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Author Topic: marimari memorial cup xiii PLAN THREAD!! (NEED MORE PLAYERS!!)  (Read 342 times)

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Every year on July 30 we honour our fallen Brother Kyle Bouvier aka marimari by playing his favourite game PANGYA!! :jphip:

In preparation to TEE OFF WE NEED MORE PLAYERS!! How does next weekend August 1st sound?

Unfortunately, it's an old game and servers are hard to come by. We tried last year but for fuck sake couldn't get connected. I dunno but we'll give it a go again:





(1) download Client
(2) Unzip client into directory.
(3) Download Patch
(4) Unzip Patch into main pangya directory, over write files as need be.
(5) Run "Debug Central" exe file
(6) First time users, you will need to register an account, your email will get a code. Copy and paste. Create a username and VOILA!!!
(7) Jump onto the Tournament Server like before.

OR A WHOLE NEW WOORRRLD PANGYA M but I dont think its out yet?

 :hip smile:

I'll try tonight or tomorrow see how it goes!!
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