheets of paper containing information on Team B’s concert in Osaka. Being the team captain, it was her responsibility to digest the information and then brief the team on it.

Thud! A glass jar filled with colourful little things landed on the only table in the dressing room.

“Watanabe Mayu to perform ‘Otona Jelly Beans’ during the encore…” Yuki muttered, reading off the last slip of paper.

“That’s right! Jelly beans!” The excited voice chirped right next to Yuki’s left ear, startling her till she jumped up from her chair only to bang her knees against the bottom of the table. “Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!” she cried out and hopped around the room as if there were ants in her skirt. With the grace of an elephant, she backed into another chair and crashed nosily to the floor. Grunting as her bottom throbbed with pain, she attempted to untangle her long limbs from the legs of the foldable chair. Loud snickers reached her ears and she stopped to stare at the cause of her pain.

“My God! Mayuyu! Don’t scare me like that!”

The snickers escalated into full-fledged guffaws as Watanabe Mayu doubled over and clutched her stomach in fear of it exploding from laughing too hard.

“Y-You should have seen yourself!” Mayu wiped the tears in her eyes and struggled to straighten herself. Her face was red and she cleared her throat a few times only to choke as a new bout of laughter surged up her chest.

“It’s not funny!” protested an embarrassed Yuki as she limped into a standing position. “And when did you come in?”

“Just?” the pigtailed ace tilted her head cutely.

Yuki shot a quizzical glance at the jar on the table and asked, “What’s that?”

The smile on Mayu’s instantly turned into a pout. “Mou, you weren’t listening at all!”

“You were talking to me?”


“Alright, alright. I’m sorry, okay?” Yuki apologized hurriedly the moment she detected the fuming puffed up cheeks of the younger girl. “I’m sorry I was too engrossed in reading the programme list for tomorrow that I didn’t notice you come in.” Stepping forward, she wrapped her arms around Mayu and patted her head as if she was a child who had just dropped her ice cream. Why is it that I’m feeling guilty when I’m the one who got hurt?

Yuki unconsciously started stroking Mayu’s smooth, jet-black hair. “So what about the jar?”

The team’s ace perked up at the question and excitedly pulled herself away from the taller girl who frowned at the sudden loss of warmth.

 “It’s a jar of jelly beans that a fan gave to me!” The grinning row of pearly whites almost blinded Yuki. Raising an eyebrow, she said, “I didn’t know you were that crazy over jelly beans.”

The thoughtless remark earned the captain a smack on the arm.

“Hey! I’m already hurt!”

Mayu ignored the complaint and merely stuck out her tongue. “I’m just happy that fans are excited about Otona Jelly Beans.” Said girl then began humming the tune to her latest single and twirled out of Yuki’s grasp. Shaking her head with a resigned smile, Yuki followed Mayu to the table after picking up the fallen chair. She watched with interest as Mayu opened the jar and popped a green jelly bean into her mouth. The humming girl’s next action surprised her.

Mayu poured all the jelly beans onto the table.

“Mayu! What are you doing?” Yuki half-screamed, eyes almost popping out of their sockets.

There was a mischievous glint in Mayu’s eyes. “I just thought of something fun.”

“Huh?” was the only response Yuki was capable of as thoughts of the large grumpy cleaning lady barging into the room and yelling at them for creating a wonderland for the ants raced through her mind.

Mayu, with her upper body bent over the table, started shifting the candies with both hands. What seemed like random scattering at first gradually began to take shape and a ω sign rested proudly on the light grey table.

“Mayu-chan…” Yuki narrowed her eyes and called in a warning tone. Mayu held up her hands in the ω shape and exclaimed gleefully, “Oshiri!”

The older girl sighed, shaking her head for the second time that day. However, nothing seemed to be able to dampen her teammate’s spirit as she rearranged the jelly beans.

“Black Marimokkori!”

“O-Oi! Don’t make that- that part down there so protruding!” a dark blush spread across Yuki’s cheeks as she grimaced at the algae man character whose infamous erection was a pile of dark purple jelly beans in Mayu’s version. In an attempt to erase that obscene mascot from her view, Yuki swept it aside and fervently moved the jelly beans around.

“Guess the AKB member,” Yuki stepped back and admired her handiwork. Mayuyu could not help but chuckle as a crooked yellow-orange banana stared back at her.

“Gorilla! I mean Sayaka-san!”

“Oh? Too easy, huh?” Yuki cocked an eyebrow in mock shock. A smirk stretched across her lips as she messed up the beans yet again. From the side, Mayuyu peeked at Yuki’s serious and engrossed profile and mentally gave herself a pat on the back. The observant cyborg had noticed how tense her precious captain had been recently due to the series of live concerts the popular idol group was involved in. Yuki had been meeting the management staff frequently and after the discussions, Yuki would always be poring over the setlists and programme schedules, cracking her brain over how to coordinate team trainings and motivate the exhausted members.

Yuki was so absorbed in her next creation that she did not notice Mayu had crept to her side until she felt a finger tuck her long hair behind her ear.

“Mayu?” she turned and came face to face with her beloved, their noses mere inches away from each other. Before she could even blink, Mayu pressed their lips together and Yuki immediately felt something enter her slightly agape mouth. A fruity sweetness soon enveloped her taste buds and she briefly wondered how Mayu’s lips got more tantalising than they already were. Aroused, she grabbed the shorter girl’s waist and yanked her closer, deepening the kiss. Her tongue thrust forward impatiently, demanding entry. Mayu gasped and Yuki seized the chance to push the delectable sweet bud into the moist cavern. Not wanting to lose, Mayu hooked her hands behind her partner’s neck and pushed their faces closer if it was even possible. However, she misjudged her force and lost her balance, pulling Yuki down with her as she fell backwards onto the table. There was a series of scattering sounds as jelly beans flew all over the place.

“Oops,” Mayu squeaked. Her hands were still clinging onto Yuki for dear life while Yuki’s larger hands had swiftly moved to Mayu’s head and upper back to cushion the impact for her dearest cyborg. Breathing heavily, Yuki smiled down at the similarly panting girl. She noted Mayu’s flushed face and pretty swollen lips with satisfaction.

“The jelly bean’s with you now, isn’t it?”

Mayu nodded, pouting.

“Give it to me. I’ll let you win this time,” Yuki dove down and claimed Mayu’s supple lips again. This time, she accepted the treat readily. As she chewed on the strawberry-flavoured candy, she gazed softly into Mayu’s chocolate eyes and brushed the bangs that had been messed up earlier.

“Hey, you know I don’t let anyone touch my fringe.” Despite her words, Mayu made no move to stop Yuki’s hand.

“I’m not just ‘anyone’,” Yuki gently poked the ace’s cute button nose. “C’mon, let’s get up. I hear footsteps.”

The moment both girls stood up, an energetic Oshima Yuko bounded into room with a spacey Kojima Haruna lagging behind.

“Whoa! What happened here?” Yuko gaped at the rainbow-coloured mess. The two culprits exchanged sheepish looks before Yuki spoke, “My hands slipped and spilled Mayuyu’s jelly beans.”

“Really?” Yuko eyed their dishevelled appearance suspiciously as she threaded around the table, surveying the chaos for evidence that set off her skinship radar. She spotted two jelly beans lying curved towards each other on the table.

“Oh look, Nyan Nyan! They are doing a sixty-nine!”


“Ouch!” the squirrel clutched her head in pain. “Nyan Nyan, why?!”

“We have an underaged here.”

“Mayuyu’s already eighteen!”

“Oops. Then my hand slipped too,” Haruna shrugged nonchalantly and fished out a PSP from her pocket. At that moment, Yuki spied a very familiar figure walking into the room and her breathing hitched. Snatching the surprised Mayu’s hand, she sprinted out of the room with the younger girl, uttering a quick hello to the new arrival as they crossed paths.

“That’s a lie,” Yuko accused, “and so was what Yuki said earlier!” She pointed towards the Team B Captain only to jab her finger into something thick and bouncy. Boobs? Looking up, she saw large flaring nostrils and the displeased face of their burly cleaning lady glaring down at her. Suddenly feeling very small, Yuko shrank back.

“Hi-Hi… Obasan…” her eyes darted around in panic, searching for Haruna but the video game addict was nowhere to be found.

A broom was shoved into Yuko’s chest. “Clean this mess right now, young lady!”

“B-But I didn’t do it!”

“Huh?” A calloused hand twisted the squirrel’s ear.

“Okay, okay! I’ll clean! I’ll clean!” Yuko squirmed out of the strong grip and hastily took the broom.

Damn you, Kashiwagi!


The End.

-Yukirin is also known among members and fans as Black Marimokkori as her eyes look like the character's and she has a black personality. For more info on Marimokkori, check out this page.

Thank you for reading! :deco:
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Re: [MaYuki] Innocent Jelly Beans (21 July)
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Keep it up!  :on GJ:

Oh my gosh Yuko a pervert as always.

Mayuyu with her jelly beans is just so cute!  :luvluv1:

Update soon!

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Re: [MaYuki] Innocent Jelly Beans (21 July)
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I like all your MaYuki one-shots!!   :shy2:
please cantinue  :onioncheer:

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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Re: [MaYuki] Innocent Jelly Beans (21 July)
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Like the recently added Mayuki fic --> Innocent Jelly Beans...  :thumbup  :thumbup :thumbup
However, I still addicted to the second -> the Dr. Watanabe X Nurse Yuki fic. (hoping to see a sequel or something)  heheh  :nya:
nyways hope you post/update more!!!
Ja ne~

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Re: [MaYuki] Innocent Jelly Beans (21 July)
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“That’s right! Jelly beans!” The excited voice chirped right next to Yuki’s left ear, startling her till she jumped up from her chair only to bang her knees against the bottom of the table. “Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!” she cried out and hopped around the room as if there were ants in her skirt. With the grace of an elephant, she backed into another chair and crashed nosily to the floor. Grunting as her bottom throbbed with pain, she attempted to untangle her long limbs from the legs of the foldable chair. Loud snickers reached her ears and she stopped to stare at the cause of her pain.
I'm sorry Yuki, but imagining you like this makes me :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:. However, please bear the pain, oh poor Yuki.

However, I still addicted to the second -> the Dr. Watanabe X Nurse Yuki fic.
Agree. I'm also kinda hoping for a sequel to this one. Dr. Watanabe sugoku kakkoii!! 8)
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Re: [MaYuki] Innocent Jelly Beans (21 July)
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Thank you all for your kind comments! :deco: It's really nice to know people enjoy reading my fics :heart:

kiruchi-san and aruka-san: Thank you for your love towards Dr. Watanabe and Nurse Kashiwagi! As I told a certain divine person some time back, I'm planning to write a continuation to "Flowers Don't Last Forever". And guess what? I've just started work on it last night. I'll be leaving for Hong Kong tomorrow so let's hope Part 2 will be done when I return on Saturday!

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Re: [MaYuki] Innocent Jelly Beans (21 July)
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Oh God, how could I have missed this thread! ><

I just finished reading from the first oneshot to the latest, and I must say, I liked the Dr. Watanabe and Nurse Kashiwagi too. Suffer Sae. My Cyborg Can’t Be in Kagoshima! is great too, the title at first made me think of something like Mayuyu moving or something but I guess I was wrong, I like how it turned out to be though. xD Also, Innocent Jelly Beans! I like the part where Yuki commented about Black Marimokkori's erm... Erection, and most of all the ending. I really love the comedic vibes on this one. Overall I like all of them! I really can't believe that I missed such a great thread. I'll make sure to keep my eyes on this, so I hope you'll write more. Excitedly waiting for the part 2 of "Flowers Don't Last Forever" nau :3

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Re: [MaYuki] Innocent Jelly Beans (21 July)
« Reply #16 on: July 22, 2012, 03:49:07 PM »
I read all three in one go, and I love them all! Poor Yuko-sama, had to do the cleaning *huggles Yuko-sama, helps to clean the mess MaYuki made* and I'm happy to find out about the continuation of doctor Watanabe and nurse Kashiwagi. I'll be waiting for update! :-)
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Re: [MaYuki] Innocent Jelly Beans (21 July)
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I just read all three too and I have to say that I love Dr. Watanabe best even over Cyborg Mayu and Oshiriri Mayu. Definitely had to hold in a snicker at the nurses gossiping about him 'igniting her motherly instincts'. :rofl:

Have a good trip to HK. Be careful, we're in typhoon season. :sweatdrop:

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Re: [MaYuki] Innocent Jelly Beans (21 July)
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I read all the stories~ It was great  :thumbup :thumbup
I like "Flowers Don’t Last Forever" the most... It was sweet  :inlove: :inlove:
Love it~  :heart: :heart:
Looking forward another update~

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Re: [MaYuki] Innocent Jelly Beans (21 July)
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I just read the three stories and I've loved all three.
Follow this oneshorts they are so good!

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