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Author Topic: [07/02-07/05] Morning Musume @ Anime Expo (Schedule/Who's Down P.1)  (Read 231897 times)

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Re: [07/02-07/05] Morning Musume @ Anime Expo (Schedule/Who's Down P.1)
« Reply #840 on: July 08, 2009, 04:56:47 AM »
Day 2

Woke up pretty early for the Guest Reception breakfast that's been mentioned by a few people. Rounded up the troops in the lobby and got in line. got into the room and all the tables were full so i grabbed some food and sat at the jphip table. 2nd rotation, me and kanki make it over to the afro samurai guy's table. rickker chillin with us. me and some dude i dunno are runnin the table, asking the BS questions with intelligence and quickness to get through the 15 minutes. he was a cool dude, talked about cosplay and random anime stuff, working with sam jackson, michael jackson, other cool things. 3rd rotation tried to jump at the momusu table but it had filled up already. sat at kari wahlgren's table with nothing jphip peeps, howd that happen lol. and one japanese wota girl that was a friendly to us. kari could tell we were there for momusu so she didnt press us to talk about her works lol. she just chatted us up and stuff, talked about being swedish with sev, talked about canadians with ops and kuno, some other random stuff. cool chick. 4th rotation, i stand up and turn around grab the chair behind me which was jab's. kanki nabs the seat next to me. felt kind of bad cus i didnt even say bye or thanks to kari lol. i sit down and im staring straight at junjun and aika, oshi~ before i even sat down actually, junjun tells me she likes our shirts and stuff. before the rotation starts i try to pull dinny over to get the other seat next me. she gave it up to tris since she wanted to sit with t-back to talk to gakikame. read the unofficial interview me and tris conducted at the news site. 5th rotation, i nudged kanki during one of tris's questions and told her to just slide over into my seat and ill jump in hers since we were at different tables technically, so we tried to execute this ninja move but yaz, AKA dragonlady told us that that wasnt kosher. tried to plead with her for a minute but she got all crazy on us so we got up and walked to the back. we stood in the back for a while until mm left, we waved and said by to them as they passed by us. staff amde us sit down so we sat at an empty table and talked about what just happened lol. 6th rotation, asked arun if he wanted to talk to daisuke ishiwatari and toshimichi mori, creators and designers of guilty gear and blazblue respectively, since were both big fans. we jumped over to that table with boykun and jab and some japanese girl who asked funny questions. was pretty awesome talking to ishiwatari, but i think toshimichi as a little miffed that we werent really asking about blazblue stuff lol.

reception was over after that, walked out of the room and saw Paul from Hello!Blog chilling by himself. called me a fucker for getting to talk to the girls lol, cool dude. jphip peeps chilled in the lobby of the westin for a while, took some pics and hammered out a game plan for the afternoon. went back to the hotel, forgot what we did... lol. ping made me trek halfway to little tokyo with him looking for swarofsky's crystal place so he could buy reina something. finally found the shit and it was fucking closed. got back to the con and everyon was already inside the concert and shit. met up with the crew and started BALLIN.

we were selling glowsticks and t-shirts like cooked crack! converting people left and right, hope to see some of them soon. passing out stickers and wristbands as service. we was all over that fuckin concert like wota on a PB sale, ballin it up like our name was Kobe. had to disappear for about 20-30 minutes to take care of something, returned with (considerably) lower spirits, but had to get back into it to rep jphip. concert started and shit got crazy, we was all going nuts and having a great time.

after the concert we shot over to yossi booth. had to grab my extra yossi ticket from kanki cus ping wanted to meet her -_- . i was gonna get some extra shit signed lol. got to the yossi line, met up jade starr and hooked her up with some jph!p swag. gave her my extra hangry & angry cards so she could get some stuff signed and got a hug from her (what~). we interviewed her for dokyu and stuff. got inside for the yossi signing and got my hangry card signed. after seeing that slack got his book signed by her as yossi im pissed i didnt try that. i so wanted her to sign my book lol. gave her a present and shook her hand. one dream come true, check. exited and chilled outside waiting for yossi to leave. peeked at her through the spaces in the curtains until security realized and closed them up lol. as she left we all broke into a yossi chant which she accepted happily.

majority of the gang went out to eat at the ESPN zone, mad grub, fun company, fucking jph!p party don't stop. after that went over to sign the Michael Jackson wall. jph!p tried to sign it in the shape of an upside down heart, but i dont think it came out right lol... hustled over to hello!party met some lesser known jphip peeps. got into the party and they stopped it, shuttin down for jph!p lol. they were on an intermission so we just kinda chilled. sold a shirt to kanki's mmbbs friend, shes a cool girl lol. saw something that upset me, harkening back to that 20-30 minutes before the concert. kinda stewed for a minute and realized i really needed some booze. told ping to come get a drink with me upstairs at the hotel bar, so he and i started to go up and kuno was gonna grab one too, then daigong said we should just take off and grab some booze on the way home.

needed some time so kinda walked apart from everyone, got back to the hotel and everyone thought i was just sleepy lol. finally got some booze in me, drank like 4 beers in 20 minutes. decided i needed something stronger so jab gave me some cash to go buy some rum and a mixer. got back and started pounding the rum+cokes. told jab to make them heavy (like half rum half coke lol). got about 3 of them down. started some ill advised drunk texting, rambling like a madman. guys thought it would be funny to profit from my misery and inebriation and put me on webcam, irc, and jph!p radio. and boy were they correct. lots of things were said, including the inclination to have sex with a certain mm member, as well as a couple jph!p members lol. confessions of love and manlove (no homo) to other irc members, and other random ass shit. i dont remember much of any of it, but the other filled me in here and there. if you were there for that part, lemme know some of the stuff you remember lol!

the internet was starting to be shit so we decided to go back up to the room. arun walked me up there and became my shoulder to cry on and told him the entire story of the day and the need for booze and shit. mad props to arun for listening to that. and not judging... lol. fucking crashed out after that, cus i was GONE.

End Day 2

lol shits getting longer and longer.

lol, shit. I think I was kind of half awake when you guys came back. I wasn't sure if I actually heard all that but you just confirmed it lulz.

yeah, you were asleep when we got to the room, but im sure i was plenty loud lol

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Re: [07/02-07/05] Morning Musume @ Anime Expo (Schedule/Who's Down P.1)
« Reply #841 on: July 08, 2009, 06:27:15 AM »
Finally got some time to write a recap.Poor grammar alert since im typing whatever comes up in my mind lol.

           Had to wake up early as usual to get ready. took the public trans to the amtrak station and left san diego around 930ishAM.Got to LAX Union Station around noonish.I was thinking of heading to the airport but had to choose wether to see and take pictures of Morning Musume which i forgot what time they were arriving so i wasnt even shure if i would see them or go to the hotel check in and get inline so i can get good sits for the concert.I chose the second one cause it the most probable thing that i can accomplish. Got to the hotel around 1ish checked in and went to the con around 130pm. I couldnt believe the line was already huge but that didnt discourage me. I went inline with my roomies and my coworker and just had to hope for the best. LOL to the AX staff being so unorganize from the start.....well when did they ever did :thumbdown: . I think i got my badge around 530ish or maybe earlier than that i know the line took forever since some of the computers didnt work.After the Registration line we went to the Special Events Line which was shorter but took more time since it was only one booth. That was the first time i saw the wotas in person doing their dance. I was like wait that guy looks familiar then i realize he was the one that was in the vids with all of them dancing. Talking about uber fanns right. After the event lines i split with my friends and decided to walk around for a bit and try to look for JPHIP peeps. after 30 minutes i finally saw the shirts and was like ohsnaps there they are. I think it was tenkai that i saw first then we walked towards the others infront of the Press Register booth. Everybody looked wornout so i kinda just observed and didnt introduce myself untill DAIgong asked me to.After resting for a bit We all went to different cars drop off luggage and what not and start Heading to In N Out. Freaking OMG it was so packed like always but what ticked me off was that i ordered first out of the jphip peeps and i got my order last. When i showed them the reciept they wer like oh you never got your order? Im like if i did i wouldnt be asking would i. So they made my order and after getting my food i wasnt even hungry anymore so i just shared my frys and ate half of a double double.Dont  really matter to me since i eat at in n out like 2x a week.After eating one of them japanese peeps was selling a buttload of ERIs PB so im like ill get one too. After that we just hanged out at the parking lot for a bit Tenkai posted a JPHIP sticker on the disabled parking LOL so i guess we now own that in N out  :jphip: . After distributing the awesome MMinAX shirts we took pictures and headed back to our own hotels.Nothing much happen after that i just joged like 12ish or 1ish around the block saw those maid caffe girls standing at the corner looking like they want to get picked up lol and took a shower set my alarm and took a power nap till 430am

Day 1NE
        Woke up at 5 sat around for a bit and got my dtuff ready. started heading out to the con around 610am. Saw  the wotas inline for the exhibition hall so i decided to line up too.I was 20th inline which isnt so bad. around 700 the security decided to kick us out and hold us to line up outside the building which we did. around 730 daigong and couple of the guys showed up and told us that theyre going to get sits for the Q/A panel. The line waiting didnt seem that long since the wotas kept us entertained which their dancing every hour.the line got so long that they had to form a second line so that we wouldnt circle the south hall. Hours later they finally told us to get ready to go in. I swear every one was cheering for us when we walked in the main lobby.

   The AX staff made a mistake on having all escalatorsgo up. People in the middle of the line became first since they were running up the escalator.It was a total madness. when we got to the top people rushed the japanfiles booth. We didnt care if they told us not to run. We still did and they didnt even do anything to stop us. I ended up being between the Hello project and japanfiles booth which was a bitter sweet spot to be in. I was close to getting the guranteed ticket yet i couldnt buy anything from the Hello Project booth since i was on the other corner. I was a little discourage that they will ran out of pictures and what not, but i regained it back when i reached the front of japanfiles booth. I ended up buying two platinum 9 disc cd, one H/A cd, one MM single cd and 20$ worth of glowsticks.After the booth frenzy i went with 2 JPM ladies i was hanging out with in line and walked around for a bit. We went to Kinokuniya booth to see if they had any PBs.There wasnt any personal photo books but we did found  the Winter 2009 photobook and Best shot!! photo book. I just bought the Best shot PB since it was only $25 and the winter concert 2009 was 46(ended up coming back for it later) After buying the booksi told the girls that im heading to the Q/A panel so we parted ways.

   I rushed to the other hall and was so happy that MM Q/A panel have not started yet. I then saw some jphip members saving sits in the middle front row so i rushed to them. Waiting for the Toshiyuki Morikawa to end i decided to see my luck on openning the platinum 9 disc.At this point i was praying for a Sayu or Risa cardcause Sayu is my baby and i told my friend that ill get him a risa card. I opened the first disc and went OMGASS when i saw sayu fell from the album cover. Inside i was telling myself the crazy luck i have so far.I opened the second disc and got JunJun which is one of my top 5. It wasnt no risa but im happy to get my baby in one of the disc.After the panel we went and got the open sits infront of us so now we were sitting in the third row.It was a while before Morning Musume panel starts so we were just relaxing and talking, then something unexpected happened. Some one from the back yelled out "TRADING RISA CARD FOR JUNJUN" i looked back waved both arms and said "Me i got JUNJUN ill trade". Talking about being the the right place in the right time. After that i was pretty much high from the excitement and luck ive recieved. Then a slight scream soured, We all looked and it was them. Finallly the moment ive been waiting for was here.

   The Girls walked into the panel and i dont know what got into my eyes but i swear i saw a slight aura glow surrounding them. Maybe its just me exagerating it or from the outfit they wore.Anywaise everyone stood up, clapped,cheered,screamed you name it and people did it.After everyone have calmed down and back sitting the MC reminded us that photos are not allowed. The MorningMusume Vid then played and afterwards the girls walked to their sits. I wont go into details since its the same with the other peeps. All im going to talk about is my highlight of the panel. Plus i was too busy just admiring sayu so didnt really payed attention to some people. Although i feel sad that sayu was getting a little cold in the room, then again it was so cute when she was rubbing her arms.Risa is such a great Crowd mover. Every time she talked everyone reacted back.LinLins English was awesome also. Some people got really excited when she mentioned that her favorite mangas are the 3 big shonunjump trio (Bleach,OnePiece,Naruto). Koha did her character voice from the anime she was working on. That was really cute. OMG Reina winning rock,paper,scissors from one of the people asking questions was so PRO. Theres a lot more exciting parts that happened but the others probably talked about it already.After the Q/A we were given a ticket for the autograph signing.

After getting my ticket i rushed to the exhibition hall and found everyone else in a mob following the person on the front hoping he/she knows where the signings were. after 15minutes or so a booth finally told us that the signing is located in the 300's which is above the food court. We then rushed to get there. When i got there I realized i was by myself in the line and was a little sad that i got no one to talk to since i was stuck between the wotas.They lined us up into two different rooms. On the first room i just kinda calmed my self down and thought of what item i want them to signed.30 minutes had passed before i reached the second waiting room next to where the Girls are at. That where they gave us a second ticket with a number. I looked and saw number 152 which got me nervouse since it was close to 430pm and they were still a lot of people a head of me. 30 more minutes had passed and i was finally between the door of the second waiting room and the door of where the Girls where at. At this point it was around 515pm. Out of nowhere an AX staff started counting the people infront of me. I was getting worried that she will stop but showed excitement instead. I guess that AX staff saw how much i was happy so she asked who i was with. I looked around and saw that no one i knew was near me and the other jphip members where deep inside the waiting room so i said no im by myself. She then paused for 5 seconds.I was getting more worried but before i could even take another breath she suddenly made a reply" OK! your the last one". The feelings i had at that moment is so unexplainable. I felt happy sad nervouse excited all at the same time. I would have hugged that girl if i wasnt frozen in shock. I then looked inside the next room and saw the girls sitting there. I approached AI-chan slowly and one of the management guys asked me if i got the stuff ready. I replied yes obcourse. I then bowed and handed the platinum 9 disc cover with both hands to AI-chan. I was like a little boy in a kite shop. I was so awestruck from them. Ai-chan then handed the cover back and pointed at my shirt. I then replied yea jphip and then turned around to show her the back side.She said something afterwards and reached out for a handshake.One of the translator said that she like it or something like that. I was just taking my time with them since i was last and when i got to eri she used a thicker sharpie. After handing it back to me i was about to go to the next page when she stop me and waved her hand and said something. I leaned towards her and said Eh!nani lol. i did that like 3 times and each time i leaned closer and closer to her. Finally the translator came and said that to blow on the ink because it was still wet. I didnt realized untill after i got out of the room that i acually got really close to eris face. Thinking about it still gives me the goosebumps. I then walked down the stairs and saw the jphip peeps sitting down so i joined them.

   When i approached them i looked and what do you know KT was there. that was a suprise i didnt think he was gonna be there in the flesh and yet he was. I sat down and tried to calm myself from the craziest luck i got that day.We then just relax took a couple of pictures and waited for the other people. When Daigong and the others came we decided to meet up at lucky strike around 730pm. Dai and the others then went back to their hotels and jason and I went out for a smoke and just walked to luckystrike since it was only a block away. We walked in around 7pm and found couple peeps there already. 30 minutes or so later the rest of the gang showed up and we had some food, drinks, and bowled a round which was funn as hell. SORRY MUGEN you couldnt go in =\.An hour later or so Dai gave a speach and throw down some beer for mari mari which was pretty epic.Soon after that i told the gang that im heading back to my hotel cause im tired and needed to wake up early the next morning. I then said my peace and left for my hotel which was infront of it lol


Some pics form day zer0 and day1ne

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Re: [07/02-07/05] Morning Musume @ Anime Expo (Schedule/Who's Down P.1)
« Reply #842 on: July 08, 2009, 11:44:33 AM »
why does some people call her Diaz on H!O lol or are they refering to someone else

Her name is Diaz. She introduced herself at Sakura Con as Diaz. I don't know where this "Yaz" stuff comes from.

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Re: [07/02-07/05] Morning Musume @ Anime Expo (Schedule/Who's Down P.1)
« Reply #843 on: July 08, 2009, 02:39:41 PM »
perhap he decided to take a nickname on herself....since Diaz isn't as cool?...who knows... but Yaz just remnds me of those commercials for that ...women medication to help fight some thing they get but can cause all kind of side effects... so I think Diaz is probably what I'm going to refer to her as unless someone corrects me...

In either case I'm sure she's fine when she's not working... ^^; just realllllly strict and motherly when dealing with the safety of the younger people she's in charge of? Who knows, I know she saw them off at the airport and seems positive and kinda nice compared to the stories and what I've seen of her yelling with AX people.
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Re: [07/02-07/05] Morning Musume @ Anime Expo (Schedule/Who's Down P.1)
« Reply #844 on: July 08, 2009, 06:30:32 PM »
the internet was starting to be shit so we decided to go back up to the room. arun walked me up there and became my shoulder to cry on and told him the entire story of the day and the need for booze and shit. mad props to arun for listening to that. and not judging... lol. fucking crashed out after that, cus i was GONE.
No problem, man. I am always open to listen to people.

Some crazy shit was said that night of drunk scrapbooking. I kept remembering things at random times, but here's what I remember so far:

- Ric Flair's old ass still wrestling.
- tenkei acting like a drunk sorority girl. "I'm sooo fucking drunk. Tell me to do anything and I'll do it 'cus I'm so drunk."
- Talking about having sex with the women of "The View."
- "Wotagei in the airport." I don't know if anyone else thought it was funny, but I kept laughing that night and anytimes after that some said something even close to it.
- tenkei couldn't remember the name of the forum while holding a microphone with the JPHiP logo on it while wearing a JPHiP shirt, surrounded by other guys also wearing JPHiP shirts.

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Re: [07/02-07/05] Morning Musume @ Anime Expo (Schedule/Who's Down P.1)
« Reply #845 on: July 08, 2009, 08:20:08 PM »
ah man, good times. the 'wotagei in the airport' thing actually came around before i was drunk, but i prolly kept saying it that night lol. a couple other things i remember (actually, mostly stuff people have told me, i dont really remember shit):
-calling mugen a taliban warrior cus he had wrapped a towel around his head for some reason
-kissing the microphone multiple times
-asking flyp to make me another drink over and over but he wouldnt, so i had to drink beer
-asking where my phone was repeatedly after i asked ping to take it from me so i wouldnt drunk dial someone
-before that, telling rickker to watch my phone in case i got texts, but threatening to hurt him if he read the texts lol
-jph!p members commented on while drunk: owaranai_slave, tofu, pikapikapika. maybe more
-kissing ping's head before i fell asleep (nohomo)

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Re: [07/02-07/05] Morning Musume @ Anime Expo (Schedule/Who's Down P.1)
« Reply #846 on: July 08, 2009, 08:24:36 PM »
                                                                                                      ****** DISCLAIMER *****

First and foremost, this trip, for me at least, would not have been a possibility at all without out our number one pimp and financier, Daigong. He made sure everyone had an awesome time, and that no one felt left out. He was there as much for us, as for the show, and made this an epic event by his presence and dedication to making sure we enjoyed our time together. There is no way I could possibly repay the generosity and selflessness this man showed for me and everyone else. Thanks DAI!

Unfortunately I get motion sick pretty easily. So by the time I reached LA I was pretty well illin from planes and car rides. But I wasn't gonna let that stop me. Saya and Cannon were kind enough to pick me up at the airport and we cruised around to book off and some Japanese food court. We finally got to line for reg around 4 at that convention center. That line was hateful. And took all the way up to about 6+pm before we were done. Then we waited again for tix for the show which was another 2+ hours. So we didnt get outta there till almost 9. Then we met the gang at the IN and OUT (had some trouble finding it). It was awesome to see everyone. It was like meeting old friends you knew forever. 10k was hustlin shirts outta his trunk. Some wota was hustlin Eri PBs, and we all just hung out and bullshitted for the night. I was still to air sick to eat much more than fries. Finally we all headed out and went back to our respective hotels. Me and Dai crashed pretty quickly and snored like buzzsaws and kept poor 10k and Mugen awake...sorry bros.

Dinny calls us at like 5:30 am to warn us the wotas are camped out to get all the guaranteed autograph tickets at the merch booth. Dai ordered a fridge for the room, so I volunteer to hang back and wait for delivery. After about 8:30am no one shows up so I bail downstairs. I had to re-request one and then run off to the convention center. At the con, we split up into groups. Half went to the merch booth to get autograph tickets and swagg and the rest stayed in the Q&A panel room and try to save seats. I sat through two really fun panels before MM. (the Tekaman Voice actor was awesome). But just before MM they told us the first two rows were reserved for special guests. So we lost a few seats in the shuffle. But I think most of us made it in time with a good view.
The MM panel was Insane. When they walked in, the room blew up. Everyone was on there feet screaming, shouting, cheering it was great. I think they got a pretty warm reception. They showed some short movie about the history of MM and hello project and everyone cheered and clapped and sang along. I wont go into detail about the panel, because I'm sure others have said all better than me and remember better too. But I thought all in all it was entertaining and fun and I couldn't believe how out going some member were. Like Koharu and Linlin and Aika, seemed so eager to talk and communicate with fans. After the Q&A things took a sour turn. The AX announcer told us the wrong place for autographs. So many of us were running around in the wrong place until we finally found it. And then we get right to the door and it gets shut in our face. And that was it for that days autographs.  On a positive note, we did run into Mr. Kuno Thunder, who punked us with his undisclosed arrival. It was great to meet the legend himself.
Later that night we met up with the infamous COMRADE and Dave at the Lucky Strikes Bowling alley. Poor Mugen was too young to join us for bowling, but in true hipster fashion, folks stepped up to make sure he didn't have to hang alone. It was great to see that kinda camaraderie. Drunk bowling was fun. lots of pics and videos and good times. Poor Arun and Flyp got pwned by the japanese wota. We handed out more shirts and generally had a kick ass time. Before we headed out.
Outta respect I won't go into details about the rest of the evening...suffice to say "Drunk scrap booking FTW!"
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Re: [07/02-07/05] Morning Musume @ Anime Expo (Schedule/Who's Down P.1)
« Reply #847 on: July 08, 2009, 09:33:03 PM »
More Day 2!

The moments between the GoH reception and the actual concert are a BIT fuzzy, really, but somehow I ended up outside next to the concert room, sitting in the shade with some hipsters and listening to them do their sound check/rehersal.  There were a LOT of people already lined up in the sun, which seemed a bit pointless seeing as seating was assigned by row anyways.  There was also a very large group of people waiting in the standby line, which they moved around about 3 times.   Slowly, JPHiP started to gather, and glowsticks and tshirts were passed out, before they finally made us leave the shade into the hot, hot line of people waiting to get in.  It wasn't a long wait before we got into the massive event hall and made our way to our seats.  Me and several others got row E-13, which was just left of center and pretty damn close up front.  Great seats.  When I saw the video setup, though, I *knew* I was going to hear about it from kuno about the quality of the camera work, he did the same thing back in '06 in Dallas too.  And lo and behold, once they started showing some A-X Backstage stuff about Little Tokyo, Kuno started schooling them in the art of video work.  Someone needs to put him in charge of this stuff, seriously.

The concert was amazing.  Way too amazing for words, really.  I noticed a lot of people here talking about how they didn't really know the new songs, which is too bad =(  But I was listening a lot to the new stuff before the trip, so I was able to enjoy both the old and the new.  Random concert thoughts:

-I loved the whole setlist.  They started with Mikan, I think, and did 3, 2, 1, Breakin' Out (oh yay! oh yay! *waves his arms*) and they did How Do You Like Japan? which was great fun.
-Earlier I was talking to Tris about how I wish they'd do Sono Bamen de Bibiccha Ikenai Jan! (Resonant Blue B-side) that they did on one of their recent concert DVDs.  I fangirl-squeed when they performed it near the end of the concert.
-The medly was indeed fucking awesome.
-OMG they brought Love Machine out of retirement for us! That means, for the time being at least, I can say I was at Morning Musume's last performance of Love Machine =O
-I wish they did something other than 3, 2, 1, Breakin' Out for their encore... after the OPV stuff, I think everyone was tired of it at that point.
-Risa was very cute during the OPV announcement part.
-Linlin's final note during her solo line in Ame no Furanai Hoshi dewa Aisenai Darou? was epic.  That song is becoming one of my favorite H!P ballads of all time.
-During the Tsunku panel, they announced that there was 7,500 people at the concert.  Wow!
-I really enjoyed being where I was during the concert.  A bunch of Hipsters to my left, and around us were a lot of American fans, so it wasn't a dead zone like some people had, but also it wasn't filled with loud Japanese wota.  Everyone was doing their "Oi! Oi! Oi!'s" but it wasnt filled with chanting and wotagei, perfect energy level.
-The video work WAS abismal, luckily though, I wasn't looking at it.
-The girls looked like they were having a lot of fun, you could see the happiness on their faces.

Easily *the* best concert I've been to all my life.  I had been waiting for this moment for 5 years, and I had pretty much given up on ever going to Japan to see them while they're still around, so this was a dream come true, literally.  And not only did I see Morning Musume live in concert, but I saw it with the best people in the world to see it with, I love you JPHiP, you guys are the greatest!

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Re: [07/02-07/05] Morning Musume @ Anime Expo (Schedule/Who's Down P.1)
« Reply #848 on: July 08, 2009, 10:00:28 PM »

The fuck holy shit. Everyone got mad sick? Me two. I was knocked da fuck out the past two. Everyone get on your toes! It's not like we orgied THAT LONG. Lots of sausage to go around. :jphip:

Big ups to all my Playaz and Playerttes!!! Hustlaz! Shot Callers!! Ballers!! JPHIP REPPIN IT!!!! Bringing mad love across the borders!

I wanna bust out into a mad fucking epic speech right now but I got a stack of folders staring at my ass.

Just wanna say HiPstaz to the LEFT! HiPstaz To da RIGHT!! WE GONNA KEEP PARTYING ALL DAY N NIGHT!!

meanwhile check the pix and video. imagevenue/etc. was fucking up!

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Re: [07/02-07/05] Morning Musume @ Anime Expo (Schedule/Who's Down P.1)
« Reply #849 on: July 09, 2009, 12:33:12 AM »

Sorry everything is jumping around. After Day Zero ended, everyone  decided to meet up at In and Out burger which was me and Ping's first virginal experience with it. I asked Slack for recommendation and he recommended the wild animal or party fries and the 3x3 burger. I couldnt finish either as I felt the grease in my heart lol. Some japanese fan was also selling Eri's latest PB which I regretted not purchasing one. After we were all done eating, Tenkei took over the handicap parking zone with a jphip sticker and started selling tees out of his ride LOL. We also took a few group pics that were put in the scrapbook for MM though half of the people at the back didn't even know pics were getting taken and everyone had the WTF look going on in the pics LOL. When we got back to our hotel, Dai and Jab passed out like drugged college girls with condoms slapping on their heads. Tenkei and Flyp had hard time sleeping though I managed to sleep thru the whole thing with two pillows over my ears LOL.

Day One
Alright back to Day One, after the indirect handjob session, me, ping and sev headed down to meet up with the rest of JPHIPSTAS, i think that might be the first time I met Jaysonn as well. Forgot to mention, right after the Q and A panel, Kuno showed up out of nowhere and the crowd went nuts. I think it was captured on video but I'm not sure. Ping suggested bowling after Day 1 was done.

Everyone decided to meet up at Lucky Strikes. But when I got there, the rules were hella strict and stated, NO JERSEYS, NO WHITE SHIRTS! WTF?! So Dai, Ping and various other people started changing outside of the place and wore the JPHIP MM Concert Tees. When we got up there, we met up with Comrade, Dave, Fenrir and some other people. El Securito Douchebago then carded me and was like "NAH MAN, YOU'RE NOT GETTING IN." I was so choked but I just told the other hipsters to go ahead without me. I decided to leave and go to famina to get dinner, but KT, Boykun and JFC decided to take one for the team and hang with me instead with the other JPHIPPERS. Thanks guys! I really appreciate that.  :cry: . All four of us decided to go to California Pizza Kitchen for dinner and we got a call from Fenrir that her, Rokun, Commie and Dave will be joining us as well. Rokun was running late as they were closing off the kitchen and JFC randomly ordered some dumpings or something for him. Turned out it was spicy and he barely ate them. Poor guy.  :lol: Fuck, I don't remember what we did after but i think everyone just chilled at our room until we passed out getting ready for the concert the next day.

Day Two
Everybody woke up to get ready for MM concert! First off, we got our inside source, Rev2HD who told dai and us about the guest reception, of course we were not sure if MM was going to attend but might as well attend and try our luck. Met the rest of the JPHIPSTAS at the Westing's lobby and moved to tline up at the guest reception room. Waiting for about 5 minutes and then they told us to move across the hall. That's when people started getting the feeling MM is showing up. All of em walked past me into the room while I was talking to someone else but I managed to catch Ai's eyes after I turned around and looked at her. I gave her a smile but she gave me a "Hmmf, wtf are you looking at" smirk at me. I was like WHAT DE FOCK! All of us got in and some of us went straight to the food well some tries to get some good seats closing near on MM.


MM was set up on two separate tables side by side. There were only about 5 seats for us. From left to right, it was translator, handler, LinLin, JunJun, Aika, Koharu, and Ai (I might be wrong about this order) on the left table and Sayu, Eri, Risa, Reina, translator (Who did not do shit or helping us) on the right side. The Japanese fans managed to get into the first two rotation. The set up was we are supposed to rotate every 15 minutes table to table for each guest of honor. But about 60 percent of the ppl present were for MM.

Tris, Tenkei, Kanki, Me and Flyp managed to get to sit with them on the 3rd of 4th rotation in that order. Don't remember. Anyway, once we sat down, Yaz/Diaz/Dragonlady came to us and asked us if any of us speaks Japanese. I know conversational japanese to a point but I said no as I didn't want to embarass myself in front of MM. Though I regretted doing this which I will explain why later. Kanki did ditch out some japanese to MM and they were fairly impressed about it. Risa was like "Ahh, nihongo shabeta!" lol. But for most of the time, Yaz translated for us. Our conversation with MM wasn't as interesting as everyone was sorta nervous. Flyp told MM he was grateful to be there and was a fan of MM for a long time. Him and Kanki also asked some other questions that I can't remember. But anyway, Yaz keeps helping us initiate topics with those MM members and asked us where we can come from, I was like I'm from Vancouver, Eri and Risa was like "AHH YES! Hokkee? Hokkee!" I was like FUCK YEA, THEY REMEMBERED! They asked us what was our favourite food from where we can came from. I was like We don't really have any. Eri was like "SALMON?" and told Yaz that she ate Salmon when she was in Vancouver lol. Yaz also asked us how come we did not bring any food for MM. Like maple syrup or w/e. I told her well, I did bring them hockey sticks. LOL. And they were like "AH! Arigatou!" lol. Eri keeps on making a shape of the puck I gave her lol.

I think then Reina asked us if we went to Japan before. I told them I did last year. Reina asked what's my favourite Japanese food while I ate there. I was like Ramen. She asked, "What kind?" I told her, "Chashuu Ramen!" and Reina was like, "AHH! ATASHI MO!" and gave me a thumbs up! God she was cute!! I think Risa or Eri then asked us what our favourite MM songs are. I forgot what Flyp said. Kanki said Love Machine I think. I told Yaz I don't really have any favourite as I just starting to like them even more. This was true since I never really follow MM's songs except for the TV appearances. Of course, She filtered everything out and told MM I like all of their songs. I was like "WTF BITCH!" which is why now I'm kicking myself in the head for not trying to converse with them in Japanese. Yaz asked us how did we all meet and how come we all have the same shirts. I was told her we have this website that we go to and that's how we met. I pulled out Daigong's business card and passed it over the translator sitting beside Flyp who didn't do anything throughout the interview and gave it to Reina. Reina Eri and Risa took a look at the card and was like "Kawaii~~!" when they saw the upsidedown heart. Then their Japanese manager, the dude with the long hair took the card and a look at it and put it in his pocket. I was like OH FUCK YES! PIMPING STRAIGHT TO MORNING MUSUME COMPLETE!! By then, our 15 minutes were up and we said our thanks and left for other tables.  

FYI, throughout this whole time, Sayu was the quietest one and never said anything much or ask any questions. She also keeps on staring at me for the whole 15 minutes. While I was paying attention to Eri Risa or Reina's answer, I kept taking glimpse at her staring at me, looking down once we caught eyes and looked at me again. I was like WUUT! SAYU EMO?! I told this incident to one of the international fan and she said I might've look like Sayu's bro or something and that freaked her out. (I gotta find out more about this lol)

When we were done, I think Morning Musume did two more rotations and left halfway through the second while we chilled at the back and then with the guilty gear guys. After the whole event were done, Some of us rushed up and started taking pictures with the chairs MM sat on. I sat on Reina's butt print LOL while dinny and tback and some other members sat randomly. When AX tried to kick us out, they were like WTF are you guys doing? HAHA.

We went back out to the lobby, took some more group pictures. Went back to the CON for the concert.

OK, too long. Concert stuff will be continued on PART TROIS!

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Re: [07/02-07/05] Morning Musume @ Anime Expo (Schedule/Who's Down P.1)
« Reply #850 on: July 09, 2009, 12:37:38 AM »
^^ umm..dai, where are the vids of me at the 7-11? i saw them a couple of hours ago and now they got taken off..what happened?

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Re: [07/02-07/05] Morning Musume @ Anime Expo (Schedule/Who's Down P.1)
« Reply #851 on: July 09, 2009, 12:39:45 AM »
Just too clear up the mix-up with the saved seats at the panel. The first two rows were taken by MM fans from the beginning of the day. During the Kouga panel, some other GoH were there to join as audience and the staff asked the first 5 people from the first row to move back one row and for us to give the first 5 of the 2nd row seats to them, promising us that we will all get our seats back. Once the panel before MM's ends, it's pandemonium and we never get our promised seats back. Real great work by the staff there. So much different information floating around. First we're told they weren't cleaning out the rooms after each panel, then they were, but they never really did. Also at the end of each panel, things were just crazy. Would have worked out better if they did clean out the room after every panel and just made the people who were waiting for MM wait outside in a line from the start. That way people who were there for the actual panel going on could get the good seats that were taken by people there just for MM, and the people who waited in line for MM the longest would have gotten the better seats. That would seem like a no-brainer to me as that's standard protocol at movie theaters.

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Re: [07/02-07/05] Morning Musume @ Anime Expo (Schedule/Who's Down P.1)
« Reply #852 on: July 09, 2009, 01:30:26 AM »
Day 2:

It just doesn't get more epic than this. After the morning bathroom rushes we haul ass to the Westin (Sev's own hotel) to meet up for the meet and greet breakfast. I thought it would be a lot more low key, but there were already a lot of folks in line. But we still made it in. I still couldn't eat much so i grabbed a couple of bananas and orange juice. We sat around some celeb-free tables at the start, but later moved in for the kill. I got all the way up to Kary Wahls table, which was right before MM. I felt pretty bad, cuz I so totally disinterested. But she took it well. Besides, there a girl there who monopolizing her time anyways, and no one could get a question in. Finally I managed to seize the chair at one of the MM tables. So  I got to sit down with Ai-chan, Koharu, Linlin, Junjun, and Aika. I was really surprised how excited they were to meet us. The translator girl (who was hella cute btw (not Yaz)) introduced us. I sat with a guy from england who looked pretty nervous. When I sat down I still had my plate of bananas.

Junjun: Oh Bananas! You like bananas? (cute english)
Jab: Oh yea.
Junjun: I eat them every day, do you?
Jab: Just about.
Junjun -- big smile--
Jab -- melt --

Translater: How long have you been a fan of MM?
Jab: Since 2000
--girls: oooooooh

Jab to Ai-chan: Is there anything they told you not to do while in the US?
Ai: Eat raw food.
Koahru: Airport!
Jab: Oh at the airport they told you that.
Koahru and others -- nod --

Aika comented that my MM concert shirt was cute.
Jab: Our group had these made for this event.
All: ohhh
Translator: How many are in your group?
Jab: Some 25+ people here and thousands online

Jab to Ai-chan: Did you expect this this type of reception? Did you think you would be this popular here?
Ai-chan -- eyes wide and shaking head -- : noooo

Jab to Junjun and LinLin: Is there any chance you two might make a photobook soon?
Translator: look for it soon.

Jab to All: Are there any songs your excited about seeing the fan reactions to?
Ai-chan and others: 321 break out.
Jab: Its such a fun song!
All: smiles

Jab to all: Is there a particular song you enjoy performing a lot?
A-chan: Mikan
Jab: Yay!
All: giggle

Linlin went into some dope english about her anime favorites. But I don't remember much.

By the end Aika and Junjun were singing songs I think to see if I could sing along. The first two i didn't catch but then Mikan and I fake sang a bit. lol
Then it was time to go. I waved good bye and said thanks and then moved back down to the end of the room. I sat through two more turns hoping I could get to the other member's table, but they left before then.
But I did have some cool conversations with the Blaze Blue character designer and the Afro Samurai creator. (which I may post in the Akibahara)

up next the concert experience...

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Re: [07/02-07/05] Morning Musume @ Anime Expo (Schedule/Who's Down P.1)
« Reply #853 on: July 09, 2009, 03:42:37 AM »
-Day 0-

Exhausting from the start, had to be up at like 4am my time and made it to LA at aroun 10:40ish LAtime. I absolutely loath LAX. It's such a cluster, I've never been lost in a terminal before, I didn't even know which terminal I was IN. So, I eventually managed to get out and waited in the baggage claim area, failing to get a hold of some friends from mm-bbs, then I got a hold of Tenkei sooo I met up with him and Dai and Mugen and others~

We ended up going to the international terminal and waited for over an hour for MM to get off their plane, hoping they took this exit, luckily they did! :D  There were quite a few people there, but I got asked later in the week if there were really 200-300 people there...and no not even close to that many. Haha~ It was well worth it to see them that close for just a few seconds. Koharu looked exceptionally pretty and she stood out first to me~

After that we went back to Tenkei's car, which was NOT in the first parking garage. Tsktsk~ Then we went to the Westin since Ping, Dai and Tenkei had some press-related stuff to do and that's where I was staying. We played with the mic and stuff on the roof for a bit like dorks before we all went in. I unpacked and stuff and split from them to go find my mm-bbs peoples. They were already at the convention center in line for badges and crap. Luckily I got to sneak in mid-line with them. It was sososo hot outside though, I have no idea how I didn't burn this entire week. I SHOULD have.

We waited in the line for the event tickets, since you could pick your rows. That line, though it looked shorter, took a LOT longer. My feet were killing me by the end of the day. There were also some wota in line with their radio and doing dances and stuff. Needless to say, I was quite amused. At the end of this I ended up going back and forth between hipsters and mm-bbs peoples. Eventually settling to go with the mm-bbs people back to the hotel and stuff. Didn't want to burden people driving me around and crap. So we took the shuttle back to the Westin and hung out a bit~

Later we went to In & Out? N-N-Out? In-n-Out? Whatever, they're not in the east and you know what I'm talking about! It was rather fun an the food is so YUMMY. I've never had it before but it's really good!  After eating all of us hooligans went out to the parking lot and Tenkei started slapping stickers on the parking lot and it was funny "claiming" JPH!Pness everywhere.  Shirts were also passed out :D

-Day 1-

I really think this trip was filled with tons and tons of line standing. My group was running exceptionally late and I can't thank Hipsters enough for sneaking us (myself, Ruby, peachgirldb) in the very front of the event line with you all. We were able to get somewhat quickly to the dealers room when they opened because of this. After a clusterfuck of a line, we got our guaranteed autograph tickets :D Which is WOOHOO! I strangely saw a friend of mine from middle school there as well. Silly silly~

After this insanity we went to the Q&A panel for the girls. I ended up sitting with Tenkei, Sayah and cannongirl(?) [I'm horrible with names sorry about that!] Who were all pleasant company!! :D Tenkei even managed to convert this kid in front of us into being a Hipster, busting out the stickers and basically giving a shout out during his question to the girls. Which by the way was SUPER lucky, he was able to ask the question and everyone behind him got cut off. After the panel Kuno magically appeared like BAM which was super amusing haha~ It was like everyone was talking and then Kuno like popped in and just listened intently and then everyone realized, "Oh hey, that's Kuno! He's not supposed to be here. OH WAIT! KUNO!" It was funny, but then again I'm easily amused. :)

Some people got autograph tickets here, though they weren't guaranteed so we followed peoples upstairs aaand then Tenkei realized the bag with girls' shirts went missing. Sooo he got all scary for a few mins and then we went downstairs to look, with no luck and then to the...I dunno con lost and found? They said they didnt have it, but we found later that week that they DID in fact have it. Bastards. So, we went back down to whoever's panel was going on and waited for it to be over so we could do one final search.

Later that night we all went booowling~  Apparently there's dress code at some bowling places and Mugen couldn't get in because he's a youngin' I had no idea you were under 21!! Well, anyway some of us went in and others went to California Pizza Kitchen.  I went iiin and it was definitely a party-like atmosphere. I'm really awkward in those situations so I mostly bugged Tenkei and Flyp. Flyp and I share a mutual..dislike? awkwardness? something... for such things. But, it was still fun! And hey I got to bowl!  I swear I used to be good, but I sucked. I sucked SOOOO bad. And Sev said he wasn't very good at bowling...and then he goes and kills people at it. Filthy lying swede. >>;

They also had these...fried macaroni and cheese things? OMG delicious! @@ I love mac and cheese. And I love this artery clogging treat too =9 Yummm~~

We went back to the Mayfair for a bit afterwards and people checked in and alll and I had Sev speak swedish because of my withdraw and I realized how much I've already forgotten. How sad. HOW SAD. After that I was taken home and yes :)

-Day 2-

OMG. The breakfast.

I met up with people downstairs and we ended up going into the little reception breakfast thingy and I realize most people already talked about this part, but it was just SO amazing.

The first rotation with an actual "person" we had was the creator of Afro-Samurai and I think we did especially well in coming up with random BS questions because most of us haven't seen the guy or his work I think. So we asked him about the con, LA, Samuel L. Jackson, etc~

After that we went to Kari Wahlgren's table. Everyone there was a hipstar sooo she obviously knew by our MM shirts that we were there for the girls. So, she instead asked US questions. She's a really really cool girl and seemed especially interested in Sev-land and Ohio for some absurd reason. Ohio I guess because she's from the midwest as well. Woohoo? Haha~

Then, we made it to the girls! It was Tris, Tenkei, me, Mugen and Flyp. The table I was at (with Mugen and Flyp) had Sayu, Eri, Risa and Reina. Strangly, Eri and Risa have been my least favorite members for awhile (this doesnt mean I hate them though!) but after this whole session, I can safely say they've moved up close to the top, especially Eri.

I think all three of us were a bit star struck, dragonlady translator left us a lot so I tried my hand at Japanese...but when you're so nervous and your idol is staring you in the face...well, it didn't go as smooth as I had hoped, but they got what I meant and seemed happy with the effort too. Haha. I was really happy because Risa was all, "You speak Japanese?!"

I wish I would have wrote all this up while it was fresh in my mind as things are a bit mixed and stuff now. We were asked to introduce ourselves and where we were from. I said Ohio, which seemed to confuse them for a second until dragonlady explained. Ohio and Ohayou after all. :p

The girls complimented our shirts, which was nice. I said "Arigatou~" and being me and nervous I held out the toooou for a bit too long, which caused Eri and Risa to giggle a bit and repeat "tooou~ toooou~" a few times.

They all looked so pretty, but Eri actually looked a little sick her face and lips were a bit pale so I was worried about her. The others looked very tired, especially Sayumi and Risa looked soooo thin. Reina looks just about exactly as she does in photos and what not. :)

Dragonlady would prompt some convos for us, when we were being slow or star struck, she teased us for not bringing the girls food. I admit, I would've been the first to bring food if I knew I was going to have a chance to be that close to them!! They really teased Mugen though and his lack of maple syrup and Canadian bacon. Reina had asked if we had been to Japan and what our favorite foods were. Reina definitely loved talking about food!  I ended up saying Sukiyaki even though it's been YEEEEEARS since I've tasted it. It was the first thing that came to mind. Reina wanted to know what we should try in LA, and since none of us were from there we didn't really know, but the night before we had all had In-N-Out so we all agreed and said that was a tastey place and they should eat there. The girls got really excited about it and kept looking at Dragonlady asking if they could, she kept telling them that they could the next morning which made them extremely happy for some reason. MM and food, it shouldn't surprise me!

I asked the girls if they were tired and they all said they were excited and Reina counted on her fingers how many hours she slept and said she slept from 10pm~6am and she was still really tired but happy. Flyp mentioned how he hadn't really eaten since he'd been in LA and Eri freaked out and was all, "EH!? Are you okay?!" across the table, it was so cute~ That's when quiet Sayumi spoke up and was all, "You may be hungry, but your heart is full, right~?" It was sooo cute!

I then glanced at Sayumi, smiling at her comment, she was being exceptionally quiet and then she smiled brightly at me and pointed at my headband and said, "Cute!" I about died. The queen of cute said something of MINE was cute. *DIES~~* Sayu jumped up so high in my rankings because of that.

I asked if the girls were excited about the concert and they were definitely excited and ready to perform, I think they were honestly shocked that so many people there knew them and were there for them.

After that our turns were up and Tenkei and I tried to ninja-seats since we were technically at 2 different tables, but dragonlady would have none of that. :(

The 15 minutes was quickly up and we had to leave them. We were lucky though, the group after us had to live mid-way through the rotation since MM had to go to their sound check. We got our pictures taken by some lady at the end as well, because of our shirts. I actually got my picture taken several times today because of my shirt... D: Woohoo Jphip~ haha

I went back to my room after everything was over and everything between then and the concert is a blur.

The concert was amaaaazing~! Peach got me some pink glowsticks and I hijacked the JPH!P ones from the back. I'm happy mine were pink, with my new love for Sayumi <3 They kept playing this stupidass thing of AX-people while we waited with MM's song hat started to get really annoying. Everyone groaned so they finally made it stop. The concert, like I said, was amaaazing!! I was seated in the section E in the 8th row. So close, so close~ I swear I think I was spazzing so much at that concert, it was RIDICULOUS. I loved the old-song medley the best because obviously I know those songs better. I was freeeeaking out~ It was absolutely amazing. Then Yossi came out and Tsunku came out aaahhh~ amazing amazing!  I liked the OPV section, though I wish they wouldn't have done it during the concert and I wish they would have sang more songs, but whatever...I'll take what I can get! It was the best concert I have EVER been to. PERIOD.

At the end of the concert I gave my Yossi ticket to Tenkei, for Ping and no one said goodbye to me, but whatever. >\ I went back to mm-bbs peoples and we actually got interviewed by some magazine, again got noticed because of the shirts, though I was the only one wearing a jph!p shirt. I was so retarded in the interview though, still star struck from the concert, while Peach answered "What is a wota?" for one of the questions haha.

-Day 3-

Autograph day!!  At this rate, I wasn't with the main crew I'll leave out my other fun adventures here~  So, autograph session!  I got there with some mm-bbs peoples annnd we waited and I got when we got in we couldn't shake hands or talk to them, which sucked! But some of the girls still talked at us so that was fun! :)

Reina, Risa, Sayumi and Eri all remembered me from the day before, probably because I was wearing my headband-bow again. In the booth while I was in line, I got to wave at Aika and she has the cutest eye-smile and energetically waved back and LinLin did the same~ So cute!

I came up to Reina and Risa and both of them pointed at me with surprise and were like "OH!"

I then went up to Eri for my autograph and she was all, "OH! Kinou~!  Yesterday!" So she definitely remembered as well~

Theeeen I got to Cutie-pie Sayumi who recognized me again after a second and smiled brightly, pointing at my headband again and was all, "Very cute!!" So that was TWO compliments from Sayu! <333

I was so ecstatic to get the autographs. Sayu and Reina's look so cute and Lin Lin's looks like alien-language her's really amuses me. XD

-The Rest-

I didn't go to the con on the final day and most of the last days were just mini-adventures to Koreatown and Little Tokyo~ Karaokeing, fooding and shopping.  I actually missed my flight home because I wasn't there in time, but I wanted SNSD's album from Koreatown! Haha~ It's okay though I missed my 11:45 flight, got on a 12:30 flight and made my connection in Houston.

This was seriously the best time I've ever had. Thank you SO much to everyone who made it so enjoyable and easy for me~!  I had a blast with all of you and I wasn't bored, not even for a little bit! I can't wait to hang out again :D

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Re: [07/02-07/05] Morning Musume @ Anime Expo (Schedule/Who's Down P.1)
« Reply #854 on: July 09, 2009, 04:20:07 AM »
We got our pictures taken by some lady at the end as well, because of our shirts.

I hope that was for MM. We were all wearing the same concert tees :shakeit:

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Re: [07/02-07/05] Morning Musume @ Anime Expo (Schedule/Who's Down P.1)
« Reply #855 on: July 09, 2009, 05:32:24 AM »
Ah, Mugen. I was reading your summary and the ramen thing!!! XD So that was you who started that...I was at the table next to you guys and I was cracking up at the ramen talk. :P

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Re: [07/02-07/05] Morning Musume @ Anime Expo (Schedule/Who's Down P.1)
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haha yea, hopefully I get to eat ramen with Reina sometime in the future... in my dreams   XD

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Re: [07/02-07/05] Morning Musume @ Anime Expo (Schedule/Who's Down P.1)
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Quote from: maki_kanatsu
At the end of the concert I gave my Yossi ticket to Tenkei, for Ping and no one said goodbye to me, but whatever. >\
i did too say bye, or see you later or call you later or something along those lines. we were in a rush lol

Quote from: maki_kanatsu
I wasn't bored, not even for a little bit!
as the original chauffeur and kanki-wrangler, im going to take this as a personal compliment :cool: :PP

Quote from: maki_kanatsu

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Re: [07/02-07/05] Morning Musume @ Anime Expo (Schedule/Who's Down P.1)
« Reply #858 on: July 09, 2009, 07:53:06 AM »

For clarification, Yaz Noya, Events Coordinator

This guy's blog too.

perhap he decided to take a nickname on herself....since Diaz isn't as cool?...who knows... but Yaz just remnds me of those commercials for that ...women medication to help fight some thing they get but can cause all kind of side effects... so I think Diaz is probably what I'm going to refer to her as unless someone corrects me...

In either case I'm sure she's fine when she's not working... ^^; just realllllly strict and motherly when dealing with the safety of the younger people she's in charge of? Who knows, I know she saw them off at the airport and seems positive and kinda nice compared to the stories and what I've seen of her yelling with AX people.

It's funny you say that, cause on her MySpace, her quote is, "I'm Everyone's Mother!" lol
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Re: [07/02-07/05] Morning Musume @ Anime Expo (Schedule/Who's Down P.1)
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:lol: I follow that guy with the blog on twitter. :P She's got some Hangry & Angry in her bag in that pic!

Yaz is probably a shorter version of her Japanese name.

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