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Author Topic: [Raizel's Fanfic Collection] Monochrome - part 2 (JuriSaku)  (Read 3941 times)

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[Raizel's Fanfic Collection] Monochrome - part 2 (JuriSaku)
« on: October 19, 2016, 03:39:33 PM »
With the Full Moon (JuriSaku OS)

Hai guys its my first time writing Jurisaku fanfic. I’m sorry for any grammatical mistakes. I hope you enjoy it.

—Sakura POV—

With each passing day, I felt my life empty. I don’t know the reason either, wait…. it’s just that I don’t want to admit it. I though that I have everything I need to find my own happiness. I have my friends, fans that support me, dreams that I’ve been doing since I was 13th years old.

Except for one thing, the things that for me its really difficult to understand. They said you must experience it yourself to know its wonder. *Sigh* their explanation didn’t help me at all.

“Hey.. Sakura, what are you thinking about? Come on we must go now, its our turn to sing.”

Ah.. my friend Haruppi remind me. Hm.. its must be because of yesterday showroom that I daydream a lot today. *slap*.. I slap my cheeks hard. Ouch… its hurt. I must focus for today’s stage.

“S-Sakura.. Are you okay?”

“Ah.. yes Haruppi, thanks for calling me.”

“O-okay if you say so. Come on.”

—After the stage end—

Finally the day end, *fiuh* that was exciting.  It’s fun to sings and it keep me from thinking too much.

“Otsukaresama deshita”

“Oh.. Otsukare Mio-chan. You are going home now? Be carefull on the road, okay.”

“Haaii.. Oyasumi..”

*giggle* Like always Mio-chan is cute. I think I will go home too. After I got to the car, I told my manager to ride slowly. I want to see the night streets for my own amusement. With each passing street light, my mind wander again as I tried to recall yesterday showroom.


In my showroom, I think it will be another same routine, until she came. At that time I think, is it fate? Or just a joke made by God? Either way I must say my thanks.

Before her appearance I read my fans comment and answer them. Then suddenly I have an impulse to tell my fans that I watch her showroom. I tell them how amazing she is and I really want to learn how to be friendly like her.

*Ping* A known avatar that I remember suddenly appear.  Waahh~ Did she heard my outburst earlier? I really embarassed. U-uhm… calm down sakura lets just greet her first.

—End of Flashback—

Now that I think about it, I don’t remember much about those part. I have a high tension and talking to her about everything that came up on my mind. And most importantly did she text me about wanting to k-kiss m-me? E-eh.. *blush* She really say it, didn’t she? B-but why me? *slap*.. get yourself together Sakura, of course it doesn’t mean anything for her. It’s just your delusion playing around with your mind.

*Sigh* really I’m such a coward. In front of her I’m like a wooden puppets that have its string cut and can’t do anything at all. She is always the one who start everything.  At the first time we met, she greets me and talking to me. But after that, I just forget about her. The one everyone talking about. The one with all those rumours. After looking back, I realized how stupid I was to believe such rumours. She is just lonely for gods sake.

“Miyawaki.. we’ve arrived.”

“Ah.. yes thank you very much. Otsukare sama deshita.”

After I wash myself and ready to go to bed, why I’m still thinking about her? I think, this is those feelings that my friend tried to explain to me. You really wouldn’t understand until you feel it yourself. Love.. such an absurd word. But it’s not such a bad feeling either.

Its a beautiful moon tonight. I wonder if she is seeing this scenery too. Jurina…..I really miss her. Should I give her a call?

I look up to the skies only to find the moon covered with the clouds.

*Sigh* I guess not. Really I’m such a coward.

—At the same time—
—Jurina POV—

Argghh.. dammit why I can’t sleep. *whoosh* I get up from my bed and open my windows. As I sit at the window, I can see the full moon already high in the skies. It has such a beautiful color that can calm my own heart. What the hell am I doing? Since yesterday, I’m such a mess. Why I’m saying such things to her? Now she will hate me. It’s like I’m flirting to her like any other girl. *Sigh* its not like she will think more about myself.

Stupid rumours, but its my own mistake in the beginning. Such a lonely life and now that I found her its too late. Sakura.. just like her sweet name, she is really beautiful. How I love her when she is bright red from my teasing. So, how can I taint her pure self with my own selfish wish.

I will be happy just seeing her grow in the distance. Not too close and not too far. But just for tonight, can I be selfish and call her? To hear her voice once more.

I look up to the skies only to find the moon covered with the clouds.

*Sigh* I guess not. Really such a lonely life.
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[Raizel's Fanfic Collection] Forget (YuuNaa OS)
« Reply #1 on: October 19, 2016, 08:00:55 PM »
Forget (YuuNaa OS)

This a fanfic I made a long time ago. Hope you guys enjoy it.

-Yuiri POV-

Naachan said that her fans want her to do danso today. Wah.. I can’t wait to see her. I hope the break time will come soon. It is like Naachan, she will do anything for her fans. Yosh.. I too will do my best today.

—-Break time—-

Ah.. there she is with the other members. Woah.. she is so cool, *doki-doki*.

“Eh.. what’s wrong with me?”

Right now, Naachan taking picture with Megu. They are so perfect together. Megu really is beautiful, her style is great. For me, huh… I’m just ordinary.

I guess I will she her later, now she is surrounded with other members. Nowadays Naachan is very popular, everyone want to take picture together with her.

Why is it my heart suddenly hurt seeing Naachan and Megu so close together?. *sigh* I’m an idiot, its not like Naachan belong to me.

Oh.. the break time gonna end soon. I must hurry to go back there.


“Otsukaresama deshita”

Fiuuh.. today is really fun. Hm.. what is Naachan doing now? I think I’m gonna find her before going home today. At least I’m gonna talk a little bit to her.

Found her. Hehe.. *grin*

E-eh.. Naachan taking picture together with Rena-san. Waahh.. Naachan almost got kiss. *hiding* *bathump-bathump*

*Sigh* I just go home then. I guess its impossible to talk with Naachan today. I feel like walking to the station right now. Hm.. its not like me at all. I think I’m too tired today.

—-At the park near the station—–

“Y-Yuuchan wait for me…”

*looking back*

“Eh.. Naachan what are you doing here? Didn’t your home at the other side?”

“*pant* *pant*. I-I’m looking for you. I don’t see you at all today. I’m asking the other members, they said that you already go home.”

“W-what are you looking me for?”


“E-eh.. Naachan what’s wrong? Are you okay?”

“Yuuchan, gomen.. please let me stay like this for a while. I’m really sorry Yuuchan. I don’t know what happens to me. I’m really happy that everyone accept the new me. But before I realize, I’m already forgetting you. I-I’m really afraid Yuuchan, I don’t want to change into cruel person.”

So its like this. Hearing that you forget about me, its hurt. But I’m happy that you still want to find me.

“Its okay Naachan, you aren’t a bad person. If you ever forget about me again, then next time its my turn to find you. I will make you to always remember me.”

*hug tight*

“Em.. thank you Yuuchan for being here.”

I guess it can’t be help, because its me that will never forget about you.

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Re: [Raizel's Fanfic Collection] Forget (YuuNaa OS)
« Reply #2 on: October 19, 2016, 08:26:01 PM »
lol I just literally said I really want to read Jurisaku fic, an OS or something about the last Jurisaku Showroom! and then you appear from heaven~

thanks, I hope those two feeling actually reach each other :jphip: :jphip:

second fanfic

Nana and Yuiri  :thumbup :thumbup i still not sure should I ship nana with Yuiri or with Megu thou

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Re: [Raizel's Fanfic Collection] Monochrome - part 1 (JuriSaku)
« Reply #3 on: October 20, 2016, 12:02:06 AM »
Monochrome - part 1 (JuriSaku)

It's a special halloween. Hope you guys enjoy it.


"Nooo.... R-Rena how could you do this to me? From the start I'm keeping your secret, but now this is how you repay me?"

"Hahaha... It's your own fault Jurina. You are the one that can't accept me for who I am. You change dear.. after you found out that I'm a pure blood vampire. Now you will have the same trial that I desperately try to complete before, but you ruin it. You will feel how helpless I am that I can't be with you, the one that I give my heart and soul. Fortunately, I'm still alive after I failed the trial because of my pure bloodline. But if you can't find the one that can accept your full self, neither I nor god will be able to save you because you're not a pure blood vampire. Hehehe... Are you mad my dear~?"

"U-ugh.. Rena I know it's all my fault. I'm hurt because you lie to me. You didn't try to tell me from the very beginning. You push me to the edge. And after I tried to find you in that fateful night, I can't believe my eyes. You slaughter innocent people just because you're still hungry. How can you expect me to truly love and trust you."

"Shut Up!!! Hahaha.. It's my own nature Jurina. I'm born as a vampire, of course if I'm hungry I must eat, right? You humans in front of us are just a living stock! Now that I've turn you into one of my kind, you must become monster if you want to live. Hahaha.."

"How can you be so cruel Rena? I don't want to slaughter people just because I want to live."

"That's not how we live my dear~ Kekekeke.. You know the rules Jurina. In about two weeks, if you can't find someone that can give you their heart and soul you won't be able to survive without drinking human blood. It's the trial Jurina, you know it well, right? Hahaha.. So see you in two weeks my dear~"


There she goes. Shit.. how can it end up like this? I know its my fault. Now that Rena has changed me to become vampire, I have no choice. But how can I find that certain someone.

Arrghhh.... I-it's hurt, my whole body is burning. I guess its the start of the transformation. Now it's becoming reality, will I become like her? A monster without heart that finding amusement by slaughter. No.. I won't accept it, I will overcome the trial in two weeks. Aarghh.. it's becoming unbearable. I can't see my surrounding anymore. *brukk* There goes my consciousness.

---In the next morning---

U-ugh.. w-what happened to me? why did I sleep on the floor? A-argghh.. my head is hurt. T-that's right, yesterday Rena bite me and changed me to become a vampire. Quickly I check my whole body. O-ouch.. it's cold, my body feel sluggish in the morning too. Is it because of sunlight? But Rena didn't have problem in the morning as long as remember. Ah.. she is a pure blood, that's probably the reason. What do I do from now on?

Today I've schedule in Tokyo. I must hurry to catch up the trains. Whatever happen to me I would never give up. I know that Rena really hate me, nevertheles she didn't kill me right away. I will endure it and promise to not hurt anybody innocent. Even if in the end I would die, I guess I could use the last two weeks to live a fulfilling life.

---Akihabara, Tokyo---

The sun is high in the sky. It prickle my skin. I must try to adapt as fast as possible so that everyone don't recognize any change in my body. Today will be a long day, team K will train in our new single. We must prepare for our own tour across japan in a month. Though I don't know if I'm able to join them. Here we are in the most sophisticated show in the world, AKB48 theater. As I walk to the training room reserved for us, team K members I come across several AKB48 member. But most of them are from team A, do they have training right now?

I will find Mayu when there is a free time later. Mayu is my best friend, I think I can entrust her with my story. She and I have a long history in 48G, I hope somehow she can help me find a solution.

When I enter the training room, all of my team was already there except Haruka or Haruppi. I heard from our teacher that she will be late because the train has a malfunction, so we can dance first with the rest of the team. Yuihan as our captain start the music and we dance with the rythm. I don't know when it starts, but sometimes in between our dance I can feel someone gaze at me. As I turn toward that direction I found Sayanee stare at me. Then 15 minutes since we start, Haruppi finally arrive. She quickly greet and then join us but before that I feel like she stare at me. Forget it, it must be nothing.

*Fiuuhh* I'm really tired, its been a long time that we dance an upbeat songs numeral times, but nonetheless it was fun. Now that we finish with perfecting our dance, the teacher give us sometimes for rest and lunch. As I walk to the cafeteria, suddenly I feel danger coming from behind my back. Unconciously I turn around only to find Haruppi and Sayanee staring daggers at me. I don't know what's wrong with them. They pass me and bump my shoulders.

"*brak* U-ugh.. H-hey be careful when walking. It’s hurt guys."

"Serve you right, half-vampire!" Haruppi whisper to me.

"W-why did you know? I didn't tell anybody."

"We didn't need you to tell us. Your smells is enough. The scent that we werewolves hate. So don't you dare stay near any of us." Now its Sayanee's turn that whisper to me.

I grit my teeth and swallow any insult that will come out from my mouth. I don't know that they are werewolves, when I'm a human I just know two supernaturals beings that close to me. Yeah it's Rena and the other you can guess, it's Mayu. For what type Mayu as supernaturals, maybe later I will tell you. For the time beings, I need to hurry and leave this place. I don't know what will they do to me. I know that this side of world follow the rules that state the strong get it all. As I hastily run along the corridor I bump into someone.


"O-ouch.. I-I'm sorry. I don't see the way."

"No no.. it's my fault for running in the corridor."

As I said those word I try to see who is it that I bump. When our eyes meet, I start to have a headache. My blood rush to my brain, my heart beat much faster and all I can see is red. I know who is she. She is hakata's ace and also team A members, Sakura. But why my body react this way? Oh no I think I'm gonna collapsed with all this pain.Then all I can remember is blackness that surround me.

---To be continued---

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Re: [Raizel's Fanfic Collection] Monochrome - part 1 (JuriSaku)
« Reply #4 on: October 20, 2016, 02:35:34 AM »

So she got bit by GekiRena. lol

And... wait, 48G have werewolves, too? Wow. XD

Can't wait to see what happens next~

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Re: [Raizel's Fanfic Collection] Monochrome - part 2 (JuriSaku)
« Reply #5 on: October 21, 2016, 04:35:51 PM »
Monochrome - part 2 (JuriSaku)

@akbdaisuki48: thanks daisuki-san. I'm sorry for the late reply, I'm not quiet use yet. hehe.. For YuuNaa OS it's just an old story I made, I also love NaaMegu but not as much as YuuNaa. :P

@Ruka Kikuchi: thank you Ruka-san. Woah you read my fic? I'm glad XD Please enjoy the next part.

Here is the second part. Enjoy~


---Sakura POV---

W-where is this place? This room is really huge. There is a queen size bedroom that filled with dolls. A cute design for it's background with stars picture in the ceilings. Why do I feel familiar with this room?

*Hiks hiks* There is the sound of someone crying. I try to find it's source only to see a little girl curled up and cry with tears flowing down her cute face.I don't know why but seeing her crying figure, I also feel sad. Then I heard her saying something. I walk closer to her.

"M-mom, d-dad where are you? w-why d-did you leave me alone? I-I'm scared?" *hiks*

Seeing her like this, I can't take it anymore.

"Hey.. girl what's wrong? Are you okay? Where is your parents? Don't worry we will find them together?"

Eh.. why didn't she hear me? I tried to call her several times but it's futile. It's like we didn't even belong to the same dimension. She neither see nor hear me. *braak* I jump with the sound of door breaking. There stood a hooded man, I can't see clearly his face.He slowly but surely walk to the girl. The little girl who was surprised look waryly at him and seem so scared with her trembling body. Suddenly my body can't move anymore, I just stand there and watch him grab her.

"No...*whoosh*  hah hah.. it's the same dream again."

I wake up from my nightmare. I keep having the same dream since I'm 10th years old. Usually It's once a month, but with today's dream it will be twice for this month. Actually I don't really remember those dreams after I woke up, it's just I feel it's a terrible dream.

*sigh* It's not like I can do anything about it. I will go and take a shower with all this sweat. Today is the first day team A training to prepare for the tour. Yosh...I must do my best.

---Break Time---

Hah... it's fun. Everyone really do their best today. Mayu-senpai is really dazzling in my eyes. Hm.. I think I will go to the restroom first before having lunch. Suddenly something or someone flash before my eyes and before I can react we already bump into each others.


"O-ouch.. I-I'm sorry. I don't see the way." I quickly said as to not offend them.

"No no.. it's my fault for running in the corridor."

Hm.. It's a familiar voice. I tried to look at her and there she is, Jurina-san. When our eyes met, I couldn't help but held my breath. She is the only one that I look up in 48G. But looking at her now with her sweat run down in her neck, my heart rate quickly rise. For some reasons she look like in pain, also her face is very pale.

"J-jurina-san.." Unconsciously I reach her when she is about to collapsed.

"Jurina-san wake up.. someone please help me.."

Someone come and help me bring her to the infirmary. I was asked by our manager and told him everything I knew. It's seems that she is tired and because I still worried, I volunteer to watch over her until she is concious.

I sit at her side while I read my novels. After thirty minutes passed, I see her frowns. Does she have a nightmare? She looks like in struggle. W-wah.. what should I do? I reach out my hand to her forehead, caress her brow to ease her pain. When she relax I give a sigh of relief. Then I realize, w-why did I do such things to her? *blush*.

"H-hm.. where is this?" T-that's surprised me. Thank God, she is finally awake.

"O-oh.. y-you're awake Jurina-san. This is the infirmary, suddenly you collapsed in front of me. Are you okay?"

"E-eh.. Sakura? Did you bring me here? Thank you. I'm feeling better now."

"J-jurina-san I guess you must go to the hospital, your face has no color it's really pale. Maybe you better go home for today."

"R-really? Y-yeah I will do that. Thank you Sakura."

While she said those things to me, strange feelings start to build up in my heart. Did she just call me by my first name Sakura? When my sense come back, she already gone.

I think I will go back to practice. As I get closer to training room, someone grab my shoulders.

"Sakura, can I have a moment?"

"Oh it's you Haruppi. what's wrong? You don't look good?" It's my friend and teammates, Haruppi that called me. She looks upset and trouble.

"Em.. I saw you came out from the infirmary. Did you the one that help Jurina?"

"Yes, she collapsed in front of me, so I waited until her awake."

"Sakura.. listen to me, from now on don't ever get close to her no matter what." Haruppi suddenly grab my shoulders tightly until it's hurt.

"I-its hurt Haruppi. Please let go of me and what do you mean by it?"

"I-I'm sorry. But at least promise me this, Jurina is different now so don't interact with her anymore okay. I must go before Sayanee scold me again for being late. Bye.. Sakura."

"U-um okay."

*Sigh* She comes and go like the wind. But why did Haruppi saying things like those? I don't think Jurina-san is different. Hm.. forget it.

---6 days later---

It's been a week since the start of the training. Everyone already get the hang of most of our songs. It's just our dance that needs a lot of improvement.
It's already late at night when I arrive at our dorm. Yes, you hear it right. Management provide us from sister groups our own dorm when we got work in Tokyo. It's convenient and save.

When I walk a long corridor to my room number, I see someone fainted in front of my door. I quickly check who is it by turning their body.

"E-eh J-jurina-san.."

---To be continued---

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Re: [Raizel's Fanfic Collection] Monochrome - part 2 (JuriSaku)
« Reply #6 on: October 22, 2016, 12:41:50 AM »
Poor Jurina!

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Re: [Raizel's Fanfic Collection] Monochrome - part 2 (JuriSaku)
« Reply #7 on: October 01, 2017, 03:53:23 AM »
Please update Monochrome! >_<

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