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Author Topic: Valentine Special OS -- Katsuo X Mayu  (Read 72159 times)

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Re: Christmas Special
« Reply #20 on: December 09, 2011, 02:59:52 AM »
S-SaeYuki.............. *Dying of happiness*

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Re: Christmas Special
« Reply #21 on: December 09, 2011, 05:29:38 AM »
of courser, when the lovers are alone always watch movie.. jajajja I`m kidding ... thanx for that..

and if you do kojiyuu it gonna be great

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Re: Christmas Special
« Reply #22 on: December 09, 2011, 12:15:38 PM »
Thanks virgo_shaka, AKBlover_99, Haruko, kahem, and other reader

@ Megumi : Wah~ I'm so happy seeing your comment...  :hee:

@ Haruko : I'll try to post another kojiyuu within this week  :hee:

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Re: Christmas Special
« Reply #23 on: December 11, 2011, 04:07:04 PM »
 :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: AACHAN! HAHAHA. This is funny.

Atsumina rocks.

Anyway, nice fic. It's awesome  :twothumbs

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#Kore Kara Wonderland# part 1
« Reply #24 on: December 14, 2011, 07:11:22 PM »
Updated For Haruko and Kojiyuu FANS :hee:
Also for kahem curious about Yuko's dream~ :ding:


Willful Christmas
#Kore kara Wonderland#  Part 1

Yuko POV

Hoammm…. So bright here. Is it morning?

“Eh?! Where is this?” I was sleeping on the clouds?

I stood up and walk around, all my surrounding were beautiful clouds and trees in candies form with rainbow color, pinky sky with colorful birds flying in groups. There also many colorful kitty running and playing with each others. “Nyaan nyaan~” Now I am chasing those little kitty, they apart from each others to avoid me.

“Tanoshii~ ne~”

I lay on this cloudy floor enjoying the scenery. I wish nyaan nyaan also here with me enjoying this view…


Eh? Is that nyaan nyaan voice? I get up and looking around.

“Yuu~chan~ here… come here~”

I swear I heard nyaan nyaan voice!  I wandering around through the cotton-like clouds to find the source of nyaan nyaan voice. “nyaan nyaan~ where are you?”

“Yuu~chan~ here… come here~” I saw a cat ear figure waving her hands to me behind a big lollipop tree. Without any thought, I ran as fast as I can to reach there.

“Yuu~chan~ not there… here, come here~” I saw Haruna sat at another lollipop tree and waving her hands to me. I wave back and run to where she was now. Before I reach there, she was gone again and appeared at the other side.

“Mou~ nyaan nyaan. You’re too fast. I can’t catch up with you. Stay there~ don’t move!”

This time she doesn’t run away and sit there playing with her cat ears. This time I can see her clearly… I mean VERY CLEAR! She’s wearing cat outfit complete set with cat ears and cat tail. her cat outfit was more resemble to BIKINI! She’s smiling at me cutely and seductively waving her tail, calling my name. “Yuu~chan~”


I saw Haruna giggled on me, “Yuu~chan~ you’re bleeding” she pointed my nose. I wipe it with hands, feeling embarrassed to be seen by nyan nyaan in this state. “You are really excited over me with this outfit?” she pouted her mouth making her more sexier. I think I would die from this nonstop nosebleed.

“Yuu~chan~ I got a christmas present for you” she put her hands behind.

Feeling excited I jump a little and asked her with high spirit voice, “Present? I’m so happy! Nani~ nani~ show me! Show me!”

“Here we go!” she showed a bunch of colorful balloons to me.


She jump down from the lollipop tree and walk closer to me, “Yes! Balloons~ you don’t like it?” she pouted and frowning her face.

“Ummm…” It’s hard for me to say I HATE BALLOONS THE MOST since it’s her present. What am I gonna do?

Suddenly she took out a needle from nowhere and BOOM

“Aarrgggghhhhhh!” I closed my ears with hands and run away from her. But the matter is SHE IS CHASING ME!!! Please get away those balloons from me! My mind shouting crazily inside. I keep running and running, she just keep chasing and chasing me while pointing the needle to the balloons one by one.

“Yuu~chan~ don’t you like me? Come here~ balloons are fun, aren’t it?”

That’s terrible! How can nyaan nyaan do that to me?! I hate that sound the most. “Please! If this is a dream, let me wake up!

“WAKE UP OHIMA YUKO! WAKE UP!” I keep slapping myself. Without noticing the big hole in front of me, I step into it and fell down. Fortunately, my butt hit some soft things…

I was in a pinky room now. The setting was alike with the setting in heavy rotation. There was bed, rose petals, delicious cakes, bubble flowing from bathtub… bathtub… BATHTUB?! You won’t believe what I saw in there…

NYAAN NYAAN IS IN THE BATHTUB! It means… SHE IS NAKED!!! I think I’ll have another nosebleed again~ If I died from losing too much blood caused by this, I’m willingly… very willingly.

“Yuu~chan~ do you want to take a bath with me?” nyaan nyaan was so KAWAIII

“Eherm..” I cleared my throat, “Here I go!” I run towards her and jump into the bathtub. When I was about to land into the bathtub, I saw balloons appeared from nowhere. Soon, I slipped my feet and my head bumped onto the floor… my head is really in Heavy Rotation now… everything went black…


I fell down from the bed. I rub my head and looking my surroundings.

“Fiuuhh…” I let out a sigh. “It was just a dream…”

I laid back onto the bed again huggin the pillow. Hmm… this is nyaan nyaan smell.. I look around again and find myself at nyaan nyaan bedroom. Since when I am in nyaan nyaan bedroom? Is she carry me here?

I look at the clock, showing 08:48 a.m. So, it’s morning already? I walked out from the bedroom towards living rooms to find nyaan nyaan. At the same time I reached living room, I saw nyaan nyaan walked out from the kitchen bringing the breakfast set in her hands. My jaw dropped as I don’t believe what I saw. I pinch my cheek over and over again making sure that this is not a dream.

“Ouchh… it does hurt” I rub my cheek.

“Silly Yuu~chan~ come here breakfast” nyaan nyaan giggled on me.


REALLY! I was really froze at where I stood now.

Wanna know what I see?


Curious at what Yuko see?  :dunno:

The answer will be in part 2  :kneelbow: hehehehehe  :kekeke:

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Re: Christmas Special
« Reply #25 on: December 14, 2011, 07:42:11 PM »
Of course curious about that!!! ^^

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Re: Christmas Special
« Reply #26 on: December 16, 2011, 05:19:29 AM »
That was awesome! I like it! Thx for updating! I'm curious about what Yuko see... :gmon blonde: Update soon!  :thumbsup :bow: :bow: :bow:

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Re: Christmas Special
« Reply #27 on: December 16, 2011, 05:43:35 AM »
maybe haruna wearing a sexy santa`s outfit? I guess...

maybe the same outfit than mariko used once time in akbingo (moe`s game i think)

Thanx for the fic all kojiyuu`s wotas appreciate it a lot :D

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Christmas Special #My Counselor#
« Reply #28 on: December 22, 2011, 03:30:18 PM »
Minna~ this is my first time try some on Jurina x Mayu.
My friend just watched Majisuka2 and like it. She asked me to write JurinaxMayu for her...
So, I try to write it with some different views.
I was in doubt first should I post it here or not... I hope I didn't offense WMatsui shipper >//< gomen...

Please read o(_ _o)


Willful Christmas
#My Counselor#

Mayu POV

Tonight, I asked Jurina to send me home. She is my best friend beside Yukirin, we become best friends since filming in majisuka2 drama. She’s kind and caring person, although she looks like a bad-girl type and I am starting to like her more day by day. But almost everytime she acts like a counselor when we’re alone, this is the only part I hate. We are heading to the parking area, since she has a motorcycle I always asked her to send me home. I was planning to hang out with her all night, but she said it’s better hang out tomorrow… good girl shouldn’t hang out at night.

“Are you drinking?” suddenly Jurina asked.

“Nope. They just give me strawberry juice.” I lied.

She seems not believe me and leaned in to smell my breath. My heart was pounding faster and my face feels hot. Thanks we’re in low light area that she can’t see my blush.

“You’re lying~ I can smell the alcohol from your mouth. You’re still not allowed to touch that drink” she began to counsel me again.

“But you drank before, why can’t I?” I pouted. “You even younger than me!”

“We’re… we’re not same… I mean, my background… you know that I was grown up in Pub… gang street… but you… you are raised in a good family…”

Yes, I am the only one who knows her real background. She tries hard to hide it from everyone, but she shared with me. She really looks at me as her best friend but still I don’t like her counseling me as she is older than me, even though I was older than her. I stop walking and cross my arms. “How many times I have said, Do Not make discrimination between us…”

“It’s just… I really care about you. You shouldn’t touch that thing, it’s not good for you”

I am mad at her for making the difference between us. I walked pass by and ignore her calling. She follows my steps and walk beside me, silently. After minutes, she broke the silent, “Ano… my motorcycle is parked there” she pointing the direction a few meters in front of me. “Wait here…”

She rode her motorcycle and stop right before me. She is really cool when riding her black Buell 1125CR in her black jacket. She took off her scarf and wrapped it around my neck, “It’s snowing. You better keep warm.” Then she put helmet on my head and motioned me to hop on her motorcycle. Before we start moving, her phone is ringing.

“Hello… Ah, Rena!” I hate hearing that name since they always together in SKE. I wish she could be the member of AKB, especially in Team B…

“Owh… okay! I’m right there soon” she hang up the phone. “Umm… Rena have some problems, I have to go there before send you home.” She explained.

“It’s okay” I wear fake smile on my face.

After some minutes, we arrive at outside of a Club in Shibuya


“I’ll wait here obediently” I said to ensure her.

After she went inside, I sneakily follow her from behind. Inside it was very noisy with dizzy light filled the room. Some people were dancing, some having drink at the bar, and some was flirting and… and kiss… kissing at the corner.

“Rena!” I heard Jurina voice and hurriedly sat on one of the empty chair near me. Beside me there a man in purple suit, he looks gentleman and his smile is so kind. I smile back and continue watching where Jurina was. Then the bartender gave me a glass of drink, it was colorful and lovely.

“This is Mr. Sata’s treat” said the bartender.

This person beside me also named Sata? Haha.. he’s more looking good than our Sata-san  I giggled a bit then I felt that our distance is a bit closer?

I just smiled and watch over Jurina again. They were taking care a drunk member, she keep waving her hands against the others and hit Rena caused Rena tripped making Jurina have to hug her.

This Sata person raised his glass and slightly touch mine as manner to cheers. I took the glass in my hands and keep watching Jurina. This time, I saw they’re kissing. Jurina and Rena… KISS?!

“Your boyfriend cheating on you?” Mr. Sata asked, pointing where Jurina was.

“Boyfriend?? Haha… I don’t have any…” I pretend don’t know what he’s talking about. Further more, Jurina is a girl not guy… I giggled again imaging Jurina in boy’s suit.

“Take a sip. It will feel good. Try it” he lift my hands which holding the drink he treat me. The scene I watched just now makes my heart hurts, I feel my blood boiling on top of my head. Without second thought, I drank it in one gulp.

“I’m not lying right? It’s really feels good”

“Yes, I agree.” This taste is really good. I wonder if Jurina always drink this everyday. Suddenly my head hurts, I’m feeling dizzy and my body become weak… very weak… my vision starting to blur…

“Are you okay?” this man hold me and bring me to somewhere. “This place is too noisy, let’s go to another place for some fresh air”

My vision is blur, my head hurts so much that I can’t recognize where he takes me to. I know I shouldn’t go with a stranger but my body feels weak, I have no strength to fight back. He brought me into a building, take a lift and go into a room.

Oh no… is he going to… No, Jurina… Help me !

Jurina POV

I am being bestfriends with Mayu since filming Majisuka2. Thanks to whoever giving my role and scenes making me closer to her. Since then, I always hang out with her and she’s always asked me to send her home. I really like it… I don’t know when but I think I love her. I’m planning to confess to after we arrive at her house. I wonder if she has the same feelings towards me.

Dear Mr. Santa, if you really exist in this world please hear my wish. I wish her as my present gift, I wish I can confess to her tonight. Please give me courage to say my feelings out loud.

“Rena!” I went to join the others and saw Kanon were so drunk, “Why you let her drunk like this?” I asked the other members who was also there.

“I don’t know… I remember giving her sprite, but it turned into alcohol…” Rena said.

“Jurina~ chuuu~” Kanon attack me for a kiss but she can’t manage her balance and bump to Rena, Rena tripped and our lips met accidentally. We blushed a bit and parted away, “Umm… sorry…” Rena apologized.

“Nah.. it’s okay” I scratch my head and look away.

Kanon fell asleep on the ground where she tripped. Taking a sigh, I lift her and exit the club. Then I called a taxi to send them home. “Make sure you take them home safely, Bro”

“Aye!” said the taxi driver. This taxi driver is a friend of mine, he’s worth to be trusted.

After this, I walk back to where Mayu is waiting for me. The problem is she is nowhere around. I run to the street and club to find her… I was running like crazy…. Damn! I shouldn’t leave her alone… I looked at my watch, the pointer showed 01.48

“MAYU!” I keep calling her name and keep running in the crowd at Shibuya street ignoring the people passed by me. I saw her across the street in front of me and a man holding her, taking her to some direction.

BIIIIIIIPPPPPPP  (car trumpet)

I run to where they are, I run across the street ignoring the traffic light and the crowdy cars race by. As I arrive there, they were missing again.

“MAYU!” I saw them went into a love hotel. I keep chasing them, they went to the lift but this stupid foot failed to reach them. The only thing I can do now is to find out where the guy guide her. I keep starring the number changes on the wall. “11, 12, 13, 14…”
“14!” I hurry take the other lift. “Hurry…!” I keep staring the number showed on screen.


As the door opened, I dash out along the corridor. After running around the corridors, I still can’t find them. I lay my back on the wall and punch my fist on it. “DAMN!”

“NOOOO! KYAAAA”  I heard Mayu screaming.

“MAYU!” I called her over and over to make sure which room she was in.


“Her sound is coming from here” I keep kicking the door until it opened. I dash in and found Mayu was pinned down by that jerk on bed. Mayu shirt was torn, revealed some of her bare skin and bra. That jerk was shock when I dash in. I grab his collar and drag him down to the floor, tackled him down and rapidly launch my fist on him. Blood come out from his nose and teeth, bruise all over his face.

“Stop! Jurina, you’ll kill that man” Mayu said weakly.

Sorry but I am in rage now… I won’t stop until I break his skull. I ignore Mayu and keep punching him. Suddenly, I feel a weak hand hold my fist. That guy took this opportunity and flew away from this room.

“Mayu! Why-” she won’t let me finish my word. She hug me very tightly… she is crying on my shoulder.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t left you alone outside there… I won’t left you alone again” I patted her head.

“No. This is my fault… I didn’t wait you there. I… went inside the club and… drink-”

“Drink?! How many times I tell you not to receive any drink from strangers?” I know I shouldn’t raise my voice at her in this moment. But I am mad about this.

“And whose fault is it! If you didn’t kiss Rena, I won’t take that drink!”

“I… it’s an accident. It’s just a kiss… are you jealou-” I freeze for a moment seeing her suddenly grabbed her torn collar and pulled it wider, showing her perfect line between her breasts. I can’t stop starring at her…

She hugged me again and whispering something softly, “I… feel… hot…”

I can feel her breath brushing my neck. She licked my neck, sent me an electric shock over my body. She kiss my neck, my chin, then my lips, “Is this just a kiss too?”

Of… of course not. You don’t know how long I wait for your kiss.

Wait a moment… drink… is her drink been drugged by that man? That she is behaving weird right now…

Gained my senses, I push her away gently and took off my jacket to put on her. “It… it must be… effect of the drug…” I hold her hand and walked to the door…“I think I better send you home now”

Before I can reach the door, she move forward and closed it, laying her back on it. “Jurina…” she called my name with husky voice and began to take off jacket I put on her before.

“I love you!” she’s starring down, “I, Watanabe Mayu confess to you now that I-LOVE-YOU!” she lift her head and looking directly into my eyes.

I was surprised by her word … freeze here… unmovable…

“I’m sorry if I annoyed you… I'm not in drug effect, I am perfectly clear! 80% maybe... I just want to tell you how I feel… it’s okay if you can’t return my feelings… it’s okay.” She’s starring down at the floor again. I saw her tear drop on the ground.

“I… I love you too. Actually I was planning to confess to you after sending you home. I was too afraid that you don’t have the same feelings toward me, but now… I’m so happy. Really…” I paused a bit to take a deep breath and say, “Mayu… I love you”

Without warning, she leaned in and kiss me on the lips. I was shock at first but slowly replying her kiss. I wish I can stop the time in this moment. The kisses become more passionately and deep until we need to breath. I attached my forehead on hers, looking at her eyes passionately. She leaned in for kisses again… the more she kisses me, the more I melt. My legs tripped by the jacket and we fall but she keep kissing me and her hands traveling unbutton my shirt.

“Umm… I think we should stop here. I mean… I’m still underage to know this… process?” I get away from her and re-button my shirt, “Umm… I mean, I’m still under protection of law… I don’t want you to be charged for attacking underage girl…?”

Mayu giggled and get up from me, “Yes! My couselor~”


Will updated continue of Kojiyuu sooon~

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Re: Christmas Special
« Reply #29 on: December 22, 2011, 05:50:43 PM »
Lmfao @ MariMii!!! I was cracking up the whole time! That story is not boring at all, I love it. Mariko is such a troll. Gotta love her  Ahahah :D

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Re: Christmas Special
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Oh oh oh~ I like badgirl Jurina!

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Re: Christmas Special
« Reply #31 on: December 23, 2011, 12:41:31 AM »
Jurina so cool~!

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Re: Christmas Special
« Reply #32 on: December 23, 2011, 10:43:05 AM »
Wow,Jurina. She's very cool. JURIMAYU~
Thx for the update. I like it ! :mon lovelaff:
Update soon. :mon innocent:

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Christmas Special #Kore Kara Wonderland# Part 2
« Reply #33 on: December 23, 2011, 06:02:38 PM »
Willful Christmas
#Kore Kara Wonderland#  Part 2


REALLY! I was really froze at where I stood now.

Wanna know what I see?

Nyaan nyaan wearing simple light pink apron! No, the main point is not apron. The main point is… is…


She is… she is… NAKED? *nosebleed*

Unable to stop my nosebleed, I grab some tissues and plug it at my nose to prevent the blood come out.

“Yuu~chan… why are you still standing there? Come have breakfast” nyaan nyaan reposition the chair and instructing me to sit there. I obediently went to sit there. Nyaan nyaan is sitting in front of me. I try to peek at her apron to make sure she is really naked or not.

However, she noticed me, “Are you curious with my new clothes?” she is teasing me by lowering the apron’s collar almost viewing her breast. She stopped before it showed her perfect breast, “Yuu~chan! Hurry eat your breakfast while it still warm”

My hands search and grab the spoon and fork while my eyes still remain starring at her clothes, won’t move. She giggled at me and put half of a strawberry into her mouth, “do you want a strawberry as dessert?” she tilted her head a bit, making my body heat up. I feel smokes come out above my head and the tissue pop out from my nose.

“HAI! Itadakimasu~” I hurry finish the breakfast she made for me. The breakfast is simple with heart-shaped omelet on a heart-shaped plate and a heart-shaped white glass of milk. Just in a minute, I finally finished the breakfast.

Throwing the spoon and fork aside, I climb over the table and jump onto nyaan nyaan tackling her down to the floor. She in now trapped between me and the floor, looking the strawberry on her mouth I lick my lips acts like a hungry wolf. “Itadakimasu~” I leaned down and bite half of the strawberry while another half eaten by her.

“So sweet~” I leaned in again to kiss her but she push me away slightly.

“Time’s up, we got to go now. Takamina must be waiting”

“Hnn? What’s with Takamina…?” My hands finally found her apron straps and pull it slowly, untie it.

She sat up and shakes her head disapproving, prevent my hands going any further, “Did you forget? We have appointment with takamina and the others to go to amusement park at 10.00 a.m.”

“It’s still early, we still have time~ please~” I look at her with my best puppy eyes and batting eyelashes.

“No~” she gets up and re-tied her apron straps, then walk away from me.

“My battery runs out~! I have no power to get up~” I just laid there lazily moving both my hands and legs like a kid who didn’t get the toys they want.

Nyaan nyaan stop at the 2nd staircases, and saying something makes my power boost up in seconds. “If you can catch me before I’m inside my room, you can do whatever you want…” she winked at me before she run upstairs.

“Nyaan nyann!!!” I jump and dash to the stairs, chasing her.

As I reach the top, I saw her open the door. “NOOOOOOOO!!!!” I ran as fast as lightning and jump onto her before she able to close the door. “I catch you~ I catch you~”

I am now hugging her like a koala. She steps back a few steps try to manage her balance.

“Yuu-chan! That’s cheating~ I said before I am inside the room, not after... Now, get off me”

Lucky for me, her legs hit the bed and both of us fall on it with me on top of her. We are starring at each others eyes for a while, the temperature in this room somehow become hot all of the sudden.

“I love you… nyaan nyaan” I said as I leaned in to taste her luscious lips.

“I love you too…”

She wrapped her arms on my neck, pulling me closer to deepen the kiss. She made a moan when I travelling my hands on her breast, taking this opportunity I sent my tongue to exploring her mouth. My hands found the strap again and untie it, throwing the apron far away. After some minutes, I parted away because the needs of oxygen but she pulled me down, closing the distance between our body.

“Don’t look… I’m still not ready to let you see my naked body…” said her as she tighter her arms around my neck.

“I’ll close my eyes then” I could feel the hot on her face, she must really blushing hard. “Or you want to put a blindfold on me?” I said jokingly.

“I… I want you…stripe too…” she said softly beside my ear.

“Hmm? You want what? I didn’t hear you clearly” I pretend not to hear it.



“I-” before she could finish I pressed my lips again on her.

“I will”


Haruna POV

“Hoaammm….” I stretch my arms aside and get up from the sofa. Not realize there’s something next to the sofa, my leg hit it and I’m tripped down.

Ughhh… what is that?

I rub my cheek and look at the figure, it was Yuko. She slept soundly next to the sofa.

It’s so rare… she didn’t take advantage on me when I was so drunk yesterday.

I grab the blanket and put it around Yuko. Her face was so innocent when she asleep like this. I poke her small dimple gently with my index finger, “Ne… how can you become so aggressive when you’re awake?”

Suddenly she giggled shyly makes me flush a bit, her dimples become more deeper. I like seeing her dimples when she smiles to me.

“I love you… nyaan nyaan…”

I blush to hear it… she was so cute having sleep talking like this. I leaned forward and place a kiss on her forehead.

“I love you too…”

Not long after… I felt something moving on my breast. Looked down, I found Yuko hands groping at me. My hands automatically slap her head hard making her rolling on the floor. “PERVERT!”

She is rubbing her head, asking me “Why you hit me?”

“You… grop- Just what are you dreaming just now?!”

“Eh? My dream? That was just a DREAM?! DREAM?!” I saw her sighing “I can’t believe it was just a dream…” she was now looked completely defeated.

“I’m curious at what kind of dream you had” I move closer to her until our face is just an inch away. I saw her face become red as tomato and she acting shy, just what kind of dream she had. “Ne... mind sharing your dream?”

“Umm…. That’s… AH! It’s morning now. I gotta go home, my mom will worry about me. Ja ne!” she hurriedly grabbed her bag and run toward the main door. “Bye! Nyaan nyaan” she’s waving at me and close the door.

“Wait… huh… so curious about her dream… could that be…” my face feels hot again, “dirty mind… no no no… it won’t”

Suddenly the door opened and Yuko run towards me. She stop right before me and place a quick kiss on my lips, “Forgot to have my morning kiss…” she stuck her tongue and run back to the door. “MERRY CHRISTMAS NYAAN NYAAN! SEE YA!”

“Merry Christmas, my pervert squirrel.”

Hmm… I haven’t prepare any present for her… what kind of present she like the most? Wearing some Christmas bunny costume for her…Umm… That’s kinda dangerous for me. Let’s buy her some balloons then…

“Hahahah…” I can’t stop laughing as I imagine how Yuko will reflect when she saw a bunch of balloons filled her room.

Note: Yuko is really scared of balloons...

Willful Christmas End...

Thanks for reading Minna-san~ *:.。☆(´∀`人)
I guess this is the end of my christmas shots (*´v`*)

Taking this opportunity to wish you  *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・  MERRY CHRISTMAS・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*

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Re: Christmas Special #Kore Kara Wonderland# Part 2 --- END --
« Reply #34 on: December 23, 2011, 08:17:52 PM »
Hehehe nice dream Yuko ;)

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Re: Christmas Special #Kore Kara Wonderland# Part 2 --- END --
« Reply #35 on: December 24, 2011, 05:12:07 AM »
LOL it was just all a dream?! HAHA i knew it!! LOL Yuko is pervert as always!! Thanks for this Ichikawa-chan!! I'll consider this as a christmas gift!! Thank you!! <3


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Re: Christmas Special #Kore Kara Wonderland# Part 2 --- END --
« Reply #36 on: December 24, 2011, 06:18:33 AM »
of course yuko is a pervert :D.. nice dreams yuuchan ;D

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Re: Christmas Special #Kore Kara Wonderland# Part 2 --- END --
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LOL ! It's just A DREAM! :hiakhiakhiak:
Pervert Yuko having a pervert dream. Haha!
Poor Yuko.    :mon evillaff:

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#A Grateful Mistake#
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o(`▽´)o Minna~ I wrote a story in my christmas holiday. Although christmas have past... hope you enjoy~


====================     ====================     ====================

#A Grateful Mistake#


Year 2011

(crowd whistling and screaming)

The hall filled with shimmering glow and fans’ screaming over their idol. Three ikemen were stood on the stage performs their songs in this Christmas night in their perfect white outfit. From the very left is the shorter guy among them, well he’s not very short, just about a little short from the common height. He has a blond hair and muscular face line, seems to have strong character and a pair of passionate eyes which makes every woman melt as they saw his eyes. The centre is the tallest guy with red-brown hair and gentleman aura. His every movement always mesmerizes the fans, even guy can’t resist him. He’s really a man-woman killer in this year. And the last one at the very right was a cute boy with dark blue hair. He is the youngest among them. His various cute expression and playboy characters always make girl’s heart beats hard, can’t resist his sweet smooth statement.

moshi mo boku no negai ga
hitotsu dake kanau nara
KURISUMASU no yoru ni
ai wo omoidaseru you ni
yuki wo furaseyou


aishiatta jikan wa
kokoro no toori michi sa
mirai e tsuzuiteru
shiawase no renshuu
futari atarashii sora
chigau basho ni itatte
KURISUMASU no yoru wa
kyou wo omoidaseru you ni
yuki wo furaseyou

My name is Takahashi Kai, 22 years old. I’ve been debut as an idol group-Persona for five years with my two besties, Kojima Riku (23) and Minegishi Kuu (20). Three of us really walk through a very very hard time to reach this success. Now we’re the number one in Top10 music stage to perform our new special song for this Christmas day.

At backstage after the end of performance

“YES! PERSONA SAIKOU!” three of us throw our fist high in the air.

“I can’t believe we reach the number one and beat the Diva, Ray!”

“Yeah, me too.” Riku joined.

“Hmm… to think about that, don’t you think Ray is intentionally let us reached the number one title?” asked Kuu breaking the joyful moment.

“Why do you think so?” asked Riku.

“Of course, because she likes Kai! She even kisses you in public” answered Kuu.

“Come to think about it, she does kiss you everytime when she has chances to be around you” Riku put his finger under his chin, thinking.

“EH?! This is not possible! We reached this because of our hard effort! Remember? We take sooooooooo much hard work and suffer from the insults which makes us now in a day” I said firmly in disagreement.

“Calm down, calm down. Of course this is because our hard works and efforts” Riku wrap his arms around me and gave me a bottle of water.

“Yeah… we’re just kidding. Don’t take it to hard” Kuu sat and rolling on the chair, “Ne… where will we celebrate tonight? I don’t wanna join the Christmas party held by production…”

“But, Mariko-sama told us that we have to attend this party to gain more connection with others idol” I remember what our manager, Shinoda Mariko told us.

“Can’t we have a little freedom? I’m tired to follow her orders. Let’s go to amusement park” Riku suggested.

“Don’t you have a date with your little squirrel?” I asked.

“I just don’t wanna spend this Christmas with her. I prefer spend this peaceful night with you two” Riku explained.

Kuu get up from his chair and cross his arms over his own body, “Ah… Riku-nyaan~ you’re too bold saying that you want to spend your night with us~”

“You’re so greedy~ want both of us~” I joined the acting with Kuu.

“Hey! I’m sincerely state here ‘I’m not interested in men!’ Stop acting like that. It’s making me goosebumps” I can saw him trembled a bit uncomfortable with our statement.

“Hahahahaha….” We laugh together.


Suddenly I felt goosebumps over my body. I know this feeling is… this is…

“KAAAAIIIIIII” I heard Ray’s voice echoing along the corridor.

“Guys, I gotta go first. Call me when you’re at amusement park. See ya!” I immediately took off my performance long coat, throw it on the chair and run towards the window… I brave myself to jump down from the window.

“KAI!!! YOU’RE CRAZY” Riku and Kuu ran towards the window to see if I’m alright.

They saw me waving at them and go directly to where I park my car.

“Are you sure we are at 12nd floor?” Riku asked and Kuu nodded.

(Actually I attached some kind of sliding tool beside the window in order to make me easier escape from Ray harassment) XD

Amusement Park

“What make them so long?” Kai have been waiting for Riku and Kuu at the gate for 20 minutes. “I guess I just go home and have a good sleep rather than feeding mosquitoes here.”

Kai went to where he parked his car, as he want to open the door, he heard someone crying.

“Mama…hiks… mama…” a boy squatted beside his car, seems got lost with his mother.

Kai kneel down next to him and patted his head, “Why are you crying, boy?”

This boy wiped his tears away and lifted up his head to look at Kai. As the moment he saw Kai, he cheer up in all of the sudden and jump into Kai embrace. “PAPA!”

“EH?!” Kai was shocked and freeze for seconds, trying to process what happen inside his brain.

“Ano… I’m not your papa…” The boy loosen his hug and looked down.

“Are you looking for your parents? Where did you get lost from your parents?”

The boy pouted his face and start crying again, “Papa… you don’t want me anymore?” he start crying again a bit louder than before and making the crowd surrounding them.

“Sshhhhh…shhh…don’t cry anymore. Papa is here, don’t cry okay?” Kai carried him and hurriedly get inside the car to avoid more attention from public.


Do you want me to continue?

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Re: #A Grateful Mistake#
« Reply #39 on: December 31, 2011, 03:54:13 PM »
 :cathappy: nice story I ask for more
Kai been called "Papa" by a little boy Σ(゚д゚lll)
who's the boy mother!? Atsuko!?!?(・□・)

I want to read more
Please continue this story ^ㅈ^
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