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G.C.Y.K collection ~ #15 ANGEL AND DEVIL : 5 ~
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#05 365+365+366+365+365+365+366+365+365+365=
                          : ONE MEMO
                          : ONE TIME
                          : ONE KISS
                          : ONE FAREWELL
                          : ONE LOVE

Disclaimer/ AN: This story was originally written under the name of caix and/or Leyun in chinese. Cos of that . . .A lot of the expressions are literal translation. Some major parts were left out due to expression problems and length. This is originally a 29 chapters story . . . But I had managed to shortened everything into a single one shot. Thing to note that is that this is originally writing 5 years ago . .. when I was still a teenager . . .Therefore . . . there are some really cheesy and mushy things that I never thought I could write it now . . And now . . . Let me present to you . . .The first completed story of my writing life :


Not many had remembered my existence.

Not many are willing to accept my existence.

Not even myself.

Until the day I met you.

Then I realized, that's the reason why I existed.

[20th October 2010]

Clutching her phone tight in her hand, Ai held her hand close to her chest as she ran frantically down the street of skyscrapers with all her life and energy, tears brimming at her eyelids. 'This can't be true. This can't be true. Risa . . . This can't be true. . . ' The trace of urbanisation had gradually disappeared, and was replaced by greeneries, with soft sound of waves hitting the shoreline.

Ai set her foot into the sinking sand. The tears she had in her eyes were no longer there.  "Risa!" Ai's voice echoed through the empty beach. Her eyes skimmed over the sight ahead of her as fresh tears started to flow down her face. Ai looked down onto the phone that she was grabbing tight in her hands. Tears dripped down, falling onto the familiar picture that was pasted to the back of phone. She sank her knees onto the sand, with her soul sinking in the similar way. "This can't be true, Risa. . ."  Ai whimpered through her sobbing.

[20th September 2010]

"I HATE HIM!" Ai mumbled angrily under her breath as she stomped heavily off the bus. She had repeated the same sentence since she had stepped onto the bus and the 30 minute bus ride.  Remembering what had happened earlier in the day, Ai grunted again. "I TOTALLY HATE HIM!" As the familiar sound of the waves gently echoed into Ai's ears - the sign that she was nearing her destination- the flaming fire that was burning in her mind slowly toned down, and a unexplainable wave of calmness began to fill in the space. Eventually, the angry she felt was gone as she set her feet onto the soft surface. 'This is surely calming.' Ai thought in her mind as she bent over and removed the heels she was wearing, allowing her bare feet to stand on the soft fine grains.

"AHHH~~~~~~~~~" Ai yelped excitedly. The waves and the wind echoed back the excitement, causing Ai to have the urge to run into the waters. And as she was about to do that, a petite white figure couple of metres away from her caught had caught her attention. 'Hmmm?' Ai slowed down and came to a complete stop. 'I'm not alone on this beach.' Ai had finally realised this fact. 'This is rare . . .This is the very first time I had saw someone other than myself on this beach.' Ai noted elatedly. The sight of the second party increased her uprising tension. She changed her direction and headed towards where the petite figure, making herself comfortably beside her.

As Ai sat down, the shuffling and movement of the sand caused the petite figure to turn away from the shore and faced Ai, revealing flawless feature and her pair of breathtaking hazel eyes. Ai was awestruck. The toffee eyes that were staring at her had caught her breath. Though breathtaking, the eyes had carried another story. 'Her eyes . . . They carried some much sorrow, so much sadness. . . But . . . Why  . . . Why do I still find myself attracted by them . . .'

"Hello! My name is Takahashi Ai. What are you doing over here?" Ai cleared her throat and introduced herself, flashing one of her best smile to the younger girl who was facing her at the moment. The conflict that she had with her boss earlier in the morning was now completely out of her mind. "Are you here to alleviate yourself up? Me too! I liked it here. It's quiet and calming. I like to come here when I'm upset or angry. The quietness and calmness of the wave . . . They are so comforting, aren't they?" Ai continued as she closed her eyes, enjoying the cool breeze on her face, waiting for the response from the other party. But what came up next was not what had expected.

"Aren't you afraid?" The younger girl spoke up for the first time.

"Afraid of what?" Ai returned the question as she opened her eyes and looked questionably back into the hazel orbs.

"It seems like you had knew nothing about that . . . " The girl replied as she looked away from Ai. "Do you know the reason why. . . why is it particularly quiet over here?" The girl continued asking.

"Is there even a reason for the quietness of the beach?" Ai raised curiously.

"Three years ago. . . . A horrendous murder had happened on this beach. A family of four who stayed by this beach was murdered and thrown deep into the sea . . . And till now. . . till now . . . neither the remains nor the murderer were found. . . People who had came here after the incident had claimed that . . . its haunted over here. . . Slowly . . . and eventually . . . the news spread and nobody had dared to set their feet onto this beach . . . not anymore. . . "

"I see . . . " Ai trailed off.

"You are not a local people? Why haven't you heard of this story? It was all over the newspaper . .  ." The girl asked.

"Well . . . you can say that I'm not from the local. . . .even though I was born here, I was being sent over to stay with my aunt since I was 2 when both my parents were killed in a car accident. It was until last year, when I had came back to this country. . . " Ai explained sadly as she grabbed one handful of the soft sand and released it slowly back to its original position.

The younger girl made no vocal response to Ai. Instead, she just nodded her head slightly in acknowledgement, before she stood up from her position. The edge of her white dress danced in the direction on the wind, almost blinding Ai's vision. Not saying anything, she began to take her first step out, away from where Ai was seated, away from Ai sight of vision.

"Wait a minute!" Ai called out loud as she quickly made onto her feet. "You have yet to tell me what's your name!" Ai continued as she took a few steps forward. The sight of the white petite figure had slowly disappeared.

"Risa" The waves echoed the soft voice, bringing the name Ai wanted to know to her.

'Risa . . . So her name is Risa. . . That's such a nice name. . . ' Ai wandered in her mind. She turned her vision back to the wide ocean before her. Without knowingly, the faint image of Risa appeared before Ai. The captivating eyes of Risa were staring straight into her orbs, causing her heart to skip a beat. 'She's beautiful . . . ' Ai thought in her mind. 'Will I be able to see her again?'


[23rd September 2010]

'Well. . . A new day at a new workplace. . . and I wondered what's ahead for me?' Ai thought in her mind. 'Will I be able to meet her again? She wasn't there when I went back to the same place both yesterday and the day before.  . .Will I be able to meet her again?' Ai continued to wonder as the image of Risa flashed past in her memory.

"Come on, Ai. The boss is here. Let me introduce you to her." Eri stood by the edge of Ai's working desk and urged. She took Ai's arm and brought her towards the entrance of the office, intercepting the pathway to the boss's office.

"Boss, this is Ai, the new girl who's starting work today." Eri introduced excitedly to Miki, who had just shot a glance to Ai, before sifting her way through the tiny space and back to her office.

'Does she hates me?' Ai thought offensively in her mind due to the treatment she had received from Miki. 'She didn't even bothered to make any eye contact with me . .. '

"Don't mind." Eri encouraged as she patted onto Ai's shoulder. "Boss is like that."


The day at work went passed at the blink of the eye and Ai was now seated at the seat on the bus, the bus that drive through the road to the beach. "Uncle, I'm alighting over at the front" Ai called out to the bus driver. The bus driver looked queerly at Ai before stopping the bus. He sped of immediately the moment Ai set her feet on to the ground. 'That's interesting. . . to think that in this 21st century, there are still people who believes the existence of ghost.' Ai mocked playfully in her mind at the actions of the bus driver. 'That's totally unbelievable!' 

Ai began to skip her way through the pathway- the pathway leading to the beach - hoping and praying that she would be able to meet the lady she had met 3 days ago. And she did. When she had reached the place, Ai saw the same petite figure clad in the same white dress was seated at the same position as she was 3 days ago. Ai sprinted her way through the sand, not bothering in removing her shoes, and stopped beside Risa.

"Hi! You are finally here! I've been waiting for you to appear here since 2 days ago!" Ai yapped excitedly as she rested her palm on her knees, catching her breath after the running the distance.

"You sound happy today." Risa commented as she stood up. "Then why are you here today? I thought you had said that you come here when you are upset or angry, when you need to be cheered up. You don't look like you are in need of any of these."

"I was happy . . .happy because you are here!" Ai explained as she blushed gently. "I had wanted to see you again . . . even since our last meeting.  . . " Ai continued as she looked away from Risa's glaze.

"Why?" Risa asked suddenly.

"Wh - y?" Ai stuttered. "Why? . . . It's - It’s because . . . I - I think - I'm - I'd fallen in love with you . . . " Ai confessed, as the redness across her cheek increased its intensity.

"Are you crazy?" Came the unexpected replied. Risa turned away and began to make her way away from Ai, failing to catch the tears that had began to dwell at Ai's eyelid at the response of Risa. 


[24th September 2010]

Ai turned up in the office the next day, with a pair of swollen eyes and a throbbing headache. 'Are you crazy?' The last words of Risa for her yesterday had truly drove her crazy. She ended her night on her bed, crying herself to sleep. She cried in sadness, in sadness that Risa had rejected her confession, asking whether was she crazy or not. She cried in fear, in fear that she might not have the chance to see her again. She cried in confusion, in confusion in wondering what had she done wrongly, in confusion in whether what she had said the day before was appropriate or not. Tears had once again made their way onto Ai's face.

"Woah, Ai, what had happened to you? You looked like you had gotten into a war last night." Eri asked in concern when she had passed by Ai's working desk, and saw Ai burying her face into her palm.

Ai tried to wipe away the tears as she peeled her face away from her palm. "I'm alright. I - I just didn't manage to get adequate amount of rest last night." Ai explained.

"Get back home now." Eri ordered. "Boss asked you to rest well first before coming to work."

Ai nodded her head lightly as she complied to the order. She had zero motivation to work, especially when she had some much uncertainties and sorrows in her work. As she passed by the café on the ground floor of the building she works in, her heart skipped and clenched tightly within her left chest. 'What is she doing here? Should . . . . I just leave and pretend that I had not saw her . . . .or should I go forward and talk to her?' Ai debated within her mind and her heart and had finally decided to go with the latter. She took a deep breath and entered the café, stopping before the counter where Risa was seated.

"Is . . . is it okay . . .if I seat down over here?" Ai asked timidly as she glanced nervously on her shoes.

"Go ahead."

"Thank you." Ai thanked quietly. "What are you doing here?" Ai asked after moments of stillness.

"What are you doing over here then?" Risa chose not to answer the question Ai had raised. Instead, she returned the question back to Ai.

"I - I work in this building. Fujimoto Design. Have you heard of this company?" Ai replied.

"You work in Fujimoto Design?" Risa asked interestedly as she sat up in attention and leaned slightly closer to Ai. 'She works in Fujimoto Design . . . Then . . .this would be a good chance . . . A really good chance . . . ' Risa thought in her mind as she glanced at Ai in the same curiosity for the first time. 'Her eyes . . . Her lips . . . They are perfect . . . She would like them . . . she would . . . '

"Is there a problem with that?" Ai asked back curiously at Risa's sudden interest.

"No." Risa replied curtly and shortly, leading the conversation to come into an awkward silence.

'What should I say now . . . This silence . . .it's scary . . . ' Ai thought worriedly in her mind. "I  . . . About yesterday . . . . . . . I - I was just kidding with you . . . when I said I'd fallen in love with you . . . " Ai lied. 'As long as we can be friends. . . As long as I can still meet you. . . I won't mind that . . .' Ai thought sadly in her mind. "I hope you won't mind about that . . . And that . . . Can . . . Can we be friends? I swear . . .there's nothing much. Just friends. "Ai requested as she played with her fingers nervously, praying that Risa will not reject her offer of being friends. 'I can't take anymore blow more than this . . .'

"Of course I wouldn't mind." Risa replied unexpectedly. "I wouldn't mind having more friends, definitely." Risa continued with a gentle smile.

'She smile! This is the first time I had seen her smile . . . they are just . . . I think. . . I think my heart had just melted.  . .' Ai swelled in her heart.

Risa waved her palm before Ai, trying to get the attention of the dazed Ai. "Are you okay?" Risa asked.

Ai snapped out of her daze and nodded frivolously. "I am." She finished up with a smile before bringing her right hand up before Risa. "Let us start this all over again. Takahashi Ai." Ai continued.

Risa took the cue and held Ai's hand to a handshake. "Risa."

"Risa?" Ai asked when Risa did not include her last name in her introduction.

"Yupp. Just Risa." Risa insisted as she released Ai's hand.

" Can I ask you a question?"

"Go ahead."

"Did you ran away from home or something like that?" Ai questioned curiously. "You . .  . have been wearing the same set of clothing since the day I met you . . . and . . . your last name. . . you are unwilling to use your last name, don't you?"

Risa was struck at the question. 'What should I do?' Risa worried. 'Maybe I should just play along with that then.' Risa decided. "Ye-yes, I had gotten into an argument with my parents. . . . and. . . yah. "Risa trailed off till silence.

"Do you need a place to stay in?" Ai offered, causing Risa to look up in surprise at Ai. "I do have a spare room in my apartment. If you don't mind, you can stay with me for this period of time." Ai beamed with a smile.

"Really?" Risa was astonished at the spontaneity of Ai's offer to  a stranger like her.



[25th September 2010]

A continuous banging on Ai's bedroom door made Ai to stir and roll on her bed reluctantly. "Ai! Aren't you waking up? You are going to be late for work if you do not get up at this instant." A familiar voice continued.

"Hmmm" Ai whined softly as she reached her hand to the bedside table and brought the clock closer to her face, reading the time shown on the clock. She shot up from her lying position the moment the time was registered in her mind, 'Shoot! I am going to be late!' Ai exclaimed in her mind. She placed the clock to its original position and took the pair of spectacles that were placed beside it and shove it onto her face before getting off her bed and towards the door.

As Ai opened the door, Risa's knuckles were just inches away from her face. Risa's fist trembled and dropped back to the side of its owner. A muffled giggling was heard. Ai scratched her hair with her right hand as she read the expression on Risa's face.  "What's so funny?" Ai asked in her sleepy voice.

"Your - your - spectacles . . . " Risa managed to replied through her giggling.

Ai had finally realised what had caused the uncontrolled laughter of Risa. Her black thick framed glasses. No one else had seen Ai with her spectacles expect for her aunt. Risa was the first one. And that had caused Ai to shake herself out from her sleepiness even without having the need to wash herself up and brush her teeth.

"You . . . you. . . looked cute in them . . ." Risa continued as she covered her mouth with her hand, hoping that that would stop her from bursting into a loud streak of laughter. Though that effort, she had failed.

"You little brat. . . .how dare you laugh at me" Ai threatened humorously as she marched closer to Risa, causing Risa to back off each time Ai took a step forward. "Aren't you afraid that I will eat you up?"

"Don't you come near me!" Risa shrieked out lightly. As she backed off, she tripped over the armrest of the sofa, causing her to fall onto the sofa on her back. "I will scream if you come near me." Risa continued as she played along.

"Do you think I will believe in you?" Ai played, with the intention to corner Risa to the corner of the sofa.

"No breakfast for you if you continue to come near me. And I can assure you that you will definitely be late for work today." Risa continued with a victorious smile.

'No breakfast? That's so sad . . . . ' Ai realised. "Don't be so mean, Risa nee chan . . ." Ai pouted as she began to act pettishly in a charming manner. "I know you would be that mean right?" Ai continued as she stopped beside the sofa.

Risa sat up on the sofa as she glanced curiously at Ai. "I thought I'm a little brat. Since when I had become your Risa nee chan?"

"You are always Risa nee chan. . . Since when did I called you a little brat? Nope I didn't" Ai refuted childishly as she swung her shoulders left and right, just like a spoil child would do. "Risa nee chan is the best . . ." Ai continued.

"Ah okay okay. . . that's enough. Stop getting so mushy, my dear friend."

'My dear friend . . .' These three words echoed painfully in Ai's mind, causing the smile on her face to disappear for a short moment. 'Yes. . . I'm just a friend to her . . . .nothing more. . . .Isn't that what you had asked for too as well, Ai?' Ai reflected sadly in her mind. Not wanting Risa to take notice the change in her mood, Ai took a deep breath before forcing another smile onto her face. "Alright. So my dear, friend, what's for breakfast today?"



Ai stood in the elevator, reflecting on the short events that had happened in the short 2 days.

"Nee, Risa, This is for you!" Ai informed as she presented a nicely wrapped box to Risa.

"What's this?"Risa asked curiously as she took the box from Ai.

"A gift for you. In remembrance for you moving into my house, and also the start of our friendship." Ai explained. "Open it up. I think you will like it. It's like a baby to me."

Risa tore off the ribbon and opened cover of the box, revealing a simple white wallet."What's this for?"

"I realised you didn't have a wallet or something. I guessed you had forgot to take them when you left your home. This is my first assignment when I was in design school."

- - - - -

"Nee, Risa! Let's take some print club photo!" Ai asked as she pulled Risa into a shop that was filled with pink machines.

"What for?" Risa asked curiously.

"A remembrance for today!" Ai explained briefly as she continued to pull Risa into one of the machine. "Smile!"

When the photos were done, Ai took the white wallet she had gave to Risa and pasted one of them in the wallet. "So now, you can see me, your dear friend, everyday!" Ai chipped childishly. She then took out her phone and pasted the same photo onto the back of the mobile phone. "See! I have the same one as well!"

- - - - -

"Bye bye! Enjoy your work!" Risa waved to Ai as Ai entered the building. "I will prepare the dinner for tonight!"

'So . . .. this is how it feels to stay with someone . . . feeling of home . . . .when you know that there's someone back home waiting for you to go back from work. . . '
A wondered.

"Ai?" Eri waved her hand at Ai's eye level, trying to get her attention. "Are you alright? You are there, downright spacing out. The elevator and reached this level for 10 minutes, and you made no intention to move. And too, from time to time, you were smiling stupidly by yourself. Are you alright? Do you want another day leave to rest at home?" Eri asked in concern.

"I'm fine. I was just recalling some things that had happened lately." Ai explained as she brush away the blushing on her cheeks.

"Good to hear that. We are having a meeting in the meeting room in 15 minutes time. Get yourself prepared for it." Eri informed.


'Three years. . . .Three years had passed. . .  have she moved on? I hope she did . . . . '


"Eri is leaving us next month. And to select the new chief designer taking her space, both Eri and I had decided to come up with a competition for all designers. The one who wins this competition will be the new chief designer." Miki spoke out. "The theme of this design is Love - feeling of being in love- . That's all for today's meeting. All of you have 3 weeks to finish this project. Do well and all the best." Miki finished.


"I'm back!" Ai announced as she unlocked her apartment door and swung it opened. She froze in her steps. 'Wait, did I got into the wrong apartment? This is not how it was like when I left for work. I'm pretty sure that the coffee table was covered with unwanted letters and design sketches. The shoes were not in this position as well.' Ai thought as she back out a step and glance on the name tag. 'No this is my apartment.' Ai noted silently in her mind.

"Surprise? Thought that you had entered into a wrong apartment?" Risa asked as she walked out of the kitchen.

Ai nodded her head in embarrassment.

"I was surprised that you managed to live in such conditions for months. It's not like how a girls' house would look like, Ai. It's as messy as a guy's house." Risa scolded lightly.

Ai continued to blush in embarrassment as she rubbed the back of her head.

"Maa. . . .I guess it's alright. . . since each and everyone have their own strong points and weaknesses. I guess. . . being messy is one of your weaknesses." Risa continued. "Are you hungry?"

"Yes! Let's eat out!"

"But . . . I had prepared dinner . . ." Risa explained.

"We can pack them out and eat. I feel like going to the beach today." Ai insisted as she began to pack the food on the dining table into plastic containers and placed them into a carrier bag. She then swift into the kitchen and packed white candles. "Let's go." Ai grabbed onto Risa's wrist and dragged her out of the apartment.


"You are such a great cook!" Ai praised as she stuffed another mouthful into her mouth.

"Really? You are the only one who had said that." Risa looked down onto the sand.

"Of course! Why would I lie to you?" Ai encouraged as she patted on Risa's shoulder.

"Nee, Ai."


"Do you remember the story I told you about this beach?"

"Hmmm." Ai nodded her head as she placed a mouthful of food into her mouth.

"You had yet to reply my question . . . Aren't you afraid?"

"Of course not! If I was, I won't be sitting down here with you at this time in the night. And . . . This is the 21st century. Ghost, do they really exist?" Ai analysed.

Risa remained silent. She turned away from Ai and began to focus her vision on the wide ocean ahead.

"What's wrong?" Ai asked as she noticed the sudden change in Risa's state of mind.

Risa shook her head in response. "I was just thinking about some stuffs." Risa sniffled. "So . . . What are we going to do now? Now that we are done with the dinner."

"Enjoy the sea breeze and the stars. Look at them!" Ai looked up into the sky. "They are shining especially brightly tonight, just for you and me." Ai joked.

Risa giggled softly as she raised her head. "It's true . . . they are shining so brightly tonight."

The two of them began to sat in silence, enjoying the silent company of the wind and the star. Not long after, Ai felt a heavy weight on her shoulder. She tilted her head slightly to her right and saw Risa dozing off on her shoulder. 'She must be really tired. . . having to pack my apartment and prepare dinner. . . ' Ai noted silently as she prevented herself from moving, not wanting to wake Risa up. 'She looks so cute when she's asleep.'


[26th September 2010]

The first light from the rising sun shone upon the two girls, causing Risa to flip her eyes open at the glaring light. "Ah, Sun rise!" Risa caught her breath at the beautiful sight before her. "It has been a long time ever since I last saw the sun rise!" Risa commented as she turned over and looked excitedly at Ai. "It's so beautiful!"

"If that's the case, we will come here once every week to catch the sun rise." Ai told Risa. 'I like that smile of hers. . . . the eyes of sorrows are gone . . . this hope . . . they had filled them up at the sight of the sun rise. . . '

"But - "

"No but. Let's come here every week to catch the sun rise. I like them as well. It's not something troublesome anyway." Ai continued as she flash a charming smile to Risa before turning to the uprising sun.


[1st October 2010]

'It has been a week ever since Risa had moved in . . . And I wondered . . . .was it a right thing to do to let her move in . . . within this whole week. . . I had found myself deeper in love with her. . . she had brought colours into my life. . . The kind of family warmth that I had wanted since I was young. . . . Coming back into a home, where there's someone you love, you cared about, waiting for you, preparing dinner for you. . . .That's the kind of family I wanted . . .' Ai rolled on her bed and reflected.

'Wait a minute . . . My project competition! One week had passed and I had yet to do anything about it.' Ai remembered as she sat up on her bed. 'How can I let this to slip out of my mind!' Ai got off the bed, out of her bedroom and into her working room, where she sat at her working desk, glaring into the piece of white paper. 'AH! I can't think of any designs!' Ai thought as she crumbled one piece of paper and threw it into the bin. 'The theme is feeling of being in love. . . . . Doesn't that meant Risa? Ah! Maybe I can use Risa as my model! So that I can focus properly on the project.' Ai decided. She threw her pencil onto the desk, rushed out of the room with the measuring tape she took from the drawer, and stopped outside Risa's room.

"Risa, are you awake?" Ai knocked on the door and asked. "Risa?" Ai knocked again.

Heavy footsteps could be heard shuffling slowly through the carpeted floor. "Yes?" Risa mumbled softly as she opened the door. "It's only 630 in the morning. Why are you awake at such a timing?"

"I need a favour from you, Risa." Ai asked as she walked towards Risa. Not waiting for Risa to reply her, Ai began to raise Risa's arm up and began to take her measurements.

"What are you doing?" Risa mumbled softly as she allowed Ai to move her limbs.

"Taking some measurements." Ai replied and began to take the shoulder width and slipped her hands down to her waistline. "Okay, I'm done, you can go back to sleep." With that, Ai pushed Risa gently back to Risa's bed and scooted out of the room, closing the door after her.


Risa sat up on her bed right after Ai left the room. 'I can't fall back asleep . . . . ' Risa thought. She hung her legs on the edge of the bed and sat there. She pulled out the drawer by the bedside table and took out the white wallet given to her by Ai. She flipped the flap and glanced at the photo that was pasted in it. 'Why is she so nice to me? I think . . . I'm falling in deeper. . . .What should I do . . . what should I do . . . this is not part of my plan. . . ' 


[15th October 2010]

Two weeks had passed since then. In the whole of the two weeks, Ai always spent the weekend with Risa at the beach, as she promised, to watch the sun rise. And during the rest of her free time off work, she would spent it in designing and sewing the evening dress she was supposed to design for the competition. As she finished the last needle on the dress, she jumped out of her chair and yelped in joy. "I'm done!!" She hugged the dress close to her chest and ran out of the working room. She headed towards Risa's bedroom and began to knock on it.

"Risa! I have something to show you! Come out!" Ai knocked repeatedly.

"What happened? Fire?" Risa asked as she flicked the door open hurriedly.

"No. I'm done with my project and I wanted you to try it out." Ai replied.

"At 230 am in the morning?" Risa groaned tiredly.

"It's 230 in the morning? I'm - I'm sorry. . . I didn’t know. . . .I shouldn't have disturbed you. You can go back to s-" Ai apologised before backing out of the room.

"It's alright. I'm awake anyway. Just pass it to me." Risa replied and took the dress from Ai.

Ai strolled out of the Risa's bedroom and sat on the sofa, waiting patiently for Risa to try up the dress.

"I'm done!" The bedroom door clicked open, revealing the Risa, clad in the pure white evening gown that revealed her flawless back. Ai was stunned at the view of Risa. "Why are - you staring at me in this way. Do I look weird in this?" Risa asked when she realised Ai was staring at her, with her lip slightly opened.

"No." Ai shook her head. "You looked . . . gorgeous . . . " Ai praised, causing Risa to blush deeply.  "This is for you. "


"Ai, wake up." Risa shook Ai gently. "You have your presentation today right? You won't want to be late for work today right?" Ai whined in tiredness. "Come on. I have packed your dress." Risa dragged Ai up from the bed and pushed her into the toilet.

After Ai was done washing up and changing, she got out of her room and saw Risa, sitting by the dining table. "Good morning!" Risa greeted.

"Good morning!" Ai returned.

"There!" Risa passed the paper bag to Ai. "All the best for your presentation today." Risa encouraged with a smile.


"Good morning, Ai! How's your preparation for the presentation?" Eri asked as she patted Ai's shoulder.

"Perfect!" Ai replied with confidence.

"It's starting in half an hour time. Prepare yourself well."

"Hai!" Ai responded. She placed her hand into the paper bag and pulled out the dress to change into. Just as she did so, a pink piece of paper dropped out onto the floor. Ai bent down to the floor and picked it up.

To the silly Ai

I knew that you will definitely oversleep today since you had slept at such a late timing last night. So I had prepared breakfast for you, and placed it in the paper bag as well. All the best! You can do it, my friend.


A wide smile crept onto Ai's face. 'Thank you, Risa.' Ai slipped the paper back into the bag and began to head towards the toilet.


"Ai, Miki wants to see you in her office." Eri came towards Ai and informed. Ai stood up from the seat and entered Miki's office.

"I like your design. It fits the theme very well. Both Eri and I had decided that you have the potential to do. We have decided to promote you to be the chief designer.

"Really!" Ai beamed with joy. "I will work hard!"


"Risa! Pack your luggage. We are going somewhere to celebrate my success!"


-knock knock-

Risa was alone in the apartment when the someone knocked against the main door. Risa rushed forward to the door and opened it, only to see a drunk Ai leaning against Eri.

"Hi -" Eri greeted. When she saw the Risa. She was stunned. "Hi. I'm sending Ai home. She got drunk during the celebration with the company."

"Thank you." Risa thanked and took Ai from Risa. "You should return home soon as well. It's getting late."

Risa dragged Ai back to Ai's bedroom and settled her carefully onto the bed. When she was done, Risa went out of the room and into the kitchen, and prepared a hot towel and ginger tea before returning back to the room.

"Risa! I really really love you very much. Why can't you see that? I was lying when I said I was kidding. I was so afraid that I won't be able to see you again. I was so afraid that . . . Why can't you see it?" Ai blurted out slurry.

Risa placed the warm towel on Ai's forehead. Before she knew it, Ai grabbed her wrist and pulled her onto the bed. "Don't go. . . Don't leave me alone. I'm afraid. . . Stay with me . . ."


[16th October 2010]

[i'This hurts . . . ' [/i]Ai groaned in her mind as she snuggled and hugged into pillow beside her. 'Hmmm. this feels different from my usual pillow. It's unusually warm. . . ' Ai peeked opened her eyes. She released her grip frantically the moment she saw the person lying beside her. 'Why is she lying beside me? What happened last night?'

Ai stuck her face close to Risa's face and studied her features. 'She's so beautiful.' Ai lifted her hand up and stroke Risa's cheek gently before putting it back to Risa's waist. Ai snuggled in closer to Risa and closed her eyes. Before she knew it, Ai had fallen asleep once again.

15 minutes later, when Ai opened her eyes once again, she saw Risa, staring at her with her captivating toffee orbs. That, once again, shocked Ai. She pulled back and removed her arms away from Risa's waist.

"You're awake?" Risa asked softly.

"Hmmm." Ai nodded her head lightly.

"About what you had said last night. . . . . ."

"What did I say last night?" Ai asked frantically.

"You asked . . . whether can I stay back with you . . . "

"Did I ? Why didn't I have any of such recollection?" Ai pondered.

"Because you were drunk . . ." Risa replied childishly.

Silence began to fall in. The pair stayed silence, and stared at each other into their eyes.

"I'm . . . .willing to . . ." Risa mumbled inaudibly.

Ai shot her eyes wide open. "Are you kidding me?"

Risa shook her head.

"Am I dreaming?"

Risa shook her head again. She shuffled forward and position her lips onto Ai's lip, pressing them deeply. "What do you think so? Are you dreaming?"

Ai shook her head. She wrapped her arms around Risa's waist and pulled Risa closer to herself. "Thank you . . . "


"I've booked a hotel tonight for the celebration." Ai informed as she unlocked the room door.

"Hmmm? Why is there only 1 bed?" Risa asked when she explored the room.  "Where will I sleep then?"

"With me!" Ai beamed as she hugged Risa from the back.

"With you?" Risa doubted.

"Why? Are you afraid . . . that I will eat you up?" Ai teased as she bit a mouthful of Ai.

"Nope." Risa snuggled out of Ai's grip. "It's just that . . . I'm afraid that you will be on the floor the next morning. . . " With that, Risa attempted to escape out of the room.

"Are you really that cruel to me?" Ai pulled Risa back to her embrace and threw her onto the hotel bed. Ai straddled and pressed her body against Risa's. "So . . . do you think you can get me down on the floor tomorrow morning?

"Fine! You win. I won't kick you down the bed. Can you get off? You are heavy. . . " Risa whined.

"Well . . . You should know what you should do . . . " Ai lowered down her face and beside Risa's ear.

"Fine." Risa place a peck on Ai's cheek.


"Nee, Ai . . . If there's one day. . . . If I'd disappear. . . What will you do? Will you be very sad?" Risa asked suddenly.

Ai ruffled Risa's fringe. "Not only that I will poignant, I will search the whole country, until I find you again. . . " Ai replied, as she snuggled into Risa's cheek.


[17th October 2010]

Ai felt relieved to find herself on the bed the moment she opened her eyes. 'She was kidding when she said she would kick me off the bed.' Ai felt the grip around her waist tightened. "Wakie, Risa. . . " Ai whispered into Risa's ears.

"Hmmm." Risa whined. "I'm really tired . . . Let me sleep . . . "

"If you don't wake up now, I'm gonna to use my special skill to . . . " Ai finish with an evil laughter.

"Do it then. . . " Risa replied sleepily.

"You said so . . .I'm coming!"

Ai got off the bed and took a flower spray into her possession. She then returned back to the bed and began to spray the water onto Risa's face. "Are you waking up yet? If not, it's gonna be pouring down . . . " Ai threatened.

"Fine!" Risa pouted as she sat up on the bed. Ai place the water spray on the side table and began to pull Risa out of the bed and into the bathroom. She closed the toilet seat and sat Risa on the toilet bowl. "Let's wash up!" Ai asked as she picked up her toothbrush and toothpaste and began to brush her teeth.

Risa on the other end, sat where she was and remained still.

"Why aren't you moving?" Ai asked with the toothbrush in her mouth.

Risa looked sillily at Ai. "You are brushing your teeth over there. How am I suppose to brush mine?" Risa pouted, still a little moody that Ai had dragged her out of the bed in such an early time.

"Brush together!"

"I don't want. "

Ai took the toothbrush out of her mouth and bit her lower lips. "Why?" Ai pouted

"I . . . ."

Before Risa could finish her sentence, Ai placed her lips on Risa's and kissed her feverously. Risa opened her eyes wide - for the first time in the morning - and stared at Ai. Ai pulled back from Risa and burst out into a huge fit of laughter.

"What?" Risa looked blankly at Ai.

"You looked like a little kid who had just finished her ice cream." Ai commented as she pointed at Risa's lips.

Risa turned around and faced the mirror, only to find toothpaste around her lips. The toothpaste came from Ai, who had yet to finish brushing her teeth before she kissed Risa. Risa narrowed her eyes slightly at Ai. She closed herself to the sink and twist the tap switch. "Look who's talking . . . " Before Ai could rebut Risa, Risa began to splash the running water in Ai, initiating a water fight in the toilet.


[18th October 2010]

"Nee, Ai. . . It's has been a long time ever since we went to the beach . . . "

"Do you want to go?" Ai asked.

Risa nodded her head like a young kid would do.  "But it looks like it's going to soon." Risa pouted as she looked up to the gloomy sky.

"It's alright. Let's go!" Ai held firm onto Risa's hand.

Just as it was expected, the rain began to pour down the moment the two alighted the bus at the beach.

"It's raining. . . " Risa whined. "

- boom -

The thunder strike and lightning sounded. Risa shivered and hovered into Ai's embrace at the loud lighting. Ai held onto Risa protectively. "It's just a lightning."

"You are not afraid of lightning?" Risa asked innocently.

"No." Ai shook her head.  "It's because I'm with you, that's why I have no fear for the lightning." Ai explained.

"Stop being so mushy" Risa scolded shyly and looked away from Ai.

"Do you know the reason why?" Ai continued with a mischievous smile. "It's because . . .Risa. . . you are taller than me. . . When the lightning strike . . . the ones that are taller . . .will" As Ai explained, the facial expression on Risa's face changed. Her eyes were wide open and a warming smile warmed her face.

"You . . . " Risa wriggled her finger at Ai's waist, tickling Ai at her sensitive spots. Ai began to run away from Risa, towards the beach. Risa chased after her. And when Risa finally chased up with Ai, she pounded Ai onto the wet sand and pressed Ai on her shoulder. Ai looked up at Risa and down to the wet white clothing of Risa.

"You. . . have a very nice body . .  ." Ai whispered playfully.

"You are such a pervert." Risa returned the statement playfully as well.


[19th October 2010]

"Nee, Risa. . . Let's make a visit to the beach tonight! I have a surprise for you." Ai spoke through the phone.

When nightfall came, Ai guided a blind folded Risa through her way to the beach, which Ai had spent the whole afternoon decorating - with sea shells and coloured candles, special dinner and red wine. "Tomorrow marks the first month we had met each other. I want to celebrate this day with you . . . " Ai whispered softly into Risa's ears.

'One month. . . .One month had passed so quickly . . . that means . .. 'Risa thought sadly in her mind. Ai raised her cup of red wine before Risa. Risa picked up hers and did the same thing as Ai had did. "The stars . . .they are breathtaking tonight. . . how I wish . . . they will never fade off . . ."

Ai drank a mouthful of the red wine. "Yupps. They are as beautiful as you were, Risa. But when the morning comes, more hope and beauty it will bring. . . "

Risa followed as suit and drank a mouthful from the cup. 'How I wish the morning will not come.'

Ai drank her second mouth. "I will never forget tonight."

"Me too." Risa agreed. 'Should I tell her or not?'

Ai drank her third sip of the wine.

"Ai . . . Actually. . ." Before Risa could say what she had intended to, she felt a heavy weight on her shoulder. Ai had gotten drunk. 'This is why . . .. and how your colleagues had managed to get you drunk.' Risa glanced intensively at the sleeping girl on her shoulder. 'This is the first time . . I am watching her so closely. . .. so freely. . . .'


[20th October 2010]

"Risa?" Ai called out as she was awake. She woke up alone on the beach, with no Risa by her side. "Risa?"


"Ai, I have a new project for you . . .the folder is in my room. Go pick it up from my desk." Miki ordered.

"Hai." Ai responded without any energy. 'Where is Risa. . . Where had she gone?' Ai wondered worriedly in her mind as she entered into Miki's office. And as she picked up the said folder for her, A photo in a glass photo frame on Miki's desk caught Ai's attention. She dropped the folder back onto the table and picked up the photo frame instead. 'This is impossible . . . She didn't tell me anything about as such . . . '

"What are you doing?" Miki shoot, stunning Ai as Ai jumped up at the sudden entrance of Miki.

"This . . . Who . . . is she?" Ai asked as she pointed to the lady in the picture, whom Miki was hugging tightly from the back.

"Niigaki Risa. My late girlfriend." Miki replied quietly. She took the photo frame back from Ai and glared sadly at the picture.

"Late - late girlfriend?" Ai stuttered.

"Her family . . . was being murdered . . . by their beach house 3 years ago. . . "

"Three years ago. . . . A horrendous murder had happened on this beach. A family of four who stayed by this beach was murdered and thrown deep into the sea . . . And till now. . . till now . . . neither the remains nor the murderer were found. . . People who had came here after the incident had claimed that . . . its haunted over here. . . Slowly . . . and eventually . . . the news spread and nobody had dared to set their feet onto this beach . . . not anymore. . . "

'This is impossible. . . No . . . ' Ai thought repeatedly in her mind. She ran out of Miki's office and to her desk where she grabbed her phone and out of the company. 'No . . .she's real . . . that's impossible. . . '

"Nee, Ai . . . If there's one day. . . . If I'd disappear. . . What will you do? Will you be very sad?"

- - - - -

"Aren't you afraid?"

Clutching her phone tight in her hand, Ai held her hand close to her chest as she ran frantically down the street of skyscrapers with all her life and energy, tears brimming at her eyelids. 'This can't be true. This can't be true. Risa . . . This can't be true. . .' The trace of urbanisation had gradually disappeared, and was replaced by greeneries, with soft sound of waves hitting the shoreline.

Ai set her foot into the sinking sand. The tears she had in her eyes were no longer there.  "Risa!" Ai's voice echoed through the empty beach. Her eyes skimmed over the sight ahead of her as fresh tears started to flow down her face. Ai looked down onto the phone that she was grabbing tight in her hands. Tears dripped down, falling onto the familiar picture that was pasted to the back of phone. She sank her knees onto the sand, with her soul sinking in the similar way. "This can't be true, Risa. . ."  Ai whimpered through her sobbing.

'What is life . . . when there's no you in my life?'  Ai thought in devastation. 'There's no point in living when there is no you in my life Risa. . . Risa. . . ' Ai strolled slowly and heavily towards the ocean. Every step she took forward,  memories she had with Risa kept flashing back into her mind. Every single detail, every little event, every smile that she had gave, they all kept flash in Ai's mind. At the next step, Ai tasted the salty sea water in her mouth. At the next wave that hit on Ai's face, Ai had finally lost her conscious.

Why are you so silly? Killing yourself? That's not what you should be doing! A smoothing voice came echoing to Ai's ear.


'Where am I ?' Ai wondered as she sat up straight at read her surroundings. 'Am . . . am I dead?' Ai was lying on a wooden floor of a small wooden beach house, with no furniture in it, except for a table and a chair. The table has two drawer. With curiosity, Ai pulled opened one of them and found a diary in it.  Ai removed the diary from the drawer and flipped opened it to the first page.

{20th September 2010}

3 years . . . The same day 3 years later.  .  . Here I am. . . standing and breathing in this world once again. . . .

(Is this Risa's diary?)

I wondered why . . . and How . . . is it possible that . . . I am standing on this world once again. I don't understand this as well . . . Was it because of my unfulfilled wishes when I passed away. . . . Or . . .

All these three years. . . Miki. . . She had never left my mind. . . She . . . How's she . . . Has she gotten over my death?

{22nd September 2010}

Two days . . . two days had passed. During these passed two days, I had went to the apartment where I stayed with Miki. . . As well as Miki's parent's apartment. They are not there anymore . . .Not anymore. . . .Where had they went ?

I too met a weird girl . . . Not bad looking. . . Someone . . . who should be the type of girls Miki look in. She knew nothing about the story of this piece of beach . . . And when I told her the story. . . She wasn't afraid at all . .. Such a weird girl. . . Her name . . . was Ai . . . if I didn't remembered wrongly. . .

{23rd September 2010}

Indeed . . . she's a weird girl. Or to be exact, she's a crazy girl. She had actually confessed to me . . . Someone who she had met for barely 72 hours. . . how can that be ?

But . . . to be truthful . . . I think . . . I did felt something towards her. . .. It's kind of warmest in the heart . . . when I first knew Miki . . . The first sight . . . .

{25th September 2010}

I had moved in with the person by the name of Ai . . .

I had went to Miki's company . . . hoping to catch a glimpse of her. . . just a glimpse will do . . .But instead of Miki . . .I'd met Ai instead. How small the world could be . . .She's actually working in Miki's company. . . With this coincidence . . . would she be the best choice for Miki to move on?

She asked me whether if I had a home . . . or did I ran out of home.  . . She invited me to stay with her . . .She told me . . . what she had said the day before . . . was just a joke . . . For some reason . . . I felt queasy within myself . . . Why . . . Why am I feeling slightly upset?

(She had ulterior motives . . . It seems like she loved Boss with all of her heart . . . The love . . . She said yes to me . . .was it true . . . Or ?)

{13th October 2010}

It's been two weeks ever since I came back here. . . .

For the past two weeks . . .tons of things had happened . . . between the two of us . . . She . . .she did some much things for me . . . Always acting like a spoiled child . . . making me smile . . . I never thought I would be able to smile and laugh like how I used to be . . . but she . . . .

The feelings inside of me. . . .they are stirring up stronger as compared to how I felt for Miki . . . But I can't . . .. I know I can’t . . . If I do . . . I would end up hurting more than what I intended to . . .

(Did she really loved me?)

 {16th October 2010}

She was promoted to chief designer. . . with the design she made for me . . . I knew she will make it . . .  Miki will definitely love it . . .  Now that she had been promoted . . . that's means that she would have more chance to work with Miki . . .which means . .But why am I feeling this way . . . Something is quivering within myself . . .  Isn't that what I wanted.  . . ?

Could it be that . . . I had really . . .

(That . . .you hadn’t let of boss. That she's the one and only that you had loved?)

{18th October 2010}

In the end . . . I could no long suppress this growing affection I had for her . . . I . . . accepted her love. . .

She came back . . . drunk after the celebration she had with her colleagues.  . . I saw Eri as well . . . She recognised me . . .she was shocked as well. . . But putting that aside . . . she . . . the words she spoke when she was drunk . . . They were heartbreaking . . . How long had she been putting herself in this torment . . .of being in love. . . yet to be pretending that she is not . . .for how long?

Though it was short . . . . It was the happiest days of my life . . .

(Really ? )

{19th October 2010} 

One month had passed some much unknowingly . . .Time really flew. . . .Closing up my eyes . . .It felt like all these things had only just happened yesterday. . . . it felt like. . . . It was only yesterday when I first saw her. . .

When the first light shines tomorrow . . . It would be the time for me to leave. . . to return back to the place where I belong . . . And too . . .. It's my birthday as well . . . She didn't know about it . . . she didn't . . . 

She celebrated . . . our first month of meeting . . . All the things she had done for me . . .they had just flooded my mind . . .  I wanted to tell her the truth . . . but . . . she . . . had drunk herself before I could say that. . .

This story . . .the story of us . . . .would have to come to an end . . . though it was short . . . but I know. . . I will miss her very much . . .

Even though that . . . I know . . .our love exist . . .

And now . . . I had finally understood the reason for my this existence . . . It's to know what's the meaning of being in love again . . . It doesn't matters if we could be together forever . . . As long as . . . she's in my mind . . .I'm satisfied . . . She will live in my heart forever . . .

"Risa . . ." Ai mumbled incoherently as tears began to pour off her eyelid as she dropped down onto the ground.  Ai flipped the diary back to the very last page , where there were very faint writings on it.

Believe that our love existed . . .

Don't doubt that . . .

Even though I can't stay with your forever . . .

But know that . . .

The love that exist between us is true . . .

It won't fade

nor will it be forgotten

I will always hold you in my heart

Don't do any foolish things anymore. . .

Cos it hurts not only yourself . . .But me as well

We can't change this horrifying truth . . .

But an extraordinary event had led us to be together . . .

It had all happened for a reason. . .

Always remember . . .

Our love existed . . .


Hope that you all have enjoyed this story. . . . I was laughing and smiling like crazy when I read the original version while trying to write this up. - It was way way way childish . . . -.- hahahahahh

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Re: G.C.Y.K collection ~ No. 1 ~ EXISTENCE
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 :cry: it was so bitter sweet!!! D: everything about it was great~ and extreamly well written :thumbsup plus it was takagaki so even more epicness~ :deco:
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Re: G.C.Y.K collection ~ No. 1 ~ EXISTENCE
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I guessed Risa was a ghost right from the start. I don't know why, it was just a feeling. Baka author made me cry while reading this *sigh* =(

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@ kawaii beam : Thank you thank you . . . . This is considered one of my favourite story that I have written for the past few years. I'm glad that you had liked it. I love TakaGaki :)

@ lil _hamz : Was it due to the front few sentence?? hehehe. *Baka author* says sorry to lil_hamz . . . .  :cry:
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Mata Ashita

Ai sat motionlessly and quietly before the mirror, spacing out at her reflection before her. She was seated alone at the dressing room shared amongst her fellow group mates, in the mist of reapplying her light makeup before leaving the rehearsal studio. Though her physical self was present in the dressing room, her mind was not. What should I do now? The internet fans . . . Am I really? Ai sighed deeply. As the makeup brush dangled off her fingertips, Ai finally snapped out of her daze. How clumsy am I . . .Still. . . I don't think I had did a good job for the past 4 years. . . the results. . . And I'm going to leave just as such. . . Ikuta. . .she's worrying me. . . it seems like she's not blending in as well as the other there are. . . what should I do to help her? Ai wondered in her mind as she sighed out deeply once again. Dragging her chair slightly backwards, Ai bent down and reached for her fallen brush before returning back to her original position, only to be shocked by the extra figure in the mirror.

"Gaki-san? What are you doing here? I thought you had went off earlier on?" Ai exclaimed loudly in surprise.

"Ah. . . I had forgotten some stuffs. " Risa departed from the door and towards her designated seat beside Ai where she drew the drawer out and rummaged the contents, in searching for her said forgotten item.

Ai dusted the brush on the back of her hand lightly before bringing it back to her face, where she dusted the pale pink blusher on her cheeks, touching up on the final works on her face. Other the other hand, Risa seemed to be not able to find what she had wanted. Instead of standing before the makeup desk, Risa was now seated on the drawn out chair which her hand outreached into the deep contents of the drawer.

"What are you looking for, Gaki-san?" Ai asked randomly, when she realised that Risa was taking a longer time she had expected.

Risa returned the drawer back to its original position after she had drew back her hand away from the contents of the drawer. "I can't remember. I guessed it should something unimportant." Risa remained seated at where she was as she continued to watch Ai from her seat.

"Not leaving?" Ai asked as she returned the brush back into the makeup pouch.

"Ai-chan's down?" Risa questioned, totally ignoring the question posted by Ai for her.

"Eh?" Ai was caught off guard by the question.

"You were spacing out for a reasonable long time before you saw me at the door. It only happens when something's worrying out." Risa reasoned as she dragged her chair nearer to Ai.

"Eh?" Ai repeated again.

"Care to share with me?" Risa continued as she looked earnestly at Ai.

Ai remained as silent as she was. Risa remained as still as she was. None of the two was willing to make the first step. One to give in. One to give up. And finally, after long moments of the comfortable silence that resided within the room, Risa, knowing the stubborn personality of her companion, had decided to be the one giving in.

"Nee, Ai-chan, do you have any more work after this?"

"Not really. Why?"

"Let's go shopping together!" Risa suggested, resulting in a shock-ridden Ai in response.

"Why so suddenly? Gaki-san didn't really like to go shopping, don't you?" Ai questioned.

That was right on spot. Risa did not really enjoy shopping in anyway, only doing that when required, or only when there is an urge for her to do so. Unfortunately, it was not any of the day as had mentioned previously. The suggestion to go on a shopping trip was just an suggestion she hoped to cheer her precious best friend by her side. 

"Hmmm. If not, let's go to DisneySea!" Risa suggested again.

"Eh? At this time? It's already 5pm. By the time we reached there, it would be slightly before 7. What can we do there?" Ai reasoned this time round.

However, Risa took none of that into consideration. Instead, she stood up and pushed her chair back to its original position before returning beside Ai, where Risa, at her own discretion, began to pack up Ai's scattered makeup material on the table.

"We just had a tough day in rehearsal today, aren't you tired? Won't you want to go home and rest early?" Ai continued in consideration. She had wanted to spend time alone for now, where she needs to settle her thoughts and ways.

Thought that, it did not stop Risa with her work. "Nah. I'm not tired. And there are tons for us to do at DisneySea. It doesn't close until 10 at night, since it's the summer holidays at the moment." Risa countered. She had kept the scattered materials back into their pouch and dropped the pouch into Ai's bag. "Let's go!" Ignoring Ai's protests, Risa held Ai by her left hand, where she slipped her small hands into Ai's slightly bigger ones, before dragging her out of the dressing.

"Gaki-san!" Ai whined for the one final time. But that did not seemed to stop Risa's action.


Before Ai had knew it, the pair were now standing at the brightly illuminated entrance of DisneySea. "Ah!!!!!" Risa let off an exited scream. "It's been ages ever since I had visited here!" Risa continued as she dragged Ai alongside of her, through the entrance, resulting an reluctant smile to be formed on Ai's stressed out expression. As much as she did not want to smile, due to the cause of her moodiness, the childlike actions of Risa had made her to.

"How long can be your ages be, Gaki-san? I'm pretty sure the last time you came here was pretty much more recent than my last time over here." Ai chided playfully. The smile on Ai's face had gradually turned normal, turned natural, partially due to the fact that she's in the happy land, and too, due to the fact that the smile plastered on Risa's bean sized face was so contagious that it felt like it was a sin not to be smiling.

"I meant, it has been ages ever since we had visited DisneySea together, Ai-chan." Risa changed her wordings. "Where shall we start first? Why not the Journey to the Center of the Earth? That was where you were singing your lungs out the last time we came here." Risa suggested. Just as she finished with her sentence, not waiting for Ai's answer, Risa had already dragged Ai towards the said direction.

"Is that alright?" Ai concerned worriedly as she pulled down her hands, stopping Risa's lead. "Didn't Gaki-san said that you are now very bad with those thrill rides?" 

"Daijoubu! As long as Ai-chan is with me, I'm always okay with them." Risa reassured.


"Are you okay?" Was the first thing Ai asked when the two alighted from the carriage. The two was not joining their hands now. Though that, they were walking at a close proximity with each other.

"Yupps!" Risa beamed with a smile. "The ride seemed to be a little bit faster than what it used to be, isn't that so?" Risa returned a question as the two began on their journey to their next destination.

Ai nodded her head initially before continuing. "And it seemed like there's new intervention in the middle of the ride too!" The blankness that once stood on Ai's face in the dressing room is now completely gone.

"Isn't that so?!" Risa exclaimed in a high tone. "That's why I always like to visit here. There's always new surprises each time I visit."

"Ah. . ." Ai trailed off. As the pair passed by snack booth, Ai stood, causing Risa to stop in her track as well.

"What's wrong?"

"Are you hungry? We hadn't caught any dinner on our way here." Ai asked.

"Hmmm. Not really?" Risa answered. "Let's go? If not the park is going to close before we knew it." Risa pouted as she urged Ai to move on.

"That's why you have been growing a little bit to the skinny side lately." Ai scolded lightly. "Wait for me over here." Ai informed before heading towards the snack bar. When she returned, she held a bucket of popcorn on her right and a pair of Mickey churro on her left. "Take it."


"Gaki-san, I think you should really watch the musical I had went with my sister on the other day. The setting was wonderful, the place was magnificent. You know? It's kinda . . . " As Ai was rambling off the events she did on her off day a couple of days ago, Risa was spacing out the bright lightings over the coast, where the volcano was.

"DisneySea is the best place to be at after all." Risa mumbled to herself.

"Nee, Gaki-san?" Ai finished, only to find Risa looking away from her. "Nee, are you listening to me?" Ai asked she pouted cutely.

Risa turned around immediately to face Ai upon hearing that statement. The wide grin on Risa's face told Ai what Risa was thinking in her mind.

"I know what you are going to say."


"That I had said this before." Ai replied defeatedly.

"You should had went with me to the performance yesterday, Risa-chan. You know, the main otokoyaku was so cool. You should have seen her stage presence on the stage. I wonder if I could attain that level of professionalism someday in the future." The 16 year old Ai had finished her sentence she was waiting patiently for her companion's response to her current rambling. However, that never came. So Ai turned around, only to see Risa glaring out at the parade which had just passed by. "Nee, are you listening to me?" Ai glinted.

"Ah, Gomen, I was too absorbed by the parade." The 14 year old Risa apologised as she returned her attention back to Ai.

"Risa-chan always to that to me. Do you seriously hates me? You are always not listening to what I have to say." Ai pouted more.

"That's not true!" Risa added on quickly. "Ai-chan too always don't listen when I'm talking. So do you hate me as well?" Risa rebutted.

"That's not true!"

"That's why." Risa beamed at the response gave by the slightly older girl.

As the same memory relived in the now 7 years older self, a wide grin returned to them. "I wonder who was the one who always comments that I'm mean to her." Risa pouted.

"Is that me? But Risa-chan was too mean to me as well." Ai refuted. And that had caused the smile on Risa's face to widen.

"Haha. Ai-chan, your accent came back to you! It always happens when you call me by my name." Risa made fun off.

"That's why I hate to call you by your name." Ai grunted, this time in a softer voice.


As the street lights of the DisneySea had slowly dimmed, the pair, stood side by side by the train station, with a comfortable silence standing between them.

"Nee, Gaki-san."


"Arigatou." Ai whispered out softly.

"There's no need for thank you between us, Ai-chan." Risa returned softly.

As the last train tracked into the station, Risa took a little step forward. She stayed still for a moment as the train door opens before her. Turning over slightly, Risa parted her lips. "Nee, Ai-chan, Mata ashita ne?"

"Mata ashita!" Ai replied with a gentle smile sliding across her face.

With that, Risa boarded the train, where it would bring her back to Yokohama.

It's good to have her around, isn't that so? She's always there when I'm down, yet she wouldn't push me all through for the answer she wants. With her around, I can let all worries to go down for moments. Doukis, they are precious, aren't they?  Ai sighed deeply. Then. . . How many tomorrows do we still have? As the question rang in Ai's mind, her Iphone had too rang. Pulling the red covered phone out from her handbag, she was presented with a heart warming message.

{Nee, Ai-chan! Don't think about too much! I will always be there. ^.^ Tomorrow will always be there! I will see you in the studio tomorrow! -Rii}

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Re: G.C.Y.K collection ~ No. 2 ~ MATA ASHITA
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baka author, made your readers cry again. This time it is in the train going home from work. People might think im crazy.

I know this fic was hardly sad but still it was mighty touching. You even managed to include skinny Gaki, disneysea and ai's character of not wanting to say out her troubles. AiGaki will always share a wonderful bond ne?

Its amazing how I could type so much at this not very good point. the power of your writng I believe. and

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Re: G.C.Y.K collection ~ No. 2 ~ MATA ASHITA
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Been too busy to comment  :banghead: Gomene!!!  :bow:
That was just so SWEET!!! They really understand each others, don't they?  :wub: It will be so sad with Ai-chan gone!  :cry:
You seem to make this amazing fics and one-shots so easily! Care to share your secret?  :D
Please keep on doing these one-shots also, they're really good!  :yep:

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Re: G.C.Y.K collection ~ No. 2 ~ MATA ASHITA
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The Missing Piece part 1

"Ai-chan!" Miki called out as she patted the shoulders of a girl with her back faced towards her direction. It was only until the said girl turned around from the contact that Miki had realised that she had gotten the wrong person. "Ah! Gomen! I thought you were my friend." Miki apologised immediately, bowing her head a couple of times in expression of her apology.

"It's alright!" The shorter girl reassured as she shone her best smile at Miki.

Woah. Even her smile showed slight resemblance to Ai-chan. It must be a must to let Ai-chan to know about it! Miki thought in her mind silently as she continued her last bow while backing away from where the shorter girl stood.


"Gaki-san!" A loud, high pitched voice echoed beside Ai's ear drum unexpectedly, causing Ai to jump up from her seat at the side benches located around the fairy circle of the college, and ending up with her well known deep pitched scream.

"Who?" Ai questioned in shock, in her low voice.

"Sorry!" Was the only response Ai had received. The presence of the initiator was no longer near her, as what Ai had felt. Ai turned back slowly, only to see a girl, obviously younger than her, seated on the grass behind the bench, with an equally shocked face. The only two differences between the expression of the both girls were that guilt and embarrassment were apparent on the other girl's face. "I'd gotten the wrong person. . . " The younger, yet taller girl continued immediately before trailing off in a softer voice. "I thought you were my friend I'd been searching for on the campus."

Ai realised that she had evidently scared the poor girl up the wall from the sudden change of her tone. Ai cleared her tone gently before walking towards the fallen girl behind the bench. "It's alright." Ai replied friendly as she reached out her hand to the girl, offering her a gentle pull up to her feet. "A freshmen? I haven't seen you around in this campus before." Ai continued asking while the girl dusted the stray stands of grass off her back.

"Hai~" Came the shy reply from the girl as she looked nervously onto the ground.

"I'm Takahashi Ai, in my third year of studies in this college." Ai introduced herself as she reached out her hand.

"Kamei Eri." It was an almost inaudible reply from the girl, Eri, who reached out her hand slowly and fearfully as she shook Ai's hand light.

"Do you need any help in directions?" Ai offered politely as she waited for Eri to look up at her. However that did not happen. Throughout the whole conversation, Eri kept her eyes fixed on her pointed heels, which made her even taller than Ai.

"It's already, Takahashi-senpai. I will find my way around the campus by myself. Thank you for your offer." Eri croaked softly through her throat and began to back away from Ai, leaving Ai to stone in her position.

"What a weird girl." Was the conclusion that slipped off Ai's lips as she watched Eri brisked away from her. "Am I that scary just now?" Ai reflected to herself as she began to settle herself back onto the bench, resting her chin on her right palm as she rested her elbow on her knees. "What am I doing here anyway?" Ai realised as she continued to talk to herself while sitting up straight.

"Ai-chan, can we meet up for a while during your break later on? I had a short half an hour break during lunchtime. "

Miki's voice came ringing back in Ai's mind as Ai forced herself to remember her reason for stoning at the fairy circle. "Ah. . .Miki-chan. I'm supposed to meet Miki-chan over here." Ai remembered. She lifted her left arm up and glanced at the hands of the watch. "Where is she? Didn't she said that she had only a half an hour break? If she doesn't show up right at this moment, her break would be over then. That doesn't sound right, don't it?" Ai began to mumble to herself when the sudden gush of wind beside her took her attention back to her surroundings.

"Why are you mumbling to yourself, Ai-chan?" Miki asked as she puffed to get more air into her lungs. She had ran her all her way from the building she was at her previous lessons to where she agreed to meet Ai at. "That's weird, don't you think so?"

"Can you stop saying that I am weird. And, what took you so long to reach here?" Ai pouted as she crossed her arms, unhappy that Miki had said her being weird.

"Got up with some misunderstanding on my way to here." Miki replied briefly as she scooted closer to Ai. "Hmmm. I must be really stupid to have mistaken that girl as you. Ai-chan is not that tall after all. How could I have mistaken that?"

"Eh? You had mistaken someone as me? Really?" Ai uttered in shock upon hearing that. That means that there's someone who looks alike like me. "I was too mistaken for someone else just now!" Ai informed Miki in high tension before realising the disdain in Miki's previous statement. "Wait! Are you trying to insult that I'm very short?" Ai grunted playfully at Miki.

"Took you so long to realise." Miki replied playfully as she rested the back of her head on her hands as she leaned back to the backrest of the bench. That had earned Miki a deadly stare from Ai. Height, was always a taboo topic to talk with Ai and Miki had knew it very right.

Ai, deciding to let it be, changed the direction of the conversation that was happening. "So, why did you ask to see me in such an urgent, such that you are willing to sacrifice your lunchbreak to meet up with me?" Ai asked curiously.

"Yocchan asked me to talk to you."


"Are you going for the futsal training later on?" Miki brought out the main question she had had in mind for Ai.


"After what had happened during the friendly match training the day before, both Yocchan and I had guessed that you are going to avoid training for some time." Miki reasoned.

"Stop mentioning about THAT. It's so embarrassing!" Ai squeaked out loud.

"How embarrassing is that? It's just tripping over your own shoe which had slipped off your feet." Miki rebutted as she placed her forefinger on her lips while reminiscing the said event. Unfailingly, a choked smile came attacking at the Miki from the image that was stuck in Miki's memory.

"Quit laughing!" Ai grunted as she began to slap hardly on Miki's shoulder.

"Alright, alright!" Miki squirmed away from Ai and the hit came painfully on her bare skin.  After she had settled down from the excitement that came from struggling with Ai, Miki decided to continue with the intended conversation with Ai. "So, are you really going to avoid training today?"

Ai remained as silently as she was, looking from Miki's concerning gaze on her.

"So you are going to avoid."

Ai nodded her head reluctantly. "I was thinking about dropping by the library club today."

"Eh? Again? Ai-chan, this is not the first time you had decided to jump club. From your freshman year till now, how many clubs have you tried all?" Miki asked.

"Hmmm." Ai looked at her fingers as she began to count the clubs she had tried throughout her three years in university. "Well, other than the physics club, sukiyaki and traditional tea ceremony club, I think I had tried them all before, with futsal being the longest club I had membership with." Ai answered innocently.

"So you did remember." Miki answered and look palm faced at Ai. "I was just asking a rhetorical question, not expecting any real answer from you. Well, that's the point. Why have you been jumping around different clubs? And I though you would stay at futsal for good for once." 

Ai did not reply Miki's posted question. She seemed to be sunk in her own world again. A gentle nudge from Miki on her side brought Ai back to the reality world.

"Ai-chan, what made you to jump between clubs that often?" Miki asked again, with a clearly concern tone.

"Miki-chan. . . Do you have this kind feeling that felt like. . .something's missing in your life?" Ai asked suddenly, totally ignoring the question Miki raised for her.

"Hmmm?" Miki raised her pitch little, confused at the sudden change in Ai's wordings and tone. 

"All my years. . . I always felt that. . .there's this missing piece in my life. . . I . . .just can’t find what's it. That's why I had always been switching clubs. I want to find that missing piece in my life. Futsal . . .While playing futsal, I can forget about things momentously . . .but. . . it's not the piece that's missing from my life. It's just like a puzzle. I don't feel completed with that missing piece in my life." Ai continued, not waiting for Miki's answer. Or it could be said that the question raised previously was not for Miki. It was asked for Ai's own realisation.


"That's why. . ." Ai finished off quietly.

After long moments of silence, Miki had finally decided to break the silence. "Just as I thought, Ai-chan, you are weird." Miki commented as she stood up from the bench.

"Eh?" Ai was totally caught off guard by Miki had just said.

"If you don't come for the futsal training later on, you are even weirder than your usual weird self." Miki continued as she took a step forward. "I'm running late for lessons. I will see you later at the training hall later on!" Miki finished as she began to run away from Ai, towards the building where her next lesson was held.


"Gaki-san!" Eri had finally caught up with the right person. She stood beside Risa's right, where Risa tilted her head slightly to face Eri.

"Where have you been? I have been searching for you!" Risa reprimanded lightly. "Do you know how lonely I was while waiting for you?" Risa continued.

"Sorry!" Eri chipped cheekily. "I saw the cafeteria was selling some nice stuffs and had actually stopped by there to grab some of it. Does Gaki-san wants some of it?"

Risa shook her head. "What do you have next?" Risa asked casually as the pair of childhood best friend began to advance their way down the hallway and to the fields where there are places for them to settle down and chat properly.

"Nothing. My day had ended for now." Eri replied.

"That's nice. . ." Risa trailed off. "I still have another lesson that starts in an hour time and ends right in the evening." Risa pouted.

"Well it's just for today, Gaki-san. This is my only short day, while you have the rest of the week short." Eri reasoned.

"That's true."

"Ne, Gaki-san, are you thinking about joining any clubs in here?" Eri raised a new question randomly.

"Hmmm. I'm not sure though. . . Well, it's good to join some, to get to know more people around the college."


"Takahashi! It's great to see you today!" Hitomi came around bench in the changing room, where Ai was stoning with her spare jersey rolled around her hands.

"Yoshizawa-captain!" Ai snapped out of her daze and greeted Hitomi, scrambling to her feet right at the moment. Hitomi, on the other hand, proceeded towards her locker, where she unlocked it and placed her belongings in it, replacing her arm with a set of clean jersey and her indoor sport shoes.

"You don't have to be so formal with me." Hitomi stated as she swing the metal door of the locker close, causing a soft bang echoing in the changing room. "Mikitty really has her ways. How did she managed to get you appear up today?"

"Eh. . .. That's - that's a long story. . . "

Hitomi slipped herself into one of the cubicles and drew the shower curtain up, where she began to change out of her casual wear into her training suits.  Within minutes, Hitomi was out of the isolated cubicle. "Aren't you going to change?" Hitomi raised randomly as she threw her casual clothing into her locker and sat beside Ai, where she began to change into her shoes.

"I am still contemplating whether should I go for the training today." Ai whispered softly.

"Why not? You had already made the effort to come over to the club room, why bother to leave now?" Hitomi reasoned. "Plus, the futsal club needs you."

"Needs me? I don't think I am a very good player. And I'm clumsy." Ai retorted politely as she looked up to Hitomi, who had gotten back onto her feet, with her shoes changed.

"As a member who had only joined for 3 months, without any other prior experiences in futsal, you are really good, just like what Mikitty had told me about. Your speed and stamina are what we are lacking in the team. I believe, you can be a really great player, if you continue on the training, Takahashi." Hitomi explained while facing her back at Ai. "I will wait for you at the hall." With that, Hitomi left Ai alone in the changing room.

Ai sighed deeply as she watched Hitomi's disappearing figure. I still don't think I can make any difference to the team. There are so many potential mains in the reserve team. Why is both the captain and vice-captain forcing me to stay? Maybe I shouldn't have listen to Miki back then to try out the futsal club. Ai thought silently in her mind. She sighed deeply once again before picking herself up on her foot and entered into the same cubicle Hitomi had went in earlier on, where she began to change herself into the appropriate dress wear.

"I'm late, I'm late, I'm late!!!" A faint familiar voice came echoing into the changing room dedicated for the futsal club as Ai drew open the curtain. "Ah Ai-chan?! That's good! My plan worked!" Miki smiled evilly as she slammed her locker door close heavily and slipped past Ai.

"So that was a plan to get me here?"

"No. It's not a plan. It is a truth that you are weird." Miki answered from her position inside the changing cubicle. "Everyone has a missing piece in their life. And they don't find them by changing their interest and environment every 3 weeks. They will find them, when they had decided to commit their life and time on one single thing. Only a weird person like Ai-chan will do it on the other way round." Miki came out of the cubicle the moment she finished her sentence. "Get it?" With that, Miki headed towards the exit of the club room, only to find that she was still alone. "What are you doing? Stoning over there? We are getting late for training. Yocchan is going to scream your head off if you chose to stay here for any longer moment." Miki turned back and shouted before Ai. "When the time is right, the right piece. . . will appear before you, Ai-chan. Why bother about it when the time is not right?"


"Where are we visiting next?" Risa asked as she followed behind Eri, with a campus map in her possession.

"The indoor hall. I heard from my classmates that the college famous futsal club is having their training today." Eri replied while making a right turn at the corner. Risa, however, did not follow the turn. Instead, she had stopped in her steps. "What's wrong?" Eri questioned as she turned around and looked queerly at Risa. "What's wrong?"

"Isn't the indoor hall on the left?" Risa raised, not tearing her eyes away from the campus map.



"My bad then." Eri walked back to the side of Risa. "Since you have the map, why don't you lead the way instead?"

As the two trailed their way into the indoor sport halls, they were welcomed by a wave of heat and humid, followed by loud chants of shoutings.

Ai turned her head towards the entrance of the sport hall the moment she heard the sliding door open. The entry of the two younger girls caught her attention. Ah, the girl from lunch. Ai noted mentally as she saw Eri setting her foot on the lacquered surface of the wooded tiled floor. The sight of her second foreign girl caught her breath. She felt an unexplainable queasiness in her stomach as her heartbeat raced. What was that?

"TAKAHASHI! WATCH OUT!" Hitomi's loud voice echoed throughout the hall, causing Ai to snap out of her daze and turned her attention to the direction of the call. Just as she turned around, she was faced with the ball coming towards her at a high speed, towards the direction of her shoulder. In reflex, Ai raised her both hands and covered her face, just in time to block off the hit on her face.

"Are you alright?" Miki ran over to Ai and stopped beside her as she showered her concerned for the girl who had seemed to got out of the world before the caution call was called out.

Ai nodded her head quickly and turned around, only to see the two visitors covering their mouth with their hands, in shock.

"That was so close!" Risa muttered under her breath.

As an act to show that she was fine, Ai waved friendly at Eri with a cute smile running on her sweat stained face. Eri. on the other hand, was awestruck at the little action. She remembered me from back then? Eri reflected silently in her mind. Eri returned the wave awkwardly, which had earned a weird stare from her best friend.

"You know her?" The same curious question, asked by two different person, for two different girls.

"That's the girl who had mistaken me for someone else this afternoon." Ai replied curtly and shortly as she watched the Eri leading the other girl out of the sports hall.

Miki turned over to the direction where Ai was staring, only to catch a slight glance of the retreating girls. "What a coincident." Miki muttered under her breath.

The last sentence did not remain unheard to Ai. "Hmmm?" Ai raised her tone slight, showing her curiosity to the last statement vocalised by Miki.

"That girl, was the one I had mistaken for you."

"Eh?" Ai yelped in surprise. Kamei-san? How can that be? We looked so differently on our appearance, and she's so much taller than me. Ai rounded up in her mind.

"Not that girl who had mistaken you for her friend. It's the one beside her." Miki stated monotonously, obviously had caught Ai's misinterpretation to her former statement.

"Eh. . . " Ai stuttered. That girl . . . why did I react in that way . . . when I first saw her. . .

"Takahashi, are you alright?" Hitomi came over and stopped between the two.

"Yes." Ai replied quietly as she glanced over to the closed door. Who is she?


 "Kame, how did you managed to know that girl from futsal club?" Risa asked curiously as the pair trailed slowly back to the dormitory. It was the college practice that all freshmen have to stay in the college dormitory, not mattering whether if the student stays in the city or has came from the other prefectures. 

"I mistaken her for you this afternoon." Eri replied almost inaudibly.

"WHAT?" Risa retorted. "You had mistaken someone else for ME? I feel really bad then, Kame, being your best friend since forever and this is what I got in the end."

"Well you can't blame me for that. You two really looked alike, especially from the back and side views." Eri argued as she caught up with Risa.


"Tadaima. . ." Ai's lonely voice echoed through the empty apartment. Why did I even bother to say that? There's no one here to response an 'okaeri' to me. Ai thought cynically within herself. Ai stopped before her study desk, where an incomplete puzzle was laid out.

"Rainbow is always called as the bow of covenant, the bow of promise. Many believed that the rainbow is the connecting bow between two lovers. When ends of the rainbow meet the ends of the universe, that's when. . . miracle happens. It was said that there's only two such puzzle throughout the whole world. And perhaps, Miss, this would be your connecting bow between the love of your life."

The voice of the store owner echoed in Ai's mind as she stared at the incomplete puzzle without blinking her eyes. Just one more piece to complete this puzzle. Who had actually thought that. . . there's a missing piece of puzzle in this set of puzzle. Ai sighed sadly as she left her study desk and stood into the bathroom, where she stared miserably into the lonely soul reflected on the mirror. I guess . . . this is just my life. . . always . . .to have a missing piece in my life . . .

TBC. . .

@ lil_hamz : I promise that. . .I won't make you cry again with this story! I promise! heheheh And yupps, AiGaki will always share this unbreakable bond, that only they themselves can understand, how does that meant to them :) heheh  TAKE CARE!! hehehe =)  The next part should be promising. :)

@ Bamtai : Hihi! It's alright!! heheheh. Eh. . .you never know how much i struggled to write all these. hahah. hmmm. . .. secret?? I guess they are just an expression of my inner self, on how I view things and stuffs?? Hmmm. I don't think there's any secret in any way. If there's a will, there's a way. hehehe. (Okay, I don't even know what am I talking about over here right now. . . .HEHE) Thanks!! :)

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Re: G.C.Y.K collection ~ No. 3 ~ THE MISSING PIECE PT 1
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The Missing Piece part 2

Once a rain girl, forever a rain girl. Ai thought depressingly as she stood before the sheltered stairway pouch that leads to the exit of the college, watching the heavy raindrop falling before her. And I thought for once I can return home early from college. It seems like it's not going to happen by the look at the intensity of the rain. Ai continued in her mind as she leaned gently against the white coated pillar and sighed deeply.

"Ano . . ." Came a soft voice by Ai's right, causing Ai to shift her bodyweight back to her feet instead of her back on the pillar. She turned slowly to her right, only to see the mysterious girl who had managed to catch her heart unknowingly during her appearance at the college indoor sports hall.

"Ah. . . It's you. . . " Ai slurred quietly across her lips.

Risa nodded her head gently at the statement made by Ai."Do you need a lift to the bus stop?" Risa offered courteously as she tugged lightly on the foldable umbrella she held on her right hand and finished with a gentle smile on her face.

Ai diverted her glance away from Risa, towards the down pouring rain before returning the glance to Risa. "I think it's alright. I'm guessing that the rain is not going to stop anytime sooner. Even if you shelter me to the bus stop, I guess I will still get drench on my way back to my apartment from the bus stop. I guess I will just wait for the rain to stop completely before I leave the campus." Ai reasoned with a polite smile before continuing."Thanks for your offer anyway."

"Hmmm. If you don’t mind, you can drop by my dorm for a while. I do have an extra umbrella you could use in my room. Then you don't have to wait till the rain is over." Risa suggested, in worry that by the time the heavy rain stops, it would be of an unearthly hours for a young girl like Ai to commute the bus back to her house.

"It's al-" Before Ai could reject the suggested offer politely, Risa had interrupted her for once again.

"It's not troublesome at all. It's my pleasure to help someone." Risa reassured.

Ai, seeing no reason in rejecting the kind offer proposed by the young girl, had finally nodded her head in acknowledge. Swiftly, Risa opened her foldable umbrella and stood over to Ai's left, where she gently signal Ai to start moving down the flight of stairs. The battering sound of the raindrop on the umbrella echoed loudly as silence persisted between the pair. As the two further advance, the left sleeve of Risa blouse had gradually gotten wetter.

"Ano . . . You're Gaki-san, am I right to say that?" Ai cleared her throat as she asked quietly, breaking the silence that sat between them.

"EH?" Risa turned her head slightly with her eyes wide opened, making the first eye contact with Ai even since the moment she braced herself to start a conversation with Ai earlier on. "How-how did you knew about that?" Risa stumbled, before continuing in an inaudible voice."That's my childhood nickname where only my close friends knew about it."

Ai smile warmly at the reaction Risa gave. "Your friend, if I didn't remember her name wrongly, Kamei-san had mistaken you for me. Didn't she tell you about that?"

"She . . .did . . ."

"She had shouted so loudly into my ear drum that it's impossible to get that name out of my mind. . . ." Ai continued as the beam on her flawless face grew wider. Ai tilted her glance back to Risa, only to catch the younger girl blushing in deep shades of red. "Was I being too rude about that? I - I don't mean it. " Ai flustered, in fear that she had stood too much over the line.

Risa shook her head in denial immediately. "It's not that. . . " Risa whispered out softly. "It's just. . . so embarrassing. . . Kame . . . she. . . " Risa could feel the heat within her intensify as she pictured the scene in her mind as told by Eri days before.

"There's nothing to be embarrassed about, Gaki-san. Wait a minute, do you mind me calling you by that name? That doesn't sound like your real name, don't it?" Ai encouraged and asked in curiosity. The gloominess she felt moments ago were now all gone.

"Niigaki Risa is my real name. Gaki-san. . . is just a childhood nickname Kame had been calling me since kindergarten years." Risa answered shyly.

"So, do you mind me calling you Gaki-san?"

Risa nodded her head in acknowledgement.

"My name is Takahashi Ai, if you haven't heard that from Kamei-san." Ai continued onto introducing her own self.

"I did, Takahashi-senpai."


"Eh?" Risa looked up in confusion at the sudden change in tone of Ai.

"Call me Ai-chan instead. Calling me senpai made me sound so old." Ai pouted as she crossed her arms lightly.

"Ai- . . . chan. . . " Risa stuttered out the name before coming into realisation. Why does this name sounds so familiar?

Ai, who seemed like she was being able to read Risa's mind at that moment, spoke again. "Miki-chan had mistaken you for me that day, didn't she?"

"Mickey-chan?" Risa looked at Ai with more uncertainties in her eyes.

"Yes, Miki-chan, the vice captain of the futsal club. On the day where Gaki-san and Kamei-san had visited the sports hall. . .She had too mistaken you for me as well, didn't she?" Ai trailed off, explaining her statement to a clear end.

Risa chuckled at her own silliness, causing the questioning stare to be directed to her. "For one moment, I actually thought- " Before Risa could finish her sentence, Ai had intercepted her words.

"Do you want me to hold onto the umbrella instead, your left sleeve has been thoroughly soaked through." Ai exclaimed in concern while trying to hold the umbrella away from Risa.

"It's alright. We are reaching soon. . ." Risa struggled as she directed Ai's glance ahead, showing Ai her dormitory building.

"But still. . . " Ai, instinctively, pulled Risa closer to her by her forearm, closing the distance that kept the pair apart. As she did that, Risa's elbow had unintentionally brushed against Ai's chest, causing Risa to return to her earlier shades of red at the contact. "It makes me feel bad for getting your blouse wet." Ai continued without noticing the change in colour on Risa's face. And when she finally did, she puzzled. "What had happened? Why are you so red?"

Risa shook her head in denial immediately. As soon as the pair entered the building, Risa folded her umbrella up and led Ai up the stairs. "Wait for me over here while I get my extra umbrella for you." Risa muttered quickly as she laid her wet umbrella against the wall, unlocked her dorm door, and opened it, leaving it ajar as she swift into the room, straight into the kitchen where umbrellas were placed.

Ai took use of this chance and peeked into the room, only to be presented numbers of framed puzzle decorating across the room. She has an interest in puzzle? Before Ai could further step into the room to count the exact numbers of puzzle Risa owned, the latter had returned back to the entrance.

"This is for you." Risa handed the yellow coloured umbrella over to Ai.

"Thank you for that, Gaki-san." Ai smiled feverously at Risa. "I will see you around soon in campus." With that, Ai turned away and walked down the hallway, only to stop when Risa shouted after her.

"Wait a minute." Ai turned back at the call. "Let me accompany you to the bus stop." Risa finished swiftly as she got to Ai's side.

As the pair got back into the rain, the distance they kept between them was much more further than what it was earlier on, partially due to the fact that they each do own an umbrella at that moment. "Gaki-san has an interest with jigsaw puzzles?" Ai spoke suddenly, catching Risa off her guard.

"How did you knew that?"

"I saw that you have an ample collection of them in your room." Ai explained.

"Ah . .. " Risa trailed off. "You must have thought that I have childish hobby, don't you? That's what Kame had always said about me. . .that's why, until this day, she's still refusing to change the way she calls me."

"I don't think that's a childish hobby, Gaki-san." Ai reassured. "There's nothing known as childish in this world." Ai encouraged. Well. . . at least you have something that interest your heart. . . me ? Ai sighed deeply. I had search the whole world. . . and had yet to find one that . . .

Before Ai could dampen her own mood with her depressing thoughts, Risa had began to speak on her reason for interest, which had absolutely caught the 100 percent of Ai's attention. "I think . . . Life is just like a jigsaw puzzle. Each of our life. . . it's like. . .it is made up of little pieces of events, memories, items, people . . . that had made life as what it is. . . It's just like jigsaw puzzles. Many different pieces of puzzles, of different shape and sizes. .. .they are placed together to make one complete portrait. It's like. . .commoners like you and me. . . there will be someday. . . where we will be part of the puzzle of another's life. . .don't you think that's amazing?"

"Eh" Ai was awestruck with what Risa had presented her with. Words are unable to form at her lips. What Risa had just said, was what she had felt about her life. Something is missing.

When silence was what Risa had gotten from Ai, reality struck her."I'm sorry. . . I didn't meant to ratter some much. When I told that to Kame, she said that I am weird."

"You are not weird, Gaki-san." Ai interrupted. I think I am the weird one instead, just like how Miki-chan had always say about me.

"You don't have to disagree with that, Takaha-, Ai-chan. " Risa ended quietly.

"I'm not. I really think that you are not weird at all." Ai reassured. "Cause I'm the weirder one." Ai finished with a giggle, causing Risa to break into a wide smile for the first time in the day. "Ah, my bus is here. Gaki-san, thank you for your umbrella! I will return it back to you one of these days. And, it has been a nice time knowing more of you." Ai smiled.

"It's mine too as well." Risa returned. With the umbrella covering her top, Risa stood in the rain as she watched the bus rode away. It has been ages I had such a nice talk with someone I had just knew. . . . Risa reflected. Once the bus was out if sight, Risa turned back and began to return back to her dorm, when she realised that the rain had stopped abruptly. Risa closed her umbrella, only to observe a wide colourful bow forming before her.

Many believed that the rainbow is the connecting bow between two lovers. When ends of the rainbow meet the ends of the universe, that's when. . . miracle happens.

Could it be? Risa turned around and stared at the empty road where the bus had went through. Her heart stared to race in excitement. Is she the one? As Risa's thoughts returned to the earlier memories, where her elbow had came in contact to Ai's chest, her body had too began to heat up, with her cheeks running red. What is this?


Miki ran over to her vibrating phone and picked it up abruptly, placing it beside her sweat-tainted face. "Is there anything urgent? I'm having an important friendly match right now." Miki blabbered into the receiver of the phone.

"It's something REALLY important!" Came a flustered voice.

"Spit then." Miki said curtly as she kept her eyes on the match that was going on right at that moment.

"I ran out of water when I'm in the middle of my shower. Can you buy me some bottles of mineral water and bring it to me right now?"

"WHAT?" Miki shouted into the phone. "I'm still angry that you had cut the match today. And you are calling me to bring you water? Why in the world would your water be cut off in the first place, Ai-chan?"

"They are doing upgrading works on the water pipe this afternoon. It was said that water should be back by 4. I thought it would be safe enough to go into the shower now. But who had thought that they are not done with the water works yet." Ai explained briefly. "Please, Miki-chan. You are the only person I can think of right at this moment who has the ability to help me with this.

"But you know that I can't leave the match now. "

"Please Miki-chan! I know you can do it! It's just a friendly match! What matters more than your best friend safety and health?"

Ai had hung up the call before Miki could further object. "Ai-chan?" Miki shouted into the phone, only to be answered by the beeping tone of the ended call. She glanced around the hall, looking for Hitomi to discuss about the situation. However, her eyes stopped at the spectators seat as she noted a familiar figure.


*Ding Dong*

The doorbell of Ai's rented studio apartment rang. Ai ran heavily across the room and towards the main door. "WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG? I WAS FREEZING TO DEATH, MIKI-CHA, eh, Gaki-san? Why are you here?" Ai shouted loudly as she pulled the door, in preparation to scold Miki, only to be shock by the fact that the one stand on the other side of the door was Risa instead.

"I - I was watching Kame playing the friendly today when Fujimoto-san had asked me to bring you the water." Risa stuttered as she shrugged her shoulders, with each of her hand carrying a 3 litre bottled mineral water.

"Tha- thank you." Ai took over one of the bottles from Risa and stood aside, allowing Risa to step into her studio apartment. "Make yourself free around the house." Ai trailed over into the bathroom as she spoke. When Ai returned back to the main living space to retrieve the other bottle Risa was carrying, she saw Risa stood by her study desk, staring at the incomplete puzzle that was laid on the top. "It's a puzzle that can never be completed." Ai whispered softly as she took over the bottle from Risa.

"Eh?" Risa turned around and looked at Ai with puzzlement.

"The set is incomplete. I'm missing one piece from the original pack to complete this."

"Eh?" Risa stuttered again.

"But it's alright. . . I think . .. that's my destiny then. . . " Ai trailed off sadly.

Risa looked wearily at Ai. Without saying a word, Risa tracked back her pathway back to the door, pulled it open and began to sprint down the stairways.

"Gaki-san?" Ai called out after the disappearing figure.


It took Ai more than half an hour to finish up her shower. And when she was done, she returned back to the main living space, with her red towel draped over her wet hair. She stopped before the study table where Risa stood previously. Maybe it's time for me to dismantle it. . . It will never be completed. . . why do I even bother to keep it in this way then? Ai finally decided. She straddled across the room and took the box cover from where she had kept it before returning back to the table. She traced her fingers along the jagged surface caused by the puzzles. Just do it, Ai. She stop her finger at the missing piece position. Just as she was to remove the adjacent piece of puzzle, the continuous ringing of her door bell halted her. Who's that?

Ai made her way to the doorway and peeked through the peek hole, only to see a totally drench Risa standing at her doorstep as her fingers pressed furiously on the doorbell button. "Gaki-san?" Ai pulled the door open and greeted. "Why are you so wet? Did you run -" Before Ai could finish her sentence, she had felt a pair of soft lips on hers. Instinctively, Ai pushed Risa away from her. "What are you doing?"

Risa held Ai on her wrist and dragged her towards the study table. "Have you heard of the story about this puzzle?" Risa huffed as she heaved in deep breath to regain oxygen to her system. Ai nodded her head lightly. "Do you believe in it?"

"I - I don't know . . . "


"I can't even complete this puzzle. . . so . . . do you think that the legend behind this puzzle will happen? I have accepted the fact that I will never be able to find that missing piece of my life. . . perhaps. . .. this is my destiny? To be always be searching for something that I can never find. . . " Ai explained. Tears dangled at her eyelid. That, was the first time Ai had cried about this matter.

"Look at this." Risa whispered softly. She slipped her hand into her right jean pocket and took out a tiny box, from which she picked out a tiny piece of item. Almost professionally, Risa fixed the piece perfectly into the missing piece position.

"How -"

"I have the same set of puzzle. As different from yours, mine had an extra piece."

It was said that there's only two such puzzle throughout the whole world. And perhaps, Miss, this would be your connecting bow between the love of your life.

The tear that dangled at her eyelid slide down her face. Is this the reason, why my heart had raced at the first sight of her? Was she . . .the missing piece that I have been searching for . . . all this while? Ai raised her trembling hand towards Risa's face and wiped off the fresh sweat that was growing at her temple with her thumb. "Do - do you believe in the story then?"

"I do. And my heart . . .had too, told me the answer. I believe." Risa uttered a strong affirmation. With that, Risa pulled Ai's hand off her face and placed Ai's hand on her left chest. "Feel it for yourself."Not waiting for Ai to say anything, Risa pulled Ai closer to her once again and pressed her lips on Ai's, sealing the distance between them to zero.

When the time is right, the right piece. . . will appear before you. . . Just believe. . . and it will. . .

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Re: G.C.Y.K collection ~ No. 4 ~ THE MISSING PIECE PT 2
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Tee hee, Gaki-san is so innocent and shy, turning beet-red when her elbow brushed against Ai's chest. Surprisingly Ai didn't flinch at all. I would think that she would at least be a little embarrassed? =P

Sometimes when elbows brush against the skin of another, an "electric shock" occurs. Could that also mean that that person could turn out to be someone special? Cuz of the "connection" and all.

And wow, Risa sure is bold, kissing Ai when they aren't considered to be that close? Funnily enough I have heard of boxes of puzzles missing a piece of ending up with extra pieces. Once again, I'm impressed by your ability to transform something so simple into a wonderful fic staring my fave couple. Arigatou~

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Re: G.C.Y.K collection ~ No. 4 ~ THE MISSING PIECE PT 2
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That was really beautiful!  :wub: TakaGaki are surely made for each others, they're so perfect!  :heart:
For some reason I can imagine that Risa actually is fond of puzzles  :lol: It fits her personality somehow  :P
It would be wonderful to found such a person, who is like your puzzle's lost piece that makes everything perfect  :wub: Here I go, being as romantic as ever!  XD But seriously, this was one of the sweetest things I've ever read  :yep:

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Re: G.C.Y.K collection ~ No. 4 ~ THE MISSING PIECE PT 2
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365+365+366+365+365+365+366+365+365+365 =

"Ah. . . " Ai let off a sigh of tiredness as she kicked off her shoes by the doorway and staggered jadedly into her apartment, flicking on the light switch on her way towards the living room, where she dropped her handbag on her sofa and slumped herself comfortable beside her bag. Just as Ai was about to allow her eyes to close, the vibration she felt in her bag stopped her. Who? Ai thought silently in her mind as she reached her hand into her handbag, pulling out the black covered iphone.

{From 5 }Ai read off the screen. Gaki-san? Ai wondered. Ai slide her finger across the screen of the phone and began to read the message sent by her precious best friend cum sub leader.

{365+365+366+365+365+365+366+365+365+365 =      -Ri}

A deep frown appeared across Ai's forehead as she read the message from Risa. Taping on the onscreen keypads light, Ai typed in her reply.

{Gaki-san is too into these weird messages? What do you mean? - Ai}

{Are you back from your Pilates lesson? So what's the answer? - Ri}

{Yah. It was a great session. I feel so refresh now. EH. Don't you have a calculator of something? Why are you asking me that? - Ai}

{Good to hear that. Whatever, so what's the answer? - Ri}

{Ah, I forgot that Gaki-san hates maths. - Ai}

{Stop rubbing that fact. Faster. What's the answer? - Ri}

A small smile ran across Ai's face. She can very well visualise the reaction Risa had on her face when she had typed in the message on her side. Switching her Iphone to the calculator application, Ai froze. What are the numbers again? Ai forced herself to remember. But it seems like age had caught up with her. She sighed deeply. Grabbing the pen and notepad nearest to her, Ai returned back to the message log where she diligently recorded down the numbers and reopened the calculator application. When she got the answer she wanted, she returned to the message log once again.

{3652 - Ai}

The reply from Risa was fast, as expectedly, with Risa impetuous personality.

{Wrong - Ri}

{EH! There's no way that that answer is wrong! I had used the calculator to calculate the additions. - Ai}

*Ding dong*

Ai's doorbell rang as soon as she had sent out the latest message to Risa. Before she had reached the door to see who was the visitor in the middle of the night, the Iphone in her hand vibrated again. Pulling the phone before her, Ai unlocked the phone and read the fresh message.

{Takahashi-san, Congratulation on your 10th Anniversary in Morning Musume! - Ikuta.}

She was surprised by who the sender was. Ikuta? 10th Anniversary? Already? Ai glanced towards the time at the top of the column. Indeed, it was already the 26th of August, at time 0000 hrs.

{Arigatou, Ikuta.  - Takahashi}

She pulled her door opened at the same moment she sent the reply back to Erina. "Omedetou!" Came the familiar voice at the door step. Ai looked up from her Iphone, only to see Risa standing at her doorstep, with a small strawberry shortcake.

"Gaki-san?" Ai queered as she stood aside, allowing Risa into her apartment. "You just missed being the first person." Ai spoke straightforwardly.

"I know." Came a dejected reply. Risa trailed into the living room, placing the cake on the coffee table as she settled herself comfortable on where Ai had just sat. "I received the message from Ikuta as well." Risa explained.

"What a sweet girl, isn't she? She had still went to research when was our debut date." Ai continued as she removed her handbag from the couch and sat beside Risa. Risa just nodded her head in response and leaned comfortable on Ai's shoulder the moment Ai settled down. "So why am I wrong? I calculated the answer from the calculator, there's no way I can do the maths wrongly."

"Nope, the answer is not 3652." Was all what Risa had gave Ai.

"What is it then?"

"It's perfect 10." Risa replied shortly, yet warmheartedly. Ai-chan, thank you for these 10 years. Never had I thought, we would be still standing on this stage together, singing the songs we all loved, dancing to the songs that we two had grown up with. Thank you for always being there, rescuing me from difficult situations. Thank you for always being there, listening to my endless worries, even when you still have yours. No other words can express the kind of bonds the Gokkies shared. Arigatou.


hahha. I wanted to write something on Gokkies 10th year anniversary. hehehe
Just a short drabble. Hopefully you had enjoyed! hehehe

@ lil_hamz : ahahahha. it seems like Ai were too concerned about the drenched owner of the umbrella to notice the contact. .. hahahah. Really?? I haven heard of all these stories about missing pieces in real life puzzle. . .hahah. you are really lucky then. hahahhaha. You are welcome. ^.^ i really like your writings as well. . so .. hehehe ^.-

@ Bamtai : Hihi! Yupps. hahah. I'm glad that you had liked the story ^.^ heheh. It was originally one of the stories I had written way back in years (at least 5 or 6 years. I can't remember. hhehehe.) It was so old that it was actually written in a school notebook instead of word document. hahaha. just retook the title and idea and decided to rewrite it. hehehe :)

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Re: G.C.Y.K collection ~ No. 5 ~ 365+365+366+365+365+365+366+365+365+365=
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Sorry for not commenting before!! Being a bit busy  :sweatdrop:
Lovely one-shot, just as expected from you  :luvluv2: It's so weird, ten years have already passed from the time they entered Morning Musume!  :farofflook:
Itäs just so hard to believe that within a month Ai-chan will leave  :gyaaah: It was already really difficult with Eri and Pandas leaving, but with Ai gone nothing will be the same  :fainted: But I guess it's time for her to move on to do some other things.. Anyways, before I end up a sobbing mess I must say, that I was very happy to read this  :heart: Can I count on you to keep up with your amazing work?  :hehehe:

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Re: G.C.Y.K collection ~ No. 5 ~ 365+365+366+365+365+365+366+365+365+365=
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That's a long title =D awww a one shot for AiGaki's anniversary. Youre the only person with the heart and thought to write one. Arigatou!

Isn't it amazing how many days it's been for them? You know what's a perfect 10 as well? Ai's high score in Risa's heart =P

I don't know how I'm gonna survive without AiGaki from end Sept. You will continue to write their FICs right? I will too *sad smile*

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Re: G.C.Y.K collection ~ No. 5 ~ 365+365+366+365+365+365+366+365+365+365=
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Between us

Should I go into the building? Risa hesitated as stood at the foot of TBS building, with her right hand clenching tightly onto her Iphone. Ai-chan told me that she wants me to be here. . .But haven't I too told her that I won't be able to make it? That aho. . . Mentioning it on her blog is just making me to waver on my decision. . . Risa sighed deeply. But Ai-chan, she has to get use to working alone, isn't she? If I appear before her right now, wouldn't I be spoiling her then? Risa continued silently in her mind. Risa twisted her wrist to a slight angle as she read the time on her watch. Two hours before the live performance. . . she should be in the middle of rehearsal or make up aren't she? Risa noted wordlessly. Will Ai-chan be alright? She must be really nervous right now . . . Risa heaved a deep breath again as she pouted her lips. She took a little step forward before stopping the attempted to enter the building. Probably not . . . Ai-chan must get use to be working alone. . . I can't spoil her . . . With that in mind, Risa took a step backward and turned around. Having her mind determined, Risa began to walk away.

As Risa was on her way to the train station, she took out her white phone from her bag and began to press soothingly on the keypads.

{ Coming Soon!

Ai-chan is going to appear on coming soon today . . .

. . . . . .

. . . . . . .

I'll will be watching Ai-chan on Television as well!

Do your best ne-

 I love Youーー!]

And when she was done with her intended blog post, she pressed the 'send' button on her mobile phone and snap it close before sneaking it back into her bag. "Ganbatte ne, Ai-chan!" Risa muttered under breath softly.


What should I do~~~ Ai thought nervously in her mind as she sat at the waiting area. Ai would divert her attention to her dressing room door from time to time, checking if there's any visitor for her. Hmmm will Gaki-san appear? Hmmm will any of the members appear? Ai wondered in her mind. Just at this moment, her Iphone vibrated, causing the dressing table to vibrate slightly as well. Ai picked up the smart phone from its position and held it before her face.

{ Ai-chan! Ganbatte ne! Aika will be rooting for you!! -Aika.}

A little smile crept across Ai's face. Aika. .  . it has been ages ever since I last saw that girl . . .Is she recovering well? She must be feeling really bad about the double injury she got on her ankle. Ai thought. The nervousness she felt moments ago was slightly gone.

{Arigatou, Aika! I will drop by to your house tomorrow after my morning studio live recording? I miss Aika's presence around. - Ai}

As Ai sent out the mail, she sighed deeply. I wish Aika can return to the stage soon. . . Aika must be really sad about it. . .

{Really??!! I will wait for you! Aika too missed Ai-chan's presence as well! I have seen the concerts DVD given by manager. Ai-chan is really cool! -Aika }

Just as Ai were about to reply Aika's message, the soft knock on the dressing room door stopped her. Gaki-san? That was the first person that had came into Ai's mind about the person on the other side of the door.

"Come in." Ai called out softly.

"Takahashi, it's time for you to go into studio for standby."

Ah . . .It's just Manager-san. . . Ai thought dejectedly in her mind. She pulled herself up and forced her a slight smile on her face, masking away the slight disappointment she felt within herself. "Hai, wakarimashita!" Ai responded immediately.

{I will talk to Aika tomorrow again. I need to go into the studio now. -Ai}

With that, Ai handed her phone over to her manager for safekeeping before following behind him, where the manager led Ai into the waiting area of the studio.

How ??  The nervousness she felt previously set in once again, in a stronger intensity this time round. Ai placed her palm on her thigh, rubbing away the sweat that were form on her jeans. What should I do~~~ What if I can't think of what to answer the questions Nakai-san is going to ask me? What if I stumbled on my words as usual? What if I messed up with the lyrics of the song? I haven't sang the song once in the right lyrics. I had always have the first and second chorus mixed up. What should I do~~~ Ai thought repeatedly in her mind. And when she looked up, it was then she realised that the red 'On Air' sign was lit on. It has started. . .How?


The first thing Risa did the moment she stood out of the bathroom was to glance at the antique clock that was hung at the corner of the living room. Ah. . . 20 more minutes till the start of the live recording. Risa noted mentally in her mind. With the towel draped over her wet hair, Risa went into her room to retrieve her Iphone and returned back to the living room.

"Risa, you are not sleeping yet? it's going to be midnight soon. Don't you have a morning schedule for tomorrow?" Risa's Mama asked curiously from the kitchen when she saw Risa settled down on the couch, turning on the television using the remote control placed on the coffee table not far away from the couch.

"Uh uh." Risa mumbled as she shook her head. "Ai-chan's appearing on a live midnight show today. I want to watch it. " Risa replied as she switched the television to the right channel.

"Ai-chan?" Risa's mama repeated as she came out of the kitchen and sat beside Risa. "She's appearing alone?"

"Mmm." Risa nodded her head. Risa glanced the time on her phone. Ten more minutes. . . Risa noted silently. "Ai-chan's going to sing her graduation song today on Coming Soon. . . "


"Takahashi, relax!"

"Hai!" The response came in a higher tone. Though her manager had been asking her to relax and not to be so nervous for the past ten minutes, Ai could not help but to stiff up her body to a greater extent.

"3 minutes till stand by in studio!" The producer came into the waiting room and informed Ai.

"Ha-i . . . "

"Takahashi, you have a mail for you." Ai's manager stood by Ai's side and slide the phone before Ai.

"Eh. But I'm going into the studio soon. . . " Ai trailed off.

"It's alright. . . . Just read it speedily will do." Ai's manager assured while placing the phone into Ai's palm.

{Ai-chan, Ganbatte ne! I will watch you from my television at home! Gomen ne, for that I can't be at the studio with you.

Ai-chan is going to be fine! Because you are you! Daijoubu! Don't worry too much or be too nervous!

Like Ai-chan you had said yourself, this is your first solo live recording and last solo live broadcasting as member of Morning Musume.

So, enjoy it with a smile! Make it a memorable memory! Even though none of us are at the same location at where you are,

We all will support you deep from our heart. I want to see Ai-chan to sing the song with a smile.

I love you! Ganbatte ne! --- Ri }

Ai felt her eyes wet from the message, blurring her vision of the phone screen.

"Why are you crying?" Came the question from Ai's manager.

Ai giggled lightly at the posted question while wiping away the lone tear that had tracked down her cheeks.. If Gaki-san is here, she would have asked the same question to me as well . . .

"It's going to be the real performance soon, you won't want to smug your make up before recording, don't you?" The manager continued as he passed a piece of tissue paper over to Ai.

Ai nodded her head in acknowledgement. "Wakarimashita."

{Arigatou. . .  -Ai }

"Takahashi-san, please come into the studio now for standby!"



"Ah! Ai-chan!" Risa's Mama exclaimed as she saw the camera focusing on Ai. "Ai-chan's getting pettier as the days go by, don't she?" Risa's Mama continued while having her eyes fixed on the television.

"Mmm." Risa whined softly in agreement with her eyes, too, never leaving the wide screen of the television. A mischievous smile crept across Risa's face as she watched her precious douki on air, squirming in nervousness before Nakai Masahiro. Maa, Ai-chan, you are way too nervous! Relax! Relax! Risa urged gently in her mind.


"Jaa, Takahashi-san, please go over to that side for standby of the live recording of your solo song."

"Hai." Ai beamed. Yes! I did not stumble! Interview is over. . . Ai thought elatedly in her mind as she stepped down the step and brushed through the set to where the microphone stand stood. She shifted the microphone to her desirable position, with increased breathing as her heart beat in excitement and nervousness.

"Takahashi Ai's Jishin o motte, Yume o motte, Tobidatsu kara. Douzo!"

Ai rested her palm lightly on the microphone as she allow herself to immerse into the set she stood in the middle of. These are just like the miniatures of the ones we played with on our first appearance on Utaban . . . My first and last . . . This is really the last. . . Ai reminisced sadly in her mind. She bit her lower lips, enduring the tears that were threatening her within herself.

Like Ai-chan you had said yourself, this is your first solo live recording and last solo live broadcasting as member of Morning Musume. So, enjoy it with a smile! Make it a memorable memory! I want to see Ai-chan to sing the song with a smile. Risa's voice had just rang in Ai's mind like an recording machine, repeating the words Risa expressed through the short mail Ai received minutes before. Gaki-san is right. . . I should enjoy this performance right to the highest peak. . . I can't cry. . . Because this isn't an end, it's just a new start. . .  Ai encouraged herself in her mind. Just the thought came in mind, she flashed her front teeth, stretching the little sadness into a wide smile as she began to pace in the rhythm of the beat.


Ganbare, Ai-chan! Risa urged mentally. A small smile escaped from her lips as she saw the perfect smile shinning on Ai face. That's right! However, the smile did not last. It had slowly faded of Risa's face. Eventually, the smile was replaced by trails of tears running down her cheeks. That's right, Ai-chan. . . It's not the end, it's a new start. . .

At the final line of the song, Risa wiped away the leftover tears with the back of her hand. Ai-chan had done your best, overcoming your nervousness and uncertainties about standing alone on that stage. . . I will do my best as well, Ai-chan!

Risa picked up the phone that was lying by her side and typed swiftly on the touch screen keypads.


{Ai-chan, It was prefect! Yokatta ne! -Ri }


This is what is between us. . . The unbreakable bond that holds us tightly together. . .
At times where we are troubled. . . .She's always there, no matter how far she is. . . .
And this is what is . . . Between Us . . .

- - Ai/Ri

Happy Birthday to Aichan! hehehe

@ Bamtai : HEHE, it's alright!! hehehe I'm always busy as well. .so i understand how is it like. . . hehe Eh . . . .I will do my best to! Thankies ne! hehehe

@ lil_hamz : it's indeed long. . but it makes it special :) Hopefully I will have the time to.  . . I have been getting real busy lately. . . But I do still want to write as well. heheh. . .I'm looking forward to YOUR stories as well ^.- heheheh Jiayous!!
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Re: G.C.Y.K collection ~ No. 6 ~ BETWEEN US
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... I almost cry... I guess talking about Aichan's post-graduation period was a little too much for me :nervous
Still I loved every line of it! Thank you cayunki :bow:

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Re: G.C.Y.K collection ~ No. 6 ~ BETWEEN US
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When Love turns Dangerous

Risa tightened her grip on the straps of her handbag, pulling her handbag closer to her body as she felt a presence of a second person following her through the empty alley back to her rented studio apartment. Who's that? Risa thought in fear in her mind. She turned her head slightly to her right and tried to peek over her right shoulder, only to see a pair of flustered shoes hiding behind the corner of the alley. Someone's following me. . . Risa feared. She brought her head back straight, with the grip on the straps not loosening in any strength, and quickened her footsteps as an attempted to escape her stalker. A stalker? This is not the first time I had been followed home. . . The brisk walking steps turned into jogging steps, with Risa pacing herself out of the alley and up a series of stairways, lifting her feet two elevations at a time up to the 3rd floor. As she stood before her apartment door, she could hear light footsteps echoing softly from the first floor, causing Risa to freak out, rummaging the contents of her handbag for her keys. Come on! Risa urged. Just as she got nervous, her fingers came in contact to the familiar texture. Pulling them out in anxiety, Risa unlocked her apartment door and swift into the apartment immediately and slammed the door close, with her back leaning against the cold surface of the wooden door. That was scary. . . Risa panted.

Risa used her tongue and moisten her cracked dry lips. Her heart was still racing abnormally from the fear she experience from the unknown stalking. Just as her heart was beginning to calm from the fear, the vibration of her phone in her bag had triggered another wave of fastened heartbeat due to the unexpectedness of the incoming call. Rummaging her bag in the same way she did moments ago, Risa pulled out a white flip phone and a small smile had ran across her face immediately upon reading the blue pixel text on the short cut screen. She flip the phone open and brought it to her ears immediately. "Erina-chan?" Risa puffed into the receiver.

"Risa-nee chan!" A high toned voice returned from the other end of the receiver.

"Had something happened? Why are you calling me so late in the night? Don't you have lessons tomorrow morning?" Risa ranted into the phone while pulling her back away from the door and began to head towards her bed, where she placed down her handbag and popped her own self into the comfy sheets as well.

"When is Nee chan coming home?" Erina questioned, completely ignoring the questions Risa had raised for her? "Erina missed Nee chan. Papa Mama had too kept mentioning about when will Nee chan be coming home. It's been a year ever since Nee chan had came home." Erina whined.

"Hmmm. Soon I guess. . . How's Papa Mama?" Risa asked quietly. It has been a year ever since Risa had left her hometown to come to the city of Tokyo, in searching for her dreams in entering a performing arts school, all against the wishes of her elders.

"Mama's cough is getting bad these days. . . When the weather gets too cold, it always worsen. It's not that Nee chan you don't know about. Papa's back is aching too much lately as well. .  ." Erina trailed off in the phone. "Ne, Nee chan. . . though Papa Mama had never admitted it, they really miss you very much." Erina finished quietly.

"I know. . . " Risa choked.

Silence sat into the conversation for a short moment before Risa had decided to pick up from where she had left opened. "My course is ending in 2 days time, and we do have a 2 weeks vacation before it starts again. . . I will be back in 2 days then. . . "

"Really?" The voice on the end perked up, obvious to Risa that the younger girl was really excited for the decision she had made to return back to the hometown for 2 weeks.

"Yah . . " Risa assured. "I promise I will be back . .. I miss you all as well . . ."


"Good Morning!" Ai greeted as she entered the studio, which is also known as their classroom. Risa, who had her head resting on the table top of the dressing table situated at the side of the studio, lifted her head up and looked towards the door, only to see Ai skipping into the studio.

"Morning. . ." Risa returned tiredly.

"You did not managed to have a  good rest, Gaki-san?" Ai asked casually as she settled herself comfortably beside Risa and began to work on her make up before their instructor comes in.

"Hmmm." Risa shook her head jadedly as she returned back to the original position she was in before Ai came in.

"Why is that so?" Ai continued questioning as she brushed the brush across her cheeks.

"I had a scare last night."


"I was being followed by someone last night. . ."

The brush in Ai's hand froze in action and had almost fallen off Ai's hand for if she had not tighten the grip in time.  "E- Eh? You mean you are being stalked?" Ai stuttered.

Risa nodded her head lightly.


"I don't know . .. I didn't manage to see the person's face. " Risa sighed. "Ne, Ai-chan, do you think I should report this to the police? It's . . . . it's kind of  . . . scary. . ." Risa trailed off softly at the last sentence.

"You should." Came the firm reply from Ai. "For your own safety." Ai added on quickly as she smiled warmly at Risa while returning the cheek brush back to its holder.

Risa felt her breath caught up at the smile Ai supported her. Her heart fluffed with warm and a queasy sensation filled her stomach. Why does her smile makes me feels this way all the times?

"Time to gather up!" Came a third voice into the conversation from far away in the deeper end of the studio.

"Let's go!" Ai cheered on. "One final assessment and we are going to have our holidays! Isn't that good?!" Ai suggested rhetorically. Little did she had expected that the answer Risa was going to give was what she had least expected.

"Yes. And I'll be going home after that." Risa replied with a slight smile, causing the Ai in lead to turn around and stare at Risa in shock. "I haven't seen my family for ages. . .I thought it would be nice to go home for this holiday." Risa stuttered as she felt the pressurising stares from Ai landing on herself.

"Of course you do." Ai's lips twitched a little before forcing into a little smile. "Let's go?" Ai reached out her hand, waiting for Risa to slip her hands into her own.


"Yes, Erina-chan, I will definitely be back. I'm already on my way to the train station." Risa reassured as she raised her right hand, checking whether is she in time for the next train to arrive at the station.

"Really?! I will wait for you at the station then!" Erina beamed with joy.

"As you wish. But make sure that you don't talk to any strangers out there. Mind your safety. That's your main priority!" Risa nagged.

"I'm not a little kid, Nee chan. I have already turned 14 years old this year." Erina pouted lightly and Risa could too imagined the image in her mind.

"To me, you are always a baby, Erina-chan. " Risa replied. "Alright. I'm going to hang up now. See you in 4 hours later."


Risa snapped her flip phone close and dropped the phone into her Duffy bag. Just as the phone left her touch, an electrostatic shock was sent to her CNS from her back, causing Risa to lose her conscious immediately, dropping the bag onto the ground, and herself, into the soft arms of her attacker.


Hmmm? This is weird. Where's Nee chan? Didn't she said that she's going to reach in four hours time? Erina pondered worriedly as she checked the silver watch on her right hand repeatedly. She pulled her mobile phone out from her skirt pocket and began to dial the familiar number, only to be directed to the voice mail box once again. This is weird. Did something happened to Nee chan? 


Risa felt her back aching the moment she regained her conscious. She struggled to have her eyes open, only find herself tied to a chair, with her hands at the back of the chair , in a heavily curtained room. Where am I ? What had happened?   Risa groaned inwardly.

"You are awake."

Risa was shocked at the voice she had heard. It was a voice that she's familiar with, yet, in a sense, where there was a tinge of unfamiliarity in it as well. It sounds like her. . . She flipped her eyes open wide, only to find the person she had in mind, which her face stuck right beside on her right cheek. Risa jumped up and struggled her hands, only to be ending up wincing in pain as the thick rope cuts into her soft skin at her wrist.

"Ai-chan?" Risa whimpered.

"Why?" The slight gentleness in Ai's voice was all gone and was all replaced by an agitated one. Ai pulled face away from Risa's face and sat herself before Risa on Risa's lap. "Why? I had love you so much, why did you want to leave me? You know that I can't live without you in my life, don't you?"

"Ai - Ai-chan?" Risa shivered as the fear in her intensified.

"I can’t live a day without touching you, without you being by my side, you knew that don't you? Then why did you want to leave?"

"Ai-chan? Are you practicing lines for your next assignment?" Risa mumbled through her fear. She had absolutely not understood any of the words AI had said. Since when did I say I'm leaving? She  - she loved me? Since when? Risa pondered uncertainly in her mind. And the only conclusion she can come into was that Ai's was reading lines from scripts. "If you had wanted me to stay and practice with you, you should have just told me. Let me go before we talk, Ai-chan?"

"Can't you see that? Can't you understand?" Ai screamed.

"Huh? " Risa was getting more confused as Ai continued.

"I had know everything about you. About how you visits the shrine on the first and the fifteen day of the month to pray for the health of your parents, and your little sister. About how you struggled between part time jobs in order to support your own studies at the acting school." Ai continued mumbling as her eyes began to turn into bloodshot red.

"How do you - "

"Do you know how much my heart hurts every time I watched you struggle? Do you know how much my heart hurts when I see the area you are living? That's the place for rats to stay in, not for you, Risa. You don't belong to that place. You belong here. Don't leave Risa. Don't leave me." Ai had never allowed Risa the chance to interrupt her words.

"Leave you? Who says I'm . . wait." Risa was interrupted once again. Does that mean that . . . Ai-chan was the one who was stalking me that night? How long have she been doing that? How much things had she knew about me? How - 

"I really love you Risa. I really love you!" Ai brought herself closer to Risa and cupped her both palms on Risa's cheeks. "Don't force me to things crazy. .  . " With that, Ai forced her lips on Risa's, causing Risa to fall completely onto the backrest. As Ai pulled away from Risa, tears was seen running down Risa's cheeks. It was tears of fear. The fear of this familiar yet too unfamiliar person right before her. "Stay with me. . ."

Ai stood up from Risa's lap and headed towards the desk and drew a pen knife into her position. She pushed the blade out of the yellow coloured casing slowly as she returned slowly to Risa, returning to where she had sat previously. "Stay with me. . . " Ai repeated again a she ran the sharp edges of the blade across the soft wet skin, filled of tears and sweat.


"Mama! Nee chan's gone!" Erina came running into the house and shouted to her mom.

"Nonsense. Risa-chan is studying in Tokyo right now. How can she be gone?"

"But - "

"Quite the nonsense, Erina. Don't make your papa to be overly worried about you."


"Good morning, Risa." Ai greeted the first thing she opened her eyes. The beauty angel sleeping before her brought a charming smile to Ai's face. Ai ran her forefingers against the pale cheeks of Risa. "I'm going to school now. I'll be back for you as soon as I can. . . Wait for me. . . Don't you leave me, you had promised me, didn't you?


"Are you sure that your sister would be with Takahashi Ai-san?" The policewomen asked as she and Erina stood before the huge mansion located at the suburbs of Tokyo.

"I'm sure. Takahashi-san was the one and only friend Nee chan had made in this whole year in Tokyo. That's what Nee chan had told me." Erina retorted confidently.


"Sorry to disturb you, Takahashi-san, but is Niigaki Risa-san with you?" The policewomen asked as she stood at the doorway.

"No. She is not." Ai answered monotonously. Little did the two adult knew that the youngest among them had actually managed to sneak her way into the house.

"NEE CHAN!" Erina's shrieking voice echoed throughout the humongous mansion.

Love is indeed, Dangerous.

Ending, please imagine that for yourself. . . My version of ending? I think many could guess. heheh. This story came into my mind this morning while I was writing a threatening love letter for my photography course work. so . .haha.  This is my first time writing things of such genre. a little on the dark side. . . so. . . hmmm. . .

@ Tchips : ThANKS as well . . as the grad draws nearer, things are just getting tougher as well. so . . .hmmmm. . .

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Re: G.C.Y.K collection ~ No. 7 ~ WHEN LOVE TURNS DANGEROUS
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So... You decided to turn Ai-chan into a psycho. Makes sense :rofl:
Now I'm gonna have a bad night, and it's all YOUR fault.. too bad. I'll have to haunt your nights for the time being :yep:

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Re: G.C.Y.K collection ~ No. 7 ~ WHEN LOVE TURNS DANGEROUS
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Gah! Sorry for the late comment. Things got a make that very crazy again. It's really my own fault though. I should've been better than... ^^; enough about my rambling. I highly suggest you read AiGaki's hotexpress interview. Somehow I find it suits your 'between us' fic. I feel it's sad Ai would never know how much Risa did/does for her. Despite not turning up at the venue, the bean in actuality had done so all for her.

As for your latest work, is it weird that I was wondering why you had to make your own prop for photography class? ^^; Ai seems to be the possessive and extreme kind of lover while Gaki is the clueless admired party. I wish you finished the story and didn't leave us hanging. I'm guess Ai slashed Risa the previous night, which would explain why Risa was pale the next day. I'm gonna imagine that she didn't die but was barely breathing. And while Ai was being handcuffed and led away, she had this crazed look in her eyes and whispered, "I'll always be waiting here" or something along that line xD

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Re: G.C.Y.K collection ~ No. 7 ~ WHEN LOVE TURNS DANGEROUS
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^I like hamz's idea about the ending haha. Damn, I didn't expect that to happen

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