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Author Topic: Kirai Desu ga, Daisuki da... (Kai&Acchan) - COMPLETED  (Read 23600 times)

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Re: Kirai Desu ga, Daisuki da... Chapter 8 Sept 11th
« Reply #40 on: September 12, 2011, 01:06:48 AM »
kai is like a superhero.. always save the day.. pooracchan love kai is easy.. i love him a litte :D

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Re: Kirai Desu ga, Daisuki da... Chapter 8 Sept 11th
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My first time commenting here!
I totally ATSUMINA-ed! ok Kai x Acchan! at the part where Kai covered Acchan's eyes again! !#%!%&^*(&)@)#*@@(&(*^($(  :panic: :panic: :panic: :panic: :panic: :panic:
Omg my heart is like screaming ADFSADSFADSAFSDFAFSAzd
Kai why are you so sweet (so envious of Acchan  :ptam-shy:)

I really laughed at the part where Kai joked about Acchan finishing his lunch  :hiakhiakhiak: :tama-apeshit:

-on the previous chapters-
Kai folowing Acchan behind is  :wub: :inlove: :wub: :inlove: omg that is so cute  :tama-lotsaluv:

Can't wait to see how Kai and Acchan are going to get together  :bleed eyes:
Probably wonderland for Atsumina shippers
And I dig up old stuff and post them too

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Re: Kirai Desu ga, Daisuki da... Chapter 8 Sept 11th
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Sorry Acchan but I like Tomotomo more lol but you have Kai

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Re: Kirai Desu ga, Daisuki da... Chapter 9 Oct 1st
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thanks for reading this fic  :wub: here is the next part, please enjoy!!

forgive my poor english,,,


Chapter 9

“Don’t cry….” Kai whispers to me as he still closes my eyes.

“I am here….”he attaches his body against wall, and he is right behind me. “Please, don’t cry… I can’t see you cry, I can’t see you sad.”he moves his hand down and I open my eyes slowly. Although this heart hurt, but for Kai, I try not to cry. He then puts his hand around my neck from behind, he wraps it so tight…. I can feel his body’s temperature, his arms are warm…. I close my eyes, and without thinking I hold his arms, and won’t release it… I want this gentle arms always hug me tightly like this. I can feel Kai’s heart beat, it’s so fast.

Kai walks me home. I am happy as he is not walking behind me anymore. He walks beside me and…….holds my hand. He asked me, “Are you cold?” when I shook my head, maybe he knew I was lying, then he reached my hand and held it.

“You can’t lie to me. See? Your hand is cold.” He says as he holds my hand and gives his warm temper to me.

I know it’s complicated. I don’t want Kai hopes for something that he might not get, I don’t want to hurt him more than this, but…..honestly, I want him to stay here with me always. I don’t want him to go and leave me alone…. I can’t give love to him, I think. I don’t understand, I am confused…. I need time to think…. Alone.

As he holds my left hand and put it inside his jacket. I feel warm.

“Many times you have come to me….” I break the silence.

“Oh really?”Kai keeps walking and he doesn’t look at me.

“Uhum… I keep telling myself I am such a burden to you….”

“No…” he stops and turning his view to me.

“Do not ever say that. I can do everything for you. Across the ocean, even jump from a mountain I’ll do it for you. As long as you are happy…”

“Hee?? Jumping from a mountain??” His words form a small smile on my face.

“Yes. What’s wrong?”

“No….It’s just…..Hmfphh…” I try to hold my laugh.

“Hey!! Don’t laugh! I am serious with my words…. Ck.”

“Okay, Kai. Sorry….” Then I see his half-annoyed face. Hihihi…. He is very funny. I can feel his warm hand is holding my left hand inside his jacket. The warmness even I can feel it through my body until it reaches my heart. Care that he always shows me makes his presence is so precious to me. His firm body, looks so strong. Then, I rest my head on his arm……

“Thank you so much Kai…..” I close my eyes, feel his scent. I know he is surprised as he doesn’t say anything to me. I smile inside my heart. How funny Kai is right now.

And then we have already arrived in front of my house.

“Thank you…. And sorry If I trouble you….”

“My pleasure and you never trouble me Atsuko….” He smiles. Something gets in to my heart when I see his smile. It’s really confusing and not long my heart starts beating so fast…. I feel my cheek is redden, the smile he gives me even makes me feel more comfortable.

“Good bye Atsuko…. See you tomorrow….” He waves his hand at me and walks away.

WAIT. I scream inside, in part of my heart still need you here. I don’t want you to leave me now… But my body won’t react, won’t move, even my mouth can’t call your name to make you stop…. I bite my lower lips confused with what I should do…. Then my body moves by its own… I grab your hand and you turn back as I am standing behind you right now. You look at me confuse as you raise one of your eyebrow up. When you are about to speak, suddenly……and without thinking I kiss your cheek. A short kiss has planned on your right cheek. You keep looking at me and put your hand on the area that I’ve just kissed on. I can see your surprising look and I am surprised myself too… I don’t understand what bring me to kiss you… But I don’t regret it….

“At-Atsuko….” Kai keeps blinking and those words are the only words coming from your mouth.

“Thank you, Kai for today….” I am so shy as I can’t see his face properly. I look away but for once I look at him…….

“Aaa….Hm….yaa~” stutter Kai. He is really funny today… He keeps rubbing his cheek as he is leaving...

I smile to myself as I see him get farther until I can’t see him anymore.

I put my hand on my lips. Why did I kiss him?? I want to find out the reason but look like I can’t. I come back smile again and walk to the door, open it and have some rests.

“Ohayoo Kai….” I approach Kai. He is sitting on his seat.

“O-ohayoo, Atsuko….” He wants to hide his blush face. Hihi… so funny… I love seeing him like that…

“Ah, have you had your breakfast?”


“Hmm… I made it for you actually. My mom helped me this morning. Hope you like it….” I smile as I give him a small box. He takes it and puts it on his table.

“San-sankyuu…..” Then he remains quite.

“What happened, Kai? You are not like the usual you….”

“Hee?? I am………….” Then he looks away. I move closer to him and whisper something to him.

“Masaka….you still think about yesterday kiss don’t you??”

“Eh!!” Kai then turns quickly. I laugh by his expression….

“You made my day, Kai. Hahaha….” I laugh as I walk to my desk. Kai is really funny. OMG. I can’t stop saying that in my mind.

Now we are having our break time. I sit in the class while the other are having their lunch. I read my book as Kai approaches me.

“What’s up?” I ask him..

“Hmm…. Thanks for the food.” He hands the box just I gave him.

“Oh, was it good?” I ask him as I take it.

“It was……really good. I doubt if it was made by you…” he chuckles.

“I did!! Ugh….” I pout…. But he still laughs. Without realizing it, I laugh as well.

“Ehm…. Ano….” Kai rubs his neck as he looks away..

“Ehm? What is it??”

“This evening………4pm……..Park Tower…….” Then he walks away. I tilt my head. This evening? 4pm? Park Tower?? What did he mean?? Did he ask me to go out this evening?? Hmpffh… funny!! He talked like a robot just know…..

Returning home, I go to my room…. I place my bag on my desk and I open my wardrobe. Looking for good one piece for this evening…. I should wear a cute dress… Chotto matte?? Why am I happy?? The feeling is like when I have my first date…. Speaking about first date, it makes me remind of Tomo. I shake my head… I must not have to think about hi anymore. Don’t let him appear anymore…. Yosh!! I just chose my dress for this evening and place it on my bed. I smile while I am seeing at my dress as I’ll be so cute when I put them on. I go to my bathroom and have myself prepared.

I come right on time at park. I guess, Kai has not been there….. But I am wrong. He’s already there… I smile at myself and look at him from a distance. I think he knows about my existence as he turns his view and looks at me. He smiles to me and he is waving to me. I reply his waving as I run to him.

“Sorry for waiting…” I said.

“No… I just came.”

“Oh really?? I think I am the one who comes on time, but not expected you are already here…..”I pull out my tongue bit.

“No! I just…..I just came!!”

“Ohm….Nerveous?” I chuckle.

“No I am not! Okay…..let’s go!” as he tries to hide his red face, he grabs my hand and leads me somewhere. Kai is so funny. I don’t have idea where he would take me to.

We arrive in front of a big building and its written “Game Center”.

“Yosh!! Let’s have fun here….”

He sounds so happy…. I……can’t believe it he takes me here. It’s game center after all…. I don’t understand what he thinks… He should take me to somewhere as long as it’s not something kiddy like here….

I don’t give any response and he looks at me, “What is it Atsuko? You don’t like it?”

“Ah….no…..I like it. Hehe….” Force myself to lie. I don’t want to make him disappointed. I am sure he has arranged this before and I should make him happy now because he has made me so before.

After I answer he then smiles. He approaches me and holds my hand. “You won’t get lost.” He says as he keeps walking. Kai is so sweet….

We are playing basketball mini, car racing, shooting alien, and so on.

Its really fun. I can feel myself so happy today. I can laugh so hard, smile which is really smile from my heart. Thank you Kai.

Next he takes me to the small park near game center. This place is really crowded, not only family but also young couples. Somehow I get blushed… It’s suddenly becoming so hot around here.

“Ah… It’s really unexpected.” Said Kai. “I am sorry… Lets go to another place.”

I look at Kai. I think he has prepared this long before and I can see his force smile and disappointed face. I admit that this place is really nice. There are some fountains and benches. The scenery is really nice. So many flowers planted here.

“It’s okay Kai. Let’s sit somewhere…”I smile to him. Then he nods and leads me somewhere at park. And then we sit on the nearest bench near fountain.

“Wow..Its my first time coming here.” I say.

“Eh?? Really??”

“Yup… Thanks.”

He then looks away. Fufu…funny. I can see his shy face there. Kai is so funny….

“Nee obachan, look at that neechan… She is really pretty…. I want to be like her…”said a little kid that just passed in front of us. She is holding hands with her grandmother.

“Ah, sou desu ne… Mako-chan wants to be like her?”

“Yes obachan! and have cool boyfriend like she does.” Then they are both laughing and they disappear.

I blink. I can accept when she said, I am pretty, but….having a cool boyfriend? Did he mean, Kai? Maji? We are not even dating…. But somehow I feel happy. I am happy when someone sees us and recognize us as a couple. I don’t know how Kai will response this.

“Haha…what did she talk about? We are just friends, kid….” He said as looking at their backs.

Hmm….somehow I feel little bit disappointed with what Kai just said.

“Can you believe that? They said we were a couple…..hehe….”

I don’t give him any response. Did Kai forget about he liked me? I remember when he said he liked me…. Is it because I dated Tomo once then he didn’t like me anymore?? Buh… Kai is just like the other boys. What a playboy.

“Hey, Atsuko…. Do you listen to me?”

“What?” I say with cold tune.

“Hmm? What is it now? Are you mad?”


“See…you are mad. What happened? Did I do anything wrong?”

“I said no…”

“Was it because what that little kid say? Oh please….It’s not funny.”

“Ck….” I get up from bench and walk away.

“Oi, Atsuko! Atsuko!!” He calls my name but I don’t stop my feet. I keep walking as he keeps chasing me then he could catch my arm.

“Why are you mad, Atsuko? Didn’t we want to have fun?”

He’s right. I can’t understand myself why I am mad at him. Duh….what have I done? Why should I be mad at him? Just because of what that little kid said? Does it mean…….I want it for real? I mean….that cool boyfriend’s part? I can’t believe it…

He is tighter his hand on mine…..

“Atsuko, gomen…..” those words make me turn back and face him.

“I make you dissatisfied today. I am sorry, I am useless…” He looks down and loosen his hand….

I bite my lower lips and feel guilty. “Kai…”I put my hand on his shoulder. “You don’t need to say sorry… It’s… fault. Sorry….”


We are in long pause…….. “I think………..dontlikemeanymore.”

“Huh?” Kai raises one of his eyebrows. “I can’t hear you…..” as he moves his body closer to me.

“Ck…How come I repeat that sentence, BAKA!” I pout.

“Hei…why are you pouting?”

“Nothing.” I keep pouting and I turn my body around.

Kai baka!!! How could I repeat those sentences in front of you? No…no…no!! Huh….Kai is really slow! I hate you…

Suddenly I can feel his arms around my waist and he rests his head on my shoulder. I blink and surprised at the same time.


“I heard you…..”

I could feel my head is really hot now. It likes the blood is going up and gathering inside my head. My cheek is slowly getting redder….

“I don’t know if my sentences make you angry. Its because all I know that…… love for you is one sided love and never be replied.”

DEG….DEG….DEG…. Inside, my heart is racing in every sentence he says.

“One thing you should know, Atsuko….My love for you can’t be stopped. You are my everything….”

Why those sentences feel so deep? Deep and touch my heart….. The person that I used to hate so much in my life, now hugging me like this, confessing his true feeling, and becoming so important person now. Slowly I reach his hands on my waist and hold it.

“I won’t leave you alone Atsuko. I won’t make you feel sad, I will make you the happiest girl ever in this world. I am sure….”

“Thank you, Kai….” I smile. This is one of the best moments between me and Kai… I am glad Kai says those things toward me. Being loved by person like him, I must be lucky girl, right?

“So, Atsuko…..Would you be mine?”

He shoots right on my heart…but I think it’s the words that I am waiting for today…. With my heart beats, I slowly nod my head.

Yesterday was like a dream to me. No. Its not a dream. Receiving an email from my boyfriend, really makes my day so cheerful. I smile from I woke up until I am ready to go to school. I miss him already…. I leave for school so early.

In front of school gate I meet with Sakuraba, one of members in Karate Club. He is really nice person.

“Eh? So rare seeing you around this time.” Oh, Sakuraba is one of diligent students here.

“Hehe….I think I should come earlier today.” I smile to him.

“You will come to club after school, right?”

“Yes of course. I miss everybody.”

“Hoho…that’s nice.”

JDAK!!! I am surprised that someone hits Sakuraba’s head with wood. He falls to the ground.

“You think you cool huh?” I have never seen this guy at this school. Who is he?

“Tell me, where’s Tomo?”

Eh? He looks for Tomo?? What did Tomo do to him??

“A….Atsuko-san. R……run.” Sakuraba said. My body froze. I can’t move and yet he stares at me and holds my hands so tight.

“Araaa…..So you are Atsuko, right????”

“What do you mean from me? Let me off!!” I try to release my hand from his. But he is too strong and I can’t release it.

“Stay still, you stupid girl!!! And you!!” He shouts at the fallen Sakuraba. “Tell Tomo to meet me at the vacant building close here. If he doesn’t come, I’ll make sure he can’t see this girl alive!! You got me!!” He backs punching Sakuraba with wood that he carries along. And then, this person drags me and forces me to get inside his car.


“Wuff….I miss school.” Tomo sits on his chair.

“ is Tomomi-chan???” his friends approach Tomo’s seat.

“She’s fine. She will be back to school in some days.”

“That’s good! Btw….welco….”

“To….mo…..” everyone stares at the door and sees Sakuraba is there with blood on his head.
Sakuraba walks to the classroom with blood on his face.
“Sakuraba!!” Tomo and the others quickly help him.

“What happened? Who did this to you?? Oi someone, take something in infirmary to cure him!”

“Yosh!!” a boy is running to the infirmary.

“To….mo…..It’s bad.”

“Don’t talk!”


“Eh??? Acchan?? What’s wrong with her? Oi, tell me Sakuraba!!!”

“Someone……..took her with him……He….asked me to tell you………meet him.”

“What? Where???” Tomo is panic.

“Vacant building near……near school.”

“Kuso……” Tomo gets up and tells the other to take care of Sakuraba. He is running out of class as he passes Mayu who was standing there from the beginning.


I was taken to somewhere I don’t know…. It’s really dirty and vacant. I feel dizzy..

“Thank you for your hard work, Takeshi.”the other appears as I look at him I am surprised. He was on my first goukon, Koji. What? Is it really him???

“Oh hi, Acchan…..” he approaches me. “Cute as usual.”he pokes my face.

“What do you want from me?”

“Wow….wow….relax girl. I don’t want to hurt you….”

“Why did you want to meet Tomo?”

“Hm…..Should I tell you, Acchan?”

“Answer me!”

“Don’t shout at me!” PLAK. He slaps right on my face. “Don’t you think I can’t slap you because you are a girl. You annoyed me! Tomo did too!!”

“You punk! What did I and Tomo do?” I shout at him as I put my hand on my red cheek.

“You…….chose that guy! You chose him over me!! So that I hate you and him!!”


“See Acchan…..Would you like becoming my girlfriend? I will release you now and I am sure you will be happy when you are with me…..” he strokes my hair.

“Never! I can’t imagine myself being with you!”

“How rude!” PLAK. Another slap lands on my cheek.

“Okay! You choose it yourself!! Don’t think I will forgive you, Acchan!! Take this!!”

I close my eyes and its about time he punches me right on my face.

“STOP!!!” Koji stops his move and sees at the entrance. There is Tomo standing there. She has beaten down one guard.

“Koji!! Don’t try to touch her more than that!!! I will kill you!!!”

“Well….well….Let’s see who is here…Oh, my beloved Tomo. Finally you come.”

Tomo baka! Why you come?

“Don’t call me your friend! I am not!!”

“I never recognize you as one!!! You!! You always be the top! You steal every girl attentions! I can’t forgive you for that!!”

“You are so funny, Koji.”

“SHUT UP!! You stole girl whom I love, then you stole Acchan from me!!! I can’t forgive you!!”


“Kai I am waiting for you!” Mayu approaches Kai who just arrives.

“Eh? Oh…I don’t know the news between me and Atsuko spreads……”

“It’s not about you! It’s about Acchan!!”

“Hoi, hoi…..Calm down……Okay tell me.”

“Looks like she was taken by someone this morning. ”

“Eh? Taken by whom?”

“I don’t know, I think he was bad person. I heard it this morning and Tomo was already there. I wonder if they were safe.”

“Okay. Thank you, Mayu.” Kai then runs out of school ignoring the teacher who just comes to teach his class.


“I never stole somebody from you.”

“DON’T TALK ANYMORE!! See!!!” Koji pulls me close to him. “You still care what will happen to her right??”

“Bastard! Don’t dare to hurt her more!”

“Then come here, you idiot!!!” He then throws me away.


“Acchan!! Teme!!!” Tomo runs to Koji as Takeshi blocks his way. “Stand away!!” Tomo kicks him and hits his stomach. “Aaaaa!!!” he keeps punching Takeshi’s face but he fails to make him fall.

“Don’t think you can beat him down, Tomo!” Koji shouts from far distance.

“Kuso!!!” Tomo tries to punch his face but this time, Takeshi can dodge. “Nani?”
BRUAK. Tomo falls as Takeshi punches his face with a wood.


“Tomo!” I shout to him. I can see Tomo’s head is bleeding… Tomo, you should not come for me. You don’t love me anymore right?? Why you should sacrifice your life for me? And now seeing you lay on the ground really hurt myself. I cry as I see Tomo is laying on the ground.

“Take that, Tomo! Haha…. You are nothing!!” Koji keeps shouting. “This is the moment that I always wait for!! Die!”

Tomo then slowly stands up. His sight is blurry, he can’t see his opponent clearly.

“Take this!” Takeshi comes closer with wood on his hand and hits Tomo’s stomach, then his face. He falls again.

“Tomo!! No!! Please Koji! Stop! Please stop!! I want to be your girlfriend, but please don’t hurt Tomo more than this!” I approach Koji and beg him to stop beating Tomo.

“You………ARE LATE! I will kill him now!! Hahahaa!!!” he says as he punches my face and I fall. This guy is really crazy.

“Let me kill him, Takeshi! Stand back!!” Koji approaches Tomo….Tomo can’t move his body as blood comes from his head.

“Haha….I like seeing you like this. And now, I will send you to the hell. Prepare yourself!!” Tomo takes the wood from Takeshi and ready to hit Tomo once again.

“Don’t play around!!!” Takeshi falls because someone is kicking his back. “DIE!!” He punches Koji and he falls as well.

“How dare you……touch my Atsuko. Do you want me to send you to the HELL?! HUH?!” Kai is there. “And you……That is not your place, Tomo. What a shame. Watch me. This is the true fighting! Aaa!!!” Kai runs to the fall Takeshi and kicks his jaw. Then he kicks his face again and causes him unconscious. “You…….” Kai looks at Koji with killing eyes. The eyes that I have never seen before. Kai is really scary. Koji moves his body to get farther, but Kai successes grabbing his shirt.

“How dare you punch my Atsuko? You wanna die?”

“Ugh…..” Koji tries to hit Kai with wood, but Kai can guess it and grabs his hand.

“What a pathetic. TAKE THIS!” Kai punches his face more than10 times, and the last punch makes Koji unconscious. Kai stands up and approaches me….

“Atsuko, are you alright?!” Kai offers his hand to me, but I stand up as I approach Tomo.

“Tomo! Tomo are you okay?!” I help Tomo to stand up. “Kai, what are you doing? Help me!!”

“Eh, oh…..ok.” Kai helps Tomo to stand up.

At school infirmary.

I take care of Tomo. Put on the bandage and clean his bruises.

“Why were you coming?”

“Because you were in trouble.”

“I don’t need your help.”

Tomo then stares at Kai who is standing there.

“Thanks, Kai…. You can leave.”

“Eh? You don’t have any right to ask me to leave!”

“I want to talk to Acchan. Just the two of us.”

“Atsuko doesn’t want to talk to you anymore! I won’t leave!”

“Kai……..”I calm Kai down. “Tomo, me and Kai is dating.” Tomo froze. I can see his eyes widen a bit.

“Ok, Kai…..There won’t be something between us again. Don’t worry…” likes Kai understand what I mean, he leaves us alone. He goes to the park and meets the school nurse there.

“Kai-kun, please give this antiseptic to Tomo. Thank you.” Kai nods and he is going back to the infirmary.

“You are dating with Kai? Are you sure??” I nod as I keep cleaning his wounds.

“I can’t believe it you have forgotten about me that fast.” I stop my hands as I look at him.

“What do you mean by have forgotten? Wasn’t it you??”

“I didn’t. Did you forget the day when I said I love you?”

“I did, but you lied to me!”

“No, I never lie to you!!”

“You did!! I saw you……”

“Saw what??”

“Kissed Tomomi….”

Long pause between us. “You went to…” I nod.

“You must be misunderstanding! I didn’t love her!! I did that because she asked me to. Her heart is weak, so that I must be very careful to her. I didn’t want to hurt her…..”

I look down…. Dunno what to say. “Acchan….” He takes my hand, “Please trust me….”

“Tomo….” I look at him.

“I know you are with him now….. But my heart is really hurt. I can’t see you with somebody else. I just want you to be beside me. I love you…..”

“Tomo, I can’t…..” I cry.

“Why? You don’t love me?”

“I……I do Tomo. But I am with Kai now….” I still have feeling to Tomo, but I am not sure for how many percents… All I know that Kai is the most important now.

“Our feeling is the most important, Acchan! Please…please back to me….” He cups my cheek and wipes my tears away. “I can’t see you cry Acchan…..” Then he plants a kiss on my lips. I am surprised, but I can’t understand why I can’t push his body. The kiss I miss so much, already given by him… I close my eyes and feel Tomo’s kiss. He is kissing me so gently and making my tears roll down my cheek. Something stuck inside my mind, this thing is not right. Kissing Tomo is not the right thing, I realize it…. But…..its already late. When I slowly open my eyes, I see a figure is standing in front of door looking straightly at us. I am surprised as I see Kai is there. Frozen seeing us kissing each other in front of him….. He then closes his eyes and leaves the place immediately. I hate myself now. I have hurt someone that really special to me…


OMG! OMG!   :banghead:  :banghead:
What have I done?? Kai, please forgive me  :bleed eyes:

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Re: Kirai Desu ga, Daisuki da... Chapter 9 Oct 1st
« Reply #44 on: October 01, 2011, 04:01:46 PM »
Moe-chan... You successfully make me cry because of the last scene...  :fainted: 

Oh God!!!! My heart so hurt right now... I'm crying for Kai...  :on speedy: 

Acchan, how could you do this to Kai after what he have done for you...  :gmon tears:

dareka!!! kill me now...  :on voodoo:   this is too depressing for me... ARGH!!!!!!!  :frustrated:

I need to kill TOMO now!!!!  :mon slapself:  Argh!!!!  :mon fire:  I'm in rage!!!  :temper:

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Re: Kirai Desu ga, Daisuki da... Chapter 9 Oct 1st
« Reply #45 on: October 01, 2011, 04:55:20 PM »
owh... so awful.. why must such thing happened to Kai ?! He already heart-broken by now.. I want Atsu + Kai together...

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Re: Kirai Desu ga, Daisuki da... Chapter 9 Oct 1st
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atsuko how could you do that to kai!! poor kai...

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Re: Kirai Desu ga, Daisuki da... Chapter 9 Oct 1st
« Reply #47 on: October 01, 2011, 05:46:49 PM »
NO! NO!! NO!!! Moe!!!! Moe-chan!!!!:frustrated:
i want cry :OMG: And i want die right now :mon ghost: It's so sad :fainted:
i HATE Tomo i HATE Tomo :on voodoo: Why can do that? :scolding:
Acchan Acchan don't do that  :mon whine: don't make Kai’s heart broken :mon yell:
Moe-sama! please hear my prayer!!!  :mon cute:
Don't make Kai’s heart broken again. Don't make me cry again. :mon pray2:
I'm waiting you~~~ :gmon tears:

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Re: Kirai Desu ga, Daisuki da... Chapter 9 Oct 1st
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and how fcking dare that Koji dude slap atusko twice!!! Kai should have killed him!!! :angry:

WTF Atsuko :smhid!!!! make up your damn mind!!!! YOu can't have the both of them!!! With your complicated feelings, you all three are just going to hurt yourselves!

and Stop making Kai suffer!!!! If u don't want him!!! then I'll take him away!!!!

please update soon

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Re: Kirai Desu ga, Daisuki da... Chapter 9 Oct 1st
« Reply #49 on: October 02, 2011, 07:18:18 AM »
why Acchan?? WHY??  :temper:
i hate Tomo now... really really hate him...!  :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: go chase after Kai, Acchan....!  :angry1:

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Re: Kirai Desu ga, Daisuki da... Chapter 9 Oct 1st
« Reply #50 on: October 02, 2011, 06:44:23 PM »
Acchan????? :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:  feel very sorry to KAI :cry: :cry: :cry:..... Acchan please gain KAI love and trust back.... :nervous :bleed eyes:.. good chapter... update Soon!!!!!!! :twothumbs Gambare!!! :fap

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Re: Kirai Desu ga, Daisuki da... Chapter 9 Oct 1st
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ARGGGG it's so complicated but it's great lol

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Re: Kirai Desu ga, Daisuki da... Chapter 10 Oct 7th
« Reply #52 on: October 07, 2011, 01:09:23 PM »
@flean : please calm down...  :on drink: btw.... update your fic~ you know which one  :luvluv2:

guys, thank you for reading this boring fict  :sweatdrop: but I have tried my best to write it all .. hee  :fainted:

okay next is chapter 10... Need much times to think about the continuation... It's really difficult for me actually  :badluck: but yeah.. These are what I've got.  :dozing: really2 sorry if its boring...

forgive my bad english, douzo!  :thumbup


Chapter 10

“Please let me go.” I say to Tomo when he holds my hand so that I can’t move my body.

“Don’t go.”

“He saw us!!”

“I don’t care! It’s good thing when he saw it.”

I turn my gaze to him, “What did you say?”

“It’s good thing when he saw it.”

“How come you say that?? Kai is my boyfriend, and he saw everything! I must chase him now!! Let it off!”

“I won’t!!” Tomo then hugs me. “Please, don’t go Acchan. I don’t want to lose you twice. Please….” He hugs me so tight.

I hold myself to not cry… “He……saw us, Tomo. I hurt him.”I can’t help it, my tear is finally rolling down…

“I know you still have feeling to me, I will apology to him. Now, just stay here…..Don’t go Acchan…..”

What should I do? Kai has seen us…. And now Tomo is begging me to stay here with him. What should I do? I have hurt Kai. I…..really hate myself…. I can’t choose between Tomo and Kai…. I can’t understand my feeling…..


My mother kept telling me that I would better stay at home because of my condition. I couldn’t sleep last night. I cry in whole night and now my eyes are aching. But I have to meet Kai and explain everything. If he hates me, he has right for it. At least I want to explain to him and apology.

I have arrived but Kai has not. I sit on the chair and walk to back, waiting for Kai.

“Acchan, are you alright?” Mayu approaches me.

“Yeah, I am fine.” I nod.

“You look……..sick. Are you sure? Let me accompany you to infirmary.”

“Ah, thank you Mayu…. I…..”

SREGG! The back door opens and I see Kai has arrived. Then I approach him immediately.

“Kai about yesterday…..” Kai keeps walking and ignoring my existence. He then sits on his chair. I freeze there, can’t move my body. I am shocked coz this is the first time Kai ignores me. And it really hurts. Suddenly I feel so lonely.

“Hey,  what’s going on?” Mayu asks me. I don’t give her any response. Knowing I don’t answer, she walks to Kai.

“Kai, what happened? You just ignored Acchan….”

“It’s not your business.”

“Hey! It is! I am your friend, and I want to know what actually happened!”

“Ck….” Kai raises from his seat and heads out without looking at me.

“Kai! Kai!!!” Mayu keeps calling him but he doesn’t stop. I walk to my desk and rest my head on my connected arms on the table. I bury my head in it as I cry for what Kai just did to me.


Kai is heading to the back park. He sits on the bench alone. Once he sees up to the sky and closes his eyes. Kai really wants to cry loudly at this time. Betrayed by someone he loves, and it becomes the 2nd time. This hurt feeling, he has promised himself to not feel it twice, but can’t help it. He just felt it once again and he hates himself. The first time he knew Atsuko when she was still in junior high. Coincidentally he saw Atsuko bought books with some friends at book store. Kai had fallen for this girl seriously. He tried to avoid this feeling because of his promise but his strong feeling can’t be stopped. How could it be stopped? They took the same trains every day and Kai always saw her alone in train. Until the day when he decided to kiss Atsuko in train. He thought that the kiss would be farewell kiss because they might be going to different school, but he was shocked Atsuko was one of his classmates. He was really happy and try to take some of her attentions he also didn’t mind being slapped by Atsuko for many times. He was broken heart when he knew Atsuko dated Tomo. First he wanted to forget about her by dating many girls, but he couldn’t. He then kept telling himself that Atsuko is a girl that destined to become his… He decided to not give up for winning her heart….

But this time is really different. Old wounds has opened again and Kai is so hurt. He couldn’t take it anymore. He was so much suffering from the beginning until yesterday. All he needs is being alone all the time to calm himself.

Then someone is coming from his back.

“Oi…” this guy breaks the silent. As if Kai has already known who it is, he keeps looking straight to the front.

“What do you want from me?”

“I know you saw us yesterday and that proved everything.”

Kai remains silent. Waiting for the guy next words,

“Acchan still has feeling to me, and I am glad I know that… I regret myself when I let her go and be with you….”

Then Kai stands up and directly punches Tomo’s face. He falls.

“That……is for making Atsuko cries.”

“Thanks. It feels better.”

Still can’t get enough Kai backs punching Tomo’s face once again.

“That………is for kissing my girl.” Tomo then stands up and smiles to Kai.

“Don’t you think I forgive you for what you did yesterday……” Kai adds. “I can kill you now.”

“That is what I want to hear. I challenge you one by one tomorrow at doujo. If you win, you can have Acchan, but if I lose, I won’t disturb her anymore and she is yours.”

“What? Do you think she is a thing? What the fuck!! I can give her to you if you want!!”

“I can’t just accept her on that way… I want to win her from you. Totally win her from you….”


“I am waiting for you tomorrow….That’s all I wanna say.” Then Tomo walks away.


The first lesson has ended and Kai has not followed it…. Where is he? I must find him.

I walk out of classroom try to find him….. But then I meet Tomo in half way.

“Acchan, what’s wrong with your eyes??” he says as he touches it.

“I am okay…..”

“You couldn’t sleep yesterday, right?” I slowly nod.

“Honestly, there is something I wanna say.”

“What is it?”

“I met Kai this morning……”

“Ah? Kai?? Where did you meet him??” Tomo looks at me with serious looking,

“Is he really important to you now???” I look away… I can’t answer it in front of Tomo….

“Okay, forget it…. I challenged him for a duel.” I am surprised for what Tomo just said. I know Kai is stronger than Tomo… Moreover about yesterday, he might be killing Tomo.

“Are you serious? What for???”

“I want you to come back to me.”


“I still love you, Acchan. No matter what I have to win you from him.”

“Did he agree?”

“I had left him without giving me the answer.”

This is really bad…. I must meet Kai.

“Acchan, you love me right? Yesterday’s kiss proved everything.”

I can’t give him answer and I leave him to look for Kai.

“I will win for sure Acchan!! I will win tomorrow!!!” Tomo keeps shouting.

This must not be happened. Kai where are you? I have to stop tomorrow duel. I don’t want you two will fight each other because of me. Roof top is my last destination, and thanks god I see Kai is sleeping on his usual place. I slowly approach him,

“What is it now?” Surprised by his sudden words though his eyes are closed.

“Did I wake you up?”

“This morning your boyfriend met me, and now you. Perfect timing. You guys are connected.”

“My boyfriend? You are.”

“Oh you still consider me as one?? Funny.”

“You are still my boyfriend, I didn’t say anything about breaking up.”

“I am your boyfriend, and you kissed another guy? What am I??? I feel like stupid.”

“Kai……Please listen to me…..I can explain.”

“What should I listen about? I have decided not to see your face again. Now go.”



“I beg you……”

“I said GO!!” Kai then gets up and finally he looks at me. We are looking each other, and I can see he is surprised when he sees my face. Then he looks away.

“Your wound that you had on your lips, already cured well, right?”

I stay quite. And I see Kai forms a smile on his face, “You two were kissing that passionately until the wounds cured. Ow…nice.”

“I can explain…..”

“Enough with that!! I don’t want to hear anything from you!!”

“One thing Kai!! Please cancel tomorrow’s duel!! I don’t want you two fight each other! Please cancel it!!!”

“Huh? Cancel it? Are you afraid that I will kill your boyfriend?” He says still without looking at me….

“Don’t call him as my boyfriend. You are still one, we have not-”

“Let’s break up.” Kai lower his tone.


“Isn’t it clear enough for you?”

“Kai….Are you serious?”

“Do you think I am joking?”

“But……we…..I…..” confused to reply Kai’s words as tears roll down on my cheek…

“I don’t want to see your face again….”

DEG. I am frozen hearing what Kai has just said. Is he serious with that? I can’t say anything, my mouth is sealed… Kai walks to me and says, “I hate you.” as he keeps walking away.

I close my eyes and feel how hurt Kai’s words just now. Kai that used to be so kind to me, now has changed. His eyes are full with hate even he didn’t want to look at me. Yeah… He has his right to hate me. I should be hated by him… I stand there alone with so much tears on my eyes…


Kai walks to somewhere try to calm himself. He keeps walking as inside his heart he regretted everything that he said to Atsuko. He really didn’t mean it…. He keeps thinking about Atsuko’s eyes, and he is sure that she couldn’t sleep last night and cried so much…. Inside of his heart, he blames himself because he has made Atsuko cried. And Kai didn’t ever for once hating her…. He still looks her as his most important person in his life ever….


Tomo opens the door slowly and sees Tomomi is laying on the bed. She gives Tomo cute smile before Tomo enters the room. With no doubt, Tomo walks inside the room and approaches Tomomi.

“What’s wrong?” ask Tomomi.

“Ehm….Tomomi I….” Tomo pauses for some minutes and it makes Tomomi curious.

“What is it? Something went wrong at school?”

“I am sorry!” Tomo then bows his head. “I am really sorry, Tomomi….”

“Tomo…….”that is just what she can say.

Tomo raises his head. “I…. I can’t be with you anymore.”

“Ee?? What do you mean??”

“Yappari I still in love with Acchan, and I can’t see her with another guy.”


“I am sure you will find someone that is better than me, Tomomi…. I am sorry…”

“You promised my dad that you would….”

“Yeah I did…. But I can’t lie to myself. I love Acchan more than anything in this world.”

“How… dare you, Tomo….”

“I am sorry… I’ll do everything for you in return.”

“No need!!” she shouts at Tomo. Long pause between them… Then slowly Tomomi is getting up and approaching Tomo.

“Are you alright Tomomi?? You can walk?”Tomo looks worried.

“Stop showing your half hearted! I don’t need it!!”

“Tomomi….. I am not…”

PLAK. Tomomi is slapping right on Tomo’s left cheek. It’s red and hurt.

“How can Tomomi be rejected twice? Do you think I am that low?”

Tomo rubs his cheek and looks at the girl who is standing in front of him.

”I never think that… You are my precious friend, Tomomi….”

“Precious? You’ve just hurt me you know?!”

“I know….. I am sorry….”

Tomomi looks down, tears roll down her cheek…. Then she raises her head and looks at Tomo.

“I am sorry, Tomo…..” Tomo is seriously looking at his precious friend.

“I know I am such an egoist, I want to make you just for me only and I am blind about your true feeling.”


“You may go now. You don’t need to take care of me anymore.”


“It’s okay. Find your love. I will support you…..”

Tomo walks closer and wipes his friend’s tears and smiles. “Arigatoo, Tomomi.”

“I am not crying!” Tomomi pushes Tomo’s body slowly. “Now go….Make her yours.”

“Without you tell me to, I will do that.” Tomo then walks out of the room and leaves Tomomi alone who is still crying there.


Today is the day of their duel and I didn’t meet Kai this morning…. Will he come? I walk to the doujo and I see everybody is gathering there. I see Tomo is sitting on the bench with his completed attires, I think he waits for Kai to come. And then our eyes are meeting and Tomo approaching me.

“You come….” He smiles.

I don’t give him any response.

“Listen Acchan… I will win for sure. I will win your heart once again and make you mine….”

“I met Kai yesterday and told him to cancel today’s duel.”

“Eh? Why did you do that???”

“I don’t want you two fight each other. I hate seeing that.”

“That is a man should do, Acchan. I fight for you. For your sake. And that’s because I love you Acchan….”

“You should stop that, Tomo. Kai won’t come.”

“If he is man, he will come….”

“No he won’t….” and I heard the door opens. As I look back I see a figure that I wish not come now. Kai is there with his karate’s uniform ready to duel with Tomo.

“Yosh. He finally comes.” Says Tomo.

Kai walks slowly to the bench and he places his bag there. Everyone starts to whisper.

Kai, why did you come? I said cancel this duel, but you didn’t hear me. You really hate me that much Kai? It’s not because I am afraid you will beat Tomo, it’s because I don’t want you to get hurt. Seeing you like this has hurt my heart that much…. And now I am going to see you fight with Tomo… I am really worried…

Then Kai looks at us with that scary looks again. Tomo realizes it and approaches Kai.

“Are you ready?”

“More than ready….” Kai looks at me then to Tomo again. “Looks like your girlfriend really worry about you. I am sorry, but I am gonna beat you badly in front of her.”

“Sounds good. But one thing, she has not been mine, she’s still yours. But I will win her for sure.”

“I can’t lose to someone who is weaker than me.”

Tomo walks to the fight area and Kai follows him. Every member keeps quite. Like they don’t dare to breathe. I am still standing there and praying for them.

“Let’s begin….” Tomo says.

They are standing in the middle with killing eyes. Tomo starts moving and Kai can dodge it smoothly. He kicks Kai but again he can dodge it.

“Come on. Is that all you’ve got?”

Can’t take those words, Tomo starts another kick and rapid punches to his face, and Kai successfully dodge it. I feel so relieve when Kai can dodge Tomo.

“Why you don’t attack me? All you can do are dodging??”

“You talk too much. I can take you down by just one punch.”

“Show me then!!” Tomo tries to hit Kai’s face, nicely Kai can dodge it and give another back attack to Tomo’s face. Tomo is hit.

“I just used not more than 20% of my strength.”

“Kkh….” Tomo rubs his cheek.

My eyes and Kai’s are meeting. I keep praying that both of them will be just fine, especially Kai. Suddenly I see him sigh and turn his gaze to Tomo.

“You, stand up. Hurry….”said Kai.

“Aaaaaaa!!!!”Tomo runs to Kai and pushes his body down.

I gasp, as that is not one of karate right? Pushing the opponent’s body part.

“Die!!” shout Tomo and tries to hit Kai’s face once more…. Nicely Kai can defend himself as he pins Tomo’s fist.

“You’d really want to win, huh?” Kai is smiling and giving the final movement. First he kicks Tomo’s stomach and punches his face until he falls. As I see that scene, I just can cover my mouth and can’t say anything. Kai stands up and looking at the fallen Tomo.

“See? I know you can’t win from me.” He says as he keeps breathing…. Without waiting his opponent to stand up, he goes to bench and takes his bag. He walks closer to me and stops right there.

“Huh…I know your boyfriend can’t stand, but thinking about keeping you from him will waste my time… You can be with him, though we have already broken up. Let’s pretend we never know each other. Never meet and just forget about what I told you already. This would be our last meeting… Sayonara….” He walks away.

That is really hurt. I can’t believe Kai says such a thing to me… Broken up, pretend not to know each other, last meeting, didn’t he ever think about my feeling? I can’t move my body, I can’t chase him, I am standing there and crying….

“Acchan……”Tomo is already in front of me… He looks so hurt. Blood comes from his mouth and it bruises. “I have not won yet. I will fight him later and before that I have to practice since he is too strong…. Please wait for me and don’t leave me Acchan…..” slowly he moves and hugs me…. I cry on his chest… I am sure he doesn’t know that my tears is for somebody else.


ok, how?  :?
Jeng...jeng...Next chapter is final chapter  :ding: ohh finally!!  :farofflook: I have finished half of it, maybe next week I will post it....
Thank you for reading it minna-san  :hee:

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Re: Kirai Desu ga, Daisuki da... Chapter 10 Oct 7th
« Reply #53 on: October 07, 2011, 02:15:35 PM »
OMG! What just happen?  :shocked I want to cry now..  :cry:
is it going to be a Sad Ending? please No! because I definiltely cry if that happen..  :(
huhu! I pity for Acchan, and Kai, for Tomo, I don't know what I feel..
I just so sad..  :( Goodluck for the Final Chapter, Looking forward to it, Thanks!  :(


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Re: Kirai Desu ga, Daisuki da... Chapter 10 Oct 7th
« Reply #54 on: October 07, 2011, 02:16:31 PM »
Waaa~~~  :on speedy:  This is depressing for me!!! Acchan you %#$%&^$%*   :mon fierce:  Can't you made up your mind already!!!

That Tomo!!! Curse him!!!  :mon fire:  Argh!!!  :mon mad:   Acchan better do something or I will %^$&$^!!!  :mon unsure:

I'll try to update this week... But maybe not... hehehe...   :mon sweat:

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Re: Kirai Desu ga, Daisuki da... Chapter 10 Oct 7th
« Reply #55 on: October 07, 2011, 02:48:07 PM »
Noooo~ How can this happen?  :angry: :angry:

Moe-chan, you broke my heart.  :cry:  I'm crying now.  :cry:

My Atsuminaaaa~  :banghead: You will not break them, right?  :(

anyway, thank for update.   ;)  hehe  :P

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Re: Kirai Desu ga, Daisuki da... Chapter 10 Oct 7th
« Reply #56 on: October 07, 2011, 06:21:28 PM »
T_T why thing went this way T_T poor Kai

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Re: Kirai Desu ga, Daisuki da... Chapter 10 Oct 7th
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Looking forward to your final chapter... Please update soon.... thanks

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Re: Kirai Desu ga, Daisuki da... Chapter 10 Oct 7th
« Reply #58 on: October 08, 2011, 04:24:16 AM »
Somehow I don't feel sorry for Acchan; it's her fault for not making up her mind and this is what she gets for not being clear about her feelings. Letting Tomo kiss her when she's already dating Kai? Can't blame Kai for treating her like that, he has his every right to do that.
As for Tomo, doesn't he understand that love isn't something that can be won by fighting? Does he think that because he won, the girl he loves will belong to him? From what I can see he doesn't love Acchan, he just wants to win and even if he does, it's a selfish love.

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Re: Kirai Desu ga, Daisuki da... Chapter 10 Oct 7th
« Reply #59 on: October 08, 2011, 05:52:40 AM »
you broke my heart righ now T_T

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