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Author Topic: kawaii-beam's not so very wonderful box of wonders~[Let’s have.]12-23-13  (Read 70112 times)

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ada-thanks~ X3 more's on the way~

sunc-lol gaki suffering isnt really my forte ans sign was like totally adictive to me, i just recently stopped litsening to it XDD thanks for reading though~

rndy-yay~ dont drown though i need u to live~

kuro-thanks X3

EriKan-thankyou os much^^

gab98-thanks so much^^

im happy everyone liked my oneshot^^ another one is on the way and i took a good while doing it. i litsened to the song like for 5 hrs as i typed the story up and it took me like about 3 hrs to write ^^; so comments would really seriously be apretiated^^....god its like 10pm i have to wake up at 6 and i cant spell anymore XD lord help me...
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Goodbye Memories

Risa breathed in the cool spring air as she walked carefully up the hill that led her to her old high school. It had been at least two years since she last saw the school like this; it still looked the same to her. She smiled to herself remembering how she used to hate this hill and how it was painful to either walk or ride her bike up and down the sidewalk when it rained or snowed. But when the weather did agree with her, she loved it.

While she was remembering those days, two arms wrapped themselves around her, causing the bean to jump and scream. As she squirmed out of the embrace and turned around, the person who hugged her, laughed at her reaction.

“Still the reaction queen as ever Gaki-san.”

Risa puffed out her cheeks and playfully shoved the girl’s shoulder, who in return just laughed even more.

“That’s not funny Ai-chan…”

Ai grinned and looked over at a nearby Sakura tree. The blossoms were in full bloom, causing some petals to break off and drift in the air as the wind blew.


“They said that the blossoms will bloom earlier than usual, can you believe that?!”

Ai danced in circles around her friend as the two walked to the school; her dark green plaid skirt going up due to the spinning.  Starting to feel a little dizzy, she held a huge grin as she stopped and looked to Risa who laughed and nodded in agreement quietly replying with a,

“Yeah I can’t believe it either.”

The older girl looked up to one of the nearby trees and sighed contently.

“I hope they fully bloom too, it’d be the perfect way to end graduation…”


It wasn’t even that long ago that the two had that conversation and Risa wished that she could go back, but knew that there would be no way to. The two stood in silence as they remembered what their days at school was like. It was filled with tears as well as laughter, and both girls had their fair share of each.

“It feels just like yesterday that we were in school ne?”

“Yeah… These two years have gone by so fast.”

The two girls were now walking down the hill, with Risa not too far behind, she watched the girl in front of her talk about how her younger sister was still bossy and that she still had arguments with her. She noticed that the long flowing dark brown hair was now gone and in its place was a light brown short bob. The school uniform she was pretty used to seeing was now a stylish white one piece with light brown high heeled boots. The one thing that hadn’t changed much thought was the girl herself.

She sighed and shook her head. There were so many things that she wanted to tell Ai, but never could, and she had no idea why. She had every chance to tell Ai back then but something always stopped her, be it one of their friends or just her low self-esteem. All of the memories that she had from when they first met until now were special to her and she never wanted to let them go.

Spring finally came and the blossoms were in full bloom. The two girls were quiet as they held onto their graduation scrolls. Both weren’t really sure on what to say. Risa looked up to the sky and noticed the shade of blue slowly changing to end the day. As she noticed this, a wave of sadness swept over her and the tears she had held back.

“Goodbye… I don’t want to say goodbye yet…”

Ai looked over when she heard Risa softly mumble to herself along with a few sniffles and wrapped her arms around the younger girl. When the two had finally gotten their emotions out Ai had noticed that Risa had walked her home. When she told the bean this all she did was laugh and scratch the back of her head in embarrassment.

“My bad Ai-chan, I didn’t even notice.”

The truth was that Risa wanted to be with her friend for just a little longer. She didn’t want to leave her just yet, even though the two had made plans to hang out over the weekend. The bean just wanted was to indulge herself for a little longer, and when Ai laughed and smiled so genuinely at her it made her blush to the point that she couldn’t even look at her. Ai’s radiance was just too much for her.


‘I wonder if she even remembers that day…’

Risa quietly scoffed to herself and noticed that they were almost at the school gate.

‘She wouldn’t remember such a simple walk like that, especially how she called me by my first name as I left.’

It was another memory that she wanted to never forget. The two of them red and puffy eyed under the night sky. In truth, she was very thankful to meet someone like Ai. Ever since they had met each other on that first day of school they were inseparable.

Ai looked back at her and took her hand.

“Look Gaki-san, doesn’t everything look the same?”


The two girls crossed the street and entered through the huge gate. School was over for the day and all of the students around the campus were walking home, getting their bikes or heading to their club meetings.

Risa looked remembering the first time she saw the sakura in full bloom. It was graduation day and due to them blooming early like the news predicted it was beautiful. She remembered Ai running around the empty school field after graduation feeling so happy that the predictions were right.

“It’s been two years since the flowers bloomed like this right?”

“It has.”

When they went inside and met all of their old teachers, they decided that for old times’ sake they should head to their classroom. Ai slid the door open and noticed that it was empty.

“Wow… They all left already…I wanted to know who sits in my seat now.”

Risa giggled and closed the door behind her while Ai sat on the edge of her old assigned desk. Risa did the same. The two of them were only a few desks away from each other as they looked at their old classroom. So much memories were stored in this one room, the two wished that they could go back to it, but that was the past, they had to move on.

As Risa was reminiscing something suddenly hit her. It was when she realized she was in love with the girl right in front of her.


“Ai-chan, we’ll be late if you don’t hurry up! I want to see the fireworks!”

Ai took a bite out of her cotton candy as Risa held onto her prized goldfish bag. It was just like the monkey to just zone out and take her time as she ate. The bean sighed and waved her free hand in front of the older girls face.

“Ai-chan~ hello~?”


The monkey looked at her friend with a lost expression until she heard the first loud boom of the fireworks. The two looked up into the summer sky. They saw the bright colors burst through the night and started running to a spacious spot. When they finally got there they looked in awe. One was totally drawn at the fireworks while the other was looking at her.

Risa couldn’t keep her eyes off of Ai. She loved everything about her; the way she laughed when they joked around, how she looked at her with those big doe eyes when she finally got her attention away from her videogames, everything.

‘It seems like I’m falling in love with you Ai-chan…’


Maybe it was a crush, but it grew more and more each day. She wondered at first why of all people it had to be her best friend, and a girl at that, but in the end she gave up and just accepted those feelings. The one and only person that she truly loved was always by her side.

After realizing it that summer night every day she hung out with Ai made her happy, and yet at the same time painful. Her self-confidence was way too low and stubborn for her to even confess every time she had the chance.


Ai waved her hand in front of the beans face, and when that didn’t work she gently shook her. When Risa did come back to reality, she quickly realized where she was and looked at the girl in front of her.

“Gaki-san, we should get going… It’s getting dark.”


When they walked out of the school gates and back up to the hill, Risa stopped and looked up to the tree. Ai stopped as well noticing the beans odd behavior the entire day.

“Gaki-san…what’s the matter, you’ve been quiet all day today…that’s not like you.”

Risa looked over to her and opened her mouth to say “sorry” but couldn’t even do that. She brought her head down; allowing her bangs to cover her eyes as her lips slightly trembled.

“Ai-chan, there’s been something that I’ve wanted to tell you since high school…”

“And what’s that?”

“I don’t want to say goodbye…just being stuck as a friend…I don’t want that at all…”


She looked up to see Ai’s clearly confused expression; she clearly wasn’t herself if Ai didn’t even understand her.

“I- I mean… What I was going to say…”

She looked deeply into those dark brown orbs in front of her and took a deep breath.

“I… you…”


“You always….”

“Always what Risa?”

Ai took a few steps forward to figure out just what the bean was trying to say, which made Risa look away for a brief moment.

‘No; no backing out this time, you have to say it Risa, even if she doesn’t love you back, just saying it is enough.’

“Ever since the beginning Ai-chan… I’ve…I’ve always…”

She took one last deep breath and closed her eyes shut as the words she had been holding for years finally came out of her mouth.

“I’ve always loved you!”

She opened her eyes and felt twenty times lighter as relief filled her body.

‘Ah…I finally said it…’

cliffies are fun...and i need to go to bed XD longest fic i've ever written and probably the 1st one that took 3 hrs to write....

fic was inspired by this song the pv is just as cute X3 look for i urself though :P         
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Risa let everything go and it worked :twothumbs
Random Thought:


R.I.P. Jab!  Dad/friend

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I owe you two comments, but I'm too excited to tell you what I thought of the latest one, so this'll go first.

Goodbye Memories

The title scared me a little.  :lol: But then I thought, "this is the Queen of Fluff, she'd never angst us too badly, right?", so I decided to read through with less trepidation. This was so beautifully written, my heart skipped a little. This had all the elements I love around this time of the year- I guess everyone's in a sotsugyo mood lately, spring is coming after all. I had "Sakura no hanabiratachi" playing shortly before I read this, so it was quite apt.

I liked that it took Gaki-san two years after school to confess. Most times, people change after graduation and it was nice to see those feelings didn't quite change, but instead the two years helped give courage and a layer of maturity to the confession.

Like I said, very well written. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Denwa de ne

This was  XD so sweet. How you managed to make Ai so inconsiderate and yet impossibly cute is amazing. Hope to see more of that kinda cuteness from both Risa and Ai.  :heart:

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Aww, that was cute. All the little memories. I'm glad Gaki got her confession off her chest after so long, but I'll be even more glad if Ai accepts her love! You must finish this! XD

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Love  :heart:
That was really cute omg 8D I really didn't expect you to have a plot for it so quickly oxo I loved it  :wub: Great job Kawaiibi <3

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aww after 2 years she still feels the same but how come ai never noticed it  :banghead: i wonder how Ai is going to react :?  does she feel the same? .....or not
i want to know  :panic:
please continue    :onioncheer:

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kuro-well it worked that she let it all out~ who knows how ai replied~? :roll:

gracula-lol yay comments~ X3 lol it seemed that you wernt the only one who got scared of the title^^; it makes me wonder if it made sense^^;

"Qeen of Fluff"? psh u must be talking about someone else :roll:. what does "trepidation" mean :? XD yeah graduation songs are always the best^^; i still havent herad that sakura song from akb^^; but i think i heard every other one XD

well i felt that i'm kinda like gaki in this situation^^; eventhough in like 3 months it'll be a yr since i've graduated from my highschool i still feel the same, my thoughts and how i act are a bit the same as well^^;

well thankyou for reading it^^ i'll try my best.

rndy-sankyu~ and idk if i will^^;

ada-thanks and i didnt either^^; i pretty much spent a whole day writing it XDD

sunc-lol who knows if ai did or didnt notice? lol its up to u on what you think^^;

lol wow i never thought ppl would want me to continue it...i did think about it but atm i have like nothing D: if anyone wants to give me ideas for ai to accept or not you're free too^^; until then just wait and see, i'll wait for more comments XD :deco:
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Of course we want her to accept, you Queen of Fluff, you. :lol: :lol:

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See? Even Rndy agrees with me. We should probably go find you a crown somewhere.

And we want the sweetest insulin-spiking fluff you can manage when Ai accepts. Don't make it too easy on Risa though... girl's gotta work for her lurve.

Here, some links for 'research'. Bee and Ropy are well-acquainted with my famous links (Bee secretly fears them, I think):-
Sakura (subbed): You'll love this. There is angsty fluff in this.

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Ah ah ah!!!!!!!!  :panic:

Waiwai, gomen ne, I've been silently following all your stories since the beginning of the month... I don't know when and how but I lost a bit of my motivation to post comments and then got a little busy with life and work  :nervous

Got a few to go through now, but first off, just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE TAKAGAKI FLUFF!  :wriggly:
I am seriously uber happy to have you, rndm and ada spreading the TakaGaki  :wub:
It means a lot, seriously, and I bet a lot of lurkers are thinking the same  XD .... so don't worry too much about getting comments?  :P I got the impression that you may have been calling out to me and ropychan when you've been saying things like:
i'll wait for more comments

Well, as a fellow TakaGaki enthusiast, I do feel the obligation to read and respond, so here I am  :twothumbs
Let's backtrack a bit!~

yay for long coment~ X3 i love long comments but suck at making them^^; XD

Glad you enjoy!  :thumbsup
Lol, everybody loves long comments but there aren't enough of them going around, hey? They don't have to be long, just insightful/meaningful, though mine lean dangerously towards the mindless fangirly side xD I'm naturally a deep thinker and I have too much going on in my head when I read something, I feel it would be nice to show my gratitude to writers by sharing some of this.

Everybody keeps talking about being sucky at comments. Should ropychan and I write up a guide?  :lol:

the closest thing that i can write to make gaki irresponsinble is like  her not giving a crap on missing a metting(and even then it'll probably be in the back of her head spazzing out about how she should really go and whatnot XD) risa reminds me of myself alot mostly cus we're both responsible and do what people ask of them and such^^; or well atleast i think so. like if there was a meeting for my church group, eventhough like i hate it i'd go, and if i didnt eventhough i'd be happy that i stayed at home and stalked this place all night, it'd still nag at me that i didnt go
^^; did that make sense?

XD Haiiiiiii! waiwai so cute.  :wub:
It's like an ingrained sense of responsibility, isn't it? Gaki-san's not the type to be able to shed herself of responsibility. Even if she consciously rebels against something, she'll be bothered by it.  :yep:

lol about those bits....i'll leve them all to your imagination^^; its still hard for me to realy try to write pervs yet... eventhough i have started one and havent touched it in like what 4 months? rndy should know XD its just feels weird expessialy if the person's writing hasnt even been in a relationship let alone well that.


I'm going through writing some right now, despite my lack of experience in that area as well XD
I don't think you need to have experience anyway. Reading enough pervs will do the trick.  :nervous
Anyway, that said: I want to read a TakaGaki perv from you?

i'll  try to write longer eventhough i think i'll never write as long as you essy or rndy XD and you update soon too k~?

Please don't feel like you need to write longer or anything - sometimes the shortness makes it all the sweeter.  :k-inlove: I'm a bit too wordy, it's a problem I've been trying to fix. You can tell not only with my story, but with all my fanfic comments too  :sweatdrop: I like essy and rndy's wordiness though, never feels redundant. Anyhow, sorry I haven't updated my own, I'm in the process of writing (and being wordy xD). Hopefully can update in about a week? Thanks for the encouragement though!  :wub:

Love Jump.

AKB-song inspired? . . . . . . . . . . .  XD

She sat up deciding that she wasn’t going to get anymore sleep with the four legged alarm clock on her bed

Ouji + Ai!  :inlove:
I'm such a sucker for animals, and whenever one of the girls go kya kyaaa over one (Miki and Ai, noticeably :3), it makes me kinda melt.
Four-legged alarm clock is such a cute way to describe her Ouji...  :lol:
I could read a whole fic on Ai and her dog and still be satisfied. Hope this doggy can make future appearances?  :w00t:

As she glanced at the date a smile came to her face. It was Sunday; the day that she had been waiting for the past month was finally here! Ai silently squealed to herself

Awwwwww~  :nya: excited Ai-chan is so endearing. I wonder if Gaki-san had a similar morning of giddy preparation? I could definitely imagine that  :P
And a first date at that...  :oops:

"Must be your ‘Rain girl’ luck again…It’d suck now after all of this waiting for your lovely Gaki-san to just cancel because of your crappy luck ne~?"

Hahhaaaa.... the younger Takahashi has a bit of sharp tongue there, huh? Teasing her older sister even though it's so obvious this is something huge for her (I mean, it took her over TWO hours to pick that outfit???  :nervous).

Sounds kinda like a little brat sibling you would throw pillows at. I'm glad Ai-chan did that. ^__^

Ai felt her body stiffen at the beans question. She slightly bit her bottom lip and quickly touched the brown frames with one hand as she gripped onto the handle of her umbrella with the other. She did need the glasses for reading, but it was also a way to hide her-self, since she wasn’t the most confident girl

Shy Ai-chan is one of my favourite kind of Ai-chans. For somebody so talented and good-looking, I'm always awed by her modesty and shyness.  :wub:

“C’mon Ai-chan~! You don’t need your umbrella! It’s snowing!”

What happened next to Ai’s surprise was that the bean took her hand and started running, and jumping again, which sooner made her jump and run along with her. The two feeling more insensitive to the cold with each jump.

She’s actually holding my hand! Please Kami-sama make this moment last forever!

OH MY FLUFF! In generous amounts!  :luvluv2:
Cute, innocent, high-school teenagey TakaGaki is fluffy win.

I have a thing for reading about Ai-chan admiring and crushing on Gaki-san. It's usually the other way around, but it's so damn cute when it's Ai doing all that.  :heart:

“I think that Ai-chan looks cuter without her glasses and should only use them when she needs to!”


Ai-chan is cute with or without glasses, but I like the novelty of her wearing glasses. Especially as a sensei  :inlove: dear lord
But I think the thing that's oh so adorable about this is that Gaki-san probably realises that Ai wears her glasses more to hide behind them than anything...  :luvuluvu:

She smirked to herself and for the first time in a long time put the glasses into their case and into her school bag as she turned to her sister.

“Its nothing…Lets go.”

:mon inluv:

Gaki-san's words are like some kind of gospel for Ai... hehe.  :grin:

WHAT A CUTE ONE-SHOT!!!!!  :wriggly:
You're so good at writing these, waiwai. >_______<

Denwa de ne.

:mon lovelaff: :mon lovelaff: :mon lovelaff:

I think of the three one-shots you've updated since my last comment, this one was possibly my favourite. Not a clear cut one 'coz they're just all so damned cute, but this one really left an impression on me because of the dialogue and the interaction over the phone. It's so... simple, warm, and realistic? The kind of conversation I can totally imagine the two having. And demanding Ai-chan coupled with a tired Gaki-san is is is is is is just just  :bow: :bow: :bow:

“There…it’s opened and I’m looking…Now can you please tell me why you called me so late?”

“Its not that late, you’re only an hour behind me Risa-chan.”

“Still it’s late…”

She tried to suppress a yawn.

Is Gaki-san getting annoyed with a romantic Ai here? LOL.
Still, her 'annoyed' is cute.

“So are you looking?”

“Yes Ai-chan, I’m looking up at the sky.”


Ai-chan's so demanding, ne? Hahahaha... I laughed at this, it's so adorable and puppy-like.  :mon cute: Gyyyyaaaaaa...  :panic:

“Good, cus you know I want to look at the same things you do even if we’re apart, and the skys the best thing cus its so big and all…”

I knew she was shaking her head after I said my reason, but it was true; I wanted it to feel like she was right next to me on the hotel bed with the both of us snuggled together looking out of the window.

"And the sky's the best thing cus its so big and all..." Clever!Ai-chan ftw!  :love:


“Fine~ we can just look with the window closed then. It won’t really be the same though you know…”

“It won’t be the end of the world…How much longer do I have to stay up with you?”

Gaki-san's sounding really ticked off here!  XD You know, I just noticed that throughout this one-shot there isn't really anything sweet out of Gaki-san's mouth besides: I love you. And somehow, this still manages to be so warm and endearing. I love it!  :wub:

“Just for a little longer ok?”

I just want to stay like this… I want to feel like you’re right here with me…

I wish Ai-chan had said that out loud. *sigh*



“Are you still upset at me almost falling asleep earlier?”


“Cus..I’m really getting tierd…”

Awwww. Sweet dialogue, I love, I love.
What's Gaki-san been doing that's caused her such exhaustion though? xDDDD Thinking too much about Ai-chan, I hope.  :P Hehehee..

“I love you…”

I heard the line click and I brought the phone away from my ear and looked at the wallpaper of the two of us together. I softly kissed the screen, a habit I usually do when Risa’s not around to actually kiss, and put the phone on the bedside dresser.

I love you too Risa-chan…

*Bee melts into a puddle of goo*


I melted the first time I read this and with this second viewing, result is still the same. Goodness me.......  :heart: :bow:

Goodbye Memories.

This was such a sweet, nostalgic read...  :cry: :wub: It kind of reminded me of Proposal Daisakusen (I obsessed over this drama for almost 2 years), where one of my favourite scenes was the two leads going back to their highschool. They walked about, sat in their old classroom and then in the playground, just reminiscing about times gone by, about what's happened since. It was so beautiful, so hauntingly beautiful. I can say that this one-shot definitely roused similar emotions in me  :k-inlove: a truly beautiful piece...

It's nice to see you swapping around the roles a little, with this one being Gaki's POV and is all about her love for Ai.  :love:

The flashbacks and the sakura blossoms... Risa's constant aching over the fact that she was never able to confess to Ai because of one thing or another...  :mon inluv:

Risa looked up to the sky and noticed the shade of blue slowly changing to end the day. As she noticed this, a wave of sadness swept over her and the tears she had held back.

“Goodbye… I don’t want to say goodbye yet…”

Awwwww...  :mon cry:
I know how that feels... I've been through all that. Primary school, highschool, uni. ;_____________; it's so hard to let go, and even more so when it's got to do with somebody you've fallen for so hard.  :heart:

Risa couldn’t keep her eyes off of Ai. She loved everything about her; the way she laughed when they joked around, how she looked at her with those big doe eyes when she finally got her attention away from her videogames, everything.

‘It seems like I’m falling in love with you Ai-chan…’

Yes! Ai's (awesomely natural) laughter! Doe eyes! Just a few things about her that are so distinctive. :inlove: And you get extra points for mentioning Ai and videogaming.  :grin:

“I… you…”


“You always….”

“Always what Risa?”

Ai took a few steps forward to figure out just what the bean was trying to say, which made Risa look away for a brief moment.

No; no backing out this time, you have to say it Risa, even if she doesn’t love you back, just saying it is enough.’

“Ever since the beginning Ai-chan… I’ve…I’ve always…”

She took one last deep breath and closed her eyes shut as the words she had been holding for years finally came out of her mouth.

“I’ve always loved you!”

Sorry this is such a big quote, but this stumbling confession is too much love!  :wub:

MY GAH, we HAVE to find out what Ai's response will be!!!!!! ;________________; You're writing right now, aren't you??? =P but yeah, do take your time. Agree with grac's above comment. Oh, and the fact that you are Queen of Fluff  :bow: you earned the title! xDDDD

Anyways, thank you for the fluff, waiwai!  :love: I've enjoyed it all so much and hope it shows through this comment?  :nervous

Please update soon. Can't wait for MORE!  :heart:


Here, some links for 'research'. Bee and Ropy are well-acquainted with my famous links (Bee secretly fears them, I think)

EHHHHH???  XD Since when have I secretly feared them? Sorry, but what makes you think that? >_____> lol

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rndy-oh god u too with that??  :P

grac-i dont need a crown really^^; u guys need one more than me^^

lol i'll be sure to keep that in mind when i do it^^ :thumbsup

ah~ so thats what it means~ learn something new everyday~ X3 thanks^^ and lol

so i watched the pv and i realised near the end when the gate guard dude was letting them all leave that i had seen the pv before but a looooong time ago XD and was this pv like hinting at yukoxmaeda?? XD count on akb to make me think that XD thanks though~ angsty fluff

bee-lol its ok i know life can get in the way but i knew by the thanks that u were reading them^^

lol thanks you for spreading takagaki as well~ X3 and lol i  kinda was with the comments thing^^; i kept wondering "i hope bee's ok i really wanna know what she thinks~" everytime i saw the thanks XD but at the same time i was waiting to see if anyone else was going to comment^^;
i'm kinda deep myself i think, but usually bye the time i type up a comment everyone before me said what i was thinking or my brain doesnt know how to form the thoughts right^^;

lol its true like if i have a responsibilty even if im tiered of it i still do it^^;

oh god u want a perv too? XD i'll tell u a secret that only i think 3 ppl know about it..... it involves maid outfits ;) rndy's the only one who's read pretty much all i have so far XDDD so if u want more about it interogate- i mean ask her XD

and ur too wordy???? i think not madam! you're just fine! i just wish i could be more wordy in a way it makes sense XD

love jump
XD well in another thing im writing ouji's in it for a bit so u should be happy to know that XD and yes little sis takahashi knows how to push her nee-chan's buttons huh? XD

for ai-chushin on gaki i felt that it was right to do it this way mostly cus almost everyone including myself usually makes gaki the one who is all crushing and admiering her, so i thought that something diffrent would be good^^; though after reading so many essy stuff with ai in them (who i think writes ai epically btw)idk i felt like i wrote her wrong or weird XDD

ai-sensei..... :drool: :wub: :inlove: :twisted: :twothumbs thats my comment on that...*goes to look at helo!channel vol1 pics*ah~:heart:
ah~ im thats good~! :panic:why does everyone keep saying that~???

denwa de ne
lol i think hyper ai-chan with sleepy risa is pretty realistic to me XD like i can imagine ai talking about one thing or another that risa has no idea about and no matter how hard risa tries to keep paying attention she just gets sleepier and sleepier XD

annoyed gaki is just cus she's sleepy and cant put up with ai's hyperness atm XD plus at risa's side its cold XD while ai-chan's side is pretty warm^^

XD yet again the sleepyness is getting to her XD she loves ai-chan but sleep is just as lovely XD

the reason why she's so tierd? well i thought i'd makei t around the time ai went to guam for the pb shoot and at that same time risa and sayu were incharge of the 9th gen intro event and i think one of the colabolabo events, so bussyness of all that= tierd gaki and of course wondering how ai-chan is too XD

lol what's with everyone dying on me? xD i need them to live~!

goodbye memories
same here, throughout my whole highschool time like i was only ubber emotional like in 10th grade because the 12 graders that i knew so well were leaving and they became like really good friends to me. in the next 2 yrs though they did visit and thankfully they were still the same funny ppl. and i think next to that it was when my whole japanese class wrote  that we'd miss our sensei the day that she was leaving for a AP meeting out of town. she wouldnt be able to see us off at graduation or on the last day of school cus of it so we all wrote on the bored and like after school i just started crying cus i didnt want to leave her^^; she was like the only teacher in all 4 yrs that had seen me grow up and she always said that she didnt want to let me go^^;  gah if i talk about this even more i'll go emo so i'll stop XD

gosh i'm not the queen~~ DX  stop this~ and im not writing but i am thinking about it atm^^; and im happy that u did enjoy it X3

ganbarimasu~ :)

god this reply was long XD but in a good way XD
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Re: kawaii-beam's not so very wonderful box of wonders~[GM part 2] 3-11-11
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ok everyone! here's part 2 of goodbye memories since ppl have been asking X3 NOW BE HAPPY AND COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!! i worked verry hard to get this (short) part 2 up ^^;

Goodbye Memories part 2

The silence was deafening and Risa didn’t like it one bit. All the older girl did was look at her with this unreadable expression plastered on her face. A million thoughts and emotions ran through the older girls head as the words repeated in her head over and over again.

“I’ve always loved you!”

All this time her best friend was in love with her and she never knew it. She couldn’t believe it. She looked down to the cracks in the side walk as she tried to think of something to say. Words were never her strong point.

The bean waited, with each second feeling more and more terrified. Was it wrong to tell her? Will she still be her friend? So many questions came through and each one made her regret even opening her mouth.


‘Am I really that dense…?’


Ai sighed to herself and looked over to the window. Rain gently tapped on the glass as she watched every other drop slide down. She hugged her legs together and closed her eyes taking in the sounds of the weather outside as her bed softly creaked.

“I really was dense back then wasn’t I?”

“Well yes…and no. I mean it’s not every day your best friend tells you that she has loved you ever since you’ve met each other…”

She smiled to herself and opened one eye to see her friend look at her reflection in the same window. It was always like Sayu to check herself out whenever a refection was in her sight. The bunny fixed her bangs and then looked over to Ai who opened her other eye and looked back out to the rain.

“True, but it’s stupid that I never even noticed it.”

“What was your reply then? Did you accept Gaki-san’s confession?”

“At first…no… I was too shocked by the whole thing to even tell her that I wanted to think about what she said… I felt like we were in high school again and that all the things she did back then that I just thought were normal things soon started making sense.”


The monkey desperately searched through her missed calls and messages to see if that one person had called her, but when she noticed that she hadn’t called it just brought her mood crashing down. It had been almost three months after Risa had confessed to her; three months since they had talked to each other.  After the bean had blurted out her true feelings for the older girl, Ai was so shocked that all she could do was instantly tell her that she needed to think things over and ran off leaving the bean in total shock and maybe in tears.

After a few weeks of thinking over her over reactive emotions as well as the total shock she had realized that she had indeed loved the bean back, but wasn’t entirely sure on how to tell them back to her. She had thought of calling her but whenever she picked up her phone and scrolled down to Risa’s name, she would never have the bravery to press the call button. She decided that since she was too chicken to call the bean herself she’d wait for Risa to call her.

So she waited, and waited and waited some more until one night she finally gave in and decided that if she couldn’t talk to her through the phone, maybe going over to the girl’s house and telling her how she felt would work.

She knocked on the younger girl’s apartment door and waited for a reply. Each second felt like hours to her and when the door finally opened, Ai pulled the drowsy bean into a kiss and hugged her.


“My god Ai-chan! You just went and kissed her right then and there??”

She softly blushed at Sayu’s reaction and nodded, trying to cover her embarrassment.

“I wasn’t thinking rationally, I just knew that I couldn’t just tell her, so I showed her…”

“More like totally startled the crap out of her.”

Ai rolled her eyes and continued on.


When the two finally broke away from their kiss, Risa gently touched her lips and then looked at the girl in front of her.


“Risa…I’m sorry for leaving you like that…I-I just didn’t know what to say…a-and it was such a huge shock to hear it from you and...and...”

The bean brought her finger to the older girl’s lips and embraced her. That was all she needed to know and hear.

“I love you too Risa…”


“And that’s that.”

She looked to the bunny who just grinned back at her.


“Are you sure that’s all you two did that night?”

The reply the bunny got was a loud smack on her arm. She clutched onto the reddening flesh and looked at the older girl in horror.

“My god! I was only kidding Ai-chan! That hurt!”

and thats that~! its hsort but this was the best i could do^^;
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Re: kawaii-beam's not so very wonderful box of wonders~[GM part 2] 3-11-11
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It's the best! You're the best! *clutches waii and pats her head*

good way to tell the story indirectly so we both see a flashback and have Ai tell Sayu about it as well. This was really nice. Thanks for sharing.

If you ever feel like you need to write angst (which, really, you don't need to)- you could probably write a Risa POV for the three months she was incommunicado with Ai after the confession. At least we are assured of a happy ending there.

(Sorry for being touchy-feely, but I acknowledge excellent hard work and express myself with head pats  :P )

"I'm still blaming Sayu for my lolicon tendencies now." ~Essy

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Re: kawaii-beam's not so very wonderful box of wonders~[575] 4-15-11
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grac- thanks so much! X3 i dont mind being touchy-felt(?) XD im perfectly fine with it^^

lol i dont think i can continue on with the good bye memories cus i feel like risa'semoness could varry in everyones mind with how she delt with after the confession....did that sentence just make sence? XD

ok so i wrote this like 2 nights ago and idk if this next oneshot will make sense or not^^; plus there's no banner for this oneshot cus i couldnt find a right pic to go with it >.< and i also got this oneshot thanks to perfume's B-side of their VOICE single called 575.


“I don’t want to lose to this love. Not tonight…”

Rolling onto my back and looking up to the ceiling, I grabbed my phone next to me and flipped it open. I looked at the screen and a light smile crept up to my face. It was a picture of Ai-chan and I on our day off. A hot breeze of air flowed into my room, reminding me again that it was summer.

My heart felt like it was swaying along with my window sheets as I pressed the button of my phone to the address book. I wanted to talk to her, even though I knew she was probably busy with her stage play rehearsals or out with one of the members ,but I didn’t really care. My selfish side was slowly coming out, and I wasn’t trying to hold it back.

‘She doesn’t want to be smothered by you all of the time. She’s had to go through all of your over protection and smothering for years now. That’s the one of the reasons why she’s distance herself from you…’

Those constant voices that always made me paranoid about our relationship whispered continuously as I tried to not believe them. Maybe paranoid is the wrong word to use…I don’t really know… either way, as much as I try not to believe those doubts, they’re always there stuck in the back my mind.
It was somewhat true though, we weren’t paired up much ever since the 9th gen. had joined. It was always her with them or me and Sayu with the girls and with her graduation coming closer each day, Ai-chan was doing more solo things.

“Why can’t we just meet up and go to some far off place where graduations were nonexistent and work wasn’t such a life strainer?”

I frowned at the blank screen of the phone as well as the sudden thought that blurted out of my lips. I knew that it wasn’t as easy as I wished it would but it was nice to blurt it out, even if it was to my reflection on the small screen. Closing my eyes and sighed, lightly tossing the phone next to me, not caring where it really landed.

“Where are my feelings for her anyway? Psh what am I even saying? Risa you’re not making sense anymore…I just want to see her right now that’s all…”

About two hours later, I felt around for my phone giving into the need to at least message her or at least get a new picture of her.

“Where the heck is that thing?”

I felt my bed sheets up some more and opened my eyes to actually look only to find the thing on the floor. I instantly picked it up and flipped it open again, looking for her name and pressing on to the ‘create message’ button when I stopped dead in my tracks.

“What should I even send her?”

I fooled around a bit, putting the numbers 5-7-5 but then cleared them off from the screen. I knew that I couldn’t ask for her to come over since it was already getting late and the last train probably closed already. I pressed 1-2-3 and soon as that realization hit me, the phone vibrated loudly in my hands, slightly catching myself off guard. When I checked to see who it was messaging me so late, a smile came on my face.

“Ah I’ve got some free time now, I finally left rehearsal.”

The message was short and simple like I’d always expect from her but it didn’t really bother me, it was the chance that I had been waiting for all night to hear. I pushed the buttons little by little, just asking how it all went and if anything interesting had happened, praying that she’s reply back to me sensing my feelings for her though just a casual message.

“Ne, what are you up to now?”

“Nothing, just thinking of going to sleep soon.”

“I would try to come over, but I think the last train’s already went through. I’m sorry Risa-chan.”

It was a lie, I wasn’t tired at all, even though I wanted to ask why she didn’t really answer my question, as well as fully show my selfish side out to her, but I knew I had to say goodnight. Just talking with her gives me a natural high. I sighed and replied back, slowly pushing the keypad and pressing ‘send’.

“I’ll just see you in the morning then. Goodnight Ai-chan”

I closed the phone and set it next to my pillow as I laid down and closed my tired eyes. I know in my heart that I love her so much, but with all that’s going on I just have to take it one day at a time. As the little clock in my room softly rang that it was 12 am, I sighed and softly smiled to myself for surviving through another whole day with my emotions.

idk if it makes sense but please tell me if it does ok guys?^^; i feel like this is a weak comming back^^; lol
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Re: kawaii-beam's not so very wonderful box of wonders~~[575] 4-15-11
« Reply #95 on: April 16, 2011, 04:58:35 AM »
I like it, I like it. I'm definitely glad to see it finished, it just seems like one of those moment in time stories that I love so much. Just a little bit of insight into a relationship that's not at all perfect, but there's definitely love.

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Re: kawaii-beam's not so very wonderful box of wonders~~[575] 4-15-11
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 :lol: :lol: I'm ready for my emo sammich.

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rndy- sankyu~*huggles* idk what to say about that bread meat and cheese thing^^; i dont get it? XD now be happy~

well i guess since it's easter weekend everyone's ubber bussy but i hope that you all will like this^^ i spent 3 days writing this and litsening to the song on repeate and this song is actually pretty dear to my heart cus it was the 1st akb song that i heard^^ enjoy~ :deco:

Disdained Affection

I couldn’t stop looking. Even if I truly wanted to look away and wish it never happened, I just couldn’t force myself to move. She was gone…dead would probably be a better word, but I don’t like using it.I brought my legs closer to myself and hugged them tightly as the news showed my school on the TV. It was the same old borrowed talk about a suicide. The word never really used to bother me until a few days ago, but now, just hearing it gave me goosebumps.

Every few years, a student would try and kill themselves off from the 4th floor of our school. Some would live to tell the tale and go home with broken bones, while others would never get up from the ground ever again.

‘She just had to stay down…and leave me all alone like this….’

I repeated that in my head over and over again, completely drowning out the noise around me, only staring at the screen in front of me. It wasn’t until I felt the cell phone vibrating next to my feet that I snapped back into reality. I picked it up and flipped it open as the newscaster continued on about the “tragedy” as if it was as simple as typing out characters on my cell phone. Shaking my head, I read the message that was from one of my friends.

“Is everything alright Ai-chan? I noticed that you left home early”

I sighed and replied back. I wasn’t in the mood to talk to anyone.

”I’m fine Sayu, I just wasn’t feeling well. I’ll see you tomorrow at school.”

”Alright Ai-chan…You know that Reina, Eri, and I are here for you right?And We’ll always be there for you when you’re ready to talk it out.”

A small smile came up to my face as I shut the phone, and hugged my legs again. My mother walked in and sat next to me on the couch. Ouji followed after her and sat right in front of me wagging his tail. I glanced over to him and then back at the TV as my mom cleared her throat and stroked the top of my head.

“Ai…are you feeling any better? You haven’t gotten out of your uniform since you’ve been home…”

I nodded and looked up at her seeing concern in her eyes. It’s always like moms to worry, so I smiled to see if that would make her see that I was alright.

“Yeah mom, I’m fine…I should be able to go back to school tomorrow after some rest.”

She stopped petting my head and looked at me right in the eyes as if she was trying to look for something.

“Ai-chan, I know that it must be hard for you to lose Risa-chan in such a drastic way, but going to school and acting like nothing happened won’t help you… you need to talk to the psychiatrist about this or at least just stay home for a few days and then go talk…”

I sighed and looked away from her as soon as she mentioned Risa’s name. That was the last thing I wanted to hear, it was way too soon for me to talk about her.

All of the adults at school were talking about her already as well as the police and school psychiatrist who came into home room and talked to every one of us one by one. I was getting sick of it. I got up and walked up stairs, quickly slamming the door shut ,locking it and laying onto my bed. I didn’t even notice that Ouji had followed me until he jumped onto the bed and licked my hand.

“Adults just go around acting like they know why she jumped…”

They tried to look for motives, as to what could trick her off but they found nothing…they were all just thinking like adults after all….they never understood what she felt. Watching them try to figure it all out was like a horrible joke that I couldn’t laugh at. Our lives were pretty much decided for us due to those adults. Even when we tried to change the future, or at least something about ourselves we always knew that we couldn’t do anything about it in the end...


“I don’t want to be so lonely Ai-chan….”

She clung onto me as the cool winter air blew against our uniforms. I wrapped my arms around her and petted her head as she continued crying. No one ever saw this side of her, the side that for once stopped smiling and let all of her emotions out.

“You’re not alone Risa, I’m here for you and so are Eri and Sayu and Reina…we all are…”

“No’re the only one…they only see the fake me…they don’t know what I go through…all of the torment no matter how much I try not to let it bother me and search for a way to just tough it out…it just gets worse every day!”

“Risa…look at me…”

She sniffled and looked up at me as I started to wipe away the tears that were still rolling down her cheeks. Just seeing that broken look on her face made me want to take all of that sadness away and make her feel truly happy instead of just putting on a show of smiles every time she came to school. When she finally calmed down, I gently put my hands on the sides of her face to look right into my eyes.

“I just want someone to not make me feel so lonely any more…”

“You don’t have to feel lonely anymore! I’m here for you…I always will…”

I slowly brought my face towards her and gently kissed her. When we parted, it felt like some life was given back into her eyes, and we hugged each other as another cold gust blew us by. I took her phone out of her pocket and went to her messages, instantly deleting all of the hurtful words behind them.

“These words that the others say mean nothing…alright?”

She nodded and hugged me again as I put the phone back in her pocket and kissed her forehead.

“I just want you to hold me like this forever Ai-chan…”


“Now Takahashi-san, I’ve been told that Niigaki-san was a close friend of yours?”

“Yes. And you don’t have to call me by my last name.”

I hated it when teachers or any adult did.

“Al right then, AI-san it is. Maybe you could tell me what it was like being Risa-san’s friend?”

I sighed and scratched the back of my leg. Talking about Risa was still too soon for me. It had only been two weeks since the accident, but I finally got caught by the psychiatrist and here I was, in the counselor’s room being forced to talk about my best friend. Of course they all thought that it would be best for me to “talk my feelings out” because I had been “acting unlike myself” since it happened, but wouldn’t anyone if their best friend had left this earth? The psychiatrist waited patiently as I tried to figure out what to say to her which made me feel a bit uneasy so I started fiddling around with the necklace around my neck.

“Is that necklace special to you isn’t it?”

Looking up and nodding, I fiddled with the bird charm around the chain.

“Did she give it to you?”

“Yes…we have a matching pair.”

She nodded and thought for a moment before going back to a previous question.

“So how was it being Risa-san’s friend?”

“She’s the best friend anyone could ever have.”

“Really? How so?”

“Well…she always looks out for everyone else, and even though she’s mostly serious about her work she has her moments where she can be really random and funny.”

I smiled a bit to myself remembering one day how she had talked to Sayu about a homework assignment and then the next completely changed the subject in the same breath by saying how she couldn’t wait to get more Disney charms.

“I see, a few of your classmates said the same thing.”

“It was probably Eri, Sayu and Reina, they would agree with me…”

“That charm, you said Risa-san had one just like yours?”

I nodded, slightly tightening my grip on it. It was the first present that she gave me, and it wasn’t even my birthday. It was showing me that she trusted me enough to let me into her heart.

“She liked birds a lot…”
I looked down to stare at my shoes, as I felt this sudden rush of dread come over me. The woman said nothing for a few minutes and then continued.

“Why did she like birds so much?”


“They’re so carefree and beautiful aren’t they Ai-chan?”


We both looked up at the huge aviary around us as different types and colors of birds flew by. I looked over at her and saw the huge grin that was swept across her face. It was a true and honest one.

“If I could I’d love to be a bird and just fly away from all of my problems just like they do when it gets to cold…”

She took a few steps in front of me and stretched out her arms. I smiled as I watched her spin around like a little kid.

“Then, I wouldn’t have to read any of those mean messages or hear what the others say about me…”

When she finally did stop I took her hand and gently swung it back and forth as she looked on at a little parrot.

“We’re here to have fun remember? No bad thinking about school or home today, you promised…”

“Yeah… sorry Ai-chan…”

She smiled with a bit of embarrassment and slightly tightened the grip on my hand.

“You always know what to say to bring me back down from my crazy thoughts…If I was really a bird I probably wouldn’t have ever met you.”


“Ai-san…it was said that Risa-san liked going on to the school roof a lot…is that true?”

“Yes. Sometimes we go there for lunch or after school to relax for a bit.”

“I see…it was also said that before Risa-san jumped that her shoes were found. Do you know why she would do that?”

I slightly bit my lip at hearing that. Whenever she was in one of her low moments and I couldn’t find her anywhere else in the school she did that; she’d always sit on the edge of the roof, lazily dangling her legs. As soon as I would call her name she’d turn around and give me that broken smile that I hated to see her have. So much so that I’d always storm over to her, pull her away from the edge, and tell her that it was dangerous to sit like that. All she’d do was smile at me, put back on her shoes and hug me saying that she was sorry for worrying me like that.

“I almost flew away from you again didn’t I?”

She’d always whisper in my ear.

“I...I don’t know…some of the girls say that she wanted to be praised for her good maners…”

I knew all too well that it was probably a hint to me that she’d be leaving me soon, or that she was trying to end it all.

“Some of the girls? You mean the others in your class?”


“Did some bully Risa-san?”   

“…..Dose it really matter now? Even if we were forced to take a survey about bullying it wouldn’t matter…”

“Her voice was never heard anyway…It went with the wind just like she did…”


“Risa-chan, where are you?”

I walked through the halls as everyone packed up lunches. The Lunch bell was going to ring soon, and I had already looked in her usual hiding spots but found nothing. I decided to look up at the roof. I just hoped that she was in a slightly better mood than she was in this morning. When I opened the door and called out her name I heard nothing in response but the ringing of the lunch bell and the laughter of the other girls going into the building was the only thing that I heard.

After a few minutes, I walked to the ladder and called her name again.


No response. I cautiously climbed up the ladder since it was still damp from the rain earlier and poked my head out to see if she was there. All I could see was the floor and the sky.

“Maybe she went home early….but she didn’t bring her bag with her when she left…”

I was about to go down again when something caught my eye. It was a pair of Risa’s shoes neatly placed on the ground with no Risa in sight. A feeling of worry came over me instantly and I rushed over to her shoes looking frantically around them for any sign of her. I looked down and noticed that in her left shoe was her cell phone and in the other was a piece of paper. All that I could see written on it was ‘For Ai-chan on the envelope. I couldn’t even bother to take it out.


I quickly ran to the edge and looked down to see her lifeless body just laying there…and not moving. That was when my whole world had shut down. I instantly went numb and turned and started running back to where her shoes laid. I didn’t even notice that Sayu had followed me until I bumped into her. She had to shake me a few times just to get a response out of me.

“Ai-chan! What’s the matter?? Where’s Gaki-san??”


All I could do was shake my head.

“No…no…this isn’t real…she can’t be gone…she can’t just leave me like this…”

“Ai-chan what are you talking about??”

“S-she jumped Sayu…She tried to fly…”

'It was my fault anyway….'


I pointed fingers the whole time, saying that it was the others fault, but deep down I knew that it was my own doing. I could’ve stopped her if I followed her as soon as she got up and left the classroom. I could’ve been faster, or at least tell someone what was going on….but I didn’t.

‘It’s all my fault….’

Ouji softly whimpered at me as I sat on my bed looking at the folded note that she had written for me. I carefully picked it up and unfolded it slowly as Ouji hopped into my lap. He started snuggling up to me more than usual ever since that day happened and I was pretty grateful for it. Maybe animals truly do feel your emotions. When I finally opened the last fold, I gently straightened the paper and started reading it.

‘Dear Ai-chan,
I know that you’re probably upset that I left you this letter instead of just telling you to your face, but I think that it would be better if I told it to you this way. I have a few things to tell you, and I know for a fact that you’ll have a reason to deny them but here it goes…I’m sorry. I’m sorry for always giving my problems to you; I know that it must have been hard dealing with all of your personal things and then mine on top of it.

 I’m sorry for always making you worry and I’m sorry for so many other things that I can’t remember in my head right now. I’m sorry for never thinking positively and for making Sayumin, Kame, and Tanakachii worry about me so much. There’s so many more things that I’m sorry for but there’s only so much time left so I’ll make this letter short. Ai-chan, you’ve always been there for me since day one that we’ve met and you’ve helped me through a lot of things, you always know what to say to get me not to fly away and I’m sorry that I did in the end. I’m a horrible girlfriend aren’t I?

There I go being negative again. Just know that this wasn’t your fault. Don’t beat-up yourself over me, or you’ll never be happy, and when you feel lonely or sad, just remember that necklace I gave you or watch the birds in the sky. Anything positive will be good. I don’t want you to remember the broken and weak me…’

By now I could tell that her handwriting had gotten shakier as well as see slight stains on the paper either from her tears or from being left out in the rain before she jumped. I turned to the next page and continued reading.

‘I’m happy that I got to meet someone like you Ai-chan, and I just hope you won’t hate me for flying away…I’ll love you forever, so don’t try to fly away from the others alright?’

I bit my bottom lip as my vision started getting blurry and tears suddenly started strolling down my cheeks.

“That…idiot….If you loved me so much why did you leave me…?”

Ouji snuggled up against me as more tears came down. I just couldn’t understand it all.


“Are you hungry?”

“…Not really…”

Risa smiled at me as we walked home from school. Lately she hadn’t been eating much and I knew that it was probably due to what the other girls were saying to her in class. It seemed that no matter what she did, she could never please them. It made me upset to see her just easily accept the way that they treated her.

“Risa, I’ve told you before, you’re not alone in this…you don’t have to listen to them…”

“You’re the only person who would say that Ai-chan…”

She stopped walking and looked at me with a sad smile on her face.

“You’re always the one to look at me with kind eyes…”

I sighed and put my arms on her shoulders, looking at her dead in her chocolate eyes.

“It’s because I love you that I say those things, and that I care about you Risa…don’t you see that? I don’t want you to feel hurt anymore…”

All she did was smile at me, take one of my hands with hers, and started walking again. When we got to her home, no one seemed to be home. Her father was still at work, her mother had probably gone to the market or was out with her friends and her sister was over at a friend’s house. This left the whole entire place to us. We took off our shoes and quietly walked to her room.



I sat on the edge of her bed and looked up as she opened the curtains and sat back down next to me. She sighed and I wrapped my right arm around her, causing her to snuggle closer to me.

“Can we stay like this for a while?”

“Of course we can.”


Folding up the letter, I put it back in a drawer next to my bed and looked up to the ceiling as I rested my head on my pillow. I never knew that that day would be my last with her. It never occurred to me why she was acting more cuddly than usual and was quieter. The one thing that I did know was that I was now alone. Yes I had Sayu, Reina, and Eri but without Risa I felt so empty. I wanted to be held by her, kissed by her; anything would’ve helped me make that feeling feel like it was there forever but I knew it could never become a reality now.

Even though I knew it was a love from a scorned girl, I would do anything to get it back.


what cha think~? i really wanna know~ :deco:
here's the pv and the lyrics if anyone wants to hear/know
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really good kawaii, it reminds me of a story I read couple years ago, but it wasn't about bullying but it was weird because the character felt the same way Ai did and it drew that parallel, anyways keep up the good work.
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 :cry: :cry: :cry:

(emo) Meat Story
Kuro Comment
(emo) Bread

My emo sammich is complete.

And now I die of sadness.

But seriously, this is good. Like, I'm getting all misty. Doesn't help I was just thinking about graduations and going through weepy comment videos.

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