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Re: Hard Case Part 2 (Dark Bloody Story) Nov/11
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WARNING. Dark, contains blood, gore, violence. Not For Kids.

(you can find first part here:

Hard Case Part 2

A short haired woman in a baggy pants and stripped tank top was pacing back and forth in a dimly lit room, hands disheveling her own hair in frustration.

“We have to do something about this!! I can’t stand it anymore!!! We are a mafia group, not some kinky street gang!!! Let’s just go and kick their asses, what are we still waiting for?!!” she shouted, kicking a chair and then punching the wall.

“I agree with Bunker. No time we can waste. We had a leader, now she’s dead. Even her undercover as an actress didn’t stop them from killing her... We have to avenge her. But we need a new leader. I’ll prove myself to you that I’m worth being one. Just come and try to beat me, cowards!!”

“Daasu... We can’t think with only fists now. Some brains are needed. Let’s vote for the leader. Fair and square.” spoke in a teasingly manner yet with serious glint in her eyes Messi, a young woman with black done up hair and glasses on her cute nose. Despite her beautiful features, she loved violence, blackmailing, and especially scheming the most.

“Yagi, calm down.” ordered Messi and yanked a chain that she held in her hands. A woman on the other end of the chain grumbled and comforted herself on the couch, letting another black haired stroke her hair.

“You can just let that creature of yours kill them all for Annin, you know.” spitted the words out Bunker.

“I can always let her kill you, too.” smirked the woman with glasses and cooed to Yagi. “You would love to bite her neck and have a drink, now wouldn’t you, baby Yagi?”

The crazy girl growled and showed her a bit over-sized teeth, meaning serious business and then put her head back on the comfortable legs.

The short haired backed away and clenched her fist.

“Then let’s vote!” exclaimed she, pissed for the nth time today.

“Mhm, you’re too impatient. I want our underlings to vote, too.” smiled wickedly Messi and motioned for Daasu to open the door. The grumbling woman opened them and found behind a group of young women, shivering from the death glance in her eyes. She sighed and let them in, kicking the doors closed afterwards, making the women jump.

“Oi, Habu, don’t be chickens here, you are Mafia’s sidekicks after all!” shouted she and sat on a chair, her eyes casted on the red sofa, who had no one on it.

“Ah, I can finally meet the whimpering kids I heard so much about... Maybe you could help me in playing golf, huh?” the women shivered after Bunker mentioned golf. They heard too many creepy stories to not be afraid. Like head being cut of with a golf club, or people made swallow golf balls, or other hideous things.

“Shokkaku, Sudachi, Miyu, Tetsuo, Chiharu, Sanae. Team Habu, weak underlings of Mangoose. Loyal to Annin and Messi, listening to every word they say, doing everything they ask.” finally spoke in a calm tone woman, who was caressing Yagi’s hair.

“Jovijovich, who are you voting for?” asked slyly glasses woman.

“Ты. Остальные не стоят моего голоса. Я думаю, что с тобой мы могли бы выиграть войну.” in clean and clear Russian spoke the woman, making the already smirking woman shine in rainbow colors.

“Others?” asked the woman, already knowing the outcome, making her voice sound cocky.

“We’re outnumbered... You planned it, you bitch!!!” shouted Bunker. She grabbed her golf club from the corner and was about to attack Messi, but the woman with glasses only chuckled and released a hold of the chain.

A painful scream echoed in an abandoned building. Those in the room stayed in silence, shocked at the view.

“I believe I am the boss here, so please, try to behave, as my dear Yagi might not only bite off your finger like now, but also something more. I don’t think you’d want that. Now do you?”

“...” Bunker just grumbled, trying to not let tears spill, as Yagi was still munching on her finger, and it hurt like hell, with blood spilling, bone crunching and all. “I am sorry...” she finally muttered, loud enough for everyone to hear and then fainted.

“Well, now that we solved our little problem... Yagi!” and the psycho woman went back to the couch, were her face was cleaned by Jovijovich with a tissue.

Then the crazy woman placed her head back on the Russian woman’s legs, only to get her head caressed again. Messi took a hold of the chain and sat on a red sofa, her devilish smile radiating in the room.

“I have a job for you, Habu. I need you to kill someone named Itano Tomomi. Oh, don’t give me those wide stares. I know she’s a famous model and spokesperson, but what can I do? She needs to be killed.”

“Demo...Messi-sama...” whispered Sudachi but was cut by Shokkaku.

“Tsssk.” mocked her companion Shokkaku and looked apologetically at their new leader. “We’ll take care of her in no time, Messi-sama.”

“I love good kids, you know. I might reward you. Now before you go, bring here all my computers and equipment.” ordered she and smiled wickedly.

Being the boss felt good. Too good to play fair and square.

~some time later, on the way to Itano’s house~

“Ah, I hope she pays for us money, so I could by a motorbike soon. I’m tired of fishing rich guys.” whined Chiharu and looked boringly at her nails.

“I agree, I also want money. She’s hella rich, and now, that Annin-sama is dead, she gains all of her money and even the house.” voiced Sanae and looked through the window at the sleeping city.

“So shouldn’t she become a suspect?” asked Tetsuo, still confused about the whole situation. “I mean...”

“She was not the one who killed Annin-sama, and I believe, police has no idea about all the houses Annin-sama owns.” cut her Miyu and cleaned a glister in the corner of her eye. “She was a perfect leader, a very wise one. I hope Messi-sama follows her steps...”

“Fresh Lemon ni naritai no~” sang Sudachi and had a huge bite of unpeeled lemon. “Mhm, delicious!!”

“Tsssk...” mocked her again Sokkaku and concentrated on the road. Driving while listening to this group of irritating comrades was not an easy job, so she put on earphones and for an hour forgot the job that awaited them.


A/n: This might be too short for you, but I like the way it flows, and it's just the right length to leave suspension in its place XD
O r i g a m i: I wonder if you are still going to want it after finding out who is doing all the murders hehe XD but thank you for commenting, reading, liking it  :bow:
White Hawk: You might be right, but you also could be wrong. Let's wait a few more chapters to find out the culprit(s) XD Thanks for reading, liking and commenting :bow:
@fffff: Ah, I'm glad you commented and I hope I don't disappoint you with this update :bow:
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Re: Hard Case Part 2 (Dark Bloody Story) Nov/11
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O r i g a m i: I wonder if you are still going to want it after finding out who is doing all the murders hehe XD but thank you for commenting, reading, liking it  :bow:

Ehh!? Don't tell me the murderer is one of 48 members?  *shock*

EDIT: About this chapter, I'm so sorry, I never watch Majisuka 3 so I don't know who is who.  :nervous But, thank you for the update, anyway! :thumbup

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Re: Hard Case Part 2 (Dark Bloody Story) Nov/11
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Thanks for the update! :D

Ahh,, the one who do the killing are Messi and Yagi?
I thought it was Geki and Black  :P *facepalm*
But I wonder who killed Annin XD

Can't wait for your next update :)

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Re: Distance Part 1 (wMatsui) Jan 31
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Distance Part 1

She glanced at the clock and smiled. She had half an hour. She situated herself in bed and started reading a book. It was a detective story and usually she got into them so much she noticed nothing around her. However this time her eyelids felt heavy and the girl didn’t even feel how she fell asleep.

She was woken up in the morning by her mother with a loud ‘Get up!’ and rubbed her eyes. The book was lying on the floor. The sun was shining outside even though it was winter. She picked up her glasses which probably fell off while she was sleeping. The girl glanced at the clock and rubbed her sleepy eyes. She stretched and then her face twisted out of sharp pain she felt just below her stomach.

“It started.” She thought to herself and took a deep breath in. The time of the month she hated the most, her period. She just hoped the sheets were not dirty yet and hopped out of bed. Her face twisted again and she took another deep breath in. Checking the sheets she sighed in relief as they were clean and pristine.

She took her panties and dragged herself to the bathroom, did what she needed to do and dragged herself back to bed. Her expression and actions told her parents more than words and she knew it will soon start. She checked the time. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6…

“Now of course you are sick and you will lie in bed all day, won’t you?! Of course, our princess knows only how to sit at computer all day long, listen to that silly music of hers and be sick all the time. Grow up!! If I were to complain about any pain I feel, we would die from not having money to buy food. I don’t go to my co-worker and don’t tell her that my period started and that I want her to work instead of me. No matter in how much pain I am I go and do my job. But this princess of course knows only how to ditch her duties and be in pain.”

She knew her mother would criticize her and go on like that at least an hour and she was right. Her mother went like that for three hours non-stop and took away her computer. The girl couldn’t even warn her friends about her problems. She had her phone but at the moment she had no strength to pick it up and inform everyone. The pain was too strong. She knew she had to take medicine but she didn’t want to leave the comfortable bed.

She fell asleep from exhaustion of too much pain in her belly and woke up when it was nearly evening. The girl checked her phone and pouted. She wanted to chat with friends badly but she knew one important thing. If parents saw her using phone they might take it away, so she placed it back on the table. The pain was still there just not as strong as before. She got up and went to take some medicine then went back to bed. The stronger pain returned and she prayed for medicine to work its wonders faster. She fell asleep again.

She woke up again for dinner and then her parents scolded her about the day before for not doing what she was told. Yes, the day before she kept laptop in her room as she badly wanted to talk to that person. Yet she fell asleep and her parents were mad at her on top of that. So they took away not only laptop but also her mobile phone.

Next day was also not a very good one. All day, while still being in pain, she had to help her parents do various chores and listen to their constant scolding. She knew she needed to find a job, she knew her grades were not A+, but she did her best and was pissed they paid no attention to her efforts. All they cared about was yelling at her. She felt shackled by invisible chains. The girl needed air to breathe.

Still, this was not the end of her misery. They meddled in her plans like always and this day was not an exception. In the evening they suddenly announced, without any warning, that she has to go and visit her grandmother for the whole four days. They wanted to hear no objections. They said this is a must and that she cannot disobey them. The girl thought she is going to suffocate.

Really, they couldn’t even think of the best torture, could they? She was in her period with pain, she just recently got up from a huge virus and her studies were going to start in five days. They did not care about it and only thought about their own wishes. They took away her laptop every evening from her, now another four days without internet?! Could this go on worse?! Her life was miserable, that’s what she thought.

The girl felt the world around her crumble in small pieces. She wanted to scream, pull hair or punch someone but all she could do was keeping silent and agreeing with everything. She had to comply and forget she’s an adult, a 21 year old. Her parents NEVER, not even once, agreed that she is right and it was always they who were the just ones. She had no word in that family and it pissed her off. She had no money to go and live separately from them because to find a job in her country was a hard task.

The girl could do nothing but to live under the same roof with her parents and obey their wishes, cursing them in her mind and hoping that one day some prince on the white horse will come and save her. That is why this time she also complied and listened to their comments about how her face is not content, what an unreliable girl she is and how she doesn’t care about anyone but herself. Those things were of course not true but because she had no power to change anything as of now, she had to go to her grandmother. It didn’t matter if she wanted to go or not.

It’s not like she didn’t love her grandma or something but the thought of being without internet for four days was something she couldn’t bear. It was vital for her to have connection. It was very important to her and she felt heartbroken. The girl nearly cried out of frustration and disappointment. She needed to write and inform them but…

Something stopped her. She felt guilty for not contacting them those two prior days even though it was her parents fault as they took away her laptop. Now the girl wanted badly to say ‘Hi minna…’ to all of them and write how sad she felt. Those people online, she felt they are more like a family to her than her real one. They understood her better. They helped her to get over things in her life, something her real parents never did.

She took the laptop (her parents gave it to her after she did all the chores, and said she can keep it until the late evening) and opened the chat. No one was present and she gathered her courage. Probably they will see this after she’s already away. She started typing.


Nee, minna, hello… Rena-chan misses you all… I wanted to write to you these past days but I was busy with chores and my laptop was taken away… Gome, really gome… You know what? Rena-chan has to leave for four days. I’m going to a place where there is no internet connection and I feel really sad about this. You know why, don’t you? I barely see you guys here, and now I won’t be able to see you for a longer time… Doesn’t it sound funny? I will be away only for four days but I feel like I will be away forever… Like I won’t be able to see you ever again…

Nee, Rena-chan has something she wants to say. Mama… I know you are busy with things so I took care of your fishes, don’t worry.  Also… Sorry for not playing MajiGaku and not sending you some energy to boost your level. I just felt a bit depressed lately, so forgive me for this. Nee, your dota misses you dearly so I hope I can see you and talk to you when I come back. You are an ace in your university, someone I’m always proud of, so you can rely on me to follow your footsteps. One day I’ll become the ace in my university too. :)

Daddy…. I know you are busy also, and I love you both dearly, so I’m happy you two are finally together again. When you were away I felt lonely even though I had friends. You are a person I trust a lot and you are the one I can confine in when I have love problems. It might sound strange that I confine not in mama but in you... Yet we all know what a reliable Sou-chan you are... ;) Also, I just wanted to say that I hear people saying a lot good things about AtsuMina couple… Hehe, you two are popular amongst netizens :D

Sae-jiichan… Last time you went fishing and missed that movie… I was really mad at you as I thought it is a vital thing for us to watch it but… Later on I understood you only did what you liked most and that you recorded the movie to watch it later on. I’m glad to have you in our family, even though daddy didn’t agree to you living with us at the very beginning… You are mama’s brother, so of course he had to comply. It was funny to watch how he tried to get used to you living under the same roof. You are a pervert, always stalking Yuki-chan… But what we can do? Nothing, we just keep loving you the way you are :D

Yuki-baachan… Haha, okay, Yuki-chan :D You truly live up to your black aura, don’t you? And your vampire chara is working also, as jiichan is scared whenever you look at him with that black gaze of yours. Still, he loves you dearly so I think you should give him a chance. Ignore his drooling over boobies and nice legs, it’s only because he feels lonely without a woman beside him. Also, I miss silent moments with you and our calm conversations. Let’s talk more when I comeback okay? ;)

Kuu-niichan!!!! Rena-chan hugs you warmly!! Let’s eat some spicy crackers together! *giggles* and then let’s rejoice in kicking Sae-jiichan, nee? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA~ *brakes a pencil* I’m gonna stab him for stealing and eating all of my melon pans! *giggles* *smiles* nee, niichan, don’t forget you promised to write a project I asked, okay? *looks at all family members* okay, minna?


Here she stopped writing and sighed. There was another person she wanted to write to but… She felt like words were not enough to counterbalance the feelings she felt inside. Nothing could outweigh the love she felt for Jurina. Yet she had to keep it a secret and wait until the girl turned legal. All they could do was talk. Talk until morning comes. Talk whenever possible and never stop talking.

Jurina had times when she couldn’t talk with Rena and it was okay for the girl as she was a patient one. But Jurina was a worry wart. She also was hot headed. She was a spark, a comet, a light. She was a person Rena loved dearly since the moment she saw her. She knew Jurina didn’t love her back. That girl was a kissing monster but she had a sad past and she just couldn’t trust people easily.

Rena was the first and as for now the only person Jurina opened up to. The girl trusted her but not to the point where she could love her back. Rena just hoped the younger girl will have the same feelings for her one day. As for now, Rena was happy to be able just to talk with the girl and smile at her antics. She loved every flaw of Jurina’s and to her they were not flaws but charm points. She was happy being in this situation.

The only cloud was the distance between them and the part where her parents controlled her life. Rena wanted to run away and hide at Jurina’s place but knew it was impossible. Her mind imagined Jurina as a prince on a white horse who comes at takes her away, just like she dreamed before meeting the younger girl. However she knew a long way had to go by until something like that happens. She decided to restrain herself from writing anything to Jurina. She will call her.

The black haired girl asked her parents – actually she pleaded – to give her computer for tonight as she won’t have connection for four days. Even though reluctantly, they agreed and she rejoiced. Rena did the last chores, took some pain killers, then took a shower and dressed in pajamas. She crawled into her bed and took laptop with her. On her nightstand there was a bottle of carbonated water, a glass for it, a bowl full of spicy crackers and a plate with freshly baked melon pans.

She started eating and drinking and staring at the screen, waiting for Jurina to appear online. She sunk her teeth into fresh melonpans and ate them with a huge smile on her face. It made her forget all the worries and she felt content. Yet the more she waited the heavier her eyelids felt and she didn’t even notice how she passed out.


Jurina couldn’t find her peace, even at school she was not her usual self and only kept her eyes plastered on her I-pod. She waited and waited but no word came from Rena. She ignored Nishishi, Kuumin and Shiorin’s comments about her state. Usually she had fun chatting with her friends, acting all ikemen around other girls or kissing some of her fans on the cheek. Of course these actions made them nearly faint and squeal even more. Even now she had all the stares at her and she knew they all expected her to act all player-like.

But today she just couldn’t. Her only wish was to go home and call that baka melonpan lover. When she met her best friend Mizuki in the hallways, she exchanged a few sentences with her but that was it. Mizuki could tell something was not alright and because she was her best friend she could feel it was about Rena. She was worried but she knew Jurina had a lock on her heart. If she locked something inside, only Rena could pull it out to the daylight. She put all faith in that girl who lived in Italy and hoped for the best.

When Jurina got back home she called the older girl immediately but got no response. Her anger and worries grew and she shut herself in her room. She wanted to shout and scream, to go and kick someone but felt powerless. She was but a mere teenager and all she could do was waiting until she’s 18. Jurina sent 10 more messages to Rena not bothering to pay attention she sent 100s of them before. They all meant the same. Jurina was worried and asked where Rena is and what happened and that she misses her and many more other things.

She noticed Churi was online but had no intention or mood to talk to her so went offline and turned off her tablet. She knew mom will invite her for dinner but had no will to go down and help set the table. She knew Meru was home. Her sister was two years younger but they got along really well. Probably she was going to help mother instead of Jurina. The girl frowned and took off her clothes, then took a shower and put on her pajamas. After settling herself in bed and turning off the lamp by her bed she hid her face in the pillow and screamed. No one heard her, only some muffled sounds came out.


A/n: I'm going out for four days and there I will have only my phone, so no updates as for now. And my studies will begin shortly, so sorry for not updating my other works.
O r i g a m i: who knows, nyahaha~  :twisted: oh, it's okay, as far as you get how the story progresses :)
White Hawk: If I answer your question, I would spoil the story.. Hehe, you're very close though~
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Re: Distance Part 1 (wMatsui) Jan 31
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Distance Part 2

Her eyes gazed at the pond in front of the bench she was sitting on. She watched the fishes swimming around, playing with each other or catching their food. She could see everything clearly as the pond contained a see-through clear water. Then she saw it, a beautiful blue fish with a long tail and huge wide fins. She was mesmerized by the fish’s beauty and closed her eyes, then opened them again. The fish was nowhere to be seen. She stood up and went on the bridge. There the girl leaned on the railing and kept staring at the pond.

A gentle hand touched her shoulder and the girl turned around. There stood a boy with dark brown lengthy hair, hat and huge glasses. His clothing was peculiar for her – a banana parka and baggy denim pants. She stared at the boy and didn’t know what to say as his eyes were also staring right at her. She somehow couldn’t take her eyes away and felt her face flushed in deep red. The guy’s face also turned red a bit and then he took a piece of bread out of his pocket.

She watched him crumbling the bread and tossing those crumbles into the pond. The fishes swam around excitedly and started eating the crumbs. The girl noted to herself that the guy was not impressed by the fishes nor he liked them. On the contrary, it looked like he was disgusted by them. Yet he still kept feeding them. It was a puzzle for the girl and she couldn’t stop staring at the guy. He had something that attracted her.

No, she really was into girls, really but… Somehow this boy has drawn her and she couldn’t stop staring. She just couldn’t and felt her heart beating faster than usual. She turned her face fast away from him and tried to calm down. She was into girls! G.I.R.L.S. Then why did she feel this way? He’s a boy for god’s sake!!! She felt like a fish tossed out of the water, she couldn’t breathe normally and placed a hand on where her heart was.

“Look, what a beautiful fish.” The boy said and she could feel something was wrong but at that moment she couldn’t point it out. She looked at where he showed and her breathing became normal again. Her eyes started sparkling and her hands held onto the railing tight while her body leaned forward. She probably would have fell down into that pond if not those strong and warm arms that hugged her from behind and held her tight.

That moment time stopped for her and maybe for him too. She felt his steady heartbeat and nice flowery scent; they both stared at that blue extraordinary fish. So she wasn’t dreaming; he saw the fish too. The girl was not even panicking that the guy she met for the first time hugged her. She didn’t even know his name but that wasn’t important at the moment. What was important was the fish and how nice and comfortable the embrace of that boy felt.

“You love fishes, don’t you?” The boy asked her and then she understood. It was so simple, the thing that was off about this boy. She now knew but decided not to say it aloud. It would be rude, considering this boy held her so she could stare at the fish without falling in the pond. It surprised her a bit but not really. At least she didn’t feel that bad now about the attraction towards him.

“Yes. My dream was to become a fish.” She said and waited for the boy’s reaction.

“Oh, I see. Why was that?” He asked with curiosity. He was breathing on her neck; she was taller than him and it felt too nice.

“… I love being human…” She tried to control her voice so it wouldn’t shake.

“Ah, how rude of me, I didn’t say my name!” The boy took a few steps back and the girl turned to face him. “I’m Minami, Takahashi Minami.” He smiled widely.

“Maeda Atsuko desu.” The girl said in a silent voice mesmerized by the smile the boy kept on his face. It warmed her heart and made it beat like crazy again. “But you can call me Acchan.” She blushed.

“Atsuko is a very beautiful name. Can I call you Atsuko?” asked Minami.

“Ah, un…” Her face turned bright red from the nice tone in the boy’s voice.

“Good. I now have to go. It was nice meeting you, Atsuko. I hope I can see you soon.” The boy said and then left.

“Bye…” Acchan stared at his back which was getting further and further from her. “Minami…” She sighed and looked back at the pond. “If only you knew I’m moving…”


Maeda looked at sleeping Minami and smiled. If someone told her then that she’ll be able to meet this short person faster than in a month, she really would have laughed into that someone’s face. She had to move out at the time and her heart was shattering slowly, especially after meeting Minami. However, three weeks later they met again in a party held by her brother’s friend. She didn’t want to go at first but Sae knew ways of how to make her go. He promised there will come a few free lesbian girls so she might not be bored there.

Atsuko went there reluctantly but after her and Minami’s eyes met… She thanked her brother for inviting her. She pretended to ignore the boy though and took some drinks for herself and for a few friends. She felt those beautiful eyes were following every step she took and she knew her decision to put on a short black tight dress was a perfect choice.

Later on she left the house and went to the garden. She sat there and enjoyed the silence that engulfed her, only the faint party sounds coming from the house. Yet soon someone approached her and sat close to her. Acchan felt it was Minami and smiled. They sat like that for a while enjoying each other’s company. It was the beginning of their relationship.

Days and months passed and she felt like she can’t be happier. And then Minami asked her to be a girlfriend. Acchan accepted and they started dating. Minami took Acchan on dates, bought her presents and never asked for more but a kiss. Yet they attracted each other a lot and that passion couldn’t stay hidden all the time. Their first night together was unforgettable.

Few months after their relationship took the bedroom step further, they created an online community for close friends. They invited there people with similar interests and creative minds. One person was extremely cheerful and fun to have around, and soon he was accepted as their so called ‘son’. Kuu was a charming person and they became very good friends.

Then somehow more people came in but to that separate group they couldn’t invite anyone. They wanted people they can trust and accept into a so called ‘family’. There were many times when Acchan and Minami were fighting with each other, bickering and with time passing by they grew a bit apart. They didn’t know how to grow close again. They didn’t have the power. Then Jurina, Rena, Yuki and Sae became the members of their ‘family’ and soon Rena became their ‘daughter’.

Acchan knew Minami only teased Sae for not liking him but recently everything about Minami’s actions pissed her off. No matter how hard family tried they couldn’t just pretend anymore and they broke up. A very painful time went by and they understood they can’t be without each other. Somehow they got back together and now they knew they won’t be apart ever again.

Maeda looked at her sleeping girlfriend and saw the blanket revealed a nice breast. She chuckled and suddenly got horny. The rumors were right – she was the one who controlled things in bed, even though there were times when Minami was really dominant. Acchan cherished those moments a lot but she liked being on top and making her so called ‘hubby’ blush and make cute sounds.

Her finger traced a line down the neck and slightly through the mound and she heard a moan. Then Takamina (that’s how friends called her) opened her eyes and pulled Acchan in for a kiss.

“Atsuko…” She whispered in a husky voice. “You woke me up even though you know I have an important exam tomorrow…. I think someone needs to be punished.”

“Minami…” A wide smile grew on her face and a distinctive wrinkle appeared just above her nose. “So sexy…” She just boosted her girlfriend’s dominant side and she knew she’ll get what she craved for.

“Am I, really?” The shorter girl asked in husky voice again and placed a chaste kiss on the black haired girl’s neck.

“Yes, you are…” Maeda shivered and ruffled her girlfriend’s hair. “Why did you cut your hair…?” The girl sighed and nuzzled in Minami’s neck.

“So I could walk proudly down the streets as your boyfriend.” Takamina smiled gently and took off the nightgown of her lover. “You’re so beautiful…” She kept staring at that luscious body and felt she can’t stand the waiting any longer. The midget kissed the taller girl with a passion, her lips invading that moist cave and exploring with tenderness and a little bit of haste.

Her hands traced the sides of that slim waist going a bit up and massaging the mounds with care and passion. She earned stifled moans from the girl underneath her as her tongue was still enjoying the warmth of that moaning mouth. Her knee moved slowly between those long nice legs earning the sudden movement of those endearing hips in the process. She backed off and smirked.

“Usually I’m the one squirming like that but I really love these moments when I can make you feel who the real boss is, Atsuko.” The Sou Kantoku of The Student Council in her university whispered and started nibbling on the taller girl’s neck. Acchan moaned this time aloud and continued grinding hips against that bent knee feeling weaker and weaker with every new attack of her girlfriend.


“I understood you’re a girl…. It was so easy to fall in love… I don’t think I can fall out of it…”


A/n: Here it is folks, AtsuMina part. Hope you enjoy it :)
Rukaeru: I wonder why it looks familiar... XD
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"人間みんな変態だから" - 古川愛李, SKE48 新高柳チームKII 「シアターの女神」千秋楽公演, 2014.04.18 <"Because all people are perverts." - Furukawa Airi, SKE48 New Takayanagi Team KII [Theater no Megami] Last Stage, 2014.04.18>

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Re: Distance Part 2 (AtsuMina) Feb 4th
« Reply #25 on: February 04, 2013, 02:02:09 PM »
The relationship between the two is very serious but sweet.  :farofflook:

I hope they have cute happy moments!   :wriggly:

Please continue! Don't leave us hanging!  :pleeease:

The story is so good!  :luvluv1:

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Re: True Love (A Birthday Present For My Dearest Oshimen Yuko-sama)
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This is a collaboration OS from me and miyumi, so I hope you all enjoy it. It's a bit late, but HAPPY ST. VALENTINE!!!

Lovely Surprises

Lightly shimmering in the sunlight, thin and nearly transparent spider webs are everywhere, covering branches, grass, rocks and even bunny’s lair. They make the area look magical, mystical and breathtaking. When you look up closely at those cobwebs, you could see dust residing on those sticky threads or dewdrops traveling down to quench the thirst of the flora down below. The spiders reside in the shadows, waiting for a fly or some bigger insects to fall into their sticky traps so they could feast upon them and feed their children. In this mesmerizing place you just need to stand and look closely. Can you see those tiny dewdrops on those webs? Can you see those spiders in the shadows? Can you see how ants hurry from their anthills to pick up tiny branches, rocks and even huge insects? Now try to listen carefully. Can you hear squirrels racing each other from tree to tree? Can you hear a wolf howling somewhere deep in the woods where the sun can’t reach? Can you hear your own heartbeat in this magnificent place? Now close your eyes and relax. Can you feel the warmth spreading through your body? Can you feel the wind brushing past your face coloring your cheeks reddish? Now try to listen again. Ignore the sounds around you, try to hear them from far away and follow the sound. Past the cobwebs, the tangled branches and leaves, barely walked on paths, huge rocks, a gurgling waterfall and a long cave. Now open your eyes. What do you see? It’s impressive, right? Welcome to Eripsa, a place where this story unfolds.


“Oh, oh, I see the target, chiyuu~”

“How come you find this all so enjoyable? What’s fun in shooting people with an arrow so they can fall in love?”

“Tomochin… We are cupids so of course we bring love and joy, chiyuu. Why are you so grumbly these past 200 years?” Tomo~mi tilted her head to the side and sighed. She was a beautiful cupid with medium brown locks reaching her waist and huge sultry eyes that would attract everyone…but the one she wanted the most. She was wearing a pink dress, had beautiful baby blue wings and carried a golden bow with silver arrows. She looked at her secret love interest and waited for her answer.

“What can I do? I just dislike all this. I don’t believe in love.” The other cupid scoffed and shook her head. She also had beautiful locks reaching her waist but they were light brown. She had her front teeth crooked but that only made her more charming. She was wearing a white dress with a black belt, had greenish wings and carried platinum bow with ruby arrows. She had a crush on her partner in ‘crime’ but she was too much of a tsundere to admit it.

“Mou… Chiyuu wants to have fun, you grumbly Tomochin!” the cute cupid looked back at her target and aimed straight to the heart.

“Stop!” Tomochin shouted and hugged a surprised Tomo~mi. “Let her be. I feel she will find love herself, let’s not interrupt.”

“Finally you used your power….” The seductive cupid sighed and then chuckled. “Chiyuu loves it when Tomochin hugs her.”

“Baka…” The fashionable cupid blushed and buried her face in Tomo~mi’s neck. “You can feel it without even trying… It’s very strong…”

“I know. But I wanted Tomochin to react to things. I knew you care, chiyuu~” It felt so good being hugged like this.

“Come to my place tonight..” whispered Tomochin and turned away releasing the hug.

“?!! H…hai!!! Chiyuu chiyuu chiyuu~”


She was walking down the empty streets and thinking to herself about this unfortunate day. It’s St. Valentine, and yet she was alone, wandering on the streets while others were at the main stadium, popping heart balloons, sharing heart candies and baking heart shaped cakes. She was the only one in this area who had no fun on St. Valentine. The reason was disturbing and unwanted. They all hated her because she was creepy. She was pale as snow, she didn’t eat what others ate and she loved to bite on her nails, preferably bloody. They never let her show her feelings and her true self. She was shunned out of their community yet she lived here and she could do nothing about it. She had nowhere to go, especially on St. Valentine.

Rena had no friends, no family, no one she could trust, just a baker down the other street who baked melonpans and gave them to Rena for free only out of pity. And then there was her landlady who had a few quirks of her own so was also disliked by the society. She giggled and started biting on her nails again. Yokoyama-san wouldn’t ask for the money as Rena could bring her more valuable things. She was good at fighting and hunting, as was her landlady so by silent agreement they would go hunting at nights and bring to town some wild animals and sell them. Money was decent and Yokoyama-san always shared it equally, sometimes even giving Rena more.

She heard a twinkle. Cupids. Rena ignored them as they tried to shoot her every year and yet until now they did not succeed. She wondered why. The pale girl waited for another fail shot but it didn’t come. She knew what that means and jolted in her steps.
Is it really possible that she might fall in love and actually someone might fall in love with her too without the cupids interfering?!! Who could it be? She could think of no one. Rena sighed and continued her journey to the bakery while still wondering about love.


She shouldn’t have come today. She knew that person won’t be here. Yuki believed this time she could find the courage to confess but without someone to confess to it was impossible. She looked around and scoffed. She hated this place where people were all fake. She knew only maybe 10 good hearted ones. They all came to her for advice. Others did too but with Yuki’s gift no one could deceive her. Just holding their hands she could tell about their lives and what awaits them. It’s because they had dark hearts. Only those 9 good hearted people were the ones she couldn’t read. And then there was that other person she had no opportunity to hold hand of, but she felt the person was good despite what others said.

There was Acchan and Takamina, nurse and police chief. Atsumina couple was always helping others in any way they could and their love was the strongest ever. No one could separate them no matter how hard others tried. Acchan was very possessive, of course in a good way. Also, everyone knew she was a perv but that didn’t scare Takamina when she asked Acchan on a date. Now some people even choke on how sweet Atsumina is. Yuki liked them and wished them the best.

Yuko was a dance couch and was the best dancer not only in Eripsa but in the whole area around. Kojiharu, or NyanNyan how Yuko called her, was the best masseuse you could find. She was also a fashion icon here at Eripsa, together with the cupid Tomochin. Kojiyuu couple was the second strongest couple, with Yuko always clinging to Haruna and Haruna being all tsundere and pushing her aside. Only the closest ones including Yuki knew how lovely this couple was when at home and how much Yuko was loved back for all the times Kojipa shoved her aside in public.

Then there comes those two cupids who loved each other too much but were too dense to show it to each other and too busy. Only on the St. Valentine a cupid could confess but they were too busy on St. Valentine trying to shoot Gekikara with an arrow. They failed every time and it drained their energy. Yuki knew those two might just find some time one day. Somehow she felt that maybe today is the day. She just felt it. She started walking towards the park and then her eyes spotted the bakery. Maybe there she can find a person in need…

Other three good people were baker Mayu, vet Milky and the main landlord Yui, Yuki’s cousin. Mayu’s melonpans were the most delicious ones in the whole area and people were standing in long queues for the whole day so to buy them. Yuki knew Mayuyu always gave a few to Gekikara. It wasn’t surprising knowing how kind-hearted Mayu was. Milky was also a sweet person, always wearing a smile on her face, no matter what’s the situation. Yui was friends with Gekikara, no other proof of her being good was needed.


Gekikara was on her way to the bakery walking down the street. As she was walking, she saw a fight going on and stopped to look at it. As she watched the men struggle and roll in the ground, Gekikara felt her instincts start to awaken. Her blood boiled and her smile began to form. She cracked her neck and started to walk over to the fight but then she suddenly felt someone pull her back. She turned around saw Yui staring at her. She pulled her in close and said,

"We're going to the bakery. Now."

Looks like Gekikara wasn't going to get the fight that she wanted but she didn't care because she knew there was a fresh warm melonpan waiting for her. When they arrived at the bakery as usual the place was packed. Customers were in line trying to get their food and others were at table drinking coffee or using the free wifi on their laptops. The line was long but that was no problem for Gekikara. She just walked past all the people all the way up to the front where Mayu was trying to take orders. Gekikara held out two fingers and Mayu nodded her head. Within a couple seconds Mayu pulled out two melonpans fresh from the oven. She handed it to Gekikara  who thanked her and started to leave. However one of the customers stopped her and said it wasn't fair that she could cut through and he couldn't. Mayu tried to calm him down but he wasn't listening and tried to hit Mayu. Gekikara defended Mayu by grabbing the man's fist and pushing him back. As he was trying to get up she placed her boot right in the groin area and started to press down making the man shout. Then she backed off and walked over to an open table. She sat down and soon after Yui showed up.

"Meet me at the park at ten. We'll hunt then got it?"

Gekikara nodded her head and started to eat her melonpan. As she was eating she felt a presence come up from behind her. She turned around and saw Yuki staring at her. Seeing Yuki made Gekikara freeze for a moment not sure what to do. Then she got up and quickly rushed out of the bakery before Yuki could say anything. Yuki sighed and was about to leave as well but then Yui made her sit and talk.

"What brings you here?" Yui asked.

"I wanted to talk to Gekikara." Yuki said.


"I wanted to tell her something important."

"Let me guess... you love her."

Yuki's face turned bright red and looked at Yui. Then she nodded her head and kept her head down.

"I knew it." Yui said.

"For how long?" Yuki said.

"Since the day you two met."



After the chat, Yuki and Yui left the bakery and Yui went to go meet up with Gekikara. They were going to hunt deer this time. Yui had to get down there before Gekikara shredded them to bits. She knew how much she loved catching deer. When Yui arrived Gekikara was already there biting her nails and staring at the trees. She walked over and patted her shoulder. Gekikara gave Yui a twisted smile and then ran into the woods dead set on a killing spree. Gekikara was moving fast through the woods. Only the moonlight illuminated the path and every step Gekikara took brought her closer to her target. With a couple more steps Gekikara's target was in sight and she had locked onto it. The deer tried to run a different direction but Gekikara ran after it and slammed it into the ground. Gekikara started punching the deer to a pulp to the point where you couldn't even see the deer's face. When it stopped moving, Gekikara dragged it over to Yui who had already caught two deer. Yui sighed when she saw how messy Gekikara looked covered in deer blood and she wasn't. They hunted five more before calling it a night and finally heading back. However Yui told Gekikara to stay behind and wait. Gekikara wasn't too fond of the idea because she was tired and wanted to sleep. However she did what Yui said and waited in the park sitting on a bench.

As she sat there she didn't notice the person coming from behind. Just as the person was about to touch Gekikara, Gekikara turned around and almost punched the person but then stopped when she realized it was Yuki. Gekikara was about to walk away but then Yuki stopped her.

"I just wanna talk. Is that ok?" she asked.

"Fine." Gekikara said.

"Well I wanted to say.... I love you!"


There was a moment of pause and then Yuki said,

"Ever since the day I met you, I knew I had found the one I love. I had always admired you from a far and watched you struggle with society. Being shunned by the others being all alone... It must have been so hard and painful... I want to put an end to your loneliness and pain. I love you Rena. Not the Gekikara that is known for killing people like crazy but the person inside. I love Rena."

Gekikara was taken aback by Yuki's sudden confession. She didn't know what to say so she just stood there staring at her. Not sure what to do, she thought about running away but then suddenly Yuki reached out and pulled her in for a hug. When her body hit, Rena's body started to tingle with a strange warm sensation. She had never felt such a feeling before and this was new to her. The thing in her chest started beating frantically racing like the wind. Yuki held her close nuzzling close. After a while Gekikara started to feel something else. A smile appeared on her face but it wasn't a wicked one. It was a kind innocent one filled with happiness. She held Yuki close and Yuki smiled. Then she reached out and held Gekikara's hand. She was expecting to see some tragic past but instead she saw nothing. Yuki was surprised and realized that Gekikara was one of the few good people in the world. Even though she looks scary and can be scary, she's still a good person. This made Yuki love Gekikara even more and held her tighter in a loving embrace.

As the two were hugging, up in the sky there were two cupids staring down upon them. One was smiling while the other was flying in circles.

"Alright she did it! Rena found someone to love!" Tomo~mi said.

"Yeah and we didn't even have to lift a finger." Tomochin said.

"I'm so happy for her."

"Me too."

Back down with Yuki and Gekikara, Yuki leaned in and kissed Gekikara on the lips and said,

"Happy Valentine's Day Rena. Let's be good friends from now on."


They held hands and walked out of the park carrying their new found love with them.



@miyumi: I will continue someday...  :nervous I'm happy you liked it  :)
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Re: Lovely Surprises OS (YukiRena) Mar 3rd
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Sugoi!!!! Better late than never! It can be your late Valentine's and early White Day gift to all of us! Even if Yuki here is not Black, it was still perfect. I love how you twisted Yuki's Mielino special talent/skill/ability to produce that kind of result. Rena as Gekikara is always epic.

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Re: Lovely Surprises OS (YukiRena) Mar 3rd
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I love the end!!!!! Gekikara is just too kawaii!!! And she is a good person!!! 8)

And Yuki loves her since their first meet  :wub:
Mayuki = Cutest couple

Married?!-Mayuki fanfic (maybe it will have another pair)

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Re: Lovely Surprises OS (YukiRena) Mar 3rd
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kyaaahh!!!  :gyaaah:

M-my feelings...........y-you k-killed m-my feelings! You! What did you just do?!

Jkjk  :P

Nice updates!

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Re: Lovely Surprises OS (YukiRena) Mar 3rd
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Waah...~! YukiRena OS! I miss reading fic about YukiRena xD

It's so sweet~! Hahaha
Rena become Gekikara is always awesome! XD

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A New Beginning OS (Mayuyu belated birthday special) Mar 27th
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A New Beginning

We humans tend to have really strange personalities. We all are different yet we are so similar it makes one cry.

What is it that we have to exist everyday without enjoying it? Why do we rush and push people around so we could gain money? We won't need them when we die.

Why can't we keep those we care about close to ourselves? Why do we meet our relatives only at funerals or weddings but do not meet occasionally, even if we miss them?

When did this world tuned into one huge money and pollution making machine? How come did we forget about love, caring, generosity, nature?

Why does the person you should trust the most turns you down and makes you feel miserable and unwanted?

It is said that a butterfly lives only one day. People stare at them flying from flower to flower. Those butterflies flap their huge colorful wings, enjoy the beauty around them.

Probably they know they're gonna die in the evening but they do not close themselves in the shadows and they do not push other butterflies of their way.

They just live and enjoy each other's company. They know what it's to come yet they use all the means to make their short lives worth something.

Can we humans sincerely admit that we live such lives that are worth more than money? We cannot. And we only blame each other instead of sharing the burdens together....

Abandoned children, abused children, ignored children, hungry children... Jealous wives, husbands, sisters, brothers, girlfriends, boyfriends.

Hateful mothers, drunkard fathers, creepy coworkers and perverted bosses. All we care about is power and money. Why do we exist?

I always thought mother and child has a deep connection between each other until I grew older enough to understand mother never loved anyone but herself. She could nag all day long about how tired she is, how sick she is, how caring she is, and so on.

Me or papa, we never had the right to be sick or to be tired. We were, many times but if you think she cared even one bit... When granny called and asked about my health my 'dear' mother murmured one sentence about me and then started her usual ramblings about herself.

At that time I ran to my room and cried while clutching onto the pillow tightly wishing it was a sharp glass which would crash and cut me so she would start caring.

No one knows how many times I thought about hurting myself but I never found the courage in me to do that. Not because I am a coward but because those who try to hurt themselves are cowards.

And yet it crossed my mind many times how nice it would be to die just like that then maybe, just maybe I could feel mother's love. Once I told her she probably hates me and wants me dead.

She said she will send me to psychiatry clinic if she ever hears me saying this again. I stared at her and couldn't believe my own mother could say things like that to her own daughter.

I have a younger brother, Jun. He always got lots of love from her, maybe because he's a man... Papa, even though mother did not sincerely cared about his health, she pretended to and gave all the love to him and Jun.

As for me... I have a deep connection with papa, he is the one I can confine in. Also, I have granny too. And I am close with Jun, yet somehow I never called him brother... It just doesn't sound right, coming from my mouth.

But he said he doesn't mind as he likes how I call him by his name, showing we are more than family. We are friends. He always defends me from mother, changing the topic or telling about his day at school so her rage would not go to me.

He is the person I love really sincerely with all my heart and I hope he does well in the future. Do I sound pessimistic or suicidal? Like I said, I would never raise a hand against myself. It is a low and cowardly action.

Of course there are times when she is good and caring towards me and I treasure those tiny moments of happiness but they are so rare... It feels sometimes like back at school where I was bullied for not taking care of my looks, for being into anime too much or for going to such crazy lengths as in loving alpacas.

The clothes I wore were not okay to them, those rich spoiled brats. They always made fun of me, knocked food out of my hands, talked behind my back, sometimes even humiliating me in public with their remarks.

The whole school 'knew' me because of their rumors and I never had the chance to prove myself being different. Then I couldn't defend myself.

One good thing about school was having a best friend. If not Lovetan I probably would have gone crazy. She helped me to go through everything by supporting me and staying by my side, by showering me with care and jokes and friendship.

Even now I have no one I can compare to her. I proudly call her my sister as to me she's more like a family than my real mother... Whenever I feel down, I call Lovetan and cry my heart out. She consoles me and makes me laugh a lot so I would forget bad things.

It's hard to trust people for me and I don't have many friends. Most of my friends are online anime lovers from abroad. But that's it.

Today is my birthday and yet I am alone. Of course, I got people congratulating me but no one could celebrate it with me. Jun is busy with his school project, papa is on a business trip, mother has a drinking outing with her co-workers and my best friend is studying abroad...

Passing the streets aimlessly in a cold spring breeze, looking for a someplace fit to sit  alone and drink some tea and have a cake. Ah, maybe that cafe over there, it looks really nice... Even though it's exterior looks old and the name "Jester Cappe" is not a very nice name for a cafe it somehow attracts me.

I feel somehow drawn inside. The interior is different, it has a cozy and warm feeling. A waiter leads me to a table and I order some tea and a strawberry shortcake. The waiter leaves and I look around.

There are not many people here but it feels like this place is for lost souls to mend their hearts. The piano music in the background is nice, the dimmed lights and pastel furniture gives a natural warmth.

I see a waitress approaching me with my order. She is taller than me, her black raven hair is in a tight ponytail, her curvy body in a waitress outfit looks rather de... Wait... WHAT THE HELL AM I THINKING?!!

She comes and gives me my tea and shortcake. And then asks me in a gentle and soothing voice what am I celebrating. I look down and murmur the word "birthday". She asks if Iam celebrating alone. I nod my head and look away from embarrassment.

She chuckles lightly and says that I am the cutest person she ever met. I stare at her while she wishes me happy birthday. Her eyes are so pretty... I cannot take my eyes away... But she leaves and I feel disappointed.

I start drinking tea, not having the mood to eat the cake. Suddenly the music changes the lights concentrate on a small stage and I see that waitress in a short tube dress. She sings a song and I can only stare and listen feeling her gaze takes me away to somewhere where there's only her and me.

kodomo no koro kara
kyoudai no you ni
issho ni otona ni natte kita yo ne
ICHIGO de kenkashite
futari wo kikazuni
toukou shita

mawari no tomodachi ga
kekkonshi hajimete
chikaku ni aru to
ima ni natte omotta yo

suki to ietara rakunanoni
iji wo hatte ita zutto
katakuna ni
te mo furezu ni...
koi ni taishou ni naranai
osonajimi datta kedo
nanika ga kawatta
mune ga DOKIDOKI shinakute mo
futo HOtto suru you na
renai mo arutte kizuita yo

ochikondeta toki
riyuu ha kikazuni
kankeinai hanashite warawa seta
totsuzen anata ga
shoutengai itsumo no mise e
katte kita

watashi ni dake ippai
ICHIGO wo kureta ne
konna fu ni
jin to suru koto dayo ne

imasugu ni suki to iitai keno
SOPPO mui mama kitto
anata wa
"nanika itta?" nante...
mou ichido iwa seru tsumori?
watashi yuuki dashita no ni...
nani mo kawattenai
kikoeteinakutemo ii
ichiban daisetsu na I love you!

watashitachi no
ICHIGO ha ikutsu?
kazoenagara wakeatte
issho ni kurasou yo
moshi anata ga
ochikonde iru toki wa
watashi no ICHIGO mo ageru
namida mo wakeaou

suki to ietara rakunanoni
nani wo tameratteta no darou

kono koi

suki to ietara rakunanoni
iji wo hatte ita zutto
katakuna ni
te mo furezu ni...
koi ni taishou ni naranai
osonajimi datta kedo
nanika ga kawatta
mune ga DOKIDOKI shinakute mo
futo HOtto suru you na
renai mo arutte kizuita yo

After singing she comes to my table and puts a candle on the shortcake. She lits it and sings me a 'happy birthday' with people inside the cafe joining in. I feel tears in my eyes, make a wish and blow the candle.

I thank her but she shakes her head and kisses my forehead. I blush and froze in place while she leaves, probably to change back into her waitress outfit. After I regain myself I eat the cake and leave some money (more than needed).

When I go outside I see her standing there in a black coat and smiling at me. She says she doesn't want me to spend my birthday alone and suggests we go for a walk. I never knew wishes can come true that fast.

You wonder what I wished for? It's simple. "I don't want to spend my birthday alone... I want to take a walk with this beautiful girl. It's all I ask." Well, my wish came true...

By the way, her name is Yuki. It's such a nice name. The moment she took my cold hand into her warm one my heart melted and I felt butterflies in my stomach. I think this is my best birthday present ever. A new friend. A new beginning.



@hikari_043083: thank you for understanding an a nice comment :bow: yes Gekikara is EPIC  :wub:
@Chanaline: thank you for commenting :bow: glad you liked it
@K-popJ-popAWESOMENESS: uwa... your reaction  XD I'm happy you liked it :bow:
@White Hawk: Gekikara is awesomeness itself :deco: thank you for commenting and liking it :bow:
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Re: A New Beginning OS (Mayuyu belated birthday special) Mar 3rd
« Reply #32 on: March 27, 2013, 11:29:32 PM »
kawaii mayuyu :heart: :yep:
im glad mayu's dad, jun and lovetan are nice to her :deco:
but mayu's mother,  :angry: I HATE HER!!
thanx for the fic :cow:  :bow:
and happy belated b-day to mayuyu!! :cathappy:
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Fateful Birthday

Once upon a time in a little cabin deep in the woods there lived a husband and a wife who had five children. They all were boys and the couple loved them dearly but there was something missing in their lives. They wanted to have a daughter. Yet no matter how hard they prayed and how hard they tried they just couldn't have any more children. The couple gave up and decided that what God gave them were five sons and they must not be too greedy. So the family lived their life for some years until three of the boys left the cabin for some adventures as they were adults already. The other two were too lazy and too young to set their foot further from the known grounds.

One day suddenly the mother got sick and fell ill. She slept in bed for days, all sweating and eating just apples. Her husband didn't know what to do so he sent his sons out for help. He waited for days watching his wife grow thinner and thinner. When the sons came back they said they couldn't find any help along their way just some useless old granny. The man got angry at them for not proceeding further after meeting the old woman and ventured to seek for help himself.

After ten hours of walking he met an old granny, just like his sons said. The woman looked harmless and poor and the man decided to talk with her.
"Good day. My wife is sick and I'm looking for some help. Maybe you know where I could find a doctor?"
"Son, I'd love to help you, but I'm sick too. Maybe you can help me and in return I'll help your wife."

“Just tell me how can I help you and I’ll see what I can do.” The man asked humbly.
“I cannot have children and it saddens me… If only I could have a daughter I would be the happiest woman ever…”
“And how exactly you think I can help you?” The man became suspicious as he woman has the same problem as his wife but he was curious and also polite.
“Don’t ask me how I know it, but your wife cannot bear girls, right? And now she is sick and eating only apples. That means, she is pregnant with a girl.”

“What?.. How?... EEH?!!”
“But a special care is needed in order for her to come back to her normal self and bear the child safely. You have to promise me that after your daughter turns eighteen you will give her to me.”
“… Is that the only way, dear lady?” The man’s heart was slowly turning into broken shards as he couldn’t even imagine giving his child to someone else.
“Apparently it is the only way. But don’t worry. When your daughter marries someone she can return to you. If you keep my promise I will keep mine.”

“…” The man sat on the ground and thought a lot about the issue. Then he stood up and looked straight into the old woman’s eyes. Something about her eyes was different but he couldn’t point it out.
“Okay, I’ll do as you say. But how can my wife turn better?”
“Easy. You have to kiss every piece of this apple that I will give you and feed it to her. I promise, it will get her back on her feet and she will bear a healthy girl.”
“Deal.” The man took an apple, gave a firm handshake to the old lady as a promise to keep his word and then went back home.

*five years later*

“Mommy mommy, look what I found!!!” A very excited little girl ran into the kitchen and shoved a huge caterpillar into her mother’s hands.
“Oh, Minami, what a nice friend you are to all animals. How are we gonna name this one?”
“Mhm…” The girl started to think.

“Well, we already have monkey Sayaka, squirrel Yuko, cat Haruna, rabbit Mayu and snail Kana.” The girl’s dad came in, dragging his feet as his right leg was hugged by Sayaka. The monkey noticed a bowl of bananas on a table and happily let go of the leg in order to get the so wanted fruits. Just as she was about to get one, a commotion in the other room made everyone stop in their tracks.

When they all peeked through the corner to see what’s happening in the living room, they were not surprised to see that their cat was chased by the squirrel. For some reason Yuko was infatuated by the lazy and indifferent to her surroundings cat.
“NyanNyan, you can do it!! Run for your life!!” Little Minami shouted excitedly to the cat and then turned her attention back to the caterpillar who was already indulged in nibbling some leaves. “Mommy, I know how I will name this one. Mika-chan!!”

“Good job, darling, a nice name for her. I’m sure Mika-chan will become good friends with our Kana-chan.” Mother looked at the pile of leaves. On the other side of it a snail was also nibbling the leaves, not even knowing about the plans of these matchmakers.
“Yay!! Mommy, let me help you to make cookies!!”
“Okay and daddy can catch Sayaka, as I think this bowl is totally empty and just a few minutes ago it was full of bananas…” Mother shook her head and the family continued their daily lives.

*on Minami’s 18th birthday*

After all the presents were opened and the cake was eaten father looked at Minami with sad eyes and serious face. Her mother was already crying and Minami was wondering what’s wrong with the two. Even her brothers were really silent.
“Um, can you tell me what’s going on?” Minami asked silently.
She listened to her father’s story with teary eyes and by the end she was crying rivers. Yet she was a girl who always kept promises, took blame for others and was always caring and responsible. She wiped her tears and gave her best smile.
“I’ll make you proud, I promise. And some time later I’ll bring you the best son-in-law you could ever have.”

It was hard for her to leave her family but Minami didn’t want to make her father look bad in front of that woman. Minami went to the place where they met while she was still in mama’s belly and found there the old women already waiting.
“Good evening, ma’am.” She bowed politely to the woman who smiled at her and bowed also.
“Good evening. I’m glad your father kept his promise. I’m sorry for taking you away on your birthday. What’s your name?”
“Minami, Takahashi Minami.”
“Nice to meet you. You are a very good looking young lady. You can call me Maeda-san.” The old lady said and then took Minami’s hand. “Shall we go to my place?

After some time walking they came to a nice clearing which contained a huge garden full of unseen flowers and a beautiful big mansion. Minami had so many questions but decided to ask them the next day. The old woman showed her everything around and then led her to her bedroom. Then they wished each other goodnight and the lady left Minami alone.

There were so many things about this place that intrigued the short girl and she didn’t even spent here a day. The mansion had nothing an old person would need; it was full of modern furniture and decorations. Many of the rooms were locked, third and fourth floors were forbidden to go to. Also, the lady said she goes to sleep a 7pm and wakes up at 7am. It was nothing strange about it and yet Minami found it strange. Maybe because the old lady had very warm and gentle hands or maybe because her eyes were shinning so brightly one could never think an old person can have such eyes.

Then she heard a knock on the door and a maid came in. The maid said the dinner is ready and left the room immediately. Takamina was not happy as she couldn’t even see the girl’s face but what she could do really… She went down to the dining room and found everything set for her dinner. Also a box with a ribbon was on a table and a greeting card with ‘Happy Birthday, Minami’ on it.

When she opened the box she found inside a very nice big black ribbon with white polka dots on it. She immediately tied her hair with it as she loved ribbons dearly. Then with a huge smile on her face she had dinner and after it she went to a garden. The garden was magnificent, especially now when the moon shone so brightly. She noticed the maid tending a rose bush and decided to start a conversation with her.

“What a nice evening…” She said aloud with a sigh and looked at the maid. She hoped for her to turn around but instead the maid tossed everything from her hands and ran away. “What was that supposed to mean?...”
She picked things and started tending the bushes herself as she felt responsible for interrupting the poor girl’s job.

*some months later*

Days passed and Minami got more aware that something was not right. Her questions were answered obscurely and she never knew the answers to them. The maid kept running and avoiding her, just sometimes informing about dinner. Evening and night were the only times she saw the maid and it started to irritate her. She decided to take some action about the maid issue as she wanted to see her face for some reason really badly.

So when the evening came Minami as usual went to the garden and sat on her preferred spot, a bench which was in front of the red rose bush. She watched the maid every evening as the maid tended the bush, her back facing the midget. Yet this evening Minami was determined to see the girl’s face. Some secrets are okay to be hidden but this one was just too much for Takamina to bear any longer.

The maid didn’t notice when Takamina approached her so she was really shocked when the midget suddenly turned her around and held her tight with one arm as her other arm raised maid’s face. Two pairs of eyes met and the time stood still for some time as something happened in the air around the two.

“Your eyes…” Minami finally spoke. She felt the maid trying to get away so she tightened her hold on the girl and stared more intensely at her. “Are you the daughter of the old lady? Is she using you as a maid? What’s this all about?”
Yet she had another question in the back of her mind that kept nagging her but she just couldn’t ask the maid why her lips looked so kissable right now.

“I’m not her daughter… I…” The maid tried to look away but it was impossible even if Minami let her go. They both just couldn't break the intense gaze at each other as they felt being drawn closer by an unknown force. “I am her. My name is Maeda Atsuko and I am cursed. The curse can only be broken if a girl I chose falls in love with me within seven months.”

When Minami heard her she didn't even flinch. Others wouldn't believe it but for the midget every secret and all the inconsistencies stood to their rightful places and she sincerely believed it.
“Your eyes, I felt they were out of context with the old lady’s body… Sorry, it’s not an insult. It’s a complement. I can’t take away my eyes from yours…. I just can’t…”

Atsuko sighed and closed her eyes.
“Everyone says that but after the kiss they die… I came to like you, you know… So don’t you dare to kiss me…” A tear trickled down Maeda’s cheek but it soon was wiped away by soft lips. Atsuko’s eyes opened wide and she blushed very hard as Minami's face was so close to hers.

“I don’t care about others. Of course, it’s a sad issue and usually I cry over things like these easily but now I feel that you are weaker than me and that I want to protect you. I want to kiss you so badly… But also… I want not only to kiss you… I want to devour you, make you mine… I want to protect you and show you to my parents… This might be love from the first sight and this might be too sudden but we spent so many time together…”

“But I was an old lady…” Atsuko tried to protest yet her heart was beating so fast it could probably jump out of her rib cage any second.
“But your mind was that of a young person. The more I talked with you the more questions I had and the more I was infatuated by you. It’s not the appearance that matters the most, it’s the inside. Even if you were to stay the old lady forever… I would never leave you, ever.

“Minami…” Maeda didn't know what to say but even if she knew she wouldn't be able to as she felt soft lips kissing her passionately as soon as she closed her eyes. It was unlike any other kiss. It was magical, it sent butterflies to her stomach it made her legs wobbly and all she could do was hug the midget tightly and let her take control. Both of them didn't even noticed how they came to Minami’s bedroom and they didn't even knew that the morning already came and Maeda was still young and pretty.

As they woke up in the afternoon, all tangled between the sheets they looked at each other and for the first time Minami heard a giggle followed by a smile. A smile which made a wrinkle appear on that cute nose. Minami kissed Atsuko on the lips and then smiled also.
“Good morning, Atsuko.”

“Good morning…” The black haired girl rolled over until she was on top of Minami and then she grinned widely. “I think you have to marry me in the future if you want to go back to your parents.”
“With pleasure.” Takamina laughed lightly and pulled her new found love for a deep kiss. After the kiss they both stared at each other with loving gazes and then Minami’s face turned all serious.
“I think I can sincerely say that my eighteenth birthday was the best as that was when I first met you. And now I’m sure I’ll never let you go.”


A/n. I know Minami is not 18 irl but I felt like 18th birthday has more impact to us so I wrote about eighteenth. I hope you like it. :bow:


@mayuki_daisuki: I'm glad you like ti and we share the same feelings about Mayu and her family ;)
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It's okay 4 years don't make that much difference XD

And this is so fairytale-like. I like it. At first I thought Takamina would be the princess who would get to marry the prince  but it turns out that Acchan is the princess who needs to be loved by the person she loves in order to stay young and pretty instead. Minami promised to bring back a son-in-law but she brought back a daughter-in-law instead XD

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I like 'Fateful Birthday' fic lots

a fairy tale.... very nice

I like mini Minami... she is so cute... making friends with all kind of animals and naming them...

Minami is such a good child... doing the bidding as was promised by her parents

Thank you for the romantic OS

Can't wait to see more

 :wub: :inlove: :heart: :love:

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A Squirrel?

I was walking down the street while looking around, searching for something or someone to catch my attention. Being an artist requires some inspiration. If you don't have the feels you just cannot paint. At least that's how things are for me.

When I saw her at that time in one of the balconies, I knew that image was going to stay in my head forever. She was standing alone, gazing somewhere far away with a sad face. Wind was playing with her hair and sun was basking in that smooth skin of hers.

As soon as I got back home I went down to the basement and started painting, the image of her was so vivid. I knew exactly what colors to use, where to cast shadows, even the proportions went smoothly, exactly how I wanted. I felt a strong craving to see her again. Of course, the painting was not as realistic as she was, yet I felt accomplished, because I was able to capture the moment on the canvas.

"But...Minami...thats a painting of the squirrel... I thought you were talking about some girl..." Kojiharu said. She was disappointed to see some animal on the canvas instead of the beautiful girl she imagined from Takamina's story.

"My Minami sees only me in a romantic way, there's no way she looks like that at other women. I knew instantly it's going to be an animal on the canvas." Acchan said proudly and hugged Takamina. Takahashi hugged her back.

"Still..Well, the painting is nice and I kinda can see the image of what you told if I look really closely and don't think about the details too much but... Nevermind..." Haruna felt like something was missing in the painting, that something was not right with it. She shook her head. Takamina was a good artist so she probably knew what she was painting.


"You came.." The squirrel smiled and was awarded with the hot and passionate kiss. Yuko hugged a slightly smaller girl and felt her relaxing in no time.

"Yuko... I missed you..." Takamina burried her face in the crook of squirrel's neck and sighed with content.

"Haha~ I missed you too~ Nee...did you tell her?" Oshima asked while caressing the shorter midget's back.

"I...couldn't... I didn't even have the courage to reveal the real painting... I showed them the squirrel one..."

"Ah... I see..." Yuko was a bit sad.

"And Haruna was there..." Minami mentioned Yuko's ex-girlfriend.

"NyanNyan.... Okay, I understand. Tell her whenever you two are alone, okay?" Yuuchan raised Takamina's head and stared deeply into her eyes.

"Un." Minami blushed but also stared at Yuko. " I brought dinner."

"YAY~!! You might get a dessert after we eat dinner~" Yuko was happy to have some quality time with Minami and she also brought food. "I love you."

"I love you too." Bakamina smiled then she realized what was said before and she blushed even more. "Dessert... Sounds fun~ Let's go and eat then~"


A/n. So this is a short story I wrote while on the bus, though I had this in my mind for a very long time. Well, I finally wrote it down and I hope you enjoyed reading it. Sorry for it being so short but sometimes it's better to not tell too much...


@Tanchan: Yeah, I'm happy you liked the story. Recently I just love making Minami as a strong, bold and reliable person (she always was strong and reliable but with Acchan she's... We all know you better not mess with Acchan LOL  XD) So yeah, she's gonna bring a daughter-in-law  XD
@cisda83: You like it? I'm happy  :deco: yup, Minami is always the one who takes responsibility for things (the guitar accident-prank on AKBINGO LOL  :lol: I pitied her but also it was funny to watch. AND we just made sure yet again what a good actress Yuko-sama is, nee?  :wub:)
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wMidgets never fail to amused me... :on lol:

yuu-chaaaan~ :luvluv1:

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Yuuchan and Takamina's moment are so  :luvluv1: :luvluv1:

Well, There's Acchan and Kojinyan....hmmm there are so dense..hehehe  :lol: :lol: :lol:
(To meet you someday, was the last thing I will wish for.)
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thanks for the update! Cute story about Yuko and Minami :D
lol feel bad for Atsuko though but at least Minami said she's planing to tell her so it'll work out :P

Thanks again! Smart of Minami to paint yuko's "animal" version! :P love her Squirrel nickname haha

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