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Author Topic: The PIEHOLE Extreme M.A.K.E.O.V.E.R.  (Read 1504 times)

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The PIEHOLE Extreme M.A.K.E.O.V.E.R.
« on: April 05, 2010, 01:04:53 AM »
WHAT UP HIPSTAZ! Stuff your P.I.E.H.O.L.E. with what puts the H!P into :hipheart:

You may noticed we reorganized shit, it's the same H!P goodness. :rikabunny still anchors, we still love :shakeit:

A few notable differences:

  • H!P Crapola unsubforummed The Girlbonding thread has been epic! Let's keep up the good work and have more discussions. Feel free to make threads and go nuts.
  • The classic "Guess the Bodypart!" thread has been moved from the H!P Perv (20 posts, +18 to access)
  • H!P Pics one forum: again, lol. Hello! Project, Graduate, Eggs, whatever. If they touched Tsunku, they're in there.
  • Graduate Plaza is a subforum of H!P Girls Makes sense, thanks Commie ;P Also opens up for future expansion if Tsunku decides to audition 2,000 more girls.

See a release? make a thread, or discuss rumors and gossips in the stickies provided in H!P News and Releases. Remember, archives of H!P News can be found in the Classics Thread forum. So many H!P Girls, so little time...

Wanna join the @JPHiP twitter team? Holla at a daigong

Happy postwhoring!! :jphip:

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