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Author Topic: [KojiYuu] OS: When the Heart Sings  (Read 2435 times)

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[KojiYuu] OS: When the Heart Sings
« on: May 18, 2014, 03:45:21 AM »
please read author's note first:

hello guys! this is my entry submitted to kuro-kun's ff contest last march. the prequel of this story is currently posted and on-going (Zenpen: When the Time Stops), and the sequel (Kouhen: When the Destiny Decides) is still pending and will be posted after the prequel is finished.

i posted the summary and link here because i want to give my readers a choice to decide if they want to read my story backwards (OS first before history) or vice versa. please note that reading the OS first definitely will give spoilers on what will happen on the story in the near future. so it's still upto the reader's decision if they want it that way.

the stories differ in their main pairing wherein my main pairing in the OS is KojiYuu, then for both prequel and sequel is AtsuMina. i made the stories not too dependent on each other, meaning they can stand alone even if you don't read the other two.

if you want to continue reading the OS you will find the link at the end of its summary... enjoy! :)

When the Heart Sings
Short Summary

This is a story about four friends who separated ways to chase their dreams after they graduated highschool. After three years, they all meet again. Things have changed, but are their feelings still same as the way before?

Oshima Yuko is a person who doesn’t know what she is capable of since she isn’t good in school, but later discovers her voice talent when Kojima Haruna accidentally heard her singing. She's in love with Kojima.

Kojima Haruna is a perfect student. She’s tall, beautiful and consistently gets high grades. After graduation she went to study abroad to become a professional model. She secretly wanted Oshima's angelic voice to be heard only by her.

Maeda Atsuko is a member of the Theater Club. A famous director saw her potential and she was given an opportunity to be an actress. She moved to Tokyo after graduation. She chose her dream over her love for Takahashi.

Takahashi Minami is the class president, the top student, and is good at everything. She believes that anything can be learned. But she has no dream for herself, since the only thing she wanted is to be with Maeda.

*Ray is Japan's number one diva. She has a perfectionist image since people look up to her. Her only life is her work, but then everything changes after she bumps into a small guy named Kai.


OS: When the Heart Sings (completed)
ZENPEN: When the Time Stops (on-going)
KOUHEN: When the Destiny Decides (pending)

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Re: [KojiYuu] OS: When the Heart Sings
« Reply #1 on: June 24, 2014, 04:47:48 AM »
Uwaa~ this is great! :thumbsup

And the ending was just perfect! :deco: Happy end~~~

I love your stories; they're always so sweet. :heart:

Thanx nya~ :cathappy:

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