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Author Topic: [Discuss] How did you become an AKB48-fan?  (Read 32871 times)

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Re: [Discuss] How did you become an AKB48-fan?
« Reply #60 on: September 21, 2011, 10:58:52 AM »
I know AKB48 because of No Sleeves's drama Mendol ~Ikemen Idol~  :)
It's so interesting and i got so curious  :? about the cast and search about them at google~
Know they are from a group named AKB48, search the video at Youtube~ and finally fall in love with Erepyon~  :inlove: Erepyon is my first oshi btw~  :wub:

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Re: [Discuss] How did you become an AKB48-fan?
« Reply #61 on: September 21, 2011, 12:15:28 PM »
Lolol. As for me, I had a classmate who knew I loved watching japanese drama, one day she just told me that she found an interesting dorama about an all-girls Yankee school where there was a girl who was always drenched in blood (Rena) and one of the cast was a half-filipino. The fact that those two were there took my attention so I watched it immediately after school and immediately got hooked on it.

After a few episodes, I went to wiki to know who that half-filipino is. Her name was Sayaka Akimoto. When I searched for her bio, it stated that she was from a group named AKB48, so I searched for it as well and found out that all of the actresses were actually singers from a group of the same name.

And then, after watching Majisuka Season 1-2, their opening songs kept on ringing on my head, so I began searching for more songs of AKB48, searched for their variety shows and without knowing it, I got hooked. xD

So like, the whole reason to it all was Sayaka Akimoto and Matsui Rena's gore-ish Gekikara mode. :> I seriously thought at first that Sayaka would be my only Oshimen but I soon found out that everyone was actually lovable, so I became a DD with the excuse of "Choosing only one member to support to is not AKB48 anymore. I love AKB48 as a whole". xDD

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Re: [Discuss] How did you become an AKB48-fan?
« Reply #62 on: September 21, 2011, 01:39:36 PM »
For me, it took me quite some time to get so hooked up :inlove: :inlove:( and obsessed :drool:) with AKB48 . I already heard of them from the web and the youtube. Whenever I searched for songs about Korean popstars who translate their songs into Japanese, the name AKB48 always end up on my screen, so I kept on wondering who they were :? :? :?. I was starting to get bored with Kpop songs and drama and such, when I decided to go back to Japanese stuff after 4 years of break from it(due to korean songs and such)  :yawn:. I started searching for dorama and slowly started becoming a fan of yur :twothumbsi. I then started searching for a yuri drama, even though I was very reluctant to, I mean, I'm not into yuri before  :smhid ;). When I saw Ikemen Mendol :inlove:. I saw the name AKB48 and started wondering who AKB48 was (again)  :?.
I began watching it and soon, I found myself watching every episode over and over again!!! I started searching for more AKB48 dramas and came across Majisuka Gakuen! (TOTALLY LOVE THIS DRAMA AND RENA IN IT!!!!!) And because of Majisuka, I finally became hooked and obsessed with AKB48! :heart: Then I started listening to their songs and found my self singing their songs all the time! I mean, who wouldn't like their songs?! So you can say, I became a fan because of boredom and their great persistence (lol, :lol: because i kept on ignoring the name for several years, thinking they were boring, when in fact, they're the opposite!). I LOVE AKB48!!!! :inlove: :inlove: :heart:
Had a withdrawal, so now I'm planning to fall in love with the couples all over again

\(^ - ^)/
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Re: [Discuss] How did you become an AKB48-fan?
« Reply #63 on: September 23, 2011, 11:28:19 PM »
new! to this site~

well, for me, i liked AKB48's songs for quite a while. since Skirt, Hirari-ish.
but i didn't actually start getting really into them until Oogoe Diamond and Junen Zakura~
what really made me a fan though was TomoTomo as Queen & Elizabeth on Kamen Rider W <3
they were my favorite female characters on that show~
and since then, i've been a crazy AKB fangirl~
so i owe it all to my two oshi's TomoTomo <3

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Re: [Discuss] How did you become an AKB48-fan?
« Reply #64 on: September 24, 2011, 08:34:46 PM »
new! to this site~
Welcome to JPH!P, atarashii-michi!  :welcome

what really made me a fan though was TomoTomo as Queen & Elizabeth on Kamen Rider W <3
they were my favorite female characters on that show~
and since then, i've been a crazy AKB fangirl~
so i owe it all to my two oshi's TomoTomo <3
Have you seen our TomoTomo thread? :pimp:

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Re: [Discuss] How did you become an AKB48-fan?
« Reply #65 on: September 25, 2011, 02:21:14 PM »
Itano Tomomi and Kasai Tomomi's portrayal as Queen & Elizabeth respectively in Kamen Rider W was the first time I knew about AKB48's existence. I found them pretty and sexy, but still wasn't enough to make me search more about them and AKB48. So I just left it like that...

The story really started in the starting months of 2011, when I watched Detective Conan's 3rd live-action SP. Because it was played by an almost entirely new cast, of course I would compare them with the ones from previous SPs. I concluded the cast was better this time, except the one who portrayed Sonoko's character. Too long hair, bulky physical appearance ... uh, this girl wasn't fitting to be Sonoko. But strangely, despite having the quite-wrong role.. the longer I look at her, the more I found her uniquely beautiful (that let me spit out praises like 'kawaii' and even 'kirei'). Then I searched a wiki page about the SP and I found her name to be Akimoto Sayaka. I clicked her name which turned out to be a hyperlink that led me to her own wiki article. I was very surprised when the wiki said she's one of AKB48's members! The day of googling about her started since then, which finally led me to a certain fanpage about Sayaka (and Miyazawa Sae). I got so many information about her, two of them were that she was actually known better for her sporty and kakoii image, which contradicted the basic reason of my liking, and that she wanted to be called kawaii more than kakoii.

The search about her name also reached Youtube. That's where I found AKB48 as a whole, in variety shows, live performances, and private videos. Aside from Sayaka, names like Miyazawa Sae, Kashiwagi Yuki, Oshima Yuko, Takahashi Minami, slowly won my heart. In the end, I became a fan of AKB48. Almost everyday I searched for everything about them, most of them are videos and fanfics, until today.

The funny thing is... I'm not actually a follower of their songs. I like to watch them more in variety shows, since I'm more interested in digging up their personalities.

Also one thing in my concern, I'm wondering if I'm the only one who started liking Sayaka because of her kawaii-ness instead of kakoii-ness. :lol:
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Re: [Discuss] How did you become an AKB48-fan?
« Reply #66 on: September 26, 2011, 04:25:37 AM »
new! to this site~
Welcome to JPH!P, atarashii-michi!  :welcome

what really made me a fan though was TomoTomo as Queen & Elizabeth on Kamen Rider W <3
they were my favorite female characters on that show~
and since then, i've been a crazy AKB fangirl~
so i owe it all to my two oshi's TomoTomo <3
Have you seen our TomoTomo thread? :pimp:

Haha I have, actually. I was lurking there for a while~ But thank you! <3

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Re: [Discuss] How did you become an AKB48-fan?
« Reply #67 on: October 06, 2011, 07:45:36 PM »
Well, first, i saw this ikemen mendol drama and i liked it, it was really funny. I keep searching about the three girls in that drama and i ended up watching their Aitakatta MV. I was like "Oh shit, they're so many of them O_O but they're so cute!  :w00t: :w00t:". I think i watched all of their MVs already, and all of their videos in akbingo!  :) :) . So Yuko is my favorite member, she makes me wanna see more of them!  :) :) . I never regret it. You know id kill millions of people for them not to disappear in the music industry!  :) :) I love these girls  :heart: :heart: AKB48 forever  :heart:

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Re: [Discuss] How did you become an AKB48-fan?
« Reply #68 on: October 11, 2011, 05:49:19 PM »
at first I'm a gamer(mostly online game)  :twothumbs
when I'm tired of playing games, I re-listen to my J-song collection(still not satisfied :nervous)
then I started looking for new J-song and find AKB48. I started to figure out what kind of group is this? :?
when I found that this group has a lot of girls, I was surprised :shocked and curious "What kind of songs they could bring?" :?
then I started looking for their PV, and the PV who first appears is Baby!Baby!Baby!....... OK that is!!! :thumbsup I like it's!!! :twothumbs (I am particularly interested to Mariko-sama :inlove:)
then I started collecting all the songs,dorama and their pv!!
after I know some of thier profil and personality, I became more interested in them again (especially for Takamina :wub: and Yuko :wub:)

from then on I was addicted to AKB48 until now  :heart:

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Re: [Discuss] How did you become an AKB48-fan?
« Reply #69 on: November 02, 2011, 10:49:24 AM »
Umm... for me at first I didn't know that I will be actually become a fan of them because am not really fond of "Idols"..... I'm not a hater but I just don't like them that's all... (man those were the days :banghead: )

I' first saw AKB (last year) when I watched their PV Aitakatta on Animax... when I saw them I was like wow they're sooo many :shocked: and for the record  they're not that cute and pretty at first (except erepyon because I think she's the only one I find cute at that time  :P ) in the end I told myself girl I'm sooo not gonna be a fan of this group.... :smhid

Since I'm a a big fan of SCANDAL my whole JPOP world revolves around them.... so I was always in search for they're interviews and videos and all to keep on track but since they don't much appear on TV because they always go on tour I was like come on!! I really need you!! :cry: I need some dose!!..... That's when AKB COMES IN!!  :w00t:  :w00t:

So one time I was really bored and came in searching for some Jdrama with a "Gender bender theme" and I found Mendol yay!! :fap when I watched couple of episodes I saw this couple Kai X Ray I was like whoa... :shocked :shocked :shocked did they just KISSED there!! (I'm a fan of Yuri in Manga and Anime only not in the real world..... well at that time of course  :lol: my OTP changed it all)

And when I finished it I really like the show and what's really great is that they're actually a singing trio  :cow: (No3b) since then I've become a fan and I've searched them and I saw that they belonged to group called "AKB48" and I thought were this girls the same with those girls I saw before  :?  :? and I was like hmmm..... but these girls are way more prettier than those girls I saw?? ( when I found out that they're the same I was like this  :O  :O :rofl:  :rofl: )

And then I started to watch some couple of they're PV's on youtube at first I was like  :yawn:   :yawn: .... hmp ok moving on... (No3b is way more better...) but how come they get so many views?? are they're really that famous?? then finally saw "ponytail to shushu"(I've realized this is my favorite song of them) and "heavy rotation" and I thought yup Now I Know...  :shocked  :shocked(really they're dancing on they're bikinis and lingerie?? and to top it all there's this KISSED between girls :mon blood:)

Then I thought that hmmm maybe AKB48 is all that?? well they're idols and all and they're music is kinda ok... I just can't seem to like them that much... then again it all changed when FINALLY I saw they're History and getting to know each of them more... I was really touched by they're stories how they started out and working together as a large group and all (Takamina as the leader I Salute You!!) looking at them now I would say yup  :thumbsup they deserve to be on TOP!! :bow:  :bow: don't care about the haters because I know that each of us has it's own taste and likings and you cannot please anyone....

I would say that AKB48 changed my whole point of view as a fan especially the whole "don't judge a book by it's cover" phrase thing :nervous and yeah I'm sooooooo in to them right now  :inlove:  :inlove: since that time I started downloading all they're songs and PV's and yup I really can't explain it but I liked them all now.... :wub:  :wub: hopefully the whole group last long... and I really regret I did not get to see them in they're early days :cry: :cry: :cry: *this will forever haunt me*   :(   

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Re: [Discuss] How did you become an AKB48-fan?
« Reply #70 on: November 04, 2011, 07:52:43 AM »
Good, well-made music wins fans naturally

for me it was AKB Sanjo, Korogaru ishi ni nare, & Blue Rose that did it :D

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Re: [Discuss] How did you become an AKB48-fan?
« Reply #71 on: November 04, 2011, 11:39:43 AM »
I've heard of AKB48 for quite a while (many years), since I'm into manga and japanese culture in general. At first I thought it was the creepiest thing ever. Akihabara can be associated directly with otakus and all those.. well, people like the guy (labeled as "you") in the AKBaby commercial.  So my first impression was that AKB48 is a group of girls created to cater to these kinds of people's fantasies.  :lol:

Then a few years later, forgot how long, I got a chance to watch an AKB48 PV 'Baby Baby Baby'. If I remember correctly it was on MTV. This didn't leave a good impression either, mainly because of the lolwut factor of it. The opening scene is black and white with a sad girl. Then, SUDDENLY! Girls, girls in bikinis everywhere!! And colors!! The mood has just flipped and I was left wtf'ing. What's the point of the opening scene then? I still don't know, but it doesn't really matter anymore.

Not until recently did I find out about Majisuka Gakuen. Watched the second season in hope for some Center Nezumi shipping kinda thing (hardcore yuri fan), acting was terribad, but I gotta admit that I enjoyed it to the point where it's got me hooked. So I looked up most of the girls and lurked in the boards for info. So I ended up watched loads of AKBingo and other off-stage clips. Figured that they aren't like how I pictured them to be initially, and that I can actually relate to them as people. My friends were all surprised at my likeness for AKB because they don't suit me at all. Oh well, I think they're great. The songs are upbeat and fun to randomly dance and sing along. 
:pepper: :pepper: :rockon:

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Re: [Discuss] How did you become an AKB48-fan?
« Reply #72 on: December 09, 2011, 07:51:20 AM »
Seriously I'd never thought that I will fell in love with AKB48. I promise myself not to idolize them because of they're over exposure of their body in some of their PV's, but when I watched Beginner *flails* I started to love them.
 :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

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Re: [Discuss] How did you become an AKB48-fan?
« Reply #73 on: December 18, 2011, 02:01:37 AM »
How I Became an fan of AKB,It was when I First saw Itano Tomomi and Kasai Tomomi in one of the episodes of Kamen Rider Double that made Me become interested in TomoTomo along with the Love Wars performance in the show,I think it was when I started watching the first season of Majisuka Gakuen that it made Me more interested in the group itself. :)
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Re: [Discuss] How did you become an AKB48-fan?
« Reply #74 on: December 23, 2011, 07:37:24 AM »
quite a new fan of OOO48 families here since I just becoming their friends in July 2011

I think the first time i've ever seen AKB48 is in 2009 , if I'm not wrong I'm watching Sakura no hanabiratachi PV that time and it doesn't really left impression on me at all

the 2nd PV i've ever seen them is in Ponytail to shushu , and the impression is even worse , I can't even survive the locker room scene in that PV -,-

and when Heavy Rotation comes out , Well , let's just say that my impression of AKB48 becomes worse than ever

but in my holiday this year , when I got bored since my favourite kpop artist is quite on vacuum at that time ,I decided to listen to some Jpop songs and I stumbled upon Beginner which i fell in love instantly  :wub:. because of that , it suddenly brings back my interest in AKB48 and I decided to check Mendol since its gender bender storyline attracted me

I didn't get to finish that series though since it got too boring halfway and I heard that AKB48 got another drama called Majisuka Gakuen so I decided to check it out also

and you can say that Majisuka gakuen is one of the most important factor that I fall in love with AKB48 , especially the season 2 , it's so good and Center is so cool there  :inlove:

after that I decided to check their other songs and performances and I fell in love with a lot of them. it makes me realized that AKB48 is not only about bikinis and sexy clothes but they are also great performers and there are a lot of funny girls too

but I like SKE48 more than AKB48 now though , since they got more energy , I guess  :D and my oshi is there too

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Re: [Discuss] How did you become an AKB48-fan?
« Reply #75 on: December 28, 2011, 03:53:18 PM »
I watched Mendol first and I think it's interesting and that's all.. I didn't went deep into it at first..
Then later I found Majisuka Gakuen and it interests me so I watch it but at that time I only know Maeda Atsuko
So I didn't know that all the people are from AKB48 :shocked

After Majisuka Gakuen I try to look for more information about Acchan in youtube then I find the ending theme of Majisuka Gakuen and I don't like slow songs so I just gave up.. :nervous

1 year later I think... I suddenly feel watching Mendol again.. I don't know why.. And after re-watching it Yappari I like it and I like the Opening Theme 'Relax' so I
went to search about the three of them. Then I found out that they are No3b and they belong to AKB48 and Acchan is also in it!!! :shocked I was really shocked that time... I didn't know that.. Then slowly I know more about them and I start to love them more and more :wub:

When I was searching about them in Youtube I found AKBingo! episodes from 1-76 and I watch them and I LOVE it!! :inlove: And before I know it I become a fan of them and I especially like Takamina XD

The time re-watch mendol.. I think it's this year's October (nearly November) So around only this year I learn more about them XD I really regret why didn't I search more about them earlier..

And this is how I became an AKB48-fan :)

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Re: [Discuss] How did you become an AKB48-fan?
« Reply #76 on: July 08, 2012, 10:30:50 AM »
For me, it's a long process...

I've already familiar with AKB48 since... Uh, I'm not sure about the year (maybe 2010?). When I worked as a game tester, my friend bring a PSP which had an AKB love sims game on it. And he also repeatedly play "Heavy Rotation" from his lappie. Well, the way they sung "I want you! I need you! I love you! Atama no naka... Gangan natteru myuujikku... Heavy rotation!" is really sweet. I like the song, but didn't eventually searched for AKB infos and such.

Then, the news of JKT48 was spreading through Facebook. It reminded me with AKB48 again. Another interesting experience with AKB was... when Yuuko was selected as one of a game tester for Final Fantasy XIII-2. It was memorable because I'm in charge of writing FF-related news, so the name Ooshima Yuuko became familiar in my mind. She's the first AKB member that knew :nervous

After the JKT48 debut, my friends talked about AKB a lot. We eventually sung "Heavy Rotation" at karaoke and use the coreography as a punishment for Ou-sama Game. But it was only for fun; we weren't an AKB fan at all XD

The turning point is rather... odd. I watched AKB0048 anime and read AKB49. The fictional AKB members in there are so interesting; each with their own uniqueness. Then, I decided to find out more about the real AKB48. So I watched their videos on YouTube. Their actions in AKBingo is really hilarious; they even more hilarious in the reality (than in AKB0048 and AKB49). I imagine idols must be perfect, but AKB girls have lots of fail, funny moments (which I love).

This hey-this-is-a-funny-idol-group perspective turned into respect after I watched their documentary. These girls are not just a bunch of funny people. There are a sorrowful and frustating past behind all of their laughter now. It amazed me how the current members able to withstand performing with almost no audience, distributed flyers on chilly snowy night (but heck there are people who throw the flyer into the trash can in front of the girls), and being strong despite of people called them showing panties group.

Two thumbs up for AKB48! :thumbup :thumbup

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Re: [Discuss] How did you become an AKB48-fan?
« Reply #77 on: July 11, 2012, 09:29:34 AM »
I watched Mendol, however at the time I didn't know it starred AKB girls. After watching that the only one from the show that I really liked was Takamina and from googling her I found about no3b and AKB48. Back then I only knew AKB as 'the pop group with way too many members' and I would show their PV's to my friends kind of as a joke because of how many members they had.

I first really started paying attention to AKB back when I was a hardcore SNSD fan. I used to browse some SNSD forums and one of the topics they had were interactions SNSD had with the AKB girls (since SNSD was promoting in Japan at the time) After browsing that topic I found out about the Majisuka Gauken drama, it looked pretty interesting so I decided to check it out. I was very reluctant about becoming fans of them though because, I was kind of put off by how many of them there are, and I didn't think I would be able to learn their names. Well after watching Season 1 and a bit of Season 2, I started to learn the names of the members that played my favorite characters (this was also when I realized Miichan and Haruna we're also in the mendol drama haha) and tracked their tags on tumblr.

Through tumblr I found out about AKBingo and I'm a big fan of variety shows so I decided to give it a chance. I watched one episode (it was the one where Acchan learned how to commentate on food or something) and became hooked. That's when I started to learn the other members names and their personalities. It was their unique personalities (for lack of a better word) that made me a fan of them (from Takamina's fail humor and her crying whenever she gets pranked, to Acchan's talent of folding tiny paper cranes and her insecurities of being the center, to Meetan's love of kissing LOL) Before really learning about them they were just a bunch of pretty girls dancing on stage, but I can now honestly say that they mean a lot more to me than that. After watching both documentaries, it makes me proud as a fan to see how hard the girls worked and see how they went from being 'just an idol group' to becoming one of Japan's top idols and fufilling their dream of Tokyo Dome.
I really do wish that it didn't take me as long as it did to become a fan of them as it did, but either way I'm incredibly happy that I'm a fan of them now (for almost a year and still going) Wow that was really corny.

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Re: [Discuss] How did you become an AKB48-fan?
« Reply #78 on: July 11, 2012, 12:43:25 PM »
Well, this story began on second half of 2010 if I'm not mistaken. That was just an ordinary boring day of me browsing through my facebook news feed. Because my bored level is makusu haai tenshon, I opened all the link shared by my friends, I watched almost all videos shared by my friends on my News Feed. After watching several videos, I watched AKB48 - Beginner PV (The uncut one. Where our precious idol is being killed by those crappy games or whatever its called :lol:) After I listened to the song, the only sentences I can think "well, that is a really good song. What's their name? AKB48? 48 Members huh?" Then my curiousity bring me to google and search for the other song such as : Heavy Rotation, RIVER, Kimi no Koto ga Suki Dakara, BINGO, and Aitakatta. But, I'm not really into them back then.

Then the story changed when the Fire Nation attack.... Ups, I wrote a wrong sentence XD
Ok, when I read my Twitter's Timeline there are some hashtag that bother me (I almost forgot the sentence but i think its "JKT48andPocariSweat" or things like that) That time, the 1st generation of JKT48 was announced and had their first CM with Pocari Sweat. It make me think "What's this? JKT48? I think I had heared this 48 things before" AND..... My curiousity take me once again, I watched Heavy Rotation PV once again, then browse through AKB48's Youtube Channel. Visit Download and Watched Majisuka Gakuen 1 & 2 only in 3 days (and, because of this drama I found my first precious oshi, Takajo Aki a.k.a Akicha). But not like the first time, now, I really fall into this deep sea called "48 Family"

And........... That's my story. How about yours? XD

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Re: [Discuss] How did you become an AKB48-fan?
« Reply #79 on: July 14, 2012, 06:07:31 AM »
100th post for AKB48 :cow:

I've mentioned some that's gonna be below twice in my AKB48 Profiles, but whatever :nervous

So... Since I was 4 years old, I spend my summer vacation after school in Japan because my dad works there. I've been exposed to Japanese culture for a big chunk of my life, but in the early times, I was just "Meh, I'm in a foreign country."

Slowly as I got older, I gave more attention to great stuff like Anime, music, Japanese etiquette (especially eating etiquette). Through that I also learned to speak Japanese. Right now I'm semi-fluent at it.

It's not only summer vacation wherein I cross over the other nation, but also in Christmas break. And last year's was the one that changed my life into the person this community knows now. a OOO48 Sekai fan. Who would've thought a Music Station perf of Hebirote, Furage, and EbiKachu (last one's kinda blurry in my mind) in early December could get me in the fandom I'm in right now. Not to mention seeing Heavy Rotation's MV on Youtube. :sweatdrop:

I like them for the usual reasons everyone says. They're cute, energetic, enthusiastic, their songs are nice, their dances is great, they expose themselves through blogs etc. etc. And because Shyvana (League of Legends Champion) dances RIVER :thumbup

But shit changes so much over the 7 months I've been a fan and one who is in the same community as you guys. I realize AKB48 is more conservative than I thought. They don't talk much in variety shows they guest in and oftentimes just go with the flow on TV as the full-pledged comedians keep the program interesting. Even AKBingo. I can see they've got only a teeny-weeny bit amount of confidence in impromtu situations. Big exception? Sasshi. Sad she was transferred to HKT (which is actually turning out to be a good). Come on, be like SKE48, show off the goofy side. like NMB48, don't be afraid to make everyone laugh. like HKT48, putting out ridiculous energy in and out of the stage and TV.

I was taught by my parents to not be satisfied with what I have. What I mean is that those who're at the top right now (Senbatsu) aren't throwing out something new. They probably feel that what they're doing right now is enough just by performing on stage and going cutesy in picture shootings. This is the reason why I've been leaning to the sister groups lately.

However, it's undeniable that they've got big dreams and aspirations, and they take steps toward those. That's what keeps me here.

All of the above is based on my experience and opinion. Peace! :peace:

I now end my wall of text. How I became a fan, how I change as a fan, and how I'm still a fan. No regrets :twothumbs

Keep it up, AKB48! :thumbsup

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