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Author Topic: RenAi Revolution side stories [3.MakixNacchi story: Untitled Part 3]*END*  (Read 10556 times)

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I was wondering should I start a new topic for my side stories or just put them where the orginal story is :mon dunno: But since they are one-shots, not chapters from the main story I decided to start a new topic XD

Anyway, I plan to post here stories about background characters from RR :)

And I have to say this...I've written side story about Gaki and Koharu....Although, I've never planned it, as Gaki will have her apperance in the main story, I did it...I'll post it next week :P

And now the story which takes places before the events mentioned in RR.

It's's's's's Eri ! XD Did I mention that it's random?.... Oh and it's long...

Where is my bunny?
aka. People tend to forget things

I wonder if this gonna damage my eyes…Staring at her so closely...I don’t want to have wonky eyes like Reina...Well, she has only one wonky eye, but this doesn’t really matter...Sayu’s skin is so white like porcelain...Porcelain...Porcelain....I would eat some ice-cream...Vanilla ice-cream....Mhmmm....Vanilla ice-cream on Sayu...It would taste twice as good...Hehe...But she would be cold because of the ice-cream on her body...She would have goosebums for sure...Shame that ice-cream isn’t warm...But if it was warm it no longer would be called ice-cream, right? It would be a warm-cream...So there would be ice-cream and warm-cream...Is it possible to make a warm-cream?...I mean not like just warm cream but like warm-ice-cream...That shadow on the ceiling looks like a bunny...Nah...It’s rather an elephant or maybe...

“Aww~” Nevermind I’m going to sleep...

I snuggel into my “porcelain soft bunny” and close my eyes...Can porcelain be soft?...

I don’t find the answer for this question as I drift off to my dreamland....


* * *

I reach out my hands in search of the soft body with which I wake up so often recently. But as my hands only come across the air, I begin wandering closer to the edge of the bed hoping that soon I will...

“Itai!!!” My searching escapade has its painful end on the floor next to the bed.

“Oh I was looking for that.” I pick up a silver, shining hair pin from under the bed. But as I straighten up to show my finding to the person who should be lying on the bed I realize that the bed is...empty...I pick up the sheet and the pillows but there is no sign of any living form under them...

“Sayu?!...”I shout.

If not my hands then maybe my voice will find her. But unfortunately I don’t get any answer.

Is she in the bathroom?

I check but the bathroom is also empty. However, since I’m already in it I take the opportunity to brush my teeth...

As I finish I check the kitchen and the living room and the corridor.... where the obvious truth finally reaches me.

My Sayu has disappeared?! Wait...Why I feel so cold and numb all of a sudden?...It’s getting darker and darker...Wah!!!...Ok calm down!

I take three deep breaths...

Aliens have kidnapped her!!! No! Remember what Sayu told you? Aliens don’t exist...Yeah, I’m 19 I don’t believe in aliens...However, ghosts are a diffrent story...But ghosts don’t kidnap people, right?...Mou~~ Who will explain to me whether it is possible to make warm-ice-cream?Who will hug me and give me a good morning kiss? Who will demand assurance about her cutness?!

“Sayu where are you!!!”

Ok let’s think logically...

What I know is that Sayu isn’t here...In my apartment...

I closely look around my bedroom.

She took her clothes...Good she isn’t naked...She won’t catch a cold...At least one good information...She can’t be in the studio...We have a day off...But maybe Tsunku called for her...But why?...Maybe he is planning to make a new unit and place Sayu in it...So why didn’t she tell me about that? Oh my God!...Her cellphone!... She left it! I’m not even able to call her!...Ahhh!....Ok who can know something about Sayu’s disappearance?...Reina!...Right she probably has kidnapped her...She always is so angry at her...I mean not always but often...Something about 60% of their dialogues are occupied by Reina shouting at Sayu...Anyway I have to pay Reina a visit...

* * *

I desperately knock to Reina’s door hoping she will help me with finding Sayu.

“I’m coming, I’m coming! ” She opens the door, yawning and scratching the back of her head.

Awww~ She looks so darn cute...She couldn’t kidnap my Sayu after all...

“Eri? What are you doing here? It’s six o’clock.”

Six o’clock?!...Oh my God! I didn’t realize this before...Sayu never gets up so early!!! Something certainly must have happened to her!!!

“Mou~ Reina help me!” I throw myself at her. I feel like I’m going to cry any second...

“Help you? With what?” I let go of her and go to her bedroom to find a place where I can calm down a little.

But as soon as I find this place I realize that Reina’s bed is amazingly uncomfortable or...

Oh I sat on something...It’s....Ai-chan?

Reina takes the photobook from my hands.

“She must have left it here...”She mutters sheepishly and puts the PB into the drawer next to her bed.

I shrug. Ai-chan tends to forget things...

“So anyway what you were talking about that help?”

Right Sayu!

“Mou~Reina help me!”  I again throw myself at her and we land on her bed.

I withdraw my previous words...Her bed actually is pretty comfortable...

“Ok I’ve understood that already. But I still don’t get with what you need that help and why it has to be now at six o’clock in the morning?”

Ahh! She never gets up so early!

“Sayu disappeard...She sleptover my place and in the morning there was no sign of her...”I explain, releasing her from the weight of my body.

“Are you sure she has disappeared?” I nod, emphasizing my sadness and misery with my facial expression.

“Yeah!No more narcistic bunny!Yatta! ”  Reina starts to jump on her bed.

I knew it...You've kidnapped her!

I grab her leg causing her to fall back onto the bed.

“Give me back my bunny! ”  I tug the collar of her pyjamas.

“Calm down Eririn. I was just joking. And since when do you call her YOUR bunny?”

Crap! I’ve said too much... We decided not to tell Reina about us until she finds someone for herself...We don’t want for her to feel like we’re leaving her behind or something...But now I don’t really care about her feelings...I just want my Sayu back!

“I’ll do anything just tell me where she is...” I ask, pleadingly clasping my hands.

“But Kame-chan I don’t know...”She shakes her head.

She doesn’t lie, I can tell when she is lying.


“Yeah...Did you call her?” I take out Sayu’s phone from my pocket.

“Oh I see...Ano...Maybe Gaki will know something as I remind myself she had to go to the studio this morning...”

Yeah Gaki our uniting the generations queen will know something fo sure! She knows everything!

“Thanks Reina. “ I kiss her cheek and quickly rush to the studio which luckily isn’t so far away from Reina’s apartment.

And seems like luck doesn’t abondon me as the first person who is heading into my direction is smiling Gaki-san.

Awww...Ai-chan is lucky to have such an optimistic and reliable sub-leader...I wonder if they end up like Miki and Yossy...In bed...Or maybe they’ve already done that...Nah Gaki would tell me if they did that...She is my friend after all...We are pretty close to each other...Not as close as with Sayu but...Oh my God!...And what if Sayu was jealous about Gaki-san and she decided to leave me? If that’s the truth then I....

“Mou~~ Gaki-san I no longer can be your friend...Forgive me!”  I hug her hoping she will forgive me this sudden ending of our friendship.

“Kame-chan, what’s wrong? Why can’t I be your friend?”

Again she does this weird move with her eyebrows...

“ Eri what are you doing?”

No matter how hard I try I can’t do this in the same why as she...I wonder if this is some kind of genetically conditioned feature...


Oh right I’m not here to imitate her facial expressions...

“Why can’t I be your friend?”

“Casue Sayu has disappeared...”

Again saddness fills my heart...

“What? Ok calm down and tell me everything from the very beginning.”

From the very beginning? Does she mean from the part when Sayu slams me against the wall and begins to kiss me? Mou~~! Sayu come back!

“Iyada! I can’t tell you from the very beginning.”

In fact Sayu told me not to say anyone at least for now...

The queen of reactions stares at me not knowing what to say.

“ But I can tell you from the beginning...” I give her a hint.

“Ok...If you say so...Tell me from the beginning then...”

Again this funny face...Hehe...But anyway what I suppose to..Oh right...

“So I had that dream about talking carrots...”

“Wait.” She cuts off before I move to more exciting part.

“Carrots told you that I couldn’t be your friend? “

“No of course not. “ I frown at her.

Gosh why would carrots want me to end my friendship with Gaki...And they say that I have a strange way of thinking...

“So can we skip that part about the dream?” I look at her sceptically.

“Do you want from the beginning or from the middle then?” I ask, her slightly angry at her indecisiveness.

She hesitates for a while but eventually says:

“ From the middle...” I shrug.

She could say so from the beginning we wouldn’t waste so much time on deciding from where to start...

“Sayu disappeared this morning after she sleptover my place and I think it’s maybe because she was jealous about our friendship...”

Mou~ It’s not elegant for a girl to gape like that Gaki-san...

“Eri haven’t you thought that maybe she is at her home?”

Sayu came back to her home?...That’s the stupidest thing I ever heard...She couldn’t come back to her home just like that without saying goodbye to me...Besides...

“She forgot her cellphone...” I take out the precious memento.

“Eri people tend to forget things you know...” She pats my head smilin.

Maybe she is right...After all it’s Gaki-san she rarely mistakens...

“And why would she be jealous about our friendship?”

Yeah right why would she...She knows she is the only one for me...

“Ok I will check at her apartment...”

“Come on cheer up...Sayu couldn’t have disappeared...Besides if you have her phone she will certainly find you to get it back, right?”

I stare at the pink-white cellar phone with bunny pendant....Right it’s her favourite phone... I know! I'll go to her and give it back to her. She will be happy and again everything will get back to normal.

“Thanks Gaki.” I give her a kiss on the cheek and begin my next journey this time, I hope, to my final destination...Sayu’s home...

* * *

No matter how hard I knock to her door...No matter how many times I ring her doorbell...There is no response...All signs seem to prove my previous theory...That Sayu has been kidnapped by aliens?...No, I already decided that I don’t believe
in aliens anymore! So where is she?

“Where are you Sayu?...” I sigh looking at the clear blue sky.

Even week hasn’t passed from our love confession...It has been five days since I told her that she meant for me more than Reina, Gaki or any other person in the world...And that I really enjoy fooling around with her and...being groped by her...I still remember her bright gleeful smile and those cute, pink, chubby cheeks when I told her all those things...It was the last thing I saw before closing my eyes and responding to her kiss...Mou~~! I miss you Sayu!!!

I stop beside the zoological shop where I notice a pair of white, little rabbits...Next to the bunnies is a cage with one, lonely turtle...Gosh how I would like to go into this shop and just take out this one rabbit and put it to the cage with this turtle...But it’s biologically wrong, right? To keep a rabbit with a turtle...

“But I never really liked biology!” I said to myself as I stepped into the shop...

* * *

Awww~You are as cute as she is...But you are more into carrots then into girls, right? Hehe...How should I name you?Sayu?Nah, it will remind me too much about her...Wait, why am I thinking like I am never going to see her again?...Gosh I bought a rabbit hoping it will cheer me up somehow or subsitute her...Although, it’s cute and fluffy I still want to get back my Sayu...

Ding Dong

“Come in...” I respond still contemplating about my pitful life without Sayu...

“Aww~~ Cute!...Where did you get it?”

“From a zoological shop....Sayu?!”

Oh my God! It’s Sayu or am I having hallucinations? I heard that when you want something to see very much, eventually your mind will create an image of that which looks like a reality to you...So maybe I’m imagining her crouching next to my bed feeding my bunny and stroking it behind it’s ear...

“Want some?”

And now she even puts the carrot into my mouth...

“Nani? Eri you look as if you saw a ghost...”

“Ghosts don’t exist right Sayu?” I take out the carrot and observe her warily.

“Of course not Eri.” She pats my head.

Why everyone does this? But anyway...It’s she...It really is Michishige Sayumi...

“Sayu you came back! So you haven’t been kidnapped by aliens...And Reina didn’t capture you to torture you and you didn’t leave me cause you were jealous about Gaki!”  I cuddle to her.

“Nani? Kame-chan I told you I was going to the dentist the next morning .”

Dentist? Wait, before I was slammed to that wall we had a lunch...Oh yeah she was talking something about her teeth...Gaki-san was right people tend to forget things...

“Nee, Eri where do you have a cage for this rabbit?”


People tend to forget things...

“You know rabbit needs a cage...”

I don’t know how I would be able to survive without her....I would stay in my shell for the rest of my life forgetting to stick out my head from time to time...

“You forgot to buy it, right?” I nod grinning, knowing she will forgive me my unreliability.

I wasn’t thinking about a cage at that time...I just wanted the rabbit...

“Ok come on, we will introduce our new friend to someone...” She stands up and takes the bunny into her hands.

“She will like it.”

Wait a minute....I know this smirk...Sayu is plotting something...

“Where are we going?” I ask not able to hide my anticipation.

“You will see...” She takes me by the hand and the three of us set off on a new adventure...

* * *

“Are you sure it’s a good idea?” I ask, but she ignores my question and knocks to the door.

“Don’t worry...”

If she thinks that her wink can convince me then...she is right...

“Oh Sayu so you haven’t disappeared after all...Great...But you could call me Eri there was no need in bringing her here with you...Anyway, I’m glad that aliens haven’t kidnapped you so you can go now...Bye, bye!” Reina tries to close the door, but Sayu’s hands prevent that to happen.

“Very funny Reina...But I didn’t come here to show you I’m alive, but to introduce you someone...”

Yosh now my turn...

“Tah-dah!” I reach out my hands, proudly presenting her our rabbit.

“Kawaii~ ”

Yep, Reina may act tough but she still likes cute stuff...She really has a soft heart...

She takes the bunny from me, meanwhile I and Sayu take the opportunity of her being absorbed by the animal an step inside...

“Cookies!” Sayu squeals noticing Reina’s table in the living room.

“What! No they are mine! Stay away!”  She hands me the bunny and runs to the room.

“And Reina had cookies, nee usagi-chan?” 

As I pass next to her kitchen I also catch a glimpse of something interesting...

“Ice-cream...” Driven by some kind of mutual instinct I go to the kitchen and take the box with ice-cream.

Shame that Reina is here...I would test my theory about ice-cream on Sayu’s body...

I get back with ice-cream to the living room and place the rabbit on Reina’s sofa. I would let it run on the floor but currently it's occupied by two people who run in circles...So I’m afraid they would crush our fluffy friend...

“Shame you didn’t buy vanilla flavored...” I point out to Reina as she passes me for the third time...

“My ice-cream! How did...Who let you...”

Oh my she is so red like she would have a fever...She needs to cool off a bit...



“Why did you put the ice-cream from your spoon on my cheek?...”

“You seemed to be overheated so I decided to cool you off...” I poke her nose with the spoon.

“Ok that’s it! Give me that!” She grabs the edge of the box.

“No way!” I tug the opposite edge.

You know there is this law of physics I don’t really know what it says, but when two people tug some object in opposite directions very strongly and eventually one of them just lets it go, the other one lands far, far away from the first one...

In Reina’s case it meant to hit the wall with her head and hit the shelf while wanting to get up from underneath it...But it couldn’t hurt that bad...I’m sure that the box of chocolate ice-cream on her head had soften the hits...

“I give up! Do whatever you want I don’t care!” She crawls up from under the shelf.

She looks really cute with that chocolate flowing down her face...

Slamming the door of her bathroom, she leaves me with laughing Sayu.

“Good job Eri.” She leans on my shoulder still giggling.

Huh?Good job?But I haven't done anything...

“Want to see a film.” She asks pointing at Reina’s DVD collection.

“Sure.” I smile and take place next to the rabbit on the sofa.

Reina always have funny films...

“Let see what we have here...” Sayu begins to ransack a shelf with Reina’s films.

“Maybe this one...” She chooses something not showing me.

Well, she knows I like the same films as she, so it’s ok with me.


“Give me that! ” 

Reina?! How did she...A while ago she was in the bathroom...Now she is standing with her wet hair above Sayu holding the CD which Shige just took out from the DVD player.

Gosh, so what that she watches her own Love–Hello DVD...

Reina stares at us, but not pissed off rather scared or terrified about the fact that we discovered that CD...

I look at Sayu and we both shrug as Reina disappears behind her bedroom door.

“Yosh! Let’s watch.” Sayu joins me on the sofa.

After a few minutes I catch a glimpse of Reina who leaves the bedroom and now is rummaging in her kitchen.

She gets back with a bowl of popcorn and one carrot.

Without a word she exchanges with me the rabbit for the bowl and takes place next to me.

“Play from the begining, I haven’t seen this film.” She states and Sayu presses the proper button on the remont control.

“Nee, how did you call it?” Reina asks playing with rabbit'ss ears.

“We haven’t called it yet.” I respond joing her in stroking the bunny.

“So it will be Reina Jr.”

“What? Why Reina? Have you forgotten who wears bunny ears in Haromoni? It should be Sayumi Jr.” Sayu outrages and truns on the pause.

“What? It’s stupid. Ok, so let Eri decide.” Reina indicates at me holding the rabbit in the air just before my eyes.

I don’t know why though...I’m not blind I can see it...

“Let’s call it Carrot-san.”

They make this funny faces like Risa from the morning...

“Carrot? You want to call it like its food?” She swings the carrot like it would be a saber.

“He likes carrots so I thought he will like this name.” I explain to them moving aside Reina’s hand  before I wil lose my eye.

“That’s even stupider...It has to be Reina Jr.”

“No way! Sayu Jr!”

Hey some people want to watch the damn film! Gosh if I don’t come up with something they will end up arguing for the whole evening...If not Carrot-san, if not Reina Jr. nor Sayu Jr. then maybe...

“I know!”

“Eri if you think about the cabbage better save it for yourself.”

“And if you had the cabbage you would for sure put it before my eyes, right? “


“Nevermind...Let’s call it Rokkie Jr.”

They both fall silent and look at each other.

“It’s not so bad...What do you think Sayu?”

“Yeah it’s cute.”

“Yosh so Rokkie Jr...Can you now turn on the film?” I ask Sayu, she nods and grants my request.

“So, Rokkies have their offical mascot, huh?”

We both giggle at Reina statement. Only Rokkie Jr. stays uncredibly calm not aware of the whole situation...

We get back to watching the film and that’s how another day passes by in the 6th generation family...
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Re: RenAi Revolution side stories [1.Where is my bunny?]
« Reply #1 on: May 08, 2008, 01:02:45 AM »
That's soooo cute!  :lol: I love how Eri's thoughts are all scattered and panicky! Great side story!

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Re: RenAi Revolution side stories [1.Where is my bunny?]
« Reply #2 on: May 08, 2008, 05:52:02 AM »
The complete randomness was wicked. :lol:

JPH!P :heart:'s Fushigidane, ChrNo, Jab & marimari. Always.

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Re: RenAi Revolution side stories [1.Where is my bunny?]
« Reply #3 on: May 08, 2008, 05:54:12 AM »
I think you really well captured how spacey little Eri can be xD brilliant!

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Re: RenAi Revolution side stories [1.Where is my bunny?]
« Reply #4 on: May 08, 2008, 12:05:35 PM »
Oh wow. What a wicked side story.

I love Eri's dizzyness, so cute :wub: and Reina being so Yankii at her door - possibly because she was watching her own Alo-Hello or looking through Ai-chan's PB again LOL

I can't wait for the Gaki x Koha story. I really want to see how those two pan out.

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Re: RenAi Revolution side stories [1.Where is my bunny?]
« Reply #5 on: May 08, 2008, 12:31:08 PM »
oh good god Eri's brain is insane XD  and so much fun!  Awesome story!  :heart:

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Re: RenAi Revolution side stories [1.Where is my bunny?]
« Reply #6 on: May 08, 2008, 02:34:18 PM »
Thanks guys :roll: I'm so glad you liked it  :hee:

I think it came out so random since the circumstances were pretty random...The first and the second part I've written during two hours of my history lessons...and I decided to maintain that randomness XD Honestly, I really enjoyed writing this story, that's probably why it's so long :D

Anyway, I also plan to write a story from Sayu's POV... It'll be about the events which Eri mentioned  8)

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Re: RenAi Revolution side stories [1.Where is my bunny?]
« Reply #7 on: May 08, 2008, 02:49:08 PM »
It's so funny!  :D I especially like the part about the rabbit and the turtle..well, it reminds me of the old tale about their race. Of course, Kamei and Sayu will be walking together in this case :lol: Good job XD

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Re: RenAi Revolution side stories [1.Where is my bunny?]
« Reply #8 on: May 16, 2008, 08:13:31 PM »
I'm back with the long awaited story XD I still can't figure out how I wrote this one (I hope it won't be my suicide as a writer  :sweatdrop: ) Honestly, I don't know what to write about this maybe I'll come up with something after your comments... :D Oh and next week we come back to the main story :)

A dash through the crowd

It’s already half past two…Well, she warned me she could be late as her teacher wanted to talk with her…I just hope Tsunku-san won’t come up with anything now… Well, you are a sub-leader now you have to come to terms with new duties...Duties...Duties?...Duties?! Crap! I forgot to take the script for the new episodes of Robby! What now?! I have to...

“CHA~ CHA~ Chance!”

In short...I barely managed to keep my balance after someone jumped on my shoulders and almost became deaf from the happy squeal that was accompanying that action...

“Koharu-chan...You surprised me...” I say, rubbing my shoulder.

She may be fifteen but she still is one of the tallest members in the band and to my bad luck she also doesn’t seem to be aware of her own strenght...

“Ohayo Gaki-san!” She squeezes me like a huge teddy bear.

“O...Ohayo...” I mutter, returning the hug which lasts a little bit longer than the usual greeting hug..

“Ano...Could you let go of me already...People are staring at us...”

“Oh...Gomenasai...” She bows her head and steps aside.

Honestly, I just can’t be angry at this puppy face...

“It’s ok...Let’s go.” I take her hand and we leave the metro station.

“So, how was your day at school?” I ask, after I’m able to seal her energy with my palm.

“Great! I got A from my math exam!” I stare at her not hiding my amazement.

I totally understand why Tsunku–san called her Miracle-san...When it comes to her, sometimes you can’t help but to think “It’s a miracle”...

“Congratulations then...”


“So, where do you want to go?”

“Hmm...We could go to the cinema, then to eat something, then to amusement park, then again eat, then shopping, then...”

“Ano Koharu...” I cut off, before she’ll get carry away even more.

“I don’t think we have enough time for this unless you can stay till tomorrow morning...” She looks at me as if I revealed  to her some uncomprehendable truth....

“I can’t...” She states sadly.

Gosh, she thought that I was talking seriously...

“Eto...I know Koharu...I know...So, maybe we’ll go for a walk to the park?”

“Yosh! To the park then!” She throws me a grin and jerks tugging my hand.

“Wait!!!” I manage to stop her just in time.


“ C...Car...” I stammer, feeling how my heart races, probably as fast as that car just now...Seconds later and we both would end up under it...


Gosh she is

I take a deep breath and settle down.

“It’s ok...Cheer up...”

After all, we are still alive...It’s a miracle but we still are...Still...

In the end, we managed to pass through the great obstacle in form of pedestrian passage and didn’t lose any parts of our bodies...


What now?...

“Have you seen?!”

“Seen what?” I ask calmly.

“Mitsui there!” She points her finger at the crowd before us. But although I’m famous for my great sight, this time I’m not able to localize the person who Koharu mentioned...

“I don’t see~!”

She abruptly tugs my hand and I find myself dashing through the crowd of people trying not to bump into anyone and not to step in the puddles...I feel like a bad guy from a thriller film who is escaping from the police...Or a hostage of that bad guy...

Our dash ends as suddenly as it started...But unfortunately I’m not able to stop myself so abruptly...I crash into Koharu, rebound and have a close meeting with concrete...


“Ah! Gomenasai Gaki-san! Are you alright?” She reaches her hand to me and helps me stand up.

“Yeah...” Or maybe not...

She walks me off to the bench. I plop, lean my head back and close my eyes.

Honestly, who needs extreme sports? Simple trip to the town with Koharu will assure you so many thrilling emotions that a bungee jump comparing to that it’s like playing in a sandpit...

“Here you are Gaki-san.” I open my eyes to notice a can of soda.

Awww~ She bought me a drink how nice of her...


“Ano...It wasn’t Mitsui after all...Sorry for running away so suddenly...” She explains embarrassedly.

Again this face...

“It’s alright...I’m not mad...” I sigh and take a sip of my drink.

“Eto..Gaki-san?” She murmurs, nervously tapping the can with her finger.


“Have you...Have you and Ai-chan had an argument?”

“Me and Ai-chan? No, why would we?”

“Casue lately you two rarely hang out together...I thought it was maybe my fault...”

“Your fault? Gosh of course not. Why would it be your fault?”

“I don’t know...But I thought that you two...You know...” She deliberately leaves the sentence unsaid.

“Wait....Don’t tell me that you thought...That I and Ai-chan...That we...”

I wonder why I’m making all those weird gestures with my hands...It’s not like I can show with them what I mean, right?...

I stare at her as she changes her colour to bright red and confirms with that all my suspicions...

“Gah! No we weren’t...I mean we aren’t...I mean we are just friends!”  I shout into her face.

What a sudden exchange of roles....

She looks at me slightly terrified by my reaction.

“Go...Gomenasai...” She stutters.

“It’s alright...I should be the one to apologize...” I bow my head in shame.

Great job sub-leader...

“Ano...We don’t hang out lately cause she is busy with her leader duties, you know...”

Well, it’s partially the truth, cause for example, today she is at Reina’s place and who knows what are they doing there...Gah! My innocent Ai-chan has turned into hentai! Where did I go wrong?

“Gaki-san? Is everything ok?”

I open my eyes realizing that I just crushed an empty can in my hand...

“Eto...Mhm...Don’t worry. I’m just stressed a littel bit...” She smiles indulgently at me.

“But Ai-chan sure is something, right?”

“Mhm...”I nod in agreement.

Hentai or not she still is my best friend and great leader at the same time...

“And Gaki-san is great sub-leader, nee?”  She pats my head.

I stare at her speechlessly, feeling how my cheeks turn theirs colour.

“Arigatou Koharu-chan...”

To tell the truth it’s the first time someone said it to me...

“But you probably would prefer Miki as your leader...” I blurt out.

Her smile fades away.

Can someone tell me why on earth did I mention her name? Have I gone mad? I know she had a crush on her big idol...

“Why?” She asks bluntly.

“Ano...didn’t you like her?”

“I did...but it’s not like I think you are worse or something...I’m glad that Ai-chan is the leader and you are her sub-leader...”

I know she isn’t lying, I know she doesn’t say this to make me feel better or something. She says this cause that’s how she feels...It’s so simple...Just because we are...That’s enough for her...Sometimes, I would like to have this carefree attitude she has...That’s what I like about her...Although, she is a member in a highly popular group and solist she still is an ordinary middle-schooler...Well, ordinary in her extraordinarity I guess...Ok, I admit she may have her own world but does it matter when she is happy in it? She doesn’t really care what other think about her...She is just doing her job, enjoying it and having great fun...What else does she need?...Well, she is hyperactive sometimes but she will grow out of it. At least I think so...But the truth is that even though today the sky is grey, it’s cold and windy she still is smiling happily and unaware of it I smile with her...

“Gaki-san?” She waves her hand before my eyes.


“Funny you spaced out like Ai-chan just now.” She giggles and I join her.

“So where are we going now?”I stand up reaching a hand to her. She gazes somewhere into distance then at me and eventually pulls me back to the bench.

“Nowhere...let’s stay here...” She leans her head on my shoulder and squeezes my palm.

I read the inscrpition on the can, it says...light...

The level of sugar in her blood went down, huh?...Nah...To tell the truth she now is even more sweeter then before...Heh...

* * *

Walking through alleys of already bare trees, watching how the sun disappears behind the pink from its glow clouds, I feel amazingly calm, everything is so peaceful...

“How pretty~” She squeals, squeezing tighter my arm.


Sun did us a huge favour, showing itself at the end of the day...But I’m glad that the weather didn’t change completely and it’s still quite cold...That way I have an excuse to stick so close to her...Gosh, this whole atmosphere it’s kinda...romantic?...Or maybe I’ve just watched too many films...But we’ve never spent time together like that...I wonder if that accident affected her present behaviour...We’ve never talked about it...Just those sheepish, shy looks and smiles we gave each other were proof that it actually has happened...

I still don’t know how did it happen though...I always were able to control my own body...But then it was like my mind went blank...She was lying there defenceless, with strands of hair falling on her face, breathing quietly and...those slighlty open lips against which I pressed my own...Guess for the first time in my life I didn’t think about possible consequences of my actions...Chibi Risa devil on my shoulder shouted into my ear “Go for it! Kiss her!” so I did it...And when she opened her eyes I wished for that to be just a dream...But as she hugged me and whispered “Stay...” I laid down, hold her gently in my arms and simple as that, I fell asleep...Why has she wanted me to stay? Has she felt lonely?I don’t know I’ve never asked and I also haven’t taken Ai-chan’s advice...I still haven’t found courage to tell her how I feel...

“What’s up with this sulky face Gaki-san~?” She asks in a singy-songy manner casuing me to grin uncontrollably.

“That’s better! Genki Gaki-san!”

“Not as genki as you...” I mutter under my breath.

Should I talk with her about it?...


“No...nothing...Ano...Actually I wanted to ask about something...Remember that night before our....”

“You know what!” She cuts off before I’m able to reach the heart of the matter.

“Eto...” I’m surprised by this sudden outburst of energy.

“New characters will appear in my anime!”


I don’t know what to say... Why all of a sudden Kirarin came back?...Wait ...Is she doing this on purpose? Casue she doesn’t want to mention that kiss?...If so...then I’ll withdraw..

“It’s getting late...Should I see you off?” I smile trying to hide my disappointment.

“Mhm...” She nods, staring at the dead leaves at her feet.

“What’s up with this sulky face~?” I poke gently her cheek imitating her previous tone.

She giggles quietly, lifting her gaze, meeting my tiny presence with these brown eyes and takes my hand...

* * *

After walking for some time in complete silence we finally reach her house. It’s already dark. She lets go of my arm and stands before me. It got even colder I can see the air she is exhaling...She looks so different in this weak moonlight with her long ,black hair, add to this image her height and she probably looks more mature than me...

“Ano...” We mutter simultaneously and begin to laugh quietly, like afraid that someone may hear us.

“Thanks for the meeting and see you tomorrow...” I mumble, hiding my shyness behind wide grin.

She nods wordlessly with weak smile on her face and turns around.

I observe her as she goes up the stairs of her house.

Why didn’t I hug her?...But if she wanted a hug she would simply hug me...So she didn’t want to?...Gosh, Risa what do you want from her ?She still is just a kid...To protect her from the cruel world that may use her naivety and pure, kind heart?...Maybe...You’re thinking too much Risa, definitely too much...So, what’s now?...Script?! Oh well, I can take it tomorrow... It’s not like I have to learn it by heart...I wonder what Ai-chan is doing now...Maybe she came back from Reina’s place...If so maybe I could sleepover at her apartment...

Unaware of it I took out my cellphone and dailed the number.

“Moshi, moshi.” She answers giggling and squealing.


“Oh Gaki-san...What’s up?... ” I hear the second voice laughing in the background.“Reina ...Stop it! I’m talking on the phone! ”

Oh so she is still with her....

“Ano...Nothing really...” I mumble embarrassedly listening to their cheerful voices. “I will call you later...”

“Are you sure...REINA !!!” She screams in her low voice. I stare terrified at the phone.

“Is everything ok?...” I ask timidly.

“’s...ok...” Ai-chan’s squeal turns into...moan and my face turns crimson.

“Gaki-san?” Tanakachin’s voice resounds in the reciver.

“Yeah?” I stutter surprised by the sudden change of my partner in conversation.

“She will call you back, ok?”

“Ok...”I murmur, trying not to sound disappointed.

“Bye, bye~” She exclaims happily and hangs up.


I slip the phone to my pocket before I’ll come up with another stupid idea, call Eri and the situation will repeat. Honestly, what was I thinking? It’s obvious that she will spend the night with her...

After a second my phone resounds. I look at its screen.

“Ai-chan?” I ask, confused.

“Sorry about the previous thing...Reina is already harmless...”


“Yeah I killed her...”


“Just kidding...”

“Ai-chan! It’s not funny!” I scream in disapproval and Reina screams the same thing in the background.

“I closed her in the bathroom....But anyway what was that thing you wanted to talk about?”

“Nothing important. I’ll talk with you tomorrow.” I explain to her quickly.


“Yeah. Bye.”

Have your fun...

“Bye...” She mutters surprised by my actions.

It’s not like I’m mad at them. I can’t blame them for being in love, right? It’s just I feel kinda...lonely?...

Nee, Koharu-chan want to take another dash through the crowd?....

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Re: RenAi Revolution side stories [2. A dash through the crowd.]
« Reply #9 on: May 16, 2008, 08:40:08 PM »
So many types of "Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww" that could be used here like the:

:oops: Awwwwwwwwwww at Risa and Koharu hanging out and Koharu's annoying bubbliness

then the

:shy1: Awwwwwwwwwww for Risa pining for Aichan

THEN the

:cry: Awwwwwwwwwww for Risa getting lonely.

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Re: RenAi Revolution side stories [2. A dash through the crowd.]
« Reply #10 on: May 17, 2008, 01:36:51 AM »
Man, now I cannot see what Gaki sees in Koharu. She's wayyyy too happy! Even happier than Gaki herself. But they're still pretty cute. I feel bad for her and Ai-chan though. I know Ai-chan's in love with Reina but........  :cry:
In any case, I cracked up when Ai-chan moaned. Poor Gaki must have been so embarassed! 8)

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Re: RenAi Revolution side stories [2. A dash through the crowd.]
« Reply #11 on: May 17, 2008, 07:34:36 AM »
AWWW.. :cry:

i like the calling part..nyahah..naughty Reina.. XD XD

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Re: RenAi Revolution side stories [2. A dash through the crowd.]
« Reply #12 on: May 18, 2008, 12:09:15 PM »
the Koha/Gaki coupling is so cute.  :wub: They seem to like each other but are too shy to talk about it.. Shame this is a side-story.
Lol at Ai-chan's moan!  XD

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Re: RenAi Revolution side stories [2. A dash through the crowd.]
« Reply #13 on: August 03, 2008, 08:23:52 PM »
Geez haven't been here in a long time XD Well, nevermind since now I'm back with the new side story which will probably have 3 or 4 parts(I'm not quite sure yet :sweatdrop: ) Anyway, this is something different from what I've written so far :roll: It's...hmmm...unfluffy? :P Yeah, definitely unfluffy... but either way I had fun writing this XD I don't know whether you will love or hate Natsumi after reading this but I personally don't hold any grudges against her, I really like her ;) However, she and Maki always seemed to me like an angsty pairing, though I don't have any idea why XD I hope this will explain everything which was mentioned in the main story so now enjoy and comment  :hee:

Part I

I rise my heavy eyelids and stare for a few seconds at the shadows on the ceiling before completely regaining my consciousness. I must have fallen asleep while watching that old drama. I roughly rub my eyes and glance upon the clock. It’s 22:00. She probably is already after the show...

I look around the murky room, weakly ligthen by the radiating tv screen. It’s peaceful and quiet like always. Even when she is here nothing really changes. Just that then the silence isn’t equal to loneliness....Gosh, since when I’m so nostalgic...Guess since the last time she was here...three weeks ago?....It’s ok...she’ll call...

I sit up on the couch and ponder whether to stand up or not. Finally, I find enough willingness in me to leave the comfortable, warm couch and go to the kitchen. Taking the jar out of my kitchen shelf, I stare at its label.

Coffee?...Great choice at ten o’clock....

I put it back and decide to drink some milk. Holding the glass with white liquid, I plop in my couch and skip the channels. There is nothing which could particularly interest me but I don’t turn it off as then the complete darkness would overcome the room. Just as I finish my milk, the sound of my phone reverberates in the room, violently breaking the silence.

~Namida nuredasu hitomi yasashiku…~

Gosh, I still didn’t change this ringtone she set for me a month ago...But I guess it can stay like this, since it's set only for her calls...

“Moshi, moshi.”

“Hi, did I wake you up?” A quiet, tired-like voice greets me in the reciver.

“No, I wasn’t sleeping.”

“Good...How are you doing?” Seemingly, relived with my answer her voice changes into more enthusiastic one.


I wish it’d be true...

Maybe she also wishes that as an awkward silence falls between us.

“ was the show?”

Work...that’s the topic about which we can always talk...

“Great. The crowd was very lively. They’re amazing you know.”

I don’t know why but this cheerful tone in which she says those words, somehow irritates me.

“It’s because you’re amazing...”

“Nacchi....” She giggles quietly at my compliment and her cute smile appeares in my mind, erasing the previous unpleasant feeling.

“What? It’s true...” I coo cheerfully, grinning at this sudden role exchange that would never take place if she was here.

“Shame that I’m not enough amazing to do something in order to be with you now...” I hear a quiet murmur of an exhaling air as she ends her sad remark.

“It’s ok...” I quickly assure her.

“No, it’s not Nacchi.” She says plainly. “I shouldn’t be here now. They came up with this show out of nowhere. Last month we didn’t even get a chance to spend our anniversary together....And to make things worse my brother....” She doesn't end this bitter thought.

“Gosh, at times like this I really would like to quit, you know...but I guess it’s too late now...” She adds grudgingly.

Maybe not...

“But you’re coming back tomorrow, right?” I try to unload the tension but my words don’t seem to cheer her up as she maintains the sad tone.

“Ano...Yocchan called me today. She wanted to meet with me tomorrow and talk about some important issue.”

“Oh...and what did you say to her?” I ask neutrally, trying to stifle my disappointment.

“That I’m meeting with you. So...she proposed that we could meet together.”

“I-see...” I stutter losing my composure.

“You know it would be easier if we...”

“Maki please....” I implore her, hoping it’ll save us from another conversation about that issue.

“But she is our friend, she won’t tell anybody...” Now she persistently begs me for changing my decision.

“Yeah, until she gets drunk...” I retort more bitterly than I intended to.

“You’re overreacting...” She pays me back with the same amount of bitterness in her voice.

“No I just...I want to protect you...” I respond silkier.

“From what? From my friends? I’m fed up with hiding this. It’s tiring for me...Can’t you just trust in them?”

“It’s not a matter of trust....”

“So a matter of what?” She cuts in irritated by my words.

“Maki...” I whisper pleadingly.

“Gomenasai...I shouldn’t bring up this topic...Forgive me...”

No...I should be the one asking for your forgiveness...

“It’s ok...”

“You always say this although it’s never true...” Her resigned voice in which she says this painful truth stings my heart.

“Ano...I’m tired...I think I’ll go to sleep...We’ll meet tomorrow...” I mange to say these words overcoming the suffocating feeling inside of me.

“Mhm...I’m also tired...”

“Ojasumi...” I say supposing it’s the end of our conversation but she still continues as if not really wanting to end it like this.



“I love you...” I feel my eyes moisten at the sound of these simple words said in that soft, sorrowful voice.

“I love you too...” I whisper trying hard not to choke with tears.


I sit stiff on the couch, listening to the monotonous signal announcing me that she has already hung up.

She loves me despite all those things...despite me being a coward....She is right...they are our friends. So, why I just can’t trust them?....Am I scared that they will take her away from me? However, she already belongs to the millions and I still selfishly want to keep her just for myself....But I also don’t want to be the reason of the end of her career....Nonetheless, I’m already restraining her...I’m sure I’m the reason why she hasn’t left yet, although I know she is better than H!P and deserves for something more than this...than me...She loves her work, its just those guys kill that passion in her which she had from the beginning....Those guys and me...So, I guess its time to let her go...I started this and I’ll have to end it....For her own good....

* * *

I scan the text again not paying attention to its meaning. It doesn’t matter anyway since it’s always about the same....Love....

“Natsumi-san, I’m going now. Keep the lyrics and see you tomorrow.”

“Mhm.” I nod at my manager and wave goodbye to him as he leaves the studio. Leaning back in my seat I close my eyes.

Silence before the storm....It’s for her own good...remember...

A quiet knock to the frame door wakes me up from my thoughts. I gaze over my shoulder at her. I’m happy that she is here but sad at the same time cause I’ll be the reason of her bright smile to fade away.


“Okaeri.” I fling my arms around her neck, hugging her tightly as if afraid she would vanish any second.

“Gosh, again you’re crying....You still are such a cry baby.”

“Gome...” I sob, smiling through tears as she wipes them off with her warm hand.

But this time they aren’t the tears of joy caused by her presence finally being next to me...

“Ready? Yocchan is already waiting for us.” She brushes a strand of hair behind my ear, smiling weakly at my lingering stare. Suddenly, I feel something boiling in me, some kind of severe frustration.

I don’t want to go anywhere....I want to stay with

“Nacchi, is something wrong?” She asks concerned with my silence.

“’s just I thought that Hitomi can wait...” I lean closer to her and press my lips against hers unmoved ones.

“Nacchi, what are you?...Someone may....” She places her hands on my arms, holding me back but doing this too gently to really stop my actions.

“Gomenasai...” I whisper into her ear.

For what do I apologize? For using her kind heart...for hurting her....for wanting her to be for me when not being always for her....You shouldn’t love me...rather hate me...

My eyes watery when I force my way into her mouth....I focus on taking the most of this kiss...last kiss....It’s probably the most passionate kiss we have ever shared. My tongue roughly slides against hers, for the first time winning the battle for dominance. My hands under her blouse, caressing her smooth belly. She isn’t protesting anymore. Why would she? After all, she was the one who always provoked situations like this. But up until now, I was always holding her back, at least when we were in places like that...

“What the hell is going on here?!”

In a split second, we jerk back from each other. However, the harsh voice of my manager still sinisterly resounds in my head as I hang it down. Partially, from the shame but mostly because I don’t want to look into her wide open, terrified eyes...

“Natsumi, what that supposed to mean?”

And what? are blind or something?...

I impassively stare at the floor, hoping it’ll fall under my feet. I want to disappear into thin air...erase my existence...just die…

“ long this lasts?”

How long?....Too long I guess...

I eventually rise my eyes, noticing Maki’s clenched fists. She is angry, furiously angry, but not at me…at him…I know this....

“You know, it doesn’t matter whether it started yesterday, weeks ago or a while ago. It has to end now.” He darkly emphasizes the last word.

“No...” Maki says plainly.

“What? Listen, who do you think you are, huh? You think that if you’re a big idol you can do whatever you want?” He asks scandalized by her attitude.

“I’ll leave.” She spits warningly.

“Are you threating me? Don’t froget you’re no one without us...” He retorts scathingly.

“Oh yeah? Well, then let’s find out about this...Nacchi...” She reaches her hand to me.

You want me to leave with you?....What for?...You don’t need someone as pathetic as me besides I....I know you’ll do better without them....without me....So...

I turn my gaze away from her slowly darkening face.


“Gomenasai...” I whisper in a shaky voice.

“But...but I thought...”

“If you want to ruin your career and life that’s ok but don’t ruin hers...” My manager states firmly, stepping between us. Seconds later I hear her high heels clattering on the parquet floor as she runs out of the room.

“Don’t tell anyone...” I mutter, looking as the salty drops are falling under my feet.

“It’s ok....I won’t tell...”’s not never was in the first place...

* * *

I wake up in an empty bed as the coldness of the dark room pierce my body. I shiver and tug the sheet to cover myself. The sunlight is blocked by the heavy, grey clouds, so although it’s morning, it doesn’t feel like one at all. Everything it’s so somber and depressing but above all, I realize that the slience around me annoys me like never before. For the first time in my life, I just can’t stand it. I thought I got used to it. Guess I was wrong...cause although lately,  we’ve seen each other rarely, in times like this I still could say to myself that we would eventually meet...that thought was always at the back of my mind and now....

A knock to the door interrupts my brooding. I don’t really feel like standing up and exposing myself to the contact with the cold floor but I don’t have a choice as the knocking don’t want to cease.

I look through the peephole and my eye widen in shock.

Why...why is she here?.....

“Nacchi?...I know you’re in there. You don’t have to let me in but...can I ask you just one question?....” I slide down against the door nodding to myself. I can’t let her in. I know that if I do she will ruin my resolve and I’ll be sweep away again...


One word...just one word and enquirers about so much...

“It’ll be better for us this way...”

I really want to believe in those words....

“So, was it bad before?” She carries on in this quite, soft voice.“Have those five years meant nothing to you?”

I shake my head denying her words, shutting my eyes, want this damn tears to stop from running down my face....

“You know it doesn’t have to end like this...She can help us...”

Yeah, she would....if I hadn’t already told her not to interfere...

“Natsumi...” She says my name with such a sadness in her voice that although we’re seperated by these doors, I feel how it encompasses me.

“Gomenasai...” I whisper bringing my cheek closer to the cold doors.

“Is this your final answer?...”


That’s it...with this word I cut off the last string that was connecting us....

“Then I’m leaving alone...Sayonara...”

It hurts...a part of me has just died....I can’t even describe the emptiness that I’m feeling now....Wonder…

Will this feeling ever go away?....

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Re: RenAi Revolution side stories [3.MakixNacchi story: Untitled Part 1]
« Reply #14 on: August 03, 2008, 09:46:29 PM »
Aw.. Great. I just started my day by reading a sweet but really bitter story..  :cry: It's sad that Nacchi decided what's good for them on her own, after 5 years... i dunno. It kinda shows how weak their bond is here in this story, well just my thought. Nacchi = Work? , Maki = Nacchi.  :-\ can't wait for the next part!

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Re: RenAi Revolution side stories [3.MakixNacchi story: Untitled Part 1]
« Reply #15 on: August 03, 2008, 11:25:20 PM »
Oh my gosh that was so sad *cries*
Poor Maki
poor Nacchi

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Re: RenAi Revolution side stories [3.MakixNacchi story: Untitled Part 1]
« Reply #16 on: August 04, 2008, 01:38:17 AM »
I've always wanted to know the back story. So it seems these two had problems even before Abe's manager caught them. Poor Gocchin.... :mon runcry: But I guess I really can't blame Abe either. She was doing what she wanted and that's just how it goes sometimes. Anyway, can't wait for an update!

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Re: RenAi Revolution side stories [3.MakixNacchi story: Untitled Part 1]
« Reply #17 on: August 04, 2008, 08:38:33 PM »
I've always loved the Maki/Nacchi pairing, so by you giving this side story so much attention, I still hold hope that they will get back together with ReinAi's help :heart:
I'm certainly don't hate Nacchi after this, I actually like her more than I did before it :P
The way I see it, she really wasn't think about things as a whole... She was scared, not just about loosing her own career but loosing Maki completely as well... Instead of taking the chance to fight for what she wants and possibly failing, she just gave up thinking that would be the safest option for everyone and the less painful... But it's never that easy :(
Poor Gocchin of course :cry: But even more so, poor Nacchi  :mon cry: I've made the same decision as her before, but in my case, it wasn't a mistake.
I can't wait for Gocchin to find out the truth of why they broke up! :w00t:

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Re: RenAi Revolution side stories [3.MakixNacchi story: Untitled Part 1]
« Reply #18 on: August 10, 2008, 01:19:00 AM »

JPH!P :heart:'s Fushigidane, ChrNo, Jab & marimari. Always.

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Re: RenAi Revolution side stories [3.MakixNacchi story: Untitled Part 1]
« Reply #19 on: August 11, 2008, 02:33:18 PM »
And now something about the past.... :) Gosh I still don't know how to end this story but I hope to quickly come up with something cos I finally want to get back to the main story :sweatdrop: Anyway, I hope this will explain some things if not then... it may be a hint how to end the story... XD

Part II

“Then I’m leaving alone...Sayonara...”

I hear your quiet sobbing coming through the door. I would like to hug you, wipe away your tears and say that everything will be ok like you always told me...but the cold door that separate us doesn't allow me to...I really was ready to give up everything for you don’t want me anymore...So, just like I promised...I will stay with you as long as you want me to...I would like you to go with believed you would go with me...but if that is your  decision then I won’t force you...Besides, I know that no matter what will I say or do now, you won’t change your decision...Though I still don’t understand why...I can’t believe you’re choosing your career over me so if it’s because I’ve done something wrong then I hope you’ll forgive me this...

Walking through the crowded street, feeling how the cold wind accidentally wipes the tears of my moist face, I try to remind myself how did it all start...

It was the day of my graduation. I thought that everything would end then, yet it turned out to be a beginning of something new...

5 years ago...

So, it’s the end...3 years in the band and I’ve never told you how I felt and now it’s too late....We won’t be seeing each other so often, we‘ll have different scheludes...But gosh...who am I trying to decive? I would never found courge to tell you even if I stayed in the band...Where is my confidence when I need it so much?

I stare at my reflection in the mirror and smell the sweet scent of flowers they gave me. For the first time I have my own dressing room but to tell the truth it feels awkward...Somehow sad and lonely...without hearing others talking and laughing...There is just no fun without them....

But it’s what I’ve always dreamed about, right?To be a solist...Nonetheless, I also dreamed about being always by your side....Do those dreams have to exclude each other? Seems like yes...

A hardly audiable knock to the door, snaps me out of my thoughts.

“Come in.” I say, turning in my seat.

“Am I interrupting?”

“Nacchi? No, of course not.” I'm surprised to see her here. I thought they've all already gone to my graduation party but she hasn't even changed her stage costume yet. However, I try not to pay much attention to this now irrelevant fact and quickly grab a chair placing it next to me, gesturing her to sit down.

“Ano...Congratulations on your graduation...” She says, shyly grinning like she would be saying this to some stranger.

“Thanks but you already congratulated me.”

“Yeah, but I wanted to do it more personally...” Her cheeks cover with pale, pink hue as she explains this to me. I listen carefully to her soft voice, being completely mesmerized by her presence. My gaze lingers on her smooth skin, tracing drops of sweat...

Gosh, how I would like to hug this vulnerable body of yours...hold it, even for a second in my arms...So, could you just stop telling me all those things....

“I really for that....”

Stuttering like this...

“You have a huge talent...”

Avoiding my gaze...

“Besides, I knew it was your dream...”

In fact...not knowing anything at all...

“Thanks...” I sigh, looking down but quickly reprimend myself and smile.

“ won’t forget about me, right?” Suddenly, her voice begins to tremble and she faces me with her...blurry eyes. “We will stay friends, right?”


My eyes body heart speeds up....all this caused only by her, embracing my neck, by her, quietly sobbing next to my ear, by her, being so close to me...

“Of course we will....” I regain my consciousness after losing it for split seconds and gently stroke her head.

“I love you....”

Time stops for me....I’m paralyzed...I can’t move...I can’t breath...I just feel her tight grip that emphasizes the intensity of these simple words...

I don’t dare to say anything or above all, ask her to confirm her words, but there is no need for this as she softly kisses my lips...It’s quick, dry, kiss but it’s enough for me...all those emotions I hid deep in my heart, waited to be awken by this small, kiss...


Seeing no reaction from me, she intends to stand up but I instinctively grab her wrist, lift my gaze to meet her eyes and run my thumb over her warm, soft lips before tasting them again. We begin to kiss, gently, like in slow motion, trying not to spoil this perfect moment.

“Ano…” She begins, breaking off the kiss, but I silence her by putting my index finger onto her lips and lean my forehead against hers.

“I love you Natsumi…” I whisper, looking deeply into her unbelieving eyes before catching her lips again.

“Don’t leave me Maki...” She leans her head on my chest. She must hear the sound of my racing heart.

“I won’t....I promise...I’ll stay with you as long as you want me to....”

That day I thought all my dreams had come true. I was so happy that I could die...I still remember that knowing, shy smiles and winks we gave each other on my graduation party...

At the begining, everything was so innocent as it was a new experience for both of us. So, we didn’t want to rush things. We were savoring the love together, reveling in its sweet taste....And when, the night of my eighteenth birthday came, you gave me the best present I could have ever gotten...You gave me....yourself...Even now, shivers run through my body while I’m thinking about that night...Your gentel touch etched in my memory as well as the feeling of becoming one with you...

But sure there were times when not everything was so perfect....Cause although you were so cute and sweet you also could be damn stubborn and for example if you had decided to do something then there was no one who could have dissuaded you from doing that...Well, that’s actually something we had in common... We could argue about the silliest and stupidest things like about colors of furnitures or whether to go to the cinema or stay at home and of course no one would throw in the towel... As a result, sometimes, we weren’t talking to each other for days but eventually we’d make things clear and always end up together…Mainly, because I always gave in to you...

There was only one moment when I thought everything was over…When you caught me while kissing with Reina on Hitomi’s birthday party…I’d never seen you so angry in my life…There was no need for my explanations as you denied every word I’d said...Yeah, I was drunk but that doesn't justify my behaviour in any way...Reina probably thinks it was her fault but I was the one who acted so seductively, even though I wasn't really aware of that...I couldn't forgive myself and when I’d already lost hope, you came to me apologizing for your harsh words and simply forgiving me everything...

I didn’t understand why you’d changed your mind so suddenly but to tell the truth there were many things which I didn’t understand about why didn’t you want to tell about us our friends, yet I’d respected your decision. However, it became very disturbing, holding back in front of them, especially after Yocchan’s and Miki’s “coming out”...I thought that then you would change your decision but probably you still were afraid about others reactions and that someone who shouldn’t, would find out...

So, why was I loving you when I wasn’t understanding you? Was it for your kindness, for your cute smile or simply loved me?...They say, we really love when we don’t know exactly why as love doesn’t need reasons…And I agree with that…I loved you unconditionally

I know that lately things weren’t going well...They were filling my schedule, instantly organizing some sort of events and we couldn’t spend as much time together as we would want to. I was arguing with my manager and higher-ups, as for that, I might have been a bit stressed out and irritated. Surely, you felt that and I also could feel we were becoming more distant to each other than ever...But I just didn't want to bother you with those issues and I believed we could go through that...All this commotion would end someday, right?...And indeed, in some ended...

The coldness of the knob in my hand makes me aware of the surrounding again. I haven't even noticed when I reached my home...Taking off my coat, I plop heavily in my couch and feel how the wave of memories that flooded my mind slowly disappears...but the smothering feeling doesn’t want to go away so easily. However, I know exactly how to get rid of it...

I take out from my cupboard a bottle and pour the ruby coloured liquid into a crystal glass. The sweet scent fills the room. I greedily drink up the first glass, wanting to quickly feel its effects. Flowing through my body, the wine soothes the bitter pain inside of me...

I lounge in my couch after refiiling the glass and gaze at it, admiring the perfect, deep red colour. Behind the windows a sinister thunder resounds and soon after lightning crosses the dark sky, violently illuminating my room. The raindrops are tapping loudly on the windowsill to some known only to them rythm. My mind slowly fills with haze, making images vaguer and vauger. It feels like everything around me would try to pull me out of my thoughtfulnes, pleading me not to think about you. However, they all fail miserably as I glance upon the shelf where a photo of us stands.

We grin widely, cheek to cheek, showing the peace signs...It was taken even before all that started...I was just a kid thinking how cute and kind is my senpai...But as time passed by, my childlish admiration turned into something that I can’t even comprehend now…

I've cherished every moment I spent with you...I knew that as long as you were with me I could do anything…So, what am I going to do now, when you aren’t here anymore?...when only those memorise and feelings attached to them remain invariable?...Who am I going to be?...

Tell me Natsumi…Tell me…Why?...

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