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Eijing Production PRESENTS
« on: April 01, 2011, 10:42:37 AM »

Eijing Production 角野 英二 PRESENTS!!

You know we love that obscure indie music so when a few days ago, I was presented by Producer Eidi Kakuno with a whole stable of artists that he produced. daigong JUMPED at the chance to help promote these artists to everyone at :hipheart: It gots to be a thread, so y'all can comment and sample.

Support the arists! on amazon

The following bios, LYRICS (click here!) and music samples courtesy of Eidi Kakuno @


AYAKO is a pop singer. She began study piano at age of 5. At 25 she started working as a model. In 2011 was produced by Eidi Kakuno. She released her first single called TANABATA in March 2011.



MASA is a singer was born in Kagoshima and was hugely influenced by LUNA SEA. He moved to Nagoya and it was where he met Eidi Kakuno. In 2010 was formed [LAD] a heavy rock band. In 2011 was released their first single called RED.

DOWNLOAD Season, Red, Escape

Yuiko was born in Gifu and began studying piano at 6. In High school studied trumpet. At age 10 began writing some lyrics and composition. At age 17 started to compose songs with a group of friends. at age 22 started playing streets live. In 2010 the guitarist Eidi Kakuno was impressed with Yuiko`s voice. So in 2011 he released her first single called Kitto Soko He.

DOWNLOAD Ghost and きっとそこへ

[YU / ゆぅ☆]

YU is a 18 years old singer. His style is neo visual kei. He started writing poetry at age 15. In 2010 he released his first single called Tsubasa nokureru Sekai. In January of 2011 he formed a band called Chrono Supreme.

DOWNLOAD 翼ノクレル世界 by Yu and ゆるゆる☆Days by Chrono Supreme


Daisuke is a singer that was produced by Eidi Kakuno in January 2011. His first single callled URAHARA is a love song that shows his passion for music.


[Futaboshi Ryouko / ふたぼしりょうこ]

Futaboshi Ryouko studied piano at age 4. In High School she studied trumpet and saxophone. At age 14 began studying PA. In 2001 she started to study singing. Had problems in the tonsils and began treatment in 2007. Rehabilitation was completed in 2008 and returned to work at the beginning of training. In 2009 Start to singing again. Studying at home. In January 2011 her 1st Single "Those Days" was released.


[Eidi Kakuno]

Eidi Kakuno was born in Brazil. At age of 16 he received from his aunt a CD of a Japanese band called [Xjapan] and was where he started his passion for music.
His influences was John Petrucci and Joe Satriani. In 1998 he joined into a hard rock band called [Fabrica Rock] where the activities ended in 2005.
He started composing music at age 26. In 2007 came to japan with a dream to play in a Jrock band.
In 2009 started the activities of eijing production. An independent record label. In the same year he released his first album called Evolution.
In 2010 he released his second album called Inner World. In August 2010 he started working as a music producer.

DOWNLOAD Battle in the Sky & Happy Ending

dude likes to shred:


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