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Author Topic: Matsui Jurina - chapter 1 (30/06/2017)  (Read 536 times)

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Matsui Jurina - chapter 1 (30/06/2017)
« on: June 30, 2017, 05:56:46 AM »


    Kaze no naka de himawari ga yureru michi wo
    Zenryoku de hashitteru kimi wo mikaketa
    Natsu no seifuku taiyou to kisou you ni
    Ase wo nugou sono kao ga kagayaiteta

Maenomeri,SKE new single echoing  inside a practice room with one short-haired girl dancing to it.Sweats running down from her forehead and wetting her body,a sound of gasping an air and steps got drown within the music.In the middle of the song,Jurina stopped and running a hand through her hair while looking herself in the mirror.

'This not it.I can't felt the rhythm at all,like I supposed to be.There were so many errors in my moves and steps.I also can't remember the choreography well.' Jurina thinking back the scolded she got from her dance instructor because of her poor performane.'She's right.I need to get myself together.'

Jurina restarted the music again and begin to dance dancing back.But her mind can't helped but to remembered a certain event that happened weeks ago and made her became like this.

Jurina entered the practice room only to found Rena there standing alone in the middle of the room.Rena didn't noticed Jurina presence with her and Jurina took this as a chance to suprised the older girl.Jurina slowly made her way to Rena's back without making even a single noise and when she near enough,she attacked the older girl with a back hug while yelled 'Rena-chan!'.This made Rena yelped suprised and pushed Jurina away hard to the floor with a loud 'THUD'.Jurina hissed from the impact and rubbed her painful butt.

"I am so sorry,Jurina.I am suprised and pushed you without thinking.I am so sorry.Are you okay?",Rena asked worriedly while helping Jurina to stand up.

"It's okay.Don't be sorry. I am the one at fault here,for suprising you like that.You can called this as a punishment,maybe. So,you don't need to apologized,Rena-chan",Jurina said after got back to her own feets with a help from Rena.She gave a smile to Rena."So,why you called me here for,Rena-chan?You need me for something?",Jurina asked.She got a text from Rena,told her to came and met her here without explaining why.

Rena flinched with the question and got back to her nervous self before Jurina came.This went unnoticed by Jurina.Jurina got a feeling Rena want to said something important and she didn't knew why she also got a bad feeling about this.

After taking a breath and regained her courage,Rena gazed at Jurina with a serious expression on her face."Jurina,I need to tell you something important.I don't know how you will react to this,maybe you will be suprise and angry after you hear this,but I.....seriously I have been thinking about this for a long and long time already,it was not an easy decision,trust me...and after did some thinking I came up with this conclusion....I decided I want to graduate Jurina.I'll graduate from SKE",.

Hearing this,Jurina froze and speechless.Her brain still registered Rena's words,hoping she heard it wrong but,judging from Rena's face,she knew she heard it right.'So it has finally come,huh'.Jurina already got a feeling about this before since a long time ago.A same feeling when there a close member decided to graduated.And she sure of it,when Rena didn't participated in the General Election this year.But she had never thought it will be this soon,she still not prepared for it yet.

"Jurina,did you hear me?"

"Very clearly",Jurina said without looking to Rena.

"Jurina",.Rena sensed something wrong with the younger girl.

"Ca..Can't you cancel it?"

"You know I can't.I already did the same thing two years ago and now,I'll not repeat it again.This my final decision,nothing would change my mind".

"But,I need you.That's why you can't leave yet.SKE still need,Rena",.

"My time has come.I already did all all my parts in this group and now,it's your turn.The one they need is you,not me".

"I am still young"

"You're 18,Jurina"

"But it doesn,t mean I am mature enough to lead SKE all alone"

"You're not alone.Masanya,Sae-san and everyone else are here to help cannot say you're alone."Rena went and hugged almost crying Jurina.

"But they are not you.The one I need is you not them,it's useless if it isn't YOU!".Jurina pushed Rena away and ran out from the room,leaving Rena behind shouting,calling her names.


The song stopped suddenly before it finished the whole song.Jurina didn't need to turned around to knew who the culprit was because she already can seen it from the mirror infront of her.

"What do you need from me,Sae-san?",.She turned around to faced her senpai.

"Never thought the day when you gave me a cold treatment will ever came with your always bright and cheerful personalities",.Sae smiled,not concerning with the cold looks she got from person who years younger than her.Jurina stayed silent and emotionless,stared at Sae."You got too many errors in the choreography,so different from your usual self.You sucks".

"I know without you telling me.That's why I have been praticing,to improve myself".

"Not just your dance,your face also looks gloomy all the times and it was obvious you faking all your smiles.The fans will not be happy if they saw you like this.The members also getting worried,especially her".

"If this a way for you to get me to talk about Rena with you,forget it.I am not buying it.Please mind your own business",Jurina said and walked out from that room.Sae scratched her head,'Guess my plan failed'.

"Do you think Sae-san success in getting Jurina to talk with her?",Churi asked to Masanya who was walking beside her.

"I seriously didn't know".Masanya turned her attention from Churi to the front only to found Jurina heading toward their direction from opposite direction."There she is.Jurina,want to walk home with us-..."

Jurina walked passed them without even stealing a glance to her teammates even a bit.

".....together?Haa...I take that Sae-san failed".

"Her face so damn...scary.I almost didn't noticed it was her",.

Jurina sat alone away from her group members and staffs.She needed a time alone now.They on their way back from visiting their new single location,Maenomeri.A song where Rena was the center and also her final center before she graduated.If heard Rena graduation announcement hurted her,visiting that place gave her bad mood than usual.When at the filming location,not even one member dared to interrupted her,afraid to made her mood became more worse.The staffs also shaking when he explaining things to her.When she thought she will be alone on their way back too,her thought shattered when one of the members dared enough to got near her.

"Can I sit here?",Churi asked.

"You didn't need my permission to sit.This boat not mine in the first place",she answered coldly.

Churi gulped and smiled awkwardly before she sat down.She never knew Jurina could be this dark.No wonder all the senpais and staffs gave up on her.

"Looks Jurina,I know it was hard for you,we all to felt the same about this.I meant,Rena is an important member,and loosing her will just be sad and lonely.If we could,we will try our hardest to change her mind,but...don't you think it will be unfair if we stop her from doing she wants.It was her decision,like or not,we must respect it.I also in the same shoes as you before when Airin graduated,so I knew and understand your feeling.But you need to accept her graduation just like me accepted Airin's.Airin is happy now,I am sure Rena will be the same.You need to let her go,you can keep her in the cage forever",.

"So to Rena-chan,SKE is like a cage that trapped her from happiness.Is that what you meant?",was Jurina respond after hearing Churi's long adviced talk.

"WHAT?NO.I dont meant it in that way.What I wanted to say is-....",Churi talk got interrupted when the boat started swaying to the left and to the right and shaking uncontrolly.All of them panicked.In the midst of panicked,Jurina stand up when she saw Rena fell to the floor,she want to got near and help her but the next thing she knew,she got thrown inside the sea from the swayed the boat made.The boat stopped shaking and under controlled again.When everyone thought it was over,they attention turned to the panicking and screaming Churi.

"JURINA!!!",she yelled while looking into the sea,

Hearing Churi screamed for Jurina,Rena eyes wanders around to look for the younger girl but she didn't found her.Her mind came to one conclusion and her lgs moved on its own to Churi's side and began to screamed the younger girl names.The others soon realized what was going on and began to did the same meanwhile the staffs tried to find a way to saved the younger girl.At this moment,Sae tried her best to blocked Rena from jumping inside the sea.Everyone in chaos with their center dissapeared inside the sea.

Meanwhile inside the sea,Jurina tried her best to swimmed to the surface but her body too weak.She was not suprised though,since Rena told her plan to graduated,she had not been eating properly and got enough sleep.No wonder her body too weak and didn't got an energy.Too tired,she gave up trying  and let her body drown deeper and deeper inside the ocean.She didn't knew if her mind playing trick on her because she swear she heard Rena voice calling for her.'I am sorry Rena-chan,because I can't attend your graduation.I am sorry'.Her consciousness started to fade away and all


I didn't know what your thought of this fic but  I hope you'll like it. :nervous


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Kami Oshi : Matsui Jurina

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Re: Matsui Jurina of AKB0048
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DAMN i love it author-san :twothumbs
I really enjoy read your story. And i can clearly imagine all of it  :bleed eyes:
Good job :thumbup
Waiting for next update, i hope it will soon! :)

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Re: Matsui Jurina of AKB0048
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I have a lot of interest in the continuation.

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Re: Matsui Jurina of AKB0048
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What's happening to Jurina?! :shock:

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