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Author Topic: ONE SHOTS ~ Atsumina~ Forever In Your Heart (1/22/14)  (Read 37227 times)

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ONE SHOTS ~ Atsumina~ Forever In Your Heart (1/22/14)
« on: April 05, 2013, 11:38:04 PM »

well...I want to start a thread where I can start posting Atsumina oneshot so yeah.... some peeps probably already read this since it was on Kuro's competition thingy but it was my very first one shot so imma start with it! (I'm gonna post the next one... two days from now on! pls look forward to it!)

AND I'd like to thank you LovelyGaki for check it all out! thanks dude-ette!  :thumbsup and ofcourse all of the peeps who liked it xD ahahahhaha


Takahashi Minami looked in the mirror, checking her appearance before going out. Satisfied on how she looked, she nodded to herself and headed out the door.  She invited her friends if they would want to go out, but was turned down since they were busy.

Stepping outside the building, the sky was clear with the sun shining brightly. She could feel the hotness already, showing that summer was clearly approaching. 
Stretching her arms she said brightly, "What a beautiful day! I feel that something will change today!" and started walking. As Takamina passed by some of the stores, she was greeted by the store owners who were sweeping outside their shops. The tiny girl smiled warmly and they did the same. Thinking where she should go first, she thought of the renowned cafe, but decided to go there later and instead will go to the mall first.

Arriving at the mall, she scanned around the area to look for a good store to go in to. Scanning around she saw two of her friends, however she wasn't sure if it was really them since they were facing the other direction. Deciding to approach them, she walked in to the store, unsure with her guess she said, "Tomochin? Tomo? Is that you?" The two girls turned around hearing their names and were surprised when they saw Takamina.
"Oh, Takamina! What are you doing here!?" said Tomochin and Tomo at the same time who was nervous.
Takamina raised her eyebrow at the question and said bluntly, "I'm just hanging around? Am I not allowed to do that? And this is unusual for two being together," said Takamina, since when they're at school the two of them usually fight with each other.
"Err...", they said looking at each other, not knowing what they should say to the small girl. As dense as Takamina is, she was pretty good at knowing what other people are up to and thinking. Coming up with a possibility, she grinned, "wait, at school you're always fighting, but I noticed something of it. Could it be that you two are a cou-". Before she could finish, Tomochin interrupted her admitting to it, "Ok! Ok! You're right...we are." Tomochin blushed at her statement while Tomo did the same.
"Hah, I knew it! So you two are on a date, eh?"
They nodded and looked away from Takamina.
"Since when?"
"T-three months ago," stated Tomo.
"Oh~ and you still kept your act until this"
"Ok, I'll leave you two alone now. I wouldn't want to ruin your D-A-T-E," chuckled Takamina and waved goodbye, leaving the couple alone.

The small girl walked around thinking about the two and her own similar situation. Dismissing the thought since she was there to have fun and not think, she continued. While walking around the mall, her eyes spotted a parka decorated with bananas. Squealing over it, Takamina ran into the shop and grabbed one, trying to find her (small) right size. Finding her size she went over to the counter to pay. With the bag in hand, she continued to roam around, buying some clothes that she spotted and liked.

Tired, she decided to take a break and went to sit on one of the benches. Setting the bags beside her, she watched as the people pass by. Few minutes passed and she was still sitting down, too relaxed to get back up.
"Takamina? That you?" said Rena who approached her with Jurina, Mayu and Yukirin following her. Looking up to see who it was, she only said "Oh."
"Hey~" they said, greeting the small girl.
"Hey guys...what's up?"
"Hmmm...just cruising around." Grinned Rena.
"'Cruising around?'" said Takamina in quotation marks, giving them a look. They all giggled at her expression.
"You could say that."
"So what are you doing all alone?" asked Mayu bluntly. Yukirin just shook her head and sighed.
"Ah, so bluntly asked...I'm here shopping as you can see," sighed Takamina and mumbled, "'s not that I chose to come alone."
"You know, you should make up with Acchan," said Mayu straightforwardly. Takamina could only lightly laugh at it and said, "Well, it's nice seeing you four, but I'll go now. I need to go to the book store."
"Leaving us already?" said Yukirin sounding hurt.
"Hehehe...sorry...and it seems you people are...busy," smirked Takamina.
"Hey! We saw that smirk!" said Jurina.
"Hehehe...ja ne!" said Takamina grabbing her shopping bags and escaping before they could question her.

Near the exit she heard her name.
"Oi! Takamina!" shouted Yuko who was with Kojiharu. Takamina looked around, trying to find the source where her name was being called.
"Behind you!" said Yuko. Takamina turned around and saw them.
"Yo! What ya up to?" asked Yuko.
"Oh, hey Yuko, Kojiharu, and just bought some clothes," answered Takamina raising the bag that she was carrying.
" one was available you two are you on your little date?"
"Yep! Nyan-Nyan and I are on a date!" said Yuko proudly.
"Actually we're on a double date," added Kojiharu.
"Ehh? With whom?"
"Us." Interrupted Sae and Sayaka joining the three.
"Ehh! Is today a couple day or something!? Am I the only one that is alone today!" pouting, "...earlier I saw Tomochin with Tomo, Rena with Jurina, Mayu with Yukirin, and now you four. Great...I wonder who's next," frowned Takamina.
"What? Tomochin and Tomo, those two tsundere? Hah! I knew it!" said Sae.
"Yeah. I saw, they were all over each other."
Yuko laughed and said, "and what about you? Why not just confess to a certain someone, because everyone knows that you two are totally interested in each other."
"What!? With that...that...g-girl! No way! I don't like her at all!" denied Takamina and got her thinking again.
"Pshh, two were so close when you were little! But when that* happened, I don't know what changed," said Sayaka. The others also agreeing to what she said.
"Ugh, please no, don't talk about it. It'll ruin my day," said Takamina coldly. But in truth she thought back on what happened, and why did it all turn to be like this.
"Well, that's your choice...but don't lie to yourself," said Sae.
"We'd like to chit-chat longer, but we're ditching you, we have a lot of plans~ Gotta continue our date~" joked Yuko.
"Hai, hai, ditch your friend! I'll be fine all alone," said Takamina dramatically.
"Ja ne~" they all said to her and started walking away.
"Ehh? Nani, majide?"
"Un, Ja ne~" said Yuko and waved at her friend. Sighing, Takamina returned the wave and thought to herself,*ah-ah, it's so nice to have a date.*

Takamina looked at the time and decided to go to the bookstore. Heading to the bookstore she noticed that everyone was with someone and holding hands. "Nani kore," she mumbled to herself, "this is really weird." At her destination, the tiny girl rushed in and went to her usual section. "Oh here it is," she said to no one in particular, finding her weekly Shonen Jump; flipping through the book, she was satisfied and went to pay for it. Finished with everything that she wanted, Takamina headed to the renowned café.
The café wasn't that far from the bookstore, so it only took her 5 minutes. Debating if she should go inside or just occupy the outside tables, she decided on staying outside just because of the clear weather.  The chibi girl settled down after choosing a table near a tree for its shade. While waiting for the waiter to come, she let her eyes travel around. As soon as she looked ahead, at that direction she saw Miichan with Acchan. Miichan couldn't see her since she had her back on her while Acchan could, if she would just lift her head up. Seeing Acchan she mumbled, "Oh great! She's here too. Ugh!"

The reason they both hated each other was because of the incident that happened when they were 13 years old. It was all too sudden for her. She wrote a letter to her, hoping that she would find it, if she comes over. They were moving overseas, for god knows how long. For the last few days that Acchan and her hang out, she acted strange. Acchan noticed the sudden change but Takamina just dismissed her.  Takamina wasn't sure what to do, should she just tell her? Or not? She was scared of what might the other girl say, so she didn't tell her and just wrote a letter explaining everything. During the same day that they left, Acchan was excited to go over to Takamina's house but when she arrived, the house was isolated. She searched the place but didn't see anything. She turned back confused and not seeing the letter that was left for her, she passed by it.

After two years of spending time abroad. The Takahashi family came back and established a business. When they returned back to Japan, Takamina was overjoyed to be back. Her first stop was her best friend's house, but what awaited her wasn't that sweet of a welcome. Arriving at Acchan's house, she received a slap to the face then a cold glare from her. Takamina was confused and asked herself, "What just happened?"  She got turned away by Acchan and went home confused. When she started school, she was assigned with the same homeroom with Acchan. At first, Takamina always approached her, but she didn't get any response back. Acchan ignored Takamina. Then after a few weeks Takamina with her kind self, snapped and couldn't it anymore. After that, they competed in everything, even the smallest matter and went beyond name callings. Lastly, their family has a business and they're rivals against each other, which made it more spicy. Three years had passed since she came back and both are still enemies against one another.

Acchan finally saw Takamina when she looked up, across from her direction. Getting up she went over to the girl's table, +with Miichan who was surprised with the sudden move said, "Ehh? What's happening?"
"What the hell is this? Are you following me or something? Like yesterday and the day before that," accused Acchan who slammed her hands down on the table.
"Pshh! Right, as if I would follow you around! Why would I follow you?!" said Takamina nearly annoyed and stood up to face the taller girl.
"I-I don't know, you tell me!" shouted Acchan. With just a few exchanged words with each other, people that passed by gave them weird looks while others took interest and gathered around. 
Takamina just let out a huge sigh and was just about to walk away, but Acchan said something that caught her attention.
"Yeah, you're doing it again. Turning your back on me, just like you did five years ago." Takamina turned around, faced her and looked in to the other girl's eyes shouting, "Oh yeah! Acchan tell me exactly what I did wrong...that it happened liked this!? Huh?"

Miichan was bewildered and squinting with what was going on in front of her. She wanted to stop those two because they kept attracting bystanders, but was terrified to do so. All of them knew to never interrupt those two if they're having a quarrel. If they did, the person that tried to break them up will truly wish they never had interfered. It would take at least four people to refrain them from killing each other. Couldn't think of anything, one thing only popped up in her mind and that call her 'partner', Mariko, to come over. Her thought is, 'If you can't stop 'em, just have fun with it!'

Takamina clenched her fist, the tiny girl hated it, sick of it, and tired of it. She hated the fact that Acchan and her became rivals, enemies, the so-called "frenemy". They always competed with spots, grades, positions, and to make it worse, they're company rivals. She hated to admit that she missed her.  Sometimes she even questioned herself on what went wrong. As time passed by she realized that she kept her eyes on the girl. Observing, always following, watching but not in a stalker-ish kind of way. Was it because she wanted her back as a mere friend? Or something more? Did she only talk back to her because she wanted the other girl's attention? What did she want? She wasn't sure. She didn't know. She was confused, especially with her feelings.

Acchan was surprised with the smaller girl. In all the years that they've fought and talked badly with each other, she never saw Takamina like this. In her eyes she saw her, confused, angry, tired and hurt. Acchan shut her eyes tightly, ignoring what she saw and talked,
"You're asking me what you did?!" huffed Acchan.
"Just tell me what the hell is the problem!"
"...five years ago! Does that ring any bells now?!" Hearing that struck Takamina.
"W-what do you mean?"
"Leaving without saying anything! Not even a goodbye! Nor not talking to me about it! How do you think I felt? When you suddenly disappeared without a word!"
"...b-but I...I left you a letter."
"What letter?" said Acchan confused.
"On the doorstep, I left a letter there."
"...I...I...," said Acchan speechless and her mind race over to that day, trying to recall if she see something.
"I didn't see any letters, it doesn't matter now anyways. I could care less anymore!" shouted Acchan but the truth is...she did care. Takamina walked towards her, Acchan who saw the approach backed up slowly and said, "W-what?"
"Do you really not care?" smirked Takamina.
"T-that's right, I don't! The past is the past...I couldn't care l-" She was cut off when Takamina suddenly grabbed and pulled Acchan towards her....kissing her fully on the mouth.
"Hmmmphfff" Acchan who was blushing, pulled back and said, "...what the hell do you think you're doing?!" 

Mariko who was running through the crowd, finally reached Miichan.
"What happened?" asked Mariko, breathing heavily from running.
"Heh, it got interesting, Takamina sure knows how to shut up a girl," grinned Miichan who showed her the picture she took.
"A scoop!" Smiled Mariko with gleaming eyes.
"Yep! And I don't think they're done yet...let's see," said Miichan, turning back her attention to the duo.

Takamina didn't say anything and just kissed the other girl again. Acchan resisted, pushing the girl away and wiped her lips with her sleeves.
"What the hell!"
"I finally realized it," said Takamina softly.
"Realize what?" asked Acchan confuse.
"Atsuko...Aisheteru," said Takamina, her voice filled with passion. Acchan blushed at the confession, making her stumble down on the ground.
"H-huh...?" said Acchan whose heart is racing and forgetting all about her anger towards the other girl.
"All this time...that we fought with each other. I've loved you and I still do...I love you Atsuko." Takamina bent down, looked directly at Acchan seriously and hugged the petrified girl whispering, " you like me?"
"A-as i-if!" Lied Acchan who knew that she was lying but wouldn't admit it. She also realized her feelings long time ago. She thought it was just because they were best friends that she loved her, however as time passed by her love for Takamina went beyond friendship, "...let me go."
Takamina who planned on not giving up didn't let go of Acchan and instead held her tighter, whispering, "no...I won't, not this time. I'll never let you go again." Acchan struggled to get out of the smaller girl's grip but Takamina didn't let her, "can we stop this pointless fighting? I'm tired of it and I know you are too. Please Atsuko. Please. Please...don't make this hard for yourself AND I know you have feelings for me." She chuckled and looked at Acchan. Acchan stayed quiet and looked away. Takamina cupped her face and said, "look at me...Atsuko." Tempted, Acchan looked at her.
"Please accept my feelings," said Takamina and kissed her gently, this time Acchan didn't care anymore and kissed her back.

People who were curious on what was going on, piled up. The crowd was moved with the scene and started chanting, "Kiss her again! Kiss her again! Kiss her again!"
Mariko and Miichan took a picture of them and high-five with each other saying, "Score!"

They pulled back needing air and smiled to each other.
" you too," said  Acchan embarrassed at her own revelation.
Takamina was so happy that she ended up lifting the taller girl and kissing her for the fourth time.
"Wow, just how strong are you midget?" Chuckled Acchan.
"Mou, don't call me a midget," pouted Takamina and mumbled, "...but I guess it's ok if you're the one that says it."
"You're my own midget."
Takamina blushed and kissed her partner quickly again, saying, "...that's my apology for all the things that I've done to you."
"I'm sorry too. I was angry at you, and mostly at myself, it made me act that way."
"It's ok as you said it's all in the past."
"...oh just to say that was the best apology that anyone has ever given me."

Miichan faked cry and leaned against her lover saying, "awww...they've grown up so much."
Mariko wiped a fake tear and agreed with her partner, " mature, I'm so happy." On the other hand the crowd that gathered was touched and cheered at them (Guess everyone is ok with this type of relationship).

Yuko noticed that she received a new message, seeing that it was from Mariko she opened it. As she saw what was there, she nearly choked on her food. Her companions noticed her, giving her water, asking if she was okay and lastly what was it. Yuko raised up her phone for everyone to see and showed them a picture. Kojiharu, Sae, and Sayaka spitted out the water that they just consumed; their eyes grew big, shocked and surprised, shouting, "Ehhhhhhh!?!?!?"

The End.

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Re: ONE SHOT(S) Atsumina...
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Aye aye aye! It was a good one! Mariko-sama and Miichan are the best!

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Re: ONE SHOT(S) Atsumina...
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jaja and the next day everybody know about that!

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Re: ONE SHOT(S) Atsumina...
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this one shot rocks! please do more atsumina os!  :twothumbs

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Re: ONE SHOT(S) Atsumina...
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hahaha... all these time they were fighting over misunderstanding

I like the way Takamina shut Atsuko up

So great and sweet love confession...

I like the story lots

Thank you for the nice OS

Can't wait to see more

 :wub: :inlove: :heart: :love:

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Re: ONE SHOT(S) Atsumina...
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Here it is my second proud of myself...lolol  :farofflook: *ahem* anyways I wrote this since it's like Takamina b-day today!  :onioncheer: I'm posting this Canada time (7th) but in Japan it's already morning of 8th so yeah postin' this today!  :whistle:
well when I was thinking about this I was like..."I need to make this hot, sexy and romantico~! all through the story" so yeah...i dunno how you'll take this...  :smoke:
oh almost forgot...cream! thanks for the description!!   :on lol:

                                                                                             Birthday Present

The short girl walked in hands with a taller person. Suddenly the tall person stopped, turned towards the short girl and looked at her sadly, "Minami...sayonara." Letting go of the shorter's hand and continued walking away from Minami.
Minami, confused said, "Acchan! Matte! What do you mean goodbye?" and ran after the girl.
Minami tried to reach the girl but she couldn't, the more she ran, the more the distance grew between them.
"Acchan! Nooooo! Don't leave me!" cried Minami as she still tried to keep running after the girl.
Tired, she stopped for a breather and looked up and saw that the other girl was already far away. Sinking slowly on her knees, tears started falling as she shouted, "Acchaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!"

Minami opened her eyes and saw that her hands were extended in front of her. It took her a few seconds to analyze that it was only a dream and looked at the sleeping girl beside her. She smiled as she watched the girl sleep. The small girl caress the sleeping girl's face and whispered, "I could really get use to this." The other girl yawn as she woke up, stretching her arms and asked, "get use to what?" Minami cupped the girl's chin and kissed her briefly ,whispering on the other girl's ear, "waking up everyday with you by my side." The taller girl smiled and cuddled with the small girl, "Same here." They stayed at that position for a while before speaking again.
"Minami...Tanjoubi Omedatou."
"Heh Atsuko~ I thought you forgot." grinned Minami.
"How could I forget my girlfriend's birthday!" said Atsuko, bringing Minami's hands on her lips and kissed it gently.
" I have a present?" joked Minami.
"Wasn't last night enough for you?"
Minami blushed and covered her face, "too embarrassing...don't mention it."
"Eh? Why were calling my name...and screaming out loud. Also you w-" remarked Atsuko. 
"Yamete! >.<" pouted the short girl.
"'re so cute." squealed Atsuko, pinching the girl lightly on the cheek.
"So birthday girl what do you want to do for your day?"
"Mmm...well I'm glad that I got a break for my birthday! Being a general manger is hard!" groused Takamina but she did love her job. Sometimes's so stressful for her.  Too much responsibilities, it was tiring from time to time and she keeps getting complaints. No matter what happens regarding to things and feelings, she over came those times since she loves AKB.

"You're so lucky Atsuko."
"What do you mean lucky?"
"You're so focused on acting and decided that you need to graduated from AKB."
"Ah, I miss seeing you every single time though~" pouted Atsuko.
"It's been seven months...huh."
"You know sometimes I forget that you're not there anymore and I talk to you and turned around but when I do..,you're not there." said Minami sadly, recalling those times.
Atsuko hugged the tiny girl tightly and said, "I do that too."
Minami laughed, "well, doesn't that just say that we like to be around each other every time."
"I love you Minami."
"I love you too." said Minami and kissed the girl passionately. Minami and Atsuko shared a kiss that began as a sweet and tender, but quickly flamed to life as they nibbled, licked and gave soft kisses to each other's lips again and again.

Between kisses Atsuko said, "do you want to go again."
"Mmm...I'd love too but we should stop now." grinned Minami.
"Why not?" pouted the tall girl.
"The birthday girl says so?"

Minami was about to get but Atsuko held her down. Minami looked at the other girl with a questioning look.
"Stay in bed, it's your birthday after all...wait here for a bit." said Atsuko, getting up from the bed, she put some clothes since both were still naked and went out the room. The small girl just obeyed and also got up to wear clothes. She turned on the television and flipped through the channels, trying to find something to watch. Couldn't find a good program she just left it on a random channel, getting bored she  keep on tossing on the bed. After a few minutes Atsuko came in the bedroom with a tray of breakfast and bouquet of flowers. Minami's eyes widen as she saw what Atsuko prepared for her and almost cried.
"Why do you look like you're about to cry?" giggled Atsuko.
"No one ever did this for me." said Minami blushing and looked away...smiling.
"Ah, you're so cute!" squealed Atsuko and hugged the girl tightly.
"Hey! Watch it! You'll spill the food." grinned Minami, trying to hold the food so it won't spill.
"Why'd you put your clothes back on?" smirked the tall girl cunningly.
"Just because."
"Eh...and I wanted seeing you...naked." grinned Atsuko and started unbuttoning the blouse that Minami wore. Minami's face turned completely red. When Atsuko finished  unbuttoning the third button and moved to the fourth one, Minami grabbed Atsuko's hands and kissed it, making the tall girl stop.

As Minami started eating her food, Atsuko suddenly snatch the chopsticks away.
"Eh, what was that for?" asked Minami.
"Here...say...ahh." grinned Atsuko, waiting for the girl to do it, "or would you rather let me feed you mouth to mouth?"
"B-baka! I can feed myself!" blushed the small girl snatching back her chopstick. Atsuko put a strawberry in her mouth and without any warning grabbed the small girl for a kiss. The kiss was wet as Atsuko passed the strawberry to Minami's mouth. The tall girl broke the kiss and watched grinning, while Minami just chewed the strawberry. After swallowing the fruit Minami looked ah her girlfriend, "Majide." Atsuko looked at her innocently with a puppy dog eyes, "I always wanted to try this...with...y-o-u." The small girl couldn't always resist when her girlfriend look at her like that. Sighing in defeat, she gave up, "Fine." Since they all have the time in the world for the day, they took their time and fed each other...directly. Then there's the...drink. Atsuko stored the juice in her mouth and passed it the small girl.  As Minami gulped the juice some escaped from her lips and  flowed down her neck to to her chest. As soon as she drank it all, Atsuko pulled out from the kiss and started licking off the juice from the other girl's body, starting from the neck then travelling down to her...breast.
"This is so fun." said Atsuko enjoying  the moment. Minami sighed, sometimes her girlfriend is so daring and it feels like she's the victim. However she doesn't mind since she loves Atsuko deeply. She would gladly do anything for Atsuko even if it meant dying.

After their 'breakfast' both of them decided to stay in for the rest of the morning. Going in the small living room, the couple settled on the couch. Before doing so, Minami went through all of her dvd's to see what they should watch; Atsuko clinging to the small girl. Minami scratched her head unsure what to watch, "I don't know what to pick. Atsuko what do you want to watch?" Atsuko behind Minami rested her chin on the small girl's shoulder, "hmmm...I see...Titanic so what about that?"
"I guess we can." said Minami, opening the dvd case. Grabbing the disk she turned on her DVD player and inserted the disk.
"Yosh it's all set...c'mon let's go seat." said Minami standing up.
"Carry me~" smiled Atsuko who still sat down, not planning on moving an inch, unless Minami carries her. The small girl sighed, "You're too heavy for me to carry."
The tall girl looked at her madly, "Hey!" Minami laughed, "I was only joking...don't get too worked up. I'll carry my beloved problem." The short girl knelt down and scooped up Atsuko in a bridal style, "Happy now, hime?"
The tall girl smiled and nuzzled in to her neck, "Yep!" Reaching the couch, Minami happily put down the girl gently and also made herself comfortable. Watching the movie, the couple leaned against each other, fingers entwined with each other.

After a while Minami's cell phone started ringing. She got up from the couch detaching herself from her girlfriend and headed to where the cell phone is. Finding the ringing cell phone in her bag, she picked it up and answered it, "Moshi moshi?"
"Hey Takamina! Tanjoubi Omedatou!" yelled the other girl on the other line. Minami at the right timing, distance the phone away from her ears.
"Miichan, don't ears almost fell off." joked the small girl.
"Gomen ne, anyways just wanted to call you...saying Happy Birthday!"
Minami smiled and thought she heard someone, "is someone there with you?"
"Oh yeah... Mariko-SAMA here says Happy Birthday."
Minami laughed, "Tell her thanks too."
"Yep! So when will you do it?"
"Tonight for sure."
"Well, good luck my friend! You can do it!" encouraged Miichan.
"Un! Arigatou."
"Better go, I don't wan to disturb whatever you two are doing! Say hi to Acchan for me! Ja ne~"
"Yeah, thanks again! Ja." said Minami and pressed the end call.
The small girl was about to put down her phone but before she could do it, she noticed that her notifications for 'messages' is blinking. Checking it out, she was on the verge of tearing up when she saw the messages. The general manager received a lot of birthday greetings from everyone. As she read each messages, she couldn't  suppress her tears anymore and started crying out of...happiness.
Atsuko noticed a crying sound and decided to check it out. Going where Minami is, she saw her girlfriend crying. The tall girl slowly approached the crying girl, put her arms around Minami's waist and hugged the girl tightly whispering to the girl's ear, "What's wrong?" Minami shook her head, "Nothing's wrong, I'm just...happy." Atsuko stayed at her position, "Oh really and the reason is?" Minami wiped her tears away, "I'm just happy to have such good friends."  Atsuko smiled and kissed the smaller girl's neck, "C'mon let's go back, there's still an hour left before the movie is finished." Minami nodded and the couple slowly made their way to the couch, "By the way Miichan and Mariko says 'hi'."

After they finished watching the movie, the couple decided to go out for lunch. Both women went to change their clothes and got ready. Leaving Minami's apartment, they quickly went to Atsuko's car and headed somewhere to eat their lunch. Afterwards, the couple went to cruise around. Then for the remaining of the afternoon, they decided to go walk at the park. The two walked around hand in hand and showed their affection to each other. Some people looked at them but Minami and Atsuko just ignored them. They couldn't care less what people think. While they walked Minami looked up at her partner,"Atsuko care to dine with me tonight?"
"What's the occasion? ..It depends." joked Atsuko poking the small girl on the side of the ribs.
"You really have to ask? Fine, if you don't want to then...I guess you have better things to do rather than be with me." said Minami dramatically.
"You know I'm joking, right? I'll go anywhere with you."
"Yeah I know, I just wanted to go along you know." grinned the small girl, "Oh but can you drop me off at my apartment first."
"Sure." nodded the tall girl.
"So we should go back to the car then."
As the sun descended slowly, the sky showing less brightness, both women walked back to Atsuko's car and left to prepare for the evening. Arriving In front of Minami's apartment, the small girl opened the car the door, kissed the driver quickly on the lips and said before leaving, "I'll be the one to pick you up." She closed the door, waving at Atsuko as she drove away.

Stepping in her apartment, first thing she did was go and took a shower. Feeling refreshed, she went to her bedroom and dressed for the night. She wore a black silky one shoulder cocktail dress which had ruffles in the right side, revealing a layer of white silky cloth. Beside it are diamond sequence making the person wearing it looks elegant. The same design goes to the left side of the waist part, revealing some scrunches to add a kick in the dress. With her dress she wore a black stiletto heels and carried a small black leather purse. In front of her door she double checked to see if she got the item that she needed. Nodding to herself, Minami closed the door and headed to the the parking lot. Getting in her black Lamborghini Gallardo, she drove to pick up Atsuko.

The small girl waited for a while before Atsuko came out of her house. Minami's jaw dropped as soon as she saw Atsuko appear. Her surroundings completely went blurry in her sight, she could only stare at her girlfriend. The sight was breathtaking. Atsuko wore a red silk evening dress showing her bare shoulder, the dress has a long slit, showing her left leg and wore a black lace up heels. On her neck, she wore a silver necklace.
She opened the door and sat on the passenger seat,"I didn't know you have a car like this." Minami didn't answer.
"Hey Minami? You there?"
"Oh yeah sorry, I got a little...distracted." smirked the small girl, "So what did you say?"
"Mou, I said I didn't know you have a car like this."
"Oh yeah...I bought it a couple of weeks ago." laughed Minami and started driving.
"Nice car."
"Thanks~ by the way you look beautiful. I really am lucky to have such a pretty girl like you...with me."
Atsuko blushed, she often teases the small girl but when Minami says something it never fails to make her blush.

Arriving in front of the restaurant, Minami got out first and opened the door for her lady. She gave her keys to the valet, then the small girl accompanied her girlfriend in the restaurant. The waiter welcomed the couple and led them to their table. It was a private room, Minami instructed them what she wanted and looking around she was satisfied. The room was dim, musicians played their instruments around the corner, bouquet of flowers were placed all over the room and lastly you could see the beautiful view of the city. Near the big glass window was their table, candles were lit in the middle of the table, on each side is the fork and knife and the wine glass. Atsuko was amazed.
"Wow this is really amazing." said Atsuko looking at Minami. The small girl smiled, "yeah it is." Minami led her girlfriend to seat and after took her own seat. The waiter approached them with a champagne in hand and poured it to their glasses. He bowed then left the room, leaving the champagne on the table.  Minami took a sip, "Hmm...this is good." Atsuko did the same and agreed with the small girl. Few minutes later both women already drank two glass of the champagne. Also, the waiter came back asking for their orders. Minami and Atsuko quickly scanned through the menu. Finding what they wanted to eat, they gave their orders. The waiter bowed then left. Atsuko looked around the room then looked at the city view. She closed her eyes, enjoying what the musicians played and let the music fill the room. Minami watched Atsuko then smiled to herself.
"It feels like I'm the one who's getting treated instead." said Atsuko.
"Hmmm...really, it's fine by me."
"Not for me, since it's your birthday, I should be the one making the surprises."
"Atsuko.." purred Minami, looking straightly at her girlfriend's eyes, "...just you, being here and spending your time with me is all the thing I can ask for. I'm satisfied as long as you're here."
Atsuko blushed hearing what her partner said and mumbled to herself, " really know what to say."
"Did you say something?" asked the small girl drinking her wine. Atsuko smiled, "I love you."

Few minutes later the waiter came in with their food and set them on the table. The two women started eating and drinking. After their meal, Minami suddenly brought out a box from her purse. Smiling to herself she gave the present to the tall girl. Atsuko looked at her in confusion but took the box anyways. "Open it." grinned Minami. Atsuko nodded and slowly unwrapped the box. Before opening the box Atsuko looked at Minami one more time then finally opened the box. As she opened the box her eyes went wide open, shocked yet happy to see what laid in front of her. The box contained a diamond ring with a note asking, 'will you marry me?' Atsuko suppressed her tears and looked at the smiling girl that sat across from her. Minami placed her hands over Atsuko's, "I know it won't be an easy road for us as a couple but as long as you're with me and we're together. We can over come anything. Ever since we met, when I'm happy, sad or in a bind, the light that sustains me shining like a talisman, like hope, like a wish is Atsuko for the last seven years, I enjoyed spending my time with you. Being together with you is fun. I'm glad that I joined AKB since that's were it all started. Sometimes I wonder that if I haven't joined AKB could I probably perhaps meet you someday, somewhere. Before, I don't believe on those things like fate or soul mates but now I do believe it. I think it was fate when we met and that you are my only soul mate. Ten months ago I finally had the courage to confess to you and when you said 'yes' it made me the happiest person alive but now again, I'm here facing you right now asking you if you can spend the rest of your life with me." and kissed the girl's hand gently. Hearing Minami say all that, she finally cried out of happiness. Atsuko nodded and said, "yes." Minami stayed strong and didn't cry for the first time, instead she smiled. She gently touched Atsuko's face and brushed off the tears that flowed down. The small girl took the ring out of the box and smoothly slid it on Atsuko's ring finger. Atsuko's tears couldn't stop but she laughed, "You know it really seems that I'm the one who's getting treated."
"You, saying yes to me is the best birthday present that I could ever wish for and I won't trade it for anything in the world." grinned Minami and took a drink from her glass. Atsuko sighed and mumbled again, "You seriously know what to say."

Accomplishing what Minami wanted to do, she raised her glass. Atsuko did the same and said, "Cheers." As their dinner came to an end, both women still sat, listening to the musicians and looked at the perfect night view of the city. After a few minutes they decided to leave. Minami drove back to Atsuko's house. As they arrive in front, Atsuko looked at Minami, "Spend the night with me?" Minami smirked at the girl. Atsuko saw this and tried to defend herself, "N-not to do that! But just sleep with me...tonight."
"Sure, I would do anything for my hime." said Minami softly and kissed Atsuko's hands, "The ring really suits you my love." 

The small girl parked her car and went out to open the door for the other woman. As soon as the two women stepped in Atuko's house, the two started kissing while going right straight to the bedroom. Finding the bed, Minami unzipped Atsuko's dress, stripped her out of it and gently pushed her down on the bed. The two caught themselves in a heated passion, pressing their lips together and rubbing each of their bodies together. Atsuko felt her lover's delicate fingers run down her back trailing lower and lower and lower as Minami made patterns of kisses on Atsuko's chest and shoulders. Atsuko moaned with pleasure as Minami went over and muted Atsuko with her lips. Atsuko couldn't take it anymore, she caught hold of Minami's hand and slid it down the length of her quickening body, and then pressed it between her thighs, "Touch me here."  :cathappy:

The End~

SO how was it?  :smoke: ah well...  :depressed: I had the plan of writing a xxx scene  :on gay:  :on gay: :on gay: but I probably don't have any access to where u can post it so...I just decided to leave it like that...screw it...I'm still too young for that...probably can't take it!!! xD hehehehe  :on drink: but man seriously...good thing I didn't pass out (cuz of nosebleed)  :on bleed: during class when I was thinking about what I should write... (I usually plan out my next moves on these kind of things during classes o.o)
hahahaha xD  :nya: ...well...I hope I'll can make another one...soon...hehehe...thanks for reading~ ja ne~  :byebye: :byebye: :byebye:

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Re: ONE SHOTS ~ Atsumina~ Birthday Present (04/07/13)
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luv it. MORE ! PLEASE do more atsumina.  :twothumbs

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Re: ONE SHOTS ~ Atsumina~ Birthday Present (04/07/13)
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Thank you I love this fic :)

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Re: ONE SHOTS ~ Atsumina~ Birthday Present (04/07/13)
« Reply #8 on: April 07, 2013, 11:54:11 PM »
So great fic there....

Wish it was really happening in real life....

Atsumina is always the best

Minami is so natural... She really knew what to say there...

Atsuko is so melt over Minami's actions and speeches

Thank you for the OS

Can't wait to see more Atsumina

 :wub: :inlove: :heart: :love:


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Re: ONE SHOTS ~ Atsumina~ Birthday Present (04/07/13)
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Yeah atsumina gonna married soon hell yeah! :B

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Re: ONE SHOTS ~ Atsumina~ Birthday Present (04/07/13)
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So sweet~ :heart: :heart: :heart:
Oh i wish you make another Atsumina.
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Re: ONE SHOTS ~ Atsumina~ Birthday Present (04/07/13)
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minami proposed....
you should continue that *fireworks scene*..XD
i want more!!!!
 minami happy birthday  :banghead:

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Re: ONE SHOTS ~ Atsumina~ Birthday Present (04/07/13)
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I really like this one shot.  It was very refreshing to read this.

Keep up the good work
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Re: ONE SHOTS ~ Atsumina~ Birthday Present (04/07/13)
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It was great! Continue to make awesome fics please.

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Re: ONE SHOTS ~ Atsumina~ Birthday Present (04/07/13)
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AH, haan ku mu daytoy nga nakita.... @_@ nakitak lang tata... -_-" insan! mayat daytoy! astig! ngem romantic mu nga talaga XD hahahaha....
 I like this one...  :twothumbs keep up the good work cuz~ looking forward to your next OS!  :thumbsup

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ONE SHOTS ~ Atsumina~ It all started with a Confession (05/26/13)
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Another one shot!  :farofflook: I actually started with this like the second week of April and was planning on posting it at the end of the month... but I was too busy
working with the ending of that "Meeting You" and didn't finish... :depressed: Had been working on this on and off...  :smoke: Wahahaha anyways...
I find this one is a little longer than the other first two! (or probably my imagination)  :whistle: I decided to finish this just becuz... of that picture...  :on gay: (the one Acchan tweeted)  :mon lovelaff: and like all the "Handshake Report" about it...hehehehe  :mon inluv:  :  my atsumina power was filled LOL!  :on gay:
It really just  makes me grin like a fool when I see those...  :hehehe:

It All Started With A Confession

The short girl relaxed behind a big tree , it was their lunch time but she would rather go somewhere peaceful and quiet rather than in the noisy lunch room. She stopped reading her manga (One Piece) and laid it simply on the grass. She slumped on the ground and close  her eyes as she  listens to the bird chirping. The short girl smiled enjoying the sound that she's hearing. She suddenly heard someone coming in her direction  but just ignored it, knowing who it is.
The girl crouch down and poked the other girl at the side of her ribs. When the girl didn't flinch, she just kept poking her.
"Miichan, seriously stop that." said Takamina and opened her eyes to look at her friend.
"I thought you were dead since you know you didn't react at all." grinned Miichan. Takamina just rolled her eyes then asked, "Is it time already?"
"Why do you think I came here."
"Dunno maybe just to disturb me."
"I got better things to do rather than being here." said Miichan as she stuck her tongue out at the short girl.
"Hai, hai, well thanks for getting me."
"Why don't you just be like other people that bring their cellphone with them ALL the time." sighed Miichan.
"Mine's in my bag."
"They have uses you know!"
"It's a bother carrying it around." said Takamina and mumbled, "....every time I keep getting texts asking me to go on a date with them."
Miichan heard what Takamina said and smirked, "I see...popular as always eh, well I don't blame them, the GIRLS  here thinks greatly of you."
"I don't get it."
"Hmmm...first of all you're charming even though you don't really show it but it's there, second you're kakkoi since you have this boyish side and oh cute too since you're small that you look like a kid,  thirdly, the captain of the girl's basketball team and even though you're SO short I can't believe that you're good at it, it's a miracle and a mystery! AND every time you're in the court, when you do something all the girls go screaming in their fan mode. Hmmm...what else...oh and you have this aura that is kind of feisty and dangerous."
Takamina stood up and picked up her manga, she looked at her friend and frowned.
"What, It's true." grinned Miichan, "...aren't you glad that you're popular?"
Takamina didn't answer she just thought, 'I want a guy to ask me out.' Miichan like she just heard her friend's thought smirked, "or is it that you want a guy to ask you out once just for a change?" Takamina ignored her friend and started walking leaving her friend behind. Miichan caught up to her friend and put her arms around Takamina's shoulder, "Why don't you just accept one of the invites and try to go out~"
"No way, I'm not interested."
"Whoever you decided to go out with, I'm sure you'll fulfill their dream."
"I'm telling you...I am NOT interested."
"You're no fun."
Takamina removed her friend's arms around her and said,"I'm not planning to be." then went ahead leaving her friend behind.
"Hey! Wait for me!" shouted Miichan and started running to catch up with her friend.

Next day~
Takamina rested in her usual spot but this time she was just laying down and not reading her manga. She looked at the sky and saw the birds, "Must be nice to fly." The short girl slowly drifted off to sleep while looking up at the sky. After a few minutes, she suddenly woke up when she heard a voice. She yawned and rubbed her eyes then looked around. Remembering where she is, she remembered hearing a voice and was about to look around but stopped when she heard a guy talk, "I've really like you for a long time! Please go out with me!" While she listened she mumbled, 'ah, lucky her....a guy likes her.' Suddenly her cellphone rang, 'oh c'mon just for today  I brought it since Miichan kept insisting and it just had to ring this minute!'  it was quite awkward since the guy and the girl that he was confessing too got startled by the ringing and followed the direction of it. The two people looked behind the tree and found Takamina who was quite embarrassed, she felt like she just disturbed really something that is important well not felt like but she did. Takamina stood up quickly, looked at both of them and apologized, "I'm sorry....ummm just ignore what just happened and please continue like nothing happened." Obviously the guy, totally embarrassed ran away instead. "Ah, wait! Why are you running away!?" called Takamina after the guy. The guy still kept running. Takamina sighed and looked at the girl. She  apologized the second time, "I'm really sorry about that..." Her voice died down as she apologized. The girl   was overtaken by surprise as she looked at the taller girl in front of her. Takamina knew it is rude to stare at people but she just couldn't help it and kept looking at her. The tall girl smiled and for Takamina, seeing the girl smile had her heart skipped a beat, 'Eh, why did my heart just skipped there.'
"Thanks for that, I really got save." grinned the taller girl.
"Eh? W-what do you m-mean." stuttered the short girl.
"Well, I was going to turn him down but it's easier this way." answered the other girl quite bluntly.
"O-oh." was all Takamina could say and looked away from the other girl.
"Thanks again Takahashi-san!" smiled the taller girl and leaned down to kiss the short girl on the cheek. She smiled and  waved at Takamina as she walked away. Takamina stood there unable to move and just looked at the other girl speechless as she disappeared from her sight. It took her a few seconds to analyze everything that happened, suddenly she blushed, "eh? does she know my name? And did she just kissed me?" Remembering about her cellphone ringing she picked it up from the ground and looked at the message, "Takamina! come to the lunch room!" She frowned and sighed, "That's the message that interrupted a love confession." The short girl sighed again and started walking where her friends are.

Acchan returned to her classroom and walked over to where Mariko, Tomochin and Tomo were sitting. She took her seat and started eating her bento. Her friends looked at her like they were expecting Acchan to say something. Acchan noticed the stares and asked, "Ummm...what?"
"So how'd it go?" asked Mariko as she took a bite of her food.
"What do you mean how'd it go, of course I turned him down...oh wait no...I didn't actually turn him down since he ran away."
"A guy running away during a confession....hah that's the first." laughed Tomcohin.
"Did something happen?" asked Tomo as she took a sip of her drink.
"Hmmm, you could say that." smiled Acchan, thinking about what occured earlier.
"Ooooh~ why are you suddenly smiling?" smirked Mariko.
"Spill." grinned Tomochin.
"There's really nothing to tell."
"No, I know something happened...just say it." said Mariko.
"Fine, ok when this guy told me that he liked me well after that we suddenly heard a cellphone ringing behind the tree, so we looked behind and found 'someone' who was maybe sleeping and she suddenly stood up then apologized and after that the guy suddenly ran away." explained Acchan.
"That's something you don't see everyday!" chuckled Mariko.
"So what happened after?" asked Tomochin as she feed her girlfriend beside her.
"It turned out it was Takahashi Minami."
The three girls's jaw drop.
"No way!" said Mariko surprised.
"Yes way." grinned Acchan and took a big chomp of her food,
"Wait, does that mean she goes there most of the time since I heard that during lunch time she disappears." said Mariko as she chewed her food.
"I don't know, but she was there."
"Well, what happened then?"
"Uh...nothing really."
"Eh, nothing? majide, you just met the most popular 'girl' in school well, you're one of the most popular too but you get my point." Tomochin and Tomo nodded, agreeing in what Mariko said.
"You should talk to her next time." grinned Mariko imagining what or rather how their relationship will go.
"I'm sure it'll be know the two people that is  popular is...friends or something like that."
"Maybe." smiled Acchan and stood up from her chair and headed out to the door.
"Where are you going?" asked Tomochin.
"Just going to buy a drink."

Takamina upon arriving where her friends sat, she greeted Yuko a nd Haruna before turning her attention to  Miichan, "Great timing you got there."
"Huh? What?"
" should I start." said Takamina as she rub her chin, thinking about it, "Ok...when you texted just interrupted a confession b-" Miichan cut her off, "Oh my gawd! A confession? Who confessed to you?" said the excited girl a glint in her eyes.
"It's not about me, baka...let me finish... will you." sighed the short girl.
"...anyways there was this guy confessing to this girl and I w-" Miichan interrupted the girl again,"Eh it wasn't for you...ah..." Takamina glared at her friend before continuing, " there was this guy confessing to this girl and YOU..." she looked at Miichan, who just grinned, "...interrupted it when you sent me a message." Yuko and Miichan laughed.
"What's so funny?" said Takamina as she raised her eyebrows at the two.
"Well isn't it fu-*laughs* -funny, confessing to someone then gets *laughs* interrupted! It takes courage to confess you know." answered Yuko, still laughing. Miichan who was also laughing agreed and gave a high five to Yuko."
"That must have been embarrassing for him...poor guy!" said Miichan seriously, trying her best not to laugh.
"Don't you two have any pity or something." sighed Takamina.
"" they both answered in unison. Kojiharu just sat there beside her girlfriend totally not impress but what can she do, that's Yuko.
"Oh uh so yeah what was so important?" asked Takamina as she took a sit beside Miichan.
"Oh, uh...what was I going to say...crap! I forgot! It's because when you came in you talked about that." groaned Miichan.
"Great." sighed Takamina and took Miichan's unopened drink and drank it.
"Hey! That's mine !" pouted Miichan as she tried to get it back.
Takamina just stuck her tongue out and grinned.
"So who was the girl?" asked Kojiharu.
"Hmm...I'm not sure but I never saw in our class...I don't really kn- ...wait, that's her!" said Takamina as she pointed at the girl who was waiting in line.
"Doko?" said Miichan and Yuko in unison.
"Isn't that Maeda Atsuko?" said Kojiharu as she look at the girl where Takamina is pointing at.
"Maeda Atsuko?" said Takamina tilting her head in question, not really knowing who the girl is. Kojiharu's jaw dropped, can't believe that her friend doesn't know Maeda Atsuko. She took a deep breath and sighed, "Maeda Atsuko a popular girl like you." pointed Kojiharu at the short girl, "...but popular among the guys and she's popular because she's a role model, beautiful, graceful and really intelligent...unlike someone." grinned the girl. Takamina was about to protest but Kojiharu cut her off and continued explaining "...Wait, there's more! Even though she's in high school, the girl has appeared in some dramas and movies so basically she's an actress." Yuko and Miichan who heard this look at the short girl and attacked her, well rather than attack her both girls shook Takamina back and forth telling her how lucky she was. Takamina glared at her two friends, "If you don't'll regret it."
As soon as those words were spoken, Yuko and Miichan gulped then stopped, backing away from the short girl.
"Well, it's not really surprising that someone would confess to her." said Kojiharu, " what happened after that guy ran away?" Yuko and Miichan burst in to laughter.
"Seriously, a guy running away is so funny to you." sighed Takamina. Yuko and Miichan nodded, Takamina just sighed at  them.
"...Well after that guy ran away, I apologized to her again, since you know I feel bad for disturbing the confession moment...but really it was so awkward when the guy was confessing because if you're confessing you'll think that no one is watching or listening but there I was."
"Then what happened?"
"...She said it was ok since she was about to turn the guy down then she thanked me...kiss me on the cheek and left."
"Wait! Wait! Wait! Let's back track for a moment there...she kissed you!?" half-yelled Yuko and Miichan simultaneously.
"It was JUST  on the CHEEK, don't make a big deal out of it." said Takamina blushing but  then she touched her cheek where the actress kissed her. Yuko and Miichan ignored  what Takamina said and started squealing chanting, "Takamina got kissed!" The short  got embarrassed and blushed. Haruna just laughed at what was going in front of her, 'Maeda kissing Takamina and they just met...hmmm...interesting.' Even though it was only on the cheek, it seems like everyone is forgetting that it was only the cheek. Some of Takamina's 'fans' heard what Yuko and Miichan were saying and ambushed the two asking the the duo who kissed their beloved Takamina.
Miichan overwhelmed with all the girls swarming them blurted out shouting, "Maeda kissed Takamina!" Takamina's fans all stopped and the others in the lunch room stopped eating and looked at them shocked at what they just heard. Takamina blushed and gulped, she knew it would get crazy for her in a bad way but surprisingly it didn't. Instead, her 'fan club' squealed and jumped around as they saw the Takamiba blush, it was a rare sight for them to see her embarrassed and lose her 'cool' side.

Acchan who was just waiting for her juice watched as a lot of girls went over to where Takamina's friends were. She didn't know what was happening but where she is, the view seems funny. Suddenly she heard, "Maeda kissed Takamina!" she looked around the room and everyone was quiet for a few seconds then the girls surrounding  Miichan went crazy. 'What!?' she screamed in her head, she only caught a little glimpse of the short girl and saw her blushing, 'Is she blushing? Cute!' She turned around to get her drink and as soon as she turned back around the girls that were at Takamina's earlier are now advancing towards her. Acchan didn't know what to do, she told herself to run but her legs didn't move . She could only watch as they kept coming closer...and...closer. 'Is this the end of me?' thought Acchan and closed her eyes. The tall girl still didn't open her eyes and waited but after a few seconds of not hearing anything, she slowly opened her eyes and saw them all standing in front of her. Their faces were all serious, Acchan gulped not knowing what she would do or say. One of the girls took a step and bowed, the others did the same and shouted, "Please take care of 'our' Minami-sama!" Acchan was speechless. She heard some people shouted "Eh!?" but didn't knew who they were or couldn't really pay attention to them. The girl up front continued, "...We...'The Takahashi Minami fan club' totally approve of your relationship with 'our' Minami-sama. I guess Minami-sama is better off with you rather than a random stranger, so please take care of her...and...beside we rarely see her lose her 'cool' side and it's so cute when she does."  All of them bowed again and all of them waked  away simultaneously.
"But we're not even in a relationship." mumbled Acchan.

 Takamina, Miichan, Yuko and Kojiharu watched as Takamina's 'fan club' advance towards where Acchan is. "Umm...shouldn't we stop them?" said Takamkna worriedly. "Ooooh~ what's this? Worried about your girlfriend?" grinned Miichan.
The short girl blushed, "S-she's not my g-girlfriend! We only met today." The three giggled and pointed out, "You're blushing!" Takamina looked away from her friends, "No, I'm not! It's just hot today." Yuko smirked, "Hot? In what way do you mean?" Takamina punched Yuko on the arm making the other girl yelp in pain.
"Aren't we going to do anything?" asked Takamina one more time but didn't get any response instead all her friends were having fun watching what is happening. The short girl watch her 'fan club', she didn't know what they were going to do but she hoped it won't lead to anything. Hearing what they said, Takamina, Yuko and Miichan shouted,  "Eh!?"
Takamina looked at her friends, "Did I just hear that correctly?" Her friends nodded while they still watched. When her 'fan club' finished talking Yuko smirked, "Are you sure you two aren't in a relationship?"
"O-o-of course not!" denied Takamina quickly and looked at Acchan. Their eyes met, they held each others gazes, it got broken when Yuko started nudging Takamina and wiggled her eyebrows. Miichan whistled. Takamina looked at the two, "Do you want to get your death wish now?" Yuko and Miichan hurriedly backed away and went behind Kojiharu who just sighed. The short girl looked back to where Acchan is but when she did the girl was no long there.

Acchan returned to her classroom and found no one. She looked around for her friends but they weren't there. She went near the window and leaned against it. The girl looked outside and looked up at the sky. She sighed then flipped herself and now leaned back against the window. She took a deep breath and sighed again then took seat on a random chair near the window. Just then Takamina, Miichan, Yuko and Kojiharu entered. "Ah." was all Takamina and Accham  could say as they both saw each other. The other three were surprised to see the girl there and more importantly they got more surprised as she is sitting on where Takamina sits. Takamina stayed on where she is and asked, "ummm...why are you here?" The others quietly moved away from the short girl and headed to the corner to watch. Acchan looked at her strangely, "It's my classroom...what are YOU doing here?" Takamina scratched her head, "Same reason as you? This is MY classroom." Acchan stood up from her seat, "eh? No way." Miichan raised her hands, "Umm...actually your classroom is next door." Yuko and Kojiharu nodded. Acchan got embarrassed and quickly made her way out of the classroom, 'Oh crap...wrong class, I was thinking too much that I wasn't paying attention...this is so embarrassing.' They watched as the other girl quickly walked away from them. Miichan broke the silence, " Well that was weird." Yuko nodded. As for Takamina  didn't hear what Miichan said and instead she chucked remembering Acchan's face when the girl got embarrassed. Yuko poked the short girl, "Why are you chuckling to yourself."
"No, I wasn't." said Takamina and looked away as she made her way to her seat. Yuko grinned, "You're thinking about her aren't you?"
It was a good thing Takamina wasn't facing them since she blushed when Yuko mentioned her and if they saw her Yuko and Miichan would probably keep teasing her about it. She took her seat and looked out the window, "Yuko my friend, you think too much."
Just then she noticed something on the ground beside her seat, she picked it up. Miichan, Kojiharu and Yuko saw the object and quickly made their way to Takamina.
"What is it?" asked Miichan as she looked at the object.
"A key...obviously." answered Takamina bluntly.
"We'll that's not a house key since its like golden with some design in it." said Yuko in wonder.
"You think it's M-maeda's?"
Yuko, Kojiharu and Miichan smirked as they  heard Takamina stutter while saying Maeda. "Maybe." Takamina stood up from her seat, ready to go after Acchan but she couldn't since the bell just rang, ending the lunch hour.

Acchan went to her classroom, her real one and found Mariko, Tomochin and Tomo looking at her. She look back at them, "W-what?" 
"Oh...nothing." lied Tomochin, 'we just heard something interesting though.'
"Don't listen to her, the THREE of us want to ask you something." grinned Mariko.
"Uhh...ok...what is it?" said Acchan.
"We heard that you kissed Takahashi and that you two are going out." smirked Mariko.
"I was out for only a little while and you heard it that quick."
"Words travels fast... especially if it's about you two."
"Just to clear it up we are NOT going out and I DIDN'T kiss her." said Acchan then mumbled, " was only on the cheek."
"Oh...I see...that's disappointing." grinned Mariko, "...but you did kiss her though."
"What's disappointing? And it was only on the cheek! The cheek!"
"Disappointing is that you two aren't going out...duh~ and when did the kiss happen." smiled Mariko ignoring the fact that it was only on the cheek.
"I can't see that happening anyways and...why should I tell you."
"Do you really want to question it?"
"I kissed her JUST on the cheek...earlier, when we met like earlier...on the cheek...the cheek, want me to spell it out." frowned Acchan and mumbled, "Why is everyone making this a big deal."
Her thee friends just smiled as they heard what Acchan mumbled. Acchan took her seat and rested her head on her desk. Mariko, Tomochin and Tomo made their way to there seats also as the bell rang.

A few days passed since that incident and everything wasn't the same anymore, for the two that is.
During basketball practices, Takamina  wasn't entirely focused that their coach had to yell at her. Takamina apologizes and excused herself telling that she didn't feel good which was a lie. Her coach doubted it but let the short girl go.

As for Acchan it was the same. She sometimes forget what her line is supposed to be or say the wrong lines. The director senses the change of the actress. "Cut!" he yelled. Acchan apologized for her mistakes. The director said it was ok, telling her just to focus. The director gave her a few minutes for a break but Acchan didn't take it. She scolded herself, 'Focus! Stop thinking about...Minami.'

Takamina went to the changing room and changed in to her uniform. After changing she walked around the hallways before deciding to leave school. She sighed as she walk, she just walked, no destination in mind. The short girl's thought are filled with her...Maeda Atsuko. Ever since that day they never talk to each other.  The only communication that they could was when both girls meet in the hallway. Whenever they pass each other, their eyes would meet and that was about it. Her friends would encourage her to go talk to the other girl but she refuses. In truth however she did want to talk to the other girl but she didn't know what to say or do. "What am I supposed to do?" she asks herself but no answer comes out. When she's in her usual place during lunch time, she could only think of  and nothing else. She couldn't even get in to her manga. The girl even bought all of the drama and movies that Acchan appeared in and watched every single thing. She liked them all but there was one thing that she didn't like and that was watching... Acchan kiss some other guy. She felt jealous, that watching them kiss...the girl wanted to rip the guy's head off. She knew it was only acting but just watching Acchan kiss somone bothered her. She sighed again and looked around the place where her feet had gotten her in to. The short girl got surprised since it was in front of where Acchan works. "Eh? Majide!? Here of all places." said the short girl as she did a face palm, "I better leave quickly...maybe she'll be out soon." She turned around and was about to walk away when a certain girl saw her and called out, "Minami!"

Acchan bid her goodbyes to the others. They finally finished filming today's scene. The crew asked her if she wanted to go have dinner with them but she kindly refused. She was tired, besides she has to go to the grocery store to get ingredients. The tall girl pressed the elevator button and waited. While she waited, the thought of Takamina suddenly pops in. She shook her head as she heard the elevator 'ding' and went in. She walked out of the elevator and quickly walked over to where the doors are. Acchan smiled at the doorman as he held out the door for her. As she stepped out of the big building, she saw a small figure ahead, 'Is that who I think it is?' She stepped closer and saw the figure clearly and she was right it was Takamina. "Minami!" called out Acchan, she surprised herself, 'Why did I call out her name like that.' by calling the other girl by her name. Takamina turned around and saw Acchan. Acchan didn't expect to see Takamina and the two just looking at each other created an awkward atmosphere. A few seconds later Acchan cleared her throat, breaking the awkward silence and said, "Surprise seeing you here Takahahsi-san. Do you need something?"
"I surprised myself too..." mumbled Takamina then said, "I...I want to talk to you."
"If you don't mind, do you want to talk while waking? I need to hurry and go to the grocery store." said Acchan and continued walking.  Takamina smiled and nodded, "It's fine."

The two walked in silence for a while, they didn't know what they should really talk about first. Both girls talked in unison, "ano...." they look at each other then said again (same time) , "You go first." They laughed at each other for a while them after a few seconds the laughter finally subsided. Acchan looked at Takamina, "You should go first."
Takamina put her hands behind her head and looked up at the sky, "To be honest I actually don't know what to say."
"I guess we're on the same boat huh." smiled Acchan.
"You mean..."
"Yeah, I don't what to to tell you either."
"I see."
The conversation died and it was utterly silent again. Takamina tried her best to think of something to say, 'c'mon think of something! You're finally talking to her well not really but she's here beside me...argh! Think Takamina, this will get really awkward!' 
"Say..." said Acchan. Takamina stopped arguing with herself and looked at the tall girl beside her.
" you mind if you accompany me a bit?"
"N-n-no not all! I don't m-mind."  said Takamina, 'Why the hell am I stuttering.'
"Great!" smiled Acchan then pulled the short girl with her in to the grocery store.

In the grocery store, Takamina accompanied Acchan with her grocery shopping. Takamina watched the tall girl as Acchan hummed while picking up the vegetables. The tall girl put the vegetables in the cart then continued to look for other ingredients. Takamina just followed her with the cart and sighed, 'Why did I agree to this again? Oh yeah that's right she looked so damn cute when she asked me and I couldn't refuse her.' After they finished, Takamina carried most of the grocery with her and followed Acchan to their house. Takamina was surprised when she saw the other girls's house. It was in  the size of a mansion. They were greeted by the butler and maids as they entered the house. Takamina was confuse on why they needed to buy groceries since the other girl lives in a luxury. A maid greeted Takamina then  retrieve the groceries that she carried. After that another maid accompanied her to the guest room. She looked at Acchan in question but Acchan just smiled.

Takamina took a seat on the couch and looked around the place, she wasn't sure on what to do and just sat still. After a few minutes a maid came in with a tray in hand, she set two cups on the coffee table and poured a tea in Takamina's cup. Along with the tea she put cookies on the table then left. Takamina waited and watched the maid go. After that she finally touched her cup of tea and took a sip. "I never expected her to have a huge house like this." mumbled Takamina as she picked up a cookie and took a bite, "mmm...good!"
"I'm glad you like it." said Acchan appearing out of nowhere startling Takamina. Takamina turned around and looked at Acchan, "M-Maeda-san you scared me there for a bit, suddenly appearing." then sighed.
"Sorry to startle you and please call me by my name, it's strange when people call me by my last name." smiled Acchan and went to take a seat across Takamina pouring herself tea. The short girl nodded and smiled, "Then... in exchange... call me by my name too." Acchan nodded and smiled happily.
"So, ummm...why did we need to get groceries if you live in this kind of house...not to be rude or anything but I'm just curious." asked Takamina embarrassed at her own question.
"That's ok and well to put it simply I just wanted to experience grocery shopping." answered Acchan honestly.
"Oh." was all Takamina could say then started...laughing.
"Eh? What's so funny?" asked Acchan confused as she saw the girl  laughing.
"I'm sorry for laughing but somehow I just found that funny."
"You're strange."
"Eh, s-strange?"
"How so?"
"You just are." giggled Acchan then it was her turn to laugh. Takamina somehow didn't like being called "strange" but coming from Acchan it didn't bother her and just laughed along with her.

Tomochin and Tomo listened to the two talk outside the door. The two decided to stop by Acchan's house and hangout but when they came the maids told them that she is with a guest. Tomochin and Tomo were confused, they knew Mariko wasn't here since she said that she's busy. The maid offered the two to guide them to where they were but Tomochin said it was ok since she knew where it was. The maid then nodded and left.
"Who could be here?" asked Tomochin to no one in particular.
Tomo just shrugged, also wondering who could it be. They quickly made their way to the guest room. Upon arriving they could hear people talking. Tomochin quietly went to the door and listened, 'Well that's Acchan's voice for sure but the other one...hmmm...I don't know but it's a female...I wonder who's she talking to.' The curious girl slowly opened the door just a tiny bit so she could peek. Tomo looked at her girlfriend with a 'seriously?' look.
"What? Aren't you curious also." whispered Tomochin and peeked through the small opening of the door. She gasp as she saw that Acchan is talking to Takamina.
"What? What did you see?" whispered Tomo but Tomochin just motioned her to come, "Look for your self." Tomo sighed and went beside her girlfriend and peeked, curious on  what made the other girl gasp.
"Uso! Majide!?" said Tomo as she saw Takamina. The two watched some more and got surprise when the two suddenly started laughing. They shut the door and backed up from it then looked at each other.
"I thought they said that you know they weren't even friends but seeing them acting casual around each other is making me doubtful." said Tomochin. Tomo nodded in agreement.
"Too bad Mariko missed this, she could've probably made something out of this." grinned Tomochin thinking of the possibilities.
Tomo laughed and so did Tomochin.

Acchan stopped laughing, she thought she heard someone else laughing besides her and Takamina.
She stood up and slowly approach the door. Takamina also stopped laughing and looked at the taller girl with a confuse face. Acchan brought her index finger to her lips shhh-ing. Takamina nodded and just watched what the other girl is going to do. As she got closer she could hear someone laughing, she frowned upon having the thoughts of who could it be.  Arriving at the door Acchan gripped the door handle and opened it quickly shouting, "Hah!"

Tomochin and Tomo suddenly jumped surprised with the sudden outburst. They looked at Acchan who was just staring at them.
"Oh, hey Acchan we just thought we could visit to hang out but it seems that you have another guest, maybe we should come back next time." said Tomochin and grabbed Tomo's hands saying to her, "C'mon we should go...let's go on a date instead."
Before Acchan could say anything, the couple quickly walked away. Acchan just sighed, closed the door then went back to her seat.
"What was that?" asked Takamina.
"It was Tomochin and Tomo, they say they came to hang out but then changed their mind and left to go on"
"Oh, did I ruin your plans?" asked Takamina feeling bad that she intruded.
"Oh, no, no, no. You didn't do anything wrong, they just showed up unannounced besides I'm the one who drag you here." smiled Acchan, "...You know what, you should stay for dinner! It'll be fun."
"Eh, what, I can't possibly intrude...I'll be just a stranger to your parents."
"No you won't they're not here anyways." said Acchan sadly but hid it and smiled at the short girl, "C'mon...please? It's a thank you for carrying most of the groceries for me."
"If you put it that way...then I guess...I could." saidTakamina but in truth when Acchan told her that her parents will not be there, she sensed the sadness of the other girl and she knew the feeling.
"Great! Dinner will be in a few minutes." smiled Acchan.
" said earlier that your parents won't be here what do you mean?" asked Takamina since curiously took over her.
"Oh, sorry, you don't have to answer's fine." apologized the short girl, now she felt bad bringing that topic up, 'Bakamina.'
"No it's ok. My parents are working all the time." sighed Acchan and looked out the window, "...they're always working as long as I could remember...even when I was kid...they always  worked and worked...not having any time to spend with me. I asked when I was little why they keep working and they just told me 'so that we could have a good life', back then I just nodded at their answer but not  that I think about it...we got enough.  That's why I'm doing all the stuff that I'm doing now so they will notice me...but so far they never noticed not even a single clarification like 'I'm proud of you' or something like that." smiled Acchan sadly. The tall girl was surprised when she suddenly felt a pair of arms wrapped around her.
"I'm sorry to hear that." whispered Takamina and still embraced the other girl. Acchan hugged her back and clenched Takamina's shirt as she began to cry.
"It's ok to cry...let it all out." said Takamina as she patted Acchan's back gently. Acchan did indeed let it all out and cried on the shoulders of Takamina. After a few minutes, she finally calmed down and releaed her grip from Takamina's shirt then looked at the short girl, "Thank you."
Takamina smiled at her, "No problem." Seeing that there were still tears that was flowing, she gently wiped away the tears and whispered, "I admire your strength, for such a beautiful girl like really are strong."  Her heart skipped a beat when she heard the short girl say that. Acchan blushed, well she started blushing when the girl suddenly wiped her tears away. The tall girl noticing their closeness (physically) to each other and made her heart beat faster. Takamina looked at her in confusion asking herself why Acchan's face is red, thinking about it she got the answer as she noticed their distance. The short girl also blushed and got left speechless. Takamina's instinct is to move but if she does she's thinking  that the other girl would think that she's done something wrong and Takamina wouldn't want Acchan to think that.
"Onee-chan!" shouted her little sister as she barged in, "...dinner!" Her eyes winded as she saw her sister and quickly shouted, "Ah, gomen nasai! I forgot to knock! Sorry for umm..disturbing you two...please go on ahead on whatever you two are doing." as she walked away instantly out of the room. To be precise when she walked in she saw them looking at each other and they were also sitting quite close that there was an atmosphere.  Both girls blushed crazy that it seemed like there were steams that came out from their faces when they heard what Acchan's  sister said. Acchan stood up and shouted, "Wait! stop!" to her little sister but her sister didn't stop and dashed out the room. Acchan looked at the short girl and couldn't meet the other girl's eyes when she talked but she still stuttered, "I-I guess w-we better g-go." Takamina who couldn't do the same nodded and followed closely behind Acchan as they go to the dining hall.

"You can seat wherever you want." said Acchan shyly and went to take a seat. Takamina nodded and sat across Acchan. Acchan's sister watched the two, it was amusing for her since she never saw this kind of 'scene' before. While they waited for their food to be served, Acchan's sister cleared her throat, *ahem*ahem*. Acchan took notice if her sister and remembered she should introduce Takamina to her, "Takamina this is my sister Jurina. Jurina my friend Takamina." Takamina snapped out from her embarrassed  state and  smiled at the younger girl, "Hey, I'm Takahashi can call me Takamina, nice to meet you." Jurina did the same and returned the greeting, "Nice to meet you too, I'm Jurina...Atsuko-oneechan's younger sister." As soon as they finished with all of the introduction, the maids served the foods on the table. Takamina's stomach grumbled when she saw the food, making the two other girl laugh. She blushed, embarrassed that her stomach just did that, "Sorry about that...I guess I'm hungry."
Acchan smiled, the awkwardness finally disappearing, "Eat as much as you like."
"I'll just do that." grinned the short girl.

After they were finished eating, Takamina offered to help with the dishes, the maids laughed and thanked her saying it was ok she didn't have to since she was a guest. Takamina nodded. Acchan who watched giggled. The short girl looked at the laughing girl and raised her eyebrows, "What's so funny?"
"You're just interesting." smiled Acchan. Jurina watched with interest, she was amazed on how the midget could affect her sister so much. Her sister wasn't usually like this, she likes her sister like this, well it's not like she hates it when her sister doesn't act like this...anyhow she just likes her sister both ways,  whichever 'mode' she is in. Jurina turned to Takamina and asked, "So... Takamina-oneechan I hear that you're in a relationship with my sister."
"Eh!? 'Oneechan'!?" shouted both Takamina and Acchan as they look at the younger girl.
"What? You're in a relationship with my sister so it's a given that I call you 'onnechan'." smiled Jurina innocently.
"We're not in a relationship." said Takamina and Acchan in unison.
"Eh? You're not? Boooo...that's a two look good together."
"Anyways where did you hear that from?" asked Acchan ignoring her little sister's comment but she did feel happy...somehow..
"What? it's a popular topic at school, even though we're  first years, we also know whats going on and people in my class idolize you two~" grinned the younger girl.

The three girls talked for about an hour.
"Uh...I'd like to stay more but my parents are probably wondering where I am." said Takamina.
"Ah, I see." said Acchan, she liked the company of the short girl but she couldn't be selfish and ask her to stay at least a few more minutes.
"We can drive you if you want, I'm sure Sebastian won't mind." offered Jurina.
"No, that's ok, I want to walk but thanks for the offer though."
"I'll walk you out the door then." said Acchan, "...Oh, someone will bring you your bag."
"Im coming too!" said Jurina and went beside her sister. Takamina nodded and the trio headed to the front door. When they arrived at the front door, a maid stood near the door carrying her school bag. Takamina retrieved it and said 'thank you'. She earned a smile and a 'your welcome' then the maid left to do her other duties. The short girl face the two sisters, "Thank you for the lovely meal."
"Thanks for the company also even though I drag you here." smiled Acchan.
"I'm glad I came, so umm...see you at school? And nice meeting you Jurina, see ya." said Takamina then stepped towards Acchan and gave a kiss on her cheek and shouted as she ran, "Payback for the last time!" The short girl ran away as soon as she did that, a blush on her face and the last thing she heard was Jurina 'ooooooowing'.

Acchan blushed, it took her a few seconds to analyze just what happened. Hearing her sister 'ooowing' she hit her on the shoulder lightly. Jurina just laughed, it was a good thing she decided to come along with the two, if she didn't she couldn't have seen this. The younger girl turned towards her sister and grinned brightly, "Payback~ ooooo~"

"Tadaima!" shouted Takamina as she entered their house.
"Okaeri." said her mom, "Minami, where were you?"
"Oh, I was at a friend's house and I ate dinner there so you don't have to worry about it." said Takamina as she quickly headed to her room. She flopped on her bed, still thinking about what she did.

Next day~ (at school)

"Yo! Takamina! What's new~?" asked Yuko as she sat on the chair in front of Takamina.
"Ummm...nothing?" answered Takamina as she leaned back against her chair.
"That's not what I hear." smirked Yuko.
"It's no fun telling you, find out on your own." grinned Yuko and got up from seat when she saw her girlfriend come in, leaving Takamina to think about what her friend said. When she saw Miichan enter the classroom, the short girl called the other girl over, "Miichan!~ c'mere, I have a question."
"Yeah, I'm coming, I sit behind you." replied the tall girl. Taking a seat she poked the girl on the back and asked, "So, yeah what's up?" Takamina turned her seat around to talk to the girl, "Did something happen recently, that I don't know about?"
"Hmmm...oh yeah! When I was passing on the hallways I heard that y-" Yuko interrupted the girl and yelled to her, "Miichan come here for a second, I want to tell you something!"
"What? Can't it wait, I'm telling the midget here something important that I heard just a few minutes ago."
"No it can't wait, come here!"
"Fiiiine." said Miichan and went over to Yuko, leaving Takamina frowning.

"What is it?" asked Miichan as she approach the girl.
"Don't tell Takamina."
"What do you mean...don't tell her?"
"Let her figure it out, I promise it'll be fun~" grinned the short girl.
"*sigh* ok~ I want to see the fun~" smiled Miichan. Yuko grinned and gave a thumbs up to Takamina who is looking at them. Miichan returned back to her desk.
"So what were you going to say?" asked Takamina.
"Oh...what was it now? Hmmm...I can't seem to remember." said Miichan, putting her hands on her chin.
"You're not going to tell me are you.".
"Got that right!" grinned Miichan.
"Argh, is this what Yuko told you to do?"
Takamina rolled her eyes and turned her chair back around as her teacher entered the classroom.

"Class quiet down, I have an announcement to make." said the teacher trying to get the students to pay attention. The students ceased their talking and looked at the teacher wondering what his announcement will be.
"So, today in P.E. you will be with other class." informed the teacher.
"Ok." said the whole class who were actually expecting it would be something interesting  but it wasn't really.
'Thats his announcement? Nothing really special.' thought Takamina, forgetting about a certain someone that is in the other class. 
'Oh, the next class? This will be interesting.' thought Miichan as she did a back flip pencil trick. Yuko looked at Takamina, 'She's really not showing any emotion and I thought she would be since Maeda is there...hmmm...but well this will be certainly something interesting to see.'
"What are you grinning about?" whispered Kojiharu to her girlfriend.
"You." replied Yuko and gave the girl a wink.

Acchan, Mariko,  Tomochin and Tomo sat together. During their conversation, it suddenly went about Accan and Takamina.
"Mariko you missed something awesome last night." smiled Tomochin and winked at Acchan.
"Which is?"
"A certain someone was in Acchan's house last night."
"No way!" said Mariko and grinned, already knowing who that 'certain somone' is, well actually there's the rumour that is travelling all around already.
"Yeah! We saw them. If you were there it was so sweet."
"*ahem* ummm...guys...I'm here you know...I'm here." interrupted Acchan and waved.
"Ok then, what happened between you two then?" asked Mariko.
"N-n-nothing." answered Acchan looking away.
"It doesn't seem like it."
"Seriously nothing specially."
"As if, c'mon tell us what happened or else I will keep bothering you with this question."
"We talked, ate dinner, talked, then she left. Satisfied?"
"Somehow, I'm feeling something happened." said Mariko still believing that SOMETHING did happened.
"That was it, I'm telling you the truth."
"Hontou?" said Mariko, still doubtful. Acchan nodded. The tall girl gave up and left Acchan alone, deciding to change the topic again, "I hear... today during P.E. we'll be with the other class."
"Ugh, P.E." grumbled Acchan. The girl hated P.E. since she wasn't really the athletic type.
"What are you grumbling about? Don't you see..." smiled Mariko.
"Don't I s-- oh." said Atsuko.
"You'll be with your beloved Takamina~" teased Mariko. The TomoTomo couple just chanted, ''oooooo~"
"Oh shut up guys, seriously nothing between us."

During P.E.
"Aren't you excited?" said Miichan as she put her arms around Takamina's shoulder.
"Ummm, not really? Why would I be?" said Takamina in a bored tone.
Miichan gasped intentionally, "no waaaaay."
"I can't believe that you're taking this so lightly."
"...And there I thought you would be 'affected'"
"What are you talking about?" said Takamina looking at Miichan as she opened the door to the girl's changing room. Miichan just smiled as she saw Acchan there and whispered to the girl, "Look~" Takamina turned her head and saw...Acchan...topless. She blushed, 'I totally forgot about this.' Takamina slowly made her way in, trying not to look at the shirtless Acchan. Miichan beside her just smirked and kept nudging the short girl. Takamina just ignored her friend but she was on the edge of smacking her friend right on the head.

Takamina and Miichan went to there usual spot and changed. Takamina somehow felt shy, 'argh! Why the hell am I hesitating to remove my uniform!?'
"Takamina, you're still not changed, usually you're the first one to go." smirked Miichan.
"Shut it." said Takamina.
"Well, I'm going ahead,I'll see you outside~"

Takamina finally changed, she was able to so because Acchan left shortly after Miichan went ahead. She heaved a sigh, "What's wrong with me?" The small girl then made her way out to the gym and stood beside Miichan, Yuko and Kojiharu.
"Ok, all here? So today we'll be running doing some activities but before all of that we're going out to the track to run three laps." informed their teacher. Some of the students groaned at the mention of running.
"The quicker you start, the quicker we can go ahead and do our activity." half-shouted their teacher. The students quickly made their way outside to the tracks and started running. The class ran in a cluster but Takamina was the only one a few feet ahead. She was used to running, in fact she didn't mind it. Running clears things out of her mind. After the second lap, someone tripped and fell making a commotion. Takamina stopped and turned around to  looked what was the noise all about. The class were all in a circle, seemed like they were surrounding somekne. The small girl made her way to the middle of the circle and then she saw...Acchan. Acchan sat there, her knee was scraped , blood appeared on her knee. When she was about to stand up she lost her balance and was about to fall down but Takamina by reflex quickly caught the girl in her arms, preventing the fall. She looked at the injured girl, "Are you ok?" The other girls squealed saying how cool that was. Acchan looked at her saviour and blushed, "A-arigatou." She then stood up and tried to walk but the pain took over and instead fell back down. Takamina then lifted the girl up in a bridal style.
"Eh!?" said Acchan in surprise.
"You can't walk, let me carry you." smiled Takamina and looked at the girl in her arms. Acchan nodded, it seemed that she can't argue with this one and so she put her arms around Takamina's neck. Now it was Takamina's turn to blush, she didn't expect that Acchan would do that.  She then looked at her teacher, "I'll bring her to the infirmary." and she started walking. That action made the girls squeal louder than the first. Takamina and Acchan's friends covered their ears and watched the two leave the track.
Miichan grinned, "That was princely of Takamina, no wonder these girls are screaming like crazy." Yuko and Haruna nodded in agreement.
"That's something you don't see everyday." smiled Mariko and looked at her phone. The great Mariko-sama caught...everything. As for Tomochin she took a couple of photos.

 Takamina looked around the infirmary for an alcohol and a gauze. When they arrived the nurse wasn't there so Takamina needs to take care of it. Finding where the items are, she went over to where Acchan's sat down. Takamina sat down beside Acchan, applying the alcohol on the gauze and slowly dab it on the injury. Acchan flinched at the contact of the alcohol.
"Ah, sorry." apologized Takamina, "...just a few more then it'll be good." Acchan nodded. After a few dabs, Takamina put a new gauze on the scared knee. She smiled, "There, all done!"
"Thanks." said Acchan shyly. Then the two realized their position. The two sat on the bed, facing each other, their bodies only a few inches apart. The room was completely quiet. Acchan slowly leaned towards Takamina, her eyes looking deeply into his. Then it happened, Acchan is kissing Takamina, her eyes closed. Takamina was petrified but then she relaxed. She closed her eyes and responded to the kiss. The kiss was nice and sweet. They slowly leaned back on the bed, both still kissing each other. Acchan put her hands on Takamina's back. She could smell the smaller girl's perfume.
Suddenly the small girl noticed what they were doing and pulled away. Both girls were breathing hard from the lack of oxygen. Takamina looked at the girl, "S-sorry!" and stood up, planning on leaving but when she did a pair of hands grab her waist, "Don't leave...please." She stopped on her tracks, how could she say no to that. 'That was cute.' thought Takamina.
"Minami...d-d-daisuki!" confessed Acchan, her face red that it can almost explode. She then released her grip on the small girl. Takamina slowly turned around and met the eyes of the blushing girl. She smiled inside, her heart pounding and could feel the butterflies in her stomach. The small girl cupped Acchan's chin and flashed a smile. This time it was her turn, and so Takamina initiated the kiss. The kiss this time is totally different from their first kiss that they just did a while ago, this second kiss is more passionate, deeper and possessive. They pulled back, rested their forehead against each other and looked at each other eyes...smiling.
"That was my answer." whispered Takamina, "...I never really notice but I slowly fell in love with you ever since that day... in that short time."
"Same here, I couldn't stop thinking about you." smiled Acchan, the two were still looking at each other. Remembering something Takamina remembered that key that she found on that day and took it out of her pocket. Ever since she found it, she carried it with her all the time. When she went to Acchan's house she forgot all about it. She showed the key to the tall girl, "Is this yours? I found it near my desk that day."
"You found it! Yeah, that is mine, it was something given to me by my mother." Takamina took a hold of Acchan's hand and gave the object to her, placing they key on Acchan's palm.  Suddenly the two heard a noise outside. Takamina frowned and stood up, making her way to the door.  When she opened the door she saw Miichan and Yuko who was crouching as they slowly walked away. 
"Chotto matte!" said Takamina and grab the back of their shirts. Yuko and Miichan struggled to get free but Takamina held them with no problem.
Yuko looked at Miichan, "I didn't know she was this strong."
"It mud have been with all that training." answered back Miichan.
"What. Did. You. Two. See?" said Takamina. Yuko and Miichan gulped, feeling the aura of the other girl. The two turn around and looked at the small girl.
"We saw nothing!" said Yuko gulping but it was followed by Miichan who stumbled with her words, "I-i-it's n-not like w-w-we s-saw e-everything that h-happened." Yuko looked at Miichan in disbelief, "Baka!"
"Is. That. So." grinned Takamina evilly. The small girl was about to do something but Acchan showed up, saving the two other girls. Takamina noticed Acchan and let go of the two, her attention to her 'girlfriend' (well they haven't clarified it yet but she's assuming they are).
"Are you sure you're ok?" asked Takamina worriedly.
"It's just on the knee silly, I'm fine." reassured Acchan. Miichan and Yuko sighed, glad that they're safe but they knew it wouldn't be long until Takamina would do something. They took this opportunity leave.
"So what was happening?" asked Acchan.
"Yuko and Miichan were here." answered the small girl and turned around to where the two were but they were gone.
"Oh you mean those two?" said Acchan pointing a few meter ahead of them. Yuko and Miichan stopped just to see and when they did, the two met Takamina's eyes. They bolted.


It's a weekend and the couple decided to go have a picnic. Takamina  just knew the right place so the two sat on the hill, under a big tree. The small girl laid down on the mat, her head rested on the lap of the taller girl. Acchan took something out of her pocket and asked Takamina to sit up but she should close her eyes. Takamina nodded and happily did what her girlfriend instructed.
"Open your eyes." Takamina opened her eyes and saw what Acchan was holding. She looked at Acchan in question.
"I'm giving this to you because you're the one that opened my heart."  smiled Acchan and put the necklace on Takamina's  neck. Takamina looked at the object that clung on her neck,  she smiled. Takamina got a hold of the girl, pulling Acchan close to her and whispered, "I love you..." before pressing her lips against Acchan's soft lips.
The End~

Well how was it? comments would be nice... :hee: I was actually rushing with the end...and so I just ended it like that.  :on lol: You know what that "object"  is right?  :whistle:
I don't know when I can post a One-shot again since I don't have any ideas yet..I hope it'll come...hahaha but check out my other "work" if you haven't seen it... ahahaha... :mon sweat:
Well...'till next time! Ja ne~  :byebye: :byebye: :byebye:

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Re: ONE SHOTS ~ Atsumina~ It all started with a Confession (05/26/13)
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A key necklace. To open Acchan heart. Wohoo. So sweet their moment.

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Re: ONE SHOTS ~ Atsumina~ It all started with a Confession (05/26/13)
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OMG!!! You made my day!!! It was so cute and funny!!!!

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Re: ONE SHOTS ~ Atsumina~ It all started with a Confession (05/26/13)
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Great drama OS there...

About school students... very simple romantic story...

Thank you for the OS

Can't wait to see more atsumina OS

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: ONE SHOTS ~ Atsumina~ It all started with a Confession (05/26/13)
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 My favorite part
"Instead, her 'fan club' squealed and jumped around as they saw the Takamiba blush, it was a rare sight for them to see her embarrassed and lose her 'cool' side."

I want to change this for "Instead, her fan club made another one "Atsumina fan club" since that day..."

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