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Author Topic: Best Kpop Songs of 2017  (Read 748 times)

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Best Kpop Songs of 2017
« on: December 23, 2017, 05:38:18 PM »

:shakeit: :cow:   BEST KPOP SONGS OF 2017!   :cow::shakeit:

Time to vote again for your favorite k-tunes, this time from 2017!


You can vote for any Korean releases from 2017 - that means, album tracks, digital releases are all acceptable! However, Japanese releases are not!

Voting is simple: List your top 10 tracks of the year. The #1 gets 10 points, #2 gets 9, #3 gets 8 points, and so on.

This poll will be open for at least a few weeks. So get your lists in, and feel free to tweak them later.


Here's the wikipedia entry of 2017 in kpop. Currently it only has albums, though.

Also, a few youtube playlists, no clue about quality tho:

Korean KPOP Music Videos 2017 (299 videos)
Female Kpop Songs of 2017 (411 videos)

Previous polls: (click the year to visit the corresponding thread)

Year #1 #2 #3
2016 Blackpink - Whistle Blackpink - Playing With Fire Oh My Girl - Step By Step
2015 Oh My Girl - Closer Red Velvet - Automatic IU - Zezé
2014 Poll not held
2013 Crayon Pop - Bar Bar Bar Girls' Generation - I Got A Boy EXO - Growl
2012 T-ara - Lovey-Dovey T-ara - Day by Day Sistar - Alone
2011 Kara - Step T-ara - Roly-Poly IU - You & I
2010 Girls' Generation - Hoot Kara - Lupin Girls' Generation - Run Devil Run

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Re: Best Kpop Songs of 2017
« Reply #1 on: December 23, 2017, 10:47:52 PM »
I've been checking the 299 videos playlist throughout the year (imagine that!!!!) so now I just need to rank my favourites. :heart:

Ok this is it for now!! Order may still change

#01 Day6 - How can I say

 :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: marry me, just all of this

#02 Mad Clown feat. SURAN - Love is a dog from hell - youtube
Really good

#03 Day6 - I wait - youtube
:heart: :heart: :heart:

#04 Gfriend - Summer rain - youtube
The lyrics seem like simple crap, but I really love the melodies of this song

#05 John Park - DND (Do not disturb) - youtube
So chill and relaxing, singer has an awesome voice

#06 BAP - Wake me up - youtube
SO DRAMATIC and catchy, awe yeah

#07 SURAN - Sad pain - youtube
This is exactly the kind of song I would have on my chillax playlist, beautiful quirky voice and (add something deep here)

#08 Triple H - Fresh - youtube
Catchy as heck, let's dance

#09 Blackpink - As if it's your last - youtube
K don't sit down just yet, dance some more

#10 Lee Hyori - Black - youtube
It's attractive in an apocalypse kind of way
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Re: Best Kpop Songs of 2017
« Reply #2 on: December 30, 2017, 05:03:01 AM »
Since I fell back into KPOP last year, I've enjoyed A LOT of new songs this year which made picking my top ten incredibly difficult. Expect a bunch of honorable mentions...

My Top 10 for 2017

1. Mamamoo - Yes I Am

Mamamoo sucked me back into KPOP, but they're truly the only group I stan so hard. Yes I Am was my summer jam (RIP SISTAR) and even now I will blast it first thing after getting into my car. It's so SASSY, empowering, and fun! My fave part has got to be when they break it down towards the end, ayyyyyy~

2. Mamamoo - Finally
Mamamoo - Finally
If I rushed to post this last night, I would've had this at number one. Tbh, when the Purple album came out, I was more into Finally than Yes I Am. It's got a cool, dance-y beat with an equally catchy chorus that gets stuck in my head. Compared to Yes I Am, it doesn't mix up the sound as much, so that's why for me it dropped to #2. I still fucking love this song. Here's a sexy live perf since Finally doesn't have a MV:

3. KARD - Don't Recall
KARD - Don't Recall
This was another song that I'd want to hear on demand. I needed it. I had to get my KARD fix. XD Don't Recall is still my fave song out of all of their songs to date.

4. WINNER - Really Really
WINNER - Really Really
Noticing a pattern yet in songs I like? LOL Earworms that get you hype and make you want to dance (preferably with a drink in hand) will boost a song up my rankings.

5. Sunmi - Gashina
Sunmi - Gashina
Gashina was my late summer jam. I wasn't hooked the first time I listened to the song, probably because I was watching the MV and got confused by what I had just seen. LOL As I heard it more often, I found the instrumentals in the opening and chorus creeping into my head and staying there.

6. EXID - Night Rather Than Day
EXID - Night Rather Than Day
OH my god, this song is so good. I was so impressed with it when it came out. I love the overall feel of the song. Dem brass and wind instruments... a respite from the usual synthpop heavy songs. It reminds me of Mamamoo's first singles, stuff that would sound great with a live band if they performed on stage. (I'd be so curious to see how Mamamoo would cover this EXID song, it's up their alley.)

7. Twice - Knock Knock
Twice - Knock Knock
This is probably my fave Twice song so far. The heart melting chorus kept me feeling warm and fuzzy throughout the cold winter. Damn, what a cute song.

8. Jung Key ft. Wheein from Mamamoo - Anymore
Jung Key ft. Wheein from Mamamoo - Anymore
Yes! I like ballads too! There aren't as many that I love, but the ones I do make me feel all the feels. Anymore is a fitting bgm for staying in, watching the snow fall, and getting your heart ripped out. Wheein's vocals are just so damn good and emotional. Ugh, I feel it every time I hear this song. Thank you Jung Key for composing and picking her to convey your vision.

9. BTS - Pied Piper
BTS - Pied Piper
BTS is my now my fave boy band. XD They have so many bops with a variety of styles. Pied Piper caught me off guard... I was like, what is this sexy lil thang? I dig the music and the high pitched vocals in the chorus. Another song that makes me wanna move~

10. VIXX LR - Whisper
VIXX LR - Whisper
Man... Between Whisper and Pied Piper, I could not decide which one I liked more. Both are sexy, moderate-paced songs with high pitched vocals during the chorus. Not sure why I dig that, but I do. I only knocked this song down a rank because of the unexpected and offputting "DUH" in there.

(in no particular order)
Wheein - Shadow, Girls Next Door - Deep Blue Eyes, Red Velvet - Peek-A-Boo, Chung Ha - Why Don't You Know, Pristin - Black Widow, EXO - Ko Ko Bop, ZICO - Artist, AKMU - Dinosaur, GFriend - Rainbow, 9Muses - Remember, Pristin - Wee Woo, Wanna One - Energetic, EXO - The Eve, Weki Meki - I Don't Like Your Girlfriend, NCT 127 - 0 Mile, Taemin - MOVE

Girl's Day - Girl's Day Everyday #5
I love all 7 tracks on this album, yes, including the instrumental track. Give me instruments and I'll Be Yours (ha get it). THIRSTY and Love Again are hawt (dat guitar in Love Again yas). Kumbaya and Truth are chilling ballads, ugh my heart. Don't Be Shy's strong chorus always gives me the stank face and gets my head slow rockin'. Fuck yeah.

What a solid album! I loved everything except for How Why. Boy is hella cool, and we get two kinds of sexy in the form of Hani's Milk and LE's Velvet solos.

I'm glad I checked this out despite the eyeroll-inducing title. I was impressed with the variety and quality of songs on this FULL (13 non-inst tracks!!) album. The cute, poppy title track Will You Go Out With Me is nice, but the ballad version is... even better. Independence Movement Day was an interesting surprise, didn't expect to like it, but here we are.
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Re: Best Kpop Songs of 2017
« Reply #3 on: December 31, 2017, 03:22:30 AM »
List time, baby!

1. Heize - Don't Know You

Heize is my favorite Kpop artist this year. She in a lot of ways revitalized Kpop for me. So much so that she got the top two spots.

2. GroovyRoom - Sunday feat. Heize & Jay Park
Okay, Heize is featured but damn, love how smooth this is. Shout out to Jay Park, as well.

3. Seohyun - Don't Say No
Hey! A solo SNSD member's career I actually like! Okay, that's a bit rough, but I'm most interested in what Seohyun is gonna do next.

4. Sunmi - Gashina
Wonder Girls 4 Lyfe.

5. Luna, Hani, Solar - Honey Bee
Look, I was excited about this in the beginning of the year and I still enjoy it. Someone tell SM we need new f(x) and Luna music, ASAP.

6. BoA - CAMO
She's still the Goddess. Also, if Jazzclub was in Korean, BoA would be on my list twice.

7. IU - Jam Jam
This is the lowest I've ever had any IU rank. Palette is half good, but the half is that's good is super good and this is my favorite song from that.

8. Red Velvet - Kingdom Come
The other music RV has put out this year is cool, but when they stop fucking around and become and R&B group is when they are at their best.

9. Suran - 1+1=0 feat. DEAN
Suran is another artist I learned about in 2017 and make Kpop enjoyable for me again.

10. Twice - Signal
Mina is great. Mina is the best. Mina is life. #teammina

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Re: Best Kpop Songs of 2017
« Reply #4 on: December 31, 2017, 10:06:59 PM »
My list. Keeping one song per group since Dreamcatcher and Gfriend would have taken over the whole list otherwise.

1. Dreamcatcher- 날아올라 (Fly high)
Dreamcatcher is definitely my group of the year with their rocking singles and solid Bsides where even the ballads . Good night was my #1 song for a while until Fly High won me over.   I highly recommend sleepwalking from the bsides

2. April- Take my hand (손을 잡아줘)
Reminds me so much of Gfriend's rough especially with April going with the Gfriend sound and the MV location. Shoutout to the possible Dreamcatcher style ritual at the end of the MV.

3. Loona/Odd Eye Circle- Loonatic
Song is lit from start to finish.

4. Gfriend- Rainbow
I really like Love Whisper and Summer Rain as well but the guitar solo always wins.

5. Lovelyz- Take me somewhere
Lovelyz had a down year with their singles but one piece came through on the EDM track. Good things happens when Jiae is allowed to sing.

6. Blackpink- 마지막처럼 (AS IF IT'S YOUR LAST)
Banger from Blackpink. The chorus is just so good.

7. Laboum- 두바둡(only u)
My summer jam of the year

8. Sonamoo- I (knew it)
Sonamoo finally got a good song and boi was it good.

9. Momoland-  Wonderful love(어마어마해)
Dab alert #1. Song is a lot of fun with all the dabs with or without the edm and  Jooe is a gift to humanity

10.  Twice- Heart Shaker
Dab alert #2. Might be recency bias but it is my favorite twice song this year. The chorus is an earworm,

Other songs considered for the list.
Dreamcatcher- Good night, Sleepwalking, Chase me, Gfriend-Love Whisper,Fingertips,  BTS-Come back Home, B.A.P- Dystopia,  Subin- Circle Dream, Bolbbalgan4- Some, Girl next door- Deep blue eyes, Boa- Camo, Lovelyz-The, Red Velvet- Kingdom Come, Suzy- Yes No Maybe, IU- Last night story,Twice- Knock Knock,Stellar- Angels of Sephiroth

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Re: Best Kpop Songs of 2017
« Reply #5 on: January 01, 2018, 05:40:37 AM »
This was very stressful and difficult for me LOL was heavy back into kpop this year so I listened to a TON of it. May come back and add some honorable mentions

1. Mamamoo - Finally
My new favorite kpop group :P When I first heard this song, I was like holy shit I wish this was the promoted single lolol. Perfect mix of upbeat and sensual and shows off their vocals.

2. Nine Muses - Remember
Way out of left field for me, not terribly familiar with the band aside from the goddess that is Kyungri lol. But when I first heard this song, I was floored. Vocals are amazing and despite not being into oontzoontz type music, the chorus is great. (Also the video is hauntingly sexy)

3. EXID - Night Rather Than Day
So so so different from pretty much all their other music! AND I LOVE IT. Has a chill vibe plus the exciting brass, idk it's just a great song. I miss Solji, of course, but the other four really made this song work for them. I'm not always that into very repetitive lyrics but that's part of the charm to me.

4. Sunmi - Gashina
I was very pleasantly surprised when I first heard it because I wasn't too keen on her other solo releases (sorry JYP lol). But this song is such a bop and always makes me wanna get up and dance haha.

5. EXO - Ko Ko Bop
Ok, so I HATED this song when it first came out. I was irrationally mad about it and dumb shit like that, but the more I listened to it, the more I realized I was really into it XD Gets my body moving~ :shakeit:

6. Mamamoo - Yes I Am
Truly one of my most played songs of 2017, mostly to help them get more views on YT :P The breakdown gives me life, I kinda wish the whole song had that sound. But the lyrics have a good message and I love me some Mamamoo :heart:

7. LE (EXID) - Velvet
My sexy song of the year! :twisted: It's on THE playlist. LE is my favorite member of EXID and my god, she brought it with this song. I like to think of it as her venturing even more into "American style" hip hop/RnB music, complete with suggestive lyrics.

8. Winner - Really Really
Arguably one of the songs of the year in the kpop world, due to the sheer amount of attention it got haha. I've always kinda liked Winner (Empty and Different are SO GOOD) and it was nice to see them do very well with this song. Ridiculously catchy! If I'm honest, I'm quite partial to Dreamcatcher's version :wub:

9. SiK-K, pH-1, Jay Park - Iffy
My out of left field pic. Just randomly discovered this song but damn, it's a bop. Unique sound and it's just an overall chill song.

10. KARD - Don't Recall
I was skeptical of KARD in general initially lol and I got into this song WAY after it was released but damn, it's so good. Def my fav release from them. Beat is so poppin! I like that they kinda stick with the same sound throughout, since nowadays so many songs are like a bunch of beats sewn together that don't always work well haha.
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Re: Best Kpop Songs of 2017
« Reply #6 on: January 02, 2018, 05:37:05 AM »
Haven't listened to too much KPOP this year so this is pretty much just groups I follow and are on my playlist XD.

1. MIXX - 사랑은 갑자기 (Love is a Sudden)
2. Odd Eye Circle (LOONA) - Uncover 
3. Red Queen - Acacia 
4. Oh My Girl - Agit 
5. Chuu (LOONA) - Girl's Talk 
6. fromis_9 - 유리구두 (Glass Shoes) 
7. Elris - 열려라 그대 (Roopretelcham) 
8. Eyedi - Dreamcatcher   
9. Playback - 말하지 못한 이야기 (Untold Story) 
10. Bolbbalgan4 - Blue 

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Re: Best Kpop Songs of 2017
« Reply #7 on: January 10, 2018, 09:25:16 AM »
Back for another yearly list! Always fun. :shakeit:

1. LOONΔ Yves - New

HeeJin had maybe my favorite from last year and now Yves this year. Beautiful, inspiring, lovely, godly produced song. :)

2. Dreamcatcher - Sleepwalking
mmmm some good ass drum and Bass kpop! Probably my most listened to kpop song this year, can't stop replaying it.

3. NCT Ten - Dream in Dream
Dance is a work of Art and the song is super chill and dreamy.

4. Taeyeon - Make Me Love You
Vocals! Love how it just grows and grows and is a straight up anthem by the end.

5. Red Velvet - Red Flavor
Insane song like Capsule and Hitchhiker had a baby, but also has some melody and heart.

6. Girls Next Door - Deep Blue Eyes
Seulgi, D.ana, Yooa etc. etc. Uhhh this group literally has like all my favs together. And the song is great too!

7. April - April Story
It's just so freaking adorable and ear pleasing.

8. Elris Sohee - Spotlight
I really liked this one when it came out but almoast forgot about it till I started going through trying to make a list. Just solid all around.

9. SNSD - All Night
I was gonna put Fan because it's so quintessentialy SNSD and All Night has a kinda weirdness/tackiness vibe, but that ended up appealing to me. xD

10. Brave Girls - Rollin
The best of all the tropical house song wave this year imo.
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Re: Best Kpop Songs of 2017
« Reply #8 on: January 12, 2018, 12:10:23 PM »
Cause Stryfe asked me to. Not sure if this is the exact ranking, but it's a general idea.

1. Red Velvet - Red Flavor

Overall just my favorite track of the year. It's such a fun song with a really cute dance and Red Velvet has been releasing consistent jams for the last three years. I honestly think they are still undervalued and should be even more popular than they are now.

2. Bolbbalgan4 - Some
It was a toss up between this song and Red Velvet's. Really hard choice, and you really can't go wrong with BB4. This song is exactly my style and depending on the hour, this would be my favorite song of 2017. :ok_hand:

I thought Night Rather Than Day could become my favorite EXID song ever, but DDD proved me wrong. Now I can't decide if I like Up & Down, Night Rather Than Day, or DDD the most, but for 2017, it's DDD. Their performances for it were really great and super sexy. Looking forward to Solji returning in a few months.

4. IU - Palette
Through the Night is probably the better song, and definitely more popular in Korea, but I prefer jams like this. Plus, IU dancing in it is adorable and the GD feature is a plus.

5. Suran - WINE
Suran came out with a lot of amazing songs this year, and she shot up to be one of my top favorite female artists in Korea. However, this one takes the cake. It's just ridiculously good.

6. BTS - DNA
It's really hard to choose between this and Spring Day. Spring Day in my opinion is the better song, but DNA has had such an impact, plus the melody is super catchy.

7. Heize - Don't Know You
After Heize's sucess in 2016, I didn't think she could get any better. She proved me wrong by coming out with one of the hottest albums of the year, You Are Cloudy. This is my favorite track off the album, although in Korea, You, Clouds, Rain is the more popular track.

8. SUNMI - Gashina
The dance, the melody, the lyrics, the tone, the music video, and pretty much everything about this song cemented Sunmi as one of the hottest female solo artists in Korea. How can we leave such a beautiful woman behind?

9. Melomance - Gift
Melomance blew up this year, and for good reason. These guys are talented, and I hope to see more of them in 2018. If they can put out more songs like Gift, then they have a bright road in front of them, ala BB4.

10. TWICE - Signal
It's hard to choose between the 5 Twice singles they came out with this year, so I'll have to go with the one that I listened to the most. Signal was the first/only JYP produced title track for Twice, and it's a bit of a different direction than every other title track they've had. Not to mention the girls had ANOTHER Black Eyed Pilseung hot hit with Likey. The music video for Likey is probably my favorite of the year, but as of this moment, I still like Signal more as a song. Plus, the dance is a favorite of the year.

For more of my thoughts on Korean Music in 2017, you can check out my Music Award list of winners and nominees, as well as the recording of the show on Twitch.

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Re: Best Kpop Songs of 2017
« Reply #9 on: January 13, 2018, 03:02:43 PM »
For me, this was also a really slow kpop year. I basically didn't listen to any kpop during the latter half of 2017... so I just went through more than 600 kpop music videos during the last few weeks. xD

I'm sure I've missed some hidden gems and album cuts, but hey, can't listen to everything I suppose.

Here's all of the songs mentioned in this post in a youtube playlist.

-- Stryfe's Top 10 --

01. Winner - Really Really
When I was making these rankings, Winner had a few things going against it, namely:

1. It's a boy group
2. It consists solely of dudes
3. It has no females in it

They still came out on top, so I guess the song is pretty good! And it is. Very relaxed, catchy tropical house song with no real weak parts. It kept worming its way back into my mind and ears throughout the year, and I never felt like complaining.

02. Red Velvet - Body Talk
Red Velvet always has a bunch of cool, wacky singles but their finest songs are often buried within the albums. And this could be my favorite of theirs to date. Great space-y vibe, wonderful use of echo and beats, amazing chorus and harmonies. Love, love, love.

03. LOONA / Yves - New
This is so my sound it hurts. I haven't paid much attention to Loona before but that is going to fucking change. Eye-opener of the year. Climax of the year (this is how you end a song).

04. Soom feat. Sanchez - TBH (To be honest)
I started watching this MV without realizing who it was and I just. Fell. HARD. for Soom. She is so fucking cute and pretty and playful in this I want to die. When she bit her lip about halfway the video I think I did die, for a bit, but apparently my work on this earth isn't quite done yet so I came back. Only later I realized it was Ahn Soomin from Unpretty Rapstar season 2. I was never really into her back then so ah man, how things change. Oh and the song is good, too.

05. KARD - Don't Recall
I wasn't too high on KARD's more recent songs - they're just alright - but Don't Recall is a really good track, right up there with their best. I also love how they have have this unmistakable signature sound now.

06. Blackpink - As If It's Your Last
These girls are the reason why I'm still into kpop, and possibly the reason why I wasn't so into kpop last year, because they did very little. Thanks YG. This is a really fun song though, if not QUITE up to par with their earlier efforts. It was perfect for the summer though.

07. LOONA / Kim Lip - Eclipse
Even though I find the Odd Eye Circle songs mostly just ok/good, I was really into each of the three girls' solo tracks. If Loona sticks to this kind of a style when they debut, I'll be following them for sure.

08. Dreamcatcher - Sleep-walking
Well, this came out of nowhere (thanks zoolander). I've warily kind of sort of been ok with the pseudo-metal anime-style Dreamcatcher but never thought they'd make it very high in my rankings. This is very different, and very good. Great beat and a really fun tune.

09. Wassup - Lalala
Unapologetic is how Wassup usually rolls, and this is very much a song from the 90s. Lalala is a relatively simple but very well-crafted song with retro hip-hop beats and easily Wassup's best effort to date.

10. Sophiya - For The Record
This song is smoooooth as silk and I'm floating in space... loooove her voice.

-- The toughest one to drop --

11. CLC - Mistake
I had a relatively easy time making a top eleven, but dropping one of the tracks to make it a top 10 proved most difficult. CLC had a couple of solid tunes hidden in their mini-album. Mistake is good stuff all around and has this great flow from mini-Hyuna (Yeeun). I'd love to hear something more rap-centric with her in it.

-- Rest of the considerations in alphabetical order --

•  2NE1 - Goodbye - A suitable farewell to one of my favorite groups despite the lack of Minzy. I really dig the guitars and everything up and until the chorus, where I'm like "Hmm, maybe this could be a little better?" Still, really sad, really good.
•  Akmu - Dinosaur - I like a lot about this song, it's fun and kind of unusual.
•  AOA - Excuse Me - I'd actually like this more without the silly butt dance, as weird as that sounds. Nothing amazing, but still, surprisingly good. Also, Choa.
•  B.A.P. - Wake Me Up - The only other boy group song in my consideration list (and I went through a lot, I promise). As shirenu said, dramatic, but all the fundamentals of a good song are in place.
•  CLC - Hobgoblin - This is ridiculous, and I love it. Watching the MV I'm like fuck yeah you go girls, smash shit up. I wish the song was a little better, though.
•  CLC - Liar - One of my fave choruses of the year for sure. Mini-Hyuna again in her element.
•  Dia - 비행 소녀 - No, not that DIA. I was confused too. Fun MV and song... reminds me of another song I can't quite name right now, though.
•  Dreamcatcher - Good Night - I like the whole metal novelty of Dreamcatcher, it's catchy and fun, in an anime theme song kind of way.
•  EXID - Night Rather Than day - Groovy stuff, everything on point, really digging LE's rapping here. I find I like EXID more when they tone their on-the-nose style down a bit.
•  Gugudan - A Girl Like Me - A much better effort from Gugudan than their forgettable debut... great beat, pretty good stuff.
•  Gugudan - Chococo - Gugudan are trying their darndest to out-crazy Red Velvet videos, and I think they succeed here. This is mostly here for the excellent MV, although the song isn't bad at all.
•  Hyolyn & Kisum - Fruity - Maybe the best Lipton commercial of all time. Definitely my fave Hyorin song of all time. And with some Kisum, too? Yes, please.
•  Jane Jang, Giant Pink, Perc%nt - Dumb Dumb - I didn't realize at first that this was a cover... and when I did I thought it was an AMAZING cover.
•  KARD - Rumor - While I felt KARD's later releases in 2017 weren't as great, they still weren't bad, and Rumor is almost at the level of their finest stuff.
•  Lee Haeri - Pattern - Haeri's voice is just fantastic, and this is finally a song from her that doesn't put me to sleep. Great stuff.
•  LOONA / Odd Eye Circle - Girl Front - Everything is on point aesthetically and stylistically speaking. The song falls just short of greatness, but hypes up the Loona group potential for me like no other.
•  LOONA / Odd Eye Circle - Chaotic - The Odd Eye Circle album is good, a sort of a flawed gem, but somehow this slow R&B number stands out.
•  LOONA / Choerry - Love Cherry Motion - Choerry's solo track is a bit more on the cutesy side than I usually like but it's actually pretty great.
•  LOONA / JinSoul - Singing in the Rain - Another from the Odd Eye Circle. A bit uneven, but solid, chorus especially.
•  Mad Clown feat Suran - Love is a Dog From Hell - I feel like I enjoy Suran's voice more in smaller portions, haha. This is a really neat song though.
•  Marmello - Can't Stop - My first reaction was "oh, the obligatory mainstream girl band" but after some research... I really like these girls, especially their older live videos. They're a legit band, even though their songs after their major debut are a bit on the safe side. Love the singer's voice, and this song sounds like some of the ye olde j-pop-rock I was into back in the day. Good times.
•  Oh My Girl - Coloring Book - This is a super fun song with a strong, unrelenting beat. Definitely among my OMG favorites.
•  Red Velvet - Peek-A-Boo - Still the masters of catchy quirk. Love the beat and wackiness. The dance is fucking hilarious. Also, Seulgi on the couch.
•  Red Velvet - Red Flavor - Fun with fruit. This is in many ways a "perfect" kpop song, but somehow I tired of it pretty fast. Although, Seulgi.
•  Sohee - Spotlight - Sohee is just plain enjoyable to watch, and the style of this song is right up my alley. I was really hoping Elris would sound more like this, but you can't have everything in life I suppose.
•  Triple H - 365 Fresh - Hyuna's collabs have always been good, and this is no exception. Groovy stuff.
•  Wassup - Color TV - This is more like the Wassup I'm used to, meaning straddling the line between outrageous fun and plain annoying. Still, it's retro as fuck and has the dance break of the century.

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Re: Best Kpop Songs of 2017
« Reply #10 on: January 14, 2018, 12:43:15 AM »
Yea Like Storyboard. Been a WHILE! BUT STEP YO GAME UP!! I GRIND :fap

10. 솔비 (Solbi) - RED [Music Video] wtf was dat :lol:

9. Palette  - IU Topsy Turvy!!

8. a pink - Five  stuck in my head!??!?!?!

7. nine muses remember - omgass swimsuit funky track

6. Stellar - Archangels of the Sephiroth (Ping pimped em enuff!!!)

5. Jessica - Summer Storm (that's the name of my favorite stripper :lol:)

4. Suzy (miss A) - Yes? No?

3. T-ara - What's My Name?

2. Taeyeon (Girls' Generation) - Fine

#1 Hyuna :fap Lip & Hip   

WOW! HyunA with dat :hipheart: ANTHEM of 2017!! WUT IS NEXT!

Ping do a fuckin Top 10 Countdown show of this!
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Re: Best Kpop Songs of 2017
« Reply #11 on: January 14, 2018, 01:24:52 AM »
The amount of youtube in this thread was brutal so I toned it down a bit, links SHOULD take you to the right videos...

Feel free to check and edit your posts if you want to check that they work or if you want to make them prettier... :lol:


Thread gonna still be open for some time while I hunt down more victims volunteers to add their lists. Feel free to ask your friends to post theirs.

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